Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Nick stopped by to see Victoria at Newman-Chancellor. He told her that their father was up to something -- Victor had toasted Nick and Sharon's engagement with a bottle of fine champagne. Victoria opined that perhaps Victor had changed his mind about Sharon, but when a skeptical Nick rolled his eyes, Victoria changed her mind and agreed with Nick that Victor was up to no good.

Victoria wondered how Nick was going to find out what Victor was planning. Nick told his sister that he was going to ask Victor if he and Sharon could honeymoon on Victor's private resort island -- that way, Nick could gauge Victor's true feelings about the marriage. Nick stared at Victor's desk. Victoria asked him if he wanted to search the desk, where Dr. Cutler's phone number was on a piece of paper in plain sight. Nick wondered if Victoria would allow him to search.

Victoria said that she would turn a blind eye and walk away so that Nick could inspect the desk. Before Victoria could leave the office, Nick said that no matter what Victor was planning, Nick wasn't going to stoop to that level. Victoria said she hadn't been able to help Nick figure out what Victor was up to, but there was one thing she could do -- since Newman-Chancellor owned the private resort island, she had the authority to allow Nick and Sharon to honeymoon there.

Nick was pleased with Victoria's offer -- she was actually doing something to help make Sharon happy. Victoria said that her love for Nick made up for any problems she had with Sharon. Nick asked Victoria how she was holding up. She reminded him that he was getting married the following week, and he shouldn't worry about her. Nick hugged her.

At Crimson Lights, Michael greeted Lauren with a series of kisses. Lauren smiled and told him how wonderful their lovemaking had been the previous evening. Lauren was reluctant to go to work because she wanted to spend the day in bed with Michael, but Michael promised her that they could pick up where they had left off later.

After Lauren left, Michael received a phone call from his doctor, who was checking to see if the medication he had prescribed to Michael worked. Smiling, Michael told the doctor that they "did the trick" and promised to make an appointment for a complete physical as soon as he had the time. Michael hung up and collided with Sharon. His bottle of pills fell to the floor but he grabbed them before she had a chance to see the bottle.

Sharon was carrying a garment bag and excitedly told Michael that it contained her wedding dress -- she and Nick were remarrying. Michael congratulated Sharon but became a bit melancholy remembering that Phyllis had been married to Nick. Sharon realized that Phyllis had been Michael's best friend. He admitted that he still missed her.

On the Crimson Lights patio, Kevin was typing at his computer when Stitch sneaked up behind him. Stitch looked at the screen and said, "What the hell is that?" Kevin told Stitch to mind his own business. Stitch said that Kevin should have minded his own business before he dug into Stitch's past.

Kevin said that he had done everyone in Genoa City a favor by exposing Stitch as a "cold-blooded killer." Stitch wondered about what Kevin had been writing on his computer -- about the meek not just inheriting the earth but having to take it by brutal deadly force. When Kevin said that taking a man's life was nothing compared with killing his soul, Stitch called Kevin a freak and walked into the coffeehouse. Michael witnessed the end of the little scene and wondered what Kevin had been talking about.

Kevin said that didn't matter and wondered what had been going on with Michael -- adding that Lauren had been worried about Michael. Kevin wondered if she had a reason to be. Michael insisted that he didn't have a problem -- but admitted he might have had one the previous day. Michael smiled and said that the problem had been easily remedied. Kevin pressed Michael to explain himself.

Michael started explaining, in far too much detail for Kevin, how fabulous the previous night had been. Kevin told Michael that he had heard enough -- he believed that the Baldwins' marriage was going well. Changing the subject, Kevin asked Michael if he had gotten Mariah's marriage annulled. Michael said that he had filed a motion to annul the marriage and wondered why Kevin was so interested in the annulment. Michael wondered if Kevin had a "thing" for Mariah. Kevin said that they were just friends. Michael promised to keep Kevin apprised of the progress on the case.

Kevin said that would be great but that Michael would need to text him, as Kevin was leaving town for a few days. Michael said that Kevin had been acting mysteriously lately. Before leaving, Kevin told his brother that life needed a little mystery. Michael appeared concerned.

Kevin went home and donned a black hoodie. He pulled the hood over his face and finished packing his black backpack before heading out.

At the Abbott mansion, Jack and Kelly finished breakfast and went to the living room. Jack could sense that Kelly was distracted, and he wanted to know why. She admitted that she didn't care for the asparagus omelet that Mrs. Martinez seemed to prepare for breakfast on a regular basis. Jack said, "Oh, that's because..." Kelly finished his sentence, "...Phyllis liked it." Jack told Kelly that he would instruct Mrs. Martinez to remove the asparagus omelet from the breakfast menu.

Jack told Kelly that they needed to have a serious talk about their living arrangements. He gently chided Kelly for acting like a visitor rather than a resident. When she said that she was simply trying to be polite, Jack told her to "knock it off" and wondered what, besides the food, she had been tolerating in silence. He reminded her that the mansion was her home. Kelly said that the mansion had been in the Abbott family for so long that it felt wrong for her to move a lamp or buy a rug, adding that she could still feel Phyllis' presence in the house.

Kelly finally admitted that she wanted to make some décor changes. She felt that their bedroom was too dark and their comforter was too green -- but added that those were trivial things and that she was lucky to live in the mansion. Jack said that he wanted to make her happy. She smiled and said that the "asparagus edict" was more than enough, and she went upstairs. After she was out of earshot, Jack called someone and said, "I need your help."

Later, Kelly returned to the living room and found Jack having a meeting with Lauren and Nahla, one of the decorators at Fenmore's. After introducing Kelly and Nahla, Jack explained to Kelly that the women were there to help Kelly redecorate the mansion. Kelly was overjoyed and hugged Jack. Jack began showing Nahla around the house, leaving Kelly and Lauren alone.

Kelly noticed that Lauren's eyes were filling with tears and asked her what was wrong. Lauren said that being at the Abbott house was harder than she'd expected -- Phyllis had been Lauren's best friend. She broke down as she told Kelly about having gone on home decorating shopping sprees with Phyllis. Kelly unconvincingly said that she totally understood how Lauren felt. She told Lauren that if redecorating made her uncomfortable, they could call off the project.

Lauren composed herself and told Kelly that perhaps it was a sign that Lauren needed to move on. Jack returned and wondered if everything was okay. Lauren said that it would be -- then took Kelly by the hand and told her that it was time to discuss décor.

After the ladies looked over the mansion, they regrouped in the living room. Lauren told Kelly to think about the look she wanted and urged Kelly to be happy in her new home. After Lauren left, Jack guessed that Lauren had told Kelly about her friendship with Phyllis. Kelly chuckled and admitted that Lauren had "mentioned" it. Jack wondered if Kelly wanted to change anything about him. She said that he was perfect just as he was.

At her penthouse, Chelsea was wearing a beautiful evening gown. The doorbell rang, and she answered it to find Billy -- dressed in a sleeveless t-shirt, blue jeans, and a baseball cap. He tossed a softball to Chelsea and said, "Play ball?" Chelsea wondered why Billy was dressed in playground garb, complete with a softball and mitt -- after all, his text had read that they were going to a charity ball. Billy looked at his phone and realized that its autocorrect feature had led to the misunderstanding -- he had actually texted that he wanted to play ball in the park. He explained that playing ball was to be their first date. Chelsea appeared disappointed -- she didn't feel like battling mosquitoes and getting dirty.

Billy thought that playing ball would be a great skill for Chelsea to learn so that she could eventually teach Connor. Besides, he said, it would be a great "first date" story. Chelsea sighed and, resigned to Billy's plan, headed upstairs to change.

Billy and Chelsea went to Chancellor Park. Chelsea wondered why Billy had decided to go to the park and play ball on their first date. Billy replied that he wanted to enjoy the game he had played with his father and Delia with Chelsea. Chelsea was touched.

Billy stood behind Chelsea and tried to show her the proper way to throw. The lesson was semi-comical, and the two of them were laughing and enjoying themselves. They decided to leave and get something to drink, unaware that Victoria had been watching them. Victoria doubled over in pain and was sitting on the ground when Stitch ambled by and asked if he could help.

Victoria wondered if Stitch stalked the park, looking for injured people. Stitch explained that he was merely walking to work. Victoria told him to keep walking -- that she was fine. When Victoria stood up and began to walk, it was clear that she wasn't fine -- she was limping badly. Stitch insisted that she allow him to look at her ankle. After telling him to leave her alone several times, she finally acquiesced and allowed him to examine her.

After looking at her ankle, Stitch said that it didn't seem to be a serious injury -- then joked that she should refrain from dancing. Victoria snapped, "Why are you doing this to me?" She told Stitch that he had let her down -- that he was supposed to be her "anti-Billy." Victoria said that she'd thought that what she and Stitch had had was honest and real -- but Stitch had ruined everything by lying. Becoming hysterical, she told Stitch that he was worse than a liar -- he was a murderer. Victoria began pushing him and asked him why he couldn't have been the one man she could count on. Stitch replied that he couldn't take it anymore -- and he had something to confess to Victoria.

Billy and Chelsea returned to her penthouse and Chelsea started upstairs to change clothes. Billy teased her about her pitching skill -- or lack thereof. When Chelsea returned, Billy told her that their first date had been memorable. She said that the date wasn't over. She began kissing him, and they both started to undress.

Sharon returned to her house with her wedding dress. Faith told her mother that she wanted to see it. Sharon said that Faith could have a "sneak peak" but admonished her not to tell Nick anything about it -- Sharon explained that it was bad luck for the groom to see the dress before the wedding. As Sharon opened the garment bag, Nick walked in. Sharon quickly zipped up the bag. Faith was terrified that Nick had seen the dress -- she thought that the wedding would be jinxed.

Nick explained that he and Sharon loved each other, and nothing could possibly jinx their wedding. Sharon reassured the worried Faith that she and Nick were going to have a beautiful wedding and a happy marriage. Just to be sure, Faith ran upstairs to get her magic wand to "break the jinx."

After Faith fled to her room, Sharon asked Nick what he really thought of the dress -- she wondered if white was "too much;" after all, they had been married previously. Nick said that this time would be different. Sharon agreed, adding that everything they had been through had made them stronger. Just as Nick said that there was nothing standing in their way, Faith shouted from upstairs, asking Sharon if she knew where Faith's hairbrush was. Nick amended his remark, saying that there was nothing standing in their way -- except for a missing hairbrush.

In a chauffeured limousine in Stockholm, Sweden, Victor made a phone call -- he wanted a Dr. Jorgensen to be informed that he had arrived. Dr. Cutler had arranged for Victor to meet with Dr. Jorgensen on an important matter.

Later, Victor examined Faith's hairbrush and the champagne glass that Nick had sipped from. Dr. Jorgensen called, and Victor told him that he had the samples with him -- everything was ready.

In a diner, Phyllis, still dressed in her hospital gown and robe, was at a table, eating a bowl of soup. A state trooper entered the diner with a sketch of Phyllis and asked the waitress if she had seen Phyllis. Upon hearing this, Phyllis hid her face behind a menu. The waitress asked the trooper what kind of trouble the lady in the sketch was running from. The trooper said that the woman was dangerous. Phyllis headed into the restroom and spotted a window.

Phyllis peeked into the diner from the restroom and saw that the trooper was still speaking with the waitress. Phyllis tried to open the window so that she could make a quick escape, but the waitress entered and asked Phyllis where she was going. She escorted Phyllis back into the diner. Phyllis looked around for the trooper, but the waitress informed her that he had left.

The waitress poured Phyllis a cup of coffee and told her that the trooper had said that Phyllis had "conked some businessman." Phyllis tried to give the waitress some change to pay for the soup and the coffee, but she refused Phyllis' money. She gave Phyllis a few dollars and hoped that it was enough to get Phyllis wherever she was headed. Phyllis replied, "Home."

Phyllis looked at a newspaper and was shocked to read the date: "September 24, 2014." She asked the waitress if that was accurate, and the waitress confirmed that it was. Phyllis stood up. The waitress insisted that Phyllis stay and rest, but Phyllis said, "Can't. I've lost too much time." She left the diner.

. . .

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  • A man at a bar punches Michael in the face.
  • Sharon prances around her living room in a bikini calling out to Nick.
  • While rifling through Sharon’s belongings, Phyllis gasps in horror when she finds Sharon’s traffic citation dated July 22, 2013.
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