Tuesday, June 30, 2015

At Crimson Lights, Sharon perused an online article about taking medication during pregnancy, and she emptied her bottle of prescription medication into the trash. Noah entered, and he asked if she knew why police cars were parked outside, but she had no idea. Dylan joined them and wondered why Sharon was there that late, and she explained that she'd gotten restless at home, so she'd decided to set up for the next day. Dylan reported that Jack had been shot in the park, and the cops were looking for the shooter.

Dylan said the cops wanted to review the coffeehouse's security footage, and Mariah arrived and asked what was going on. Noah pulled her aside to fill her in, and Sharon asked Dylan about Avery. Dylan solemnly revealed that Avery had been raped, and Avery was sure Joe had been her attacker, so Dylan had gone to question Joe after Avery had been released. Sharon worried that Dylan had beaten Joe up, but Dylan said he'd pulled back, even though he believed Joe had lied when he'd said he hadn't done it. Dylan went to retrieve the footage.

Noah reiterated to Mariah that Sharon needed support, and he blasted Mariah for insinuating that Dylan was about to run after Avery. Mariah insisted that she hadn't meant to hurt Sharon, but she was concerned about what would happen to the baby if Sharon's bipolar disorder wasn't in check. Kevin entered and speculated that Jack's shooting was somehow related to Austin and Courtney's murders. Kevin pointed out that Jack had been a target of Austin's exposé, but Noah argued that it didn't make sense for Jack to be a victim.

Mariah left the men to obsess over the latest crime while she got some coffee, and she approached Sharon and imagined her mom was upset about Jack. Sharon recalled that Jack had always been a good friend no matter what she'd done, and Mariah compared it to how Sharon had cared about her even when Mariah had disappointed her. Mariah admitted that she'd had no right to interrogate Sharon about her pregnancy, but Sharon swore that Mariah would always be her baby, and she'd always forgive Mariah.

Mariah said she'd been thinking about family a lot, and the baby wouldn't just be Sharon and Dylan's child, but it would also be Mariah's younger sibling. Mariah continued that she loved Noah and Faith, but they'd already been "real people" when she'd met them, and the baby would be the first person in her life who didn't look at her with preconceived notions. Sharon remarked that it would be a clean slate, and Mariah said the baby was just as important to her as it was to Sharon. They hugged.

Dylan showed an officer where to access his surveillance program on a laptop computer, and Kevin asked if there had been any witnesses. Sharon piped up that she had been one, since she'd heard a loud pop, and she remembered the timing of it based on when she'd talked to Dylan on the phone. Kevin thought it helped narrow down the timeframe, and on the tape, they saw two people outside the coffee shop suddenly stop and look around. Dylan suggested that they back up the footage to before the people's reaction, but the officer complained that the program was frozen. Kevin stepped in and fixed it, and Noah spotted Jack walk by the coffeehouse nine minutes before the gunshot.

They continued to review the footage to see if anyone had been following Jack, but Noah said they needed to go forward and not back on the tape, and Kevin replied that it was what he'd been doing. Dylan pointed out that Jack had walked by the coffeehouse in the same direction again on the footage, and they reviewed the tape and discovered that Jack had walked by a second time four minutes after the first time they'd seen him. Noah speculated that Jack had walked around the block, but Kevin noted that Jack would have needed to walk really fast to make it that quickly. Noah wondered if something was wrong with the camera equipment, but Dylan thought there was another explanation.

In Marisa's hotel room, Marisa held Marco at gunpoint and threatened to tell people who he really was. Marco asked Marisa to put down the gun so they could talk, but she refused. He dared her to shoot him, since he'd never make a confession, and pulling the trigger was the only way the truth would get out. He slowly advanced toward her, and she lowered the gun. He took it from her hand and surmised that she was still in love with him, but she retorted that it didn't change what he'd put Jack through.

Marco explained that he'd gone along with another man's plan, and he admired that man even if Marco didn't trust him, since his co-conspirator was like him -- willing to do whatever it took to get what he wanted. Marco said they had to get out of there, but Marisa wanted to call the hospital. Marco griped that Jack only cared about her if he needed something from her, but Marco was happy to say goodbye to Jack's loved ones. Marisa guessed that Marco had loved masquerading as a rich gentleman, but Marco growled that the people he'd met were scum, and they hid behind their estates and companies while pretending to be honorable.

Marisa complained that she was tired of running, but Marco tempted her with a flight to paradise. She contended that the people of Genoa City were no different than him, and he countered that he'd never pretended to be a good man. He warned that Jack and his family wouldn't do anything but turn on her and have her locked up, and he urged her to fly away with him.

In the car, Marisa asked where they were going, and Marco said they could go anywhere they wanted. Marisa commented that she'd picked up on the difference between the men when she'd kissed Jack, and she wondered how Marco had pulled off the switch with Jack's wife. She imagined that Marco had loved deceiving Jack's family, and she noticed that they were heading the opposite direction from the airport.

Marco said it was smarter to go north, but Marisa snapped that she wasn't stupid, and she suspected he was taking her somewhere to kill her. Marisa swore she wouldn't tell anyone what Marco had done, but Marco ridiculed her concern about Jack. She pointed out that the truth wouldn't die with her, and he ominously stated that Jack couldn't survive, either. Marisa grabbed the steering wheel.

At the hospital, Ashley assured Billy, Kyle, and Summer that the doctor hadn't said Jack wouldn't wake up from the coma. Billy demanded to know what "Gabriel" had been doing in the park, and Adam claimed he'd been taking a walk. The men argued, but Ashley intervened and asserted that the bigger question was what Jack had been doing in the park at that hour, and she guessed that Jack had been there to meet someone else. Ashley noted that Jack's worst enemies were in Genoa City, and Summer assumed that Ashley was referring to Victor, but she was adamant that her grandfather would never shoot Jack. Adam suggested that they let the police do their job.

In Jack's hospital room, Paul asked a nurse when Jack would be able to answer some questions, and she replied that Jack's condition was critical. Paul asked her to call him when Jack woke up, since Jack was the only person who could explain what had happened to him. As Paul exited the room, he ran into Nikki, who tearfully started to say that Jack might die, but Paul cut her off and vowed to find out who had been responsible. Paul rushed off, and Nikki's hands shook as she dialed her phone and informed Neil that Jack had been shot. Nikki added that she didn't know what to do, and she needed to see Neil.

Nikki slipped into Jack's room and sat at his bedside, and she said she hated seeing him like that when he'd always been such a good friend to her. She regretted not meeting him in the park as he'd requested, since peace was all he'd ever wanted. Nikki confessed that no one else even knew that Victor had been in the park, but he had probably been the last person Jack had seen. She began to cry, and she prayed that Jack would recover, since she couldn't lose her friend. She wailed that her husband couldn't be Jack's murderer, and Adam overheard from the doorway.

In Victor's office, Phyllis beseeched Victoria to tell her what had happened to Jack, and she asserted that it was beyond Victoria's duty as a daughter to cover up Victor's murder attempt. Phyllis contended that if Victoria knew Victor had shot Jack then Victoria also had blood on her hands, and she asked Victoria point-blank if Victor had shot Jack. Victoria insisted that she hadn't even known Jack had been in the hospital until Billy had called her with the news, and Phyllis recalled that Victoria had admonished her for lying and manipulating. Phyllis had thought Victoria had had the right to the high ground, but she'd been wrong, since Victoria truly was her father's daughter.

Victor coldly said that Phyllis had overstayed her welcome, and Victoria closed the door after Phyllis sashayed out. Victor thanked Victoria for what she'd done, and Victoria spat that she'd lied to protect him. Victor said it was time to leave, and Victoria incredulously inquired whether he wasn't even going to explain what she was protecting him from. He replied that it was complicated, and she urged him to tell the police he'd shot Jack in self-defense. Victor stated that it was the way it had to be, and Victoria yelled that it wasn't enough, since she needed to know everything if he wanted her to help him.

Victor said there were some things he couldn't tell Victoria for the sake of everyone's safety, and Victoria rolled her eyes when Adam entered. Adam relayed that Jack was in a coma after he'd been through surgery, and the doctors didn't know if Jack would wake up. Victoria left to track down Billy, and Adam assumed that Victor thought Jack's condition was good news. Victor swore that he'd never wanted Jack to meet a tragic death, but Adam was sure Victor was happy because Jack couldn't tell the cops who had shot him. Adam warned that someone else could, since Nikki was about ready to sell Victor down the river.

Adam mentioned that Nikki had made a touching bedside confession to Jack, and she had been wondering who to tell about Victor's meeting in the park with Jack. Victor was sure that Nikki wouldn't betray him, and he contended that since she hadn't been there, anything she said would be supposition. Victor chuckled and asked if Gabriel was trying to blackmail him, and Adam asked if Victor was going back on their arrangement. Victor maintained that he'd fired in self-defense, but Adam pointed out that Jack hadn't been carrying a weapon. Adam huffed that Victor had shot an unarmed man, so Victor would have to live with it while Gabriel ran the company. Victor ordered Gabriel to leave.

Phyllis returned to the hospital, and Ashley informed her that Jack had survived the surgery but was in a coma. An overwhelmed Phyllis said she couldn't do it again, and she ran off to Jack's room. Summer tried to follow her, but Ashley said Phyllis needed to be with Jack. Phyllis caught Nikki exiting Jack's room, and she chided Nikki for shedding tears when Victor had put Jack there.

Nikki stammered her apologies, and Phyllis noted that Nikki wasn't denying Victor's involvement. Phyllis demanded to know why Victor had done it, but Neil interrupted and expressed condolences about what had happened. Phyllis snapped that she was sick of people being sorry when she just wanted the truth, and Nikki had a history of protecting guilty people. Phyllis testily asked if Nikki had anything to say at all, and Nikki replied, "Yes, I do."

Nikki declared that Phyllis deserved to know what had happened to her husband, but Victoria approached them. Phyllis pressed Nikki to continue, and Nikki said she knew the police would do everything they could to make sure the person responsible paid. Phyllis acknowledged that Nikki cared about Jack, and she implored Nikki to tell the truth for his sake. Nikki insisted that she was, and Phyllis grumbled that she should have known better than to think Nikki would be honest. Paul requested that Phyllis provide him with a list of Jack's contacts, since he intended to question everyone Jack had dealt with recently, starting with Victor.

Phyllis agreed to get the names, but she thought Paul was right to start with Victor, and she left to spend time with her husband. The Abbotts approached, and Paul promised to keep them informed if he made any progress. Victor entered, and Billy barked that Victor wasn't welcome unless he was there to confess. Victor claimed he was there out of concern for Jack's welfare, but Billy suspected that Victor was there to finish the job.

Victor said he was used to the Abbotts blaming the evils of the world on him, and Summer accused the Abbotts of setting Victor up to get him out of the company. Ashley announced that the funds transfer had simply been a computer glitch, and Adam backed up her claim. Ashley said they'd hired a private specialist to investigate, and she told Paul that he could drop the embezzlement charges against Victor. Paul still wanted to question Victor about his whereabouts that night.

Privately, Neil suspected that Nikki wanted a drink, and she admitted her nerves were frayed. Nikki confided that it wasn't just that Jack had been shot but that Victor had shot him. Nikki recounted that Victor had demanded that she let him handle the meeting she'd set up with Jack, and she'd heard the news about Jack's shooting after Victor had returned from the meeting. Neil said it didn't mean Victor had shot Jack, but Nikki knew Jack and Victor could get angry and vindictive with one another, and Victor would stop at nothing to control Jabot.

Neil encouraged Nikki to tell Paul what she knew, but she worried about what it would do to her relationships with her children. Neil questioned what it would do to Nikki if she kept hiding it, and he voiced concern that she'd end up in rehab again. Nikki recognized that it was the right thing to tell the police, but she struggled with betraying the love of her life.

Paul said the police had confirmed the time of the shooting, and he asked where Victor had been that night. Victor said he'd had dinner with Victoria, and they'd returned to the office to work afterward. Victoria added that she'd been with Victor for most of evening, and they'd been together when Billy had called to tell her about the shooting. Nikki overheard and whispered to Neil that she'd implicate her daughter in a lie if Nikki said anything, but Neil warned that remaining silent would adversely affect Nikki. Nikki thanked Neil for being there when she'd needed him, but she was clear on what she had to do.

Victoria offered to keep Billy company, and Summer apologized for going to Paul with what Kyle had told her. Kyle said he understood, and Summer replied that she knew what he was going through with his dad being in a coma. Kyle apologized for not being there when she'd gone through it with Phyllis, but he worried that his dad wouldn't be as lucky. Summer promised that they wouldn't lose Jack, and Kyle remarked that sometimes he felt like he'd already lost his father, since Jack hadn't been the same since the building collapse. Kyle hoped that Jack would be the dad he once had been when he woke up, and Summer hugged Kyle.

Victor stated that he had nothing else to say, and he offered to take Nikki home, but she declared that she could take care of herself. Paul asked for a word with Gabriel, but Nikki said there was something Paul needed to know. She revealed that Jack had called to ask her to meet him in the park, but Victor had been with Jack instead.

"Here we go again," Phyllis mused as she entered Jack's room, and she stated that being comatose was a piece of cake, but it was "hell" waiting for him to wake up. She asserted that she hadn't made her way back just to lose him, and she begged him to return to her. Phyllis recalled that she'd opened her eyes when Jack had asked her to marry him, and his proposal had given her the will and strength to wake up. She said they'd just gotten started, and they hadn't even made it to their first anniversary yet.

Phyllis pleaded with Jack to return to her, and the nurse entered with Jack's personal effects. Phyllis assumed his wedding band had been taken off before the surgery, and the nurse said it probably had been. Phyllis searched the bag, but the ring wasn't there, and she wondered where it was.

. . .

On the next The Young and the Restless...
  • Paul tells someone over the phone that no one saw the shooting, but “Gabriel” says that’s not true.
  • Ashley informs Abby and Stitch that the police have a suspect.
  • Phyllis finds Victor holding a pillow over Jack, and she orders Victor to stay away from her husband.

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