Wednesday, August 26, 2015

At the Underground, Noah informed Marisa that he'd found his mom crying in the park, and Marisa pointed out that it could have just been from pregnancy hormones. Noah explained that Sharon had once freaked out at the idea of anyone else having a kid with his dad. He looked over at Nick and Sage in a booth, and Marisa wondered if Noah thought it would happen again.

Nick told Sage that he had to attend a mandatory company meeting, and he recognized that his family could be overbearing and demanding. Nick imagined that she had gotten a healthy dose of the Newmans the day before, and she said it had been sweet of Nikki and Victoria to throw a party for the baby, but she could only imagine the huge deal they'd make out of Nick and Sage's wedding. Nick proposed that they keep the ceremony simple with just Sage, himself, and his kids, and Sage thought a small wedding sounded perfect. Nick contended that it would be even more perfect to do it that night, and Sage couldn't think of a reason why they should wait.

Nick informed Noah that he and Sage were getting married that night at sunset, and Sage suggested they do it in Chancellor Park. She quickly retracted the idea because of Nick's unfortunate history there, but Nick refused to allow superstition to dictate their choices. Nick relayed that only Noah, Summer, and Faith were invited, and he steeled himself to fill in the rest of the family at the meeting. Noah offered to start making the wedding arrangements, and he thought he should tell Sharon to avoid her finding out from Faith after the fact. Sage walked out with Nick, and Noah admitted to Marisa that he was worried about how his mom would take the news.

At Crimson Lights, Sharon called her doctor to find out how soon she could start trying to get pregnant again. Sharon seemed disappointed by how long she should wait, and she hung up in dismay. Dylan asked if everything was okay with the baby, and Sharon fibbed that she'd called the doctor about the tiredness she'd been experiencing, but it was nothing to worry about. Dylan said he didn't know what he would do if anything happened to Sharon or their baby, and she looked guilty as they hugged.

Noah and Marisa arrived at the coffeehouse, and Sharon sensed from Noah's expression that something was wrong. Noah gently informed her that Nick and Sage were getting married that night, and she innocently wondered if he was there to invite her. Noah clammed up, and Sharon demanded to know why he'd felt the need to tell her in person. Noah explained that he hadn't wanted her to be caught off guard, but she realized he'd thought she'd freak out. Dylan defended Noah, but Sharon ranted that she was fine and that she'd moved on from Nick. She ordered Noah to stop waiting for her to do something crazy, and she stormed off.

Dylan presented Noah with some coffee on the patio, and Noah said he hadn't meant to upset Sharon. Dylan explained that she was tired of people expecting her to implode, but Noah countered that Sharon had experienced the worst breakdown she'd ever had when Nick had moved on before. Dylan reasoned that Sharon hadn't been feeling well from her pregnancy, and Noah hoped that had been the reason for her overreaction. Dylan promised he would keep an eye on her.

Sharon assumed that Noah had told Marisa about Sharon's disorder, and she hoped it didn't scare Marisa off. Marisa remarked that people had judged her for her whole life, and she was focused on the fact that Sharon had raised Noah into the amazing gentleman he was. Sharon was clearly touched, and Noah returned and asked if Sharon was okay. Sharon said she hadn't been feeling well lately, and she hadn't expected the news, but she was okay with it. Sharon told Noah to give Nick and Sage her best, and Noah and Marisa left to handle the wedding arrangements.

At the cottage, Dylan rubbed Sharon's shoulders, and she asked how he knew exactly what to do to make her feel better. He replied that it was easy because he loved her, and they kissed, but she pulled away. He asked what was wrong, and she claimed that she was just tired. He said she had no reason to apologize, and they cuddled on the couch.

Sharon napped on the sofa, and she dreamed about Dylan holding their baby. Dylan softly questioned if the baby knew how long he had waited to be a dad, and Sharon gushed that Dylan would be a wonderful father. Suddenly, the blanket in Dylan's arms was empty, and he angrily demanded to know what had happened. Sharon awakened with a start, and Dylan assured her it had just been a bad dream.

In the park, Marisa noticed that Noah was distracted, and she assured him that his mom would be fine, since Sharon was a strong woman who had Dylan. Marisa advised that if Noah kept expecting his mom to freak out, Sharon would doubt herself, so he needed to stop worrying. Marisa urged Noah to focus on his father for the night, and they picked out a spot where Nick and Sage should stand during the ceremony. Marisa imagined that it would be really romantic with the moonlight and flowers, and she asked if Noah could picture it. He mused that he had the most beautiful view in the park right there, and they kissed.

In Victor's office, the Newmans and the Abbotts congregated to finalize the end of the merger, but Victor protested that Nick wasn't there yet, and Victoria volunteered to fill her brother in. Jack declared that the plan was for the companies to be separate entities, and each family would walk away with everything it had had prior to the merger. "Well, not quite everything," Victor replied. Victor asserted that the families had agreed to go their separate ways, but Abby was a Newman, and he wanted her to stay and work for him.

Ashley argued that Abby was also an Abbott, and Victoria and Billy butted heads about which company was best for Abby to work for. Nick arrived as Abby announced that she wanted to stay at Newman, and Billy chided her for choosing a title over family. Abby explained that she was part of the Newman family, too, and she had an opportunity to do things at Newman that she'd never been able to do at Jabot. Kyle assured her that he had no hard feelings, but a surly Billy told Kyle to speak for himself. Jack said he hated losing Abby, but he wanted what was best for her, and she thanked him. Ashley hugged Abby and reminded her not to forget that she was also an Abbott.

Victor declared that there was one more thing -- he wanted Chelsea's fashion line to continue under the Newman umbrella. Billy testily noted that it was called "Chelsea by Jabot" for a reason, and Jack contended that they'd sunk millions into her line. Victor recognized that Jabot had discovered Chelsea, but Victoria had been running the division for months, and Victoria added that Newman had the resources to rebrand and grow the design company. Nick suggested that they ask what Chelsea wanted, but Victor was adamant that the clothing line continue under the Newman name.

Jack growled that Victor wouldn't get what he wanted that time, but Victor contended that Chelsea was a Newman, and Newman Enterprises was Connor's legacy. Billy pointed out that Connor considered Billy to be his father, but Victor huffed that Connor would always be Adam's son. Billy snarled that neither Adam nor Victor had deserved to have Connor in their lives, and Abby suggested that they table the discussion. Jack hissed that the last thing Adam would have wanted was for Victor to be part of his son's life.

After Jack, Ashley, Billy, and Kyle left, Victor proposed having a Newman celebration that night with all of his children, but Nick said he had plans. Victor ordered Nick to put them on hold, but Nick revealed that his wedding was that night. Abby and Victoria fretted that they needed time to get ready, but Nick informed them that only his kids would be in attendance. Nick hoped Victoria would tell Nikki for him, and Victoria joked that it would be his wedding gift. Victor wished Nick the best, and Nick said his family's support meant a lot.

Once alone, Victoria was surprised by Victor's calm demeanor, and she asked if he was disappointed that Nick hadn't invited him to the wedding. Victor accepted that Nick loved Sage and that she was carrying Victor's grandchild, so there was nothing more for him to do. Victoria commended him for not fighting Nick's decision, but she urged Victor to fight for Chelsea's designs. Victoria warned that the Abbotts would go after them with everything they had, and Victor expected them to.

Victor planned to wait for Chelsea to return, but Victoria wasn't sure that would happen, since she'd heard Chelsea was planning to start a new life in Paris with Gabriel. Victor was certain that Gabriel wouldn't be able to stand the idea of Victor winning anything, and he was sure Gabriel would convince Chelsea to return with Connor. Victor confidently stated that he would have both his company and his grandson back.

At the Athletic Club, Summer lamented to Phyllis that she couldn't understand why Harding had killed three people, and Phyllis replied that they'd probably never know, but Summer was sure there was more to it. Summer received a text message from Noah and was surprised to learn that Nick and Sage were getting married that night. Phyllis asked how Summer felt about it, and Summer replied that she was happy if her dad was happy. Phyllis sincerely hoped it worked out, and she thought Nick was right not to wait if he was sure about marrying Sage. Phyllis added that people should grab a chance at happiness, since they never knew what life would throw at them.

Sage arrived at the club, and Summer imagined that Sage was excited about the wedding. Sage confided that she was nervous about not inviting Nick's parents, but Phyllis said Victor and Nikki didn't get a vote in how Nick and Sage lived their lives. Summer insisted that her grandparents just wanted Nick to be happy, and she pointed out that Jack's family had understood when he and Phyllis had wanted to elope. Summer remarked that Jack and Phyllis had no regrets, but Phyllis quickly turned the topic to Sage's wedding, and she asserted that the couple's happiness was all that mattered. Sage vowed not to let anything ruin that night.

Later, Jack joined Phyllis at the club, and she was thrilled to hear that he had Jabot back. Jack revealed that Victor wanted to keep Chelsea's line, but he wasn't willing to let Victor win. Phyllis marveled that Jack had gotten his family company back, and he'd get to work with people who shared the same passion. She suggested that maybe it was time to let Victor go, and Jack thought it might be time to let go of a lot of things. He noted that the past few months had been some of the darkest in his life, and he was worn out physically and emotionally. He pondered whether it was time for him to back away for a while.

Phyllis was stunned at the thought of Jack not running Jabot, but he considered handing the reins to Ashley. Phyllis said the company was more important to him than anything, but Jack contended that he and Phyllis had been robbed of months together, and he didn't want to take things for granted anymore. She insisted that he didn't have to give up his job for her, and she was afraid he wouldn't be happy if Jabot wasn't part of his life. She suggested making Ashley co-CEO, and Jack agreed to try it Phyllis' way, but he swore that she was his priority.

Over drinks on the club rooftop, Abby asked if Ashley thought she'd made the wrong choice. Ashley said she just wanted Abby to be happy, but she believed Abby would be treated better at Jabot. Abby said her dad loved her, but Ashley warned that it didn't stop him from pitting his children against one another, and she advised Abby to be careful. Abby said she had to get going to pack, since she was moving back into her house. Ashley told Abby to speak up if she felt lonely, since Ashley felt like a third wheel at the Abbott mansion. Abby replied that Ashley might feel that way at her place, too, since Stitch was moving in.

At the Underground, Sage wondered if the dress she'd chosen was too boring, but Summer was certain that Nick would love it. Kyle arrived in response to Summer's message, and he hoped she had good news after the meeting he'd had. Summer assumed that Victor had done something, and Kyle reported that it had been the usual lying and backstabbing, but Nick had tried to keep the peace. Nick appeared and remarked that he'd tried and failed, but he didn't care, since he had a wedding to prepare for. Summer informed Kyle that Nick and Sage were getting married that night, and Kyle congratulated the couple.

Nick revealed that everything was good to go except for someone to perform the ceremony on such short notice. Kyle announced that he could do it, since he'd gotten ordained online when some friends in New York had wanted him to marry them. Nick immediately hired "Reverend Abbott," and Summer remarked that everything was falling into place. Nick said the universe was trying to tell them that it was exactly how he and Sage were supposed to get married.

Later, Nick went over a mental checklist, and he wondered if Sage needed anything else to make their wedding perfect. She said she wanted a photographer to take their picture so they'd always remember the day. Nick mentioned that Noah was a great photographer, but he wanted to take the first shot, and they smiled as he snapped a picture of them on his cell phone.

In the hotel suite in Paris, Adam met with a real estate agent about purchasing a house, and Chelsea walked in with Connor. Chelsea pointed out that she'd never agreed to buy a home, and Adam said he'd wanted to surprise her, so he'd made an offer. Chelsea incredulously asked if it was a done deal, and the agent mentioned that the owner wanted to meet "Gabriel" before approving the sale. After Adam showed the agent to the door, Chelsea demanded to know what he'd been thinking.

Adam argued that he didn't want to lose another moment together, but Chelsea countered that it didn't justify him lying or going behind her back. Adam professed that he loved her and Connor, and he recognized that he would probably mess up again, but he promised that he would be a wonderful husband and father. He insisted that they could be the family they'd always dreamed about, and he just needed Chelsea to tell him that she wanted it as badly as he did. She excitedly told him that he'd better call the real estate agent, since they had to convince the owner of the house to give it to them.

The homeowner visited Adam and Chelsea, and she explained that the house was very special, so she'd wanted to be sure the people who moved in appreciated it the same way she and her husband had. Adam recognized that it wasn't just a house but a home, and he stated that he and Chelsea were moving to Paris to start fresh after a few rough years. Chelsea marveled that she'd felt the love in the house, and she could imagine Connor playing in the nursery and the garden. Chelsea envisioned the three of them watching the boats go down the Seine, and Adam added that it might be four of them one day.

The owner mentioned that she'd raised her children there, and she and her husband had shared many happy years in the home before his recent passing. The owner said her heart was full of memories, and even ordinary days had seemed special there. Chelsea remarked that the owner made the house sound magical, and the owner hoped they'd be as happy as she and her husband had been, since the house was theirs if they wanted it. Later, the real estate agent processed the paperwork and announced that Adam and Chelsea had purchased a beautiful home.

Over Champagne, Adam recalled when he'd been fighting to get back, and he'd pictured that exact moment. He proposed a toast to Chelsea, since she had been what had gotten him through, and he said there weren't words to describe how he felt. She told him to stop talking, and they made love. Afterward, Chelsea declared that she never wanted to go back to Genoa City, and Adam replied that they never had to.

Adam protested when Chelsea's phone rang, but she answered, and Billy informed her that there were things she needed to know about. Billy reported that the good news was that the merger had been undone, but Victor was trying to claim her line as part of the deal. Chelsea exclaimed that Victor couldn't do that, and Billy said she needed to get back to tell Victor that herself.

Chelsea grappled with what to do, but Adam firmly stated that she knew what she had to do. He reminded her that she'd built her company with her bare hands, and it was a part of her, so she couldn't just hand it over to Victor.

. . .

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