Tuesday, March 31, 2015

At the cottage, Sharon asked if Dylan had gotten any sleep, and he remarked that he wouldn't have been much of a guard if he had, but things had been quiet. She thanked him for staying, and she remarked that she hadn't slept that well since before Nick had threatened to take Faith away. Dylan volunteered to check on Sharon after work, but Sharon protested that she'd kept him away from Avery long enough. Dylan revealed that Avery had been busy with a new client, so it would be no problem for him to stop by again.

Dylan called Sharon a survivor who would always find a way to take care of herself, but he was surprised she'd been able to convince Nick to let her spend more time with Faith. Sharon was grateful that Dylan hadn't pushed to know what she was holding over Nick, and she commented that he was better off not knowing. She went upstairs to get dressed before Faith's arrival.

At Summer's apartment, Summer vowed not to let what Sharon had said on the video get to her, since Sharon might have made up the whole story about Sandra. Summer thought it was more likely than Nick almost killing a girl and trying to cover it up, but Noah pointed out that Sharon had been very specific about the facts. Noah acknowledged that neither of his parents was perfect, but he believed Sharon had been telling the truth, and he thought Summer did, too. Summer wanted to talk to Nick, but Noah warned that they couldn't risk Nick finding out about the documentary.

Courtney arrived and announced that she'd found a police report from the night Sandra had been injured, but there had been no record of Nick's involvement. Dylan arrived and informed the group that Abby and Stitch had told him everything about Austin's murder, and he asked for a good reason why he shouldn't go to the cops, since Sharon had received a message, too. Noah revealed that Kyle had left it, and Dylan condemned Kyle for playing dangerous head games with Sharon that could push her over the edge. Kyle explained that he'd hoped to get Sharon to admit she'd killed Austin to prevent Nick from finding out what she'd said in the interview.

Courtney filled in Dylan about Sandra's accident at the ranch, and Dylan asked if Nick had found out Austin had known about it. Noah insisted that there was no way either of his parents had killed Austin, and Summer argued that Nick had been trapped in the rubble at the Underground at the time of Austin's murder. Dylan reasoned that the stalker had no idea he knew about everything, so he had free reign to take care of it, but Kyle objected to Dylan involving Paul. Dylan barked that the group's lies had caused the mess, and he'd do his best to clean it up, but he ordered them to stay out of his way. Dylan walked out.

Noah said they had to move on and stop obsessing about Austin's murder, but Summer whined that they couldn't stop the person who was sending the messages. Noah invited Courtney to go to Crimson Lights and hang out like normal, and they left. An exasperated Summer wailed that she couldn't just forget Austin had been murdered, and the killer was still out there. Kyle promised to keep her safe, and she was glad he'd decided to stick around, since he'd only returned for Abby's party. Kyle clarified that he'd returned for Summer.

Summer confided that Austin had been jealous of Kyle, since Austin had thought he'd never be able to compete with Kyle's money or lifestyle. Kyle said Austin hadn't deserved her, and Summer replied that she had loved Austin and had believed he'd loved her. Kyle thought his efforts to keep her from being hurt had been an epic fail, but she thanked him for trying. She said Kyle had always been her protector, and it felt like he was her big brother. Kyle pointed out that he wasn't, and he didn't want her to see him like that.

At Crimson Lights, Noah revealed that he'd been thinking about something, and Courtney seductively asked if it had been what she was wearing under her clothes, but he wanted to talk to her about something else. He recalled that she'd freaked out when he'd given her a key to his apartment, and she remembered she hadn't been ready for a commitment. Noah said a lot had happened, and Austin's death had made him think about how life could end suddenly. Noah said he didn't want to wake up with regrets one day, especially when the best thing that had ever happened to him was sitting right in front of him. He pulled a jewelry box out of his bag, got down on one knee, and presented her with an engagement ring. Noah asked Courtney to marry him, and she squealed with joy as she accepted.

At the ranch, Nick said he needed Victor to tell him the truth about the night Nick had passed out and injured a girl during a high school party on the estate. Nick pointed out that Victor had taught him to own his mistakes, and he couldn't deny culpability for what had happened to Sandra Allen on the night of the party. Nick contended that he'd drunkenly dared her to dive from the balcony into the swimming pool, and she had lost her Olympic dreams because she'd spent a year recuperating in the hospital.

Victor asserted that Sandra had made the decision to take the dive, but Nick recalled that he'd tried for years to get in touch with her, and he'd found it weird that she'd never responded. Nick accused Victor of paying off Sandra and her family, and Victor refused to deny anything, but he wouldn't discuss it or apologize for what he'd done. Victor said Sandra's family had thanked him for resolving the problem quietly, and he thought Nick should thank him for protecting Nick's future. Nick barked that Victor had bought and paid for it, and Victor huffed that Nick would have done the same thing for his own children.

Nick blasted Victor for letting a young girl take the blame for something that had been Nick's fault, but Victor contended that he'd taken care of the Allen family for the rest of their lives to save Nick's future. Nick grumbled that it had been a future he hadn't deserved, and he resented Victor for making the choice for him. Nick explained that Sharon had told him what had happened, since she'd been hiding and listening on the night in question, and he fretted that Sharon would always have a hold over him. Victor advised Nick to forget their conversation, but Nick retorted that he'd never be able to forget the truth, and he walked out.

Nick and Faith entered the cottage, and Faith chirped that her dad had told her she'd get to spend an extra day with Sharon every week. Sharon suggested that they play a game after Faith finished her homework, and Faith ran upstairs. Sharon swore Nick wouldn't regret it, but he griped that he already did, and he was considering going to the authorities and telling the truth. Sharon cautioned that he'd stand to lose custody completely, and Nick angrily questioned whether Sharon would do that to Faith, but Sharon countered that he'd done it by keeping her from their daughter. Sharon thought their arrangement worked, and she suggested they keep the truth to themselves.

There was a knock at the door, and Faith ran to answer it. Faith was thrilled to see Dylan, and she offered him some cookies. Sharon led Faith to the kitchen, and Nick observed that Dylan had been spending lot of time there lately. Dylan claimed he'd been helping Sharon move some things around the house, and Nick admitted he was uncomfortable leaving Faith there. Dylan was sure Sharon would never hurt Faith, and Nick remarked that he had no choice but to hope Dylan was right.

Faith played the Game of Life with Sharon and Dylan, and she turned up a card to buy a house, but Dylan questioned how she could buy a house with no job. Faith declared that her grandpa had said she could buy anything she wanted, and Sharon went to the kitchen to take the cookies out of the oven. Dylan resumed playing the game, and he lost a turn when his car was stuck in the woods. Faith innocently compared it to how her mom's car had been stuck on the night of the snowstorm, and Dylan mentioned that they'd skidded off the road. Faith revealed that she and Sharon had driven through the woods before that.

Adam asked what Sage was doing at Jabot, and she informed him that Mr. Tipton had called to find out when they were moving back into their apartment, since other tenants had already resumed living in the building. Sage testily assured Adam that she hadn't told Mr. Tipton that Adam had bribed a contractor to slow down the repairs, and he roughly led her into an office and ordered her to keep her voice down. He divulged that he was more concerned about something else that had fallen into his lap, but he thought he could use it to his advantage.

At the Athletic Club, Nikki and Victoria passed by Chelsea and Billy's table, and Victoria congratulated the couple on their engagement. Nikki and Victoria sat down at their own table, and Nikki thought the encounter hadn't been easy for Victoria. Victoria insisted that she was in a good place with Billy, and she contended that a solid relationship was good for both Billy and their kids. Meanwhile, Chelsea wondered if they should have mentioned that the wedding was on hold, and Billy recalled that Gabriel had practically danced a jig when he'd heard the news.

Chelsea asked if Billy was truly okay with not rushing to the altar, and he held up a glass of orange juice and toasted to waiting. He answered a call from Gabriel, who asked if Chelsea was there with Billy, since they both needed to tend to an emergency at Jabot right away. Billy was irritated when Gabriel abruptly hung up, but he figured he and Chelsea should go to the office in case there really was a problem. She was disappointed that they had to forego their romantic breakfast, and Billy suspected that had been the point of Gabriel's call.

Billy and Chelsea headed out, and Nikki was glad the couple would no longer be a distraction for Victoria. Victoria admitted their engagement bothered her, but she pledged to move on, starting with not making Billy a topic of conversation. Victoria said she'd rather talk about Nikki, and Nikki assumed it was Victoria's subtle way of asking if she'd been drinking, but she swore she'd been clean and sober. Nikki added that she was trying not to let Victor's shenanigans get to her, since he wouldn't give up until he got what he wanted, and she worried about how far he'd go to get it.

Victoria was certain Jack wouldn't let go of his family's company, and Nikki divulged that Victor expected Jack to eventually beg for Victor's help, but Victor would demand everything Jack had in return. Both women believed Victor was planning something, and they worried that the war would start all over again. Victoria disclosed that her father had asked her to gather information on Jabot, and Nikki found it stressful when he did things like that. Victoria encouraged Nikki not to let Victor's actions affect her, but Nikki thought it would be easier if she knew what he was up to.

Sage condescendingly recognized that Adam's entire life was about getting back together with Chelsea, but she stressed that they had to get their stories straight for Mr. Tipton. Adam argued that Sage's affair with Nick would send up more red flags than not moving back into their apartment, and he advised her not to do anything stupid. Billy and Chelsea entered, and Sage made a quick exit. Adam explained that Jack was dealing with Kelly's death, so he'd thought Billy could handle the emergency, especially since Billy's ex-wife might have been involved. Adam revealed that someone had hacked into Jabot's mainframe, and Billy doubted Victoria had done it, but Adam suspected Victoria knew who had.

Adam explained that the hacker had accessed sensitive files, including Chelsea's latest designs. Billy thought the incident smelled like Victor, and Adam vowed not to let Victor get away with it. Chelsea thought it was clear Victoria's loyalty was to her father, and Billy planned to talk to Victoria. Billy thanked Gabriel for giving him the information, and he left. Adam said he should have known it had been Victor, and Chelsea worried that the attack had dredged up painful memories of Gabriel's father losing the family business.

Adam growled that Victor had stolen the Binghams' company, and he'd destroyed a man in the process. Chelsea was sure Victor regretted it, but Adam countered that Victor never regretted anything, and he wished he'd figured out sooner how cold and heartless Victor was. Chelsea assumed that Gabriel had loved his father, and Adam remarked that he'd thought he and his dad would work together one day, but he'd realized what a "son of a bitch" his father had been.

Adam instructed someone on the phone to call him when the passwords had been reset, and Chelsea realized he was determined to protect Jabot. Adam said he'd learned how to play dirty from the master, and Chelsea pointed out that he didn't really talk about his father. Adam called it a complicated relationship, and Chelsea empathized. Adam noted that Billy hadn't run after Chelsea had told him she needed more time to get over Adam, and he imagined Billy had been relieved to have time to work through his own issues, since he'd noticed how quickly Billy had jumped to Victoria's defense.

Chelsea thought it was logical that Billy would defend the mother of his children, and Adam half-heartedly agreed. Chelsea insisted that Victoria wasn't the reason Billy had wanted to postpone the wedding, and Adam said they were smart not rush into marriage. Chelsea decided to check on Billy and Victoria, and Adam was sure they'd find out Victor had been behind the hacking incident. Chelsea said it was far from over if that turned out to be the case, since Victor didn't stop until he got what he wanted. "And that runs in the family," Adam said to himself with a smirk.

At the Athletic Club, Victoria was surprised when Billy told her about the security breach, and he said he had reason to believe Victor had been behind it. Billy asked Victoria to find out if he was right, but she refused to spy for him, and she worried that a war between their families would hurt a lot of people. Billy vowed to put a stop to it if he found out Victor was going after Jack, and Victoria complained that it wasn't fair of him to use her feelings for him. She added that it would be easier if she could hate Billy, but she never could, and he replied that he couldn't ever hate her, either.

Victoria asked if Billy honestly believed she'd had nothing to do with the breach, and he assured her that he knew she'd never do anything to hurt him or his family. She realized that he still suspected Victor, and Billy refused to back down if Victor wanted a war. Billy and Victoria declared a truce between themselves, and they shook hands. He joked that they should be careful to avoid a repeat of the night before. "What happened last night?" Chelsea asked as she walked through the door.

At the Underground construction site, Nick read an article online about Sandra's "last dive," and he threw his computer across the room. Sage entered and remarked that he'd spent a lot of money to put the place back together, but he snapped that money couldn't fix everything. She asked what was going on, and he testily wondered why she cared, since he was just the next entitled guy she'd latched on to. She replied that she'd thought she'd wanted the same thing he had, but apparently, she'd been wrong. Sage started to storm out, but Nick called after her.

Nick apologized for being a jerk, and he promised he'd never talk to Sage that way again. He swore he hadn't meant what he'd said, and she admitted that she was with him because she wanted a refuge from secrets and lies, so she'd chosen to be with a nice, decent guy. Nick said he had his secrets, and he was just waiting for someone to use them against him. She asked if that had been why he'd been upset, and he replied that he didn't know who to trust anymore. Sage swore he could trust her, and they hugged.

Victor sent a text message to someone with instructions to retrieve some information immediately after Victor indicated he had left it. Nikki returned home, and Victor asked about her breakfast with Victoria. He said he had some business to take care of, and he kissed her goodbye.

Later, Victor sent another message to indicate a package was ready for pickup, and he dropped an envelope inside the confessional. Moments later, a gloved hand picked it up. Nikki pulled out a set of fingerprints from the envelope.

Adam walked into Jack's office and announced that he knew who had been behind the security breach. Victor swiveled around in Jack's chair, and a shocked Adam asked, "What the hell are you doing here?"

. . .

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