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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

At the Athletic Club, Victoria told Billy that Nikki had denied she'd had any alcohol on the night of the party, but Billy recalled that Nikki had been completely plastered. Victoria said Nikki's behavior had made her sick to her stomach, and she'd reached out to Victor for help, but he had refused to discuss it.

Victoria questioned whether she was supposed to let Nikki drown in booze, and Billy warned that Victoria couldn't fix another person. He advised that there was nothing Victoria could do if Nikki didn't want help, and Victoria asked if she had to let her mother hit rock bottom.

Billy explained that some addicts were lucky enough to help themselves, but the rest of them couldn't. Billy reminded Victoria that she'd begged and threatened him when he'd been drinking and gambling, and it had taken her throwing him out to make him overcome his addictions. Victoria wondered why the accident that had killed Christine's baby hadn't been a wake-up call for Nikki, and she worried about Nikki mixing her multiple sclerosis medication with alcohol. Victoria thought she had to take action as soon as possible, and Billy offered to help her figure out a plan.

On the rooftop, Sage prepared to slather on sunscreen, but Nick approached and insisted on helping her with it. As he rubbed it down her leg, he said he didn't want her to get burned, and she giggled and claimed he'd missed a spot. He teased her for lounging instead of swimming, and she complained that the water was cold. He offered to test it out himself, and he began to unbutton his shirt, adding that he didn't need a suit because they practically had the place to themselves. Sage stared at him in disbelief, but she realized he had on swim trunks underneath his clothes, and he led her to the pool.

As Nick and Sage dried off, she confided that she hadn't been able to sleep the night before, since she'd been wondering if she was in over her head. Nick asked why she was worried, and she mentioned that she'd never had anyone as a maternal role model, since her mother had died when Sage had been young. Nick recalled that Nikki had made mistakes just like everyone else, and he knew parenthood had a learning curve. Nick assured Sage that she'd be just fine, and she wouldn't be alone. They kissed, and Nick answered a call from Victoria, who said she needed to talk to him about Nikki.

Someone rapped loudly on Nikki's hotel room door, and she yelled out to stop the pounding. Nikki staggered out of bed, still wearing the dress she'd had on the night before, and she found Neil at her door. She told him to get out, but he refused to let her close the door, and she ranted that she didn't want to see him or talk to him after he'd sold her out to Victor. Neil entered the room, anyway, and said they had a lot to talk about, and he discovered the guy he'd punched on the night of the party in Nikki's bed. Nikki gasped in horror.

Neil asked why the "trash" was in Nikki's bed, and Nikki stuttered that she didn't remember. Neil startled the man awake by shouting in his ear, and the man recognized Neil as the guy who'd popped him in the jaw. Neil threatened to do it again, and he blasted the man for taking advantage of Nikki. The man claimed that Nikki had hit on him, and Nikki looked aghast.

The man swore he'd been walking back to his own room, and Nikki had aggressively thrown herself at him. Nikki flashed back to drunkenly hanging on the man as they'd made their way down the hallway, laughing and kissing. She'd pulled him by his tie toward her door, and she'd seductively told him that she'd once been an exotic dancer. She had offered to give him a free show if he played his cards right, and they'd stumbled into her room. Neil threw the man out, but Nikki admitted that everything the man had said had been the truth.

Nikki begged Neil not to tell anyone, but he lectured that she was out of control, and he urged her to open her eyes and see what she was doing to herself. He asked about the husband she claimed to love, and Nikki groused that it was Victor's fault for driving her to drink. Neil snapped that she sounded like a drunk who blamed everyone else for her own mistakes, and he pointed out that no one but Nikki had gotten into bed with a stranger the night before. Nikki complained that Neil didn't get it, but he demanded that she start taking responsibility by getting sober.

Neil poured Nikki a glass of water, and she whined that her stomach hurt. He prepared to order coffee and run her a shower, but she spat that she could take care of herself. Neil sarcastically stated that she'd done a fantastic job, and he refused to leave until she cleaned herself up. He stepped into the bathroom and started the shower, and Nikki called security and reported that she had an unwelcome guest who wouldn't leave her room.

Neil informed Nikki that the water was hot, but she snarled that it wasn't his place to dictate when she bathed, and she didn't need him to hover over her. He reminded her that she'd said the same thing to him before the car accident, but she'd helped him face his addiction. Nikki responded to a knock at the door, and a security guard escorted Neil out as Neil warned that the night before had been a good indication of how Nikki's party would end. Nikki slammed the door shut and began to straighten the sheets on the bed, but she found a half-empty vodka bottle tangled up in the covers. She walked over to the mirror and stared at her haggard reflection, and her hands shook as she threw the bottle in the trash.

Billy and Victoria told Nick and Sage about Nikki's behavior on the night of the party, and Victoria added that Victor had absolved himself of all responsibility, but she thought Victor was punishing Nikki for moving out. Victoria mentioned that Nikki was also on medication, and Nick agreed it was a dangerous situation. Neil overheard and said he wanted to speak to Victoria and Nick alone, and Billy and Sage stepped aside. Neil revealed that Victor had asked him to help, since Nikki was in total denial, and Victoria felt terrible that she'd assumed the worst about her father. Neil divulged that he'd found a therapist who conducted interventions, and he thought it would be Nikki's best chance if they could catch her while she was sober. He suggested they do it at the ranch that afternoon, since he didn't think Nikki had started drinking yet that day.

Billy offered to buy Sage a glass of milk, and he pointed out that they soon would both be non-Newman parents to Victor's grandchildren. He referred to the frightening stuff Victor had put him through, but Sage countered that Victor hadn't had anything to do with Billy and Victoria's divorce. Billy conceded that Victor hadn't been responsible -- but not for a lack of trying -- and Sage said she wasn't marrying Nick. Billy said it wouldn't matter, since Victor would be a part of her life, and Sage confided that she was worried after seeing how Sharon was still paying for running afoul of Victor. Billy warned that Sage would suffer the same fate if she crossed Victor.

Sage thanked Billy for the warning and the milk, and she promised to be on her best behavior. Billy noted that everyone on Victor's bad side had given Victor reasons to disapprove, but Sage was a clean slate, so Victor had no reason to go after her. She thought carrying Nick's baby was reason enough.

Nikki showered and changed clothes, and she eyed the bottle of alcohol in the trash. Nick and Victoria stopped by, and Nikki surmised they were there because of what had happened after the party. Victoria said they were concerned about her, and Nick claimed that Victor wanted to have a family dinner at the ranch to discuss the merger. Nikki protested, but Victoria encouraged her mother to go to maintain peace for the rest of the family. Nikki offered to meet them there later, and she grappled for excuses, but Victoria confronted her about needing a drink.

Nikki griped that she was tired of the accusations, and she just wanted to look her best. Nick remarked that they all felt like they needed a drink at family events, but he'd follow her lead and go sober. He grabbed Nikki's purse and pledged to get through the evening with the least amount of stress possible, and he and Victoria led Nikki out.

At Crimson Lights, Dylan looked at ads for apartments, and Sharon thought one in particular sounded like it had everything he needed. He declared that it was time for a fresh start, and Phyllis approached and asked to speak with Dylan privately. Dylan told Phyllis that she could say whatever she had to say in front of Sharon, but Sharon excused herself to get a refill. Phyllis sat down at Dylan's table and asked him to guess who had checked out of the rehab center the day before and where that person was shacking up.

Phyllis griped that Avery was playing nursemaid to Joe, but Dylan replied that it had nothing to do with him. Phyllis said Dylan had a right to be jealous, since she'd seen how much he loved Avery, and she implored him to do something, since Dylan was the only one to put a stop to Joe's manipulations. Dylan mentioned that he'd warned Avery about Joe a thousand times, but Avery had made her choice. Phyllis insisted that Avery still wanted Dylan, but Dylan maintained that they'd broken up, so it was time to move on. Phyllis glared at Sharon, and she remarked that her sister wasn't the only one being manipulated.

Phyllis cautioned Dylan to be wary of whatever spells Sharon was casting on him, and she reminded him that Sharon had caused Phyllis' fall and subsequent coma. Phyllis wordlessly sauntered past Sharon on her way out. Sharon informed Dylan that she'd made an early dinner reservation on the club rooftop, and she assumed Phyllis had wanted to talk to him about Avery. Dylan relayed that Joe had moved in with Avery, but it wasn't a surprise.

Sharon imagined that Avery and Phyllis had bonded over having a common enemy in Sharon, but Dylan explained that Phyllis thought Joe was manipulating Avery. Sharon contemplated whether Phyllis' disapproval was really about Sharon's relationship with Dylan, since Phyllis was always looking for an excuse to hurt Sharon. Dylan said he had no idea why Phyllis had stuck her nose in his business, and Sharon guessed Phyllis blamed Sharon for Avery and Dylan's breakup. Sharon wondered if Dylan thought she was capable of manipulating him.

Dylan assured Sharon that he thought she was bright, beautiful, and fun to hang around, no matter what anyone else said. Sharon referred to the long list of people who were lined up against her, but Dylan reminded her that he hadn't cared when she'd been a murder suspect because he'd known she was a good person. He continued that even though she suffered from an illness and had made errors in judgment, she'd bounced back and made amends, and that meant something to him. He thought that no one had the right to judge her, and Sharon said she didn't deserve him. He insisted that she deserved the best of everything, and they kissed.

Avery showed Joe where things were in her apartment, and she volunteered to rearrange things in the kitchen and the bathroom to ensure he could reach everything. She wished she'd thought ahead to have it organized already, but he said it was a huge improvement over the rehab facility. She mentioned that a hospital bed was on the way, but in the meantime, she had dibs on the couch. Joe refused to take Avery's bed, and he insisted the couch would be fine if the cushions were firm. He tried to move from his wheelchair to the sofa, and as Avery rushed in to steady him, they tumbled onto the couch together. He remarked that it was very comfortable.

Joe asked if Avery always wrestled with her houseguests, and she remarked that she was a competitive type who always wanted to win. She suggested that she make a workspace for him, and he marveled at her generosity. He was sure he was putting a crimp on her social life, but she reasoned that it wouldn't be forever, since she intended to make sure he walked again. She added that her social life was nonexistent, so he had her undivided attention.

Phyllis stopped by Avery's apartment, and she declared that she'd had to see for herself that Joe was there. Avery expected Phyllis to unload on her, but Phyllis said she was happy Joe was out of the rehab center, since it meant he'd be back on his feet in no time. Phyllis knowingly asked how big Avery's guestroom was, and Avery pointed out that Phyllis knew she didn't have one, but she and Joe had been arguing over who would take the couch. Joe excused himself, and after he wheeled away, Phyllis wondered if Joe's injuries had affected his physical performance.

An appalled Avery said she had no idea whether or not Joe could have sex, and it was none of Phyllis' business, but Phyllis suspected Joe would make it his business to get Avery into bed. Avery huffed that she knew what she was doing, but Phyllis cautioned that Avery was acting stupid for a smart woman. Phyllis questioned why Avery had let Joe back into her life after Avery had rejected him years before, but Avery refused to let Phyllis bully her, since Phyllis had once made a choice not to be a sister to her at all.

Phyllis conceded that she'd made a mistake, but she cared about Avery, and it was killing her to see Avery turn her back on the love of her life. Avery suspected that Phyllis' objections were really about trying to stick it to Sharon, since if Dylan and Avery got back together, Sharon would be left alone. Joe returned to the room, and Phyllis left. Avery called Phyllis a hypocrite and said she didn't want to talk about it, and Joe suggested they go to brunch. Avery was glad he wasn't self-conscious about people seeing him in a wheelchair, and he asked if she was nervous about being seen with him. Avery declared that she had nothing to hide.

At Newman-Abbott, Phyllis was shocked when Neil informed her about the plans for Nikki's intervention, and Neil said he wanted Jack to be there, but he'd heard Jack was headed out of town. Phyllis confirmed that Jack was leaving the next day, but she was sure he would want to be there for Nikki, and she promised he'd be in attendance. Neil said he could use all the help he could get.

Avery and Joe ran into Sharon and Dylan on the club rooftop, and Avery asked for a word with Dylan. Sharon and Joe retreated to a table, and Avery told Dylan that she wanted to set the record straight after Phyllis' interference. Dylan said it wasn't any of his business, and he expected Avery to do what she needed to do.

Sharon asked about Joe's progress in physical therapy, but he curtly suggested they curb the small talk, and he mentioned that he knew she'd sent the text message from Dylan's phone. Joe noted that Dylan made Sharon happy, and he surmised that she didn't want to see Avery and Dylan together any more than Joe did. Joe bet that Sharon would be willing to do anything to keep Dylan, and he proposed that they make a pact. Sharon nervously said she didn't know what Joe was insinuating, but he was sure she did.

Later, Dylan informed Sharon that someone else had grabbed the rental, and he was disappointed, since the unit had included a yard. Sharon mentioned that her home had a big one, including the woods and riding trails, and she suggested that he move in. He acknowledged that the offer was tempting, but he didn't think they were ready to take that step yet. She agreed that they shouldn't move in together just because it was convenient, and he was glad they were on the same page. She covered her dismay.

Avery and Joe returned to her apartment, where they flipped a coin and determined he'd take the couch. He reasoned that if he couldn't walk on his own, she could at least let him be a gentleman. She proclaimed that he'd walk again if she had anything to say about it, and she went to get ready for a meeting. Joe heard the shower running, and he stood up from his wheelchair.

. . .

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