Tuesday, August 26, 2014

At the Chancellor mansion, Jill became emotional as she read Katherine's letter about leaving Jill everything that Katherine had valued. Colin entered and reminded Jill that they had to get to the party, and Jill sobbed that she missed Katherine. Colin recognized that it was a difficult day for Jill, despite Katherine's intent for everyone to be happy, and Jill realized how ungrateful she'd been to feel betrayed because Katherine had left her out of the will. Jill marveled that Katherine had left Jill what she'd valued the most, and she had the letter, a house full of memories, and a treasured piece of jewelry. Jill showed Colin that she was wearing the necklace, which she'd hidden underneath her blouse, and while she knew it was risky, she wanted to feel Katherine near her.

The doorbell rang, and Esther let in Murphy, who thanked Jill and Esther for putting together the party. Murphy asked if they were expecting a big crowd, and he was pleased when Jill and Esther confirmed that they were. Colin was surprised when Jill stashed the music box in her bag to take to the party, and she hoped that the day would help her make sense of why Katherine had given the music box to her. Esther and Colin headed to the door, and Murphy told Jill that there was something he needed to do at the party, since Jill hadn't been the only one who had received an envelope with instructions.

At the police station, Lauren and Michael informed Kevin that they'd been on their way to the park for Katherine's celebration, and they'd taken a detour to see if Kevin was still around. Kevin coolly replied that he'd changed his mind about leaving town, and Michael admitted that he was glad Kevin was still there. Lauren asked if Kevin intended to go to the party, and Kevin pointedly stated that he wouldn't miss it, since Katherine had always rooted for Chloe and Kevin. Michael recognized that Kevin was hurt, but he hoped that Kevin wouldn't leave town. Kevin pointed out that he was still there that day, but he had no idea what would happen the next day. Lauren steered Michael toward the elevator.

Courtney informed Paul that she'd checked the local motels and hotels, but there had been no sign of Ian or Mariah. Paul added that they hadn't been spotted at the airport, bus station, or any car rental agencies, and he decided to broaden the search. Paul asked Kevin to perform a full search on Ian and Mariah, and a surprised Kevin blurted out that he and Mariah had made plans to meet the prior night, but she'd never showed up. Kevin asked if she was in danger, and Paul said that there was no reason to believe that, but he asked Kevin to get as much information as possible.

In the park, Michael and Lauren admired a portrait of Katherine, and Michael mused that things hadn't been the same without her. Lauren noted that Katherine had gone out the way she'd lived, by making every moment count. Lauren said that Katherine had been vibrant and beautiful, and Michael stared at Lauren and called her the most exquisite, incredible woman he knew. He promised that he'd make more time for them, and he announced that he had planned a special surprise. She begged for a hint, and he kissed her.

Kevin arrived and hugged Murphy, who said that he'd been dividing his time between the cabin Katherine had left him and his old hometown. Michael sympathized that the first year without Katherine had been difficult, and Murphy replied that he missed her, but he also felt blessed for falling in love and getting married again at his age. Michael commented that the right woman made all the difference, and Kevin wished that they'd had more time with "her." Murphy left to go over some details with Esther, and Michael inquired whether Kevin had been talking about Katherine or Chloe. Kevin noted that both women were gone for good, and he might also be gone soon. Michael pointed out that Kevin's problems would remain unsolved even if he left town, and Kevin encouraged Michael to focus on Katherine, since it was her day.

Lauren asked how Jill was doing, and Jill confided that she missed Katherine a lot, but she was determined to throw the party that "the old broad" had wanted. Jill inquired whether Lauren's romantic rendezvous with Michael had spiced things up, and Lauren said that it had fallen through, but they were as in love as they'd ever been. Jill sensed that there was more to the story, and Lauren complained that they'd never had to work hard for intimacy before. Lauren added that she hadn't thought much of it until the day before, when literally nothing had happened. Jill thought that Katherine would have advised Lauren not to make something out of nothing.

Kevin remembered being there the prior year, when Delia had made the invitations to Katherine's memorial service. Esther said that she liked to picture Katherine and Delia together, but Kevin replied that he only saw a big empty space where they both should be, and he'd lost too many people to feel whole. Esther reported that Chloe had sent a sweet text message about Katherine, and Kevin growled that Chloe had sent him divorce papers. He testily added that all that counted was what was best for Chloe, and Michael watched as Kevin went to grab a bottle of champagne.

Colin told Lauren that he was excited to be working together, but Lauren snapped that it wasn't the place to discuss business. Colin said that it meant more to him than she could ever know, and Lauren walked off. Jill applauded Colin's enthusiasm, and she expected that they would get the new shop up and running soon.

Murphy praised that everything looked great, and Jill said that she'd just been following her marching orders. Jill continued that she didn't dare disappoint Katherine, and she wondered if Murphy had felt the same way when he'd received his instructions. Jill prodded him for details, but he wouldn't tell her anything Katherine had planned until the other guests arrived then he'd let Katherine tell all of them herself.

At the ranch, Nikki read Katherine's letter that had encouraged Nikki to find her firstborn child, and Nikki cried that she still felt alone as she eyed a bottle of vodka. Victor called out for Nikki, and he asked how she felt about the day. She proclaimed that she was ready to celebrate like Katherine had wanted, and she and Victor embraced. Nick arrived and insisted on talking to Victor and Nikki about Mariah. Victor expected Nick to accuse him of egging on Mariah to seduce Nick, and Nikki was shocked.

Nick reported that Mariah was gone and that they needed to find her, but Victor grumbled that she should have left a long time before. Nick divulged that it was no coincidence that Mariah looked like Cassie, since the women were twins, and Mariah was Sharon's daughter. Nick explained that Sharon had given Cassie up for adoption, and Helen had stolen the second child, but he had no idea what Ian's motivation had been or why Helen had raised Mariah.

Nikki felt sorry for Sharon, and she remarked that she knew exactly what Sharon was going through. Victor warned that Mariah wasn't Cassie, and he cautioned Nick not to embrace Mariah as his prodigal daughter. Nick pointed out that Mariah was Noah and Faith's sister, but he doubted that Victor cared. Nick mentioned that Sharon had caught Victor talking to her psychiatrist, and Victor claimed that Sharon had jumped to the wrong conclusion. Nick said that he just wanted Ian to pay for what he'd done and Mariah to be home with her mother.

Paul arrived, and Nikki asked about the search. Paul disclosed that neither Ian nor Mariah had used their credit cards or made withdrawals from bank accounts, and there had been no activity on their cell phones since they'd left the Athletic Club. Victor huffed that Paul had told them nothing, but Paul swore that the police were doing everything possible to ensure that Ian was incarcerated. Nikki wanted to tell Dylan what had happened before he found out another way, and Paul offered to go with her to help keep a lid on Dylan's temper.

Paul said that he'd keep Victor apprised of developments in the search, but Victor haughtily stated that he might find Ian and Mariah first, since he expected Ian to contact him. Victor recalled that Ian had mentioned that he'd known about something that would affect Victor's family, and he'd thought it had been Dylan's paternity, but he suspected it was something else. Nikki asked if Victor was talking about Mariah, and Victor replied that it was possible, but he was sure he'd hear from Ian.

At Crimson Lights, Dylan wrote in his journal, and Avery hesitantly approached him. She noted that two nights had gone by without talking about the trial, and he replied that she'd been sleeping when he'd gotten home and that she'd already left when he'd awakened. She understood that he was upset with her for helping Austin, but he said that he hadn't thought much about it. She asked what he was writing in his journal, and he remained silent. Avery questioned whether they were going to keep avoiding one another or if they would deal with it.

Dylan griped that Austin had barely received a slap on the wrist, and part of him wished Avery and Paul hadn't let it happen, but he didn't want it to get between him and Avery. Dylan added that he would always believe that Austin should have gone to prison, but he couldn't argue if Austin's victims had supported the deal, and he had to respect Avery's decision. Avery understood that Dylan had wanted to protect her, and he recognized that she'd had to fight for what she believed in, even if he didn't agree with her. He declared that he loved her, and nothing would ever change that. They kissed.

Avery announced that she had some interesting news, and Dylan asked if she planned to run for mayor, but she said that she was busy enough already. Nikki and Paul entered, and Avery asked if something was wrong. Dylan concluded that Ian had done something else, and Paul asked if Dylan had seen Ian, but Dylan hadn't. Nikki revealed that the police were looking for Ian, since they'd found out that Mariah was Sharon's daughter and that Ian had stolen Mariah at birth. Paul added that Ian and Mariah had disappeared, and he suspected that they were together.

Dylan and Nikki lamented that Sharon had lost years with a child who she hadn't even known had existed, and Dylan asked how Nikki was holding up. Nikki declared that there was nothing more Ian could do to hurt her, and she didn't want Dylan to worry about her when Sharon was the one who needed support. Paul vowed to find Ian, and Nikki said that she needed to get ready for the party, since what she needed most was to feel close to Katherine. Paul vowed not to sleep until he gave Sharon and Mariah the chance to make up for the years they'd missed together.

Noah told Sharon that he'd sent Faith off to camp, and he demanded to know what was going on, since Sharon was desperately trying to find Mariah after she'd kicked Mariah out. Sharon insisted that she had to get Mariah home because she was family, and she revealed that Mariah was her daughter and his sister. Sharon explained that her family hadn't had enough money for her to see a doctor, and she hadn't known that she'd been pregnant with twins. She recalled that the birth had been a blur because she'd been doped up, but Grace had remembered that Helen Copeland had been the nurse, and Nick had forced the doctor to admit someone had paid him off.

Sharon said that they had to track down Ian, but he and Mariah had left the Athletic Club, and no one had heard from them since. Nick returned home, and Noah said that he needed time to process everything before it would feel real. After Noah departed, Nick informed Sharon that Paul had said that there had been no word about Ian and Mariah, but Mariah had planned to meet Kevin the prior night and hadn't shown up. Sharon wondered if Ian had forced Mariah to go with him, but Nick suspected that Ian hadn't taken Mariah against her will. Sharon had a terrible feeling that Mariah was in trouble.

Sharon couldn't imagine why Ian had targeted her, since she'd been a scared teen with no ties to the Newman family at the time she'd given birth. She contemplated why Ian had given a child to a woman who hadn't wanted one, forcing a young girl to live in a cult and to feel abandoned. Sharon wished that Mariah had been with a family who'd wanted her, and she imagined that Cassie and Mariah could have been adopted together and would have had one another. Sharon ranted that Ian had stolen a future from all of them, and he'd taken Mariah yet again.

Noah tracked down Courtney at work, and he informed her that he'd heard the news about Mariah. Courtney told him that she was part of the search team, but she'd thought he'd needed to hear about Mariah's identity from his parents. She said that the police hadn't found out anything yet, and Noah recalled that he'd never liked or trusted Mariah, and he'd objected to Mariah living with his mom, but Mariah had been where she should have been the entire time.

Noah recounted that he had been born prematurely, and no one had thought he'd make it, so his mom's best friend had searched for the child Sharon had given up for adoption. Courtney recognized that Noah had loved his big sister, and Noah said that it had torn his family apart when Cassie had died. Noah imagined what it had been like for Sharon to learn that she'd had another little girl and to face the possibility of never seeing her daughter again. Courtney promised that they would find Mariah.

Ian took Mariah to a storage unit, and he claimed that he hadn't been able to afford a proper office after Victor had destroyed his business. Ian prepared to collect a few things for their journey, and he picked up a bottle of wine and said that they shouldn't let it go to waste. Mariah thanked him for getting her away from the mess with Sharon, and he swore that they'd figure things out together. He preached that change was healthy, and they should celebrate. He handed her a glass of wine and toasted to the next phase of her life. He smiled as she sipped the wine.

Victor stopped by to inform Sharon and Nick that his own security team was looking for Mariah and Ian, and Nick agreed to use Victor's resources, but he stressed that he wouldn't forget everything Victor had done. Victor pledged to make Ian pay, and Sharon said that she didn't care why Victor was helping, but she was glad more people were searching. After Victor left, Sharon answered a phone call, and Ian asked how she was doing. She demanded to know where her daughter was.

Ian chuckled as he realized that Sharon had put together the pieces, and he taunted that it was a shame that Sharon had kicked Mariah out of the house. Sharon warned Ian not to hurt Mariah, and Ian told her to wait for instructions if she ever wanted to see Mariah again. Sharon pleaded to hear Mariah's voice to know that she was okay, but Ian snickered and said that everything was going according to plan. He declared that it would be a special day that he'd waited for, and he turned to an unconscious Mariah, who was dressed in a white wedding gown and veil.

Victor returned to the ranch, and Nikki relayed that Dylan had been strangely calm. She asked if Victor was ready to go to the park, but he wanted to get an update from his security team about the search first. Victor kissed her goodbye and said that he would see her at the party, and he left. Nikki opened her purse and took out Katherine's letter. Katherine had written that her waning days had given her clarity to see what truly mattered, and Nikki looked heavenward and recalled that Katherine had put her on a quest to find her son.

Nikki considered it a gift to be given another son, but having Ian involved had caused unbearable pain to everyone she knew and loved. She flashed back to the evil things Ian had done, and she stared at the vodka bottle again. Nikki crossed the room, opened the bottle, and sniffed its contents. She poured a bit of vodka into a glass and downed it, and she poured another.

. . .

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  • Dylan and Avery argue about the call from her ex-husband.
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