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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

At the cottage, Sharon asked if Dylan thought her outfit was right for court. He guessed that she wanted to project a maternal image, but he thought they just had to speak from the heart about how much they loved Christian. Sharon prayed that things worked out, since it had been hard leaving Christian at Chelsea's the other day. A shocked Dylan asked what she was talking about.

Sharon explained that Chloe had called her over to the penthouse with a fake emergency, but she swore that she'd had no idea that Christian had been there. She continued that Chloe had empathized because she knew what it was like to have a child taken away, but Dylan worried about what would happen if Nick found out. Dylan blurted out that it was why Michael had thought Dylan would be better off trying to pursue the case on his own. A stunned Sharon asked if Dylan planned to seek visitation rights without her.

Dylan relayed that Michael had advised him that the judge was more likely to grant visitation if Dylan petitioned the court solo, but he'd refused, since Sharon loved Christian as much as he did. Sharon thanked Dylan, and she swore that she never would have gone to the penthouse if she'd known Christian had been there. She imagined how confused the boy was about what had happened to his mommy and daddy, and she wondered if Dylan would have walked away if he'd been in the same situation. Dylan hoped that they'd be part of Christian's life again after that day.

At Chelsea's penthouse, Chloe hoped that Nick decided to compromise by letting Dylan and Sharon be part of Christian's life, and she remarked that a child could never have too much love. Chelsea coolly replied that it was a lovely sentiment, but Chloe had put her in a terrible position by forcing her to lie to Nick. Chelsea asserted that Nick had a right to know that Sharon had spent time with his son without his knowledge. Chloe defended that there had been no harm in letting Sharon spend a few minutes with a boy she loved, and she thought it had been smart to not say anything to Nick. Chelsea scolded Chloe for not trying to see Nick's side.

Chelsea felt that she'd broken Nick's trust, but Chloe argued that Sharon had had the child she'd raised for a year torn away. Chloe apologized if she'd put Chelsea in a bad position, but she maintained that there had been nothing unsafe about Sharon spending time with the boy for what might have been the last time. Chloe figured that even if the judge allowed Dylan and Sharon to spend time with Christian, Victor would refuse to let it happen. Chloe urged Chelsea to stop feeling guilty, since what Nick didn't know wouldn't hurt him.

Devon and Hilary descended the Athletic Club stairs. Over the phone, he arranged to have some equipment installed at GC Buzz the following week, but she was focused on what was happening that day. Hilary thought two brothers battling in court with a woman they'd both been married to would be a killer angle, but Devon lectured that it was a personal family matter with a child involved, and he thought the facts would be compelling without sensationalizing the story. Hilary agreed to let the facts speak for themselves and let the public be the judge.

Hilary claimed that she'd forgotten her notes upstairs, and she told Devon to go ahead to the courthouse. After Devon took off, Hilary engaged the voice recorder on her phone and approached Nikki in the foyer. Hilary asked for Nikki's reaction to her sons facing off in court over a baby they both loved, and she inquired whose side Nikki was on. Nikki huffed that it was a private matter, but Hilary claimed that she wanted to tell the whole story. Hilary couldn't imagine what Nikki was going through by watching her sons fight. Nikki spat that Sharon had victimized both men, and she walked away.

In the dining room, Victor was confident that the judge would rule in Nick's favor. Nick said he needed an official decision rather than a casual agreement, and Victor suggested drawing up a legal document to keep Sharon and Dylan away from Christian. Nick pointed out that the judge might grant the couple visitation, but Victor promised that it wouldn't happen. Nick demanded to know what Victor had done.

Nikki joined the men, and Victor considered Dylan to be lucky that Nick wasn't pressing charges for kidnapping. Nikki found the idea ridiculous, but Victor argued that Dylan had either lied along with Sharon or been willfully ignorant. Nikki refused to listen, and Victor accused her of taking Dylan's side over Nick's. Nikki encouraged Nick to consider that Dylan was pursuing visitation because he loved Christian, and losing a child had devastated Dylan. Nikki appealed to Nick as a father and as Dylan's brother to show Dylan some compassion, and she begged Nick not to make Dylan suffer even more because of Sharon's lies and manipulations.

Later, Nick flashed back to Dylan telling Christian that Dylan and Nick were trading places, and Dylan was sure that Nick would love and protect Christian as much as Dylan had. Nikki was surprised that Nick hadn't already left for the courthouse, and he told her that he couldn't stop thinking about Dylan. Nikki questioned whether Nick intended to take her advice to give Dylan visitation rights. Nick admitted that he was considering it, and he was sure that Dylan would do the same if the roles were reversed. Nikki said she was proud of Nick for seeing past Sharon's deceit and doing the right thing, but Nick pointed out that it wasn't official yet.

At the Ashby residence, Lily prepared to go to work, and she reminded Cane that it was best for him to rest. After Lily left, Cane called Jill at Brash & Sassy, and he swore that he was full of energy and ready to work from home. He wanted to join a marketing meeting via conference call, but Jill reported that the meeting had been canceled because Victoria had wanted to be in court to support Nick. Jill mentioned that she was conducting an interview with Travis that day, and Cane assumed that Jill intended to replace him. Jill explained that she was doing the interview out of consideration for Victoria, and she assured Cane that he was indispensable.

Jill added that Cane's job would be waiting for him once he got back on his feet, and she ordered him to focus on what his doctor had told him. He pressed to know when the marketing meeting would be rescheduled, but she told him not to worry, and she hung up. Cane struggled to put on a pair of pants, and Lily returned because she had forgotten something. He was determined to go to work, since he was convinced that Jill was giving away his job. He mentioned that Jill was interviewing his replacement at that moment, and he had to show her that he could do the job. Lily hesitantly offered to drive him.

Victoria and Travis arrived at Brash & Sassy, and she fussed over his suit, noting that cosmetics and fashion went hand in hand. Billy said he'd thought Travis had given up the corporate world, but Travis clarified that he'd quit Newman, not business. Billy commented to Jill that he hadn't been aware that Cane would be gone long enough to have someone else step in, but Jill thought they should be prepared for anything. Jill led Travis into her office, and Victoria wondered if Billy's previous defense of Travis had been an act.

Victoria told Billy that she'd believed that he cared about her when he'd insisted that she give Travis a second chance, but she sensed that Billy was hiding something. Billy thought she was just using her instincts, and he pointed out that she hadn't screamed yes when Travis had asked her to marry him. Billy urged her to take time to think before getting married, but Victoria insisted that she wanted to start a beautiful life with Travis. She chided Billy for pretending that he'd supported Travis, and she headed out to go to court.

Meanwhile, Travis opted not to talk about himself, since he preferred to discuss the impressive job Jill had done with the company. Jill declared that he was wasting his charm on her, since there was no way on earth she would hire him. She added that she had a strong instinct that he was a "kick-ass" executive, but she'd only held the meeting to tell him to his face that Billy and Victoria belonged together. Travis contended that Billy's chance with Victoria hadn't worked out, and Travis and Victoria were getting married. Jill warned Travis not to assume that all was well.

Cane and Lily entered the office, and Billy was surprised that Cane wasn't recovering at home. Cane accused Billy of trying to sabotage his career by hiring Travis, but Billy countered that he didn't want Victoria's fiancé working there. Cane walked in on Travis and Jill shaking hands, and he asserted that she didn't need a replacement. Travis revealed that it had been a courtesy interview, and there had been no job opening. Jill apologized for the misunderstanding, and Travis stepped out.

Travis mused to Billy that it would have been strange if they'd all worked together in the same office, but he thought they would have made it work. Travis mentioned that Jill had made it no secret that she wanted Billy and Victoria back together, and Billy called his mother a one-trick pony. Billy added that Victoria was still his family, and he warned Travis not to hurt her. Travis recognized that he was lucky to have her, but Billy quipped that the luckiest ones didn't realize it until their luck ran out. Travis understood that Billy wouldn't be giving him any more endorsements, but he thought it wouldn't matter, since Travis and Victoria were having a Christmastime wedding.

Jill was astonished that Cane thought she would replace him, and she reminded him that they were family. Cane grumbled that Travis would also be family soon, but Jill asserted that she was worried about Cane, not Travis. She asked what Cane had been thinking by hobbling in after surgery, and Cane complained that he felt useless. Lily scolded that he was delaying the healing process, and Cane agreed to work from home. Jill offered to forward emails, and Lily led Cane out.

Billy closed the door and demanded to know why Jill had interviewed Travis. Jill was certain that Billy had something on Travis that she didn't know about, and she pointed out that Billy had been dancing around her questions. Billy complained that he was tired of being interrogated, and he fibbed that he didn't know anything. Jill proclaimed that if Travis wasn't the man he claimed to be, Billy owed it to Victoria not to let her walk down the aisle without telling her.

Lily and Cane returned home, and she ordered him not to overdo it. She leaned in to kiss him, but she accidentally jostled his knee, and he winced in pain. She told him to rest and deal with work later, but he wanted the distraction. She offered him a pill for his pain, but he hesitated to take anything that would mess with his head. Lily left the prescription bottle where he could easily reach it, and she headed out. Cane stared at the bottle.

At the courthouse, Kevin remarked that Michael had his work cut out for him, since he thought it would be tough to get the judge to grant Sharon and Dylan rights to see Christian. Mariah was surprised to see Kevin there, and he said he'd figured she could use a friend. Mariah said her mom needed someone in her corner, and Kevin noted that Hilary seemed to be out to get Sharon. Mariah complained that Hilary was only out for ratings, but Devon was trying to keep a lid on it.

Mariah expected Hilary to be irate that no cameras were allowed in the courtroom, and Michael explained that it was in everyone's best interests to keep a low profile and remain calm. Michael stepped into the courtroom, and Mariah grumbled that calm and reasonable wouldn't attract viewers, but Hilary was a master of recording people without them knowing. Kevin volunteered to keep an eye on Hilary, and Mariah confided that she was scared about what would happen if Paul found out she'd kept Sharon's secret.

Later, Kevin informed Hilary that no cameras were allowed, and she figured that she'd have to be more creative. Hilary told Devon that she'd run into Nikki, and she thought Nikki's perspective as the mother of the brothers would be a fascinating take. Hilary tried to get a comment from Sharon and Dylan, but Kevin pulled Hilary away to check something out, and Sharon ducked inside the courtroom. Victor confronted Dylan about being in on the lie with Sharon from the beginning, and he barked that Dylan had a lot of nerve to take it to court. Nikki privately told Dylan that she believed she'd convinced Nick to grant visitation to Dylan but not Sharon.

Chelsea approached Nick, who confided that he was in a dilemma. He explained that his dad really wanted him to play hardball, but his mom had made a compelling case to give Dylan visitation without Sharon. He felt bad because Dylan had been a victim, too, but it was hard to decide what to do after all the lies. Chelsea became uncomfortable, and Nick asked if she was all right. She said she had to tell him something about Sharon.

Inside the courtroom, Kevin warned Sharon that Mariah could get in a lot of trouble, since Hilary was suspicious and wouldn't hesitate to throw Mariah under the bus. Sharon promised that Hilary wouldn't hear anything from her, and she prayed that the whole ordeal would be over after that day. Meanwhile, Dylan told Michael about Nikki's belief that Nick would give him visitation, but Nick was still bitter about Sharon. Michael said it wasn't going away anytime soon, and Sharon overheard and asked if there was something she should know. Michael saw that the judge was ready to start.

Michael instructed Dylan to tell the court what he was seeking, and Dylan acknowledged that he was deeply sorry for every moment that Nick had been kept away from Christian. Dylan said he knew it was painful, since he'd only been away from Christian for a few days, but he missed the boy so much that it hurt. Dylan asserted that he'd been a father to the child for the first year of his life, and he would have laid down his life for his son.

Michael confirmed that Dylan hadn't known that Christian hadn't been his son, and Dylan added that Sharon had also believed the boy had been their son when Dr. Anderson had put the baby in her arms, so that was why he was petitioning for both of them to spend time with Christian. Dylan stood and faced Nick, and he said he'd never condone what had happened, but Sharon had never acted out of malice. Dylan stated that he'd forgiven her, and he beseeched Nick to do the same in order to do what was best for the little boy.

Outside the courtroom during a recess, Sharon was touched that Dylan had stood up for her. Hilary tried to get a response from Sharon on video, but Dylan snapped to leave them alone. Mariah told Hilary to cut it out, and Hilary referred to Mariah's unwavering support as her mother had raised the boy as her own -- even after Mariah had found out the truth. Devon pulled Hilary away, noting that people didn't want to talk to her, and she griped about losing her exclusive.

Travis arrived and informed Victoria that Jill had wanted to maintain the current dynamic, and he didn't think Victor would be happy, since Victor had made a point about not wanting Travis sponging off Victoria. She was embarrassed that her dad had said that, and she applauded Travis for going back to the corporate world to prove himself to her. They embraced as Billy watched. Leslie reported that court was back in session, and she asked if Nick was ready to make his statement. They reentered the courtroom, and Victoria told Travis that she would be right there.

Victoria finished writing a text message, and Billy approached and said he couldn't keep quiet anymore. Victoria fretted that she was missing the testimony, but Billy swore that he'd meant every word he'd said about wanting her to be happy. He continued that he'd hoped Travis would be the one for her, but he couldn't sit back and watch her try to talk herself into marrying the guy. Billy hesitated to be the one to tell her the truth, and Victoria ordered him to spit it out. Billy revealed that Travis had cheated on her.

Meanwhile, Leslie prompted Nick to give his thoughts about visitation as Christian's sole parent, and Nick stated that he didn't understand why Sharon had kept his son from him. He referred to Dylan's request that Nick forgive things that Dylan himself didn't condone, and he asked if Dylan had known that Sharon had gone behind Nick's back to see his son without his knowledge or permission. Dylan admitted that he'd known.

Sharon whispered to Michael that she hadn't planned to visit Christian, and Michael hissed that he hadn't planned on how to deal with it because she hadn't told him about the encounter. Leslie requested a restraining order against both Sharon and Dylan.

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