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Wednesday, January 18, 2017
by Nel

At the police station, Paul and Kevin discussed their concern for Dylan. Kevin confirmed that he hadn't heard from Dylan. Kevin couldn't imagine what Paul and Sharon were going through. Paul hoped Sharon hadn't been trying to get information. She knew the meaning of deep cover. Kevin suggested that Paul review the meaning of deep cover with Sharon. Kevin advised Paul that Sharon had been there the previous evening and had asked the same questions. Kevin confirmed that he hadn't provided Sharon with any information because he wouldn't risk the case -- or Dylan's safety.

In Miami, Alex told "Derek" his performance the night before had been impressive. Derek promised he'd impress her again after he met with Fisk. Alex asked him to give her a couple of hours to initiate the next phase. She promised Derek wouldn't be sorry. They kissed, and after she left, he slammed the door. He was agitated. He was overwhelmed with guilt in the aftermath of the previous evening with Alex.

At the police station, Paul received a call from Dylan. He assured Paul that he was fine, and the operation was still a go. Dylan admitted he'd hit a few curves in the road, but he'd ridden through them. Dylan said he was waiting to see Fisk. Paul told Dylan how much he appreciated what Dylan was doing. Dylan said it was his job. Paul reminded him it was just a job and warned him not to endanger himself. Paul said that Dylan sounded like a different person. Dylan admitted he was --- he had to be. He was dealing with people who were pieces of garbage, and he had to be like them. Dylan felt everything would be over later that evening because he would have enough evidence against Fisk.

Dylan told Paul that Christine had called him the night before, but Alex had picked up the call. Dylan asked about Sharon. Paul assured Dylan that Sharon was fine. Dylan asked Paul to tell Sharon that he loved her. Paul assured Dylan that Sharon loved and trusted Dylan and couldn't wait for Dylan to return home. Paul also assured Dylan that if he felt overwhelmed at any point, he could bail. Dylan said that it had to go down and disconnected the call.

Paul told Kevin that Christine had called Dylan the night before and wondered why Kevin hadn't told him. Kevin looked confused. A while later, Paul spoke with Christine, and she said that she hadn't called Dylan. Kevin confessed that he'd left Sharon alone in Paul's office the night before when he'd had to go to the server room. They wondered if Sharon had managed to get hold of the burner phone. Kevin checked it and confirmed that a call had been made on that phone the previous evening. Paul exploded and told Kevin that Kevin and Sharon might have blown Dylan's cover and put his life in danger.

At Jabot, Ashley entered Ravi's office, but he wasn't there. She was impressed with how he'd cleaned it up. Ashley spotted a sticky note attached to Ravi's computer screen, "Lunch with Phyllis TOTT." Ashley became extremely annoyed.

At Top of the Tower, Phyllis told Ravi that he was an artist and asked him to look over Fenmore's virtual data. Ravi returned the compliment and said that what Phyllis had done was cutting edge, and he was impressed. Phyllis admitted that she didn't have the technical knowledge to get the e-stores up and running, and she needed his help. He said he had a job at Jabot and had no intention of leaving. He said that Ashley needed him. Phyllis asked Ravi if Ashley had had him sign an exclusivity contract. He said no. Phyllis advised him that had he signed one, it would have required bumping up his pay.

Ravi told Phyllis that Jack and Ashley had been good to him. Phyllis said that was because Ravi was very good at what he did. Phyllis said that she had no objection to Ravi maintaining his schedule at Jabot and working as a consultant for Fenmore's in his time off. Ravi asked when he would be able to sleep, and Phyllis assured him he could sleep anytime. She told Ravi that Fenmore's could offer him top-notch office space with an ergonomic office chair that flattened into a bed. Phyllis said it sounded like they had a deal. Ravi said Phyllis was hearing things differently than he was because he definitely hadn't heard himself take the deal. Ravi asked if they were in one of those restaurants that spun. Phyllis said no, but if they struck a deal, she'd take him to one.

As Phyllis handed Ravi her business card, Ashley grabbed it and noted that Phyllis' title was Senior Executive Marketing Consultant. Ashley said it was a shame there wasn't enough room left for VP of poaching. Phyllis said she and Ravi were only having lunch to get Ravi out of the Jabot sweatshop. Ashley asked Phyllis if she was going to trash the one company that had given her a job when no one else would. Ashley declared the recruitment session was over. Phyllis asked if that was because Ashley said so and asked if Ashley considered Ravi as Jabot's property. Phyllis wanted to know if Ravi couldn't speak up about his own career.

Phyllis asked Ashley to admit she hadn't offered Ravi a contract. Phyllis pointed out that Jabot was paying Ravi at a lousy rate, and his office space was a joke. Phyllis accused Ashley of having Ravi fix everything that was wrong with her precious app. Ashley pointed out that only a few weeks before, Phyllis had walked away from a job she had pretended to love so that the man Phyllis claimed to love could move on with his life. Ashley called it uncharacteristically selfless of Phyllis.

Phyllis told Ashley to leave Jack out of it, but Ashley refused and advised Phyllis that Jack hadn't fallen for it. Ashley and Jack knew Phyllis had left so she could support a friend who was in a weak position by claiming to help save her company from going under. Ravi sat and cringed as Phyllis and Ashley's confrontation heated up.

Phyllis told Ravi that that was the point that Ashley ran to share everything with Jack because Ashley was obsessed with running Jack's life, which was easier than getting a life of her own. Ashley countered that Phyllis was consumed with jealousy because she wasn't capable of having a real relationship with anybody. Ashley said Phyllis poisoned every single relationship. Ashley told Ravi it was his life, and she was leaving him to it. Ashley left. Ravi said he needed to leave. Phyllis said Ravi knew where to find her. Ravi guzzled the rest of his wine and left.

In the Athletic Club dining room, Gloria greeted Lauren and Michael and told them she'd been doing yoga since Michael had evicted her from his home. She hoped they were enjoying a new spiritual balance since Lauren had finally told Michael the truth about Fenmore's. Michael told Gloria that Fenmore's was none of her business. After stating that she was guilty of caring too much about the way her sons were treated, Gloria left.

Lauren told Michael that Gloria was right. Lauren had kept the truth from Michael. Michael told Lauren to stop and that he was over it. He said they were in it together. Michael told Lauren that they would be meeting his friend Craig shortly. Lauren was flabbergasted and asked if that was how they worked together. Michael said that shortly, they might be referring to Craig as the magical man who would help them get Fenmore's out of trouble. Lauren didn't appear happy.

Craig arrived and agreed to be a true silent partner. He agreed to allow Lauren to have complete autonomy. He admitted he didn't know anything about fashion and didn't like shopping. She was ready to make a deal on the spot. Craig said he would put her in touch with his guy at his bank, and he'd get his team on it. Lauren and Michael thanked him, and they went to the bar. Lauren apologized to Michael then thanked him.

Later, at the Athletic Club, Gloria saw Craig and tried to sneak out, hoping he wouldn't see her, but Craig spotted her and called her over to his table. Craig told her he'd had a great chat with Michael and Lauren and that he'd be seeing more of everyone because he was considering investing in Fenmore's. Michael saw Gloria talking to Craig and asked what she was doing. Gloria admitted that she and Craig were exchanging telephone numbers. Craig told Gloria that he'd be in touch and left. Michael took Gloria's phone and pointed out that Gloria had never liked Craig, and he deleted Craig's number to make sure she didn't jeopardize Lauren's deal.

Lauren met Phyllis at Top of the Tower, and Phyllis said that Lauren would love Ravi. Phyllis said Ravi had smarts off the chart, was fluent in all of the emerging app technologies, and was cutting edge. She further stated that Ravi was sweet and humble, but he wasn't very good with alcohol or women. Phyllis said that just as Ravi had been about to agree to be their technical consultant, Ashley had blazed in on a full freak out. Phyllis had been mortified for Ravi. Ashley had practically dragged Ravi out by his ear. Phyllis said that Ashley was angry with Phyllis. Phyllis knew Ashley despised her because of Jack, Billy, Victor, and probably twenty other reasons.

Lauren thanked Phyllis for trying to enlist Ravi into Fenmore's tiny army. Phyllis said she loved being part of that army, and they would fight to the end. Lauren said they might not have to fight and told Phyllis about Craig. Phyllis asked if Lauren had made the deal. Phyllis thought miracles were suspicious, but Lauren admitted that they had no other option. Phyllis advised Lauren to make the deal.

At the penthouse, Hilary walked downstairs and found Devon sitting in the living room. He said everything had become clear to him when he'd woken up. He knew who he was, who Hilary was, and who they were together. Hilary was afraid Devon would grow anxious and advised him to relax. Devon confirmed he was relaxed, and he'd made a decision. It involved her, and they would do it together, but she'd have to do most of the heavy lifting.

Devon couldn't believe it had taken an accident for him to see things clearer, and he wanted each day to count -- and not in an abstract way. Every blessing he'd received had to be magnified. Hilary said she was behind him all the way to help him pay it forward. Devon told Hilary it was time they had a baby. Hillary looked stunned.

Later, Stitch stopped by the penthouse to check on Devon. Devon asked how soon he and Hilary could try to get pregnant. Stitch laughed and told Devon to keep the sex simple and added that the endorphins could speed up his healing. Stitch asked if Devon and Hilary had baby fever. Devon said that Hilary was more excited about a baby than he was.

At GC Buzz, Mariah was on the phone, taking a phony tip, when Hilary arrived. Mariah asked how Hilary and Devon were. Hilary said they were both fine, but she had something to say to Mariah. Mariah said she knew what Hilary had to say, and she decided to leave before Hilary fired her again with no references. Hilary said she wasn't going to fire Mariah but wanted to thank her for what she'd done. Mariah had been worried about Devon, yet she'd kept it together. Hilary was very impressed with how Mariah had gone on air and reported Devon's accident. It had been very professional, and what Mariah had said had been perfect.

Mariah was surprised that Hilary wasn't blaming her for Devon's accident. Hilary said that hadn't been fair on her part, and it had been a knee-jerk reaction to the things Hilary had done. Hilary said that neither one of them had made Devon crash the car. Mariah asked if Hilary and Devon had talked things out about the night of the accident. Hilary said they had, and they didn't need to mention it again.

Hilary assured Mariah that she and Devon had put things behind them. Hilary announced that they were about to start a family. Hilary wanted them to move forward -- if Mariah still wanted to work there. Hilary also told Mariah to stop calling it their show because it was Hilary's show, and she didn't want to confuse anyone. Hilary walked away.

Hilary was at her computer and thanked Mariah for putting together a list of the pitches for the new show and Mariah's first batch of ideas. Mariah was happy that Hilary liked them. Hilary said she hadn't said she liked them. Hilary liked the fonts and the layouts, but she wanted Mariah to put together thirty brand-new pitches that were fabulous, thrilling, and incredible. Hilary left for hair and makeup.

Mariah was frustrated when Devon arrived. Mariah was delighted to see him. Devon thanked Mariah for everything she'd done while he had been recovering. Mariah advised him that she and Hilary had talked, and they would move forward. Mariah told Devon there had been something bothering her, and she wanted to apologize for any part she might have played in what had happened on the night of Devon's accident. Devon looked puzzled.

At Jabot, Ashley entered Ravi's office with an empty box. She said it was obvious that Ravi was no longer happy at Jabot and told him to pack up his things. She said she'd help him pack to make sure he didn't steal any company secrets. Ravi advised Ashley that there had been a great misunderstanding. He had no intention of leaving Jabot.

Ravi asked Ashley to hear him out. Ashley yelled and asked what there was to hear. She accused him of meeting with a disgruntled ex-employee about doing the same job he was doing but at a different company. Ravi advised Ashley that he hadn't known Phyllis' agenda. Ashley said she felt betrayed.

Ravi assured Ashley that he wouldn't have agreed to have lunch with Phyllis if he'd thought it would affect his position at Jabot and Ashley's opinion of him. Ravi said that Ashley's opinion of him was the only thing that mattered more to him than his job. Ashley told him it had been a rough afternoon and suggested that Ravi unpack and take the afternoon off. They would work on Jabot Go the next day, and she felt it would be better for both of them. Ravi said he couldn't accept any time off until Ashley forgave him.

Dylan was in his motel room and looked into the mirror at his reflection. He remembered Paul's words that Sharon wanted Dylan home and that she loved and trusted him. He asked his reflection "who the hell" he was.

Alex returned, and she and "Derek" left to meet Fisk. They arrived at a warehouse. Alex opened a door, and Derek saw two men standing and another man on the floor, bound, gagged, and bleeding. Fisk greeted Derek and said he'd just been cleaning up some old business. Fisk was sure his arrangement with Derek would be more harmonious.

On the next The Young and the Restless...

• Hilary asks for Lilyís help.

• Jack and Gloria flirt with one another to throw off a suspicious Phyllis.

• Paul worries that Dylanís cover is blown.

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