Y&R Recaps: The week of April 21, 1997 on The Young and the Restless
At his job interview, Nick realized that all they wanted was to get to Victor. Sasha demanded $20,000 from Phyllis. Grace couldn't force herself to tell Sharon about Cassie. John found Jill and Keith kissing. Jill moved out with Billy.
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Monday, April 21, 1997

Victor visits with Noah. Sharon and Victor discuss Nicholas and their move to Seattle. Meanwhile, Nick is meeting with the other executives at the Seattle firm. It is evident before his visit that they are interested in Nick connection with Victor and not really Nick at all. Finding out about the rift between Victor and Nicholas they determine that they have no need for the kid. Nick overhears this as he returns for his briefcase. YOU TWO FACED BASTARDS! I wouldn't work for this company if it was the last job on earth. He leaves as all the execs are laughing.

Neil and Dru conspire to get Malcolm and Olivia together. It works and Malcolm and Olivia end up sucking face in her apartment.

Sasha tells Phyllis she has 48 hours to come up with $20,000, then it's off to the tabloids if Phyllis can't deliver. Meanwhile, Danny is visiting Paul and Chris about them all getting together, cultivating their "friendship."

Jack wonders why Diane is so happy. She says she can't tell just yet. Victor phones while Jack is there. Jack says he won't ask who it was and Diane says forget that and kiss me.

Tuesday, April 22, 1997

Victor meets with Jack, Jill and Keith to go over Dennison/Vanguard numbers. He is not impressed. He leaves. They all discuss what a pompous jerk he is until Jack reminds Jill about where Nicholas is right now..........Which is at a bar in Seattle slamming down beers. A nice looking female gets him to open up about his problem. She encourages him to go to the next interview. He says thanks and does. The next company wants Nicholas too! But this time it's for information he has learned from Newman Enterprises. Yes, you can give us wonderful insight into Newman Enterprises. that will help this company. Nicholas is outraged! And he gives the interviewer an earful. The guy gives as good as he gets and tells Nicholas what did he expect with no experience and no college degree! Nicholas attacks the guy and is pulled off by security screaming "I should kick your ass!"

Tony tries to convince Grace how "in over her head" she is. Sharon calls wondering why Grace is avoiding her. Grace goes to visit with Sharon and Noah and is surprised to find out where Nick is. I want to come with you and Nick, Sharon, make a fresh start. Cassie and Tony have a cute scene also.

Sasha calls Phyllis to remind her of the deadline. Phyllis asks Tim for the $20,000. He says unless you can give me more information, I can't help you. Phyllis then calls Malcolm, who stops by. Phyllis gives Malcolm a little more information, telling him that she is being blackmailed. Well girl, just what did you do? Phyllis says I didn't do anything! Their voices become raised and Danny enters wondering just what is going on! I can hear you both out in the hallway!?

Wednesday, April 23, 1997

Nick calls and (finally) *talks* to Sharon, telling her nothing about the interviews, but that he is on his way home. (He'd been pacing his hotel room wondering how to tell Sharon about what has happened, called Sharon but said nothing, picked up the phone and began to dial, etc.) Do me a favor Sharon, don't tell anyone I'm on my way. I have a lot to tell you and I would like to do it alone. Okay Nick. Just know how proud I am of you, Noah and I are so proud......Of course, Sharon hangs up and then calls Grace to tell her that Nick is on his way home. Grace, just know that it would be so wonderful if you were to come along with us to Seattle. It would mean so much to me. This is after Tony has just lit into Grace about her wanting to go to Seattle, not for Sharon, but because of Nick. You are chasing Nick Newman, not to be there for your friend but to make out with her husband! Grace has also been contemplating taking Cassie back to Mildred. Tony tells her that she is being selfish, that she needs to tell Sharon who Cassie is.

Jill and Keith are sucking face at the Abbott house when John walks in. John and Jill get into a huge fight. Jill is telling John that she is getting a place of her own and talking Billy. John tells her to go ahead and move but Billy stays.......

Phyllis is able to snow Danny about her arguing with Malcolm. Later, Phyllis calls Malcolm. Sorry girl, I don't have that kind of cash. Sasha calls again to renew her threat. Then Tim calls. I've been thinking Phyllis......yes, I'll loan you the money. Are you willing to sign something for the loan? I'm not a wealthy person, you'll need to pay it back. Anything Tim, you are a lifesaver. You know I love you Phyllis, I'll always be there for you.

Thursday, April 24, 1997

Ryan tells Chris that he thinks his marriage to Nina is over. Later, he visits Nina, who has had one session with her therapist. He tells her to focus on herself and they will talk about their relationship when she has gotten herself together.

Chris walks into Paul's office to see that Lynn is fantasizing about Paul. Later, she tells Paul her theory. Paul can't believe it but says one thing for sure, that they've got to get Lynn A MAN!

Nick arrives home. He doesn't tell Sharon anything other than he didn't get either job for one reason. She wants more info but he says later. I just want to hold you and tell you how much I love you.

Victoria threatens Victor. Either you give me my job with Brash and Sassy back, or I go looking elsewhere. If there was so much interest in Nick, just think what interest there will be for me!

Jill and John argue some more. Billy even makes an entrance and says he wants to stay with Daddy. Daddy, don't let her take me away! Jill and John argue some more with Jill saying, I'm leaving, I'm taking Billy with me and don't try to stand in my way because I'll run you over.

Friday, April 25, 1997

Jill sneaks out of the Abbott house with Billy. John calls the police after he discovers them missing. Later, Jill calls to let Billy talk to daddy.

Nick continues to mope around the house. Cole calls wondering about the Seattle job news. Sharon says Nick still hasn't told her anything. Nick tries to get his mind off the 'bad news' but just can't. Sharon presses him for information.

Tim brings Phyllis the check and asks for and gets the IOU. Sasha calls again to renew the threat. Phyllis tells her that she'll get her money.

Chris sees an article in the paper about teen sexual harassment. She recalls her encounter with Michael Baldwin (flashback)........Michael Baldwin in a prison meeting, scruffy face and round spectacles. Is he a changed man?

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