Wednesday, November 26, 2014

From her hospital bed, Victoria cradled her infant daughter as she called Johnny, who was at Billy and Chelsea's, to wish her son a happy Thanksgiving. Billy took the phone from Johnny. Victoria told Billy that she would call him as soon as she received the results of the DNA test taken to determine her newborn's paternity. Chelsea, sitting with Connor, looked on warily, appearing to infer the topic of Billy and Victoria's brief conversation.

Chelsea joined a pensive Billy. She told him that she knew that he had a lot on his mind, and he didn't need to pretend that everything was fine. Billy insisted that he really wanted to celebrate the holiday with Chelsea. He showed her a picture that Connor had drawn the Thanksgiving before Adam had been presumed killed. Billy said that he wanted to start some new holiday traditions with Chelsea and Connor. Chelsea smiled and told Billy to "break out the finger paints."

Abby stopped by to visit Victoria and the baby. She told Victoria what a shame it was that Victoria couldn't spend the holiday with Billy. Abby was not happy to learn that Billy was spending the day with Chelsea. Victoria became angry when Abby hoped that Stitch would be "smart enough to stay away." Victoria admonished Abby to stop maligning Stitch.

After Victoria explained to Abby that Stitch wasn't a murderer, Abby regretted treating him so horribly and wondered if Victoria had decided that Stitch was the man she wanted to be with. Victoria said that she hadn't asked Abby over to discuss Victoria's love life -- rather, she needed Abby to help her with something.

At the Newman ranch, Nikki stared longingly at a bottle of Champagne chilling in an ice bucket sitting on the beautifully set Thanksgiving buffet table. Any thoughts of taking a drink were interrupted when Victor walked in. The Newmans discussed how much they loved the holiday, although they regretted that many members of the family wouldn't be joining them for dinner. Sad thoughts quickly evaporated when an excited Faith ran in -- Victor and Nikki were thrilled to see their granddaughter. They were less thrilled when Sharon, who had taken Faith there, entered.

Victor told Sharon that he hoped she understood if they didn't ask her to stay. Sharon said she had her own plans but didn't want Faith's holiday to be ruined because of "things we didn't anticipate." Nikki thanked Sharon then quickly said goodbye. Sharon asked Nikki to walk her out. At the front door, Sharon informed Nikki that Faith wasn't aware of Nick and Sharon's breakup and asked Nikki to make sure that nothing was said about the acrimonious split in front of the little girl. As Sharon continued to speak, Nikki closed the door in her face.

Later, Paul and Christine arrived. Paul thanked Victor for inviting them, but Victor pointedly told him that it was important -- to Nikki -- that Paul and Christine spend the holiday at the ranch. After Victor walked away, Paul chuckled when Christine sarcastically said, "That went well." Paul thanked Christine for accompanying him to the Newmans'. Christine told Paul that she knew it was important for Paul to spend Thanksgiving with Dylan, who was on the other side of the room, playing with Faith.

Nikki offered Paul and Christine some wine. Christine declined, telling Nikki that she and Paul were trying to have a baby. Nikki feigned happiness, but as she left to get Christine sparkling water, her smile turned into a frown, and she stared at the glass of wine she held in her hand.

Avery arrived at the Newmans' and almost immediately received a text message from Joe wishing her a happy Thanksgiving. She joined Faith and Dylan -- it was obvious that the little girl still loathed Avery. After Faith ran off, Avery told Dylan that the tension was fitting -- after all, Thanksgiving was all about awkward family gatherings.

Nikki told Victor that she wanted to make a toast. Victor got the group's attention as Nikki said there weren't words to express how much it meant to have all of the guests there. She reminded them that it had been exactly one year since she had announced that Dylan was her son, and what an amazing journey getting to know Dylan had been. Dylan agreed, telling Nikki that he felt closer to her than he had ever thought possible.

Dylan turned his attention to Paul, telling his father that they had traveled down a rough road -- but Dylan was proud to call Paul and Nikki his parents. He wished the group a happy Thanksgiving as they all clinked glasses.

The group was thrilled when Abby, Victoria, and the new baby showed up. Victor and Nikki were overjoyed when Victoria asked if she could spend the night at the ranch. As Victor, Nikki, and their guests fussed over the infant. Victoria said that she had an announcement to make -- she was naming the baby Katie, short for Katherine. Nikki cried tears of joy as they all discussed what a wonderful, fearless, strong woman Katherine Chancellor had been.

Ashley was toiling away in the Jabot lab when Stitch showed up. Stitch was surprised to see her working on a holiday, but she told him she was just wrapping things up before getting together with Traci. Ashley asked him if he would like a few days off so he could spend time with Maureen, who Ashley assumed was still in the hospital, recuperating from heart surgery. Ashley was shocked to hear that Maureen had skipped town shortly after her heart attack.

Ashley asked Stitch about Kelly -- then slipped up, inadvertently telling Stitch that it had to have been rough on Kelly to learn that Jack was engaged to Phyllis. Stitch's eyes widened as he heard the news for the first time. He realized that the news of the engagement was the reason Kelly had been so preoccupied when he "laid news on her that he had been lying to everyone most of his life."

Ashley realized that what she had suspected was true. Stitch hadn't murdered his father -- he had been covering for Maureen. She thought that was admirable and that people would see Stitch for the man he really was -- a person who sacrificed so much for his mother. Stitch focused on the negative -- his life, as well as Maureen's, was in shambles. He had falsified his identity, "screwing up" his military record and jeopardizing his medical license. When Ashley told him that he had her support, he said all he cared about was that the truth would "mean the world to Victoria."

Stitch thought Ashley was hoping that Billy had fathered Victoria's baby. Ashley didn't want to discuss her feelings -- she reminded Stitch that they were close to a breakthrough on their new fragrance and suggested they spend the rest of the day trying to make that happen.

After working for a while, Ashley realized that she and Stitch were no closer to a breakthrough, and she needed to leave to meet Traci. Ashley tried to cajole Stitch into joining her and Traci for dinner, but he said he would rather spend the evening working in the lab. Before Ashley left, she told Stitch that she hoped he considered her more than his boss -- she wanted him to know that she was his friend.

Joyful chaos was the order of the day at Neil and Hilary's as Matty and Charlie ran around the living room. Cane took the kids into the kitchen, leaving Neil and Hilary on the couch as Devon looked on. Hilary left the room to refill Neil's drink just as Lily walked in from the kitchen, staring worriedly at her father. The doorbell rang -- it was Jill and Colin -- Neil had invited them for Thanksgiving dinner. Matty and Charlie were excited to see Jill and walked her into the kitchen so she could wish Cane a happy holiday. In the living room, Colin told Devon that it was good to see him. Devon replied, "It's good to see Jill." Hilary returned with Neil's drink -- she exchanged worried glances with Devon when she saw Colin.

Later, Hilary invited Colin to the kitchen to help her prepare drinks. Devon looked on worriedly as they left the living room. In the kitchen, Hilary told Colin to leave her and Devon alone. She warned him that he was not the only one who knew how to "screw" with people's lives. As Jill looked on suspiciously, Colin told Hilary that they should focus on the family holiday.

Alone on Neil and Hilary's patio, Jill asked Colin if there was something going on between him and Hilary, adding that it appeared as if Hilary wasn't particularly fond of Colin. Colin lied and said that he had questioned why a beautiful woman like Hilary had married Neil. Jill said that she wondered the same thing but for a different reason -- Neil was a man of integrity, but Jill didn't trust Hilary.

Inside, Hilary whispered to Devon, saying that she didn't trust Colin. Neil wondered when the family was going to meet Devon's "special lady," and asked Devon if "she" could be "the one." Devon deflected the question.

Lily told Devon and Hilary that she was concerned about Neil -- she thought he had been acting "different." Devon said he hadn't noticed anything wrong, but Lily said that he seemed to be putting on a brave face for them. She wondered if Neil's blindness was really beginning to bother him -- he had originally thought he would quickly regain his sight. Worried that Neil might be tempted to start drinking again, she asked Hilary and Devon to be there for Neil and do everything in their power to help him.

Dinner was finally served. Before eating, Neil told everyone at the table how grateful he was to have them in his life before he said grace.

At the Abbott mansion, Jack left Kelly a voicemail apologizing for how she had learned about his engagement to Phyllis -- he begged Kelly to call him. Phyllis overheard Jack leaving the message and when he hung up, she quipped, "I see you found your phone." Jack didn't seem to pick up on the subtext when Phyllis referred to his phone as "sneaky."

Phyllis told Jack that Mrs. Martinez had prepared them a lovely Thanksgiving dinner -- all they had to do was heat it up. They joked about Phyllis' poor culinary skills. Phyllis said she was glad they had left the cooking to the expert, as she wanted to spend a quiet holiday alone with Jack. Jack presented an excited Phyllis with a gift box, but when she opened it she said, "What in the hell is this?"

She pulled a wishbone out of the box. Jack explained that the previous Thanksgiving, he and Summer had visited the comatose Phyllis in Georgia. When they'd realized that nothing they could do would rouse her, they'd returned to Genoa City and joined the rest of the Abbott family for Thanksgiving dinner. After dinner, Jack and Summer had held the wishbone and made the same wish -- that Phyllis would recover. Jack had glued the wishbone back together, thinking it might eventually have some significance. Phyllis told Jack that the wishbone meant more to her than any piece of jewelry would have.

Phyllis commended Jack for not giving up on her but asked about the woman Jack had dated while she had been comatose. Jack assured Phyllis that she had nothing to worry about -- his relationship with that woman was over.

Sharon went to the Underground at Noah's request. She walked in and saw Noah and Mariah behind the bar. Noah said that he hadn't completely forgiven Sharon for what she had done, but she was still his mother, and he didn't want her to spend Thanksgiving alone. Sharon's eyes welled up with tears.

Noah, Mariah, and Sharon sat in a booth and devoured club sandwiches. Noah apologized for the cuisine, but Sharon said that it was the best Thanksgiving she had ever celebrated. Mariah told Noah and Sharon about her past Thanksgivings -- members of the Path had gathered and discussed how thankful they were to have Ian in their lives as well as what areas of their lives needed improvement.

Noah asked Mariah how she could improve her life. She admitted to being a bit self-centered and impatient. Mariah asked Noah the same question, and the three of them had a good laugh when Noah joked that he had nothing to work on -- he was perfect. When Mariah and Noah posed the question to Sharon, she rolled her eyes and said it would take the entire night for her to list aspects of her life that could use improving. Noah comforted his mother, giving her a kiss on the forehead.

After finishing their sandwiches, Mariah and Noah began guzzling whipped cream right out of the can. Sharon seemed a bit down. She told them that she really enjoyed spending time with them, but they needed to prepare for what was going to begin to happen the following day. Noah wondered if Nick was still planning on trying to win full custody of Faith. Mariah was shocked to hear that. Sharon said she wasn't going to allow Nick to take Faith away from her.

In the woods outside a hunter's cabin, Nick writhed in pain as he unsuccessfully attempted to free his leg from a bear trap. He began screaming for help, and the dog appeared. Nick asked the dog to get its owner. Nick appeared to pass out from the pain as the dog lay down next to him.

Nick regained consciousness, and the dog took off. He passed out again.

Stitch was still at work in the Jabot lab when his phone rang. He answered, "Hello? Yes, this is him." Billy received a call seconds later, answering, "Hey, doc, you have some news?" At the ranch, Victoria received a similar call. She told her parents and the guests that the DNA results would be available the following morning -- they would finally know who Katie's father was.

. . .

On the next The Young and the Restless...
  • Unseen by Avery, Joe watches her as she removes her blouse.
  • At Genoa City Memorial, Victoria, holding Katie, asks a doctor if the folder he is holding contains the results of the paternity test. He tells her that it does.
  • At the tack house, Sharon tells Summer she needs to see Nick. Summer tells Sharon to leave Nick alone. In the woods, the dog leads Sage to the unconscious Nick.
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