Tuesday, June 28, 2016

At the Dive Bar, Billy snapped some photos of him and Johnny together. Jack arrived and headed over to join them, but Hilary stopped Jack and thanked him for talking her out of leaving town. Jack hoped she'd reconciled with Devon, but she reported that she hadn't. Jack assured her that she had a friend in him, and he excused himself to join his family, but she insisted on doing something special for his birthday the next day. He was surprised she'd remembered, and she said she never forgot important dates.

Hilary imagined that Phyllis had already planned something amazing, but Jack replied that his wife had a full plate at Jabot, so he had no birthday plans at all. He headed over to Johnny and Billy, and Hilary made a call to arrange catering plans for an intimate surprise party. Lily grabbed Hilary's phone and snarled that Hilary was beyond shameless, and there was no way Jack would fall for Hilary's transparent mind games. Hilary insisted that Jack was her friend, and Lily imagined that Hilary intended to pop out of a birthday cake. Hilary purred that she was delicious covered in icing, and Lily looked forward to throwing a party when Devon kicked Hilary to the curb. Hilary announced that she'd left Devon, and she taunted that Lily had no clever comeback.

Lily chided Hilary for planning Jack's birthday party when Devon was heartbroken. Hilary suggested that Lily concentrate on doing her job after all the recent mishaps at the club, and Lily huffed that they were fully booked, so Hilary needed to check out of her room. Lily questioned why Hilary would stay when Hilary was done with their family and they were done with her. Hilary called Lily a "pathetic, vicious bitch," but Lily asserted that she was also the manager, and she ordered Hilary to pack her bags.

Phyllis entered the Athletic Club and spotted Ashley working on her computer. Phyllis noted that Ashley had hit the ground running, and Ashley said she knew Billy had asked Phyllis to talk to Jack about Ashley returning to Jabot. Phyllis welcomed Ashley back, and Ashley observed that profits had dropped in some divisions because they'd been neglected in favor of PassKey. Phyllis coolly stated that she hadn't been aware things were such a disaster, and Ashley swore she hadn't meant it that way. Ashley thanked Phyllis for meeting her when the next day was a big one, and Phyllis looked confused. Ashley guessed that Phyllis had forgotten Jack's birthday.

Phyllis claimed that she hadn't forgotten, but she and Jack intended to keep things low-key because of her crazy workload. Ashley volunteered to cover for her so the couple could spend the day together, and she advised Phyllis not to take what she had with Jack for granted. Ashley added that she was glad to see one brother in love, since Billy was going off the rails. Ashley mentioned that she'd stopped by Billy's place and discovered a romantic picnic that he'd laid out for a poor woman who was probably convinced she was more than just a rebound. Ashley insisted on being part of Jack's birthday celebration, and she suggested that Phyllis take Jack to the Abbott cabin.

In the foyer, Jack told Johnny that Phyllis didn't have time to see the tot, and Billy said he had to get his son home. Jack asked for an extra hug from Johnny to pass along to Phyllis. Jack joined Phyllis and Ashley in the dining room as Phyllis was saying that the trip would be impossible, and Jack wondered what she meant. Ashley explained that she wanted Phyllis to take the day off to celebrate Jack's birthday, and she urged the couple to get away and relax. Jack recalled that they'd missed out on Barbados, and Phyllis agreed to whisk Jack away to the cabin. Billy watched as they kissed.

Ashley headed out, and Jack told Phyllis that he wanted to be back in time for Adam's trial. Phyllis said it was all right if Jack didn't want to go, but he preferred to have time alone with her as long as Ashley hadn't twisted her arm. Phyllis insisted that she wanted to go. Meanwhile, Ashley asked if Johnny had had a fun day with his dad, and Billy observed that she seemed upbeat. Ashley exclaimed that she'd arranged a fantastic romantic getaway for Jack's birthday, and Billy and Phyllis stared at one another.

Later, Phyllis approached Billy in the foyer, and he pulled her out of Johnny's earshot. Billy said he'd heard about her big plans, and he was adamant that she get out of the trip. Phyllis felt that she didn't have a choice, and she thought he was making an unfair request. Billy pushed her to put Jack off, but Phyllis said she couldn't keep making up fake reasons not to be with her husband. Billy groaned that the thought of Jack and Phyllis being together made him sick, and there would be expectations if Jack and Phyllis went away together. Phyllis thought Billy was asking too much, and she headed upstairs.

Ashley arrived on the deck as Hilary stormed off. Lily told Ashley that it had felt good to kick Hilary out after everything Hilary had done to the Winters family, and she'd seen the way Hilary had looked at Jack while planning his surprise birthday party. Ashley cheerfully informed Lily that Phyllis and Jack intended to celebrate at the cabin, and Lily was glad Jack would be far away, since nothing got in Hilary's way when she wanted something.

Later, Phyllis found Ashley on the rooftop, and she said she was looking forward to her getaway with Jack. Ashley apologized if she'd upset Phyllis earlier by talking about the drop in profits, since she knew Phyllis wanted what was best for the company. Phyllis promised to take Ashley's suggestions under consideration, but she wanted to go over what needed to be done the following day. Ashley mentioned that she'd told Billy about Jack and Phyllis' plans, and Billy had been just as thrilled as Ashley was.

At the cottage, Nick wondered why Mariah suspected Natalie of being involved in the oil rig sabotage. Mariah asserted that Natalie had worked for Victor before, and he'd needed a world-class hacker to pull it off remotely. Nick guessed that Mariah had no solid proof that Natalie had been working with Victor, and Mariah conceded that it was more of a gut feeling. Sharon pointed out that Natalie wasn't exactly Mariah's favorite person, but Mariah argued that Natalie had played both sides before, and Kevin's belief that Natalie had hacked into Newman was good enough for her. Nick thought it was worth checking out, and he vowed to get to the bottom of it.

After Nick departed, Dylan called and informed Sharon that he and Faith had run into some of the girl's friends at the store, so they would be late getting home. Mariah took the opportunity to talk to Sharon about Dr. Miller's advice about how to get rid of nightmares, since Sharon had to learn to cope with the guilt if she was going to sit on her secret forever. Sharon admitted that she felt overwhelmed and exhausted, and she saw Sage every time she closed her eyes. Mariah pushed Sharon to try some of the doctor's techniques.

Mariah revealed that Dr. Miller's first suggestion had been hypnosis, but Sharon refused to take the chance of revealing Sully's parentage while she was hypnotized. Mariah relayed the recommendations of meditation and deep breathing, and she offered to meditate with Sharon. Mariah noticed that Sharon was anxiously looking around the room, and she asked if Sharon was listening to anything she was saying. Sharon snapped that it wasn't helping, and she barked to leave her alone.

Mariah said she'd thought Sharon wanted her help, and she wondered what was wrong. Sharon apologized and said she appreciated Mariah's help, and she promised she would try the doctor's suggestions. Mariah hesitantly pointed out that Sharon had been stressed and fidgety, so she had to ask if Sharon really was taking her medication. Sharon insisted that she wasn't having a bipolar episode, and she loved her family too much to hurt them by going off her meds.

At Newman, Luca told Summer that her family was smart to consider all the suspects, and she was surprised that he was no longer mad. He admitted that he'd overreacted, and he wished the list didn't include him, but he was fine as long as she believed in him. He suggested that they go through computer logs and security footage to prove his innocence, since Travis was the only logical suspect. Victoria overheard as she entered and declared that Travis was innocent, and she asked where Kevin was, since she'd hired him to find out who had tried to take down the oil division.

At Crimson Lights, Natalie begged Kevin to tell her that he knew she hadn't been the woman who'd visited Victor, but he observed that the woman in the surveillance video had hair just like Natalie's. Natalie insisted that hers was much classier, and she questioned whether her word wasn't good enough. Kevin swore that he was trying to protect her, and he urged her to compare her calendar to the timestamp on the video. She defended that she had a right to privacy, and he realized that she couldn't account for her whereabouts at the time.

Natalie defended that no one could account for every minute of every day, and she reasoned that a guilty person wouldn't have helped Kevin hack into the prison's security system. Kevin recalled that she'd lied to everyone before, and he'd believed her. She swore that things were different because they were dating, and there was no way she'd mess up their relationship over a lie. He received a text message from Victoria, and he instructed Natalie to keep going through the footage to see if the mystery woman had paid multiple visits to Victor and to make sure Natalie had alibis for the dates and times. Kevin left to stall Victoria.

Meanwhile, Luca scoffed at the idea that Victoria had just decided that Travis hadn't been the culprit, and he reminded her that Travis had had access to her laptop on the night of the latest spill. Victoria argued that Travis had never admitted to anything, but Luca countered that an innocent man wouldn't have punched him in the face. Victoria said Luca had left out a very big part of what had gone down, since Travis had informed her that Luca had been trash-talking her.

Luca claimed that he'd mentioned Victoria because it had been his goal to find out if Travis had been using her to cause the oil spills, and Travis had become tense when Luca had questioned Travis' feelings for her. Luca added that Travis had ended the conversation with his fist, but Summer inquired whether Travis had hit him because Luca had accused Travis of illegal activities or because Luca had said horrible things about Victoria. Luca maintained that Travis' actions had reeked of guilt. Kevin entered and reported that he'd found some anomalies, but he couldn't point a finger in any particular direction. Nick walked in and proclaimed that Kevin knew who had done it, and Kevin was covering for her.

Nick prompted Kevin to tell everyone about Natalie, but Kevin said he didn't think she'd been involved. Kevin revealed that he'd hacked into the prison's security footage and seen a woman who'd met with Victor, but he hadn't been able to see the woman's face. Luca noted that Natalie was a master hacker and liar who'd worked with Victor before, but Victoria doubted Victor had reached out to Natalie after she'd double-crossed him. Nick thought Victor had used whatever means necessary, and Victoria acknowledged that Natalie had no scruples.

Natalie entered and assumed that they'd all decided the woman in the video had been her, but she had proof otherwise. Natalie explained that she'd documented every time the mystery woman had visited Victor, and Natalie had alibis for each time. Natalie declared that she had no connection to the most recent spill and only a tiny link to the first one, but she'd only been hired to do some digging and not to unleash any havoc. Victoria realized that Billy had hired Natalie.

Later, Nick reviewed Natalie's records and thought everything seemed legitimate, and he apologized for suspecting Natalie. Nick asked Summer to let him know if Victoria checked in, and he departed. Luca thought Kevin and Natalie were onto something with the mystery woman, and he said he and Summer would take it from there. Luca stepped out to get coffee, and Natalie remarked that she was a genius, but she still couldn't figure out why spoiled Summer was with a liar like Luca.

Kevin offered to make up for his suspicions by taking Natalie out for Champagne and caviar, and she called the idea boring, but he argued that he'd taken her side and stalled until they'd found proof that she was innocent. She chirped that she'd enjoy letting him make it up to her, and they headed out. Luca returned to the office, and he groused to Summer that he couldn't believe Victoria had trusted Natalie and Kevin after what they'd pulled with PassKey. He joined Summer at the computer and vowed to nail whoever had been trying to undermine Victoria's authority. Summer flashed back to Nick imploring her to trust her instincts and to tell him if anything seemed off.

Nick stopped by the cottage to give Faith a kiss goodnight, but Sharon told him that the girl was still out with friends. Nick wanted to wait, and Mariah asked what had happened with Natalie. Nick reported that it had been a dead end, and Sully cried over the baby monitor. Sharon went upstairs, and Nick inquired whether everything was okay between Mariah and Sharon, since Faith had heard the women fighting over something related to meds. Mariah assured him that Sharon was definitely still taking her medication.

Billy found Victoria waiting for him at his home, and he asked if Hannah had told her about his plans for dinner and a sleepover with Johnny. Victoria said it had been thoughtful, and he wondered why she was there. She said she wanted to talk to him once she got Johnny tucked in, and she led their son upstairs. Victoria returned after getting Johnny to sleep, and Billy wondered why she seemed upset. Victoria confronted him about trying to take down Newman.

Billy swore that he'd learned his lesson after Paragon and PassKey, but Victoria spat that he'd used Natalie. He admitted that he'd hired Natalie to find out the truth, and Victoria recounted that he'd been the one to tell her about the oil spill. Billy snapped that she would have known about it if she'd been at the office instead of in her boyfriend's bed, and he insisted that he'd just been trying to protect her. Victoria balked at taking Billy's word that he had her best interests at heart, and he urged her to look at the people she'd surrounded herself with, like Luca and Travis.

Billy pointed out that Newman hadn't been front and center in Victoria's life ever since she'd been spending time with her new boyfriend, and it seemed to be more than a coincidence that two oil spills had suddenly occurred since the guy had been around. Victoria swore that Travis hadn't had anything to do with it, and Billy was appalled that she'd accuse the father of her kids of sabotaging her company while giving a pass to the new guy in her life. Victoria conceded that she shouldn't have accused Billy, but he coldly told her to let herself out the way she'd let herself in.

Jack met Hilary at Crimson Lights, and he thought she'd sounded upset in the message she'd left. She said she needed to find a place to stay, and she thought he might have a recommendation. He asked why she'd left the club, and she revealed that Lily had kicked her out, since the women had fought about him. Hilary explained that when she'd found out that Jack had no plans for his birthday, she'd thought it would be fun to surprise him, and Lily had overreacted when she'd overheard Hilary making some arrangements.

Jack said he was sorry to hear it, but Hilary was more concerned that he was ignoring his birthday. She called him a kind and generous man who deserved to be celebrated, and she placed her hand on his. He informed her that it had turned out that he actually had plans, since he and Phyllis were going out of town for a getaway. Hilary plastered a smile on her face and proclaimed that it was wonderful.

Hilary returned to the club, and Lily threatened to have security toss her out. Hilary haughtily informed Lily that marital law considered the club to be community property, so Lily technically worked for her. Hilary announced that she planned to secure ownership of the club as part of the divorce settlement, and she'd toss Lily out as soon as she had the deed.

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