Y&R Recaps: The week of June 29, 1998 on The Young and the Restless
Diane announced that she and Victor were still married. Jill was thrown out of the Chancellor mansion, only to find out that the mansion could very well be hers. Jack placed a call to someone in Rome.
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Monday, June 29, 1998

DIANE tells Nikki that they need to talk; she assures Nikki that she will be interested in what she has to say. She looks around and compliments Nikki on her home, but Nikki only wants her to say what she wants to say and get out. Diane guarantees that she will enjoy Nikki's reaction to what she has to say. Nikki guesses that Diane is playing games. Diane says that she is there on serious business. Diane comments on how well Nikki is looking and Diane says that one's health is what is important. Nikki agrees that if you don't have your health, it doesn't matter how much money you have. Diane wonders what it was like, being snatched back from the jaws of death. She wants Nikki to describe it to her, but Nikki doesn't know how to explain it. "Why don't you write a book?" Diane suggests. "Back From the Dead, by Nikki . . . Nikki what? You can't use the Newman name---that name is already taken. It seems that while you have been lolling around thinking you are married to the great Lord Newman, you really aren't married after all! I am still Mrs. Victor Newman." Nikki looks at Diane as if she were talking to a crazy woman. Nikki says, "Diane, you can't really think you are still married to Victor!" Diane says that not only does she think it, she knows it! "I assure you that Victor and I are still husband and wife. If you don't believe me, ask you husband . . . oh I forgot, ask my husband."

"Victor and I had a wedding ceremony with witnesses," Nikki explains to Diane. She says that Diane is deluded if she thinks that she is still Victor's wife. "No," Diane tells her. You have to accept it, Victor and I are still married. If you don't believe me, ask him. When victor comes home tonight and before you fetch his slippers, ask him." "We see a different truth," Nikki tells Diane. "But if it gets you out of my house, I promise to ask Victor. "Good!" Diane laughs. "That is all I came to say, so I will leave. Have a pleasant day Mrs. . . . Nikki." Diane leaves Nikki with a puzzled but disgusted look on her face.

Victor has a meeting with John and tells him that he should be thankful he isn't defending him for murder. What the hell is Diane after? He offered her a large settlement, what else does she want? John says you heard her loud and clear, she is not interested in money; she wants to be your wife. Victor says that he went over there and tried to talk some sense in Diane, but he failed. Any chance of an amicable settlement is out the window. John is upset that Victor went to see Diane without him alone. Victor explains that he thought he could get through to her without that lawyer hanging around. He just wants this over! "If Michael Baldwin proves that the divorce is not valid, we can still can file in the US," John tells Victor. Victor wants to know how long that will take. When John begins to hem and haw, he demands to know how long it will take. John admits that it could take a couple of years. Diane could hold them up in court for years. And if they do got to court, Diane could win an astronomical award! "Award, Victor," John explains. "Awards are not negotiable. Diane will be entitled to a portion of your entire estate for as long as she is your wife. For every month she remains your wife, it will be worth millions to her. Now, if you were a scorned, vindictive wife armed with that information, what would you do?" "This is outrageous," Victor says, but John assures him that this is the way it works. It would be so much better if they could reach an agreeable settlement.

Ryan says that he has to go see Tricia even if it upsets Phillip. He never meant this to be a permanent solution. "I know that and you know that but Phillip doesn't," Nina reminds him. Nina has been thinking and maybe Ryan was right about professional help. Maybe it is time to reconsider this option. Nina says that Phillip's problem is that he loves his dad too much. Phillip says it isn't about love; he wants a family that doesn't exist any longer. Now that she is considering getting professional help, maybe Phillip will handle it better when he moves back in with Tricia. Nina promises to do her best to hold down the fort as he heads out the door.

A happy and excited Phillip comes in with his last book report; this is the last of his make-up work. When he doesn't see Ryan, he asks where he is; he wants his dad to check it out too. Nina has to tell Phillip that Ryan went to see Tricia, but he promised that he would be back soon. She wishes he could understand that this doesn't mean that Ryan doesn't love him. Dejected, Phillip slowly walks out of the room.

After Katherine tells Jill that she is going out, Jill begins to remember all that she had with Phillip. Jill wonders if that woman knows anything. She gets the number from information and gives her a call.

Tony arrives just in time to help Cassie to pick out the right swimming suit for the party she is attending. After Cassie goes outside to wait for her ride, Tony and Sharon talk. Sharon says that she still has a lot of trouble with Grace with Nick. She tells him about Grace's promotion; it bothers her, because she has a feeling that Grace is up to something. With this promotion, she now has a built-in excuse to spend as much time with her husband---day and night---as she wishes. Tony says that Sharon has nothing to worry about. Nick is her fantasy; he is her reality. Nothing is going to happen there, no way! Sharon decides that it is time for Tony to have a promotion: from fiancée to husband.

Grace and Nick talk about the new job. Nick says that the memo just went out; his dad is real proud of the work she does. Grace says that as much as she is happy about the new job, she has a feeling that it was more than Victor Newman liking her work that got her the promotion. Nick says that when you work hard, you get recognition; get used to it! Grace says that she will never be able to thank him enough. "You are the perfect boss," she toasts. As Grace continues to flirt with Nick, she begins to ask a favor then hesitates. Nick insists on know what she was going to say. She tells him that she wants to give him a thank you kiss, but she realizes that it wouldn't be appropriate. "You know something," Nick tells her. "I think I just felt a kiss without the lips." So did I, smiles Grace.

Beatrice shows up at the Chancellor home and comments that it hasn't changed much since she left; this house brings back so many memories. Jill wants her to try to remember anything that she can about her beloved Phillip. At first she doesn't remember anything, but suddenly, she remember a time when she and another maid were asked to witness Phillip's signing of a very important document. These papers were very important and he needed them signed and sealed immediately. Beatrice can't remember where the papers were put; they must be with all of his other papers. Jill's face lights up when Beatrice says that she was the most important person in Phillip's life; she is sure that he must have left something to Jill. Try to find peace, she says as she leaves.

Jill is searching through the attic for the papers. She is sure Phillip would have written down that he wanted her to have everything. She will find them even if it is the last thing she does. Esther interrupts Jill's search. She says that Mrs. Chancellor wouldn't be happy to see this. Jill threatens Esther if she mentions this to Mrs. Chancellor she will be sorry. She grabs her apron and shakes her. "Is that clear?" Frightened, Esther runs out of the attic.

Ryan arrives at the apartment and surprises Tricia who wasn't expecting him. They kiss; they tell each other how much they have missed each other. When she asks about Phillip, he tells her that things are getting better for Phillip, but Tricia isn't convinced. "This is a child with serious emotional problems," Tricia says. Ryan tells her that Nina has now agreed to get professional help for Phillip, but she wonders if Phillip will even try since his method is working so well. "Until Phillip stops looking at me as the enemy, nothing has changed." So are you giving up? Ryan asks. Tricia wonders if it makes any sense to put her life on hold while waiting for him to set things straight. She doesn't think he will ever have a relationship with her as long as his boy is in his life. She is losing faith, but not giving up. Ryan doesn't have any answers except that they are going to get outside help; he will do that today! Bear with me a little longer, he begs. Will you do that for us?

Katherine returns home and notices that Esther is acting strange. She wants to know why she is so nervous, but Esther doesn't want to talk about it.

Ryan returns home and learns that Phillip found out that he was at Tricia's. He was very upset and has been in his room ever since. "We are back at square one," Ryan says. He calls for Phillip to come into the living room. "I hear you are upset with me for going to see Tricia," he begins. "I wish I could understand why this upsets you so much. Your mother and I are concerned about you. Phillip explains that every time Ryan leaves the house, he doesn't know if he will ever come back or not. Ryan reminds him that he has promised to come back, but Phillip says that he doesn't know if he can believe him. I want to trust you, he says, but since the time that you walked out on Mom and me, I just can't. With shoulders slumped, he walks back to his room; Nina is in tears.

Victor is conducting business when Nikki arrives. He wonders what she is doing there. She tells him that she has a question. "Have things involving me been happening that I no nothing about?" What the hell are you talking bout? Victor demands. "I had a visitor today," Nikki tells him. "You won't believe what Diane said to me." It takes a while for Victor to comprehend the words that Nikki has just spoken, but as he does, he gets a disgusted look on his face.

Tuesday, June 30, 1998

NIKKI asks Victor what he has been hiding from her. She had a visitor today and "you wouldn't believe what Diane is saying!" Victor is angry that Diane went to Nikki. He tells her not to worry; he will take care of Diane. Nikki wants some assurance that Diane is wrong but Victor can't give it to her. As Victor stands there without saying anything, Nikki understands that what Diane said was true. She begins to cry and Victor explains that Diane's lawyer has convinced her that she is still legally married to him. But don't worry, they were married in a ceremony in the hospital and nothing will change that---ever. Angrily through her tears, Nikki tells Victor that he will have to deal with this situation because she doesn't EVER want to see that woman again. What if Diane won't cooperate? She asks. Victor says that Diane will cooperate because he is going after "that bastard attorney" of hers. Christine Williams knows something about that punk, Victor says, and he is going to find out what it is.

MICHAEL rushes into Diane's apartment asking what she called about. Did Victor or Nikki pay her another visit? Diane tells him that she is the one who paid the unauthorized visit; she went to see Nikki and let her know who was the real Mrs. Victor Newman. Diane is so pleased with herself; she is on a high, but Michael quickly brings her down to earth. He wishes she hadn't done that; now Victor will be on the warpath before he gets all his loose ends tied up. "Loose ends?" Diane shouts. "Michael, this is my future we are talking about. You said this was a sure thing." Michael explains that he just needs to see a few people and get the details about the marriage ceremony. He tells her to wait right there; he will be right back. She hopes that he isn't too mad at her for "shooting off her mouth," but Michael tells her that although it wasn't the smartest idea, he really can't blame her.

NICHOLAS comes home early and finds the house empty. Just after he arrives, Sharon comes in with Cassie and is delighted to find him home. She explains that she was only out collecting Cassie from a pool party and he asks if she had a good time. "The best!" Cassie responds. Nick asks if she showed the rest of the party that trick he taught her and she proudly says that she did show them the "cannonball" and she made the biggest splash of all. "That's my girl!" Nick tells her. As she goes to change from her swimsuit, she asks if they can barbecue again tonight. He tells her he will have to ask the boss.

Nick explains to Sharon that he let Grace off early so she could go home and celebrate her promotion. They have some big projects coming up soon and they will be working overtime a lot. He says that Grace is a "real go-getter." He also says that when they first started working together, he had his doubts that it would work, but she has proved him wrong; Grace has really made an impression on him.

After Sharon sends Cassie up to the main house to see if Noah is awake, Sharon questions Grace's promotion. Nick gets the idea that she is worried about him pushing her friend too hard and fast, so he assures her that he will take care of her friend. However, he tells her that she is the only girl on his mind; Sharon tells him to show her as she moves into his arms.

GRACE comes home to lowered lights, flowers, wine, candlelight, and soft music. "Tony? What have you done?" she asks. Tony tells her that he wanted to help her celebrate her climb up the corporate ladder. She told him when she left Madison that she was going to make it and she has. Soon she will be able to support him in the style he could get accustomed to.

KATHERINE questions Esther about her peculiar behavior, but Esther just wants her to drop it. Suddenly (I don't know how) Katherine thinks that she hears some noise from the attic. She asks if Jill is up there, but Esther won't answer. "I am going up there to see for myself," Katherine says. Esther begs her not to go but one hard look from Katherine and Esther steps aside and lets her pass.

Jill is filthy as she tosses box after box and it's contents around. There are spiders and rats aplenty but Jill is intent on looking for whatever it was that Phillip left her. At one point, she looks toward the heavens and asks Phillip to help her.

VICTOR arrives a Christine's office after first calling her. She invites him into her office and asks what he needs. He tells her that he has offered his ex-wife a generous settlement, but Michael Baldwin has convinced her that she can get more. He has Diane totally convinced that she is still married to him because of some kind of legal loophole. Chris tells Victor that Michael is just doing his job, which is to look out for the best interest of his client. Surely Victor doesn't begrudge him that? Victor says that Michael is only in this for his own self-promotion. Chris again tells Victor that this is what Michael is supposed to do; defend the rights of his client when he believes that she has been wronged. Victor laughs coldly and tells her that the punk is going for the jugular. He has decided that now he has to go after Michael Baldwin. He ants to know everything about that punk; he wants to know his weaknesses so that he will know where to strike first. Chris finally tells him that a few years ago Michael was involved in a sexual harassment case involving her. A light goes on in Victor's eyes as if he had just learned the secret to his success. "So, Michael Baldwin likes women he can assert power over, does he?" Victor says. However, Chris says that there is a real possibility that Michael has changed. Victor disagrees with that and says that he intends to protect his wife, his children and himself, and along the way he is going to teach that punk a lesson he will never forget. "When you go up against Victor Newman, you better be willing to pay the price."

MICHAEL visits the minister who performed the ceremony at the hospital. He asks if he considered the marriage one as real or symbolic, given the circumstances. The minister assures him that it was for real; he also says that there was a marriage license and everything was in order. He verifies for Michael that the marriage took place on April 6, 1998. Michael wonders if the minister is aware that Victor had only obtained a divorce just hours prior to the ceremony. How is that possible? Asks the minister looking confused. "That is a very interesting question," Michael says as he leaves.

JILL finally finds a box marked "Phillip Chancellor: Private and Personal." She slices open the box and begins removing the contents. Finally she finds the legal envelope that has her name on it. As she is opening the folder, she hears Katherine calling out to her. Quickly, she stuffs the envelope back into the box and covers it. She then covers the box just as Katherine arrives. Katherine is aghast when she sees the condition Jill is in.

MICHAEL goes to see the man who issued the marriage license to Victor and asks him how a license could be granted to a man who had been divorced only a few hours. The man tells him that he got an injunction from Judge Jennings ordering him to grant a marriage license to Victor Newman so he did.

NIKKI is wandering around her home looking lost when Victor arrives. He tells her that he wants her to go away for a few days while he gets everything straightened out. She doesn't want to leave him, but he insists. He has already made the arrangements with their pilot to fly her to visit her sister, Casey. About that time, Casey calls and tells them that she is overjoyed to have Nikki visit. As Victor tries to kiss Nikki, she pulls away and says she needs to go pack for her trip.

MICHAEL'S last visit is to the chambers of Judge Jennings. He introduces himself and tells him that he is there on the behalf of a client. He asks about the injunction he issued in April for Victor Newman to remarry his ex-wife. The judge reminds Michael that he issued that injunction under dire circumstances; Nikki's condition was very grim. Michael asks if he knows that Mrs. Newman survived her injury and the judge says that yes, he is aware of that, but he is sure that the matter was presented to him in an honest and forthright manner. Michael wonders how the changed circumstances affect the validity of the marriage. The judge says that Michael must be asking for a specific reason, but for him to comment would be out of line. Michael thanks him for his time and leaves. Once out in the hallway, Michael says, "You wouldn't admit it Judge, but you question the validity of that marriage as much as I do."

NIKKI comes back downstairs dressed and ready to go. She tells him that she will miss him terribly. He doesn't want her to forget that they are husband and wife and that no one will ever change that. Tearfully, Nikki tells him that she loves him. Victor says that he loves her also. Nikki walks out the door. After he is alone, Victor's face becomes hard and bitter. "Now," he says. "Whatever it takes Diane Jenkins, we are going to end this thing permanently."

What the hell do you think you are doing? Katherine demands of Jill. Jill says that she was looking for a memento of Phillips to remember him by. She shows Katherine a tie clasp that she once gave to Phillip. Is it alright if I keep it? She asks. Katherine tells her she can search to her heart's content but she is going to clean this mess up. She says that it is no wonder Jill is so miserable; she is living to much in the past. When Jill starts in on Katherine about killing her Phillip, Katherine cold-cocks he one. Jill tells her that this is the last time she will hit her. Katherine says that Philip only used Jill as a common whore for what she could give him. They begin to fight and Katherine knocks Jill to the floor. A huge rat runs by her face. Screaming, she gets up and tells Katherine that she has rats up here. "It takes one to know one," replies Katherine. As the two begin to wrestle around again, Jill gets the better of Katherine and they fall to the floor. Jill begins choking Katherine while all the time promising to kill her. Katherine is on the verge of passing out when Jill comes to herself and lets go. Katherine struggles up and as Jill wipes blood from her nose, Katherine tells her in a strangled voice to get our of her house NOW!

Wednesday, July 1, 1998

VICTORIA has been summoned to Victor's office; she brings the report that he has been asking for, but that isn't why he asked her to stop by. He wants to fill her in on a few things that have been happening. He tells her that her mom has gone to visit Casey for a while. He then proceeds to tell her about Diane thinking she has a case that she is still Victor's wife. Vicki asks if Diane has a case, but Victor assures her that Diane and her opportunistic shyster lawyer are in for a fight that he doesn't intend to lose. When Vicki offers to go talk to Diane, Victor tells her absolutely no; he will handle things. However, once Vicki is outside the office, she murmurs, "The hell I will stay out of it!"

As Connie comes into the office with some papers, Victor tells her to find Jack Abbott and have him come to see him at once.

JACK is visiting Diane for an update on the war. Diane tells him that the battle lines are drawn and Victor knows where she stands. She also tells him that she went to the ranch and told Nikki that she was still Victor's wife. Diane admits that she is enjoying this; she just wishes that Nikki had taken a swing at her so she could have "knocked that broad on her caboose." Jack looks Diane up and down and asks how many times she has worn that dress. He tells her that she should never wear a dress more than once; she is a woman of substance. He advises her to begin using Victor's credit cards to buy furs, diamonds, and other precious gems. She has to look out for her future. Diane tells him that he is incorrigible, but she likes the idea. Getting a sad look on her face, she says that all the money and possessions in the world won't get her what she really wants---things back like they were before. Jack reminds her that that "ain't gonna happen, so hit Victor where it hurts---in the pocketbook." After all, Victor walked her down the primrose path and shoved her off the cliff. He did, didn't he? Diane agrees.

JILL and KATHERINE stare at each other with hatred. Katherine is barely able to speak due to the pressure on her vocal cords during the strangulation, but she manages to tell Jill once again to pack her things and get out of her house NOW! NOW! Slowly, Katherine picks her way across the rubble in the attic leaving Jill alone. Slowly, Jill moves to the box she has covered up and pulls out the papers she found earlier. Looking inside she finds several legal papers and a personal letter written to her by Phillip. Leaving the attic, Jill knows that she can't let Katherine see the papers.

Paul arrives at Chris' office just in time to hear her giving a stern lecture to someone on behalf of a client. After she sees him there, they begin to get lovey-dovey. Paul brags about getting his mother set up with Charlie, but he thinks that they need another nudge. He thinks that they should take Mary out to dinner and let Charlie just happen by again.

ESTHER is pacing when Katherine comes downstairs. Katherine orders her to go upstairs and pack every single thing of Jill's and get her out of the house tonight. Just as Esther is leaving, the doorbell rings. Esther is afraid she has done something that Katherine will be mad about, but when she tells her that she called the police, Katherine promises to give her a raise tomorrow! Dirty and disheveled, Katherine opens the door to two shocked policemen. There was more than a disturbance here, she tells them; there was assault and battery! They go into the living room to take down the report. Jill comes down the stairs and hears Katherine talking to the police. Quietly, she slips the folder of papers into a drawer. Katherine tells the police that she wants Jill out of her house tonight even if they have to physically throw her out. Jill says that that won't be necessary; she can leave under her own steam. Seeing the blood dripping from Jill's nose, one of the policemen asks if she needs medical attention. The two women begin screaming at each other again and fly toward each other. With difficulty, the police separate the two women. Katherine tells the policemen that she wants to file charges against Jill. Jill gets angry and threatens to file countercharges. The police inform them that if they file charges, then there will have to be a full investigation and a judge will have to decide the outcome. Jill looks at Katherine and tells her that it is her call. Katherine backs off. The police leave but first they tell the ladies that if they come back, they will take them both downtown for booking.

While Katherine is showing the police out, Esther comes down with Jill's bags. She tells Jill that if she never sees her again, it will be just peachy keen for her. Jill promises that Esther will live to regret this day her whole miserable life. As Esther just stands there smiling, Jill yells "Boo!" in her face. Esther jumps back and then scurries out of the room. Jill slips out into the hallway and retrieves the folder that she hid in the drawer. She brings it back into the room and quickly stuffs it into her bag.

Katherine comes in and the two women stare at each other. Katherine reminds Jill that she is never, ever to cross the threshold of this house again. Jill picks up her bags and leaves the house.

DIANE thinks Jack has returned when the doorbell rings, but surprise! Surprise! It is Victoria. When she walks in, she has a huge chip on her shoulder and attacks Diane instantly, calling her delusional. Diane, quite surprisingly, is patient with Vicki and tries to explain her side. She realizes that Victoria is angry because she is trying to destroy her family, but she really believes that she is still legally married to Victor; you don't' know the whole story, she tells Vicki. "You think that Victor did a romantic and wonderful heroic act," Diane begins. "I thought that too, at first. Victor promised that the divorce would be a temporary thing; he promised over and over that he would be back soon and we would take up where we left off. Then one day, out of the blue, Victor walks in and says that it is all over; he wants to stay married to Nikki. That is when my whole world collapsed. Something in me died that day." Victoria begins to see that there is two sides here, but she is adamant that Victor won't change his mind and he doesn't intend to lose. "You are a very bright woman, Diane. Didn't it ever occur to you that this would happen?" Diane says that if she had considered this possibly she would never have agreed to the divorce.

"I never meant to fall in love with Victor," Diane tells Victoria. "I was engaged to Jack; we were planning a wedding. Then your father came along and swept me off my feet. Over and over, Victor swore to me that we would be together for ever; this was a marriage that would last a lifetime." She reminds Vicki of the night of Victor's birthday party when Nikki came and said those hurtful things to her; when she rejoiced in the fact that Diane would never have Victor's child. That night, Victor vowed that Nikki was out of their life forever. They flew off on their honeymoon. The following days were the happiest she and Victor ever had. He declared his love for her over and over. "Then the horrible tragedy happened with your mother and we flew home straightaway. Within a matter of weeks, Victor informed me that he was now in love with Nikki. A part of me died that night. So let Victor come after me with everything he has; I have nothing more to lose. Your father has already did his worse to me."

With some understanding on her face, Vicki turns to walk out. Diane stops her. "If someone you loved had done the same thing to you, would you just be able to walk away? Please, don't judge me too harshly." Without a word, Vicki walks out of the apartment.

KATHERINE tells Esther that she feels so free and happy to have that monster out of her house that if she were still a drinking woman, she would make herself a HUGE martini. Instead, Esther offers to fix them both a glass of iced tea to celebrate having their house back. Katherine reminds her that under no circumstances is Jill to ever, ever to set foot in this house again.

CHRISTINE and PAUL arrive at Mary's house, sorry that they weren't able to reach Charlie. When Mary comes to the door, she steps outside rather than inviting them inside. However, Paul pushes right past her and opens the door. He is shocked when Charlie greets him. Charlie says that he just dropped by to ask Mary out to the movies. Paul and Chris think that is a good idea and encourage Mary to go. Finally she says that since it is such a nice night out, they should walk to the movie. As they leave, Mary hints that from now on, Paul should call before coming over. Charlie says that he plans to keep Mary busy. On their way out, Charlie promises Mary a milk shake after the movie.

JILL goes to her office before looking for a place to live. She opens the folder and removes the papers. Taking the small white envelope with her name on it, she finds a personal letter written to her in Phillip's hand. The letter begins, "My darling, beautiful Jill." Evidently the letter was written just before he flew out to the Dominican Republic to obtain his divorce from Katherine. Wanting her to be her own woman even after they are married, Phillip had signed over some stocks and the ownership of his gold coin collection. These were signed over to her in her maiden name, Jill Foster. Also, he says that Katherine didn't want the house so he has signed ownership over to Jill. It is hers regardless of their marital status. He signs the letter, "Now and forever, your Phillip." Jill is ecstatic. "Oh, Katherine, you have no idea what is in store for you---no idea at all!"

CONNIE tells Victor that Jack will be right in. Victor demands to know where she finally found him and Connie tells him that he was at Victor's ex-wife's house.

JACK finally gets to Victor's office and when Victor complains about his lateness, he says that he is there now so tell him why he was summoned. Victor then demands to know what he was doing at Diane's; he must know that he is consorting with the enemy. "Oh, is that what she is now?" Jack asks sarcastically. Victor wonders if Jack thinks that Diane has been mistreated. "Mistreated?" Jack answers. "Oh, I don't think I would use that word. Used, abused, crushed, devastated and discarded would be better words to describe what you did to Diane." Victor says that Diane and her lawyer is trying to fleece him, but Jack reminds him that lambs get fleeced, not wolves. Victor says that he is tired of Jack's flippancy; he has something to say and Jack is going to listen. He tells Jack to think about where his loyalty lies if he wants to stay with this company. Jack asks if that is a threat, because Victor may run the company but he doesn't tell him how to choose his friends. This is a business relationship only, he says. Victor says it is a relationship that may not work much longer. He built this company without Jack and he can run it without him. He says that he could walk out into the street and find any number of men who could do Jack's job. When Jack tells him that he may have a chance to do just that, Victor tells him to get out before anything more unpleasant happens. After Jack has left the office, Victor says, "You are trying my patience, Jack Abbott, and I have just about had it with you."

Outside by the elevator, Jack is fuming mad. "You don't want to push me too far, Newman, or you will regret it." As he enters the elevator, he says, "On second thought, maybe you've already pushed me too far." Jack's jaw is clenched in anger as the doors of the elevator close.

Thursday, July 2, 1998

CHRISTINE is on the phone telling someone that it is a flattering offer, but the timing is not right. She agrees that the Professor can call her, but she isn't promising anything. She hangs up and begins work. Michael comes in for his weekly "check up." He has a question; has Mr. Newman been back digging for information on him? Chris reluctantly admits that he has been back but she didn't tell him anything---more or less. When Michael wants to know about the "more or less" part, she tells him that if he doesn't quit pEsthering her about this, she will bar him from the office. Just then, Chris gets the call from the Professor. Once again, she thanks him for the flattering offer, but tells him that the timing is off. Afterward, Michael asks about the call. It seems that someone is going to Romania to set up a prototype of the type of Legal Aid that she has set up in GC and they want her to be in on the project. Michael thinks it is a great idea and encourages her to take the post. You take it, Michael, Chris offers. Michael tells her that he is in the profession for the power and prestige; he freely admits that. But she is different; she is in it because it is something that she loves. Just think of what she can accomplish there in a country that is just coming out from behind the Iron Curtain! Arbitration, tenant-landlord disputes, child support, etc. She would be in on the beginning of something and the beauty is that it is justice. Chris is thoughtful. As Michael leaves, he tells her that when they call again, she should say yes---YES!

RYAN is checking his day planner and day dreaming when Nina enters the room. She has a good report on Phillip; he is happily in his room doing his book report. He is getting better, Ryan says. Nina says that as long as he is there, Phillip is fine. Ryan says that he has a life of his own and he wants to get back to it. He thinks that he made a mistake moving in here; all he has accomplished is to be a temporary stopgap. Phillip is stronger now and even though he will be taking a couple of steps backward, it is time for him to move out. "Then why did you move back in in the first place?" Nina asks. She is angry with Ryan and he accuses her of making it hard on him. He then asks if she is making him feel guilty because she wants him to stay. Nina assures him that she can live without him; it is Phillip that she is concerned about. Ryan says he cannot stay until Phillip graduates high school and goes on to college. He leaves telling her that he will talk to Phillip this afternoon.

NINA appears to be worried when Phillip comes out of his room ready for breakfast. Nina admits that she didn't make a hot breakfast this morning but offers to make cereal for him. "Where is Dad?" Phillip asks. When Nina doesn't answer right away, Phillip asks her again. Nina is forced to tell him that Ryan has gone back to his apartment; he is moving back in with Tricia. Phillip calls her a "jerk" but Nina says that they shouldn't be trashing Tricia. Actually, she admits, Tricia is a nice person. She promises that Ryan will always love him, but Phillip says that he has a feeling that he will never see his Dad again.

JILL is the "cat on a hot tin roof" if ever there was one. She is jumping for joy and just has to tell someone about her good news. She calls Jack, who is completely depressed. She wants him to come to her office and share some good news, but he is in no mood. She tells him that he doesn't want to miss this; it is better than sex! She has stirred his curiosity and is on his way over, but this had better be good.

Once in her office, Jack is surprised at how radiant she looks and he comments on it. She tells him that he should have seen her last night. She begins to slowly tell the story, savoring every moment. Jack tells her that he has a report due in the "Lion's Den," so will she get on with it. She reads the pertinent parts of the letter to him and he is wowed. He asks a few questions as to the letter's authenticity then asks if she has called John Silva. Jill says that John is pretty busy these days but just as soon as he has some free time, he will be there for her. What do you think Katherine is going to do? Jack asks. A satisfied Jill answers that "that old battle ax" will rant and rave and rave and rant until she slowly sinks beneath the waves. "Can you believe she threw me out and told me never to set foot in HER house again? Well, I am going to enjoy having the last laugh while I am living in MY house."

THE EXTERMINATOR is leaving the mansion and telling Katherine that the attic has been cleared. Going back into the house, Katherine tells Esther that finally her house is free of unwanted guests. The policeman from the night before calls to check on her; she tells him that everything is fine. Later, she walks to the window and as she gazes out at the grave, she tells Esther that she is free with all her wonderful memories. When Esther says that she is still afraid of Jill, Katherine says that Jill may be a witch, but even she can't fly through walls. There is nothing to worry about.

CHRISTINE returns home and is pleasantly surprised to find Paul home. She reminds him of the call she got some time ago about the trip to Romania; he remembers, but hasn't heard any more about it from her. She says that she got another call today and she is reconsidering thanks to Michael Baldwin. She tells him what Michael had to say to her and Paul agrees. Paul finally realizes that the main stumbling block for her is the fact that they just got back together. He tells her that they went through a rough time, but through it all, they never stopped loving each other. Just consider this another business trip, he tells her. She tells him that he is an amazing man; that is what I get paid for, he responds. "How?" Chris asks as she snuggles up to him. "With hugs and kisses and sweet nothings whispered in my ears," Paul says. Well, today is payday, Chris murmurs. They begin kissing.

TRICIA and MEGAN are packing up all of Tricia's clothes and other things. Tricia says that she can't wait any longer never knowing when Ryan can spare an hour out of his life with Phillip. At least at home she will have her dad and sister to lean on. Meg grabs a box and Tricia picks up her suitcase and they head for the door. Just as Megan opens the door, Ryan is fitting his key into the lock. He realizes that Tricia is leaving, but he would like to talk to her first. Megan leaves the two alone. Tricia tells Ryan that this was her idea, not Megan's; she didn't intend for things to be over, but she just couldn't sit in this room looking at four walls alone any longer. Ryan understands; he tells her that he is moving back into the apartment for good. He goes to the desk and picks up a calendar. Bringing it back, he shows her the date when his divorce will be final and he will be free to marry her---if she still wants him. Yes! She shouts as they begin to kiss.

JACK enters the Lion's Den and tosses the report on Victor's desk. As he looks around, he notices the portrait on the wall and mentions that only Victor would enjoy sitting at his desk and looking at himself. He remembers back to yesterday when Victor warned him that his time at the office could be limited. "Yes," Jack says, coming back to the present. "I believe you have finally pushed me just a little bit too far." Making sure that the door is firmly closed, he goes to the phone and places a call.

In Rome, BRADLEY CARLSON answers the phone. Jack hesitates and finally tells Brad that it is Jack---Jack Abbott. He explains that he has had Brad's number for a couple of weeks. Why? Asks Brad. When I left GC you and half the town thought I had killed Victor Newman. At first, Jack denies that he ever thought that, but later admits that if he did, he was wrong. He gets such an attitude from Brad that Jack thinks that he has made a big mistake in calling. Brad demands to know why Jack called; Jack tells him that maybe the reason he called is a bit premature. He needs to think about it a little more; maybe he will call later. Brad says he won't hold his breath and hangs up. "The timing is all wrong," Jack says. "The timing has to be right and how do I know I can trust Brad Carlton!"

Friday, July 3, 1998

JOHN arrives at Jill's office annoyed that she couldn't wait until after the holidays to get in touch with him. She says that this couldn't wait and he will agree with her when he hears. She begins by telling him a story about an older man who fell in love with a young woman. Wanting her to come into the marriage with her own wealth, he made arrangements for her to have stocks, gold coins and a house. Only the man died and left the girl to struggle all of her life until 20 years later she finds the papers giving her all this wealth. She ends this story by announcing that she is that woman. John is totally amazed. He reads the letter and asks a few pertinent questions before telling her that she probably does have a claim. Guessing that Jill is on her way to see Katherine, tells her not to do that; bad idea!

SHARON visits Doris and tells her mother that she and Nick are closer than ever. The only "fly in the ointment" is Grace; Grace is still hoping that she can get her hands on Nick. She has an idea that will show Grace just how strong the marriage is. She is going home and try to persuade her husband to have a party.

NICK calls Grace because he wants to go into the office to do a little work. He is babysitting right now, but as soon as Sharon gets home, he will be going to the office. Grace lets him know that she is thrilled to go to the office with him.

Just as Nick hangs up the phone, Sharon comes in and tells him her good idea about having a pool party and barbecue. With Cassie's help (please! Nick, pretty please with sugar on it!) Nick says okay. Sharon gets on the phone and calls Grace. She says that Nick has changed his mind about work; they are having a pool party instead and she and Tony are invited. Grace reluctantly agrees that they will be there.

TONY comes in and notices that Grace isn't looking too happy. She tells him about the invitation, but says that she was planning on spending the day with him alone. Tony says that they can't beat a pool party with lots of food and good friends. After she goes to change, Tony says, "The lady has an agenda; this should be an interesting day."

JACK arrives at the penthouse to find Diane overwhelmed with work. She is behind in everything, work from the office, drawings, and personal work. He tells her that what she needs is a personal assistant. Things are changing for her now and she will not be able to do it all herself. Once she has help, she will wonder how she ever got along without one. If she won't find someone, he will do it for her.

VICKI stops by Nick's to tell him about Diane. Nick gets very angry when he hears that Diane thinks that she is still married to his dad; just like his dad, he calls Diane an opportunist. Vicki says that that was her first reaction until she went to talk to Diane herself. Now she isn't so sure. She explains that Diane feels betrayed; she thought that Dad was coming back to her. Nick accuses her of not being on Dad's side. Vicki assures him that she is on their parent's side. Even though Nick's mood has changed, he invites Vicki to attend his pool party and reminds her to be sure to wear her bikini and show off that great bod of hers. She asks if she can invite a guest and he tells her to go ahead; the more the merrier.

NEIL is delighted to join her at the pool party. He asks if he can bring Malcolm's family along.

NATE is looking forward to their day in the park when Neil calls. The pool party at the ranch sounds great to him so Malcolm tells Neil to pick them up; it is a go! Malcolm asks Olivia if she will feel comfortable going to the party with Neil and Vicki believing that Neil is the father of the baby. It is fine with Olivia.

VICTOR is completing business with Ashley when Cole comes to pick her up. Victor invites them to the ranch for a quiet steak dinner. He tells them that Nikki is out of town and there is no one else at home.

VERONICA is having one of her bad days. Looking at herself in the mirror, she begins having a flashback of the time when she was in the mental hospital. She opens the drawer and finds the newspaper clipping of the shooting. She can't understand how she could have done this thing. "I loved you so much, Joshua," she says. "How could I have pulled the trigger? Nikki took you away from me, but I never meant to hurt you. I just wanted to be with you again. Now you are dead." She is crying; suddenly, she gets that mad look on her face. "You are dead and Nikki lives happily ever after with Victor!"

MIGUEL calls Veronica and invites her to the party. She tells him that she will have to thinks about it; she won't know anyone there.

NICK is busy preparing the grill when Miguel brings out the burgers. As they work, Miguel tells Nick all about this woman he has met and fell in love with. He has invited her to the party. He mentions that he asked the Newmans to find work for her at the ranch, but they told him no. Once day, he hopes to marry Veronica and make his life with her. Nick promises to talk to his folks and see what he can do for his pal.

EVERYONE is running around the pool and having a great time when Victor arrives. Cassie and Nate are having fun as the two youngest guests. Neil goes up to Vicki and warns her quietly that Cole and Ashley are there. Oh great! Sharon, in her little bikini, is talking to Malcolm and Olivia who are eager to get to some dancing. Sharon feels like a dance also; she finds her husband and begins to dance. She notices that Grace and Tony are there and Grace is giving her and Nick the eye. Victor tells Ashley and Cole that he didn't know there was a party going on. Vicki chats with Ashley and tells her to have fun. Victor comes up to Vicki and wonders when the party was planned; she tells him that it was a spur of the moment thing. He tells her that if he had known, he wouldn't have invited Cole and Ashley. She tells him that she has to get used to being around Cole and his fiancée; divorce is hard, you know, she tells her father as she kisses him on the cheek. Ashley walks up to Olivia and mentions that Vicki seems to be putting on a little weight. This makes Olivia a little uncomfortable and she wonders why Ashley is paying so much attention to Vicki. It goes with the territory, Ashley says. After all, he is my fiancé's ex wife. Tony and Grace join the dancers. From then on, it seems to be a competition dance between Nick and Sharon and Tony and Grace. Standing back, Victor looks on with a stern knowing expression on his face.

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