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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

At the Athletic Club, Neil and Lily walked in with the twins, who were dressed in their Halloween costumes after performing in their school play. Lily suggested that they have brownie sundaes to celebrate, but Charlie glumly asked why his dad hadn't been at the play. Lily said Cane had needed to work, but Matty wondered why he was at the club. Lily spotted Cane at a table in the dining room.

Cane told the woman he was with that getting last-minute tables was his specialty, and Lily approached and expressed surprise to see him there. He introduced Lily to Renee, a buyer for a chain of department stores. Lily pulled Cane aside and said she'd thought he was working that night, and he confirmed that he was trying to set up a deal. Lily complained that he hadn't scheduled the meeting around the twins' play, which he'd promised to attend, and he apologized. Meanwhile, Neil cheered the kids up by talking about taking them bowling.

Lily crossed over to Neil and the kids, and Matty asked if her daddy would be joining them. Lily explained that Cane was in the middle of an important meeting, and Neil added that Cane wouldn't be able to buy toys if he didn't work. The kids remained sullen, and Lily sent them off to wash up before the ice cream arrived. Neil praised Lily for handling the situation well, but she grumbled that it was the new normal, since Cane rarely got home before the twins were in bed. She acknowledged that Cane was working hard, but she groused that he'd missed the play that the kids had talked about for weeks, and she didn't know how to fix things.

Cane informed Renee about Brash & Sassy's upcoming plans, and she was impressed. He asked if they had a deal, but she was distracted by Charlie and Matty chasing one another around in the foyer. Renee huffed that she couldn't believe such an exclusive place allowed such rude behavior, and she questioned whether the parents knew what kind of children they were raising. Cane replied that he knew exactly what kind of kids he was raising, since he was their father, and he was happy to hear them laughing after he'd missed out on their play because he'd opted to be there to seal the deal. He added that his kids were his heart and soul.

Lily reprimanded the twins for disturbing the other guests, and she reminded them that their dad was trying to work. Matty whined that it was all he ever did, but Lily called Cane a superhero for working hard to give them a good life. Cane approached and declared that the only superhero in the family was Lily for being the glue that held them together, and he insisted on getting a big hug from the kids and hearing all about the play.

Cane watched a video of the Halloween play, and he gushed about the twins' costumes. Renee interrupted, and Cane was surprised that she hadn't gone back to the hotel. She informed him that she would place an order first thing in the morning, and he was shocked that he hadn't blown the deal. Renee remarked that he was the kind of person she wanted to be in business with, and she told the twins that their dad was quite a guy. Renee departed, and Lily congratulated Cane.

In Chloe's bedroom, Kevin and Chloe cuddled in bed after making love. He recalled that he hadn't been sure how the night would go, and they joked about missing out on dessert. He admitted that he'd been afraid of scaring her away, so he'd been willing to take things "glacier slow." She remarked that glaciers moved at faster paces those days, and he agreed to go at whatever pace was okay with her. Chloe suggested that they finish the bottle of wine they'd left downstairs, and he crept out naked to retrieve it. Chelsea returned home, and he hurriedly covered up his private parts with a pink baby blanket and blurted out that he and Chloe had skipped dessert.

A flustered Kevin apologized, but Chelsea quipped that no one could say that nothing fun ever happened in her home. Chloe descended the stairs in Kevin's shirt, and she joked that not everyone could pull off Kevin's look. He retreated up the stairs as Chloe giggled, and she informed Chelsea that date night had gone really well. Chelsea mentioned that she'd heard the couple had skipped dessert, and the women laughed.

Chelsea offered to clean up in the living room while Chloe and Kevin finished their date night. Kevin returned downstairs, wearing one of Chloe's shirts that he'd found in a drawer. Chelsea said he didn't have to hurry off, but she recommended that they put a tie on the door the next time. Chloe invited Kevin to stay, and he was tempted, but he didn't want to screw things up. He called Chloe amazing and gorgeous, but he insisted on saying goodnight. Chloe pointed out that she still had on his shirt, but he countered that it was an excuse for him to return. They kissed, and he headed out.

Chelsea hoped she and Connor hadn't crashed Chloe and Kevin's party, but Chloe figured it was probably for the best that Kevin had left. Chelsea noted that the couple was no longer taking things slowly, and she wondered if she was allowed to say that Kevin and Chloe were officially dating. The women clinked their glasses of wine together, and Chloe confided that she'd wanted to make sure she had real feelings rather than just falling back into something familiar. Chelsea asked if things were becoming serious, but Chloe preferred to take things one step at a time. Chelsea observed that it seemed very casual to Chloe, but she bet that Kevin didn't think of it that way, and she didn't want to see him get hurt.

Chelsea cautioned that Kevin was really hopeful, and Chloe thought it was a good thing to hope that things would get better. Chloe suggested that maybe Chelsea would find hope soon, but Chelsea forlornly stated that it would only happen if Adam walked through the door. Chloe insisted that Chelsea and Connor had a future ahead of them that wasn't stuck in a picture frame, and Chelsea testily wondered if Chloe thought Chelsea should get rid of her photos and jump on a dating website. Chloe clarified that she didn't want to see Chelsea alone forever, and she lectured that it was important to start a new future eventually. Chelsea demanded to know why it was important for her to forget about Adam.

Chloe apologized and recognized that Chelsea wasn't ready, and she clarified that she hadn't meant that Chelsea needed to erase everything she'd shared with Adam. Chloe recalled that she'd been fine with it being just her and Bella for a while, but she'd realized that their world was better and happier with Kevin in it. Chloe continued that she wanted Chelsea and Connor to find someone who knew how amazing they both were, but she was sorry if she'd pushed too hard. Chelsea acknowledged that she knew Chloe wanted them to be happy, but she needed Chloe to understand that Adam had been everything to Chelsea, and that would never change.

At the cottage, Dylan moved to answer Sharon's ringing phone, but Sharon insisted on picking up the call. "Hey, Kitten, miss me?" Patty asked. Sharon pretended that it was someone offering a free roofing estimate, and Patty realized that Sharon wasn't alone, but she ominously stated that they had a lot to talk about. Patty reminded Sharon of her promise to get Patty out of Stonevale in exchange for Patty keeping Sharon's secret. Dylan asked for the phone, and Patty dared Sharon to pass it along so Patty could give him an earful. Sharon claimed that the caller had hung up.

Patty quickly hung up the phone in her doctor's office and slumped in a chair. The doctor entered the room, followed by Paul. Patty mumbled his name, and he referred to their conversation the last time he'd been there. Paul asked if Patty remembered Mariah's visit, but Patty responded by requesting chocolate pudding. Paul explained that Sharon had been getting prank phone calls, and Mariah had thought that Patty had been the one making them. He asked if Patty had done it, and Patty pretended to hold a phone to her ear and called out "Hello."

Patty giggled maniacally and claimed that nobody was there, and Paul turned the topic to her paintings. Patty replied that she didn't paint anymore, and Paul said her artwork had reminded him of her time at Fairview. He mentioned her painting of Dr. Anderson and another of a pregnant lady who he thought was Sharon, since Patty and Sharon had been at Fairview at the same time. Paul wondered if the women had become friends, and Patty whispered that she had a secret. He pressed her to tell him about it, and she said she had painted her secrets.

Paul assured Patty that she didn't have to tell him her secrets, but he wanted to talk about the time she and Sharon had spent together. Patty picked up a pencil and began drawing a picture of a pregnant woman, and she stated that she and Sharon had helped one another a lot. Paul asked how, but Patty became agitated and growled that Dr. Anderson had been very bad. Patty started humming to herself, and she frantically crossed out her drawing. Paul questioned what Dr. Anderson had done to upset her, and he reached out to comfort Patty, who screamed not to touch her. Patty begged him to get her out of there, and Paul yelled for an orderly.

Patty wailed that she couldn't do it, since she needed to be free, and an orderly led her away. The doctor told Paul that Patty's mood swings had become more unpredictable, and Paul thought that Fairview and Sharon were triggers for Patty's outbursts. The doctor reported that Patty's paintings indicated serious psychological trauma, and she wanted Paul to review her new treatment plan with an open mind. She handed him some paperwork, and he was shocked.

The orderly led a sedated Patty back in, and Paul apologized for upsetting her, but he thought Patty would like the doctor's new treatment suggestion. Patty refused to do more art therapy, but Paul explained that they wanted to move her to a new facility that was closer to home. Patty inquired how she'd get there, since she hadn't liked the bus with the bars. Paul offered to pull some strings to arrange for one of his deputies to transport her. Patty turned away and hid a smile as she murmured that she didn't know, and Paul recognized that she didn't like her routine disturbed, but he wanted her to get better. Patty agreed to do it if Paul thought it was okay.

Meanwhile, Dylan prepared to block the number on Sharon's phone, but Sharon claimed that the battery was dying, and she snatched it away to charge it. Mariah asked Dylan about his trip and the trial, but he was more concerned about Sharon's frantic reaction to the phone call. Mariah reasoned that no one liked getting sales calls, and Sharon assured him that there was nothing to worry about. Sharon suggested that Dylan fetch an extra blanket for Sully, and Dylan agreed, but he insisted that the conversation was far from over.

After Dylan went upstairs, Mariah guessed that Patty had been on the line, and Sharon relayed that Patty had wanted to know about the plan to get her out. Sharon worried that Patty might get another phone and call Dylan, and she panicked that she would lose her son once Paul and Dylan put the pieces together. Mariah begged Sharon to keep her voice down, since Dylan would get more suspicious if Sharon continued to freak out over an alleged telemarketing call. Mariah ordered Sharon to pull herself together.

Sharon sipped wine to help her calm down, and Mariah was confident that Patty wouldn't spill the secret and break their deal, since all Patty wanted was her freedom. Sharon thanked Mariah for talking her down, and she hoped everything would be all right once Patty was sent far away. Dylan returned and reported that Sully was sleeping like a baby, but he noted that the tot was almost too old to call him a baby anymore, since Sully was almost one year old. Mariah claimed that she had to meet a friend, but Dylan pushed to find out how Mariah had made the leap from thinking there was an anonymous caller to it being a woman who was locked in a psychiatric hospital.

Sharon handed Dylan a glass of wine and suggested that they talk about it later, but Dylan remained determined to press Mariah for details. Sharon calmly stated that it had just been a theory that Patty had been the caller, and she had no clue why Patty had painted a picture of her, but she pointed out that Patty had had a dead cat as a pet. Dylan agreed to end the interrogation, and Sharon amorously implied that they had a lot of other important things to discuss. Mariah took it as her cue to leave, and Dylan thanked her for everything she'd done. Mariah replied that she'd do anything for her mom, and she left. Sharon enjoyed listening to the silence for a moment with the kids sleeping upstairs, and she welcomed Dylan home. He declared that he was officially off duty.

Kevin ran into Mariah at Crimson Lights, and he inquired how Nick was doing. She reported that Nick was fine except for the lump on his head, and Kevin was glad that there had been no stalker. Mariah mentioned that a telemarketing call had frazzled Sharon, and Kevin volunteered to look into the call. Mariah protested, but he thought it would be fun to track Sharon's phone records, and he insisted on tracing the call. Mariah feigned disappointment when he hit a brick wall because Dylan's warrant had expired.

Kevin cheerfully offered to treat Mariah to a cookie or some apple pie, and she asked if he hadn't eaten dinner. He happily confirmed that he had, and she questioned whether he'd skipped dessert. He squirmed and claimed that he just felt good because fall was in the air, but she inquired about his new sense of fashion, since his shirt was kind of girly. He admitted that the shirt was Chloe's, and Mariah wondered if he'd spilled wine on his, but she quickly realized that something had happened between Kevin and Chloe.

Kevin marveled that he hadn't expected it to happen, but he and Chloe had really been starting to connect again in a different way. Mariah said she should get going, but Kevin pointed out that she'd be interrupting Sharon and Dylan's reunion, and she agreed to stay for some hot chocolate. Mariah added that she was truly happy for Kevin and Chloe, and he stepped to the counter to place his order. He called Chloe to say goodnight.

Paul stopped by the cottage to tell Dylan and Sharon that Patty was being moved from Stonevale. Sharon feigned surprise at first, but she was stunned when Paul revealed that Patty was being transferred to Rivercrest, a closer facility. Sharon inquired whether security would be an issue, but Paul was sure that it wouldn't be a problem. Paul mentioned that Patty had said she and Sharon had helped one another, and he asked if that meant anything to Sharon. Sharon claimed that Patty had been a bit obsessed with her, and she suggested that it was part of a fantasy in Patty's head.

Paul conceded that it was possible, but he believed that Patty thought she'd protected Sharon from Dr. Anderson. Dylan understood that Patty had complicated feelings about Dr. Anderson, but he couldn't imagine why Patty had thought Sharon had needed protection from her own doctor. Sharon insisted that Dr. Anderson had helped her, and Dylan guessed that Patty had created a story in her head in order to deal with her guilt. Dylan walked Paul out, and he asked if Sharon was okay. She remarked that it wasn't the homecoming she'd had in mind, but Dylan kissed her to remind her of exactly where they'd left off.

Alone at Stonevale, Patty flashed back to confronting Dr. Anderson about taking an innocent baby, and she recalled stabbing the doctor with a letter opener. Patty began to sing "Hush Little Baby" to herself.

. . .

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