Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Halloween décor was the order of the day at the Underground. Summer stopped by and Nick asked her how she felt about some of the monikers he had cooked up for his Halloween beverages -- "piña ghoul-ada" and "Blood-thirsty Mary" were two of his favorites. Things took a serious turn when Summer told Nick that Phyllis was never going to accept her marriage to Austin. Nick said that Phyllis' reaction couldn't have been that bad, but Summer informed him how Phyllis had "flipped out" when she'd learned that Austin had kidnapped Avery and shot Paul.

Summer told Nick that Phyllis had threatened to have her marriage annulled. Nick said that sounded just like Phyllis, adding that Summer shouldn't blame Phyllis for being concerned. He reminded Summer that he hadn't been exactly thrilled when he'd learned about Summer and Austin's marriage. Nick said that Phyllis loved Summer too much to allow Austin to break their mother-daughter bond.

Summer asked Nick if he and Sharon were planning to finish up their wedding vows. Nick informed her that he and Sharon were planning a small ceremony. He invited Summer, but in deference to Phyllis' feelings about Nick and Sharon's relationship, she decided that she would not attend. Nick smiled and said that he understood.

Summer was still concerned about Phyllis' reaction to Summer and Austin's marriage. She asked Nick if he would speak to Phyllis and tell her what a great guy Austin was. Nick was hesitant at first, but Summer insisted, and Nick acquiesced. Summer was so thrilled that she grabbed Nick's arm, dragged him to the exit, and informed him that they were going to the Abbott mansion so Nick could talk with Phyllis.

At the Abbott mansion, an irritated Phyllis asked Avery why neither Nick nor Jack had prevented Summer from marrying Austin -- the man who had kidnapped Avery and shot Paul. Avery explained that Austin and Summer had legally married before any of them had known about it and they had been unable to have the marriage annulled because Summer was of legal age to marry without adult permission.

Phyllis wondered why no one seemed to be particularly upset about the marriage. Avery informed her that Jack and Nick had been furious when they'd learned about the secret City Hall wedding, but they'd eventually accepted Austin and the marriage because they hadn't wanted to alienate Summer. Avery said that once Jack and Nick had put aside their anger and learned more about Austin, they'd realized that he wasn't a bad guy at all.

Avery continued to try to sell Austin and Summer's marriage to Phyllis, but she wasn't buying. As the sisters continued their conversation, Phyllis was stunned to learn that Paul and Nikki were Dylan's biological parents. Phyllis realized that Nick and Dylan were brothers.

Avery grew uncomfortable as Phyllis said that Nick had to have been devastated to lose Avery to Dylan -- a brother Nick had never known he had. Avery admitted that she had been with Dylan when she should have been meeting Nick at the altar but that Dylan had been going through a difficult time, having just learned his true parentage.

Avery reminded Phyllis that a lot had happened while Phyllis had been away, Phyllis remarked that most of the changes were "messed up." When Avery told Phyllis that she needed to accept the changes, Phyllis adamantly replied that she would never accept Nick's relationship with Sharon. When Avery insisted that Phyllis didn't have a choice, Phyllis replied, "Wanna bet?"

After Avery left, Phyllis looked through the photo album of Summer's wedding, and stared at the picture of Nick and Jack posing with Summer. Nick and Summer showed up. Summer told Phyllis that she wanted to have a family meeting, even though she, Nick, and Phyllis were no longer a family. Phyllis looked dejected as Summer spoke but perked up when Nick told Summer that even though they weren't blood relatives, he always wanted her to be happy.

Summer told her mother that she was happy -- with Austin. Nick chimed in, saying, "I never thought that would be possible, but..." Phyllis interrupted, telling them that Summer was using Nick to convince her to accept "this sham of a marriage," and their tactics wouldn't work. Nick asked Summer to leave the room so he could speak with Phyllis privately.

After Summer was gone, Phyllis pointedly asked Nick how he had been able to escort Summer down the aisle to marry "that felon." Nick lectured Phyllis, telling her that walking a daughter down the aisle was something that a father dreamed about. Phyllis said that she wasn't going to allow Summer to ruin her life -- and she wasn't going to allow Nick to ruin his either. Nick became irritated and informed Phyllis that he was going to marry Sharon the following day -- and there wasn't anything Phyllis could do to stop the wedding. After Nick stormed out, Phyllis mumbled to herself, "Don't be so sure."

At the Athletic Club, Cane was attempting to speak with Lily about arrangements for the club's Halloween party but he noticed that she was a million miles away -- he wanted to know why she was preoccupied. Lily said that Hilary was hiding something "huge" from Neil -- then blurted out, "Hilary is pregnant," as Neil entered, overheard, and demanded to know what was going on. Lily said that Hilary "could" be expecting and told her father that Hilary had been exhibiting classic pregnancy signs -- Hilary had seemed to be over-emotional and had seemed to be having trouble keeping her food down. Cane, clearly not happy with Lily's hypothesis, said that Hilary had probably just been suffering from jet lag.

As Cane shook his head in disbelief, Neil explained that Hilary had mentioned starting a family early in their marriage, and he had put her off. After his accident, Neil realized that life was too short to delay things -- and that Moses would love having a little brother or sister. As Cane seethed in silence, Lily said that Moses would be a great big brother. Neil added that Hilary would be an amazing mother. Unable to continue listening to Lily and Neil, Cane angrily blurted out that Neil couldn't have a baby with Hilary.

Cane apologized for his outburst but said that he didn't think that Neil and Hilary should start a family -- after all, only a few weeks had passed since Neil had asked Hilary for a divorce. Neil thanked Cane for his concern, but the thought of losing Hilary made him "never want to live without her again."

After Cane left, Lily told Neil how happy she was that he was finally dealing with his loss of sight and was no longer pushing away the people who wanted to help him. Neil told Lily that he was pleased that Lily and Hilary seemed to be forging a friendship. Lily wondered if Hilary would want to be her friend after learning that Lily had "spilled the beans" about Hilary's pregnancy.

At Jabot, Hilary was staring out a window, seemingly lost in thought. Jack told her that she should be proud of her business accomplishments on her trip to New York. Hilary reminded Jack that the only reason he had sent her to New York was because Neil had asked him to. Jack said that Neil had felt that Hilary needed some time away from Genoa City. When Jack asked Hilary if she had gained some perspective while on her trip, she remembered making love with Devon in her hotel room.

Kelly stomped into the office and, not noticing Hilary, demanded that Jack make a choice -- did he want to be with Kelly or did he want to be with Phyllis? Jack alerted Kelly to Hilary's presence with a nod of his head. Hilary adroitly excused herself, leaving Jack and Kelly alone. Kelly insisted that Jack tell Phyllis about Jack and Kelly's relationship. Jack said that he hadn't decided exactly how -- or when -- to tell Phyllis. Kelly thought that Jack's indecision might be easy for him -- but it was taking its toll on her.

Jack said that the moment he had seen Phyllis at the back of the church during Nick and Sharon's wedding, he'd realized that he was going to hurt someone. Kelly wondered if it was going to be her. Jack begged Kelly to believe that he still loved her. Kelly asked how he felt about Phyllis. When Jack replied that he would always have a place in his heart for Phyllis, Kelly said that she wanted a place in Jack's life. She wondered what Jack wanted.

Jack said that he wanted "no one to get hurt." Kelly told him that he needed to be honest with both her and Phyllis and needed to make a choice -- even if the choice was Phyllis and not Kelly. Kelly desperately demanded an answer. She implored Jack to say whether he wanted to be with Phyllis -- or with Kelly. Jack grabbed Kelly and began kissing her passionately. As Jack removed his suit jacket and pushed Kelly onto the couch, Avery barged into the office. Jack and Kelly jumped off the couch.

Annoyed and embarrassed, Jack asked Avery what she wanted. When she said she was there to discuss Phyllis, Kelly began walking out of the office. Jack kissed Kelly, seemingly for Avery's benefit, before Kelly left.

Avery told Jack that he needed to tell Phyllis about Kelly, saying the longer Jack waited, the more hurt Phyllis would be. Jack told her that he had been about to reveal his relationship with Kelly to Phyllis, but Phyllis had just learned about Summer and Austin's wedding, and he didn't want to upset her any further. Avery told Jack that Summer and Austin's marriage wasn't the only one Phyllis was upset about -- Phyllis was determined to stop Sharon and Nick's wedding -- and "God help anyone who stands in her way."

Bubbling over with happiness, Kelly went to the Athletic Club. Lily wondered what had caused Kelly's sudden good mood. Kelly told Lily about her meeting with Jack -- and how it had ended with the two of them nearly making love in Jack's office. Kelly smiled and told Lily that Jack's relationship with Phyllis was a thing of the past.

In a hallway at Jabot, Hilary waited for the elevator and was surprised when the doors opened to reveal Devon. He pulled her aside and said that he needed to ask her a question -- he wanted to know if she was pregnant with his child. Flabbergasted, Hilary informed Devon that she was not pregnant. Devon seemed saddened by that news and reminded Hilary of what they had fantasized about while in New York -- running away and settling down in a place where no one knew them. Hilary told Devon that she couldn't hurt Neil, but Devon insisted that their New York fantasies could become reality. Hilary told him that she'd dreamed about what might have been, but they needed to stay away from each other.

Devon said that they should keep their relationship a secret from Neil, but continue to see each other behind his back. Hilary quipped that Devon was forgetting something -- their affair wouldn't be secret because Cane already knew about it. Devon told her that Cane didn't want to hurt Neil any more than Devon did. Hilary was nervous that Cane would reveal their affair to Lily. Devon said that they needed to make Cane believe that Devon and Hilary were no longer seeing each other. Hilary signaled her agreement by smiling and gently caressing Devon's face.

Devon returned to the Athletic Club and was immediately approached by a frustrated Cane. He told Devon that he had just spent quite a bit of time listening to Neil telling the Ashbys how much he looked forward to his and Hilary's future -- a future that Neil might not have because of Devon. Devon told Cane that he had seen Hilary and learned that she wasn't pregnant. He then lied and told a skeptical Cane that he was never going to meet up with Hilary again. Cane said that if he learned that Devon and Hilary were seeing each other, he was going to tell Neil everything.

When Hilary arrived home after work, she saw that Neil had decorated the condo with bouquets of roses. She told Neil that he shouldn't have gone to that much trouble. Neil smiled and replied, "Nothing is too much trouble... for the mother of my child..." and rambled on about how he couldn't wait for their baby to be born. Hesitantly, Hilary told Neil that there had been a misunderstanding -- she wasn't pregnant. Neil, disappointed with that news, told Hilary that he wanted to give Hilary the family she desired -- and, kissing her on the forehead, said that he wanted to start trying that night.

. . .

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  • Mariah inadvertently informs Victor that Nick and Sharon are getting married that day.
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