Tuesday, April 21, 2015

In a shack on a tropical island, Jack unstrapped himself from his restraints and staggered over to the door. He whipped it open, and Kelly greeted him, clutching a baseball bat. She clucked that he'd been a bad boy, and she whacked him over the head. Later, Jack awakened and found himself bound and gagged again, and Kelly tended to his head wound. She lectured that they couldn't let it fester, since it could be deadly if left unattended, but she swore she'd never let him suffer like that, even though she was disappointed he'd tried to escape.

Kelly continued that she was doing everything for Jack's happiness, and he'd forced her to resort to violence, but she promised she'd do everything in her power to forgive him. Kelly rambled that she'd forgiven Stitch when she'd thought he'd killed their father, and she was working hard to forgive her mom, since love meant forgiveness and understanding. Inside his head, Jack pledged to get out of there, go home to his wife, and have Kelly locked up in a pit for the criminally insane. Kelly saw the temper in his eyes, and she assured him it would all be worth it once she convinced him they belonged together -- and she had the rest of their lives to do it.

Kelly said she'd a long time to think about how things had been between her and Jack before he'd dumped her for the "redheaded menace," and she babbled about living in Jack's house and feeling like she'd had a family again after she'd suffered so much loss. Kelly thought all the pain and suffering she and Jack been through had happened for a reason, since it had led them to each other, and they'd been meant to fall in love. Jack cringed as he thought to himself that they'd gotten together out of loneliness and desperation, since Phyllis had always been between them, and she still was. Kelly marveled that everything had been perfect until Phyllis had hypnotized Jack into giving up the best thing that had ever happened to him, and she tore up a photo of Phyllis and declared that she had rescued him.

Kelly recalled telling Sam to think of bad or sad events as stories that they could put away and never relive again, and she called Phyllis a horror story that had finally ended. Kelly said the only story she and Jack would tell from then on would be their own, and she caressed Jack's face and walked out. Jack tried to rock the bed to edge it toward a table, and he heard the strains of a violin. A lingerie-clad Kelly returned and purred that their song was playing, and she recalled their first date in the park. She implored Jack to let the music take him back to where their story had begun, and she smiled and loosened her robe.

Kelly cooed that she knew Jack was hurting, but she'd make it all better, and she unbuttoned his shirt. She rubbed his chest and purred that it felt good, and she wanted him to tell her how much he liked it. She offered to take off his gag as long as he didn't say anything hurtful, since she'd been hurt too much already, and she asked if he promised to be good. Jack nodded, and she loosened his gag and leaned in to kiss him. He responded.

At the Abbott mansion, Phyllis wondered why her mysterious, handsome husband wouldn't tell her or his family why he'd hacked into Newman's computer system. Jack's clone amorously chided her for asking questions when they could be doing something else, and he kissed her. Phyllis pulled away from Jack's embrace and asked what was up with his wild man routine, since he seemed to be insatiable since they'd gotten married. He chalked it up to having a honeymoon with a sexy woman, and she admitted that she loved feeling like a teenager with a boyfriend full of hormones, but she also felt like he was avoiding her questions.

Jack groaned that he was tired of talking about business, and Phyllis imagined that Billy and Ashley's heads were spinning because of Jack's cavalier attitude earlier. Jack insisted that he'd tried to set them straight, since he was invested in Jabot's future, but he refused to keep playing the same games with Victor. Phyllis understood that Jack was confident he had the upper hand, and Jack proclaimed that there was no way he was going to prison for cyber theft, but Phyllis wasn't sure his siblings felt the same way.

At the Athletic Club, Billy told Ashley that removing Jack as CEO should be a last resort, but Ashley thought they'd already reached that point. Billy guessed that their brother was still suffering from the aftereffects of a concussion or that Jack was having a midlife crisis, but Ashley didn't think either theory explained why Jack was endangering the future of their family's company. Billy pointed out that Jack had been addicted to pills the last time Jack had put the company in jeopardy, and Ashley thought they should get Jack to rehab if that was the case. Billy noted that Ashley was next in line for Jack's job, and he contemplated whether Ashley was making a power play to gain control of the company.

Ashley defended that she'd never throw her brother under a bus to get a title, and she believed Jack would eventually regain his senses, but they didn't have time when Jack was about to be charged with corporate espionage. She pondered whether it would be worse for Jack to be beholden to Victor or to stand trial, leaving Jabot vulnerable, and Billy asserted that Jack would never put Jabot in a compromising position. Ashley countered that Jack already had, but Billy wondered if Jack had a strategy to beat Victor at his own game, and Jack was just protecting them in case his plan backfired. Billy realized that they were talking about Jack the same way they usually talked about Victor, and Ashley commented that it wasn't a good thing.

Billy groused that he couldn't handle two Victors in his life, and he questioned whether a "mind meld" had taken place when Jack and Victor had been buried at the Underground together. Billy answered a call from Phyllis, who invited him and Ashley to return to the mansion for a belated wedding reception. Billy informed Ashley about the party, and she thought it could be their opportunity to make some hard decisions. Meanwhile, Phyllis told Jack that it had been the right thing to do, and he quipped that he was a slave to his queen.

Later, Kyle and Abby offered their best wishes to Phyllis, who mentioned that she'd spoken to Summer, but she asked how her daughter was really doing. Kyle reported that Summer was spending the day with Faith to distract the girl from Sharon's arrest, and Phyllis hoped Sharon's legal troubles proved Phyllis' fall had been no accident. Billy and Ashley arrived, and Abby sensed that something was wrong. Ashley complained that Jack thought he could just brush off the fact that their world might be crashing down, but Phyllis hoped the get-together would cure the tension. Abby pressed for an explanation, and Ashley confided that Jack had been the culprit who'd hacked into both Jabot and Newman's servers.

Kyle and Abby refused to believe it, but Billy and Ashley explained that they had surveillance footage to prove it, and Victor was threatening to press charges. Phyllis urged everyone to trust Jack, but Ashley announced that she wanted Jack to step down temporarily until they figured out a solution. Jack entered and said he'd intended for the event to be a cocktail party, but apparently, it had turned into his going-away party, since his family wanted him out of the picture. Jack huffed that he was head of the family and the company, so he'd make the decisions, but Ashley argued that his decisions had been questionable.

Phyllis said things weren't as they looked, and Ashley requested that Jack take a leave of absence. Jack preferred to make a deal with Victor, and Billy equated it with making a deal with the devil. Billy sided with Ashley and said Jack should step down, and Jack fired Billy. The Abbotts thought Jack was overreacting, but Jack said anyone who didn't like the way he was running things could find another job. Jack declared that it was a new era for Jabot, and the war with Victor was over, but Ashley suspected Victor hadn't agreed to a truce.

Jack was confident that things would change once he and Victor made a deal, and it would be a new beginning. Billy asked if Jack's behavior seemed normal to Phyllis, and Phyllis replied that she was happy if Jack was happy. Billy wondered if the whole world had gone mad, and he refused to let Jabot crumble because Jack wanted to play nice with Victor. Kyle noted that Jack had always said Jabot was in the Abbotts' blood, and he found it odd that Jack was seemingly unconcerned about Victor. Abby added that she'd love nothing more than to live happily ever after, but she didn't believe in fairy tales. Jack bellowed that they were all traitors, and he ordered his family out of his house.

The Abbotts protested, but Jack opened the front door and barked for them to get out. Ashley warned that he hadn't heard the last of it, and after his relatives shuffled out, Jack suggested he and Phyllis play tennis at the Athletic Club. Phyllis incredulously pointed out that he'd just thrown his family out of the house, and he calmly stated that they'd deserved it. Jack asserted that Victor had helped Phyllis with her legal problems and her health, and Phyllis wondered if Jack felt he had to repay Victor. Jack reminded Phyllis that she'd told him on the plane that she was on his side, and he asked if she'd meant it. "Always," she pledged.

At the Athletic Club, Abby wondered if they were all fired or if only Billy was, and she wailed that she didn't want to lose her job. Ashley assured her that no one was leaving, since she was calling a board meeting to vote Jack out. Abby worried that it wasn't like Jack to play into Victor's hands.

At Neil's hearing, Winston glowered at Hilary when she stated her name on the stand, and she identified herself as Neil's wife. Winston requested a recess, and Leslie argued that Hilary had just begun her testimony, but Winston claimed he had to tend to an urgent matter. The judge said they'd reconvene in 15 minutes, and Leslie told Neil she'd never seen Winston rattled before. Devon approached Hilary and asked why she thought Winston had requested a recess, and Hilary claimed she didn't know. Devon contemplated whether the A.D.A. thought he had no chance at a conviction with a piece of work like Hilary on the stand, since the court would sympathize with Neil.

Hilary stepped aside to take a call, and Winston demanded to know what she was up to. She chuckled, and he concluded that their meeting hadn't been by chance. Winston accused her of manipulating him into bed because she'd known he was prosecuting the case, and she proclaimed that she'd do everything she could to help her husband. Winston sarcastically stated that Hilary's husband was a lucky man to have a wife devoted enough to sleep with the A.D.A. for him, and he hissed that he had only been another notch on her bedpost after she'd had an affair with her stepson. Hilary congratulated Winston for doing his homework, but she taunted that he hadn't done enough to know who she was.

Winston said Hilary was in a class by herself among vicious predators, but Hilary contended that Neil didn't belong in prison, and she expected Winston to make sure Neil didn't end up there. Winston warned that declaring a mistrial wouldn't put an end to it, since Christine had lost a baby, and she'd make another trial happen. Hilary confidently declared that it was exactly why Winston wouldn't recuse himself, but he pointed out that he'd had sex with a defense witness. Hilary threatened that it would take one nanosecond for the news to go viral, and his career would be over. She questioned whether he was willing to trash his future to do the right thing.

Victor grumbled that the delay was a waste of time, and he asked Paul to explain why court was in recess. Paul said he didn't know, but he advised Victor and Nikki not to get their hopes up, since Winston was relentless. Nikki said her heart had gone out to Christine when Christine had testified about losing her baby, and Paul snapped that Nikki and Neil had been responsible for it. Nikki hoped Christine found some peace, and Paul retorted that the only thing that would offer his wife peace would be for Neil to be found guilty.

Lily admonished Neil for making the state's case for them, and Leslie scolded that she couldn't help if Neil was determined to convict himself. Neil asserted that he'd told the truth for Paul and Christine, but Lily implored him to fight for the sake of his own family. Neil said he was anxious to hear what Hilary had to say, and he imagined Hilary wanted to clear her conscience, but Lily spat that Hilary didn't have one.

The trial resumed, and Leslie called Hilary back to the stand. Winston asked to approach the bench, and Leslie joined Winston and the judge. Winston proposed a plea deal, and a stunned Leslie asked what had changed, but he simply asked whether she was interested in making a deal or not. Neil conferred with the judge and the attorneys, and Leslie announced that her client had accepted the terms of the plea bargain. Paul barked that they couldn't do that, but Leslie indicated that Neil had agreed to plead guilty to lesser charges in exchange for two years of probation and community service along with sobriety checks, and he'd be sentenced to prison if he violated the agreement.

The hearing was adjourned, and Devon stared at a smirking Hilary. Lily thanked Leslie, who was in disbelief that the A.D.A. had completely changed gears. Nikki and Victor congratulated Neil, and Victor said he respected Neil's honesty. Victor offered Neil an executive position at Newman, but Neil said nothing more than thanks was necessary. Devon said it was the best outcome they could have hoped for, and he extended his hand to Neil, who shook it and hugged Devon.

Paul confronted Victor and asked if he was the reason why Neil had just gotten away with murder. Victor swore he'd had nothing to do with the A.D.A.'s decision, and he suggested that Paul talk to Winston. Paul stormed off, and Nikki wondered if Victor really had used his influence to control the situation, but Victor maintained that he hadn't been involved. Victor said he had to take a call, and he'd see her at home.

Paul angrily approached Winston, who claimed the case had been going against them, since there had been no foul play involved. Paul demanded to know who had promised Winston something in return for throwing the case, but Winston reiterated that it had been his decision, and Neil hadn't deserved to do time. Paul warned that Christine wouldn't make Winston's job any easier -- if Winston even had a job after that day.

Devon encountered Hilary outside the courtroom, and he theorized that she'd orchestrated the turn of events. He guessed that she'd gotten to Winston, since he'd seen the way she and Winston had been looking at one another. Hilary reminded Devon that she'd said she would do anything to help Neil, and Devon realized she'd used the A.D.A. just like she'd used Devon. Devon coolly congratulated her on getting what she'd wanted, and he declared that he had, too, since he never had to look at her face again. Devon turned to leave, but Hilary blurted out that it hadn't been the same thing, since she'd loved Devon, and she still did.

Neil, Leslie, Lily, and Cane celebrated over cupcakes at Crimson Lights, and Cane and Lily went to the counter to get coffee refills. Leslie sensed that something was bothering Neil, and she asked if he was unhappy with the terms of his plea arrangement. Neil said he was happy to do his part, but he didn't understand why the A.D.A. had flipped. He wondered whether Devon had paid Winston off, but Leslie knew that Winston had big aspirations, and his career trumped his bank account. Neil contemplated whether Victor had done something to blackmail Winston, but Leslie advised Neil to accept the deal as a gift and never look back.

In the confessional, Victor sternly said he wasn't happy Jack's double had returned two days early, and he warned that he wouldn't stand for the imposter to disobey him again. Jack said everything would work out fine, and his family thought he was making a deal with the devil, but he'd show them who the boss really was.

. . .

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