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Graham continues to manipulate
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Wednesday, October 18, 2017
by Nel

At the hospital, Ashley was very angry that Graham was with Dina and not allowing Dina's family to see her. Traci couldn't understand how Dina could have given Graham her medical power of attorney. Ashley spat that Graham was a master manipulator. Graham had stalked Dina to make sure that his investment was protected and his revenge complete. Traci wanted to know what Graham was telling Dina. Ashley felt sick to her stomach, knowing that they could have lost Dina.

Traci couldn't believe that Dina had blurted out that Brent Davis was Ashley's father in front of all those people. Ashley said she'd seen everyone's faces. Traci advised her that nothing had changed in their hearts -- they were all John Abbot's children. Traci told Ashley that she'd keep saying that until Ashley believed it.

Traci believed that Dina had returned to Genoa City to reconnect with her family before it was too late. Ashley agreed and added how awful it had been seeing Dina lying on the floor. She realized that Dina could have died. Traci said there was still time to work things out. She asked if Ashley could forgive Dina. Ashley didn't know if she could.

Dina woke up in her hospital room. Graham explained that she was in the hospital because she'd suffered a mild stroke. He assured her she wasn't alone. Dina claimed she'd never felt more alone. Graham assured her he'd never abandon her because he cared about her. Dina told him that she remembered every word he'd said in her suite the previous evening. Graham admitted that the things he'd said had been inexcusable.

Dina told Graham to stop pretending that he gave a damn when he'd hated her for years. Graham admitted that that might have been the case in the beginning, but not anymore. He explained that when Ashley had spoken about his mother, it had triggered his anger. He said that he and his mother had been broke after Brent had torn the family apart to be with Dina. What had made matters worse was that Dina hadn't wanted Brent.

Graham said that his mother had tried to keep them afloat, but because of the eviction notices and the jobs that wouldn't stick, their lives had been ruined after Brent had left them. Dina claimed that Graham had set his sights to ruin her life. Graham admitted that when he'd sought her out, he'd wanted revenge. He had thought he'd find a heartless monster, but nothing could have been further from the truth. Instead, he'd found a lovely and special woman, commanding, smart, and generous.

Graham understood why Brent had been drawn to Dina and her world. Graham claimed that he'd genuinely cared for Dina -- he hadn't wanted to, but it had happened. Dina asked why she should believe him. Graham stated that Dina knew the truth. They'd grown closer, and they'd developed true affection for each other. He claimed that she was a brilliant woman, and she'd have seen right through him if it had been a lie.

Graham claimed that Dina was family to him, and he'd stay with her to the end. He claimed that her children would never commit to that because of everything that had happened. He claimed that he'd proven his loyalty and devotion to her. That had never been a lie.

Jack met with Michael at Jabot. Jack wanted confirmation that Graham's document was binding. Jack stated that Graham had thought of everything. He wanted to know how to get Graham out of their lives permanently and how they could fight the medical power of attorney. He said that Graham was a liar and a fraud. Jack felt that Dina had signed the document under false pretenses, and he wanted to tear it up.

Michael advised that the only option was to go to court. It would be expensive and take months. Graham would fight it. Jack spat that Graham was a con, and he accused Graham of limiting access to Dina. Graham was only waiting to inherit a sizable chunk of Dina's estate. Michael said there was a way of fighting Graham. He handed Jack a new medical power of attorney. Jack wondered how he could get Dina to sign it.

In the dining room at the Athletic Club, Phyllis told Hilary that after the events of the previous evening, she really felt for the Abbott family. Phyllis asked if Hilary would air the event, but Hilary stated that Jack had asked her not to. Hilary added that she'd comply because she was already in the doghouse with Victoria for airing the segment of Victoria with Benjamin Hochman. Phyllis said that Hilary was better off without Victoria, but Hilary disagreed and added that she wanted to get back into Victoria's good graces.

Phyllis asked when Hilary had begun caring what people thought. Hilary had had every right to air Victoria's video. Hilary claimed that she needed to do damage control. Phyllis told Hilary that Victoria would forgive her because she was "a stone cold bitch." Hilary explained that she and Victoria had had an encounter earlier in the week. Hilary and Jordan had noted that Victoria's anger had been over the top. Hilary said she had to fix it.

At Brash & Sassy, Victoria advised Jordan that they'd hired Lily as the new marketing executive. Jordan was delighted. He asked if he'd lose his muse for the men's line. Lily assured him that she would be pulling double duty: she'd be grand ambassador and handling the marketing. Lily thanked Victoria for having confidence in her, and Lily was grateful for the work. Jordan felt that Victoria had made the right decision, and he left.

Victoria told Lily that she was happy that Mattie and Reed were together, and she hoped that Cane wouldn't interfere. Victoria complimented Lily on handling her divorce with dignity and grace. She reminded Lily about company policy prohibiting personal relationships. She'd noticed that Jordan appeared fond of Lily, and he might want more than friendship. Lily admitted that Jordan had been her rock. Victoria said that since Jordan was on contract, that rule didn't apply to him; she added that Lily's personal life was Lily's business. Lily said that Victoria was a great friend and boss.

In the lab, Lily apologized to Jordan for sending him mixed messages, and she mentioned the kiss. Jordan said he hadn't read anything into the kiss. He'd known that Lily had needed to process everything that had happened to her. He assured Lily that he'd always be there for her. Lily said that Jordan was an incredible man, and if things had been different, they could've been great together. However, she needed to focus on building a life with her kids. Lily wanted them to remain friends. Jordan assured her that nothing had changed between them.

In the gym, Cane approached Billy to report that he'd seen Jill and that she'd appointed him as acting CEO of Chancellor Industries. Billy said that Jill probably felt sorry for Cane and had thrown him a bone.

Billy said that Brash & Sassy was in financial straits because of Cane. Cane reminded Billy that Jill had bought Brash & Sassy because she'd tried to play matchmaker between Billy and Victoria. They all knew how that had worked out. Billy said he'd proven his worth in the company. Cane said that Billy and Victoria blamed him for everything that had gone wrong, but months later, they hadn't replaced him, and the company was still tanking. They'd needed a bridge loan from Neil to stay afloat.

Billy gloated that they'd hired someone who would blow Cane out of the water. They had someone who was smart, creative, and trustworthy -- Cane's wife -- soon to be his ex-wife. Billy said that Lily had experience from Jabot, she had management skills from running the Athletic Club, and she had a unique customer base and personal appearances.

Cane acknowledged that Lily was smart, but she didn't have financial experience, so he didn't see how she could replace him. Billy reminded Cane that before he'd run Chancellor Industries, Cane's experience had consisted of bartending. Billy explained that Lily's position had been redefined, and it focused on marketing. Lily was replacing the other woman in Cane's life. Billy asked if Cane could taste the irony of it all -- Lily got rid of the guy but got the job. Billy said there was a weird kind of justice in it.

Michael was alone in Jack's office when Phyllis arrived. She told Michael she wanted to put him on retainer for confidential advice. She claimed she'd never intended to resort to extreme measures, but she'd set a trap for Billy. Phyllis was angry that Billy couldn't stay away from Brash & Sassy and Victoria. Someone had suggested that Victoria had convinced Billy to use Phyllis' computer to access Jabot's confidential files. She'd set up a test to find out if it was true, and it was. Billy didn't know that she knew.

Michael said that Phyllis had to acknowledge that Victoria wasn't the problem, and Phyllis needed to confront Billy. Phyllis claimed she couldn't confront Billy because of various complicated reasons. Michael said that whatever the complications were, she was ignoring the larger issue. Billy had been lying to her, and she'd been lying to Billy. Phyllis screamed that it was because of Victoria. She claimed that if Brash & Sassy crashed and burned, they'd all be fine.

Michael warned Phyllis not to think about cooking up a scheme for corporate espionage. Aside from the obvious legal implications, it was no way to keep her romance intact. Pretending everything was fine wasn't the answer. Michael said that if Phyllis wanted a future with Billy, it had to be based on honesty.

At Brash & Sassy, Billy griped to Victoria that after Cane had blown Brash & Sassy to smithereens, Jill had rewarded Cane by appointing him acting CEO of Chancellor Industries. Jill always took Cane's side. Billy said that after Ashley's celebration, it had started him thinking about family and what family meant. Victoria asked if Jack had made a scene. Billy said that he wished that had happened -- then Ashley would've been spared the pain. Victoria knew that Ashley had been devastated. She couldn't believe that Dina had made such an announcement.

Victoria apologized for not being there for Billy and his family. Billy acknowledged that Victoria had attended a Newman family emergency instead of the Abbott family disaster. It had been a horrible way for Ashley's secret to be exposed, but it hadn't changed anything. Family wasn't defined by blood, but by love, history, and connection. Billy admitted that he'd made a lot of mistakes over the years, and he obviously hadn't learned his lesson. Phyllis had trusted him, and he'd betrayed that trust. Victoria said that in that case, the truth wouldn't set him free.

Victoria stated that what had happened with Ashley was different than what he'd done with Phyllis. She reminded Billy that he'd taken the information from Phyllis' computer as a business tactic and nothing more. She was sorry that Billy was second-guessing himself, but what he'd done had saved her company, and he'd never have to do that again. Victoria added that if the situation had been reversed and Phyllis had seen an opportunity to get ahead, Phyllis wouldn't have hesitated to use him. She knew that Billy was struggling, but she wanted him to think about what she'd said. Phyllis arrived, and Victoria left for a meeting.

Phyllis asked if Billy was okay. Billy said he'd been thinking about Ashley. Phyllis noted that it was never easy when secrets were exposed. She said that part of the secret was the truth and part was a lie. She reminded Billy that he'd stated that some things were better left unsaid. She asked Billy how he felt about that in the light of day. Billy said he had to tell her something he hadn't been honest about.

Jack arrived at the hospital and asked Ashley and Traci where bloodsucking Graham was. They wondered what Graham was saying to Dina. Ashley and Traci wanted to go in to see Dina as soon as Graham left her room, but Jack advised them that it would backfire. Jack needed to get Dina to sign the new power of attorney, and once that was done, Graham would realize he was powerless and wouldn't stick around. Jack warned them that they needed to use diplomacy.

Graham arrived and told Jack, Ashley, and Traci that he and Dina had had a heart-to-heart, and Dina had forgiven him. When Ashley asked to see Dina, Graham said that Dina was worn out from their chat and couldn't have any more visitors. Traci stepped forward and told Graham that she had no interest in fighting with him and that she was in town for a short stay. She claimed that the previous evening had been about emotions and anger. It had been painful and ugly, but Dina was the priority at that moment.

Graham acknowledged that Dina had mentioned that Traci was the most compassionate one. Traci told Graham that Dina needed to know that her family loved her and that they were there for her. Jack said they wanted to be with Dina, the woman they loved and cared deeply about. Graham said that Jack might make him change his mind if Jack made it worth his while.

Jack gave Graham a check and said that it should cover Myrna's retirement home and expenses for a year. Graham felt that it was poetic -- Dina's son helping Graham's mother. Ashley asked to see Dina. Graham told them to go ahead while he checked with the doctor. Jack, Ashley, and Traci rushed to Dina's room, but all they found was an empty bed.

At the entrance to the Athletic Club, Cane walked by Hilary, deliberately ignoring her. Hilary stopped him and said that his divorce wasn't final yet, and he still had a chance. Cane advised her that his marriage was over, and there was nothing he could do about it. He told Hilary that he'd be running Chancellor Industries. Hilary exuberantly stated that Lily would see that Cane could bounce back and take care of his family. Cane advised her that Lily had been hired by Brash & Sassy as their marketing executive, and Lily had a steady paycheck.

Hilary laughed. She thought it was funny that Victoria and Billy had given Cane's side chick's job to his betrayed wife. Cane shot back that Lily would be spending more time at Brash & Sassy, which meant more campaigns and more time with Jordan. Hilary felt deflated, and Cane left.

Moments later, Lily and Jordan arrived at the Athletic Club. Lily thanked Jordan for helping her figure out her schedule and for his understanding. Jordan assured her that nothing would fracture their friendship. He said he'd touch base with her later and headed to the gym.

Lily saw Cane sitting at the bar. Cane invited Lily to join him. Cane told her that Jill had hired him as acting CEO of Chancellor Industries, and he was grateful that Jill had faith in him when no one else would hire him. Lily said that Jill wouldn't have put him in charge if she hadn't thought that Cane was capable. Cane congratulated Lily on her new job. He said that Billy had mentioned it. Cane knew that Lily would blow Victoria and Billy away.

Cane said he'd missed the kids and wanted to set up a schedule with Lily to spend time with them. Lily agreed. Cane said he knew that Lily had a lot going on. Lily asked if Cane was referring to Jordan. Lily suggested that they shouldn't talk about their personal lives, whether it was Juliet or Jordan, because it only complicated things. Lily left.

In the gym, Jordan offered to spot for Hilary, but she said she was fine. She said that if she didn't know better, she'd say Jordan was trying to get close to her. Jordan admitted that after the last time he'd seen her, when she'd opened her towel in front of him, he wondered if she blamed him. Hilary said it had been a reminder of what he'd been missing. Jordan asked how much longer she'd have him cooling his heels before she'd let him in again. Hilary said she couldn't wait anymore.

On the next The Young and the Restless...

• Paul tells Sharon and Scott that he has an update on Alice.

• Phyllis tells Jack that the plans have changed, so they need to move immediately.

• Lily discovers that Cane and Juliet are living together.


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