Tuesday, July 15, 2014

At the church, Detective Harding arrived to arrest Austin, but Summer protested that Austin was out on bail. Harding spat that Austin had violated the terms of his bail by committing fraud, and he revealed that Jack had been the one who had tipped off the D.A. about the bogus wedding. Jack argued that he'd talked to Christine again, and Harding confirmed that there would be no charges filed against Summer, but he declared that it was Jack's lucky day, since he'd get his wish to have Austin away from Summer.

Harding handcuffed Austin, and Jack asserted that the marriage wasn't fraudulent and that the couple had wed out of love, but Harding surmised that Jack would say anything to get back on Summer's good side. Nick said that he'd been a witness to the ceremony, and Kelly, Sharon, and Faith all confirmed that they'd seen Summer and Austin pledge their love. Jack warned that the detective would end up with egg on his face because no fraud had occurred, and he anticipated that Christine would tell Harding that there was no cause for arrest. Nick threatened to get the D.A.'s office on the phone, and Jack advised Harding to walk away so they could finish blessing the marriage.

Harding begrudgingly removed the handcuffs and agreed not to take Austin in, and Summer rushed into Austin's arms. Harding left, and Summer thanked everyone for speaking up. Austin privately thanked Jack for intervening and for being there for Summer, and Jack replied that he loved Summer and that he wanted her to know that he'd always be there for her, especially once Austin broke her heart. Kelly urged Jack to go, and Faith asked if there would be wedding cake. Summer apologetically stated that there wasn't any, and Nick offered to pick up some cake on the way home. Summer said that she'd felt lucky to walk down the aisle with two men who meant a great deal to her.

Later, Austin walked in as Summer was praying in the church, and they lovingly greeted one another as husband and wife. He said that Leslie had confirmed that his bail couldn't be revoked, but he recognized that he was out on borrowed time. Summer revealed that she'd been praying that he'd stay free and that the judge would understand that Austin could do better in society rather than behind bars, but Austin thought that it would take a miracle. She remarked that they were in the right place, and she acknowledged that it had been amazing that Jack and Nick had shown up to watch them exchange vows, but someone had been missing.

Summer thought that Austin was missing people, too, since he hadn't had any family at the wedding. He replied that he'd had her, and she'd become his family. Summer said that she felt like her mom had been watching over her, and she couldn't stop hoping and believing that Phyllis would wake up. Austin asked if Phyllis would be okay with Summer marrying someone like him, and Summer thought her mom would be glad that she'd found someone special to love. They kissed.

Mariah discovered that she was alone in the house, and she examined the items on the mantel. She snooped in the trinket box on the desk, and she found some cash inside, but she replaced it and pulled out Sharon's traffic citation. There was a knock at the door, and she opened it to Victor, who wasn't surprised to see her. He announced that he was there to talk to his son, and he prepared to wait until Nick returned. Mariah started to leave the room, but Victor insisted upon discussing a few things.

Mariah explained that the circumstances had changed at the place where she'd been staying, and Sharon had taken an interest in her. Victor asked if Nick approved of Mariah living there, and Mariah said that Nick didn't hate the idea. She remarked that it was funny how things had worked out, since Mariah had gotten a sweet setup, and Sharon had Nick, but Victor had never learned the secret he'd been looking for. Victor reminded Mariah that he'd paid her money to find out what it was, and she referred to the last time they'd run into one another, when he'd mentioned continuing to pay her if she could still be useful. She bragged that she was getting closer to Sharon, and she suggested that she might be in the position to finish the job he'd hired her for.

Victor said that he didn't want to be in cahoots with Mariah, since it had nearly cost him his relationship with his son. Mariah huffed that she hadn't wanted to work for Victor anyway, since she had a good thing going, and Victor would have to wait for Phyllis to awaken from her coma if he wanted to unearth Sharon's secret. Victor called Mariah a smart girl, and he wondered what Ian thought of her living arrangements. Mariah argued that Victor didn't know Ian the way she did, and she considered Ian to be a good man who had convinced her to stay in town.

Nick, Sharon, and Faith returned home, and Faith declared that Victor had missed seeing her as a flower girl. Nick sent Faith to change her clothes upstairs, and Victor asked whose wedding they'd attended. Nick suggested that they go outside to talk, and after the men stepped out, Sharon asked if Mariah was okay. Mariah assured Sharon that she wasn't scared of Victor, but she cautioned that Victor was still interested in Sharon's secret. Sharon revealed that something had happened that had made her feel like she was getting closer to uncovering it.

Sharon explained that she'd had some confusing thoughts and images, and she'd experienced some vague feelings of guilt when she'd pulled out a certain shade of lipstick and again when she'd seen Jack and Nick with Summer at the wedding. Mariah wondered why Sharon would feel guilty, and Sharon intended to have her psychiatrist help analyze what had happened. Sharon theorized that she'd felt guilty watching Phyllis' daughter get married when Phyllis hadn't been able to be there.

On the porch, Victor was flabbergasted that neither Jack nor Nick had stopped the ceremony, but Nick refused to control the lives of his loved ones, and he asked why Victor was there. Victor inquired whether Nick had learned anything from Mariah about Ian, and Nick said that it was obvious Mariah had a close relationship with Ian. Victor relayed that Mariah had said Ian was happy about the living arrangements, and he imagined that Ian had a vested interest in Mariah getting close to Sharon. Victor mentioned that Ian had claimed to have information that was important to the Newman family, and he had thought it had been about Dylan's paternity, but Ian could have meant something else. Victor promised that he'd let Nick know as soon as he found out what it was.

Later, Sharon flashed back to the contents of her purse falling down the stairs and then to Summer walking down the aisle. Mariah said that she'd meet Nick in the car, and she headed out. Sharon realized that Nick was giving Mariah a ride to work, and Nick asked if Sharon was okay, since she'd seemed unsettled earlier. Sharon insisted that she was fine, and she kissed him goodbye. Once alone, Sharon spotted the traffic ticket, and she shook her head. She sat down at her laptop and looked at the article about Phyllis' tragedy on the night of the benefit. "Stairwell," Sharon mumbled.

In his office, Victor looked through some paperwork, and he asked his assistant to find a phone number for a certain doctor. Victor perused an article about "awakening hope for coma patients."

Jack and Kelly returned to Jabot, and he said that he was sick with worry about Summer, but Kelly commended him for giving the marriage his blessing in spite of his misgivings. Kelly declared that she was proud of him, and Jack wondered which one of his bonehead moves had made her swell with pride. She pointed out that he'd given his daughter what she'd needed the most -- his unconditional love. They kissed, and Jack praised Kelly for giving great advice and for standing by him when he'd needed it the most. He realized that it had been little more than a year since he'd found out that he was Summer's father.

Kelly sniffed a bottle of perfume, and Jack returned with cookies from the vending machine in lieu of wedding cake. He noticed the smell of perfume, and she mentioned that she knew it had been named after Phyllis. Kelly was sure that Jack had been thinking about Phyllis more than usual that day, and Jack suspected that there wouldn't have been a wedding if Phyllis had been present, since Phyllis had gone to great extremes to ensure that Summer had stayed away from the wrong guys in the past. Kelly replied that Summer was an adult, and adults had to learn from their mistakes.

Jack offered to find some milk to go with the cookies, but Kelly said she didn't need it. He realized that he didn't have a good picture of her, and he took one on his phone as she munched on a cookie. He said that it would remind him of her when she wasn't around, but he assured her that there wasn't a chance he'd forget her. Jack mused that he loved getting to know Kelly, and she said that the sentiment went both ways. She added that they still had a lot to learn about one another, and Jack wanted to take the time to do it, since the more he knew, the more he liked. They kissed.

At the Dive Bar, Neil asked Cane why he kept dancing around the issue, and Cane feigned ignorance. Neil accused Cane of vacillating between supporting Neil's choices and questioning them, and he implored Cane just to say whatever he wanted to say. Cane hesitantly asked if Neil was sure about what Hilary really wanted, and Neil countered that it was Hilary's dream to have a house. Cane replied that he hadn't been talking about the house.

Cane worried that Neil and Hilary were getting settled too fast, but Neil argued that they wouldn't have gotten married if that had been the case. Cane questioned whether Hilary was ready for the responsibility of maintaining a home, since she had always wanted a career. Neil scoffed at the idea that he was locking her up and throwing away the key, but Cane wondered why Neil wanted to move that fast. Neil suspected that Cane thought Neil was overcompensating because Hilary was significantly younger, but he insisted that the house was about Hilary's longing for stability, and he envisioned it as a place that could be theirs together.

Cane was skeptical about why Neil hadn't included Hilary in the house-hunting process, and Neil contended that the home Hilary had never had before would be his gift to her. Cane pointed out that Neil hadn't even discussed the idea with her, and Neil snapped that he hadn't asked for advice, and he knew exactly what he was doing by planning for his future with his wife. Lily approached and grumbled that there was no escaping Hilary, and Neil asked if she'd seen Hilary. Lily replied that she'd seen Hilary and Devon leave together.

Lily claimed that the laundry room had misplaced Hilary's clothes after Hilary had slipped into the pool, but Neil questioned the accuracy of the terms Lily was using. Lily said that Hilary and Devon had gone to look for the clothes, and Neil commented that Devon had been helpful, since Neil hadn't wanted his surprise to be ruined by Hilary seeing the house. Cane left to deal with some things, and Lily asked what Neil had meant about a house, but he lectured that Lily's resentment had cast a dark cloud over their lives. He wished that things hadn't turned out that way, and he said that he missed his daughter. She agreed that she wished things were different, but her opinion about Hilary wouldn't change.

In the laundry room, Hilary urged Devon not to leave town, since Genoa City was his home, and he belonged there. He turned the topic back to finding her clothes, but she questioned why he wanted to leave. He vaguely stated that there was more to life, and there was nothing and no one tying him down. She pushed him to be honest about whether she had anything to do with why he was making such a huge decision, and he admitted that it had everything to do with her. She turned away, but he asked her to be honest about why she wanted him to stay.

Hilary argued that a lot of people depended on Devon, but he was confident that the club would thrive under Lily and Cane's management. Hilary clarified that she had been talking about Devon's family, and she rattled off all the members of the Winters clan who would miss him. Devon noted that someone was missing from the list, and Hilary reiterated that there was a long list of people who loved Devon. He replied that he wouldn't be gone forever, but he had to stay away until he was over her.

Devon ranted that it was killing him that Hilary had chosen his dad and that Devon felt like he did about his father's wife. Devon added that he knew that Hilary had feelings for him, too, and he couldn't fathom staying and torturing himself when nothing would change. He started to walk off, but she called after him and suggested that maybe it would. Devon asked if Hilary was ready to admit that she'd made a mistake, but she denied it. She predicted that his infatuation would wear off, especially since there was really nothing to get over.

Hilary started to leave, but Devon chased after her and recalled that she'd admitted she'd had feelings for him. She stressed that she'd said it in the past tense and that she was married to his father. Devon stepped in close, and he softly asked if she had feelings for him or not. She awkwardly replied that she had to get out of there, but he kissed her, and she kissed him back. She began to take off his jacket, and they began to give in to their passion.

Devon and Hilary started to disrobe, and Cane walked into the laundry room and bumped into a cart when he spotted them. Cane quickly ducked out, and Devon turned toward the door as Hilary hurriedly put back on her shirt. Devon apologized for starting it, and she fretted that what had happened between them had been wrong. She added that she'd been wrong to tell him not to leave town. Devon wished that things didn't have to be that way, but Hilary replied that they couldn't be any other way, and he walked out.

Cane reentered, and Hilary claimed that she was there to find her clothes. Cane asked if she'd found them or if she'd found something else, and he announced that he knew there was something going on between her and Devon. Hilary protested, but she ultimately admitted that she and Devon had needed to get something out of their systems, and they had. Cane said that he only wanted her honesty, and he encouraged her to let Neil go if she had romantic feelings for Devon. She swore that she loved Neil and that Devon would go away, but Cane warned that she wouldn't be happy with Neil if her heart belonged to his son.

Hilary recognized that Cane cared about Neil and Devon, and she imagined that Cane thought she was a horrible person, especially after everything she'd done to Cane and Lily. He advised that it was unavoidable that someone would get hurt, but she could limit the damage. Hilary maintained that she loved her husband, and Cane believed her, but he pointed out that there were many kinds of love. Cane mentioned the kind of love that had passion and fire, and he wondered whether she felt that kind of love for Neil or for Devon.

Meanwhile, Neil said that he couldn't listen to Lily bash the person he loved, and Lily suggested that they try to have a nice conversation without mentioning Hilary. Neil griped that it wasn't ideal to not talk about a big part of his life, but he agreed to try. They made small talk about the twins' day camp, and Neil said that there was another family issue he needed to discuss with her, since he was concerned about Devon. Neil informed Lily that Devon had shown up drunk at the party Jack had thrown and that Devon had been overly emotional.

Neil wondered whether Devon's breakup with Esmerelda had been harder on Devon than Neil had thought, and he mentioned that Cane had said that Devon had been acting different lately. Neil contemplated what to do, and Lily referred to her idea of playing matchmaker for Devon and Abby. Devon overheard and told her to forget it because he wouldn't be around long enough to enjoy it, and he was very serious about leaving town as soon as possible. Neil said he knew what was going on, and he thought that leaving town would be a bad idea.

Neil recounted that Devon had been in a similar situation when Tucker had left town, and he thought it was a classic case of "pulling a geographic," as it was called in his program. Neil explained that it meant physically moving somewhere else to make a fresh start, but it was really just running away from problems and obligations, and it wouldn't work. Devon mumbled that sometimes facing problems didn't fix them, either, but Lily argued that moving away would make Devon and his loved ones unhappy. Neil was certain that Devon could and would get through whatever he was facing, but Devon countered that it wouldn't be that easy.

Neil asked if Devon had unfinished business there, and Devon confessed that he did. Neil urged Devon to be a man and face it, or Devon might make a decision he regretted. Devon agreed that he needed to see through that particular unfinished business.

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