Tuesday, November 18, 2014

At the hospital, Victoria held her baby in her arms and mused that her daughter was beautiful, and Stitch said the girl was just like her mom. Victoria couldn't believe that she'd given birth in the Jabot parking lot, and Billy suggested she gloss over the story when she told Victor. She asked if she'd thanked both men for delivering her child, and she called her little girl lucky for having two people who'd been willing to do anything to deliver her into the world, but Billy and Stitch simultaneously corrected, "Three." Victoria's monitor beeped, and Billy rushed out to get her doctor as Stitch assured Victoria everything would be okay.

The doctor entered the room, and she recommended rest and fluids for Victoria to recover from the blood loss during a traumatic delivery. The doctor prepared to take the baby to the nursery, and she advised Billy and Stitch to give Victoria time alone, but Victoria asked to talk to Stitch privately. Billy stepped out, and Stitch thought his conversation with Victoria could wait, but she insisted that it couldn't, since she knew he hadn't killed his father. Stitch's expression grew solemn, and Victoria revealed that she'd run into Maureen at Jabot.

Victoria explained that she'd voiced her theory that Stitch had been innocent, and Maureen had denied it, but Maureen had eventually admitted that she'd killed Stitch's father. Stitch asked what had happened, and Victoria recounted that she'd gone to her car to tell someone what she'd learned, and Stitch guessed Maureen had followed her to the garage. Victoria divulged that Maureen had been afraid that Victoria would ruin her life, and Maureen had refused to let her do it. Stitch realized that Maureen had locked Victoria in the storage closet.

In the hallway, Kelly asked a nurse how Maureen was doing, but the nurse merely informed her that the doctor would be there soon to fill her in. Kelly checked her voicemail, and she discovered Jack had left a message to inform her that he'd spoken with Phyllis and that he needed to see Kelly.

At Jabot, Jack instructed Hilary to fetch reports and to cancel his trip to Chicago. Hilary asked if it was all right for her to take care of everything in the morning, and she prepared to head out. He inquired whether she had a hot date, and Neil appeared in the doorway and hoped it was with him. Neil good-naturedly scolded Jack for working his employees too hard, and Jack replied that he hadn't realized he had been doing so. Neil wanted to take Hilary to dinner, but she said she had a meeting. Jack offered to handle it, but Hilary objected that Jack had too much on his plate already.

Hilary reminded Neil that she'd told him she'd be home late, and Neil was supportive of her desire to advance her career. Jack mentioned that he didn't know who the meeting was with, and Neil said that what was important was that Hilary did. Hilary promised to make it up to Neil, and she kissed him goodbye and left. Neil crowed that he was a lucky guy, and he joked that Jack looked "like hell." Jack grinned and asked if Neil could read his mind, and Neil inquired how Jack had been doing since "Hurricane Phyllis" had blown back into town.

Jack reported that he was still standing, but Neil said that he'd heard Phyllis had leveled Sharon, so he couldn't imagine what Phyllis had done to Kelly. Jack revealed that Kelly was fine, but she was unaware that Jack had decided to get back together with Phyllis. Jack conceded that it wasn't fair to Kelly, and he'd been selfish to allow her to give him her heart after all she'd been through. He admitted that he hadn't thought about what it would do to Kelly if Phyllis woke up, and it made him sick to think of Kelly having her heart torn out again.

Neil advised Jack not to put off telling Kelly, or Kelly would hear the news from someone else, and he offered to be there to talk after Jack met with Kelly. Jack asked what was going on with Neil, and Neil replied that he was doing okay under the circumstances, but he was trying to be realistic. Neil confessed that he was tempted to drink sometimes, and Jack understood, but Neil pledged to stay strong. Kelly called Jack and stammered that her mother had suffered a heart attack, and Jack told her he'd meet her at the hospital.

Abby tracked down Billy in the hospital corridor, and she babbled excitedly about the birth of Victoria's baby girl. Billy reported that Victoria was worn out, but she and the baby were doing okay, and Abby demanded to know the highlights. Billy replied that he wasn't in the mood, and Abby recounted all the months of preparation she'd gone through, only to have Victoria have the baby without her help, but she was glad that at least he'd been there. Billy mentioned that Stitch also had been present and that Stitch was in Victoria's room. Abby asked what was wrong with Billy.

Abby asked what had happened to the idea of doing whatever it took to be with the person one loved, and she questioned whether Billy wanted Victoria back, but Billy replied that it wasn't about him. Abby warned that Stitch could take both Victoria and the baby away, and she imagined how Chelsea had felt about Billy delivering Victoria's baby. Billy realized that he'd forgotten to call Chelsea, and as he headed down the corridor, he ran into Jack. Billy assumed that Jack had found out about Victoria having the baby, but Jack informed him that Kelly had called about her mom's heart attack.

Jack asked if Victoria was okay, and Billy proudly announced that she'd had a little girl. The men hugged, and Billy reported that mother and child were both fine. Billy remarked that it had been a long night and a long year, and just when he'd felt like he had been picking up the pieces and moving on, he'd looked at the little girl's face. Jack understood that old feelings had flooded back, but Billy lamented that it didn't change anything. Jack said that he'd told himself the same thing, but it hadn't lasted very long.

Meanwhile, Kelly told Stitch that Maureen hadn't woken up yet, and she asked if he'd found Victoria. Stitch revealed that he hadn't had a chance to say what he'd needed to say, since Victoria had been in labor, and he'd delivered the baby with Billy's help. Stitch added that the birth had happened in the Jabot parking garage because of their mom, who had locked Victoria in a closet. Kelly questioned why Maureen had done that, and Stitch said that something had happened years before, but he wanted to let Maureen explain.

Kelly asked why she had to wait to hear the story from her mother, who had done nothing but show resentment toward her. Kelly ranted that Maureen had been jealous of her relationship with her dad, and Maureen had tried to keep them apart, but Stitch stated that Maureen had had her reasons. Kelly found it ironic that when she'd heard about Maureen's heart attack, she'd had the sick feeling she had been about to lose another person she loved, but she couldn't lose something she'd never had. Jack approached and said he'd gotten there as quickly as possible, and Kelly rushed into his arms.

Kelly reported that Maureen's surgery had gone well, but when she'd been there alone, she'd imagined all kinds of things. Jack apologized, and Kelly anxiously inquired whether he'd told Phyllis about their relationship. Jack explained that he'd told Phyllis he'd started seeing someone while she'd been in a coma, and Kelly sympathetically imagined that it had been hard for Phyllis to hear. Jack pointedly said that he hated hurting someone he cared about, especially knowing everything the person had been through, and Kelly assured him that Phyllis was strong and that a lot of people loved her. A nurse informed Kelly that Maureen was groggy but awake, and Kelly told Jack that they'd finish their discussion later. Kelly said she loved Jack before she rushed off.

Abby sat with Victoria and teased that they'd discussed a wilderness birth but not a parking garage. Abby said she'd been looking forward to being Victoria's birthing coach, but she forgave Victoria for doing it without her. Billy entered, and Abby left to get a peek at her niece and to let people know Victoria had had the baby. Victoria instructed her to keep it out of the tabloids, and the women hugged. Abby advised Billy not to screw things up, and Victoria and Billy smiled at one another.

Billy speculated that the parking garage birth would inspire Victoria's daughter to become a mechanic, and Victoria suspected that Victor would have other career choices in mind. Billy joked that he'd sign the tot up for shop classes the next day, but he said that he didn't care what she grew up to be because he was just glad the baby was there. He remarked that he knew how much Victoria had wanted another baby, and she acknowledged that he had, too. They called one another amazing, and Billy conceded that Stitch had been pretty handy, too.

Victoria wanted to explain why she'd asked Billy to leave earlier, and she informed him that she'd needed to talk to Stitch about something that affected him. Billy said that he only cared about her and the baby, and when he'd been holding the infant, he hadn't been able to help but think of Delia and how she'd entered the world. Victoria imagined it had felt like déjà vu, and Billy replied that it had been in more ways than one, since he'd looked at the child and had seen hope and possibilities for a new beginning.

Nikki arrived home, and she eyed the liquor as she called out for Bonnie. She replaced the vodka bottle with a full one and tucked the nearly empty one into her bag. Victor declared that his baby was back, and Nikki tentatively greeted him. He suggested that they put their troubles behind them and celebrate, and she nonchalantly placed her bag out of sight and said she didn't feel like celebrating. Victor recognized she was upset about the methods he'd used to expose Sharon, but he contended that everything had worked out.

Nikki agreed that it was good the truth was out, and Victor thought they could get back to normal. Nikki whimpered that she wanted that more than anything, and Victor hugged her and asked what was wrong. She stated that the past few weeks had taken a toll on her, and he inquired whether her multiple sclerosis symptoms had flared up, but she insisted she had it under control. Victor said he didn't want distance between them, and he held her close and murmured that he hadn't intended to hurt her when he'd tried to protect his family. Nikki recognized that she was to blame, too.

Nikki recalled that she'd accused Victor of not being there for her, but she'd also pushed him away. They agreed that they hated it when they kept things from one another, and Nikki said that it had started when Katherine had died. Victor asked if she meant searching for Dylan, and she cried that she was sorry. Victor said that they'd both made mistakes, but they were starting on solid ground again, and his phone rang. She told him to answer it, and he stepped out to take a business call. She unscrewed the cap on the new vodka bottle, but after a moment, she replaced it without taking a drink.

When Victor returned, he noticed that Nikki was looking through an old photo album. She said that she'd been remembering the wonderful times they'd had, and he swore that they'd have more. He wanted their children and grandchildren to be there for Thanksgiving dinner, and Nikki hoped Nick was up to it. She mentioned that Nick was filing for full custody of Faith, and Victor was pleased. Nikki thought they needed to pay extra attention to Faith, and Abby arrived and announced that they had three granddaughters to spoil, since Victoria had given birth to a baby girl. Victor insisted upon going to the hospital, but Abby asserted that Victoria had all the support she needed.

Over the phone, Victoria told Victor and Nikki that she and the baby were fine, and their granddaughter was beautiful. Nikki promised that they'd wait until the next day to visit, and Victor said to call if Victoria needed anything. Victoria hung up, and she thanked Billy for not asking questions that she didn't have answers to. Stitch returned, and the doctor entered with the baby for a feeding. The doctor suggested that the men give mother and daughter time to bond, and Victoria gazed lovingly at her baby. In the hallway, Billy phoned Chelsea to tell her about the baby, but he wasn't sure what time he'd be home to tell her the whole story. After he hung up, Billy said that he intended to hang around in case Stitch wanted to go, but Stitch insisted on staying.

The doctor told Billy and Stitch that she understood they were anxious, but she advised them to try not to put pressure on Victoria. The doctor stepped into Victoria's room, and she asked if Victoria wanted to talk. Victoria wondered if the doctor wanted to discuss the baby's name, and the doctor inquired whether Victoria had one picked out. Victoria asked if she meant the first or last name, and the doctor guessed the dad would want to weigh in. The doctor advised that the men deserved to know which one of them was the baby's father, and Victoria replied that she deserved to know, too.

Abby assured Victor that Victoria was in good hands, and Victor grouchily concluded that Billy was by Victoria's side. Abby argued that Billy had helped deliver the baby, and Nikki reminded Victor that Billy could be the child's father. Abby recognized that the baby wouldn't replace Delia, but she thought the fact that the baby was a girl was a sign that Victoria and Billy belonged together. Victor disagreed, and Abby inquired whether he preferred that Victoria be with a man who'd murdered his own father. Victor declared that neither Billy nor Stitch was worthy of Victoria, but Nikki pointed out that Victoria was about to be tied to one of the men forever. "We'll see about that," Victor huffed.

At the Athletic Club, Devon thanked a waiter for retrieving a bottle of champagne, and Colin asked if Devon was planning a big night. Colin referred to the conversation they'd started earlier, and he noted that the club took a lot of work. Colin wondered if Neil knew how hands-on Devon was, and he implied that he'd let Neil know. Devon snapped that Colin could tell Neil whatever he wanted, and Colin suggested that Neil might find out all kinds of things. Devon played dumb, and Colin flatly stated that Devon was having sex with Neil's wife. Colin claimed that he'd been agonizing over what to do since he'd accidentally found out, and he thought he'd reached a decision.

Colin claimed that he was the last person to pass judgment, and Devon coldly asked what he wanted. Colin said that two million dollars would give him peace of mind, and he called it a "win-win" for both of them. Devon pointed out that blackmail was a felony, and he wondered why Colin would risk losing Jill and going to jail. Devon imagined that Colin's financial problems had to be bad if Colin was willing to resort to blackmail, and he refused to comply with Colin's terms. Colin threatened to tell Neil the truth, and Devon spotted Hilary in the foyer.

Colin pretended to ponder whether he should keep what he knew to himself, but Devon dared him to tell Neil what he thought he knew, and he contemplated what Jill and Cane would think of Colin's financial problems. Colin warned that Devon was playing a dangerous game, since Devon was an amateur who would lose against a professional. Devon flippantly said to let him know if he could do anything else for Colin, and he met Hilary at the bar. Hilary nervously surmised that Colin knew about their affair, but Devon contended that Colin had no proof. Devon added that Colin wanted money, but he'd made it clear that he wouldn't give Colin any. Devon vowed not to let Colin hurt Neil or Hilary.

Hilary said that she'd known Colin had been up to something when he'd make innuendos, and she guessed that he'd seen her and Devon going into the hotel room. Devon reiterated that Colin had no proof, and he hated what they were doing to Neil, but he was willing to do it because he loved her. Hilary returned his declaration of love, but she thought the situation had turned into a mess. She suggested that Devon just give Colin the money, but Devon suspected that Colin would be back for more, and Hilary said that they could end it by telling Neil the truth. Devon recalled that she'd been afraid Neil wouldn't be able to handle it, but Hilary contemplated what would happen if Neil found out anyway.

Neil entered the club, and Colin pulled him aside and expressed concern that Hilary would have a problem including Colin in their family's Thanksgiving celebration. Colin asserted that a leopard could change his spots, and Neil said that he would talk to Hilary. Hilary cautiously greeted the men, and Neil said that he hadn't known her meeting was there. Colin taunted that he'd seen her meeting with a colleague, and it had looked pretty intense. Devon joined the group, and Colin declared that the club was the place to be for business and pleasure in Genoa City.

Neil said that he and Colin had just been discussing Thanksgiving, and he asked if Hilary minded whether Colin joined them for the festivities. Hilary coolly replied that it wasn't a problem, and Colin pointedly remarked that he looked forward to spending time with such a close family. Neil suggested they all have dinner together that evening, and Colin offered to buy, since he'd had an upturn in his finances. Hilary led Neil to a table, and Colin instructed Devon to give him two million in cash the next day, or he would tell Neil everything.

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