Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Chelsea and Nick bumped into each other in the foyer at the Athletic Club. Chelsea saw through Nick's feigned interest in her clothing line -- he clearly wanted information about Sharon. Chelsea told Nick that Sharon was doing great as a dress model, proving that Sharon could successfully balance a career with motherhood.

Chelsea said that she didn't want to get in the middle of Nick's feud with Sharon and hoped that he and Sharon would do what was best for Faith. Sage, on her way downstairs, overheard Nick tell Chelsea that Sharon was forcing Faith to testify at the custody hearing. Chelsea defended Sharon's extreme tactics. Nick told her that Sharon was perpetuating the lie that Nick had been entertaining a half-naked Sage. Sage, still eavesdropping from the stairwell, grew more interested in the conversation when she heard her name mentioned.

Sage finally joined Nick and Chelsea. Nick said that he and Chelsea had been discussing the custody hearing. Sage apologized for causing Nick problems. Nick said that Sharon was causing the problems. Chelsea was surprised to learn that Nick and Sage knew each other. Sage informed Chelsea that she and Nick were just friends.

Nick and Sage began laughing and acting a bit flirty with each other. Watching them, Chelsea said she understood how Faith could misconstrue the nature of Nick and Sage's relationship. When Sage repeated that she and Nick were nothing more than friends, Chelsea said, "Well, I'm sure your boyfriend will be happy to hear that. Tell Gabriel I said hello." After Chelsea left, Nick asked Sage about her relationship with "Gabriel." Sage, chuckling nervously, told him that "Gabriel" was her husband.

Sage explained to Nick that her marriage to "Gabriel" was one of convenience -- that Constance had willed her estate to her grandson with the provision that he marry in order to receive his inheritance. Initially nonplussed hearing about Sage's marriage, Nick saw the logic in Constance's thinking -- the old woman knew that Gabriel was reckless and felt that marriage would settle Gabriel down. What Nick found illogical was that Sage kept her marriage a secret. Sage explained that was so she and "Gabriel" could date people they cared about.

Moving from the foyer to the bar, Nick told Sage he was impressed by what she had done for "Gabe." Sage laughed and said that Nick was making her sound like a saint. Nick listed Sage's "saintly" accomplishments -- she had nursed Constance, helped "Gabe" get his inheritance, and helped "this really cool guy" out of a bear trap. Nick wondered if Sage ever did anything for herself. When Sage said that she had gotten a foot massage the previous week, Nick said that she deserved more than that and promised her a full day at a posh spa.

At Jabot, Jack asked Billy to tend to company business for a few days -- Jack needed to focus his attention on Phyllis. Adam stopped by Jack's office to drop off a report. Adam thanked Billy for "last night" -- Billy told Jack that "Gabe" and his girlfriend had joined Billy and Chelsea for dinner at the Athletic Club the previous evening. Jack stared at Adam and said, "I didn't realize you had a girlfriend, Gabe."

Jack, staring at Adam, wondered how "Gabe" had any time for a girlfriend with all the work he was doing marketing Chelsea's fashion line.

In the Jabot lab, Abby excitedly told Ashley that a focus group had settled upon "Hex" as the best name for Jabot's new fragrance. Ashley loved the name. She and Abby were going over some marketing ideas when two men, wearing badges that read "Environmental Security Bureau," showed up.

The men introduced themselves as Agents Reddick and Brink. As Reddick handed Ashley a legal document, he informed Ashley that they had a court order to shut down the lab. Ashley began reading the document aloud, "Unlawful use of an endangered tree root to manufacture a fragrance. Procurement a threat to the Central American rainforest."

Ashley told Reddick that there had to be a misunderstanding -- she wasn't using tree root from the rainforest in any Jabot product. Unmoved, Reddick told Ashley that he and Brink were seizing all Jabot samples and lab notes. Ashley told Abby that she knew who was behind the intrusion, and "he's not getting away with it."

Jack received a phone call from Ashley, informing him of the visit from the Environmental Security Bureau. She told Jack that the agents had confiscated all the samples of, as well as files pertaining to, her new fragrance. Jack tried to calm Ashley down, but she reminded him that she had worked for more than a year on the fragrance -- it was her best shot at regaining her co-CEO title at Jabot. Ashley repeated, "He's not getting away with this," grabbed her coat and left.

After Jack hung up, he asked Billy to go to the lab and talk to Ashley. Jack was going to make some phone calls to try to find out what was going on. As Billy walked out, Jack asked Adam to stay.

Jack semi-jokingly said that he needed a scorecard to keep track of Adam's lies. Jack wondered why Adam was pursuing Chelsea, since Adam already had a girlfriend. Adam explained Sage's role in his recovery -- she had nursed him back to health and convinced Constance that Adam was Constance's grandson. He informed Jack that his so-called relationship with Sage was a ruse to convince Chelsea that "Gabriel" wasn't a stalker.

Adam said he and Billy had bonded over dinner when they'd discovered that they both hated Victor. Jack felt Adam was playing a dangerous game. Adam said he was winning the game -- he had put Chelsea at ease -- all that remained was to get her to fall in love with him. Jack reminded Adam that Chelsea had fallen in love with Billy, but Adam said Billy would eventually reunite with Victoria, and Chelsea would decide that "Gabriel" was the man for her.

Adam said all he wanted was a life with the woman he loved. Jack pointedly said, "Adam Newman forfeited that right." Jack ordered Adam to go to the lab and help Billy with the developing crisis there. Jack grabbed his coat and left. After Jack was gone, Chelsea stopped by his office. Adam smiled at her and said, "You're really going to have to stop stalking me."

Chelsea laughed. She and "Gabriel" had a pleasant, upbeat conversation. Chelsea said that Billy was beginning to like "Gabriel" -- learning that "Gabriel" was dating Sage had helped convince Billy that "Gabriel" wasn't stalking Chelsea. "Gabriel" talked about how much the right woman could influence a man's life -- it didn't happen often, but when it did happen, it was amazing.

Chelsea seemed enchanted by Gabriel's words. Her eyes misted up, and "Gabriel" asked her if he had said anything wrong. Chelsea said that he hadn't -- but he had reminded her of someone she'd once known. Chelsea said goodbye and left the office as Adam stared after her.

At Newman Towers, Agent Reddick handed Victor a vial containing a sample of Ashley's new fragrance and said, "We are even, Mr. Newman." Victor asked Reddick if he was sure the vial contained the fragrance Ashley had been working on. Reddick said he would stake his reputation on it -- Victor replied, "Your reputation ain't gonna be worth much after this, but thank you for your sentiment. You may go now." Reddick left.

Ashley confronted Victor in his office and accused him of being behind the raid at Jabot -- which, according to Ashley, meant that Victor had at least one Environmental Security Bureau agent in his pocket. Victor feigned ignorance when Ashley demanded that he return the sample. She could not believe Victor had engaged in corporate espionage, but Victor said her allegation was absurd.

Ashley said Victor knew that she had been working on her new fragrance for over a year. Victor replied that Newman-Chancellor was also developing an organic compound -- without using an endangered tree root from the Amazon rainforest -- and his company had been successful. He opened a desk drawer and showed Ashley the vial Reddick had handed him -- the vial had a Newman-Chancellor label on it.

Victor said the fragrance in the vial he was holding was environmentally safe and would be granted government approval very quickly. Victor smirked as Ashley said he knew she wasn't using any tree root in her product. He smugly accused Ashley of lying to him and insisted her lies had obviously spread to the Environmental Security Bureau. Ashley lunged at Victor and hissed, "Give me back my sample." Victoria walked into the office. Victor turned to his daughter and said, "This fragrance was developed by Newman-Chancellor. Tell her, Victoria."

Before Victoria could utter a word, Ashley told Victoria that they both had strong, controlling men in their lives -- Jack controlled Ashley, and Victor controlled Victoria. Ashley said she and Victoria could be independent from Jack and Victor if Ashley and Victoria respected each other. Ashley implored Victoria to tell the truth.

Sounding as if she were reading a news release, Victoria said, "We have been developing a new fragrance here at Newman-Chancellor. We plan to release it with the relaunch of 'Brash & Sassy'" Totally defeated, Ashley told Victor and Victoria that they deserved each other. Leaving the office, she told Victor, "This isn't over." When Victor told Ashley to have a nice day, Ashley, pure hatred in her eyes, said, "Screw you," and walked out.

Billy arrived at the lab and asked Abby if she knew who had turned them in to the Environmental Security Bureau. Abby replied that she had no idea. Stitch showed up and, seeing the lab in disarray, asked what had happened. When Billy told him, Stitch wondered why the bureau would think Jabot was using tree root from the rainforest in the new product.

Billy and Abby stared at Stitch. Stitch realized they thought he might be the culprit. Billy noticed that Stitch was holding a baby's rattle. Stitch explained that he had been with Victoria and Katie Rose earlier and had inadvertently held on to the baby's toy. Abby received a text message -- it was from Ashley, informing Abby that Victor claimed Newman-Chancellor had been working on an organic fragrance for months.

Billy implied that Victoria was somehow involved, but Stitch said Victoria didn't have anything to do "with this." Abby continued reading Ashley's text and told Billy and Stitch that Victoria had backed up Victor's claim. Stitch was stunned. Billy asked Stitch if Victoria had ever mentioned working on an organic fragrance at Newman-Chancellor. As he stormed out, Stitch said, "No. But I'm damn well going to get some answers."

Ashley returned to the lab and wanted to talk with Stitch. Abby said that Stitch swore he didn't know anything about a new fragrance Victoria was working on. Abby believed Stitch had been telling the truth. Billy disagreed -- he felt Stitch was capable of lying to protect Victoria. Abby wondered who Stitch would be protecting Victoria from. Billy replied, "Only Victor."

In Victor's office, Victoria picked up the vial from Victor's desk and asked him if he had stolen it from Jabot. Evading her question, Victor reminded his daughter that she had begged him to save the Chancellor division of Newman-Chancellor -- and the fragrance in the vial might be just the thing to save Katherine's company. Victoria looked at her father and said, "At what cost, dad?"

Looking confused, Victoria left Victor's office and ran into Stitch in the hallway. Stitch, quite angry, told Victoria he was on his way to see Victor. He loudly stated that the raid on the Jabot lab had been a setup so Newman-Chancellor could steal Ashley's formula. Victoria, parroting Victor, said, "This is business. It wasn't personal." Stitch said that working at Jabot wasn't merely a job -- it was a chance for him to start a new life with Victoria, and Victor was stealing that chance away from him. Victoria said she and Stitch could still have that new life. Stitch claimed that perhaps Victoria had wanted to start a new life with him, but she had been forced to choose between Stitch and Victor -- and she'd chosen Victor.

Victoria admitted that her father liked "to bend the rules" a little when Newman-Chancellor business was involved. Stitch said he realized that about Victor -- but he didn't expect Victoria to lie for her father. Stitch told Victoria how disappointed he was and, as he headed towards the elevators, told her, "You're better than this." Victoria ran after Stitch, but he allowed the elevator door to close without making eye contact with her.

Victoria marched into Victor's office, slamming the door behind her. She told Victor that she had just lied to the man she loved -- about a vial of perfume. She shouted, "Dad, it's not our product!" Victor said that Victoria needed to separate "business from personal." Victoria said she was sick of hearing that. Angrily, Victor told her that espionage was part of the corporate world, whether or not Victoria liked it. He wondered if she thought he had built his "empire" without stepping on a few toes. Victoria calmly replied, "If this is how we do business, then count me out. I don't want any part of it."

Victor told Victoria that working in the corporate world involved making difficult decisions and that Stitch would understand. Victoria said that she would never understand. Victor said that Victoria would change her mind once the profits from the new fragrance began rolling in.

Victoria said she could neither work nor live "like this" -- and she wasn't going to allow her children to "live like this" either. Victoria stared her father down and told him that if "this is the way things are gonna be," she would raise Katie as an Abbott -- and Katie was going to be christened Katherine Rose Abbott. Victoria said the whole family would be at the christening -- everyone but Victor.

Through clenched teeth, Victoria told Victor that unless he gave the sample back to Ashley and called off the Environmental Security Bureau, the little vial on Victor's desk would be the only legacy he had.

Stitch returned to the Jabot lab and told Ashley that he would never betray her -- not after she had given him a chance to start his life over. Ashley said, "I know you wouldn't." Abby said that someone had to have told Victor that the information Ashley had fed him about using endangered plants was untrue. Ashley said that from the way Victor had been talking, it had sounded as if he had been standing in the lab when Ashley had told Abby that the tree root story was a lie.

A light bulb turned on over Ashley, Abby, and Stitch's heads, and they began silently searching the lab. Stitch found the hidden microphone that Victor had used to listen in. He handed it to Ashley, who dropped it in a beaker of water. Ashley whispered, "Bastard."

An angry Phyllis barged into Victor's office. She informed him that she had poisoned Kelly because of Dr. Cutler's experimental anti-coma treatment. Phyllis blamed Victor for forcing Cutler to rush his treatment protocol. Victor told Phyllis to speak with Jack, who had been playing around with Kelly while Phyllis was comatose. Victor claimed to have gotten Phyllis out of her coma so she could see what had been going on.

Phyllis said that Victor had not gotten her into Dr. Cutler's program out of concern for her -- rather he'd wanted Phyllis to wake up so she could tell Victor about Sharon's "secret." Victor admitted that perhaps it had been a bad idea to rush her treatment. He suggested that she return to Dr. Cutler so he could put her back in a coma. Victor stood up and jammed a hypodermic needle into Phyllis' bandaged hand as she let out a blood-curdling scream.

Phyllis awoke from her nightmare -- she had been sleeping on the living room sofa in the Abbott mansion.

Christine stopped by Paul's office to drop off some files and asked him why there wasn't a file on Phyllis. Paul told his wife that there wasn't enough evidence to arrest Phyllis. Christine, still upset that Phyllis had nearly killed Paul and Christine years earlier, wondered if Phyllis was going to "walk again." Paul told her that there was no direct evidence linking Phyllis to the poisoning, and Kelly was refusing to press charges.

Growing angry, Christine said that she would get a confession out of Phyllis. Paul stopped Christine as she walked out of his office and told her that getting upset wasn't good for the baby that Christine was carrying. Christine snapped that she could handle both her pregnancy and her job. Paul acquiesced, telling her that she would be the D.A. -- he would handle the police work. Paul grabbed his jacket, and as he walked out, Christine said, "Paul, nail her -- or I will."

Paul startled Phyllis when he showed up in the Abbott living room to question her. Phyllis wondered whether Paul's visit was personal or professional. He said that would depend on how she answered his questions.

Paul asked Phyllis how she had cut her hand. Phyllis told him the truth -- she'd lost her temper and broken a very expensive vase. Paul wondered what had made Phyllis so angry. Phyllis explained that she had been unable to get people to believe that she hadn't been harassing Kelly. Paul asked her if she'd wanted to harm Kelly and put antifreeze in Kelly's tea. Phyllis wondered if Paul thought it was going to be that easy to get a confession out of her.

Paul said that he was just trying to figure out what had happened so he could explain things to the district attorney. Phyllis said that wouldn't make any difference because Christine, the district attorney and Paul's wife, hated Phyllis. When Paul said that Christine was just doing her job, Phyllis countered that Christine wanted Phyllis locked up. Paul told Phyllis he wanted to help her, but she needed to be honest. Phyllis scoffed and told Paul that she didn't know who she could trust. Paul said that Phyllis could trust him -- but she needed to tell him everything.

Phyllis told Paul that she'd wanted to let Kelly know that Kelly wouldn't get away with making Phyllis look like a jealous psychopath. Kelly had suggested that she and Phyllis sit down and discuss things civilly over tea. Phyllis had reluctantly agreed. Phyllis told Paul that Kelly had left the table for a moment -- Paul asked her if that was when Phyllis had poisoned her tea.

Jack walked in and warned Phyllis not to say another word. Paul told Jack that he and Phyllis were just talking. Jack said that it looked like the chief of police was trying to get a confession from Phyllis without asking her if she wanted an attorney present. Jack told Paul that without Kelly's testimony or any further evidence against Phyllis, Paul couldn't press charges. Quietly, Paul said, "We'll see." Paul left.

Phyllis turned to Jack and said that Sharon, Kelly, and Christine were trying to keep her away from Jack. Jack hugged Phyllis and promised that he wouldn't allow that to happen. Phyllis told Jack that Paul thought she'd tried to kill Kelly -- and that Christine would never let it go. She asked Jack if he thought she'd tried to poison Kelly. He assured her that whatever had happened wasn't Phyllis' fault. Jack blamed everything on the experimental treatment Victor had arranged. Jack promised Phyllis that Victor would pay.

Billy returned to his office and was happy to see Chelsea waiting for him. She told him that she had run into "Gabe," who had been talking about Sage and how much she meant to him. Chelsea wasn't sure Sage felt the same way about "Gabe" -- she told Billy that she had seen Sage with Nick -- and Sage had seemed quite chummy with him.

Adam arrived the club and kissed Sage as Nick looked on. "Gabriel" said he was happy that Nick was keeping "Gabriel's" girlfriend company. Nick said Sage had filled him about the true nature of "Gabriel" and Sage's relationship. Before Nick left, he said there had always been a beautiful woman to bail "Gabriel" out. Adam was not happy when Sage said she'd told Nick that she was married to "Gabriel."

Adam wondered why Sage had felt the need to tell Nick the "truth." She said that her "honesty" would make Nick feel close to her. Adam wondered what would happen when Nick told Chelsea about the "marriage of convenience." Sneering, Sage said, "Maybe Chelsea will think that you're a manipulative, deceitful jerk."

Adam became angry with Sage, leaned in close to her, and began pointing his finger in her face. Unbeknownst to them, Nick was watching the scene from across the room.

. . .

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