Wednesday, April 22, 2015

At the Athletic Club, Abby asked if Kyle needed to find a new place to live, but Kyle thought he still had a home. Billy grumbled that Jack had been clear about Billy having no job, and Abby couldn't figure out why Jack had been acting that way. Ashley revealed that she'd called an emergency board meeting, and Kyle protested, since he believed Jack had a reason to join forces with Victor. Ashley said they had no time to figure it out, and Stitch approached and asked if he'd missed a Jabot meeting. Billy huffed that it was an Abbott family meeting for members only.

Abby contended that Stitch had a right to be there, but Billy maintained that it was a family matter. Stitch said he was there to look out for Abby, and Billy suggested that Stitch run home to Victoria -- unless Stitch had forgotten the way. Billy said he'd been spending more time with Victoria than Stitch had, and the men argued. Abby pulled Stitch aside and explained that Jack had just fired Billy, and Ashley was trying to get the board to remove Jack as CEO. Abby asserted that Stitch belonged with Victoria, and he agreed that he and Victoria had things to discuss. Stitch departed.

Ashley said the votes were close to get Jack ousted, and Kyle refused to side against his father. Billy asked if Kyle supported the idea of joining forces with Victor, but Kyle maintained that he supported his dad, and he expected Abby would, too. Abby hesitated to take a side, and Ashley said they had to move quickly. Abby felt like they were ganging up on Jack, but Billy argued that Jack had his own agenda that would destroy Jabot. Ashley pleaded that she was trying to protect the company, and it would be the best thing for all of them, including Jack.

Ashley declared that the Abbotts always stood together as a family, and she asked Kyle to stand with them. Kyle balked at going against his father, and Ashley agreed not to pressure Kyle, but she warned that she was going ahead with the plan. Billy added that it would be with or without Kyle and Abby's help, and Kyle pledged not to let them get away with it.

At home, Victoria cooed to Katie that they both missed Stitch, but at least it had been a good thing that the tot's dad had been spending more time with them. Victor disagreed, and he informed Victoria that the nanny had let him in to drop off presents for the kids, since he'd wanted to be sure they were taken care of, given who their father was. Victoria appreciated the gesture, but she warned him not to knock Billy. Victoria assured Victor that they were all doing fine without Stitch there, and Victor said he'd gotten the feeling she'd been distracted, so he'd wanted to be sure she was on board with the big changes at the company.

Victoria was insulted that her father was implying she couldn't be both a mom and an executive, and he replied that he needed total commitment. She pointed out that he wouldn't tell her what he had planned, and Victor recalled that she'd abandoned him on multiple occasions before. He declared that he wanted to leave a legacy for his children, and she was the most like him out of all his kids. He trusted in her abilities to lead a huge corporation, but he needed her commitment, and she said no one could take his place. They hugged, and Victor asked her to promise to pass his legacy down to Katie. Victoria realized that Victor wanted to be sure the company ended up with a Newman and not an Abbott.

Victor wanted to be sure Victoria's loyalties were in the right place and not with her "useless ex," and Victoria reported that Billy and Chelsea were moving forward with their wedding plans, but she reiterated that Billy would always be in her life. Victor wondered what Victoria thought about Stitch working for Jabot, and Victoria revealed that Stitch was staying at the club to watch out for Abby. Victoria declared that she'd had enough of the men in her life, and Stitch overheard as he arrived home.

Stitch reported that Abby was at an Abbott family powwow, and Billy and Kyle were keeping an eye on her, but Billy had made it clear that Stitch hadn't had any place there. Stitch added that Jack had fired Billy, and he guessed there would be a change at the top of Jabot soon. Victor left, and Stitch told Victoria they needed to talk about where they stood. Victoria coolly stated that Stitch had made it clear that Abby was his priority, and Stitch reminded her that she'd asked him to keep Abby safe. Victoria suspected it had turned into more than that.

Stitch peered into Katie's bassinet and mused that it hadn't been much before then that he'd thought she might be his. He wondered if that would have changed things for him and Victoria, but he recognized that they'd never know. Victoria said she'd always thought Billy being Katie's father would get between her and Stitch, but they'd gotten past it, and they'd been free to focus on their relationship. Stitch swore he'd wanted that, but Victoria pointed out that it had always felt like there had been three people in the room. They recalled that they'd started off as friends who'd consumed too much tequila together, but it had turned into something much more, and they agreed that they still loved one another.

Victoria acknowledged that she and Stitch didn't share the type of love that kept people together, and she thought they needed to be honest with one another. She said she wanted to see him happy, but it was clear she couldn't give that to him, and he deserved to find someone who could. Stitch replied that Victoria deserved to find out if she could find happiness with Billy, and he grew emotional as he told her to take care of herself and Katie. He set his key on the table on his way out.

In the cabin on a tropical island, Kelly grabbed a bottle of Champagne and proposed a toast, but Jack reminded her that he didn't drink. Kelly said she owed Phyllis for getting Jack clean and sober, but enough was enough, and he'd denied himself life's pleasures ever since Phyllis had gotten her hooks into him. Kelly thought his kiss had confirmed that, but Jack countered that Kelly had kissed him. Kelly wondered if he'd been pretending when he'd kissed her back, but she guessed that the wallop with the baseball bat had restored his senses, and the kiss had just been the start of things.

Kelly tempted Jack with the drink, and he reluctantly allowed her to pour a bit of it into his mouth. She crowed that he hadn't burst into flames, and he agreed he'd been denying himself pleasure for too long, but he was ready to put the past behind him. Kelly wanted to believe him, but she pointed out that he'd insisted he still loved Phyllis and always would. Jack claimed he'd been confused about where he'd been, and he'd been shocked to see Kelly when he'd thought she'd died.

Jack added that he'd been afraid to allow himself to believe Kelly was alive, but she was real, and their kiss had been, too. He said he wanted more, and Kelly gushed that all she'd ever wanted was for them to be together. Jack tried to push for information about Victor's plans, and Kelly asked if Jack wanted to talk about the future. She ran off to get a surprise for him, and Jack muttered to himself that he was sure Victor was laughing somewhere, but they would see who got the last laugh.

Kelly gleefully returned with a swatch of fabric, and she recalled that she'd been redecorating their bedroom until Phyllis had returned. Kelly said she'd kept the swatch to remind her of the magical hours she and Jack had spent there, and Jack described intimate details of the times they'd shared. Kelly purred that he'd always known what she liked, but he remarked that he'd never known she'd been into bondage. He questioned whether she didn't want his arms around her, and he implored her to untie him.

Kelly reached for his restraints, but she hesitated until she was positive about Jack's feelings for her, since he'd hurt her badly. Jack said he'd also been hurt, since his head was still throbbing, and Kelly reiterated that he hadn't given her any choice. She refused to let him go until he understood that Phyllis had framed her for everything, and Jack said he'd thought she didn't want to talk about Phyllis. Kelly said she just wanted him to remember what they'd had, and Jack replied that he could prove he did.

Jack offered to tell a love story about a beautiful woman named Kelly and a dashing, infatuated man named Mr. Hinkle. He flashed back to setting up a romantic picnic in Kelly's apartment, and Jack said the love story had continued from there, but he'd had no idea back then that she was much more than he'd ever imagined. Kelly poured more Champagne and prompted Jack to tell more of the story, but he said he couldn't just pick one memory. Kelly suggested that he recount the time he'd chosen her, and she flashed back to him telling her that he'd return from Georgia to the woman he loved, so they could let the past go along with all the pain and heartache.

Kelly said she'd believed Jack, and Jack contended that he'd kept his promise and had returned to her. Kelly whimpered that Jack had loved her, and Jack swore he still did. He softly asked her to untie him, but she threw her drink in his face and laughed. Kelly barked that she remembered how the story had ended, since Phyllis had woken up and ruined everything. Jack asserted that Victor had made it happen, and he cautioned that Kelly would be all alone if Victor's plan went south.

Jack recalled that Victor's past schemes had ended up with Patty being institutionalized and Colleen dead. Jack predicted that Kelly would end up suffering a similar fate unless she turned the tables on Victor, and he begged her to let him help her do it, since revenge was tastier than Champagne, and they could beat Victor together. Kelly said she felt like she was losing control, but she needed to stay clear. She tersely wished Jack a good night as he called after her not to leave him.

At the Abbott mansion, the Jack imposter toasted to himself for making a new man out of Jack, and he chugged a drink. Phyllis called out for Jack, and he explained he'd had an urgent matter to tend to earlier. She inquired whether it had been about his partnership with Victor, but he refused to talk shop, and he amorously stated that their honeymoon didn't have to end just because they'd returned home. They kissed, but she tensed up when she realized he'd been drinking.

Jack disclosed that he'd had one little drink to celebrate, but Phyllis lectured that he was in recovery and always would be. He proclaimed that there were great things on the horizon for him and his company, so it was no time to be worried, but she cautioned that he was on a dangerous path, and she reminded him of everything he'd gone through to kick his addiction. Jack promised he wouldn't lead them down that path again, and he stressed that he was just excited about the future. He swore he loved his life, and he wouldn't do anything to screw it up.

Phyllis thought Billy deserved a second chance, but Jack said his brother had already blown third and fourth chances. Phyllis warned that the move could cut Billy out of Jack's life, but Jack griped that Billy had been responsible for that when Billy had tried to toss Jack out of the company. Phyllis argued that Billy didn't want to be CEO, but Jack ranted that everyone was out for number one. Jack stated that he valued loyalty above everything else, and his family members returned as Billy remarked that Jack had a funny way of showing it. Ashley announced that she'd talked to the majority of the board, and Billy informed Jack that he could exit gratefully or fight it, but either way, Jack was out.

Kyle piped up that he didn't agree with Ashley and Billy, and Jack turned to Abby, but he assured her that he'd never put her in a position where she had to take sides. Ashley said she had the majority of the board behind her, including Traci, who was concerned about Jack. Billy urged Jack to step down, since they were fighting to save the company their dad had spent a lifetime building, and he was glad John wasn't around to see Jack trash the Abbotts' legacy. Phyllis defended that Jack had worked hard for the company to succeed while Billy had been busy drinking and womanizing, and she assumed Billy wanted to take it away, but Billy was adamant that he didn't want to be CEO.

Ashley swore they were trying to stop Jack from doing something he'd regret, but Phyllis accused Ashley and Billy of wanting the company for themselves. Jack requested time with his wife to discuss the matter, and he suggested they meet in Ashley's office in an hour to resolve things. After Jack's family left, Phyllis concluded that the stress caused by Jack's family had led to him taking a drink, and she was surprised he hadn't finished the bottle. He swore that he wouldn't let anyone drive him back to destructive behavior, and he proclaimed that he didn't need booze or pills to beat his siblings.

Jack added that he was John Abbott Jr., and his father had wanted him to lead the company and the family, so nothing would stop him. Phyllis cooed that he was hot when he wielded power, but she worried that Ashley and Billy were determined to force Jack out, and the press would have a field day if that happened. She added that Jabot would be vulnerable to Victor making a hostile takeover, and Jack said he knew exactly what he had to do to stop it from happening.

In the Jabot lab, Ashley wondered why Jack had called the meeting, and Billy thought it proved they were doing the right thing. Ashley thought something didn't feel right. Meanwhile, Kyle guessed Abby was on edge because her bodyguard wasn't there, but she admitted she was more unnerved by Jack having a flashback to his playboy days, while Billy had his head screwed on right. Kyle wasn't as sure, and Abby was reluctant to take either side, but Kyle told her that she was either with him and Jack or against them. She refused to make a choice, and she hurried out.

Stitch was concerned when he found Abby at the Athletic Club bar by herself, and she informed him that the meeting had turned into a battle, but she hadn't stuck around to find out who'd been on the losing end. He understood family drama, and she wished they could all get along. Stitch commented that fighting with people he loved sucked, but it was worse to pretend everything was okay. Abby asked if he'd been pretending that, and he admitted he had been pretending with Victoria but not anymore.

Abby expressed sympathy that Stitch and Victoria had broken up, and she felt terrible for both of them. Stitch said he'd seen it happening for a while, and he hadn't wanted to admit it but hadn't been able to pretend anymore, since they'd both known it had been time to say goodbye. Abby imagined it had hurt, and she asked if he was okay. He said it felt right, and he planted a passionate kiss on her.

Jack entered the lab, and Ashley hoped he'd seen reason. Victor and Victoria followed close behind, and Billy asked how they'd gotten in. Jack revealed that he'd unlocked the doors, and Ashley incredulously demanded to know what he'd been thinking. Victor announced that the restrictions no longer applied to them, and Jack added that he and Victor were partners.

Outside the lab, Billy begged Victoria to tell him she hadn't been in on it, and Victoria said she'd been surprised, but Jack had been fine with the arrangement. Billy wondered if Victoria's judgment had been clouded, but Victoria replied that she was seeing things more clearly than she had in long time. They reentered the lab, and Ashley ordered Jack to say it was a joke, but Victor maintained that it was a legitimate merger. Victor explained that he'd decided to drop the charges against Jack, and Billy surmised that Jack had made the deal to save himself.

Jack admitted that staying out of prison was appealing, but it hadn't been the reason why he and Victor had formed an alliance. Jack asserted that Victor had proven he was a changed man when he'd saved Jack's life, and Victor had gotten Kelly to admit her crimes, so he thought of Victor as an ally more than an enemy. A photographer arrived, and Victor declared that it was about time the world saw that he and Jack had become partners. The men shook hands and smiled for the camera as the Abbotts helplessly looked on.

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