Tuesday, September 30, 2014

At the police station, various residents of Genoa City sat in adjoining holding cells, with the men in one and the women in another. Stitch complained that the stress wasn't good for Victoria's baby, and Michael blamed Neil for getting him into the predicament. Detective Harding appeared and asked if Kevin had taught the first-timers how to behave in prison, and he announced that the bail hearing wouldn't take place until the morning, so they were all stuck with one another. Drunken protests echoed through the holding cell, and Nick grinned. Noah asked what his father was happy about, and Nick turned around and exchanged a smile with Sharon through the bars.

Six hours earlier, Nick opened his front door, but no one was there, and suddenly, someone threw a bag over his head. Meanwhile, a bikini-clad Sharon descended the stairs and called out to Nick as she pranced around in the skimpy outfit. There was a knock at the door, and Sharon expected it to be Nick, but Abby, Summer, and Victoria yelled, "Surprise!" Sharon asked where Nick was, and Victoria assured her that he was in good hands. Abby instructed Sharon to go put on something cute and less revealing, and Summer squealed that it was Sharon's bachelorette party. Sharon ran upstairs to change, while Phyllis peered in through the window.

Once the house was empty, Phyllis discovered the extra key outside and let herself in. She stared at the family photos on the mantel, and she sat down at the desk and started to write a letter to Nick. The pen ran out of ink, and she opened the wooden box on the desk and found Sharon's traffic violation notice. Phyllis noticed the document's date, and she clasped her hand over her mouth. She replaced the traffic ticket and stared at a photo of Nick, Sharon, and Faith.

At the Athletic Club, Ashley suggested that she and Stitch try some compounds that had been rejected earlier in development, since the initial concepts had been tweaked. She noticed he was distracted, and she called the desired scent a combination of wet dog and old gym socks. Stitch apologized for not listening, and Ashley reiterated that they might have to work late to get the product to market, especially if there was a threat of corporate espionage. He promised to figure out the formula, but he thought it was distracting to work there, since he never knew who would walk in. Ashley offered to go to the office, but Stitch replied that he knew of someplace inspirational.

Lily ran to the bar and exclaimed to Cane that he'd never believe something, and he amorously guessed that she was about to tell him how attracted she was to him. She informed him that housekeeping had mentioned that Devon had claimed a room, and it hadn't been for a business meeting. Cane asserted that it didn't mean anything, but Lily wished she knew who the girl involved was. Cane reported that the nanny had said the kids were almost ready for bed, and Lily planned to be done early enough to tuck them in.

Nick found himself in the back of a van, surrounded by his friends, and Noah teased him for being scared, but Nick defended that he'd heard Noah calling him "Dad." Nick added that he'd recognized Devon's voice, and from the front seat, Neil called it a friendly get-together. Nick wondered why it smelled like perfume, and Neil explained that Jack had borrowed a Jabot delivery van for the evening. Jack welcomed Nick to his bachelor party, and the men cheered.

The men exited the van and set up chairs and a cooler at the Genoa City High School football field. Noah declared that the epic love story of Sharon and Nick had started there, and Neil remarked that the outdoor smell reminded him of his own wedding day and how beautiful Hilary had looked, while Devon squirmed uncomfortably. Noah passed around drinks and explained that he'd raided the Underground's stash, and Nick jokingly complained that he was paying for the drinks at his own bachelor party. Noah said that he'd heard that his parents had been dating other people when they'd met, but they'd shared a powerful connection. Michael declared that there was nothing wrong with true love, and Nick boasted that he had been a "slice of beefcake" when he'd met the gorgeous new blonde girl in town.

Cane arrived and asked if he'd missed anything, and Austin said that he'd missed the story about how Nick and Sharon had met. Nick said that Sharon had inspired him, just like Summer had inspired Austin to have drive. Jack said that he could find a place at Jabot behind the camera for Austin, but Austin maintained that he wanted to earn it. Devon praised Austin's attitude, since Neil had tried to give Devon jobs, and Neil ribbed Devon for inheriting Katherine's billions instead. Nick said that Austin had smarts, and Austin asserted that his wife deserved a husband who wasn't an idiot.

Michael pressed Nick to talk more about the past, and Nick recounted that he and Sharon had owned the coffeehouse and had just gotten engaged there. Neil remembered that Victor had done his best to get Nick to work at Newman, and Austin wondered if everyone had worked there at one time or another. Jack declared that some of them had even owned the company, and he mentioned Restless Style, which he and Nick had started with their wives. Austin asked if Jack had run the magazine with Phyllis, and Nick said it had been complicated. Thunder rumbled overhead.

Austin understood that relationships could be complicated, and he recounted that he and Summer had been fugitives at first. Kevin said that he'd had two wives whose "cheese fell off the cracker," and he didn't know Nick very well, but he knew that it wasn't Nick's first trip to the altar. Kevin continued that Nick wasn't young and stupid enough to expect love to be perfect, since life happened, and there were numerous ways for love to die, but it hadn't for Nick and Sharon. Kevin added that despite constantly being around chaos and upheaval, Nick and Sharon were in love and solid together, and he toasted to the happy couple. The men boisterously clinked their beer bottles together.

Sharon and her companions arrived at the Dive Bar, where Lily, Nikki, and Kelly joined them. Sharon was surprised by Nikki's presence, and Victoria revealed that the party had been Nikki's idea. Sharon was touched, and Nikki credited the other girls for putting everything together. Lily proclaimed that Sharon was a V.I.P. guest, and the party was intended to be elegant but fun. Sharon called it lovely, and Abby and Mariah rolled their eyes. Nikki observed the cloudy sky and asked if anyone had checked the forecast.

Mariah sarcastically stated that it would be tragic if the party got rained out, and Lily presented the group with appetizers and virgin and non-virgin cosmopolitans. There was a clap of thunder, and Nikki suggested that they get inside quickly. Lily mentioned that the private dining rooms had all been booked, and Sharon said that the party was a nice thought. Summer insisted that they couldn't give up, and Sharon said that she knew of another place they could go.

The bachelorette party arrived at the bar where Nikki had first met Maureen, and Nikki looked clearly unnerved as she walked in. Lily griped that they'd left her beautiful roof deck to go there, and Kelly reasoned that it was better than getting rained on. Abby suggested to Victoria that they hover over the jukebox to avoid talking to Sharon, and Victoria implored Abby to put on a smile for one night. Victoria spotted Stitch with Ashley at the bar, and Abby noticed Tyler across the room. Kelly saw Victoria's expression and questioned whether she was over Stitch, and Victoria and Abby insisted they were done with their exes.

Kelly went to order drinks, and Stitch approached Victoria and informed her he was there on business, but she snidely inquired whether he was hoping for a bonus. Mariah hovered near Tyler, who thought she had enough people to hang out with. She acknowledged that she was almost a Newman by marriage, and she compared her new family to the homeowners she and Tyler had ripped off in the old days. Mariah wondered how ticked off Abby was that Tyler was talking to Mariah, and Tyler spotted Abby glaring at them. Tyler said that he wasn't part of Mariah's games anymore, and Mariah contended that some people changed, but he replied that some people didn't.

Mariah greeted Richie, the bartender, who complained that he wouldn't make anything on tips with lightweights who ordered cosmos and chardonnay, and Mariah took it as a challenge to get the party started. Sharon said the place had ambiance, and she recalled that she and Nick had frequented the place at one time. Sharon called it the sort of place where she could let her hair down and pretend to be someone she wasn't, and Richie recognized Nikki and asked if there would be vodka tonics all around. Nikki ordered a club soda, and Richie smirked when the other women requested cosmos and chardonnay.

Stitch maintained that he and Ashley had just been talking about work, but Victoria said it was none of her business. Stitch offered to tell Ashley he was done for the night, while Mariah begged Summer for 50 bucks. Moments later, Richie announced that he was taking requests, and the first one was in honor of Sharon. The bouncer asked to see Sharon's identification, and she seemed startled, but he began to strip and pulled Sharon to her feet to dance.

Sharon and the half-naked bouncer shared a sexy dance as the crowd cheered and laughed, and he kissed her cheek as the music faded. Richie delivered a round of drinks from Tyler, and Mariah called Tyler a hero. Richie started to hand Summer a drink, but Nikki stopped him and told him to wait until Summer was legal. Nikki haughtily told Summer that it wasn't a good idea for either of them to be there, but they had to support Sharon, and she walked away to dispose of the alcohol. Nikki hid next to the washrooms and downed the drink.

Kelly put music on the jukebox, and Stitch told Ashley that the environment wasn't conducive to creative problem-solving, but Ashley thought it was good to reset their brains with a distraction. Ashley asked how Victoria was doing, and Victoria coldly replied that she hadn't been eavesdropping to steal their product. Ashley conceded that Abby had been protective of the new idea, and Stitch invited Victoria to join him for a quick dance. Victoria reminded him that she'd twisted her ankle, and she suggested that Stitch and Ashley hit the dance floor. Ashley said that they were there for a business meeting, and Victoria flounced off.

Lily pulled Sharon out to dance, and Abby drunkenly bellowed that Sharon should drink, dance, and leave. Kelly tried to pull Abby aside, and Abby rambled that Jack should marry Kelly so they could throw another party. Ashley attempted to intervene, but Abby slurred that she was of age and that she was entitled to have fun. Abby proclaimed that it had taken more than one drink for her to pretend that the night wasn't a disaster of epic proportions, but Kelly countered that the evening had been fun. Abby rattled off the names of all of Sharon's ex-husbands, and Ashley ordered her to knock it off. Nikki defended that at least Abby wasn't being a hypocrite, and she implied that Ashley was in denial.

Victoria asked if Nikki was okay, and Nikki claimed that she was a little emotional because her son was getting married. Abby chortled that Nick would soon get divorced again, and Mariah commanded her to shut up. Mariah accused Abby of throwing a tantrum because she'd been dumped, and she told Abby to take her pity party home and let Sharon celebrate. Abby retorted that Mariah had spewed venom about Sharon every chance she'd had, and Mariah gave Abby the choice to shut up or go home. The bachelor party walked in, and Sharon smiled broadly when she saw Nick.

Nick asked if Sharon had planned the night's events, and Sharon queried whether he had followed the women there. Noah called it a deep, psychic love connection, and Kevin grumbled that the beer selection had been better in the van. Summer rushed into Austin's arms and asked why he smelled like perfume, and he explained that they'd driven in the Jabot van. Kelly put on more music, and the guests encouraged one another to dance. Mariah asked if it bothered Tyler that Abby was dancing with the stripper, and Devon explained to Neil that it had turned into a dance party.

Neil enjoyed listening to everyone having fun, and Jack sat down next to Nikki and remarked that it was bizarre to watch people get loopy, knowing they'd never drink again. Nick challenged Jack to a game of darts, and he asked if Jack hoped that Kelly caught the bouquet. Jack noted that Summer had gained a father and lost a mother in the past year, and he didn't think it was in her best interests. Nick said that he was impressed with how Summer had handled Mariah, who had been lied to her whole life, and Jack pointed out that Summer and Mariah had that in common. Nick became defensive and asked if there was something Jack wanted to say to him, but Jack simply stated that it was Nick's turn.

A man asked if Michael was Michael Baldwin, and Michael replied that he was and wondered if they'd met. The man slugged Michael for putting him in jail during Michael's days as D.A., and Neil blasted the man for being rude to his friends. The man taunted that Michael's wingman was a stupid blind guy, and Neil laughed and said he might be blind, but he decked the man with perfect aim. Nick held the man back from attacking anyone else, but an irate Lily began hitting the man with her purse, and a full-on brawl broke out. Abby and Mariah got into a hair-pulling catfight, and Nick and Sharon laughed as they gazed at one another across the bar.

In the holding cell, Nick told Noah that despite the chaos and turmoil that was life, he and Sharon were still together, and Noah remarked that even jail couldn't snap them out of being crazy in love. Courtney approached the cell, and Noah insisted that it wasn't what it looked like. She informed the group that the half-naked bouncer had refused to rat out anyone, but Richie was pressing charges, and bail hadn't been set. Michael called it the best bachelor party he'd ever been to, and Neil said that it was no small thing to get different people into one place.

Jack called Sharon the love of Nick's life along with his kids, including Summer, and he wished their family joy. Kelly added that she was new to the group, but she'd seen the adorable and powerful way that Nick and Sharon loved one another, and it was reassuring to know love like that still existed. Summer agreed that their love was real and beautiful, and she declared that they were all happy for the couple. Noah started to clap, and the group gradually broke into applause. Nick and Sharon gazed lovingly at one another.

Courtney announced that everyone was free to go, since Billy had woken up the judge and had paid everybody's bail. Summer anticipated that the next day would be fun, but Mariah imagined it would be like the Black Plague. Stitch suggested that he get a cab to drop Victoria off, but she wanted to make sure Nikki was okay. Stitch offered to drop them both off, but Victoria insisted that she would be fine on her own. After everyone else shuffled out, Nick and Sharon remained in their cells with the bars between them, and they smiled and shook their heads.

Nick and Sharon walked up to their house together, and they agreed that the night had been amazing. He realized that he still reeked of perfume, and she suggested that they try to get some sleep. He announced that he was going to the tack house, since he didn't want to jinx anything, and it would make the wedding night that much hotter. They kissed, and Sharon wished him a good night as she opened the door. Nick joined her on the porch for one more kiss before his walk home, and the letter Phyllis had started to write blew across the room.

. . .

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  • Victor informs Dr. Jorgensen that he flew all the way from America to find out whether Faith is Nickís daughter.
  • Detective Harding warns Avery that she canít make the evidence go away.
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