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Wednesday, February 22, 2017
by Nel

At GC Buzz, Victoria was getting ready for the interview when Lily arrived. Nerves were running high. Victoria and Mariah positioned the products, since Cane hadn't arrived yet. Victoria wondered where the rest of her team was.

Elsewhere, Lily told Devon that she was concerned that Hilary would blow up the interview. Devon advised Lily to stop stressing because Hilary wouldn't destroy the interview. Lily wondered where Cane was. Devon assured her Cane would arrive shortly. Lily admitted that Cane was very proud of the men's line.

Hilary commented to Jordan she hadn't realized that he and Lily had known each other. Jordan explained that he'd met Lily when she'd been a model at Jabot. Hilary asked Jordan if he and Lily had kept in touch. Jordan stated that before the Brash & Sassy gig, he hadn't seen Lily in ten years. He stated it was good to work with her again, and he walked away. With a sly look, Hilary stated, "Yup, I'm sure it is."

Hilary had made some changes to the script and asked Devon to either make changes or sign off on it. Devon asked when Hilary had begun to care what he thought about her show. Hilary replied that Devon was her boss, and there wouldn't be any more going behind his back or surprises. She stated that once the divorce was final, he had no further obligations to her. She liked her job and wanted to stay on. Devon confirmed he had no intention of firing her.

In Jill's hospital room, Jill asked Billy to go to GC Buzz to help Victoria with the interview. Billy wanted Jill to stop focusing on his love life -- or lack of it. Jill stated that she wanted Billy to stop pretending that he was there because of some misguided attempt to nurse her.

Billy stated he was sticking around for the same reason Jill wanted Billy out of there -- Colin. Billy was aware that Jill wanted to call Colin. Billy reminded her that that con artist had repeatedly lied to her and had emptied her personal bank accounts. Jill assured Billy there had been no need to remind her of what Colin had done. Billy asked if Jill would tell that scam artist that he'd been forgiven. Jill advised Billy that just because she'd had a heart attack didn't meant she couldn't see whom she wanted, and it didn't give Billy a reason. She'd stated that Billy couldn't control her life.

Billy assured Jill that he'd only been trying to protect her. He stated that Colin was a stress generator, and the doctors had been very clear that Jill didn't need more stress. Jill promised she'd stay very calm. Billy said the only way Jill would be discharged from the hospital and recover was if she faced the facts and saw Colin for what he was -- a con man. Colin had seen Jill as his meal ticket and had married her for her money. Jill asked Billy if it was inconceivable that for one moment Colin might have actually loved her. Billy said Colin would have been a fool to have not given her a second look. Colin hadn't been smart enough to realize that Jill's love was worth more than the millions he'd stolen from her.

Jill lamented that she no longer had Brash & Sassy -- she didn't have enough money to buy Fenmore's from Jack, and the doctors had ordered her to cut back her hours at Chancellor. She asked if Billy knew how much time that left her to miss.... and she turned her head away. Billy assured her that taking Colin back wasn't the answer. Jill advised Billy that there were things she needed to discuss with Colin. Billy wanted her to wait until she got home and was stronger.

Jill asked if Billy had told the nurses to keep Colin out. Billy admitted he'd also alerted security, doctors, and hospital staff. Jill yelled that that had not been his decision. Billy advised her to wait until she was home, then she could have whatever she wanted. Billy told Jill he loved her, and he left. Jill began to cry.

Jill fell into a fitful sleep and dreamed about the argument she'd had with Colin over her drained bank accounts. Jill had a flash image of Katherine catching her and Colin in bed. Katherine had advised that she'd known the type of person Colin was. Colin had stated that all businessmen had had slip-ups. Katherine had pointed out that Colin's slip-ups had been a little less than innocent.

In her dream, Jill flashed back to being in the living room with Colin and Katherine. Jill had advised Katherine that Jill could love Cane and Colin at the same time -- after all, Katherine had managed to do that with Murphy. Incensed, Katherine had warned Jill never to compare Colin to Murphy. Jill had taunted Katherine that her soon-to-be husband, Colin, hadn't had a bait shop, and he wasn't marrying Jill to move out of his trailer. Katherine had slapped Jill and advised Jill to wake up.

Jill had another flash image of her and Katherine at the Athletic Club. Jill had advised that Katherine could dismiss Tucker and Jill, but Katherine couldn't dismiss her doctor's opinion or that Katherine's blood pressure would go sky high. Katherine had asked if that was what Jill had wanted. Jill had admitted that she'd been trying to save Katherine's life. Jill had accused Katherine of driving Jill crazy, but she'd wanted Katherine to keep driving her crazy for many years to come. Katherine had assured Jill she wasn't going anywhere.

Jill woke up and called Colin.

At the Athletic Club, Colin advised Cane that Billy had no reason to have Colin arrested. Cane stated that Billy could charge Colin with grand larceny. Colin stated he and Jill were married; therefore, what was hers was his. Cane warned Colin to stay away from Jill, or Billy would have him arrested. Colin stated that he was concerned about Jill, and he had to make things right. Colin intended to pay back the millions he'd taken from Jill's accounts. Cane wondered how Colin intended to do that. Colin was absolutely sure he could -- with Cane's help.

Cane asked if Colin thought that he'd use Cane to get the money Colin owed Jill. Cane advised that he didn't have the money, and even if he had the money, he wouldn't give it to Colin. Colin asked Cane to go to Devon and convince him it would be a loan. Cane stated that Devon wouldn't loan Colin the money because Colin had tried to blackmail Devon. Cane asked how Colin intended to pay Devon back. Colin assured Cane that his investments would pay off. Cane asked when that would happen -- the next year, next decade, or next century. Cane stated that Devon wasn't a bank, and Cane wouldn't go to Devon on Colin's behalf. Cane warned Colin not to go to Devon either.

Colin insisted that getting the money back for Jill would straighten things out. Cane asked if Colin recalled Cane advising him that the way to Jill's heart wasn't with money. Before Cane left, he told Colin that it was a huge day for him and Lily because they were appearing on GC Buzz, and they'd showcase a product that Cane had helped develop. He said it would have been wonderful if Colin had stopped trying to get money out of Cane and just said, "Good luck, son." Cane left.

Back at GC Buzz, Victoria gave Jordan instructions on what she wanted photographed. Cane arrived and asked Victoria why Jordan was there. Victoria advised Cane that she'd hired Jordan to take pictures of her and Lily for the website. Cane asked why Victoria hadn't run that by him first, since he'd lined up the interview to showcase the new line. Victoria assured him she'd been impressed with his work, but she owned Brash & Sassy and didn't need to run anything by him. She also advised that she'd decided to hire Jordan exclusively for Brash & Sassy. Hilary watched the exchange and smiled.

Later, Cane instructed that they needed chairs for him and Billy, but Victoria quashed the idea and stated there were enough chairs. She felt the scene would be cleaner with only her and Lily. Cane asked if that was how things were going to be. Billy advised Cane that he was no longer co-CEO. Hilary watched that exchange as well.

Devon told Cane he was sorry that Victoria had bought Brash & Sassy out from under Cane. Devon took Cane aside and said he'd heard about Jill's heart attack and mentioned he'd tried to reach out but hadn't been able to get through. Cane suggested that Devon go through Billy.

Devon mentioned that he'd heard that Colin had been responsible for Jill's heart attack because Colin had drained Jill's accounts. Cane advised that Jill hadn't seen a doctor in some time and had neglected her health. Colin was looking for a way to pay the money back. Cane assured Devon he'd warned Colin to stay away from Devon. Devon thanked him because Colin wasn't reliable. Cane defended Colin and advised Devon that Colin had made a lot of money for Jill. Collin loved Jill, and he'd find a way to return the money.

Lily returned from wardrobe and makeup, and Cane complimented her on her look. Lily and Cane hugged while Hilary watched.

Hilary and Mariah began the interview by introducing Victoria. Victoria introduced Lily as Brash & Sassy's brand ambassador. Lily began to describe the products when Hilary interrupted and pointed out that a handsome man had been following Lily around. Hilary understood that Lily had some history with Jordan. Lily agreed she'd met Jordan ten years before. Hilary stated that it had to be wonderful to be followed by someone who seemed to be entranced with Lily's every move.

Hilary mentioned that Lily was married to the former co-CEO of Brash & Sassy and introduced Cane. She invited Cane and Jordan onto the set. Victoria, Lily, Devon, and Billy appeared uncomfortable. Cane and Jordan proceeded to take off their shirts -- Lily sprayed Cane with the men's cologne while Hilary and Mariah did the same to Jordan. Hilary completely shut Victoria out of the interview and put the focus on Cane and Jordan. The interview ended with Mariah and Hilary on either side of Jordan, and Hilary stating that Brash & Sassy was in good hands with Victoria at the helm.

When the segment was over, Billy asked Cane what he'd thought he'd been doing. Cane said he'd been selling the product, and he hadn't seen Billy joining him and taking his shirt off for the cause. Later, Billy advised Victoria that Cane had deliberately stolen the spotlight from her. Victoria said she was pleased because it had been successful.

Devon was very happy with the way the interview had gone and advised that the media had gone crazy. Hilary stated that Jordan's abs had a lot to do with it, and she walked away. Devon appeared jealous.

Later, Hilary flirted with Jordan and invited him back to take some pictures of Hilary and Mariah. Hilary hugged him, and Jordan left. Devon told Hilary that she'd done a good job. He admitted he'd been nervous at the beginning of the show, but she'd turned it around. He also admitted that sometimes she could be a class act. Devon said he'd seen Hilary flirt with Jordan. He stated she could flirt with anyone she liked once the divorce became final, but he didn't like the idea of her moving on. He stated that as difficult as it had been to be together, he was miserable without her. He kissed her.

At the Athletic Club, Neil saw Colin at the bar and asked why he was there. Neil stated he'd been advised about Jill's heart attack and asked why Colin wasn't with Jill. Neil stated that he knew that Colin had stolen all of Jill's money. Colin advised that he planned on repaying every penny. Neil asked how Colin intended to do that. Colin's face lit up, and he suggested that perhaps Neil could put in a good word for him with Devon. Neil refused. Neil asked if Colin had ever loved Jill and asked why Colin had married her. Neil stated that Colin had been broke when he'd met Jill. Neil wanted to know why Colin was still in town, since Jill was broke.

Colin stated that he'd find a way to get the money back for Jill. Neil told Colin that when love was real, there wasn't a power in the universe that could tear them apart. Money wasn't the glue that had held Colin's marriage together -- it had been love. Neil stated that Colin needed to prove his love -- not with money, but by being the man that Jill had fallen in love with. Neil left.

At Crimson Lights, Billy advised Victoria that the segment was trending, but he was angry with Cane. Victoria stated she'd wanted to be the star as CEO, but the spontaneity of what had happened had made the show a hit. Billy stated that if Victoria continued to allow Cane to get away with things like what he'd done at GC Buzz, Cane would become a problem, and he'd be very difficult to get rid of. That gave Victoria pause for thought.

Billy believed Cane would continue doing whatever he wanted, just like Colin. Victoria felt she'd be able to handle Cane's ego because he was a model of humility compared to Victor. Billy pointed out that Victor had never done anything to Victoria that had almost killed her. Colin, on the other hand -- if Billy hadn't gotten to Jill in time, things would've turned out very different.

Cane carried Lily over the threshold of their home while they kissed. Lily asked how Cane had managed to react so quickly when Hilary had blindsided him. Lily felt that Victoria would see Cane's worth, but Cane felt it could go the other way. Lily asked if Cane intended to quit, but Cane wouldn't give them the satisfaction of quitting. Cane advised her that Victoria and Billy wouldn't be happy until Cane's life was awash in complete misery. They started to undress, and Cane carried Lily to the bedroom.

Colin arrived at the hospital with flowers and went straight to Jill's room. Jill said it was time they had a discussion about their future. Jill looked at the end of her bed and imagined that Katherine was sitting there. Jill looked heartbroken.

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• Lauren thinks she has no choice but to pay the ransom.

• Michael demands to know what Jack’s intentions are with Gloria.

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