Wednesday, May 20, 2015

In his office, Paul was reading an article accusing the police department of incompetence, since they hadn't solved Austin and Courtney's murders, but Christine urged him not to take it personally -- the case had been fraught with all sorts of obstacles.

When Paul saw Kyle, Summer, Mariah, and Kevin enter the station, Paul told Christine "those kids" had been interfering with the department from the start, and he was going to put a stop to it. When the foursome barged into his office, Paul angrily demanded they back off from interfering with the murder investigation. If any of them refused, Paul threatened to lock them up. He then informed them that further FBI testing had indicated no match found between the DNA found on the package sent to Fen and drug kingpin Marco Anicelli.

Paul said the department had no new clues but was working closely with the FBI to develop leads. When Mariah made a snide comment about the police department fumbling the case, Paul grew even angrier and reminded them that they had covered up a murder and done everything possible to hinder the investigation.

Later, alone with Christine, a disconsolate Paul wondered about the FBI's about-face regarding the DNA match. Christine asked Paul to put his thoughts on hold -- it was Paul's birthday. Paul smiled at his wife and told her how different things had been the previous year, when they had both wished that Christine would become pregnant. Paul held his teary-eyed wife.

Christine had a surprise for Paul -- she had been searching online for a romantic vacation destination. Paul was in favor but said he really needed to go to Washington, DC, to verify the FBI's story that the DNA match had been reported in error. Christine was thrilled when Paul asked her to clear her calendar and accompany him to the capital.

On the Crimson Lights patio, Summer said Courtney might still be alive if they had reported Austin's murder to the police. Summer blamed herself for Courtney's death -- it was because of Summer that the group had decided to cover up Austin's murder. Mariah was annoyed with Summer's play for sympathy. Mariah felt that "real danger" was still out there. Kevin, who had been deep in thought, said something didn't feel right about the FBI backtracking on the DNA match.

Kevin said that DNA matches were always conclusive -- there was no such thing as a false positive. Kyle thought the results might have been tampered with after the fact. When Kyle suggested that Paul might have changed the outcome of the test, Mariah and Kevin were both angered and said that the chief would never have done such a thing. Kevin admitted, though, that it was possible that Paul had deliberately misled them so they wouldn't run around Genoa City, talking about the "big bad drug lord." Kyle wondered how they could find out what had actually happened.

Kevin said he could try to hack into the FBI's DNA database. Mariah was adamantly opposed to the idea, telling Kevin that if he were caught, he could be prosecuted as a terrorist threat. Kevin smiled, stood up, and said, "I do have to get back to work. This conversation never even happened."

At the police station, Kevin typed away at his computer keyboard. Paul and Christine left. Mariah showed up and told Kevin that hacking into the FBI's computer system wasn't worth the risk. She accused him of putting all of their lives in danger.

In Jack's office at Newman-Abbott, Victor accused the impostor of murdering Courtney and Austin. Jack couldn't believe that Victor was serious. Victor repeated what he had just overheard -- the DNA of an infamous drug lord had been linked to the crimes. Jack claimed to have absolutely no motive to commit the murders. Victor told Jack that Austin, who had been filming a documentary about the Newman and Abbott families, had probably stumbled upon something so explosive that the killer had wanted to get ahold of the computer. Jack said if anyone had a motive for murder, it was Victor.

Victor said he would never murder anyone because of a "petty exposé," besides, Austin had been married to his granddaughter, and Courtney had been engaged to his grandson. Jack said if what had happened to the real Jack became public knowledge, it would be Victor rotting behind bars. Jack reminded Victor that the whole scheme had been Victor's idea. Victor said that since the FBI had the killer's DNA, the impostor would jump up to the top spot on the FBI's Most Wanted list.

Jack claimed that he had been too busy doing Victor's bidding to kill anyone. Victor said that, on the contrary, Jack had been conspicuously absent from his job. The impostor admitted that perhaps he had done too much improvising, but he had merely been trying to cover some inconsistencies, since he couldn't be a perfect imitation of the real Jack. Victor wondered how the impostor's DNA had simply shown up. Jack thought Victor had probably given the DNA to the FBI to ensure that Jack behaved himself.

Jack told Victor he had convinced the Abbott family that he had recommitted himself to the family business -- no more mid-day golf games. Jack explained that he had told his family that his recent inconsistent behavior had been a result of his near-death experience during the Underground building collapse. Jack said he was still in a great position to learn Gabriel Bingham's secret. Victor firmly told the impostor that there were to be more games -- he was to do exactly what Victor ordered. Jack understood and said he knew what was at stake -- for both of them. As soon as Victor left, Jack opened his tablet and glanced at the article about the Genoa City killer -- the same article Paul had been reading.

In Nikki's Athletic Club suite, Neil was trying to get the inebriated Nikki to drink more coffee, but she refused. Nikki tried to blame Victor for her drinking. Neil admitted that Victor had virtually forced Nikki into "witnessing" Jack's signing the merger contract -- a contract that Jack had never signed. However, Neil thought that Nikki wanted to drink, and the business with the contract was just an excuse. Neil said that Nikki was spinning out of control, and she needed to go to rehab.

Nikki was adamantly opposed to entering a rehab facility, saying she couldn't do that to her family -- they would be accosted by those "tabloid vultures." Neil accused her of worrying about her family's feelings but not her own. Nikki again scoffed at the idea of rehab. She told Neil she'd merely had "a little slip," and she didn't want to throw her family into chaos. Neil suggested they make up some other reason for her to go away for thirty days. He said he would help Nikki cover if she decided to lie about where she was going. Nikki screeched, "Damn it, Neil. I'm not going to rehab. So shut the hell up about it."

Neil wondered how Nikki would feel the morning after an alcohol-induced blackout, when her family -- the very family she claimed she wanted to protect -- had to tell her what she had done the previous night. Nikki said that no one could force her to go to meetings, and she cruelly reminded Neil that when she had tried to force him to attend a meeting, he had grabbed the steering wheel and plowed her car into Christine, killing Christine's baby.

Later, Nikki apologized for speaking harshly to Neil about the accident. Neil wasn't angry. He said the accident had been his fault -- and it had been caused by his drinking.

Victor showed up at the suite to try to make things right with Nikki. His conciliatory mood changed quickly when he saw Neil. Victor warned Neil to focus on his job, not on Victor and Nikki's personal life. Neil told Victor that he had been friends with Nikki for a long while, and that friendship didn't stop because Neil was working with Victor.

Neil said that he owed Nikki -- she had been his advocate during his court case. Victor looked at the bottles of liquor and said, "And this is how you repay her? By having all this booze around?" Victor assumed that Neil had encouraged Nikki's falling off the wagon. Nikki rolled her eyes, disgusted with her husband.

Victor asked Neil to leave, and Neil complied. Victor wondered why Nikki had allowed Neil to drag her down. Nikki snapped, telling him her return to drinking hadn't been Neil's fault -- it had been Victor's. She grew hysterical and began smashing empty liquor bottles against the wall, screeching that her drinking was a result of Victor's forcing her to "witness" Jack's forged signature. She started ranting about how Victor had manipulated their children and reminded him that he had tried to ruin her son Dylan.

Sobbing, Nikki said that Neil hadn't had a drop to drink -- he had been there to help her, unlike Victor. Victor wondered if Nikki was planning on returning to the ranch with him. Nikki responded with an emphatic "no." When Victor demanded she pack her bags, she defiantly stated that she wasn't going anywhere with him.

Compassionately, Victor told Nikki that she needed help. He looked at the liquor bottles and asked her, "Is this the way you want to live?" Nikki said she didn't want to give her soul away piece by piece, so, "No. I don't want to live this way." Victor wondered what had happened to their relationship. He stood and was about to leave then turned back to Nikki and asked her if he really was killing her soul piece by piece. When he began listing all the things he had given her, she said that wasn't the point and asked him to go. Victor left. Nikki started throwing her belongings into a bag then fell on the bed and began crying uncontrollably.

Victor joined Neil at the Athletic Club bar. Neil assumed Victor was there to fire him. Victor said Nikki had told him why Neil had been in her suite, and Victor appreciated it. Victor knew that Nikki needed help -- he had half a mind to drag her from her room, kicking and screaming. Neil told Victor that one couldn't be forced to become clean and sober. Victor realized that even with all his money and resources, there was nothing he could do to help the woman he loved.

In the Athletic Club, as Nick and Adam looked on, Chelsea congratulated Sage on her pregnancy. Nick mentioned that they were looking for a house for Sage. Chelsea wondered if Nick was planning to live with Sage. Nick said he wasn't, but he planned to raise their child with her. When Nick said that a child needed both parents, Adam stared at Sage. Appearing uncomfortable, Sage said that she and Nick needed to leave. Adam asked them to stay -- he wanted to know whether Sage and Nick were planning to go public about Sage's pregnancy.

Nick mentioned that he had told Sharon, but it was only a matter of time before the news leaked out. Adam admitted that there had been tension between him, Nick, and Sage, but it was a time for congratulations. Nick and Sage thanked Adam and left. Chelsea wondered if Sage's pregnancy bothered Adam. Adam reminded Chelsea that he and Sage had never been in love, and a child deserved two parents and a stable home. Chelsea said that had been what she had wanted for Connor, but not every kid got a dream life. Adam replied that for Connor, the "dream" was alive and well.

Adam complimented Chelsea on the fine job she was doing raising Connor. Chelsea thanked him then joked about so-called "tiger moms." Adam said that Connor would be the victim of expectations soon enough -- the so-called "Newman curse." Chelsea replied, "The Newman curse. That's what Adam called it." Adam felt Chelsea was too strong to be manipulated by Victor, and that was why Connor was lucky to have her as a mother. Chelsea wondered if Sage knew what she was in for -- after all, Victor was going to be the grandfather of Sage's child.

Chelsea told Adam she was unsure about her future as a fashion designer, since Victoria seemed to dislike all of her ideas. Adam assured her that Victoria's nixing the children's clothing line was merely Victoria lashing out in anger because of Adam's promotion. He suggested that Chelsea go over Victoria's head and take her ideas directly to Jack. Chelsea thought that was a great suggestion. She smiled and thanked Adam for bolstering her confidence before she left.

Chelsea showed up at Jack's office and wondered if he could spare a few minutes for her. She told him that she had spent months designing a children's clothing line and handed Jack her portfolio. Chelsea then explained that Victoria had barely glanced at the designs before cancelling the line. Chelsea told him that Victoria had decided to have her design a men's clothing line, but she wondered if her men's designs would fare any better with Victoria.

Chelsea accused Victoria of acting vengefully because Chelsea had cheated on Billy. Jack said that was a pretty serious accusation. Chelsea felt that many decisions at Newman-Abbott were being made because of vendettas and personal animosities. Jack smiled and proposed that they double Chelsea's budget and gave a green light to both the children's and the men's clothing lines.

Chelsea was overjoyed but worried about how Victoria would feel about Jack's proposal. Jack told her not to worry about Victoria. He would take care of Victoria -- and Victor, too. Chelsea thanked Jack for the amazing opportunity, adding it was good to see him more like his old self. Jack told her it had taken a little while, but he was back -- and reconsidering the direction of the Newman-Abbott merger. Stepping in close to Chelsea, he seductively said he wouldn't say that to someone he couldn't trust or count on. He took Chelsea's hand in his and stared at her.

At the Underground, Nick wondered if Sage was upset that Adam had learned about her pregnancy. Sage said she didn't care what Adam thought -- their marriage had been one of convenience. She told Nick that her pregnancy wasn't supposed to have ever happened, and it felt a little fragile. Nick held Sage and tried to reassure her, He said that their baby was a miracle.

Sage wondered how Faith and the other Newmans would react to the news that Nick had "knocked up a girl" he barely knew. Nick chuckled and said that, in the annals of Newman family scandals, Sage's pregnancy didn't even deserve a mention. He told her that it didn't matter what anyone in his family thought about the pregnancy. As Nick and Sage embraced and kissed, Adam walked in and observed them, unseen.

After Nick left for the back room, Adam walked up to the bar and said, "That was quite a bomb you dropped earlier, Sage." Sage claimed that she and Nick were just as surprised -- and were both really happy about the baby. Adam wondered how happy Nick would be when he learned that Nick wasn't the father.

Sage claimed that the baby was Nick's. Adam asked how Sage could be sure. Sage said she and Adam only had sex one time. Adam said, "I'm pretty sure once is all it takes." He demanded a paternity test -- he had a right to know if it was his child. Nick returned from the back and wondered why "Bingo" was there. Adam said he'd had a question for Sage that he hadn't been able to ask her earlier with all the "baby stuff." He congratulated Nick and Sage then left.

Nick asked Sage what Adam's visit had been about. Nervously, Sage lied and said a question had arisen about Constance's estate. Nick noticed that Adam had upset her. Sage said there were many things she had to deal with aside from Gabriel. Nick said he would do anything he could to help. He embraced Sage and told her they were in it together. Sage noticed that Adam was staring at them from the club's entrance.

. . .

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