Wednesday, November 25, 2015

In Dr. Neville's motel room, Paul roused Dylan back to consciousness. Gasping for air, Dylan managed to mumble that Dr. Neville had knocked him out with an injection. Dylan said that he wanted to see the baby, but Paul had no idea what he was talking about. Dylan said that Sharon had given birth at Fairview. Although Paul tried to convince Dylan to "get checked out," Dylan insisted on seeing his son.

At Fairview, as the baby cooed in his cradle, Sharon vehemently insisted to Mariah and Dr. Anderson that something had happened to Dylan -- Sharon had heard him moan while she had been on the phone with him -- then the call had disconnected. Mariah thought Sharon was overreacting. Dr. Anderson feared that Sharon might upset the baby and insisted that she take her medication. Sharon snapped at Dr. Anderson and told her that she didn't need to be doped up -- she needed to find out what was going on with Dylan. Dr. Anderson volunteered to make some calls. Before she left the room, the doctor handed the pill bottle to Mariah and asked her to convince her mother to take the meds.

Sharon acquiesced and took the pills. Although calmer, she was still worried about Dylan. Mariah begged her to relax -- it was probably nothing more than a dead phone battery. Dr. Anderson returned with a bottle of warm milk and information -- she had called the police station and learned that Dylan was in Genoa City, meeting with Paul.

Dylan barged in, and Sharon was thrilled to see that he was okay. Dr. Anderson and Mariah smiled at the happy family scene -- Sharon handed the baby to proud papa Dylan. In a hushed voice, Dylan "oohed" and "aahed" as he introduced himself to the baby. Speaking to Sharon and the baby, Dylan said they were going to be a great family.

Sharon wondered if Dylan had thought about a name. When Dylan admitted that he hadn't, Sharon told him that she wanted to name the boy after Dylan's fallen war comrade, Sully. Touched, with tears in his eyes, Dylan thought that Sullivan McAvoy was a great name.

Dr. Anderson returned and found Dylan and Sharon, babe in arms, sitting on the couch in Sharon's room. Dylan thanked Dr. Anderson and told her he couldn't wait to take Sharon and their son home. She told Dylan that she couldn't release Sharon just yet. The doctor wanted to observe Sharon in case she exhibited signs of postpartum depression. Dylan said that was fine -- but he was going to stay at Fairview with his wife and son. The doctor replied, "Of course. I would expect nothing less."

At the tack house, an upbeat Sage noticed Nick was in a sullen mood and correctly attributed it to Victor having forced him out of Newman Enterprises. Sage told Nick that Victor had pushed him aside because Nick was a man of high moral character. Nick smiled and thanked her for the compliment. His dark mood began to lift, and, noticing that Sage seemed upbeat, he told her how glad he was that they had gone to a marriage counselor.

Faith joined them, claiming that she couldn't sleep. Sage related that when she had been young and felt restless, Constance Bingham had read to her. Faith thought that sounded like a lot of fun. Nick contentedly gazed at his wife and his daughter as Sage began reading chapter one of Anne of Green Gables.

Faith was thoroughly enjoying listening to Sage read. At the end of a sentence, Sage handed the book to Nick, saying, "Your turn." Initially reluctant, Nick took the book and started to read when Faith egged him on. A knock at the door interrupted Nick. It was Mariah with some good news -- Sharon had given birth. Faith was thrilled that she had a baby brother, but Nick and Sage suddenly looked a bit depressed.

Mariah rambled on about the baby -- he was in great health, and he was the cutest baby ever. Faith ate it up and asked Nick if she could go see her little brother. Before he sent Faith up to bed, Nick said he would check with Sharon's doctor to find out when a visit would be possible. Once Faith was out of earshot, Mariah apologized to Nick and Sage for her insensitivity. Mariah had seen the light on and had wanted to let Faith in on the news. She also wanted to give Nick and Sage a heads-up that Sharon and the baby would probably soon be returning to the ranch.

Nick glared as Sage walked Mariah to the door. Mariah continued to apologize, but Sage assured her that she had nothing to worry about -- a new baby was really exciting. Sage said she was thrilled for Dylan and Sharon.

After Mariah left, Sage told Nick that they should send Sharon a gift. Nick told Sage that she didn't need to try so hard -- it would be natural for Sage to feel a little envious about Sharon and Dylan's baby. Sage stated that she wasn't "trying," she was doing what the therapist had suggested, "Breathe and keep living." She told Nick that after the holidays, they should visit the baby.

Nick looked at Sage quizzically and said that not even the therapist expected Sage to be around a newborn. Sage insisted she was fine. Nick headed upstairs to tuck Faith in. Sage began to pick up in the living room and found Christian's blanket. She held it tightly to her chest.

At Crimson Lights with Colin, Cane insisted that, in order to get closer to Lily, Joe had framed Cane for extortion. Cane shocked his father with another theory -- that Joe had tried to kill Cane the night of the Newman fire. When Cane said that Paul needed proof in order to arrest Joe, Colin sinisterly whispered that he would "get some proof."

Cane wondered what Colin's plan was. Colin said he would lure Joe downstairs to the club's dining room to discuss a "lucrative business proposal." Colin told Cane to sneak into Lily's office and grab the club's master key and, while Colin and Joe were meeting, Cane was to sneak into Joe's suite and look for incriminating evidence.

With Joe at his Athletic Club suite, Lily said she still could not believe that Cane had tried to have Joe arrested for attempted murder. Joe said he didn't care if Cane lashed out at him -- but he didn't want Cane to "take Lily down." Just before Joe passionately kissed Lily, he told her that she was strong -- and wasn't going through the crisis alone. Joe and Lily began making love.

Joe and Lily slept in each other's arms. Joe woke up when his phone rang. Colin was calling him from the lobby. As Cane looked on, Colin told Joe that he had a potentially lucrative business proposition for Joe. If Joe was interested, he was to meet Colin in the dining room in ten minutes. With dollar signs in his eyes, Joe agreed to meet Colin. Lily woke up, but Joe told her to go back to sleep -- he would return shortly.

At the police station, Neil insisted to Devon that he was going to confess to Hilary's kidnapping as soon as Paul returned. Devon tried to talk Neil out of admitting culpability. Devon stated, in essence, that the sins of the father were no worse than the sins of the son -- after all, Devon had been sleeping with Hilary when she had been married to Neil.

Neil felt that Hilary would ultimately remember the loving life she'd had with Devon. Devon shook his head and said it wasn't really about Hilary -- it was about father and son and how they needed to heal their broken relationship. Before Neil had a chance to answer, Paul joined them.

Paul ushered Neil and Devon into his office and updated them on what had happened at Dr. Neville's motel room. Dylan had been on the verge of cutting a deal with Dr. Neville. The doctor had said he would reveal the name of Hilary's captor for a lenient sentence -- Dylan would also ensure that the world knew about Dr. Neville's great research. Devon nervously asked Paul if Dr. Neville had given Dylan a name. Devon was relieved when Paul informed him that the doctor had never had any intention of giving information to Dylan -- as a matter of fact, he had drugged Dylan and escaped.

Paul reminded the men that they were meeting because Devon had claimed to have a new lead on Hilary's kidnapper. Devon lied and said he had thought he had a new lead, but it had turned out to be a dead end. Paul vowed that the police would catch up with Dr. Neville. Devon turned to Neil and suggested they return to the club and tell Hilary that nothing had changed. Neil, with the weight of the world seemingly off his shoulders, told Devon that was a good idea.

Hilary paced anxiously in her Athletic Club suite then grabbed a suitcase. She tried to sneak out of the club. In the lobby, a reporter accosted Hilary. Hilary asked the reporter to go away, but the reporter informed her that the police knew the identity of the person responsible for Hilary's abduction. When the reporter asked Hilary to comment, Hilary said that she had been seriously injured while in Virgin Gorda, and the person who had held her had been the person who had helped her. As Joe listened to the conversation from the foot of the stairs, the reporter asked Hilary if she was defending her kidnapper.

Joe joined Colin in the dining room. Pointing to the lobby, Joe said, "It's quite a mess there. And it looks like your son is right in the middle of it." Colin said he had no problem with crossing lines and breaking rules -- as long as the person knew what he was doing. Otherwise, Colin philosophized, a person would get what he deserved.

Colin continued, telling Joe that Ethan had been a big disappointment to his family, while Joe had been a great comfort to Lily. Joe changed the subject -- he wanted to hear specifics about Colin's business proposal. When Colin said that they were merely having a conversation, Joe began to walk away, but Colin told him to wait.

Joe returned to his seat, and Colin said that he was putting a large part of Chancellor Industries on the market. Joe chuckled and wondered if Jill knew that her husband was giving her company away. Colin said that if Joe brought a sweet enough deal to the table, Jill would back Colin. Joe pushed for details -- Colin didn't have any.

Cane tiptoed into Joe's suite. Startled, Lily, still in Joe's bed, sat up. She asked Cane what he was doing there. Cane replied, "Do you mean besides looking at my wife in another man's bed?" Lily repeated her question. Cane claimed that Joe had been framing him and playing Lily "for the long haul." Lily, her voice cracking, begged Cane to leave. When Cane said that he wouldn't leave until he found evidence proving that Joe had been setting Cane up, Lily called him delusional.

Cane, practically boasting, told Lily that Paul thought Joe was up to something. Lily said if Joe had been framing Cane, the police would have arrested him and would have conducted a legal search. She patronized Cane, picking up commonplace items and proclaiming them conclusive evidence against Joe. Lily opened an armoire in the sitting area and picked up a pair of Joe's shoes. Cane noticed a safe sitting on a shelf in the armoire. He reminded Lily that she had the combination to every safe in the club and implored her to open Joe's safe.

Lily absolutely refused. Cane argued that if Joe were innocent, there wouldn't be anything incriminating in the safe. Cane told Lily it was his only chance to clear his name and show that Joe was not the good man he was pretending to be. Lily relented and said she would open the safe -- but after that, Cane would have to leave. Lily began pushing keys on the digital lock, and the safe clicked open.

After covering his hand with a piece of plastic, Cane pulled a black hoodie out of the safe. He told Lily that the man who had dropped off the ransom note, as well as the man who had taken the bag of money in the park, had been wearing black hoodies. Lily snapped that a lot of people had black hoodies. Cane wondered how many of those people kept their hoodies in a safe.

Fed up with Colin, Joe said he could never broker a deal with no information -- not to mention Colin's criminal history. He stormed out of the dining room.

Joe returned to his suite and called out Lily's name. Lily hurriedly dashed from the sitting area to the main room. He looked around and noticed that some things were out of place. Lily explained that she had been looking for an extra blanket. Joe told her they were in the bathroom closet. He stepped into the bathroom while Cane, standing behind a curtain, looked on. When Joe was in the bathroom, Lily grabbed Cane and nearly pushed him out the door.

Joe returned from the bathroom with a blanket and draped it around Lily. She thanked him but told him it was getting late, and she needed to go home to the twins. Joe told her that he had a great bottle of wine to share, but she took a rain check and left. Apprehensive, he began looking around the suite.

Cane rushed down the stairs but Colin stopped him before he could leave. Cane showed Colin the hoodie, which he had stashed under his coat, then ran off.

Cane barged into Paul's office and dropped the hoodie on the chief's desk. He told Paul that the forensics team might want to take a look at it.

Back in the lobby, the reporter told Hilary that Genoa City Memorial Hospital had fired Dr. Neville because of his unorthodox treatment protocols. Hilary told the reporter that she had been through a terrible ordeal and just wanted to move on with her life in peace and in private. Neil and Devon returned to the club just in time to hear the reporter ask Hilary if she wanted to speak about the people who had paid Dr. Neville to treat her.

Trying to dodge the reporter's inquisition, Hilary stated that she had fallen while in Virgin Gorda, and Dr. Neville had taken care of her. The reporter wondered if Hilary was implying that, against all odds, Dr. Neville had been in Virgin Gorda at the same time as Hilary, found her nearly dead at the bottom of a cliff, then had her flown back to Genoa City so that he could treat her.

Hilary said the reporter could believe anything she wanted, but Dr. Neville had saved her life and should be rewarded, not punished. Devon stepped in, stopped the interview, and escorted the reporter and her cameraman out of the club.

Hilary wondered why Neil was there, since he had gone to the police station to turn himself in. Neil told her that had been his intention, but Devon had stopped him. Devon stated that none of them had been wholly innocent, and he didn't think Neil should be the only one punished. Hilary thanked Devon, who didn't respond and walked off.

In Hilary's suite, Neil told her that he was stunned that Devon had apparently forgiven him. Hilary stated that Neil had to be very proud of his son. Hilary hoped her statement to the reporter would end the criminal investigation of her abduction. There was an awkward tension between Hilary and Neil. Finally, Neil stood up and told her he should probably leave. He asked Hilary if she would be okay. She replied that she would be fine. Neil was halfway out the door when Hilary wished him a happy Thanksgiving. He walked back in, gave Hilary a big hug, and then left.

Colin noticed Devon alone at the bar. Colin sauntered over and ordered a drink and asked the bartender to charge it to Cane's tab. Devon asked Colin if Cane planned to pay his tab with the money that Cane had extorted from Devon. Colin smiled and said, "Tell me what it's like to eat crow." Devon said he had followed his heart and done what he had thought was right. Colin reminded Devon that no good deed had ever gone unpunished -- then admitted that he really didn't know if that was true, since he had never done a good deed.

Devon said the important thing was that he had healed a big wound with his father -- and the time he had spent with Hilary meant everything to him. Colin offered some advice, "Be careful of the epitaphs. Your faith in human nature may yet be restored, but this isn't over yet. Not by a long shot."

. . .

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