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Victor and Billy join forces
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Wednesday, August 16, 2017
by Nel

At Jabot, Jack told Dina he was impressed with how Dina had handled her first day. Dina was grateful for her a new project. Jack said it had been Ashley's suggestion to use Dina's expertise. Jack found it remarkable that Dina and Ashley were able to get along. Dina felt the same way, but Dina felt that she might have pushed Ashley away. Jack explained that Ashley had taken some time off to relax at the cabin.

Jack noted that the previous evening, Dina had referred to the fond memories she had of the cabin. Jack said it had all been bunk. He knew Dina had hated the place, and she'd referred to it as a rustic hell. Dina agreed and said she'd gone because John had been crazy about the place. Jack recalled that Dina had preferred to spend most of her days at the country club back then, and she'd also preferred her recreation on dry land.

Dina explained that she'd known that the cabin had been important to John. Jack added that the cabin had been important to all of them. It had been a good place to have fun and get away from the sadness at home. Dina claimed that she'd tried to enjoy the cabin, especially in the first years. Jack remembered that they would pack up the station wagon, and when John had arrived at home, they'd drive to the cabin and get there as it got dark. Dina knew all those trips had given Jack a lot of joy.

Jack said that the summer after Dina had left, John had made excuses for Dina and told them that she'd been either visiting friends in New York or playing at a tennis tournament at the club. Dina admitted she'd forced John to make excuses for her. Jack said John had barely left the cabin and hadn't wanted them to know the pain he was in. Jack said the girls had been too young to notice, but Jack had felt the weight that had been pressing down on John.

Jack stated it was the first time that he and Dina had talked about John since she'd been back. Dina said they hadn't had an opportunity to sit and reminisce. Jack added they hadn't without Graham lurking over Dina. Dina felt that Graham's role in her life was confusing to Jack. Jack said it wasn't because he and Ashley knew about the handsome reward awaiting Graham after Dina's demise. Dina stated that Graham deserved it. Jack respected her decision.

Dina was delighted that Jack had respected her enough to give her a major project. Jack said he'd have been foolish not to utilize her skills and expertise. Jack said he had to review the due diligence report that Dina had provided. As Dina was about to leave, Gloria walked in. Dina gave Gloria a list of things she'd require in the morning and left. Gloria laughed at the items: almond milk, lumbar support, and scented candles -- lavender and sandalwood.

After Dina had gone, Jack said that Dina had handed in her assignment, and it was very thorough and decisive. However, it appeared Dina had been careless with her numbers. Gloria went to her desk and called Graham. She told him there had been issues with Dina's calculations. Graham thanked her and said he owed her.

Gloria returned to Jack's office. Jack said that he'd recalculated everything that had appeared wonky, and it could've happened to anyone. He asked Gloria not to say anything because he didn't want to embarrass Dina.

Ashley was at the cabin and recalled a time when she'd been a teenager. In her memory, she asked her father why he was sad. John said that he missed her mother. Ashley asked if Dina was returning home. John told Ashley that Dina lived overseas. Ashley told John not to worry and that everything would be okay -- she'd take care of him.

Ravi walked in and discovered Ashley in tears. Ashley told him that she'd been thinking about her dad. Ashley was surprised to see the mushrooms that Ravi had picked, and he said he had a surprise for her.

Ashley told Ravi that she was happy at the cabin. Ravi had the impression that Dina hadn't felt the same way. Ashley admitted that Dina had hated the cabin. Ashley and Tracy had become aware of Dina's unhappiness, and so had John. After Dina had left them, John had barely left the cabin. He'd sat in a chair with a huge stack of books. Ashley had wondered if John or any of them would ever be the same.

Ravi wanted to leave because he felt that Ashley should not be around so much negativity. Ashley said it felt good talking about it. A short time later, Ravi surprised Ashley with a risotto he'd made. Ashley said that Ravi had pushed the flavor over the top by adding the mushrooms he'd picked. Ashley couldn't recall when she'd had so much fun. Ravi enjoyed seeing Ashley so relaxed. She admitted that she had to slow down and enjoy her surroundings. They kissed then things became heated, and they started undressing each other.

At Sharon's, Mariah asked Tessa how long it had been since she'd seen Crystal. Tessa admitted it had been a long time, but they had talked on the phone. Tessa said they'd planned to be together as soon as Tessa had put enough money away. Crystal had been living in an abusive home, but she'd run away. Tessa cried because she didn't know where Crystal was.

Tessa told Mariah that Crystal had called her just before Tessa had arrived at the recording studio and had said she needed help. It had sounded like someone had grabbed the phone from Crystal and hung up. Mariah realized that had been the reason why Tessa hadn't been able to focus at the recording studio. Tessa said later she'd become even more upset when she'd heard how Sharon had been trying to help a girl named Crystal get out of prostitution.

Tessa knew that Crystal was terrified and desperate. Tessa couldn't imagine what those "sick bastards" had done to Crystal. Tessa's priority had been to protect her sister, but she'd failed. Tessa had assured Crystal that when Crystal was ready to leave the abusive home, Tessa would be there for her, but she hadn't been. She knew something awful had happened to Crystal.

Mariah assured Tessa that she wasn't to blame. All the good things that had happened to Tessa had been because of her drive, ambition, and talent, and she'd been doing it for Crystal. Tessa asked Mariah not to tell Noah or Sharon. Mariah agreed she wouldn't -- for the moment. Tessa felt better after her talk with Mariah.

At the coffeehouse, Scott reminded Sharon that Christine had mentioned that it had to be a small operation, since they advertised in the local paper. Scott decided to answer the ad because it might lead them to Crystal. Scott told Sharon that he would become Crystal's new client. Scott called the number, but it disconnected. His phone rang immediately. He told the caller that he was in town for the night and wanted a hookup. Scott was given directions to the location.

Sharon was worried something would go wrong and suggested she go with Scott and sit in the car. Scott said no because it would attract unwanted attention. He assured Sharon that he'd been in difficult situations before, and this one would be like a day at the office. He kissed Sharon and left.

Victoria met Benjamin Hochman at the Athletic Club and told him she was willing to entertain the idea of Benjamin helping Brash & Sassy on her terms. At that moment, Victoria received a call from Billy asking about the financing. Victoria said she was working on it and hung up.

Victoria told Benjamin that she was willing to let Benjamin help her with Brash & Sassy, but it had to be on her terms. Benjamin provided her with a contract and explained that he'd want a 20% share of her company. Victoria said she only needed a fraction of the money that Benjamin was offering. She advised him that it was a short-term bridge loan, and it would be paid back in three months with interest. Suddenly, Victoria experienced one of her episodes.

At Brash & Sassy, on Billy's end of the phone conversation, he heard Benjamin's voice before Victoria disconnected the call. In anger, Billy threw a stack of papers that landed at Victor's feet. Victor asked if Billy was having a rough day and asked how Billy had screwed up.

Billy informed Victor that Cane had been fired, and the Dare campaign had been scrapped. Everything Victoria was trying to fix was because of what Cane had done. Billy tried to dismiss Victor, but Victor wanted to know what kind of damage Cane had caused. Billy said it was Victoria's company, and Victor should ask her. Victor asked if Billy was aware that Victoria had been so upset that she she'd broken down in front of Abby. Billy said that that didn't sound like Victoria. Victor agreed.

Billy told Victor that they were in dire straits. Victoria had been trying to get a bridge loan to get them through the next quarter, but the bank didn't think they were a good risk at that moment. Victor realized that Victoria had gone to his office to ask for a loan. He thanked Billy for being honest with him. Billy admitted that he cared about the company, but he cared more about Victoria. Victor said he'd loan Victoria the money and would have the papers drawn up.

Scott arrived at the motel. A thug opened the door. Scott paid him. Scott was left alone with a blonde girl who put a condom in his hand and began to undo his tie. Scott said he wanted to talk to her and secretly turned on his recorder. He discovered the girl was Russian and barely spoke English.

In his broken Russian, Scott introduced himself as Jim. She said her name was Natalia. He asked her about Crystal. Natalia said Crystal had been a bad girl. Scott asked if Crystal was in trouble and being punished. Natalia said the woman in charge never hurt them. At that moment, the thug knocked on the door and said that time was up.

Sharon arrived at home and told Tessa and Mariah that Scott was on a mission to find Crystal; she explained his plan. Mariah wondered it Scott would be able to track Crystal down that way. Tessa asked if Scott should have attempted it alone, but Sharon assured her that Scott had been a world traveler and had been put into dicey situations. Scott knew how to handle any given situation. Sharon was certain that Scott would find a way of locating Crystal.

Sharon said that the first thing she had been taught at the crisis center was not to get personally involved -- to remain detached and objective and just offer advice. Mariah asked how that was working for Sharon. Sharon admitted that she was emotionally involved with a girl she'd barely met, but Crystal had gotten to Sharon because Crystal had nowhere to turn. Sharon felt that if Crystal had had family or friends who cared, then Crystal wouldn't have had to call the crisis line.

At that moment, Scott called Sharon. She put Scott on speaker. He told Sharon he'd met a girl named Natalia, who barely spoke English but who knew Crystal. Natalia had told him that Crystal was in trouble because she'd tried to leave. Mariah asked what kind of trouble. Scott said he couldn't get more details, but Crystal was with some nice woman. Sharon asked if someone else had tried to rescue Crystal.

Scott reminded Sharon that Christine felt Crystal had been working with a local pimp who managed a few women. It appeared that one of these women was a recent immigrant, and some nice woman had been taking care of them -- somewhere. Sharon and Scott didn't believe it was a small-time operation. Scott felt that Crystal was involved in something much bigger than they had originally suspected.

Billy and Victor arrived at the Athletic Club before Victoria had had a chance to sign a contract with Benjamin. Victor asked to speak to Victoria privately. Benjamin left. Annoyed, Victoria asked if Billy had called Victor. Victor replied that no one had called him, but he'd been informed that Victoria had stopped by his office. Victor said that he and Billy had put their issues aside because they wanted to help her.

Victor told Victoria he was prepared to loan Victoria the money she needed so she wouldn't have to deal with a shark like Benjamin. Victoria said the reason she'd left Victor's office was because Victor had been spiteful and had kicked Nick out of his home. Victor claimed that Nick had wanted nothing to do with Victor, and Nick had decided to move off the property. Victoria said she knew that Victor had been spiteful when he'd had Nick's things packed up and the lock changed while Nick had been out.

Victor asked if that was the reason she was rejecting his offer to help her financially and would turn to Benjamin Hochman. Victor told Victoria that Benjamin Hochman's specialty was to devour companies like Victoria's. Victoria stated she liked Benjamin's motto.

Billy said that he and Victor were together. Victor said he was willing to help her financially with almost no interest, and he asked her to listen to Billy's advice. Victoria couldn't believe that Billy had gone behind her back and involved Victor in her situation. Billy admitted that dealing with Victor had been his last resort, and it showed how concerned he was for the company and for Victoria.

Victoria told Victor that she didn't mean to sound skeptical, but Victor had stolen her company out from under her before. Victor accused her of being stubborn and ridiculous. Victoria said that Victor was a bigger threat to Brash & Sassy than anyone else, and luckily, she had other options. She left to meet with her investor.

Billy told Victor that Victoria had made a couple of good points that Billy hadn't considered when he'd confided in Victor. It showed what a great CEO Victoria was. Billy mentioned that Victor had screwed over his children on countless occasions. Victor corrected Billy and said that his children had screwed him over.

Victor told Billy that Victoria shouldn't deal with a shark like Hochman, but Billy said he trusted Victoria's instincts, and he supported her decision. Victor told Billy that he shouldn't trust Hochman. Billy admitted that despite his reservations, Victoria was right -- Hochman wouldn't be any worse for the company than Victor.

Victoria was at Benjamin's desk in his suite. He offered her a pen and said that he needed her to sign the contract then they would celebrate. Victoria looked over at the Champagne and commented that it looked good, but since it was a very big decision, and before she signed anything, she needed to sleep on it -- in her own bed. She picked up the contract, thanked him for understanding, and left. Outside Benjamin's door, Victoria glanced at the contract and looked concerned.

In Dina's suite, Graham was delighted that Dina had had an outstanding day at Jabot. Dina said that John would have been proud with what Jack and Ashley had done with his company. Graham wanted to hear what she'd done on her first day. Dina told him it was on her laptop -- the Parker Beauty Project. She told Graham to have a look at it. She said she wanted a hot bath and bade him goodnight.

Alone, Graham opened the computer and glanced at Dina's report. A look of concern crossed his face.

On the next The Young and the Restless...

• Abby tells Nikki that Nick moved out and that Victor gave the place to her.

• Devon is stunned that Neil granted the bridge loan without discussing it with him.

• Victoria orders Hilary to take the footage of her offline immediately.


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