Wednesday, July 1, 2015

At the Underground, Noah heard someone in the entryway, and he called out that the bar was closed. He approached the door, and he discovered a drenched Marisa. He asked if she was okay, and she collapsed in his arms. Noah poured Marisa a cup of coffee, and he said he was glad he'd still been there. She agreed, and she observed that he had kind eyes. He joked that she probably told that to all the bartenders who had given her a blanket and coffee after hours, and they introduced themselves.

Marisa told Noah that she was new in town, but she began to pass out. Noah wanted to call an ambulance, but Marisa begged him not to, and he asked if she was in some kind of trouble. Marisa claimed that she and her boyfriend had just had a crazy night of drinking, and they'd gotten into a fight. She said she'd tripped and fallen into a fountain, and her boyfriend had taken off with her purse in the car. She said she was visiting from out of the country and needed a place to stay for the night, and she asked if Noah knew of any cheap accommodations.

Noah suggested that Marisa stay on the couch in the office, and she asked what it would cost, but he said he didn't want anything in return. A skeptical Marisa worried that favors were never free, and she guessed he was an American boy who didn't know what it was like to have nothing. She quickly added that she hadn't meant to offend him, but she hadn't encountered much generosity in her life, since things were different where she was from. Noah welcomed her to Genoa City, and he suggested that she call her boyfriend to tell him she was okay.

Noah said he'd never leave his girlfriend stranded, no matter how bad a fight had been, and Marisa replied that she never wanted to see her boyfriend again. Noah reasoned that people made mistakes when they were drunk, and he said if he were in the same position, he'd want to know his girlfriend was all right. Marisa asked what Noah's girlfriend was like, and he confided that his fiancée had died a few months before. Marisa asked what had happened, and Noah simply stated that his fiancée had been a cop caught in a bad situation. He offered to call Marisa's boyfriend for her, but she insisted that it was something she had to do herself.

"Gabriel" stopped by the penthouse to see Chelsea, and he explained that he'd wanted her to be on the same page in case the police questioned her. He informed her that the Abbotts had ditched the embezzlement plan and that the charges had been dropped, and a relieved Chelsea imagined that Victor was on the warpath. Adam revealed that Victor had become the prime suspect in Jack's shooting, and Chelsea couldn't believe the merger had resulted in Victor trying to kill Jack. Adam pointed out that the police were only questioning Victor, though Victor had the most to gain if Jack didn't make it.

Chelsea sympathized that the turn of events had been hard on Gabriel, since he'd just found out Jack was his dad. Adam recognized that Jack might not wake up, but he wondered what Jack would say if he did. Chelsea assured Gabriel that Jack would wake up, and when Jack did, he'd be able to tell the police what had happened in the park that night. Chelsea encouraged Gabriel to get some sleep, but Adam said he couldn't.

Chelsea went to make some tea, and as Adam peered out the window, he envisioned Jack opening his eyes and asking where he was. In the vision, Paul asked if Jack was up to answering some questions, and Jack declared that Victor had shot him. Jack looked at Adam and hissed that Adam had been part of the whole plan, and he revealed Adam's true identity with Chelsea present. Adam snapped back to reality when the teakettle whistled.

At Crimson Lights, Billy remarked to Victoria that it had been a long night that wasn't over yet, and Victoria assured him that Jack was a survivor. Billy hoped his brother was strong enough to survive what Victor had done, and Victoria insisted that her father hadn't been responsible for the shooting. Billy said he knew Victoria better than anyone else, and it "hurt like hell" to hear her say that because he knew she was lying. Billy doubted the validity of the alibi Victoria had given Victor, and he said Victor didn't deserve her loyalty.

Billy understood why Victoria would lie to protect someone she loved, and he admitted that he'd helped set up Victor for embezzlement, but the Abbotts had changed course since then. Billy warned that Victoria could get into huge trouble if she continued to lie, and he cared deeply about her. She swore that nothing would happen, but he wondered what would happen to their kids if she was wrong. Billy pointed out that she could be charged as an accessory to attempted murder, and it would only get worse if Jack didn't make it. Billy begged her to tell the police the truth, but she maintained that Victor had been with her that evening.

At the hospital, Phyllis told a comatose Jack that when he woke up, the first thing she'd ask was why his finger was naked. She thought he'd been wearing his wedding ring that morning, and she gently scolded that he'd better have a "damn good excuse" because he was going to wake up, just like she had returned to him. She hoped that one of the Newmans grew a conscience and told the truth about what Victor had done to Jack.

In the waiting area, Nikki informed Paul that Jack had wanted to meet her in the park that night, but Victor had been with Jack instead. Victor claimed she was mistaken, but Paul wanted to hear from Nikki. Paul inquired whether Victor had met Jack instead of Nikki, and Phyllis emerged from Jack's room and accused Victor of shooting her husband. Adam and Paul kept Phyllis from lunging at Victor, and Phyllis revealed that Jack had suspected from the beginning that Victor would try to kill him. Victor questioned why he'd be there to show concern for Jack if Victor had shot him, and Phyllis implored Paul to do his job and arrest Victor.

At the police station, a lawyer advised Victor that he was under no obligation to answer questions, but Victor replied that he had nothing to hide. Paul turned on a voice recorder to ensure he didn't mishear anything Victor said, and he asked if Victor had been aware that Jack had asked Nikki to meet him in the park. Victor admitted that he'd been there when she'd taken Jack's call, and he'd gone to see Jack himself about business. Victor claimed that Jack had wanted to capitalize on his friendship with Nikki to convince Victor to promote Gabriel, but Victor had gone in her place to avoid putting Nikki in the middle.

Paul inquired whether Victor had taken a gun with him to meet Jack, and Victor stated that guns weren't allowed in the park. Paul instructed Victor to answer the question, and Victor contended that he wouldn't risk everything he'd built, even if he'd wanted Jack dead. Victor argued that he'd recently saved Jack's life, and the men had gotten along better than ever since they'd combined their businesses, so Victor hadn't had any motive. Paul told Victor he was free to go, and Victor hoped Paul found who he was looking for. Paul mentioned that he'd received an anonymous tip about the shooting earlier that day, and he expected to have all the answers once he tracked down the person who'd called him.

Billy and Victoria returned to the hospital, and Phyllis reported that maybe there was justice in the world, after all, since Paul had taken Victor in for questioning. Victoria wondered why, since her father hadn't had anything to do with the shooting, and Phyllis revealed that Nikki had told the truth about Victor going in her place to see Jack. Billy confronted Victoria about lying that she and Victor had been together, and she stammered that it was complicated. Billy demanded to know whether Victoria had been with Victor all night or not, and she said she needed to speak with Nikki. Billy and Phyllis stepped into Jack's room, and a livid Victoria asked Nikki what was wrong with her.

Victoria blasted Nikki for destroying Victor's alibi, and Nikki wondered if Victoria had any idea how badly Nikki wanted a drink. Nikki asserted that she'd told the truth, which she understood was a foreign concept to Victor, but she hadn't realized that Victoria felt the same way. Victoria accused Nikki of throwing Victor under the bus, and she demanded to know if Nikki had any idea what Victoria had risked that night. Nikki pointed out that Victor and Victoria had put her in that position, but she wouldn't back up their lies, since she'd worked too hard to stay sober.

Nikki refused to compromise her integrity to justify Victor's behavior, and she pointed out that Victor obviously hadn't met Jack to make peace. Victoria thought there had to be a more reasonable explanation, and Nikki implored her to tell Paul what it was, since the longer Victoria waited, the worse it would be. Victoria answered a call and learned that Paul had warrants to search the house and the office.

Phyllis noted that Billy hadn't seemed surprised that Victoria had lied to cover for Victor, and Billy conceded that Victoria hadn't been wrong to mistrust the Abbotts. Phyllis pointed out that no one had told her about the embezzlement plan, and Billy explained that Jack had been worried that she felt she owed Victor. Billy added that he'd thought the plan had been golden, but his hatred for Victor had clouded his judgment, and he'd followed blindly when it had gotten out of hand. Phyllis realized she'd done the same thing by going along with the merger and Jack's friendship with Victor, and Billy said they'd both trusted Jack.

Phyllis complained that Jack hadn't been acting like himself, since he hadn't remembered inside jokes or details about experiences they'd shared together, but she'd chalked it up to his head injury. She recalled that he'd amazingly reverted back to his old self when she'd seen him earlier that day, and his face had lit up in a way she hadn't seen in ages when he'd looked at her. She continued that she'd felt like the most important person in the world when he'd listened to her, and it had been like a veil had been lifted, since he'd been warm and giving again.

Phyllis mentioned that something big had been going on that Jack had wanted to tell her about, but he had received a text message and had needed to leave to find out some things before he shared the details. Phyllis divulged that Jack's wedding ring hadn't been among his personal belongings, and she thought it sounded like a small thing, but something was telling her it wasn't.

Later, Phyllis became incensed when the doctor asked whether Jack had a living will, and she refused to give up. The doctor explained that it was hospital policy to inquire, but she thought it sounded like a plan to fail, and she demanded another doctor. He said it was a waiting game, and he'd done all he could. Phyllis snapped that experts had given up on her, and she was living proof that they hadn't tried hard enough. The doctor urged Phyllis to put her feelings aside and to make sure they were doing what Jack would have wanted.

Chelsea rushed into the hospital, and Billy informed her that Jack was alive, no thanks to Victor. Chelsea mentioned that she knew the police were questioning Victor, but Billy flatly stated that Victor had shot Jack and that Victoria had lied to him and the cops that she'd been with Victor all night. Billy acknowledged that they'd pushed it too far with their plan, and he wished he'd listened to Ashley. Chelsea told Billy not to blame himself, but Billy blamed Victor for all of it.

Chelsea gasped when she saw Jack, and she tearfully asked who could have done that to him. Phyllis said it had been Victor, and she told Chelsea to leave if she was there to defend Victor. Chelsea said Victor was Connor's grandfather, but Jack had shown love and support for her and her family, so she would never try to protect whoever was responsible. Chelsea tearfully turned to go, but Phyllis apologized, and the women hugged.

Phyllis explained that Jack was fighting for his life, and she got choked up when she relayed that the doctor had asked if Jack had a living will. Phyllis refused to entertain the idea of Jack's life being over, and she sobbed that her husband would make it and that the man who'd shot him wouldn't get away with it. Billy chalked the doctor's question up to keeping the hospital's lawyers happy, but Phyllis snarled that the hospital staff could "rot in hell," since she only cared about Jack. She recalled that she'd finally reconnected with the man she wanted to love for the rest of her life, and she begged Jack to open his eyes. She promised Jack that she wouldn't let anyone give up on him.

In Victor's office, Victoria invited Paul to search away, and Paul asked Nikki if she wanted to go home, since his officers were heading to the ranch with a second warrant. Nikki declared that she was there to support her daughter, even though their stories were different. Paul applauded Nikki for being honest, but Victoria ordered him to just get the search done. Paul seized Victor's computer, and he asked Victoria to open the safe. Paul pulled out a gun, and a shocked Nikki asked if Victoria had known that it had been there. Victoria swore she'd never seen it before, but Paul pointed out that Victoria had intentionally misled him about Victor's alibi, and he asked if there was anything else she wanted to tell him.

Victoria apologized for lying about Victor's alibi, but she explained that her father had been set up for embezzlement, and she hadn't wanted to see him railroaded again. Paul asked if Victor had told her anything else about what had happened in the park, and Victoria told him to ask Victor. Paul left, and a fuming Victoria turned to Nikki. Nikki stated that Victor might be proud of Victoria, but Nikki wasn't, and she walked out.

Adam met Victor in the park, and he implied that Victor had thought of everything by disabling the security cameras, but Victor said he'd had nothing to do with it. Adam commented that it was Victor's good fortune that no one had footage of Victor pumping lead into an unarmed man, and Victor maintained that he'd thought Jack had been reaching for a gun, so he'd made a split-second decision. Adam pointed out that it had been the wrong one, but he would never expect Victor to admit he'd been responsible for putting Gabriel's father in a hospital bed. Victor wondered where Gabriel's concern had been when Jack had been bleeding to death, and Gabriel had used the moment to take advantage. Adam huffed that he thought Victor would admire that quality in a son.

Victor reminded Gabriel that they had a deal, and he needed to know if Gabriel intended to honor it. Adam pointed out that Victor had been the one rethinking it before his wife had shot down his alibi, and he wondered what Victor had told the police. Victor said he'd told them that he'd met Jack in the park for business, and Adam asked if they'd believed him. Victor mentioned that the police had issued search warrants, and Adam asserted that Victor needed him.

Victor smirked and warned Gabriel not to threaten him, but Adam replied that he didn't make threats, and it was up to Victor to hold up his end of the bargain. Victor countered that it wasn't entirely up to him, but Adam stressed that if Victor appointed him interim CEO, there was no reason anyone had to learn a single detail about the shooting or Victor covering it up. Adam remarked that the clock was ticking, and Victor said he honored his commitments, so Gabriel had better live up to the same standards. "Or what?" Adam asked, but Victor wordlessly turned and walked away.

Adam's phone rang as he started to leave, and Marisa said Adam's name. He replied that he was Gabriel Bingham, but she said she was someone who knew the truth, and Marco wouldn't be a problem anymore. She ominously stated that she could be Adam's greatest ally or his worst enemy, and the choice was up to him. Adam suggested that they meet, and Marisa replied that they would eventually, but she hung up.

. . .

On the next The Young and the Restless...
  • Paul tells someone over the phone that no one saw the shooting, but “Gabriel” says that’s not true.
  • Ashley informs Abby and Stitch that the police have a suspect.
  • Phyllis finds Victor holding a pillow over Jack, and she orders Victor to stay away from her husband.

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