Wednesday, September 30, 2015

After Neil made arrangements for a medical transport service to move Hilary within the hour, he was shocked when he turned and saw Gwen in the boathouse. Gwen incredulously asked if Hilary had been there the entire time, and Neil swore that it wasn't what Gwen was thinking. Neil grabbed Gwen's arm to stop her from leaving, and he begged her to let him explain. Neil revealed that he'd found Hilary at the bottom of the cliff in Virgin Gorda, and she was recovering, but he didn't know what had happened.

Neil admitted that he'd followed Devon and Hilary on their honeymoon with the intent of ruining their relationship, and he told Gwen about the incriminating video of Devon. Gwen defended that Devon would never cheat on Hilary, and Neil added that he'd paid someone to make it look like Devon had. Neil continued that an upset Hilary had run away after she'd seen the video, and he'd seen her at the bottom of the cliff after he'd heard a scream. Neil said he didn't know if she'd jumped or fallen, but the cops believed Hilary and Devon had fought on the summit.

Neil recapped how he'd rescued Hilary from the water and taken her to a doctor, and once he'd confirmed that she had been okay to travel, he'd whisked her off on his private plane. Neil recognized what it looked like, but he guaranteed that when Hilary woke up, she'd verify that his only crime had been to try to hurt Hilary and Devon as much as they'd hurt Neil. Gwen cried that Neil had let his son think that his wife had been kidnapped, hurt, or even dead, and she suspected that Neil had liked making Devon suffer the worst pain imaginable.

Neil said watching over Hilary had been killing him, and Gwen asked if he expected her to feel sorry for him, but he replied that he only wanted to tell her what had really happened. Neil confided that dark thoughts of revenge had consumed his mind after the plane crash, and he'd tried to suppress the feelings, but he'd felt like Devon and Hilary had been making fun of him every time he'd seen them happy together. Neil admitted that he'd wanted to make them feel the same pain they'd caused him, but he swore he hadn't expected or wanted things to happen the way they had. He added that the ordeal had allowed him to see how much Devon loved Hilary, and it had allowed him to become closer to Gwen. Gwen snapped not to touch her.

Gwen skeptically asked if Neil was saying he cared for her after he'd used her sister's stolen identification badge to obtain medical supplies, and she blasted Neil for involving her in something that sick. Neil acknowledged that it had been wrong, and Gwen spat that their entire relationship had been a lie. He swore that it hadn't been, and he hadn't planned on falling for her, but he'd started imagining a future for them. Neil contended that he and Gwen could be together once he was exonerated, and he asked Gwen to walk out the door and forget she'd ever seen Hilary.

Neil pledged to take care of Hilary until she woke up, but Gwen wondered what would happen if Hilary never awakened. Neil said Hilary had to regain consciousness to tell everyone what had happened on the island, so Devon and the police would understand why Neil hadn't told anyone that Hilary was alive. Gwen pleaded with Neil to tell everyone the truth, but Neil proclaimed that he was going to do it his way. Gwen responded that she had to do what she needed to do, and if he wouldn't end it, she would. She ran off, and Neil made a call to cancel the medical transport.

Neil told Hilary that he'd done his best to take care of her, but it was time for her to go home to her husband, where she belonged. Neil planned to take her to the hospital then leave town for a while. He realized that the police would be there soon, so they had to go.

At the police station, Paul informed Cane that he'd poured resources into trying to find Hilary in Genoa City, but it wasn't the police's only case. Cane cautioned that there was only so long he could keep Devon from interfering, and Paul warned that he'd lock Devon up if Devon assaulted anyone else. Devon and Lily showed up, and Paul reported that the police were checking all hospitals within 50 miles for anyone matching Hilary's description. Devon thought it made no sense that there hadn't been any sign of Hilary, but Cane pointed out that it did if she wasn't in the area.

Devon asked if Paul hadn't believed the pilot, and Paul clarified that they'd been unable to corroborate the pilot's story. Cane reasoned that Paul wouldn't have allocated that much manpower to the search if he hadn't believed the story, and Paul confirmed that they were looking at all possible scenarios. Devon inquired whether they were considering a kidnapping, since it was no secret that Devon had billions. Paul advised Devon to be patient, and Devon suggested that they try to figure out why the person who'd taken Hilary had done it.

Paul said he had a profiler working on the case, but they didn't have much to go on. Paul urged Devon to get some rest while the police did their jobs, and Lily offered to take Devon back to the Athletic Club. Devon wanted to keep looking, and Paul threatened to throw him in a holding cell if he interfered with the investigation. Paul advised that they didn't want to make the kidnapper nervous, since experience told him that if the person felt backed up against a wall, they might do something even more desperate.

After Devon and Lily left, Cane speculated that no one had demanded a ransom because the kidnapper wanted to make sure Devon was devastated enough to pay any amount of money. Paul hoped it hadn't been a kidnapping, since not getting a call likely meant that a kidnapper no longer had anything to bargain with. Cane asked if Paul believed that they'd find Hilary, and Paul said it would make their job more difficult if Hilary had been moved from Genoa City. Paul wanted to concentrate on the theory that Hilary was nearby and that it was in the best interest of her captor to keep her alive.

Paul promised that he'd update Cane if he heard anything, and Cane stepped out of Paul's office as Paul took a call from Dylan. Cane eavesdropped as Dylan tipped Paul off to check something out at Memorial Hospital.

Reporters swarmed around Devon when he and Lily entered the club, and Lily said they had no comment, but Devon calmly stated that the search for his wife was ongoing in the Virgin Islands. Lily threatened to call security, and the press left. Lily said she was proud of Devon, and he recognized that he had to keep his emotions under control. He mentioned that he'd fallen asleep long enough to dream about Hilary, who had told him she'd been at home, but she'd disappeared when he'd reached out to touch her. Devon wailed that when Hilary had said she'd been home the whole time, he'd wanted very badly for it to be true.

Devon implored Lily to get back to work, but she swore to always be there for him. Devon bemoaned that she was the only one who believed Hilary would return. Gwen rushed in and said there was something Devon needed to know, and he assumed she wanted to talk about Neil. Cane interrupted with the news that Paul had just received a call about an unconscious, dark-haired Jane Doe in her late 20s being admitted to the hospital. Devon ran out over Gwen's protests.

At Adam and Chelsea's penthouse, Jack couldn't believe that no one could figure out the virus, and he worried that Ian planned to attack Jabot next. Adam asked how Jack had found out that Ian had been behind Paragon, and Jack mentioned that Summer had seen Ian talking to Phyllis in the park. Jack said he'd recognized Ian's voice but hadn't been able to place it, and Phyllis had nearly lost it when Summer had told her about what Ian had put Summer through. Chelsea and Kevin joined them, and Jack informed them that Ian had launched the virus, but he had reason to think Ian had been working with someone else.

Kevin noted that Ian had clearly been working on the virus for a long time, and Jack recalled that Victor had become aware of the initial threat around the first of the year. Kevin wondered who might have helped Ian, and Adam remarked that Ian seemed capable of pulling it off on his own. Jack was skeptical that Ian possessed the technical skills, but Adam commented that plenty of people in prison had them. Kevin contemplated how a prisoner would have had the Newman password, and Jack asked if Kevin could track down Ian's partner. Kevin declared that Ian's partner couldn't hide from him, and he walked out.

At the prison hospital, Ian asked why Victor looked surprised to see him, since Ian was the reason Victor was there. Victor growled that it wasn't a social call, and he accused Ian of infecting Newman's computer system with a virus. Ian scoffed at the idea that he'd done it from prison, but Victor stated that Ian had been out and about, and he guessed that Ian would still be roaming the streets if Summer hadn't seen him in the park. Ian wished his and Summer's paths had crossed, but he claimed that he had no idea "what the hell" Victor was talking about. Victor snarled that Ian was still the same slimeball he'd been when Victor had put him behind bars, and Ian suggested that perhaps he had a doppelgänger.

Victor inquired whether Ian was denying being behind the Paragon Project, and Ian feigned ignorance about what it was. Phyllis appeared in the doorway and asked whether "Fred" remembered her, and Ian replied that he would recognize a beautiful woman like her anywhere, but he insisted that she had him confused with someone else. She asked if it had been fun to pretend to have insight into a stranger when he'd known all along that she was Jack's wife and Summer's mother, and Ian said he was more confused than ever, since he'd thought Jack was involved with a beautiful blonde from the Athletic Club. Phyllis recognized that Ian was attempting to press her buttons, but she hissed that he wouldn't get away with any of it.

Ian chided Victor for always trying to figure out the how and not the why, and Victor guessed that Ian had tried to exact revenge because Victor had put him in prison. Ian claimed that he'd evolved, and he taunted that Victor had easily bought into the possibility of the virus plot because he'd been anxious to vilify Ian. Phyllis pointed out that Ian hadn't been in jail, but Ian chuckled at the thought of going in and out of prison as he pleased. Victor maintained that Ian was behind the Paragon Project, and Ian wondered if Victor was going to have his thugs beat Ian up again.

Victor roughly grabbed Ian and barked that it was just them that time, but Phyllis convinced Victor to back off, and Ian called for the guard. Phyllis accepted that Ian was going to pretend they'd never met, but she ominously stated that she really disliked when someone messed with her daughter, and whatever Victor was cooking up would be a slap on the wrist compared to what she'd do to Ian. A guard led Ian out.

Victor asked the warden how it had been possible for Ian to leave the prison, but the warden asserted that Ian hadn't been able to do it. Phyllis confirmed that Ian had been living near Genoa City, but the warden maintained that all inmates had been accounted for. Phyllis contended that it hadn't been Ian's head the prison had counted, since she'd talked to Ian for hours in the woods and in the park. Victor added that Ian had been wreaking havoc on his company, and he warned that the warden would be in a lot of trouble if he couldn't explain how Ian had slipped in and out of prison.

Victor and Phyllis arrived at Victor's office and found Kevin and Jack there, and Jack explained that they were trying to save Victor's company. Phyllis explained that she and Victor had run into one another at the prison, and Jack guessed that they'd found Ian's empty bed. She revealed that Ian had been there, claiming that he'd been incarcerated the whole time, and the warden had backed Ian up. Kevin informed Victor that he'd been trying to establish a connection between Ian and a partner, and Victor said he already knew who else wanted to exact revenge on him.

Victor theorized that Billy and Ashley had partnered with Ian, but Jack countered that the FBI had dropped the charges. Victor said it proved nothing, and Jack pointed out that he wouldn't be going out of his way to find out who Ian's partner was if his siblings had been involved. Jack urged Victor to help get Billy out of jail, since even though the cybercrime charges had been dropped, an altercation had happened during the arrest. Victor haughtily stated that he wasn't surprised, but Jack divulged that Victoria and Abby were also being held. Victor instructed Kevin to keep working to uncover the identity of Ian's partner.

Phyllis complained when Jack stopped by Jabot on their way home, and he hoped to find contact information for Ashley. Phyllis reminded him that Ashley had left Billy in charge, and she hoped Billy decided to give back Newman's shipping company in light of Ian's involvement. Phyllis was embarrassed by her recent track record of trusting despicable humans, but Jack replied that she'd figured Ian out, and it wouldn't be long before they put a stop to what Ian had started, since Ian was back where he belonged -- behind bars. Meanwhile, as alarms sounded at the prison, the warden called Victor and warned that Ian had escaped.

At the penthouse, Chelsea worried that it would only be a matter of time before Newman collapsed if Kevin was unable stop the virus, but Adam assured her that her line would survive, since she didn't need Newman to succeed. Chelsea wondered whether it had been Ian's goal to take down Victor's family and not just the business, and Adam thought Ian might end up doing both. Chelsea inquired whether it would make Adam happy to see his father crumble, but Adam claimed that he'd let go of his need for vengeance when they'd agreed to move to Paris. She imagined that there would be no better closure for him than seeing Victor in complete ruin, but she unknowingly noted that Adam wouldn't have the satisfaction of being the one who'd caused it.

Chelsea asked how it felt for Adam to finally see Victor's demise, and Adam mused that it hadn't been the way he'd imagined. He explained that he didn't like that Chelsea was involved or that Jabot might be collateral damage, and Chelsea remarked that it looked like Ian didn't care who he hurt. Adam looked away, and Chelsea pressed to know what was wrong. Adam said he'd made a big mistake.

Adam recalled when he'd encouraged Chelsea to return from Paris to fight for her company, and he wished he hadn't pressured her to return, since she'd been caught in the middle of the mess. Chelsea insisted that it hadn't been his fault, but Adam thought they should be in Paris. Chelsea tenderly told Adam that her designs were in her head, and her love for Adam and Connor was in her heart, and no one could take those away from her. He hoped she was right, and they kissed. She headed upstairs to bed, and he chugged his drink and exited the penthouse.

Chelsea returned downstairs and called out for Adam, but she received no response. She looked around and opened the door to the hallway, where Adam was closing the door to the adjacent penthouse. Kevin stepped off the elevator, and Adam claimed that he'd been up on the roof to get some air. Kevin announced that he'd traced the most recent activity by the person who'd launched the cyber attack, and the person had used an IP address in that building.

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