Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Neil greeted Hilary at the Jabot lab, and she informed him that she was running the latest financial reports for Dr. Neville's project. Neil pointed out that it wasn't her job, but she coldly informed him that he wasn't her supervisor. Neil suggested that she find better uses for her time, and Hilary snapped that she knew he'd never love her again and that he thought she still loved Devon. She mentioned that she hadn't been able to sign the divorce papers, and Neil asked if she was ready to try to make her marriage to Devon work.

Hilary explained that it had surprised her to realize that she wasn't ready for a divorce, but she didn't know what she wanted. Neil thought she did, and Hilary acknowledged that he wanted her back with Devon, but she wasn't sure what was right for her. She grappled with how to decide what that was, and Neil encouraged her to get rid of her guilt and fear. He implored her to look into her heart to find the answers.

In her hotel room, Hilary looked through her jewelry and looked thoughtful as she took out her wedding ring. She set the ring on top of the divorce papers and flashed back to exchanging tender declarations of love with Devon.

At Top of the Tower, Lauren insisted on treating Jill and Colin to lunch for their anniversary. Jill spotted Cane talking to Michael across the restaurant, and she asked if Lauren knew anything about the meeting, but Lauren didn't. Jill had a bad feeling about it. Meanwhile, Cane told Michael that he wanted to talk about his situation with Lily. Cane contemplated what he should do next, and Michael asked if Cane was looking for professional advice to help end his marriage.

Cane explained that he and Lily had been living separate lives and co-parenting, and Michael questioned what the problem was. Cane said he didn't know his options, and he wanted to be prepared. Michael asked what Cane wanted, and Cane replied that he wanted to go back to the way he and Lily had been, but he got angry every time he thought about her cheating. Michael recounted feeling crushed when he'd learned about Lauren's affair, and Cane asked how they'd bounced back. Michael said it had taken work and counseling, but the idea of having a life without Lauren had made him decide to trust her again. Cane wished he could get to that place, and Michael encouraged him to make a decision.

The men headed over to Lauren's table, and Lauren asked what Michael and Cane had been discussing. Cane changed the subject to Billy's recovery, and Jill pointedly noted that Billy couldn't be happier to be back with Victoria and their kids. Jill asked how things were going on Cane's home front, and Cane replied that all that mattered was that he and Lily were putting the kids first. Jill suddenly announced that she was having an impromptu family celebration for her and Colin's anniversary, and she invited Cane to join them at the Athletic Club later. Cane departed, and a surprised Colin and Lauren asked when Jill had decided to have a party.

Jill, Colin, Lauren, and Michael devised a plan for that afternoon, and Lauren guessed that Michael and Cane had been talking about marriage earlier. Michael said he couldn't divulge details of their conversation, but he was confident that Cane was still in love with Lily. Colin was skeptical that their plan would work, but he agreed to go along with it if there was a "chance in hell" of fixing Cane and Lily's marriage. Jill ordered everyone to get to work.

At the Athletic Club, Devon told Lily that he'd had divorce papers drawn up, but Hilary had said she couldn't sign them. Lily was relieved that Hilary wasn't getting back together with Neil, but she questioned Hilary's motives. Devon grumbled that it felt like Hilary was playing games, and Lily wondered if it was about Devon's money. Devon replied that he just wanted things settled and done, and Lily empathized that it was hard to be in limbo. Devon inquired whether things had changed between her and Cane, and she said Cane still couldn't forgive her.

Devon suspected that Cane wasn't done with his marriage to Lily, but Lily whined that Cane had barely spoken to her since he'd moved out. Devon reasoned that Cane was afraid of getting hurt, but Lily doubted that she and Cane could get back what they'd had after that much time had passed, so she was ready to give up. Devon guessed that Cane would eventually let down his guard and admit that he still wanted to be with Lily, and he advised Lily to be there to catch Cane when he finally took the leap of faith. Lily wondered what would happen if Cane never trusted her again.

Devon remarked that Lily had a better chance of making things happen than he did. Lauren called Lily to invite the Winters clan to Jill and Colin's anniversary celebration. Neil overheard as he arrived, and he and Devon both balked at attending, but Lily scolded that the men should put their feelings aside to wish Jill a happy anniversary. Lily flitted off to tend to the arrangements, and Devon flatly stated that he had nothing to say to Neil. Neil took a call from Michael and learned that the day's festivities were really about Lily and Cane.

Neil mentioned that he'd heard Hilary hadn't signed the divorce papers, and he considered it to be a good sign. Devon guessed that she was hedging her bets in case things didn't work out with Neil, but Neil believed that the documents had made her think about what she really wanted. Devon groused that all she wanted was Neil, but Neil urged Devon not to shut Hilary out. Devon snapped that he was done talking to Neil, and he announced that he was there to save a marriage that stood a chance.

Devon greeted Jill, Colin, Lauren, and Michael when they arrived, and Jill gushed about the flowers and Champagne. Lily said she'd been happy to do it, and she and Cane awkwardly greeted one another. Jill whispered that contact had been made, and it was time for phase two. Devon noticed Cane staring at Lily, and Cane said he'd never stopped caring for her. Devon thought it was something deeper, and he inquired when Cane and Lily had last spent time together without the kids. Cane divulged that it had been a while, and Devon surmised that keeping their distance from one another wasn't helping.

Devon remarked that Cane and Lily couldn't stay frozen in time forever, and he received a text message from Hilary, asking to speak with him right away. Devon wished Jill a happy anniversary and hurried off. Jill resumed a humorous story she'd been telling about being in Hong Kong with Tucker, but she became irritated when she saw that Colin was preoccupied with his phone. Colin sarcastically insisted that she continue with the "Tucker files," and Jill griped that Colin hadn't even been listening. Jill and Colin bickered, and she demanded to see what he'd been doing on his phone, since it had probably been something illicit. He rolled his eyes and questioned if she'd ever trust him, and she ranted that he'd given her a million reasons not to. Lily declared that it was enough, and Cane reminded the couple that it was their anniversary.

Neil commented that Jill and Colin's only problem was that they were too much alike, and Michael respectfully suggested that they get over it. Jill huffed that she was through with Colin, and Lauren recounted all the times she'd begged Jill to walk away from him, but Jill had refused because the two of them worked together. Lily and Cane exchanged a glance. Lauren said no marriage was perfect, but she implored Jill and Colin to remember their chemistry instead of fighting about it.

Colin and Jill began bantering again, and Cane intervened and noted that his father had been miserable for decades because Colin had been married to the wrong person. Cane continued that Jill made Colin happy because she loved him in spite of his character flaws, and Colin loved her despite hers. Cane pointedly stated that what they had was real, and it was all that mattered in the end. Colin agreed, and he and Jill declared their love and kissed. Lily crossed over to Cane and complimented his speech, and he suggested that they go somewhere to talk in private. She responded that she wanted that more than anything, and they left together. The rest of the group peered after them and grinned.

The group toasted, and Jill commended everyone's outstanding performances. Michael hoped Lily and Cane were reconciling, and Colin suggested that he and Jill leave for a more intimate celebration. Michael amorously told Lauren that he wouldn't mind heading home himself, and Neil proposed one last toast to Jill and Colin. Neil added that the right people had gotten back together, so their mission had been accomplished. The couples headed out, leaving Neil alone. He sipped his water but stared at the half-full Champagne flutes. He picked up a Champagne glass and swallowed the rest of its contents.

In a suite, Cane said he didn't know where to start, and Lily told him just to say it, whether it was good or bad. He blurted out that he'd missed her, and she smiled and said she'd missed him, too. They kissed passionately and began to disrobe one another.

Devon arrived at Hilary's room, and she said she'd summoned him about why she hadn't signed the divorce papers. He expected her to say that she loved Neil, but Hilary proclaimed that she wanted to be with Devon. Devon said he'd waited a long time to hear Hilary say that, but he wondered if she was still confused. Hilary recognized that her decision seemed to be sudden, but she'd remembered what they'd had. Devon spat that she'd just slept with his father, but he was clearly affected when Hilary touched his arm and pleaded that she'd almost died.

Hilary explained that she'd been disgusted by the lies she'd told, and she hadn't been able to escape the guilt she'd felt about her affair with Devon, so she'd tried to reset her life to fix everything she'd broken. She continued that she'd realized that she'd never set out to hurt Neil, and she'd only cheated because she'd loved Devon. She apologized for hurting Devon, and she begged him to give her one more chance. Devon said he was glad that Hilary had found some clarity, but he couldn't do it again, and he walked out. Hilary crumpled onto the couch, devastated.

At Fairview, Dr. Anderson asked how Sage was feeling, and Sage testily wondered how she was supposed to feel. Sage said she hated being there, but she claimed that she was also relieved, since she'd been thinking about how angry she'd been at Nick and Dr. Anderson. Sage continued that she'd told herself that they were the problem and that she didn't need help, but three doctors thought she did. Sage recognized that she'd never apologized to Dr. Anderson for attacking her, and she said she was sorry. Dr. Anderson pointed out that they both knew Sage didn't mean it.

Sage swore that she regretted attacking Dr. Anderson, and the doctor recognized that taking responsibility and expressing sincere remorse were good first steps, but she stated that Sage wasn't ready to leave. Sage said she was scared because she needed to be there, but she was even more scared about how out of control she'd been. Dr. Anderson referred to Sage's belief that the doctor was conspiring to have Nick for herself, and Sage noted that it "sure as hell" looked that way. Sage quickly apologized, and Dr. Anderson assured her that they'd work though all of it, but they had to learn to start trusting one another. Sage pledged to do everything she could to earn the doctor's trust.

Sage asked if she was crazy, but Dr. Anderson said Sage was simply grief-stricken over the loss of a child, and that grief had evolved into paranoia and delusion. Sage wailed that all she'd wanted had been a family, but she'd never be a mother, and she thought Nick no longer wanted her. Dr. Anderson recommended that Sage maintain a distance from Nick and concentrate on getting well. Dr. Anderson added that Sage should consider what she wanted to do after she left Fairview, and Sage wondered if the doctor thought she should leave town. Dr. Anderson declared that it would be great for Sage to get a fresh start, and she stepped out to get a written test for Sage to take for further assessment.

At Crimson Lights, Faith handed Sharon a card for Nick to give to Sage, showing before and after drawings of a sad Sage becoming happy. Nick approached, and Faith explained that she'd made it because Sage was sick and might not be home for a while. Nick sent Faith to the counter to get some hot chocolate, and he asked why Sharon had told Faith that Sage was sick. Sharon defended that she hadn't gone into details about Sage's arrest, but their daughter had had questions, and Faith knew that Sharon had done well at Fairview. Nick mumbled that Sage wasn't in as much trouble as Sharon thought, and Sharon asked what was going on with him.

Nick informed Sharon that Sage was working through her problems with Dr. Anderson's help, but Sharon pointed out that Sage couldn't stand the doctor. Nick claimed that it had been part of the problem, but he reasoned that Dr. Anderson already knew them, so she could help Sage get better faster. Sage covertly called Nick from Dr. Anderson's office, and she relayed that the doctor's advice had been for Sage to break up with Nick and leave town. Sage was convinced that Dr. Anderson wanted him, and she hoped to find more information about the doctor's past, but she needed time alone in the office. Sage asked if Nick would help her, and he told her to consider it done.

Nick told Sharon and Faith that he had to take off, and he reminded Faith about a sleepover the next night at his place. He stepped out to the patio and called Dr. Anderson, and he asked if they could meet right away at Top of the Tower. She assumed that it was for an update on Sage's case, but Nick said he wanted to talk about him and Dr. Anderson. The doctor said she'd be on her way shortly, and she asked an orderly to escort Sage to her room after she was done with the written test.

Sage completed the forms, and the orderly prepared to walk her back to her room. They entered the hallway, and a patient bolted past them. The orderly chased after him, and Sage ducked back into the office. Sage searched Dr. Anderson's shelves, and she found a book about living with paralysis. She flipped through the pages, and her eyes widened.

Later, Sharon bundled up Sully to leave the coffeehouse, and she imagined that his big sister would love to sing his favorite song on the way home. Sharon looked over at a sullen Faith and asked if the girl was ready to go, but Faith shook her head. Sharon asked what was wrong, and Faith declared that she didn't want to go back to her daddy's house -- she wanted to live with Sharon, Dylan, and Sully.

At Top of the Tower, Dr. Anderson told Nick that it had made a difference for Sage to be away from the pressures of the outside world, and she reported that Sage seemed open to treatment. Nick said he couldn't stop worrying, since the situation had gotten complicated. Dr. Anderson questioned whether that was because she and Nick had become close, and she asked if he had second thoughts about her being Sage's doctor. Nick imagined it was difficult for Dr. Anderson, given Sage's outrageous suspicions, and the doctor offered to withdraw from the case.

Nick asserted that he trusted Dr. Anderson, and he selfishly wanted her to treat Sage because the doctor understood him. He noted that Dr. Anderson had been compassionate even after Sage had attacked her, and he knew Dr. Anderson was willing to do whatever she could to help Sage. Dr. Anderson said it was just as important for her to help him. Nick countered that he'd been through tough times before, and he could take care of himself.

Dr. Anderson cooed that she hated watching Nick suffer, since the women he'd been with had treated him badly, and he deserved better. Nick conceded that he'd also made his share of mistakes, but the doctor said she couldn't blame him for the choices he'd made, since he was a genuinely good man. Nick wondered why she would say that, and she replied that she cared for him. Dr. Anderson planted a kiss on Nick.

. . .

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