Wednesday, April 27, 2016
by Mike

At Jabot, Ashley was in her office, talking to Jack and Neville about Abby, who had been released from the hospital the previous day. Pointing out that she knew from firsthand experience that losing a child could mess with a person's mind, Ashley admitted that she was very concerned about Abby. "Don't be. I'm here -- and ready to work," Abby announced as she entered the room.

Ashley and Jack insisted that Abby needed to take it easy for a few days, but she countered that her doctor had told her there was no medical reason to delay her return to work. Abby hastily tried to change the subject, and Neville and Jack made up an excuse to leave so Ashley could talk to her privately. "Nobody expects you to pretend like nothing happened," Ashley gently assured Abby once they were alone.

"I would rather be here than at home, with baby gifts everywhere [and] my stepson constantly apologizing," Abby replied. Ashley insisted that Max didn't need to feel guilty about having planned the baby shower because the accident that had occurred during it had been just that -- an accident -- but Abby suggested that might not be true, musing that it was almost as if something had caused her to trip. "Something like Max," Abby concluded.

Abby thought it was odd that Max had abruptly gone from detesting her to wanting to plan a baby shower for her. "And every time I'm around him, I just...I get this weird feeling," Abby added. Abby insisted that something wasn't right, but Ashley argued that it was only natural for things to feel off, given what Abby had just been through. Ashley suggested that Abby might be overanalyzing Max's behavior in an effort to make sense of what had happened, and Abby hesitantly conceded that Ashley could be right. "I'm so sorry, honey. Sometimes in life, awful things just happen," Ashley said as she hugged Abby, who still seemed uncertain.

Hilary ran into Neil in the hallway and quickly surmised that he was about to meet with Jack to decide whether to keep her on the board of their foundation. Hilary reminded Neil that she would expose his secret if he didn't agree to help her convince Jack to give her another chance. "I would rather break all the glass in [the] lab and eat every single shard," Neil spat.

Hilary argued that she could be an asset to the foundation. "I bring energy, experience, and money to the table. It's a win-win," Hilary reasoned. "Nobody wins by associating with a blackmailing, backstabbing narcissist like yourself," Neil countered. As Hilary started to respond, Devon arrived and admitted that he was surprised to see her and Neil talking to each other, given how their last encounter had gone. Devon hoped that meant they could all move past what had happened. "I was just telling Neil the same thing. No good comes from dredging up the past," Hilary pointedly agreed.

When Neil, Devon, and Hilary joined Jack and Neville in the lab, Jack tried to dismiss Hilary from the board, but Neil protested that it might be best to give her another chance. Confused, Jack wondered why Neil was suddenly defending Hilary. Neil clarified that he wasn't defending Hilary; he was simply pointing out that she had shown remorse for her actions. Neil added that he was willing to give Hilary another chance for the sake of peace in his family, and he also believed that she could be an asset to the foundation.

Neil abruptly excused himself so he could attend a scheduled meeting, leaving Jack to decide Hilary's fate. Hilary apologized for her actions, claiming that she had simply been trying to act in the best interest of a research project that was quite personal to her. Neville expressed skepticism but admitted that Hilary had proven to be a valuable asset to the project.

Knowing that Ashley was also willing to move past what had happened, Jack agreed to give Hilary a second chance, acknowledging that it would be hypocritical of him to refuse to do so, given the mission statement of his and Neil's foundation. Jack warned, however, that it was Hilary's last chance. Hilary thanked Jack and insisted on treating him and Ashley to dinner later as a way of moving forward.

When Neville told Ashley about Jack's decision later that day, she dismissively insisted that she was too concerned about Abby to worry about Hilary's "wheeling and dealing." Ashley fretted that she felt powerless because she didn't know how to help Abby cope with what had happened. Neville was confident that Ashley had said and done just the right things and would continue to do so in the future.

"You kind of make me sound fabulous," Ashley mused. Neville stressed that every life Ashley touched was better as a result. Later, Ashley and Neville were disappointed to learn that one of the patients who had been receiving Neville's treatment had suddenly and inexplicably suffered a huge setback.

At Crimson Lights, Max complained to Stitch that Abby seemed to be blaming him for her miscarriage. Stitch suggested that Max could just be imagining things, but Max insisted that Abby had been acting differently around him since the accident. Stitch explained that the pain he and Abby were dealing with could be expressed through anger at times and wasn't meant to be personal. "Sure feels like it is," Max grumbled.

Later, Abby joined Stitch and Max, the latter of whom challenged her to admit that she was upset with him because of what had happened. "You planned the shower, Max, [and that] was a nice thing to do. It's not your fault that I fell down the stairs. Now, can we just drop it?" Abby snapped, prompting Max to run off.

Sighing, Abby guessed that she had just caused Stitch to get upset with her. Stitch admitted that, if nothing else, he was surprised to see that Max's suspicions about Abby's resentment toward him were actually valid. "You want to know what I resent? How he keeps talking about how he feels guilty [about] what he did wrong [and] how he's worried that I'm mad at him. He's making this terrible situation about him," Abby pointed out.

Stitch reasoned that kids just processed things that way. Stitch added that, while the situation was hard for him and Abby to deal with, they needed to be careful about making sure they didn't let their pain drag Max down. "Yeah, we should just forget about what we're going through. We wouldn't want Max to feel bad, right?" Abby sarcastically agreed.

Stitch tried to clarify that he hadn't meant that, but Abby interrupted and excused herself, explaining that she needed some air. Max soon returned and guessed that Abby had left because she hated him, but Stitch assured him that wasn't true. Meanwhile, Abby went to the Athletic Club and climbed the staircase, curiously inspecting the area where she had tripped.

Dylan returned home and quickly noticed that Sharon seemed a bit jumpy. Dylan assumed that Sharon was on edge because of Nikki, and Sharon played along, suggesting that it might be time for Nikki to return to her own home. "Gladly," Nikki said as she joined Sharon and Dylan in the living room.

As Dylan tried to play peacemaker, Sharon received a phone call from someone. Sharon abruptly excused herself after a brief conversation with the caller, claiming that she needed to take care of something for Chelsea. After Sharon left, Dylan apologized to Nikki for what she had overheard earlier. Nikki assured Dylan that she had been planning to move back to her place even before she had heard Sharon badgering him about getting her to leave. Dylan wasn't sure that Nikki was ready to take that step, but she pointed out that she wasn't exactly moving very far away. "If I need you, I'll call you," Nikki promised.

Dylan argued that Nikki hadn't called him the last time she had needed help, but she assured him that she had learned her lesson. Nikki added that she wasn't trying to get away from prying eyes so she could go back to drinking; she was simply trying to accept her new reality. Nikki told Dylan about her earlier visit with Victor and admitted that she needed to face the possibility that he might never forgive her. "[And] as painful as that possibility is, I can't allow it to let me ruin my life. I have to find the strength to stay sober on my own," Nikki reasoned.

Dylan reminded Nikki that she wasn't alone. Nodding, Nikki assured Dylan that she appreciated the support she had been receiving from him as well as her other children and grandchildren, which was giving her the strength to stay sober. "I hope you believe me. I hope you believe I can do this," Nikki added. Dylan said he believed that Nikki could do anything she wanted to do.

Later, Nikki ran into Neil at the Athletic Club and admitted that she had recently fallen off the wagon again. Neil was sorry that he hadn't been there to support Nikki in her time of need, but she assured him that Jack had helped her get back on the road to recovery. Nikki said she was grateful for Neil and Jack's support and was also proud of them for starting a foundation that sought to help people start over. Nikki mused that everyone deserved that opportunity. "Not everyone," Neil muttered as he glared at Hilary, who had just arrived with Devon and Jack.

After Neil said goodbye to Nikki, Jack approached and observed that she looked good. Nikki assured Jack that she was sober and planned to stay that way. Nikki soon excused herself so she could attend an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting, and after she left, Hilary rejoined Jack and assured him that she was going to prove that keeping her on the board of his and Neil's foundation had been the right decision. Meanwhile, Devon pulled Neil aside to thank him for urging Jack to give Hilary another chance. "Son, your wife gave me no choice. She blackmailed me, just like she blackmailed Ashley," Neil revealed.

At the hospital, Nurse Stephens overheard Sharon thanking a doctor for quickly getting back to her with the results of the DNA test she had ordered. Later, Sage approached Stephens and demanded answers, revealing that she had just learned that Sharon had suffered a miscarriage right before being admitted to Fairview the previous year. "[But] now she has a healthy baby boy. How is that possible?" Sage wondered.

Stephens tried to dodge Sage's questions, but Sage refused to drop the subject, insisting that she wasn't going to stop looking for answers until she found them. "Your baby -- he's alive," Stephens hesitantly admitted. Sage grabbed Stephens and demanded details, so Stephens explained that she had given Sage's baby to Sharon at Dr. Anderson's request.

"Sully? Sully's my baby?" Sage muttered in disbelief. Sage wondered if Sharon had known the truth all along. Stephens clarified that Anderson had kept Sharon heavily drugged to prevent her from realizing that she wasn't actually pregnant. Stephens continued that Anderson had then waited for the right opportunity to place Sully in Sharon's arms and convince her that she had just given birth to him.

"Why in the hell would you do that?" Sage wondered. Stephens explained that Anderson had been obsessed with Nick and had wanted to take something precious from him. "And you just went along with her? You didn't care about how many lives you were ruining?" Sage asked incredulously. Stephens tearfully confirmed that she had done what she had been told to do because she had owed everything to Anderson.

"I'm so sorry," Stephens told Sage, who angrily knocked a stack of medical charts out of Stephens' arms and spat, "No, you're not sorry! You have no soul! Go to hell!" Sage started to leave, intending to look for her son, but Stephens stopped her. "There's something else: Sharon had a DNA test done. She got the results today," Stephens revealed.

While passing through Chancellor Park, Nick ran into Sharon and quickly surmised that she was upset about something. Sharon claimed that she had just been thinking about Nick and Sage's recent losses. Nodding, Nick admitted that Abby's miscarriage had dredged up the memories of losing Christian and Cassie. "But I'm a Newman, you know? And Newmans always pull through," Nick added. Nick urged Sharon to try not to let herself get torn up about his losses, since she had many things to be grateful for at that time.

When Sharon returned home, Dylan informed her that Nikki had moved out. Relieved, Sharon suggested that it might be nice to take a family vacation, explaining that she could really use some breathing room. Dylan was willing to entertain the idea but was surprised to learn that Sharon wanted to leave immediately. Dylan wasn't sure the timing was right, but Sharon reasoned that Nikki had plenty of other people who could support her for a few days if necessary.

Conceding the point, Dylan went to see Nick, who agreed to let Faith spend the weekend with Sharon and Dylan. Nick was surprised that Sharon hadn't mentioned anything about the trip during his earlier encounter with her, but he decided that their talk might have led to the sudden change of plans. Grinning, Dylan admitted that he was excited about going on his first family trip as a father.

While Sharon was packing, she left Sully alone in the living room for a moment so she could go upstairs and get some diapers. Meanwhile, Sage entered the house and retrieved Sully from his crib, tearfully promising that they would never be separated again. Sharon soon returned and wondered what had prompted Sage's visit. "I know," Sage revealed, glaring at Sharon.

. . .

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