Tuesday, November 24, 2015

At the prison, a guard led Adam to the visiting room, where Adam asked Victor how much the after-hours visit had cost. Adam called for the guard, but Victor ordered Adam to sit down. Victor called Adam a lucky man because he had a wife who was willing to fight for him, even though Adam had lied to Chelsea repeatedly. Victor mentioned that Adam had told her that Ian had died in the fire and that Paragon had died with Ian, and Adam maintained that it was the truth. Victor said Adam's loving wife had accomplished something very few people ever had -- she'd convinced Victor to change his mind.

Victor recognized that if Chelsea's assertion that someone had set up Adam was true, the person who had relaunched the Paragon virus was still out there, trying to take down Newman Enterprises. Adam thought Victor's change of heart had nothing to do with Paragon's resurgence, and Victor reiterated that Chelsea had persuaded him to believe Adam. Victor cited other inconsistencies that bothered him, and he reasoned that Adam wouldn't have spared Ian when the fire might have killed Chelsea and Connor. Adam wondered if Victor believed Ian was running Paragon on his own, but Victor revealed that he suspected someone else who would never team up with Adam -- "Billy Boy" Abbott.

Adam scoffed at the idea that Billy had been responsible for the Paragon recurrence, since Billy could barely operate a computer. Victor thought Billy had had an accomplice who was very knowledgeable -- Phyllis. Adam noted that both Billy and Phyllis would love to see Victor suffer, and Victor was adamant that he needed to strike first, but he didn't want to do it alone. Adam guessed that Victor intended to blackmail him by threatening to tell Chelsea that Adam had fathered Sage's baby unless Adam helped. Victor smirked.

Victor said he wouldn't add to Nick and Sage's pain by revealing that Adam had been Christian's father, and he'd already called the judge that evening to get Adam out of that "hellhole." Adam recognized that Victor had held onto his bargaining chip with the judge for years, and he appreciated Victor using it to get him out, but he imagined that Victor wanted him to help fight Billy and Phyllis in return. Victor said he needed a partner who thought the way he did, and he asked if Adam was willing to do it.

Victor asked if Adam wasn't interested, and Adam replied that Victor couldn't blame him for being wary, since Adam had never been Victor's "go-to son." Victor said Nick was grieving, but Adam guessed that Victor had turned to Adam because Nick had a conscience, whereas Victor was convinced that Adam had been born without one. Adam pointed out that Victoria would do anything for Victor, but Victor griped that Billy was Victoria's Achilles heel. Adam noted that he was all Victor had, but Victor insisted that it had been his choice. Adam balked at stabbing Jack in the back, but Victor countered that Adam wouldn't be going against Jack, only Billy and Phyllis.

The guard returned, and Adam said it looked like his time with Victor was up. Adam added that everything about their past history told him it was a bad idea to go along with Victor's plan, but lucky for Victor, Adam liked a long shot. Victor stated that Adam didn't have much of a choice, and Adam confirmed that he was in.

At Fairview, Sharon ecstatically cuddled the baby, but she was baffled about why she had no memory of giving birth. Dr. Anderson claimed that she'd given Sharon something for the pain during the delivery, and it had probably interacted with her other medication. The doctor added that it had been what Sharon had been waiting for, and she questioned whether Sharon was happy. Sharon declared that her prayers had been answered, and she wanted to call Dylan. Dr. Anderson urged Sharon to enjoy the moment, and she promised that she would call Sharon's family to let them know the baby had arrived.

Sharon said she wanted to make sure she wasn't dreaming, and Dr. Anderson assured her that her little boy was real. Sharon gushed that he was beautiful, and the doctor commented that the baby looked happy to be where he belonged -- in his mother's arms. Sharon observed that the infant seemed strong, and she thanked Dr. Anderson for making sure Sharon had taken care of herself and her baby. Sharon added that admitting herself to Fairview had been the best decision she'd ever made, and she asked who Dr. Anderson thought the baby looked like. The doctor replied that the boy was the spitting image of his father.

Mariah was surprised when Kevin showed up at the Underground, and she remarked that the empty milk carton in the fridge had indicated that he was back in town. He asked if she was upset about the milk or something bigger, and she replied that she'd been racking her brain to figure out a way to get around the "cone of invincibility" at Fairview. Mariah suggested that he hack the facility's security feed to find a way for her to get in, but he mentioned that he was about to leave for Switzerland to help the Abbotts with Paragon. Mariah questioned how Victor felt about it, and Kevin reported that Victor was totally on board. Mariah warned that if Victor had said he was on board, he really wasn't.

Mariah answered a call from an unknown number, and Dr. Anderson announced that Mariah had a new baby brother. Mariah worried that the baby had been born too soon, and the doctor lied that Sharon had mistakenly thought she'd suffered a miscarriage, but she'd never really lost the baby, so it had been a full-term delivery. Mariah inquired whether Dylan was with Sharon, but Dr. Anderson reported that Sharon still insisted on having no visitors. The doctor requested that Mariah let the rest of the family know about the birth, and she abruptly hung up. Mariah told Kevin that she had a new little brother, but she was puzzled about why Dr. Anderson had called her instead of Dylan.

Mariah arrived at Fairview, and she approached Dr. Anderson and refused to leave until she saw Sharon and the baby. The doctor said she'd feel the same way in Mariah's position, and she led Mariah over to Sharon's room. Mariah peeked in at Sharon holding the baby, and she noted that Sharon looked really happy. Sharon spotted Mariah and gestured for her to enter, and Mariah said she'd thought Sharon hadn't wanted any visitors. Dr. Anderson allowed Mariah to go in, and Sharon introduced the baby to his big sister. Sharon said she'd been terrified that she'd suffer the same fate as Nick and Sage, but her son was there, thanks to Dr. Anderson.

Mariah told the baby not to ever trust Victor, but Sharon was more concerned with her son getting to know the people he'd be close to. Sharon handed the baby to Mariah, who marveled at how little he was. Mariah worried that she'd drop the tot, but Sharon asserted that he was perfectly safe in Mariah's arms, and she couldn't wait to see him in Dylan's. Mariah mentioned that Dr. Anderson had told her that Sharon hadn't wanted any visitors, and Sharon chalked it up to a misunderstanding. Mariah realized that Dylan hadn't returned her call, and she sent him a text message.

In Hilary's hotel room, Devon insisted that Hilary had to remember their love if she remembered everything, but she lamented that she'd broken Neil's heart when he hadn't deserved it. Devon pointed out that Hilary had almost died because of Neil's actions, but Hilary defended that Neil's only mistake had been to love both of them. Hilary insisted that Devon accept that she didn't love him and that she wanted to be with Neil, but Devon refused to forgive and forget. Devon called the police.

Devon asked to speak to Paul, and Hilary urged Neil to do something. Neil replied that there was nothing to do, since he'd known that would happen eventually. Paul informed Devon that there was a lead on Dr. Neville, and Devon replied that he'd learned something himself, but he wanted to talk in person. Paul invited Devon to stop by his office, and Devon left.

Hilary held the elevator door to keep Devon from leaving, and she implored him to think about Neil. Devon ordered her to let go of the elevator, but she refused to let him turn Neil in to the police, and she boarded the elevator with him and stopped it. She proclaimed that she'd do anything to save Neil, and she asked what Devon wanted. Devon replied that he just wanted his wife back. Hilary dryly asked if Devon wanted her right there and then, and she started to take off her clothes.

Devon protested that it hadn't been what he'd meant, and she wondered if he expected her to move in with him and pretend to be his wife. She offered to do it if that was what it would take to save Neil, and Devon told her that he didn't want a fake relationship. Devon stressed that he wanted the woman he would give his life for, and he called Hilary his soul mate. He found it hard to believe that she'd pushed him out of her mind after everything they'd sacrificed to be together, and he begged her to tell him that she wanted him as much as he wanted her. Hilary inquired whether he wouldn't send Neil to prison if she shared Devon's feelings, and Devon restarted the elevator and refused to go along with it if she was just doing it for Neil. They exited the elevator and faced Neil.

Hilary complained that Devon wouldn't listen, but Neil declared that he was done with the lies and secrets, and it would be a total relief to be honest. Hilary argued that Neil didn't deserve to go to jail, but Neil said he didn't want to be the stranger he saw in the mirror anymore. Devon suggested that Neil turn himself in, and the men left for the police station together.

Hilary returned to her hotel room and looked through the wedding album. She slammed it down in disgust and told herself that she loved Neil, not Devon. She flashed back to her most recent kiss with Neil, and she flopped down on the bed and cried. She sobbed that she couldn't lose Neil.

Dylan arrived at a motel room, and he knocked on the door. Dr. Neville called out from inside and asked if Hilary was there, and Dylan busted the door open. Dylan introduced himself to Dr. Neville, who said he didn't appreciate Dylan kicking in the door like a "cowboy on steroids." Dylan said he had some questions, and the doctor asked to see some identification. Dylan doubted Dr. Neville was legally operating a laboratory in his motel room, and the doctor warned Dylan not to touch his sensitive medical research.

Dylan swore that he wasn't there to interfere with Dr. Neville's work, and the doctor pointed out that Dylan was breaking and entering if he wasn't a cop. Dylan asked who had hired the doctor to treat Hilary, but Dr. Neville claimed that he had no idea who had taken him to an undisclosed location, and there was no way he could even find his way back there. Dylan assumed that the secrecy had been necessary because the doctor's treatment was unconventional, and Dr. Neville explained that there had been complications, so he'd dropped Hilary off at the hospital. Dylan noted that Dr. Neville had returned to give Hilary more pills.

Dylan questioned why Dr. Neville had risked everything to stay in Genoa City, and the doctor replied that he'd returned out of concern for his patient. Dylan argued that the doctor needed to earn a living, and he asked who had paid Dr. Neville. The doctor insisted that medicine was a passion to him, so it wasn't about the money but was about saving lives. Dylan mentioned that Hilary had told him the doctor was leaving town, and he wondered why Hilary was covering for Dr. Neville. The doctor said he'd told her that he planned to head back to Ohio, but his patient still needed him, so his work wasn't done. Dr. Neville added that he wasn't the bad guy, and Dylan demanded to know who was.

Dr. Neville asserted that his motives had always been good, and he wasn't about to betray someone who'd trusted him enough to place a loved one under his care. Dylan deduced that the person who'd hired Dr. Neville loved Hilary, and the doctor snapped that Dylan was wasting his time. Dylan referred to Dr. Neville's mother, and the doctor explained that he hadn't been able to save her, but he wanted to give people hope that their loved ones could get their lives back.

Dylan proposed that in exchange for the name of the person who'd held Hilary, Dylan would make sure everyone knew about Dr. Neville's work, and he would help the doctor to get a reduced sentence. Dr. Neville snickered at the thought of someone with no authority offering such a thing, but Dylan revealed that his dad was the police chief, and Paul really wanted to find out who had held Hilary hostage. The doctor agreed to tell Dylan on one condition. Later, Dylan called Paul and informed him that he'd found Dr. Neville at the Old Lake Motel. Paul prepared to send a squad car, but Dylan said he'd promised the doctor that only Paul would show up.

Dylan assured Dr. Neville that Paul was a man of his word, and he received Mariah's message, asking him to call her as soon as possible. Dylan called Mariah, who handed the phone over to Sharon. Sharon excitedly told Dylan that their little boy was there. Meanwhile, Dr. Neville prepared a syringe, and he crept up behind Dylan and stabbed him with the needle. Dylan crumpled to the floor, and Sharon heard scuffling sounds and moaning. Sharon begged Dylan to say something, but Dr. Neville ended the call.

Sharon repeatedly tried to call Dylan, and she left a frantic message. Dr. Anderson entered and asked what was wrong, and Mariah explained that Sharon's call with Dylan had been cut off. Mariah joked that Dylan might have just fainted from the baby news, but Sharon worried that she'd heard Dylan moan before the line had gone dead, and she suspected that he was in trouble. The doctor thought Sharon was overreacting, and she wanted to give Sharon something to calm her down. Sharon vehemently protested and insisted on making sure Dylan was okay.

Paul arrived at the motel room and called out for Dylan. He rushed over to an unconscious Dylan and felt for a pulse.

At the police station, Kevin informed Neil and Devon that Paul had been called out on a case, and the men decided to wait. Devon asked if Neil was having second thoughts. Neil stated that he'd been in prison on the inside, and he needed to lose his freedom in order to set himself free. Neil promised that he wouldn't implicate Hilary or Gwen, and he'd take responsibility for everything. Neil bet that while he was in jail, Devon and Hilary would fall in love all over again.

Devon recalled that for months, he'd imagined finding the person who had taken Hilary from him, but it had ended up being Neil. Devon grappled with the idea that the only way for him to get payback was to send his father to prison. Neil said he deserved to go to jail for what he'd done, but Devon pointed out that Neil hadn't meant for things to go that far. Neil maintained that he had to take responsibility for playing God, but Devon argued that Neil had also saved Hilary's life.

Neil clarified that he'd rescued Hilary for his own benefit, since he'd needed her to wake up and clear his name, but he couldn't carry the guilt any longer. Devon realized that he'd have to carry the burden if he sent Neil to prison, but Neil asserted that Devon wasn't responsible for Neil's mistakes. Devon said he couldn't let Neil destroy his life.

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