Wednesday, September 28, 2016
by Nel

Michael visited Phyllis in the hospital and was happy that Phyllis was bright enough to check her messages. Phyllis said she hadn't been checking messages -- she'd been looking at memories. She showed Michael the photo of herself and Jack. Phyllis advised Michael she was well enough to be released. Phyllis asked why Michael was there. Michael said he had received paperwork from Jack's lawyer that offered her a substantial settlement. Phyllis said she didn't want Jack's money; she wanted her husband back. Phyllis asked if Michael was advising her to let her marriage go. Michael said that Jack's lawyer had advised that Jack was moving forward on the legal action. Michael asked her to read the offer, so he could counter it.

Phyllis didn't want to talk about legal strategy. She wanted to go home but realized she had nowhere to go. Summer arrived and said Phyllis could stay with her. Phyllis said the last thing Summer needed was her mother as a roommate. Summer said she would decide that. Michael suggested that Phyllis listen to Summer, and he'd take care of the legal issues. Summer felt that Phyllis moving in with her would allow things to settle down, and Phyllis and Jack would realize how much they loved each other. Phyllis didn't think it would be that simple. Summer asked Michael if there was a way to slow down the divorce. Michael said he'd see what he could do, and he left.

Summer suggested she and Phyllis get out of the hospital, get a few things from Jack's, and settle in at Summer's. Phyllis said she could get a room at the Athletic Club because Summer didn't need her mother imposing on her life. Summer assured Phyllis she wasn't. After all the drama Summer had gone through with Luca, Summer wanted to focus on her business classes and expected Phyllis to help her with her business assignments. It would be like having a live-in tutor with real business savvy. Phyllis said she had made a real mess of her life. She'd lost the best man she'd ever known. Summer told Phyllis that she hadn't lost Jack yet.

At Jabot, Jack asked Ashley what every woman wanted. He and Ashley were discussing marketing, and Jack felt the plan he'd been looking at was wrong on many levels. Their customers were unique individuals, and to suggest they should buy as part of the herd was the ultimate insult. They had to talk to marketing. Ashley asked him to put marketing aside. Ashley said that GC Buzz had practically accused Jack of throwing his wife down the stairs. They needed to do some major damage control. Jack said he'd do that by ignoring it. Ashley said that was the worst thing he could do for himself and the company.

Jack reminded Ashley that GC Buzz had done a hatchet job on him and Phyllis, and he wasn't going to dignify it by refuting it. His statement had been taken out of context and twisted, and they'd insinuated that he'd put his wife in the hospital. Ashley said Jack needed a reality check because, in the marketplace, perception was reality. She said that if their customers thought their CEO was capable of harming his wife, Jabot would lose business to Brash & Sassy. She asked if he wanted Jill and Billy to profit from that after all Jack had been through.

Ashley suggested that Jack find a reputable news outlet and face the issue head-on. He and Phyllis needed to tell everyone it had been an accident and the police had dropped their investigation. He needed to explain that the whole situation had been woefully misrepresented. Jack felt that would create a new story and would keep the whole story alive. Jack said he wouldn't do it, and he was done talking about it. Ashley said it wouldn't be over because Jack wished it to be.

Ashley reminded Jack that he didn't have a pre-nuptial agreement, and his divorce could drag on for months. Ashley thought Phyllis would ask for the moon. Jack doubted that would happen, and his lawyer had made a very generous offer. Michael arrived and reported that Phyllis had passed on Jack's offer. Michael advised that Phyllis didn't want a divorce on any terms. Ashley felt Phyllis wanted more time and money. Michael said Phyllis wasn't negotiating for more cash. Michael said that Phyllis loved Jack, and Michael believed that Jack loved Phyllis too.

Ashley asked if Michael was there as Phyllis' lawyer or friend. Michael admitted that sometimes the lines were blurred, but he was Phyllis' lawyer. Jack told Michael to get Phyllis to accept his offer and advised that future communication should be through Jack's lawyer. After Jack left, Ashley told Michael to advise Phyllis it was a fight she wouldn't win. Michael told Ashley that Phyllis didn't want it to become adversarial. Michael suggested a short separation ending in reconciliation. Ashley said Phyllis hadn't compromised the marriage; she'd taken a sledgehammer to it, and there had been nothing left. Ashley suggested that Michael convince Phyllis to take the settlement and not inflict any more heartache or pain on Jack or herself.

Ashley asked if Michael wanted Phyllis' divorce to be played out endlessly in the tabloids. It was up to her and Michael to make it as painless as possible. She told Michael to name his price. Michael envied Ashley because she could devise a formula to reverse the aging process or make someone smell like a little bit of heaven, but he was a lawyer. On a good day, he got to keep people from tearing each other apart. On an excellent day, he could get parties to settle before setting foot in front of a judge, but most days, it was about words -- words that stung, words that did damage and words that no amount of money could take back.

Ashley pointed out that Jack hadn't been hurt by words; he'd been hurt by deeds done in secret, behind his back by his wife and his brother. No act of contrition would ever erase that from Jack's memory. Ashley asked Michael to tell Phyllis to stop hurting the man she had claimed to love and to let Jack go so he could start the healing process.

In the park, Devon asked if Hilary could smell how clean the air was since GC Buzz was gone. Hilary said that she'd been impressed when Devon had fired "that jerk" in Lily's office. Hilary felt it was a lot to absorb, closing down the website and the television show. She said it affected a lot of lives. Devon assured her he would find jobs for all the employees -- except that reporter. Hilary suggested that Devon wouldn't have to find anyone a job if GC Buzz stayed on the air. Devon said he'd bought it specifically to shut it down.

Hilary pointed out that another show just like GC Buzz -- or something even worse -- would pop up in its place. She suggested they take the idea and do it better. Hilary asked Devon who knew gossip better than they did. Hilary wanted Devon to imagine a GC Buzz full of tidbits, but it would never be mean, underhanded, or nasty. They both knew what it had been like to have their personal lives served up on a platter for public amusement. It was an opportunity to turn the tables -- no shots below the belt or kicking people when they were down. Hilary felt people were tired of negativity, and this was their chance to reset the bar.

Devon asked if it was gossip with a conscience. Devon said that was what he loved about Hilary, her passion and excitement about something. Devon said they would need to find the right personality to host it. The host would have to get a following that would tune in every day. Hilary offered to contact talent agencies so the show wouldn't have to go off the air. Devon said it wasn't necessary because he knew the perfect person for the job -- Hilary. Hilary said she didn't have any experience.

Hilary refused and said Devon needed to find someone else. Devon didn't understand her nervousness because he'd seen her in front of a camera many times. Hilary stated they had been press conferences talking about business and science. Devon said that Hilary loved being in the spotlight, no matter what the topic was and asked if there was a difference between entertainment and a press conference. Hilary said there was. The person had to be likeable, or no one would watch. They had to be credible and intelligent. She admitted she lacked the bubbly personality a television gossip show needed, and it wasn't her style.

Devon argued that Hilary had been trying to change the style. Hilary asked about the news part of the program because she was not a journalist. She felt she could do a media event or a ribbon cutting but not an incisive interview. Devon disagreed and felt Hilary had skills that couldn't be taught. She had the ability to see through people and see their real motives. Hilary said that Devon was saying that Hilary knew how to exploit people's weaknesses, which had nothing to do with the show. Devon disagreed and said it had everything to do with the show because she would be tactful but truthful.

Devon felt Hilary would know exactly what to say when faced with a tragedy, and people would fall in love with and trust her. Hilary agreed to do it and to shadow a pro, and perhaps she'd do some small things. Devon thought she would be fine as anchor. He said she knew what she needed to know, and this was gossip with a conscience. He said he had the perfect story for her to start with, and it would make her a star.

At the police station, Kevin received a text message from Chloe that read, "Last night was great. Next time, you, me and Bella." Mariah rushed in and said she needed Kevin's help because Faith was missing. Mariah said they'd been at the park and made plans for her birthday party. Mariah had bought ice cream, and when she'd returned, Faith had been gone. Kevin said it wasn't like Faith to wander off. Mariah thought Faith might have been kidnapped. Kevin assured her that Faith had not been kidnapped at the park. Mariah reminded him that a lot of terrible things had happened at that park. Kevin asked if Mariah had seen anyone strange lurking.

Mariah admitted the park had been almost empty, but that didn't mean that nobody had been lurking or watching. Kevin assured Mariah that Dillon had coached Faith about strangers and being careful in public. Mariah wanted Kevin to put out an APB or Amber Alert. Kevin assured her they didn't need to do that because they were going to the park to find Faith. At that moment, Mariah received a call from Chelsea.

At Chelsea 2.0, Chloe admitted that she'd been caught texting a personal message on company time. Chloe said she'd sent Kevin a thank you text for the night before. Chelsea was happy that Chloe had had a good time on her non-date and hoped Chloe wasn't moving too quickly. Chloe admitted she wasn't. Chloe admitted she hadn't been able to sleep because she'd been thinking about the last time she and Kevin had had a real date. They'd been trying to get back together, but they hadn't because it had been the night Chloe had lost Delia. Chloe said it was weird; she'd been ready to move on with her future, but once again, she'd been reminded of the past.

Chelsea assured Chloe it wasn't weird. Every time Chelsea looked into Connor's face, she felt joy because she saw Adam's face but was also reminded of what she'd lost. Faith rushed in, out of breath, and said she needed Chelsea's help. Faith was in a panic because her birthday party was the next day, and she had nothing to wear that was amazing. Faith said she loved Chelsea's designs. Chelsea asked Faith if Sharon or Nick knew where Faith was. Faith admitted she'd been with Mariah at the park, and when Mariah had gone to buy ice cream, Faith had suddenly realized she needed a new dress, so she'd run all the way to Chelsea's.

Faith knew Chelsea didn't make kids' stuff but hoped Chelsea had something small lying around that might fit her. Faith said she had her tooth fairy money saved so she could pay Chelsea. Chelsea said they could help her, but first things first. Chelsea called Mariah to report that Faith was at the studio and was fine. Chelsea and Chloe fitted a dress on Faith.

Faith insisted that Chelsea and Chloe attend her birthday party and take Connor and Bella. Faith said that ever since Sage had died, Sharon had been worried about Nick. Sharon thought Nick needed to spend time with Connor because of some promise he'd made. Chelsea told Faith that Nick had promised Adam to take care of Connor and to look after Chelsea. Faith insisted that Chelsea say yes and that Sharon wouldn't take no for an answer.

Kevin and Mariah arrived and asked Chloe if Faith was okay. Chloe assured them that Faith was miles beyond okay. Chelsea stepped out and introduced her newest model and creation. Faith emerged wearing her new Chelsea creation that Faith had wanted for her birthday party. Mariah told Faith she was happy that was what Faith had been doing while Mariah had searched frantically for her. Mariah said she'd had the whole police force looking for Faith then admitted she'd only had Kevin. She pointed out that Faith couldn't run off without telling Mariah where she planned to go.

Faith apologized and asked if Mariah loved her new dress. Mariah said Faith looked amazing and asked how Faith was going to pay for the dress. Faith said she'd saved almost twenty dollars from the tooth fairy. Chloe and Chelsea felt they could make it work. Chelsea took Faith in to change. Kevin asked Chloe if he could help her with anything. Chloe mentioned there was a nightly Halloween ghost walk in two weeks, and she'd been thinking about getting a ticket or two. Kevin felt two weeks was a long wait. Chloe suggested they could go to Faith's birthday party together. Mariah was not pleased to see them together.

In the meantime, Chelsea promised Faith she'd have Faith's dress delivered before her birthday party. Faith said she had five dollars in her purse and asked if she could pay them the rest later. Chelsea told her not to worry about payment because it was Chelsea's gift to Faith. Faith was thrilled and hugged Chelsea and Chloe. Mariah said they had to leave and asked if Kevin was joining them. Mariah was disappointed when Kevin chose to stay behind, but she covered by saying she needed to talk to Faith about running off without telling anyone. Chelsea left to work on Faith's dress.

Chloe asked if Kevin had wanted to go with Mariah. Kevin said he hadn't. Kevin asked Chloe what had been bothering her. Chloe said she'd been having second thoughts, and maybe it wasn't meant to be between them. Kevin said they'd had an amazing night over cheeseburgers, and she had just invited him for the ghost walk and Faith's birthday party. Chloe reminded him that Mariah was Faith's sister and would be watching their every move and feeling crappy about it. Chloe felt she hadn't considered Mariah's feelings.

Mariah was still into Kevin, and Chloe thought they should stop before someone got hurt. Kevin assured Chloe that no one would get hurt. Kevin said Mariah knew that he and Chloe had a history, some of it sad, but a lot of it had been pretty great. Mariah was a friend and wanted Kevin to be happy. Chloe said she didn't want Kevin to be put into a position of having to choose between her and whatever "this" was and his best friend. Kevin assured her that wouldn't happen and didn't know what "this" was, either, but he wanted to find out. Chelsea told Kevin to shut up and kiss Chloe. Kevin said Chelsea was the boss and kissed Chloe.

In the park, Mariah told Faith that the next time they went out, she would ask Dylan for an extra pair of handcuffs so Faith could be cuffed to the park bench when Mariah went to buy ice cream. Faith apologized, but Mariah understood that Faith had been excited about her party. Faith said she wasn't apologizing just for running away, but for pushing Kevin and Chloe together by inviting them to her party. Faith could tell it had made Mariah jealous.

Phyllis and Summer arrived at the Abbott mansion. At the base of the stairs, Phyllis told Summer that was where Phyllis had tried to hold on to Jack when he'd pulled away. Phyllis suggested she should have taken Michael's advice, accepted the settlement, and moved on. Summer offered to get a few things for Phyllis and return later to pack up the rest of Phyllis' things. Phyllis said she didn't want to pack and move out of her home, and she didn't want her marriage to be over. Summer comforted Phyllis while they sat on the stairs. Phyllis said she didn't know what she'd do if it weren't for Summer. Summer said Phyllis had to put one foot in front of the other, and she'd find a way to get through it.

Phyllis knew she'd been responsible for everything. Summer said Billy carried his own share of the blame. As much as Summer loved Jack, he was no saint. Jack would wake up one morning and forgive Phyllis. Jack arrived, and Phyllis explained that she was there to get some of her things. Jack said she should have called first. Phyllis explained she'd been released earlier than expected and only had a mild concussion with no lasting effects. Jack said he was happy she was better and had no reason to drag her feet with the divorce.

Summer wanted to pack some things for Phyllis, but Jack wanted her to stay before someone suggested that Phyllis wasn't safe around him. Jack said Michael had stopped by and mentioned Phyllis had turned down his offer. Jack assumed that was standard operating procedure for getting a higher settlement. Phyllis said she had made it clear she was not interested in the money. Jack said they were at an impasse because he wasn't interested in making their marriage work. Summer begged Jack to call it off. Jack said he knew Summer meant well, but the marriage was beyond repair.

Phyllis wanted to get her things, but Jack said Mrs. Martinez had already packed them. Phyllis could have saved herself a trip had she called first. Phyllis said she'd hoped Jack had told Mrs. Martinez to send her things to Summer's place, unless Jack said she couldn't live there, since he owned the condo. Jack advised that what Phyllis did and where she went was no longer his concern. Summer suggested they leave, but Jack asked Phyllis to give back his house key. Phyllis returned his key. She and Summer left.

Ashley arrived and asked if Jack was okay. Jack admitted he'd be fine as soon as he got the last shred of Phyllis out of his house. Ashley told Jack she'd been able to talk Michael into getting Phyllis to accept a settlement, but it would not be cheap. She'd advised Michael to give them a dollar amount, and they would pay it in exchange for Jack's freedom. Jack said he didn't care what it cost, as long as it got Phyllis out of his life for good.

At GC Buzz studio, Hilary prepared for her first appearance. She was extremely nervous, and Devon told to relax and be herself. Hilary wanted to rehearse. She started reading the script, but it was only smut. She asked who wrote that crap. Devon told her to say things in her own words. Devon told Hilary to handle things her way. He told her to look into the camera and tell the story only she could tell because she knew Jack personally and knew all the players. He told her to tell the real story from her heart. Hilary looked into the camera, introduced herself, and said she was going to talk about Jack's real story. When Hilary wrapped up her story, Devon was delighted and claimed a star had been born.

Phyllis and Summer arrived at Summer's. Summer suggested that Phyllis lie down on the couch while Summer made up a bed. Phyllis said she wasn't tired, just lost. Phyllis couldn't blame Jack for not wanting a reminder of their marriage. Phyllis said she no longer had a marriage, home, or job -- just boxes filled with regret. Summer said she'd help Phyllis put her life together again. Summer knew it wasn't the life Phyllis had planned, and Summer admitted she wasn't living the life she'd planned.

Michael arrived and told Phyllis he'd spoken to Jack. Phyllis said she'd spoken to Jack, also, and all he'd wanted was her signature on the divorce papers. Michael knew it wasn't what she wanted to hear, but he advised her to walk away with something. He said Ashley had been eager to get Phyllis out of the family, and Phyllis could name her own price. Phyllis advised Michael to make a counter offer. She didn't want any money as long as she stayed at Jabot.

. . .

On the next The Young and the Restless...

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• Victoria points out that Travis wasn’t interested in working for Victor, and she wonders what changed.
• Michael informs Jack that Phyllis is willing to give him a divorce -- under one condition.