Y&R Recaps: The week of January 27, 1997 on The Young and the Restless
Nina and Ryan moved back in together. Nick and Sharon planned to move away as soon as their baby was born. Christine found out she wasn't pregnant. While Dru was away, Neil and Olivia kissed.
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Monday, January 27, 1997
by Dee Stanley

Ryan tells Nina that he wants to live there with them.  "Is that going to work for you?" he asks her.  After some thought she tells him that she would like to try.  He tells her that they need to set up some ground rules.  She tells him two things that he will have to accept if he wants to stay. #1. She will continue to work for Cole. #2 that for now their will be no sex.  She asks him if he can live with that? before they can talk Philip runs in and is so excited to see his dad.  He tells them tonight we will all sleep in the same bed.  When Nina balks on the idea he tells her that he has been waiting a long time for this. She gives in.
Danny and Phyllis are still at Gina's. A woman walks into the restaurant and someone introduces her as Sasha.  Phyllis overhears this and is frozen. The woman turns around and it is not the Sasha that Phyllis knows. She relax's again. When they get home Phyllis found the note about Sasha calling on her wedding day.  She decides to call her.  Sasha and Peter moved.  The girl who answered the phone gave Phyllis her new number.  She decides that everything is looking good for Sasha and that she is not going to call. The picture fades out on Phyllis to Sasha.  She is in the hospital and just waking up.  She asks the nurse what had happened to her.  She tells Sasha that she has a viral infection but she will be O.K.  The nurse asks if their is someone she can call.  A husband or boyfriend.  She tells the nurse that her boyfriend broke up with her after Christmas but she has a friend who will help her named Phyllis.  The nurse asks if she would like her to call.  Sasha tells her she will wait until she is stronger so she can visit her friend.
Nikki visits Victor again about Nick. He tells Nikki that Nick came wining to his mother.  Nikki tells him that it wasn't like that .  She overheard him talking with Sharon.  She tells him he needs to talk with Nick because he feels rejected by him.  He agrees to talk with Nick. Nikki is relieved.
Nick is one angry person. He tells Sharon that he is going to quit Newman Enterprises and after the baby is born they are out of here. He asks Sharon if she is with him.  She tells him anywhere he is her and the baby will be with him. He thanks her for her support and tells her tomorrow he will go in and quit.
Chris and Paul talk about taking the home pregnancy test that Chris bought on the way home. Mary calls and wants to talk to Chris.  Chris rushes her off the phone when Mary asks about how she is feeling.  They take the test.  Its almost time to check the results and she reaches for the tEsther and she is so nervous that she knocks over Paul's glass of wine on to the tEsther.  She tells Paul she would rather wait to get another one tomorrow. ( we probably wont know till Friday!)
Dru and Malcolm are sitting on the beach telling each other how lucky they are to be in-laws.  Malcolm suggests that she call Neil and she tells him that if she knows her man he has fallen asleep in one of his work books. Little did she know Neil had called Olivia to ask her to dinner earlier and now they were having coffee.  They talk about single parenting. He brings up the subject of Olivia's love life. She quickly shuts the door on that conversation.  Neil stands up and holds out his hand and asks Olivia to dance. She takes his hand and they dance cheek to cheek.  He pulls back and tells Olivia how beautiful she is.  She tells him how handsome he is.  He bends down and they kiss.

Tuesday, January 28, 1997

Neil stops into Olivia's office, He stops at her door and thinks about the kiss he and Olivia shared the night before.  She is in her office thinking about the same thing. He knocks and enters her office.  He came to apologize to her for what happened.  She tells him that it would be best if they both forgot that it ever happened.  Neil starts talking about Dru. Yadda Yadda Yadda, same old thing.
Ryan and Nina have a heart to heart about  their relationship.  He asks her where things stand with her and Cole.  She tells him that it is a professional relationship and that they are friends. Then they talk about his feelings about Victoria.  He tells her that he cant make any promises that he wont see her but he wants to make their marriage work.   She asks him if he can live with the stipulations.  He doesn't want stipulations, That would mean that they are just pretending and that he doesn't want to come home just to sleep on the couch.
They talk a little more and he asks if he can stay  She smiles at him and tells him that it is good to have him there.  She tells him welcome home and gives him a hug.
Josh asks Nikki what is on her mind, because she was restless all night long.  She tells him all about what is going on between Nick and Victor.
Nick asks Sharon if she is still O.K. with what he is going to do.  She asks him if he is reacting in fear, rejection or anger.  He assures her that he is not and she tells him she is with him 100%.
Victoria gets a phone call and no one is their.  It was Ryan making sure that she is there before he leaves.
Nikki visits Sharon to pump her for information. Nikki hopes Nick doesn't plan to storm into Victors office and so something he is going to regret.  She tells Sharon that she is a part of this family and family's work as a unit.  Sharon is giving nothing up.
Ryan goes to Cole's.  He tells him he checked to see if Victoria was at work before he came by. He tells Cole where him and Nina's reconciliation is at.  Ryan asks him if he thinks Victoria is holding out hope for a relationship with him.  Cole tells him that she thinks. Ryan thinks that it is best for everyone if he doesn't see Victoria. Cole thanks him for telling him.  Ryan leaves and Cole calls Victoria and asks her to lunch at the private dining room of the Colonnade Room.  She accepts.
Jill walks into Victoria's office and tells her that she has an opportunity that Victoria would be perfect for.  Jill would like to hand Victoria part of the men's line.  She explains that her and Jack are going to be involved in something major and she doesn't have all the time she needs. So would Victoria like some more responsibility.  Jill tells her to think it over and talk to her husband and she will get back to her.
Dru calls Olivia and Olivia rides her about when she is coming home and when her next shoot will be? Then Dru call Neil and her rides her about not having her priorities strait. (And so on and so on.) Malcolme  overhears her conversation and gives her the support she needs.  Dru tells Malcolme that once she gets home she will take care of her man and he will realize how much he misses his wife.  They leave for the shoot and Dru is happy once again.
Nick storms into victors office and tells Victor off.  Victor doesn't like the way he is being talked to.  Nick tells him that he won't be a yes man and that he is not going to stay somewhere he is not appreciated and quit's. Victor blames Jack for Nicks attitude. Nick stands up for Jack and he once again tells Victor that he quit's and storms out of the office.  Victor say's "Damn you Jack Abbott, Damn you!!!.....................

Wednesday, January 29, 1997

Nick and Sharon rehash everything.

At the private dining room, Cole tells Victoria about Ryan and Nina. Victoria has to leave. She summons Ryan. Victoria calls Ryan a coward. Why couldn't you tell me yourself? Ryan you have hurt me more than you could ever know! Tears as she leaves her own office. Ryan returns to Nina who is suspicious about where he was. They argue. Ryan tells Nina that he loves her and really wants to be there with her and Phillip. It ends with an embrace.

Jack thinks that Nick would be perfect working exclusively for him and Jill in the Dennison acquisition. He calls for Victor who hangs up on him. Victor is at home with Hope telling her about Nick quitting and how he blames Jack for everything. Jack decides he needs to tell Victor his idea about Nick no matter what. He arrives, Hope lets him in. Victor banishes Hope, "this is none of your business!" Jack tells him his idea. Victor tells him, fine if you can find Nick and ask him. He wants nothing to do with me and it's all your fault. Now get out, the sight of you makes me sick! If you can't make the deal work, you'll be out on your ass! Jack tries to say more and Victor rants some more telling him again to get out. Jack leaves.

Thursday, January 30, 1997

Ashley and John A. talk about Kurt. Ashley then visits Hope and reads her the letter. Hope advises Ashley to tell Kurt. The truth will set you free. Ashley then places a call to Mrs. Miller, Kurt neighbor. How is he? Not good, he didn't eat the food I took him. He just sat there staring into space holding a picture of his dead wife.

Victor calls Nikki, we need to talk, I'll be at the ranch is a little while. Nikki then visits Nicholas trying to find out what is happening. She doesn't get much, other than he doesn't work for Newman Enterprises. anymore. Nikki thinks that Victor fired him. Victor tells her no, he quit, doesn't want anything to do with me. They both try to figure out what to do. Victor, is our family going to be torn apart forever? Tears, they embrace, just as Josh is coming home and he sees them through the window. (I think everyone on this show is a peeper!)

Previously, Victoria visited Josh asking him to prescribe something for her depression. Josh utilizes his psychiatric skills again and gives Victoria advice. She whines about how she feels like an old married lady, etc. Gee, I just turned 21 last September. I see Victoria, you don't feel like you are partying enough? He gives more advice and won't prescribe anything, you need to be fully aware of all your feelings Victoria.

Chris still doesn't know if she is preggers yet. Phyllis visits and gives her an orchid plant. Danny and I are so happy for you. Phyllis volunteers to run to the drug store for Chris. No thanks. Phyllis leaves. Meanwhile, Paul is visiting the clairvoyant mother Mary who is knitting baby booties. He then shows up at legal aid. It seems that everyone knows about this pregnancy but us! More talk and kisses and hugs.

Friday, January 31, 1997

Ashley and Hope talk about Kurt some more. Ashley, are you sure you're not in love with him? No, I'm grateful etc.......Ashley finally decides to go to Kurt and give him the letter. She arrives and uses her own key (????) to get into Kurt house. Mrs. Miller shows up, I'm sorry you came all this way, it seems that Kurt has left again.

Josh ponders the situation on the bench outside the house (in the snow) and finally decides to go in, just as Victor is leaving. Of course, inside Victor and Nikki were rehashing the Nicholas situation and Victor continues to blame Jack. We now see a side of Joshua that we never knew existed. He is really, really angry, yelling at Nikki, even grabs her arm at one point. Needless to say, Nikki is stunned.

We again get some scenes at the mental hospital of Veronica. They just happen to have a medical journal with a picture of Joshua. It's you Josh Landers!

Tony visits Sharon with a baby gift. Then Grace arrives just after he leaves. Sharon plugs Tony to Grace again. Then Grace goes to the coffee slop and wonders what he is up to. She leaves after calling him a jerk. Then Grace goes to Jabot to tell Victoria to stay away from Tony ______. (Who does have a last name we finally find out today, although I can't recall specifically what Grace said it was.) Some good stuff between these two. Victoria actually tells Grace that she thinks she has the hots for Nick! Victoria leaves and goes to the coffee slop. Of course Cole is searching for Victoria who was supposed to be meeting him at home. But Victoria is dancing *real* close with Tony at the coffee slop and Cole arrives just in time to witness some of their moves.

Chris is *not* pregnant. It seems that she didn't need the test after all. But Chris and Paul decide that maybe waiting just one year instead of two to five would be better for the baby.

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