Y&R Recaps: The week of December 22, 1997 on The Young and the Restless
Tony gave Grace an engagement ring for Christmas. Danny and Phyllis fought over who would have Daniel for Christmas. The news that Diane had been admitted to the hospital with a bleeding ulcer interrupted the Christmas party at the ranch.
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Monday, December 22, 1998

"What's going on, Gracie?" Tony asks Grace. "I feel like everything is all tied together for you---you, me, Cassie. What about our plan?"

Grace tells Tony that she never agreed to the plan. She got so tired of him preaching at her that she just quit arguing with him about it. It is too soon to drop this bomb on Sharon and Nick, she tells him.

Jill visits the Abbott home. Jill wonders what his plans are for the holidays. Jack is his usual insulting self planning to be as far away from her as possible. However, Jill tells him that can't be possible as she will be around for the holidays. Billy is coming home from boarding school for the holidays and naturally he will want to spend time with his father. Jack thinks Jill is trying to dump the kid on his dad for the holidays---what's the matter? The kid cramping your style?

Chris visits Nina at her office. She is on her way shopping with Phillip. She asks how the case is going, and Chris gives it to her with both barrels. "Do you know what Phyllis pulled? She started spouting off about how I haven't gotten over Danny. Like I am some kind of obsessed female. Can you believe the audacity of that Bitch?"

Tony tells Grace that she cares too much. There is nothing wrong with that---it is only natural that she would want to take care of Cassie---but, Sharon is her mother---her REAL mother.

"It isn't going to be that simple," Grace tells Tony, and he agrees. "I told you that when you first wanted to go to Madison to find Sharon's baby." Tony reminds her.

"Nick has told me over and over that he is perfectly happy with only one child, and that he doesn't want another for a long time." Grace says. "You paint an idyllic life for Cassie at the Ranch, but to me, I see disaster. I am just trying to be realistic. What if taking her back to Sharon causes problems for that marriage and devastates that little girl? We would be destroying the only stability she has ever known. Won't you just consider it, Tony?"

Nina tells Chris that it sounds like she has gotten more involved in this case than is wise. Chris can't help it; there is too much at stake. But, she tells Nina, the case is recessed until after the holidays, so she and Paul are planning a romantic getaway to a warmer climate.

Chris then asks about Nina's plans. Will she be spending any time with Ryan. Nina tells Chris that if she invited Ryan, Phillip would lock himself in his room all day; it would be a disaster. However, could it be possible that Phillip doesn't hate Ryan at all but is only being protective of his Mom? This is his way of being protective, supportive and defending while trying to hide his feelings for Ryan.

Danny is visited by Katherine. He explodes while telling her about Phyllis' outburst in court. "How could she attack Chris like that? How could she even question her professionalism?" Katherine wonders how Danny is handling his feelings for Christine. Can he honestly say that he doesn't still have those feelings for her? She feels that what Phyllis said had an impact on him. In any case, what would your father advise you if her were here, she asks.

Danny says that his father would tell him to follow his heart. And that is what he is trying to do. Chris is happily married to Paul. He has been robbed of a future with Christine, but he doesn't want to tear people's lives apart.

Katherine invites Danny and Daniel to her home for Christmas.

Phyllis thinks a little improvisation isn't bad, but Michael is adamant that Phyllis follow instructions and not go off on her own like she did in court. If she really wants her son, she will listen to him and do what he tells her. I know what I am doing, Phyllis tells him.

"Really? You knew what you were doing when you used a phrase from the manuscript? Remember telling me about the 'corkscrew through the heart' phrase?" Michael demands.

Phyllis is horrified that she did that; she didn't even realize she had used that phrase. Now she is ready to listen. Michael wonders about the manuscript. Is she sure---positively sure---that all the manuscripts are destroyed? She had better be sure!

The phone rings and Danny wants to have his son for Christmas. Phyllis tells him Daniel isn't his son and he forfeited his rights when he walked out. However, she relents and tells him he can have him either Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. She will let him know.

Cassie comes home with a large bag of gifts. She tells Grace and Tony that they are for them; Sharon took her shopping. But they are forgetting something. They promised that the three of them could pick out the Christmas tree as a family. So everyone gets ready to go tree-shopping.

Nina and Phillip stop by Gina's for hot chocolate. Phillip's attention is completely absorbed by the family at another table---a mother, a child and a father.

Jill and Jack are still bantering when John enters the room and demands to know what is going on. Jill tells him that Billy is coming home from school and she is sure that John would want to spend time with his son. John wonders if she ever considered that maybe he had already made plans? Why don't you give me some advance notice that the boy is coming. But, no, you just want to drop him off so that you will have time for all your other activities. Why don't you spend time with him? You are his mother!

Jill tells him that she does plan to spend time with him. But, he will want to see his father. She is just trying to be civilized about the arrangements. He is Billy's father and should take some of the responsibility of seeing that he has a happy Christmas. "I'll do my part, John," she says as she leaves. Just see that you do yours."

"Merry Christmas, Jill," Jack calls out as she leaves. "Hope Santa leaves you a nice chunk of coal in your pantyhose."

"What did I ever see in that woman?" John asks as the door closes behind her. "Thanks to her, I get to spend the entire holiday with my son."

Chris visits Paul in his office. She wants to talk about their getaway. Where is he taking her? Didn't you pick up the tickets? Paul asks. I thought you were doing that, Chris says. "No, you said you'd get your secretary to make the arrangements," Paul tells her in a louder voice. I thought Lynn was going to do it, Christine says in a raised voice. Did you ask Lynn to do it? shouts Paul. No, she isn't MY secretary, responds Chris in a louder voice.

They decide that shouting isn't accomplishes anything; they need to do something productive. Chris gets on the phone with the travel agent while Paul calls the airline.

"Why are you laughing?" Paul wonders after he tell them he is looking for tickets for the holidays.

The only thing they can get is two cancelled tickets to Fargo. They finally accept the fact that they aren't going on a romantic getaway, but Chris promises him a romantic getaway anyway right here in GC.

Grace and Cassie watch as Tony puts up the tree. Sharon calls and invites them all to their home on Christmas Eve. This is exciting news for Cassie who wonders if she can go horseback riding.

After Cassie goes to clean up, Grace tells Tony that they are Cassie's family. Why can't he accept that? Tony tells her he is going out for some air.

Outside the door, he tells himself that Sharon has got to know the truth---even if he has to tell her himself.

In New York, Peter and his girlfriend are preparing to set up the tree. She goes to the closet for the decorations and finds the manila envelope. I wonder if it is silly to worry about you, Sasha. Should I just give it to Peter?

However she puts it back in the closet and goes to help Peter with the tree.

Grace calls Sharon and says that New Year's Eve is too soon. She doesn't want to rush things. "What is too soon, Mommy?" Cassie asks.

Tuesday, December 23, 1998

Home, sweet home," Paul says as he and Chris arrive home. "Now give," he demands. "Spill the beans. You said you had a plan."

"All is not lost," Chris answers enigmatically.

Christine tells Paul that everyone thinks they are away for the holidays. If they stay home, no one will know that they are there. Meanwhile, they have none of the inconveniences of travel: packing, driving to the airport, the crowds, etc. No one will be calling or bugging them because they don't know they are home. Paul thinks it is a wonderful idea.

After the phone is fixed to answer on the first ring, they get started on another honeymoon.


Dru is dressing Lily for their Christmas Eve at Malcolm's and Olivia's. "Will Daddy be there?" Lily asks. "He has to be there with us. Maybe I could call him on the phone and ask him to come?"


Vicki comes down the stairs at the ranch. Nikki says she must have had a real ball in New York. She hasn't left her room since returning home. She wonders how the surprise went.

"The surprise was mutual," Vicki tells her mother. "I caught them and that surprised them."

"Them? You mean Ashley was there?" asks Nikki.


Jack arrives at Diane's office in answer to her SOS. "What happened?" he wants to know. yesterday you were going to 'tuff it out,' and today, you are crying for help.

Diane tells Jack about Victor getting the home-made Christmas card from Victor JR. It meant so much to him. He told her about all the presents he had sent---even a bicycle---to Kansas. All it did was remind her that she could not give him a child. She can't and won't face Nikki.

Nikki calls Diane before Jack leaves. She wants her to bring a dish to Christmas dinner. Since Diane doesn't have a 'traditional' dish, why doesn't she bring the green bean casserole? Diane agrees and hangs up to find Jack with a most amused smile on his face. Diane doesn't appreciate the humor of the situation and the call has just strengthened her resolve not to go to the ranch.


Tony arrives home to find Cassie wrestling with tangled Christmas lights. She notices that he has a gift and asks him about it. He tells her that it is a gift for Sharon from her. She opens the box and it is a beautiful Madonna and Child Christmas ornament. Since it is from her, she feels she should wrap it herself. Before she gets it wrapped, Grace enters the room and Cassie shows the gift to her. Grace turns to Tony and tells him that she knows what he is up to. Cassie says that she knows why Tony bought this particular ornament; it was because it is Sharon's first Christmas with Noah. She will always remember Noah's first Christmas.

"This is a Christmas she will always remember," says Tony. "There is no doubt about it."


Danny tells Katherine that he doubts he can get Daniel for Christmas. Phyllis is too fond of playing games. But as he talks, he decides that he isn't going to let her get away with keeping him and his son apart.


Dru tells Lily that calling Daddy isn't a good idea. She sends Lily in to put on her shoes. While she is out of the room, Dru calls Malcolm. She asks if Neil is there. Have you heard from him? Is he coming? Malcolm says that he hasn't heard one word from his brother.

Lily walks in just in time to hear Dru ask if Neil was coming. "Daddy is invited? Oh, boy. Daddy's coming! Daddy's coming for Christmas!"


After hearing the entire story of the New York fiasco, Nikki tells her daughter that she needs to talk with Cole. The most important thing is keeping the lines of communication open unless you are prepared to give up. "I have never known you to let someone else call the shots," she tells Vicki. "I have never known you to give up either."


Phyllis doesn't make Danny welcome when he arrives at her door. Daniel is at the movies; something he would know if he had called. Danny wants to talk with her about Christmas.

"Here's what is going to happen," he tells her. "I am going to get Daniel Christmas Eve and most of Christmas Day."

"Here is what I say is going to happen," Phyllis counters. "You can have Daniel as much as you want, but you will be here with him."

Danny can't believe she would take her anger out on a child. If she really loved him, she would let him be with his father.

"With his father?" Phyllis asks. "You mean spend Christmas with Brian Hamilton?"

Phyllis thinks Danny has over estimated Daniel's need to be with him. She also thinks it would be best if Daniel got used to Danny not being around at all.

Daniel arrives home and is excited to find his daddy there. He runs and jumps into Danny's arms.


Vicki comes to the tack room while Cole is busy at his computer. She wants to talk.

I never meant to hurt you, Cole tells Vicki. But, your reaction was inappropriate. Ashley left right after you did. Nothing happened. Why can't we just put it all behind us?

Vicki tells him that he is making a distinction between what happened and what might have happened. She doesn't see any difference. If she hadn't walked in when she did, the event would have taken place.

Cole patiently explains how he "just happened" to run into Ashley. Vicki finally understands and believes him, but it doesn't change anything. They were still going to sleep together. Cole accuses her of sleeping with the stranger in New York. Vicki is disgusted by his suggestion; she thinks he should know her better than that.

How does he think she felt, walking out of the bathroom and finding him tearing the clothes off another woman. It hurts. It tends to stick in a girls mind when she sees something like that.

The real issue, Vicki says, is that he and Ashley were going to make mad, passionate love if she hadn't interrupted. What did or didn't happen doesn't matter. What matters if his feelings for Ashley. It is bound to happen someplace else, but he is married to Vicki. "You married me, but you are more interested in her," Vicki says as she walks out of the house.


Malcolm and Olivia are finishing up the preparations for their family night. Malcolm goes to make a call to Neil, but Olivia thinks that if they pressure him, he will not come. Nate is happy about Christmas, but unhappy about Lily. He hopes that Uncle Neil will be there.

Dru and Lily arrive at Olivia's place. Lily wonders why her Daddy isn't there yet. He will be here soon, right? Dru explains that he will be there if he can.


Katherine is still at Gina's when Danny and Daniel walk in. Daniel tells Katherine that Phyllis has allowed him to have Daniel until Christmas morning. He can spend Christmas Eve at Katherine's house.


Cassie goes to Mrs. Kramer's apartment to help decorate the tree. Grace takes this opportunity to accuse Tony of using Cassie. He is trying to bring her and Cassie together. He tells her to lighten up! He is just trying to help them to form a bond---a mother-daughter bond. They will need that bond soon.

Tony tells Grace that the ornament makes sense. It tells a story and Grace will be telling a story soon. He reminds her that Sharon thinks all the time about the child she has out there somewhere; she will welcome Cassie and make her happy. He wants to marry her, Grace, and give her her own little Cassie---one that no one will ever take away from her. Wouldn't that be perfect?

Wednesday, December 24, 1997

Nikki surveys her festive castle while scenes from some of the other families of Genoa City flash by: Nick at the tree; Sharon with the baby; Cassie wrapping Sharon's gift; Malcolm, Olivia, Dru and the kids; Neil, the grinch, staring out the window, and Diane looking troubled as she paces the floor.

Victor comes down the stairs, ready to leave for the ranch. Diane tells him she will meet him there later; she is waiting for the green bean casserole to finish baking; also, she isn't dressed yet. Victor leaves, telling her to drive safely. After Victor leaves, she says she is sorry she cannot share his joy.

Sara watches as Josh and Nikki kiss. "This is wrong---all wrong. Nikki is not the woman for you. Your precious Nikki doesn't know how to please you---she doesn't have a clue," Sara whispers.

Malcolm helps the kids to put up special ornaments as Dru and Olivia look on. Poor Lily, such a sad little girl, Dru comments. All she wants is her Daddy.

Neil and Ryan are trying to find something on TV. Want another beer? Ryan asks. "No, what I need is to see my little girl. But I can't be around Dru," Neil tells him.

Cassie tells Tony that Christmas is so exciting. "Millie used to say it was the season of miracles. I'm still hoping for a miracle; you know what miracle I mean."

After Cassie leaves with Mrs. Kramer, Tony goes to the tree and brings Grace a gift. "I wanted to give this to you while its just the two of us," he says.

Jack calls Diane. What are you doing today? he asks. Made any plans like--ditching the holiday? What hospital do you plan to go to? Diane tells him that if she goes to any, it will be Memorial. That is where Victor's doctor is. As he hangs up, Jack tells her he will be there to see her. After hanging up the phone, Diane suffers a terrible pain in her stomach. She stumbles back to the phone and calls the doorman. "I am very ill," she tells him. "I gotta get to hospital. Send someone to help me and get a car ready. And . . . hurry!"

Victor arrives at the ranch and greets Nikki with a kiss and a wish for a merry Christmas. "Merry Christmas," Nikki answers. "Where is Diane? Still working on the green beans? Odd you didn't come together."

"She will be here," Victor assures her.

"If you say so," Nikki says with eyebrows raised.

Olivia answers the phone; it is Neil. She tells him to come on over; there is plenty of eggnog left. "Put Lily on," Neil tells her, coldly. "I just called to wish you a Merry Christmas, my beautiful little girl," Neil tells his daughter.

"Why aren't you here?" asks a sad-voiced Lily.

I wish I could be, Neil tells her. But, I will see you in a couple of days. We will be together, just the two of us."

Lily hold out the phone. "Mommy, talk to Daddy and ask him to come over."

"Lily needs to see you---tonight," Dru tells her husband.

"Sorry, no can do," he answers.

"Neil, it is Christmas eve---how could you be so cold?" Dru implores. "Can you at least come over tomorrow for Christmas?" When Neil tells her that he will see her in a few days, she tells him: Forget it, she needs her mother; she hangs up. She turns to see everyone watching, sadly.

Sharon has Noah dressed in a Santa suit. Nick puts on some Christmas music. "Isn't baby Santa adorable?" she asks as she hands Noah to his Dad. "You are priceless, my man," Nick says. "This is one cute kid; he has star quality." He gives Sharon a Christmas Eve present. It's baby's first Christmas ornament with his name on it. "Noah says good job pops!" Sharon tells her husband. "We are so lucky. Noah has brought such joy to our lives. Thank God we have our own beautiful little baby to remind us what Christmas is all about."

Phillip is unhappy. Flo offers him a glass of eggnog, but he decides to go to his room to watch television. "Poor little guy," Flo says. "He looks like he has lost his only friend." She turns to Nina. "Maybe it is time to try again. Maybe Phillip is ready to reach out to Ryan. Call him back in and ask him."

Nina calls Phillip back into the room. She has a really important question to ask. "If Ryan came over for Christmas, would you ask him to leave?" she asks.

"He wouldn't come, Phillip tells his mother.

"But, if he did come, would you tell him to leave?" Nina persists.

"I guess not," Phillip says. "It would be okay," he says as he throws his arms around mom.

"What time will your wife be here?" Nikki sweetly asks Victor. "She will be here when she gets her," Victor tells her. "Don't look for trouble," he warns.

Nick, Sharon and Noah arrive.

Jack arrives at the hospital with flowers. He is prancing all around, proud that Diane has followed his advice after all.

"Very dramatic touch," he says. "How did you talk them into the IV. And your color. You're so pale, you almost look sick. Have you called Victor yet?" When Diane tries to get a word in edgewise to explain that she really is sick, he tells her: Save the acting for old moneybags. There isn't anyone here but you and me, and I won't tell.

Just then the nurse enters the room. Jack asks her if she will call Mr. Newman and let him know what is going on. He is at ex wife's house, he adds as he gives her the number.

Grace opens her gift to find an engagement ring.

"I know you can't wear it yet," Tony tells her. "Cassie might get the wrong idea. Once we give Sharon the most perfect Christmas gift, we can make our own plans." Grace puts the ring back in the box.

"You can't tell Sharon today!" Grace shouts. "It's too soon, Tony. I'm not ready. It will cause problems in that marriage. If you tell her, I will never speak to you again. Never! I mean it, Tony!"

"I keep expecting Diane to arrive," Nikki tells Victor. "I guess we will just have to do without the green bean dish. I specifically told her it was your favorite."

"What are you worried about? Victor asks. "My wife's arrival or the damn green beans."

"Oh, Victor," Nikki tells him. "It is obvious that Diane has no intention of coming. Else, why is she so late?"

"Why do you insist on thinking the worse of the woman I just married?" Victor wants to know.

"Why can't you see that she is an out and out opportunist?" Nikki asks. "She only cares about herself. She doesn't care about what is important to you."

"You are treading on dangerous ground," Victor warns in a quiet, deadly voice. "And I tell you I am using all my self restraint to avoid an argument with you on Christmas Eve," he adds, as he walks away.

Sid calls Dru to wish her a merry Christmas and to see how she is doing. Thee Hawaii job is still there, he tells her. He didn't cancel the reservations, and Santa makes stops in Hawaii too. She has to think about it.

Dru tells Olivia and Malcolm that she really appreciates what they have been trying to do. But, it is hard to watch Lily getting sadder and sadder.

The nurse calls Victor. She tells him that his wife has been admitted to hospital. They aren't sure what the problem is, but the Dr. is running tests, and from all indications, she may require surgery. "I'm on my way," Victor tells her.

Nina calls and invites Ryan to her place for Christmas. "You mean it? Will Phillip be okay with that?" he exclaims. "Great, I'll be there. And thanks. You have no idea what this means to me. Merry Christmas! Tell Phillip how anxious I am to see him."

Malcolm and Olivia are cleaning up. The doorbell rings and there stands Neil with a gift. "Is there someone here who wants to see her Daddy?" he asks. "There was," Malcolm tells him.

"Where is she? Playing? Sleeping? I'm gonna wake her up if she is sleeping. Lilly! Lilly, it's Daddy."

"She isn't sleeping. And she's not home either. She's with Dru; they went out of town. They're in Hawaii." Neil just leans against the wall and shakes his head in disgust.

I am finally getting it through my thick head. You are really sick, Jack apologizes.

"Was that your wife offering some sort of an excuse." Nikki asks Victor.

"No, it was the hospital. She is very ill. She may need surgery." Victor replies shortly.

"Surely you don't believe that," Nikki says. "She would do almost anything to avoid joining us tonight. But, this is going too far."

What you are suggesting is NOT ONLY ridiculous, but cruel. Now excuse me, I have to get to the hospital."

"Surely you aren't going! You'll be playing right into her hand."

"Not another word from you," Victor says, trying to control his anger. "I am going to hospital to be with my wife. And furthermore, I resent your attitude."

Tony tells Grace that the issue still has to be resolved. Just then "Peanut" comes up with Christmas cards she has made. "Our first Christmas together, just the three of us," she says. "And you know what I wish? A whole bunch of them. You two are my family now. I want everyone to have a merry Christmas."

Thursday, December 25, 1997

Due to the Christmas holiday, The Young and the Restless did not air today.

Friday, December 26, 1997

Sharon wonders why Grace, Tony and Cassie didn't come to Christmas Eve at the ranch. Why would they cancel at the last minute like that? Something must be wrong. Sharon enjoys having Cassie there so much and was looking forward to Cassie enjoying the festivities with them.

Nick thinks that they just wanted to spend Christmas alone as a family. But Sharon is afraid that the two of them are breaking up. The engagement was so out of the blue. Maybe Grace is afraid Tony won't wait for her much longer. Remember how Grace kept saying that New Year's Eve was too soon? Maybe she is having cold feet.


Cassie asks Grace why they didn't go out to the ranch for Christmas Eve. Cassie says she is worried about Grace. She has been upset so much lately that Cassie wonders if she is sick. Cassie notices Tony in the doorway before Grace can answer. "You sure are full of questions for a little girl, aren't you?" he says. Don't worry, Peanut, Tony tells her. Grace just has a lot going on in her life.

Elizabeth comes to the door and invites Cassie to the movie. She will knock when they are on their way. Cassie goes to get ready. After she is out of the room, Grace looks at Tony and sighs. "I feel a lecture coming on," she says. "Okay, lay it on me.


Paul and Christine awake. They have camped out in front of the fireplace. They have had a wonderful and cozy holiday so far. It is hard to believe that they have pulled this off. Everyone but Lynn thinks they are out of town! Paul tells Christine that he is glad to have all this time together---no interruptions, no phone calls. Chris reminds him that he did call his mother on Christmas day, but he tells her that he only got her answering machine. He doesn't know why he didn't call back and speak with her personally.


Victor is at Diane's side when she awakens. "Just relax; you will get the best of care here," he tells her. Diane tells him that she is sorry for ruining things at Christmas. He tells her that she is the most important thing to think about right now.

The doctor comes in and examines her. She tells him that she is feeling better today. In the corridor, Victor asks the doctor how serious Diane's condition is. She has a bleeding ulcer, the doctor tells Victor, but he isn't sure if she will require surgery or not. They like to try medication before surgery, whenever possible.

Victor returns to Diane's room. She is worried about what the doctor said to Victor. He reassures her and tells her that he wished she would have told him she wasn't feeling well; he never would have left her alone if he had known she was in pain. "You are the most important thing in my life."

"That is the first time you have said that to me," Diane says with tears in her eyes. "You can't know how much that means,"


Vicki and Nikki are reliving the Christmas celebrations. Vicki tells her mother that she has never seen her brother so happy. Nikki only wishes she could say the same thing about her daughter. "Did you take my advice and talk with Cole about New York?" Nikki asks.

Vicki says that they talked, but didn't get anywhere. "You said that Cole explained how he and Ashley ran into each other," Nikki remarks. Vicki doesn't want to talk about it and changes the subject. She asks about Diane. "Have you heard how she is doing?"

Nikki says that she doesn't believe that Diane was ill. Playing sick was a clever way of getting out of coming to the ranch. "Now that Christmas is over, I am sure she is well on her way to recovery as we speak."

Vicki is shocked and disbelieving! "Mother! You are accusing Diane of a wild stunt! She is in the hospital."

"I know how her mind works," Nikki responds. "Pulling this stunt just proves what a scheming, manipulative woman she is. I wish your father would take his blinders off and see just what she is capable of.


Mrs. Williams stops by Paul's office and thanks Lynn for her Christmas gift. She is upset that she didn't see or hear from Paul and Christine on Christmas. He called while she was working at the homeless shelter, but she was sure he would call back. Is something going on, Lynn, something you are trying to keep from me?"

Lynn is having trouble evading Mary's questions. Mary continues to question her about where they went. Lynn truthfully tells her that she did not make any reservations for travel or hotel for them. Mary can't help but be worried. She couldn't even wish her son and daughter-in-law a merry Christmas. Eventually, she leaves, but outside the office, she tells herself that something is wrong; this doesn't add up!


"Was Santa good to you?" Ryan asks Phillip. He is glad that he could see Phillip today. He has a large gift for him. Philip is surprised that Ryan brought him a present and he is even more delighted when he finds ice skates in the package since he is now on the hockey team. Ryan then hands a gift to Nina and hopes she likes it.

Nina opens her present and finds a lovely sweater. She thinks it is beautiful, but tells him that he really shouldn't have gotten her anything. There are more gifts for Phillip. As he begins to open the next one, he realizes that he hasn't gotten anything for Ryan. Ryan tells him that he doesn't mind; maybe they can take in a ball game or a movie while he is out of school. That would be good enough for him. Phillip isn't sure but he will think about it.

After sharing a cup of eggnog with Nina, Ryan says his good-byes. Once again he asks Phillip about spending an afternoon with him, but Phillip doesn't think so.


Christine is going to make breakfast---French toast and bacon. However, they get distracted by all their kissing. Paul wants to make only one resolution for the new year and that is to do this more often. The doorbell rings and they ignore it. Maybe whoever it is will give up and go away.

It is Mary. She continues to ring and ring the doorbell. Christine is getting nervous listening to the bell without answering it, but Paul holds her back.

"I know you are in there," she calls out. Chris cannot stand it any longer and rushes to the door. "Well, obviously my suspicions were correct," Mary says to her son. "Why didn't you call to let me know you were back----if you ever left in the first place," Mary asks.

Paul admits that they never left town and Mary is hurt. She wonders how he could do that. He reminds her that he is a grown man and doesn't have to check in with his mother, now does he need her permission. Paul tries to explain that they have both been wrapped up in work and had no time for themselves, but Mary tells him that he could have at least explained that to her. She would have understood. She would have respected their privacy and their wishes. All she wanted was a couple of hours with her son and his wife on Christmas. Is that too much to ask? If it is, then fine, she won't bother them again. She turns and leaves the doorway.

Christine feels bad about how Mary took the news. But Paul is only interested in getting back where they left off. They play kissy-kissy some more. It has been a wonderful Christmas, he tells his wife.


Victor wonder how Diane could ever have questioned his feelings. Diane admits that she has been jealous of Nikki and the special place she holds in his heart. Victor tells her that he and Nikki weren't meant to be together; she is only the mother of his children. He loves Diane and only her. "You have given me the best medicine I could ever have been given," Diane tells her husband as he leans over and kisses her.


"You are digging yourself in deeper and deeper," Tony tells Grace. "I can see how much you love the kid; I know you don't want to let her go."

"We are her family now, Tony." Grace pleads. "Nick and Sharon are happy with their life as it is."

"Think about that little girl." Tony says.

"I do," Grace tells him.

"I get the feeling you think about yourself and what you want," Tony shouts. Cassie comes out of her room to see them fighting. She is upset by it.

"We weren't fighting--just discussing something," Grace tells her. Grace says that they were only talking about not going to see Sharon and Noah yesterday.

"I didn't mind staying home," Cassie explains again. "It was my first real Christmas and the first time I felt like I had a family. I know you don't like it when I say that, Tony, but that is what you and Grace are to me."

Cassie leaves for the movie after giving them both a big hug. After they are alone, Tony warns Grace to be ready. I am sure Sharon is going to stop by to find out why we didn't go out there for Christmas.

"Tony, I have something to say. Don't say anything, just listen."


Nick thinks Sharon is right. She wants to go see Grace while Nick stays with Noah. Shame if those two broke up. Do what you can, but it is really up to them. They have to decide their own future.- Sharon leaves to go to Grace's


Vicki answers the phone and is surprised that it is her father. How is Diane? she asks. "You will know when I am finished talking to your mother," he tells her shortly. When Nikki gets on the phone, Victor says that he knows she thinks Diane is trying to pull a number on him. "But you are wrong. I called to tell you about Diane's condition. You were completely wrong about her faking her illness. (Nikki shakes her head and rolls her eyes heavenward in disbelief). Diane has a bleeding ulcer and may be facing surgery. I cannot understand you. I am tired of your constant efforts to undermine the woman I love. Diane is my wife and I love her. Diane has done everything in her power to get along with you and this is the way you behave. You should be ashamed of yourself for the things you have been saying and how you have been acting." Victor hangs up leaving a shocked and speechless Nikki holding the phone.


"Just hear me out," Grace tells Tony. "Consider the idea of us moving out of here. I could get a transfer. Don't answer me now. Just think about it. We could live out our dream."

"My head is swimming," Tony says as he heads out of the room. Just as he leaves, there is a knock at the door. "I gotta see you," Sharon yells through the door. You've got to tell me what is going on. I am certain that something is going on with you two.

Recaps for the week of December 29, 1997 (Following Week)
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