Wednesday, July 27, 2016
by Mike

At the Athletic Club, Phyllis was shocked to learn that Jill had caught her and Billy in bed together earlier that night. Jill wanted to know when the affair had started, so Phyllis explained that she had begun bonding with Billy earlier that year because he had understood her need for revenge against Victor better than anyone else, including Jack. Jill assumed that Phyllis was trying to punish Jack, but Phyllis insisted that wasn't the case.

"Then explain it to me, okay? You and Billy were spending all this time together, plotting away, and all of a sudden you just gave in to your baser instincts, risking losing Victoria and Jack? I [know] my son has a self-destructive streak a mile wide, Phyllis, but I expected more from you. What is wrong with you?" Jill asked incredulously. Phyllis started to explain that she and Billy had been attracted to each other, but Jill countered, "So the hell what? You know better than this! You know how much you hurt Jack all those years ago when you slept with Nick, and now you're doing the same thing with his brother?"

"Where do you get off being so self-righteous? You slept with Katherine's husband! You slept with Jack when you were with his father!" Phyllis pointed out. Jill acknowledged her mistakes and admitted that she knew, from first-hand experience, just how devastating such wounds could be. "And, God, I wanted better for my son -- better than some sordid little affair with his sister-in-law," Jill added with a mixture of sadness and disgust. Phyllis agreed that what she and Billy were doing was wrong, and she said that was precisely why she intended to walk away from Jack the following day.

Jill wondered if Phyllis had fallen out of love with Jack. Phyllis tearfully insisted that the situation wasn't that simple; in fact, she loved Jack and Billy, the latter of whom loved her, too. Jill wanted to know how Phyllis planned to break the news to Jack, so Phyllis explained that she intended to leave Jack then slowly begin allowing herself to be seen in public with Billy, letting people reach the natural conclusion that a deeper relationship was innocently developing between two unattached friends. Phyllis stressed that she and Billy wanted to make the situation as painless as possible for everyone involved.

Jill predicted that the situation would cause nothing but pain for everyone involved, regardless of how Phyllis and Billy chose to go public with their relationship. "A millennium could pass, and there will be no happy ending for you and Billy. The only thing that this relationship guarantees is the destruction of the Abbott family," Jill continued. Phyllis refused to believe that Billy's family could ever abandon him for good, but Jill insisted that denial wouldn't change the facts. "So, what are you saying here? Are you saying that the whole thing is just hopeless?" Phyllis wondered.

"There is one ray of hope. Let me lay it out for you; it's real simple. Stay away from my son. Go back to Jack. Be with your husband, and never tell anybody about this conversation today," Jill replied. Jill warned that she would tell everyone the truth about the affair if Phyllis refused to end things with Billy. Phyllis incredulously pointed out that Jill had just finished lecturing her about the pain that revelation would cause.

"Don't you turn this back on me. You are the one that started this whole thing in motion. But I can damn well stop it -- I can stop it with one phone call to Jack!" Jill angrily countered. Phyllis begged Jill not to do that. Sighing, Jill insisted that Billy wasn't right for Phyllis, and he never would be. "End this...or I will," Jill reiterated before showing herself out of Phyllis' room. Once she was alone, Phyllis broke down.

While lying in bed with Cane, Lily observed that he had stopped wearing his wedding rings at some point. Cane explained that he had been forced to remove them months earlier, when his hand had started swelling after he had broken his elbow, and he regretfully added that he had since lost them. Grinning, Lily revealed that she had recently found them on one of Mattie's dolls. Cane happily allowed Lily to place the rings back on his finger, symbolically marking a new beginning for the couple.

Later, Lauren arrived at the Athletic Club and admonished Cane for failing to give her a heads-up about his plan to leave Fenmore's to work at Brash & Sassy, complaining that she'd had to hear the news from a business reporter, of all people. Cane apologized, explaining that he had been forced to keep quiet until the completion of the Brash & Sassy buyout because Jill had made him sign a non-disclosure agreement. "Rationalize it all you want, [but] clearly you don't value our friendship and our working relationship the way I do," Lauren observed.

Cane insisted that wasn't true, adding that he simply felt like he and Lauren had achieved all they could together. "Ah, so my company's not enough of a challenge for you," Lauren concluded. Cane started to clarify that Brash & Sassy needed him more than Fenmore's did, but Lauren soon interrupted and let him off the hook, admitting that she actually thought it would be good for him to work at Brash & Sassy. Lauren assured Cane that their friendship would survive. "Frankly, you're not the one I should be angry at," Lauren added as Jill approached.

Lauren and Jill stepped aside to talk about the matter privately. Jill reasoned that Lauren was a genius who didn't need Cane's help to run a company, but Lauren insisted that Jill still should have talked to her before poaching Cane. Jill protested that she had talked to Lauren about her plan to use Brash & Sassy to get Billy and Victoria back together, prompting Lauren to counter that Jill had never mentioned that stealing Cane away from Fenmore's would be part of the plan. Lauren warned that Jill needed to stop treating people like pawns on a chessboard. "You have to play the game if it's good for the people you love," Jill argued before walking away.

At Jabot, Jack told Ashley about how Phyllis had reacted to Victor's release from prison. Jack could tell that he wasn't the only one who had things on his mind, so Ashley admitted that she was thinking about Neville, who had asked to see her later. "I think he wants to say goodbye," Ashley fretted. Jack thought that might be for the best, but Ashley stressed that she still cared about Neville, despite the mistakes he had made.

Jack suspected that Ashley's feelings for Neville might go beyond friendship, but she said she wasn't heartbroken about Neville's imminent departure from Genoa City because she had never completely fallen for him. "We just never really knew where we stood with each other," Ashley added, prompting Jack to admit that he could relate. Ashley was confident that Jack and Phyllis would eventually work through their problems.

Meanwhile, in the lab, Neville informed Devon and Hilary that he was planning to leave Genoa City because of everything that had happened recently. Devon was happy to hear that, and Neville said he understood why, but he also stressed that he had never meant to cause Hilary any harm. Hilary assured Neville that although she, too, was happy to hear that he was leaving town, she knew he hadn't tried to kill her, and she had been wrong to accuse him of such a thing.

Devon observed, once he was alone with Hilary, that she had been surprisingly easy on Neville. Hilary said she had realized that she needed to let go of past resentments and focus her energy on more positive things, like developing new medical breakthroughs with more reputable doctors. Jack arrived in time to join the discussion, and he admitted that he had been under the impression that Neville's departure would mark the end of the research team. Devon confirmed the suspicion, and when Hilary started to protest, he told her they could talk about new ventures later, adding that he just wanted Jack to know that they would no longer be hogging Jabot's lab.

Jack was glad to hear that Devon and Hilary were back together. Devon hoped that Hilary would still be welcome as a part of Jack and Neil's foundation, despite the recent misunderstandings about the nature of her relationship with Jack. Jack confirmed that he would be happy to continue working with Hilary, and she promised that she wouldn't cross any lines with him in the future.

When Hilary went to check Ashley's office to make sure that Neville hadn't inadvertently left anything behind, Jack observed that things seemed different between her and Devon. Devon admitted that, although he didn't think Hilary would ever change, he had realized that he should have seen who she really was sooner, and he should have fought harder to ensure that his voice was heard in their relationship. Jack wished Devon plenty of happiness with Hilary then abruptly excused himself, explaining that he needed to see someone right away.

Later, Devon assured Hilary that she would soon find another project to work on. Hilary hated the thought of giving up on something, but Devon advised her not to think of it like that. "You will come up with something else, or ten other something elses, and each one of them will be more brilliant than the last," Devon confidently predicted. Devon added that he loved Hilary and would therefore be at her side every step of the way, supporting her and helping her achieve her dreams. "Well, right now I only have one dream, Devon, and it's you. Just you," Hilary replied before giving him a kiss.

Chloe went to the Chancellor mansion and was surprised to find that Billy was living there. Billy was just as surprised to see that Chloe had been released from the psychiatric facility that had been treating her. Billy wondered if Chloe had heard about Adam's murder conviction. Chloe confirmed that she had, but she refused to do a happy dance, stressing that she had learned to channel her energy into more productive things. "That's why I'm okay to come back here. I'm finally ready to come back to Genoa City and face the past," Chloe added.

Chloe was sorry to hear that Billy and Victoria's relationship had ended, but he happily assured her that his future looked bright nevertheless. Chloe assumed that Billy had a new woman in his life, but he claimed that he was just referring to the brightness that his kids added to his life. Billy quickly started to apologize, fearing that he was being insensitive, but Chloe dismissed his concerns, and she also stressed that she understood why he had refused her request to have another baby with her. Chloe abruptly excused herself so she could get some things out of the attic, but before leaving, she confirmed Billy's suspicion that she was back for good.

Later, after Chloe left, Billy received a visit from Phyllis, who revealed that she had changed her mind about leaving Jack. Billy assumed that Jack had said something to Phyllis that had forced her hand, but she claimed that she had made the decision on her own. "I can't break his heart. He loves me very much," Phyllis explained. Billy protested that Phyllis loved him, but she insisted that she didn't, and she never would. "We're over. And I want to make my marriage work. I'm sorry," Phyllis tearfully added before rushing off.

Jill soon arrived and found Billy drowning his sorrows, prompting her to wonder what had happened. "Same thing that always happens: I had something good, and I lost it. Now I've got nothing," Billy replied. Pretending to assume that Billy was upset about the situation with Brash & Sassy, Jill stressed that the company was still within his grasp. Billy insisted that he didn't care about Brash & Sassy, and he also didn't care about proving himself to his mother. Jill understood but assured Billy that she cared about him and knew that he would eventually pick himself up, dust himself off, and realize what really mattered: his children and his family.

Meanwhile, Jack went to see Phyllis, and when he realized that she had been crying recently, he assured her that he wouldn't take up much of her time. Phyllis interrupted and revealed that she had reached a decision earlier. "I'm coming home," Phyllis added with a smile. Stunned, Jack wondered what had changed since his last conversation with Phyllis.

"I had to ask myself some difficult questions about our future, and the answer became clear," Phyllis vaguely explained. Phyllis apologized and blamed herself for all the problems she and Jack had faced recently, but he insisted that he had made his fair share of mistakes, too. Jack reasoned that the important thing was that he and Phyllis both wanted to make their marriage work. "Yes. We need to make it work," Phyllis numbly agreed.

Ashley met with Neville at Crimson Lights to say goodbye to him. Ashley was confident that Neville, whom she had found quite inspiring, would do great things in the future. Neville admitted that Ashley had inspired him, too, and he added that he had never had a more admirable and lovely partner or friend. Neville shook Ashley's hand before turning to leave, but she stopped him and gave him a kiss on the lips. "I'm really gonna miss you," Ashley admitted before saying goodbye to Neville.

Meanwhile, Esther received a surprise visit from Chloe, who excitedly dragged Esther off to a hotel room. As Bella's babysitter left the room, Chloe lifted the child into her arms. "Mom, meet Bella -- your granddaughter," Chloe said, stunning Esther.

. . .

On the next The Young and the Restless...

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• Cane informs Phyllis that he and Billy will be working downstairs.
• Jack asks if Billy has problem with them having offices in the same building.