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Wednesday, May 17, 2017
by Nel

Backstage at the shoot, Cane asked if Juliet had seen Billy because the director wanted to talk to him. Cane asked her to call Billy to make sure he was on his way. Juliet advised that they still had an hour before rehearsal. Cane said that that meant they, not Billy, had to do the troubleshooting. Cane greeted Jessie, the videographer, and instructed him to capture what went on behind-the-scenes. Lily told Cane that she was nervous. Jordan and Cane remind her how talented she was and said she'd be fine.

In his suite, Billy rushed to get dressed and warned Phyllis not to let Victoria see her.

In the lobby, Victoria met Billy at the elevator. He told her that he'd slept in. Victoria told Billy how excited she was to have the kids there with her and Billy.

Victoria and Billy arrived at the shoot and greeted a couple of hockey players who were introduced to Cane and Juliet. Juliet took them to meet Lily. Billy asked why Cane had allowed a PA to escort the hockey players in. Cane said he'd had to because Billy hadn't been there to take care of it. Victoria asked Cane if things were on schedule. Cane griped that he'd handled everything, since Billy hadn't shown up.

Juliet informed Victoria and Billy that the league had requested to see the behind-the-scenes footage of the players. They wanted final approval before it was posted on the website. Victoria and Billy agreed. Cane advised Victoria that that was under control as well.

Victoria was pleased that the rehearsal had gone well. Cane complimented the hockey players on a job well done. Billy started a conversation with the players. The athletes talked about Lily being hot and joked with Billy about betting on their game -- all of which was caught on video. Cane told Lily she'd been spectacular. Lily wanted to go for drinks with Cane, but Cane explained that he had to edit Jessie's behind-the-scenes footage and left Lily feeling disappointed.

Victoria thanked Billy and Lily for the fantastic work and invited Billy for a drink. Billy claimed that it had been a long day and that he was tired. Victoria thanked him for making the deal and putting it together, and she wanted Billy to think about the millions of dollars that the hockey deal would make for Brash & Sassy. Billy agreed to meet Victoria on the rooftop, but he wanted to freshen up first.

In the meantime, Cane was editing the behind-the-scenes shots with Jessie. Cane gave specific instructions to Jessie on the editing. Jessie asked if Cane was sure because it would sound out of context. Cane confirmed that was what he needed and gave Jessie a large sum of money.

On the rooftop, Hilary told Howard Green, her producer, that she might not be a household name yet, but she promised that one day, she would be on a billboard bigger than Lily's. Hilary became star-struck when she spotted her journalism hero, Julie Chen. She told Howard she would not allow that opportunity to pass her by. Hilary approached Julie and introduced herself as Hilary Curtis from The Hilary Hour based in Genoa City. Julie admitted she hadn't heard of it. Hilary said they were constantly gaining viewers, and that was partially thanks to Julie.

Hilary claimed she'd followed Julie's career and had patterned much of The Hilary Hour on Julie and her show. She gushed that Julie was an incredible role model. Julie got up to leave for the set of The Talk. Hilary rushed in and told Julie that she'd only be in Los Angeles for a couple of days and wanted to do a piece with Julie. Julie was flattered, but Hilary's request had to go through the proper channels. Hilary said she realized it wasn't the standard approach to securing an interview, but she just wanted a couple of minutes to chat with Julie on-camera. Julie said it wouldn't be possible.

Julie started to walk away but saw that Hilary looked heartbroken. Julie invited Hilary to The Talk. Hilary was elated and thanked her. Hilary told Howard she was determined to get an interview with Julie. Howard pointed out that Hilary couldn't just walk up to a high-profile celebrity like Julie Chen and score an interview.

At the Abbotts', when Ashley arrived, Jack was staring at a picture of himself with Dina when he'd been a little boy. She told Jack that Dina had paid her a visit. Jack said he'd seen Dina at the club. Ashley hoped Jack had sent Dina packing. Jack stated that he hadn't expected to find Dina at the club with her new companion. Jack told Ashley that Dina had met Gloria, but Gloria had had enough sense to leave.

Jack wanted to call Traci to let her know Dina was in Genoa City. Ashley felt there was no point because Dina would sign the contract then she'd be gone. Jack said Dina wanted to visit with family. Ashley wanted to know what Dina considered as family. Jack was sure Dina would be delighted to meet Abby. Ashley asked if Dina had asked about Traci. Jack retorted that what he and Dina had had didn't qualify as a conversation. Jack wanted Ashley to be reasonable and not to pack Dina off and out of their lives. Ashley reminded him that Dina had been out of their lives for decades.

Dina arrived at Devon's penthouse. She was pleased that Devon and Neil had agreed to her terms and kept her on the board. Devon felt there was nothing holding them back from making it official, since Dina was ready to sign the documents. He called Michael. Devon wanted to throw a party, but Dina said no because some people might not approve. Family was her main concern.

Devon assumed that Dina would want to see her family. Dina admitted she'd met with Ashley, and it hadn't gone well. Devon said that he and Neil knew the Abbotts very well -- Abby was one of his best friends, and Neil and Jack were close. Devon stated that the Abbotts were good people, and he hoped Dina wouldn't give up on them. Dina asked if Devon had always been so optimistic. Neil said that Devon had always seen the glass as half full.

Dina didn't want to cheat Devon out of his moment with a party, but she was afraid her family would take it the wrong way. Devon had an idea of how they could still make their announcement so that it wouldn't be open to misinterpretation and so he and Neil could still make their grand entrance into the business world.

Devon and Neil took Dina to GC Buzz and introduced her to Mariah. Dina admitted that Devon had told her about the talk show and that they sometimes spoke directly to their audience. Mariah said they had a fun and easy approach. Dina noted it was unstructured. Devon said that Mariah encouraged people to speak their minds. Mariah said they tried to keep things real, and it was up to the people if they wanted to get personal.

Neil informed Dina that Jack was good friends with the show's owner. Devon added that everyone in town talked about the show. Dina asked if her children and granddaughter watched. Devon assured her that Abby was an avid watcher and that Jack tuned in from time to time. Dina was adamant that she wouldn't be manipulated on-air. Mariah assured her it wouldn't happen. Devon told Dina that Mariah had an amazing heart, and it showed through on-camera. He told Dina that on the Thanksgiving show, Mariah had helped a woman reunite with her estranged family.

Mariah felt it hadn't been a big deal, but Neil said that it had been a big deal for the woman and her family. Dina told Mariah never to dismiss her achievements. Dina agreed to do the interview, but she didn't want it to be about her -- it was to be about Hamilton-Winters, and she insisted that Devon appear with her.

Mariah and Devon met in a quiet corner. Mariah told Devon she was very appreciative of Devon handing her the big opportunity, but they had one major hurdle to leap over before they went on-air. Mariah pointed to the banner for The Hilary Hour.

Hilary spotted Phyllis on the rooftop and asked why she was there. Phyllis claimed she needed a little rest and relaxation. Hilary was suspicious because Phyllis just happened to be in the same hotel as Billy. Hilary asked if Phyllis and Billy had reunited. Phyllis asked Hilary to forget she'd seen her. Hilary said that Phyllis would owe her. Phyllis agreed.

Phyllis told Hilary that she'd gone there to surprise Billy, and if Victoria knew, she wouldn't be too happy about it. Phyllis said that Victoria and Jack knew that she and Billy were together again. Hilary promised to keep Phyllis' secret then bragged that she had scored an interview with Julie Chen.

Hilary received a call from Mariah, who advised that she'd scored a major coup. Dina Mergeron wanted to announce the sale of her massive corporation on their show. Hilary was delighted and told Mariah to put it into Hilary's calendar, and she'd do the interview as soon as she returned. Mariah said that Dina had been a hard sell, and they had to go live because Dina would be returning to Paris at any moment. Hilary was annoyed and wanted to know how Mariah had snagged such a big deal. Mariah reminded her that the Hamilton-Winters had purchased Mergeron Enterprises. Hilary griped that it was all about Mariah's new boyfriend.

At the Abbotts', Ashley accused Jack of defending Dina, but Jack felt there was no need to make Dina feel unwelcome. Ashley was adamant that that was exactly how they should make Dina feel. Jack wondered why Dina had chosen the Hamilton-Winters Group out of all the well-established international businesses. Ashley thought it had been personal greed. Jack said that Dina wasn't a complete monster. At that moment, Jack received a text message from Gloria advising him to turn on GC Buzz.

On air at GC Buzz, Mariah stated that she had an exclusive breaking news story. She said that Devon Hamilton, former owner of GC Buzz, had moved on to bigger things. She explained that he'd started a new company with his father, Neil -- the Hamilton-Winters Group. The company had plans to be a major force in the business world. Devon stated he was extremely fortunate to be there with the brilliant Dina Mergeron. He stated that Dina's company had withstood the test of time, and it still stood on the cutting edge of many new groundbreaking technologies. Dina had managed to maintain both the company's structure and its growth, which hadn't been an easy task.

Devon was honored to announce Hamilton-Winters' first acquisition -- they were proud owners of Mergeron Enterprises. Mariah pointed out that even though the viewers were familiar with Mergeron Enterprises, most would be surprised to learn that Mergeron Enterprises had dabbled in everything from ship building to microchips to music streaming -- a wide and varied portfolio.

Dina was very proud of what they'd done and their broad scope. Mariah asked why Dina had agreed to sell her late husband's amazing life's work. Dina said that at some point in her life, she'd become conscious of her legacy. Her motivation for the changes she'd made was family.

Mariah asked why Dina had sold Mergeron Enterprises to Hamilton-Winters. Dina said because they'd offered her a lot of money -- and the fact that her dear departed friend Katherine Chancellor had turned out to be Devon's grandmother. Dina said that Katherine had been a remarkable woman, and she'd been fortunate to find Devon so late in her life. Dina stated that anything was possible and that mistakes could be corrected. It was never too late to reestablish a relationship with family.

At the Abbotts', Ashley wondered what Dina was up to. Jack advised that it had been a very shrewd business move on Devon's part. Ashley clapped and stated sarcastically that Dina had done well. She turned off the television.

Hilary and Howard arrived on the empty set of The Talk. Hilary looked dejected and warned Howard not to say he'd told her so. Hilary said she'd been so close, but Howard said that she'd wanted to believe she'd been that close.

Hilary saw Julie Chen walk onto the empty set. Hilary approached Julie and reminded her that they'd spoken at the hotel earlier. Hilary introduced her producer, Howard Green. Hilary thanked Julie for the invitation to the show and said that it had been an incredible experience for her.

Howard mentioned that there was nothing that Julie and the ladies at the table wouldn't say. Julie admitted that that was the point. Julie wished Hilary luck with her show, but before being dismissed, Hilary asked for an interview. Julie thought she'd made herself clear that she had to prepare for the next day's show.

Hilary charged ahead, stating that Julie knew all the challenges and how hard it had been to get into the business and to be taken seriously. Hilary knew Julie had been an intern, working insane hours for the morning news, and that she'd been an assignment reporter for stories from Dayton and New York. Julie had faced challenges, and those challenges had never daunted her. They had empowered her to do things that Hilary could only imagine. Hilary asked for ten minutes of Julie's time. Julie agreed to five.

Hilary knew Julie had been repeatedly told "no" throughout her career and wanted to know what had motivated Julie to keep going. Julie admitted that the more "noes" she'd gotten, the harder she had worked to prove everyone wrong. Hilary asked how Julie's show The Talk had evolved. Julie admitted that in the past, she'd been just the news lady and moderator. She hadn't intended to give her opinion on any of the topics. Julie mentioned that in news, one wasn't supposed to give an opinion, but she'd slowly learned how to give her opinion while delivering the headlines.

Hilary mentioned that on The Talk, the ladies appeared to have a blast. Julie said they did, and they loved each other. Hilary stated that she had a co-host who was more like a sidekick, and sometimes she could be a little difficult. Hilary wondered if the ladies' of The Talk bared their claws after the show ended. Julie stated that what people saw on-camera was how they were with each other off-camera. They were really good friends in real life. Sometimes they didn't see eye to eye on a certain topic or on how they should do something on the show, but they always wanted to build each other up as women, and they felt they owed it to each other to do that.

Julie stated that she and her co-hosts never wanted to tear each other down. The chemistry people saw on-camera couldn't be faked. Hilary said that she'd tried to keep it real with her co-host, but sometimes it got too real. Julie advised Hilary not to treat her co-host as a sidekick but to make her more a co-host and include her in the process. The problem would be resolved. Hilary looked into the camera and spoke directly to Mariah, saying there might be hope for them yet.

Hilary thanked Julie for the interview. Julie spoke from experience when she said that Hilary had a bright future in the business. Hilary had what it took. Julie asked Hilary to let her know when the interview would air because she wanted to see it. Julie left.

Howard was amazed. He wanted to go back to the hotel and review the footage, but Hilary wanted one more video. Hilary sat in Julie Chen's chair and welcomed everyone to The Hilary Hour.

On the rooftop, Phyllis sipped Champagne when Victoria arrived.

On the next The Young and the Restless...

• Jack tells Phyllis he knows she was in Los Angeles.

• Hilary worries that a clip she aired might destroy her show.

• Cane blames Billy for the airing of a damaging video.

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