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Monday, October 20, 1997

Victor visits Ashley in the lab and takes her off guard when he asks her to talk to Victoria and find out what's happening in her marriage. She nearly passes out when Victor says he suspects another woman in Cole's life and wonders who she is. Ashley somewhat agrees to talk to Victoria but makes it clear she doesn't want to. As Victor is about to leave, Cole calls and asks if he can come by so Ashley tells him to.

Dru and Neil anticipate what the doctor will say until she comes in and breaks the bad news. She says that it was miracle that Dru ever got pregnant with Lily, and says that she doesn't think it's possible she'll ever conceive again. Dru gulps loudly as Neil stands there, stunned. The doctor offers to leave them alone so they can talk, but once alone, Neil just grumbles that he wants to go home so they leave.

Michael and Phyllis go for dinner while discussing the whole paternity case. Chris and Danny come into the restaurant and Danny spots them right away. He wants to leave, but Chris says they should stay and see if they can find out anything. Michael and Phyllis come to the table for some snide remarks, all of them trying to get under the other's skin. Later, Michael and Chris are sure they know what the other one is up to.

John Silva explains the next steps to Ryan. If you remember what it was like when Jill was in jail for shooting Victor, recall the conversation. I'm sure the writers did, it's exactly the same script. "My life is on the line!", "I didn't do this!" , etc, etc is repeated incessantly. Ryan wants to talk to Nina personally, but John tells him to stay away from her as it could be misconstrued as a threatening visit.

Nina visits with Flo and Phillip, then asks her son to wait outside while she talks to Flo. Once alone, Nina shares her fears that she might say something incriminating about Ryan and cries about not being able to remember.

Nick quizzes Victoria some more about her relationship with Cole but she just wants him to butt out. She reminds him how he felt about everyone else's concern when he and Sharon were having problems, but he reminds her that Cole was the one who helped straighten everything out. He offers to talk to Cole but Victoria says she wants to keep it between the two of them. Nick wonders if Victoria met a guy while she was away and her evasive answers make him quite suspicious. However, she never really does answer the question and kicks him out of her office.

Cole goes to the lab as planned and Ashley tells him about her visit from Victor, and his request. Cole tells her that they need to do some serious soul searching and make some decisions about the future. They chat about how attracted they are to one another for a while longer before kissing.

Once at home, Neil and Dru discuss what the doctor said. When Olivia brings Lily home, Neil hides his tears. He encourages her to tell her sister about it, but Olivia doesn't really want to hear about it. After she leaves, Neil hugs his girls and says how much he loves them.

Nina is speechless when she awakes and sees Ryan standing in her hospital room doorway, jaw sticking out and glaring at her. "I know you say you don't remember anything," he says through gritted teeth, "But I can't help wonder if you're telling the truth."

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Tuesday, October 21, 1997

Malcolm visits Neil and Dru asking to hear the good word. He is supportive of his brother when he is told of Dru's inability to become pregnant. Doctors don't know everything and they aren't always right, he tells Neil.

Neil sees how downcast Dru is and tells her not to blame herself. He reminds her of their many blessings and tells her that they are a team.

Jill questions Megan about the whereabouts of Tricia. She tells Megan that she understands her wanting to protect Tricia's privacy, but about this problem, she has to confide in someone. When Megan won't admit knowing where her sister is, Jill urges her to talk to her Megan. There has been a new development in the case that Tricia may not know about: Ryan has been released on bail.

Ryan tries to convince Nina that she has to remember what happen the night she was shot. Nina insists that she can't remember so Ryan begins to tell her what happened. You were pointing the gun at your head and threatening to kill yourself, he tells her. No! Nina says. I would never try to end my life! Ryan insists that she tried; you were under a lot of stress and weren't yourself, he tells her. He describes how he tried to stop her, the struggle to take the gun away and the accidental shooting. Now I have been arrested for attempted murder, he tells her. Nina is emotionally upset and Ryan is yelling at her that she has to remember. An orderly enters the room and demands to know what is going on. He tells Ryan that he isn't supposed to be in this room. When he asks him to leave, Ryan refuses and begins yelling that he has to talk to his wife. He has to make her understand what she is doing to him. As the orderly tries to physically remove Ryan from the room, Ryan pushes him against the bedside table and there is a lot of noise. Another orderly enters and the two try to pull him from the room. Ryan is screaming out to Nina that he needs her help. I would never hurt you, he screams. Nina relents and tells the men to leave him; she will be okay, she tells them.

Tricia returns home and Megan tells her that Ryan is free on bond.

After talking with Sarah, Josh tells Nikki that she seems familiar to him.

In New York, Phyllis visits Brian's home. She is pretending to be a travel agent that Brian had contacted about a trip for himself and his wife. She is talking with the wife when Brian arrives home. She has a "vacation" video that she wants to play for them. The wife is all excited, but Brian is sweating. He manages to get around the showing of the video. His wife leaves for the bank, leaving Phyllis and Brian alone. A nervous Brian is once again threatened that he has to keep his mouth shut about knowing Phyllis. Once she has made her point, Phyllis leaves. Just as she is getting in one elevator, Chris and Paul step out of another. They ring the doorbell and Brian, thinking it is Phyllis coming back, angrily opens the door. When he sees it is Chris and Paul, he tells them to get lost and slams the door in their face.

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Wednesday, October 22, 1997

As Ryan is pulled from the hospital room, Nina tells the orderlies that he can stay. Ryan returns to her bedside and begins to patiently explain the situation once again. Nina continues to deny trying to kill herself, but as Ryan pushes, she has a flashback of herself holding the gun to her head. Eventually, Nina fully remembers all that happened. She begins to cry and apologize to Ryan for what she almost did to him and their son.

Tricia is trying to reach Ryan. She calls Flo. Not knowing who she is, Flo tells her that she doesn't know where he could be unless he is at the office. Next, she calls John Silva's office. John tells her that it was Victor who posted bond for Ryan. She thanks him and tries to assure him that she is not "the other woman." John doesn't know where Ryan is but says that if he were Ryan, the place he would want to be would be with Nina. However, John tells Tricia that he has warned Ryan NOT to go there.

After many tries, Danny finally reaches Peter by phone. Danny tells Peter that he is coming over; he has to talk with him. Peter doesn't want Danny to come, but agrees to wait there for him.

Back in GC, Phyllis and Michael are kissing when Daniel walks in. He wants to know why she is kissing Michael. Phyllis explains that they are just friends

Paul tells Brian that they aren't leaving until they can talk with him. Finally Brian lets them come in, but only gives them five minutes to have their say. Paul and Chris explain to Brian that he was drugged by Phyllis so that she could draw some of his blood without his knowledge. Brian doesn't believe them at first, but finally admits that he can't remember much about that day. He also remembers having a mark on his arm which got red. Phyllis had told him that it was an insect bite. It finally dawns on him that if he was drugged, then he didn't have sex with Phyllis.

Ashley visits the tack room. She and Cole discuss his relationship with Victoria. Ashley tells him that he has to decide what he really wants. Victoria calls to make a dinner date with her husband. Once she has completed the call, she picks up a pair of binoculars and spies on the couple in the tack room. Ashley wishes Cole well on his date with Victoria. After they share another kiss, she leaves.

Ryan is holding and comforting a sobbing Nina when Tricia opens the door and steps inside.

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Thursday, October 23, 1997

Stunned and outraged that Phyllis has lied to him, Brian admits his involvement with Phyllis. He tells Paul and Chris that she has threatened his wife with a videotape of their sexual encounter, but how could she have a video tape if he was out cold? He then realizes that there is more to it; he wonders what Paul and Chris know that he doesn't. He then puts it all together and realizes that if Phyllis needed his blood, it was because the baby wasn't Danny's but his. He is so angry at Phyllis that he agrees to testify on Danny's behalf.

Danny arrives at Peter's apartment. He begins questioning Peter about his relationship with Sasha. He is surprised to learn that Sasha is dead, but denies knowing anything about a manuscript. He also makes a point to Danny that no matter what happened between him and Sasha, he still considers Phyllis his friend. Danny is ready to leave when Peter's friend, Sylvia, arrives. She is happy to meet Danny and is trying to be very talkative, but Peter rushes Danny out of the apartment. After Danny leaves, Peter tries to tell Sylvia about Sasha's death, but the jealous Sylvia cuts him off. She has heard enough of his past life today.

Back in the hotel, Paul gets a call from Lynn. There is trouble back home and he has to leave right away. Chris decides she has to stay and try to deal with the man at the DMS Lab. Danny arrives and Paul does his best to get Danny to take the same plane as he is taking back to GC. When Danny decides to stay, Paul is not happy but leaves anyway.

Victoria arrives at the Tack room dressed in evening gown. Cole is surprised since he was planning on wearing his jeans and pullover. After discussing their options, they decide to have steak at the tack house. Small talk ensues and Victoria hints that it might be fun to hop in bed together. However, Cole lets her know that he isn't interested. Victoria asks what happened while she was gone. Cole admits that he began looking elsewhere. He tells her about Ashley but tells her that they only started out as friends. Victoria guesses that it has gone past that and Cole does not deny it.

Victoria leaves. She goes to see her brother, but he isn't in. Sharon is open to conversation and Victoria complains that her "date" with Cole wasn't what she expected.

Back in New York, Chris tells Danny all that they learned from Brian. Danny is shocked to realize that if Phyllis would drug Brian, she probably drugged him also years ago. He didn't even have sex with Phyllis! He embraces Chris and the two kiss.

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Friday, October 24, 1997

Cassie joins Grace on the couch. The two snuggle up together and Cassie tells Grace that she loves her. She slips and calls Grace "mommy." After the "peanut" goes to bed, Tony tries to talk with Grace about the growing relationship that she has with Cassie. He wonders what his part is in this relationship. He warns Grace that he can't and won't wait around for her to make up her mind. He then grabs his jacket and tells Grace that he is going out for a while.

Sharon and Victoria chat. Victoria tells her that she enjoyed her trip and found it exciting meeting new people. She compares herself to Cole who is satisfied to sit at home immersed in his "made up" people. She wonders if a marriage made up of such different people can survive. Sharon listens and when Victoria is ready to leave, she tells her that she can talk with her anytime.

Phyllis arrives home and invites Michael over. As they are kissing, she tells him that Daniel is with Joanie for the night. She then excuses herself to "put on something more appropriate." When she comes back, she is dressed in leather shorts, a leather bra and leather boots. She is carrying a whip and handcuffs. When he sees her, Michael almost chokes on his drink. Phyllis tells him that she wants information and when she wants something, she gets it. They begin playing around and Phyllis takes the upper hand by handcuffing Michael's hands together. She pushes him down on the couch.

Danny is thrilled to hear that Brian has agreed to testify on his behalf. He then begins to relate all that happened when he first met Phyllis. He has never remembered sleeping with Phyllis and now he believes that he never did. She drugged me and made me think we slept together, he tells Chris. He is angry and distressed to know that everything that he and Chris had---all his hopes and dreams---was destroyed by a dishonest, scheming woman. Both Danny and Chris are in tears as he admits to her and to himself that Phyllis set him up the same way she set up Brian. They embrace and kiss. Chris then tells him that she can't take any more tonight. She has to think about all that he has said. Danny leaves and Chris slowly puts in a call to G.C.

Diane is in her husband's office. Since he isn't in, she leaves a note. As she is leaving, Nikki walks in. Diane tells her that Victor isn't in, but Nikki doesn't make a move to leave. She walks around the office as if she had every right to be there. She questions Diane about her marriage. Diane becomes defensive and Nikki suggests that she is hiding something. Nikki warns her about Victor's late hours and frequent absences form home, but Diane isn't bothered by the warning. Nikki tries to find out if Diane and Victor have talked about having children, but Diane doesn't bite. Diane leaves and Nikki makes herself at home.

Victoria is having a drink at Gina's. She is looking blue and lonely. Tony arrives and orders a drink at the bar. Victoria recognizes his voice and asks him to join her. They tell each other how much they have missed seeing the other. They continue with small talk while ordering another round of drinks.

Victor is surprised to find Nikki waiting for him in his office. She says that she wants to talk about something. She wonders what kind of plans he and Diane have, but Victor doesn't divulge any information. Nikki suggests that Victor see about getting a vasectomy. Victor is speechless! His jaw drops open and he stares at Nikki. He then wonders why she would offer such personal advice. He tells her that neither he nor Diane are interested in having a child. Nikki says that if he believes that, he doesn't know his wife.

When Paul answers the phone Chris tells him that she has decided to go to Atlanta after all. Paul picks up on her bad vibes, but Chris will not admit that there is anything wrong. Paul hangs up the phone with a thoughtful look on his face.

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