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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Charlie and Mattie returned home, and Lily revealed that Cane had gone out because he'd thought it would be best if he wasn't there when they got back. Mattie was shocked that Cane had cheated, and Charlie sourly referred to his father's lectures about safe sex. Lily reasoned that Cane had made mistakes just like everyone else, but Mattie wailed that a mistake was something that could be fixed, whereas what Cane had done would affect their lives forever. Mattie asked if they had to pretend that they wanted the baby to be part of their lives, and Lily pointed out that Cane wouldn't abandon his responsibilities toward the child. Mattie wondered about his responsibilities to them and to Lily.

Lily swore that Cane loved her and the twins as much as ever. Mattie wondered why he'd done what he had, and Lily explained that Cane and Juliet had been celebrating a deal and had gotten drunk without thinking about the consequences. Charlie grumbled that his dad was always telling him not to drink, yet Cane had done whatever he'd wanted. Mattie thought Juliet sounded like a horrible person, but Lily said she'd considered Juliet a friend before everything had happened.

Mattie asserted that they couldn't pretend that nothing had happened, and Charlie agreed. Lily didn't want the twins' relationship with their dad to change, but Charlie snapped that it already had. Lily contended that their family meant more to Cane than anything, and she begged them to find a way to forgive him. Mattie asked if Lily had.

At Crimson Lights, Nick typed a text message to Nikki, asking her to call him. He added that he was sorry, and he headed out.

At Victoria's house, Billy was surprised when Victoria and Reed returned home early, and he hoped she didn't mind that he'd invited Phyllis to spend time with the kids. Victoria politely asked how things had gone, and Billy reported that Johnny and Katie had had a blast. Phyllis admitted that the kids had simply acted like they'd been meeting a new person, but Billy commended Phyllis for researching video games to ensure that the children had a great time. Victoria pointed out that it was getting late, and Billy pressed to make sure she was really okay with everything.

Victoria insisted that she had no problem with Phyllis officially meeting her children, and she excused herself to take something for a headache. Billy asked Reed if the music had been too loud, and Reed reported that the show had been great, but Victoria had taken a fall afterward. Reed received a text message and requested permission to meet friends at Crimson Lights, and Victoria told him to go ahead.

Phyllis left to wait in the car, and Billy inquired about Victoria's fall. Victoria claimed that she'd been a klutz and that it had been no big deal. Billy again pushed to know if it had been a big deal for Phyllis to be there. Victoria wished he had told her so she could have smoothed the way, but she was glad everything had gone well. He stepped out, and she rubbed her head.

Later, Nick stopped by to ask if Victoria had seen their mom, since Nikki hadn't returned home from the benefit and hadn't returned his calls. Victoria mentioned that Victor had told her that Nick had attempted to derail the concert, and she understood that Nick was tired of protecting their dad, but she thought destroying the soundboard had been inexcusable. Nick contended that he'd been protecting Nikki because she'd been in terrible pain. Victoria argued that Nikki was a better judge of her condition than he was, but Nick countered that Victoria was wrong about that.

Nick recounted that Nikki had been in agony moments after her performance, but Victoria thought their mother had seemed fine. Victoria scolded that their mom didn't want anyone making decisions for her or treating her like a child. Nick said he didn't want to fight, and he blamed Victor for driving them all to it. Victoria stumbled and almost collapsed, but she chalked her wooziness up to exhaustion or dehydration. Nick apologized for contributing to her stress, and he departed.

Reed arrived at the coffeehouse, and Mattie thanked him for meeting her. She apologized for not answering his text messages, and she confided that she'd found out something bad. Reed assumed that it was Victoria firing Cane, and Mattie said that had just been the start, since her family had become a big mess. Reed proclaimed that busted families were his specialty, and she pressed to hear about his problems instead. He referred to the bizarre things that had happened at the charity fundraiser, and he thought there was even more going on, but he complained that his mom had refused to explain.

Mattie groused about their parents treating them like little kids when the adults themselves were total hypocrites, and she lamented that her dad had been her hero up until a few weeks earlier. She added that she'd thought her family hadn't been like the crazy, complicated ones that her friends had, but she quickly apologized for making Reed's family sound freakish. Reed welcomed her to his world of divorced parents and half-siblings, and he said he'd never expected his family to be a fairy tale. Mattie bemoaned that she'd thought it was possible because her parents had seemed like living proof, but being happy was just another lie that parents told their kids.

At the Athletic Club, Juliet hovered in the foyer before she approached Cane at the bar. She said she couldn't pretend that they didn't know one another, but she had no clue what to say. He suggested that she start by saying she was sorry, and he informed her that his kids despised him because he'd told them about her pregnancy. Juliet swore that she'd never wanted to ruin things with him and his kids, and she reiterated that she didn't expect anything from him. Cane maintained that he would pay child support and provide what was necessary, and Juliet questioned whether it included a father's love, since the baby deserved two parents.

Juliet added that there was no pressure, but Cane spat that all she'd done had been pressure him since the lawsuit. She regretted that he'd been fired, and he scornfully asked what she'd expected when she'd falsely accused him of sexual harassment. Juliet defended that it had been unfair that she'd lost her job because she'd been made a scapegoat, and she griped that it hadn't been her fault that Billy hadn't kept his mouth shut. Cane conceded that Victoria wouldn't have a company to run if she kept a massive screwup like Billy on board. Phyllis and Billy entered the club and spotted Cane and Juliet.

Cane acknowledged that Juliet couldn't legally disclose the terms of her settlement, but he'd received no severance package. He ranted that Victoria was so consumed with winning Billy back that she'd lost her ability to make rational decisions. Billy overheard and quipped that Victoria hadn't copied him on the memo that had instructed Cane to cheat on his wife and get a coworker pregnant. Cane didn't think Billy had a right to judge him, considering Billy's track record. Billy admonished Cane for attacking Victoria when her only mistake had been trusting Cane.

Juliet growled that Victoria had let Billy get away with murder, and Billy scoffed at the idea that she was defending the man she'd accused of sexual harassment. Juliet asserted that she knew who'd made the most serious mistakes and who'd been blamed for them, and she sauntered off. Billy accused Cane of taking down the company with his lies, but Cane countered that the lawsuit wouldn't have happened if Billy had gotten the pink slip. Billy pointed out that Cane would still have a baby on the way. Cane declared that he'd owned up to his mistakes and that it was time Billy started owning up to his.

Billy and Phyllis retreated to a table, and he considered Cane delusional for considering Victoria to be the villain. Phyllis said she felt sorry for Cane, since self-inflicted wounds hurt the most. Billy blasted Cane for wasting an opportunity to settle the lawsuit earlier by lying and making the company suffer, and he figured that Victoria had become a bigger enemy of Cane's than Billy was. Phyllis imagined that the best way Cane could get back at Victoria would be to find a new employer, and Billy anticipated that Cane would reveal company secrets to the competition. Phyllis remarked that they knew that disgruntled ex-employees could be dangerous, citing Juliet as an example.

Cane returned home and asked Lily how things had gone with the kids. Lily said she'd tried defending him, but the twins were upset. Cane recognized that he looked like a fool after he'd lectured them about safe sex and telling the truth, and he knew things would never be the same again. Lily inquired whether he had expected things to be magically okay, and he wondered if she meant things between him and the kids or between him and her. He asked if she was trying to tell him that she didn't want to be married to him anymore.

At the Abbott cabin, Nikki pulled away from Jack's kiss and apologized. Flustered, Nikki explained that she was mentally scrambled after that night, and Jack reminded her that they'd once been married, so it wasn't like they hadn't kissed before. She jokingly inquired whether he went around kissing all of his ex-wives, and he confirmed that her skills were undiminished. She remarked that the night hadn't been what she'd expected, since some of the surprises hadn't been good. Nikki recognized that Nick had been against her performing, but she couldn't believe he'd undermined her the way he had.

Jack thought he might have done the same thing if he'd been in Nick's position. Jack applauded Nikki for hanging in there like a champ despite the agonizing pain she'd been in, but he noted that things could have gone another way. Jack huffed that Victor should have known that no donation had been worth the risk, but Nikki countered that Victor hadn't known about her pain because she'd kept it from him. Nikki maintained that she'd been determined to perform, and she felt great that she'd let people with MS know that they could have wonderful lives. Jack questioned whether she felt great about Victor.

Nikki admitted that she'd assumed the concert had been Victor's attempt to buy her affection, but she believed that he'd truly wanted to do something good. Jack questioned why Victor would go to the lengths he had, and Nikki blurted out that Victor was desperate for her to forgive him. She covered by saying that she had a long list of things she couldn't forgive Victor for, but Jack recalled that she'd forgiven her husband many times. She declared that enough was enough, and she confided that she'd only been acting like Victor's loving wife that night.

Jack urged Nikki to talk to him about what was really going on, and she claimed that she'd never been able to get over what Victor had done to Jack because Victor hadn't learned anything in prison. She blamed herself for always giving Victor a free pass and making up excuses so he could get away with everything. Nikki regretted that she'd believed in the Victor who'd thrown family dinners and told her that he wanted to focus on their marriage, but she realized that Victor couldn't be that man. She added that the real Victor was the man who'd disowned his son that night. Jack remarked that it was the most clear-eyed, intelligent thing she'd said in a long time.

Jack promised that he wouldn't hold Nikki to her words because it had been a very stressful evening, and he would understand if she decided to forgive Victor again. Jack faced the fact that he'd never forgive Victor for stealing his happiness, and Nikki wondered if Jack was biding his time, waiting to get revenge. Jack claimed that he'd learned it was pointless. Nikki acknowledged that Jack hadn't been happy since he and Phyllis had broken up, and Jack admitted that he'd been putting on a show. He'd thought having his mother in town would change everything, but it hadn't, and he wished he could stop obsessing about Graham. Nikki thought Jack was doing the right thing, and she questioned who was looking after Jack.

Jack said he appreciated Nikki's concern, but he could take care of himself. She mused that he shouldn't have to, and she felt like he'd flipped a switch to give her permission to live the life she wanted to live when he'd whisked her out of the party. He put his arm around her and asked what kind of life that would be. She replied that at that moment, being right there with him was exactly what she needed. He held her close.

At Top of the Tower, Victor was on the phone, demanding to know how Kevin had found Chloe. Dr. Harris explained that Chloe had slipped Kevin a note at her fake funeral and that Kevin had shown up in Louisiana, insisting on staying with them. Dr. Harris continued that Kevin had claimed that he'd only wanted to be with "Maggie," but Kevin had tied him up at gunpoint and run off with her, and the doctor had no idea where they'd gone. Dr. Harris defended that it hadn't been his fault, but Victor ordered the doctor to find Kevin and Chloe.

Victor barked that he'd paid Dr. Harris an obscene amount of money to keep Chloe hidden, and the doctor defended that he'd thought he'd gotten rid of Kevin. Dr. Harris suspected that Kevin and Chloe were en route to Genoa City to pick up Bella, and Victor asked if Kevin knew about Victor's involvement. The doctor swore that he hadn't said anything and that "Maggie" wouldn't tell, and Victor asked who Dr. Harris meant. Dr. Harris referred to the daughter that Victor had given back to him, and Victor realized that the doctor thought Chloe was his daughter. Victor instructed the doctor to destroy the phone number and to never contact him again.

In a motel, Kevin suggested that he and Chloe let Bella sleep until they were ready to roll. He planned to drive until dawn then sleep once they were far away, and he assured Chloe that they had no worries. He proclaimed that from then on, it would just be the three of them, starting their new life happily ever after. Chloe griped that Kevin had jinxed their chances of building the life they wanted, since having a happily ever after only existed in fantasies. Kevin told her to start believing in it because it was happening. He was confident that Dr. Harris was still lucid enough not to admit that he'd epically screwed up.

Chloe finished packing, and Kevin prepared to take the suitcases to the car. There was a knock at the door, and Kevin called out to ask who it was. "Your worst nightmare," Victor responded. Chloe hid in the bathroom, and Kevin opened the door and said it was a surprise to see Victor. Kevin surmised that Victor had heard that he and Bella were leaving town, and Victor noted that it had been easy to trace Kevin's credit card activity to his location. Kevin asserted that it was no secret that he was leaving Genoa City, since his family knew that he was ready to erase the bad memories and start fresh with his daughter.

Victor inquired about Chloe, and Kevin stated that she'd always be in their hearts. Victor ordered Chloe to step out, or he'd go in to get her. She slowly emerged from the bathroom. Chloe insisted that she couldn't go to jail, and Victor pointed out that everyone thought she was dead. Kevin assumed that Dr. Harris had called Victor, and Victor scoffed at the thought that Kevin actually wanted to protect Chloe. Kevin called Chloe the love of his life, and he thought Victor would do the same thing for Nikki.

Victor lectured that he wouldn't have been stupid enough to leave a trail, and Chloe asked what he intended to do with them. Kevin appealed to Victor to let them go because they had no interest in spilling Victor's secrets, but Victor replied that he couldn't take that chance. Victor questioned whether Kevin expected him to allow the woman who'd murdered his son to get away, but Kevin pointed out that Victor was just as culpable for causing the chain of events that had led to Adam's death. Kevin insisted that Victor could trust him because they had the same goal -- to keep the world from figuring out that Chloe was alive.

Kevin promised that Chloe wouldn't be discovered once they moved away because she had a new identity. He stressed that he had no interest in ruining Victor's life or judging him, and everything Victor had done would stay secret as long as Victor backed off of Chloe. Kevin swore that protecting Chloe and their daughter was all he cared about, and there was nothing he wouldn't do to keep them safe and together.

Chloe retrieved Bella, and Victor stared silently at them for a moment before he said they could go. He indicated that he wouldn't go after them as long as Chloe remained dead in people's eyes, and Chloe whimpered her thanks. Kevin swore that Victor wouldn't regret it, and Victor replied that they'd better hope he didn't. Once outside, Kevin kissed Chloe and Bella and exclaimed that they'd made it. Victor peered out at them through the window.

On the next The Young and the Restless...

• During a spa day, Dina advises Ashley and Abby that younger men ask for so little and give so much.

• Victor’s family watches the televised video footage of Victor punching Nick.


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