Tuesday, May 19, 2015

At the Athletic Club, Nikki remarked to Neil that the program worked if they worked it, and she wished there were support groups for accessories to forgers. Neil reasoned that Jack had wanted the merger, but Nikki was sickened at the thought that she and Neil had served as Victor's minions. She recalled when Neil had been brave enough to leave Victor and Newman Enterprises years before, getting his soul back in the process. She added that she worried about her soul every day, and Neil cleared his throat as Victor approached. Victor asked if there was something he should know about, and Nikki snarled that she wanted a drink every time she saw him.

Victor wondered if that had been why Nikki had been avoiding him, and Neil prepared to leave, but Victor remarked that Nikki and Neil had a habit of getting into trouble when they were together. Nikki admitted that her conscience had been tearing her up, but Neil had kept her sane and sober. Neil shared her concern that the merger agreement hadn't been legal, and he commented that guilt and shame could be crippling. Nikki chided Victor for not understanding human emotions, but Victor said he supported her sobriety, and he wanted to take her home. Nikki revealed that she'd booked a room at the club that night.

Victor noted that Nikki had been angry with him before, and he was sure she would be again, but the ranch was her home. Nikki spat that he'd coerced her into forgery, but he couldn't order her to go home. Victor argued that Jack had confirmed he'd signed the papers, but Neil defended that Nikki was entitled to her feelings. Victor insinuated that Neil might soon be looking for another job, and Nikki condemned Victor for threatening a decent man. She wondered if Victor intended to threaten her, too.

Victor claimed that he'd executed the documents as a favor to Jack, but Nikki maintained that she wanted a decent night of sleep, away from stress and aggravation. Victor urged her to go back home where she belonged, and he left. Nikki thanked Neil for standing up for her, and she thought Victor considered alcoholism to be a weakness. Neil said strength was not taking a drink when she wanted one, and he thought she was much stronger than Victor would ever be. Neil told her to call him if she needed him, and he departed for work. She started to leave, but she stopped and stared at the bottles of liquor behind the bar.

Later, Neil knocked on the door to Nikki's suite, and Nikki boisterously invited him in. He spied empty bottles of liquor and regretted leaving her alone, but she swore she was fine. Neil started to put the bottles in the trash, and Nikki protested that they were hers. She backed down when she realized they were empty, and she prepared to get more, but he reached for the phone. She begged him not to call Victor, but Neil phoned room service and ordered coffee.

Nikki griped that it would be a boring visit, and she preferred to stick with vodka. She lectured that caffeine was bad for Neil, and she ordered him to go to work to make more money for Victor. She slurred that they were all on Victor's payroll in one way or another. Neil forced Nikki to drink the coffee, and he insisted that he was trying to help her. She warned him that he'd just have a wide-awake drunk on his hands, and he suggested that she take a shower to sober up.

Neil implored Nikki to take one more sip to help avoid a hangover the next morning, but she ranted that she didn't even want to think about that day, much less the next. She wailed that she hadn't wanted her name on the contract as a witness, but she'd broken the law because Victor had ordered her to, and she and her husband weren't equals in any way. Neil assured her that Victor loved her and that she was the best part of Victor, so only she could save Victor from himself.

At the Newman-Abbott offices, Kyle was surprised to see the Jack impostor wearing a suit instead of golf attire, and Jack announced that he was rededicating himself to the business, so he'd called a family meeting. Jack wondered where Abby was, and Kyle mentioned that she was doing research with Stitch. Ashley suggested they table the meeting, but Jack declared that he remembered who he was and what he wanted -- to make Newman-Abbott a real force in the next century. Billy overheard and asked who Jack was and what he had done with Billy's brother.

Jack said he was glad "Billy Boy" had been able to make it, and he appreciated Billy having his back, but he maintained that it had been his signature on the merger agreement. Jack conceded that his family had had good reason to be concerned, since he'd cut them out of the decision, and he was sorry he'd stepped over the line by firing Billy. Jack claimed it had taken the Underground collapse make him see working with Victor was a good thing, and the car accident had made him realize he'd shut his family out, but he vowed to do whatever it took to ensure the Abbotts had a real voice in the company. Ashley proclaimed that Jack Abbott was back, but Billy grumbled that Jack Abbott would never have wanted the merger.

Jack said he wanted the Abbotts to work as a family to build something lasting and strong, and he asked what it would take to get Billy to be part of it. Jack recognized that he'd have to earn Billy's trust back, and Ashley said she believed Jack. Jack encouraged Billy to voice his doubts while he worked with the rest of the family, and Ashley asserted that John would have wanted them all to work together. Jack pointed out that Billy would have a front-row seat if everything blew up in Jack's face, and Billy said he'd consider it a signing bonus. Billy and Jack shook hands and hugged.

Later, Jack ordered Kyle to make sure a certain man got an envelope, and he assured Kyle that despite Billy's reinstatement, Kyle was the future of the company. Jack sensed that something else was on Kyle's mind, and Kyle explained that the killer was still out there, so he was worried about Summer. Jack inquired whether the police had any new leads, and Kyle worried that he shouldn't have said anything. Jack promised to keep the information in strict confidence, and Kyle revealed that the police might have confirmed the killer's DNA. Victor eavesdropped from the hallway.

Kyle explained that the killer had sent a package to Fen, and the police had matched the DNA on the package with an international drug dealer. Jack incredulously asked what a drug lord had to do with Fen or Genoa City, and he was adamant that the police were going in the wrong direction again. Victor entered and said he was glad to see Jack looking well, and Kyle left to take care of Jack's errand. Victor inquired about the DNA.

Jack said he was surprised to see Victor after the words they'd exchanged, but he was glad to put the past behind them. Victor pushed to know more about the DNA that had been linked to the killer, and Jack argued that it was reasonable for him to be concerned about Kyle and Summer's safety. Victor refused to drop the subject, and Jack contemplated how a drug kingpin would have ended up in Genoa City. Victor speculated that the impostor had been behind the murders.

In the lab, Adam, continuing to masquerade as Gabriel, asked if Victoria had scared everyone else off. She mentioned that Stitch and Abby were doing fieldwork, and he inquired about Ashley. Victoria griped that Ashley waltzed in whenever she felt like pretending she didn't take orders from Victoria, and Adam reminded Victoria that he was her equal as co-COO. Adam mentioned that he had a few tweaks to the budget proposal, but Victoria huffed that the numbers were final. Adam announced his intention to double the fashion budget, but Victoria growled that she wasn't planning on giving handouts to his "bed buddy." Chelsea appeared in the doorway.

Victoria sarcastically called Chelsea the company's most valuable asset, and Adam explained that an expanded line would lead to expanded profits, but Chelsea protested that she didn't want to double her budget. Victoria suspected that it was Gabriel's way of trying to woo Chelsea, but Adam reiterated that it would be good for business. Victoria blasted him for shoveling cash at Chelsea after the couple had slept together while Chelsea had been engaged to Billy, and Chelsea demanded to know whether Victoria was protecting the bottom line or Billy's feelings.

Chelsea said her fashion line was personal to her, and it wasn't a chew toy for Victoria and Gabriel to fight over. Chelsea presented the men's line sketches Victoria had requested, and she added that her assistant had done a cost analysis, so doubling the budget wasn't necessary. Chelsea exited, and Adam followed her and apologized that she'd been caught in the middle. He swore that he'd just been trying to make things right after what he'd cost her with Billy, but Chelsea snapped that she didn't need his guilt money, and it wouldn't make her fall back into bed with him.

Adam pulled Chelsea close and told her not to sleep with him because of the budget but because it was what she wanted. Chelsea countered that he had no idea what she wanted, and Billy and Ashley arrived. Adam reminded Ashley that the area was restricted, and Billy revealed that Jack had asked him to return to the company. Chelsea enthused that it would be great for the brothers, and Victoria joined the group and commented that it would be fun to all work together.

Victoria told Billy and Ashley about Gabriel's idea to double the fashion budget, and Billy wasn't surprised. Ashley suggested they allocate the funds to relaunching Hex, and Victoria admitted it had been a bad call to pull the product from the market. Adam recommended that they dedicate funds to both Hex and Chelsea's line, but Victoria, Billy, and Ashley turned their focus to Hex. Adam blasted the group for making poor business decisions, and he and Chelsea walked out.

Ashley surmised that Victoria had decided to give the funding to Hex as a power play to make sure everyone knew Victoria was calling the shots, but she warned that Victoria had overreacted to Gabriel. Ashley advised Victoria to start acting on her instincts, and perhaps the merger wouldn't be a complete disaster. Ashley left to start working on the relaunch, and Billy noted that Victoria didn't care about Hex, but Victoria was determined not to reward Chelsea for hurting Billy. Billy insisted he was okay, but he loved that Victoria had his back. Victoria replied that they were family, and no one messed with her family.

Billy suggested he dump a bottle of Hex on Gabriel to make him tolerable, or he offered to try it on Victor. Victoria remarked that her father couldn't be stopped or changed, but Billy recalled that Victor's children had once stopped him with a lawsuit. Billy speculated that she was bothered by the possibility Victor had forged Jack's signature on the merger agreement, but she refused to discuss it. She said she liked having a friendly face around, and Billy replied that it felt good to be back.

In Sage's hotel room, Nick wished he could cure her morning sickness, and Sage wondered if her nausea had more to do with her nerves. She thought they should wait to tell Sharon about the baby, but Nick contended that Sharon needed to know for Faith's sake, and he promised he wouldn't let Sage take the heat. He asked if she was up for driving by the houses on her list, and Sage warned that he'd better pull over if she asked him to. He replied that she was in charge while she was pregnant, but he really thought they should tell Sharon, since secrets and lies had done a lot of damage before. Nick and Sage hugged.

At Crimson Lights, Sharon wondered if it was a bad thing she and Dylan had to hide what they had, but Dylan insisted that they had nothing to hide. She contemplated what would happen if Avery walked in, and Dylan said he and Avery had tried to hold on to their history, but it hadn't worked, just like things hadn't worked out between Sharon and Nick. Sharon understood that the breakup still hurt, and Dylan commented that he and Sharon already had something to build on, so he was optimistic about the future. They agreed that they had to stop letting the past hold them back.

Sharon offered to teach Dylan a few tricks behind the counter, since she had once run the coffeehouse, but he informed her that she had someplace to be. He presented her with a gift card to a spa, and he told her to go be spoiled. She hugged him, and Sage and Nick entered, but their conversation halted when they spotted Sharon and Dylan together. Nick mumbled that there was no time like the present.

Sage objected to being there when Nick told Sharon the pregnancy news, and she insisted on taking a cab home. After Sage left, Sharon hoped Sage hadn't taken off because of her, and Nick mentioned that Sage hadn't been feeling well. Nick hesitantly informed Sharon and Dylan that Sage was pregnant, and Dylan congratulated Nick. Dylan added that a baby was always good news, and a stunned Sharon asked if Faith knew. Nick explained that he'd tell their daughter at the right time, but he'd wanted Sharon to hear it from him. She said she appreciated it, and she hugged Nick and said she was happy for him, but he looked skeptical.

Sharon headed out to go to her spa treatment, and Nick fretted to Dylan that Sharon definitely wasn't okay with the bombshell, but Dylan thought Sharon would be fine. Dylan imagined Sharon was worried about how it would affect Faith, but Nick was concerned that the way Sharon handled the news would affect a lot of people. Nick added that Sage had been worried sick about Sharon's reaction, and Dylan guessed that Nick had painted Sharon as damaged and dangerous. Dylan insisted that Sharon wasn't a broken thing Nick couldn't fix, and she'd been brave to fight for her freedom and her family, even though Nick had taken Faith away on a regular basis.

Dylan continued that Sharon just wanted to be herself without someone constantly telling her she was wrong, and Nick guessed Dylan was sleeping with Sharon. Dylan pushed Nick to give Sharon the benefit of the doubt, but Nick replied that the breaks he'd given her had cost him plenty. Nick pointed out that Sharon could be irrational and unpredictable, and Dylan acknowledged that she wasn't perfect, but she owned her actions. Nick asked for Dylan's reassurance as Sharon's ally that Sharon would stay away from Sage and the baby.

Sage rushed to answer a knock at the door, and she called out to ask if it was over. Sharon announced that it was all done, and she swore she wasn't there to upset Sage. Sharon claimed that she was glad Nick was happy, and she hoped he and Sage found a house to raise the baby in. Sage clarified that she was looking for her own house, and Sharon realized that Sage was trying to assure her they weren't moving in together. Sharon said she and Nick were in a more cooperative place than they had been during the custody battle, and she had moved on with Dylan, so it would be a clean slate for all of them. Sharon swore she was happy about Faith's growing family, but her expression darkened as she hugged Sage.

Sharon returned to the coffeehouse, and she told Dylan that she'd gone to talk to Sage. Sharon said she didn't want the faith Dylan had in her to change, so she'd told Sage she wanted Nick to be happy. Sharon added that the baby would be part of Faith's family, and she hoped she'd have more time with Faith if she handled Sage's pregnancy in a healthy way. Sharon asked if Nick had changed Dylan's mind about her, and Dylan declared that it couldn't be done. Dylan explained that while he'd known Nick longer, he felt like he knew Sharon better, and he'd never fault her for thinking with her heart. They embraced.

In the Athletic Club dining room, Sage informed Nick that Sharon had shown up to see her, but Sharon had been calm and friendly. Sage relayed that Sharon had said she was moving on with Dylan, so she wanted them to be happy. Nick recounted that Dylan had given him a speech about how tough Sharon was, but he worried that Sharon could still spin out and cause destruction. Nick promised that he wouldn't let Sharon anywhere near Sage or the baby, and Chelsea and Adam overheard as they passed by. Chelsea excitedly asked if Sage was pregnant, and Adam blurted out that it was impossible.

Chelsea congratulated Sage, but she mentioned that she'd thought Sage couldn't have kids. Sage gushed that she felt blessed with a miracle, and Nick mentioned that it was early in the pregnancy, but they were happy. Nick said they'd been checking out new houses for Sage, since they'd be living apart but raising the baby together, and their child would have both parents. Adam and Sage exchanged a knowing glance.

. . .

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