Thursday, October 1, 2015

In the hallway outside the penthouse, Kevin reported to "Gabriel" and Chelsea that he'd traced the most recent cyber attack activity to an IP address in that building. Kevin explained that the signal had run through multiple countries, but it had led back to Gabriel's old apartment. Kevin assumed that Ian had been there the whole time with no one knowing it, and Chelsea stared at Adam. They retreated inside Adam and Chelsea's penthouse, and Kevin imagined that Ian had gotten a sick thrill from being that close while manipulating Newman's sales lines.

Chelsea remarked that Ian hadn't worked alone, and Kevin guessed that even if Ian had created the malware, someone else had sneaked into Victor's office to insert the code. Kevin confirmed that it had occurred on the night of Katherine's memorial, when the power had been out everywhere except Newman Tower. Chelsea watched Adam intently as he answered a call from Jack, and Adam relayed that Ian had escaped from prison again. Kevin stressed that it was even more imperative to find Ian's accomplice, since finding one of the partners in crime might lead directly to the other.

After Kevin departed, Adam suggested that they beef up security in case Ian returned. Chelsea silently turned away, and Adam assured her that he would protect her, but she replied that she wasn't frightened of Ian. She informed Adam that she'd seen him leaving his old apartment right before Kevin had arrived, and she asked what Adam had been doing there. Adam claimed that he'd had a bad feeling about their new neighbors, so he'd stopped by to check things out, and he'd found the door ajar.

Chelsea compared it to the night someone had entered Victor's office and planted the virus on Victor's computer, but Adam countered that no one was sure how the virus had infected the system. Chelsea recalled that Adam had skipped the memorial service and had lied to her about meeting the Realtor, and she suspiciously stated that there had been a lot of coincidences. Chelsea became increasingly furious as she put the pieces together and realized that Adam had been Ian's partner. She confronted Adam about being the mastermind behind Paragon.

Adam denied that he'd initiated the plot, and he claimed that he'd been trapped when Ian had threatened to expose his true identity. Adam admitted that he'd agreed to help by planting a bug in Victor's computer, but he'd had no idea how massive the thing would be. Chelsea spat that Adam knew no difference between telling the truth and lying, and she guessed that he'd involved Ian because of Ian's history with the Newmans. Adam contended that he'd returned from the grave with a plan to win her heart and put his family back together, but he'd also wanted to take down Victor.

Adam regretted his association with Ian, but he refused to apologize for trying to take down a horrible human being like Victor, who had stolen Chelsea's company and manipulated her by holding Connor under his thumb. Chelsea argued that Victor loved Connor in his own way, but Adam had promised to protect their son while letting an escaped convict live next door. Chelsea started to make a call, but Adam grabbed the phone away from her and insisted that things had gotten twisted inside Chelsea's head.

Adam swore that he'd let go of his obsession with getting back at Victor, but Chelsea believed that revenge had been all that had ever mattered to him. He asserted that she and Connor were all he cared about, but she snapped that Adam would never change. Adam admitted that he'd been guilty of a lot of things, including working with Ian, but he'd collaborated with Jack to end Paragon when things had started spiraling. Adam pleaded that he'd tried to keep his promise to leave the past behind and start over as a family, but Chelsea slapped him and yelled at him to stop lying.

Adam recognized that Chelsea had no reason to believe him, but he maintained that he'd been trying to get out of the alliance. She ordered him to prove it, and he said he had no confession tape, but he'd known that if he'd told anyone, he would have put her at risk. Chelsea ranted that Adam had inserted Ian into their lives, but Adam was sure that Ian had fled the country, so the knowledge of Adam's collusion with Ian could die there. Chelsea wailed that it couldn't end, since she knew everything. Chelsea crossed over to the door and opened it, and she demanded that Adam get out.

Adam said they were both exhausted, and he suggested that they talk the next day. Chelsea spat that there was "no tomorrow," and she bellowed for him to get out. He protested that she'd wake up Connor, but she snapped that Connor was no longer his concern, since he'd never see her son again. Adam clarified that Connor was his son, too, but Chelsea pledged to make sure Adam paid for all the rotten things he'd done, starting with Delia's death. Adam stepped into the hallway, but he stopped her from closing the door and told her that she was right -- it wasn't the end.

Devon rushed into the hospital with Lily and Cane close behind him, and a nurse gave him Jane Doe's room number. Paul tried to stop Devon from entering the room, but Devon pushed past him, frantically calling Hilary's name. Devon's face fell when he discovered a cowering Marisa in the hospital bed, and Devon apologized as Paul escorted him out. Meanwhile, Gwen approached Emma, who explained that Devon had gotten word about an unidentified woman who'd been admitted, and Gwen covered her surprise that it wasn't Hilary.

Emma observed that Devon looked crushed, and Gwen listened as Devon swore to kill the "son of a bitch" who had taken Hilary. Paul understood that revenge seemed like the answer, but he stressed that it wouldn't help them find Hilary. Paul answered a call and learned that Ian had escaped, and he ordered the department to be placed on high alert. Devon noted that Paul had many priorities, but Devon's only priority was Hilary, and he vowed to find her. Emma mused to Gwen that if she loved someone that much, she didn't know if she could handle losing them.

At the Underground, Mariah noted that Noah had broken three glasses that day, and she surmised that he was upset about Marisa. He revealed that Marisa had sent him a text message to tell him that she was leaving town, and he claimed that it would be a relief not to have to deal with her lies anymore. Mariah reminded him of Sharon's statement that sometimes people lied for good reasons, but Noah griped that constantly lying wasn't an attractive quality. Mariah understood how easy it was for one lie to turn into another when someone was trying to erase the past.

Mariah recounted that she'd had her own set of secrets when she'd arrived in Genoa City, but she'd still become a member of Noah's family. Noah argued that things were different with Marisa, but Mariah reasoned that he had even more reason to make things work because he loved Marisa. Noah received a call from a police officer, and he found out that Marisa had been mugged before she'd had a chance to leave town. Noah mused that he and Marisa weren't together anymore, but Mariah said it didn't matter if he loved Marisa, and she ordered him to go to the hospital.

Later, Kevin arrived at the Underground, and Mariah informed him that she was closing up after a dismal night. He assumed that she'd heard about Ian's escape, but he quickly realized that she hadn't. Mariah refused to let Ian scare her, and she envisioned letting Ian have it if he walked through the door. They both stared at the entryway, and they agreed that they'd both expected to see Ian there for a moment. Mariah imagined cracking a bottle over Ian's head, and Kevin promised to have her back. He asked why her night had been awful, and she relayed that Marisa was in the hospital after being clocked over the head.

Kevin asked where Marisa had been attacked, and he pulled out his laptop to try to figure out who had done it. Mariah looked admiringly at Kevin as he worked, and she said it was a shame that they were really good at most things together and really bad at other things. Kevin surmised that she meant sex, and she purred that it was a waste when they were alone in a locked bar. They started to lean in close to one another, but they backed off and agreed to focus.

Paul entered Marisa's hospital room and asked if she could identify who had attacked her. She replied that she didn't know, and he said she had been lucky that a possible concussion had been her only injury. He gently pressed for any details she remembered about her attacker, but she only recalled that someone had jumped her from behind when she'd been waiting for a car to take her to the airport. Paul asked her to be honest about any enemies who might have hurt her, and Noah entered the room.

Noah said he wanted to talk to Marisa if she was up to it, and Paul stepped out. Marisa explained that the police hadn't known who to call, but they'd found Noah's photo on her phone. Noah sat down at her bedside and asked how she was feeling. She replied that she felt worse than she looked. She informed him that she'd told Paul that she'd been blindsided, but the person had done a good job if they'd meant to scare her. Marisa lamented that she'd broken another promise by not getting out of Noah's life, and Noah asked if she was lying to protect Luca.

Marisa insisted that she'd never lie to protect Luca, and Noah pointed out that she'd lied in the past, but she countered that she'd only done it to protect herself. Noah asked if she was sure that Luca hadn't ordered the attack, but she was convinced that Luca would never physically hurt her. She added that she didn't love Luca, but Noah recalled that she'd gone to great lengths to protect Marco when she'd claimed not to love Marco, either. Noah flatly stated that she needed rest, and he headed for the door. She pleaded with him not to go after Luca, but he walked out.

At the Athletic Club bar, Noah snatched a drink away from Luca, who warned him to be careful with the finest brandy available, since it was irreplaceable. "So is Marisa," Noah snarled as he poured the contents of the glass onto the floor. Noah demanded to know if Luca had been trying to teach her a lesson, and he wondered if it was Luca's routine to beat on women and go drinking afterward. Luca worriedly asked whether something had happened to Marisa, and Noah revealed that she was lying in a hospital bed after someone had tried to shatter her skull. Luca prepared to go see her, but Noah roughly grabbed him and growled that Luca wouldn't get away with it.

Luca suggested that he and Noah trade punches outside, but he warned that only one of them would feel better. Luca swore that he'd never raise a hand to Marisa, and Noah insinuated that Luca had hired someone else to do it. Luca maintained that it wasn't his style, but he couldn't rule out the possibility that his father had given the order, and he offered to look into whether his family had been behind it. Luca was certain that Marisa would confirm that he'd never do something like that.

In the club foyer, Lily told Devon to get some rest, but he groused that it wouldn't do any good, since Hilary would still be missing. Lily acknowledged that the false lead had been a huge disappointment, but she assured him that it was just a matter of time. Devon fretted that the odds of finding Hilary would get worse as the search dragged out, and Cane urged him not to quit. Devon conceded that he was feeling sorry for himself, but that wouldn't get Hilary back, nor would sleeping. He headed for the door and asked why Cane and Lily were just standing there, since they had work to do.

Noah returned to the hospital and told Marisa that he believed Luca hadn't hurt her. She was glad the men hadn't fought, and Noah informed her that Luca had thought his father might have been responsible, but he wondered what kind of people would take things that far. Marisa reminded Noah that Victor had offered her money to leave town, and Noah acknowledged that his grandfather was ruthless in business, but he was sure Victor wouldn't resort to violence. She pointed out that it wouldn't be the first time things had gone too far when Victor had tried to shut someone up.

At the boathouse, Neil told an unconscious Hilary that he needed to get her to a hospital so he could disappear. He checked her I.V. and realized that he couldn't move her without making things worse, and he anticipated that the police would be there any minute. He said he had to leave, but he didn't want Hilary to worry, since the police would get her the care she needed. He repeated that he was sorry, but he had to get a head start, and he told her to take care. Neil walked out, but he hesitated outside the boathouse door.

Neil slipped back inside the boathouse and hoped that once he was gone, Hilary would recover and have a beautiful future with Devon. Neil answered a call from Gwen, and she asked if he was still where she'd left him. He surmised that the police would arrange for Hilary to get proper care once they got there, but Gwen inquired about how Neil was doing. Gwen begged him not to go until they talked in person, and she swore that she hadn't told anyone his secret. She reminded him that he'd implored her to trust him, and she asked him to do the same thing with her.

Later, Gwen called out for Neil at the boathouse, but she received no response. She cursed and wondered why he hadn't trusted her, and she couldn't believe he'd just taken off. Neil suddenly approached her from behind, and he explained that he'd stayed out of sight until he'd known the police hadn't been there, but they had to make the conversation quick. Gwen whimpered that she couldn't let Neil leave forever, since he'd never have a moment's peace once the police found Hilary. Gwen continued that everyone would blame Neil if Hilary was never able to explain that Neil hadn't caused her to fall, and Devon would never forgive him.

Gwen pointed out that she'd had a chance to tell Paul the truth, but she didn't want to lose Neil. Neil asked why Gwen had changed her mind, and she recounted that she'd gone straight to Devon to tell him everything, but she'd realized what it might do to Devon if he found out what Neil had done. Gwen asserted that Neil needed help with Hilary to resolve the situation with the least amount of suffering, but Neil firmly stated that he didn't want her help.

Neil called Gwen an incredible woman that any man would fall in love with, but that was why he couldn't let her help him. He didn't want to implicate her as an accomplice, and he considered the worst possible case if Hilary didn't wake up. Gwen told him to stop, and she insisted that she wanted to help him. She argued that she had a resource in Emma, and they could get Hilary the treatment she needed to recover. Gwen hugged Neil, and he said he didn't deserve her.

At Crimson Lights, Dylan complained to Stitch that the loose ends in Hilary's case had been frustrating, and he asked Stitch where he'd take an unconscious woman for medical attention without alerting the authorities. Stitch guessed that Hilary hadn't been in a healthcare facility since her disappearance, since Hilary's face had been all over the news, and someone likely would have stepped forward to claim Devon's reward money. Dylan imagined that Hilary was in a place where she could receive medical treatment, and Stitch noted that someone would need certain things to keep her alive.

Stitch suddenly remembered that some medical supplies had gone missing from the hospital right around the time Hilary had been flown back to Genoa City, and he suggested that they investigate who had taken them. Dylan inquired whether someone without medical training could keep Hilary alive, and Stitch said there were plenty of videos online about how to set up an I.V. Dylan realized that whoever had stolen the supplies would eventually need more.

At the police station, Devon, Cane, and Lily entered Paul's office, and Devon said he wanted to help find his wife any way he could. Devon recognized that the police were busy, and he offered to help Dylan go through false leads until they found Hilary. Paul said they were doing everything they could, but Devon was determined to do more. Dylan and Stitch arrived, and Dylan announced that Stitch had thought of a lead that hopefully would take them right to Hilary.

Stitch explained about the missing supplies, and Dylan reasoned that Hilary's captor was bound to run out and need more. Paul suggested that they put trackers on similar supplies to send a signal if they were removed from the hospital, since the trace might lead them straight to Hilary. Devon exclaimed that they were getting somewhere.

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