Tuesday, September 16, 2014

At the police station, Paul gazed at his fishing lures, and Victor entered and asked what Paul had. Paul explained that his son had made them for him, and Victor inquired whether Paul intended to go fishing. Paul replied that he wouldn't while Ian was still missing, and Victor wondered whether Paul was holding out on him regarding Ian's whereabouts. Paul said that he and Victor had been friends for a long time, but he refused to share police business.

Victor noted that Paul had left his own party with Dylan, and he imagined that they hadn't talked about fishing. Victor surmised that Dylan had information about Ian's whereabouts, but Paul said nothing. Detective Harding entered to talk to Paul, who said that Victor was just leaving. Victor stated that Nikki's well-being was a priority to him, and Paul agreed that it was important to him, too. Victor told Paul to prove it. After Victor stepped out, Paul examined an evidence bag that contained an expensive jacket, and Harding revealed that it had been found behind the old quarry, along with a business card holder that contained cards from The Path.

Paul said that if they could establish that Ian had been wearing the jacket, it appeared that Ian had left his car at the racetrack and had walked to the quarry -- unless someone had moved him there. Harding asked about the red mud on the jacket, and Paul said that there were red granite deposits in the quarry. Paul added that there was no other place in Genoa City likely to have mud like that, and he asked Harding to let him know when the lab finished analyzing the evidence. Paul grabbed the fishing lures and said that he had to take care of something.

Mariah approached Kevin at his desk, and he quickly shut his laptop. She teased that she didn't want a sneak peek at his lame screenplay, and she informed him that she was there to see if the police had found Ian. Kevin reported that they were still looking, but he suspected that a smart man like Ian was long gone. Mariah complained that she was stuck in limbo, wondering if she was still married, and Kevin assured her that the union had been invalid, since she'd been incapacitated. She said that was what Nick had told her, but he was just a bar owner, and she wanted to be sure.

Kevin mentioned that his brother was a lawyer, and Mariah grumbled that she couldn't afford an attorney, but he pointed out that she was a Newman. "The hell I am," she huffed, and she griped that she was stuck in town until she repaid the money she owed Sharon. Kevin complimented Mariah's hair and asked if she'd gone home after work, and she revealed that she'd spent the night on the couch at the Underground, but she thanked him for noticing.

Mariah suggested that Kevin take her for a ride on his Harley, but he had to get back to work. He commented that he thought Nick was right to want her living at the ranch for security reasons, and Mariah confessed that she was afraid, but she wouldn't allow her fear to make her do things she didn't want to do. Kevin said that she might feel better armed, and she questioned whether he meant getting a gun. He referred to "the touch of doom from the kingdom beyond," and he dramatically placed his hand on her head. She laughed and jokingly called him a weirdo, while Victor lurked nearby.

Mariah sat in the park, and she became alarmed when she heard approaching footsteps. She grabbed her phone out of her purse and yelled to stay away or she'd call the cops, and Victor appeared and asked if the charge against him was helping her to find her long-lost family. Mariah said that Victor had a sick sense of humor if he expected her to thank him for getting her mixed up with Sharon, and she accused him of knowing that she was Cassie's twin the whole time. Victor swore that it had been a coincidence, and he thought it was destiny that she'd turned out to be Sharon's daughter. Mariah imagined that Victor hadn't foreseen that Nick would want her to play house with him and his family.

Victor asserted that Sharon had been the one who had asked Mariah to stay, but Mariah relayed that Nick was always tracking her down and asking her to stay in town to pay Sharon back. Victor called Mariah a smart girl who could do what she wanted, and Mariah sarcastically replied that he always had her best interests at heart. Victor suspected that Mariah would no longer be welcome in the house since Nick and Sharon had gotten engaged, and Mariah was shocked by the news. Victor theorized that Mariah was staying in town for another reason, and Mariah realized that he thought she knew where Ian was. Mariah adamantly asserted that she wasn't waiting for Ian, but even if she knew Ian's whereabouts, she wouldn't tell Victor.

Victor noted that Ian had abused Mariah's trust many times, and she said that she would hold out for a major payoff, since Victor could afford it. Victor urged Mariah to tell him immediately if she received any strange calls or if she felt that someone was stalking her, and she asked what was in it for him. He declared that he protected his family, and she had become part of it, so he would protect her, too. A skeptical Mariah imagined that he'd sacrifice her to get to the man he hated.

Victor told Mariah to think about what he'd said, and he got up to leave. She clarified that she hadn't been criticizing him when she'd implied he'd throw her under a bus to get his hands on Ian, and she admired his determination to protect his family. He told her not to forget it, and he said that he was beginning to respect how tough she was. She noted they had that in common, and he cautioned her to keep her eyes open and to listen to everything she heard until Ian was found.

Lauren and Michael silently got ready for work, and she asked if every morning would be like that. He said that he was simply packing his briefcase for a meeting, but she commanded him to stop and look at her, since they needed to talk about what had happened. He asked why she was speaking to him like he'd failed her, and she swore that she wasn't accusing him of anything, but they'd never had problems in bed before. She recognized that they were both very frustrated and upset, but he'd shot her down when she'd tried to talk the night before, and he snapped that she should take the hint and stop pressuring him. She insisted that they not put off talking about their sexual problems.

Michael chalked it up to being overwhelmed, but he swore that it was a temporary condition that would get better. Lauren countered that nothing would change on its own, and she pointed out that both of them thrived on working too hard, but they'd never had a problem before. She explained that it wasn't about the sex itself, but the fact that it just wasn't happening told them something. She suggested that they see a counselor, but he barked that he wouldn't pay a stranger to hear about their private sex life. Michael reiterated that they would talk that night, and Lauren questioned why they couldn't band together and fix the problem, just like they would with anything else. He said that he'd see her that night, and he kissed her cheek and left.

Kevin arrived at the Baldwins' apartment to see Michael, and Lauren informed him that Michael had just left. Kevin said that he'd hoped to get legal advice for Mariah, who was freaked out about the marriage she'd been coerced into, but he noticed Lauren was distracted, and he asked if she was okay. Lauren replied that she had a lot on her mind, like Fen being away at college, and Kevin surmised that had been what Michael had been upset about the other day. Lauren asked if Michael had confided in him, and Kevin wondered what was going on. She cried that marriages went through ups and downs, and she inquired whether Kevin would tell her if Michael had told him something.

Kevin swore that he would tell Lauren if Michael had said something Kevin thought she should know, but Michael hadn't. Kevin noted that Lauren wasn't the only one who was adjusting to Fen being gone, but Kevin was sure that Michael wouldn't talk about it with him because Michael was too worried about how Kevin was dealing with his breakup with Chloe. Kevin said that he was doing his best to move on so Michael could relax, and Lauren asked if his plans included his new friend. Kevin sympathized that Mariah had had a hard life, and he wanted to help. Lauren asked if it was because he hadn't been able to help Chloe.

Kevin insisted that he was over Chloe, but Lauren suspected that he hadn't completely accepted their divorce yet. She wondered if that was why he was reaching out to Mariah, but Kevin said that he wasn't interested in rescuing any more wounded birds. He reminded Lauren that they'd been talking about her and Michael, and Lauren asked if he was sure Michael hadn't said anything. Kevin maintained that Michael wasn't hiding anything, and he was sure that Michael and Lauren would work it out.

At Avery's apartment, Dylan prepared a breakfast tray, but he accidentally dropped a pan. Avery emerged from the bedroom and asked if everything was all right, and he revealed that he was making her breakfast in bed. She told him not to pick up anything heavy because of his cut, but he insisted he was fine. She called it a woman's prerogative to worry, and she suggested that he see a doctor to ensure that his injury was healing. She noted that he'd tossed and turned all night long, and she wondered what was bothering him.

Avery guessed that Dylan was upset because Ian was still out there, but Dylan contended that Ian wouldn't hurt anyone. Avery recalled that Dylan had said he'd last seen Ian while chasing him through the trees, and she questioned how Dylan knew Ian wouldn't be back. Dylan replied that he'd answered the same questions with Paul, and Avery wished she'd been there during the interrogation. She asked Dylan again why he was sure Ian wouldn't return, and she assured him that whatever was keeping him up at night would stay between them. There was a knock at the door, and Michael was surprised to see that Avery was still in her bathrobe. Dylan hurriedly left for work.

After Avery got dressed, Michael explained that Devon had the funds and ambition to acquire other companies, and he envisioned Devon becoming a big client for their firm. Avery thought the point of teaming up had been to reduce their workloads, but Michael contended that they had to grow their business or watch it slowly die. She mentioned that he'd wanted to spend more time with Lauren, but she agreed to arrange a meeting with Devon. Michael rambled on about getting new office space with room for expansion, and Avery confronted him about telling Lauren that he had gotten home late because of work. Avery asked what had happened to creating the perfect balance in their lives.

Michael remarked that finding time could always be a problem, but Avery pointed out that their partnership was supposed to alleviate the issue. He said that he had no worries as long as he and Lauren didn't take their love for granted, but he added that every couple had its challenges. He inquired about what had happened when Paul had taken Dylan in for questioning, and Avery replied that it had just been routine. Michael concluded that Jeffrey's statement about seeing Dylan at the racetrack had been a dead end, and Avery was shocked. Michael explained that Dylan had been spotted where Ian's car had been abandoned, and he realized that Dylan hadn't told her.

Michael assured Avery that it had just slipped Dylan's mind, and she turned the topic back to their new office space. She looked at the online real estate listing and declared that it was exactly what she would have picked, and Michael left her a folder on a company Devon was interested in acquiring. She marveled that she'd never noticed Michael's briefcase before, and she pulled out an identical one of her own. She mentioned that she'd had it since the first day she'd passed the bar, and she used it whenever she needed some serious good luck. He mused that they had the same taste in office space and briefcases, and she spotted Dylan's dirty boots by the door and said that she needed a new doormat. Michael left, and Avery inspected the red mud on the boots.

Paul stopped by Avery's place to thank Dylan for the lures, and Avery proudly disclosed that Dylan had made them himself. Paul remarked that he'd had no idea Dylan was a devoted fisherman, but Avery explained that Dylan had done it because Paul enjoyed fishing. Avery conceded that Dylan was struggling with having a father-son relationship, and it took Dylan a while to warm up to people, but he wanted to get to know his father. Avery asked if Paul was there to thank Dylan for the gift or if he was there as a cop to follow up with more questions.

Paul commented that he never stopped being a cop, just like Avery never stopped being a lawyer, and he swore that the only reason he was there was to thank Dylan for the thoughtful gift. Paul suggested that he and Dylan set up a time to try out the new lures, and Avery said that Dylan would love that. Paul spotted the dirty boots as he turned to leave, and he picked one up and asked if they were Dylan's. Avery questioned whether Paul was asking as a father or a cop, and she wondered why Dylan's muddy boots had him captivated.

At the hospital, Michael made small talk about Fen with a doctor, and he nonchalantly asked for a sample of a medication he'd heard about. The doctor concluded that Michael meant something for men who needed encouragement in the bedroom.

At Crimson Lights, Dylan yelled at a repairman about the cost of a new boiler, and the man told him not to shoot the messenger. Stitch entered as Dylan continued to rant, and he intervened and told the repairman that Dylan would be in touch soon. Stitch asked if Dylan had wanted to see him to keep Dylan from punching out someone, and Dylan conceded that he'd overreacted a bit. Dylan added that there was something he needed to get off his chest, and Stitch was the only one who could understand.

Stitch was surprised that Dylan wanted to confide in him, since Dylan had kept his distance after he'd learned the truth about Stitch's past. Dylan admitted that it had been confusing to find out that a guy he'd trusted with his life was a convicted murderer, and he'd been judgmental, but he understood what it was like to want to kill someone. Dylan flashed back to screaming at Ian to get back there, and he looked down at his bandaged hand. Stitch called Dylan's name, but Dylan was lost in thought, and he recalled having a bleeding gash on his hand as he followed Ian.

Dylan snapped back to the present, and Stitch volunteered to take a look at Dylan's hand. Dylan insisted that he was fine, and Stitch asked if Dylan had been dealing with posttraumatic stress. Dylan confessed that he'd had some moments, but he'd handled them. Stitch advised that there was no timetable for dealing with PTSD, and he pressed Dylan to stick with the coping techniques. Stitch guessed that Dylan had injured his hand during an episode when Dylan hadn't been able to control his anger, and he pointed out that he knew when Dylan was lying. Stitch inquired whether Dylan even remembered hurting his hand.

Dylan revealed that he'd been enraged when he'd hurt himself, and anything could set off his anger. Stitch referred to the new boiler, and Dylan said that he'd thought he'd had his anger in check, but the bad things that they'd gone through in combat had never really gone away. Stitch counseled that therapy helped, but Dylan didn't believe that it would solve the problem. Stitch said that since he'd lost his residency, he wasn't qualified to refer Dylan to someone, but Dylan contended that Stitch was more than qualified because Stitch knew what it was like to be driven to kill somebody.

Stitch said that he'd done time related to his own personal experience, and he warned that actions had consequences. Dylan said that he was sorry for dragging Stitch into it, and Stitch hoped that they were still friends, despite everything that had happened. Stitch said that Dylan knew where to find him if he needed help, and he advised Dylan to stop being stubborn. Dylan replied that he'd survived, but Stitch cautioned that Dylan's pent-up rage wouldn't magically go away, and Dylan needed to deal with it before it messed up his life. Dylan clenched his injured hand into a fist.

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