Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Billy smiled at a photo of himself and Delia on Victoria's mantel, and Victoria asked if he was all right. He recounted the perfect morning they'd had a year before, when Delia had been excited about being in her school play, and she'd recited her lines over and over while cackling like a witch. Billy remarked that the house seemed quiet, and Victoria explained that she'd asked her mom to watch Johnny to make it easier for Billy. Billy thought it had been sweet that Delia's school principal had dedicated a garden to Delia, and he'd pictured Delia jumping in to play with the other kids. Billy said he'd give anything to talk to Delia one more time and to hold her hand, and Victoria handed him an envelope and said that it was from Delia.

Victoria explained that she didn't know what was inside, but Delia's teacher had thought they'd like to have it. Billy opened the envelope and pulled out a school assignment, and Victoria recognized it as one of the best things Delia had ever done in class -- a composition entitled "What I Know for Sure." Delia had written that it was fun to dress up and that chocolate cake with pink frosting was the best kind. The list said that there were never enough animals or tea parties, and Delia's daddy had always made her laugh. Victoria cried as she read aloud that Delia had known for sure that her family had loved her, and whenever she'd been scared or sad, remembering that love had made her smile.

Victoria said that they didn't need to finish reading it, and Billy suggested that they save it for another day. She wondered if she'd been wrong to give it to him, but he assured her it had been perfect, and he started to head out. Victoria told him to let her know if he needed anything, and Billy said that he was sorry for how he'd handled everything over the prior year, since he'd done it all wrong. Through tears, Victoria remarked that the day would soon be over, and another year would begin. She added that he didn't owe her any more apologies, and Billy exited. He saw Delia once he was outside, and he asked what she was doing there. "I've come to help you, Daddy," Delia replied.

Esther and Jill walked through Chancellor Park after they'd visited the cemetery, and Esther rambled on about the nice job the caretaker had done with keeping the grass green. Esther declared that she knew Delia was smiling out there, and she thought that Delia would have loved the pony Esther had left for her, since Pinkerton had been Delia's best friend. Jill barked that the stuffed animal had been underground for over a year, so it had probably disintegrated, but she immediately apologized, and the women hugged and cried together.

Esther said that there was nothing like a good cry, and she asked if Jill was going to spend time with Billy. Jill said that she was about to leave for the Abbott house, and Esther disclosed that she'd left a message for Chloe, who had turned down Esther's offer to go to California. Jill pointed out that Chloe had great doctors, and Esther was relieved that Chloe had finally accepted help. Jill mused that nothing in life was the same after losing a child.

At the penthouse, Chelsea arranged for something to be delivered as soon as possible that day, and as she softly touched Connor's head, she requested that the card say, "She'll never be forgotten." Chelsea told Connor that Delia had given joy to everyone she'd known, and Delia's parents had had such big hearts that they'd decided to share a part of Delia with Connor.

At the Abbott mansion, Jack made a call as Abby and Traci looked on, and he reported that he'd gotten voicemail again. Traci surmised that Billy probably had his phone turned off, and Abby worried that he shouldn't be alone. Traci knowingly stated that there was no escaping what the day was, and Abby couldn't believe it had been a year since Delia had died. Traci recalled that on the first anniversary of Colleen's death, she'd felt like she'd been reliving every single detail of Colleen's last day. Traci added that some details had slipped away over time, but she didn't know whether the pain of remembering or the fear of forgetting was worse.

The Abbotts turned around anxiously when someone entered the front door, and they were surprised to see Ashley. Jack said that Billy would be glad Ashley was there, and she replied that Billy wasn't the only person who needed her. Ashley said that she'd been stunned by Phyllis' return, and Abby quipped that it had been a miracle for everyone except Kelly. Traci mentioned that Jack hadn't told Phyllis about Kelly yet, and Jack reported that Phyllis wanted to pick up where they'd left off, but he was still sorting through things. Jack insisted that the day wasn't about him, and he suggested that they focus on getting Billy through it.

Jill arrived at the mansion, and she wanted to start calling around to try to find Billy. Jack said that there was no reason to panic yet, and Traci added that she was sure Billy would be home any minute. Jill announced that some news she had hoped to share had happened, and Jack smiled. As Billy hovered outside the door, Delia asked why he was nervous. Billy explained that he just didn't want everyone making a fuss, and Delia reminded him that he'd always told her that his family kept him strong.

Jill started to call Victoria, but she hung up and rushed over to hug Billy when he walked in. Abby asked where he'd been, and Billy claimed that the ceremony at the school had lasted longer than he'd expected. Traci mentioned that he'd received some beautiful flowers, and Billy started to head upstairs to change clothes, but Jill said that she had news to share first. Jack revealed that he and Jill had been shepherding a program to add to the Delia Project, and they'd reached their goal, thanks to Victor and Nikki. Jill explained that it was a children's theater to allow kids from all walks of life to become stars, and Billy thought that Delia would have loved it.

Billy said that he'd stared at the ceiling the prior night with memories of Delia in his head, and he'd dreaded the sunrise, but it had happened. He added that the world hadn't ended, and he had gotten up and had made it through the school ceremony. Traci said that there was no right or wrong way to get through the day, and she advised him to take it for what it was and to be kind to himself. Billy declared that he wanted Delia to be proud of him, and he'd felt like she'd been with him all day. He continued that he wanted to be the kind of man she'd believed he could be, and he presented his family with her composition.

After Billy left, Jill said that Delia had been wise beyond her years, and Jack added that it felt as if Delia were looking over them. Ashley wondered what the future had in store for Billy, and Abby anticipated that he would get back together with Victoria. Traci remarked that Chelsea would have something to say about it, and Jill called Chelsea a fling who wasn't in the same league as Victoria. Jack defended that there was more to Chelsea than they thought, and Ashley insisted that they not argue. Jack said that Chelsea had been there for Billy, and he wanted Billy to be with whoever was best for him.

Jill asked Jack to make copies of the composition for her and Esther, and Jack remarked that they all could learn something from Delia. Jill asked about Jack and his choice between Kelly and Phyllis, and Jack reiterated that he didn't want to talk about it that day, but he wasn't out to hurt anyone. Jill counseled that someone always got hurt, and the longer it took, the worse it would be. Meanwhile, Traci asked how long it would be before Ashley headed back to New York, and Ashley announced that she'd bought a one-way ticket, so she was home for good. Ashley declared that the Abbotts were back together again, and they shared a family hug.

At the Athletic Club, Kelly reprimanded an employee for his sloppy work, and Stitch asked if she was having a tough day. She griped that people needed to learn to do their jobs, and Stitch pointed out that it wasn't like her to yell at her staff. She argued that she was responsible for a lot of moving parts, but Stitch concluded that the situation with Jack was bothering her, and she admitted Jack was on her mind. She mentioned that it was the first anniversary of Delia's death, and Stitch figured that had been why his last encounter with Victoria had been more confusing than usual. He contemplated stopping by to see how Victoria was doing, but Kelly thought both she and Stitch should keep their distance.

Later, Victoria arrived at the club and asked for a minute with Kelly, who was surprised to see her, especially on that particular day. Victoria said that the day had caused a lot of memories to surface, but she'd also realized that she'd needed to talk to Kelly. A hesitant Kelly reasoned that emotions ran high on anniversaries, and she suggested that another day would be better, but Victoria was adamant that it was exactly the right time. Victoria explained that she'd tried to look for a way to honor Delia that day, and she'd had a thought when she'd read a composition that Delia had written in school. Victoria continued that it had been almost as if Delia had shaken her and told her to stop wasting her life being angry and frustrated, since life was too short, and they'd all suffered enough. Stitch returned and overheard Victoria say that they should all let the anger go.

Kelly said that Victoria's willingness to put everything behind them meant a lot to her, and Victoria replied that they'd never be friends, but they might end up being family, so she didn't want there to be any lingering negativity with a baby on the way. Kelly thanked her, and she remarked that it was nice to have an extra burden off her plate. Victoria mentioned that she'd heard Phyllis was back, and Kelly said that her life wasn't short on complications. Stitch approached and greeted Victoria, and Kelly headed back to work.

Stitch said that he'd overheard what Victoria had said, and he acknowledged that making peace hadn't been easy. Victoria stated that it was easier than living in the past, and he asked if the kiss had been her way of moving forward or saying goodbye. Victoria admitted that she'd been giving him mixed signals, and she recognized that she shouldn't do that to him anymore. Stitch asked what Victoria was saying, and she admitted that she cared about him. She said that she might not be there yet, but she really wanted to forgive him. He happily called it a start, and they exchanged a smile.

Delia's roadside memorial was covered with flowers, stuffed animals, and heartfelt notes. A shadowy figure approached a framed photo of Delia, and Chloe picked up the picture and said that she hadn't been able to stay away that day. Chloe said that she'd had to let Delia know that she'd always remember, and she thought about Delia every second of every day. Chloe imagined Delia's eyes twinkling when she'd giggled, and she marveled at the memory of her daughter's laugh. Chloe stated that Delia had had the biggest heart of anyone she'd ever known, and Delia had been wiser than everyone else, too.

Chloe called Delia her "little old soul" who had been worried about her mommy, but she wanted Delia to rest easy because Chloe would be okay. Kevin called out to Chloe, and he approached to embrace her, but she backed away. Kevin apologized and awkwardly said that it was great to see Chloe, and they exchanged small talk about how they were both doing well. He asked if she was staying with Esther, but Chloe clarified that she wasn't staying, since she'd only obtained a 24-hour pass, and she'd just wanted to slip in and out without anyone knowing.

Kevin agreed to keep Chloe's visit under wraps, and she said that she'd half-expected to find everything gone. Kevin explained that people hadn't forgotten, and Delia's memorial had grown even bigger. Chloe noted that Delia had had that effect on people, and she acknowledged that Delia had loved Kevin very much. Kevin added that Delia had loved the two of them together, and he wondered if running into one another there hadn't been a coincidence. Chloe conceded that he could be right, since Delia wouldn't have liked the way Chloe had treated him, and she thought there were some things he deserved to hear.

Chloe said that she wanted Kevin to know that he couldn't have been more supportive after Delia's death, and no one had fought harder for her to get well, even though she'd lashed out at him. She hated that she'd done that, and she understood that he'd just been trying to make sure she'd been okay, but she'd needed professional help away from there. She continued that it would have made things worse if he'd gone with her, since she would have resented him. Chloe admitted that she loved Kevin but not in the way he wanted, and he recalled that she'd led him to believe that there had still been a chance for them before she'd boarded the plane. Chloe cried that she should have told him then, but she hadn't wanted to disappoint him, and she hadn't known how to deal with it.

Kevin questioned why Chloe hadn't called to tell him not to hold out hope, and she reasoned that she hadn't wanted to have the conversation over the phone, but he had a feeling that there was another reason she'd been avoiding him. Kevin guessed that perhaps Chloe wasn't doing as well as she thought she was, since she'd been going on about having another baby with Billy to replace Delia before she'd left. Chloe asserted that she'd moved forward and that she was using her energy to heal, and she declared her intent to start over someplace else without him. Kevin incredulously asked if that was it after all they'd been through, and she replied that it had to be. Chloe swore that she hadn't meant to hurt him, but she had nothing left to give him. She picked up her purse and solemnly said goodbye, and he watched her walk away.

Later, Kevin typed on his computer that it was time to give in to what he'd become. Meanwhile, Chloe strolled through the park, and she said that she missed Delia, but the horrible emptiness would finally be filled. She opened her coat and touched her pregnant belly.

Billy stopped by the memorial site, and Delia said that she only wanted him to be happy. He said that he was working on it, and he suggested that they start by having happy thoughts for the rest of the day. Delia asked what he was planning to be for Halloween, and Billy replied that he hadn't given it much thought. They exchanged costume ideas, but Delia said that she just wanted to be his little girl. He reached out his hand, she took it, and they put their foreheads together. "Happy thoughts," she murmured.

Chelsea found Billy and asked if he was alone, and he replied that he'd been spending the day with an amazing little girl. Billy thanked Chelsea for the flowers, which he'd assumed had been from her, since he'd figured that she had stayed away because of Adam. She told him that it had been hard not to go to him, and she said that she was sorry. Billy proclaimed that she'd been an incredible friend over the past few months, and when he'd told her he wanted her in his life, it had been because he loved her. He pulled her into a kiss, and he said that he had to get out of there to work on a Halloween costume. Chelsea seemed confused, but Billy simply said, "Happy thoughts."

After Billy and Chelsea left, a man's shadow lingered over Delia's memorial. The man placed a single calla lily in front of Delia's photo.

. . .

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