Tuesday, February 9, 2016

At Newman Enterprises, Adam thanked Chelsea for not telling Billy that Noah had been the hit-and-run driver. Adam was glad that Billy had a second chance with his wife and kids, and he hoped that he still had a chance with Chelsea. Victor entered and inquired whether they were holding court in his office, and Adam asked how Victor's second honeymoon had been. Victor requested that Chelsea excuse them, but Chelsea announced that she knew everything about the blackmail. Victor expressed surprise that she was still there.

Adam quickly covered by saying that he'd told Chelsea about Luca's blackmail, and Victor griped that he'd cut his trip short because Adam's decisions had left much to be desired. Adam defended that Luca had threatened to go to the police about the accident Noah had caused, and Chelsea swore that she wouldn't turn in Noah or tell Billy. Victor recounted that Chelsea had run to Billy to expose Adam's identity, and he questioned why she wouldn't do it again. Chelsea declared that she was standing by Adam, since they didn't keep secrets anymore. Victor pointedly noted that trust in a marriage was a wonderful thing, especially when a child was involved.

Chelsea said she and Adam had made mistakes, but they understood that having no secrets or lies was the key to a successful marriage. Victor dryly hoped Adam appreciated Chelsea's love for the truth, and Adam replied that he'd appreciate her every single day of their lives. Adam told Chelsea that he and Victor had to discuss business, but she refused to let Adam dismiss her again. Adam claimed that they had to talk about boring stuff, and he suggested that she go home and find something sexy to wear when he met her there later. She backed off, and Victor sternly told the couple to have their private conversations outside the office in the future.

Chelsea left, and Adam admonished Victor for referring to Sage's baby in front of Chelsea. Victor blasted Adam for telling Chelsea about Noah's accident, and Adam swore that they could trust Chelsea, but it was Noah who Victor should be worried about. Adam disclosed that Noah had been about to tell the police everything, but Adam had stopped him. Victor told Adam not to expect any thanks, since Victor had been mistaken to put his trust in Adam.

Adam argued that Victor should have trusted him with the information about Noah's hit-and-run, since Adam would have played his cards differently had he known, but he was fixing things by getting Noah out of the country the next day. Adam figured that with Noah removed from the equation, Luca would lose his leverage, and Adam and Victor could focus on grinding the Santoris into dust.

At Crimson Lights, Noah informed Luca that he intended to stay in town and take down Victor like they'd talked about, since he wanted payback for all the times Victor had hurt the people Noah loved. Noah pointed out that Victor assumed Noah was loyal, so Victor wouldn't know what hit him if Noah and Luca worked together. Luca countered that he and Noah weren't friends, and Noah recognized that Luca didn't like or respect him, so they were even. Noah insisted that they wanted the same thing, and he called Luca "partner."

Noah said it wasn't just about Marisa, since Victor had gone after Sharon and had devastated the Abbotts, and he asked if he and Luca had a deal. Noah cautioned that Victor would go after Luca with everything Victor had, and Luca stated that he could take care of himself. Noah warned Luca to stay away from Summer, and Luca questioned what Summer thought of Noah's plot to take down her beloved grandfather. A man approached the table and informed Luca that Victor had returned and wanted to see him in the office.

Chelsea plopped down next to Marisa at the Top of the Tower bar, and she announced that she knew what Marisa had refused to tell her earlier. Marisa feigned ignorance, but Chelsea said the man Marisa loved was in trouble, and she noticed Noah walk in. Chelsea informed him that she knew he'd run down Billy, and Noah guessed that Adam had told her. Noah inquired whether Adam had also relayed that he'd booked Noah a one-way ticket out of the country, and Chelsea replied that the smartest thing Noah could do was get on the plane and never look back.

Chelsea asserted that Noah's punishment would be living with the guilt for the rest of his life someplace else, and she suggested that Marisa go with him. Chelsea explained that she and Adam had had the chance to leave Genoa City and live their own lives, but they'd stayed and were trapped under Victor's heel. She beseeched Noah not to make the same mistake, and she urged them to go while they still could. Marisa pointed out that she and Noah were no longer together, but Chelsea thought it was obvious that they were still in love. Chelsea said they'd be free if they left, but Victor would be part of every breath they took if they stayed.

After Chelsea left, Marisa hoped Noah no longer intended on going through with his plan to get back at Victor, but Noah questioned whether she expected him to go into hiding like a coward. Marisa argued that he'd be safe, but Noah grumbled that Victor would get away with everything he'd done. Noah recalled that Adam had told him to accept how Victor ruled the world with threats and lies, but he couldn't live with it. Marisa implored Noah to start a new life, but he balked at leaving his family and friends behind. Marisa promised that she'd go with him.

Marisa felt responsible for Noah's predicament because she was the reason Luca was in Genoa City, but Noah countered that Victor had started the war by making a deal with the Santoris. Noah ranted that Victor had "brought down hell" on the people he loved, and they hadn't deserved it. Noah refused to accept it the way Adam had, and Marisa suggested that Noah pay Victor back by being happy with her. She proclaimed that she'd never stopped loving Noah, and her only hope was that he still loved her. They kissed.

At Newman, Luca cheerfully asked how Victor's trip had been. Victor confronted Luca about threatening Noah, and Luca coolly stated that Noah had committed a crime, smugly adding, "Like uncle, like nephew." Luca wondered if Victor was impressed that Luca had made a brilliant move to shift the balance of power, and Adam attempted to intervene, but Victor insisted on handling the situation himself. After Adam departed, Luca clucked that Adam should have been more prepared to play with the big boys. Victor called Luca a "cocky bastard," and Luca scoffed at the idea that it was impossible to beat Victor Newman. Victor roughly grabbed Luca and hissed, "No one beats Victor Newman. Do you understand that? You're playing with a big boy now."

Victor snarled that more powerful men had gone after him before, and he advised Luca to end it. Luca replied that Victor couldn't touch him if he wanted Noah to be safe, and Victor promised that Luca didn't want to find out what Victor was capable of. Luca dared Victor to hurt him, since Luca had left two files with his lawyer -- one detailing the cover-up of the hit-and-run, and the other with evidence of Victor's dirty dealings with Marco. Luca crowed that Victor could kill him, and he'd die happy, knowing Victor would spend the rest of his life in prison -- perhaps in the cell next to Noah's. Victor ordered Luca to get out of his office.

Adam returned home, and he observed that Chelsea hadn't unpacked. She said she needed him to be honest with her about everything, and he insisted that he'd given her the honesty she'd wanted, even though it hadn't been what she'd wanted to hear. Chelsea accepted that it was important to Adam to work at Newman, but she wanted to make sure Victor didn't get between them or the truth. Adam declared that she was the love of his life, and he didn't want to be anywhere but there with her. He added that it was exhausting to think about life without her, and they kissed. She promised that he never had to imagine a life without her as long as he was honest.

Dylan entered the cottage and yelled out that he was home, but he received no response. Meanwhile, at Fairview, Nick and Sharon discovered Dr. Anderson's lifeless body on the floor of the doctor's office with a bloody letter opener beside her. Nick felt for a pulse and confirmed that Dr. Anderson was dead, and Sharon prepared to call the police. Nick told her to wait.

Nick wanted to think things through in case Sage had been involved, but Sharon was sure that Sage hadn't attacked Dr. Anderson. Nick theorized that the doctor might have attacked Sage, and Sage might have acted in self-defense. Nick prepared to find Sage, and a shaken Sharon answered a call from Dylan, who informed her that he was back from Switzerland. Dylan asked where Sharon and Sully were, and Sharon grappled for a response. Nick took the phone and told Dylan to get to Fairview right away.

In a patient room, Patty rocked back and forth and sang to her stuffed cat. Sage softly called to her and asked if she was all right, and she inquired whether Dr. Anderson had done something to Patty. Sage referred to what Patty had said earlier about Sharon being drugged and confused, and she wondered if the doctor had done something similar to Patty. Patty put down the cat, and Sage gasped when she saw blood on Patty's shirt.

Sage worried that Patty had hurt herself, but she couldn't tell if Patty was still bleeding. Sage told Patty to stay there, and she ran into Nick and Sharon in the hallway. Nick became alarmed when he saw blood on Sage's hand, and Sage explained that it was Patty's blood, but Patty was completely out of it and needed a doctor. Nick revealed that it was probably Dr. Anderson's blood, since they'd found the doctor stabbed dead. Sage panicked that Patty had killed Dr. Anderson, and Nick informed her that the police were on their way. They looked in on a despondent Patty.

Patty flashed back to bursting into Dr. Anderson's office, and the doctor had ordered her to leave, but Patty had insisted that they chat about a little baby first.

The police arrived at Fairview, and Nick pointed Paul in the direction of Dr. Anderson's office. Sharon explained to Dylan that Nick and Sage had suspected that something had been seriously wrong with Dr. Anderson, so Sage had become a patient. Dylan realized that Sage's attack on Dr. Anderson and Nick's agreement to commit Sage had been an act, but he didn't understand why Sharon was there. Sharon revealed that the doctor hadn't been who she'd claimed to be, and Nick disclosed that he and Sharon had been there to confront Dr. Anderson about who she really was. Sharon blurted out that the doctor had fallen in love with Nick years earlier.

Nick and Sharon recounted how the book about paralysis had led them to believe that Dr. Anderson was really an obsessed Sandra Allen, who had infiltrated their lives to get close to Nick. Dylan noted that it didn't explain why Dr. Anderson had been murdered, and Paul returned and asked if there was any indication of who had been responsible. Nick apologetically informed Paul that it appeared that Patty had done it, but Dylan said they wouldn't know until they talked to Patty, and that might not be possible. Paul peered through the window at Patty and recalled that she'd been scared to death of Dr. Anderson, but Dylan told him not to blame himself. Paul entered the room, and police officers wheeled a covered body by on a gurney. Dylan led Sage away to take her statement privately.

Sharon assured Nick that nothing he'd done had led up to that moment, and Nick remembered thinking that he'd met Dr. Anderson before when he'd introduced himself to her. Sharon pointed out that the doctor had done everything possible to hide her identity, and Nick recounted that he'd visited Sandy once after her accident to tell her that he'd been sorry. He said that had been the last time he'd seen her, even though he'd tried to contact her again. Sharon asserted that Sandy's family had been paid to stay away from Nick, and even though Nick had tried to do the right thing, they were all still paying for Victor's attempt at damage control.

Sharon lamented that she'd bared her soul to Dr. Anderson, and the idea that the doctor had had an ulterior motive all along was frightening. Nick was thankful that Dr. Anderson had actually tried to help Sharon, but Sharon was confused about how Patty had figured out that the doctor had been dishonest. Nick felt like there was a missing piece of the puzzle.

Sage told Dylan that Patty had indicated that she knew secrets about the place, and Patty had seemed terrified of Dr. Anderson. Sage relayed that Patty had said the doctor had filled Sharon's head with something, so Patty had escaped on the night of the fire to warn Dylan. Dylan recalled Jack passing along Patty's message not to trust "her," and Sage was sure that Patty had been trying to warn Dylan about the doctor. Sage speculated that Dr. Anderson had lashed out at Patty if the doctor had thought Patty would expose her, and Dylan wondered what secret would have been big enough to kill for. Sage remarked that she wouldn't be surprised if Dr. Anderson had been hiding even more.

Paul asked Patty to tell him what had happened, but she continued humming to herself. He asked why she'd thought Dr. Anderson had been a monster, and he wondered if the doctor had tried to hurt Patty. Paul tenderly took Patty's hand and tearfully held her close, and he guessed that she didn't know what she'd done. He whimpered that he never should have left Patty there, and he was sure Patty wouldn't have killed Dr. Anderson without a reason. He begged Patty to tell him what had happened, but Patty resumed singing, "Hush, little baby, don't say a word."

Patty flashed back to blasting Dr. Anderson for keeping Sharon away from her family for months, and she'd imagined that the doctor had given Sharon "crazy good" drugs to make her talk to her belly when no one had been listening inside. Patty had demanded to know how the baby had gotten there, and she'd accused Dr. Anderson of arranging it. Dr. Anderson had acknowledged that things had seemed very real to Patty, but she'd claimed that Patty's cognitive processing had been compromised due to lack of medication.

Patty had realized that Sage hadn't really lost her baby and that Dr. Anderson had taken that "little bitty birdie" and put into Sharon's nest. Dr. Anderson had insisted that Patty had been suffering from paranoid delusions, and Patty had threatened to go to Sage with her suspicions. Dr. Anderson had growled that she'd lock Patty up and lose the key, but Patty had declared that one DNA test would confirm that she knew the truth.

The police gathered evidence, and Dylan asked if Paul had gotten through to Patty. Paul suspected that she'd had a psychotic break, and it was possible that she'd killed Dr. Anderson in cold blood. Dylan reported that Sage was convinced that Patty had known about the doctor's hidden past, and he suggested that Dr. Anderson had initiated the altercation. Paul forlornly stated that there were no facts to back up a self-defense claim, since there was no sign of a struggle. Paul thought he'd deluded himself into thinking his love could restore his sister, but it was pretty clear that Patty was insane, and she hadn't been getting any better. Paul sadly faced the fact that he'd never get his sister back.

Sage regretted that they'd never know Dr. Anderson's side of the story, and Sharon expressed disbelief that the doctor had had a secret agenda while she'd been helping Sharon's family. Dylan thought the pieces of the puzzle didn't fit, and Nick suspected that the answers were locked inside Patty's head.

Patty flashed back to Dr. Anderson sarcastically congratulating her for solving the puzzle, and the doctor had covertly prepared a syringe. Dr. Anderson had explained that Nick had been responsible for an accident that had almost paralyzed her for life, and she'd recovered, but Nick had never loved her or supported her. Patty had sympathized that Nick had abandoned Dr. Anderson, and the doctor had said she'd wanted to break Nick's heart the way he'd broken hers, so she'd stolen his baby to punish him.

Dr. Anderson had continued that she'd then spent time with Nick, and she'd felt the gentleness of his soul. Patty had understood that Dr. Anderson had fallen back in love with Nick and had wanted Sage out of the way, but she had objected to involving an innocent baby. Patty had been determined to tell the truth, and she'd tried to run out, but Dr. Anderson had brandished the syringe. Patty had smacked it away, and the women had scuffled. Dr. Anderson had reached for the phone to call for help, and Patty had picked up the letter opener and stabbed the doctor in the back. Patty continued to sing to herself.

. . .

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