Y&R Recaps: The week of February 3, 1997 on The Young and the Restless
Kurt agreed to stay with Katherine. Jack and Diane became engaged. Neil and Olivia continued to see each other. Jack offered Nick a position at his new company. Dru returned home to a cool reception from Neil.
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Monday, February 3, 1997
by Laura

Cole ends up punching Tony who acts like the true neanderthol man that he is. Grace shows up wondering what happened. She still wonders what his angle is. Tony says Victoria wants him, always coming to the coffe slop looking for him. Meanwhile, Victoria pours herself and Cole a drink. She confesses her feelings about feeling like an old married woman. Cole says he has got to do more for her, make her life fun. I love you so much Victoria. Kiss, kiss.

Ashley talks some more to Mrs. Miller, wondering where Kirt is. Meanwhile, Kirt is showing up at the Chancellor mansion. He wants to stay and sort things out but only if they don't tell *anybody* that he is there. Of course Kirt, we'll help you in any way that we can.

Jack, Jill and Keith talk about the future. Jack tries to talk to Victor, he has little time for him. Jack and Jill go to see Nick. He is reluctant to discuss working at all. Jack convinces Nick to at least think about it and talk to Sharon about it. Meanwhile, Sharon is visiting Doris, who questions Sharon on her *real* feelings about being an ordinary person without the Newman money. Later, Sharon is confronted by Nikki with the same stuff and also questions Sharon as to why she let Nick make this decision in the first place. Nikki also questions Jack and his motives after Jack's visit with Nick.

Tuesday, February 4, 1997

Nikki whines to Victor about their family being torn apart. She then calls Sharon to tell her again that she is the only one who can convince Nicholas to stay. Jack calls Nick to see if he has discussed the proposition with Sharon. Nick hangs up and tells Sharon how Jack has asked him to work on the Dennison deal. Nick tells Sharon that he just can't. He can't work for his father who doesn't respect him. Sharon finally says that she is going to tell Nick exactly what she thinks about the whole situation. Meanwhile, Nikki has called Doris to the ranch to discuss their children. She convinces that they should Doris to confront Sharon together.

Jill has a brief, but funny visit with Jack, questioning why Victor is so dead set against the Dennison deal. Jack has special plans for himself and Diane at Ginas. John A. shows up, however, and Diane insists that he join them. Later, champagne is served and, what's this? there is something in my glass. It's a ring! Yes, Diane, I love you, would you marry me?

Malcolm goes to see Sid just as Neil is calling, bellowing to Sid about how he wants his wife home, etc. Sid tells Malcolm that he and Dru had better make their careers the most important thing in their lives if they really want careers. Later, Dru finally calls Neil who is having dinner (again) with Olivia. She lies and says she is being called for work, but that she misses Lily and loves him. Previously, all during dinner at Olivia's, Neil continues to whine about Dru and how he doesn't know how much longer he can take it, etc..

Victoria and Cole in bed. Victoria replays the kiss, kiss scene in her mind as she slips out of bed. She says that this just ins't the life for her or him. She is so sorry. Cole awakens, tells Victoria how great she was. Tells her how he thinks things are on the right track once again. Victoria finally blurts that she is sorry. It's not you Cole, it's me, it's me. Embrace.

Wednesday, February 5, 1997

Diane says yes.

Victor gives Ryan a big raise and then fires personal questions at him. Ryan assures Victor that he has no desire for any involvement with Victoria, although she is not happy with that. Later, Ryan runs into Victoria. He wonders if they can go back and just be friends. Victoria tells him that he still wants her. He tells her that he wants Nina. He leaves, Victoria says to herself that he will regret treating her like this. She goes to the coffee slop and admits to Tony that she came looking for him.

Sharon questions Nick on whether there might be another way to deal with Victor. Nick says no, we have to go. Sharon is summoned by Nikki who is waiting with Doris. They give it to her with both barrels, how important family is, how hard it will be, etc.. Sharon finally says she just can't handle all the pressure, you're tearing me apart!

Neil and Olivia have dinner *again* and talk more aboud Dru and her modeling. Olivia finally admits to Neil that she agrees with him. You need to be treated better Neil. Meanwhile, Dru and Malcolm are flying back to GC. They also discuss Neil and how Dru just needs to work on smoothing things over, putting modeling on the back burner. Dru isn't so sure.

Thursday, February 6, 1997

Neil and Olivia share a tender moment, only to be interrupted by Dru on the phone. I'm on my way home baby. I can't wait to see you. I love you. Neil is less than enthusiastic. Olivia leaves. Later, Malcolm arrives to a less than welcome Olivia and Dru rushes in calling for Neil who is lurking in the living room.

Victoria kisses Tony at the coffee slop. They dance, she wants to go to his place. She wants him to be the aggressor. They suck face with Jay looking on.

Hope tells Victor she is concerned about Ashley and her feelings for Kurt. Ashley arrives. She tells about her pointless trip to Cape Cod. Victor tells her it is time to let go. She reluctantly agrees. Meanwhile, Kurt is talking with Katherine about things. How do you go on? Maybe you should seek help from God. And he does.

Grace offers to move with Sharon and Nick to help them take care of the baby. Nick doesn't know what to think about the offer.

Friday, February 7, 1997
by Laura

Jack tries to convince Nick to stay and work on the Dennison/Vanguard deal. Nick says sounds good, but no thanks. I've already sent out resumes. We're leaving as soon as the baby is born. Victoria visits Nick later and tells him how stupid he is being. How he knew what he was doing was wrong. Get over it. But if you can't, at least tell Dad that you are sending out stuff so he won't hear it from someone else.......Well, it's too late, while Victor is working late at the office, he gets a call from a business associate asking for a recommendation on Nick. Victor tells the guy to call in in a few days. Nick does go to see Victor and tell him. Victor stands looking out the window the whole time. Nick can't believe that Victor won't even look at him.

Jack returns home, is happy to see Ashley. He tells her about his proposal to Diane, wondering what Ashley's reaction will be. Diane arrives, champagne flows and the toasts begin, from everyone including Jill and Ashley. Later, Jack and Diane suck face on the sofa.

Kirt talks some more with Katherine. He tells her he wants to earn his keep. She says it's not necessary, but at least let's not have you as a handyman again. What were you before? Of course, Kirt doesn't answer. Sorry Kirt, how about handling some of my small household accounts. Okay, but I'll still keep an eye on things around here that might need attention. Katherine leaves, Kirt picks up the Bible that he dropped on the floor earlier that Katherine had to pick up.

Olivia continues to be negative regarding Dru and Neil's chances of working things out. Malcolm can't figure her out. Nate is happy Malcolm is back, now, because Neil was over just about every night, he has two buds to play with. Meanwhile, Dru is mostly getting a cool reception from Neil. She tells him again just how important her career is to her, but also just how much she missed him and Lily. He finally thaws a little and they begin sucking face.

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