Y&R Recaps: The week of January 13, 1997 on The Young and the Restless
Nina made dinner for Cole. Ashley convinced Kurt to face his past in Cape Cod. Victor was not happy to hear about the Dennison deal. Neil returned home to talk to Dru as she was leaving for Tahiti.
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Monday, January 13, 1997
by Dee Stanley

Nick comes home for lunch to see how his wife and baby are doing. Sharon thinks it one of the sweetest things he could do.

All the wedding guests are waiting at the Romalotties house for the Danny and Phyllis to arrive. Mary approaches Paul to tell him how surprised she was that he stood up for Danny. Paul walks away. Paul walks over to John Silva to chat. John tells him that he would have never expected a remarriage a couple of months ago, but he is rooting for them. Mary approaches Chris with the same concern. Christine tells Mary to drop it, She tells Chris that she noticed that her eyes were misting during the ceremony. Chris asks her if she hasn't ever been a little misty at a wedding before? She tells Mary that her and Paul are very happy and what is it that she can say to make her understand that. Mary tells her that she could announce that she was pregnant. Lynne rescues Chris just in the nick of time. Gina announces that Danny and Phyllis just pulled up.

Nick tells Sharon how excited that he is about a new business that he helped aquire with Jack and Jill. He tells her that he doesn't think that Jack and Jill wouldn't have gone through with the deal if he wasn't in support of the deal. He tells her that he can't wait until his dad comes home to tell him all about it. He leaves for his class. Sharon gets up and she has an unknown pain in her stomach.

John walks into his living room and finds Ashley lying on the couch, she is deep in thought, and asks if everything O.K. She tells him that she is going to go see Kurt. John tells Ashley to please be careful that he is concerned that Kurt maybe unstable. Ashley reassures him that she will be all right, but he is still concerned about her safety. He begs her to please give some thought about what he has said.

Danny carries his bride over the threshold and is greeted with cheers and confetti by all his friends. Joani brings little Daniel to them and they coo all over him. Mary tells Paul and Chris "just think you could have a little boy or girl to fuss over". Chris pulls Paul away to give the toast.

Hope remembers the conversation she had with Kurt. Victor calls Hope to tell her he is on his way home. She is pleased to hear it. She realize that she has got to talk to Kurt now before its to late.

Nikki arrives at Sharon house with gifts in hand. Sharon is so happy that she is supporting this baby. Sharon has a pain . She tells Nikki that she had called the doctor and she was out of town. She tells her she was referred to a different doctor but she was not comfortable with seeing a stranger. Nikki calls Joshua to come over.

Kurt comes down the stairs with his bag in his hand. He is ready to leave. Hope tells him that he cannot run for the rest of his life. She tries to talk to him my telling him that she understands his pain. Understand , he asks her You didn't live it the way I did. She emplores with him that he tells her, let out the pain so you can put it to rest and get on with your life. He yells that he can't I can't do it. Ashley arrives and is listening at the door.

Paul makes a toast to the happy bride and groom. Danny makes a toast to his wife. He tells them that his life looks a lot brighter then it has in a long time. He thanks everyone who is there. Chris asks if she can say something. "We know how clear it is that you are happy, that you've got the family you wanted. It's wonderful thing to see". Phyllis thanks everyone, telling them that dreams do come true. "I've made allot of mistakes and done alot of things I am not proud of, I'm a different person now because of my incredible, loving, forgiving husband. All of you gave me another chance. You've opened your hearts to me , you have no idea what that means to me. Thanks".

Josh arrives at Sharons and examines her. He tells her that she is experiencing Braxton Hix contractions and not to worry, their is nothing wrong with the baby. He kisses Nikki goodbye and goes up to the house.

Chris walks over to Danny, she wishes him her best and hopes that he has a wonderful life. She gives him a hug and a kiss on the lips. Mary looks on disapproving at what she see's. Everyone leaves. Danny and Phyllis head for the bedroom. Their is a knock at the door. It's Vincent the caterer. He tells Them that he is done and is ready to leave, but before he does he tells Phyllis that she had a phone call from a women and he misplaced the message. She tells him not to worry about it that if it was important she will call back. Danny pays him and closes the door and begins to consummate his marriage.

Sharon thanks Nikki for being their for her. Nikki tells her that is wasn't the fact that she didn't like her, it's just she thought that they were to young. She needed a little reassurance and now that she see's how happy they are, and the fact that this baby seems to have brought them even closer. she is reassured. Sharon tells her that she can't know how much it means to her to have her support. Nikki tells her that she is even getting used to the fact that she is going to be a grandma. She tells Sharon that she thinks she will be a great mother. Sharon gives Nikki a hug.

As Danny and Phyllis are in their room the phone rings. Its Sasha. Sasha looks quite out of it. Joani asks who is their as Sasha passes out.

Kurt tells Hope that he doesn't have the strength to remember. His wife and daughter was the center of his universe . He tells her that he doesn't have the words to tell her how much he loved them. He tells her that the fear of dealing with the loss only makes it worse because their dead. She tells him that it is sad not to remember the people that met the most to him. That they can see him and they wouldn't want this kind of life for him. Hope tells him thats that running isn't the answer, that the pain is eating him alive. He tells her that he doesn't have her kind of strength she has. He doesn't have the acceptance she has. She tells him that acceptance comes with time. She begs again to let her help him. tell her because he needs to let it out. Ashley walks in and asks what is happening. Hope tells her that she is glad that she is here. Kurt tries to leave and Ashley shuts the door and won't let him get passed her.

Tuesday, January 14, 1997
by Dee Stanley

Ashley walks into Victor's apartment and won't let Kurt leave. "Don't I have a right to my privacy and to my grief. Why are you torturing me! What gives you the right?"  He yells at Ashley. She tells him because he has effected peoples lives in a very powerful way. she begs him to let them help him to get his life back. He replies "What I want means nothing? that's enough! I am leaving! "No, I'm begging you, you're a good man, and we care." she tells him.
Nick comes home from class.  He asks Sharon if she is O.K.? he tells her she looks out of it. She tells him about the pain she was having and  that his mother was their and called Joshua. It was Braxton Hix contractions. Nothing to worry about. "It's a blessing to have a Dr. in the family." she tells him.
Victoria walks into the tackroom to see Cole working. she asks him "working?"  "I'm trying to." he says. Under her breath  "what else is new."   "What's on your mind?" he asks her. "Board" she answers. She tells him that they need to get away for a couple of weeks. She thinks it would do them good. He tells her that he is at a critical point in his book and now is not a good time for him. He tells her not to make him choose between her and his work, that its not fair. Maybe in a couple of weeks he could go. She tells him in a couple of weeks she will be knee deep in the summer campaign. She grabs her cost and tells him that she is going out. He tells her to call him in an hour and they can go out to dinner. She gets mad and tells him that he can't do anything spontaneously. She tells him in a very snotty manor that she doesn't know where she will be in an hour and leaves.
arrives at the Abbott house to see Jack. She tells "Mr. Abbott" Hello and it is nice to see him again.  Jack tells her to quit standing on formality with him. "What do you suggest that I call him" she asks. "How about Dad". he tells her.
Hope begs Kurt to not go. Her son calls out to her. She asks him "please listen, don't walk away, I have to go to my son. Kurt please listen to us, don't do it to yourself and don't do it to us". She leaves the room. "Now its just me and you, and your going to hear me out unless you don't have the nerve!"
"I apologize for my son. Glad to see you got him out of the office." He says to Diane. Jack tells his dad a little bit about what he is up to and tells him about the partnership with Jill. "Jill really threw herself into this project.
Sharon is sitting on the couch reading a book when Grace pops over. She just came to check up on her "best friend". "Just wanted to see if you were feeling better?" She tells her that she is much better and apologizes for dumping all over here. It must have been raging hormones. She tells her that Nick has been loving, and attentive to her. That she is so lucky because she knows that their is not another man like him out there like him. "The rest of us get leftovers" she tells Sharon. Nick walks in the room and sits next to Sharon and asks "What are you doing here Grace?"  Sharon tells Nick that Grace doesn't need a reason to stop by.  She tells him that his wife is talking to her about her love life again. Nick gives Sharon a smooch and leaves. Grace tells Sharon that Nick is really a wonderful guy. She tells her that if she would just give Tony another chance---No way she tells Sharon. "He is allot of fun but he is driving me crazy. I want different things that Tony can never give me. Everytime I get somewhere their he is right there pulling me down. Tony is finally out of my life. I have got to go. Give me a hug" They hug and she leaves.
Ashley is still trying to get Kurt to stay,  he asks her "why can't any of you understand that I want to leave. I have a right to my grief. You all want me to live by your terms!" "I just want you to live" she yells back at him. She tells him that he is dishonoring his wife and child memories by refusing to get help.
Tony shows up in Grace's office. She is surprised to see him because she thought he went back to Madison. He still want's to hook up with her and once again she is forced to blow him off. He leaves.
"Why do you resist everything I'm trying to do for you? your a living human being". she tells him. Kurt grabs his ears as to not listen as he has a soundback. He can hear his wife and child call out to him. Ashley asks what happened and he explains to her that he hears them begging him to come and help them. He tells her that he should have been their, they would still be alive if he would have been there. "Were you there?" she asks him. He tells her that he wasn't there. That he has had a nightmare ever since that night. He came home and the police told him that they were gone, no one else was involved and nobody knew what had happened. The two people he had loved were gone in a blink of an eye. Ashley asked him if he had ever told this to anyone before. He tells her no, only her.  She asks him if he blames himself. He just tells her that if he would have been there they wouldn't have gone out and they wouldn't be dead.
Tony is at the coffeehouse licking his wounds when Victoria shows up. She orders some coffee and sits down. Tony joins her and says. "Look who's here" Victoria has this look of disgust on her face and asks him "do I know you?"  "You do." he replies. "I wish I didn't " she tells him. "Come on Vic, you don't mean that" as he sits down.  She takes one look at him and says "Your not sitting here." Well it looks to me that you could use some company" he tells her. "Isn't their someone else you could bother? she asks. "None better than you" he says. "Should I be honored?" she asks him. He tells her those were her words not his. he grins at her. She gives him this I wish you would drop dead look. She notices that he is looking through the want ad's and he tells her that maybe she could get him one of those big shot cushy desk job, one with a car and an expense account. She tells him that he would need a college degree for that. He responds by asking where she went to college, Silver Spoon U? She tells him he doesn't look the type to work in an office. he tells her that he has hidden talents. she tells him to keep those talents hidden! (Good sparing)  He comments on the tunes and tells her that he would like to dance. She tells him to go for it . He tells her, not by myself. She tells him no way is she dancing with him.
Ashley tells Kurt that accidents happen. That it wasn't his fault. He is a little calmer now and she asks him if he is O.K. now. He tells her that he is fine. She tells him that he is not fine. He tells her that he doesn't give a damn what she thinks. She tells him of course he doesn't because he has lost all value in himself as a human being. She brings up seeing a therapist again and he doesn't want to hear it. She tells him if he were honest with himself he could see that it would do him good and that he would see how desperately he needs help.
Tony tries to get Victoria angry enough to dance with him. She sees right through it but dances with him anyway.  One dance she tells him. He tells her not to worry that he doesn't bite unless he wants him to. They dance and Victoria seems like she is almost enjoying herself.
Jack and Diane are necking on the couch. He tells her just how big that this deal is that he has put together.  She is impressed and tells him that his dad is going to be proud of his son the tycoon, a regular Victor Newman.  He tells her except without the mustache and the funny accent. She tells him that she likes him just the way he is. She makes the comment that when Victor comes back that things are going to change and that he won't ever have any time for her. He tells her that after he works out the details with Victor that he may have a big surprise for her.
Victoria leaves the dance floor and Grabs her coat telling Tony that she has to leave. He tells her that he will see her around. She turns and looks at him and tells him "don't count on it."
Ashley tells Kurt that if he doesn't find away to help himself that he is going to be haunted forever. She reminds him that he has no good memories that he is just clinging on to the devastation. She tells him that he will relive this nightmare over and over until one day it is going to push him over the edge, and destroys him. Kurt yells out "I don't want to, I don't want to live this way!" Ashley is relieved to here his say this.  She tells him to promise her that he wont leave until he thinks about everything she had said to him. He walks away, and she tells him that she will take it on faith that he won't leave until they meet again. As he is walking up the steps he tells her that she has his word....

Wednesday, January 15, 1997

Cole calls Nina asking about research papers. She says she was just going to messenger them over. No, I'll just come over. Okay, how about I fix us some pasta? Okay. Later, they discuss Cole's commitment to his marriage. How Victoria isn't as committed as he is but he's in this with his eyes wide open. Nina realizes that she is doing to Ryan just what Victoria is doing to Cole.

Meanwhile, Victoria is whining to Nick about how she just isn't having any fun in her life. Do I really love Cole? He is so committed to his work, etc. How she went to a place where there were people her own age, how she stayed, and even danced with a guy and had fun! Later, she goes back to the coffee slop, tries to call Cole, who is gone, and ends up dancing with Tony again. They sit and Tony begins to read Victoria like a book, then he leaves.

Victor returns and summons Ashley to fill him in on Kurt. Victor suggests to Ashley that she get Kurt to return home, to face the past. Victor and Hope go to dinner. Ashley gets Kurt to tell her that his wife and daughter are buried in Cape Cod. He leaves, she makes reservations to go there.

Nikki visits Nick and they discuss the future, the past and ways to help Victoria.

Thursday, January 16, 1997

Danny and Phyllis in bed. Danny and Phyllis at breakfast. Danny saying goodbye. Joni asking about the phone message from some woman with a strange name. Who could it be Mrs. Romalotti?

Victor, Ashley and Kurt. Victor leaves telling Ashley to tear up the tickets. Ashley tells Kurt if he wants to end it so much, jump out the window, it's 20 stories down. They both end up on the plane to Boston.

Jack and Diane discuss the big business deal. Jill enters, Diane leaves. Jack and Jill discuss out to tell Victor about the big business deal. Jill leaves, Victor arrives. After looking over other business, Victor asks about Nick's job performance. It ends with Victor saying he is glad that they aren't involved in the acquisition presented (the big business deal) by Jack before Victor left, they don't need that headache right now. Jack is speechless.

Olivia convinces Neil to try to work things out with Dru. He returns home. They begin talking but end up arguing, Dru telling Neil that he just wants to control her life, it has to be his way or no way. Neil can't believe Dru is still going to go on the Tahiti shoot. He says have a nice time and goes to spend time with Lily before going back to the office.

Friday, January 17, 1997

Victor is really, really ticked to learn about the acquisition. He tells Jack (and Jill) that Jack has to do whatever it takes to undo the deal.

Nina receives a letter from Ryan, asking if he has a home to come home to. Chris arrives, John S. calls about the divorce. Nina still doesn't know what she wants.

Kurt tells Ashley his wife's name (Linda) and tells her that he left Cape Cod the day that his wife and daughter were killed. I don't even know where they are buried.

Nicholas is pumped about telling Victor about the big business deal. Nikki wants to know more. Later, Sharon and Nikki share a hug.

Dru tries to get Neil to understand how and why modeling is so important to her. Lily keeps telling Dru not to go. Olivia shows up just before Dru leaves. Dru leaves and Neil tells Olivia that what Dru said probably won't make any difference. Later, Dru and Malcolm talk about how she can still back out of the Tahiti gig, but they end up getting pumped up about going (well, Dru isn't really excited).

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