Y&R Recaps: The week of August 11, 1997 on The Young and the Restless
Sharon went to confront Grace, but she took Cassie when she discovered that Grace was out of town. After a fight with Nick, Sharon packed a bag and left. Victor told Diane that they were headed to Nevada to be married.
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Monday, August 11, 1997

Nikki visited Diane and noticed Diane was still wearing the engagement ring. Diane asked if Nikki was surprised. Nikki admitted she was, because she knew Victor better than anyone. She insisted she knew what he felt and thought. Diane taunted Nikki about Nikki's alleged expert status. Nikki merely asserted that, yes, she was an expert. Diane asks how, if Nikki was such an expert, she had lost Victor. Nikki replied that Victor couldn't commit to one woman. Victor called Diane and explained that there would be a couple hours' delay, because bad weather was moving in. Nikki lectured Diane some more then left. Victor called someone to tell them of the two-hour delay.

Nikki visited Victor and told him of her conversation with Diane. She said he tended to sweep women off their feet but then get bored with them. She insisted that Victor didn't need another marriage. She asked why he was going through with it. Victor said Nikki had her own things to worry about. They talked some more, and at the end, Nikki revealed how much she relied on Victor, knowing he would always be there for her. He drew close to her and touched her face. They almost kissed, but both drew back. Nikki left.

Jill and Keith were at home. Keith admitted that he might have overreacted a little, but said she still should have told him about her relationships with Phillip and Ryan. Jill refused to stay there and be attacked again. Keith saw her suitcase. She admitted she was going to a hotel. He insisted they could work it out there, with privacy. Besides, he said he was going out of town on business and would like for her to be there for the girls. He insisted that she meant a lot to him. Jill replied that she didn't know. Keith told her that all couples fought and implored her to stick it out. She agreed to stay.

Nina and her personal trainer arrived back at her place. They had covered two miles. He asked her to do some crunches -- 50 of them. Nina did them. She asked if he was up for four days instead of three. Jeb readily agreed. Nina suggested that he call Ryan to tell Ryan how great she was doing, and he did. Ryan seemed pleased.

Tricia and Megan were at home, and Megan was quizzing Tricia about her evening. The phone rang, and it was Ryan. He asked Tricia whether she remembered his voice, or if he was ancient history. He asked who she had been out with that night, and said he'd seen her at Gina's. She was surprised he had been there and said she hadn't seen him. He asked how long she had been seeing the new guy. Tricia didn't say much, and the conversation ended okay. Tricia hung up and told Megan she wasn't going to discuss it.

Ryan went home. He and Nina discussed her training sessions. Ryan could see how good it made Nina feel. Nina went on again about how hard she was trying to get everything back.

Ashley and Jack were at home. Ashley said she had been to see Victor, spoken her mind, and lived to tell about it. She hoped that maybe he'd let her go.

Sharon was with Cole. Cole told her Nick's mood would pass as soon as Nick returned to work. She asked what would happen if it didn't, and said Nick had cut her off. She implored Cole to tell her what Nick's attitude had to do with Grace. Nick was lurking outside the door. He backed off, then entered. Nick asked what he had walked in on. Cole left. Sharon told Nick not to worry, because Cole had not betrayed Nick's confidence. Nick told Sharon she was imagining things, then wondered if perhaps he didn't know his friend as well as he had thought.

Sharon said Grace had called for Nick, and suggested he call her right away. He said he would call her later. Nick said he could tell that Sharon was really bothered about the way Grace had gotten her job, then said Sharon was hallucinating. Nick said he was tired of fielding a barrage of questions every time he walked through the "damn door." Sharon insisted that Nick was keeping secrets from her.

Nick told Sharon he was not going anywhere. She replied that he already had. She asked him to tell her what it was about Grace. Sharon demanded answers, and wanted them immediately. Nick finally broke down and said he had been watching Sharon's friend and believed she was after his father. He speculated that there was a lot more going on with Grace than they knew. Sharon said there was finally something that they could agree on. Nick insisted that he just wanted to concentrate on the two of them. They kissed, she jumped on him, and they fell to the couch.

Tuesday, August 12, 1997

Miguel took Doris to see Sharon. Sharon assured her mother that she thanked God for her good fortune. However, Sharon revealed that something was eating away at Nick, and Grace Turner's name kept coming up; Sharon said Grace was her best friend.

Nick and Cole were rehashing what had been happening, because Sharon was getting more and more curious. Nick said Sharon was putting Grace into it, and if she put it all together, he'd be buried. Nick said he'd told Sharon that he was just suspicious that Grace was after Victor. Cole told Nick to stop acting so guilty and said maybe Sharon would stop being so suspicious.

Sharon visited Grace's apartment. Tony said Grace was out of town for a few days, at a seminar for her new job. Cassie popped in from the neighbors' house, then left the room. Tony and Sharon chit-chatted. Sharon asked if Tony was okay with the responsibility and offered to help. Sharon said Cassie loved it at the ranch. Tony said okay. Sharon asked Cassie, who was surprised and asked if Sharon really meant it, then said she'd love to go. Cassie packed a bag and left with Sharon.

Tony said to himself that Grace wasn't going to like that, not one bit. Sharon and Cassie arrived at the ranch and asked where Noah was. They learned he was with his grandmother. Cassie told Sharon that she had been imagining at the store that Sharon was her mom, and Sharon said she had been doing the same. Nick arrived home. Cassie left to take a bath.

Sharon filled Nick on the situation. Nick warned Sharon not to get too attached. He said maybe they would have a daughter like Cassie of their own someday. Tony called to say that Grace had left a message and said it might be a few more days. Sharon told Tony it was fine. Sharon thanked Nick for being so understanding.

A French man phoned Victor to say it was ready. Victor asked the man to deliver it to the plane. Jack entered the office. He said Victor looked smug. Victor said he was taking a trip out west, for personal reasons. Jack asked if they'd be able to reach Victor. Victor said no, but Jack was in charge. Jack told Victor to have a great time.

Jack walked out the door, and muttered "good riddance." He said that it cleared the deck for Diane and Jack. Victor phoned Diane and told her a car was on its way to her. He told her to make sure she had all the updated sketches. Diane realized that her relationship with Victor was solely business. Victor was on the jet, going over things with Wally, the pilot. Everything was ready. Victor retrieved his messages and learned that Chet Ashford, the judge, would meet them when they arrived.

Jack left a message for Diane, telling her "the mustache" had just left town, and they'd be able to spend time together. Diane arrived on the plane. Victor was all business. Later, he asked if she would like a drink. She said no, not during business. He convinced her to have one and said Henry would get it. Victor instructed Diane to just relax.

Victor asked if Diane wanted to refill her glass. Diane said they needed to get back to work, but maybe they would have dinner. After dinner, Victor told Diane they were going to Nevada to meet with an attorney friend of his, Judge Ashford. Diane asked if there were a legal problem. Victor said there was no problem. Then he revealed that they were getting married. Diane's mouth opened and closed, but nothing came out.

Wednesday, August 13, 1997

Victor and Diane were married by Judge Chet Ashford, who was going for a record -- he informed the newlyweds that everybody he married stayed married. Jack phoned Diane again, and said, "Hey sugar, let's get together soon." He told Ashley he was a man with a plan because the mustache was away.

Dru and Sid returned from a photo shoot on the plane. Dru phoned Neil to tell him she'd be home soon. Sid and Dru had a "baby" chat. Dru told Sid not to worry. Sid insisted that he did worry, because he had an asset to protect. Sid stretched his legs. As Dru was taking her birth control pill, she flashed back to when she and Neil had decided to try for a baby. Dru put all her pills in water.

Liv visited Neil. He said there was no need to be tense about Dru returning. He explained that Dru had been insecure before Liv's marriage, and had had a wild idea Liv had been interested in him. He said Dru had gotten over it and was probably pregnant too. Liv said she hoped Neil got his wish. Dru returned. She had a happy homecoming with Neil, Lily, Malcolm, and Liv.

Phyllis tried to convince Danny they could "talk things out." Chris arrived. Phyllis said Christine had perfect timing. Christine asked who was representing Phyllis. Phyllis said she had been advised not to tell Christine anything, then said Christine was too cocky. She added that they would see how they felt after she got her day in court.

Phyllis left, and Danny and Chris went over things, like courts usually putting small children with their mothers, having right on their side, having to prove the lies and fraud, and what their chances really were. They wondered just who was representing Phyllis. Christine wondered if she had worked with him before.

Michael told Kevin he was in. He said Kevin would be a real asset, and they needed to pull out all the stops on that one. Phyllis arrived. She said she waned everything she could get and insisted that Danny was going to pay. She said she had to protect herself. Kevin left, and Michael was supposed to get all the financial information. Phyllis told Michael how the "bug showed up" at her apartment. She wondered what had happened between Christine and Michael. He told her about the sexual harassment.

Phyllis understood why Michael hated Christine. He assured her that he hadn't said that. Phyllis couldn't wait to get "that pesky little bug." She asked when she could break the silence, and confessed that she couldn't wait to see the look on Christine's face. She revealed that she felt very confident and kissed Michael on the cheek. Phyllis left. Michael said she was going to find out one way or another, and there was no need to put if off any longer. Chris was returning to legal aid. She turned the light on in her office. Michael said, "Hello Christine."

Thursday, August 14, 1997

Victor and Diane were in Greece, kissing and skinny-dipping. Diane declared herself the happiest woman in the world. They had a yacht cruise planned and began to feed each other. Musicians and dancers visited their villa.

Malcolm and Liv were eating leftover pizza. They wondered how Dru and Neil were doing and if Dru was pregnant, as Neil hoped. Dru tucked Lily into bed. Neil asked if she had some good news for him. She asked if he meant whether she was pregnant then said she was sorry, but she wasn't yet.

Sharon told Nick again how much it hurt her that he wouldn't open up to her. He said he was trying to do better. He said he had a big night planned -- the Colonnade Room and Jazz Club. Noah would stay with his mom. Sharon asked about Cassie. Nick said to call Tony. Cassie said he was probably working, and that she had told him she'd take care of Cassie.

Sharon said it was only a few more days, and they could do it then. Nick was annoyed about it and told Sharon to forget it. Nick walked out. Sharon says to herself, "Nicholas, what is happening to us?" Nick returned later and found a note from Sharon: "Nick, Time apart will do us good. Please call Tony and tell him Cassie is with me and is fine. I'm sorry for anything I've done to upset you. Sharon." Nick said it wasn't Sharon, then said, "Damn you Grace. Damn you.

Chris and Michael were at her office. He said her secretary had said he could wait in there. He said he was there to tell her he would be working on opposing council in the Romalotti case. Kevin, his boss, had insisted. Chris said, "Right, if you had your way, you'd be doing battle with me head-on as Phyllis' attorney."

Michael asked if Chris had met her, and said they were a lot alike. Chris said she had a lot of work to do. She told Michael he could leave. Chris saw Paul later and told him about the encounter. Paul wanted to put a stop to it. Chris said she wouldn't allow it. Chris was chomping at the bit to nail Phyllis, and Michael was just an added bonus. That worried Paul, especially Chris having to be near "that slime, Michael."

Phyllis sneaked up on Danny at the apartment. She demanded to know where her son was. Danny said the boy was sleeping. Phyllis said she didn't want Christine at her house anymore. Danny said it was his home too. Phyllis said, "Okay, fine, I'll just listen in on your strategy sessions." Danny went on about not wanting Phyllis to drop Daniel in the middle of everything. He reminded Phyllis that he had rights, and insisted that she not forget that.

Phyllis saw Michael and demanded that he file papers immediately. She said she wanted temporary custody immediately and full custody in the end. She said Danny thought he was holding all the cards. After a few questions, Michael said that with what Phyllis had just told him, Danny did have a case for custody. Phyllis started freaking out.

There was a knock at the door; it was papers for Phyllis. It was Danny's petition. Michael took a look. Danny was seeking full custody of Daniel. Phyllis continued panicking. She insisted that Michael couldn't let Danny take her baby away. She grabbed onto Michael and insisted, "Don't let Danny do this."

Friday, August 15, 1997

In Greece, Diane called Trudy for messages. Jack had called four times. Trudy asked what she should tell people. Diane said to tell them the truth -- she didn't know where Diane was, who she was with, or when she'd be back. Victor, sportingblack pants and a black shirt with flowers on it, said Diane was more beautiful every time he looked at her. He said maybe it was because she had become his. Diane said she wanted to be the one to tell Jack. Victor said she could do it later.

Diane asked if Victor were telling her she couldn't call Jack. Victor said it was for a very good reason. He reminded her that they were celebrities. He said their holiday would turn into a media event. He had made his point.

Jack was in Victor's office. John entered. John asked what was troubling Jack, and Jack responded it was Diane. He said he had called and called, but had received no reply. John asked if Diane might be with Victor. Jack said he didn't think so, because of the way Victor had been treating her. They had no idea where she might be.

Later, Jack called again for Diane. He asked Trudy if Diane had checked in, and wondered how she had sounded. Jack hung up; he couldn't believe it and didn't want to believe that Diane would do that to him.

Nick was with Cole. Nick said everything was "going to hell," and they both know who was to blame. Nick told the story about Sharon, the night he had planned, and her leaving with the kids. Nick said he should have told Sharon about what had happened, but too much time had passed. Cole told Nick to do it anyway.

Nikki arrived to pick up Noah. Nick told her the story about Cassie and then Sharon being gone. Nikki wanted to talk to Sharon when she returned. Nikki asked if Nick was sure he was telling her everything.

Grace returned to her apartment and to Tony. He asked if she was home early. She said she had breezed through just like she would at work. She asked where Cassie was and was aghast that Cassie was with Sharon. She asked why Tony would do that. Tony said he was tired of living around Grace's schedule and getting nothing in return.

Grace asked about Sharon -- what she had been doing there, what she had said, and what she wanted. Tony told Grace to stop freaking out. Grace left to get Cassie.

Nick answered the door. It was Grace. She asked if she could enter. Nick reluctantly let her in. He reported that Cassie wasn't there. Grace asked where Sharon had taken them and if there was a problem. She said she wanted to stay at the house until Sharon returned. Nick told Grace he didn't think so. Grace said she wasn't being unreasonable, and asked Nick for reassurance. Nick said he was worried too. Grace asked if he was afraid to be alone with her.

Chris called looking for Paul. Paul was seeing Michael. Paul said he knew Michael had wormed his way onto the Romalotti team. Paul was on a tirade. Michael remained calm. "Mr. Williams, did you come here mad about me or your wife's client, her needy ex-husband?" Michael asked. Paul told Michael to watch his step, or Paul would be all over him. Paul ominously stated, "You've been warned." Later, Paul was with Lynn. He said he guessed he needed to back away for the moment. He hoped Chris wasn't in over her head.

Chris was at legal aid when Phyllis walked in. Chris said Phyllis should leave, because it was not proper to talk. Phyllis called Chris "a heartless bitch" who was pushing Danny to take Phyllis' son. Chris said Danny deserved everything he was going after, including custody. Phyllis said Chris was the evil one, plotting to take a son from his mother.

Phyllis called Chris self-righteous, and said Chris had made breaking up Phyllis' marriage the most important thing in Chris's world. Chris lashed back and sarcastically wondered why she would want to do that. Chris said she would grind Phyllis back into the dirt where she came from. Phyllis played what she thought was her ace, telling about Michael being on her aggressive legal team.

Chris admitted that she already knew, because Michael had filled her in personally. Phyllis pushed forward with knowledge of Michael and Chris's history. Phyllis said she knew Michael rattled Chris. Phyllis said Chris had no clue what she and Michael had in store for Chris. Chris asked if Phyllis was threatening her. Phyllis said, "You've been warned, Cricket!"

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