Tuesday, March 24, 2015

At Baldwin/Clark, Lauren put on some music, and when she heard someone enter Michael's office, she purred that she hoped he was ready for romance. Cane replied that her husband might have a problem with that, and she explained that she'd planned to surprise Michael. She imagined it was hard for Cane and Lily to find time to spend alone together with small children at home, and Cane confided that things had been tense since Lily had found out he'd known about Devon and Hilary's affair. Cane explained that it hadn't been the first time he'd kept something from Lily, so she had built up a lot of resentment, and Lauren asked if it was more than the couple could get past.

Cane was hopeful because his wife was talking to him again and allowing him to stay in the guest room. Lauren reflected back on when she and Michael had handled their problems similarly, but they'd never faced cancer until then. Lauren inquired about how Cane had coped when Lily had been sick, and he recalled that he'd had many questions with no answers, but he'd just thought about how much he'd loved Lily and how cancer wouldn't change who Lily was. Cane continued that they had to honor their vow to love their spouses to the end, and Lauren became tearful. Michael walked in and wondered what was going on.

Lauren claimed that she and Cane had been passing the time while they'd waited for Michael, and Cane mentioned that he had a business matter to discuss. Lauren suggested that she and Michael order in dinner afterward, and she departed. Cane explained that he wanted Michael to take a look at his contract with Chancellor to determine whether there was a way around being locked into the number two position. Michael questioned whether Cane wanted to take over the company, and Cane revealed that he'd been railroaded into the position under duress, since Colin had blackmailed him into conceding the CEO position to Jill.

Michael protested that he wasn't comfortable talking about it because Jill was his sister-in-law, and Cane said he'd been reticent about approaching Michael for that reason. Cane continued that he wanted to take Chancellor in the direction he thought it should go, but he had concerns that Jill couldn't effectively run both Fenmore and Chancellor. Michael suggested that Cane ask Jill to pull back from Fenmore, since Lauren was capable of handling it, but Cane said Jill wouldn't do that while Michael and Lauren were dealing with his disease. Michael lectured that his cancer wasn't an appropriate topic of conversation, and he wasn't prepared to talk about it.

Cane apologetically said he'd thought it was common knowledge, and he recalled that having support from family and friends had helped when Lily had been sick, but Michael wanted to keep his experience private. Cane offered to be there if Michael wanted to talk, but Michael flatly stated that he wouldn't. Cane turned the topic back to the contract, and Michael explained that the radiation made him cranky, and he hadn't meant to snap at Cane. Michael recognized that Cane had just been trying to be helpful, but he'd never take Cane up on his offer, even though Michael appreciated it. Michael promised to review the contract, and Cane left.

Lauren returned to Michael's office and cooed that she was back. Michael noticed that she was wearing a different coat, and she tried to tempt him with the very little that was underneath it. He suggested they order Thai food for dinner, since he'd been craving it, and she seductively asked whether he'd been craving her just as much. He pointed out that someone could walk in, but she continued to try to initiate sex, and he yelled for her to stop it.

Lauren realized that both she and Michael had been under a lot of stress, but she'd just wanted them to have fun. Michael noted that she wanted everything to be the same as it had been, but it wouldn't be. Lauren argued that the disease didn't define him, and Michael replied that he was fighting it with everything he had, but he didn't see how it couldn't change him or their relationship. He wondered what would happen once the fight was over, and he sadly stated that he couldn't pretend anymore. He grabbed his coat and walked out.

At the police station, Paul gazed at a photo of Christine on his desk, and Christine walked into his office. He asked about the arraignment, and she reported that she expected problems despite Neil's full confession, since the judge would throw out the case if Nikki and Victor got their way. Meanwhile, Nikki thought the arraignment couldn't have gone better, since she hadn't expected Neil to get bail, but Victor grumbled that it could have been avoided if Neil had admitted responsibility sooner. Nikki asserted that she'd convinced Neil not to say anything, and Victor offered his lawyer's services to Neil for the trial.

Neil insisted on dealing with his legal problems alone, since he had been the reason Christine had lost her baby, and he stepped outside to get some fresh air. Christine and Paul exited Paul's office, and Paul apologized for being quick to think Nikki had intentionally hit Christine. Christine ranted that Nikki wasn't innocent, since Nikki had lied to the police and the court, and Nikki defended that she'd been trying to prevent another tragedy. Christine announced that she was charging Nikki with obstructing the investigation, and she hissed that Nikki would pay for what she'd done. Victor recognized that Paul and Christine were very upset about their loss, but he threatened to have his lawyers dismiss her charges.

At the Athletic Club, Lily asked Devon if he was sure Neil was out on bail, and she wished she could have been at the courthouse, but she'd had no one to cover for her at work. She groaned when she spotted Hilary, and Hilary chirped that she was glad to hear Neil had finally confessed. Devon coldly insisted that it had been an accident, but Hilary flippantly stated that no one would trust the word of a drunk, and she hoped Neil had a dream team of lawyers. Devon growled that Hilary had set out to ruin Neil's life, and she'd done it, so he wondered why she cared.

Devon wondered if Hilary was there to gloat or if there was another reason she was invested in Neil's future, and Lily griped that Hilary was only interested in Neil's bank account, since his legal problems affected the divorce settlement. Devon testily asked if Hilary was after Neil's money, and Hilary remarked that at least they were on the same team, since she wanted Neil to get out of the charges just as much as they did. After Hilary left, Lily worried that Neil didn't have it in him to fight for himself, and Devon remarked that he knew someone who would, but Neil wouldn't like it.

Neil requested a moment alone with Paul and Christine, and Christine anticipated that he wanted to recant his confession, but she snapped that nothing he said would change or help anything. She declared that Neil was facing criminal charges, and she intended to file a civil suit against both Neil and Nikki, since it was only fair to take them for all they had after what they'd taken from her and Paul. Hilary eavesdropped from outside the door.

Neil explained that his life had been spinning out of control ever since he'd started drinking heavily after he'd found out about his wife's affair with his son. Christine spat that she didn't feel sorry for him, and Neil swore he'd spend every day for the rest of his life, thinking about what Paul and Christine had lost because of him. He hoped that telling the truth would give them a sense of closure, and Christine incredulously asked if he thought they could forget and move on. She raged that his apologies would never make up for what he'd done, and she'd never forgive him for it.

There was a knock at the door, and A.D.A. Winston Mobley entered. Christine introduced Winston as the attorney who would be prosecuting Neil, and she declared that there was no one she trusted more to "nail [Neil's] ass to the wall." Neil ran into Hilary as he exited, and he tried to brush her off, but she told him to make time for her, or he'd regret it. Neil snarled that there was nothing he regretted more than letting Hilary into his life, and there wasn't "a snowball's chance in hell" he'd let her back in. Hilary chased after him and said she could keep him from getting convicted, and she insinuated that there were ways to get the case thrown out.

Hilary offered to testify that Neil had told her he'd had nothing to live for, and that had been why he'd decided to take the fall for Nikki. Hilary contended that no one would believe she'd put herself out to save him, but Neil said he'd seen her at the door when Christine had threatened to file a civil suit, and he surmised that Hilary was afraid she'd lose out on a big chunk of the divorce settlement. Neil asserted that it was almost worth tanking any chance he had to make sure she ended up with nothing, just like she deserved.

Christine told Winston she expected Neil to get the maximum penalty, and he promised not to let her down. After Winston left, Christine crowed that Winston would destroy Neil, and Paul questioned whether one life hadn't been enough. Christine roared that the life had been their child's, and she wondered where his rage was. She demanded to know whether it mattered to Paul that Neil had killed their baby, and she angrily surmised that Paul considered it to be no big deal, since he already had other children.

Paul assured Christine that he'd wanted their baby more than anything because the child would have been their daughter, and he'd been the happiest man on earth when she'd told him she'd been pregnant. He begged her not to tell him that their daughter meant less to him than to her, since he would mourn their child's absence for the rest of his days, and Christine broke down in tears. She sobbed that there wouldn't be another baby, since she couldn't have any more children, and she revealed that there had been complications. Paul held her close.

Neil arrived at the club, and Lily informed him that Devon had found the perfect lawyer to represent him. She led him to the bar, where Leslie and Devon were sitting, and Lily announced that Leslie had agreed to be Neil's attorney. Leslie explained that she'd taken a leave from her job on a legal aid board to accept his case, and she hoped Neil could look beyond what had happened between them, since a possible 25-year sentence would be a long time to serve for an unfortunate accident. Lily excused herself to approach Cane, who wanted to discuss the possibility of him moving back into their bedroom that night.

Cane said he'd spent time talking to Michael and Lauren about Michael's cancer, and it had made him think about what he and Lily had gone through. Cane recalled that when Lily had been sick, he'd watched her breathe while she'd slept to know that she had still been with him, and that was how he'd fall asleep. He added that he wasn't happy if she wasn't the last thing he saw at night and the first thing he saw in the morning, and she conceded that she had missed his snoring. Cane requested that Lily fall asleep in his arms again, and she replied that she'd like that.

Neil agreed that he needed help, but he didn't think Leslie was the one to give it to him. Leslie told him to forget about Devon and Hilary and consider whether he wanted to spend years in prison, and Devon urged Neil to think about what Moses and the twins would think about Neil's absence. Devon pointed out that Neil stood to spend almost the rest of his life in prison, or Neil could have Leslie fight for him the way no one else would. Neil said he'd do it for his children but not for Devon.

Hilary spotted Winston at Crimson Lights, and she intentionally bumped into him. She apologized and offered to buy him a cup of coffee, and she invited him to join her.

At the Abbott mansion, Phyllis said she had a bad feeling, since Kelly was still a threat who was capable of anything. Jack didn't believe Kelly would risk her freedom, and he assured Phyllis that the last thing Kelly wanted was to go to prison. Phyllis suspected that Kelly wouldn't give up, and she knew Victor was after something, so she thought she and Jack needed to be ready for both of them. Jack revealed that he had a private investigator working with the authorities to find Kelly, and Phyllis assumed Jack wanted to find Kelly before she hurt herself. Jack recognized that it was a possibility, but he didn't want things to end that way.

Later, John appeared when Jack was alone, and Jack said it had been a while since he'd seen his father. Jack admitted he'd messed up, and John pointed out that Jack had done what he'd thought had been right, but Jack lamented that everything was his fault. John swore that the circumstances had been out of Jack's control, since Jack had believed he couldn't have a life and a future with Phyllis. Jack regretted that he'd hurt Kelly by giving her hope when there had been none, and he wished he'd seen that she'd been struggling. John said Kelly had needed a doctor, but Jack blamed himself for not getting her any help, and he hoped he could do so before it was too late.

John said Jack was being way too tough on himself, and he called Jack a good man who had made the best possible choices based on the information he'd had. John added that he would have done the same thing in Jack's position, but Jack believed John would have seen the signs that Kelly had been struggling. John understood Jack would be torn up if something bad happened, but Kelly's problems had begun long before Jack had met her. Jack bemoaned that he'd added to her pain, and everyone would assume she'd self-destructed if she turned up dead, but he'd know he'd had a big hand in destroying her life. John vanished.

Nikki invited Phyllis in at the ranch, and Phyllis stated that she hadn't been able to let Victor's visit go without following up, since she had barely been able to digest his bombshell. Victor tried to downplay it as nothing important to a baffled Nikki, but Phyllis scoffed at the idea that buying Jabot wasn't important, and she thought the question was why. Victor declared that his motivation was profit, and Jabot was ripe for an acquisition because it was doing better than it had been in a long time. Phyllis was certain Jack would never give up Jabot after it had taken him years to get it back, and Victor recounted that taking the company public had nearly killed John.

Phyllis countered that Victor had been the one who'd hurt John by buying the shares to become a majority owner, and Victor reasoned that business was all about numbers, but he'd never harbored any ill feelings toward John. Victor added that John had been ten times the man Jack would ever be, and Phyllis wondered why Victor had bothered to save Jack's life. Phyllis accused Victor of wanting to have the pleasure of annihilating Jack himself, and Nikki scolded her for harassing Victor after he'd helped Phyllis. Victor reminded Phyllis that he'd saved her life, and she replied that she appreciated it, but she was angry that he was trying to take it away from her.

Phyllis pointed out that they'd agreed to work together to make sure Kelly stayed locked up, but Victor had set Kelly loose. Victor disclosed that he'd had people search for Kelly after she'd jumped bail, and he announced, "Kelly Andrews is dead." Victor divulged that all indications pointed to suicide, and Phyllis remarked that it had been convenient. Victor assured Phyllis that Kelly was gone, and Phyllis asked if he could prove it.

Phyllis returned home with an envelope, and she revealed that she had something to tell Jack about Kelly. Phyllis apologetically informed Jack that he'd been right to be worried, and she hadn't wanted to believe it, but she'd seen it for herself. He grabbed the envelope out of her hand and found a picture of a lifeless Kelly inside, and he stared at the return address from a county morgue. Phyllis assured Jack that he'd done nothing wrong, and she volunteered to give him some time alone. A stricken Jack stared at the envelope as Phyllis headed upstairs.

Nikki called Kelly's death a shock, and Victor thought Kelly was in a better place. Nikki doubted Jack would agree, and she asked about the real reason Victor wanted to buy Jabot. Victor contended that he'd been forthright about his desire to buy the company, but Nikki wondered if he was trying to steal something. Victor vowed that Jack would eventually beg for his help, and he'd provide it in exchange for everything Jack owned.

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