Tuesday, July 26, 2016

At the Athletic Club, Victoria suggested that she and Nick get another drink, but he thought they'd celebrated enough. She thought she'd need liquid courage when Victor fired her the next day, since she was certain that their father was plotting a dozen ways to punish them. Nick said they'd deal with whatever happened, and morning would be there soon enough. She dreaded the sunrise, and she insisted on talking to Victor that night. Nick considered it to be a terrible idea.

Nick implored Victoria to give Victor time to get settled in, and he imagined that their dad would be more focused on Newman Enterprises than on them. Victoria speculated that Victor had been behind the oil spills, and he'd wanted to see how they'd handled things. Victoria imagined that Luca would tell Victor that she hadn't been around during the crises, but Nick was sure that Victor knew Luca was full of it. Victoria wondered whether they'd see the loving, protective father or the wrathful one, and she announced that she was going to see Victor with or without Nick. Nick swore that he would never let her do it alone.

At the club bar, Jack told Jill that Billy was a grown man who didn't need his mommy to play matchmaker, but Jill argued that Victoria had been the only one who had gotten Billy to grow up. Jack countered that Jill couldn't force Billy to reunite with Victoria or to work with Cane, but Jill intended to remind Billy that he hated to lose. Jill glanced across the room at Victoria and asked if the lonely, divorced woman looked content. Jill thought the couple was too stubborn to admit that they were better together, but Jack warned that Billy would spin out of control if he figured out what Jill was doing. Jill griped that things couldn't get any worse.

Jack suggested that Jill tell Billy that she wanted him to succeed instead of yanking his chain, and he advised her to let Billy live life the way he needed to. Jack asserted that he had faith in Billy, and he questioned whether Jill could say the same thing. Jill was surprised that Jack was that optimistic when his own life was in flux, and she thought another woman would snap him up if Phyllis didn't straighten out. Jack proclaimed that Phyllis was it for him.

At the Newman ranch, Victor ordered Chloe to hand over the missing pages of Sage's diary. She assumed that he wanted them to clear Adam's name, and she accused Victor of lying about wanting Adam to suffer. Victor cautioned her to keep her voice down, but Chloe vowed to make sure Adam served every day of his 30-year sentence. Victor ominously stated that she was playing a dangerous game, and he demanded the pages. She reminded him that she'd said she'd burn them, but he thought she'd been bluffing. She claimed that she had been, but it was no longer a bluff, since she had burned them.

Chloe explained that Delia had lived inside her heart, but the space had been replaced by a burning hate for Adam, so she'd burned the pages. Chloe swore that Adam would pay for everything, and Victor inquired about her other daughter. Victor threatened to take Bella away, but Chloe retorted that if he did, she'd tell everyone that he'd hired her to frame Adam, and Victor's freedom would go away for good. Nikki called out that dinner was ready, and Chloe remarked that she was starving. Victor forced Chloe out the door, and Nikki entered and asked who he'd been talking to.

Victor fibbed that he'd been telling his assistant to make sure to have some files ready in the morning, and he decided to skip dinner in favor of spending time with his wife. He recognized that things had been touch and go between him and Nikki for a while, but she thought they'd both known that they'd end up together. He wondered if they'd ever outgrow their fights, but he imagined that they fought because they felt passionately about one another. She asked what would happen at the office the next day, since she wanted to make sure he understood how hard the kids had worked. Victoria and Nick arrived, and Victoria declared that there were a few things Victor needed to know.

Nick apologized for interrupting, and he hoped his parents were celebrating. Nikki offered Nick and Victoria drinks, but Victor noted that something was on Victoria's mind. Victoria handed him a flash drive with all the files regarding the oil spills, and Victor resolved to sort out the mess. Nick asserted that Victoria hadn't let anyone damage Newman, and Victoria questioned who had wanted to see them fail.

Victor swore that he'd had nothing to do with the leaks, and he inquired whether Victoria and Nick had a suspect in mind. Victoria relayed that Luca was on the list, but he'd also been helpful with handling the fallout. Victor theorized that Luca had caused the problem in order to seem like a hero, and Nick divulged that Summer thought Luca had reformed. Nick stepped into the foyer to answer the door, and Victoria informed Victor that the files also included a proposal for further action. Victor said he'd deal with it in due time, but Victoria asserted that she had a right to know what his plan was. Jack entered and hoped Victor's plan also included the end of his feud with Phyllis.

Victor huffed that no one had invited Jack, and Nick suggested that Jack head out with him and Victoria. Jack agreed to leave after he spoke with Victor, and Nick and Victoria departed. Victor blasted Jack for showing up there after Phyllis had tried to ruin his appeal, but Nikki defended that Jack had made it clear that he wasn't interested in a war. Jack contended that Phyllis was deeply scarred, and she wasn't ready to move on, but he appealed to Victor to call a truce and walk away. Victor pointed out that a truce only worked if both parties agreed to it, and he thought Jack didn't know Phyllis if he believed she wasn't contemplating revenge.

Jack urged Victor to focus on his wife and family rather than handing out marital advice, and Nikki asserted that she wanted to be alone with her husband on his first night home. Jack answered a call, and Nikki noted that Victor had almost made it sound like he wasn't interested in revenge, but she suspected he was holding a grudge against his kids. Victor conceded that his children had done well by Newman, but he was back.

Nick and Victoria returned to the Athletic Club, and he observed that their dad had seemed calm. Victoria compared Victor to a cobra about to attack his prey, and she anticipated that there would be only one Newman standing when all was said and done.

At the state penitentiary, Michael recounted to Adam what had happened at Victor's appeal hearing, and Adam grumbled that Victor was free as a bird while Adam was stuck in there. Adam was determined to prove that he'd been set up, but Michael pointed out that Victor had done a good job of hiding the journal pages, since Kevin and Natalie had found nothing. Adam refused to rot in there when his family needed him. Michael urged Adam to take things one day at a time, since they had no other options at that moment.

Adam mentioned that Chelsea had wanted to visit him with Connor, and Michael guessed that things hadn't gone well when Adam hadn't allowed it. Michael recalled that he'd been in Adam's position, and he'd done what he'd needed to do to survive mentally and physically, so he understood Adam not wanting his son to see him in prison. Michael added that Chelsea only saw Connor's confusion, and she wanted to fix it. Adam replied that Michael could fix it by finding the journal pages to get Adam released.

Michael offered to appeal to Dylan to redouble his efforts to find the mystery woman and the journal pages, but he insisted that Adam stop punishing himself for being in there. Michael encouraged Adam to consider who the real enemy was, and Adam complained that the enemy was enjoying life at the ranch while Adam was locked up. Adam declared that he missed the days when Sharon had set the ranch on fire, and he wished he could do the same thing. Michael cautioned him against saying such things within earshot of the guard, and Adam swore to be on his best behavior if Michael helped get him out. Michael stressed that no one was giving up on Adam.

At the penthouse, Anita hugged Chelsea and asked if Adam knew that Victor was out of prison. Chelsea reported that Adam was shutting down, and he didn't want to see Connor. Chelsea wondered what she was supposed to tell her son, and Anita suggested that Chelsea make up a cover story about Adam being away on a business trip. Chelsea thought she had to tell Connor the truth -- his father was an amazing, innocent man who'd been framed. Anita lectured that Connor would know that Adam wasn't innocent as soon as the boy accessed the Internet, since Adam had done plenty to "land his butt in jail."

Chelsea ordered Anita not to speak that way about Adam, but Anita maintained that she'd just been telling the truth. Anita cautioned that 30 years was a long time to be alone, but Chelsea protested that she wouldn't be, since she'd find evidence to clear Adam's name. Chelsea expected that once Adam was home with her and Connor, Anita would fawn all over him and say she'd had faith the whole time, and she called Anita a hypocrite. Anita swore that she was on Chelsea's side because they were family, but Chelsea replied that Adam and Victor were also family, and sometimes family tore one other apart.

Anita said Chelsea couldn't avoid the inevitable, and Chelsea realized that her mother thought Adam would never return home. Chelsea spat that she didn't need the negativity, and they needed to stick together as a family. Chelsea asserted that Adam would be home, and she requested that Anita leave. Anita begged Chelsea not to shut her out, since Chelsea couldn't do it alone. Chelsea agreed, and she stated that she needed Adam back.

Adam became alarmed when Anita visited him, but she assured him that Chelsea and Connor were fine. Anita commented that being there stirred up memories of old boyfriends, and Adam said he wouldn't be there much longer. Anita reported that Chelsea was fired up about proving his innocence, and Adam replied that the thought of getting home was what kept him going. Anita imagined Chelsea waiting alone at home for 30 years, and she lamented that she couldn't watch her little girl wait for a day that wouldn't ever happen. Adam realized that Anita wanted him to let Chelsea go.

Later, Michael returned to the prison and informed Adam that he'd spoken with Dylan, but Adam's case had been officially closed, and the police officers had been told to focus on other cases. Adam pleaded that the missing pages were out there, but Michael imagined that Victor would continue hiding them if they hadn't been destroyed already. Michael maintained that there was no way he was giving up, but they had to face reality. Adam said that was why he needed one more thing.

Adam instructed Michael to spin a story about Adam landing in solitary confinement after punching a guard, so he couldn't have visitors. Michael understood that Adam didn't want Connor to visit but warned that it would keep Chelsea away, too. Adam announced that he didn't want her wasting her life while he was in there, and he needed Michael's help to set her free.

Meanwhile, Chelsea descended the stairs and forlornly picked up a photo of Adam and Connor. The doorbell rang, and she called out to scold Anita, but she found Chloe at the door. Chloe hugged Chelsea and gushed that it felt good to be reunited. Chelsea was clearly stunned, and Chloe claimed that she'd done a lot of work in therapy, so the doctors had determined that she'd been ready to go back into the world, and Chelsea had been her first stop. Chelsea questioned whether Chloe had really returned to town to see her, and Chloe insisted that she wasn't there to cause trouble about Adam.

Chloe said she wouldn't forget what Adam had done, but she'd learned that hate was toxic. Chelsea revealed that she'd recently been tempted to do something to Victor, and Chloe exclaimed that they still had things in common. Chelsea reasoned that hurting Victor wouldn't get Adam back, and Chloe feigned ignorance about Adam's whereabouts. Chelsea announced that Adam had been convicted of a murder he hadn't committed, and Chloe laughed uncontrollably.

Chelsea snapped that it wasn't funny that Victor had framed Adam, but Chloe replied that she knew what Adam was capable of. Chelsea pointed out that Victor had money to pay for whatever he wanted, including framing an innocent man. Chloe continued to laugh, but Chelsea told her to think about Connor, and Chloe was affected by the mention of the boy's name. Chloe asked how Connor was doing, and Chelsea reported that her son was wondering where his dad was. Chelsea questioned whether she was supposed to tell him that he couldn't see his father because vicious, selfish people had ensured that Connor would grow up without a dad. Chloe muttered that she shouldn't be there, and she rushed out.

At Billy's place, Billy prompted Phyllis to say that she wanted to be with him, and she suggested that he take her upstairs so she could prove it. They began to peel off their clothes as they made their way up the stairs. After Phyllis and Billy had sex in his bedroom, she asked if he still thought she was there to get back at Jack. Billy wondered if she intended to bolt for the door and say it was a mistake again, but she insisted that while being there was selfish and dishonest, it wasn't a mistake. Phyllis recognized that Jack was no longer the man she'd married, since the old Jack would have "smashed the Moustache into the dust" rather than let her confront Victor alone.

Billy remarked that it was still all about Jack, but Phyllis praised Billy for not treating her like she was damaged. Billy declared that she was perfect, and she replied that they wanted the same things, including each other. Billy was thrilled to see the look in Phyllis' eye that he'd been waiting for, since he could tell that she was no longer holding back. She anticipated that it would be hard to tell Jack what was really going on, but she couldn't keep lying and hiding, since she wanted a life and future with Billy. She assured Billy that she had no doubts, and she admitted that she'd made many mistakes in her life, but he wasn't one of them.

Jill entered the mansion and called out for Billy, and she spotted the clothes strewn on the floor. She guessed that he was upstairs with Bethany, but she picked up Phyllis' blouse and noted that the label was too upscale for Bethany. "Who is she this time, son?" Jill mused to herself as she headed upstairs.

Billy invited Phyllis to stay, and Jill hovered outside the door as the couple pledged their love. Billy said he didn't want Phyllis to leave, but at least he knew she'd be there for good when she got back. Phyllis swore that she'd be free by the next day, and nothing would keep her away. A shocked Jill numbly walked down the stairs, tossed Phyllis' shirt back onto the floor, and contemplated calling Jack.

Phyllis said she needed time alone to think about what to say to Jack, and she couldn't think when Billy kissed her. Billy reasoned that Jack knew things weren't right with their marriage, but Phyllis anticipated that Jack wouldn't let it go easily, and he would never accept that Phyllis and Billy had fallen in love. Billy wished he could tell everyone that he loved Phyllis, and he didn't want to hurt Jack unnecessarily, but Billy and Phyllis needed one another.

After Phyllis left, Billy poured a drink and gazed thoughtfully at the paint samples on the wall. He said Jill could go for whatever color she wanted, since he'd have everything he needed after the next day, and the rest was window dressing.

Phyllis found the door to her hotel suite ajar, and she called out hello. Jill turned around, holding a glass of wine, and invited Phyllis in for a chat.

. . .

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