Thursday, July 30, 2015

At the Athletic Club, Nikki told Neil that she was glad he'd told her how he felt about Hilary and Devon's relationship, but she was concerned about his fantasies of finding ways to punish them. Neil explained that it had hit him hard when he'd overheard the couple discussing the possibility of having their wedding in the park -- the same place where Hilary had professed her undying love to Neil. Neil confided that it had made him want to take away all the happiness Hilary and Devon could ever have in their lives.

Nikki wanted to be sure that Neil wouldn't act on his fantasies, and Neil claimed that his thoughts were just his way of processing what had happened. Nikki thought it wasn't healthy, and she encouraged him to find a more positive way to deal with it instead of dwelling on revenge. He agreed to work on it, and Nikki pointed out that there was nothing Neil could do to keep Devon and Hilary from becoming husband and wife.

Nikki advised Neil against looking in the wrong places for answers, but he insisted that wasn't what he was doing. She cautioned him against handling things on his own or seeking help from a bottle, and he assured her he hadn't been drinking. She urged him to talk to a sponsor or a therapist, but he vowed not to let Devon and Hilary's wedding plans get to him anymore. Nikki thought it wouldn't happen magically, and Neil needed help, but he pointed out that he was talking to her.

Michael was surprised to run into Lauren at the police station, and she explained that she'd just been visiting Paul at the hospital. She reported that Paul was doing well, but Christine hadn't wanted to leave his side, so Lauren was at the station to drop something off on Christine's behalf. Lauren commented that a good wife stuck by her husband no matter how hard he tried to push her away, and Michael conceded that a good husband should appreciate the support and not push his wife away. Michael reached out to Lauren, but she claimed she had an appointment and rushed off.

Detective Harding thought Michael should look happier, since the charges against Victor had been dropped. Michael remarked that the case was closed, but nothing had been settled, since whatever had caused Victor and Jack's showdown in the park hadn't just gone away.

In Devon's hotel suite, Hilary fretted to Devon that there were a million things to do with less than a week until their wedding. Devon replied that they just needed to show up and say "I do," but Hilary rattled off a list of details that they needed to handle, and Devon pointed out that he'd never been married before. He quickly apologized, but she recognized that they couldn't act like her wedding to Neil had never happened. Devon promised that his marriage to Hilary would last, and she proclaimed that she was 100 percent sure she was marrying the man she wanted to spend the rest of her life with. They kissed.

Devon wanted to celebrate that they were finally making wedding plans, and he seductively kissed Hilary's neck, but she said it would have to wait. She answered a knock at the door, and Lauren wheeled in a rack of wedding dresses in garment bags. Lauren reminded Devon that it was considered bad luck for the groom to see the bride in her dress before the wedding, and Hilary led Devon to the door and promised to send him a text message when she was done. After Devon left, Lauren said she was very happy for the couple, and a beaming Hilary replied that she was happy for them, too.

Hilary apologized for putting Lauren through the trouble, but none of the dresses seemed just right. Lauren asked what was missing, but Hilary wasn't sure what she was looking for. Lauren counseled that Hilary would know when she saw it, and there was no harm in wanting everything to be perfect when she married the love of her life. Lauren flashed back to reciting her vows to Michael on their wedding day, and she fought back tears and enthusiastically presented Hilary with a simple frock. "I can't do this," Hilary blurted out as a look of horror crossed her face.

Hilary explained that the dress looked identical to the one she'd worn at her wedding to Neil, and she felt cursed, knowing she'd hurt Neil badly. Lauren said everyone deserved to be happy, but sometimes they hurt other people along the way. Hilary guessed she was talking about Michael, and Lauren said her affair had devastated Michael. Lauren declared that she didn't believe in curses, since marriages fell apart for lots of reasons, but hers had survived infidelity. Hilary assumed that Michael had fallen out of love, but Lauren replied that he'd loved her too much, and it had taken her a long time to accept and understand that.

Hilary suggested they talk about Cane and Lily, who had seemed like the perfect couple, and she wondered if Lauren thought the Ashbys would get back together. Lauren said it remained to be seen, but all that counted was whether they wanted to be together and do the work to make it happen. Lauren advised Hilary to concentrate on the present rather than worry about the past haunting her, and Hilary thanked her for the pep talk. Hilary hoped for a problem-free wedding and a strong, long marriage.

Later, there was a knock at Hilary's door, and Hilary called out to Lauren that it was open. Hilary babbled about finding the perfect dress, but she turned and faced Neil. Hilary stammered that Devon had planned to talk to Neil about their wedding, and Neil replied that he'd heard about it, so he wanted to have a talk to put her mind at ease. Neil assured her that he wouldn't do anything to ruin their wedding, since he was letting go and freeing her of any emotional ties to him. She suggested that it would mean a lot to Devon for his father to be there, but Neil pointed out that his presence at the wedding would be awkward for all of them, and that was the last thing he wanted.

On the Athletic Club rooftop, Cane ordered a scotch at the bar, and Lily griped that for someone who wanted custody, he wasn't setting a good example. He retorted that perhaps Joe would be a better role model, and she pointed out that Cane was in no condition to handle an emergency with his kids. Cane argued that he was drinking because she had broken her vows, and Lily countered that his own lack of judgment had put their family at risk. Joe intervened and suggested that Cane sleep it off, and Cane tried to pick a fight, but Lily told Cane to stop it. Cane chided her for defending the guy who supposedly meant nothing to her.

Colin suggested that he and Cane grab a drink elsewhere, and Lily wondered if that was a good idea, since Cane was still hung over from the night before. Devon arrived, and Colin advised him to reconsider bachelorhood before he stuck his head in a noose. Colin declared that Devon needed a bachelor party that night, but Devon doubted Cane was up for it. Cane apologized for going off on Devon for Lily's behavior, and Devon noted that Hilary had banished him anyway. Colin led Devon out, and Cane followed.

Joe asked if Lily was all right, and she replied that she was fine, but Cane had been a jealous idiot. Joe said Cane had been off base, and Lily complained that she was tired of telling her husband that sleeping with Joe had been a mistake. Joe agreed that it had meant nothing, and he contended that it still would mean nothing if she had dinner with him. "Why not?" she responded.

At the Underground, Noah searched the Internet for any reports of Marco turning up. Kevin pointed out that there hadn't been any sign of Marco in the crashed car in the lake, and Noah reported that no bodies had been found. Kevin hoped they figured out what had happened to Marco before one of them became a corpse, and Mariah admonished Marisa for possibly leading a killer straight to their doorstep. Kevin asked if Marisa had seen Marco's body in the car, and she explained that she'd been trying to save her own life, but she had stayed by the lake and would have seen him emerge from the water if he'd been alive.

Mariah countered that she and Kevin would have seen Marco in the water if Marco had stayed in the lake, and she wanted to go to the cops. Noah imagined that Marco had taken off, but Mariah worried that Marco would return to kill them, just like he'd murdered their friends. Noah refused to let Mariah sell Marisa out, and Kevin suggested that he and Mariah go for a walk to think. On their way out, Mariah groused to Kevin that a walk was the last thing she needed, but he informed her that they were taking a walk to the police station.

Marisa thought that Mariah might be right, and Marco would return, but Noah thought a wanted man would use the opportunity to allow everyone to think he was dead. Marisa thought that Noah was too good and kind to think like Marco, but Noah pointed out that Marisa was also good and kind. She called herself stupid for not leaving town, and Noah inquired whether she'd been lying when she'd told him things had been over between her and Marco. Marisa admitted that it hadn't been an accident that the car had ended up in the lake, since she had grabbed the wheel and forced the vehicle off the road.

Marisa explained that she'd been sure Marco had planned to kill her because she knew too many of his secrets. Noah stressed that running wasn't the answer, and he wondered where else she would go. He encouraged her to let him help her by protecting her until they made sure Marco was either dead or in jail. Noah assured her that his family had resources, and after the life she'd led, she deserved to have friends and a home if that was what she wanted. Marisa said she didn't know whether to stay or go, but Noah had made her feel welcome. They hugged.

At the police station, Kevin told Michael that he had some work to finish before the next day, and Mariah said she was keeping Kevin company. After Michael departed, Harding said he didn't buy that Kevin was there to work, and Mariah said they needed to speak to Paul. Harding divulged that Paul was in the hospital after suffering a minor heart attack, and he was in charge while Paul recovered. Mariah spilled that they knew who had killed Austin and Courtney, and Harding huffed that the case was closed. Kevin insisted that the police look into it, but Harding griped that the "Scooby gang" had sent them on the wrong trail more than once.

Kevin mimicked Harding saying that they had to leave the investigating up to the police, and he contended that was what they were doing, since the killer might be ready to claim another victim. After Kevin and Mariah told their story about Marco being in town at the time of the murders, Harding thought their theory was far-fetched, but Kevin argued that the DNA match had been no coincidence. Harding wondered what Marco's motive had been, and Kevin reasoned that Marco had traveled under the radar for years, but perhaps Austin and Courtney had figured out his identity. Harding wanted to talk to Marisa.

Harding walked into the Underground with Kevin and Mariah, and Noah introduced the detective to Marisa. Harding said he'd heard about Marisa's connection to Marco, but Noah intervened and said they believed Marco had died in the water, so that was the end of the story. Marisa said she could speak for herself, and Harding replied that he had a lot of questions for her. Noah blasted Kevin and Mariah for going to the cops, but Kevin argued that he'd been smart to involve the police in something they couldn't handle by themselves.

Later, Harding reported that Marisa had been very cooperative, and he said they'd start a police search for Marco. Marisa told Noah not to be mad at his friends, since she was relieved the police were involved. Kevin privately thanked Harding, who confided that he didn't trust Marisa, but he hadn't wanted her to be on guard. Harding asked Kevin to keep an eye on things and let him know if anything seemed off. Kevin fibbed to Mariah that he and Harding had been discussing that they were glad to be on the same page.

Michael rushed to a hotel room in response to Colin's request for a lawyer, but he was shocked to find a bachelor party in progress. Colin left to arrange a few things, and Michael asked if Cane was still considering a divorce. Cane questioned whether he had any other option, and Michael regretted his part in Cane and Lily's problems. Cane wondered if Michael had really been able to forgive Lauren for having an affair, and Michael explained that marriage was an ongoing process, but they'd cared enough about themselves, their child, and their marriage to try to make it work. Michael suggested that Cane find a way to forgive Lily for a one-time indiscretion.

Colin returned with several scantily clad women and announced that the party could begin, but Devon protested that he was engaged, and Michael said he was disinclined. Cane declared that it wasn't what he wanted, but Colin countered that he was giving Cane what he needed. Cane and Michael both made quick exits, and Devon surmised that the party was over. One of the women objected to letting the Champagne go to waste, and Colin proposed a toast to Devon. While another woman flirted with Devon, Colin drugged Devon's drink.

As a drugged Devon danced with the woman, he became light-headed, and he plopped down on the couch. He asked if anyone else was hot, and two of the women helped him unbutton his shirt. A third woman asked what she could do for Colin, and he asked her to join him for a drink. Colin toasted to living well being the best revenge, and he downed Champagne as the other women pawed Devon's chest. Devon groggily said he had to go to bed, and Colin smiled wickedly as he videotaped Devon stumbling into the bedroom with one of the women.

Over dinner, Joe bet that Lily had been a "Miss Goody Two Shoes" growing up, and she replied that she'd once gotten into trouble in Italy for painting graffiti. He called her an international wild child, and he remarked that he had a lot to learn about her. They simultaneously reached for the wine bottle, and their hands touched. She looked uncomfortable and wondered whether spending time with him had been a mistake, but he countered that it had been just what she'd needed.

Joe asserted that there was nothing wrong with a nice dinner and some laughs, and Lily admitted that she could use a friend. He said he understood what the night they'd shared had been and what it hadn't been, and she wished Cane could understand. Joe said he didn't like the way Cane had been treating her, and Lily pointed out that Joe had gotten past what Avery had done to him. Joe reasoned that he'd known he'd had no future with Avery, and Lily recounted that Cane had repeatedly said they no longer had a future, either. She added that Cane wanted custody of the kids, and Joe inquired whether she still hoped for a future with Cane, despite everything that had happened.

Michael and Cane entered the club, and Michael urged Cane not to throw away the most important relationship in his life. Michael added that love was worth "moving heaven and hell" to keep, and Cane marched up the stairs. Lauren passed by Michael with a wedding veil on her head, and she explained that she was helping Hilary with wedding dresses. Michael mused that seeing Lauren like that reminded him of one of the best days of his life, and she asked if he remembered when he'd said he hadn't thought she could ever forgive him. She added that she was ready to try, and he smiled as she walked away.

Lauren told Hilary that she'd found a gown she thought Hilary would love, and Hilary excitedly mentioned that Neil had been there to tell her that he'd steer clear of the wedding. Hilary agreed that there were no such things as curses, and she could finally breathe easier and believe she could have the wedding of her dreams.

On the rooftop, Lily said there had been moments when she'd thought that she and Cane could work things out, but then he'd done or said something that had made it seem impossible. Joe didn't think she should hold out for Cane's forgiveness, and he called her a strong, beautiful woman who should move on. Joe leaned in to kiss her just as Cane arrived on the rooftop, but Cane quickly ducked away. Lily pulled away and said Joe shouldn't have done that.

Nikki ran into Neil in the foyer, and he informed her that he'd gone to see Hilary to tell her he was ready for closure. Nikki was glad to hear that he was moving on, and they hugged. Nikki stepped away, and Neil received a text message with the video of Devon entering a bedroom with another woman.

. . .

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