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A section devoted to The Young and the Restless, featuring daily recaps dating back to 1996, scoops and spoilers, Two Scoops commentary, character and actor biographies, message boards, contests, games, and the latest news from Genoa City, plus much more.
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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

At the hospital, Nikki insisted to Nick that she could take a taxi home, but he preferred to spend time with his mother. She explained that the doctor wanted to be sure her cut was healing properly, and Nick tried to wrap his head around the fact that Dina had stabbed her. Nikki clucked that she'd known the woman was "a bitch," but she'd had no idea how dangerous Dina was. Nick wished that he'd been there, but Nikki figured that it could have happened anywhere, since Dina had been determined to attack her. Nikki hoped the police found Dina soon and put her away for a long time.

Michael arrived at Crimson Lights and made plans over the phone to meet someone there. Sharon dropped a glass, which shattered on the floor. Michael sympathized that she was worried about Scott, and she bemoaned that she'd lost count of the messages she'd left for her beau. Sharon lamented that the situation felt hopeless, and she cut herself when she picked up the broken glass. Michael wrapped her bleeding hand in a napkin and instructed her to keep pressure on it before she applied medication. She wondered if he'd heard from Scott, and Lauren entered and testily stated that they hadn't.

Michael and Lauren retreated to the patio, and he stressed that there was nothing more they could do about Scott. Lauren disagreed because she thought they should be proactive, and she stood up to get a refill. Michael insisted on taking care of it to avoid any altercation with management, and Lauren promised that she wouldn't get into it with Sharon, since they both wanted Scott to get home safely. Michael wondered if Lauren had wanted to have coffee there to commiserate with Sharon. Lauren snapped that she and Sharon no longer needed to comfort one another because Michael had apparently gotten there first.

Lauren questioned why she was the only one blaming Sharon for Scott's disappearance, but Michael reasoned that Sharon hadn't shoved Scott into a car and ordered him to take off with Zack and Abby. Lauren didn't understand why Michael was defending Sharon, and Michael replied that Lauren wouldn't be rolling her eyes if she'd seen how upset Sharon was about Scott. Michael contended that Scott was a grown man who'd traveled the world and worked in dangerous situations, so he knew how to take care of himself.

Lauren fretted that Scott hadn't texted or called, and Michael joked that it was a scientific fact that young men got busy living their own lives and didn't think about their mothers, but it didn't mean Scott loved her any less. Michael received a text message and said he had to go, and he told Lauren to behave. She tenderly kissed him, and he amorously contemplated going home and forgetting about the rest of the world. Lauren conceded that he was probably right about Scott, and Michael departed.

Sharon anxiously tapped her fingers on the counter as Paul entered the coffeehouse, and she asked if he had news. He informed her that he had officers deployed to find Scott, but it wasn't his only case. Paul warned that taking time to listen to her voicemails and read her text messages had been taking him away from what he needed to be doing, and Sharon apologized. Paul assured her that his department was doing everything they could to track Scott and Abby down, but Sharon had to give them space to do it. Paul promised that he'd let her know the minute he found out anything, and he left.

Sharon cleared a table as Lauren entered, and she expected Lauren to say that Scott's disappearance was all Sharon's fault. Lauren claimed that she'd just been getting more milk, but she insisted that none of it would have happened if Sharon hadn't seduced Lauren's son. Lauren refused to leave until Sharon admitted what she'd done, but Sharon asserted that Scott made his own choices. Lauren accused Sharon of encouraging Scott to stay hooked on her by throwing an exciting story at him, and she hissed that Sharon hadn't had any problem putting him in danger so he could be her own personal hero. Sharon scoffed at the idea that she'd manipulated the whole thing because she didn't feel good about herself unless there was a man risking his life for her.

Lauren warned Sharon to stay away from Scott, and Sharon questioned when he got to decide what he wanted. Nick intervened, and before she stormed off, Lauren growled that Sharon had better hope that nothing had happened to Scott. Nick fetched Sharon some coffee, and she thanked him for taking care of her after the things Lauren had said. Nick agreed that Lauren had been out of line, and Sharon waited for him to dump on Scott like he always did. Nick admitted that he thought Scott was immature and over-opinionated and that he had too much hair, but he opted to show restraint.

Nick mentioned that he'd checked on his mom and that Nikki's wound was healing nicely, and Sharon asked if he knew why Dina had attacked Nikki. Nick relayed that Nikki thought it had been because Dina couldn't stand Nikki and Jack being together again, and he recounted that Nikki hadn't been a big fan of Nick and Sharon's relationship, either. Nick was dismayed that no one besides Nikki had called him to notify him about the stabbing, since he hadn't expected to lose touch with the rest of his family when he'd pushed his dad out of his life. Nick wouldn't budge regarding Victor, but he refused to let their estrangement cut him off further from the people he loved.

Sharon was tight-lipped when Nick inquired about how things had been between her and Scott, and Nick guessed that she wouldn't open up because she knew Nick didn't like her boyfriend. Nick reminded her that they were friends, and Sharon began to cry. She whimpered that she was afraid that something bad had happened, since Scott hadn't called her all day, and he was usually very attentive and considerate. Sharon confided that her feelings for Scott were stronger than she'd realized, and she'd thought no one else could make her feel that way again after Dylan. She wasn't sure how she'd handle it if something had happened to Scott.

Sharon thanked Nick for not being negative about Scott, and Nick jokingly replied that it hadn't been easy because he was perfect and Scott wasn't. Nick understood what it was like for Sharon to give her heart to someone, and he called Scott a lucky guy. Sharon recalled when she and Nick had first met, and things had never been easy, but they'd had one another. Nick pointed out that they still did, and he vowed to always be friends and to always be there for her. Sharon promised the same thing, and they hugged.

Victoria arrived at Newman as a man stepped out of Victor's office, and she wondered why Victor had been meeting with the head of security. Victor reported that he'd instructed his security team to step up the search for Abby, but Victoria contended that her sister had left with Zack of her own volition. Victoria rambled about how she and Neil had spun a story in Newman's favor to present the prior night's party as a huge success, but Victor had no interest in talking about it.

Victor asked Victoria for some updated figures by the end of the week, and he apologized for being brusque with her earlier. He said he appreciated how she'd handled the situation, and he was very happy that he'd appointed her as COO. She suggested that he go home and get some rest while she handled everything, but he refused to leave until Abby was found. Victor snarled that Zack would regret the day he'd messed with Victor and his family, and he glanced at Nikki's framed photo on his desk. Victoria softly assured him that her mother was doing fine, and she mused that it was nice to see that he still cared about Nikki.

Victor made some calls and reported that there was no news from his investigators or from Paul. Victoria figured that Abby was a smart woman who'd run off with her boyfriend, and Abby wouldn't be found if she didn't want to be. Victoria suggested that they discuss how Crystal's public accusations against Zack would affect Newman, but Victor inquired whether Victoria really thought Abby had left willingly with Zack. Victoria recalled that Abby had been upset when the spotlight had shifted away from her, and she believed Abby was flighty enough to take off to get attention.

Victor instructed Victoria to close the door, and he confessed that he'd kept something from her. He revealed that Scott had been found in a motel with a dead prostitute who had been part of Zack's sex ring. Victor continued that he thought Zack had killed the woman to frame Scott for murder. Victoria realized that Abby might really be in trouble.

At Jabot, Ashley complained that she couldn't concentrate because she was worried about Dina and Abby. There was a knock at the door, and a police officer led Dina in after finding her by an exit off the highway. Dina recounted that she had run out of the party to get away from Nikki and had hidden in the back seat of an unlocked car. Dina recalled that people had gotten into the vehicle and had driven away, but she hadn't wanted them to know she'd been there because they might have turned her in, and she'd been afraid that Nikki would harm her. Dina added that she'd waited until the people had gotten out, and she'd opened the door and walked away.

Dina credited the lovely police officer with finding her, and Ashley remarked that Dina had gone through quite an ordeal to avoid punishment for stabbing Nikki. Jack explained that the only reason Dina wasn't in jail was because she'd been picked up outside Genoa City, where the local authorities hadn't known that the police had been looking for her. Dina admitted that she'd been foolish to think that she could escape on her own, but she imagined that her wonderful children would help her get away. Jack asked where she'd be going, and Dina envisioned returning to Paris.

Jack pulled Ashley aside and worried about what would happen to Dina in jail. Ashley reasoned that if they sent Dina to Paris, Graham could track her down and gain control of her life. Ashley and Jack realized that they had no choice but to tell Paul and hope he took Dina's health and age into consideration. Jack asked Dina why she'd stabbed Nikki, and Dina claimed that Nikki had started the fight by provoking her, so it had been self-defense. Jack protested that Dina couldn't place all the blame on Nikki, but Dina referred to Nikki's shady past and maintained that she'd feared for her safety.

Paul and Michael arrived, and Michael advised Dina not to answer any more questions until they talked privately. Jack told Paul that he wanted to get Dina to a hospital, since she was still recovering from a stroke. Paul insisted on following procedure by placing her under arrest, but he agreed that handcuffs weren't necessary if she was cooperative. Dina hoped Paul wouldn't give her any special consideration because she'd once been an Abbott. Paul indicated to Jack that Dina could go to a hospital after she appeared before a judge. Ashley questioned whether they were doing the right thing, and Jack replied, "You tell me."

At the hospital, Dina ran into Nikki and spat that Nikki had gotten what she'd deserved, adding that she was only sorry that the wound hadn't been worse. Nikki ordered Dina to keep walking, and she demanded to know why Dina was out of jail. Michael revealed that Dina was out on bail, and Dina huffed that she should never have been arrested for doing the world a favor. Nikki called her a crazy old bat, and the women argued. Jack apologized to Nikki for what had happened, but he requested that she not bait Dina. Nikki told him to keep Dina away from her, or she wouldn't be responsible for what she might say.

Nikki arrived at Newman and was shocked to hear that a murderer had kidnapped Abby. Nikki was appalled that Victor hadn't spoken to Ashley about it, but Victoria didn't think it was a good idea, since Ashley hadn't been rational about Newman's role in Zack's company. Victoria suggested that they let the police and security handle the situation, since the Abbotts would just slow things down. Nikki reiterated that Ashley had a right to know that her daughter might be in serious trouble, and she imagined that Victor would be upset if the tables were turned and Ashley kept the news from him. Victor agreed to make the call.

Meanwhile, Jack chalked Dina's uncharacteristic behavior up to her stroke, but Ashley thought it was possible that Nikki had provoked their mother. Michael noted that Dina had a defense either way, but he had to go with Dina's insistence that it had been self-defense. Ashley answered a call from Victor, and a stricken expression crossed her face as she dropped the phone.

Later, Michael left a message for Jack, saying that they wouldn't have Dina's test results for a couple of days, but they were on their way to the Abbott mansion. Michael asked if Dina needed anything before he took her home, and she requested hot chocolate because it reminded her of Paris. He led her to the elevator, and he mentioned that he'd heard that she'd ended up far away from Genoa City. He inquired where she'd been, and she replied, "Roadside."

Ashley and Jack arrived at Newman, and she demanded to know where Zack had taken her daughter. Ashley spotted the knowing look on Victoria's face and spat that Victoria was wrong to think that Abby had known that a sex ring had been part of Design Date. Victoria lectured that they had to consider all the possible scenarios, and she imagined that Abby had had some idea of what was going on because she'd worked closely with Zack. Victoria speculated that there was no telling what Abby had let Zack get away with, and Ashley ordered her to "get the hell out."

Victoria declared that she was COO of the company and that she wasn't saying anything that they all hadn't thought. Victoria called Abby impetuous and immature, and she figured that perhaps Abby had bought Zack's lies. Ashley insisted that Abby never would have fallen for it, but Victoria asserted that she knew her sister. Jack accused Victoria of taking advantage of the situation to divert attention away from her own recent scandals.

Victor defended that Victoria wasn't in the wrong, and the group argued about whose fault it was. Jack blasted Victor and Victoria for yanking the rug out from under Abby on her big night, and Ashley questioned how Victoria could humiliate her sister that way. Jack and Victor threw their past transgressions in one another's faces, but Nikki yelled for them to stop rehashing old problems. Nikki asserted that Abby belonged to all of them, and it was their duty to find her and get her home safely.

Nikki incredulously asked whether Victoria truly believed that her sister had willingly gotten involved with an organization that prostituted women. Victoria haughtily questioned when the Naked Heiress had become a saint, and she contended that Nikki didn't know how driven and ambitious Abby had become. Victoria reasoned that sometimes love made people irrational, but Nikki wondered if they were talking about Victoria or Abby. Nikki asked if Victoria didn't have enough love in her heart to give Abby the benefit of the doubt, and she encouraged Victoria not to let what had happened with Billy affect how she felt about her sister. Nikki cautioned Victoria not to let going back to Newman destroy her soul.

Nikki suggested that they put their heads together to devise a plan to get Abby back. Victor wanted to offer a reward, but Jack objected because they'd waste time chasing down false leads. Victor asserted that he had people to answer the phones who could differentiate between real and fake calls, and Ashley fretted that every moment that went by put Abby in more danger. Victor proposed putting up five million dollars, and Jack agreed to match it.

Jack made arrangements to liquidate funds immediately, and Victor reported that his share of the money was in place. Several FBI agents suddenly walked in, and a woman identified herself as Special Agent Ryerson. She announced that they had reason to believe that Newman Enterprises was associated with a sex trafficking ring, and she presented Victor with a warrant to seize their computers and freeze the company's assets.

On the next The Young and the Restless...

• Victor barks that he doesn’t want it to take a long time, and he orders Neil to deal with it right away.

• Paul summons Sharon to his office.

• Ashley receives a call from Paul. “Right now?” she asks with concern.


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