Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Nick was unable to find a pulse on the wrist of an unidentified man whose arm was sticking out of the rubble, and he asked a rescue worker to confirm that the man was dead. The worker warned that there could be another collapse, and he advised Nick to let the professional crews handle it. Nick felt responsible because the building had been his, and he was determined to help, especially since the trapped man could be his dad or Jack. Nick threw aside some debris, and a look of recognition crossed his face as he uttered, "Oh, God."

Nick identified the dead man as Derek, a part-time bartender, and he said Derek hadn't deserved to die like that. Nick volunteered to notify Derek's next of kin, and he called Derek a good kid who'd wanted to be a writer. The worker instructed Nick to step back and let them handle it, but Nick was adamant that he stay to find his father and anyone else still in there. Nick started to hurl back the rubble, and he heard someone groaning underneath the debris.

At Crimson Lights, Ashley asked if Nikki had heard anything about Jack or Victor, and Nikki relayed that the rescue crew had found an air pocket in the rubble. Dylan optimistically stated that the men could still be alive, and Noah was glad for the glimmer of hope. Victoria said they had to wait and pray, but Phyllis couldn't sit there and do nothing, and she prepared to go to the hospital to wait for Jack there. Dylan advised everyone to sit tight, since Nick had promised he would call when he knew something.

Phyllis testily asked what Kelly was still doing there, and Kelly replied that she was waiting for news about Jack. Phyllis accused Kelly of sticking around to irritate her with lies, but Kelly maintained that she and Jack had made love the night before. Ashley ordered them to lower their voices, and Phyllis refused to believe Kelly's claims unless Jack backed them up. Noah remarked to Abby that Ashley had her hands full, and Abby asked Dylan if he'd had any word from Nick. Abby bemoaned that her head was spinning with despair and hope, and both of them were painful. Victoria urged her to pick hope.

Phyllis pulled Ashley aside and asked if Kelly's story about having sex with Jack was true, and Ashley confided that she'd seen Kelly and Jack adjusting their clothes after they'd emerged from the storage room. Ashley continued that she'd confronted Jack, and he hadn't denied it, but she encouraged Phyllis to focus on the fact that Jack might be fighting for his life. Dylan anxiously answered a call from Nick, who announced over speakerphone that Jack was in rough shape but alive, and they hadn't found Victor yet, but they weren't giving up. Nikki speculated that if Jack was alive, it meant Victor was alive, too, since he'd never let Jack best him.

Later, Nick arrived at the coffeehouse and reported that the rescuers still hadn't found Victor, but he intended to go back as soon as they'd let him. Dylan pulled Nick aside and commended him for not giving up, but he reminded Nick that the rescue team needed the proper equipment to dig through the rubble. Dylan suggested that Nick take Nikki home, since she'd been stressed from worrying about Nick. Victoria agreed, and she mentioned that Nikki's multiple sclerosis had been flaring up. Nick convinced Nikki to go home, and Noah informed Abby that he was going to check on Summer.

At the hospital, Chelsea and Billy waited for Connor to be released, and she was grateful that neither Connor nor Billy had suffered any lung damage from the smoke. Chelsea implored Billy to check on his family while she took care of Connor's paperwork, but Billy insisted on sticking around until the boy could go home. Chelsea ran into Adam in the corridor, and he explained that the paramedics had examined him, but he'd wanted to check on Connor. Chelsea reported that everything was fine thanks to "Gabriel," and she excused herself to tend to Connor's release.

Adam asked Billy if there had been any word on Jack, and Billy replied that he hadn't heard anything. Adam noted that Billy looked good, and he mentioned he was there to see Connor, but Billy coolly informed him the tot was asleep. Billy remarked that he'd only seen "Gabriel" as a mild-mannered marketing guy, and he inquired when "Gabriel" had been planning on telling the truth about who he really was. Adam insisted he was just a nobody named Gabriel Bingham, but Billy joked that "Gabriel" was really a CIA agent or a drug lord.

Adam feigned ignorance, but Billy revealed that he'd heard the paramedic talking about "Gabriel's" bullet wound, and he imagined there was an interesting story behind it. Adam said he didn't like to talk about it, but Billy contended that they'd created a bond when "Gabriel" had saved his life, and he wondered who had shot "Gabriel" and why. Adam replied that it had been someone who had hated him for good reason, and he spun a story about having a one-night stand with a woman when she'd been engaged to someone else. Adam claimed the woman's fiancé had dumped her when he'd found out, and the woman had turned to "Gabriel" for a serious relationship, but he hadn't been interested.

Billy empathized as a former playboy himself, but he declared that he was reformed. Adam admitted he hadn't been much of a gentleman when the incident had happened, and he said the woman had shot him with a pearl-handled pistol at her dad's hunting lodge in Virginia. Billy pointed out that "Gabriel" could have died, and Adam replied that he nearly had, but he recognized that he'd caused her to lose something she'd loved that she'd never get back. Billy asked whether "Gabriel" had pressed charges, but Adam said he didn't blame her for shooting him, and he pointedly asked if Billy understood why she had done it. Billy said he did, and Chelsea returned and asked what was going on.

Billy explained that "Gabriel" had been sharing details about his colorful past, but Adam said he didn't like to dwell on the past, since he was a new man. Ashley burst in and informed Billy that Jack had arrived there alive, and she revealed that there had been a second collapse, but she hadn't wanted to pass on more bad news with everything else going on. She divulged that Jack and Victor had been together when it had happened, and the rescue team hadn't found Victor yet. Adam covered his reaction, and Chelsea hoped Victor was okay for Connor's sake. Billy and Ashley went to find out more about Jack's condition, and Adam prepared to head over to the collapse site to help out.

Chelsea commented that "Gabriel" had done enough rescue work for one day, and she mentioned that he hardly knew Victor. Adam remarked that Connor loved his grandpa, so he wanted to help, but Chelsea thought he should leave the dangerous work to the professionals. She imagined that "Gabriel" was anxious to let his wife know he was okay, since Sage could have lost him in the fire, and she started to walk away to peek in on Connor. Adam blurted out that he hadn't been honest with Chelsea.

Adam confided that he'd wanted to tell Chelsea something for a while, and he felt like they'd developed a bond after all they'd gone through, so he didn't want to lie to her anymore. He admitted he'd been lying about his marriage, since he and Sage had only tied the knot to get his inheritance. Adam fibbed that he'd started to fall in love with Sage, but the feelings had been one-sided. Chelsea mused that she'd thought she'd been getting to know him, but she was no longer sure that was the case.

Adam claimed that he wasn't proud of what he'd done, but he was no longer the same guy he'd been when he'd made the deal. Chelsea asked why he'd told her the truth, and he said he was sick of lying to her. He added that he liked talking to her and that there was no one else he could really confide in, and she acknowledged that she hadn't been above pulling such a stunt in the past. She said she was glad he'd developed real feelings for his wife, since he deserved real love that was reciprocated, and Adam agreed. Chelsea urged him not to stop fighting for the woman he loved, and Adam smiled and replied that he didn't intend to.

The doctor informed Jack's family that Jack's MRI was clean, and they'd continue to monitor for heart complications, but he considered Jack to be a lucky man. Phyllis asked if she could see Jack, and the doctor cautioned that only one person could visit Jack at a time. Ashley told Phyllis to go first, but Kelly ran in and asked if Jack was okay. Phyllis waved Ashley in to see Jack, and she coldly told Kelly to leave. Kelly barked that Phyllis needed to accept that Jack had chosen Kelly, and she taunted that she and Jack had made love with Phyllis in the next room.

Ashley scolded Jack for scaring her, since even though she wanted to kill him sometimes, she didn't want him to die. Jack asked about Victor, and Ashley said people were still looking for him. Ashley added that Phyllis was fine but unhappy with Jack under the circumstances, and a confused Jack recalled that he and Phyllis had worked through their argument. Ashley disclosed that Phyllis knew Jack had slept with Kelly during the Valentine's Day party. "I did what?" Jack exclaimed.

Ashley surmised that Jack was suffering short-term memory loss because of his concussion, but Jack swore he didn't know what she was talking about. Ashley recounted that he and Kelly had gone at it in the storage room, and he asked if Ashley had actually witnessed them having sex. Ashley said she'd seen them just afterward, and it had been obvious what they'd been doing, but Jack had acted like it hadn't been a big deal. Ashley asked if he didn't remember it, and he insisted it had never happened.

Phyllis told Kelly that Jack had betrayed them both, since Jack had cheated on Phyllis with Kelly, and then he'd tossed Kelly aside. Phyllis remarked that she and Kelly had that much in common, and Ashley announced that Jack wanted to see Phyllis, who headed to Jack's room. Ashley said it was best if Kelly left, since Jack needed rest, but Kelly snapped that he wouldn't get rest with "that whack-job" in there. Ashley countered that Jack and Phyllis had things to work through, and Kelly huffed that she'd be back, since that was what Jack wanted.

Kelly stormed off as Billy approached, and he couldn't believe Ashley hadn't told him Jack had almost died, but Ashley defended that it had been the loving thing to do, since Billy hadn't been able to do anything about it. Billy asked if Jack would be okay, and Ashley revealed that Jack had just looked her in the face and lied to her. Ashley informed Billy that Jack had slept with Kelly, but Jack had sworn it hadn't happened. Ashley knew she hadn't imagined things, and she worried that their brother had been doing a lot of things that didn't make sense.

Phyllis appeared in Jack's doorway and softly said she was glad he was okay, and Jack invited her in, but she hesitated to go near him and tearfully asked how he could have had sex with Kelly. Phyllis wondered if it had been part of his plan to push her over the edge, since it had been enough to send her into a straitjacket. Jack firmly stated that he hadn't slept with Kelly, and he swore that Ashley had misinterpreted whatever she'd seen. Phyllis informed him that Kelly had provided details, but Jack questioned whether Phyllis believed Kelly or him.

Jack asserted that Kelly was a disturbed woman who was lying, and Phyllis asked if Jack considered Kelly to be crazy like her. Jack maintained that he hadn't slept with Kelly, and he contended that even if he had, he'd never lie about it, especially after he'd just made it out of a deathtrap alive. Jack said the experience had been a sober reminder of how precious and fragile life was, and he didn't want to waste it on negative thoughts and ugly actions. Jack proclaimed that he loved Phyllis and that he was done with Kelly, and as Kelly stood unseen in the doorway, she reeled as Jack called her a pathological liar who was no longer part of his life.

At the police station, Paul considered Summer's assumption that Austin was dead to be extreme, and Kevin claimed that at the cabin, they'd been telling scary stories about people dying. Mariah added that Summer was upset because Victor and Jack were also missing, and Summer said she'd just been voicing her fears. Paul urged Summer to go be with her family, but she replied that Austin was her family, so she wanted to wait until there was news about him. Kevin gestured for Fen and Summer to join him and Mariah in the interrogation room, and he warned the group that Paul was onto them. Kevin cautioned that they were all trying too hard, and Fen agreed that they had to be careful about what they said and how they said it. Kevin worried that Paul and Michael had already figured out that something was wrong.

Paul reported that the head of the search team at the Underground might have found another survivor, but he didn't know who it was. Paul continued that the rescue crew had called in reinforcements from Madison to keep looking until everyone was accounted for, and Lauren pledged to stay positive. Michael commented that there was nothing wrong with hope, and he assured her they'd hear about Jill and the others soon. Lauren refused to let herself imagine anything other than a safe return, and Paul said Lauren could give Summer a lesson in the power of positive thinking. Michael asked if Paul thought the kids weren't telling the whole story.

Paul noted there had been tension between Summer and the other kids, but Lauren thought their concern about Austin was understandable. Michael stepped into the interrogation room and pulled Fen out for a private word, and he inquired whether Summer and Austin had been fighting at the cabin. Michael wondered if that had been the real reason Austin had taken off, but Fen maintained that Austin had left to get help for Kevin. Michael thought Summer had been giving off a strange vibe, but Fen reasoned that Michael wouldn't act like himself if Lauren had walked into a snowstorm and disappeared. Michael commended Fen for being protective of Summer.

Fen reentered the room, and he relayed that Michael had been asking the kind of questions he'd been afraid of. Summer wailed that they couldn't keep pretending, and she thought that telling the truth might help the police find Austin. Mariah clarified that they'd find Austin's body, but Summer thought it was only a matter of time before the authorities found out everything. Kevin insisted it was too late to change their story, and he pointed out that they'd all agreed to the plan. Fen added that they'd done it to protect Summer, but Mariah spat that it wasn't just about Summer anymore.

Noah arrived at the police station, and Lauren and Michael told him they'd keep Victor in their prayers. Noah joined the group in the interrogation room, and Lauren empathized that Nikki was waiting and worrying. Lauren said it cut her to the core that Jill had finally had the life she'd wanted, but it was possible that both Jill and Victor were dead. Michael urged her to think good thoughts, and Paul returned and announced that the wreckage of plane had been found and that the only fatality had been the pilot. A relieved Lauren hugged Michael, and Paul informed them that the passengers had sustained some injuries, but they were at a local hospital in Illinois. Lauren declared that the nightmare was over.

Mariah warned that telling the truth would hurt all of them, and they'd risked everything to keep Summer safe, so it wasn't Summer's secret to tell anymore. Summer countered that Mariah had presented the idea to lie, but Summer had never asked for anyone's protection. Fen worried he'd go back to prison, and Noah asserted that they needed to stick together. Kevin was concerned that Michael and Paul already suspected they were hiding something, but Summer wanted to confess before things got worse. Noah thought Victor would advise them to do whatever it took to protect themselves.

Lauren pulled Fen out of the room, and she informed him that they were going to the hospital where the plane crash survivors had been taken. Fen hugged Summer and left with his parents. Mariah asked if Summer intended to keep her mouth shut, and Summer reluctantly agreed to keep the secret, even though none of them really knew what had happened. Noah recalled that they'd all seen Austin, and Courtney hadn't been able to find a pulse, but they just didn't know what had happened to the body. Paul entered and announced that they'd located Austin, who was fine. "Thank God!" Summer cried, as Noah, Kevin, and Mariah exchanged quizzical looks.

Victoria, Nick, and Abby accompanied Nikki home to the ranch, and Nick lamented that he should still be at the Underground. Abby insisted that Nikki needed him, and Victoria offered to make some tea. Nikki ranted that it was the last thing she wanted, and she grabbed the vodka bottle from the shelf. Nikki griped that tea would do her no good, and her children protested as she poured a drink and chugged it.

A horrified Victoria demanded to know what Nikki was doing, and Nikki said she was killing the pain by having a well-deserved drink. "Might as well pour me one while you're at it," a disheveled Victor declared as he appeared in the foyer.

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