Wednesday, February 25, 2015

In the police station interrogation room, Kevin, Mariah, Noah, Courtney, and Summer were stunned when Paul announced that Austin had been found. Noah asked Paul if he was sure his men had found Austin -- Paul said they had found a man in his mid-twenties trapped in a ravine near the Abbott cabin.

Summer was naturally thrilled and asked Paul if Austin was safe -- Paul told her that he didn't have an injury report, but Austin was talking. Kevin, Mariah, Courtney, and Noah seemed confused. Summer begged Paul to allow her to go to the rescue site. Initially against the idea, Paul eventually acquiesced. Mariah and Kevin decided to accompany Summer and Paul. When the group left the room, Noah told Courtney he was shocked that Austin was still alive. Courtney replied, "The second Austin opens his mouth -- our lives are over."

At the ravine, Paul, Summer, Kevin, and Mariah watched as a rescue worker led a young man, his face partially obscured by a blanket, out of harm's way. Summer rushed over to greet Austin and lifted the blanket from his head. She was thrown for a loop when she saw that it wasn't Austin -- it was Kyle Abbott.

Paul asked Kyle how he had ended up in the ravine. Kyle explained that he had planned to make a surprise appearance at Abby's party, but the storm had hit, and there had been no place for him to take shelter. His car had gotten stuck in the snow, and he had started to walk. Summer comforted Kyle, telling him how glad she was that he was safe -- but she was still worried about Austin. Kyle was surprised to hear that Summer's husband was missing. Summer cuddled up to Kyle and told him how scared she was. Kevin and Mariah looked at each other, wondering what was going on.

Paul insisted that Kyle go to the hospital. Before leaving, Kyle apologized to Paul for causing trouble -- and apologized to Summer for not being Austin. Paul was planning on hiring a tow truck to haul Kyle's car to Genoa City, but Kevin volunteered to drive it there, since the roads had been cleared.

Before he left, Paul assured Summer that the searchers would find Austin. Kevin found it bizarre that Kyle had shown up in a ditch on that particular night. Mariah commented that Kyle had stared at Summer in an "intense and creepy" manner. Realizing that Mariah was insinuating that Kyle was up to no good, Summer said that Kyle was one of the nicest people she knew.

Kevin thought Kyle might have moved Austin's corpse -- or, even worse, murdered Austin. He reminded Summer of her complicated history with Kyle. Kyle had been Summer's boyfriend -- then her brother -- perhaps Kyle had returned to "eliminate the competition."

Mariah, Kevin, and Summer approached Kyle's car. When Summer whined that it was supposed to have been Austin, not Kyle, in the ravine, Kevin reminded her that Austin was dead. Summer said she didn't care why Kyle had shown up -- she just wanted her husband back. Kevin noticed what appeared to be a towel hanging out of Kyle's car's trunk.

At the Newman ranch, Victoria, Nick, and Abby were aghast as Nikki was about to drink another glass of vodka. Before she had a chance, a soot-covered Victor told Nikki that she might as well pour a drink for him. Nick, Victoria, and Abby ran to hug their father -- they'd thought Victor might have perished when the Underground had collapsed. Victor took the glass of vodka from Nikki and said, "I need that more than you do," before gulping the alcohol down.

Victor was unsteady on his feet, and Victoria wondered if a doctor had examined him. Victor insisted he was fine -- then collapsed into Nick's arms.

In a waiting room at Genoa City Memorial, a doctor told Nikki, Nick, Victoria, and Abby that Victor had suffered a concussion and possibly sustained some nerve damage. Nikki asked if she could see her husband just as a nurse wheeled Victor into the room. Victor wanted to leave the hospital, but Nikki and Victoria insisted he remain overnight for observation.

Nikki asked the nurse what room Victor would be in. The nurse told her that, because of the storm, the hospital was at capacity and Victor would have to share a room. Nick chuckled as Victor wondered why he couldn't have his own room -- after all, he had paid for half of the hospital. Nick and Victoria smiled and assured their father that he could handle one night with a roommate. The nurse wheeled Victor away.

In another Genoa City Memorial waiting room, Adam complained to Chelsea that Sage didn't reciprocate his love. Chelsea told him that if he really loved Sage, Sage would sense that and would eventually fall in love with him. Billy interrupted their conversation with good news -- Jack was going to make a full recovery. Chelsea was thrilled, but Adam sighed and flopped down onto the couch. Billy asked Adam if he was okay. Adam said he was fine -- he was just relieved to hear the news about Jack. Not noticing that Sage had arrived, Billy asked Adam how close he was to Jack.

Adam evaded the question and remarked that it had been a lucky night -- no one had been injured in the fire. Sage walked up to Adam and hugged him. Billy said that he and Chelsea needed to get Connor home, but Sage informed them that their apartment building had been shut down. Chelsea was concerned about where she, Billy, and Connor were going to stay. Billy told her they could temporarily house at the Abbott mansion.

Billy left to get Connor, and Adam decided to grab a cup of coffee, leaving Sage and Chelsea alone. Chelsea admitted that Adam had told her the truth about Constance's will. "Gabriel" would only inherit Constance's fortune if he settled down and married, and "Gabriel" had married Sage to satisfy Constance's stipulation. Chelsea smiled and told Sage that "Gabriel" might have a "bad boy" past, but he loved Sage. Chelsea asked Sage to give him a chance.

As Chelsea left the room, Adam returned with his coffee. Sage accused him of portraying her as a heartless "witch," while "Gabriel" was simply a "decent guy who wanted a chance." Adam smiled and said that was great. Adam decided to visit Jack and revealed to Sage that Jack knew "Gabriel's" true identity. Sage wondered why Adam trusted Jack. Adam told her that Jack was the only friend he had.

At the Abbott mansion, Billy and Chelsea finished getting Connor off to bed. Billy didn't understand "Gabe's" reaction to the news about Jack. Billy felt that "Gabe" was hiding something "big." Chelsea admitted that "Gabe" was indeed hiding something -- she told Billy why Sage and "Gabe" had married but added that "Gabe" really did love Sage. Chelsea tried to convince Billy that "Gabe" was a good guy, but Billy thought "Gabe" might be a monumental liar. Chelsea defended "Gabe" and asked Billy to show some gratitude for the man who had saved both him and Connor.

From his hospital bed, Jack insisted to Phyllis that he was done with the "pathological liar" Kelly. Kelly, who was eavesdropping at the door, became hysterical and barged into the room. Kelly accused Jack of ripping off her clothes and making love to her in a storeroom at the Underground. Jack grew extremely angry and told Kelly to leave, saying that he would no longer placate her. His face turning red, Jack told Kelly that he had been an idiot to believe any of the lies that Kelly had manufactured about Phyllis.

Kelly feverishly insisted that Jack had made love to her. Jack accused her of being either delusional or a "damn good liar." He also finally believed that Kelly had poisoned her own tea in order to frame Phyllis. Kelly, out of control, screamed that Phyllis was going to be tried and convicted of attempted murder. Kelly and Phyllis began arguing. A doctor stopped by -- the nurses had informed him that Jack's heart rate was elevated -- and asked the women to allow Jack to rest. Kelly stomped out of the room.

Jack apologized to Phyllis for believing anything Kelly had said. He hoped that Phyllis would forgive him. He noticed that Phyllis seemed uncharacteristically calm and wondered if she was about to "explode." She reminded Jack that he had nearly died, and she didn't feel it was appropriate to berate him.

Jack promised Phyllis that he loved her, would never doubt her, and would never believe Kelly again. Phyllis took Jack's hand and tenderly told him that she forgave him. Jack, his eyes welling up with tears, said that he didn't deserve Phyllis. When Phyllis mentioned Kelly's name, Jack warned her to stay away from that "dangerous" woman. Phyllis promised that she would not go near Kelly, then kissed Jack's forehead, ordered him to rest, and left.

Adam stopped by Jack's room and recalled that Jack had visited him in the hospital years earlier, when Adam had taken a bullet meant for Victor. Jack, sounding a bit annoyed, said that Adam had saved Victor's life -- but, in the rubble of the collapsed Underground, Victor had saved Jack's life. Adam said he could top that irony, telling Jack to ask Billy how Billy had escaped from a burning building alive. Jack had no idea what Adam was talking about, and Adam didn't give any further explanation.

As Adam stood up to leave, Jack admitted that, while trapped in the rubble with Victor, he might have mentioned something about Adam, although Jack didn't think he had told Victor that Adam was alive. Adam said Jack didn't need to worry about that -- Victor was trapped in the rubble and was, in all likelihood, dead. Jack, saddened, said it was hard for him to imagine a world without Victor in it.

Not heeding Jack's warning, Phyllis followed Kelly to the Athletic Club, and they lit into each other. Kelly insisted she'd had sex with Jack the previous evening -- Phyllis said that Kelly was "done" in Genoa City.

Jack and Victor were both unpleasantly surprised when the nurse wheeled Victor into Jack's room. As the nurse helped Victor into a second bed in Jack's room, the men began sniping at each other. The nurse threatened to sedate Jack if he didn't calm down. After the nurse left, Victor reminded Jack that he had saved Jack's life. Jack groaned and wondered how often Victor was going to rub that in.

Victor picked up the phone and asked to be transferred to another room. Jack screamed, "How about another hospital?" Victor hung up when Abby stopped by and tried to get the men to settle down. She told them they were both lucky to be alive -- and lucky that they hadn't lost anyone close to them. Victor wondered if Abby had lost someone close to her that evening. Abby said that she hadn't -- and asked her uncle and her father to be grateful to be alive.

Jack and Victor began sparring again, and Abby implored them to stop, telling them that their arguing would divert the nurses' attention from patients who were really in need of help. After Abby left, Jack asked Victor to pour him a glass of water. Victor laughed and told Jack to call the nurse -- he had saved Jack's life -- he wasn't going to be Jack's waiter.

Phyllis returned to the room and smiled -- she thought it was "fabulous" that Victor and Jack were bunking together for the night. Phyllis informed the men that she was going to take on Kelly. Jack once again asked Phyllis to stay away from Kelly. Victor wondered what Phyllis' plan was.

At the Athletic Club, a forlorn Kelly drank a glass of wine and remembered Jack ravishing her in the storeroom. She said to herself, "It happened. It really did."

Nick and Sage ran into each other in a hospital corridor. Nick teased Sage, wondering if she was mad that the bar's roof had caved in while she had been bartending. Sage chuckled and said her night would have been "crappy" anyway -- her building had caught on fire. Sage was happy to hear that Victor had made it out of the rubble with seemingly minor injuries.

Nick told Sage he had been serious when he said that he wanted to get to know her better -- he wasn't going to give up on her. She smiled and told Nick she didn't want him to give up. Adam walked up behind them and watched as Nick and Sage embraced.

Nick and Sage stopped hugging when Adam began speaking. Nick admitted that he knew about Sage and "Gabe's" business arrangement, but Adam warned Sage to be careful -- he didn't want the executor of Constance's will to see Sage with another man. Sage said she had hugged Nick because of some good news -- Nick's father, Victor, had survived the building collapse. Adam seemed disappointed to hear it.

After Nick left, Adam told Sage he was relieved that Victor was alive -- Adam still wanted to exact his pound of flesh from Victor. Adam made some sarcastic remarks about Nick "draping" himself over Sage. Sage wondered why Adam cared and asked if Adam actually had feelings for her.

Nick returned to the waiting room as Nikki was finishing up speaking with Victor's doctor. Nikki told Nick and Victoria to return to their homes and get some rest, but they both wanted to speak to their mother about her drinking. Victoria wondered how long Nikki had been drinking -- she asked if her mother had been drunk when she had nearly dropped Katie.

Nick chided Victoria for accusing Nikki of being drunk at Katie's christening, insisting that Nikki had started drinking after she'd thought that Victor had been killed in the building collapse. Victoria asked her mother if she was wrong in thinking that Nikki had been drunk at the christening. Nikki began crying and told Victoria that she wasn't.

Nikki admitted that she had started drinking several months earlier. Victoria was angry that nearly dropping Katie hadn't been enough for Nikki to stop drinking and go to a meeting. Nick tried to blame Victor for driving Nikki to drink, but Victoria didn't buy that. As Nikki began sobbing, Nick embraced her. Nick and Victoria insisted that Nikki get help. Nikki promised them she would.

At the police station, Courtney told Noah they had rescued the guy from the ravine, but it hadn't been Austin -- it was Kyle Abbott. Noah remembered seeing a mysterious person outside the Abbott cabin. He and Courtney wondered if it could have been Kyle spying on them. Noah admitted he didn't care for Kyle, but he didn't think Kyle could have broken into the cabin and murdered Austin without any of the partygoers noticing.

Courtney thought perhaps Kyle had moved Austin's body. Noah said that if Kyle had moved the body, he had done it for Summer's sake -- Kyle probably thought Summer had been responsible for Austin's death.

Abby was surprised to run into Kyle at the hospital. She asked him what he was doing there. Kyle smiled and said, "I came to see you. I came to crash your killer party." Abby eyed Kyle suspiciously.

Noah met up with Mariah, Summer, and Kevin at Kyle's car. Summer didn't want Mariah to open the car trunk. Noah and Kevin told Mariah to open it. Mariah unlocked the trunk and opened it, and the four of them gazed inside.

. . .

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