Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Outside the confessional, Nikki stared at the fingerprint card that Victor had left in the booth. She wondered whose fingerprints they were, and said to herself, "What are you up to, Victor?"

Nikki showed up at Paul's office holding the envelope that Victor had left at the confessional. Paul gave Nikki a chilly reception. Nikki wondered if Paul still considered her a friend. Paul informed Nikki that, because of the accident, Christine wouldn't be able to bear children. Nikki was devastated and told Paul that she felt really foolish about the reason she had stopped by. Paul cut her off, saying, "Whatever it is, Nikki, the answer is no."

Nikki tried handing the envelope containing the fingerprints to Paul, but he adamantly refused to take it. Paul told Nikki that since he learned that they had a son, Dylan, he had been neglecting Christine. Christine, rightfully so according to Paul, had felt abandoned and betrayed. He was going to make sure that he never disappointed Christine again. Nikki tried yet again to hand Paul the envelope. His anger boiled over and he told her if she had evidence of a crime, she needed to file it through the proper channels. Nikki left.

At Crimson Lights, Ashley informed Jack that there had been a computer security breach at Jabot. According to Ashley, Jabot security was in the process of making the Jabot computer system more secure. Jack said that if someone – like Victor – was determined to hack into the system, they probably would be able to.

Ashley said that Victor could spy on them all he wanted – but she and Jack were onto him. Jack thought that the situation with Victor was strange. First, Victor had stolen Ashley's formula and planned to have Newman release the fragrance. Next, after a marketing blitz, Victor pulled the fragrance launch. When Jabot released Hex, and it turned out to be a successful product, Victor made an offer to buy Jabot. Jack had told Victor to take a hike – then the Jabot servers had been hacked.

Ashley received a phone call – Victor had been spotted in the Jabot building. Ashley was about to call security and ask them to escort Victor out – but Jack stopped her. Jack thought that Victor obviously wanted him and Ashley to know he was at Jabot.

In Jack's office, Adam was shocked to see Victor sitting in Jack's chair. Adam informed Victor that if he was upping his offer to buy Jabot, Jack wouldn't be interested. Victor thought that Adam's remark was self-aggrandizing. Victor wondered if Adam was anything like "Gabriel's" father, who hadn't been able to take the heat of the business world. Adam said that it was "typical Victor Newman" to blame the victim. Victor quipped, "So you know me?" Adam replied, "More than you think."

Adam began laughing when Victor told him to leave Jack's office. Adam reminded Victor that he couldn't throw him out – it wasn't Victor's office. Victor smiled and replied, "Not yet." Adam said again that Jack would never sell Jabot. Victor told Adam that every man had his price. Adam said that some people couldn't be bought or bullied, adding, "Or is that something you learned from your own son?" Victor looked at Adam and replied, "So now you know my son? Just who the hell are you?"

Adam said he was a friend of Nick's from boarding school – and he remembered that Nick was one of the few people who Victor couldn't bribe or coerce. When Victor said that "Gabriel" still had a lot to learn, Adam replied that he couldn't think of a single thing Victor could teach him that he would want to learn.

Ashley and Jack walked in. Ashley accused Victor of hacking into the Jabot server. Victor claimed that both the Newman and the Jabot servers had been breached. Adam accused Victor of lying. Victor suggested that Newman and Jabot join forces to combat the hacker. Ashley replied that she would be happy to escort Victor out of the building. As Victor and Ashley walked out, Victor warned Adam to watch his step.

Jack wondered what had been going on between Adam and Victor. Adam said that when he had entered Jack's office, Victor had been sitting in Jack's chair, "like he owned the place." Adam admitted he had flown off the handle – and promised Jack that it wouldn't happen again. Their conversation ceased when Ashley returned.

At the Athletic Club, Victoria told Chelsea that Billy had informed her about the computer security breach. Victoria had found the news disturbing, and claimed not to know anything about it. Chelsea said that she had overheard Victoria and Billy discussing something that had happened between them the previous evening – Chelsea wondered if they cared to share what had happened. Billy told Chelsea that it was nothing for her to worry about.

Victoria explained that Billy had stopped by her house and found her very upset about Kelly's death and how Stitch had treated her. Billy told Chelsea that Victoria had started crying and he couldn't leave her alone. Victoria said she told Billy that it was harder for her to accept Billy's engagement to Chelsea than she thought it would be.

Chelsea wondered if Billy had comforted Victoria. Billy admitted he had – just like when "Gabriel" had been there for Chelsea when Chelsea decided to tell "Gabriel" that she wasn't ready to set a wedding date. Chelsea looked at Billy and reminded him that information was supposed to have remained private, but Victoria, looking at Chelsea, said, "I thought there weren't supposed to be any secrets between us." Chelsea glared at Billy as Victoria went upstairs.

Chelsea and Billy moved to the bar, where they bickered about Billy's relationship with Victoria, and Chelsea's relationship with "Gabriel."

The bickering turned into a full-fledged argument. Billy admitted that something had almost happened between him and Victoria – Victoria had wanted to kiss him, and he had wanted to return the kiss. However, Billy and Victoria did not kiss – because Victoria loved Stitch, and Billy loved Chelsea. Chelsea and Billy began to kiss. They were interrupted when Jack phoned Billy. Jack insisted that Billy and Chelsea join him in Jack's office.

After Billy and Chelsea arrived at his office, Jack wondered why he was the last person to learn that the Jabot computer system had been breached. Billy claimed that he had tried to handle it by getting information from an inside source at Newman. Adam said that Billy's source was probably Victoria, which was why Billy had learned nothing. Billy thought that perhaps "Gabriel" was working for both Abbott and Newman.

Jack told the group he didn't believe that the Newman computer system had been hacked. He thought that Victor would try to take over Jabot using any means possible. Jack said that in order to prevent that, all the infighting needed to stop – they needed to pull together and "face Newman head on."

At Summer's apartment, Summer told Kyle that she didn't think of him as a brother, and she didn't want him to feel obligated to protect her. Kyle said that he could never turn his back on Summer – especially since someone might be a threat to her life.

Cautiously answering a knock at the door, Summer was pleased to see Noah and Courtney, both sporting big smiles. Noah told Summer that he and Courtney had huge news – but just as Noah was about to speak, Kevin and Mariah burst in. Kevin had news for the group but put it on the backburner when Noah announced that he and Courtney were engaged.

Overjoyed, Summer ran over to Noah and Courtney and hugged them. Courtney showed Summer her ring. Kevin congratulated the couple and said it was about time that they had some good news to celebrate.

Kevin told the group that he had found more video on Austin's computer, starring none other than Jack Abbott. Summer initially thought that Austin had interviewed Jack, but Kevin explained it was surveillance footage. Austin had followed and surreptitiously recorded Jack at Chancellor Park. Kyle wondered what was on the footage. Kevin said there wasn't very much – some of it had been erased.

Kevin assumed that there were police security cameras in the park and asked Courtney if he could use her police login credentials to view the video from those cameras. Noah became upset and told Kevin that Courtney had already done enough. Courtney disagreed with Noah and said she was willing to go along with Kevin's plan.

At the police station, Courtney was hovering over Kevin and his computer, wondering why it was taking him so long to pull up the police security video. Just as Kevin said he knew what he was doing, a loud alarm sounded and an "Access Denied" message appeared on the computer screen. Kevin tried to deactivate the alarm, Paul walked out of his office and asked Kevin what was going on.

Kevin told Paul that he had been using the computer for an urgent personal reason. He lied and said Courtney had tried to stop him and that was when he had accidentally tripped the alarm. Paul said that Kevin wasn't authorized to use the department's computer and wondered where Kevin had gotten the login.

Kevin evaded the question. Paul demanded the truth about what Kevin had been looking for – if Kevin confessed, Paul would let him off with a warning. When Kevin refused to answer Paul, Paul suspended him.

Still at Summer's, Noah was nervously awaiting a call from Courtney – he said he was upset that Courtney was risking her career. Mariah said it was worth the risk – if they ever wanted to find out who had killed Austin. Summer didn't understand why Austin had secretly taped Jack in the park – all Austin would get was footage of Jack taking a stroll. Mariah argued that the purpose of Austin's documentary had been to prove that "the one-percent" could get away with murder – figuratively and literally. Kyle wondered if Mariah was accusing Jack of Austin's murder.

Mariah started proposing seemingly outlandish scenarios – perhaps Jack was leading Austin on a wild goose chase to cover for Kyle. Summer and Mariah began arguing. Kyle grew disgusted, grabbed his coat, and left.

Kevin and Courtney returned to Summer's apartment. Kevin asked where Summer and Kyle were – Mariah told him to forget about them. She asked Kevin what he found on the police computer. Kevin told her that he had accessed the Chancellor Park security footage, but he had set off an alarm. Noah wondered if Courtney was in trouble, but she explained that Kevin had covered for her – and had earned himself a suspension.

Courtney said that the answers were on the security footage – and she was the only one of the group with access. Noah snapped, "No, Courtney. Absolutely not." Noah claimed that he didn't want Courtney to get deeper into "this mess." Noah asked Kevin to back him up, but Kevin said that until they found Austin's killer, none of them were safe.

Noah said the only thing he wanted his fiancιe to think about was the dress she planned to wear to their wedding. Courtney didn't exactly look thrilled when Noah proclaimed that he and Courtney weren't waiting – they were going to marry as soon as possible.

Summer joined a glum-looking Kyle on the Crimson Lights patio. She told him to ignore Mariah's "crazy" accusations – Summer knew Kyle – and he couldn't hurt a fly. Kyle and Summer shared a passionate kiss.

Kyle told Summer she was all he had thought about when he was in New York – but she had married Austin. His eyes misty with tears, Kyle said he needed Summer in his life. Summer said that she needed Kyle – she was happy that he was a part of her life again.

At her Athletic Club suite, Abby gave Stitch a hug and told him how glad she was that he had returned. Stitch reminded her that even during his absence, a security team was keeping an eye on her. Abby wondered whether Stitch had met up with Victoria, but Stitch had been at a mortuary. He told Abby that he would be returning to the mortuary to collect Kelly's ashes, but assured Abby that she would be in good hands while he was away. Abby replied, "I know – because I'm going with you."

Stitch told Abby that she would be safe while he left town, but she said she wasn't worried about her safety – she thought he might want a supportive friend to join him on his sad journey. Stitch appreciated the offer, but declined. Abby wondered if Stitch was planning to tell Victoria where he was headed. He said that he would leave that particular errand to Abby. Abby wondered why Stitch was shutting Victoria out. Stitch replied that he was trying to be sensitive to Victoria's feelings – he knew Victoria was not exactly broken up over Kelly's death.

As if on cue, Victoria showed up at Abby's suite. Abby made a quick exit to give Victoria and Stitch some privacy. Stitch apologized to Victoria for not having returned her call – he said he was busy dealing with Kelly's death. Victoria asked if she could help. Stitch told Victoria not to pretend to be shedding tears for Kelly. Victoria said that she had been shedding tears – for Stitch.

Stitch explained that he needed to leave town to retrieve Kelly's ashes. Victoria wondered why he hadn't ask her to accompany him. He said, "Because I don't want you to." Victoria said she wanted to help Stitch. Stitch said he needed to deal with the aftermath of Kelly's death by himself – then he would return to Victoria. Victoria hated the idea of Stitch going by alone – he wondered if he would consider asking Abby to accompany him.

Victor returned to the ranch. Nikki showed Victor the fingerprint card she had taken at the church. Victor asked Nikki if she had followed him. She didn't answer his question, instead telling him that she and Victoria both thought that Victor wanted to take over Jabot. Nikki thought that Victor would resort to his "usual bag of tricks" to get what he wanted. She asked Victor what the fingerprints would do to discredit Jack.

Victor said he knew that Nikki saw him as a villain – but she didn't know that he was under attack. Using a patronizing tone, Nikki asked Victor who was after him. He explained that someone had broken into the Newman computer system and left those fingerprints – they had been lifted off the central server. Victor suspected it had been an inside job, so he had taken the prints to the church and left them in the confessional for his private investigator to pick up.

Nikki wondered why Victor hadn't simply handed the prints to his private investigator – or, better yet, let Paul handle it. Victor wondered what Paul had said to Nikki when she brought the prints to Paul – behind Victor's back.

Victor correctly guessed that Paul wouldn't assist Nikki with the fingerprints. He told Nikki that the fingerprints were not intended to discredit Jack – the fingerprints were about saving his company. Nikki handed the fingerprints to Victor and walked away. After she left, Victor made a phone call and said, "Listen. Next time get your ass to that church on time. My wife got there first. She got ahold of those prints. We need to agree on a different meeting place. Just remember that these fingerprints are vital to the next phase of our plan. You got it?"

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