Tuesday, August 23, 2016

The courtroom spectators were shocked when Adam entered a guilty plea. Chelsea protested, and Michael requested a recess to confer with his client. Adam firmly stated that he didn't need one, since he was guilty. The judge asked if Adam was positive, and Chelsea appealed to Adam to stop blaming himself and to fight for her and their son. Michael urged Adam to listen to his wife, and the judge warned that it was Adam's last chance if he wanted to change his plea.

Nikki entered the courtroom as Adam declared that he'd been responsible for putting a man in a coma, and he refused to change his plea. Chelsea objected that he wasn't thinking straight, but the judge said it wasn't Chelsea's place to say. Chelsea argued that Adam had been cut off from his family for something he hadn't done, and he hadn't slept or eaten. The judge threatened to remove Chelsea from the courtroom, and Chelsea returned to her seat. The judge scheduled Adam's sentencing for the next morning, and Adam glared at Victor.

Michael advised Adam to think about what he stood to lose, and he swore that Adam had people fighting for him, but Adam had to fight for himself or they were out of options. Nikki wondered why Adam was doing it, and Victor wished he knew. A guard led Adam out, and Kevin followed Chloe out of the courtroom. Kevin muttered that he didn't understand why Adam hadn't taken the chance to walk, but Chloe said she understood completely. Chloe believed that Adam hadn't fought for his freedom because he didn't believe he deserved it, but she quickly added that it was because of what he'd done to the guard. Kevin contended that Adam hadn't known what he'd been doing.

Nick testily asked if Victor was happy, but Victor insisted that it had been the last thing he'd wanted. Nick ranted that an innocent man was in prison, a little boy was without his dad, and a guard was fighting for his life because of Victor. Victor huffed that he was tired of Nick's righteous attitude, and Nikki defended that it hadn't been Victor's fault. Nick pointed out that they'd all seen how "hell-bent" Victor had been on making them pay for testifying against him, and he reminded Nikki that Victor had used her to get control of the Newman board in order to sell Brash & Sassy out from under Victoria. Nikki argued that it was one thing to sell a division and another to set someone up to go to prison, but Nick reiterated that it was all on Victor. Nikki maintained that Nick was wrong.

Michael assured Chelsea that it wasn't over, but they needed to reason with Adam to convince him to change his plea. Chelsea recounted that everything had gone dark when Adam had said he was guilty, and she'd never seen him give up like that. Michael conceded that it would be a challenge, but they could overcome it. Michael planned to request to have the sentencing delayed in order to have more time to work on Adam, and Victor growled that he never should have allowed Michael to represent Adam. Chelsea chided Victor for blaming Michael when it was Victor's fault that Adam had been in prison, but Michael suggested they focus on helping Adam.

Victor recommended that Chelsea help Adam by hiring another lawyer, but Chelsea snapped at Victor not to pretend he cared. She found it ironic that the son who was the most like Victor had spent his entire adult life trying to get his father's approval, but it had never been enough, and Victor had finally turned on him. Chelsea wailed that she didn't even recognize her own husband anymore, since Adam was completely defeated. Victor reminded her that they'd worked together before to get Connor home after Chloe had kidnapped him, and he told her to stop blaming him. Victor questioned whether Chelsea knew how much it hurt him, and he vowed to do everything in his power to help his son.

Abby approached Stitch at the hospital, and he was surprised that she wasn't at the arraignment. He hugged her and asked how she was doing, but she was more concerned about the prison guard. Dylan arrived, hoping to speak to the guard to get a clearer picture of what had happened. Stitch reported that the guard had slipped into a coma the night before, and his condition was deteriorating.

Abby lamented that Adam shouldn't have even been in prison, and Dylan said the proof that Adam had been framed would have overturned the conviction. Stitch thought Michael had a solid case, since Adam had been hallucinating, and the truth about the original case would go a long way in Adam's defense. Abby received a text message, and she learned that Adam had pleaded guilty. She imagined what Chelsea was going through, and Dylan bemoaned that they'd thought the nightmare had been over.

Stitch swore that he was doing everything he could to help the guard, but Dylan worried that Adam would face murder charges if the guard didn't make it. Stitch offered to keep Dylan updated, and he left to get back to work. Dylan asked how Abby was holding up, and she replied that she'd been all over the map where Adam was concerned, so she felt terrible that she'd doubted his innocence. She was glad Dylan had found the diary, but Dylan regretted that it hadn't been in time, since Adam would be home with his wife and kid if Dylan had found it earlier.

Dylan imagined that it had been torture for Adam to take a plea bargain for a crime he hadn't committed, and he thought the guard was in a coma because of what Victor had done to Adam. Abby mentioned that she knew Dylan had been trying to prove that Victor had set Adam up, and Dylan clarified that he was trying to find the truth. Dylan departed, and Stitch returned. Abby relayed that Dylan thought Victor had set Adam up, and she wondered what Stitch believed. Stitch noted that Dylan had the best instincts of anyone he knew, so he was inclined to listen to Dylan. Abby assumed that Stitch thought her dad had framed Adam, and Stitch acknowledged that it hadn't been what she'd wanted to hear. She thanked him for being honest, and she left.

At Newman, Victor called Leslie to ask if there was anything she could do, since Adam needed all the help he could get. After he hung up, Nikki observed that Victor was really worried, and he sighed deeply and confirmed that he was very worried because Adam had pleaded guilty. Nikki wished that Nick had heard what Victor had said to Chelsea, and Victor recognized that it was difficult for everyone. Nikki thought if Nick opened his eyes, he'd see that Victor would never treat Adam that way, and Victor replied that he was beginning not to care what Nick thought. Victor pledged to do everything he could to reverse the damage done in the courtroom.

Abby stopped by Victor's office, and she asked Victor and Nikki how Adam was doing. Nikki replied that no one really knew, and Abby reported that Stitch was treating the guard, but the guard's condition was just getting worse. Abby questioned why Adam hadn't fought to clear his name, and Victor said Adam had given up, so the sentencing would happen the next day. Victor resolved to stop Adam's downward spiral, and Abby prepared to return to the hospital. Victor thanked her for dropping in, since they needed to stick together as a family at times like that. Nikki walked Abby out, and Abby asked if Nikki believed Victor's claim that he hadn't framed Adam.

Nikki stated that she'd seen her husband's suffering, and she believed Victor hated what was happening to Adam and would do anything to get his son out. Nikki repeated Victor's words about the Newmans sticking together, and she and Abby hugged goodbye. Nikki returned to Victor's office, and she relayed Abby's question about whether Nikki thought Victor had framed Adam. Nikki continued that she'd defended Victor just like she had with Nick, but she pointed out that they were alone, and she implored Victor to tell her whether he'd done it. Victor replied that they'd all made mistakes, and Nikki realized that he'd framed his own son for murder.

Nikki stressed that she wasn't asking Victor to admit anything, and she was sure that he'd always had his son's best interests at heart. She figured that Victor would take care of the unexpected circumstances, and Victor embraced her and promised he'd fix it one way or the other.

At the police station, Dylan told Kevin that finding Bethany was their top priority. Kevin argued that it would accomplish nothing, since Adam had pleaded guilty to another crime. Dylan hoped that all roads would lead back to Victor, since nailing Victor was the only chance to get Adam through it. Kevin said he was in the unfamiliar position of being the voice of reason, and he cautioned that Nikki would be destroyed if Dylan went after Victor.

In his cell at Walworth, Adam yelled out at the guards to tell him when his visitors arrived. Later, Nick visited Adam, and he apologized for ever doubting that their father would take things that far. Nick condemned Victor for framing Adam for murder and using Nick's dead wife to do it, but Adam said he wasn't looking for pity. Nick contended that Adam hadn't deserved to go to prison, but Adam pointed out that he'd choked a guard until he'd blacked out. Nick prayed that he guard made it, but he argued that the guard hadn't been the only victim.

Nick anticipated that Michael would fight the charges by exposing Victor, but Adam thought it was too late, since a man was in the hospital because of him. Nick asserted that it had been Victor's fault for pushing Adam to the brink, but Adam thought he should be held accountable. Nick asked what he could do to help, and Adam requested that Nick be a father to Adam's son. Nick contended that Connor had a dad and that Adam could still be a father to the boy while he was fighting to get out. Adam doubted that he could give Connor what he needed, but Nick was sure that Adam would find a way to make it work.

Adam asserted that Connor deserved better than weekly visits in prison with a guard hovering over them, and his son needed someone stable in his life to answer questions and help solve problems. Nick argued that men didn't need to be around all the time to be good dads, and it was the quality and not the quantity of time spent together. Adam was convinced that Connor needed Nick in his life while Adam was in prison, and Nick wondered why Adam was asking him and not Jack, since Adam had chosen Jack to be Connor's godfather and legal guardian. Adam called Jack amazing, but he pointed out that Jack wasn't a Newman, and the only person who could handle Victor was Nick.

Adam explained that Nick had managed to remain part of the crazy Newman family and still maintain his independence, and he admitted that he'd always admired that about Nick. Adam requested that Nick teach Connor to be a Newman the way Nick was, and he begged Nick not to let Connor make the same mistakes Adam had made by being sucked into the family. Adam added that it was the same thing they both would have wanted for Christian, and Nick wondered why Adam had mentioned Christian.

Adam claimed that he was talking as one father to another about the common ground he and Nick shared -- their love for their kids. Adam said he'd seen that Nick would have done anything to have his little boy back, and it was the same concern Adam had for Connor. Nick protested that Adam could do what was best for Connor without cutting himself out, but Adam insisted that he had to, since his mom had taught him what good parenting was. Adam recalled that Hope had been stern when she'd needed to be, but she'd been kind and loving, and Nick had reminded Adam of her when Adam had seen Nick with his kids. Adam complimented how well Noah and Summer had turned out, and he thought they'd all end up working for Faith one day.

Adam pleaded with Nick to show Connor that kind of love and to make the boy feel safe, and he became choked up as he envisioned Nick teaching Connor how to throw a baseball and helping Connor prepare for job interviews. Nick pointed out that those things were a long way off, but Adam pushed Nick to be there for Connor if Adam couldn't be, especially when Connor became a young man and needed advice about talking to girls. Nick joked that he should keep his mouth shut, considering his track record. Adam commented that it was a long, winding road, and he asked Nick to be there for Adam's son. "It would be an honor, brother," Nick replied, and he promised to look out for Connor as if he were Nick's own. Adam grasped Nick's hand and thanked him.

Later, Michael informed Adam that he'd filed a motion to postpone the sentencing for a few days to allow Adam to get some rest and food. Adam announced that he didn't need more time, and he fired Michael.

At the penthouse, Chelsea rambled that there had to be an out, since Adam hadn't intentionally hurt the guard, and Chloe urged her to breathe. Chloe reported that the guard was still in a coma and in critical condition, and Chelsea reasoned that whoever had set Adam up had been just as responsible as Adam for what had happened to the guard. Chelsea wondered why Adam was putting it all on himself, and Chloe suspected that he wanted to be punished. Chelsea surmised that Chloe meant for Delia's death.

Chelsea fretted that Connor knew something wasn't right because she was upset, and she was grateful that Chloe was there. Chelsea thought that Delia's death had been part of the reason Adam had pleaded guilty, especially since he'd avoided taking responsibility. Chloe noted that Adam had had his day in court, but Chelsea guessed that Adam had felt he'd needed to be punished more. Chloe said she'd hoped Adam had been able to forgive himself when she'd told him that she'd forgiven him, and Chelsea swore that she had to do something, since no one tore her family apart and got away with it.

Nick stopped by to see Chelsea, and he informed her that he'd just been at the prison. She assumed that he'd seen Adam, and Nick explained that he'd wanted to apologize for ever thinking that Adam had killed Constance. Chelsea thanked Nick, and Chloe inquired about how Adam had seemed. Nick reported that Adam had been resigned to accept the punishment that he felt he deserved, and Nick had tried telling Adam that he didn't deserve it, but Adam hadn't listened. Chelsea tearfully questioned how Adam could do that to them, and Chloe led her upstairs to avoid having Connor see his mother upset, leaving Nick alone with the boy.

Nick watched Connor play on the floor, and he flashed back to Adam asking him to teach Connor to be a Newman. Nick sat down on the floor with Connor and said he'd always be there for the boy, and he promised that everything would be okay.

. . .

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