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Wednesday, October 19, 2016
by Nel

Ashley and Billy met at the Athletic Club. Ashley asked Billy if he wanted to talk about Brash & Sassy. Billy said he didn't care what she'd done or hadn't done to screw over his company. He wanted to know what Phyllis was up to. Billy described his encounter with Phyllis and how she'd tried to destroy a flash drive. Ashley asked if he was becoming involved with Phyllis again and if he hadn't learned anything from the destructive affair that had blown up Jack's marriage, ruined Billy's reputation, and almost annihilated their entire family.

Billy denied any involvement with Phyllis and was aware of the damage he'd caused. He knew he'd probably pay for it the rest of his life. Phyllis was trying to hide something, and it could've been about Jack, Jabot, or both. Billy knew by the look in Ashley's eyes that she thought Phyllis had been trying to hide something.

Billy assured Ashley that she could trust him. Ashley said that even if she knew what Phyllis had been up to, she had no reason to share it with Billy. He said Phyllis had told him the flash drive contained personal information, and that was before he'd grabbed the flash drive from her. Phyllis had wrestled him for it. Billy asked if Ashley enjoyed being blindsided. He encouraged her to work with him and find out what Phyllis was up to.

Ashley reminded Billy that the flash drive was company property, and Billy didn't work for the family company. Billy said he was still part of the family, and he'd do everything in his power to protect her. Ashley felt there would be a legal ramification. Billy stated he still owned part of the company. Ashley loved Billy but didn't trust him. He'd lost her trust because he was careless, always put himself first, and had hurt the family. Ashley walked away.

Billy followed Ashley and said he knew Ashley didn't want Phyllis working for Jack. Ashley agreed, but Jack was a grown man and capable of making his own stupid choices. Billy didn't think Jack was thinking straight at the moment; they both knew that close proximity led to reconciliation, and they didn't want that. He tried to talk Ashley into finding out what was on the flash drive. Ashley refused to be a spy and agreed that she didn't want Phyllis working with Jack, but she didn't want Billy to end up there, either, because he'd hurt Jack and himself, and she wasn't going to help him do it again. Ashley left.

Billy was at the bar when Ashley returned and told him she didn't like how they had ended things. Billy admitted Ashley had been right.

Billy said that the people who loved them could forgive them for a bad wager, drunken texting, not showing up for a birthday party, or horrible behavior. Billy admitted he'd never be able to live down his affair with Phyllis. Ashley said the tabloids would make sure of that. Billy didn't care about the tabloids or what some stranger saw when they looked at him. He cared what Jack saw. When Jack saw Billy, Jack looked right through him.

Ashley reminded Billy he'd slept with Jack's wife. Billy said that didn't negate the fact that Phyllis was up to something and Jack deserved to know. Ashley said if he wanted a chance to make amends with Jack, he had to stay far away from Phyllis.

Phyllis arrived at Jack's house to give him the flash drive. Jack was annoyed and said he'd instructed her to destroy it. He asked why she still had it. Phyllis said she'd done him a favor, whether he appreciated it or not. Jack wanted to know why it still existed and why she'd taken it to his house.

Phyllis advised Jack that Billy had walked in on her while she'd been trying to destroy the flash drive. He'd tried to get her to hand it over to him. Jack asked if Phyllis had told Billy what was on the drive. Phyllis assured him she hadn't, but once the facts were revealed to the media, Newman Enterprises would be in a PR nightmare from which Victor might never awaken. Jack told Phyllis she should've destroyed the flash drive, but Phyllis disagreed. Billy was on the hunt, and she felt it had been too conspicuous to destroy it at Jabot. She'd taken it to Jack so she could update him on the Billy situation.

Phyllis wanted to know why Billy was so determined to find out what was on the drive. Jack said Billy thought Jabot was trying to sabotage Brash & Sassy's new sales push. Phyllis said Jack had. Jack said it was business. Billy wouldn't have hesitated to block Jabot if he'd thought of it first. Phyllis suggested that Jack needed to assure Billy that the drive had nothing to do with Brash & Sassy. Jack said he didn't want to talk to Billy.

Phyllis assured Jack that Billy had seen nothing, and divine intervention had stepped in with a power outage. She assured Jack that she'd printed out a hard copy of the data and cleared the printer history. Phyllis gave Jack the Newman information and said she'd done what he'd told her to do.

Jack was impressed that Phyllis had made a few changes and admitted the information was tighter and more provocative. Phyllis stated that there was enough information indicating that the key sectors bled red ink. Profits had been syphoned from other divisions to cover their losses, and that could launch an embarrassing investigation and squelch any sensitive ongoing negotiations Victor had in the works. The tax evasion had potential; she'd highlighted some of the juicy tidbits, and that would resonate with the public.

Jack admitted that as much as he looked forward to watching Victor squirm, the information had a very short shelf life. Ashley was suspicious. Phyllis had had a run-in with Billy. They needed to get the information to GC Buzz as soon as possible.

Jack thanked Phyllis and said he'd be handling Victor's demise alone. Phyllis reminded Jack that she'd proven she was valuable. Jack didn't want her to make things more difficult than they had to be. Phyllis asked if Jack knew how difficult it was for her to be there, knowing how things had changed. Jack said it was still the same house. Phyllis pointed out that it was about what they'd shared.

Jack shouted that Phyllis had given him the hard copy and the flash drive, and that was all he needed. Phyllis said if Jack threw her out, he wasn't just being ungrateful -- he was being a fool. It had been her idea to leak the information to GC Buzz, and Jack had called it genius. Jack confirmed it was, but he didn't need her anymore. She reminded him that he needed her skills. He asked, "Lying and cheating?" She agreed those didn't work for a marriage, but they were handy when going up against Victor because Victor didn't play fair, and neither did she. Phyllis warned Jack not to risk losing to Victor because Jack was too hurt, angry, and stubborn to listen to her.

Phyllis said that Jack would maintain a respectable profile with Ashley, doing Jabot business. She'd make sure the information was leaked. Jack's hands would remain clean. If anything went wrong, it would rebound on her alone. Jack refused to offer her up as a sacrifice if Victor tied the situation to her. Phyllis said Victor would chalk it up to her ongoing vendetta against him and would assume Phyllis was still hellbent on revenge, but Jack and Jabot would be protected. Phyllis felt it was a winning situation for everybody. Jack looked thoughtful.

Phyllis advised Jack that he couldn't take Victor down alone. Jack admitted she'd done a great job, but it didn't change the way he felt. Phyllis asked him to try. Jack said Billy would always be there and find an excuse to insert himself into her life. Phyllis said she didn't have any feelings for Billy anymore and wanted to know what she would have to do to prove it to Jack. Jack said she couldn't.

Jack said he'd get Phyllis' input when he needed it. The memories of what she and Billy had done to him would never fade. Phyllis said she also had memories of what she and Jack had had.

Jack showed Phyllis to the door. Phyllis told him he was wrong -- the house had changed. Jack said same rug, same furniture. Phyllis said things didn't make a home; people did. Phyllis left. Jack turned off the lights and went upstairs.

At Sharon's, Mariah got an ice pack for Nick. Kevin apologized for hitting Nick over the head. Kevin said he hadn't known it had been Nick. He'd thought it had been the stalker Sharon had seen and suggested more outdoor lighting.

Nick told Kevin not to worry about it -- he was fine and happy Kevin was there to help Nick take care of Sharon, Mariah, and the kids. Sharon insisted that Nick needed to go to the hospital because he might have a concussion. Nick objected and stated he didn't have a concussion, but when he tried to stand, he became dizzy and sat down again. Kevin confirmed he'd hit Nick really hard.

Nick refused to leave. Kevin said they hadn't seen anyone. Nick had confirmed that Patty hadn't been there, and security hadn't seen her. Nick said Sharon seemed convinced that Patty was heading to Sharon's and refused to leave until the situation had been sorted out. Nick stood up and told Mariah and Sharon to go to bed. He was going to go outside to look around for Patty or anyone else. In the end, Sharon won and took Nick to the hospital. Kevin stayed to protect Mariah and the kids.

Kevin advised Mariah that he might not be a ninja, but he'd do whatever it took to protect his best friend. Kevin opened the door and said that if a stalker tried to walk through that door -- Paul stood there, and Kevin almost punched him in the face.

Paul assured Mariah that Patty was back in confinement and asked about Sharon and Nick. Mariah advised that Nick had had an accident when the lights had gone out and was in the hospital. Paul told Kevin to go. Paul would make sure everyone stayed safe. Mariah encouraged Kevin to go and see Chloe and thanked him for being her ninja. Kevin realized he'd forgotten his phone at Chloe's and left.

Paul told Mariah that he'd seen that she'd visited Patty at Stonevale, and he asked why she hadn't told him about that visit. Mariah theorized that the last year, Patty had tried to reach Dylan. She'd thought perhaps Patty had been the one calling the house. She'd gone to Patty to see if she'd been right. Paul was impressed but said Patty didn't have access to a phone. Mariah decided to leave theories to the pros.

Paul got up to get something, and Mariah texted Sharon.

Chloe woke up shaken from her nightmare. Chelsea commented that it had to have been some nightmare. Chloe asked what Chelsea had heard. Chelsea said Chloe had called out Adam's name and had seemed upset. Chelsea said it wasn't so much what Chloe had said, but the way she'd said Adam's name. Chelsea asked if Chloe recalled where she'd been or what she had been doing in her dream. Chloe pointed to the pumpkins and said it had to have been the carving of the pumpkins and the kids' costumes.

Chelsea didn't know what that had to do with Adam. Chloe said it was about Delia in her witch costume for her play that particular night. Chelsea still didn't understand what that had to do with Adam. Before Chloe could answer, Connor began to cry. Chelsea said Connor had been fussy and had pointed to his ear. Chloe suggested Chelsea take Connor to the ER because of his history. Chloe looked worried after Chelsea left.

Chloe took Bella for a walk. She told Bella that mommy had really messed up and almost said something she shouldn't have. She hoped Bella would never know what Chloe was talking about. Chloe said that no one could ever find out what had happened to Connor's daddy and what she'd done. Chloe needed to be close to people who trusted her and thought the best of her, not the worst. She said she could start with one person, and he could help them. She couldn't let anything take Bella away from her.

Kevin returned to Chelsea's. Kevin told Chloe that Mariah had been spooked by the thought of a stalker outside Sharon's house. He'd left when Paul had arrived. Chloe handed him his phone, and Kevin hoped Chloe didn't think he'd left it there on purpose as an excuse to return. Chloe said Kevin didn't need an excuse.

Chloe stopped Kevin from leaving and confessed she'd been giving him mixed signals. She said that they'd finally been getting back to being them, and then Delia's anniversary had happened. Because of her mixed feelings, she didn't want to promise more than she could give. Chloe told him about her nightmare, and when she'd woken up, she'd realized that she needed Kevin in her life more than ever.

Chloe told Kevin that since Bella had been born, Chloe had realized she needed someone beside her, someone who understood her. She needed someone who wanted to share not only the happy times, but the sad ones too. Kevin worried that he'd always remind her of the night Delia had died. Chloe assured him that he'd had a special connection with Delia, and that night didn't upset her. It reassured her because she knew Kevin had loved Delia too -- Kevin cried and laughed with Chloe, and she trusted herself when she was with him. She trusted Kevin to take care of her and Bella. Kevin said he'd just heard everything he'd needed to hear, and they kissed.

At Memorial Hospital, Chelsea and Connor saw Stitch, and he assured Chelsea that they'd caught the infection early. He gave Chelsea a prescription and said Connor would be better in no time.

As Chelsea and Connor walked past a nurses' station, someone called out to Chelsea. A man with a walker approached her and introduced himself as Matthews, Adam's guard at Walworth. Chelsea had been told that he'd been in a coma and on life support. He said miracles happened, thanks to the love and support of his wife. He was proud he'd made fools of his doctors. He was going to walk out of the hospital under his own power. He was sorry he hadn't recovered in time to testify for Adam.

Chelsea asked "For Adam?" Matthews said Adam hadn't been responsible for his actions when Adam had attacked him. He was truly sorry for Chelsea's loss. Matthews told Connor he'd known Connor's dad and that his dad had said that Connor and Chelsea were Adam's whole world. Matthews left with his wife.

In Nick's room at Memorial, Nick told Sharon that he knew his name, the date, Sharon's name, and her birthday, and it proved the concussion had not done any damage. Sharon pointed out that Nick would do anything for the kids, but he was negligent with his own welfare. Stitch entered and asked if it had been a blow to the head. Nick said it had been an accident, and he wanted to go home. Stitch said he was keeping Nick overnight for observation. Nick protested. Sharon told Nick to do what the doctor said. Stitch said they acted like an old married couple, and he left.

Sharon appreciated that Nick was looking out for her family. Nick was happy he could be there for Sharon, Mariah, Faith, and Sully. Sharon had a look for fear when Nick mentioned Sully's name. Nick noticed Sharon's strange look and asked what he'd said to upset her. Nick refreshed their conversation, saying he'd been talking about her and the kids when she'd gotten that look in her eye. He reminded her that his clothes were where she'd put them a few minutes before.

Sharon felt guilty. Nick assured her it hadn't been her fault that Kevin had cracked him over the head. Nick said that someday they would have a laugh -- him, Sharon, and Sully -- about how old uncle Nick had been mistaken for a stalker. Sharon got that fearful look, and Nick realized Sharon missed the kids. Nick told her he'd be fine, and she should go home.

As Sharon left Nick's room, she bumped into Chelsea, who explained about Connor's ear infection. Sharon said that Nick had had an accident during the blackout, and Stitch was keeping Nick overnight just to play it safe. Sharon had to leave, and Chelsea went to see Nick.

Sharon received a text message from Mariah: "Paul is here. Knows I went to see Patty." Sharon seemed to panic and ran out.

Nick explained to Chelsea the circumstances of his arrival at Memorial. He teased that whenever he walked around at night, looking for stalkers, he wore a really cool helmet, but he'd forgotten it that time. Chelsea told Nick about Connor's ear infection. Nick was surprised Connor had another ear infection so soon after the night she and Connor had planned to fly away with Adam. Nick apologized for mentioning the worst night of her life.

Chelsea assured Nick that he didn't need to apologize for reminding her of Adam. She told Nick she'd seen the prison guard from Walworth in the hallway. He was sorry he hadn't been able to testify for Adam. He knew Adam hadn't hurt him on purpose. Chelsea said if Matthews had gotten well sooner, Adam might still be alive.

Nick thanked Chelsea for stopping by and said to give Connor a hug. Chelsea told Nick to get well because they needed him around. She left.

When Sharon got home, she asked Mariah why there was a police car in the driveway and wondered where Kevin was. Sharon saw Paul. Mariah explained that Kevin had left, but she felt safer with Paul there. Sharon thanked Paul for offering to stay, but she felt that the stalker was probably a figment of her imagination, and there was no need for him to stay. Paul showed Patty's painting of a pregnant Sharon at Fairview to Sharon and thought Sharon would be more afraid of that than a stalker.

Sharon asked why Patty had painted a picture of her pregnant. Paul said the art critics classified Patty's paintings as primitive, but Paul found the subject fascinating and asked why Patty would paint that. Paul said that when he'd shown Mariah the picture, she'd had no idea why Patty would've painted Sharon being pregnant. He hoped Sharon could tell him why.

Sharon was thankful that Patty had been found. Paul assured her that Patty was back in confinement for her safety and the safety of others. Sharon admitted there had been a point when she had wondered if Patty had made the calls. Paul asked if that was the reason Sharon had wanted to speak to him in the park. Sharon apologized, but Paul said he'd enjoyed his time with her and his grandson, but as he'd explained to Mariah, Patty didn't have access to a phone, so it was very unlikely that Patty had been the caller.

Paul asked Sharon to have another look at the picture. Sharon asked what he wanted her to see. Paul said Patty usually painted cats. She loved cats and couldn't get enough of them, so it was very curious that Patty had chosen that particular image to paint. Sharon thought perhaps Patty had been excited about becoming a great aunt. Paul questioned why Patty wouldn't paint a picture of a baby or Sharon and baby together. Sharon apologized, but she'd told him everything she knew.

Paul told Sharon he'd crash on the couch. Paul asked Sharon to let him know if anything jarred her memory. Sharon shook her head and looked fearful. She and Mariah went to bed. Paul looked thoughtful.

. . .

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