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The Young and the Restless Daily Recap for Tuesday, July 25, 2017
Victoria convinces Jack not to hire Cane
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Wednesday, July 19, 2017
by Nel

At the Top of the Tower, Ashley greeted Victor and commented on what a huge success the concert had been. Victor proudly stated that Abby had done an outstanding job of putting it together. Ashley said she'd noticed that Nikki and Nick had left the celebration early and asked Victor what was going on with his family. She was curious why Nikki hadn't left with Victor.

Victor explained the situation and admitted that he'd had a physical altercation with Nick. Ashley couldn't understand why Victor would have punched Nick. Victor said it was because Nick had tried to stop Nikki's performance. He explained that Nikki's MS had flared up, but he hadn't known about it. He wouldn't have let Nikki perform had he known.

Victor suggested that Jack had whispered sweet nothings into Nikki's ear and had tried to convince her that he cared more about her well-being than Victor did. Ashley realized why Jack had left with Nikki. She was sorry that Victor was going through turmoil with his family, but she knew Victor and Nikki would get through it -- they always did. Ashley wished him well and left for a meeting. Victor opened his computer and looked sadly at the family photo in the press coverage.

At the cabin, Jack greeted Nikki. He hoped the guest room had been comfortable. He asked if Nikki was in any pain. Nikki said she'd slept well and wasn't in pain. Her hands were a little stiff, but that would fade. She said she hadn't felt that good in ages. Nikki was happy the concert and the stress were over. She said she hadn't been able to stay at the concert after what had happened between Victor and Nick. She thanked Jack for taking her away from the stress. Jack stated that the concert had been a huge success.

Jack showed Nikki the family picture in the press coverage. Nikki said it looked like a happy family, and it was too bad that it was a lie -- a lie that she'd perpetuated. Nikki said everything seemed better at the cabin. She'd found the ranch oppressive, but everything was very peaceful and quiet at the cabin. Jack commented that he hadn't realized how much he'd needed to get away. Nikki was worried about Jack, but Jack advised her not to be because he always landed on his feet, just like Nikki did.

Nikki thought the concert would have been the only challenge, but she was wrong. She thought it would be easy to play the happy family, but it had been hard to keep up the façade. She told Jack that she was ready to face Victor when she got home. They packed up and left.

At Sharon's, Tessa thanked Mariah for letting her stay overnight and for providing her with a change of clothes. Mariah apologized for blubbering over Devon. Tessa told her to stop apologizing and asked if Mariah would talk to Devon or if she would go on pretending that everything was fine. Mariah was embarrassed and stated that she'd never had a close friend to confide in. Mariah said she wanted to matter to Devon as much as he mattered to her. Tessa encouraged Mariah to tell Devon how she felt. Mariah admitted that she had insecurities about her relationship with Devon.

Tessa stated that Mariah was smart and funny and hid behind walls, but she had a huge heart. Mariah should never feel like she was someone's second choice because Mariah was incredible. Mariah asked if Tessa meant that. Tessa assured Mariah that she did and stroked Mariah's hair while staring at Mariah. Mariah seemed confused by Tessa's actions.

Mariah and Tessa were interrupted when Noah and Devon arrived with coffee. Devon gave Mariah a peck hello and told Tessa that he'd been receiving a lot of calls about her. People wanted to hear her first song. Noah suggested breakfast at the Athletic Club, but Mariah declined. Noah and Tessa left.

Devon told Mariah that he'd missed her after the concert. He said that between her not wanting to spend time with him and that morning, he had picked up a vibe and wanted to know if something was bothering her. Mariah stated that Hilary was first in Devon's life, and Mariah was just Miss Congeniality. Devon firmly stated that he was over Hilary. Mariah wanted to believe that, but she'd seen how Devon had looked at and spoken to Hilary. It had appeared that there was unfinished business between them.

Devon reminded Mariah that he and Hilary had had a lot of history and couldn't just erase each other. They would always have a connection. He'd divorced Hilary because he'd been tired of being lied to and manipulated. Mariah was the opposite of Hilary. Mariah asked if she was the anti-Hilary. She asked why Devon was with her -- she wondered if it was because they'd already been friends and he'd known Hilary would have a cow when she found out that Devon was dating her, of all people.

Devon was curious why Mariah was asking. Mariah admitted that she hated saying or even thinking about it, but she needed an honest answer. Devon said that when he'd been at his lowest point, Mariah had helped him find happiness. She always built him up and did it every day. He would never want her to feel she was a rebound. He wanted her standing by his side. Mariah agreed to do that, and they hugged.

Abby greeted Scott when he arrived at Victor's office. Abby advised Scott that Victor wasn't there, but Scott needed to be prepared for anything because Victor could still be angry over what had happened between him and Nick or he might want to go over the projects. Scott asked how Abby and Victor could act like it was business as usual. Abby snapped that it wasn't up to her, and it wasn't Scott's family, so he needed to back off. Scott turned to leave and said that Victor knew where to find him.

Abby stopped Scott. Abby admitted that Scott hadn't deserved that. Scott admitted that he could be very direct at times, but he would want to hash things out with his family rather than let them fester. Abby confessed that Victor and Victoria knew what was going on but hadn't been forthcoming with any information. Scott stated that Abby had worked very hard to make the evening perfect for Victor and Nikki, unlike Nick, who'd gone out of his way to make trouble. Scott advised Abby to make sure that Victor didn't take her for granted, and he left.

Victor arrived and greeted Abby. He told her that he had a few things to take care of. He added how proud he was of Abby. She'd done a wonderful job putting the concert together. He said that she was his only child who'd been willing to help. Abby was sure that Nick would have helped had he been asked. Victor told her that he'd disowned Nick. Abby wanted to know what was going on between Victor, Nick, and Nikki. Abby was certain that Victoria knew, but she wouldn't tell Abby anything.

Abby told Victor that it felt like Nick and Victoria were in one family and she was in another, and she was always left out. Victor assured Abby that whatever had happened had nothing to do with Abby. He said that he relied on and trusted Abby, and that meant more to him than anything else. They hugged, and Abby left.

Victor thanked Scott for finding such a great venue for the concert and said that it had been a great success. Victor knew that Scott wanted to talk about the unfortunate incident from the previous evening. Scott said he didn't know all the details, but he knew that Nick had been out of line. Victor told Scott that Nick would no longer have the privilege of being a Newman. Victor felt that people were against him. Scott said that he and Abby stood by Victor's decision.

Scott later returned to Victor's office and found Abby in Victor's chair. Scott said he wanted to run some numbers by Victor, but it could wait. Abby asked Scott what he and Victor had talked about earlier. Scott said it had felt like Victor had wanted Scott's reassurance that he supported Victor's decision to cut Nick out of his life and all that went with it. Abby was surprised that Victor had confided in Scott.

Abby didn't understand why Victor felt compelled to disinherit Nick. Abby said that she, Nick, and Victoria had received millions from the lawsuit they'd filed years earlier when they'd felt that Victor had been mishandling their trust funds. They all had enough money to support themselves forever, and she wondered what Victor could really take away from Nick. Scott said it might be better if neither one of then knew what Victor was up to, and he left.

Jack and Nikki arrived at the ranch. Jack said he knew that Nikki could handle Victor herself, but if she needed reinforcement, he'd stay. Nikki said that would only make things worse. Jack said it was the first time he'd seen Nikki at peace, and he didn't want Victor "blowing that to hell." Nikki thanked Jack for helping her. Jack asked how she was going to handle things. Victor would have a lot of questions about where she'd been and what she'd been thinking. Nikki said she was ready for Victor, and she wouldn't "forget a damned thing." Jack left.

Dina was frantically looking for her glasses in her suite. Graham said he was sorry that Jack hadn't spent as much time with Dina as she'd hoped. Graham asked where she'd last seen her glasses, and he offered to go and search the concert venue. Dina praised him for taking such great care of her. She wished Graham could have been at the concert with her because Jack had turned out to be a disappointment as an escort. Graham left.

Ravi arrived a short time later and gave Dina her glasses. She'd dropped them in his car. Dina thanked him and asked if he'd heard from Jack. She thanked Ravi for taking care of her. She also asked Ravi to tell Jack to stop and see her because she wanted to know what was going on with him.

Graham returned a short time later. Dina advised him that Ravi had found her glasses in his car. At that moment, Jack arrived, and Dina demanded to know what Jack had to say for himself. Graham said that Jack shouldn't have abandoned Dina. Jack apologized. Graham said that Jack should have taken better care of Dina. Jack didn't appreciate the reprimand from Graham and said that he hadn't left Dina on the street. He'd left her with Dina's daughter Ashley.

Dina countered that they'd made plans, and Jack should have stuck to them. Jack asked for a private word with Dina. Graham left. Dina accused Jack of inviting her out and then dumping her. She asked how he'd dared to treat her that way. Jack said that Nikki had needed help and to get away from the party. He couldn't share any details because they were private, but he'd been there when his friend had needed help. Dina stated that it was a married friend. Jack said that it wouldn't be for long.

Dina accused Jack of playing with fire. Jack said he knew what he was doing, but Dina said he didn't. She said that he was ready to jump into the flames. Dina could tell by Jack's expression that that was exactly what he wanted. Jack agreed and said that perhaps he had been playing it too safe -- after all, Dina had never let a little fact of a man being married get in the way of her being happy. Jack was stunned when Dina slapped him.

Tessa and Noah had breakfast at the Athletic Club. Tessa was surprised that Noah had taken her out the night before and again in the morning. She asked what had happened to taking things slowly. Noah confessed that he wanted to spend more time with her. They were happy and kissed.

At the Top of the Tower, Ravi found Ashley. He said that he was worried about Dina because Dina had appeared extremely stressed and worked up about Jack. Dina had also referred to Jack as Graham. He asked Ashley if anyone had noticed any issues with Dina. Ashley stated that after their family dinner, Tracy had mentioned that something had seemed off with Dina. Ashley noted that Dina appeared to be on her game where business was concerned and was still as feisty as ever. Ashley thanked Ravi and said she'd keep an eye on Dina.

Victor arrived at the ranch, and Nikki greeted him with "good morning." Victor said it wasn't. They discussed the benefit and what a success it had been. Victor said that Nikki had played magnificently. Nikki complimented Victor for panning the evening so beautifully and was glad that a great deal of money had been raised.

Victor was annoyed that Nikki had left the function without a word to him. Nikki claimed that she'd had to get away after everything that had happened, and she'd needed to get some perspective. Victor asked if she'd gotten it. Nikki stated that she had. Victor claimed he'd seen things more clearly as well. He asked if Nikki had seen the family photo in the press release. He said they looked like a happy family. Nikki agreed but wished it wasn't just a charade.

Victor mentioned his disappointment in Nick's actions. Nikki said that Nick had only been trying to protect her, and she wouldn't have disowned him. Victor said he'd have handled things very differently. Nikki didn't want to rehash the situation. Victor said that after the concert, he'd hoped that he and Nikki would be able to rebuild their life together.

Victor asked how Nikki felt physically. She told him she felt much better, and she planned to get plenty of rest. Victor mentioned that perhaps she could call Jack. Nikki told Victor that Jack had helped her when she'd needed a friend. She didn't want to get into an argument with Victor about Jack. Victor said that he wouldn't argue about the likes of Jack Abbott, and he added that he didn't care anymore.

Victor said he'd tried to apologize about his involvement with Chloe, and he felt that he'd atoned for his mistakes -- at least he'd attempted to. Victor said that he'd told Nikki over and over again how much he loved her. Nikki said she knew Victor loved her and that she loved him -- she always would, but she didn't see him in the same light as she had. She couldn't get past what Victor had done. Victor said that Nikki had made that abundantly clear.

Victor knew that it had been difficult for Nikki to pretend that they were still a couple, so he'd decided to make it easier for her. He wouldn't hide the fact that they weren't together anymore. Before Victor left, he said that Nikki was the love of his life, but would stop trying if that was no longer of interest to her. He bade her farewell and left.

Nikki rushed to the door but stopped by the piano and broke down sobbing.

On the next The Young and the Restless...

• Jack tells Phyllis that he’s doing her dirty work, since it will be nicer for her if “they” spend less time together.

• Jordan remarks that the fallout from Cane’s actions is still falling, and Hilary questions whether there’s more.

• Cane sees Charlie interact with Juliet on the club rooftop.


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