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Wednesday, March 15, 2017
by Nel

Billy and Ashley met for breakfast at the Top of the Tower. He said he'd heard there was a power struggle at Jabot. Ashley admitted that she and Jack butted heads a lot less when Jack was in a different city. Ashley admitted she didn't like the way Jack had gone about getting Fenmore's. Jack had pressured Lauren, scared off Lauren's investors, and colluded with and hired Gloria when he knew her history. Billy couldn't wrap his head around that one either. He thought the virtual dressing room app was genius as was the app for Jabot Go. Ashley acknowledged that Brash & Sassy was nipping at Jabot's heels.

Ashley noted that Brash & Sassy had scored quite the coup with Sato because Sato was a fierce negotiator. Billy told Ashley that it had been Cane's deal, and he deserved the ticker tape parade. Ashley asked why Victoria hadn't given Billy the deal, since Billy had done extensive work in Japan. He said Victoria had had her reasons. Ashley thought things had been going well between Billy and Victoria. Billy admitted that things were good between them, and they were chugging along as parents. Ashley knew that Billy wanted something more, but he didn't see that happening. Victoria had the walls up, and he didn't blame her.

Ashley stated that it had to affect Billy and Victoria's business relationship. Billy disagreed. He said Victoria had been born to own that company, but sometimes she got into boss lady mode and sounded like Victor. Ashley asked if Victoria was sending Billy a message, which was the reason she'd sent Cane to strike the deal. Billy said he had questioned Victoria's choice, but it had turned out to be the right one. He told Ashley that Juliet, the regional consultant, had helped Cane with some handholding.

Billy informed Ashley that Cane had done business in Japan before and hadn't embarrassed himself. Billy said it had finally put a cap on Cane's constant whining of being under-appreciated. Ashley felt that it had to have bugged Billy that Cane had aced the assignment. Billy said he'd been working to move Brash & Sassy's men's line into the sports world, and once it hit the market, Jabot wouldn't know what had hit them.

Reed arrived at Brash & Sassy with a huge chip on his shoulder. He complained that Victoria hadn't signed the authorization for his driver's ed. Victoria asked if Reed was irked because she had taken a call during his performance. Victoria defended her action, stating that it had been a call from Japan on urgent business. Reed asked if her business had been more important than what her kid had been doing. Victoria reminded Reed that he hadn't wanted her to go in the first place, but she had gone anyway. Victoria said that what she'd heard and the way the crowd had reacted to him had been amazing, and she was proud of him.

Reed said that Zoey thought he'd been terrific. Victoria said she knew that Reed liked Zoey, but she was a distraction. He had a lot on his plate, like school, music, and driver's ed. Reed yelled at her to stop trying to control him. Victoria said she wanted what was best for him. She said Zoey was like the queen bee, and she had power. Victoria knew the type -- Zoey hung out with the popular kids in school, and they decided who was cool and who wasn't. Billy entered and advised Reed to be careful with Zoey. He reminded Victoria that Reed wasn't planning marriage. Reed left.

Billy told Victoria that he'd met with Ashley earlier, and she had congratulated Victoria on the Asian deal. Billy said he'd looked into an idea for the sports line. Victoria asked if he'd done it without consulting her. Billy said it was a big deal, and he'd thought Victoria would be pleased. She asked if Billy was trying to promote the company or outdo Cane. Billy said he could run circles around Cane and went on to say that as gorgeous as Lily was, men looked up to pro athletes. Hockey players were young and gritty -- guys' guys.

Billy explained that the products would appeal to everyone who had never heard of a body spray let alone used one. They would have ad campaigns, ads in magazines and on their website, ads in the arenas on the boards, and commercials during the games. They would roll out in the East, followed by the United States and Canada. If they wanted to market to the men, they needed to be where the men were. The guys who watched hockey had the most disposable income, and their age was exactly Brash & Sassy's demographic. It was as close to perfect as it could get. Victoria told Billy to run with it.

Billy called his connection to confirm his presentation the following day. Billy was advised that they wanted to reschedule his appearance in front of the board because another company was trying to outbid them for the exact same sponsorship rights. After Billy disconnected the call, he exploded and told Victoria that Jabot was the other bidder who was trying to outbid them. Victoria stopped Billy from storming off to confront Jack. Victoria told Billy that instead of getting angry, they should concentrate on beating Jack at his own game.

Ravi entered Jack's office and told Gloria he was looking for Ashley. Gloria informed him that Ashley was at the Top of the Tower. Gloria warned Ravi that she knew he and Ashley had a special connection, but Ravi needed to remember who the big boss was.

When Jack arrived, Gloria told him she'd arranged his day and taken the liberty of taking care of some things on his behalf. Jack asked about Ashley. Gloria said that Ashley was having breakfast at the Top of the Tower, but Gloria didn't know with whom. Jack wanted to know what liberties Gloria had taken. Gloria showed Jack where Brash & Sassy had a weak area. Jack was impressed and appreciated the initiative. Gloria pointed out that she'd proven her worth and her loyalty. Jack agreed to give her more responsibility, and he reminded her that nothing would change between them.

When Cane arrived at home, Colin greeted him. Cane told Colin that he'd secured a multi-million-dollar deal, and Brash & Sassy would be sold everywhere. Cane added that Victoria was very pleased. Colin said that that coup would cement Cane's place in the company.

Cane asked about Lily. Colin said that he didn't want to be a buzzkill, but when he'd arrived the previous night, there had been a mystery man sleeping on the couch. Colin noted that Cane had taken the information lightly. Colin said that if he'd arrived home after he'd been out of the country and had discovered a man sleeping on his couch, he would have been suspicious.

At Crimson Lights, Lily told Neil about the stalker and revealed that he'd been arrested, so she felt safe. Lily said that Cane would be home later. She didn't want to deal with the situation on her own. Neil offered to have Leslie meet them at the courthouse so Lily could get a restraining order. Lily was relieved and thanked Neil.

At the Chancellor mansion, Esther admired Jill's ring. Jill said she'd never take it off. Nikki arrived. Nikki looked around the foyer wistfully and told Esther there were many memories there. Nikki looked lovingly at Katherine's portrait.

Jill told Nikki that she had questions that she hoped Nikki could answer. They discussed Jill's health, and Jill disclosed that she was waiting to go into cardiac rehab. Jill hadn't realized she'd had a heart attack because she had thought she would have chest pains. With the symptoms she'd displayed, Jill had thought she'd had a bad case of heartburn. She hadn't realized that women's symptoms were different from men's. Jill told Nikki about all the signs and symptoms of a heart attack in women and how annual checkups were so important. Nikki realized she'd found a worthy cause to work on -- talking to women about heart health.

Nikki admired Jill's ring. Jill asked if Nikki had ever seen the ring before. Nikki admitted that she hadn't. Jill explained that it had been the wedding ring Phillip had wanted her to have, but he had never had the chance to give it to her because Katherine had driven him to his death. Jill showed Katherine's letter to Nikki. Jill was certain that Katherine would have confided in Nikki, since Nikki had been the daughter Katherine had never had. Nikki was elated when she saw Katherine's handwriting. Nikki told Jill that Katherine had mentioned Phillip occasionally, but she'd never mentioned anything about the ring. Jill wanted to know why Katherine hadn't given her the ring before Katherine had died.

Nikki read the letter and advised Jill that Katherine hadn't been able to face the fact that Phillip had loved Jill. Nikki said that Jill had always been able to cut Katherine to the quick. Katherine had loved Jill, and as time had passed, she might have wanted to give Jill the ring but had been afraid of losing Jill forever. Jill looked at Katherine's portrait and seemed to see her in a new light. Jill admitted she'd wanted to cut Katherine out of her life but hadn't been able to. Nikki stated that Jill and Katherine had had an extraordinary friendship. Nikki added that the challenges Katherine had thrown at Jill had been to make Jill stronger.

Nikki added that Katherine had cherished the moments she'd shared with the people she'd loved. Nikki felt that both Jill and Katherine had suffered, but in the end, Katherine had found happiness with Murphy. Nikki said Jill should do the same. Jill asked, "With Colin?" Nikki said that Katherine would have told Jill to examine her heart and decide if her life would be better with or without Colin in it.

A short time later, Jill received a call from Colin, who stated he didn't want to hurt her anymore.

Ravi bumped into Ashley as she was leaving the Top of the Tower. Ravi thanked Ashley for allowing him to escort her to the opera. While they discussed the opera, Ravi became uncomfortable and reminded Ashley that there was a line they couldn't ever cross. Ashley had a flash image of Nikki saying that Ashley and Ravi made a cute couple, but Ashley agreed with Ravi, even though she saw Ravi in a different light.

Lily arrived at home and told Cane about the stalker and how Jordan had helped her. She told Cane that Jordan had slept on the couch to protect her. Lily explained that Jordan had been concerned and had decided to check on her. When Jordan had arrived, he'd caught the stalker outside their door, taking pictures. They'd called the police, and the stalker had been arrested. She told Cane that she'd taken out a restraining order against the stalker.

Neil suggested that he and Colin leave so Cane and Lily could have some time alone. After Neil and Colin left, Cane told Lily he would install a security system and security cameras outside. Cane told Lily about his trip. Lily was happy that Cane was finally happy at work. Cane praised Juliet for being a terrific tour guide. Lily had to leave for a short time. Cane kissed her, and Lily left. While Lily was gone, Cane unpacked the gifts he'd bought for Lily and the kids. Cane was shocked when he found a camisole at the bottom of his suitcase.

At the Top of the Tower, Colin and Neil had lunch, which Neil paid for. Colin told Neil that he was desperate to see Jill and that he'd only seen her a few times since her heart attack. Colin said he'd done everything possible to win Jill back, but it had blown up in his face. Neil told Colin to accept the things that Colin couldn't change. Colin felt he should return to Australia. Neil thought giving Jill space was a good idea.

Colin said therein lay the rub -- he didn't have the money for the flight to Australia. Neil said he'd float Colin a loan. Colin promised to pay it back, but it would take some time. Colin said he had one last thing to take care of. He called Jill. Colin told Jill he'd hurt her too much and didn't want to do that anymore.

Ashley walked into Jack's office, and he thanked her for taking care of things while he'd been away. Jack said that while he'd been in New York, he'd had a drink with Leon Herschel, a guy he'd known from Harvard. Not only was Leon a sports lawyer, but he was also on the board of governors for pro hockey. Leon had given Jack the heads-up that a competitor was angling to be the official lead of men's grooming products. Ashley asked if he meant competition -- as in Billy.

Jack asked if Ashley had been fraternizing with the enemy. Ashley told Jack that she'd spent time with their brother. Jack corrected her and said that Billy was her brother. Ashley said that Billy had alluded to a sports connection for their products.

Jack stated that he'd cut Billy off at the pass. Ashley knew what Jack was doing, and she didn't like it. Jack informed her that they were already revitalizing the men's line with more variety and better products than Brash & Sassy could ever produce. Ashley argued that there were better ways of using their resources. Jack advised her that he had already fast-tracked the revitalization earlier that day. Ashley asked if that was Jack's top priority. Ashley knew it was about Jack's revenge on Billy, but Jack said he didn't "give a damn about that loser."

Jack said they had already started the diversification with Fenmore's. Ashley said she knew how irrational Jack could be. Jack countered that his decisions hadn't harmed the company. They were on top, and Jack would make sure they stayed there. Ashley stated there were better ways of doing that and a better use of their resources. Jack said he'd made the decision, and they were going to move ahead, with or without Ashley's support. Jack wasn't interested in besting the competition -- he wanted to destroy it.

On the next The Young and the Restless...

• Hilary informs Jordan that things have changed, and he remarks that change keeps things interesting.

• Mariah inquires whether Devon’s dinner invitation is a date.

• Victoria confronts Jack about the sleazy moves he’s made lately.

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