Tuesday, May 31, 2016

At the cottage, Faith overheard Sharon say that she couldn't lose her baby, and she asked why Sharon would lose Sully. Faith panicked that Sully was sick and going to heaven to be with Cassie and Christian, but Sharon swore that Sully was a happy and healthy little boy. Dylan arrived home and wondered why anyone would think otherwise, and Faith repeated Sharon's words about losing her baby. Sharon scolded Faith for eavesdropping, and Mariah took Faith upstairs to finish getting ready for the father-daughter dance. Dylan pushed Sharon to tell him what Faith had misunderstood.

Sharon claimed that she'd been talking about the anniversary of Cassie's death, and Faith had jumped to the wrong conclusion. Sharon added that she was glad Faith had spoken up instead of worrying for weeks, and Dylan observed that Faith hadn't been the only one who'd seemed upset. He begged Sharon to talk to him, but Faith interrupted to show off her dress. Sharon pointedly asked Mariah to manage things while she was gone, and Sharon and Faith left to meet Nick for the dance. Dylan said he trusted Mariah to tell him what was going on with Sharon.

Mariah questioned why Dylan thought something was wrong, and Dylan noted that Sharon had seemed anxious lately. Mariah claimed that Sharon was still dealing with Sage's death and that Sharon had been thinking about Cassie, and it was a struggle for Sharon to control her emotions even at the best of times. Dylan explained that he wanted to be sure Sharon didn't suffer a relapse, and Mariah assured him that she'd made sure Sharon had been taking her medication. Dylan was glad Sharon had Mariah to rely on, but Mariah said she didn't know what Sharon would do if Dylan wasn't there. He thought it sounded like Mariah thought he was going somewhere.

Dylan answered a call from Christine, who wanted to meet to review Adam's case. Dylan asked Mariah to tell Sharon where he'd gone, and he handed Mariah a stuffed bunny to give to Sully when the baby woke up. Dylan apologized for upsetting Mariah, and she swore that Sharon had never been happier or healthier than she was with Dylan, since Sharon loved him and their family. Dylan declared that they were stuck with him, and nothing would ever change that.

At the penthouse, Adam explained to Nick that the only way get the bogus murder charges dropped was to exhume Constance's body again, since the initial forensics samples had been susceptible to Victor's influence. Adam wanted to have more testing done to prove he was being framed, but Nick didn't understand why Adam had summoned him. Chelsea noted that Constance hadn't had any living relatives, and since Sage had been the executor of Constance's estate, the responsibility had passed on to Nick. Adam recognized that he and Nick had never been close, but they were still brothers, and his fate rested in Nick's hands.

Adam appealed to Nick to call Michael to grant his approval, but Nick pointed out that no one had asked for his permission to examine Sage's diary. Adam acknowledged that Nick saw himself as the guardian of Sage's memory, but Adam and Sage had shared something, too. Nick spat that Adam and Sage had shared a lie, and he blasted Adam for comparing that to Nick and Sage losing a child. Adam struggled to stay composed, and he apologized and conceded that Nick had known his wife better than Adam ever had. Adam contended that Victor had been lying when he'd claimed he'd had nothing to do with setting Adam up, and he thought Sage wouldn't want the lie to continue if she were there. Nick countered that Sage was gone, and all he had left was her journal, so he'd see Adam "in hell" before he let Adam exploit her words.

Nick stormed out, and Adam grumbled that Nick would never see his wife as anything but perfect. Chelsea suggested that Adam tell Nick that his perfect wife had given birth to Adam's baby. Adam recounted Sage begging him in her letter to never let Nick find out that Christian hadn't been his son, and he thought her last request was all that mattered. Chelsea whined about what it would do to her and Connor to watch Adam go to prison, and she refused to sacrifice the man she loved to preserve Nick's memory of his dead wife.

Adam was sure that Michael would figure something out, but Chelsea maintained that Nick needed to realize that Sage hadn't been perfect, and revealing the truth about Christian was the only way to make sure Nick helped them. She asserted that they'd already suffered too much, and she wouldn't let anyone or anything tear them apart. Chelsea pleaded with Adam to fight for them, and he countered that he'd been fighting to be the man he'd promised he would be, but he wouldn't be that man if he betrayed the trust Sage had put in him. They hugged.

Adam said his case rested in the motive, and Christine would try to prove that he'd killed Constance to protect his true identity. Chelsea groaned that she couldn't handle thinking about the worst-case scenarios, and Adam answered a call from Michael and looked stunned. Adam hung up and informed Chelsea that Elise Moxley was hearing his case, and he expected the judge to bend over backwards to appear impartial after she'd gone public about her affair with Victor. Chelsea anticipated that Elise would allow the tainted evidence to be presented in court, and she again suggested that they get out of town.

Adam refused to run away, but Chelsea regretted that she'd let him and Victoria convince her to stay. Adam argued that it would be an admission of guilt if they ran, but Chelsea countered that it would keep him safe. Adam swore that he wouldn't lose her and Connor, since he was innocent, and he would prove it to the jury.

Nick strolled through the park, and Faith ran over and hugged him. Sharon handed Faith some money to get some ice cream, and Nick guessed that the treat was a diversion. Sharon sensed that something was bothering him, and she apologized for making things more difficult by suggesting that he spend time with Sully. Nick insisted that he loved being around the baby, and holding Sully had been the best thing that had happened to him in a while. He added that spending time with Faith reminded him that every memory was irreplaceable, and he wondered if it was a sin to keep a secret if it caused someone else to suffer.

Nick reasoned that Sage never would have been okay with people poring over her diary, and Sharon remarked that some things were better off being kept secret. He believed that Sage would have been appalled if she'd known that Adam wanted to use Constance's remains as evidence, and Sharon queried whether Nick thought Adam was guilty. Nick mentioned that Victor thought so, and Sharon pointed out that normally that would make Nick think Adam was innocent. Nick wasn't sure whether he was honoring Sage's wishes or protecting himself from more pain, but he didn't believe that Sage had kept such a big secret from him. Faith returned, and Sharon worried that Nick wasn't up for the dance, but Nick said he'd never pass up a night with his best girl.

Sharon returned home and thanked Mariah for being such a good sister, and Mariah snapped that she could add the praise to the blue ribbon she'd gotten for lying to Dylan and Nick. Sharon urged Mariah to think about what was best, and Mariah argued that it wasn't best for Sharon to juggle the lies. Mariah revealed that Dylan knew Sharon was keeping something from him, but she'd covered for Sharon. Mariah admitted that it had killed her to lie to Dylan, but she'd also seen how much Sharon and Sully meant to him. Mariah recognized that family was everything to Dylan and Sharon, and she couldn't hurt them by spilling her guts to Nick, since it was her family, too. The women hugged.

In the Athletic Club foyer, Summer questioned why she should believe anything Noah said about Luca, but Noah maintained that Victoria had never told Luca to have Summer speak to the press. Noah relayed that Billy had informed him that Victoria hadn't known about the oil spill until that morning, but Summer insisted that Victoria had gone over the talking points with Luca. Noah ranted that Luca had made the story up and that Summer couldn't see that Luca had used her. Summer huffed that Noah was jealous of her success, and she accused him of not accepting Luca because Luca believed in her, unlike Noah.

Noah told Summer to open her eyes, since they'd seen Luca manipulate people to get what he wanted. Summer testily inquired whether Noah considered her to be a puppet who was incapable of thinking for herself, and Noah warned that Luca was using both her and Victoria. Summer scoffed at the idea that the CEO of Newman was stupid, and Noah speculated that Luca had some sort of hold on Victoria. Noah encouraged Summer to ask Luca about the conversation Luca and Victoria had never had, but Summer swore that she believed Luca, and she stormed past Marisa on her way out.

Marisa assured Noah that Luca couldn't touch them anymore, but Noah griped that Luca was using Summer and Victoria to get back into Newman. Marisa was surprised that Noah was being protective of his legacy, but Noah refused to stand by and let Luca take Victor's place. Marisa urged Noah to let it go rather than play into Luca's hands by letting his anger take over, but Noah balked at the idea of letting Luca win. Marisa reinforced that they'd already won, and Luca lived in a world of secrets and lies that would eventually catch up to him.

Nick and Faith arrived at the club for the dance, and Dylan volunteered to take their photo. Faith offered to save a dance for Dylan, but he explained that he was there to work. Faith scampered off to say hello to Noah and Marisa, and Dylan informed Nick that he was there to meet Christine, since Adam's trial date had been set. Nick groused that he was ready for the case to be over, and Dylan implored him not to let it sour his evening with Faith, who needed her father. Nick replied that she didn't need him as much as he needed her.

Meanwhile, Noah said Faith looked pretty, and Marisa thanked Faith for putting a smile on Noah's face. Faith inquired whether Noah was sad, and he replied that it was hard to stay that way with her around. Faith ran off to go to the dance, and Noah pledged to let go of his anger and to stop telling Summer how to live her life, even if she was making a mistake. Marisa suggested that perhaps Summer might save Luca from himself.

Faith told Nick that the dance was about to start, and he told her to wait for him upstairs. After she departed, Nick applauded Dylan for stepping up when Sharon and Faith had needed him. Dylan confided that he always wondered whether he was doing enough, and Nick said he knew from the time he'd spent with Sully that Dylan was doing a great job.

At Newman, Billy found Luca extending his hand to Victoria, and he cautioned her against shaking hands with the devil unless she was okay with avoiding responsibility for the oil rig incident. Victoria insisted that Luca had been invaluable in coping with the crisis, but Billy suspected that Luca had given her just enough assistance to hang herself. Victoria snapped that it was none of Billy's business, and she demanded to know the real reason he was there. Billy said he wanted to keep Victoria from making a terrible mistake, since they both knew that Victoria hadn't passed any information to Summer through Luca. Billy admitted that he'd accessed the Newman database to look at safety records, and despite the words Luca had put in Summer's mouth, the oil rig had been a disaster waiting to happen.

Victoria surmised that Billy had used Natalie to hack into Newman's system, and Billy argued that he'd used Natalie's genius for good, since he was on Victoria's side, unlike Luca. Luca claimed that he'd followed Victoria's directive, but Billy was sure that Victoria hadn't called Luca. Victoria fibbed that Luca had called her after she'd left Billy's house, and she'd conveyed to him what to have Summer say at the press conference. Luca declared that disaster had been averted, and Billy called it a classic Victor move to pass the buck. Hannah called Billy, who immediately became alarmed when he heard Johnny was sick. Victoria and Billy hurried out.

Later, Summer returned to the office, and Luca proclaimed that she was the heroine who'd rescued Newman. She coolly inquired where Victoria was, and Luca reported that Victoria and Billy had left to care for their sick child. Luca implied that Billy had been using it as an excuse to worm his back into Victoria's life, since Luca thought Billy was willing to use anything to derail Victoria's plan to lead the company forward. Summer wondered if Luca's real concern was that nothing got in the way of him doing what was best for him.

Luca asked who had been filling Summer's head with doubts, and she questioned whether he thought her head was so hollow that he could fill it with his thoughts and words. Summer revealed that Noah had told her that Luca had never spoken to Victoria before the press conference, and she demanded to know if Luca had provided the talking points and tricked her into repeating them. She asked if he was lying to her so that he could get what he wanted, and he swore that he wanted her. Luca added that he wanted to prove that Summer was Victor's rightful heir, and he reminded her that Victoria had confirmed that she'd passed the notes to him.

Summer conceded that Victoria would never lie to her face, and Luca argued that he'd proven that he had the Newman family's best interests at heart during the latest crisis. Summer guessed that Noah and Billy resented that Victoria trusted Luca, and Luca remarked that Noah had to be embarrassed that he didn't fit in at Newman the way Summer did. Luca vowed not let them take their jealousy out on Summer by painting her as a pawn rather than the confident woman she was.

Luca suggested that they stop talking about oil leaks or press conferences, and Summer added family to the list of banned topics. He glanced up at Victor's portrait and remarked that it was easier said than done, and he promised to work hard to make her forget the picture was there. He kissed her and pulled her close, and he smirked up at Victor's portrait.

In Johnny's room at Billy's place, Billy and Victoria tucked Johnny into bed. Billy said it was just a virus, and Victoria told Johnny that the medicine would make him feel better. Billy added that the boy's mommy was right as usual, and he handed Johnny a baseball and suggested that they go to a game once the tot got well. Billy invited Victoria to join them, and she accepted. Victoria encouraged Johnny to get some sleep, and she promised her son that she'd be downstairs.

Downstairs, Billy told Victoria that she didn't have to stay, and she realized that she should have checked with him first before promising Johnny that she'd be there. Billy sternly reminded her that they had an agreement, but he quickly added that he was just kidding. She recognized that sometimes the agreement had to take a back seat, and Billy thought one of those times had been when he'd tried to keep her from making a major mistake. He asked if she'd lied to protect Luca or to protect herself.

Victoria asserted that she was only interested in protecting Newman, and she proposed that they talk about something else or nothing at all. Billy offered her a glass of wine, and she pondered what they could do besides argue about business. She suggested that they play truth or dare, and he agreed to answer one personal question. She asked him to tell her about him and Fiona, since she'd heard a rumor that he was having an affair, and Billy replied that he'd heard a similar rumor about Victoria. He wondered who she was sleeping with, but she protested that she'd asked him first.

Over wine, Billy claimed that he was seeing a fabulously wealthy princess who laughed at everything he said, and Victoria quipped that the princess obviously didn't speak English. Billy bragged that his new squeeze spoke five languages and was a Navy Seal and swimsuit model with a deep love for kids and baseball. Billy inquired about the man in Victoria's life, and she stated that he was a cowboy who rode in rodeos, had flair to spare, and owned only two pairs of pants. Billy marveled that she'd clearly found the man of her dreams.

Victoria asked Billy if the princess was easier to be with than she had been, and Billy responded that there was nothing easy about it. He inquired about her cowboy, and she compared her new man to a drug that was bad for her, but she couldn't stop. She apologized for the reference, and she chalked it up to the wine talking. She started to stand up to check on Johnny, but she became woozy and fell back on the couch. Billy declared that she wasn't going anywhere.

. . .

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