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Wednesday, June 21, 2017
by Nel

The discovery continued in Michael's office. Leslie said she had no further questions for Victoria. Leslie left the office to take a call, and Juliet followed her. Billie told Victoria that that had been intense. Victoria was determined to show Juliet that they wouldn't be intimidated and that they had the truth on their side.

Leslie was on the phone and told someone that she was pleased they'd been able to find the information she needed. Leslie returned to Michael's office and announced that the judge had approved Lily being added as a witness. Michael objected and said that he hadn't had time to prepare Lily. Lily asked Michael if she had to testify. Michael told her she had to. He advised her to keep her answers short and not to elaborate.

Leslie asked if Lily had considered Juliet a friend and if Lily felt that Juliet was a truthful person. Lily said she had until Juliet had accused Cane of sexual harassment. Leslie asked Lily if Cane had told her about the deal in Tokyo. Lily said he had. Leslie asked if Cane had mentioned that the deal had been called off because Cane had broken protocol by giving Mr. Sato a bro hug and that Juliet had saved the deal when she'd been able to convince Mr. Sato to return to the table. Lily said no.

Leslie stated that Cane had taken full credit for securing the Asian deal, but he had failed to mention that because of his faux pas, the deal had almost fallen apart. Leslie asked Lily who the liar was.

Michael deposed Juliet next. He talked about Juliet's financial situation. Juliet admitted that she'd had to charge a lot of things when she'd moved from Tokyo to Genoa City. Michael stated that Juliet had received a generous settlement from Brash & Sassy, but Juliet countered that she wouldn't have called it generous. Michael noted that it hadn't been big enough to dig her out of her financial hole.

Michael wanted to know how the position of divisional manager had arisen in conversation after Mr. Sato had agreed to the deal. Juliet admitted that she'd asked Cane to put in a good word with Victoria. Cane had promised to talk to Victoria on Juliet's behalf. Michael asked if there had been any caveats to Cane's offer.

Juliet admitted that Cane had advised her that it was Victoria's call. He didn't have the power to hire. Michael asked if that negated her claim that Cane had wanted sex for her securing the job -- quid pro quo -- because he didn't have the ability to hire her at Brash & Sassy. Juliet admitted that without Cane's recommendation there were no guarantees that Victoria would have given her an interview. To ensure she had a shot at the position, Juliet had needed to go along with Cane's proposal. She had wanted to keep it professional, but that hadn't happened.

Juliet said that while they'd been at the bar, she'd wanted to tell Cane about her qualifications, but Cane had shut her down. She'd known that without Cane's recommendation she wouldn't get the job at Brash & Sassy, and Cane had been clear what he'd wanted. Cane hadn't wanted to talk about the job -- he'd wanted more drinks. They'd spoken about the job after they'd had sex. When they'd been ready to leave the bar, Cane had been unsteady on his feet. Juliet helped him to his room. Cane had insisted that she help him get into bed.

Juliet said that Cane had grabbed her and pulled her onto the bed, and he'd thanked her for saving the deal with Mr. Sato. She'd tried to remove herself, but Cane had insisted that if she wanted the job, then she shouldn't be in a rush to leave. Juliet had known she'd have no chance at the job if she had refused have sex with Cane. Juliet claimed she'd never been so ashamed.

Michael pointed out that after three bottles of sake, Juliet and Cane had both been drunk. If Juliet had been as impaired as Cane, Michael asked how she'd understood Cane's intent. Juliet said she'd been shocked by Cane's proposal because she'd never expected that from him. Michael asked if Cane's proposal had sobered her up enough for her to understand what would happen. Juliet said yes.

Michael asked if things had been awkward when Juliet and Cane had met for breakfast the following morning. Juliet said not until Cane had returned her earring that had fallen into his bed. Michael wanted to know if there had been any witnesses who had seen Cane give her the earring. Juliet admitted there were none. Michael stated that the incident hadn't stopped Juliet from accepting a lesser position that Victoria had offered. Juliet said that she'd been eager to work at Brash & Sassy and would have accepted anything that had been offered.

Michael asked Juliet if she had worried that the sexual harassment would continue once she'd moved to Genoa City. Juliet claimed she'd needed the money. Michael said that it always went back to the money, and he offered that there hadn't been a sexual encounter -- it had been Juliet's fantasy, and Juliet wanted to get the payout that she desperately needed. He asked Juliet if that was closer to the truth.

When Leslie deposed Cane, he admitted that Juliet had had been able to bring Mr. Sato back to the table, but Cane had closed the deal. Cane yelled that he wasn't guilty of sexual harassment. He hadn't offered Juliet a job in exchange for sex. Cane said that after Mr. Sato had left, Juliet had mentioned the job. He'd offered to put in a good word with Victoria. He didn't know how the earing had gotten into his bed. He admitted that Juliet had helped him to his room but denied inviting her in and asking for sex in exchange for a job at Brash & Sassy.

Leslie asked if Cane was stating unequivocally that he'd never had sex with Juliet in Tokyo. Cane was silent. Leslie claimed that Cane's memory was obviously foggy, and she presented hotel video footage of Cane being helped to his room by Juliet at approximately 10:30 p.m. and Juliet leaving his room the following morning at 7:13 a.m. Lily was visibly upset.

At Newman Enterprises, Abby saw the poster of Nikki and stated that she hadn't seen Nikki in a while. She asked if Nikki was all right. Victor said that Nikki had been rehearsing for the benefit. Abby advised that she'd sold all her tickets for the benefit and that the incubator project and warehouse were officially part of Newman Enterprises. She said she'd been looking for other tech startups. Victor advised her to enlist Scott's help. She said she didn't need Scott's help, but Victor insisted that she work with Scott.

Abby thought that since Victor had given Scott a new toy, Scott wouldn't be sticking his nose into her projects. Victor said he wanted Abby and Scott to work together. Abby was annoyed and said she didn't need Scott's help and that she was on top of things. Victor said that Abby and Scott working together was good for business and good for the bottom line.

Abby thought that because Scott would be running Hashtag, he'd be traveling the globe. Victor said Scott would be based in Genoa City. Victor wanted Abby to use Scott's expertise -- and that wasn't a request. Victor said that Scott had potential. Scott was his protégé and a candidate for a future executive position at Newman Enterprises.

Abby bristled and said she'd understood the need for new blood in the company, but they shouldn't be in contention for the big chair -- especially not Scott Grainger. She claimed that Scott didn't care about business or the company. She pointed out that Victor kept giving Scott chances in spite of the fact that she'd proven herself to Victor many times over. Abby wanted to know why Victor had her jumping through hoops.

Victor told Abby that he'd held his other children to a high standard and asked if Abby expected him to hand over the company to her on a silver platter. Abby said no, but she felt he expected more from her because she was a Newman and an Abbott. She said that Victor shouldn't question her loyalty. Victor said he questioned her loyalty to Jack because Jack couldn't be trusted. He said that Jack would insinuate himself into Abby's project without her knowing it.

Abby claimed Jack wouldn't do that because he knew it would tear the family apart, but Victor said he would because that was who Jack was. Abby claimed that Jack had been focusing on pulling the family together because of Dina. At that moment, Abby received a text message. She told Victor she had a meeting and left.

Tessa arrived at the ranch and found Nikki in pain on the floor. She wanted to call for an ambulance, but Nikki refused. Tessa called Nikki's doctor. When the doctor arrived, she gave Nikki a steroid shot. Nikki felt better and told the doctor that she'd been caught off guard because she hadn't had an episode in years. The doctor asked if Nikki was under any stress. Nikki admitted she was nervous about her performance at the benefit for the neurological center. The doctor advised Nikki to eliminate the source of the stress and left.

Nikki told Tessa that she felt better after being medicated. Tessa asked why Nikki hadn't let her call for an ambulance. Nikki said the image of her doubled over in pain and wheeled into the emergency room was not something she wanted leaked to GC Buzz. She insisted that wasn't good press for the benefit. The Newmans had to present a certain image to the public. Nikki said everything had worked out because she was fine.

Tessa reminded Nikki that the doctor had said that Nikki could have another flareup and that the last episode had most likely been due to stress. Nikki promised to lighten up her rehearsal schedule and take a spa day. Tessa reminded Nikki that the doctor had advised her not to perform. Nikki was adamant that she'd be healthy and able to perform. Tessa was worried that Nikki might be found on the floor of her dressing room.

Nikki grew agitated and refused to discuss it any further. Nothing would stop her from performing. Nikki wanted Tessa to promise not to say a word to Victor about her flareup. Nikki tried to practice again, but her hands hurt. Tessa advised Nikki to kick back until the medication eased her pain.

Victor arrived with Nikki's poster. Tessa commented that Nikki looked hot. Victor said that Abby and Scott had sold all their tickets. He thought the benefit would be a great success, and Nikki's performance would be the show-stopper. Tessa received a call and left. Victor asked Nikki to play for him. Nikki got through a piece for Victor in spite of her shaking hands. Victor commented that it was beautiful and added that Nikki would be pleased with what he'd planned for her at the benefit. Nikki stated she didn't want any grand gestures.

When Tessa returned, Nikki claimed nothing would stop her from performing at the benefit. Her recent episode would be a distant memory. Tessa was worried that if Victor kept pushing Nikki, it would cause another flareup. Tessa suggested that the stress would be eliminated if Nikki told Victor to back off. Nikki confessed that Victor thought she couldn't do anything without his help. She needed to prove Victor wrong. She wanted to prove she could do things on her own and didn't need Victor.

Scott met Lauren at the Athletic Club. He told Lauren about the digital media "Hashtag" that Victor had snapped up and had put Scott in charge of. Scott was delighted that he'd be the voice of the people who couldn't speak up. He told Lauren he'd be staying in Genoa City, and his editorial decisions would be made from the Newman Tower. He was happy he'd be doing something that mattered. Lauren was happy for him, and she was happy that Scott would be out of danger. She felt it was a good fit for Scott.

Scott said the only danger Lauren saw was in him seeing Sharon. Lauren stated that she couldn't tell him whom to date or stay away from. Scott said that the Sharon that Lauren had known was gone. He asked Lauren to drop the anti-Sharon campaign. He said the Sharon he knew had gone back to college and was studying psychology. He added that Sharon volunteered at the crisis center and was committed to making her life better. Scott said Sharon was thoughtful and caring, and he enjoyed being with her.

Lauren commented that what Sharon had been doing was great, but she wanted Scott with someone else. Scott told Lauren to deal with it, or she'd see less of him. Lauren suggested that she should see Sharon's transformation for herself, and Lauren wanted them to get together. Scott wanted Lauren to spend time with Sharon and get to know her, but he wouldn't force the issue. Lauren promised not to interfere in his relationship.

At Crimson Lights Sharon introduced herself to Zack and asked how the dating app was doing. Zack teased her for asking about something she had no interest in. Sharon asked how Zack liked Genoa City. He admitted it wasn't the provincial village he'd expected. Sharon said that Abby could show him around and introduce him to a ton of people. She said that Zack already knew her son's friend Tessa. Zack wanted to know why Sharon was so interested in who he knew. Sharon said she'd seen him and Tessa together, and Tessa had said she'd know Zack in Chicago. Zack claimed they had run in the same circle.

Sharon asked about the dating app. Zack explained that the concierge arranged the date, time, and place for the date. Zack offered to sign Sharon up. Sharon thanked him and said she was dating someone and wouldn't need a dating site anytime soon. Zack got a call. He told the person on the other end that they needed to speed things up.

Abby arrived, and she and Zack went onto the patio for privacy to discuss the dating app. Zack asked Abby if he could take her on a real date, but Abby said that a real date was out of the question because they worked together. Abby agreed to a third trial date, and she invited Zack to the benefit. He declined because he didn't want to put Abby in the position of having to explain who he was. Abby assured him that she wanted her family to know who he was and that he was the one who would make Newman a ton of money. Zack agreed to accompany her.

Sharon was happy to see Scott, who greeted her with a kiss. Scott noticed that Sharon appeared agitated. Sharon explained that Abby's business partner, Zack, seemed to be hiding something, and he seemed shady to Sharon. She felt there was more to his story, and she wanted to keep digging to get to the bottom of it. She didn't want Noah getting caught up in Tessa and Zack's drama. She said that without concrete proof, Noah wouldn't listen.

Scott saw Abby and Zack on the patio. He said it was no shock that Abby enjoyed Zack's company. He was her type -- a good-looking alpha male. Sharon was certain there was more to Zack. She felt there was something Zack didn't want people to know. Zack had that bad boy vibe.

Scott asked what type of vibe he gave off. Sharon said he was trustworthy, rugged, and combustible. One of Scott's smoldering looks affected a lot of women and Sharon had witnessed that between him and Abby. Scott said the heat Sharon saw was Scott and Abby's hot dislike for each other. To prove he had no interest in Abby, he pulled Sharon in for a passionate kiss.

On the next The Young and the Restless...

• Mariah questions whether Tessa wants to sign her life away to Devon.

• Nick prepares to tell Chelsea something that might change the way she feels about them.

• Cane warns Hilary to stay out of it because he wouldn’t let her destroy Lily or their family.

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