Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Avery entered an empty Crimson Lights, and she flashed back to celebrating New Year's Eve with Dylan there. She reminisced about accepting Dylan's proposal in the park and later giving him back his ring. Dylan arrived at the coffeehouse, and they stared at one another for a moment. Avery said she'd thought he had gone home for the night, and he replied that he needed to prepare for a big shipment the next morning.

Dylan guessed that Avery wanted to talk about her interview, and she explained that she'd been very vocal when she'd accused Joe, so it had been the fair thing to do. Dylan was concerned that she could be disbarred, but she responded that she didn't care about her career, and she wanted to concentrate on getting better. Dylan pointed out that she was a good attorney who was passionate about her work, but she clarified that she had been, but "sometimes you have to say goodbye to what you love most."

Dylan jokingly contemplated making espresso with the wrong kind of coffee if he'd forgotten about the delivery, and Avery wondered whether he no longer found running the coffeehouse satisfying. He recognized that he'd fought hard to keep the place, but he thought he might need a change. Avery replied that she did, too, and she intended to leave Genoa City to get help someplace else. Dylan conceded that there were too many distractions there, and he imagined she'd be ready to return after going somewhere peaceful for a while, but Avery clarified that she was leaving for good.

Dylan asked if he was the reason Avery was leaving, and she recognized that they'd never be together again, since he was happy with Sharon and a baby on the way. Avery told him not to apologize for it, and she credited him with showing her that goodness was possible and that people could be kind and honorable. She continued that he'd made her realize that she deserved to be loved, but she'd forgotten that, and the whole world would open up for her once she remembered it again. Avery hoped that Dylan remembered the good things when he thought of their time together, and he remarked that there had been a lot of them. "What is doesn't erase what was," she mused.

Avery said she had a long trip ahead of her, and she tearfully realized that it might be the last time she saw Dylan. He recalled that her picture had kept him alive when he'd gone to Afghanistan, and she added that he'd thought he'd return home to be a father to a new baby. She guessed that things had worked out the way they were supposed to have worked out, and Dylan told her to be good to herself. She promised she would, and they hugged goodbye. She kissed his cheek and headed to the door, and she turned to look at him one last time before she walked out. Dylan stepped behind the counter and gazed at the photo of Avery that he'd carried with him in combat, and he sighed deeply.

In Abby's hospital room, Billy demanded to know why Abby had agreed to terms with the warehouse workers, and she contended that it was the best they could have done. He sarcastically asked if she knew that from her vast business experience, and she replied that she could read people well. She added that she was reading that Billy didn't think it was a bad deal at all, but he was just trying to scare her. Meanwhile, in the corridor, Ashley scolded Stitch for admitting that he hadn't been able to stop thinking about her, and she urged him to forget he'd ever said it.

Billy chided Abby for not telling Gabriel to shove his job offer, and Stitch entered and blasted Billy. Ashley was grateful Abby was alive, but Billy argued that Abby never should have taken the meeting or been in Guy's car. Stitch threatened to throw Billy out, and Billy swore he wasn't mad at Abby, since it was all Gabriel's fault. Billy hoped Abby felt better soon, and he stepped out. Abby remarked that she had to learn how to take criticism, since she was sure to get a lot of it at the office, and she thanked Stitch for defending her. Ashley hurriedly left to check on Jack, and Abby wondered what was up with her mother.

Stitch scoffed at the idea that the deal Abby had made would break the company, but she insisted on going to the office to deal with the paperwork. He ordered her not to play around with her health, and he volunteered to pick up whatever she needed from the office. She instructed him to pick up the contents of her inbox, and she gushed that she didn't know what she'd do without him. He kissed her forehead and headed out, and she looked perplexed.

At Newman-Abbott, Victor ordered "Gabriel" to get out of Victor's chair, but Adam retorted that the police would eventually realize that the gun with Jack's fingerprints had been planted, and Victor would be back in jail. Victor asked Chelsea to leave them alone, but Adam asserted that she wasn't going anywhere. Victor referred to his name on the nameplate on the door, but Adam pulled out the contract that designated Gabriel as CEO. Adam declared that it was his office, and he told Victor to kindly see his way out. Victor smirked.

Victor suggested that Gabriel read the contract more carefully, since it specified that Gabriel had been interim CEO, but it was time for Gabriel to vacate the premises. Adam referred to the fine print that indicated he'd lead the company as long as Jack was in a coma, and Chelsea said she wanted to get back to work. Victor noted that he saw Adam when he looked at Gabriel, and Chelsea tried to hide her panic.

Victor recounted that Adam had once wrestled control of the company away from him, and "Gabriel" asserted that he was there because Victor had thought he was qualified to be the boss. Victor recalled that Adam hadn't sat in the chair long, since Victor had "kicked his ass out" when he'd discovered Adam had been making deals behind his back. Victor warned that anyone who had crossed him in business hadn't survived very long, since he had destroyed them -- even his own son.

Billy arrived at the office, and he testily congratulated Gabriel for putting Abby in charge, since she'd screwed up royally. Victor asked if Gabriel let employees talk that way about Victor's daughter, and Billy questioned whether Victor should be making license plates. Victor revealed that evidence had surfaced to prove he'd shot Jack in self-defense, and Billy left for the hospital to see if Jack reacted to the news. Chelsea followed Billy out the door, and she hoped he didn't believe Victor's version of things, since she believed Gabriel had been set up. Billy imagined that Gabriel wasn't thrilled that Victor was out of jail, and Chelsea recognized that there was a clear battle for power, so Billy would have to choose sides.

Adam questioned whether Victor had hired someone to sneak into the hospital to wrap Jack's hand around the gun before hiding it in Chelsea's apartment, and Victor huffed that it would have been a very clumsy idea. Victor answered a call and told someone that he'd have to call them back, and he advised Gabriel not to get too comfortable in the chair. Victor departed, and Chelsea rushed back in with Billy and asked what had happened. Adam quipped that Victor's nose had grown two inches when he'd maintained his innocence, and Chelsea worried that Victor would do anything to kick Gabriel out of there. Adam confidently stated that he was up for the challenge, but Billy grumbled that choosing the Abbotts' side didn't mean he'd side with "any Abbott-come-lately."

After Billy left, Chelsea wailed that she wasn't sure how much more she could take, and Adam swore that Victor had no idea who he was, but Chelsea fretted that Adam risked exposure by spending time with Victor. Adam huffed that Victor couldn't see past his own moustache, and she requested that Adam give Victor the CEO title back. Adam refused to do it as long as Jack was in the hospital, but Chelsea doubted it had nothing to do with showing Victor that Adam was every bit the man Victor was. Adam pointed out that Victor didn't even know who he was, and Chelsea argued that Adam would never get the satisfaction of proving his point.

Adam said he was past trying to get something from Victor, but Chelsea snapped that she had heard it before. Adam insisted that he'd learned his lesson, but she pointed out that it was obvious he was striving to gain his father's approval. Chelsea inquired whether he'd forgotten what it had cost them the last time, but Adam swore that nothing meant more to him than her and Connor, and he wouldn't let anything get between him and his family again. Chelsea ordered Adam to step away from the job before it consumed him again, since she refused to stick around and watch it happen.

Over the phone, Victor asked if someone had found out where "she" was, and he praised the person's good work before he hung up.

In Jack's hospital room, Ashley asked how Jack was doing, and Phyllis reported that his hand squeezes had been sporadic. Phyllis worried that she wasn't asking the right questions, but Ashley urged her not to give up, since Jack would find a way to reach Phyllis. Billy burst in and declared that Victor was out on bail, but he realized that Phyllis and Ashley didn't seem surprised. Ashley revealed that she'd phoned in the anonymous tip after she'd found the gun, and Phyllis admitted that she'd misinterpreted what Jack had meant when he'd written the number two.

Ashley stepped out to take a break, and Billy bemoaned that they needed definitive answers before Victor and Gabriel ruined what was left of the company. Phyllis encouraged Billy to tell it to Jack, and Billy took Jack's hand and remarked that the snakes were trying to divide them, with Victor on one side and Jack's son on another. Jack squeezed Billy's hand twice, but a confused Billy said he hadn't asked a question.

Phyllis implored Billy to keep talking while they figured it out, and Billy grumbled that he trusted Gabriel even less than he trusted Victor, so it would be Abbott versus Abbott. Jack squeezed twice again, and Phyllis grabbed Jack's hand and noted that he'd become agitated when they'd referred to Gabriel as Jack's son. Jack again indicated a negative response, and Phyllis questioned whether Jack was trying to say that Gabriel wasn't his son. Jack firmly squeezed her hand once.

Phyllis stated that a DNA test had proven Gabriel's paternity, but Jack squeezed twice. Billy inquired whether the results had been wrong, and Jack indicated yes. Phyllis theorized that Gabriel had manipulated the results, but Billy wondered why Jack had gone along with it. Phyllis suggested that they confront Gabriel, but Jack protested with two squeezes. Billy pointed out that the information was huge, and they had to keep it between themselves until they figured out what the consequences of sharing it would be. Jack thought to himself that Billy had gotten it right.

Abby sent a text message to Stitch to tell him to hurry back with her papers and a hot fudge sundae, and he found Ashley sitting alone in the park. She reported that Jack was the same, and she and Stitch simultaneously mentioned their awkward encounter earlier. Ashley insisted that Abby needed Stitch, and he said Ashley had been right, since they needed to forget about what he'd blurted out. Ashley was glad he agreed, and she said she had to get back to the hospital. They hesitantly said goodbye, but neither of them got up to leave.

At the Underground, Nick sat forlornly at the bar, and Sage asked if it was a private meditation. He mentioned that he'd left her a few messages, and she said she hadn't meant to worry him. She asked if he was all right, and he said he'd run into Avery, who was leaving Genoa City for a new start. Sage imagined that Nick felt like he'd been kicked in the gut, since she understood it was hard to say goodbye to someone he'd planned to spend his life with.

Nick recognized that things never would have worked out for him and Avery because she'd still been in love with Dylan, and she'd done him a favor by stranding him at the altar, even though it had hurt. Sage found it ironic and sad that Dylan had left Avery for Sharon, and she remarked that wanting something back at all costs led people to do things they normally wouldn't do. Nick said he was glad Avery had confessed everything, since he didn't know how she would have been able to live with herself if she hadn't told the truth.

Nick realized that Sage had never told him where she'd disappeared to, and she vaguely stated that she'd needed some time alone to clear her head. Nick recalled that Sage had clearly been upset after they'd been talking about Gabriel, but Sage claimed she hadn't given Gabriel much thought. Nick imagined it wasn't easy for her to see him and Gabriel at one another's throats, but she resolved to deal with it as long as the men were working together.

Nick offered to quit if that was what Sage preferred, and a stunned Sage said he had no idea how much it meant that he would do that, but she refused to keep such an extraordinary man from achieving his full potential. Nick thought that most other people wouldn't agree, but she marveled that she'd never met someone with such a capacity to love and forgive. Nick replied that he loved being in a relationship with her because they were open and honest with no secrets or lies, so there was nothing to forgive. They hugged, but she looked pained.

Loosely clad in a bathrobe, Marisa called out to ask who had knocked on her hotel room door. Noah responded, and she opened the door and invited him in. He became flustered because of her flimsy attire, and she offered to change if it made him uncomfortable. He turned around while she got dressed, and she asked what was in the bag he was carrying. He recalled that she hadn't been feeling well earlier, so he'd picked up some chicken soup for her. She called him sweet for doing that for her, but she warned that she wasn't the woman he thought she was.

Noah acknowledged that he didn't know much about Marisa, but she pointed out that he didn't know her at all. Noah downplayed the gesture to drop off soup, and she remarked that people had never taken care of her. He asked about her family, but she replied that it was just her, and she looked after herself. She imagined that his family wasn't like that, and he told her not to knock the chicken soup until she tried it. He added that she had to let someone take care of her sometimes, and he fed her a spoonful of soup. He dabbed her mouth with a napkin, and he hesitantly leaned in to kiss her, but he suddenly backed away and apologized.

Noah stammered that he hadn't stopped by for that, and Marisa assured him it was fine. He said she was beautiful, and he enjoyed spending time with her, but he thought he should go. She told him to wait, and she thanked him for everything he'd done for her and for being a good friend. He asked if she was speaking in the past tense, and she hoped she wasn't. He agreed, and she hugged him. They wished one another a good night, and she smiled as she watched him walk away.

Marisa sat down to eat the soup, but there was another knock, and she wondered if Noah had returned. She found Victor at the door, and she asked how he'd found her. Victor said it wasn't important, but what was important was that she'd threatened him the last time they'd spoken, and it wasn't a good idea to ever threaten him. Marisa contended that she'd just shared information, and Victor asked what information she thought she had. She announced that Victor hadn't shot Marco in the park -- Victor had shot the real Jack Abbott.

Nick was surprised when Noah showed up at the Underground on his night off, and Noah confided that he'd been thinking about Courtney, since he felt like he might be forgetting her. Nick assured Noah that there were some things that would never fade away, like how much Noah had loved her. Noah mused that he hadn't thought he would be able to feel that way about another woman again, and Nick asked if Noah did. Noah hung his head and questioned how he could be disloyal to Courtney, but Nick replied that it was part of healing. Meanwhile, Sage answered a call and learned that the results of the paternity test were in.

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