Wednesday, June 29, 2016
by Mike

At Crimson Lights, Michael caught Kevin watching the prison's surveillance footage of Victor's meetings with the mystery woman. Intrigued, Michael stared intently at Kevin's laptop monitor while stressing that he didn't want to know how Kevin had managed to obtain the footage. Kevin explained that Victoria had hired him to figure out if Victor, with the help of an outside source, had caused Newman Enterprises' recent oil crises, but Michael was more interested in the possibility that the same outside source could have helped Victor frame Adam.

At the prison, Ian received a visit from Chelsea, who was there on Adam's behalf because Adam had been placed under house arrest. Chelsea outlined an escape plan for Ian in great detail to ensure that he would keep his promise to testify during Adam's trial, which was scheduled to begin the following day. Ian was skeptical at first, guessing that the escape plan was a con, but Chelsea eventually managed to convince him that she was telling the truth. Ian stressed, however, that if he was going to help Adam and Chelsea, they were going to have to get him a better suit to wear in court so Victor wouldn't upstage him in the fashion department.

When Chelsea returned home later that day, she assured Adam that Ian had bought their phony escape plan. Adam was pleased to hear that but excitedly revealed that Ian's testimony might not be needed, after all. "There's a woman that's been visiting Victor -- a lot, actually. We don't know who she is, but Michael and I, we think she might be the key," Adam explained. Chelsea was eager to start looking for the woman right away, but Adam assured her that Dylan was already on the case.

At Newman Enterprises, Nick tried to convince Victoria that Billy had caused the oil crises, but she remained certain that someone else was responsible, arguing that Billy would never do anything to deliberately hurt her. Nick reminded Victoria that Billy had hurt her many times in the past, but she maintained that it had never been Billy's goal to do so. "Oh. So what was his goal when he stole Brash & Sassy from you?" Nick wondered.

Victoria relayed Billy's claim that he had simply been trying to help prevent the company from falling into the wrong hands, prompting Nick to complain that she needed to start being more skeptical of Billy's claims. "Why can't you get over him?" Nick wondered. Insisting that she was over Billy, Victoria explained that she was just looking at the situation pragmatically. "I know Billy," Victoria stressed.

"Exactly. Which is why you jumped on him immediately [as a suspect]," Nick countered. Victoria reminded Nick that she had considered several other candidates first and had only zeroed in on Billy as the saboteur once information had surfaced about his meeting with Natalie. "[That] raised some red flags, okay? But then, once we talked --" Victoria started to add.

"You mean after he pleaded his case [and] probably played on all of your history together," Nick guessed, knowing that Billy could be quite persuasive at times. Maintaining that Billy was innocent, Victoria stressed that she and Nick needed to stop arguing about the matter and instead focus on finding the real culprit. Nick reluctantly conceded the point and agreed to trust Victoria's instincts.

Later, after Victoria left, Nick received a visit from Kevin, who shared Michael's theory that Victor's mystery visitor was the person who had framed Adam for Constance's murder. "I'm sure [Adam's] gonna take [that theory] and run with it -- paint himself out to be the sad Newman outcast -- [but] the crazy thing is that Dad doesn't want to punish Adam; it's the rest of us he has his sights on. Dad loves Adam. Think about how many times he tried to bring [Adam] into the company. He sees himself in [Adam]. There is no way Dad is trying to frame Adam for murder," Nick insisted.

"That's where you're wrong," Michael said as he joined Nick and Kevin. Michael tried to convince Nick to team up with Adam to expose Victor's machinations, but Nick was reluctant to do so. "Look, you're facing a common enemy -- a formidable one, at that. If you really want to stop Victor, it makes sense for you to band together," Kevin reasoned when Michael asked him to help sell the plan to Nick, who silently considered the idea but still seemed less than enthusiastic about it.

Billy went to Travis' bar in an effort to find out more about the new man in Victoria's life. Billy complained that things had been fine between him and Victoria until Travis had entered the picture, but Travis pointed out that he hadn't even met Victoria until after her relationship with Billy had ended. "Things not going well with your new girlfriend or something? Is that what's pissing you off this morning?" Travis guessed.

Billy angrily slammed Travis up against the bar, but Travis refused to fight him. "I'm gonna give you the bottom line: a woman walked into my bar. We talked; we danced. And what happens between us is just that: between us," Travis stressed. Billy warned that he would always protect Victoria because she was the mother of his children. "If you think that you can take advantage of her, you'd better think again," Billy added.

Travis insisted that he wasn't responsible for Newman Enterprises' oil crises. Victoria arrived and lingered in the doorway of the bar as Travis added that Billy's anger had nothing to do with what was happening at Newman Enterprises, anyway. "Victoria's on the verge of having something real again, and you can't handle it," Travis guessed.

Billy maintained that Travis was conning Victoria, believing that it couldn't be a coincidence that Travis had stepped into Victoria's life just as things had started to go south for Newman Enterprises. Travis clarified that Victoria had stepped into his life. "And why don't you listen to yourself? You can move on, but she can't?" Travis added, prompting Billy to clarify that Victoria was allowed to move on -- just not with Travis.

Having heard enough, Victoria intervened and demanded to know what Billy was doing at the bar. "You're not gonna bring a random, unknown guy into our kids' lives, and I'm not gonna just stand back and watch it happen," Billy insisted. Victoria shot down Billy's argument, guessing that he knew very little about Bethany other than her bra size, and she added that the mere suggestion that she would ever put their kids' lives in danger was outrageous and insulting. Victoria told Billy to leave, and he reluctantly complied.

"That was fun," Travis joked after Billy left. Chuckling, Victoria apologized for Billy's behavior and stressed that she didn't share his belief that Travis was using her. "[But] I know why he got in your face the way that he did: because he can't stand that I'm falling in love again," Victoria admitted.

At the Abbott cabin, Jack surprised Phyllis with a gift of lingerie, calling it a birthday present for him and her. "I cannot wait to see it on you. More importantly, I can't wait to take it off of you," Jack told Phyllis as he kissed her neck. Phyllis tried to stall, suggesting that she and Jack could take a walk first, but he wasn't interested in doing that, so she claimed that she was hungry. Without missing a beat, Jack went to the kitchen to get some strawberries he had ordered earlier, prompting Phyllis to recall how she had recently shared the same snack with Billy.

Later, Phyllis stumbled a bit while dancing with Jack, having downed quite a bit of Champagne during the earlier meal, which she had barely eaten. Jack led Phyllis over to the couch as she drunkenly told him that he was a great person. "Compared to whom? Victor?" Jack jokingly guessed. "No. Compared to me," Phyllis clarified, prompting Jack to wonder what that was supposed to mean. "It's your birthday today, and we were supposed to celebrate, and I can't even stand up," Phyllis mumbled as she stretched out on the couch. Jack started to assure Phyllis that he understood, but he soon realized that she had fallen asleep.

After Jack draped a blanket over Phyllis' body and left her alone in the living room, she opened her eyes and breathed a sigh of relief.

. . .

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