Y&R Recaps: The week of September 1, 1997 on The Young and the Restless
Victor and Diane announced their marriage at their big party. Danny testified regarding Phyllis' lack of character and morals. Jill tried to talk sense to Ryan after she found out he had walked out on his family.
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Monday, September 1, 1997

Due to CBS's coverage of the U.S Open tennis tournament, The Young and The Restless did not air today.

Tuesday, September 2, 1997

Danny is ready to lose it completely. There's a few hours to go before court starts and he still hasn't heard from Phyllis. Joani comes over, but swears she hasn't heard anything either. Danny calls Kevin's office and demands some answers. Kevin is busy so Michael answers the phone but won't give him any information. Danny tells him that he's coming over to see him personally so he can "settle a score."

Nikki is pleased to see that Miguel and Ellie have made Nicholas' favorite breakfast. She calls Nick and Sharon and interrupts them in bed to invite them up for a celebratory breakfast. Cole comes up and he, Nikki and Josh finally comment on how Victoria is in New York on business and missed Nick's graduation ceremony the night before. Nick, Sharon and Noah arrive and they celebrate his grad with breakfast, then take pictures of him in his robe and cap.

Chris surprises Paul with breakfast in bed. They're snuggling up just fine when suddenly interrupted by the telephone. It's Michael, advising Chris that Danny is on his way over and she should come to, to protect her client. Chris agrees and quickly gets dressed and slicks her hair back. Paul is livid, but she tells him that she must go anyhow.

Jill drops by Nina's to see how she's doing, and it's obvious she's not doing well. Nina admits that she lied to her the other day about sleeping with Ryan and that she only said it because Tricia was listening in. Jill tells her that she's really screwed things up now that Ryan moved out. "If you want me to cover for you, you have to tell me!" Jill lectures, "I can't read your mind you know!"

Megan and Jeremy try to get Tricia to go out for breakfast with them but she's not interested. Keith overhears and whips up her favorite pancakes as a treat. He tells her that he's given her some space to get over Ryan but now it's time to move on. Tricia tells him that she agrees, and says she knows it's for the best that Ryan and Nina have worked things out.

Chris arrives at Michael's office and finds Danny blowing a fuse. She reminds him again that he's making himself look really bad and since court is just a few hours away it would be better if he left right now. Danny knows that she's right but carelessly throws around some threats and grabs Michael's collar a few times before leaving. Christine gives Michael her nastiest look before following Danny out. Back at his apartment, she calls Paul and tells him that things are getting really messy and Danny needs her right now so she doesn't know when she'll be home. Paul tells her he understands.

Wednesday, September 3, 1997

Nikki and Josh receive their invitation from Victor telling of his "surprise celebration" at the Private Dining Room. After some minor griping, Nikki tells Josh that she can't wait to attend as they are going to make quite the entrance.

Ashley is reading her invitation when Jack comes into the lab. He reads it too and admits he wasn't invited. However, he claims that he'll attend regardless. They get talking and Jack realizes that Ashley and Cole have struck up quite the friendship. He seems a little worried about it, but leaves as she's waiting for Cole. Cole arrives and she shows him how to do a fragrance test with some new perfumes she's working on. Cole's enthralled, especially when she dabs some behind her ear for him to smell. They talk about Victoria's constant absence and how she and Vicki used to be close, but not anymore. They both agree that their new friendship was meant to be.

Christine tries to calm down Danny but he doesn't want to listen. Paul drops by and repeats what Chris has been saying. For some reason, he gets through to Danny no problem. Chris and Danny go to the courtroom and wait for the hearing to start. Phyllis arrives late, and the judge demands to know where she has "Mr. Romalotti's son."

Keith and Megan discuss the probabilities of Tricia overcoming her broken heart. To their surprise, they spy Tricia and Alec kissing in the foyer. Keith manages a moment alone with Alec and gives him a good pep talk.

Jill goes to Ryan's office and admits that she knows about him leaving Nina. She wonders if he'll go running to Tricia now. Ryan plays the victim and they argue. Later, Jill goes home and tells Keith about the McNeil split.

Victor carries his new bride over the threshold and gives her a tour of her new home. Diane seems to like the apartment very much, and Victor is honored that such a great architect would like the layout. He tells her about a dinner he's planning, but doesn't let on the surprise is for her.

Thursday, September 4, 1997
Erin Goldsby

Victor comes home and Diane dotes all over him. They chit chat about the dinner party he has planned with some "old fogies" and they arrange to meet later at the Private Dining Room.

Jack stops by the ranch, assuming that Nikki would never go to Victor's party. To his surprise she admits that she plans to go. They discuss Diane, and Nikki lends Jack a supportive ear.

The courtroom leaps into action as the judge demands to know what Phyllis has done with Daniel. She simply explains that he's at the apartment with Joani. Christine dramatically sends Danny to the stand and gets him to tell how Phyllis lied since day one about Daniel's paternity, and how he found out about it. However, upon cross-examination from Kevin, the judge learns that Danny has no proof that Phyllis was actually the one to switch the blood. A technician from the lab also testifies on Danny's side, explaining the three tests he ran and how he discovered the discrepancy. Throughout all of the testimonies, Michael takes notes and advises Kevin on what to say. The hearing continues into the evening as Phyllis takes the stand and is sworn in.

Keith is outraged when Jill breaks the news that Ryan left Nina. He freaks out, swearing that he will go to any lengths to keep him away from Tricia. Jill points out that threatening them will only send them together sooner, but Keith doesn't care. He tells her she's dead wrong if she thinks that he won't interfere and says that although they're running late for Victor's party he'll be paying Ryan a visit.

At the Private Dining Room, Victor arrives first and ensures that all is right. The guests arrive -- Cole, Ashley, Dru, Neil, Olivia, Grace, Tony, Sharon, Nick, John, Nikki and Josh (yes, Nikki made her grand entrance). Most of them wonder what's going on as the one's who know keep their mouth shut. They all watch as Diane arrives and greets Victor. She's amazed when she sees the guests, and realizes the surprise that Victor has planned for her. As Victor takes her around the room and introduces her to everyone, you can't help but notice that almost every single guest there compliments her on how wonderful she looks in the dress that Victor selected for her. When they approach John and Ashley, however, they get a cool reception. Outside the door, Jack arrives and listens in as Victor makes his grand announcement. As he introduces Diane as his wife, the camera turns to slow motion to catch everyone's stunned response.

Ryan is putting on his tux jacket in a hurry to leave his office when Keith walks in. Although Ryan says he has bad timing, Keith insists that he can spare a few minutes.

Friday, September 5, 1997

Due to CBS's coverage of the U.S Open tennis tournament, The Young and The Restless did not air today.

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