Y&R Recaps: The week of August 4, 1997 on The Young and the Restless
Nina and Ryan shared a kiss. Cole wanted Ashley's help with his character study. Michael was forced to represent Phyllis. Danny discovered he could sue for custody. Tricia and Alex pretended to be lovers in an effort to make Ryan jealous.
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Monday, August 4, 1997

Nikki goes to Katherine's for a visit, and Katherine tells some more about the facial rejuvenation procedure that she's having done. After that, they discuss how Nikki told Victor about Josh's first wife, and his reaction to it.

Ashley can tell by Jack's demeanour that he's up to something and asks about it. He admits that Diane and Victor are having problems, and he sees no reason not to take advantage of the situation. Against Ashley's better judgment, he goes to Diane's office and asks if her relationship with her fiance has improved. She admits that nothing has changed, and she hasn't heard from Victor. Jack showers her with compliments, then asks her to dinner, noting that he'd love the Moustache to see them together. Diane is about to accept his offer when Victor calls and interrupts. He abruptly orders Diane to be in his office first thing in the morning with the new sketches then hangs up. After she gets off the phone, Diane isn't in the mood to be with Jack anymore and dismisses him. Jack is infuriated with Victor, but it just encourages him not to give up.

Ashley goes for a physical at Olivia's office. They discuss their personal lives, and Olivia advises her to get a man as it does wonders for the personality. .

Nikki comes home to find Victor waiting for her. He says he needs advice about Diane, but Nikki doesn't offer anything positive, noting he'd be better off without her. Needless to say, Victor doesn't like her advice. While Nikki's upstairs having a shower, Nick comes in and offers to help Victor with his problem, noting that Nikki wouldn't be the most objective person in the situation. Victor tells him about seeing Jack and Diane kiss. "Whoa, tough one," Nick agrees.

Veronica studies her new face in the mirror again. She asks the doctor how long it will take to heal. He says she can leave in a month or two. Veronica talks to herself about how anxious she is to see her husband so she can show him how much she's changed.

Josh comes home from work, furious, and is pouring himself a drink when Nikki comes downstairs. He tells her about his visit from Victor, and angrily notes that he had no right to confront him at his place of business like that. He can't understand what would compel Nikki to tell him anything about his past anyway, and advises her to be more aware of what she's saying in the future where Victor is concerned.

Nick goes down to the tack room and tells Cole the latest about Grace rejoining Newman Enterprises. He hates to admit it, but fears that Cole was right all along about her.

Phillip happily watches his parents and instructs them while they celebrate their anniversary. At his prompting, they tell him how they met and all about the beginning of their relationship. Ryan and Nina share some true laughs as they remember together, and Ryan admits he's honestly having a good time. Phillip asks them to dance, then watches like a hawk as they waltz in the living room, and gets them to kiss. Nina thinks she's in heaven when Ryan tells her that she's really beautiful. Nina can't find the words to tell him how she feels about him, but Ryan says it's okay -- she said it all in her kiss. Nina swears she didn't put Phillip up to that, but Ryan again says it's okay. "This one is my idea," he says softly then begins to kiss her passionately..

Tuesday, August 5, 1997

Diane's somewhat surprised when Jack shows up at her office with coffee and muffins first thing in the morning. He knows that she's on her way to see Victor and warns her not to let him get to her. Diane thanks him for the support, but is anxious to see her fiance and rushes off. Jack goes back to Jabot and finds Ashley in the lab. He gives her a report on what's been happening between him, Diane and Victor. She tells him to get over Diane already, but Jack admits he can't get her out of his mind.

Malcolm and Nate come home from the studio where they developed the wedding pictures together. Nate is very interested in photography, but overly ecstatic about having a daddy again. When he refers to Malcolm as "Uncle", Malcolm tells him how happy it makes him when he calls him "Daddy" so Nate calls him daddy. They bond, and have a touching moment. Olivia is overjoyed that things are going so well.

Paul calls Christine to ask her to lunch later. He wonders if Danny's come by yet, but he hasn't although Chris is sure she'll see him later. Once off the phone, Paul fills in Lynn about the whole Phyllis/paternity thing and she's appalled. She finds it curious that Christine would represent Danny though and wonders if it bothers Paul at all. Paul tells her that they're just good friends so it's nothing to worry about.

Diane arrives at Victor's office but he doesn't seem too pleased to see her. He refers to her as "Ms. Jenkins" and can't even make a small smile. She gets right to business and goes over the latest changes to her drawings. Victor growls that he doesn't like anything that she's done and tries to dismiss her. Diane accepts his opinion, after all he is the client, but tells him that the meeting isn't over until they discuss what's really going on. She tells him that she's sorry that he saw her kissing Jack, and hopes that their relationship isn't over. Victor just dismisses her again without answering. Cole drops by the lab to ask Ashley if she's made a decision about helping with the character study for his book. She turns him down again, but Cole manages to change her mind after a while. She tells him a bit about herself, her job, and the company then says she has to get back to work. Cole tells her he'll contact her again for more information.

Danny spends his morning with Daniel until Phyllis tries to join them. She asks him if he's already gotten a lawyer, then guesses that Christine is chomping at the bit to head this case in court. Danny doesn't answer her but when Michael calls, he wonders if she got a lawyer. Phyllis proudly tells him that she's hired someone who'll 'blow them out of the water'. Danny doesn't seem to concerned, given her sins.

Nikki goes to Victor's office and blasts him for confronting Josh. Victor defends himself, insisting that Josh is hiding something. Nikki tells him to leave Josh alone, especially at his place of business. Victor tells her staunchly that he won't be bossed around and he'll do whatever he wants, especially when it comes to protecting her. The conversation then switches to Diane, and Nikki again puts in her two cents about her opinion of what a lousy choice Diane is.

Phyllis goes to Michael's office as arranged and asks about him representing her. He notes that he's only a paralegal, but he can advise her but Kevin Andrews, his boss, will actually be the one who's representing her in court. He introduces her to Kevin, then they ask for her last name. When she says "Romalotti", Michael freaks. He tells them both that he can't have anything to do with the case, especially when Phyllis adds that Christine Williams will probably be representing her husband in court. Kevin sees the potential of the money to be made in this case and doesn't want to lose it but Phyllis says that she only trusts Michael and if he's not involved, she'll get another firm to represent her. Kevin assures her that they'll work it all out. Once alone, Kevin tells Michael that if he doesn't help out with this case, he'll be fired -- and that won't look very good to the parole board, now would it?!

Danny goes to Christine's office and is pleased when she tells him that she'll represent him after all. They go over legal aspects of the case. Chris points out that she's sure he'll be granted the divorce after all that Phyllis has pulled. She also notes that since he's believed since conception that he was Daniel's father and has accepted the role, he might be granted full custody of the child. Danny is blown away as he didn't realize he had that right. They get all caught up in the moment and are hugging when Paul walks in, but is taken aback to see them embracing.

Wednesday, August 6, 1997

Grace phones Victor. I'd like to move into my new office. Today? I've got the day off from the coffee slop and I thought...Stop by my office when you arrive. She does, he asks questions about Cassie. Victor then escorts her to the new office. I haven't been there myself and want to check it out. The office is huge! I can't thank you enough Mr. Newman. You already have with your gratitude and appreciation. We'll need to get you a desk and a chair. Grace gives Victor a peck on the cheek. A desk and a chair are delivered. Grace calls Sharon to gush about her new office and how Mr. Newman took her there himself.....Sharon asks Nick about his graduation celebration in two weeks. She then tells him about her phone call from Grace. Nick is upset. I think it was sweet of him honey. Yeah, I guess it's because she is your best friend. You're right Nicholas, maybe she is taking advantage. Do you want me to speak to her? No, maybe I'll talk to her about it if I see her later. I've got to go to the university to wrap up some stuff. How about dinner later. Bye......Nick to Grace's office. Surprised to see me? You seem upset Nick. It's your tone. Just what the hell is going on here Grace?! Why didn't you inform me about this? They go on and on about things being weird, why don't you trust me, etc. Grace says you're the one causing the tension Nick. What do you want me to do? You are so suspicious! I just want to be your friend again. Don't turn away from me Nick, we need to get this out in the open, NOW!

Keith visits Jill. They discuss Megan, Tricia, Jeremy, Alec, Ryan and Nina. Kiss kiss, goodbye....Nina, Ryan and Phillip stop by. Ryan is showing Phillip his new office. It's so good to see you Gramma! We had so much fun last night with mom and dad's anniversary! Ryan and the kid leave. Nina gushes to Jill about the anniversary celebration. Thanking her again for reminding her. Jill says she is so happy. Just remember Nina, you've got the ace in the hole, Phillip. Ryan and Phillip return. It's time to say goodbye. See you at home sport. Keith is lurking outside the office and overhears Phillip says goodbye to Gramma Jill.

Danny and Chris embracing, Paul walks in. Did I walk in on a celebration? Danny gushes about his parental rights. Chris wonders if Danny knows who Phyllis's attorney is. No. Guess we'll find out when the papers are filed. Don't speak to Phyllis about any of this. We'll file the petition for dissolution. Yes, I've got to get that conniving bitch out of my life. Paul says, wait, aren't you both forgetting something? Phyllis is pregnant, what about that child? Chris asks Danny if he ever had any real proof of Phyllis's pregnancy, other than her word. No, doctor visit, but only consultation. She could be lying just to keep me on her string. If she is, you'll be off the hook. Yes, and another innocent child won't have to have Phyllis as a mother.........Phyllis visiting Michael. I thought I had another day for my decision? What is in your past with Christine? Come on handsome, you can tell me. Revenge? Don't put me in this position Phyllis. I want you now more now than ever, especially with your past with Christine. I can find out, I'll just mention you name to Chris and....no wait, if you do accept, I'm sure you want to pick the exact moment to reveal your name. I'll talk to you tomorrow.....Back at the apartment, Joni asks how her meeting went. Not exactly my lawyer yet, practically. He's good looking too! I just hate to see what's happening Mrs. Romalotti. Especially with a baby on the way. Joni! I forgot about that! You didn't remember? You're not pregnant? You sure know how to get yourself into trouble Mrs. Romalotti. That's a pretty big lie. Well Joni, it could be true. I'm taking fertility pills. It's a big risk. I've beaten the odds before and will again. Do me a favor Joni, go pick up a home pregnancy test for me.

Thursday, August 7, 1997

Nick and Grace at her office rehashing about being trustworthy, being suspicious, Wife's best friends, taking advantage of Mr. Newman, etc.......Sharon telling Cole she just knows something is going on with Nicholas, but he won't talk to me! Cole says Nick told him that he is kind of worried about going back to work for his father.......Nick returns home, Sharon wonders why he is upset. Did you see your dad? Nick blows up, why do you always have to do this every time I come home! I'm just trying to help you. Talk to me! I'm your wife. A little later, Nick says I'm sorry. Sharon says sorry doesn't cut it. There is nothing we can't handle together. I've got to do this one on my own. I'm going for a ride. Just what are you hiding from me Nicholas!......Tony and Cassie visit Grace. Cassie wants something, Grace says later, after I get my first check, we're short on money right now. Cassie says sorry, I didn't think of that. Tony assures Cassie everything will work out......Grace calls Sharon, is Nick there? He was just here with me and I need to talk to him. Sorry Grace, Nick is on a ride, don't know when he'll be back. Have him call me, bye. Sharon thinks, Nick was just with Grace, maybe she has something to do with this?!

Keith confronts Jill about her being deceitful regarding her relationship with Phillip, Nina and Ryan. I don't know why you are so upset! I had everyone's best interest in mind. How could I be a confidant to Tricia if she knew! Jill can't believe how Keith is behaving. I don't give a damn what you do, I'm seeing a side of you I've never seen before and I don't like it. Okay Jill, let's discuss this some more over dinner. No thanks.

Tricia visits Ryan at his office. I just came by to see how last night went. Did you do it all for your wife. Tell me it wasn't special. Ryan sees she has been crying. I don't know why you are doing this to yourself. You're young, you don't need a guy like me. Tricia says you're pushing me away aren't you. You really want to say, I never want to see you again, don't you. Well, goodbye Ryan.......Tricia talking to Alec about Ryan. Alec says she needs to stop putting her life on hold for this guy. Get out. Find out where he is going to be and we'll go there and show him just how much fun you are having without him. We'll see how green he turns.

Paul gives Danny a warning regarding Chris. Don't you hurt her again or you'll answer to me. The three of them go to get Phyllis. They've made an appointment with Dr. Landers for a pregnancy test......Phyllis and Joni looking at the test. Phyllis isn't going to wait for the answer. She already knows it will be positive. She throws it into the trash. Joni takes Daniel to a friends house. The three musketeers arrive. Arguments begin. Phyllis says she isn't going anywhere with them. Paul then notices the empty test box. Phyllis goes to the phone to call the police. Chris spies the test in the trash and tells Phyllis to hang up the phone. We've got what we came for, as she holds up the test for all to see.

Friday, August 8, 1997

Phyllis, Chris, Paul and Danny. Chris holding up the pregnancy test. It's negative, Phyllis isn't pregnant. Well, at least there is some justice, you're not having my baby. Phyllis, what is your attorney's name? asks Chris. Phyllis goes off on a tirade. Why are you all so cruel? You are tearing my world apart! Paul tells her to stop looking for someone to blame. It's not going to work this time. Phyllis tells them all to get out. Then she leaves, needs some air. Daniel arrives home. Daddy! Paul is going to take the kid for ice cream but Lynn calls with a hacker problem. Joni takes the kid out, Paul leaves, watching Danny and Chris together before going. Daniel's future depends on what happens in that courtroom, says Danny. Chris wonders who Phyllis's lawyer might be. Maybe the same guy as before. Chris calls Roy Sullivan. Sorry. Who could it be?..........Phyllis barges into Michael's office. I need your answer; are you my lawyer or aren't you. I'm desperate! Michael begins rambling on, Phyllis clearly isn't listening, she is warping out. "Nobody knows me like you," she sobs. "I'll get on my knees and beg if I have to!"' Michael says he can't stand to watch her cry. I'll work with you on the case Phyllis. You'll never regret it Michael.

Alec and Tricia. Alec says that they need to rattle Ryan's cage. Tricia isn't too sure. She calls Ryan's office under the ruse of looking for her father. The secretary tells all. Business meeting with/Neil at Gina's. Tricia gets the reservation time from Gina. Her and Alec arrive. Ryan notices them and is distracted. After dinner, Tricia thinks it was a bust. Alec says he was able to see Ryan and it was working.

Jack at Victor's office. Yes, it's about Diane. She is just a means to an end for you. You don't love her. She still has unresolved feelings for me, that kiss proves it. I'm asking you to back off and let Diane go. She needs a stable relationship and you won't ever be able to give it to her. Victor says I'll ask you again to leave, because if you don't I won't be responsible for what happens. Jack leaves. Diane enters later. What brings you by. Those sketches you wanted, I've redone them. I don't have time for this. I've got an important trip. Victor asks Diane to go with him. You want me to come with you? Surprises happen when you least expect them. Go pack and meet me at the jet in an hour. She leaves, Victor calls Chet, the pilot. I've got a favor to ask.....

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