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Monday, May 10, 1999

#6623, Directed by Sally McDonald

COLE informs VICTORIA that the only reason for her visit is to cause trouble in his marriage. Victoria continues to tell Cole that there is something more between Ashley and Rafael than a deep and abiding friendship. After her ride yesterday, she overheard the two of them in the tack house. Rafael was pleading with Ashley to remember their "moment in time" that was shared in Paris a few years back. It's a rendezvous that Rafael can't seem to get out of his mind or his heart. Cole asks Victoria how his wife responded to this plea and Victoria says that Ashley didn't deny anything that Rafael intimated but told Rafael that he had to let this "memory" he has of "them" go. Victoria doesn't know what Cole thinks but it doesn't sound to Victoria like Rafael and Ashley were talking about sharing a bottle of wine and an evening of dinner and dancing. She wonders if Ashley would even be back in Genoa City had Cole not gone after her in Madrid. Cole angrily says that Victoria has a fertile imagination and he will not allow her to plant seeds of doubt when there is nothing to base them on. Victoria humbly admits that, in the past, she has done some outlandish things to gain Cole's attention, but this time she came to him with this information because she truly believes that Cole deserves better than Ashley is giving him. After she leaves, Cole stews over his newfound information.

For the second time, ASHLEY calls Forrester Creations from the lab at Jabot to speak with Brooke Logan but leaves another message when she finds she still isn't in. Standing in the doorway to the lab, JACK overhears her and tells his sister that Brooke isn't returning his phone calls either and he's stopped counting the times that he's called. Ashley isn't thrilled to see Jack and tells him that she's trying to get some answers. Still trying to validate the takeover, Jack surmises that if the deal Brooke and Victor made had truly been on the up and up, Brooke would be returning both their phone calls because that's how a savvy businesswoman operates. Ashley still wants to talk to her. Jack states that he feels like there's something else bothering Ashley. Ashley admits that there are some personal problems that she'd like to discuss with Jack but unfortunately she doesn't trust her brother because of the strain in their relationship.

Later, Cole interrupts Ashley's work and tells her he must see her immediately because there's something he'd like to discuss with her. Ashley abruptly tells him that she's just begun the first stage of an experiment and can't leave now. Cole emphasizes that this is something he feels cannot wait but Ashley puts him off. When she hangs up the phone, Ashley wonders what's behind Cole's urgency but nevertheless returns to her work. At the Abbott mansion, Cole sits at the desk and stews over his wife's response to his request.

NICHOLAS phones SHARON as he and one of the search team pilots fly over the New Mexican terrain. He tells her he now realizes why it's taking so long to locate his father -- the geography of the area is complicated. He warns her that they may lose connection on the phone because of dead zones. Sharon tells him that she came down to talk to him last night and was surprised to find a note from him stating that he was gone. Nick apologizes for the abruptness of his departure but says that he got the impression she wanted to sleep last night. Sharon says that the reason she wanted to talk to him was because she had been thinking about him -- about them. Suddenly, she's not sure that she has a connection with him anymore and unfortunately there is nothing but dead air at the other end of the line. Sharon holds a picture of Nick close to her heart. CASSIE comes downstairs and asks if Nick was on the phone and Sharon explains that Nick called from an airplane where they are looking for Victor. Cassie is concerned for Nick and says knowingly that she bets Nick is afraid of losing one of his parents. Realizing that Cassie's words mean more than the fact that Cassie is concerned for Victor's whereabouts, Sharon suggests that they go upstairs and study for Cassie's spelling test. Just then the phone rings. Cassie hopes that it's Nick but instead Sharon finds an anxious AL on the line. He wants to speak to Nick but Sharon asks if they can call him back in the morning. Al tells her that if they're jerking him around he won't call back. Sharon begs him to wait, saying that she and Nick are definitely interested in the information he's offering them.

Inside the plane, Nick points to an area of the desert and asks the pilot to fly over it. The pilot says that particular site has already been searched. Did Nick see something? Nick didn't see anything, he tells the pilot, but he wants to fly over it anyway just on a hunch.

ALICE visits MICHAEL and tells him she feels like Mr. Morgenstern really believed her when she told him she wanted Cassie back and wanted to give her the things that she failed to give to her when she first adopted her. She talks about how at ease Mr. Morgenstern made her feel and Michael comments that she simply spoke from her heart so it was easy for Mr. Morgenstern to believe her. Alice comments again on how much she likes the way Michael puts her at ease and that she owes him a great deal. She was hoping to find out something about her annulment from Al, but Michael reminds her that he has 30 days to respond to her petition. Alice tells him about Al's most recent visit but that this time he didn't beg or plead with her to take him back. Michael asks if he could be with someone else so soon but Alice doesn't think so. She wonders if he could be up to something. It's as if Al doesn't need Alice anymore. Michael tells Alice to stay in touch. After she leaves, he sits at his desk and ponders just WHAT Al could be up to.

CHET holds the gun on VICTOR and tells him that he will shoot Victor if he has to. Victor tries to convince Chet to allow him to send an email to his family but Chet can't risk anyone finding out where Victor is located. When Chet calms down, Victor says Chet's attitude toward him had changed ever since Chet found out who he was. Is Chet holding him for ransom? Chet laughs and informs Victor that he was born into a wealthy family. In fact, his father reminds him a lot of Victor -- a power-hungry industrialist whose life is run by the corporate system. He intended not to be like his father and majored in the sciences in college -- biology, botany, and genetics. Chet was determined to make the world a better place than his father had. Hoping to eventually wear Chet down, his father talked him into running a research department in the family company, no doubt hoping to add Chet's name to the company letterhead one day. However, his father was offered a buy-out and took his millions and settled on a small tropical island. Chet's not spoken to him since. The new company found his research division not to be profitable enough to continue so it was dropped. Chet asks Victor if he'd care to guess which company bought his father's company out and Victor correctly guesses that it was Newman Enterprises. Now Victor understands why Chet has such hostility toward him. Victor leaves Chet's compound feeling like a beaten man in more ways than one. Will he ever get out of here? Outside the shed, he hears the distant buzz of a twin engine plane. It's the search party! Victor rushes inside and grabs the homemade bow and arrow to which he's attached the flare he found in the truck. Valiantly, he tries to strike the flint so that it will throw a spark. Time and time again he strikes it to no avail.