Tuesday, January 27, 2015

At the Abbott mansion, Jack discovered Phyllis staring out a window, and he asked if she'd slept. She replied that she'd done more thinking than sleeping, and she mused that she'd thought she'd been okay, but she wondered what it meant for them if she'd been wrong. Jack swore that he knew everything about Phyllis, and none of the recent events had been her fault, since the drugs might have done something to her brain chemistry. He thought it would be a relief to know why things had happened, and he revealed that he'd enlisted someone to help them out.

Jack understood that Phyllis didn't trust Dr. Cutler, so he'd set up an appointment with a highly recommended psychiatrist in Genoa City. He explained that the shrink would know how the brain should work, and Phyllis asked if he thought she was mentally ill. Jack acknowledged that things weren't right, but they needed help to fix them, and he'd keep seeking alternatives until Phyllis got better. He promised that he'd be there with her every step of the way, just like she'd helped him through withdrawal. Phyllis conceded that she was angry because she couldn't remember if she'd done the terrible things, but she felt like Kelly was winning.

At the Athletic Club, Kelly smiled as she sniffed a rose, and Stitch asked what she was doing there, since he had planned on giving her a ride home from the hospital. He implored her to take a break after she'd ingested toxic chemicals, and she replied that she'd survived, but he countered that it didn't mean she was okay. Kelly insisted that the doctor wouldn't have released her if she hadn't been perfectly fine, but Stitch clarified that hadn't been what he'd meant. Kelly claimed that she'd accepted Jack was with Phyllis, but Stitch was skeptical that Kelly was really over it. She contended that Jack was a good, decent man who had made a choice not to abandon a woman who'd just woken up from a coma.

Stitch wondered if Kelly thought Jack's decision had been all about obligation, and he pointed out that Jack might really love Phyllis. Kelly couldn't fathom that Jack could love someone who'd attempted murder, and Stitch asked if Kelly thought she still had a future with Jack. Paul entered and asked for a moment with Kelly in private, and Stitch left. Paul relayed that he'd received the mandatory report from the hospital about Kelly's poisoning, and he mentioned that all the pots and cups at the club had been washed and sterilized, so he hadn't found any evidence. Kelly surmised that there was nothing left to pursue, but Paul refused to let it go.

Paul suggested that he take a look at the club's security footage, but Kelly groaned that she didn't want any more drama in her life, and she imagined it would end up being her word against Phyllis' once again. Kelly explained that Phyllis had orchestrated situations to make it look like Kelly had attacked her, but Jack hadn't been convinced Kelly had been to blame, and she theorized that Phyllis had escalated her efforts to remove Kelly from the equation. Paul questioned whether Kelly was afraid for her life, and Kelly replied that she'd heard a lot about how tough Phyllis was, but she thought it was irrational and pathetic that Phyllis felt threatened. Kelly said she was afraid for Jack, since he'd wanted his fiancée back, but he'd gotten whoever Phyllis had become.

At the psychiatrist's office, Jack informed the doctor that both he and Phyllis were concerned about the side effects from her medication, and they wanted to find an explanation for recent events. The doctor said she and Phyllis could work on it together, and she asked Jack to wait outside. After Jack stepped out, Phyllis commented that Jack usually wasn't that nervous, but she'd gone from "hell on wheels" to off the rails. The psychiatrist asked if Phyllis thought there was a problem, and Phyllis questioned whether the doctor preferred that she blow smoke so they could both get out of there or if the shrink wanted the actual truth.

Phyllis admitted that she hated Kelly, and she'd wanted Kelly gone ever since she'd heard about Kelly and Jack's relationship. The doctor asked if Phyllis had actively tried to remove Kelly from her life, but Phyllis replied that she didn't know. The psychiatrist said they could focus on the questions in the hope that they'd find the answers, but she contemplated whether the medication had caused the confusion. Phyllis said she knew how to lie, but she truly didn't know what was going on, and she was there to find out. The doctor pointed out the possibility that the medication hadn't caused the issues, and Phyllis recognized that she could have acted with malice to give the "bitch" what she had deserved.

Phyllis explained that she'd lost a year of her life, and she talked about what she'd missed and how she'd felt when she'd returned. Phyllis said she'd expected to get her life back, but she'd found Kelly in her home and her bed, and Jack had fallen in love with someone else. The psychiatrist pointed out that Phyllis had gotten everything back, but Phyllis complained that Jack looked at her with pity. The doctor said she'd only seen love in Jack's eyes, and she believed that Phyllis' insecurity was more of a threat than any outsider. The psychiatrist recommended that Phyllis make amends with the people she thought she'd hurt.

Kelly passed by Jack in the corridor, and Jack asked if she still wasn't feeling well. Kelly brusquely mentioned that she was there for a follow-up exam, and she excused herself, but Jack stopped her from leaving. She worried that Phyllis would find out they'd talked, and she swore she was just passing through and not stalking. Jack said he was truly sorry.

Kelly begged Jack not to say anything, since Paul was investigating the poisoning incident, even though she hadn't instigated it. Jack said he believed the side effects from Phyllis' treatment were to blame, and he and Phyllis were there to get to the bottom of it. Jack declared that Victor was responsible for what had happened to all of them, and he felt Phyllis shouldn't go to prison. Kelly informed him that she wasn't filing a complaint, and a thankful Jack hugged her. Phyllis exited the room and saw them.

Jack grappled for an explanation, but Phyllis noted that Kelly looked better, and she said she was sorry for what had happened. A surprised Kelly thanked her, and she remarked that time healed everything. Kelly walked off, and Jack asked if Phyllis was okay, but she said she didn't know. He said he'd never been prouder of her, and they embraced.

Jack and Phyllis returned home, and he said she was on the right track, since it had taken guts to apologize. Phyllis explained that the doctor had suggested that making amends might help, and she admitted that her insecurity could have made her destructive. Jack told Phyllis never to question his feelings, since he loved her more than she'd ever know. They kissed.

In the Athletic Club dining room, Jill bemoaned that Chancellor still belonged to Victor, and Colin reminded her that he'd given her stacks of cash to buy the company. She asked where Colin had gotten the money, and Cane and Lily approached and also pushed for an answer. Devon pointedly remarked that they were all family, and Colin vaguely replied that it was a delicate situation that required discretion. Jill demanded to know if he'd taken out a loan with interest or collateral, but Colin assured her there had been no strings attached. Lily grumbled that there wouldn't have been an issue if Devon had provided the funds for them to buy Chancellor, and she questioned where all his money had gone.

Devon pointed out that Chancellor cost a lot of money, and he explained that he'd committed his liquid assets to another venture. Devon argued that Katherine had left her money to him and the company to Victor, and he believed she would have handled things differently if she'd wanted them to be another way. Colin praised Devon for honoring his conscience, and Jill prepared to meet with Victor. Cane cornered Devon privately and asked if Devon had given his money to Colin because Colin had found out about Devon and Hilary's affair. Devon claimed that there was nothing to know, since it was over, but Cane didn't seem convinced.

Colin warned Jill that Victor would try to get inside her head by using flattery or insults, but Jill scoffed at the idea that she couldn't handle a powerful man. Jill sauntered off to reclaim what should have been hers, and Cane approached Colin and asked what his father had done to get the money. Cane worried about how much it could cost them, but Colin maintained that it was legitimate business. Colin regretted that he'd cost Cane the job at Chancellor once before, and he called it his way of paying Cane back. Cane pointed out that he hadn't asked for it, but Colin believed that Katherine had wanted Cane at Chancellor, and he declared his son would have it.

Paul asked Lily for the security footage, but she reported there had been glitches when they'd upgraded the system. She invited him to talk to the staff, and she approached Kelly at the bar. Lily noticed that Kelly looked flushed, and Kelly explained that she was in shock after Phyllis had apologized to her. Lily encouraged her to tell Paul if Phyllis had admitted wrongdoing, but Kelly insisted that they leave it alone, since she'd just promised Jack that she wouldn't file a complaint.

Kelly pledged to be the bigger person, and she pitied Phyllis for feeling threatened by her, but Lily suspected that Kelly was thrilled, since that could mean Jack still wanted to be with Kelly. Kelly maintained that she didn't expect to get back together with Jack, but she thought Jack was finally realizing that Phyllis was no longer the woman he'd once loved.

Hilary kept busy tending to things around the apartment, but Neil asked her to sit down and talk for a few minutes. He said it had been hurtful to find out she'd been crying to herself instead of telling him what was going on, and he confessed that he'd felt her tears on the pillow. He begged her to tell him what he didn't know, and he reiterated that there was no pressure about having a baby. She said it wasn't about that, and he reasoned that he couldn't help her if she wouldn't share.

Hilary stated that she shouldn't have gone to the spa, since a loyal wife wouldn't have, but Neil supported her looking out for herself. Neil told her not to martyr herself for a blind man, and he admitted he'd made a mistake by demanding that they start a family together, but he'd only suggested it because he loved her deeply. He added that the last thing he wanted her to do was to coddle him, and he urged her to trust him enough to tell him the truth. She confessed that there was something.

Hilary mentioned that the eye doctor had called to confirm an appointment she'd known nothing about, and Neil divulged that he was taking part in an experimental program for vision restoration. She excitedly wondered if he'd be able to see again, but he explained that it was a long shot, so he hadn't wanted to risk letting her down again. She replied that he never had, but she wished he hadn't shut her out, and she gently scolded him for being the one doing the coddling. He revealed that he'd seen a flicker, and it might not happen again, but she squealed that it could. She declared that they had a reason for hope, and she hugged him and said she wanted to be there with him at the appointment, but he insisted on going alone.

Later, Devon arrived at Neil and Hilary's apartment, and Hilary informed him that the doctors thought Neil had a chance to recover his vision. Devon wondered why Neil hadn't told him, and Hilary relayed that Neil hadn't wanted to get anyone's hopes up, so she'd respected her husband's decision to get the information on his own. Devon marveled that Neil could get his entire life back, and Hilary recognized that she was being selfish, but the first thing she'd thought had been that they could tell Neil the truth. She declared that they could all get their lives back, and Devon added that they'd never have to hide again.

Hilary understood it would be hard to tell Neil, but Devon thought it was even harder to keep quiet. Hilary mentioned that Neil had caught her crying, and Devon assured her that they could soon stop living a lie. Hilary imagined that it would hurt Neil to think she'd spent time with him out of pity, and Devon promised they'd face the consequences together. Devon said he loved her and that he couldn't wait to let the world know it. They held one another close, but they jumped apart when Neil returned home.

Hilary announced they had company, and Neil said he could feel Devon there. Neil said he needed to talk to Devon about something, and Hilary stepped away to make a call. Devon informed Neil that Hilary had told him about the experimental program, and Neil regretted that there had been too many secrets. Neil recognized that the program might not work, but he was confident that Hilary loved him, and no matter what happened, they'd have a "hell of a life together." Devon half-heartedly agreed.

At Newman-Chancellor, Victor overheard Victoria order more flowers for Katie's christening, and she surmised that he was still appalled that she'd asked Jack to be the baby's godfather. She realized Victor was distracted by something else, and she assured him that the bad publicity about the warehouse sale would die down. Victoria pointed out that he had other alternatives if he needed cash, but Victor declared that the sale of Chancellor wasn't an option. Victoria argued that the division was hurting him both professionally and personally, and she vowed not to stop until he did something about it.

Victoria called Chancellor a financial drain, and she predicted that selling it would help the company distance itself from a tainted entity. Victor refused to hand over Chancellor to Cane, since Cane had been the one who'd saddled them with the Bonaventure deal, but Victoria suggested that they sell it to someone else. Victor huffed that he would sell it when it suited him, but she pointed out that he wouldn't need the warehouse deal if he offloaded Chancellor. She argued that the entire town hated the redevelopment proposal, and she advised him to sell Chancellor or risk his marriage and business for the sake of his pride. Victor said he loved her, but he made his own decisions, and she walked away in exasperation.

In the park, Stitch ran into Victoria, who was pushing Katie in a stroller. Victoria asked about Kelly, and Stitch reported that his sister seemed okay physically, but he suspected that Kelly thought she and Jack would still get back together. Victoria was certain that Jack had moved on, and Stitch said he'd tried to talk to Kelly, but she hadn't heard him. Victoria compared it to talking to her dad, and she said she'd needed a power walk to deal with it. Katie began to cry, and Stitch cooed that the tot was like her mom, always needing to be on the move. Victoria insisted that Stitch be at the christening.

Stitch said he and Billy had their own version of a truce, but he thought the christening was a time for him to back off and to not add stress to Victoria's life. Victoria rattled off a list of all the conflicts between the people attending the event, and she imagined Phyllis bursting into another church, dressed in white. Stitch said he'd hate to miss out on the fun, and Victoria claimed that Katie had told her that the baby needed him there. Stitch said he couldn't say no to that, since he might not be Katie's dad, but he would always be the girl's friend, and he would always love her.

Jill presented Victor with a briefcase full of cash, and he chuckled and observed that her payment was short. She explained that it was a down payment as an act of friendship, but Victor proclaimed that they had nothing to talk about until he had the full amount in his corporate account. She offered to provide the rest of the funds as soon as they had a deal, and he remarked that she'd been out of the business world too long. She said she only wanted his commitment to sell, and he asked what she didn't understand about no.

Jill taunted Victor for driving Katherine's empire into the ground, but Victor recalled that Katherine had summoned him to town to run her company, and he'd made Chancellor into something. He thought Jill should be embarrassed for dropping off cash like a drug dealer, but Jill contended that Katherine would have been proud, since Katherine had known Jill would fight for Chancellor, and it had probably been what Katherine had wanted. Jill pledged to "fight like hell," and Victor bellowed that she'd go down in grand fashion -- just like Katherine would have wanted.

Jill returned to the club, and she relayed that Victor hadn't been impressed with the cash. She added that he wanted the full price up front, and she worried that he'd sell to someone else if he became desperate enough. Colin assured her that he'd get more money, and she'd be running Chancellor before she knew it.

Victor flashed back to Katherine visiting him in the hospital, and she'd told him that it had been a wake-up call to end his days of waging battles against greedy corporate raiders. Victor had reminded her that they'd been cut from the same cloth, and he fought harder when he was down and out. Katherine had questioned whether he'd been willing to risk his health and the well-being of his loved ones to fight Jack Abbott, and Victor had imagined that was what she would have done in his position. Katherine had told Victor that she would have opted to spend time with her family and to make the most of what she had rather than risk everything for what she hadn't had. "I miss you so much," Victor said to himself.

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