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Lily walks out of a counseling session
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Wednesday, September 20, 2017
by Nel

At the Underground, Nick advised Noah that the Ann Arbor location was moving ahead very quickly since they'd been able to secure their liquor license. Noah knew Nick wasn't happy that Victor had used his clout to get the license. Nick assured Noah that it was done, and he was over it because they needed the license to move forward. Nick acknowledged that Victor had helped them through a serious roadblock. Nick told Noah he wanted to contact his banker to make sure they had enough money on hand in case they saw another location they would like to purchase.

Noah was very excited and thanked Nick for financing his dream. Noah added that he and Devon had met a promoter at the music festival in San Francisco, Irv West, who was a major player. Noah said that Irv was heading to Genoa City to see Tessa perform. Noah claimed that he'd been politely stalking Irv in an effort to persuade Irv to make a stop in Genoa City. Nick was shocked when Noah said that Irv would be at the Underground later that evening.

Noah told Nick that Tessa was a gifted artist. She had taken her painful memories and turned them into compelling music, and it helped that Tessa had Devon's support. Nick teased that Noah was a big fan and not just of Tessa's music. Noah admitted that they'd become closer. Noah claimed that he wanted to manage his expectations. Nick wondered if Noah had doubts about Tessa, but Noah confessed that he wanted to stop finding girls who were challenging and drama queens. He was trying to reset his default from rescue to something deeper and more mutual.

Noah admitted that he'd been extremely upset because Tessa hadn't told him about Crystal. Nick felt that if Crystal was involved in the sex trade, it wouldn't have been easy for Tessa to talk about it. Noah stated that Tessa had told Mariah. Tessa had explained that she'd held back from sharing that information with him because she'd believed that Noah would be judgmental and that she'd have to live up to a higher standard because Noah was a Newman. Tessa had later realized that Noah was only interested in who she was.

Nick regretted not helping Crystal more after he'd found her by the Dumpster. He wished he'd known that Crystal was Tessa's sister. Noah said that Nick's instincts were always to step in and help -- that was who Nick had always been and the example he'd set for Noah his entire life. He loved Nick for it.

At Crimson Lights, Kevin received a call from Victor telling Kevin to meet him at the ranch. Michael arrived and greeted Kevin with a warm hug. Michael said he hoped the phone call had been Kevin leaving Michael a voicemail message that Kevin was in town. Kevin said that that was going to be his next call. Kevin told Michael that Bella needed some grandmother time and was at Esther's. Kevin told Michael that he and Bella were very happy in Portland, and it had been the right move for them.

Michael pointed out that Kevin had provided more information at that moment than in all of Kevin's emails and social media combined. Kevin apologized. Michael claimed he'd been waiting for an invitation to pay Kevin a visit in Portland. Kevin said that as soon as he and Bella were settled, Kevin's door was open for a visit from Michael. Kevin said that Bella was in a good place with her mom and corrected himself and said memories. Michael was happy and said he had to get to court. Michael began to leave but stopped at the door and stared at Kevin's back.

At Chelsea's, Jordan griped about Devon telling him not to play with Devon's ex-wife's fragile emotions. Jordan claimed that Hilary had been using him. Devon had accused Jordan of standing on the sidelines, waiting for Lily and Cane to split. Devon knew that Jordan and Lily were friends. Chelsea understood Devon's reaction -- Jordan had dumped Hilary and hadn't wasted any time before having dinner with Lily and the twins. She asked if things had gone any further. Jordan admitted that he'd kissed Lily, and it had been a simple kiss.

Chelsea told Jordan to look at things from Lily's perspective. Lily probably felt like she'd been through a wringer -- very hurt, angry, and vulnerable. Chelsea teasingly chastised Jordan for kissing Lily under those circumstances. Jordan felt that Lily had been pulling away, and he said that he'd never wanted to pressure her in any way. Chelsea stated that Lily was focusing on her family and the future.

Chelsea reminded Jordan that Lily and Cane were a long-term couple with a long history. Chelsea said that when Lily was ready to make a break, he'd know. Chelsea reminded Jordan about their past and how it had taught them to block people out. She admitted that that wasn't healthy. She cautioned Jordan to protect his heart. Nick arrived, and Jordan left.

Nick thanked Chelsea for looking after Christian while he and Noah had been in Ann Arbor and Faith had been with Sharon. Chelsea was concerned about Faith being with Victor, but Nick felt Faith wouldn't want to see Victor. Nick maintained that Victor had had no business going to see Faith at camp. He blamed Victor for creating the situation with Faith.

Nick told Chelsea that he was waiting for Victor to retaliate. Chelsea was surprised that Nick didn't seem worried. Nick advised her that he'd taken steps to protect himself. When Victor was involved, Nick had to be a few steps ahead of Victor and prepared for anything. Nick told Chelsea he loved her and their life together. They made love on the sofa.

At the gym, Cane thanked Hilary for pushing him to be more proactive and said it would finally pay off. He said he and Lily had an appointment with a marriage counselor. Hilary was delighted and stated it was a great strategy to emphasize the family aspect to remind Lily what she'd be throwing away. Cane was hopeful that seeing a counselor would give him and Lily a chance to work things out.

After Cane left, Jordan arrived and asked if Hilary needed help with the weights. Hilary coldly refused his help and thanked him. Jordan advised her that he was back at Brash & Sassy, and he asked how Hilary was doing. She sarcastically replied, "Outstanding." Hilary began to lift weights, and Jordan helped her. Hilary asked why he wasn't at work. Jordan replied that it was his day off.

Hilary informed Jordan that Lily and Cane had gone to see a marriage counselor in an effort to save their marriage. Hilary was certain that Cane and Lily wanted to reunite. Hilary was taken aback when Jordan said that Lily and Cane needed to work things out. He knew the twins would be happy if their parents reunited. When Jordan helped Hilary with her oblique exercises, she looked at him longingly.

At Crimson Lights, Lily bumped into Juliet and stared at Juliet's belly. Juliet had heard that the Dare campaign had been revived and she was happy that Lily had her job back. Lily realized that Cane had informed Juliet about her status. Juliet said that Cane had been thrilled about Lily being called back to work. In turn, Lily said she was happy the test results were negative for cystic fibrosis and that the baby would be okay. Juliet commented that some people didn't understand the maternal bond between mothers and their babies unless they'd experienced it firsthand. Juliet said that Lily knew how that felt.

Lily was stung by the comment, but she admitted that Cane had told her that Juliet was carrying a boy. Juliet said that Cane had been very supportive through everything, and she knew it was because Lily had encouraged him to act responsibly. Lily denied it and said that Cane had taken on the responsibility. Lily said she had to leave for an appointment, wished Juliet the best, and left. Outside, Lily paused and took a deep breath.

At the therapist's office, Cane thanked Lily for attending. The therapist arrived and told them to be open and truthful. The therapist confirmed that Cane had mentioned that he and Lily had recently separated, and Cane confirmed that they were both committed to preserving the family and possibly their marriage. She asked Lily to explain why Lily was there. Lily said she didn't want the family to split up, and she wanted to trust Cane again. Cane agreed and admitted he was to blame for their situation. He stated that Lily and the twins were his world.

Cane was asked to explain the choices he'd made and his regrets. Cane said that he'd had sex with a colleague in Tokyo. He explained that he'd gotten ridiculously drunk after he and Juliet had closed a business deal. They'd wound up having sex, but there hadn't been any repeat incidents. He said he'd never had any conscious sexual thoughts about Juliet. He told Lily that he loved her and that he'd made a terrible mistake, which he'd regret the rest of his life.

The therapist explained that trust was at the root of all marriages, and it wasn't an easy thing to get back. She said that Cane had taken a solid step to owning his mistake. Lily interrupted and stated that there wasn't only one mistake in Tokyo, but a series of them. She said that Cane had sworn to her that nothing had happened. Lily said she'd defended Cane to everyone, including the twins. Cane had lied over and over again, even after seeing video footage of him and Juliet entering his hotel room and Juliet leaving hours later. It had been humiliating. Lily declared that the twin's lives had been undone, and for Cane to state it had been a mistake was insensitive and inadequate.

Cane admitted that Lily was right and that he'd endangered their marriage with a woman who'd meant nothing to him. It had been a meaningless night and one that he didn't even remember. He didn't want to lose Lily, and he regretted what he'd done. He knew he'd let Lily and his kids down. Cane pointed out that they'd been through bad times before, and he was certain they could get past it.

Lily admitted she didn't like the way she felt about their situation. Cane jumped in and said that Lily had had an affair, and he'd forgiven her. Lily proclaimed that Cane couldn't compare what she'd done to his situation. Cane said that he'd gotten past Lily's affair, and he didn't understand why it was so hard for her to do the same for him. Lily reminded Cane that she could run into a certain pregnant woman at any time -- the way she had before the counseling meeting. It was a constant reminder that Cane had cheated and lied to her again and again.

Lily said that Cane had tried to ruin Billy's reputation out of spite, and because of that, Cane had hurt her, the kids, and many others. Juliet was carrying his child -- something she could never do because she'd had cancer, and that was the reason it was so difficult. Cane felt that Lily wasn't being fair about things that were out of his control. He claimed he was doing the right thing by taking responsibility for Juliet's baby. That was what Lily had told him to do.

Cane wanted to know why Lily was shutting him out. Cane admitted that he'd seen Jordan in their house, sitting in Cane's chair at their table, and having dinner with his kids. Lily said that Jordan was a friend and warned Cane not to imply that she'd been trying to replace Cane with another man.

Cane wanted Lily to tell him what she wanted. He'd admitted he'd been wrong, he'd become everyone's punching bag -- including his family and Lily's family, and he'd lost his job. He wanted to know what it would take for Lily to believe how sorry he was and to believe how much he loved her. He cried that he just wanted his family to stay and heal together.

Lily felt that Cane was pushing her to make a decision. Lily said she didn't have a timetable for making a decision. The therapist agreed and said that in order for counseling to work, they both had to want the same thing for their marriage to survive. That was what Cane wanted. Lily was asked if she wanted the same thing. Lily didn't respond. Cane took that to be her answer, and he asked why she'd agreed to participate in counseling. Lily had hoped to get clarity on how to deal with the twins because they'd been struggling with everything that had happened.

Cane was disappointed that Lily had attended counseling for Mattie and Charlie and not for them. The therapist said that Lily had been honest, and that was the point of the meeting. The therapist wanted them to take a final moment before ending the session, but Lily interrupted and said she couldn't continue. She walked out.

Kevin arrived at the ranch and informed Victor that his family was happy and thriving in Portland. Victor said that a solid family could be a healing force, but when the family was broken, it could turn to poison. Victor claimed that Nick had turned the family against him. Kevin was surprised that Nick had sabotaged Nikki's concert for charity. Victor claimed that Nick had almost succeeded.

Victor told Kevin to contact Hilary to view the video where Nick had admitted the sabotage and had claimed that he'd done it because he'd been concerned about Nikki's health. Nick had almost robbed Nikki of a wonderful experience. Kevin asked if that was the real motive for Nick to punish Victor. Victor stated that Kevin knew the motive: Adam. Victor said that Nick was a hypocrite because when Adam had been alive, Nick had hated Adam's guts. Kevin felt that Nick had appointed himself as Adam's avenger. Kevin said that Nick had stalked and harassed Chloe. He'd hunted Chloe down like a dog. If it hadn't been for Nick, things would have been very different.

Victor said that after the concert, Nick had prevented Nikki and Victor from reconciling and had influenced Nick's children against Victor. Victor claimed that he'd had a wonderful relationship with Faith until Nick had told her bad things about him. Victor said that Nick wanted to turn Noah against him, but Victor wouldn't allow that to happen. He told Kevin that he would give Nick what he wanted most. Victor wanted Nick to put his money where his mouth was. Kevin looked perplexed.

Juliet arrived at the Underground and saw Cane sitting at the bar. Cane invited her to join him. Cane appeared to have a lot on his mind, and she asked if he wanted to talk about it. Cane told her that he and Lily had seen a marriage counselor. It had turned out that he'd been an optimist, and things hadn't gone as he'd hoped. He said that it took two people to make things work, and he believed that Lily wasn't on the same page.

Michael arrived at Lily's. Lily thanked Michael for deescalating the situation with Victoria. Lily asked Michael what Cane's legal obligations were to Juliet. Michael advised her that Cane would have to pay for care, food, and medical expenses, and Juliet could ask that Cane share in the educational costs. Lily realized that the baby would be a constant part of their lives. Michael agreed.

Lily told Michael about the marriage counseling session, and she admitted she wasn't sure, but it might have been the last one. Michael asked if Lily wanted to take legal action. Lily admitted that previously, she hadn't been able to think about it, but she wasn't sure if she and Cane could get through it.

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