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Monday, July 28, 1997

Victor manages to lose his memory over the weekend so when Nick drops by his office and tells him that he's going to graduate soon, Victor acts astonished by the revelation. They discuss the possibility of Nick returning to Newman Enterprises, but Victor makes it clear that he'll have to work hard and prove his way to the top. Nick agrees he wouldn't have it any other way, and they settle their past differences. Although Victor lets him know that he'd like him to run the company one day, Nick still hasn't made a decision.

Jennifer, Jack's secretary, tells him that she heard some office gossip that Victor and Diane had a big blow up. He high-tails it over to Diane's office and says that he heard they had a knock-down-drag-out fight in the executive office. Diane tries to laugh it off, but admits that Victor saw them kissing. Jack advises her to let Victor calm down, and says he'll respect her more if she lets him call her, not the other way around. Diane's a little unsure to take his advise, though, noting that Jack would like nothing more to see her engagement blow up in her face. "That's already happened," Jack reminds her. Diane agrees that he's probably right, and heads off for the gym to take her mind off of things. Moments after she leaves, the phone rings. Jack debates on answering it but doesn't. It was Victor, and since he tried reaching her once and she wasn't there, he decides that the ball is now in her court.

Ryan has flashbacks in slow motion about all the time he's spent with Tricia. His thoughts are interrupted when she calls to tell him that she called his cell the night before and Nina answered. "Did it get ugly?" Ryan worries. Tricia assures him that although Nina blasted her, she could handle it and even justifies Nina's actions for her. Later at lunchtime, Tricia and Ryan run into each other at a diner. They talk, and Tricia goes on about how much she loves him, and pumps his ego about his animal magnetism. She really ropes him in when she insists that she will step aside for the sake of his marriage. Ryan leaves, seemingly pleased with his latest ego-boost, and doesn't notice Nina hiding in the phone booth outside. Nina joins Tricia at her table, and reminds her that she was ordered to stay away from Ryan. Tricia get snitty and asks if she doesn't have anything better to do that follow Ryan around. Nina puts her in her place, however, by threatening that if she doesn't stay away, she'll be sure to regret it.

Gina is surprised to find Danny on her couch and asks what is wrong. Emotionally, Danny explains what happened and how Daniel isn't his son after all. "For the first time in my life, I really feel like killing somebody," he says, and means it. After a while he starts to scare Gina with all of his talk about killing Phyllis for what she's done.

Meanwhile, Phyllis finds Michael Baldwin's card and goes to meet him at his office. She admits that the story she told him was really happening to her, not a friend like she had said before. Michael wants some details, but Phyllis isn't ready to get into it too much yet. Michael promises that his firm will take care of her should she need a lawyer. She gives him a long kiss and says, "That's your retainer."

Nina comes home very distraught, and Jill walks in behind her demanding to know what's happened now. Nina admits that she followed Ryan, and tells how she threatened Tricia. Jill says she shouldn't panic yet because Tricia might not tell Ryan about it, so everything's still okay until they figure out how to handle the situation.

Meanwhile, Tricia calls Ryan at his office and tells him about her words with Nina. Ryan apologizes for Nina's behaviour and asks if poor Tricia is okay. Tricia assures him that she's a little shook up, but she'll manage, all the while trying to be so considerate of Nina. Ryan swears he'll take care of the problem and as he hangs up the phone, he looks furious...