Tuesday, July 28, 2015

From the hallway outside the closed door to Chelsea's penthouse, Adam begged Chelsea not to shut him out, since he needed her and Connor, and Connor needed a dad. He swore that everything he'd done had been for them, and his life wasn't worth living without her. On the other side of the door, Chelsea ordered him to leave, or she'd call the police and tell them everything. A defeated Adam stalked off.

Chelsea sadly told Connor that she'd really thought his daddy could change and that things could be different. Anita arrived, and she babbled on about what had happened between Victor and Jack, but she saw Chelsea's expression and asked if something was wrong with Connor. Chelsea confirmed that her son was physically fine, and Anita gushed that Connor lived in a fancy penthouse with people who loved him. Anita crowed that Gabriel was not only hot but also a super dad, and Chelsea recalled that Anita had always been a cheerleader for the men Chelsea had been involved with. Anita insisted that she wanted Chelsea to be happy, but Chelsea groaned that she would never be happy.

Chelsea returned from putting Connor down to sleep, and she remarked that she hated for him to see her upset. Anita asked why Chelsea thought she'd never be happy, and Chelsea called happiness an illusion that didn't exist for her. Anita wondered if something had happened with Chelsea and Gabriel, and she urged Chelsea not to let the press get to her, since Gabriel wasn't the man the media was making him out to be. Chelsea said Anita didn't know the man he was, either, but Anita argued that he'd gone to great lengths to be with Chelsea, and she'd never seen a man more determined or committed. Chelsea replied that Anita didn't know Gabriel at all.

Billy and Phyllis helped Jack home from the hospital, and he thoughtfully looked around the living room and mused that it was good to be home. Jack added that he hadn't been sure he would make it, and Billy warned that Jack might not make it the next time if he kept tempting fate. Jack contended that it hadn't been his idea to have a building fall on him or to take a bullet, but Billy remarked that the totaled Ferrari was all on Jack. Jack looked bewildered for a moment, but he quickly covered by accepting the blame. Jack gazed at the photo of Marco, clad in a bright green golf vest, and he ridiculed the attire. Billy said it was time Jack told them everything that had been going on with him.

Jack conceded that he hadn't been himself for a while, and Billy said he could deal with the Ferraris and the sweater vests as long as Jack stopped calling him "Billy Boy." Jack claimed that he hadn't realized he'd done it, and Billy said he could handle it, but he couldn't handle Jack lying to his family about Gabriel. Jack defended that he'd needed a strong ally to fight Victor, but Billy wondered why Jack hadn't turned to Billy or Kyle instead. Billy thought it had made no sense for Jack to team up with Gabriel to take down Victor only to end up running the company with Victor, and he considered some of Jack's recent decisions to be insane and out of character.

Jack insisted that he wanted to do what was best for his family and the company, so he needed to put the bad blood with Victor behind him, and he emphatically stated that he was back. Jack acknowledged that things had gotten complicated since he'd returned from his honeymoon, and Billy said it had felt like he'd lost Jack. Billy asked how Gabriel fit into Jack's plans, since he had wanted to put a fist through Gabriel's face for sleeping with Chelsea, and Jack knowingly said he understood how Billy felt. Jack vowed to get Jabot back into the Abbott family's hands, but they had to be patient. Phyllis insisted that Jack get some rest, and Billy welcomed Jack home and headed out.

Jack told John's photo that he'd made it, and Phyllis reflected back on the last time Jack had been there and how it had felt to be in his arms again. Jack hoped it had felt like it always had, and she mentioned that things had seemed different since their wedding, but she felt connected to him again. Jack promised he was home to stay, and she recalled that before the shooting, he had been about to tell her something that might help make sense of the past few months. Jack replied that he didn't want to talk about it, since he wanted to go upstairs and be with her. They kissed, and they headed to the bedroom, where they tenderly made love.

Billy ran into "Gabriel" in the park, and he coolly asked if Gabriel had lost something, like his family and his job. Adam pointed out that Billy had gotten what he'd wanted, but Billy thought there was something Gabriel was still hiding, and he vowed to find out what it was. Billy accused Gabriel of lying about what had happened in the park and hiding the gun, and Adam swore that he'd been trying to help Jack. Billy spat that Gabriel had only wanted control over Newman-Abbott, and a few years behind bars for obstruction of justice wasn't enough. Billy threatened to uncover every dirty secret Gabriel had, and Adam warned Billy to leave it alone, or it would be "just as much hell" for Billy as it would be for him.

Billy asked what Gabriel meant, but Adam contended that he'd soon be out of Billy's life, so it should be enough that he wouldn't be able to hurt Billy or anyone Billy cared about again. Adam started to leave, but Billy physically stopped him and asked what Gabriel had done to hurt someone. Adam ordered him to drop it, but Billy refused to let Gabriel walk away without paying. Adam asserted that it wouldn't make Billy feel any better, and he urged Billy to be with his children and to tell Victoria that he loved her. Adam demanded that Billy stop trying to make him suffer, since he was suffering plenty.

At the police station, Paul told Christine that he'd been going over the evidence all night, and something wasn't right. She pointed out that Jack's statement had corroborated Victor's story, and a frustrated Paul realized that she intended to drop the charges. Christine replied that she had no choice, but Paul thought it had all been too convenient, and his gut told him that Victor and Jack hadn't told the whole story. Christine noted that there was still one person she could make a case against.

At Newman-Abbott, Victoria impatiently asked if Victor was sure Abby was aware he'd wanted to meet, and Abby burst in. Victoria indignantly hoped they hadn't pulled Abby away from anything important, and Abby replied that work was a priority. Victor said he wanted to discuss the future of the company, and he announced that he and Jack would be running the company together. Victoria suspected that he wanted them to make nice with the Abbotts, but Victor clarified that he also wanted peace amongst themselves.

Abby declared that she had no problem working with Victoria, but Victoria grumbled that she worked for Abby. Victoria griped that she'd had to earn her title when she'd started working there, and the COO position wasn't a place for on-the-job training. Abby bragged that she'd only had success, and Victoria chalked it up to beginner's luck. Victor stressed that Gabriel was gone, and there was no reason why Victor and Jack couldn't work together for the benefit of both families and the company. Paul arrived and announced that he was there on official police business.

Paul proclaimed that Victor was a free man, since Christine had decided not to take the case to trial. Victoria wondered if the Abbott and Newman families really could peacefully coexist, and Victor asked if there was enough evidence to arrest Gabriel. Paul snapped that he knew how to do his job, but Victor argued that Gabriel had lied, while Victor and Jack had both told the truth. Paul found it amazing how Victor and Jack's stories had "seamlessly dovetailed" together.

After Paul left, Abby found it weird how everything had worked out, and Victoria commented that Paul thought things had lined up too neatly, so perhaps he wasn't done investigating. Victor huffed that it would be a waste of taxpayers' money if Paul kept digging, and Victoria asked if there would be no more secrets or lies. Victor agreed that there wouldn't be, and Victoria suggested that Victor start by telling the truth about what had really happened in the park. Victor said he was glad Jack had survived, and the man who deserved to be punished would be.

Victoria agreed that Gabriel was a jerk, but she pointed out that he hadn't acted alone, since Victor had given Gabriel the co-COO title. Victor remarked that he kept his friends close and his enemies closer, but Victoria countered that Gabriel had been close enough to frame Victor for attempted murder. Abby questioned why Jack hadn't backed up Gabriel's story if Jack and Victor had wanted to kill one another, and Victor claimed that Jack was a different person after the shooting. Victoria inquired whether Victor was also different, and Victor stated that he'd become a changed person after his problems with Nikki and all the other events that had occurred recently.

Victoria wondered how the shooting had renewed Jack and Victor's alliance, and Victor claimed that the tragedy had made the men realize that it was best for both families if they got along. Abby recalled that Victor had said the same thing after the Underground collapse, but Victor maintained that he and Jack had made peace. Abby wondered how long it would take for Jack to admit he'd only pretended to call a truce, but Victor said Jack needed him. Victoria suspected that Victor needed Jack even more.

Paul stopped by Chelsea's penthouse with a warrant for Gabriel's arrest, and he observed that Chelsea didn't seem surprised. He inquired whether she'd known Gabriel had planned on running, since Gabriel's personal belongings were missing from his residence. Paul warned that Chelsea could be in just as much trouble if she was covering for Gabriel, and he encouraged her to think about her son. Chelsea was adamant that she didn't know where Gabriel was, and Paul exited. Anita scolded Chelsea for losing her touch, since Paul had known Chelsea had lied. Chelsea asked Anita to watch Connor, and she hurried out.

At the Abbott mansion, Jack softly called to Phyllis, but she was asleep. He got out of bed and crept downstairs, and there was a sudden rap at the door. Chelsea burst in and demanded to know where Adam was, and Jack cautioned that Phyllis was sleeping upstairs. Chelsea imagined that Jack didn't want Phyllis to find out he'd been lying about Gabriel's real identity, and Jack pointed out that Billy stood to be arrested for shooting Adam if the truth surfaced. Chelsea revealed that the police had a warrant for Gabriel's arrest, and the charade would be over once he was fingerprinted.

Jack assured Chelsea that he could get the charges dropped, but she informed him that Adam had run, so he was a wanted man. Jack insisted that he hadn't seen Adam, and Chelsea wasn't sure why she'd even stopped by. Jack suggested that maybe it was better that Adam was gone, since they'd risked a lot to keep his secret, and they both knew Adam belonged in prison for killing Delia. Meanwhile, Adam eavesdropped as he lurked inside the house.

Chelsea recognized that Adam had been responsible for Delia's tragic accident, but he'd had no malicious intent, and he hadn't even known he'd hit the girl. Jack argued that Adam should have stepped forward when he'd realized it, and Chelsea believed that things would have turned out a lot differently if Adam had gone to the police. Jack countered that they wouldn't have been different for Delia, and Chelsea reasoned that Adam had been afraid that no one would believe him, since he'd always thought of himself as a black sheep who wasn't good enough. She thought a big part of Adam would always want his father's approval, and she'd convinced herself that he'd gotten past it, but she'd been fooling herself.

Chelsea believed that Adam was still a broken, damaged boy who would do anything for his dad's approval, and she couldn't be with that kind of man. Jack pointed out that she'd just answered her own question, and he thought she was there because she'd had to make sure Adam was gone. Chelsea opined that it was best if Adam remained dead in everyone's minds, including her son's. They heard the creak of a floorboard, and Jack investigated the spot where Adam had been standing, but no one was there.

Phyllis awakened and flashed back to having passionate sex on her wedding night, and she thought about how her husband had been insatiable when they'd returned from their honeymoon. She turned over in bed and wondered what had changed. Jack crawled back into bed with Phyllis, and he asked if she was awake. She didn't respond, but after he turned away, she opened her eyes.

Adam showed up at Chelsea's penthouse, and Anita explained that Chelsea had taken off after Paul had been there, looking for Gabriel. Adam complained that it hadn't taken long for Victor to set him up perfectly, and Anita encouraged him to explain to Chelsea that he wasn't guilty. Adam said he couldn't stay, but he was there because he'd wanted to say goodbye to Chelsea and Connor. Anita sympathetically wished he didn't have to do it, and she went upstairs to get Connor. A short time later, Adam drove away with Connor strapped in a car seat. "Just you and me now, little man. Just you and me," Adam murmured.

Chelsea returned home, and she found Anita passed out on the couch. Anita didn't wake up when Chelsea called to her, and Chelsea spotted a coffee cup on the floor. Chelsea sniffed the cup and yelled for Anita to wake up, and Anita stirred and guessed that she'd drifted off when Gabriel had been visiting Connor. Chelsea raced up the stairs as she bellowed Gabriel's name, but she quickly returned and instructed Anita to call 9-1-1. Chelsea hurried toward the door, but she found Adam with Connor in his arms.

Chelsea thanked God and took Connor from Adam, and Adam apologized for worrying her. Anita took the boy upstairs, and Chelsea incredulously asked if Adam had tried to steal her son. He pointed out that Connor was their son, but he'd returned when he'd realized it had been a mistake. Chelsea demanded to know how he could even consider taking Connor from her, but he questioned how it would have been any different from her threatening to shut him out of his son's life. Adam confessed that he'd heard her talking to Jack about how it was better if Adam stayed dead, with Connor never knowing who he was.

Adam admitted that it had been wrong to take Connor, and he invited Chelsea to call the police, but she said that, for Connor's sake, she wouldn't do that. Chelsea ordered Adam to get out, and he pleaded for the chance to make it up to her, but she firmly stated, "I am so done." She added that she was sick of waiting for Adam to change when he never would, and she wanted him out of her life. She yelled that she couldn't set herself up to be disappointed by him again, and she told him to just go. Adam walked to the door, looked back forlornly at Chelsea, and left.

In his office, Paul groused that the case was becoming more frustrating by the minute, and something slipped through the cracks every time he backed down. Christine implored him to calm down, but Paul informed her that Gabriel had left town, and Chelsea was covering for him. Paul thought it didn't make sense, since Gabriel could have gotten a suspended sentence, and Billy entered and speculated that Gabriel had done more than obstruct justice. Billy insisted that Gabriel had run because he was hiding something, and Paul said he had an APB out to haul Gabriel in as quickly as possible. Billy urged Paul to do it soon, or someone would get hurt.

Paul ranted that he was tired of people telling him how to do his job, and he had things under control. Billy griped that Gabriel should be behind bars, and Paul ordered Billy out of his office. Billy accused Paul of throwing innocent guys in jail while letting the dirt bags run free, and he threatened to find Gabriel himself. Paul vehemently protested as he lunged to stop Billy, but he suddenly grabbed his arm and grimaced in pain. Paul collapsed to the floor, and Christine yelled for Billy to get help.

. . .

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