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 Recaps for Y&R Recaps: The week of July 7, 1997 on The Young and the Restless
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Monday, July 7, 1997

Newman party scenes. Victoria giving Diane the evil eye. Cassie spilling fruit salad on Mr. Newman and he helping her get more. Sharon telling Cassie she is so pretty. Your mommy must be a beautiful woman Cassie! Nikki saying goodbye to Josh who is on his way to give some speech. He is mystified my the caller who didn't say anything to him (BTW this scene is replayed)........Veronica, after Josh hangs up, new wife? I'm his wife! I'm going to see you Joshua. How could you do this to me? She is taken outside for exercise. The next time we see Veronica she is walking along some roadside talking to herself, holding the newspaper photo of Josh. I'm going to find you Joshua. What am I doing here? I'm going to find you. She walks some more, then jumps in front of a passing car.

Victor takes Diane back to her office. He asks her about her take on Nicholas and Victoria. She wonders what he thinks. I think that they were looking over the woman who could be their next stepmother. Let you get back to work. Kiss, kiss, goodbye.

Cole talking to Nick about Grace being at the party and what is Nick going to do about 'things'. Nick says he doesn't know. Cole wonders what Nick is getting himself sucked in to......Sharon asking Grace, in the nursery, if everything is okay. You never come over! Just busy Sharon. Sharon goes out with Noah. Grace stares at the bed, has flashbacks of her encounter with Nick. Nick comes in, we need to talk Grace. Sharon, Noah and Cassie went to the main house. Just what were you thinking Grace? Why didn't you stop me? You knew I was drunk! Tony enters, what's going on? Am I interrupting something? No, says Grace, let's go Tony.

Nina visits Chris and tells her about the wonderful family dinner with Ryan and Phillip. Chris tells Nina about Danny and her concern. Later, Katherine visits Chris and tells her that she needs to leave Danny alone. What do you hope to gain with this truth? Danny is truly happy. Now let it be!

Danny telling Phyllis that the lab can work them in this afternoon. I've got two important errands. Phyllis tries to call Brian, it's busy. Danny visits Gina who tells him to do what it takes to put everything behind him. Phyllis finally gets through to Brian in New York. She tells him how much she misses him. Yeah right Phyllis, it's been two years. But Brian, I have so many regrets. I need to see you. You dumped me Phyllis. For that rock star. Isn't everything peachy for you? Don't believe everything you read Brian. I need to see you..TODAY! I'll hop the first flight out Phylis. I never could say no to you......Danny comes home and tells Phyllis how this test will finally put things to rest. You know Phyllis, I'm not doing this because I don't believe in you, it's because I do believe in you. Embrace.