Thursday, August 25, 2016

Nick arrived at Adam and Chelsea's penthouse to take Chelsea and Connor to Adam's sentencing, and Chloe reported that they were still getting ready. Nick offered to give Chloe a ride, too, but she opted to stay home with Bella, since it would be too much to see Adam at the courthouse. Chloe was glad that Nick would be there by Chelsea's side, and Nick mentioned that he'd promised Adam that he'd do everything he could to look out for Connor. Chelsea overheard as she descended the stairs with Connor, and she wailed that Adam was already giving up and leaving them behind.

Nick swore that Adam was just doing everything he could to protect his son, but Chelsea questioned why Adam had asked Nick to do it. Nick explained that Adam wanted Connor to learn to deal with Victor from someone who'd been in the trenches, and Nick could give Connor everything he needed. Chelsea asserted that Connor needed his dad in his life, and she surmised that Adam was assuming the worst about his sentence and pushing them away. Chelsea noted that Adam had pleaded guilty, fired Michael, and requested that Nick raise his son, so she felt like she'd already lost her husband.

At Walworth, guards handcuffed Adam and fastened chains to his feet before they led him out.

At the courthouse, Nikki worried that people would direct their anger at Victor, and she suggested that it wasn't a good idea for him to be there, but he reminded her of his promise to make things right. She pressed to know what his plan was, but Victor simply stated that Adam needed support from his family. Jack arrived, and Nikki thanked him for being there. Jack contended that Adam needed support from people who wouldn't turn their backs on him, and Victor huffed that Jack's words were empty. Jack refused to make the situation about Victor rather than about Adam, and he bemoaned that it never should have gone that far. Victor agreed.

Later, Jack asked how Chelsea was holding up, and she recoiled when Victor tried to say hello to Connor. Nikki was stunned that Chelsea intended to take Connor into the courtroom, but Nick defended that it might be the last time Adam saw his son. Jack escorted Chelsea and Connor into the courtroom, and Victor stated that he was glad that Nick was looking out for his nephew. Nick coldly replied that Adam had asked him to protect Connor, and Victor assumed that it was from him. Nick stepped inside the courtroom, and guards led Adam in. Adam and Victor stared at one another.

During the hearing, Chelsea gave a statement that Adam was a loving, devoted father who had done everything for the sake of his son, but Adam had been forced to accept spending years behind bars for something he hadn't done. Chelsea pointed out that evidence had surfaced that Adam had been framed, and he never should have been in prison. She implored the judge to imagine being Adam, an innocent man with someone out there who had wanted him to suffer and who had consigned him to years behind bars, away from his family. Chelsea contended that no one had listened when Adam had screamed about his innocence, and she encouraged the judge to envision how alone and hopeless he'd felt.

Chelsea continued that Adam hadn't been eating or sleeping, and he'd done something terrible when he hadn't been in his right mind. Chelsea begged the judge to show Adam the mercy that no one else had by letting him go home, and the judge thanked Chelsea for her statement. The judge prompted Adam to stand up, since he had no counsel to advise him to do so, and she explained that she was obliged to take the extenuating circumstances into consideration, but he had pleaded guilty to a violent attack. The judge sentenced him to ten years in federal prison, and Adam turned around and looked at a tearful Chelsea, who held Connor on her lap.

In the corridor, Chelsea pleaded for a moment to say goodbye, and she handed Connor to Nick. She professed her love to Adam and told him not to give up, and she hugged him. Victor, Nikki, Nick, and Connor looked on as the guards led Adam away, and Chelsea slumped onto a bench. The guards escorted Adam outside to a van, put him inside, and closed the door. Later, Adam questioned why the van had stopped, since they weren't at the prison yet. He demanded to know "what the hell" was going on, but the guards chloroformed him and put a hood over his head.

At the police station, Dylan inquired whether Kevin had found out anything about Bethany. Kevin reported that her name hadn't been on any flight manifests, but he'd cross-referenced car services whose passengers had paid in cash, and he handed Dylan a name. Later, Dylan informed Kevin that the driver had identified Bethany, and he instructed Kevin to gather information on the flight plans from private planes and charters on the date in question. Dylan added that he was on his way to a party, where he'd be on the clock, waiting for Victor to show up after Adam's sentencing.

Chloe played with Bella and contemplated what to do to pass the time. Chloe considered watching the news, but she stopped herself from turning on the television and sent a text message for someone to meet them. Later, in the park, Kevin asked Chloe if she'd gotten any word from the courthouse, but she hadn't yet, and he remarked that she had an amazing kid to distract her from the bad stuff. Chloe confided that she'd been worried about having another child because Delia had been perfect, but the brief moment of self-doubt had been erased when Bella had entered the world.

Kevin sympathized that it was a rough day for Chloe, but he thought she was doing great, since she had forgiven Adam and had been there for Chelsea. Chloe wondered if she really was doing okay, since she would be glad if Adam didn't return home. Chloe recalled that she'd gone to the prison and looked Adam in the eye, but she couldn't accept the thought of him being back in the world. She preferred to leave town rather than face Adam again, but Kevin protested that she'd just gotten back. Chloe conceded that it was her home, and she wanted Bella to know the people Chloe couldn't live without. Chloe confirmed that Kevin was one of those people, and she thought it would hurt too much to leave again.

At the penthouse, Chelsea put Connor down for a nap, and she forlornly told Nick that she'd had to tell her son that everything would be okay. Nick assured her that it was true, since the prison was only a couple of hours away, and she and Connor could make it an adventure to visit Adam on weekends. Chelsea expected that Adam would turn them away, and Nick vowed to do everything he could for them. Chelsea recognized that Adam had made Nick promise to watch over Connor, but Nick insisted that he wanted to do it, since Connor was a Newman, and it was Nick's job to make Connor understand how their family worked and what Victor was capable of.

Sharon arrived at Jabot with some garment bags, since Phyllis still hadn't picked out a dress as mother of the bride. Phyllis grumbled that she had things to wear in her closet, but Sharon thought Summer would want Phyllis to wear something special. Sharon recognized that it wasn't easy for Phyllis, and Phyllis suggested that they keep things real by not pretending to be friends. Phyllis examined one of the dresses and glumly envisioned herself wearing it when her daughter said her vows to Luca. Noah entered and proclaimed that Summer wasn't going to marry "that jerk."

Noah had expected to find everyone freaking out, and he was stunned to find Phyllis picking out dresses when Summer was about to marry an opportunist. Noah questioned why Phyllis wasn't doing anything to stop the wedding, and Phyllis replied that she and other family members had done everything they could to show Summer who Luca really was, but nothing had worked. Noah chided Phyllis for giving up, but Phyllis explained that the more she'd fought, the more Summer had shut her out, and Phyllis had to be there when Summer needed a shoulder after she dumped Luca. Noah argued that they needed to stop the wedding from happening in the first place, but Sharon warned him to back off. "Like hell I will," he barked, and he stormed out. Phyllis wondered if Noah could be any more like his father.

Summer and Luca entered Top of the Tower, and he assured her that there would be no awkward silences at their party. She asked if he was unaware of how her family functioned after all the time he'd spent at Newman, and she anticipated that there would definitely be intentional silences. Luca was sure that Summer's family would be there, since they all loved her and wanted her to be happy. He added that the party was for her family, but it was also for them, since they loved one another and had worked to make it to that point. Summer couldn't believe that they were getting married the next day, and a familiar voice replied, "Neither can I." Summer squealed in delight that Daniel had shown up, and she ran into his arms.

Summer introduced Daniel to Luca, and Daniel said he'd been worried that he wouldn't make it back in time when they'd moved up the wedding date. Summer joked that Daniel obviously hadn't had time to shave, but she was glad he was back. Daniel wanted to find out everything about Luca, including a list of references, but Summer declared that all Daniel needed to know was that she was in love. Luca understood that Daniel wanted assurance that Luca was good enough for Summer, and he imagined that Daniel had heard horror stories from Phyllis. Daniel acknowledged that his mom was sometimes wrong about people, but he had an open mind, and he wanted to get to know the man his sister loved.

Daniel teased Summer about her attachment to Mr. Ears, and Luca said she still sewed the stuffed animal back together every couple of weeks. Noah approached and testily questioned whether that was how Daniel looked after their sister, but Summer asserted that Noah didn't have a say in how she lived her life. She pointed out that her mom and grandpa had accepted her decision, but Noah doubted that Nick had offered to walk Summer down the aisle and hand her over to a jerk. Daniel intervened when Luca and Noah argued, and he imagined Noah's view was colored because Luca had been married to Noah's fiancée. Noah spat that Luca was preying on Summer, but Daniel countered that Summer was entitled to make her own choice, and he encouraged Noah to walk away if he couldn't support her.

Phyllis hugged Daniel and marveled that he was home, but he clarified that Savannah had become his home. Phyllis gently scolded that his facial hair looked like it belonged in a Civil War reenactment, and she implored him to think about the wedding photos. She planned to monopolize all his time, and he remarked that she had changed a lot, yet not at all. Meanwhile, Sharon hoped that Noah would put his feelings aside to be a good older brother. Sharon spotted Dylan and suggested that Noah go over to say hello, but Noah told her to go without him, and he chugged a glass of Champagne.

Summer was happy to see Victoria there, and Phyllis announced that she'd picked out a dress for the wedding. Phyllis questioned how surprised Summer had been when "Cheech and Chong" had walked in, and Summer was thrilled to have her brothers there. Summer asked if Phyllis had talked to Nick, and Phyllis was sure that Nick would never stand up his "Supergirl."

As they prepared to enter the party, Nikki told Victor that she believed in him and would always stand by him. They stepped inside, and Victoria approached and asked if it was over. Victor relayed that Adam was about to begin a ten-year sentence, and Victoria expressed sympathy for Chelsea and Adam. Victoria stopped herself from elaborating about how awful it was, and she noted that the day was about Summer. Summer thanked Nikki and Victor for being there, and Luca shook Victor's hand for making the party possible. Victor replied that he always looked out for his own.

Daniel remarked that Phyllis' plan to send Summer to visit him to get her away from Luca hadn't worked, but Phyllis changed the topic to Lucy. Daniel invited Phyllis and Jack to visit, and he mentioned that Summer had said the couple had been having issues. Phyllis acknowledged that she and Jack had hit some rough spots, but they were good. Jack called to Daniel, and the men shared a bear hug. Jack asked if Phyllis had convinced Daniel to move back yet, and Phyllis inquired about the sentencing. Jack relayed that the look on Chelsea's face had been heartbreaking, and none of it should have happened. Jack wondered how Victor looked at himself in the mirror, but Victor obviously didn't "give a damn."

Dylan approached Victor, who offered the detective a drink. Dylan clarified that he was there as a member of the family to give his mother's husband fair warning that the police would find evidence that proved Victor had set Adam up. Victor reminded Dylan that they were at a party, and it wasn't the place for Dylan to beat his chest. Victor walked away, and Sharon asked Dylan if everything was okay. He assured her that things were fine, but he had to get back to work. She warned him not to make things personal, since there was no telling what would happen if Victor felt cornered, but Dylan swore that he wouldn't be on the losing end. Meanwhile, Nikki asked Victor if he was all right, and he replied that he soon would be.

Summer hugged Nick when he arrived, and Luca extended his hand, but Nick ignored it. Jack interrupted with apologies for being late, and he offered the couple his best wishes. Nick stepped aside, and Victoria followed him. Nick sarcastically remarked that the party was fun, and Victoria pointed out that at least Jack had gotten there before Summer had realized that Nick had snubbed Luca. Nick griped that Luca didn't deserve Summer, but Victoria pointed out that they both knew they couldn't choose who they fell in love with.

Victoria apologized for failing to convince Travis to return, but Nick didn't blame Travis for not wanting to be part of the mess. Nick said he was sorry Victoria had wasted a trip, but she replied that it hadn't been a waste, since she hadn't realized how much she'd missed Travis. She admitted that it had been harder to say goodbye than she'd thought, but Genoa City was her home. Meanwhile, Sharon and Nikki observed that Summer seemed happy, and Sharon wondered where Victor had gone. Nikki was sure he was somewhere around there.

Luca asked for everyone's attention, and Noah glowered at him. Luca proclaimed that it meant the world to him and Summer that everyone was there, and he would become part of their family the next day. Luca added that he didn't take it lightly, and he understood that Summer's family had some concerns about his goals. He vowed to be the husband Summer deserved, and he promised to make her smile and to support and love her during their long, happy life together. As the guests half-heartedly applauded, Travis suddenly walked in, and Luca demanded to know what he was doing there. Travis replied that he thought Luca had a pretty good idea why he was there.

Dylan returned to the station as Kevin wrapped up a call, and he complained that Victor had brushed him off, so they needed to tie Victor to Bethany. Kevin reported that there had been a problem with Adam's transport.

Chloe returned to the penthouse after she'd heard the news about the sentencing, and Chelsea ranted that she couldn't comprehend what ten years meant, since she could only think about things like preschool and laundry. Chloe promised to be there every second of every day to help, and she suggested going for a swim, since they needed something to look forward to day by day.

The doorbell rang, and Chelsea was shocked when two police officers entered, followed by Kevin and Dylan. Chloe protested that they couldn't just barge in, but Kevin revealed that Adam had never shown up at the prison, and they believed he'd escaped. Chelsea demanded to know where her husband was, and Dylan replied that they were there to find out.

In an unknown location, a bound and hooded Adam called out to ask if anyone was there. A man's hand removed the hood, and Adam faced Victor.

. . .

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