Y&R Recaps: The week of November 18, 1996 on The Young and the Restless
Danny and Phyllis learned that Daniel had bacterial meningitis. Katherine offered to leave Kurt a substantial inheritance. Victor kissed Nikki.
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Wednesday, November 20, 1996

This marks the beginning of the Recaps Archive.

Nina, Ryan, Phillip:
Nina had asked Ryan to come over to help her talk to phillip about the divorce. Needless to say it backfired in Nina's face. phillip became extremely aGityated and started yelling at nina that its all her fault. Phillip storms off into his room. Nina and Ryan get into a heated argument. Christine is outside their door, Hearing the argument. She knocks, Nina answers the door and tells chris its not a good time. Chris enters anyway. Phillip goes off on his parents "I hate you both!!!" and runs off into his bedroom. Nina tells Ryan that she made a bad decision by asking him to come over. It only made matters worse. She accuses Ryan of turning her son against her. Ryan storms out. Chris berates Nina for letting her marriage turn out like this. She tells Nina that she thinks she is feeling sorry for herself.Nina feeling betrayed by her best friend,Tells chris that if she can't be supportive that she should just leave.Chris says that she is just worried about her and phillip and leaves.

Over at the Hospital:
Little Daniel is not getting any better. Dr. Olivia states that because he was on medication for a week all the tests are inconclusive. They need to do a spinal tap on their boy. She tells Phylis and Danny that they need to sign a release form for the procedure to be done. Olivia tells them of the pros and cons of the spinal tap. Phylis looses it and she cannot see putting her son through that much pain. When she hears how the spinal tap is done, he cant have medication and is held down by a nurse as she puts a needle into his back to collect the fluid, she looses it again. Danny tries to convince phyllis that this test is needed. chris walks in and says " I think I can help" Phyllis tells her that she cant help and to leave. She asks Phyllis to listen to her as a lawyer. Chris said to Phyllis that you have got to sign the release form so the doctors can help your son She talked about the risks -pros and cons, reminding her if she does nothing he could get worse. She and Danny sign the release form. Phyllis cries to Danny that she just wants her son to get better, Danny takes phyllis in his arms to comfort her while chris looks on.

Over at Victors house:
Jack pays Hope a visit. He apologizes for not visiting her sooner. They talk about what has been happening and what Hope is going to do. She says that she doesn't want to make the same mistakes that she made the last time she lived in the City. But she has no Idea what she will do. Jack tells her that he will work with her, help her. She said that she is scared but excited at the same time.

At Jabbot:
Ryan tells jill about the fight with Nina and that phillip is not taking the news very well. Jill states that if this situation, which she feels is all Nina's fault, isn't resolve soon that she WILL get involved after Ryan told her that it wasn't a good idea for her to go to Nina's.

At the Chancelor Estates.
Katherine talks to Curt about his decision, will he stay for the holidays? Curt thanks Katherine but declines her offer. Katherine praises the work that Curt has done around the Estate. They share their mutual respect for each other and share how they feel. Katherine tells him "you need me, and I need you. You are alone and I am alone, we need each other." She tells him of her deep feelings for him not romantic feelings but more like family type feelings. He tells her that he cares for her too. she asks him to look around. "I have all these great possessions yet I have very little. I want to tell you something, If you stay on I will give you a portion of my Estate." Curt looks stunned.............................

Thanksgiving for the Neumans?
Sharon arrives at the main house to invite Nikki to Thanksgiving dinner at her and Nicks home since this is their first Thanksgiving together. Meanwhile over at Neuman Towers Nick shows up at his fathers office to extend the same invite. Victor tells Nick that he doesn't know what his plans are yet, but doesn't think its a good idea. Back at the ranch Nikki wonders if Cole and Victoria will be their. Sharon hopes so. Nikki accepts Sharon's invitation for herself and her husband. Nick arrives at the ranch. He tells Nikki that Victor was not to hot on the idea. The phone rings and Nick answers it, Its Victor. He tells nick that he forgot that he had house guests and he declined the invitation. Nick tells Nikki,who decides to go visit victor at his office. Arriving at his office Nikki argues with Victor about being together as a family and couldn't he order out for them. Victor tells her its a ludicrous idea, she has to agree with him. she asked Victor if he is punishing her or the whole family. Victor walks over to Nikki and plants a tender kiss on her lips. Nikki looks up at Victor and says" I will never understand you Victor", and walks out the door. Victor standing in his office says to himself "I think you understand me very well."

Thursday, November 21, 1996

At the hospital:
Daniel comes back from his spinal tap, his temp is still rising. 104.5. Dr. Hastings tell Danny and Phyllis that they are going to have to wait until the test results come back, she does not want to speculate. Danny tells Phyllis that she needs to go take a break, when she comes back that he will take one. As soon as Phyllis is out of the room, Danny asks the doctor what the bottom line is. She tells him it could be bacterial meningitis. She is just speculating. She doesn't think it could be because the medication that he is on is for just that,bacterial meningitis, and he hasn't responded. Meanwhile, phyllis is walking in the hall she spots Tim,he came to support her, she tells him what is happening with Daniel. He tells her that he is concerned for her and her son. He'd like to stay. She tells him that Danny is still there. He understands, but wants her to give Daniel a present, its an elephant. He tells her that it is a symbol for strength and good luck. She tells him that Daniel needs that right now. She gives him a kiss on the cheek and a hug goodbye. Back in Daniel's room, Dr.Hastings is still telling Danny the facts about bacterial meningitis. Danny asks the doctor not to tell Phyllis about what she is speculating about. Just as he said that Phyllis walks in.She looks at Danny and yells "my son is not going to die."

At the Chancelor Estate:
Katherine asks Curt if he has made a decision, he wants to talk later. Nikki arrives and tells her that Victor won't come to Thanksgiving because he has house guests. Katherine asks Nikki when she is going to stop treating Hope like a backdoor relative? Nikki changes the subject and invites her to Thanksgiving with her family. Katherine declines because she is planning her own celebration. Nikki grills her about curt. Nikki doesn't trust him. Curt enters the room and asks Katherine if this ring he found was hers. He explained that he had found it in the heater vent in the library when he was cleaning it out. She had lost that ring months ago. After Curt leaves she turns to Nikki and gives her a gloating look.

An interesting Invitation:
Ashley, in Jacks office, tells him that she knows who this new love in his life is. Jack thinks she fishing. Jack looks stunned after she asks him if the name "Diane Jenkins" Rings a bell. Jack asks her "so are you going to beat me, shoot me, or change your name and pretend that you doesn't know me." Jack reminds her that they both have changed over the years. They are different people now. Ashly extends an invitation to both him and Diane to join her for dinner at the Collinade Room. He says he will talk to Diane and get back to her.

Thanksgiving at the Abbotts:
John asks Jill if she would like to spend the holiday at the house with the family. Jill declines, stating that she had waited for him to bring up the subject of Thanksgiving and since he hadn't she made plans for Billy and herself. John got very angry that she would take Billy for a holiday to introduce her to another one of her lovers. Jill tells him that she is having Thanksgiving with a special friend, and argues her point with John and he leaves her office steaming.

A meeting in Victors office:
Ashley goes over her new fragrance with Victor and tells him she believes its her best work yet. When the meeting is over Victor asked Ashley how her talk with Diane Jenkins went. Ash tells Victor that she has a new approach, a more subtle, more effective way to deal with Diane. This way she doesn't have to be the bad guy. Victor is intrigued.

Lunch date:
Jack meets Diane for lunch and tells her of Ashley's invitation to dinner. Diane accepts and states that she wouldn't miss it for the world. Jack orders lunch.

Grandma Jill to the rescue:
Jill's phone rings. Its little phillip, He wants to know if his dad is their so he can stop the divorce. Jill pays nina a visit........ Nina answers her door and Jill storms in uninvited and proceeds to tell Nina what a rotten mother she is. Nina tells Jill where to go. They argue.Nina reminds Jill of how she raised her sons father and that he died a desperately unhappy young man. Nina tells Jill that she should have a plaque that says "Worlds Worst Mother."Nina tells Jill to get out and stay out of her life. Jill says that as long as her decisions affects her grandson that she would stay in her face.

Meanwhile at the hospital:
Daniel's test results have come back. Dr. Hastings tells Phyllis and Danny that their son does indeed have bacterial meningitis. Phyllis sobs in Danny's arms.

Friday, November 22, 1996

Jill's office:
Victoria is in Jill's office thinking about all that Ryan said to her when her brother comes in. He has been worried about her. He reminds her what a great guy her husband is. Talks about how much they were in love and how desperately they fought to get married in the first place.

Mother knows best:

Nina and Flo discuss the divorce, it seams everybody wants Nina to stay in this marriage. Flo berates Nina for her decision.Nina tells Flo that she doesn't love Ryan anymore. Flo tells Nina that she should see a therapist. Nina leaves to go to work.

At the tac house:
Cole calls to confirm the cabin for this evening. He writes a note to Victoria telling her where he will be incase she changes her mind and decides to join him. Just as he was about to leave he remembered that Nina was coming over tonight to work with him on the book. He calls her and nobody answers the phone. He leaves a message for her not to come over tonight and that he will get in touch with her in a day or two.

In Daniel's hospital room:
Everyone is pretty upset that Daniel has bacterial meningitis. He is not responding to the medication. His temp. is 105.5.

Ready to go:
Diane walks into Jacks office dressed in red. She looks beautiful. Jacks phone rings and he gets a big smile on his face. He hangs up and looks at Diane, I was voted one of the top 20 young executives in the country by a leading business mag. Diane throws her arms around a stunned Jack. Ian asks Jack what motives Ashley has, to invite them to dinner. Jack tells her to have faith, that Ashley is not out to get her.

The Chancelors:
Curt tells Katherine that he has made a decision. He tells her that he has come to respect and admire her very much. Katherine asks him if his decisions is to stay permanently, and make this his home. He tells her that as generous as she is and of how fond of her he has become he thinks it is best to be moving on. He will leave that night and make a clean break. Katherine has one request of him before he goes, to shave off his beard, Please. He touches his hand to his beard and smiles.

Back in Jill's office:
Ryan walks in and Victoria is still there. He talks to her about being under pressure, having a lot of responsibilities. Victoria says that he is not the only one with responsibilities. she pressures Ryan into making a decision about their future together. Ryan tells her the best thing she could do is to stay married to Cole.He tells her he needs space. He leaves her standing there not knowing what to do.

A little moral support:
Ashley shows up at Victors office, looking very beautiful. Victor tells her that he can't go to dinner, he has to work. Ashley tells him about her plans for the evening. She tells victor that she is going to approach this very indirectly, "soon enough everyone will know", He tells Victor that Diane Jenkins is a negative influence- wild- thoughtless and A-moral. That she does't trust her and if she gives her enough rope that she will hang herself.

The Colinade room:
Diane and Jack arrive, Diane is suspicious of Ashley's motives. /Ashley arrives. Jack shares his news with her about being voted one of the top 20 exec. She is very proud. Jack gets a phone call and leaves to take it, leaving Ashley alone with Diane. Diane says " now that we are alone what's this all about"?Ashley reply's, "2 people who are competing and who will win. Diane tells Ash that Jack is in love and that she wants to make him happy. Jack comes back to the table all smiles.....

A prayer for Daniel:
Danny is kneeling at the chapel begging God to intervine, He promises God that he will be a full time father if He will help. Phyllis arrives but she doesn't know how to pray, she had never done it before. Danny gets her a Bible and they say the Lords prayer together.

Nina goes to work:
When she arrived and Cole wasn't there. She wondered where he could be. As she was getting her coat she sees the note meant for Victoria, She thinks its for her. She smiles and takes the note and sticks it in her pocket. As she leaves Victoria shows up and asked Nina what she is doing there.......

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