Wednesday, February 3, 2016
by Mike

After leaving Crimson Lights, Sharon returned home with Faith, who reiterated that she wanted to live with Sharon, Dylan, and Sully on a more permanent basis. Faith explained that, while she loved Nick and wanted Sage to get better, she preferred being at Sharon and Dylan's place because no one was ever pretending to be happy there. Sharon promised that she would talk to Nick about the matter.

At Fairview, an orderly caught Sage using Dr. Anderson's office phone to leave Nick a voicemail message. The orderly took Sage back to her room, and when she grabbed his arm while begging him to let her make another phone call, he decided to sedate her, ignoring her objections.

At Top of the Tower, Nick pulled away from Anderson's kiss and started to say something, using her formal title to address her. Anderson interrupted and reminded Nick that he could call her "Sandy," so he corrected himself and continued that he loved his wife. Nick admonished himself for letting things with Anderson progress as far as they had, but she assured him that it was okay.

Anderson explained that she had kissed Nick because she felt compassion for him and had wanted to take away his pain, at least for a moment. "It's very clear to me what an empathetic man you are, Nick, [and] how difficult it is for you to watch someone suffer. I mean, if you had only known, I know you would have done anything..." Anderson began to add before letting her voice trail off.

When Nick prompted Anderson to continue, she hesitantly steered the conversation back to Sage, reasoning that Nick would have done more to help Sage if he had realized, early on, just how deeply Christian's death had affected her. "Anyway, I apologize for overstepping. It was unprofessional, [and] it won't happen again," Anderson concluded.

Nick locked eyes with Anderson while considering how to respond, but before he could make a decision, he received a phone call from Sharon, who asked to see him at her place. When Nick got there, Sharon told him about Faith's earlier request. Nick blamed Sharon for unsettling Faith with unnecessary details about Sage's mental health, but Sharon insisted that she had simply been trying to give Faith the facts.

"Telling [Faith] that Sage is gonna be home any minute is the same as lying," Sharon pointed out. "It's not a lie," Nick protested, but Faith entered the living room before he could elaborate. Nick assured Faith that he wasn't upset with her for wanting to live with Sharon and Dylan for a while, and he agreed to grant the request, stressing that he just wanted Faith to feel happy and safe.

When Anderson got back to Fairview, the orderly told her about Sage's earlier behavior. The orderly assured Anderson that Sage hadn't managed to complete the call to Nick, reasoning that she wouldn't have requested another phone call if the first one had been successful. When Anderson asked, the orderly confirmed that he had filed a report about Sage's "attack." Anderson mused that Sage seemed to be more of a danger -- to herself as well as others -- than her initial evaluation had indicated.

After listening to Sage's voicemail message and realizing that it had been cut short, Nick went to Fairview and convinced Anderson to let him talk to Sage privately, hinting that his earlier talk with Anderson had made him realize that he needed to accept the fact that Sage was no longer the same woman she had been when they had gotten married. Nick assured Sage that Anderson didn't seem to know about the voicemail message. Sage told Nick that she had found old books in Anderson's office that were all about living with paralysis, and there had been lots of notes scribbled inside the books. "What do you think it means?" Sage wondered.

At Chelsea and Adam's penthouse, Adam's cell phone chimed while he was in another room, and Chelsea sneaked a peek at the text message that had just arrived from Victor -- "Good luck today." Adam soon called out to Chelsea in search of the device, and she directed him to it then casually noted that he was about to go to Newman Enterprises to work his con on Luca. "Or at least try to, anyway," Chelsea worriedly added.

Chelsea warned that she was getting a really bad feeling about what Adam was about to do -- the same bad feeling she had gotten when Victor had recently asked Adam to go on a business trip. Adam claimed that he couldn't remember how that had turned out, but Chelsea wasn't amused. Chelsea urged Adam to abort the mission, but he insisted that he couldn't because there might never be a more perfect opportunity to oust the Santori clan from Newman Enterprises. "Besides, this is completely different. I'm not in any danger at all [this time]," Adam added.

Pointing out that the Santori clan didn't consist of a bunch of pushovers, Chelsea suggested that Luca might be working his own con on Adam. Adam laughed off the idea, insisting that Luca's eagerness to best the Santori patriarch had blinded him to potential threats. Adam was certain that he was right about Luca because he recognized a younger version of himself in Luca. Chelsea raised the possibility that Adam's desire to prove himself to Victor might be making him just as blind to potential threats as he believed that Luca was, but Adam didn't think that was the case.

Adam advised that Chelsea was just going to have to trust him, prompting her to wonder when he was going to start trusting her. Adam insisted that he did trust Chelsea's instincts, but she countered that he always refused to follow them. Maintaining that everything was going to be okay, Adam gave Chelsea a kiss and left the penthouse.

At the Athletic Club, Marisa tried to talk Luca out of going through with his plan to work with Adam to oust the Newman and Santori patriarchs from their respective companies. Marisa feared that something bad was going to happen because it had been suspiciously easy for Luca to convince Adam to go along with the plan, but Luca assured her that Adam had just been eager to team up with him because they were the same.

Marisa understood Luca's desire to free himself from his father's grasp, but she warned that she also understood that things could quickly go south. "I don't want anything --" Marisa began to add before stopping herself. Luca guessed that Marisa didn't want anything bad to happen to him. "Yes. Yes, that's exactly it. I don't want anything bad to happen," Marisa hesitantly replied before giving Luca a hug.

After Luca left, Marisa went to Adam and Chelsea's penthouse, hoping that Adam might be running late for his meeting with Luca. Chelsea reported that Adam had already headed off to Newman Enterprises. Marisa wondered if the plan Adam had cooked up with Luca was legitimate. "Why wouldn't it be?" Chelsea asked. "I don't know, maybe 'cause Adam's a known liar and a fake," Marisa replied.

When Chelsea objected to the insult, Marisa apologized and explained that she was just worried because she had a really bad feeling that Luca was about to be double-crossed. "Would [that] really be that horrible? With Luca out of the picture, you could finally be free," Chelsea reasoned, pointing out that, while Marisa was married to Luca, it was obvious to everyone that her heart really belonged to Noah.

Marisa tried to deny the suspicion, but Chelsea remained convinced that Luca was somehow forcing Marisa to be with him instead of Noah, and she optimistically assured Marisa that Luca would soon lose whatever power he had been holding over her. "It's not that simple. It never will be. Please, Chelsea...I need to know where Adam is springing the trap on Luca. I need to stop this -- before all hell breaks loose," Marisa insisted.

At Newman Enterprises, Adam sent a text message to Victor -- "All going according to plan." Meanwhile, Marisa arrived and demanded to know where Luca was. Adam explained that Luca was in Victor's office, talking to an FBI agent. Marisa tried to head into Victor's office to stop the interview, but Adam blocked her path. "If you're playing him, you have no idea the consequences. He knows things," Marisa warned.

Adam assured Marisa that she had no reason to worry because Luca had no intention of throwing her under the bus. "I'm not talking about me, damn it!" Marisa protested, but before she could elaborate, a man emerged from Victor's office and gave Adam a reassuring nod. As the man walked away, Adam turned to face Marisa again -- and discovered that she was gone.

While Billy and Victoria were dining at Top of the Tower, Noah approached their table and said that he was glad to see Billy out of the hospital. Noah added that he was really sorry about what had happened to Billy. Recalling that Abby had listed Noah as one of the people who had visited him at the hospital, Billy wondered why Noah hadn't actually entered his room to say hello. Noah explained that he had gotten sidetracked with a task from Victor. Meanwhile, Billy received a phone call from Jack. After Billy stepped aside to answer the call, Victoria wondered why Noah seemed tense.

Noah blamed Victor, launching into a rant about what Victor had done to Marisa and Natalie. Victoria advised Noah not to let his anger take him down the same dark path that Adam and Billy had each traveled down in the past due to their respective issues with Victor. Victoria added that Billy's need for revenge had almost gotten him killed, but Noah argued that Billy had simply wanted to help the Abbotts recover from what Victor had done to their company. "You can't pin this all on Grandpa. Billy was battling some of his own demons," Victoria pointed out. "All of them bearing the name 'Victor Newman,'" Noah countered.

Victoria continued to defend Victor, insisting that Noah needed to find a way to forgive him. "I almost lost Billy because he couldn't let go of the anger that he had for Adam and for my father. I don't want to see the same thing happen to you, Noah. It's such a colossal waste," Victoria added. Meanwhile, Billy returned and announced that Jack had just given him a to-do list the size of Mt. Everest.

As Noah congratulated Billy on returning to Jabot, Billy started having visions of the car that had hit him. Victoria and Noah feared that Billy was overexerting himself, but he dismissed their concerns and tried to change the subject, insisting that he was tired of talking about the accident. Victoria said she would stop as soon as the police figured out who had hit Billy. "[They] time. I have a feeling that the karmic hammer is about to drop -- hard," Billy predicted as Noah listened uncomfortably.

Billy started to talk about how he didn't have any memories of the hit-and-run incident, but he soon stopped himself and apologized, acknowledging that he was still talking about the accident, despite previously insisting that he was tired of talking about it. "You really don't remember anything?" Noah asked. Before Billy could respond, Victoria turned Noah's attention to Marisa, who was standing nearby.

"What the hell did you say to Billy?" Marisa quietly demanded to know when Noah approached her. Meanwhile, Victoria wondered if Noah seemed off to Billy, who didn't respond because he was in the midst of another vision about the accident. When Victoria asked if Billy was okay, he admitted that he was starting to remember the hit-and-run incident.

Adam entered Victor's office and revealed that Luca had just revealed the Santori family's secrets to a Newman Enterprises security guard, not an FBI agent. "I gotta hand it to you -- I didn't see that coming," Luca admitted. Luca guessed that Adam planned to take the information to the real federal agents, and Adam confirmed that he would -- unless Luca convinced his father to nullify the deal that the Santori family had made with Newman Enterprises. Adam also wanted Luca to leave the country and never return.

Luca refused, prompting Adam to warn that doing so would result in the Santori patriarch's imprisonment. Adam added that Luca would probably also be arrested -- or, at the very least, receive some other form of punishment from the Santori patriarch for the betrayal. Adam started to leave, reiterating that he was heading off to turn the incriminating information over to the FBI.

"[Then] Victor's precious grandson, Noah, [also] goes to jail -- for a hit-and-run," Luca countered -- just as Chelsea entered the office.

. . .

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