Y&R Recaps: The week of March 22, 1999 on The Young and the Restless
Cassie had nightmares about Alice. Michael decided to take Alice's case. Megan prepared dinner for Tony, but Nina interrupted them. An injured Victor dragged himself through the New Mexico desert. Victoria left a plane ticket to Genoa City for Rafael.
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Monday March 22

Directed by Mike Denney

VICTORIA is still at rapt attention outside of RAFAEL'S studio. ASHLEY tells Rafael that she detests having lied to the man she loves and no matter how many rules that she and Rafael agree upon, he always seems to break them. She has just spent an ungodly amount of money to keep Rafael from being discovered as a forger, since Lady Huddleston had just offered "La Senora" as part of a multi-city tour. "How many cities," Ashley asks. "Do you think there would have been before someone had discovered the forgery?" Rafael tells her that she's just trying to protect her own family but Ashley refuses to let Rafael blackmail her. Ashley looks around and asks him where are all his dreams -- his successes? Then she tells him that he needs to grow up and learn that the painting is not his fairy godmother. Rafael tells her that she's being cruel but she insists that she's taking the painting. The movers knock at the door and Ashley calls them insides with instructions on how valuable this painting is and that she wants it in perfect condition for flying. Resigned, Rafael tells Ashley that he'll survive because it's only a painting. Most of all, he hates the thought of losing her but she brushes past him to talk to the movers. After Ashley leaves, Rafael watches the men prepare the shipping crate with great sadness.

COLE sits alone at one of the tables in the bar but comes to life when he sees his wife. They embrace and she tells him that the business she came to take care of is over. Cole is happy. Ashley asks if he got the correct disk for his computer and before he can answer, Victoria pops over to their table and tells her that she made sure it was since she delivered it herself. Cole explains that he didn't invite her but Ashley knows that Victoria has been here in her absence, trying to stir waters of discontent. Victoria raves about meeting Rafael, Ashley's friend. Finally Cole has to be quite rude to get Victoria to leave. Cole assures Ashley that Victoria has an active imagination and doesn't let reality get in her way -- especially the reality that he loves his wife very much. The two of them have just decided to take off up the coast when Ashley calls home to check in JACK tells her that she needs to come home immediately. At first she protests, but she knows that Jack's voice has a certain troubled urgency in it. He asks her not to discuss this with Victoria before she leaves, which she finds disconcerting, but agrees to do as he asks.

As the movers are securing the painting, RAFAEL drowns his sorrows about "La Senora" with several glasses of wine. When the men are gone, he stands and stares at the reproduction that hangs on his wall. Victoria comes to see him, informing him that she overheard most of his and Ashley's heated discussion from outside the door earlier. Then she tells him that she's not a friend of Ashley's and that Cole is her ex-husband. Rafael says that explains her presence in Madrid. This intrigues Victoria. Rafael tells her that Cole is only her ex-husband if she has ex-feelings for him. Surprising Rafael completely, she asks him back to Genoa City but he doesn't have the airfare and is too proud to accept it from Victoria. They bid each other farewell and Rafael turns to stare out the window and drink himself into a stupor. Before Victoria slips out, she puts a ticket to GC beside Rafael's telephone.

DIANE cascades down the staircase at the penthouse in skimpy peachy-cream teddy while Jack is on the phone. He hurriedly disposes of his phone partner and is just about to have "Breakfast Diane" when there is a knock at the door. Jack promises to get rid of whoever it is quickly but doesn't expect JILL to waltz into the apartment uninvited. Embarrassed, Diane covers up with her silk robe and Jill launches into an insincere "I'm so sorry to disturb you" routine. She has come to announce to Jack that Nicholas has set up camp in his father's office and he's ready to fight back. She tells Jack that he and Brad should camp their "headquarters" elsewhere. Of course, Jack is not the least intimidated by Nick's maneuver and wonders why Jill was sent with the message. Jill looks at Diane and accuses Jack of "courting Diane's vote" and of having a "marriage of convenience" so that he can pocket Diane's vote when necessary. Jack scoffs and tells Jill to leave. Jill coolly tells Jack that it's his funeral but Jack tells her that he's not afraid of Nicholas. Jill recognizes that Jack has one colossal ego but Jack acknowledges that there in one bigger -- Victor's. Jill leaves and when Jack turns to talk to Diane, it's apparent that Jill's words have struck a nerve. He kisses her and tells her not to worry about anything Jill said and then apologizes for having to leave.

Later, when Diane is dressed and MARISSA comes to work, she discusses how she wishes she could trust Jack; that she could truly know she loves her for herself and not for her position on the Board of NE. If there were only some kind of test, Diane frets. Then she tells Marissa that she thinks she's come up with the perfect plan.

In Jack's office, Jill visits him again. Jack is angry with her and tells her that she's not playing smart. Jill certainly wouldn't have treated Victor this way. Jill cozies up to Jack and tells him that if he has to work as hard to get the rest of the Board's votes as he's having to work to get Diane's Jack will be exhausted. Just inches from Jill's face, Jack breathlessly says, "If that's how I have to win your vote, then I pass."

MEG tells TRICIA that she and Tony are now dating. They have plans to cook dinner at Tony's place tonight but Meg suggests that Megan get Tony on her own turf. Tricia says that when she stopped chasing Ryan it seemed like he just had to have her because men are born with the chase in them. Tricia even offers Meg the use of her apartment since Ryan is in Seattle and she has a project at the library but Meg turns her down, stating that she wants to do this on her on terms.

TONY and JOE have an argument at the garage because Tony doesn't want to go down to Florida to pick up another car and Joe doesn't want to give him any time to think about it. Tony suggests hiring a professional to go down and retrieve the car but Joe tells him that he may just re-think Tony's whole employment at the garage and stalks out. Meg walks in at the end of the conversation and Tony tells her why Joe's mad but that there's a good reason for him not to leave GC. Meg tells him she thinks it's romantic that he doesn't want to leave town because of her. Tony decides it's time to knock off for an early lunch despite what the boss may say.

Still pouting, NIKKI comes home because she was tired of waiting on the island for Victor to return. She ignores MIGUEL'S request to call Nicholas stating that she'll always take second place to business -- Newman Enterprises will always be Victor's first love, and she seems resigned to that. Miguel looks anxious.

NICHOLAS has locked his father's office door and lets PAUL in cautiously, ready to take on whoever may be on the other side to test his authority. He tells Paul that he's packed up Jack and Brad's belongings and moved his own into Victor's office. After all, he surmises, this is Newman turf. Paul says that he's been up all night trying to locate Victor. Thinking that Victor may have called in a favor on some other corporate company, Paul checked their flight records without success. Then he called one of his sources at the DEA, which confuses Nick at first. When Paul explains that Victor may have chartered a small plane to fly him to a larger airport, Nick understands that the DEA would have sophisticated radar that keeps a record of these small, chartered airplanes because they may traffic drugs. Paul's phone rings and the moments of silence do not bode well for news Victor. In fact, Paul tells Nicholas that the DEA was tracking a small airplane that crossed the border of the United States but then it disappeared from the radar screen. Nick asks hopefully if the plane landed. Paul doesn't know, but hopes so. Then Nick's face is gripped with fear. "It also may have crashed," he utters unsteadily.

Tuesday, March 23, 1999

Directed by Sally McDonald

Knowing that NICHOLAS is worried about his father, PAUL comforts him. NEIL joins them as Paul tells Nick that there are hundreds of illegal airstrips that are used by drug runners and the plane could have landed safely. Paul receives a call from Federal Aviation and the news is not good. They have spotted the wreckage of the plane Victor was on down in the desert. A search hasn't been done yet but they wanted Nick to know before word of the crash got out. Nick's heart is torn open when NIKKI waltzes in the door demanding to see Victor, as she has some choice words for him. She goes on and on about how Victor always puts business before her but is devastated when she finds out that they think Victor's plane has crashed. She completely falls apart, babbling tearfully that nothing can happen to Victor. The phone rings and the news from the search party is that there was only one body at the crash site with another set of tracks leading away. Nikki embraces Nicholas, crying that Victor is alive and she's sure that they'll find him.

SHARON comes to see CHRIS at Legal Aid. Chris tells her that Judge Jennings, a very distinguished and fair judge, will hear their case. Sharon tells her that Alice hasn't shown up at the ranch anymore and Chris is pleased. Sharon praises Nicholas for taking control of the situation and suggesting that they stay at the main house, beef up security, and take Cassie out of school for the next few days. Sharon is amazed at all he's done to show their daughter how much he loves her. Chris reminds Sharon that Nick isn't just doing this for Cassie. Sharon wants to know if she can prepare for the hearing but Chris tells her that it's about the facts and the law. They must prove it's in the child's best interest for her to stay with Sharon. Even if they win temporary custody, it the first step of a long journey. Sharon will have to testify so that the judge will see that she is a rational woman. Chris believes that Cassie will be placed with Sharon. They discuss Millie and why Alice is keeping her mother hidden. They hope to issue a subpoena for Millie when Paul locates her. Chris also tells Sharon that Cassie will more than likely have to testify but that she's an articulate child and feels like Judge Jennings will want to hear what Cassie has to say. This upsets Sharon a great deal because Cassie is terrified now that she knows Alice wants her back. Sharon tearfully tells Chris that she's scared for Cassie and for herself. Chris hugs Sharon to comfort her.

MICHAEL speaks by phone to the printers to make sure that his name is on the new company stationery as a board member. He even spells it out for them, noting that they must also add "Esquire" at the end of his title, explaining that it's a term for an attorney at law. His conglomerate gloating is interrupted by an aGityated GRACE who wants him to hunt down Alice and make her his client. Michael tells her that Alice doesn't really want him and she has no money; therefore she's not a big priority at the moment. Grace tells him that a little pro bono work would do him good but Michael tells Grace that Alice will hire some "ambulance chaser" while the Newmans will hire the best, the Newmans winning hands down. Tearfully Grace begs Michael to convince Alice to allow him to represent her so he can assure that Cassie remains with Sharon when he loses the case. When Michael touts that Grace's plan is highly unethical, Grace asks when ethics ever stopped him from getting what he wanted. Michael tries to explain that he could be disbarred or worse for deliberately throwing a case. Grace begs him to think of Cassie. "Why should I take this chance?" Michael asks. "What's in it for me?"

The judge's clerk from Genoa City has called ALICE to inform her that the hearing for temporary custody is next week and Alice feels that she doesn't have a chance. AL reminds her that she did leave for three years but Alice tells him that she didn't think a stranger would take Cassie while she was gone. Al comments that Sharon is no stranger but Alice reminds him that Sharon gave Cassie up for adoption and has no rights. Alice needs a lawyer and gets upset when Al suggests that they could go back to Michael. She wants nothing to do with Michael Baldwin at all. She's hired a lawyer and Al tells her that the Newmans' lawyers will eat her alive. When DWIGHT HENNESY, Alice's lawyer arrives, Al grills him on the facts of the case and finds out that "Dwight" (as he's asked them to call him) isn't the least bit intimidated by the Newmans. "Well, you should be," states Al as he takes another swig from his beer bottle. Dwight sees no problem with getting Cassie back because the case will be judged on facts. When Al asks if Alice's abandonment will have any bearing on the case, Dwight thoughtfully tells him that "abandoned" is not a term that they should be using. Al then ventures to say that perhaps the Newmans owe "his sweetie" some monetary compensation for her pain and suffering, since "you don't get much richer than the Newmans." Dwight tells them that he's a family lawyer and doesn't recover damages. When Alice tries to give him his retainer in cash, he tells her that she should send a check to his office and then he'll officially be her lawyer. He says that he'll have to dig into the facts between now and the court date but for now he has to go. When he's gone, Alice says that she likes Dwight and Al's opinion doesn't matter. When Alice's answers a knock at the door, Al's friend the ex-nurse has MILLIE outside. "I'm dropping her off," the woman declares. "She's your problem now." Alice looks absolutely horrified.

NINA sips her coffee at Crimson Lights and recalls a conversation she had with Chris about them moving in together while Chris was in law school. Phillip was a baby and Nina thought that by living together they'd get to see each other more. Her thoughts are interrupted by BRETT, who joins her. She tells him that she was thinking about a time when she and Chris were younger. Nina spots TRICIA and motions for her to join them. Nina tells her that she needs to deliver some soccer information to Ryan and Tricia sadly tells her that his trip has been extended twice. She doesn't know when he'll be home but she'll give Ryan Nina's message. Tricia excuses herself and Nina remarks that the princess may not be so enamored with her "fairytale" now. Nina and Brett joke about how mature they are, the fact that they were friends first and how their relationship is not based on sex -- well, not totally, Brett admits. "God forbid," states Nina with a smile and they toast each other. Nina tells Brett that Tricia's sister is here with a boyfriend Tricia doesn't approve of and says that Tricia has set higher standards for Meg -- perfection. Realizing that she's talking about Tricia when she has a handsome hunk begging for her attention, she tells Brett that she has better things to discuss. He likes the way she thinks and reaches across the table to give her an affectionate kiss. Brett then tells her that his assistant coach is out with the flu and talks her into helping him coach the team. She'll get a chance to exercise and may even get a story out of it. That's what she gets for dating the coach, Nina muses. Brett gently kisses her forehead and says, "Just be glad I'm not a brain surgeon." Nina makes a face at the thought.

JACK asks why JILL thinks his feelings for Diane aren't genuine. Jill tells him that he's a fine specimen and begins to rub her hands all over his body. When Jack is aroused, he tries to dissuade Jill by telling her he's thinking of Diane but Jill tells him that he had a taste of her years ago and he's been thinking of it ever since. Jill's sensual red lips and sparkling eyes cast a temporary spell over Jack and she tells him that she is more woman than Diane will ever be. She is sure that Jack wants her but Jack tells her that they aren't a match and pushes her aside. Jill asks if he's really in love with Diane or with her board seat. Jill wants Jack and tells him she wants to do more than just talk about it. When Jack won't be swayed, Jill pulls herself together but tells him that she'll never believe that Jack's committed to a woman who hurt him like Diane has. Jack promises that he's forgiven Diane completely. Jill tells him that Diane is not worthy of a man like Jack because she's screwed him over twice: once when she eloped with Victor and once when she let Nick convince her to wait on the Board vote. Jill surmises that Diane is still in love with Victor but Jack scoffs and tells her she's been watching too many spy movies. As she leaves, Jill reminds Jack not to say she didn't warn him.

MEG and TONY are lunching at Crimson Lights. Meg wonders what Joe's problem is and Tony tells her that it's a power struggle and Tony doesn't like giving in to Joe. The two of them are sharing a special moment when Tony spots Tricia at the bar. Unfortunately for Tony, Tricia sees them and makes herself at home at their table. Meg tells Tony that Tricia has offered them the use of her apartment so they can cook dinner there and Tony half-heartedly accuses Tricia of having video equipment set up to gather evidence of what a bad influence he is on Megan. Surprisingly, Tricia tells him that she misread the situation at Tony's apartment the other day and she apologizes to him. Meg goes to get their lunch order, leaving Tricia time to ask Tony to be careful with Megan. Tony tells Tricia that he cares about Meg and doesn't want to hurt her. "Good," states Tricia. "Then we'll get along just fine."

CHET, the man who finds VICTOR in the desert, drags him into a tiny shed, lays him on top of a plain mattress, telling Victor that everything will be all right. Chet checks Victor's pulse, which is high, but sees that Victor's doing okay. He says that another few hours in the sun and Victor would have been food for the vultures. Victor rouses and is gripped by massive pain in his right leg and Chet wonders how Victor ever managed to drag himself as far as he did. Upon further inspection, he tells Victor that his leg is fractured and if the leg isn't set now, he'll never walk straight again. As Chet prepares to set Victor's leg, Victor babbles about Jack and the man tells him he's not Jack. Victor rouses enough to explain that he was in a plane crash and Chet tells Victor that he has broken ribs and that he's going to set his leg. Victor begs him not to touch him because he wants to go to a hospital. Chet tells Victor that no one is going to find him out there. In Victor's semiconscious state, he wonders who this "Chet" is and if he will survive being at the mercy of this mysterious man. The thunder echoes in the distance and the lightning flashes. There's a storm brewing...in more ways than one.

Wednesday, March 24, 1999

Directed by Sally McDonald

NICHOLAS comforts NIKKI and assures her that they are going to find Victor alive. PAUL tells him that a professional rescue team is searching for his father but Nick wants to go down and help. He is dissuaded when Nikki nearly collapses from mental anguish and he tells his mother that he's taking her home. Nick instructs Paul to call him immediately with any information. After they leave, NEIL sympathizes with the amount of stress that Nick is under. Paul shares with Neil some information he didn't think Nicholas or Nikki needed to know yet: a storm is brewing in the area of the plane crash and if they don't find Victor before it hits, things could become much worse.

SHARON is nearly hysterical at the thought of the court hearing. She and CHRIS both agree that Nick's presence in Cassie's life has been her safe harbor and made Cassie feel secure. Chris asks how the situation between Sharon and Nick is but Sharon is convinced that Nick moved in only for Cassie's welfare. Chris suggests that the two of them let down their defenses and they just might find that there's still an abundance of love between them but Sharon isn't sure that Nick still loves her. Paul interrupts their conversation and tells them about Victor's plane crash. Sharon rushes out of Chris' office to be with her husband. Paul tells Chris the details of Victor's disappearance. Chris maintains that it is imperative for Nick to stay in GC for the temporary custody hearing; the judge must see Nick by Sharon's side. What they need to do is locate Millie and suddenly Paul has an idea. Calling FRED'S answering machine, he orders twenty-four hour surveillance on Alice Johnson. They know that Alice is just keeping Millie out of sight until the hearing is over and wonder if Alice has a lawyer yet, although Paul can't imagine what kind of lawyer would hook up with the likes of Alice.

Al's friend tells them that MILLIE requires more care than she can give her. Besides that, all the money that AL and ALICE gave her up front is long gone and the money for Millie's care has started coming out of her pocket. She tells them that they are going to have to care for Millie now since Millie wants to be home anyway. Millie told the woman about signing her social security checks over to Alice and she demands the money or threatens to walk away and leave Millie with them. Alice reasons that she needs the money to retain her lawyer and promises to sign next month's check over to the woman but she'd rather have the cash Alice has now. Al tells the woman that Alice is fighting to get her daughter back but the woman says that she's trying to make ends meet. Alice offers her $1000, which is half, but the woman wants all the money or nothing. "Either pay up or your mother's coming home for good," the caretaker threatens. Alice reluctantly gives up all the money -- anything to keep her mother from talking to anyone. Alice gets down in Millie's face and nastily tells her good-bye before the caretaker wheels her back out of the house. Alice paces and frets because all the money she had for the lawyer is gone. Al tells Alice that Michael Baldwin is now their best bet but Alice doesn't trust him. "He's too slick," she complains. Al reminds her that she has a week before trial and she really doesn't have any choice. When Al answers a knock at the door and finds Michael standing on the front porch, he chuckles and tells Michael that his timing couldn't be more perfect.

GRACE tells MICHAEL that she needs him desperately. He misreads Grace's signals and kisses her. Grace pulls away and wonders if Michael wants sex in return for helping Cassie. The air is suddenly quite chilly between the two of them as Grace asks about Michael's expectations more specifically. Michael denies this vehemently and tells Grace that he cares a great deal for her. It hurts that she'd think he would make sexual demands of her in exchange for his services. Grace apologizes and tells him that she's leaned on him a lot and pushed the edge of the envelope as far as their friendship is concerned. Michael is worried about Grace's request to deliberately lose Alice's case and tells Grace that Alice doesn't trust him enough to hire him. Grace persists and Michael finally agrees to go see Alice to find out "the lay of the land" and he'll be in touch.

JACK sits at his desk and wonders why he can't get Victor out of his mind. He recalls a conversation he and Victor had soon after Victor took over Jabot. BRAD comes in and breaks the trance and Jack tells him that the more he thinks about what they've done, the more he knows that it was definitely worth it. Brad had expected to hear from Michael by now and Jack tells him that Michael assures him that he's working day and night keeping Victor tied up in court. DIANE interrupts their discussion with a phone call, insisting she must see Jack and he tells her to come to his office. Jack shares Jill's escapades to poison Diane against him with Brad and then wonders if Jill is correct -- could Diane be a double agent, still carrying the torch for Victor? He assures Brad that by the time he finishes talking with Diane he'll know just whom is working whom. The phone rings a second time, this time with the news of Victor's plane crash. Brad and Jack exchange uncertain glances. Brad calls Michael to pass along the information of Victor's tragedy. Michael tells him that it gives him some breathing room to attend to other business while they wait for word on Victor's status. Brad will keep him posted. Although Jack and Brad are stunned at this turn of events, they realize that it buys them some time -- IF Victor pulls through.

KATHERINE is sprawled on a bright orange couch in the Homeless Shelter. NED comes by to check on her and tells her that the police are going to come by to take a report from her. Katherine doesn't want to talk to them but Ned tells her that if she remains silent then those two thieves will roam around finding other innocent victims. MAC (introducing ASHLEY BASHIOUM in the role) says that she'll take care of giving the police the description of the two muggers and Ned agrees. Once again, Mac has come to Katherine's rescue. Mac alludes to the fact that she can handle the police because, unlike Katherine, they won't be asking her any questions that she doesn't want to answer. Mac and Katherine are cleaning the window blinds with soap and water. Mac opens up a bit and tells Katherine that she had plenty of practice cleaning up at home before she hit the road. Katherine says nothing and Mac tells her that she was "cool" about not asking questions. Katherine wonders if she passed her "test" and Mac tells her that she did. Mac appreciates the fact that Katherine didn't ask a lot of questions and Katherine tells her that one's privacy is something to be respected.

DIANE and MARISSA discuss how Diane is going to put Jack to the test to see if he's sincere. She has to put all her chips on the bargaining table so that one way or another she will know if her fiancé is using her or not. When she arrives at Jack's office, Brad leaves them alone to talk. "So beautiful," coos Jack suavely. "What's up?" Jack takes Diane in his arms and sweet-talks her. Diane wastes no time in dropping her bomb: she wants Jack to move in with her. Jack kids her about his magazine subscriptions and being grumpy in the morning but she tells him that she can handle these things. Then Jack drops his bomb on Diane: Victor's plane has crashed. Waiting for her reaction, it doesn't take long for Jack to see the worry and concern that crease her brow. "Oh my God," Diane moans. "Not Victor." Jack purses his lips and looks away.

At the ranch, Sharon enters while Nick is trying to glean any information he can about Victor over the phone. When he turns to find Sharon standing there, they meet each other halfway and clasp each other in a needy embrace. Sharon is sure that they are going to find Victor and tells Nick that his father is a strong man. Nick blames Brad and Jack, vowing that if any harm should come to his father he will spend the rest of his life making them pay for what they've done. On a softer note, he tells Sharon how grateful he is that she's here with him during this crisis. She tells him that she cares and Nick realizes that she truly does. Sharon leaves to go gather a few more things from their house and Nick tells her he'll be down to help in a few minutes. An emotionally distraught Nikki tells Nick that she's going back to NE because all she's doing is pacing around the house. Nick offers to go but Nikki knows that Sharon needs him there. Nick tells his mother that Victor is an indestructible man and Nikki prays that it's true.

CHET finds VICTOR awake and in a great deal of pain. Victor informs Chet that he has to get back to Genoa City, Wisconsin but Chet tells him that for the time being this little hut must be his home. He needs to set Victor's leg and put a splint on it but Victor won't allow him to touch him and brushes Chet off when he asks who Victor is. Chet acknowledges that for a man stuck out in the middle of the desert with a broken leg, Victor sure has an attitude. Victor writhes in pain and Chet informs him that his tibia is broken and comments that Victor has a high threshold of pain, having walked the distance he did. Victor must either allow Chet to set his leg or let a doctor re-break it later and set it then. Victor decides that it's best just to get it over with and Chet prepares him for the intense, excruciating pain that setting the broken bone will cause and he has nothing for the pain. As the storm gains in magnitude outside, Victor stifles a cry as Chet touches his leg. The rain beats unmercifully against the roof and windows of the tiny shack. On the count of three, Chet sets Victor's leg and Victor's scream seems to echo through the rain and along the canyon walls of the desert. Later, after Victor regains consciousness, he watches as Chet gathers the items he needs to make a splint. They talk about the crash and Victor doesn't remember much. Chet tells Victor that he found him about three miles from his shack. Victor soon learns that there is no phone or radio and Chet's truck is out of commission. Victor wants to walk to the next town as soon as the splint is on but Chet tells Victor he has no choice. With the storm and Victor's condition, he won't be going anywhere for awhile.

Thursday, March 25, 1999

Michael shows up unexpectedly at Alice's door in Madison but he isn't welcomed with open arms by Alice. Al on the other hand is very is happy to see him. Alice calls Michael a "motor-mouth" and flounces out of the room leaving Al and Michael face to face. Michael tells Al that Alice tracked Cassie down and paid her birth mother a visit; he says that this isn't the act of a mother who is not interested in her child. He wants the straight story from Al and he wants it now. Alice returns to the room and asks rudely why Michael is still there. Michael lays it out for Alice in no uncertain terms just what she will face if she goes to court. Alice mentions the lawyer handling the case for the Newmans and Michael is shocked to learn that it is Christine!

Back in GC, Sharon takes Cassie back to their house to get some books. Cassie wanders around touching things and says that she loves it here. She also asks when they can move back in, but Sharon can only promise that it won't be long. When Cassie goes to her room to look for the books that she wants to take to the main house, Nick arrives. He tells Sharon that he has no new news on his father but he has his cell phone, so if there is any word, he will be the first to hear. Sharon tells him that she is worried about Cassie; she doesn't smile and laugh like she used to and she acts afraid all the time. When Cassie returns to the room, she is happy to see Nick. She announces that she found her Cindy doll---an old ragged doll that she brought with her from Madison. Sharon mentions that it has been a long time since she has needed Cindy. When Sharon says it is time to go back to the main house, Cassie asks for just a little more time in her real home. She curls up on the sofa and before they know it, she is asleep. Sharon says that she will let her sleep a while then they will return. Nick is going up to see if his mother is all right but before he can get out of the door, Cassie begins having a nightmare. She is crying in her sleep, "No, no! Please don't take me; please don't make me go!"

In New Mexico, Victor is alone in the cabin, hobbling around on the make-do splints that Chet has applied. He looks out the window and all he can see is torrents of rain cascading down. Not far away, there is the flash of lightening and the loud clap of thunder. The door opens and Chet arrives with a bowl of soup. He says that he kept it covered from the rain just for Victor. Victor demands to be gotten out of here; he has to get back home right away. Chet ignores his complaints and Victor hungrily begins to eat his soup. When he compliments Chet on the flavor, Chet tells him that it is Armadillo soup---but it is fresh, not road kill. Victor wants to know what Chet is doing hidden away out here in the desert. Chet tells him that he once was a member of the rat race but now he is living a simpler, more enjoyable life. When Victor complains again about having to get home, Chet reminds him that at least he is still alive.

Jack tells Diane about Victor's plane crash and closely monitors her reaction. He is disappointed to see that she is taking the news hard. When he comments on it, she tells him that she never wanted to see the man dead. She is also disappointed that he would use the news of a tragedy like that to test her. She later admits that her asking him to move in was also a test. They both realize that they have a trust problem but both of them want to overcome the problem. She asks him again if he will move in with her but he says no. He adds that he could never live in the same house as Victor Newman, the man that he hates more than anything. Diane looks downcast until he says that he would rather she move in with him into the Abbott mansion. With joy, Diane answers yes.

John pays a visit to Jill and asks what the latest is about Katherine. She admits that she is really worried and has finally notified the police. She also admits that she got Esther to fill the missing person's report just in case Kay's disappearance was a ruse. John sees where she could be caught in the middle. If the disappearance is for real, she could be considered a cold, hard-hearted bitch, but if it is a joke, she could look like an all time sucker. After john leaves, she is worried about Kay when Shirley comes up all excited about finding the video of her first movie and asks if Jill would like to watch it with her. Jill cuts her short by saying she has more to worry about than watching a movie. Later, the movie is going and in one of the most scary parts when Esther comes into the living room. The scenes on the video frighten her so that she almost faints when Shirley comes at her with a knife. As she sinks down on the couch, Shirley laughs at her and tells her it was only a joke. Shirley notices that the person on the TV is Shirley and asks if she is an actress. Shirley admits that she is but realizes that she has given herself away. She quickly adds that even though acting is her passion, one has to pay the bills, hence, the domestic service gig. This all flows right past Esther's head.

Friday, March 26, 1999

Jill finds Nikki in the conference room and asks how she is doing. Nikki begins to grumble about Jack and Brad calling Victor back in the middle of their vacation. She wonders why they couldn't handle whatever it was that came up. Jill realizes that Nikki doesn't know about the takeover. When Nikki says that she had a good talk with Brad and he was very supportive, Jill tells her that Brad is not her friend. Nikki wonders what she is talking about! Brad is still a good friend. Jill tells her that neither Jack nor Brad are her friends because they are the reason Victor had to come back; they have used his absence to take over the company! Nikki is horrified.

Cassie is in the middle of her nightmare, begging some unseen monster not to take her away from her mommy. Sharon tries to comfort her but Cassie, in her sleep, pulls away. Nick picks her up and awakens her. He assures her that it was only a nightmare and that he and her mommy are here for her and will not let anything happen to her. She tells them about the nightmare. When she resigns herself that it is time to go back to the main house. Nick speaks up and says that they have decided to come back to their own home. Her face brightens up and as she heads upstairs, she asks Nick if he will come and help Sharon to tuck her in.

Brad is in Jack's office calling to see if Ashley is back from Spain; her secretary says that she is expected at any moment. Just as he hangs up, Ashley comes into the office calling for Jack. She is just as happy to see Bradley and tells him that her problems have been solved. He wants details but she says it is over and done with and she doesn't want to talk about it ever again. He asks about her marriage and she tells him that she and Cole are just as close as ever; her marriage is in great shape, which is something Victoria isn't happy to know. She wants to know what the big emergency is that required her to come home right away. Before he can tell her, Nikki bursts into the office and calls Bradley a lying, backstabbing traitor. She then attacks Ashley, saying that she is even worse to let this happen and do nothing about it. Ashley is lost and tries to get an explanation but Bradley keeps interrupting and trying to get Nikki out of the office. However, when Nikki says that Brad and Jack are the reason her husband is lost and possibly dying, Ashley demands to know what has happened. She is shocked to learn about the plane crash. Nikki leaves after vowing that Brad will pay dearly for what he has done. Alone again, Ashley demands some answers. Brad explains that Victor misused company funds and that he is losing his grip on the company. Ashley says that Victor is the most clear-headed person she knows. She refuses to listen to what Brad has to say about the Forrester deal but she does demand to know if the board meeting was before or after he "tried" to talk Victoria out of going to Spain.

Victoria pays a visit to Cole at the Abbott mansion and tries to give him advice on how to handle Ashley's relationship with Rafael. She insists that there is more going on between the couple than Ashley has said. Cole is angry with her for coming over to his home and trying to cause trouble. He says it is only jealous spite causing her to do this. When she refuses to leave when he asks her to, he roughly grabs her arm and pulls her toward the door. Vicki opens her mouth as if she is planning to spill what knowledge she thinks she has.

Megan is adding the finishing touches to her table waiting for Tony to arrive. Tricia is getting ready to leave but she stops long enough to dish out some free advice. When she insinuates that Megan is acting cheep and loose with Tony, Megan gets mad at her and wants her to stop with the advice. Tricia agrees to stop giving advice---for now. Before she can get out the door, the doorbell rings and Tony is there with a full grocery bag. He thinks that they are alone when he gives Megan a sloppy kiss. Tricia lets him know that she is still there but about to leave. Megan wants to know what is in the bag but Tony says that it is a surprise to celebrate their dinner. Tricia reminds him that her sister is under 21 so it had better not be anything alcoholic. With exaggerated patience, Tony unloads the bag and shows Tricia that all there is in the bag is pasta-making materials. Megan is mortified and angrily rushes Tricia out the door.

After they finish eating, Megan offers cheesecake with cherries as dessert but Tony says he had something else in mind. Megan thinks that is a better idea. As things begin to heat up, Megan says that tonight is the night she goes all the way with him because she really wants him. As it nearly reaches that point, the doorbell rings and Nina stands there asking about Ryan.

Alice has questions about Christine Williams, assuming that she isn't any good. Michael says that on the contrary, she is brilliant. Alice is suddenly frightened but Michael says that the only person who might have a chance at beating Christine Williams is he. Alice remains suspicious and asks what he will be getting out of representing her. Michael evades the question and says that with her case, he isn't sure that he wants to represent her. He then reminds her that he has a tape where she says that all she wants is money. She would have to look him in the face and convince him that she wants Cassie more than anything. Alice looks Michael in the eye and tells him why she adopted Cassie; she wanted someone to love and who would love her regardless of anything. Even now, she needs to be loved more than she is---no offense to Al. She is in tears when she finishes and she is still looking Michael in the eye. She vows that all she wants is to get Cassie back; she will support her somehow. Maybe she isn't rich like the Newmans, but she can give her love. She will help her with her homework and she will always be there for her. "So what are my chances?" she asks Michael. He assures her that if he can't get Cassie back for her, no one can. He says that it is too late for her to get temporary custody but he urges her to look at the big picture; they want permanent custody and that is what they are going for. To Al's credit, he is right there giving Alice emotional support after her confession. Michael asks what their living arrangements are. When Al says that he more or less lives there, Michael says that Judges don't like those kind of living arrangements. As he leaves, he suggests that Al either move out or they make it legal.

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