Tuesday, April 15, 2014

At the Chancellor mansion, Jill and Colin marveled that their lovemaking had been fantastic, and she said that she was starving. He suggested that they take some dessert back upstairs, and she said that he could stop with the sweet talk, since she'd put out once and likely would again. Colin asked if she intended to cast him aside after she'd used him, but Jill laughed and kissed him. She declared that she loved him, unless he was scamming her, in which case he could "rot in hell." Colin swore that he'd love her until the end of time, which he hoped would be long time from then.

Jill called Colin a romantic cliché, and she thought that they should take the next step by having him move into her bedroom. He teased her for training him to be her sex toy, and they started to head upstairs, but her phone rang. She insisted on answering a call from Chance, since she'd talked to him about Rachel and the music box. After she spoke to Chance, Jill relayed to Colin that the Rachel in the journals had been Rachel Carlyle. Jill lamented that they'd wasted time chasing the wrong Rachel, and Colin said that they'd have to work double-time to make up for it.

Colin suspected that Rachel Berenson had been a red herring, and he was determined to track down Jill's inheritance another way. He asked for the music box, and Jill said that she'd already looked at it from every possible angle, but he thought that the key was in there somewhere. Jill questioned where his priorities were, since they'd been about to go back to her room, and she wondered if he cared about her money more than he cared about her. Colin claimed that he was a sucker for a good mystery, but she was his wife and his priority. Jill vowed to find the fortune she deserved with the man she was addicted to, and she suggested that they go upstairs, but he said that he wanted something more.

Colin picked some flowers out of an arrangement on the table and stated that a bride needed to have a bouquet. Jill called him a hopeless romantic, and Colin declared that he'd never thought that he'd ever have someone in his life like her. He said that he loved her and adored her, and he promised that it would be a heck of a ride, but he couldn't think of anything he wanted more than to take it with her. Jill admitted that Colin got under her skin, took her breath away, and made her head explode, but they understood one another. She said that she was climbing on board with her eyes wide open, and he pledged that things would only get better. They kissed, and she went to get some champagne and asked him to meet her in the bedroom.

On the phone, Colin told someone that he would get the money, but it would take time to sift through a bunch of useless information, especially with a substantial distraction. He crowed that he was convinced that his wife would lead them to the "old girl's money," and he turned and found Jill standing in the doorway.

At the fashion show, Connie, the stage manager, ordered the Jabot models to finish getting ready, since they'd be on in five minutes. Neil noted that Tyler had arrived with minutes to spare, and Tyler confirmed that he had accompanied the photographer there. Tyler mentioned that he'd talked to Leslie, and Neil surmised that Tyler had heard the news that she'd suddenly gotten married. Tyler agreed that the nuptials had happened out of nowhere, and Neil commented that some people just went with their gut.

Tyler went over the shots he wanted with the photographer, and Abby asked if Tyler was ready for his surprise. He turned and saw her in a wedding gown, and he mused that she was beautiful. He quickly looked away and worried that he wasn't supposed to see her dressed that way, but she explained that it wasn't her wedding dress, although Chelsea had agreed to design one for her. He said that in moments like that, he couldn't believe that they were going to get married. She asked if he had second thoughts, but he swore that he wouldn't blow his shot to spend a lifetime with her. Connie scolded the lip-locked couple as she walked by.

In the Athletic Club office, Hilary and Lily clashed as they went over details for the reception, and Hilary complained that Lily was letting her grudges get in the way of running things. Connie peeked in and demanded to know what they were doing in the there, since they were supposed to be backstage. Lily snapped that they'd be there shortly, but Connie retorted that it wasn't good enough, and she sternly informed them that she'd given the five-minute call. Connie barked that she was running the show, and they had better get backstage immediately.

After Connie hurried off, Lily said that she was tempted to stay to make Connie sweat, and Hilary admonished Lily for running her business and her life based on spite. Lily asserted that she'd run such events for a living, and she suggested that Hilary go pout in a corner and miss the show. Hilary pointed out that Cane was on the road to forgiving Hilary, and she suggested that Lily follow his lead, but Lily snarled that she was too smart to fall for Hilary's act. Neil entered and declared that Lily looked smashing, and he awkwardly added that Hilary looked nice. Lily sauntered off, and Neil moved to help Hilary fix her bracelet, but she bristled. She said that they couldn't pretend that their kiss hadn't happened, since once might have been an accident, but it had almost happened again.

Chelsea searched for Chloe and asked about Esmerelda's dress. Chloe said that she'd had to check it first, and it was perfect. Chelsea grabbed the garment bag from Chloe, and she presented Esmerelda with the bag and told her to hurry. Kevin asked Chloe where she wanted to watch the show, but Chloe smirked as screams erupted from across the room. "What show?" Chloe cattily replied.

Chelsea accused Chloe of destroying the dress on purpose, and Neil appeared to warn them that he could hear them from out front. Chloe pointed out that Chelsea had finally given her credit for something, and she proudly admitted that since Chelsea had cut her out of the show and the business, she had cut the dress. As Lily and Hilary panicked, a seething Chloe asked if her actions had put a cramp in the career she'd created for Chelsea.

Neil asked if they could show the line without showcasing the final design, but Chelsea protested that building up the momentum to a climax would be everything. Neil wondered if Chelsea could fix the dress, and Chelsea demanded that Chloe leave. Neil offered to try to stall the restless audience, and Chelsea stared helplessly at the shredded gown and asked for a sewing machine. Moments later, Neil thanked the crowd for joining them, and Lily informed Abby that Chelsea was working like a maniac to attempt to repair the dress. Lily hoped that Chloe hadn't ruined the show for everyone.

Kevin watched the fashion show on a monitor in the office, and he told Chloe that Neil was tap-dancing to stall her show, while she was just sitting there. Kevin was stunned by her behavior, especially since she'd just apologized for slapping Chelsea. Chloe contended that her apology hadn't mattered to Chelsea and neither did she, and Chelsea no longer meant anything to her, either.

Chelsea rushed in with Esmerelda, who was wearing the salvaged dress. Hilary and Lily gushed that the gown looked amazing, and Chelsea told them to knock the audience dead. Connie cued the lights, and the crowd cheered as the models paraded across the stage in Chelsea's designs. Devon and Neil both stared at Hilary, and Devon and Esmerelda exchanged smiles as she prepared to go onstage. The audience erupted in applause at the sight of the showstopper, and Neil said that it was all for Chelsea, who joined her models for a bow.

The backstage staff clapped for Chelsea, and Tyler said that the Forresters had known a world-class production when they'd seen one. Neil called Chelsea's line the most impressive collection of the season, and Chelsea said that she'd forgotten to breathe, so she was going to take a minute to herself before the reception, but she thanked everyone for making the show a success. Devon hugged Lily and said that it would be a new beginning for the Athletic Club, and Esmerelda kissed Devon and said that she'd see him at the party.

Lily remarked that Abby's dress suited her, and Tyler told Abby that he was imagining her on their wedding day and their wedding night. Devon complimented Hilary for keeping her word by working both the dress and her job for Jabot, and Neil added that her efforts had been very impressive and that she looked beautiful. Hilary said that she was happy that she hadn't tripped and taken the line down with her, and she excused herself to get some water.

Devon and Lily tended to arrangements for their most important guests, and she asked if he had noticed something weird about Neil. Devon divulged that Neil had just found out that Leslie had married a random guy, and Lily thought that that it made no sense. Lily was surprised that Neil had kept it to himself the whole day, and she vented her anger toward Leslie. Lily and Devon agreed to lend Neil their support.

Neil asked Hilary if she was going to the reception, but she opted to turn in her dress and then turn into a pumpkin. He noted that it wasn't midnight yet, but she said tell that to her feet, and he said that he'd see her at the office the next day.

Chloe grumbled that the applause was for Chelsea, while she was trapped in the office, despite being Chelsea's partner. Chloe acknowledged that it was her own fault, and Kevin pointed out that he'd done things that he didn't like to think about, but Chloe had helped put him back together after he'd spent time in various kinds of cells. He said that he'd hoped to do the same thing to help Chloe get back to being the woman she'd been before she'd lost Delia, but it had been an impossible expectation, and the best he could hope for was that she'd heal. Kevin was concerned that her anger was getting worse, and Chloe snapped that her former best friend had called her crazy, so she didn't need to hear it from her husband, too. Kevin admitted that it had been a mistake to marry Chloe.

Chloe wailed that she wasn't even a person, since she'd torn up dresses and destroyed shows, and she wouldn't share a bed like a normal person would. She said that no one would blame Kevin if he decided to walk away, and Kevin replied that he wasn't walking away, but he couldn't fill the hole in her heart. He added that he'd gotten in the way of Chloe getting better, and only the doctors knew how to handle it. She asked if he thought that she should be in a padded cell, and he sadly stated that her heart and her fire were gone, but he wanted her to get better and to have an amazing life. Kevin insisted that Chloe deserved happiness, but he couldn't give it to her, and she had to be the one to move toward it.

Chelsea entered and apologetically said that she hadn't known that anyone was in there, and Kevin congratulated Chelsea on the show's success. Kevin left, and Chloe promised that she'd stay there so that the cops could find her. Chelsea asked why Chloe had cut up their dress at their show, but Chloe argued that it hadn't been theirs, since Chelsea had made sure not to let Chloe near it. Chloe revealed that she'd overheard Chelsea's conversation with the Forresters, and she knew that Chelsea hadn't planned to tell her about Rick and Caroline's offer. Chelsea countered that Chloe had threatened to sue her, but Chloe said that it hadn't had anything to do with business but with the fact that her best friend had left her alone.

Chelsea explained that she'd had everything, but things had suddenly changed when everyone had learned that Adam had done the worst thing imaginable. Chelsea said that Chloe had acted as if Chelsea had taken Delia from her, but Chelsea never could or would have done that. Chloe admitted that she felt betrayed because Chelsea had loved Adam, and Chelsea countered that she'd felt betrayed, too, but she'd thought that she and Chloe could get through it together. Chelsea continued that Chloe's rage and resentment had made that impossible.

Chelsea pointed out that she'd had to claim her husband's body that morning, but instead of finding some happiness at the show, Chloe had slapped her and cut up her work. Chloe defended that Chelsea had fixed the dress and that it had looked incredible, but Chelsea said that despite everyone congratulating her and supporting her, she still felt all alone, and her best friend only wanted to see her suffer. Chelsea contended that she and Connor had needed Chloe but not the version of herself that Chloe had become. Chelsea recognized that losing Delia had broken Chloe and that only Chloe could find a way to put herself back together.

Chloe agreed that she wanted to be herself again, and she said that she hated how she'd changed. Chloe mentioned that in her therapy sessions, she said the words but couldn't let go of the rage, since it was the only thing she had left to hold on to. Chloe knew that she couldn't go on like she had been, but when she saw Connor, she saw Delia and Adam, and she needed to get better so that maybe she could still be part of Chelsea's life. Chloe whimpered that without Chelsea, she had absolutely nothing, and she couldn't lose Chelsea forever. As Kevin listened by the door, Chloe asked if Chelsea could give her one more chance, and Chelsea responded that she could as she tearfully pulled Chloe into a hug.

At the hospital, Michael entered Lauren's room, and she said that the doctor would be back with some test results. He asked if Lauren still felt dizzy, but she replied that she was just scared. He observed that she had excellent color, and he assured her that the doctor would say that everything was great with both Lauren and the baby. Lauren worried that they'd get news that they weren't ready to hear.

Michael pointed out that it was very early in Lauren's pregnancy, but Lauren fretted that something bad could happen at any time. Michael urged her not to start listing potential terrible things in her head, since that would only add to her stress, and he told her to concentrate on how much he loved her and the fact that they were in it together. The doctor entered and apologetically revealed that Lauren wasn't pregnant, and Lauren assumed that she'd lost the baby, but the doctor explained that the blood tests had shown that Lauren simply hadn't been pregnant at all.

Michael mentioned that Lauren had taken a home pregnancy test, and the doctor concluded that it had been a false positive. The doctor continued that Lauren's blood pressure was up, and Michael disclosed that Lauren hadn't been sleeping well or eating properly. The doctor advised Lauren to rest and to take care of herself. Michael took Lauren's hand, but Lauren forlornly requested that he just take her home.

At their apartment, Lauren and Michael heard the news that Chelsea's line had scored a fashion coup, and Michael noted that it was good news for the boutique. Lauren worried that she hadn't been at the show, and Michael informed her Kevin had passed along the word that she hadn't been feeling well, which had been the truth. Michael offered to make her something to eat, but she said that she wasn't hungry, and she sadly stated that she didn't have any cravings. He put his arms around her, and she sobbed that she should be relieved that nothing was wrong. Michael whispered that he understood.

Lauren said that she'd been worried about loving the baby, but she realized that she had already been in love with it, even if it had never existed. Michael recalled their fears about the baby and being parents again, but he thought that it would have been amazing. They imagined how it would have been to raise another child, and she cried that she felt like she'd lost it all. Michael insisted that what they had was miraculous after everything they'd been through, and he felt lucky.

Michael was concerned that Lauren had felt faint, and he said that he needed her to be happy and healthy for the next million years. She replied that she would be lost without him, and they had to cherish what they had because he was everything she could ever want. Lauren and Michael cuddled in bed, but she stared blankly at the ceiling.

. . .

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