Tuesday, August 25, 2015

At the police station, Paul handed Dylan some files to review to get his feet wet, but Dylan announced that he wouldn't be joining the force because he didn't want to make Sharon worry. Paul agreed that a police officer's whole family had to be on board, and he suggested that Dylan reconsider the opportunity once his child was grown. Dylan gushed that all he thought about was being a dad, and Paul advised him not to waste a moment of fatherhood. Dylan assumed that he'd let Paul down, but Paul said that wasn't possible, and he was sure Dylan would feel that way about his own kid one day. Paul hoped he'd be around to say he'd told Dylan so, and Dylan replied that he was counting on it.

Kevin saw Mariah approach his desk, and he began to ramble that he wouldn't stop digging to find Marco, but she told him that normal people said hello. She asked him to go with her to Sage's baby shower, and he sarcastically said that sounded great. Mariah explained that she was an honorary family member, but Kevin curtly replied that he wasn't, and she ordered him to stop being a jerk. She clarified that she wanted him to be her date, and he readily accepted.

At the cottage, Sharon flashed back to her doctor expressing sympathy for her loss and telling her that there was no reason she couldn't conceive again. Faith plopped down next to Sharon on the stairs and mentioned that Dylan had said Sharon had news for her. Sharon revealed that Dylan had asked her to marry him, and she'd said yes. Faith hugged Sharon and happily squealed that her family was getting bigger, and she suggested that Sharon tell everyone about the engagement at Sage's baby shower. Faith anticipated having a party for Sharon's baby, too, and she couldn't wait until her younger sibling arrived. Sharon struggled not to cry.

Dylan returned home, and he asked if Sharon had told Faith, who rushed into his arms. Faith asked what the baby's name would be, and she suggested Charlotte, since she was sure the baby would be a girl. Dylan suggested that Faith write down some ideas about what the baby would be when she grew up, and after Faith ran off, Dylan wondered why Sharon was in tears. Sharon said Faith had loved Dylan from the first moment they'd met, even though the girl had always wanted her parents to get back together. Sharon swore that she was shedding happy tears, and Dylan replied that they had a lot to be excited about, since he had everything he could ever want.

At the Underground, Nick, Sage, Summer, Noah, and Marisa discussed the revelation that Harding had been the killer. Summer lamented that they still had no idea why Harding had killed Austin and Courtney, and Sage understood if they weren't up to attending her baby shower. Summer was happy to have something to celebrate, and Noah said Sage needed backup. Noah explained that Newman events were never boring, and Summer pointed out that usually something happened to cut their family get-togethers short. Sage asked what she should be scared of, and Victor walked in, carrying a gift. "I guess that's supposed to be me," Victor declared.

Summer greeted Victor with a hug, and she assured Sage that he was a big softy with a grandchild in his arms. Victor asserted that he always protected his family, and Sage looked forward to being part of a group that looked out for one another. Victor stated that their family was very complex, but family was the only thing they could turn to in the end. He added that he couldn't be at the day's event, since he had business to discuss with Paul, and he handed Sage his gift. Sage found stock certificates inside, and Victor pointed out that the stocks were for Newman Enterprises and not Newman-Abbott. Sage pulled a toy car from the box, and Victor explained that it had been Nick's. Victor welcomed Sage to the family.

Noah praised Victor for making Sage feel welcome, and Victor surmised that Noah hoped he would extend the same courtesy to Marisa. Noah asserted that he and Marisa would be spending a lot of time together, and Victor remarked that it would be a chance to get to know her better. Marisa said she hadn't grown up with people who had treated one another with kindness and respect, and she was glad being there had changed her.

Victor stopped by the police station and asked why Paul had summoned him there. Victor pointed out that the murder investigation was closed, but Paul countered that they still hadn't figured out Harding's motive. Paul revealed that the police had found a large sum of cash hidden in Harding's apartment and that Harding had admitted being paid to keep secrets. Victor defended that he'd hardly known Harding, and Paul explained that he was just trying to piece the facts together. Paul inquired whether Victor had ever encountered Marco.

Victor claimed that he hadn't had any exchanges with Harding or Marco, and he huffed that he wouldn't have paid hush money to someone who'd killed members of his family. Victor suggested that Marco had been a figment of Harding's imagination, but Paul thought there was more to it. Victor suggested that Paul felt guilty because he'd had no clue that the killer had been working right under his nose, but he respected Paul for shooting Harding to save Dylan. Paul reiterated that the investigation hadn't died with Harding, but Victor ordered him to let it rest and move on.

At the Athletic Club, Nikki was glad to see that Neil was back from his trip, and she said his photos of the Canadian Rockies were beautiful. She asked if he'd gotten enough time away, and he replied that it had been the quality of the time, not the quantity. Neil added that he'd needed a change of scenery after Devon and Hilary's wedding, and the time away had been productive, since he'd gotten the closure he'd needed.

In the foyer, Cane and Lauren talked about the events that had transpired during Devon and Hilary's honeymoon, and Cane realized that Neil didn't know about it. Cane recalled that Neil had been very protective of Hilary when their plane had gone down, and he and Lauren headed over to Neil and Nikki's table. Cane informed Neil that Hilary had gone missing in the Virgin Islands, and Neil feigned shock and concern.

In Devon's island hotel suite, Lily hugged Devon and asked if he was okay, and Michael inquired whether there had been any news about Hilary. Devon complained that the authorities hadn't allowed him to look for his own wife and that they'd put him into a police lineup. Devon fretted that the police believed Hilary might be dead and that he had been responsible for it. Devon continued that he'd been up all night, answering questions, when Hilary might be lost or hurt, and he wondered if someone had grabbed her.

Michael offered to make sure the police were exploring all the possibilities, and Devon mentioned the eyewitness accounts of seeing Hilary argue with a man and hearing a woman scream. Devon was tortured by what he pictured in his head, and Michael advised him not to show any more displays of anger. Michael left to talk to the police, and Devon grumbled that Hilary was just another tourist to the authorities. Lily asked if Hilary could have run off, and she assumed Michael didn't know about the call girl. Lily questioned whether Hilary had found out about it, and Devon demanded to know whether Lily thought Hilary had run off or if she believed he had killed Hilary.

Devon incredulously asked if Lily thought he'd pushed Hilary off a cliff because of something that might not even have happened, and Lily urged him to keep his voice down. Lily recalled that Hilary had made it look like Neil had murdered Rose, but Devon insisted that he and Hilary hadn't quarreled and that she'd gone off to hike on her own. Lily said she believed him, but she worried that the police might not, and she encouraged him to tell her exactly what had happened. He said it had been the perfect start to their honeymoon, and there had been no way Hilary had walked off of her own free will.

Devon recounted that the motion sickness had taken him out, and he and Hilary had decided that she would go on the hike while he rested. Devon bemoaned that he never should have let her go, but Lily pointed out that Hilary might just be lost. Devon answered a call from Neil, who offered to jump on a plane to be there, and Devon was stunned that Neil would do that. Neil insisted that Devon was his son, and he told Devon to just say the word about where he needed Neil to be. Devon told Neil that Lily and Michael were there to help him find Hilary, and Neil assured him that Hilary was tough and resourceful.

After he hung up, Neil bemoaned that Devon and Hilary were supposed to find happiness to make their affair worth it. Cane was sure that Michael and Lily would do whatever it took to find out what had happened, and Colin eavesdropped from the bar as Neil blathered on about how Devon and Hilary had just started their life together.

Lily was surprised that Neil had volunteered to travel there, and Devon believed that Neil had meant everything he'd said at the wedding about forgiveness. Devon lamented that he was stuck there, unable to look for Hilary, but Lily argued that he wasn't helpless. Lily contended that Devon knew Hilary better than anyone, so he had the best chance of figuring out what had happened. Devon wondered if Hilary had argued with the tour guide, and Lily questioned why they would have exchanged words. Lily considered whether Colin had told Hilary about the bachelor party.

Lily called Cane and asked if he'd seen Colin, and Cane reported that Colin was at the club. Cane offered to put his father on the phone, but Lily said she'd just wanted to know where Colin was, and she quickly ended the call. She contacted Colin directly, and Devon grabbed the phone and demanded to know if Colin had told Hilary about the hooker. Colin swore that he'd kept his mouth shut, and Devon relayed the urgency of the situation. Devon told Colin to name his price if he knew anything about where Hilary might be, but Colin maintained that he didn't know anything as he knowingly eyed Neil.

Neil approached Colin, who dryly extended his sympathies about Hilary. Colin said he took no joy in the situation, but he pointed out that Neil had been one of Hilary's victims. Neil warned Colin against implying that Neil had had something to do with her disappearance, and he pointed out that he hadn't been the only one with an axe to grind, since he'd pulled the plug on Colin blackmailing Devon. Neil hissed that Colin was the one with dirty hands at the poker table.

Later, Neil flashed back to showing Hilary the incriminating footage, and they had argued about his choice to wait until after the wedding ceremony to tell her. Neil recalled picking up his phone from the ground after Hilary had stalked off. Moments later, he'd heard a scream.

Michael spoke with the island cop, and he painted Hilary and Devon as soul mates who were deeply in love and completely committed. The officer replied that no one knew what went on inside a marriage, and he found it strange that a honeymooning couple had split up for the day. Michael contended that Devon had generously encouraged Hilary to have a good time while Devon hadn't been feeling well, and tourists took guided hikes all the time. The cop replied that there was a piece of evidence Michael hadn't heard about.

Michael returned to Devon's suite, and Devon anxiously asked if there had been any sign of Hilary. Michael reported that there hadn't been, but the officer in charge had informed him that someone had called from that hotel to cancel the guided tour. Lily suggested that Hilary had done it, but Devon argued that it wouldn't have made sense for Hilary to go on the hike by herself. Michael lectured that he'd be useless without having all available information, and Devon confessed that there was a chance he'd slept with another woman.

Devon said only Colin had known about the call girl, but Colin had sworn he hadn't said anything to Hilary. Michael recalled that Devon hadn't seemed inclined to participate in any such activities at the bachelor party, and he pointed out that Devon had no memory of being unfaithful. Devon explained that he hadn't wanted Hilary to know if there was even a chance he had been, and he contemplated telling the cops about it. Michael cautioned that it would be easy for the police to assume an argument between a wife and her unfaithful husband had gotten out of control. An officer arrived with an article of clothing that had washed up on shore, and Devon identified it as Hilary's. The cop announced that the search had changed from rescue to recovery.

Kyle arrived on the club rooftop as Abby and Victoria prepared for Sage's shower, and they joked about Abby's attempt to diaper a baby doll. Kyle was happy to play along with a coed baby shower instead of looking over their shoulders for a killer, and Abby was flabbergasted and relieved that Harding was dead. Victoria mentioned the other big news about the dissolution of the Newman-Abbott merger. Abby remarked that she'd have to figure out where to report for duty, and Victoria assumed that Abby would work for Newman, while Kyle was confident Abby would go back to Jabot.

Abby recalled that Victoria hadn't even wanted her at Newman-Abbott, and Kyle contended that it was good reason for Abby to return to Jabot. Victoria declared that Victor believed in Abby, who was glad to call attention to Nick and Sage's arrival. Nick explained to Sage that family events meant getting all the pushy people in one place, and he worried that it was too much for her to handle. Sage gushed that their little one would have a family, and their baby would never feel alone in the world. They hugged.

After playing a game with the baby dolls, Nick declared himself the diaper champion. Nikki distributed paper and pens for the guests to write down words of wisdom and advice. Sharon entered with Dylan and Faith, and Victoria started to head over to tell them to leave, but Sage hugged Sharon hello. Mariah pulled Sharon aside and mentioned that Sharon had never called after her doctor's appointment, and Sharon fibbed that her pains had just been the "usual stress." Mariah worried that stress shouldn't be a usual thing, and Sharon informed Mariah that it wouldn't be, since Dylan wasn't joining the force.

Mariah noticed Sharon's engagement ring, but Sharon protested that it was Sage's day. Victoria and Nikki glowered as word about Dylan and Sharon's engagement spread, and Nikki remarked that both of her sons were too good-hearted for their own good. Nick congratulated Dylan, who apologetically said he hadn't planned to announce his engagement that way. Nick insisted that he was psyched for Dylan and Sharon, since she seemed to be happy and grounded, and the men imagined their kids growing up together.

Sage showed Nick the baby sling Dylan and Sharon had given them, and Sharon looked stricken when Nick said he would get Dylan a matching one. Victoria toasted to the new Newman baby, and Abby said she couldn't wait to meet the tot. Summer implored Dylan to add to the toast, and Dylan said he'd been making up for lost time with the family he'd never known, but he was grateful that he'd have plenty of help when he became a dad, too. Sharon ducked out.

Nikki announced that it was time to read the advice from the guests, and Nick read a card that advised the baby to give all its candy to its big sister. He jokingly guessed that Summer had written the anonymous suggestion, but Faith admitted it had been her. Sage read Mariah's note that potty jokes were always funny, and she moved on to advice from Victoria, who had written that if parents always put family first, children would grow up knowing they were loved, cherished, and always protected.

Sage read Nikki's suggestion to let one's children make their own decisions while never letting them see the panic in one's eyes. Meanwhile, Kyle remarked to Marisa that Summer had told him Marisa was certain Marco had left town, and Summer asked if Marisa had done something. Marisa coldly questioned whether that was the kind of person Summer thought she was, and she stalked off to refresh her drink. Dylan asked if Mariah had seen Sharon, and Mariah hoped Sharon wasn't feeling sick again. Dylan commented that he hadn't known there had been a first time.

Noah found Sharon in the park, and she swore that everything was fine. He wondered if she was upset about Nick moving on, but she insisted that she was happy for both Nick and Sage. Sharon added that she was also moving on, since she had her beautiful children, Dylan, and their baby. Sharon questioned whether she could be happy, too, and Noah hugged her.

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