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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Chelsea and Nick kissed at her penthouse, and she joked that she'd let him in even though he hadn't delivered carbs. He noted that she was in a good mood, and he guessed that she'd found someone in California to talk to about Chloe. Chelsea revealed that she'd flown to San Francisco to meet with the mental hospital's administrator in person, and she'd refused to leave until she'd gotten answers, so she was one step closer to finding Chloe.

Chelsea relayed that Chloe had checked into the mental hospital when she'd said she had, but Chloe had been involuntarily committed to a different place after she'd tried to run down Adam. Chelsea called Chloe a master at keeping secrets, and Nick pointedly added that it had either been Chloe or the person who'd helped her. Chelsea surmised that Chloe had been a good enough liar to get released from the higher-security facility, which was outside New Orleans. Chelsea assumed that had been where Chloe had met an accomplice who'd had the cash and connections to arrange for a fake passport.

Chelsea planned to go to New Orleans to put her bribery skills to work again, but Nick was concerned that she was talking like it was a done deal. She whined that she'd thought he was behind her, and she intended to use every trick she had to get Adam the justice he deserved. Nick asked Chelsea to keep him posted, and they kissed goodbye. She planted a more passionate kiss on him to thank him for being in her corner, since it meant more than she could say.

At Newman Enterprises, Victor was surprised when Dina stopped by to see him, and she declared that it was good to be back. He congratulated her on selling her company to Neil and Devon, and she questioned whether Victor was mad that she hadn't approached him after he'd reached out to her by having someone from Newman phone her direct line. Victor replied that he knew nothing about it, and Dina guessed that it had been a young employee who'd wanted to get a leg up at the company. Dina recognized that it wouldn't have gone over well with her children if she'd sold her company to Victor.

Dina reported that she'd had a decent conversation with Jack, but she didn't think Ashley would ever get over how Dina had left John. Victor remembered how devastated Ashley had been when she'd found out who her real father was, and he flashed back to a distraught Ashley questioning who she was and who she was going to become. Victor noted that it had taken a long time for Ashley to get her life back in order, and he indicated that they shared a beautiful daughter. Dina asked what Abby was like.

Victor said Abby had inherited both her parents' business acumen and her mother's beauty, and he admired that Abby balanced being both a Newman and an Abbott. Dina was surprised that Abby was loyal to both families, but she was glad the story had ended happily after Ashley had lied about Abby being Brad's daughter. Victor asserted that he and Ashley had mended fences, but Dina blasted Ashley for being judgmental of other people's sins after the way Ashley had deceived Victor. Victor had the feeling that Dina wanted him to help bridge the gap between the women.

Dina confided that there was a huge void in her life because she barely knew her own children, and Abby was a complete stranger. Victor recalled that there had been a rift between him and Adam for years, and not a day went by when he didn't regret that he hadn't healed the wounds when he'd had a chance. Victor agreed to think about helping Dina, and she hoped to see him again before she left town. Abby stepped off the elevator as Victor showed Dina out, and the women obliviously passed by one another in the corridor.

Abby was stunned when Victor informed her that she'd just missed Dina. Victor explained that he and Dina had known one another many years earlier, so she'd wanted to touch base to tell him that she'd sold her company and to talk about Ashley and Abby. Abby said part of her was glad Dina had cared enough to ask, but she mostly felt like Dina hadn't had any right to do so. Victor suggested that Abby get to know Dina before forming an opinion. Abby inquired whether Dina had asked to meet her, and Victor replied that Dina had been curious about Abby but hadn't asked to meet her.

At the Ashby home, Cane informed Lily that he'd had no news from Victoria, and Lily optimistically stated that no news was good news. Cane griped that everyone had just needed to stick to the plan, but certain people had improvised. He called it the perfect storm of miscommunication, and he swore that he would have stopped the live broadcast from airing if he'd known that Victoria had decided to show the behind-the-scenes clips. Lily questioned why he would have objected to promoting something that they'd worked hard on.

Cane explained that they hadn't needed to air the extra footage because it had been enough to have Lily talk up the campaign in the interview, but the league had ended up seeing two star players talking about betting on games. He anticipated that there would be bad press and no hockey tie-in, so they'd spent money on a commercial that no one would see. Cane felt bad that Lily had put in a lot of hard work, and she recognized that it was bad for Brash & Sassy if the commercial never aired, but she chirped that she might have other options. Lily revealed that she'd met with Barry in L.A., but it hadn't seemed like the right time to tell Cane about it with everything else going on.

Lily was excited that Barry thought she could do more than model, like host a TV show or act. Cane realized that he'd been out of loop on more things than he'd known about, and Lily insisted that she'd never make a decision without talking to him first. He urged her to go for it, and he gushed that she was going to be a star. Lily hugged him and said he was amazing, and he prepared to head to the office. She advised him to try not to be hard on others, since everyone had been blaming one another for an honest mistake. Cane squirmed.

At GC Buzz, Hilary intended to air her interview with Julie Chen as soon as possible. Mariah admitted that she was envious of Hilary for landing the interview, and Hilary complimented Mariah's piece with Dina. Mariah was surprised not to get a tutorial about how Hilary would have done it better, and she suggested that Hilary go to L.A. more often. Hilary complained that playing nice with Lily had made her skin crawl, but she was a professional who would do whatever it took to get the job done.

Hilary was annoyed when Lily stopped by the studio to request footage for her demo reel. Lily pointedly stated that Barry had told her to start working on it, and Hilary expressed surprise that he'd taken Lily on as a client. Hilary taunted that Lily shouldn't get her hopes up, since success took talent and creativity that Lily didn't possess. Lily argued that Barry felt otherwise, and he knew more about the business than Hilary ever would. Mariah suggested that they focus on their recent achievements, since Hilary's interview with Lily had been a win-win. Lily mumbled that they would have been better off skipping it.

Hilary recounted that Juliet had told her the problem with the footage had just been a simple misunderstanding, but Lily indicated that it could cost Brash & Sassy the whole campaign. Hilary panicked about what the blowback would do to her, and Lily admonished Hilary for making it all about herself. Hilary fretted that people might think that she'd edited the material, and it was the last thing she needed before her interview with Julie Chen aired. Mariah suggested that Hilary have Billy on the show to personally appeal to the public and the hockey league, and Lily thought Billy would jump at the chance. Hilary praised the idea and headed out to pitch it to Billy.

Billy and Phyllis arrived at Brash & Sassy, and he grumbled that the commercial might never see the air unless Victoria saved the day. Billy regretted that he'd joked around with the hockey players about betting while someone had been shooting a video, and Phyllis imagined that Victoria would convince the hockey league to let it go. Phyllis promised that Billy wouldn't have to get through it alone, and they kissed as Juliet walked in. Phyllis left for work, and Billy wondered how an innocent joke had led to things going "to hell" that fast.

Juliet asked Billy a simple work question, but he buried his head in his hands. She offered him some aspirin, but he thought it wouldn't help. He wanted to call Victoria to find out what was going on, but he expected that she was either busy or wouldn't pick up because she was angry. Juliet imagined that Victoria was waiting to yell at them in person, since even if Victoria pulled off a miracle, she couldn't just pretend that it had never happened. Juliet anticipated that someone would take the fall.

Billy pointed out that Victoria hadn't said anything about someone being fired, but Juliet figured that Victoria blamed her for not calling back the league to confirm that they'd reviewed all the footage. Cane overheard as he arrived and asserted that the blame fell on Billy, not Juliet. Juliet told Cane to stop, since things were bad enough, and everyone screwed up sometimes. Cane barked that Billy always screwed up and got away with it, but Juliet lectured that they were all on the same side.

Juliet stepped away to take a call, and Cane insisted on shutting down the post-production work that was costing them thousands of dollars an hour when they might not even have a commercial. Billy countered that they were accommodating the director's schedule, and they'd lose her perspective on the final product if they stopped. Cane sourly recognized that Billy liked to gamble, but he argued that it was the company's money. Billy suggested that they have faith that Victoria would pull the project out of the fire and that things would go back to normal. Cane demanded to know the betting line, since he doubted the odds were even.

After Billy left, Juliet lamented that she was a perfectionist who usually triple-checked everything, but that had been the one time she hadn't. Cane reiterated that Billy should have had her back, and he thought things could still turn around for them. Juliet reflected back on Victoria staring at her when Juliet had confessed that she hadn't gotten the final go-ahead, and she worried that she might not have a job after she'd given up everything to move there from Tokyo.

Cane hated that Juliet was caught up in the mess Billy had made, and she recalled how she and Cane had been able to fix things with Sato in Japan. An unseen Hilary entered the office as Juliet commented that at least their mistakes hadn't hurt anyone, and she'd take celebrating too much over the hockey league nightmare any day. Hilary eavesdropped as Cane said he'd never forgive himself for what had happened between him and Juliet in Tokyo.

At Jabot, Ashley pointed out that it had been nine years since Dina had last visited Genoa City, and she thought Jack was gullible for buying into Dina's sudden attempt at parenting. Jack argued that Dina was the only mother they had, and Ashley asked if he enjoyed getting burned. He insisted that it was worth the risk, but she told him to leave her out of it. Phyllis strolled in and announced that she was back at work, and Jack commented that he was glad she was feeling better. Phyllis claimed that she'd had a nasty virus, and Jack dryly bet that the weather in L.A. had helped.

Jack explained that other than Phyllis' tan, the giveaway had been that he'd tried to have chicken soup sent to her, but the delivery service had reported that no one had been home in their three attempts to drop it off. Ashley testily noted that Phyllis and Billy had said they weren't sneaking around anymore, and Phyllis defended that she'd taken the trip to surprise Billy. Jack mentioned that he'd seen the video clip about Brash & Sassy on Hilary's show, and Phyllis swore that Billy's comment had been taken out of context. Jack questioned how bad it could be, and he and Ashley sensed from Phyllis' hesitation to respond that it had to be bad.

Phyllis admitted that the footage might do damage to Victoria's company and to Billy's future. She blabbed that the hockey league might pull the whole deal, and Jack remarked that it was a real shame after all the resources Brash & Sassy had invested in the campaign. Phyllis guessed that he was really thinking that it was good news for Jabot, and she pointed out that Jack had tried to sabotage the original deal. Jack acknowledged that Billy and Victoria had won that battle, and he insisted that he'd had nothing to do with the latest debacle.

After Phyllis left to get to work, Jack crowed that he had a front-row seat to watch his reckless brother "hoist[ed] on his own petard again." Ashley chided Jack for forgiving the woman who'd abandoned them but not his brother. She thought they clearly couldn't talk about it, and she sauntered out. She received a text message from Victor, who requested to meet about something important.

Billy stepped off the Jabot elevator and ran into Jack. Billy recognized that Jack didn't want him on the floor, but Jack gave him a pass, since he'd just had a very enlightening conversation with Phyllis about Billy's trip. Jack congratulated Billy on the candid footage and remarked that Billy had outdone himself that time. Jack dryly asked if Billy had stopped by Vegas to place the bet he'd been talking about, but Phyllis interrupted.

Jack strode off, and Billy testily asked why Phyllis had spilled everything to Jack. Phyllis reasoned that Jack had seen Hilary's show, and Billy groused that the last thing he'd needed had been to run into Jack. Phyllis suggested that they go somewhere to be alone, but Billy informed her that he had to pick up the kids and spend the night with them because Victoria was out of town. Jack covertly watched as a disappointed Phyllis said she'd call Billy later.

Ashley met Victor at Crimson Lights, and he informed her that Dina had stopped by. Ashley suspected that Dina's motives had been purely selfish and that Victor wanted to try to convince her otherwise. Victor contended that people felt a desire to connect with their family once they reached a certain age, but Ashley refused to give Dina a free pass for getting old. Victor said he regretted not healing the wounds with Adam before Adam had passed away, and he knew there was no greater agony in life than to feel rejected by one's own children and no greater desire than to make things right.

Ashley surmised that Dina had tried to recruit Victor into playing on Ashley's sympathy, and she was livid that her mother had dragged him into it and that he'd gone along with it. Victor acknowledged the damage Dina had done to Ashley when she'd kept Ashley's paternity from her, but he maintained that they had an opportunity to heal the wounds. Ashley asserted that she'd managed to move forward with her life without her mother in it and that Dina had had many chances to reach out, but Dina had given up. Victor argued that Dina had known that Ashley wouldn't give in, and he anticipated that Ashley would understand one day when she stood where Dina was standing.

Victor asked Ashley to promise not to interfere with Abby and Dina's desire to get to know one another. Ashley recognized that Dina thought Ashley's sins could be compared to Dina's because Ashley hadn't told Victor about Abby being his daughter right away, but she'd never cheated on anyone or abandoned her children on a selfish whim. Victor softly stated that he'd never be able to get back the years Ashley had kept him from Abby, and Ashley admitted that had been her only regret about the situation. Victor encouraged Ashley to make up with her mother, since no one knew how many more years they had left.

Victor said he hadn't meant to overstep, but he'd wanted to remind Ashley that he'd been bitter after his mother had left him at the orphanage. Victor recalled that he'd thought he'd never forgive his mother, but it had been very healing to "come to terms." He wondered if that could happen between Ashley and Dina, and Ashley noted that Victor and Jack actually agreed about wanting her to meet Dina halfway. Victor told her from his own experience that there was nothing worse in life than regret, and he reminded her that Dina was the only mother she had.

Abby hesitantly knocked on Dina's hotel room door. Dina opened it and invited Abby in. Abby said she'd been surprised to get Dina's message, and Dina proclaimed that it was high time that she got to know her granddaughter. Dina feared that Ashley had made her out to be a monster, but she wanted to change all that.

On the next The Young and the Restless...

• Hilary declares that drinks are on her if Juliet wants to vent.

• Dr. Harris assures an upset Chloe that he didn’t reveal where she was.

• Chelsea tells Nick that she wants to go back inside.

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