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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

At Crimson Lights, Lily presented Cane with breakfast, and he thanked her for letting his father stay at their house. She assumed that Colin had no idea how long he wanted to stay, and Cane hoped that his dad slithered off their sofa and back into Jill's good graces soon. Lily sympathized with Jill, but she was determined to make sure Colin didn't take advantage of her and Cane. Cane joked that he cared way too much about their sofa to let that happen.

Cane was sure that Lily's day would get better from there, since she was about to make her debut on GC Buzz. Lily pledged not to let Hilary get to her. Cane marveled at the positive reaction from the press and the retailers since Lily had become the new face of Brash & Sassy, and he believed that sales had been double their projections because of her. Lily assured Cane that he was important to the company, and it would be Victoria's loss if she didn't value him.

At the Athletic Club, Jack left his fourth message for Jill, and he warned that his interest in selling his Fenmore's shares would drop to zero if she kept dodging his calls. Hilary approached and inquired whether he was staying there, since she'd seen him exiting a guest room. Jack insisted that was impossible, and Hilary suspiciously chalked it up to seeing someone who looked like him. He wondered what was going on with Devon, and she filled him in about Michael pressuring her to sign a document promising to keep her claws off Devon's money. Hilary considered it insulting, but Jack sensed that she was after something.

Jack pointed out that Devon had watched Hilary shred a $250 million check while swearing that she had no designs on his bank account, yet she'd refused to sign a piece of paper to put her money where her mouth was. Jack cited lack of trust as the reason Devon wanted a divorce, and Hilary wished that she could go back and avoid the whole thing. Jack thought she sounded like Phyllis, but he lectured that she couldn't ask people to forgive and forget. Hilary proposed a hypothetical scenario in which she hadn't seen Jack creeping out of the hotel room of a "flat-broke jetsetter" who'd almost slandered his name on a popular TV show, and she cautioned that it was a dangerous game to play. Jack replied that sometimes he liked a little danger, just like Hilary did, and he walked off.

Devon arrived at GC Buzz, and Mariah called out that they had a "Code D," so everyone needed to look like they knew what they were doing. Devon chuckled, and Mariah surmised that he was there for the Brash & Sassy interview with Victoria and Lily. Devon figured that Lily could use some brotherly support, and he mentioned that he wanted to be more hands-on. Mariah warned that it would be hard for him to avoid Hilary, and Devon replied that he'd have to deal with it like the rest of them.

Mariah doubted that it was a good idea for Devon to put himself into intense contact with the person he'd just divorced, but Devon reported that he and Hilary weren't divorced yet. Mariah worried that it would be hard for Devon to focus on the show with Hilary in the same room. Hilary entered and awkwardly noted that she hadn't expected to see Devon there, and he reminded her that he owned the place. Mariah went to set up for the interview, and Hilary explained that she'd been surprised to see Devon because he hadn't been around that much. He stated that things were about to change.

Devon announced that he'd fully recovered, and he was looking forward to what was next. Hilary remarked that work had been a welcome distraction for her, since it was better than sitting around waiting to get divorced. He confirmed that he hadn't signed the divorce papers yet, and she asked if he still believed that she'd take a swipe at his bank account. He countered that she could always sign the document to indicate that she wouldn't, but she argued that she wouldn't have torn up the check if that had been her plan.

Devon didn't feel right leaving Hilary penniless, but she contended that she'd survived on the bare minimum for most of her life, and she'd worked harder because the only person she'd been able to rely on had been herself. She recognized that many people would look at a giant settlement as a golden parachute, but she didn't need it because she had wings. Devon expected her to be successful at anything she wanted to do. Lily arrived and was taken aback when Hilary warmly greeted her. Hilary left to prepare for the segment, and Lily refused to let Devon have second thoughts about divorcing Hilary. Lily encouraged him to sign the papers and walk away, but he replied that it wasn't that simple.

Hilary belatedly congratulated Lily on becoming Brash & Sassy's brand ambassador, and Lily remarked that she'd been in the right place at the right time. Hilary commented that Lily had the right mother-in-law and that it hadn't hurt to have Cane's support. Lily defended that Victoria and Billy had also made the decision, and Hilary insisted that she hadn't been implying that nepotism had gotten Lily the job. Hilary referred to the unfair scrutiny she'd faced when Devon had bought GC Buzz. Devon interrupted and suggested that they resume the conversation after the show.

Devon urged Lily to relax and enjoy herself on the show, and he asked if Cane was on his way. She confided that things had been weird since Cane had become obsessed with buying Brash & Sassy, and she'd never seen him that desperate and cutthroat. Devon said he would have given Cane the money, but Lily replied that she wouldn't have felt comfortable borrowing that much cash. Lily hoped that Cane would calm down and accept it, and Devon asked how Cane had accepted her new role. Lily unconvincingly responded that they were solid.

Jordan introduced himself to Hilary, and he informed her that Victoria had asked him to stop by to take some behind-the-scenes shots. Hilary complimented his portfolio, and Jordan credited Lily with making his job easy. He gazed at Lily's photos and remarked that she had "it," and Hilary mumbled that Lily definitely had something. Lily joined them, and Hilary said she'd been gushing about his digital artistry. Jordan added that he'd been gushing about Lily being his muse, and Lily pulled him aside to join her while she had her makeup done. Mariah informed Hilary that Victoria was on her way, and a smirking Hilary observed that Jordan and Lily seemed cozier than colleagues.

Esther and Billy packed up Colin's belongings at the Chancellor mansion, and he declared that their operation to purge Colin had been a major success. Billy handed her a new set of keys, and she blessed him for changing the locks. Billy vowed that Colin would never hurt Jill again. Esther shuddered at how scary it was that they hadn't known Jill had been having a heart attack, and she thought she'd been no help by thinking it had been acid reflux or the flu. Billy assured her that no one had known because they hadn't had the information. Esther whimpered that she didn't want to lose Jill like she had lost "Mrs. C."

Billy swore that nothing would happen to his mother, and the doorbell rang. Esther grabbed a fireplace poker and steeled herself to confront Colin, but she found Jack at the door. A flustered Esther hurriedly left, and Billy coolly asked what Jack wanted. Jack announced that he was there to see Jill, and he'd seen her car outside. Jack observed the packed boxes and inquired whether they were for a garage sale, and Billy disclosed that Jill had suffered a heart attack.

Billy explained that Jill had chalked her symptoms up to stress and indigestion, but he and Esther had forced Jill to get to the emergency room just in time to have stents placed in her heart. A stunned Jack recalled that he'd just seen Jill and that she'd been eager to close a deal to buy his shares in Fenmore's at any cost, but she hadn't responded to his counteroffer. Billy stated that the deal wouldn't happen anytime soon, and Jack stressed that the important thing was for Jill to make a fast, peaceful recovery.

Phyllis greeted Ravi in his office at Jabot, and she said she'd had a nice time the night before. He joked that he was glad his escort services were in high demand, but he quickly became nervous and stammered that he'd had fun. She asked where he'd run off to, and he informed her that he'd returned to work. Phyllis admired his work ethic, but she implored him to take a night away from the office every once in a while. Ashley walked in and looked displeased to find Ravi and Phyllis together.

Phyllis contended that Ravi worked hard and deserved to take time off, even if it was to listen to his horrible electronic dance music. Ashley curtly asked Ravi for a report, and he was surprised that she needed it right away. Ashley snapped that it was why they paid him, and he apologized and rushed off to get it. Phyllis clucked that Ashley had traumatized him, and Ashley haughtily stated that people at her family company actually worked rather than treating their jobs like a game to stay close to Jack. Phyllis compared Ashley to a fourth-grader who was throwing a tantrum because Ravi had spent recess with Phyllis. Ashley confirmed that she didn't like it at all.

Phyllis chided Ashley for seeing Ravi as the exclusive property of Jabot, but Ashley called Ravi a kind, compassionate, intelligent kid who hadn't yet been jaded by working with people like Phyllis. Phyllis clarified that Ravi was a man, and Ashley stressed that she cared about him and didn't want to see him get hurt. Phyllis pointed out that Ashley had just reamed Ravi like a dominatrix hall monitor. Ashley accused Phyllis of causing maximum destruction to as many people as possible.

Later, Ravi privately handed Ashley the updated report and apologized for it being late, and Ashley acknowledged that she shouldn't have overreacted. Ashley asked him to forgive her for being mean, and she explained that she'd acted that way because she'd seen him with Phyllis. Ashley recalled that she'd talked to him a lot about Phyllis, and he promised that he would never repeat anything Ashley had said. He offered not to socialize with Phyllis outside of work, but Ashley recognized that she couldn't tell him what to do with his life, and he didn't have to take sides. Ravi noted that he didn't have a lot of friends, and Ashley worried that a kind and trusting person like him could get hurt.

After Ashley left, Phyllis popped into Ravi's office and asked how he was doing, since Ashley had been out of line earlier. Ravi pointed out that Ashley had given him a raise and an office, but Phyllis countered that Ashley hadn't had any right to speak to him disrespectfully, and she thought he deserved better. Ravi thanked Phyllis, and she headed out. Ravi flashed back to comforting an upset Ashley on Valentine's Day.

Colin lurked at the hospital in a hat and sunglasses. He crept into the ICU and closed the curtains around Jill's bed. He sat at her bedside and expressed his regret over hurting her. He insisted that he didn't deserve her and that she didn't have to forgive him, but he begged her to make herself well again. Colin admitted that he never should have touched her money or hurt her pride or her heart, and he pledged his love. He promised to spend the rest of his life trying to make things right, whether it was with or without her, but he hoped it was with her.

Colin swore that what he and Jill had was real, and he pleaded with her to forgive him. Jill began to stir, and Esther whipped open the curtains and was appalled to find Colin there. He asserted that he had a right to be there, but Esther threatened to get a police officer to read him the rest of his rights. Esther left to have a nurse call security, and Colin slipped out.

Colin burst into Jack's office, and Jack asked if Colin was there to apologize for trying to blackmail him. Jack revealed that he knew about Jill's heart attack, and he hoped she recovered quickly. Colin claimed that he was there on Jill's behalf to ask for more time to close the Fenmore's deal, and Jack questioned whether Colin had Jill's power of attorney and access to her personal accounts. Colin stated that he was just there to ask for more time, but Jack suspected that Jill had no idea that Colin was there.

Jack surmised that Colin didn't have the money to close the deal, and Colin admitted that he didn't at that moment, but he was about to make a killing in the market and needed time for his investment to pay off. Jack mentioned that he'd seen Colin's things near the door of the Chancellor mansion, and he assumed that Jill had thrown Colin out. Jack asked what Colin had done, and Colin confessed that he'd borrowed a substantial amount of money to make an investment. Jack surmised that Colin had done it behind Jill's back and that she'd had a heart attack when she'd found out, and Colin blamed himself for her condition.

Jack figured that Colin wanted the deal to happen to keep his gravy train on the tracks, but Colin thought Jack understood that it wasn't easy to find a woman to share a life of passion and excitement with. Colin explained that he'd found himself taking risks to make sure things were never dull, and Jack mused that any bump in the road could be fatal when someone was going that fast. Colin recounted how difficult it had been to see Jill in such a fragile state, and he pledged to do everything possible to make the deal work.

Jack pointed out that a deal might no longer be on the table, but Colin argued that Jill was willing to pay top dollar, so it was the perfect way out for Jack. Colin appealed to Jack to give him time, and he stepped out as Ashley entered. Jack explained that Colin had been there in a desperate attempt to save his marriage. Jack revealed that Colin wanted more time to raise money to buy Jack's stake in Fenmore's, and Ashley supported unloading the shares by any means possible.

Colin met with Cane at the Athletic Club. Colin griped that Esther and Billy didn't realize that Colin and Jill shared something deep, so the rift between them would pass. Cane reported that Billy had called him to check up on Colin, and he sensed that Billy would do whatever it took to keep Colin away from Jill, including having Colin arrested for draining her accounts.

Billy arrived at the hospital and asked how Jill was doing. Esther reported that she'd kicked Colin out while Jill had been asleep, but Jill was awake. Billy entered the ICU and marveled that Jill looked great, but she imagined that she looked like she'd been hit by a bus. She complained that she was tired even though she'd been sleeping the whole time, and she thought she'd feel better at home. Dr. Lang entered, and Jill begged her to tell Billy and Esther that it had only been a routine procedure. The doctor thought Jill's loved ones had a right to be concerned, since Jill's heart had suffered significant damage that couldn't be ignored.

Jill wondered what she had to do to get on with her life, and the doctor advised that Jill had to be ready to make major lifestyle changes in order to stay healthy and alive. Dr. Lang recommended a Mediterranean diet, and Billy reported that Esther was already hunting through cookbooks. The doctor assigned Jill to a supervised exercise program, and she prescribed three medications to help Jill's heart stay healthy. Billy firmly stated that Jill would take them, and Jill grumbled that Billy thought he was the parent. Dr. Lang advised that it would be easier to stick to the changes with family support, and she added that Jill had to stop drinking.

Jill assumed that she could still drink occasionally, but the doctor said Jill couldn't mix alcohol with the meds. Dr. Lang continued that Jill had to cut back on work because stress was dangerous, and she encouraged Jill to let her family take care of her, since she would recover if she followed the program. The doctor stepped out, and Jill swore that she'd heard Colin earlier. Billy announced that he'd already checked Colin off the stress reduction list by kicking him to the curb. An incensed Jill barked that Billy hadn't had any right.

Billy reiterated that Jill needed to avoid stress, but she ordered him to stop treating her like an invalid. Billy argued that Colin had practically bankrupted her, and she retorted that she was aware of what Colin had done. Jill proclaimed that she'd do what she wanted to do until a judge declared her incompetent, and she demanded to see her husband immediately.

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