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Wednesday, November 30, 2016
by Nel

Outside the courtroom, Billy told Victoria that Travis had cheated on her. Victoria didn't believe him. Billy admitted he'd been in the park when Travis had proposed, and he knew Victoria had hesitated in giving Travis an answer. Billy had hoped that Travis would have told her. Billy said that he hadn't wanted to see the pain in her eyes or to witness her wrestling with her instincts about whether she should marry Travis. Billy didn't want to see her walk down the aisle with someone who'd been lying to her.

Inside the courtroom, Leslie asked for a restraining order against Sharon and Dylan. Michael objected, pointing out it was a hearing about visitation. Nick stood up and told the judge that Sharon had gone to see Christian behind his back and that Dylan knew about it. Dylan admitted he'd known. Nick said he couldn't trust Sharon and Dylan.

When the judge asked Sharon if the allegation was true, Sharon admitted that she had seen Christian. Sharon begged Nick not to blame Dylan because none of it had been Dylan's fault. Nikki stood and said it had been Sharon's fault. Mariah told Nikki to leave Sharon alone. Michael and Leslie also got into a shouting match. Judge Carlson was furious and cleared the courtroom of everyone except the parties involved and their attorneys.

Outside the courtroom, Travis joined Victoria and said that he'd thought she'd been right behind him. As Billy walked past them, he told Victoria to ask Travis. Travis said, "Ask him about what?" Victoria asked Travis why he'd proposed, and she mentioned Michelle's name. Victoria said that Travis should have told her and walked away.

Victor told Nikki he hoped Leslie wouldn't show any mercy toward Sharon and Dylan. Victor accused Dylan of knowing what Sharon had done, and it made Dylan culpable. Nikki reminded him they didn't know the whole story, and she was certain that Dylan had a reasonable explanation. Victor said Dylan had admitted that he and Sharon had been in on it from the beginning, but Nikki corrected him and said Sharon had lied to Dylan and had led Dylan to believe that Christian was his son. Victor claimed that Dylan wasn't an innocent bystander, and he told Nikki that Dylan had conspired with Sharon from the beginning.

Chloe confronted Chelsea. Chloe had thought Chelsea wouldn't say anything to Nick. Chelsea said Nick had needed to know. Chloe asked why Chelsea had had to tell him because all Chelsea had done was hurt Dylan and Sharon, and Christian might not have a mother figure in his life. Chelsea maintained that Chloe should have checked with her first, but Chloe hadn't checked first because she'd known what Chelsea's answer would have been.

Chloe couldn't see why it was such a big deal to allow Sharon to spend five minutes with Christian. Chloe felt Chelsea should have kept quiet. Chelsea said keeping quiet would have looked like Chelsea had supported Chloe's actions. Chloe felt Chelsea should have stayed out of it because things were no better as a result, and Chloe walked away.

Hilary told Devon that the judge had cleared the court, and they were waiting to hear what happened. Hilary was positive Mariah had known Sharon had been seeing the baby behind Nick's back, and she was angry that Mariah wouldn't give her the information she wanted. Devon felt Mariah hadn't been unreasonable because she didn't want to sell her mother out.

Hilary said she'd expected Mariah to help GC Buzz to succeed, and clearly Mariah wasn't doing that. She expected Mariah to give them a fresh take on Sharon and Dylan's situation and earn her salary. Devon reminded Hilary that Mariah had made Hilary look like a hero when Hilary hadn't had a story at Thanksgiving, and Mariah hadn't taken any credit for it. Hilary said that it was in Mariah's job description to make Hilary look good. Devon said that Mariah had been earning her salary.

Kevin took Mariah a coffee. Mariah was afraid that if Hilary saw her relaxing, Hilary would pounce on her and ask what Mariah had known about Sharon and Christian. Mariah assured Kevin she hadn't known anything about Sharon seeing Christian. She wished people wouldn't look at Sharon like she'd known Christian would be at Chelsea's when she'd gotten there. Kevin said Sharon had made Michael's job very difficult, and he felt that Sharon should have walked away the minute she had seen Christian.

Back in the courtroom, Leslie asked who was to say that Sharon wouldn't just drop by the next time Nick wasn't home. Leslie said that Nick shouldn't have to live in fear that his son would be taken away from him. Michael countered that Sharon hadn't had any idea that Christian would be at Chelsea's. The judge asked Sharon if it was true. Sharon admitted that Chloe had asked her to go to Chelsea's on a work-related issue. When she'd gotten there, she'd seen Christian. Nick was asked if he'd left the child with Chelsea. Nick said he had, and Chelsea had known not to allow Sharon near Christian.

Leslie argued that Sharon and Chloe had perpetrated the conspiracy. Leslie was warned to stick to the facts. Sharon was asked if she'd made previous arrangements with Chloe. Sharon denied it and said that Chloe had been trying to be kind. Chloe had thought Sharon had deserved to see and hold Christian. Nick said it hadn't been Chloe's call to make.

Dylan said Nick was right, but Sharon had walked in, and she'd seen the child she'd raised for the past year. Dylan asked what Sharon was supposed to do in that situation. She was the only mother Christian had ever known. Nick countered that Sharon had kept the truth from him. Dylan argued that he and Sharon had believed the boy was theirs.

Dylan said that Christian was probably confused and wondering why Sharon and Dylan had disappeared from his life. Nick said that wasn't his fault, and Dylan agreed. Dylan said Nick had the power to fix it, and he assured Nick that he and Sharon weren't a threat to Christian. They loved him and wanted what was best for him. Michael told the judge that was why Sharon and Dylan should be given visitation rights. He pointed out that all three parties had been victims, and by keeping the child away from Sharon and Dylan, it made the child another victim.

The judge informed everyone that he had enough information to render his decision. He asked everyone to stay put, and he'd return shortly. Within minutes, Judge Carlson returned and said he didn't see any of the parties being a threat to Christian, but since Nick was the biological father and to put Nick's mind at ease, he granted a temporary restraining order. The restraining order would remain in effect until the judge had made a decision about visitation. The proceedings were adjourned.

Dylan asked Michael if they still had a chance. Michael advised him not to antagonize Nick, and he left. Sharon apologized to Dylan for doing it to him again. She said everyone knew Dylan had had no idea that she had seen Christian without Nick's permission, and the judge wanted to take visitation away from Dylan. She regretted telling him she had seen Christian, but Dylan disagreed. He said there were to be no more lies or secrets. Sharon said it didn't matter whether she told the truth or not because Dylan always wound up getting hurt.

Nick and Leslie walked out of the courtroom and advised Victor and Nikki that Nick had a restraining order. Victor was pleased, but Nikki was devastated. Nick clarified that the restraining order was temporary until Judge Carlson had made a decision about visitation. Leslie said if Sharon or Dylan violated the restraining order, visitation would be off the table.

Hilary rounded the corner, grabbed her phone and accosted Leslie. Leslie said that after the day's ruling, her client would never have to share his son with anyone again.

Chloe returned to the courtroom and apologized to Sharon and Dylan. Sharon wanted to know why Chloe had told Chelsea about Sharon seeing Christian after Chloe had set it up. Chloe said it had slipped out, but she never believed that Chelsea would ever say anything to Nick. Sharon said Chloe had been wrong. Chloe asked if Sharon was blaming her. Chloe reminded Sharon that she was the reason Sharon had gotten to see Christian. Sharon pointed out that it might have been the last time she'd ever see Christian, and she accused Chloe of hurting her and Dylan.

Chelsea joined Nick and said it had to be a relief that Nick had gotten the restraining order. Nick agreed it had been a small victory. He asked why Chelsea had waited a whole day before telling him about Sharon's visit with Christian and then waited again until the last minute to tell him about it. Nick said Chelsea should have told him as soon as she'd found out. Chelsea apologized and said she hadn't wanted to upset him unnecessarily, but it was over. Nick said that wasn't good enough, and he didn't believe Chelsea was sorry. Chelsea became upset and said she'd tried to help him, and she was sorry he didn't see it that way. She walked away.

At GC Buzz, Hilary was annoyed that she didn't have a breaking news story from the hearing. Mariah arrived and asked what Hilary needed. Hilary told Mariah she needed an exclusive on Sharon's story. Mariah assured Hilary that she hadn't known anything about Sharon's visit with Christian. Hilary insisted that Mariah had known something because mothers and daughters talked. Mariah told Hilary that she and Sharon stayed out of each other's business. Hilary said that Sharon's secrets would eventually surface, and it was Mariah's opportunity to tell Sharon's side. She warned Mariah not to let it blow up in their faces like it had at the courthouse.

Sharon's former babysitter, Leah, arrived and told Hilary that she'd been at Sharon's when the whole baby thing had happened. Mariah told Hilary that Leah was a huge fan of the show. Leah began taking selfies everywhere in the studio. Mariah explained that Leah had only babysat for Sharon a couple of times, and she really knew nothing. Hilary opted to interview Leah herself.

Mariah approached Devon about Hilary's interview with Leah. She advised Devon that Leah would say anything to get on TV. Devon thought that Leah might have something pertinent to add to the story, and he wasn't going to stop Hilary from airing something because it could be unflattering to Sharon. Mariah became angry and said that Devon had to maintain his high ethical standards. She walked away.

Hilary asked Leah if she'd overheard any conversations between Sharon and Mariah. Leah said that Sharon had been totally obsessed with the baby after she'd been in the psych ward. Leah told Hilary she'd say anything Hilary wanted her to. Hilary was delighted and proceeded with her interview. When Hilary was done with the interview, she sat down at her computer. Devon said it seemed that Hilary had had a very long interview with someone who had barely worked at the McAvoy household. Hilary advised him that she didn't plan to air Leah's interview because she had just wanted to be on TV, and Leah had had nothing more than gossip and innuendoes.

At Brash & Sassy, Jill informed Billy she'd wanted to talk to her team about the mock-ups, but her team wasn't there. Jill noticed that Billy was upset and asked what had happened between him and Victoria. Billy admitted that he'd told Victoria about Travis, and he wanted Jill to have some compassion because Victoria was heartbroken. Billy said the one good thing about divorce was that he didn't have to keep seeing the hurt and disappointment in Victoria's eyes. Jill suddenly realized that Billy's secret was that Travis had cheated on Victoria. Billy admitted Travis had cheated with Michelle. Jill said that Michelle had caused Travis to lose his job -- and she'd be the cause of Travis losing a whole lot more.

Billy warned Jill to stop digging or using that information in any way. He also wanted Jill to stop with the happily ever after for him and Victoria, but Jill refused to do that. Jill promised not to upset Victoria. Billy said that Victoria had accused him of not wanting her to be happy, but that was all he'd ever wanted for her.

At Victoria's, Victoria wanted Travis to talk. Travis said he felt like he was engaged to Victoria, Victor, Billy, and Jill. All those people exerted some kind of control over Victoria, and they wanted to keep her right where she was. Travis said Billy was the reason they'd fought, and Billy had always tried to drive a wedge between them. Victoria asked where Travis had gone after their fight. Travis said he had gone to talk to Michelle. Victoria asked what they had talked about and if their conversation had taken place before or after he'd slept with her.

Travis said that he'd been angry and drunk and had made a stupid, impulsive decision. He said Victoria had done the same thing when she'd gone through a pregnancy not knowing who the father was because of one drunken night with Stitch. Victoria said it wasn't about him sleeping with Michelle -- it was about him lying to her and then proposing out of guilt. Victoria went upstairs and began throwing Travis' clothes down the stairs while he yelled that he loved her and thought she was sexy and beautiful, and he was crazy about her. Victoria threw down the rest of his clothes and his bag. She told him to pack and to be gone by the time she returned. She threw her ring at him and stormed out.

Sharon and Dylan returned home. Dylan said that Chloe had meant well, but they had to be smart and follow Michael's advice. They couldn't violate the restraining order. Dylan extracted a promise from Sharon to stay away from Christian. Sharon agreed.

At the ranch, Nikki and Victor continued their argument. Victor didn't understand how the judge could allow Dylan and Sharon to be close to Christian. Offended, Nikki said that Dylan might not be a Newman, but he was her son, and she expected Victor to respect him. Victor couldn't respect a man who stayed with Sharon after what Sharon had done to their family and to Nick. Victor accused her of favoring Dylan over Nick.

Nick arrived and overheard their conversation. He heard Nikki say that Dylan hadn't done anything wrong. Dylan had loved and raised Christian.

Nick stepped forward and said Christian was his son. He wondered why that fact didn't seem to matter to so many people, including Nikki. Upset, Nikki tried to explain, but Nick ignored her and went to get his son. Victor tried to console Nikki and said sometimes they had to make a choice. Nikki walked away.

Victoria went to Brash & Sassy and told Billy that Travis was moving out. Billy said he was sorry and tried to hug her, but she pushed him away. She sat down and cried.

Chelsea arrived at home and told Chloe that Nick might never trust Chelsea with Christian again. Chloe told Chelsea to stop because she'd had it with being Genoa City's punching bag because she'd tried to help. Chelsea asked if Chloe called that helping. Chloe said that Chelsea had no idea what Chloe had done for her. Chelsea wanted to know what Chloe had done for her. Chloe didn't answer.

Chelsea reminded Chloe that Chelsea had welcomed Chloe with open arms, given her back her job, and provided a place for Chloe to stay. She asked if that was how Chloe repaid her. Chloe said maybe it was time to rethink things. Chelsea agreed that it might be time to rethink their living arrangements.

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