Tuesday, September 20, 2016

At Brash & Sassy, Jill interrupted Billy and Victoria's bickering and ordered them to get to work. Jill instructed Cane and Billy to go over the commercial scripts while she had a private word with Victoria, and the men stepped out. Victoria refused to cut Billy any slack, and Jill said she couldn't agree more about her miserable excuse for a son. Victoria huffed that she was over waiting for Billy to grow up, and she told Jill not to expect her to feel sorry for him. Victoria wanted him to stew in the mess he'd made, but Jill thought that would be a huge mistake that Victoria couldn't afford to make.

Jill said both she and Victoria had seen Billy at his very worst, and they knew how quickly he spiraled out of control. Jill thought the only way for Billy to go was down, and she insisted that they needed to keep him from going over the edge. Victoria swore that she was done until Billy grew up, but Jill asked what Victoria would tell Katie and Johnny when their daddy hit bottom -- or worse.

Cane offered to lend Billy a sympathetic ear, but Billy suspected that Cane loved that Billy was going down in flames, since it would give Cane a chance to take over Brash & Sassy with Victoria. Cane swore that he didn't want to win the company just because Billy was acting like an idiot, and he urged Billy to talk. Billy confided that he was worried about Jack and Phyllis, and he wanted them to get back together. Cane believed that there was a real chance that would happen, since he and Lily had let blame and secrets get in the way of how much they'd loved one another, but they'd gotten through it. Cane thought Jack and Phyllis had a connection that was just as strong.

Billy prepared to go home and let Cane and Victoria handle the commercial shoot, and Cane warned that Jill wouldn't like it. Billy replied that he didn't "give a damn," and Victoria emerged from the office and begrudgingly recognized that Billy was reasonably good at his job, so he should stick around, unless he wanted to bail like he had on everything else. Billy refused to play games, but he agreed to stay because the company and the campaign were important to him. Billy headed to the commercial shoot, and Jill applauded Victoria's efforts. Victoria grumbled that she'd agreed to get Billy to stay, but she wouldn't like it.

At the commercial shoot, Victoria and Billy clashed over their ideas and traded insults. Cane complained that they weren't in high school, and Jill ordered them to behave like professionals, since time was money. After the shoot, Billy remarked that maybe they had gotten lucky and filmed a decent commercial. Victoria questioned whether they were suddenly on speaking terms, and he conceded that the company was a priority, but he warned that she'd have a fight on her hands if she tried to take his kids away.

At the Newman ranch, Nikki was surprised when she saw that Victor was almost smiling, and he declared that it was a good day. She thought she could make it even better, and she informed him that she believed she'd convinced Dylan to stop investigating. Victor said he'd already taken care of it, and Nikki gasped when she saw a headline on Victor's computer about Phyllis and Billy's affair. She imagined that Jack was devastated, and Victor sarcastically stated that his heart was bleeding. Nikki realized that it was why Victor was in such a good mood.

Nikki pointed out that Victor had played a part in the destruction of Jack and Phyllis' marriage, since Phyllis had never gotten over what had happened with Marco. Victor countered that Phyllis wasn't known for her fidelity, and he referred to her dalliance with Nick. Victor contended that he couldn't be blamed for Phyllis' affairs with Nick or Billy. Nikki and Victor watched Jack's television interview, and Victor was proud of himself for keeping Billy away from Victoria as much as he possibly could have.

In the park, Nick greeted a briefcase-toting Sharon and guessed that she'd worked things out with Chelsea. Sharon mentioned that Faith wanted to do something special for Connor the next time Nick saw the boy, but Nick informed her that Chelsea had told him to "stay the hell out" of her life. Sharon mentioned that she and Dylan had seen Chelsea crying at the studio, but Victor had just been there. Nick divulged that Victor was one of the reasons why Adam had asked Nick to protect Connor, and he had no intention of walking out of Connor's life, so he had to make Chelsea understand that he was there to help.

Chloe and Chelsea entered Crimson Lights and spotted Dylan, and Chloe suggested that they go someplace else to avoid his questions about Adam's escape. Chelsea refused to run, and Dylan wished them a good morning. Chelsea warned him not to ask any more questions, and Dylan informed her that he was officially off the case, since Victor had filed a restraining order, and Dylan had orders to follow it. Chelsea questioned when orders had ever stopped Dylan before.

Dylan explained that he stood to go to jail for contempt if he pushed the investigation, and he wasn't willing to risk being taken away from his son. Chelsea inquired whether the investigation was really over, and Dylan replied that the truth was right in front of them. He queried whether Victor's last-minute attempt to help Adam had erased all of Victor's other crimes, and Chelsea understood that it was personal for Dylan, but it was for her, too. She firmly stated that her husband was dead, and she had a son to raise, so the restraining order might be a good thing for all of them.

Later, Nikki called it a surprise to find Dylan at the coffeehouse, and he grumbled that the day was full of them. He announced that she'd gotten her wish, and Sharon joined them. Nikki was stunned to hear about the restraining order, and Dylan imagined that both Sharon and Nikki were happy. Sharon requested a moment alone with Dylan, and before she stepped away, Nikki told Dylan that it was for the best.

Dylan pointed out that Sharon had wanted him off the case, but Sharon replied that she hadn't wanted him to be upset. She admitted that she was glad the investigation was over, but it was obvious he wasn't, and she didn't want it to get between them. Dylan figured that husbands and wives disagreed about lots of things, but lies were what killed a relationship, and they didn't have to worry about that. Dylan kissed Sharon, but she looked guilty.

At the design studio, Chelsea fretted about meeting her deadlines, and she griped that everyone else was too busy telling her what was best for her. She quickly apologized, and Chloe guessed that Chelsea was stressed out after running into Dylan. Chelsea hoped he stopped investigating, and Chloe suggested that they focus on that day and every day thereafter for their own sake as well as their children's. Chloe pledged to be there for whatever Chelsea needed, and the women hugged.

Later, Nick entered the studio and asked Chloe if Chelsea was around, but Chloe said it wasn't a good time. Nick insisted on clearing the air, and Chelsea said it was all right. Chloe stepped out, and Nick reminded Chelsea of the promise he'd made to Adam to be in Connor's life. He teased that his reputation would suffer if she forced him to break his promise, and he hoped she'd cut him some slack. She testily asked if he thought she was in the mood to joke about it.

Chelsea conceded that Nick meant well, but she needed to work through things her way, not his. Nick swore that it hadn't been his intention to upset her, but he was at a loss about how to help. She suggested giving her space, and he reiterated that he was available if she wanted to throw things, yell, or cry, since he'd done all of those things when he'd lost Christian and Sage. Nick added that he had too much experience losing people he'd loved, so he was her guy if she needed someone. He thanked her for hearing him out, and he headed to the door, but she told him to wait. Chelsea apologized for not being fair, and she said she appreciated Nick's offer. He suggested that they leave it at that, and he left.

Kevin summoned Michael to the Dive Bar to be his sounding board about his latest conversation with Chloe. Michel suggested that Kevin consult Lauren for relationship advice, but Kevin announced that he thought Chloe was hiding something huge. Kevin revealed that he'd been talking to Chloe about Bella's dad, and he was bothered because the guy didn't know that he had a daughter. Kevin relayed that Chloe had originally claimed that Bella had resulted from a one-night stand, but she'd just told him that she hadn't told the father because the dad's life was complicated, so it seemed like she knew the guy.

Michael advised Kevin to back off or risk alienating Chloe completely, and he reasoned that if the father wanted to be part of Chloe and Bella's lives, it might leave Kevin on the outside looking in. Kevin insisted that the guy deserved to know he was a father, but Michael pointed out that the dad might end up being like Kevin's father. Michael encouraged Kevin to think hard about the repercussions, since having Bella's father in their lives could be bad for all of them, including Kevin.

Chloe met Kevin in the park in response to his text message, and he inquired about Bella's rash. Chloe reported that it was fine, and she asked if that was why he'd wanted to meet. He stammered that it was about them, and he remarked that he didn't want anything to get in the way of their friendship. Chloe suggested that they end the conversation there, but he blurted out an apology for inquiring about Bella's dad. He said Bella was amazing and perfect, and Chloe was the only parent Bella needed, so he wouldn't ask any more questions. Chloe thanked him, and she commented that she never even thought about the father anymore. Kevin figured there was no reason she should.

At the Abbott mansion, Phyllis agreed to leave Jabot, but she thought she and Jack could fix their relationship, and she begged him not to give up on them. Jack questioned why not, since she "sure as hell" had. Phyllis pleaded that she loved Jack, and she'd ended things with Billy because she'd chosen Jack and their marriage. Jack snapped that the affair hadn't been a momentary lapse in judgment, since it had lasted for months. Phyllis recounted that Jack had wanted to save their marriage by being honest, even though the truth would hurt.

Jack bellowed that his marriage to Phyllis had died the moment she'd crawled into bed with Billy, but she reiterated that it had been over for weeks. Jack questioned what Phyllis and Billy had been doing when Jack had been at Adam's memorial a few days earlier, and Phyllis failed to respond. He told her to save her breath, since he had his answer. Phyllis defended that she'd been furious about Victor, but Jack thought she'd been furious at Jack for offering his condolences at Adam's memorial. Phyllis wailed that she'd felt like no one had understood her, and Jack grumbled, "Except for Billy."

Jack recounted that he'd been happy that Phyllis had had his brother by her side on that horrible day, but he coldly added that she'd also had Billy between the sheets. Jack demanded to know where she and Billy had had sex at the time of the memorial, and she admitted that they'd been at the cabin, but she'd walked out more committed to Jack than she had ever been. Phyllis yelled that Jack hadn't wanted to see her rage and anger, but he barked that she'd turned to Billy because Jack's love hadn't been enough. She acknowledged that she'd been obsessed with having Victor feel the same pain she'd felt.

Phyllis explained that she'd thought being vindicated would help her find a way back to being whole, but she'd still felt empty. Jack swore that he'd heard about and felt her pain, and he'd wanted to help her, but she hadn't wanted his help. He growled that she'd wanted revenge on Victor and on Jack because Jack hadn't hated Victor enough, so she'd found a way to make Jack pay. Jack chided her for going on about the pain Victor had inflicted on other people when Victor had nothing on her, and he walked away.

Phyllis chased Jack to the door and begged him not to leave, and he asked if it was a competition over who'd suffered the most. He recalled that he'd fought to get back because she'd been his reason to survive, and he had done everything to make things right between them again. He continued that he'd been patient and understanding when she'd needed time and space, but the more he'd loved her, the more she'd resented him. Jack believed that Phyllis had wanted to punish him, but it hadn't just been an affair like she'd had before -- she'd slept with his brother, knowing how much family meant to Jack. Jack snarled that she'd known exactly what she'd been doing, and she'd get exactly what she wanted. Jack stormed out, and Phyllis broke down in tears.

Later, Michael arrived to see Phyllis, and he realized from her tear-streaked face that things were worse than he'd thought. He hugged her and told her it would be okay, but she sobbed that she'd ruined everything. He acknowledged that she'd made a hot mess, but he knew that she and Jack had a love that didn't just go away. Phyllis revealed that Jack wanted a divorce, and Michael urged her to talk Jack out of it. Phyllis contemplated whether she should just give Jack what he wanted.

Michael wondered what had happened to the girl who fought for what she wanted, and Phyllis bemoaned that there was no bouncing back from what she'd done. Michael referred to Jack's public meltdown, and he thought Jack only saw one way out because the wounds were fresh. Phyllis whimpered that Jack had done nothing but love her, and Michael encouraged her to fix her mistake. He reminded her that he'd been on both sides, and his marriage to Lauren had healed after she'd slept with Carmine, but it had taken time.

Michael pressed Phyllis to remind Jack of what had made them great together and to promise Jack from the bottom of her soul that her future was with him. Phyllis anticipated that Jack would consider every word out of her mouth to be a lie, but Michael urged her to keep trying until Jack listened. Michael thought Jack was wrapped up in seeing what had gone wrong, but Phyllis had to remind him of what was right.

Phyllis lamented that she didn't know what to do, and Michael couldn't blame Jack for being angry, but he thought Jack was also a fair man who loved her. Michael advised her to give Jack time, but Phyllis worried that some things were too big to forgive. Michael asked what she wanted, and she replied that she wanted her marriage and husband back. Michael implored her to fight with her big heart by letting Jack know that she wouldn't take no for an answer. Phyllis wasn't sure how she'd do it, but she vowed to win Jack back.

Jack arrived at the ranch, and Nikki offered to be there if he wanted to talk, but she suspected that he wasn't there to talk to her. Jack wanted to speak privately with Victor, and Victor assured Nikki that it was okay. Victor invited Jack to join him for a drink, but Jack said he was still on course, and he dared Victor to be man enough to admit that he'd started all of it. Victor denied having anything to do with Phyllis' behavior.

Victor assumed that Jack was referring to Marco, but he contended that he'd been defending his family and company from the Paragon virus, and he wondered what that had to do with Phyllis' transgression. Jack retorted that Phyllis' life had been out of control ever since Victor had put a stranger in her bed, but Victor countered that what had happened with Marco hadn't had anything to do with Phyllis and Billy sleeping together. Victor chided Billy for taking advantage of a damaged woman, and he guessed that Phyllis hadn't wanted only sex but someone who hated Victor as much as she did. Jack growled that if Victor was right, then no one fit that description better than Jack did at that moment.

Victor said Jack's hatred was misdirected, and he suggested that Jack target Billy instead. Jack regretted that he'd reached out to Victor with an olive branch even after the "hell" Victor had created for him, and he thought it had been a joke to expect to find peace. Jack realized that Phyllis had known better than he had that there was no repairing the damage Victor had done, and making peace had been a waste of time. Victor noted that it sounded like a declaration of war. Jack spat that the war had never ended -- it had just escalated.

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