Wednesday, October 15, 2014

In the Athletic Club dining room, Neil reminded Cane that he wanted to do something special for Hilary. Joe Clark interrupted and said hello to Cane. After Cane introduced Neil and Joe, Joe told Cane that he needed a favor -- he needed a good attorney who could cut through red tape and get some deals done. Cane wrote down a number for "one of Wisconsin's finest legal minds" and handed it to Joe.

After Joe walked off, Neil told Cane that Neil's plan to atone for having pushed Hilary away was perfect. Cane, obviously privy to the plan, agreed. Neil asked if Cane knew a good wingman. Cane smiled and said that he just might. Lily joined the men and told Neil that his plan was a great idea -- Hilary would love the surprise. She admitted that she had been wrong about Hilary.

In Hilary's New York hotel room, Devon and Hilary were in bed, discussing how many "last kisses" they had shared. Hilary insisted that they had to stop seeing each other, but she was willing to make love one last time. Devon said that if it was going to be the last time, he needed to make it count. He began kissing Hilary passionately.

Later, Devon presented Hilary with a bouquet of roses so that he could "make it count." Devon, pointing to a dinner spread that room service had delivered, said that it was their first date, and he wanted to "do it right." Hilary reminded him that it might be their first date -- but it was also their last. Devon insisted that Hilary have no regrets about her relationship with him -- they were simply two people creating memories to look back upon and smile.

Devon told Hilary that the hotel room they were in was "magical" and could make the whole world disappear. He said that they could be anyone they wanted to be. They began role-playing, giving themselves new identities and acting as if they were meeting for the first time. They began slow dancing and continued their role fantasy.

Devon pulled away from Hilary and admitted that he wanted to have a life with her -- but he couldn't. Hilary said that soon they would return to the "real world," and they would have to forget about their feelings for each other. Devon said that he couldn't do that. Hilary replied, "We have to -- but not yet." She and Devon embraced and kissed.

Later, Hilary and Devon were once again making love, and there was a knock at the door. Outside the door stood Cane and Neil.

At a table in the Athletic Club dining room, Joe spoke to his associate on the phone, telling the associate that he was ready to move on the properties that he had discussed. He looked at the Walworth County's website on his tablet, focusing on Crimson Lights and its owner -- Dylan McAvoy. He told his associate that it wouldn't be long before it was a "done deal."

Lily walked over to Joe's table. He told her how great everything at the club had been -- but that didn't surprise him, because Cane was good at everything he did -- including managing the club. Joe wondered why Cane had left the corporate world to manage the club. Lily explained that Victor had taken over Chancellor Industries after Katherine had died. Victor had wanted Cane to stay with the company but Cane hadn't wanted to have to report to Victor.

Joe confessed to being a workaholic like Cane and told Lily that he had devoted many years to his career at the expense of his personal life. Lily said it seemed like Joe regretted that. He said that he was finished doing that. Lily assumed that Joe had a "special lady" waiting for him in Chicago, but Joe denied it, saying that he was single.

At the hospital, Phyllis was putting on lipstick as Jack watched. She mentioned that Summer had purchased a new makeup kit for her but was somewhat perplexed as to why Summer had purchased her a new wardrobe, since the clothes in her closet were just fine. Dr. Shelby entered the room and told Phyllis that as long as she took it easy, she could go home. Phyllis turned to Jack and said, "Take me home."

Jack, trying to stall Phyllis' hospital discharge, asked Dr. Shelby if he was sure that Phyllis could leave. Shelby insisted that all of Phyllis' test results were good. The doctor handed Phyllis her release papers to sign, and Jack said that he would call Summer to tell her that Phyllis was on her way to the Abbott mansion.

Phyllis finished signing her release papers and asked the doctor if she could go. Shelby said that although Phyllis was fine physically, he wondered how she was feeling emotionally. She admitted that she was confused -- she knew that she had fallen down a flight of stairs and hit her head, but she didn't remember what had led up to her fall. Shelby told Phyllis that she needed to be patient, and her memory would return. Phyllis said that patience was not her strong suit.

After leaving the room, Jack called Summer to inform her that Phyllis was being released and that he and her mother would be home in an hour. Summer said that she would meet them there. After he hung up, Jack looked as if he knew that trouble loomed ahead when Phyllis learned the truth about the events of the previous year.

After hanging up with Jack, Summer told Austin the good news. She felt that if Phyllis was well enough to leave the hospital, she was probably well enough to learn that Austin was Phyllis' son-in-law. Summer thought it important that Phyllis hear the news from Summer.

At the offices of Baldwin/Clark & Associates, Avery arrived carrying a large box with some files stacked on top. As she walked in, the files fell to the ground. Nick arrived, and helped her pick up the files. Avery asked Nick if he and Sharon had set a new wedding date but Nick informed her that the wedding was on hold indefinitely because of Phyllis.

Jack called Avery to let her know that Phyllis was about to leave the hospital and accompany him to the Abbott mansion. Nick caught the tail end of the conversation. Both he and Avery thought that Phyllis' return might cause problems. Avery admitted she was thrilled that Phyllis had awakened from her coma, but her return to Genoa City seemed somewhat abrupt. Nick said that he was happy for Phyllis and Summer, but he was concerned about Sharon. He told Avery that Sharon worried that Phyllis knew something that would break Nick and Sharon apart -- the "secret" that Sharon was supposedly keeping from Nick. Avery thought that Nick might be underestimating Sharon, saying that Sharon was a strong woman.

The office phone rang, and Avery was somewhat taken aback to see "Joe Clark" on the caller ID display. She told Nick that it was her ex-husband calling and didn't answer. Nick asked Avery why she didn't take Joe's call. She said that Joe was probably calling to say goodbye -- he was probably halfway to Chicago. Nick thought it weird that both his and Avery's exes had shown up in Genoa City at about the same time. They discussed Phyllis' grand entrance at Nick and Sharon's wedding. Nick said that Phyllis showing up at his wedding didn't make sense -- he thought that Jack would be the first person Phyllis would want to see.

Mulling it over, Avery said that Phyllis had probably known that walking into the church in a sexy outfit would ruin Nick and Sharon's wedding. Nick felt that gave some veracity to Sharon's fear that Phyllis knew something about Sharon's secret. Avery said that Phyllis claimed not to know anything about the secret, adding that Phyllis needed to accept that Nick and Sharon had reconciled.

Nick asked Avery when she had become "Team Sharon." Avery smiled and said that she was "Team Nick." Nick said that he needed to give Sharon time to think about setting another wedding date. Avery said that was the worst thing Nick could do.

Avery lectured Nick, reminding him that no one had made Sharon feel more insecure about Nick's love for her than Phyllis. She felt that delaying the wedding because of Phyllis' return would feed into Sharon's insecurities -- and that Nick should persuade Sharon to marry him as soon as possible. Nick thanked Avery for her advice and left. After he was gone, Avery stared at her phone's display: "Missed Call -- Joe Clark."

At the Athletic Club, Lily and Kelly ran into each other. Kelly said that her relationship with Jack was over, and she was planning to return to the Abbott mansion to get the rest of her belongings. Kelly related the story of how she had seen Phyllis' engagement ring in Jack's office and had thought that Jack was going to propose to Kelly. Kelly said that she had run out of the office, and later, Jack left her a voicemail, but she hadn't listened to it.

At the Abbott mansion, Kelly was in the living room, packing a few things into a tote bag. She stood up and stared at the picture of Phyllis on the mantelpiece as Summer and Austin walked in. Summer was surprised to see Kelly there. Kelly said that she had stopped by to pick up the last of her things, thinking that no one would be home. Summer informed Kelly that Phyllis had been released from the hospital and would be returning to the mansion with Jack. Outside the front door, Jack was carrying Phyllis "over the threshold." Jack and Phyllis began entering the house.

Before Jack and Phyllis could see Kelly, Kelly grabbed her tote bag and ran toward the kitchen, followed by Austin. Jack put Phyllis down, and she gave Summer a big hug. Phyllis looked around and seemed pleased that nothing had changed. She began reminiscing about the days before her fall -- the leisurely afternoons poolside or playing tennis -- then enjoying a fine dinner prepared by Mrs. Martinez.

Phyllis noticed the book of fabric samples that Kelly had been using while preparing to redecorate. Phyllis asked Jack if he was planning to redo the room. Jack replied that he'd been thinking about it. Phyllis thought it was a great idea. Austin reentered the room, and Summer asked Phyllis if she remembered him. Phyllis said that she did -- but didn't understand why Summer would have her "very handsome friend" at Phyllis' homecoming.

Jack tried to stall the conversation and suggested that Phyllis have something to eat. Phyllis just wanted to learn why Austin was there. Summer said that Phyllis would need to know the truth eventually. Jack took over and told Phyllis that Summer and Austin were more than just friends. Phyllis said that she had figured that out -- and wanted to know how Summer and Austin had met. Summer said that was a little complicated -- she had been going through a rough time, and then she had met Austin. Austin chimed in, telling Phyllis that he had lost his mother recently and had been able to relate to what Summer had been going through.

Phyllis surmised that Austin and Summer were in a serious relationship. Summer admitted that she and Austin were living together. Growing uneasy, Phyllis asked Austin to leave the room so that she could discuss the matter with Jack and Summer. Jack agreed that Austin should leave. Summer dug in her heels and said that Austin wasn't going anywhere -- then blurted out that she and Austin were engaged. Phyllis' temper flared. She stood up and sternly said, "You're what?"

Phyllis said that Summer was insane to get engaged at the age of eighteen. Becoming more agitated, Phyllis told Summer that she needed to go to college and join a sorority -- not get engaged. Phyllis began questioning Austin and Summer. She asked when Summer and Austin had met. Austin said they had met in the spring. Phyllis wondered why Austin had proposed after knowing Summer for just a few months. Phyllis asked Summer if she was pregnant. Denying that, Summer said that she, not Austin, had suggested the engagement.

Summer told Phyllis that she loved Austin. Phyllis thought that was great -- Summer and Austin could go out with each other and have fun -- but they didn't need to be engaged. Austin tried to explain how he and Summer felt about each other, but Phyllis didn't want Austin to explain anything to her -- and she wasn't about to let Summer throw her life away on "some dreamy dude she barely knows." Summer and Phyllis began arguing. Jack broke it up, telling Phyllis that she needed her rest. Jack followed the Austin and Summer into the dining room and told Summer to give her mother time. Jack returned to the living room. Phyllis looked at Jack and snapped, "How could you let this happen?"

Jack said that he had done what he'd had to do. He reminded Phyllis that he had just learned that Summer was his daughter, and he didn't want to lose her. Phyllis guessed that there was more going on than Jack was telling her. Jack said there was -- but it was Summer's story to tell. Phyllis snapped and accused Jack, Nick, Avery, and Summer of keeping her in the dark. She demanded to know what else Jack hadn't told her.

Austin and Summer went to Crimson Lights, where Austin told Summer that no matter how much Phyllis freaked out, they would eventually have to tell her that they were married. He snapped at Summer, and she told him not to yell at her. Austin apologized, telling her that he wasn't angry -- merely frustrated. Summer thought that Jack was right -- they needed to give Phyllis a little more time. Austin hugged Summer and said that Phyllis would eventually accept their marriage.

Back at the Athletic Club, Kelly pulled out the program for the Vivaldi concert that she and Jack had attended in happier times. Kelly thought about Jack -- the good times and the bad. She listened to Jack's voicemail. He said that he was sorry for what had happened in his office. He added that he was trying to sort things out, but nothing could erase what he and Kelly had shared. Kelly's eyes welled up with tears.

Lily walked up to Kelly and asked her if she was okay. She said that, in spite of everything, she was. She told Lily that her brain told her that her relationship with Jack was over -- but her heart told her that she and Jack still had a chance.

. . .

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