Tuesday, September 29, 2015

At Jabot, two police officers prepared to arrest Billy for computer fraud, and Billy surmised that the officers had been "sucked into Victor Newman's vortex of destruction." Abby asserted that it was a miscarriage of justice, and she stood in front of Billy to prevent the officers from handcuffing him. An officer took Abby into custody, and when Victoria protested, the officer announced that they were all under arrest.

At Newman Enterprises, Victor refused to allow Noah to call him a liar, but Noah accused Victor of hiring a look-alike to impersonate Jack while Jack had been held on an island. Jack feigned ignorance, but Noah scoffed at the idea that the woman who'd saved Jack's life on the freighter had made it up. Jack argued that there were different perspectives about what had happened, but Noah maintained that people deserved to know that Victor had been responsible for putting everyone Noah cared about in danger. Jack asserted that he had been the victim, so he wanted to decide who knew about it.

Noah countered that the only reason Jack didn't want anyone else to know was to avoid going to jail, and Jack conceded that he didn't want to subject himself to extradition and foreign court systems. Victor huffed that Marisa had put Noah at risk by telling him everything, but Noah blasted Jack for not having the courage to let everyone know that a crime lord had been masquerading as him. Jack argued that he'd been kept away from his wife and family for months, and he refused to do it again. Jack insisted that it was safer for everyone to keep quiet, but Noah bellowed that he'd make the truth known if Jack and Victor wouldn't. Victor barked that Noah wasn't going anywhere.

Victor contended that he had always been concerned about his family's security, and he thought sharing the information with the world would cause more damage than had already been done. Noah spat that the lie only protected Victor and Jack, but Jack reiterated that they had to keep mum to keep their loved ones safe, since the danger still existed. Jack argued that the fact that he and Victor agreed showed how important it was to stay quiet. There was a knock at the door. Noah hoped it was Summer, so both men had to look her in the eye and explain why her husband was really dead, but Victor announced that it was the authorities, who were there to arrest Jack.

After the police hauled Jack away, Victor told Noah that Jack and the Abbotts had introduced the virus into Newman's system to take Victor down. Noah admonished Victor for caring more about profits than human lives, and Victor recognized that he'd paid attention to profits when he'd built the company so that Noah could be born into riches. Noah demanded to know why Harding had confessed to the murders, and he realized that Harding and Marco had been working together. Victor said he was sorry about Courtney and Austin, and he wished he could undo it all, but he couldn't. Victor sincerely added that he deeply regretted what he'd done, and Noah silently walked out.

In the park, Summer explained to Phyllis that Ian was a cult leader, and she'd met him when Phyllis had been in a coma. Phyllis asked if Ian had tried to hurt Summer, and Summer recalled that he'd seemed to have all the answers when she'd needed someone to be understanding and supportive. Phyllis compared the situation to how Fred had become her instant friend, and Summer rambled on about Ian's past misdeeds. Summer expected Victor to freak out when he learned that Ian was free, and Phyllis realized that Victor was the reason why Ian was there.

At the police station, Dylan informed Devon that Hilary was alive and in Genoa City, but Paul pointed out that they didn't know anything for sure. Devon worried that Hilary had been injured or sick if she'd been on a gurney, and Dylan relayed that the pilot had said he'd gotten paid in cash to pick up Hilary from some EMTs in the Virgin Islands. Paul wanted to double-check all the details, and Michael speculated that Hilary could have arranged her own return to town. Devon insisted that she would have contacted him if she had, and he vowed to tear apart whoever was keeping him from his wife.

Michael announced that the D.A.'s office wasn't pressing assault charges against Devon, and Devon took off as Michael yelled after him not to take the law into his own hands. Paul prepared to quietly put out an APB to avoid tipping anyone off, but Michael felt like the situation was already spiraling out of control. Paul mentioned that they had another crisis to deal with.

Later, an officer hauled Jack to the police station, and Jack was surprised to see Billy, Victoria, and Abby handcuffed to chairs. The women explained that they'd been defending Billy's honor, and Jack envisioned walking out together when the authorities realized that Jabot hadn't had anything to do with the Paragon Project. Paul advised that the Feds likely had supporting evidence if they'd issued arrest warrants, and Billy insinuated that Victor had planted the evidence. Michael said he could help Victoria and Abby, but the federal charges were another issue. Phyllis arrived and demanded that Jack be released, since Paragon had been Ian Ward's doing.

Summer insisted that she'd seen Ian in the park, and Phyllis informed Jack that Ian had been posing as Fred. Abby questioned how Phyllis hadn't known who Ian was, and Summer explained that her mother had been in a coma when everything with Ian had happened. Paul said he had to check with the prison, and he told the group to try not to rack up more charges while he made the call. Phyllis couldn't believe that she'd fallen for Fred's sob story, and Summer said Ian was an expert at making people trust him. Jack lamented that Ian was roaming around free while Jack was handcuffed, and he thought only one person could put an end to it sooner rather than later.

Michael recognized that Ian was brilliant enough to execute a revenge plan, but he was stymied about how Ian had gotten out of prison. Jack suspected that Ian had convinced a guard to be part of the Path. Paul reported that the warden had said Ian was still in a prison hospital room with no computer access, being treated for a chronic condition.

Ian returned to his penthouse, and he ran into Adam in the hallway. Adam coolly remarked that Ian had been rolling around town like he was someone who wasn't supposed to be incarcerated, and he swore that he wouldn't go down with Ian. Adam guessed that Ian had seen Phyllis, and Ian reasoned that it would have been cruel to abandon her without saying a word. Ian divulged that someone had tipped her off that Ian was behind Paragon, and he pointedly wondered who would betray him in such an underhanded manner.

Adam admitted that he'd warned Phyllis about Fred, and Ian was sure he'd quashed her concerns, but Adam cautioned that Phyllis' friends and family knew Ian's face and hated his guts. Adam recounted arranging for another inmate to be admitted to the prison hospital in Ian's place, and he warned that Ian would be busted if the wrong person saw the patient. Adam advised Ian to stay in the apartment, but Ian was determined to follow his path to justice and vengeance. Ian said the one thing that had kept him going in his cell had been visions of Victor suffering, and he wanted to watch as they became real. Adam decided to pull the plug on Paragon, but Ian suggested that they do something else entirely.

Ian clucked that Adam's weakness was a shame, but the Paragon Project couldn't be contained. Adam thought they could just delete the code, and Ian suspected that Adam's fear of Victor ran deep. Adam insisted that he wasn't afraid of anyone, and he pledged to find a way to get to Victor without Ian's help. Adam said their plan was enabling a "rage monster" inside Ian that wanted to destroy Victor and everything around him, but they needed to shut it down. Ian pointed out that Adam had known that revenge had a cost, and shutting the program down wasn't possible, since Ian couldn't stop it even if he wanted to -- and he didn't. Ian crowed that it was going to be "a hell of a show."

Adam was sure that Ian could kill something that he'd created, but Ian explained that the program had become a living creature with a mind of its own. Ian continued that if they tried to cut Paragon in half like a worm, it would keep moving and create twice the chaos. Adam commanded Ian to grab his laptop so they could figure out how to stop the virus, and he turned toward his penthouse to fetch his own computer. Ian whacked Adam over the head, knocking Adam unconscious. Ian snarled that he didn't take orders.

Later, Adam groaned as he regained consciousness, and he rubbed his head. He left a message for Ian, giving Ian a choice to either help him put an end to the Paragon virus or to look over his shoulder for the rest of his life, since Ian couldn't run from him.

Over the phone, Victor confirmed that the authorities were forcing Ashley to return to America, and he declared that the Abbotts were about to pay for their crimes. Phyllis stormed in and announced that there was something Victor needed to hear, and he ordered her out, but she said she had information about Paragon. Victor reluctantly ended the call, and Phyllis revealed that Ian had been behind the project, not the Abbotts or Jack. Phyllis said they had to find Ian, but after everything Ian had done to Summer, however Victor wanted to handle him worked for her.

Phyllis relayed that Summer had practically been shaking when she'd recognized Ian, and Victor refused to allow Ian to do any more damage to him or his family. Phyllis implored Victor to drop the charges against Jack, but Victor speculated that perhaps Ian had been working with the Abbotts. Phyllis doubted that it had been a coincidence that Ian had found a way out of prison around the time Paragon had been unleashed, and she argued that Victor owed her. She demanded that he let Jack out.

At the police station, Paul reported that the FBI had dropped the computer fraud charges, and Michael assumed that Victor had arranged for Jack and Billy to be "unarrested." Jack guessed that Phyllis had forced Victor to do it, and he worried that Ian might panic if he knew they were aware he was out of prison. Abby expected to be released next, but Michael explained that while the cybercrime charges had been dropped, Victoria and Abby's offenses fell under another category. Billy teased that the sisters were the troublemakers, and Abby incredulously asked if he was going to leave them there after they'd tried to help him.

Paul said Ian's medical condition had landed him in the prison hospital, and Michael imagined that Ian had switched identities with another prisoner during the transfer. Dylan realized that Ian had preyed on women and that Ian might have been free when Hilary had gone missing. Paul noted that Hilary wasn't part of Victor's universe, and Dylan admitted that it was a stretch, but he wondered if it was a coincidence that they'd learned Hilary was in town on the same day they'd discovered Ian was also there.

Jack arrived at Adam's penthouse as Adam iced the lump on his head. Jack announced that he knew who had been behind Paragon, since "Fisherman Fred" had really been Ian Ward. Adam feigned surprise that Ian wasn't behind bars, but he mused that it made sense for Ian to go after Victor and Nikki if Ian had escaped. Jack said they needed to find a way to shut Ian down before he destroyed both the Newmans and the Abbotts.

At the prison, Victor chided the warden for endangering everyone in town by allowing a pervert to roam the streets, but the warden replied that he could prove that Victor was wrong. The warden made a call, and the door opened. Ian shuffled in and asked with a grin, "Victor, my friend, to what do I owe the pleasure?"

At the Athletic Club bar, Summer informed Noah that Ian was back after escaping from prison, and she pointed out that Ian could have just run away, but he'd opted to return to hurt Victor instead. Noah chugged his drink and grumbled that Victor didn't "give a damn" about anyone or anything, and Summer questioned why Noah was so mad. Summer understood that Noah was upset with Victor for trying to scare off Marisa, but Noah said that wasn't all there was to it. Noah received a text message, and he revealed that Marisa had left town and wasn't returning.

In the park, Neil hissed that he'd paid the pilot to fly the plane and to keep his mouth shut, but the pilot panicked that Hilary's disappearance and Devon's arrest had been all over the news. Neil noted that the pilot had taken money not to register a flight plan, and he suggested that the pilot leave town until everything blew over. Neil worried that he stood to lose his freedom if his plan unraveled, and he vowed not to let that happen. Meanwhile, Gwen watched the exchange from across the park, and the men took off separately.

At the boathouse, Neil begged Hilary to open her eyes and end the whole nightmare. Gwen called Neil and asked how his meeting had gone, and he replied that it had been productive. He remarked that he hadn't been sure he'd hear from her because of the time difference, and he abruptly said he had to run, but he'd be in touch when he got back to town. At the Athletic Club, Gwen approached Lily and fretted that Neil's lies kept piling up, since he was hiding out in Genoa City when he'd claimed to be in New York.

Lily wondered if Neil really was drinking again, and Gwen mentioned the intense conversation she'd witnessed between Neil and another man in the park. Gwen revealed that she'd given Neil a chance to tell the truth, but he'd still pretended to be in New York. Gwen found his behavior suspicious, and Lily imagined that Neil was handling Hilary's disappearance worse than everyone had thought. Devon burst in and announced that Hilary was alive and in town, since the pilot had verified that he'd flown an unconscious Hilary to Genoa City. Gwen asked when the flight had taken place, and Devon replied that it had been the same day Hilary had gone missing.

Lily couldn't fathom why the person who had transported Hilary home hadn't told anyone, and Devon said it was driving him crazy not to be able to get to his wife. Gwen said her thoughts were with them, and she departed. Devon couldn't believe all the time he'd wasted in Virgin Gorda when Hilary had been in Genoa City, but Lily stressed that the important thing had been that he hadn't lost hope. Devon vowed to find Hilary.

Gwen met Emma in the park, and she asked if any supplies or drugs had gone missing when Emma's hospital badge had disappeared. Emma reported that some random things had been unaccounted for, like nutritional supplements provided through an I.V. when a patient couldn't eat. Emma added that there was no way to get high off that, so Neil had stolen her badge for nothing if that had been what he'd been after.

Neil told an unconscious Hilary that the police knew she was in town, and they had enough resources to find her. He vowed that they couldn't do so until she woke up, since there was too much to misinterpret. He realized that he had to make a move, and he hoped it wasn't the wrong one. Neil made a call to a medical transportation service, and he claimed that the doctors in Genoa City couldn't give his loved one the right attention.

Neil explained that they were private people who wanted to move with discretion, and he offered to pay well. He breathed a sigh of relief when he learned the service could be there in an hour, and he hung up. Neil jumped when he looked up and saw an open-mouthed Gwen staring at him.

. . .

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