Wednesday, May 18, 2016
by Mike

At Chancellor Park, Dylan met with Nikki, who was babysitting Sully. Nikki let Dylan know that she was grateful to him and Sharon for allowing her to spend time with Sully because he seemed to have a way of always making her feel better. Nikki confided in Dylan about her recent urges to drink, but when he tried to blame Victor, she insisted that she didn't want to keep using him as an excuse.

Dylan agreed that Nikki needed to take ownership of her sobriety. Dylan argued, however, that Nikki also needed to make changes in her life for her own good, including distancing herself from the things that were dragging her down. "I know that you have fought like hell to save your marriage, but there comes a point when you have to admit that you're in a toxic relationship, and it's probably not gonna change," Dylan advised. Dylan knew it would be tough for Nikki to walk away from Victor, but he was confident that she could because she was one of the strongest people he had ever met.

At the Athletic Club, Lauren greeted Michael with a kiss and excitedly announced that she had just finished looking into ways that he could appeal to have his law license reinstated. Michael appreciated Lauren's efforts but admitted that he already knew everything there was to know about the process. "Then why haven't you done anything about it?" Lauren asked incredulously.

Pointing out that there was more to life than being a lawyer, Michael suggested that he might want to take his suspension as an opportunity to do something else with his life -- or nothing at all. Lauren scoffed at the idea of Michael going into early retirement, but he argued that they already had plenty of money and could use the free time as a chance to travel while they were both still young enough to enjoy doing so. Lauren pointed out that she would still be quite busy with Fenmore's either way, but Michael countered that she had a brilliant management team in place that could handle things without her help once in a while.

Lauren started to protest that she wasn't ready to slow down yet, but she quickly stopped herself, remembering that the conversation was supposed to be about Michael, not her. Maintaining that she wasn't buying Michael's claim that he wanted to retire, Lauren demanded to know what was really going on. Michael explained that he had missed out on a lot with Lauren while running his own practice, and he wanted to use his suspension as a chance to make things up to her. Lauren argued that her schedule had always been just as intense. Lauren added that while she loved spending time with Michael, his happiness was just as important to her.

"I'm happiest when I'm spending time with you," Michael stressed. Lauren knew Michael meant that, but she also knew he loved practicing law. "[It's] in your DNA, [so] please, do us both a favor and go get reinstated. And not just for you -- do it for me; do it for us," Lauren advised with a bit of playful flirtation. Chuckling, Michael conceded that he couldn't possibly refuse Lauren's request.

Later, Nikki approached and asked Michael for some legal advice. "I want a divorce," Nikki explained. After hearing Nikki's reasons, Michael promised to do everything he could possibly do to help her.

At the prison, Victor received a visit from Adam, who bragged about foiling Victor's plan to secure an early release and vowed that he would also ruin any future plans Victor managed to concoct. Victor guessed that Adam was worried about what the consequences of his latest betrayal might be, but Adam insisted that he wasn't worried at all because he knew Victor would be forced to serve every second of his ten-year sentence -- if he even lived that long. "You may very well die alone in here, Dad, [and] you can blame yourself for that one," Adam continued.

After warning that Adam would live to regret what he had done, Victor summoned a guard to escort Adam out of the visitation room. Once he was alone, Victor stuffed his right hand in his pocket then slammed his body against the doorframe. Later, a guard offered to take Victor to the infirmary so Dr. Gates could tend to his injured hand, but he insisted he didn't need medical attention at that time. Victor soon began thinking about how he had confronted his father years earlier, with Nick at his side, and had washed his hands of the man after noting that being abandoned as a child had made him realize that wealth and power meant nothing without family.

Nick went to Adam and Chelsea's penthouse in search of Adam, but when he realized that Adam wasn't home at that time, he decided to confront Chelsea instead, demanding to know what Sage had said to Adam in the letter she had left for him. Chelsea claimed that she didn't know. Nick found that hard to believe, but Chelsea stuck to her story and quickly changed the subject, wondering why he was upset.

Nick explained that he had just finished reading Sage's journal in the hope that doing so would make him feel closer to her. Nick continued that Adam had been featured in parts of the journal. "What he did... Adam's capable of a lot of things, but this is unforgivable," Nick insisted. Chelsea tried to get Nick to elaborate, but he stormed off after warning that he was going to make Adam pay.

When Adam returned home later that day, he immediately launched into a rant about Victor, admitting that visiting him had been a mistake. Chelsea quickly interrupted, stressing that although she was sorry to hear that Adam's visit with Victor hadn't gone well, she was afraid they might have a bigger problem on their hands. Warning that Nick had likely learned the truth about Christian's paternity, Chelsea fretted that Victor would find a way to make the situation even worse. Adam dismissed Chelsea's concern, reasoning that Nick had to be upset about something else because Sage wouldn't have disclosed that particular piece of information in her journal.

At Sharon and Dylan's house, Mariah demanded to know why Sharon was scared about the possibility of Nick reading Sage's journal. Sharon tried to deflect, but Mariah refused to drop the matter, fearing that Sharon might suffer another breakdown if she didn't confide in someone soon. Sharon stressed that she had been searching for a new psychiatrist but hadn't managed to find one yet.

"Then that leaves me or Dylan," Mariah reasoned. Sharon insisted that she couldn't talk to Dylan about the matter because it involved Sully. "He's not our baby," Sharon hesitantly admitted. Mariah was stunned to learn that Sully was really Christian and that Sharon had decided to let that secret die with Sage instead of telling Nick the truth. Sharon reasoned that the revelation would have destroyed Dylan. Arguing that she was just as much a victim in the situation as Nick, Sharon continued that she couldn't just hand her child back to him because she was the only mother the boy had ever known.

"Nick's child. He is that baby's real father," Mariah stressed. Suddenly realizing why Sharon had really been pushing for Nick to spend time with Sully lately, Mariah wondered how Sharon could live with herself, knowing that Nick was suffering over the loss of a child that she was actually raising as her own. Sharon tearfully acknowledged that she would soon have to suffer the consequences of her deceit because Nick had probably already learned the truth. Mariah advised Sharon to find Dylan and admit the truth to him right away, reasoning that he would be more upset if he heard the news from Nick instead.

Sharon tracked Dylan and Sully down in Chancellor Park, but before she could reveal the truth, Nick approached and announced that he had just read some shocking information in Sage's journal. Sharon tried to stop Nick, but he forged ahead, insisting that Sage wouldn't have lied about such a thing. As Sharon braced herself for the worst, Nick continued that Dylan needed to arrest Adam -- for murder.

. . .

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