Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Adam arrived at the police station and informed Detective Harding that he was there to see Paul. Harding taunted "Gabriel" for being unable to commit to fleeing the jurisdiction, and he mentioned that Paul was away on a medical situation. Harding began to read Gabriel his rights, embellishing that people would cheer when anything Gabriel said would be used against him and that Gabriel was entitled to an attorney if he found one who didn't want to kick him in the head. Adam asked if they could just get it over with.

Harding imagined how humiliating it had been for Gabriel when Jack had woken up and called Gabriel a liar. Adam coldly guessed that Harding didn't have a lot of friends, but Harding countered that he had more than Gabriel did. Harding looked forward to scanning Gabriel's fingerprints, and he said searching for hits in the police database was like Christmas for cops. Harding noted that Gabriel seemed tense when they started the fingerprinting process, but a call interrupted them, and Harding seemed shocked and disappointed by what the caller said.

At the Abbott mansion, Billy told Jack that the biggest problem at work was the fallout over Gabriel's resignation, and the business press was having a field day between the shootings and the executive turnover. Billy questioned when Jack would return to work, but Jack hesitated to commit to a specific date. Billy warned that Victor would become more bloated the longer Jack stayed away, and he urged Jack to stick a pin in the guy. Jack replied that work wasn't a priority, and Phyllis overheard and wanted to know what had changed.

Jack asked if Phyllis was trying to get rid of him, but she worried that he wasn't feeling well. He replied that he was just fine, but he stood by his decision to take time off. Billy departed, and Jack asked if a distracted Phyllis was all right. She admitted that she hadn't slept very well, but she was thrilled he was home, since things didn't feel right when he wasn't with her. Jack felt the same way, and he suggested that they go for a walk or see a movie that day. Phyllis thought it sounded very "first date," but she supposed that was fitting, since it suddenly felt like they were strangers.

Jack commented that there was always something more to learn about one another, but Phyllis thought they also knew when something was off. Adam arrived, and a clearly irritated Phyllis went upstairs. Adam informed Jack that he'd almost been fingerprinted at the police station, but he was a free man after the police had received a call. Adam confronted Jack about telling Chelsea that it was better if Adam took off or ended up in jail, and Jack incredulously realized that Adam had been in his house. Jack hissed that Adam had stood by and benefited from a monster taking over Jack's life, but Adam countered that he had nothing thanks to Jack, so he also had nothing to lose.

Adam admitted that he had almost confessed the whole story, but Jack ordered Adam to stop pretending that he was ready to blow the whole thing open when he still had a shot with Chelsea and Connor. Adam revealed that he'd panicked and tried to take Connor, and Jack chided him for doing something stupid and unforgivable. Adam contended that it had been unforgivable for Jack to side with Victor and throw Adam under the bus, but Jack asserted that the only important thing to him was making sure that Phyllis never knew what had really happened to her. Adam wondered if Jack had meant his vow to take down Victor once and for all. "After what he did to my wife, what do you think?" Jack asked.

Later, Phyllis told Jack not to explain why Gabriel had been there, since she expected it would only leave her with more questions. Jack said he didn't want her to feel shut out, and she replied that she wanted to concentrate on him being home. He remarked that home was wherever she was, and he hadn't been able to wait to get back to her when he'd been trapped inside his brain. He asked her to go away with him on their honeymoon.

Phyllis pointed out that they'd had a honeymoon, but Jack thought they needed a fresh start, and he wanted to do it right. He explained that he'd spent a lot of time worrying that he'd lose her, and he'd heard her say in the hospital that she didn't want to lose him. Jack proclaimed that Istanbul was waiting, and he suggested that they get the same room and maybe even get rained in again. Phyllis asked if he really thought they could get that lucky, and he replied that they were as lucky as they could be to still be together after everything they'd been through. They embraced, but Phyllis looked unsure.

At the hospital, Stitch reported that Paul's vitals were better, but Christine questioned whether they could just ignore that Paul had suffered a minor heart attack. Stitch said the attack could have been caused by stress, and Christine insisted that Paul take a leave of absence. Paul protested that he couldn't leave his job, and Dylan walked in. Paul requested that Dylan back him up by telling Christine that she had nothing to worry about. Dylan reasoned that a heart attack was a good excuse to sit on the sofa and watch television, but Paul argued that it was his life and his call.

Stitch stepped out of the room, and he saw a patient react abrasively when a nurse touched him. The nurse started to call security, but Stitch said he'd handle it. Stitch asked where the man had served, and the patient named a province in Afghanistan. Stitch said he'd never made it that far south, but he'd heard rough stories about the area. Stitch asked for the man's name, but the patient snapped that he didn't like doctors, since they'd just shuffled him around and forgotten he'd existed. "Not this one," Stitch assured him, and he said he had the man's back. The man introduced himself as James, and Stitch took him to an exam room.

Dylan and Christine pressed Paul to take some time away from work, and Paul agreed to rest, but he said they were aggravating his condition. Dylan and Christine stepped out, and she thanked Dylan for backing her up, even if Paul had refused to listen. Dylan acknowledged that Christine hadn't been thrilled with the news that he was Paul and Nikki's son, but he was grateful to be part of both families. Christine admitted that she'd resented the connection because she'd been focused on having her own family, but she'd realized she had something real in front of her.

Christine left to get some coffee, and Stitch ran into Dylan and asked if Paul was resting. Dylan joked that he was glad he hadn't inherited Paul's stubborn gene, and Stitch stressed that Paul had to look after himself. Dylan remarked that it was good that Paul had Christine, and Stitch mentioned that he'd just been with a veteran who had been alone and freaked out. Dylan guessed that the encounter had taken Stitch back, and Stitch replied that he'd had to remind himself that he was there, doing what he was meant to do. Dylan pointed out that Stitch also had Abby, and being happy wasn't the worst thing to happen.

Harding informed Paul of the call he'd received from the judge's office, instructing him to let Gabriel go without pressing any charges. Paul asked Harding to use his contacts to obtain a call log from the judge's office, and the men covered by talking about baseball when Dylan walked in, but Dylan knew they'd been discussing work. In the corridor, Dylan told Harding that Paul had to forget about being a cop while recovering from a heart attack, and a shocked Harding relayed that Paul had told him it had been nothing major. Dylan voiced his concern that Paul had convinced himself that his health problems would go away, but he worried that they would only get worse.

Dylan reentered Paul's room, and Paul insisted that he had a job to do. Dylan acknowledged that it wasn't just a job, but it was part of who Paul was, and all they could do was watch Paul live his life on his own terms. Paul swore that the stress wouldn't kill him, and he would be there for everyone who wanted him around. Dylan softly said he'd lost one father, and he didn't want to do it again anytime soon. Dylan reminded Paul that he had a grandchild on the way, and Dylan didn't want his child to only know Paul through stories and photos.

At the Athletic Club, Victor marveled to Nikki that his children had returned to the company, and Nikki conceded that his kids always rallied when there was a threat, but things would be different once it was gone. Victor imagined that she was referring to Gabriel leaving Newman-Abbott, but he was grateful that Gabriel had promoted Abby and inspired Victoria and Nick to fight for the company. Victor hoped that Nick had remembered what it meant to be a Newman, and Nikki questioned whether it meant being rich and successful. Victor contended that Newmans never gave up, and they never lost in the end.

At Newman-Abbott, Abby said she appreciated Victoria's suggestions, but she thought the ideas were from a 1998 perspective. Victoria suggested that Abby tell Victor that they shouldn't do things like they had in olden times, and Billy walked in and wondered what had happened to the affection between the sisters. Billy informed them that Jack was recuperating with Phyllis, and Victoria and Abby bickered over Jack's decision to spend time with his wife. Abby snapped that she understood the concept of love, but Billy said there were different kinds of love, and when there was a deep connection, nothing else mattered. He gazed at Victoria.

Adam walked in and reported that all the charges had been dropped, but Billy growled that Gabriel had no business being outside a jail cell or in the office. Billy ordered Gabriel to get out, but Victor appeared in the doorway and declared that Gabriel wasn't going anywhere. Victor asserted that Jack was all right with Gabriel remaining at the company, so everyone else should be, too. Billy accused Victor of pouring gasoline on the fire to torch the company, and Victor invited Billy to resign.

Victoria said she and Billy had to tend to something, and they walked out. Abby assured Victor that she and Gabriel worked well together, and she asked what was first on the agenda. Victor requested that she sit in on a meeting about acquisitions, and he mentioned that he'd left the research materials on her desk. She departed, and Adam closed the door and guessed that Victor wanted to keep an eye on him. Victor noted that Gabriel seemed determined to make Victor regret his generosity.

Victor reminded Gabriel that he was only there because Jack had pulled some strings, and Adam noted that Jack had also been looking out for Victor, or Jack would have told the police he'd been unarmed. Victor wondered why Gabriel had admitted to hiding the gun, and Adam vaguely stated that he'd said things that had been useful in the moment. Victor questioned whether Jack had something on Gabriel, and Adam said Victor had driven the idea that knowledge was power into his offspring. Victor replied that they were talking about Gabriel, not Victor's children.

Adam declared that he wasn't a Newman clone, but he knew Victor adored his children and would do anything for Nick, Abby, and Victoria. Victor accused Gabriel of avoiding the question about why he'd changed his story, but Adam simply asked how it felt for Victor to be back in his chair. Victor said Gabriel had everything, and he advised Gabriel to stop sniveling and be grateful. Adam disdainfully replied that he didn't have a "damn thing" he wanted, and he stalked out.

Stitch found Abby on the Athletic Club rooftop with a stack of paperwork, and she remarked that her job was exciting with lots of drama. She guessed that Stitch had just gotten off a shift, and she asked if everything was okay. He told her about assisting the veteran, and he said he'd been able to see everything that had happened to the vet when he'd looked into the man's eyes. Stitch recalled how it had felt to be stateside when Dylan and everyone else had been ambushed, and Abby reminded him that he'd had no way of knowing it would happen.

Stitch lamented that the men had been his brothers, even if the only thing they'd had in common had been being in the same unit, since that had meant everything. Abby flippantly compared it to her and Gabriel sticking together after everything he'd done to her family, and Stitch stared at her speechlessly for a moment before he said he had he get back to the hospital. She continued rambling as she packed her briefcase, but when she looked up, Stitch had already walked away.

In the park, Billy and Victoria considered why Victor had kept Gabriel on, and Billy snarled that Gabriel should be in jail and out of a job, not the other way around. Victoria wondered if Billy's extreme hatred for Gabriel had anything to do with Chelsea, and Billy said his feelings toward Gabriel burned like acid in his gut. Billy added that he wanted to "beat the hell" out of Gabriel, and he wondered when Gabriel would finally pay.

On the Athletic Club rooftop, Colin presented Cane with a Bloody Mary as the hair of the dog that had bitten him, but Cane groaned that it felt more like it had been a saber-toothed tiger. Colin was glad he'd been able to serve as Cane's wingman the night before, since Jill was in Hong Kong to open a new Chancellor office, and he noted that Cane had repeatedly mentioned custody. Cane snapped that Lily didn't deserve to have custody after she'd broken up their family, but there was a sudden clang of dishes in the background, and Cane grabbed his head.

In the dining room, Lily told Devon and Hilary that their wedding planner had been fine with Lily butting in, and Hilary gushed that she loved Lily's ideas. Lily recognized that they were humoring her to help her keep her mind off her marriage, but she wanted to focus on the couple's big day. Neil eavesdropped as Lily said it was the beginning of Devon and Hilary's new life together, and she was determined to make sure everything was perfect.

Lily envisioned Hilary and Devon's wedding as something that would be uniquely theirs, and she inquired whether there was a song or a location that was special to them. Hilary used her phone to send Lily some files, and Devon asked what he could do. Lily told him just to love his bride, since no one else mattered but Devon and Hilary on their wedding day. Meanwhile, Neil pictured Devon and Hilary turning to say their vows to one another, but they both had duct tape covering their mouths.

Lily reported that the wedding planner had limited venues, and Devon mentioned that he was open to the park because of Katherine, but Hilary pointed out that it had been where she and Neil had gotten married. Nikki found Neil listening to the conversation, and she dragged him away. Lily suggested Devon and Hilary have the ceremony at the club, and Hilary noted that it felt like home. Devon recognized that he couldn't ask Neil to be there, but Lily encouraged the men to talk about it. Cane stumbled in and scoffed at the idea of Lily giving wedding advice, and he asked if she'd recommended that they leave the part about fidelity out of the vows.

Colin tried to lead Cane away, but Cane wondered if Lily would rewrite the vows to promise to be faithful until they found an excuse to cheat. Lily barked that Cane had no right to ruin Devon and Hilary's wedding plans, but Cane accused Lily of punishing him and pushing him away for lying about the couple's affair. Cane reminded Lily that Hilary had drugged him and taken photos to make it look as if they'd slept together, but Lily hadn't held a grudge for that. Devon warned Cane to back off and leave Lily alone, and Cane referred to them as the "three adulterers."

Cane asked if it hadn't been enough for Devon to marry his father's wife, so Devon had gotten Neil's daughter to plan the wedding. Lily demanded that Cane stop attacking everyone in her life, and Cane ridiculed her for being so sympathetic to Hilary and Devon's affair that she'd had to break her own vows. Lily reminded Cane that there was a long list of things she'd forgiven him for, but he speculated that she'd never forgiven him, and she'd just been waiting for payback by cheating on him with his friend. Lily spat that the man she'd married would be disgusted with himself.

In the park, Neil asked if Nikki had been afraid he'd make a scene because his son was planning a wedding to Neil's wife, and Nikki clarified that Hilary was Neil's ex-wife. She thought Neil hadn't been doing himself any favors by eavesdropping on Devon and Hilary's happiness, and Neil grumbled that they were happy at his expense. Nikki conceded that he'd gotten a raw deal, but he couldn't do anything about it. He admitted that seeing Devon and Hilary happily making plans made him want revenge, and the thoughts of crushing their dreams and leaving them in darkness were his drink of choice.

Neil and Nikki returned to the club, and she warned that his ugly thoughts were poisoning him. Neil said he couldn't shut them out, since not long before, he'd fallen in love with Hilary and offered her a family and a future. He added that it was a slap in the face that Hilary and Devon were pledging to love one another forever.

At the bar, Colin told Cane that he'd made his point, but Lily confronted Cane and spat that he didn't get to ruin everyone else's lives because he'd turned bitter and nasty. Cane argued that just months earlier, Lily had hated Hilary enough to push her in the pool, but Lily countered that she and Hilary had both apologized enough, and it wasn't their fault if people couldn't get over themselves. Meanwhile, Neil glared at Devon and Hilary as he walked by.

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