Tuesday, May 3, 2016

At Adam and Chelsea's penthouse, Chelsea wondered why Sage had needed to talk to Adam about Christian. Adam suspected that Sage had figured out that he'd switched the DNA test results, since he couldn't fathom any other reason why Sage had been that desperate to talk to him. Adam speculated that Sage hadn't been paying attention to the road because she'd been determined to leave the message, and he blamed himself for her death. Chelsea swore that the horrible accident hadn't been his responsibility, but Adam thought he'd cost Sage her life because he'd played God.

Chelsea reasoned that even if Sage had found out the truth, she'd probably been grateful to Adam for keeping quiet and not destroying what she'd had with Nick. Adam regretted lying to Sage after she'd saved his life, and he felt terrible that she'd discovered that he was a liar before she'd died. He lamented that despite his best efforts to be a better man, he'd done what his father would have done.

At the cottage, Paul explained that Sharon had been the last person to see Sage alive, and he needed to know Sage's state of mind. He asked if the women had argued, but Sharon maintained that they'd only had a business meeting, and she demanded to know why he didn't believe her. Dylan assured her that it was just routine procedure, but Sharon accused Paul of treating her like a suspect. Paul pushed to know every piece of information about what had happened, and Dylan flatly stated that Sage had lost control of her car when she'd been on her phone. Sharon tried not to panic.

Sharon contemplated why Sage had been on her phone while driving, and Dylan revealed that Sage had left a voicemail message just prior to the accident. Sharon wondered why Nick hadn't mentioned that Sage had tried to get in touch with him, and Paul reported that the message had been for Adam. Dylan repeated Adam's claim that Sage had been trying to reach Chelsea, and Sharon asked if Dylan had heard the message, but Dylan informed her that Adam had deleted it. Paul questioned why Sharon had thought Sage had been trying to call Nick, but Sharon simply stated that Nick had been Sage's husband. Sharon abruptly went upstairs to check on Sully, and Dylan demanded to know why Paul was being tough on her.

Sharon eavesdropped on the stairs as Paul said it wasn't his intention to upset Sharon, but he needed to establish a timeline. Dylan thought the chain of events had been pretty clear, but Paul was suspicious about why Sharon hadn't mentioned that Sage had been at the cottage when he'd questioned Sharon at the scene. Dylan asserted that Sharon had been devastated and shocked to be with Sage when she'd died, so it was amazing that Sharon had remembered anything. Paul was determined to find out what had been going through Sage's mind when she'd lost control of the car, but Dylan thought they might never know. Paul anticipated that the questions would haunt Nick forever if Paul didn't find answers, but Dylan said there was nothing Sharon could say that would ease Nick's grief.

Later, Sharon returned downstairs and reported that Sully was sleeping like an angel, so he'd missed out on his mommy getting the third degree from Paul. Dylan defended that Paul had just been trying to get closure for Nick, and Sharon wished she could have been of more help. Dylan told her that she and Sully had been a huge help to Sage, and they hugged. Chelsea arrived to see how Sharon was holding up, since she knew what it was like to be told a loved one was dead. Dylan remarked that the huge difference was that Adam had only pretended to be dead, and Sharon remembered that Sage had helped him do it.

Sharon recalled that Sage had saved Adam's life and had kept his identity a secret, so they'd had a close bond. Dylan mentioned that Sharon knew about Sage's voicemail to Adam, and Chelsea maintained that Sage had been trying to reach her about business. Sharon asked how Sage had sounded, but Chelsea claimed that Adam had deleted the message. Chelsea lamented that the accident might never have happened if she hadn't turned off her phone, but Dylan swore that it hadn't been anyone's fault. Dylan hoped Nick found comfort in knowing that Sage was at peace with their son, and Sharon guiltily looked away.

Jack greeted Victor at the prison, and he acknowledged that Victor had shut out his entire family, but he thought Victor should be aware of some bad news. Victor revealed that he'd heard about Sage's demise, so Jack had wasted a trip. Jack hoped that they could turn the tragedy into something positive by setting aside their cycle of revenge, since Nick and both families were grieving. Victor inquired about how Adam had taken the news, since Adam and Sage had shared a special bond.

Victor noted that Sage had nursed Adam back to health after Billy had tried to kill him, and he considered it to be destiny that Sage had allowed Adam to get back to his wife and child. Jack asserted that a man controlled his own destiny, and he and Victor had the power to stop the pain for both of their families. Jack recognized that Victor wanted the Newman family to suffer for turning against him, but Victor said he was sorry about Sage's death. Jack guessed that Victor wasn't sorry for setting the Brash & Sassy sale in motion, even though it had been the deathblow for Billy and Victoria's relationship.

Jack ordered Victor to stop poisoning their families against one another, but Victor snarled that Jack's brother and wife had tried to destroy Victor's company, and they would pay for it. Victor theorized that Jack was really there because Jack's life was about to slip off the rails, and Jack needed someone to blame. Jack blasted Victor for taking no responsibility for setting a match to people's lives by hiring Marco. Victor asserted that he'd defended his family and business when Phyllis and Billy had tried to destroy him, and he hissed that Jack's own family was the reason for Jack's problems, not Victor. Victor advised Jack to watch his back, since that was where those he thought loved him would stick the knife. Jack walked out.

Victor called for the guard to take him back to his cell, but Adam sauntered in and declared that Victor had time for one more visitor. Victor said he was sorry about Sage, but Adam wondered why Victor had wrecked his own plans to anoint a new successor in the immediate future, since Nick had lost both a child and a wife. Victor pointed out that they both knew that Nick hadn't been the one who'd lost a child, and Adam argued that Nick believed that Christian had been his son. Victor countered that Adam had allowed Nick to believe that in order to save both their marriages, and he praised Adam for thinking about his family.

Adam questioned whether Victor had been thinking about his family when he'd told Sage that Adam had fathered her child. Victor asked what he was talking about, and Adam divulged that Sage had left him a distraught message about Christian right before the car crash. Victor insisted that he'd never talked to her about the child not being Nick's, but Adam sternly noted that Victor was the only person other than Adam and Chelsea who knew about the DNA test switch.

Adam noted that Victor had used secrets as weapons before, but Victor reasoned that it would have done no good to tell Sage that Christian had been Adam's son. Adam guessed that Victor had wanted to prove that he could blow up his family's lives, but Victor argued that he wanted Nick to be his successor, so it wouldn't have made sense to break Nick's heart by revealing Christian's paternity. Adam contemplated who had told Sage, but Victor replied that it made no difference, since she was at peace, and the secret had gone to the grave with her.

Victoria sat at the bar, and the bartender she'd encountered the day before arrived to start his shift. He jokingly inquired how the jukebox had ended up with only one song, and she was surprised he'd remembered her. He recalled that she'd left a large tip, and she noted that he'd found the jukebox track that she'd been looking for and given her the money to play it. He wondered if he should regret his decision, since the song was still playing, and she remarked that it stirred up memories. He imagined that they weren't good ones, since she'd taken off before he could hand her a tissue, and she referred to a lousy day at work. The bartender doubted her claim, and he asked, "What's his name?"

Victoria tossed back a drink and insisted that there was no man in her life. She apologized for overreacting, and she claimed that she'd been trying to make sense of a death in the family. The bartender imagined that she had an important job if she'd had to seek out a bar where no one knew her name, but she fibbed that she answered phones to say that important people weren't available when they really were. The bartender was grateful that at least he got to meet people and listen to good music at his job, and he introduced himself as Travis. Victoria shook his hand and called herself Tori.

Victoria asked if Travis got tired of hearing sob stories, and he replied that the troubles people griped about at a bar were like a country song -- heartache, jail time, and car wrecks. She compared her life to a country song, and Travis assured her that she would be okay, since he could see strength in her eyes. He sensed emptiness in another patron at the bar, and he felt like the customer was slumming to feel like a bigger man. Victoria commented that she said knew the type, and Travis imagined that she understood what it was like to scrape by, since she answered phones for a living. Victoria said it wasn't easy for the "one percent" either, but Travis refused to express sympathy for the rich.

At the Athletic Club, Phyllis asked if Billy had spoken to Victoria, but he doubted that Victoria wanted to talk to the new owner of Brash & Sassy. Phyllis noted that Victoria's brother had just lost his wife, and Billy quipped that life went on for Victor and his family while other people suffered. Phyllis argued that Victoria was unlike Victor in that Victoria had a heart and was feeling Nick's pain, and she implored Billy to go to Victoria. Billy was certain that Victoria wouldn't forgive him and that she didn't want to be anywhere near him, but Phyllis asked how he knew unless he asked Victoria. Billy wondered why Phyllis was incessant about playing matchmaker.

Phyllis expected that Victoria would be there for Nick and the company, but she questioned who would be there for Victoria. Billy coolly replied that Victoria was made of steel, but Phyllis insisted that Victoria needed someone to tell her that everything would be okay and to wrap their arms around her. Billy thought Phyllis had created a pretty picture of him and Victoria falling into each other's arms, but he believed Phyllis was really looking for hope for herself and Jack. He flatly stated that there was no hope for either couple, and Phyllis argued that Sage and Nick didn't have any more chances, but Billy did. Billy hesitantly agreed to try again, and he encouraged Phyllis to take her own advice and fix her relationship with Jack before it was too late.

Later, Phyllis sipped a drink at the bar, and Jack observed that she seemed to be a million miles away. He mentioned that he'd gone to Victor to offer an olive branch in Sage's name, and Victor had warned him that his troubles were at home and not with Victor. Phyllis reported that she'd also tried to do some good by convincing Billy to put his pride and anger aside and admit that he and Victoria loved one another. She added that she needed to undo some damage of her own, and Sage's death had made her think about a lot of things, like who she was and what she wanted.

Phyllis professed her love to Jack and said she wanted him, and she regretted that she'd spun out of control and hurt people, especially him. She wanted things to be the way they once had been, but Jack didn't know what that was anymore. Phyllis encouraged him to prove that Victor was wrong, but Jack grumbled that she'd defended Billy when he'd bought Brash & Sassy, whereas she'd considered Jack to be the bad guy. Phyllis apologized, and she was certain that they could fix their marriage and be stronger than ever before.

Nick emitted primal screams as he smashed the remains of Sage's wrecked car, and he looked down at his bloody hands. The tow truck driver arrived to haul away the car, and he called out to ask if Nick was all right. The driver suggested that Nick have a doctor check out his cuts, and he offered to give Nick a lift, but Nick silently walked away.

Nick went to Newman Enterprises, and he hissed to Victor's portrait that Victor's mission had been accomplished, since Victor had wanted them to suffer. Nick ranted that Nikki was drinking, Abby had lost her baby, Victoria and Billy had no chance at reconciliation, and Nick had lost everything. Billy entered and asked what Nick had done to his hand, but Nick demanded to be left alone. Billy extended his condolences and said he knew what it was like to be standing on the side of the road, completely helpless.

Nick imagined that Billy knew that they could never get over the losses they'd experienced, and Billy agreed that they never would. Nick wailed that all Sage had done was love him, and Billy insisted that her death hadn't been Nick's fault. Nick blamed the Newman curse, since the sins of the father were a lot to pay for when Victor was the father. Victoria returned and asked what Billy was doing there, but she was distracted by Nick's bloody hand. Nick explained that he'd taken out his anger at the crash site, and Victoria ordered Billy to leave if he was there to take a victory lap.

Nick noted that the curse applied to Billy and Victoria, too, since the couple had "crazy big love" and every reason to be together, but something was keeping them apart. Victoria called the idea ridiculous, but Nick thought she knew he was right, and he urged her to do something about it. Billy repeated that he was just there to say he was sorry, but Victoria snapped that his being there was making it harder. Billy told them to take care of themselves, and he left. Nick realized that there was no curse keeping Victoria and Billy apart, since they were doing it to themselves.

Nick reminded Victoria that Billy had almost died, and he thought Victoria could still make things right. Victoria pointed out that Billy had lied to her repeatedly, but Nick said it was obvious how much the couple cared about one another. Nick complained that she was throwing away a shot at happiness that he'd give anything to have. Nick told her to stop living Victor's life and start living hers. She insisted on bandaging his hand.

Victoria didn't believe the Newmans were cursed, and she softly stated that what Nick and Sage had shared had been amazing. Nick thought he should have been there for Sage, but Victoria assured him that Sage had known that he'd loved her. Nick regretted that he'd thrown himself into work as a loyal Newman soldier rather than spending more time at home, but Victoria maintained that it had been an accident and not a curse that had killed Sage. Nick urged Victoria not to make the same mistake he had by taking what she had with Billy for granted.

Billy found Phyllis waiting for him at home, and she thought he might want to celebrate. She inquired about how things had gone with Victoria, and he indicated that they hadn't gone well. Phyllis imagined that Victoria was in shock and needed time, but Billy said time wouldn't change that what he and Victoria had had was in pieces, so Phyllis had to stop trying to put them back together. He poured a drink.

Phyllis pressed Billy to never give up hope, since he and Victoria had children who bound them together, and they had too much love to stay apart. Billy conceded that he had a golden collection of good times and beautiful memories, but he refused to live in the past. He said Sage's death had taught him to grab what was right in front of him -- what he could see, touch, and feel. Billy pulled Phyllis into a kiss, and she briefly responded before she pushed him away and silently headed out the door.

. . .

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