Y&R Recaps: The week of July 7, 1997 on The Young and the Restless
Veronica left the hospital. Phyllis drugged Brian and took a blood sample, which she switched with Danny's. Ryan told Tricia that he was going back to Nina. Grace told Nick that he had taken advantage of her. Victor gave Diane an engagement ring.
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Monday, July 7, 1997

Newman party scenes. Victoria giving Diane the evil eye. Cassie spilling fruit salad on Mr. Newman and he helping her get more. Sharon telling Cassie she is so pretty. Your mommy must be a beautiful woman Cassie! Nikki saying goodbye to Josh who is on his way to give some speech. He is mystified my the caller who didn't say anything to him (BTW this scene is replayed)........Veronica, after Josh hangs up, new wife? I'm his wife! I'm going to see you Joshua. How could you do this to me? She is taken outside for exercise. The next time we see Veronica she is walking along some roadside talking to herself, holding the newspaper photo of Josh. I'm going to find you Joshua. What am I doing here? I'm going to find you. She walks some more, then jumps in front of a passing car.

Victor takes Diane back to her office. He asks her about her take on Nicholas and Victoria. She wonders what he thinks. I think that they were looking over the woman who could be their next stepmother. Let you get back to work. Kiss, kiss, goodbye.

Cole talking to Nick about Grace being at the party and what is Nick going to do about 'things'. Nick says he doesn't know. Cole wonders what Nick is getting himself sucked in to......Sharon asking Grace, in the nursery, if everything is okay. You never come over! Just busy Sharon. Sharon goes out with Noah. Grace stares at the bed, has flashbacks of her encounter with Nick. Nick comes in, we need to talk Grace. Sharon, Noah and Cassie went to the main house. Just what were you thinking Grace? Why didn't you stop me? You knew I was drunk! Tony enters, what's going on? Am I interrupting something? No, says Grace, let's go Tony.

Nina visits Chris and tells her about the wonderful family dinner with Ryan and Phillip. Chris tells Nina about Danny and her concern. Later, Katherine visits Chris and tells her that she needs to leave Danny alone. What do you hope to gain with this truth? Danny is truly happy. Now let it be!

Danny telling Phyllis that the lab can work them in this afternoon. I've got two important errands. Phyllis tries to call Brian, it's busy. Danny visits Gina who tells him to do what it takes to put everything behind him. Phyllis finally gets through to Brian in New York. She tells him how much she misses him. Yeah right Phyllis, it's been two years. But Brian, I have so many regrets. I need to see you. You dumped me Phyllis. For that rock star. Isn't everything peachy for you? Don't believe everything you read Brian. I need to see you..TODAY! I'll hop the first flight out Phylis. I never could say no to you......Danny comes home and tells Phyllis how this test will finally put things to rest. You know Phyllis, I'm not doing this because I don't believe in you, it's because I do believe in you. Embrace.

Tuesday, July 8, 1997

Victor visits the ranch and talks to Nick about giving Grace a job at Newman Ent. Later, Cole comes up to the main house to talk some more to Nick about Grace. This could blow your marriage out of the water. I've got a bad feeling buddy, you need answers and you need them now.....Nick goes to see Grace. We've got unfinished business. Grace wants to forget and pretend nothing has happened. Nick says no way. I need answers. I was wasted, why didn't you stop me?! Grace tells him that he can't blame everything on her.

Phyllis is telling Danny that he must wait for her so that she can go to the test with him and Daniel. She rushes out snagging Joni and instructing her not to let them leave before she gets back. Phyllis gets some sleeping pills out of Tim. She somehow gets a syringe. She is now waiting at the hotel for Brian. She has the wine waiting and puts the pills in her pocket. Brian arrives. Says he doesn't know why he came. He's married now. Phyllis is attacking, trying to undo his pants, then putting a lip lock on him. She pours him some wine, putting the powder from the pills in his glass. We see him later, real groggy and trying to get things going with Phyllis on the bed. He passes out and Phyllis gets her syringe........Danny wants to go, Joni is trying to keep him there. He calls the lab, trying to reschedule. Sorry, nothing else available till the middle of next week.

We see Veronica jumping in front of the car again. She is taken to the hospital. She has no ID. They discover the clutched photo of Josh. Veronica comes to. Dr. Gallager, a psychatrist, is trying to get information from her. Who are you? Who is this man? Why did you try to kill yourself? She doesn't tell anything but feels her face and wonders how bad is it. (BTW, they did a really great job making her look really, really bad.) The Dr. says they don't know for sure, but they've done the best they can so far.

Keith tells Jill that he had Tricia followed and knows that she is still seeing that Don Juan, Ryan McNeil (at least it isn't, thatpunkryanmcneil). Jill tells him that she knew. How? Tricia told me and I couldn't break a confidence. Jill tries to assure Keith that Ryan isn't 'doing' anything with Tricia. They are just friends.........Tricia is seeing Ryan, wondering where she stands in his life. Ryan tells her that he has to see what is left, if anything, in his marriage. I've got to give it another month. Am I going to see you? Probably not a good idea. Tricia whines, you don't have to string me along for a month, tell me the truth now! I'm never going to see you again. This is all a big game to you, isn't it Ryan, now it's goodbye Tricia! She turns to leave, Ryan grabs her arm and it's kiss, kiss time.

Wednesday, July 9, 1997

Nick questions Grace some more on WHY DIDN'T YOU STOP ME?! Grace says were you *really* that out of it Nick, that you didn't know it was me? Nick wonders what kind of a fantasy world Grace is living in. Grace finally tells Nick the reason she didn't stop him was because she was terrified! I was so frightened! Your wife was just upstairs and the baby was right there. What could I do?! Nick wants to talk some more but Grace yells for him to GO! LEAVE! (She is putting on a real good show here! She even got Nick to apologize!)

Jack has visions of Diane while at the office. Also visions of Diane with Victor. He throws the engagement ring across the room. It is picked up by Ashley. I can see you're having a rough time. Ashley goes and talks to Diane. Are you in love with Victor? Diane says to know Victor is to be overwhelmed by him. Ashley tells of her regrets where Victor is concerned. Diane goes to see Jack. I'm so sorry Jack. All I feel for you Diane is pity. Please don't hate me Jack. Like I said, Diane, I feel sorry for you. Victor will use you then toss you aside for the next conquest. Victor enters the outer office and overhears part of the conversation. Jack, you aren't painting a very pretty picture of me. I'm only relating what all you ex-wives have told me. Victor asks Diane to a meeting. They both leave. Later, at Victor's office, Victor wonders if Diane is going to run away after listening to Jack. I have no intentions of running. That's not my style. I like an adventure. Victor gives Diane a gift. Inside is an engagement ring. Diane wonders is this real? It's like a fantasy come true. I'm so thrilled! Yes, yes, yes, I'll marry you! Embrace, kiss, kiss. (yuk yuk)

Liv tries on wedding dresses with Dru. Neil, Malcolm and Nate take a look at tuxes. Malcolm also gives Neil a pocket watch. To make sure you get me to the wedding on time, bro!

Thursday, July 10, 1997

Nick tells Cole about his talk with Grace. Cole can't believe that Grace isn't taking any responsibility. She's more dangerous than I thought. Nick wonders if he can really trust Grace to keep her mouth shut......Grace at her apartment with this really smug look on her face. Tony walks in. You look like the cat that swallowed the canary. You know what Tony, maybe I am. Everything is fitting together beautifully. I was backed into a corner with no way out, but this opportunity presented itself. But Gracie, you're not the the conniving type. It's like judo, Tony, you use the energy from the opposite force to flip your opponent to the mat. Boy Gracie, you sure are full of yourself........Sharon returns home from the store and starts rambling, Nick has flashes of Grace. The phone rings, it's Grace for Sharon. Sharon is noticeably upset with the conversation. Nick thinks the worst. It turns out that Cassie fell off the swingset and hurt her ankle. Grace can't get any doctor to see her, no insurance. Sharon wonders if it is okay with Nick to help her out. Nick wonders to himself how many more times this kind of thing is going to happen and how much he can take with the wondering if this is the one to blow his life apart.

We've got tons of wedding stuff with Dru and Liv. Dru and Neil. Liv tearing up a photo of Neil and talking to Nate about his daddy, Nathan. Liv asking Lily to be her flower girl. Malcolm presenting Liv with an engagement ring.

Phyllis is finishing up drawing Brian's blood. Danny and Daniel leave for the lab despite Joni's protests. Phyllis returns and tells Joni she'll deal with her later and rushes off to catch the guys. She makes it in time and is with her 'men' as the blood is drawn. She makes excuses to visit the ladies room and the guys leave. Phyllis returns to the exam room. Oh my, she left her purse! She finds a label and puts it on the blood vial she brought, takes Romalotti, Sr. blood vial and makes the switch. The lab tech enters and wonders what she is doing there. I forgot my purse. Silly me! The tech asks Phyllis to hold the door for him. Phyllis says to herself, you've done it again Phyllis! You've gotten away with the impossible. There won't be any problems with keeping Danny now!

Friday, July 11, 1997

Phyllis returns to the hotel room with Brian. She flashes back to the blood sample switch. Phyllis, once again you've snatched victory from the jaws of defeat. She takes Brian's clothes off and gets into bed with him. When he awakens, she tells him how great it was; so glad we did this one last time. He doesn't want it to be goodbye, but Phyllis convinces him they need to go their separate ways. He notices an 'owie' on his arm, oh, maybe a bug bit you! Goodbye.

Danny and Daniel go to Gina's for ice cream. Phyllis comes over later. Danny wants to go with Phyllis to her next prenatal visit. Phyllis says it's not necessary. Danny gushes about wanting to be involved this time around with his son or daughter. Danny starts calling for Dr. Landers and there is nothing Phyllis can do to stop him.

Ryan goes to see Nina. Are you coming to the wedding with me? The invitation said Mr. and Mrs. McNeil. No, I hardly know them. Okay. Ryan leaves.......Keith and Jill are ready to go to the wedding. Keith wonders if Tricia is going to see Ryan. Get off my back Dad......Megan is waiting for Jeremy to come over. We're going to watch a movie. Keith tells Tricia to keep an eye on Megan and that boy. Tricia wants to whine at Megan some more about Ryan but Megan doesn't have the time. I've got to get ready for Jeremy. Jeremy arrives, Tricia goes into another room. She calls Ryan on his cell phone just as Victoria is teasing him about the 'complication'. Tricia wonders if Ryan has been thinking about her. Please say that you have. Ryan reluctantly says yes. Oh Ryan, you don't know how much that means to me. Ryan sits down in the chapel. Nina arrives a little later and Jill points her out to Keith.

Liv is dreaming of her wedding to Malcolm, but when it comes to her I do, it's NEIL! She awakens all shaken up. Dru arrives to take everyone to the chapel. You go on ahead with Nate and Lily, I need a little time alone.......Everyone is at the chapel. Guests are arriving and Liv isn't there yet!.....Liv finally arrives. I got tied up at the hospital, my secretary's mother was brought into emergency, then a big pile up on the interstate..... Dru gets Liv dressed and the wedding goes off without a hitch.

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