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Hilary and Lily's argument takes a tragic turn
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Wednesday, July 18, 2018

At Devon's penthouse, Hilary informed Shauna that Devon would return from his trip later that evening. Shauna thanked Hilary for giving her the green light about Charlie being there the other day. Hilary stated that she really hadn't had a choice since she'd only learned about it after the fact. After Hilary left for work, Shauna sent Charlie a text message inviting him to the penthouse.

At Crimson Lights, Nikki and Victoria discussed the flyer they'd both received inviting them to a reception at the Dark Horse. The discussion turned to Nick. Nikki grumbled about Nick's unbelievable behavior. At that moment, Abby arrived and told Nikki and Victoria that an invitation from the Dark Horse had been hand-delivered to her. They wondered why three Newmans were invited to an unknown company.

At the Hamilton-Winters Group, Charlie received a text message from Shauna inviting him to the penthouse. He told Mattie he wanted to leave work and asked her to cover for him. He wanted to go see Shauna because they'd have Devon's penthouse to themselves. At first Mattie refused. After Charlie begged her, she reluctantly agreed. Charlie told Lily he had to leave because he'd received a message that the cross-country team was meeting to train.

Sometime later, Lily began to worry about Charlie running in the extreme heat. She checked the emails about the meeting but couldn't find anything. She decided to go to the school and speak with the coach. Mattie stopped her and confessed that Charlie was with Shauna at Devon's. Lily rushed out.

At the Dive Bar, The Hilary Hour was about to air. Hilary told Mariah that she'd noticed how much Tessa cared about Mariah. Mariah advised Hilary to butt out. When Tessa arrived, Hilary told Mariah and Tessa that they had a shot at something wonderful.

Hilary grew teary-eyed when she told them that relationships, even under the best of circumstances, were difficult and that Mariah and Tessa had to work at theirs. She said that she and Devon had gone through a great deal to be together, and she blamed it on her own stupidity. Hilary blamed her hormones for her emotional outburst. Hilary said that Mariah and Tessa's love would be tested and that she supported them.

Tessa asked Hilary if she'd been talking about the guy she'd been with the other night. Hilary walked away. Tessa asked Mariah if there was something wrong with Hilary. Mariah said she was certain that something was going on.

At the end of The Hilary Hour program, Hilary had become emotional and closed the show with a final thought. She advised her audience that when they reached a good point in their lives, they needed to savor it because the clock kept ticking, and the future was unknown. She advised everyone to focus on the journey, and they'd wind up in places they'd never imagined. She thanked everyone for making her show a part of their day. When the show ended, Hilary rushed off.

Tessa told Mariah that something was going on other than hormones. Mariah wondered if Hilary had been cheating on Devon with the guy she'd been with the previous evening. Mariah told Tessa that something that Hilary had said to her earlier had hit home. She said that Hilary had been correct. Mariah admitted that she did have a tendency to overthink everything, such as whether she was coming on too strong or not strong enough or if she should talk more or shut up. Tessa told Mariah to shut up, and they kissed.

Nikki, Victoria, and Abby arrived at the venue indicated on the invitation. They were in what they perceived as a creepy boardroom and wondered if it was a setup. Sharon and Summer arrived and informed Nikki and Victoria that they'd received an invitation. Nikki wanted to leave, but Victoria stopped her. Nick arrived smartly dressed in a business suit. He confessed that he'd sent the invitations. He welcomed them to Dark Horse. Everyone wanted to know what was going on.

Nick said it was a new adventure. He claimed that where the family was concerned, they'd lived solely by Victor's rules, but that was going to change. He admitted that he'd never been more serious about anything in his life. Nikki accused Nick of causing unnecessary pain and damage. Nick began by admitting that he'd had a complicated relationship with Victor and explained all the things that Victor had taught him, especially about boxing. Nick had a flashback to being with Victor and how Victor had provided instructions to Nick about boxing.

Nick had been surprised by Victor's support when Nick had wanted to marry Sharon. Victor had even built them a house. When he and Sharon had almost lost Noah, Victor had been his rock, but whenever Victor did something nice, he always wanted something in return.

Nick reminded Victoria that when she'd married Billy, Victor had had her arrested. Nick asked Nikki how many times Victor had turned on her when she hadn't bowed to his will. Nick told Abby that she'd never measure up because she wouldn't be molded into Victor's image. She wanted to be herself and to blaze her own trail. He said that Victor hadn't turned on Summer yet, but he would just as he had with Sharon.

Nick said that Victor had treated Sharon like a daughter until he hadn't. One of the cruelest things that Victor had ever done had been to use Mariah to make Sharon believe she was seeing Cassie and make Sharon think she was losing her mind. Nick had a flashback to the day he'd confronted Victor about gaslighting Sharon, and Victor saying that it had needed to be done because Sharon had been keeping a secret.

Nick said that what Victor had done had been unforgivable but not surprising. That was what Victor had done to all of them their entire lives. He controlled them by using fear and intimidation, and Victor had used their trust funds to do it. When they'd had enough, they'd fought back and won.

Nick said that after Victor's brush with death, Victor had wormed his way back into their lives. Nikki asked why Nick was so bitter and angry. Nick asked why Nikki wasn't. He asked if she'd forgotten what Victor had done to her at the fundraising concert. Nick had another flashback to that night in the parking garage when Victor had punched him after their confrontation about Nikki. That had been when Nick had promised himself he'd never be like Victor. Nick said that he'd tried to make things work.

Nick said that when Victor had almost died after J.T.'s attack, he'd reached out to Victor; he'd wanted things to be different, and he'd hoped they'd become a family again. Victor had asked Nick to return to the company, but when Nick had seen what his job at Newman would be, he'd known that nothing had changed. Victor had wanted Nick to take the COO position. When Nick had mentioned that Victoria had hoped to regain that position, Victor had said that Victoria had moved on to other projects. Nick had a flashback to his confrontation with Victor when Victor had said that Victoria would never get that position again because he couldn't trust her after she'd colluded with Jack against him.

Nick had wanted to work side by side with Victor and be a part of the family, but Victor had only wanted Nick to screw Victoria over. Nick said that when he'd stood up to Victor, Victor had vowed that he'd make Nick pay. The price had been Christian. Nick said that Victor had been there when Nick had been led to believe that Christian had died. Victor had seen the unbelievable pain he'd endured. Victor had seen how much that little boy meant to Nick when he'd discovered that Christian was still alive. After all that, Victor had tried to take Christian away from him -- not because it was in Christian's best interest, but because Victor had wanted to inflict a wound that would never heall.

Nick told everyone that when Victor had asked Nick to return to Newman Enterprises, Nick had thought that Victor had wanted to turn the company back into what Victor had originally intended it to be -- a legacy the family could be proud of and that he would hand down to his children and grandchildren. When Nick had realized that it wouldn't happen, he'd decided to create something new. Nikki spat that he wanted to do that by pretending to be J.T., attacking Newman Enterprises, and releasing Victor's medical records and making them public. Abby was shocked that Nick had done that. Victoria added that he'd done it while pretending to be J.T.

Nick said that the old family dynamic was dead, and a new one would start that day. Abby wanted to know if it had been Nick who'd used J.T.'s credit card, sent emails, and stalked Sharon and Nikki. Victoria said that Nick had been responsible for everything. Abby asked if Sharon, Nikki, and Victoria had known about it. Sharon stated that they'd found out after Nick had revealed himself to Victor. Summer thought what Nick had done had been awesome, but Nikki spat that it had been cruel to impersonate J.T. and to attack Victor's company.

Nick said that Victor had founded Newman Enterprises because he'd wanted to give them something he'd never had, a home, a family, and loving parents, but it had come at a cost. It had all been based on fear -- fear that it could all be taken away, and the stronger the fear, the tighter Victor's hold became on everything and everyone. The very thing Victor had built his dreams on had turned into Victor controlling them with it. Nick said he'd had enough, and the only way to stop it was to go after Victor's source of power, Newman Enterprises. Nick realized he had the means to do it.

Nick told everyone about the day he'd thought he'd caught J.T. However, it had been a homeless guy that had looked like J.T., and he'd tracked the homeless guy down. The homeless guy had told Nick that he'd written down a bunch of random words and numbers J.T. had stored on his phone. Nick had recognized what they were -- the codes and passwords for the main security at Newman. Nick had paid the guy to distract Victor while Nick had worked on his plan. Nick said he'd used the information to get into the HR database. He'd discovered who worked in key positions and who the disgruntled employees were. They'd all helped Nick get past the main security system, allowing him to gather useful data.

Abby reminded Nick that the entire Newman server had been attacked. Nick admitted that he'd hired a professional to break through that barrier. Nikki demanded to know how Nick had been able to access Victor's medical records. Nick admitted that he'd paid for it. Victoria stated that obviously Nick had no qualms about anything he'd done. Nick said he'd played by Victor's rules and that Victor had taught him well.

Nick admitted he'd infiltrated Victor's personal and private life. Nick confessed he put a tracking device and camera into Victor's car as well as cameras in his home and his office, but the icing on the cake had been when Nick had assumed J.T.'s identity. Abby didn't understand how he'd done that. Nick explained that he'd worked with a prosthetics expert, and he'd been able to fool them all. Nick knew he'd freaked Sharon and Nikki out, but he said that it had needed to be done for his plan to succeed. He said his plan hadn't been only for Victor -- he'd also hoped to flush J.T. out of hiding. Unfortunately, flushing J.T. out hadn't worked, but he said he wouldn't give up his attempt of finding J.T.

Agitated, Nikki stated that she didn't recognize Nick anymore. Nick said she should because for the first time in his life, he was his father's son. Nick apologized to Victoria for scaring her, but he hoped she and everyone else understood why he'd done it. Sharon just stared wide-eyed at Nick while Nikki looked disgusted.

After the meeting concluded, Nikki griped to Sharon that she didn't believe Sharon hadn't known about Nick's plans. Sharon retorted that she hadn't completely faked it when they had seen J.T. outside her house. Sharon said she was furious that Nick had hidden everything from her. Victoria reminded them that they were hardly in a position to judge Nick for hiding things. Nikki speculated what might happen if Nick only knew why he hadn't been able to draw J.T. out of hiding. Sharon said she hoped Nick never found out.

In another area of the room, Summer was overjoyed and said that what Nick had done had been really badass. Nikki chastised Summer. She said that attacking a sick man was nothing to crow about. Abby chimed in that Victor had been well enough to stab Victoria in the back by trying to give Nick her job. Victoria said she appreciated that Nick hadn't taken the job, but she didn't want him to pretend he'd done any of it for her. Nick said he'd done it so he wouldn't lose his son, but he'd done it for all of them, as well.

Victoria said that everyone would like Nick to let it go, but Nick said he wouldn't and that it was only the beginning. Nick said everything ended in that building. He advised everyone that he owned the building. He'd made deals with almost every company that had already severed ties with Newman Enterprises. Victoria said that they'd lost business as a result of the scandal Nick had unleashed. Nikki demanded to know where Nick had gotten the money because it took major capital to get something of that magnitude off the ground.

Nick explained that the Newman name carried serious weight in the corporate world, and he'd met with many of the high rollers. He clarified that they hadn't all been New Hope investors, but there had been many investors who were eager to go into business with Victor's son. Nikki sarcastically pointed out that Nick didn't mind trading on his father's name. Nick clarified it was Victor's name, but it was Nick's vision.

Nick said he wanted to create a new legacy for the family, a company that embodied everything that Newman Enterprises was originally supposed to have been. He wanted them all to work with him at Dark Horse and to help him make his dream a reality. Nikki stated that Nick wanted them to turn their back on Victor. Nick countered by saying he was asking them to be part of their future.

Charlie arrived at Devon's penthouse. He and Sauna kissed and went upstairs. A short time later, Lily arrived and pounded on the door. When no one answered, she used her key and stormed by Shauna, yelling for Charlie. Charlie rushed down the stairs, buttoning his shirt, and asked how she'd known where to find him. Lily told him that Mattie had done the right thing by telling her. Lily said that she knew Shauna was a bad influence on Charlie

Hilary arrived and claimed that there had been a misunderstanding. Hilary called Lily an uptight prude. Lily told Hilary that she was sorry for Shauna and the baby Hilary was carrying because Hilary didn't have a clue about parenting. Hilary retorted that at least her kids wouldn't hate her. Charlie yelled that because of their arguing, Shauna had taken off. He said he had to find her and started for the door. Hilary and Lily rushed to follow Charlie.

Lily, Charlie, and Hilary were in the car, searching for Shauna. Lily and Hilary continued their argument. Lily said that when Devon had decided to have a baby with Hilary, it had been his worst decision. Lily said that Hilary had no business becoming a mother because she didn't know the first thing about parenting. Hilary said she was sick of Lily's sanctimonious crap and of Lily acting like she and her family were perfect.

At that moment, they heard a loud horn, and they were T-boned by a semitruck on Hilary's side of the car.

On the next The Young and the Restless...

• Abby is forced to choose sides

• Sharon is worried about Nick

• Jack makes a power move

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