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Thursday, July 2, 2015

At the hospital, Adam told a comatose Jack that things shouldn't have turned out that way, and he wished he'd known Jack was alive. Adam said Jack had been the only person he'd trusted, and he wondered why Jack had disclosed Adam's identity to the woman who had called Adam. Adam worried that everything he'd worked for would be destroyed, and he hoped Jack remembered their deal and kept quiet when he woke up. Adam added that he had a lot of things to catch Jack up on, and he vowed to make sure Victor paid for everything he'd done.

As Phyllis and Ashley peered into Jack's room, Phyllis remarked that it almost seemed like "Gabriel" was begging Jack to stay alive, and she wondered if the sentiment was real or for her benefit. The women recounted the pieces of information they knew about the shooting, and Ashley was suspicious about the number of coincidences. Phyllis pledged to stay calm for Jack, and she suggested that perhaps Victor and Gabriel had plotted the shooting together. Phyllis pointed out that they didn't know whether Gabriel was really an Abbott, and Ashley mentioned that Jack had conducted a DNA test and that the results would be back any day. As Sage looked on, Phyllis commented that it would be good to know who Gabriel was and which side he'd choose.

Sage contended that Gabriel's hatred for Victor was real, since Gabriel held Victor responsible for the death of Gabriel's father. Ashley coolly asked if she meant Harrison Bingham, since Jack had become the center of Gabriel's universe, and she barked that it had been a private conversation. Sage insisted that she hadn't been eavesdropping, but she maintained that Gabriel wanted nothing more than to see Victor suffer. Phyllis imagined that Sage was "Team Newman" because of Nick, but Adam exited Jack's room and ordered Phyllis to leave Sage alone.

Phyllis warned that coma patients could hear things, and she hoped Gabriel hadn't said anything to upset Jack. Adam asked if Sage was okay, and Ashley sarcastically said it was sweet how protective they were of one another. Ashley received a text message, and Adam guessed it was from Victor about a meeting, since he'd received the same message earlier. He taunted that he was higher on the food chain, and Ashley walked off. Chelsea called Adam, worried because she'd also been summoned to the meeting, but Adam assured her that he'd be there by her side. After he hung up, Sage scolded that he'd managed to put himself in a worse position than he'd been in before.

Sage questioned when Jack being Gabriel's father had become part of Adam's plan, and Adam explained that his endgame was still a life with Chelsea and serving justice to Victor, but Jack had made the decision to tell everyone he was Gabriel's father to protect Adam. Sage warned that Ashley and Phyllis intended to check the DNA results, but Adam replied that it wasn't an issue. Sage worried that she'd be complicit if Adam's secret slipped out, and she wished she'd never known. Adam asked why she was there and if everything was okay, and she coldly stated that it was none of his business. Sage told him not to screw her over, and Adam promised everything was under control.

Nick stepped into Victor's office and asked what had happened, since he'd heard Victor was the prime suspect in Jack's shooting. Victor reported that Paul had asked some questions, and Nick asked if Victor had done it. Victor inquired whether Nick had ever known him to shoot someone in cold blood or even carry a gun, and Nick suspected that Jack had pushed Victor too far by having him arrested, so Victor had pushed back.

Nick recounted the odd events that had occurred recently, like the abruptly dropped embezzlement charges and Jack's coma, and Victor huffed that he hadn't taken the money, but Nikki and Nick were determined to think the worst. Nick asked if he should believe everything Victor said the way Victoria did, and Victor called her a loyal daughter. Victor added that he couldn't force Nick to be loyal, and Nick opined that Victor wasn't innocent in Jack's shooting. Nick snapped that he'd walked away from the family business because he'd wanted no part of the mess, and he was walking away from Victor. Victor muttered something in a foreign language, and he translated, "Go with God, but go."

At the police station, Kevin showed Paul the surveillance footage of Jack passing by the coffeehouse twice in the same direction only minutes apart just before Jack had been shot. Paul agreed that it was strange, but he thought they wouldn't understand until Jack woke up and provided details. Paul stated that their priority was finding out who had shot Jack, and he reluctantly admitted that he'd missed Kevin during his suspension. Paul took a call and learned that the ballistics on Victor's gun were in.

Mariah arrived as Paul relayed that Victor's gun hadn't been fired in a long time, and Kevin surmised that Victor hadn't been the shooter, but Paul warned that they couldn't jump to conclusions until they investigated thoroughly. Paul stepped away, and Kevin told Mariah that something about the case was weird. Mariah mentioned that she'd heard Kevin pacing all night, and he explained that the video from Crimson Lights didn't make sense, since Jack had passed by twice before he'd almost ended up as dead as Austin and Courtney. Mariah argued that there wasn't a direct link between the crimes, but Kevin was determined to connect the dots and get her to believe the events were tied together.

Kevin thought the connection was the video footage, since Austin had filmed footage of Jack in the park, and Courtney had been looking at the police surveillance tapes the day she'd been killed. Kevin contended that Courtney had found something worth ditching her own wedding for, but the footage had disappeared. Kevin continued that the security cameras in the park had been down on the night of Jack's shooting, and he theorized that either Jack had met with someone who had implicated him in the murders, or Jack had confronted the killer. Mariah conceded that Kevin might not be completely wrong, and Kevin was confident that all the events somehow led back to Jack.

At the Underground, Marisa emerged from the office, and Noah said he'd thought she might rush off. He mentioned that he'd talked to some people who lived around the location where Marisa had allegedly had a fight with her boyfriend the night before, but no one had heard anything. Noah inquired whether Marisa had called her boyfriend, and she wondered why Noah cared. He contended that he'd helped her out, so he wanted her to be straight with him, and he was tired of being taken advantage of because he was a nice guy. She admitted that she hadn't had a stupid fight with her boyfriend, and she was in real trouble.

Marisa asked if Noah had ever chosen the wrong person to love, and he said he had. She explained that being with someone who didn't respect the law had been better than the life she'd left behind, and she'd lied about the details of the night before because her boyfriend would otherwise return to shut her up about what she knew. Noah urged her to go to the police, but she knew her boyfriend had a habit of saving his own skin, so she expected him to stay away. She figured that if she stayed there, she'd be fine, and Noah asked if she was thinking about staying. She replied that she'd like to, but she needed a job to survive.

Marisa put on an Underground shirt and said it fit well, and Nick and Sage entered the bar. Noah introduced them to Marisa, who he had hired as their newest employee, since someone else needed to get settled in before Sage went on maternity leave. Sage thought it was a good idea, and Nick welcomed Marisa to the team. Sage took Marisa to the back room to show her around, and Noah asked Nick if there was any news about Jack. Nick was convinced Victor had been involved, so he was staying away from Victor, and he wanted his kids to do the same thing.

Noah argued that Victor hadn't even been charged, but Nick was adamant that he didn't want Noah to be near the toxic situation. Noah insisted on making his own decisions, and he recounted that everyone had called Sharon a killer, but he'd refused to turn his back on his family. Nick recalled that he'd wanted to believe Victor as many times as Victor had let him down, but Noah thought he'd be letting himself down if he just walked away. Nick acknowledged that Victor had gotten away with many things, but he was sure Victor wouldn't get away with shooting Jack.

Later, Sage informed Nick that the doctor had said she and the baby were doing great, and she mentioned that she'd felt sorry for Phyllis and Ashley when she'd seen them at the hospital. Nick remembered spending his life, watching Jack and Victor at one another's throats, and he was sure his dad wasn't innocent, so he couldn't stand by Victor. Nick asked if Sage thought he should suck it up for his family's sake, and she swore that she wasn't judging. Nick said Victor expected blind loyalty, but he couldn't provide it.

Sage called Nick a good father who loved his kids for who they were and not for who he thought they should be, but Nick worried that Noah thought Nick had been dictating who his children could be loyal to. Sage pointed out that Nick hadn't threatened Noah, and Nick had raised Noah to think for himself. Nick thought Sage would be a great mom, and she envisioned making mistakes, but he assured her they'd make mistakes together. Sage suggested that they pick up Faith and go to the park to see the fireworks, and she imagined how the holiday would be the following year with their baby. She added that she wanted a hot dog and doughnuts, and they headed out.

Noah instructed Marisa about what to do behind the bar while she learned the ropes, and she said she could handle it. She asked what she should start with, and he suggested that she take a break as Kevin and Mariah walked in. Noah wondered if Marisa needed an advance for necessities, but she said he'd done her enough favors already. Marisa stepped out, and Mariah hoped she and Marisa would be sharing tips, since Marisa would make a fortune. Mariah jokingly inquired whether Marisa needed a job because she'd lost her modeling contract, and Kevin agreed that Marisa was hot, but Noah said it had simply felt nice to help someone.

Later, Mariah asked if Noah's good mood from helping a supermodel had worn off, and he told her to shut up. She noted that he wasn't naturally crabby like her, and she wondered if he was on edge because of the shooting. He assumed she thought Victor had done it, but Kevin divulged that the ballistics had confirmed Victor's gun hadn't been used to shoot Jack. Noah excitedly said that Victor hadn't done it, but Kevin and Mariah exchanged a knowing glance.

Victor thanked Ashley and Chelsea for joining him in his office, but Ashley pointed out that Billy, Kyle, and Abby weren't there, and she suggested that they postpone the meeting out of respect for Jack. Chelsea said she was nervous if the meeting was about the embezzlement charges, but Victor assured her that it had just been a computer glitch. Chelsea started to leave, but she ran into Adam on her way out, and he asked if he'd missed anything. Victor announced that he'd decided to step away from the company, and Ashley considered it a wise move. Victor said he'd decided to appoint an interim CEO, and Ashley wondered why Victoria wasn't there to gloat. Victor declared that Jack's son, Gabriel, would be in charge, and Adam feigned surprise.

Adam said he appreciated Victor's confidence, but Ashley spat that the decision was wrong, and Victor asked if she preferred that Victoria lead the company instead. Ashley admonished Victor for making serious decisions right after the shooting, and Victor indicated that Jack had wanted Gabriel to have more power at the company. Ashley asked to speak with Victor alone, and Adam and Chelsea left. Ashley expected Victoria to tear the place apart when she found out Victor had shoved Victoria aside, and she questioned whether Victor had made the decision of his own free will. Ashley doubted that Victor would make Gabriel the head of the company unless Gabriel was blackmailing him, and she guessed that Gabriel had witnessed Victor shoot Jack.

Ashley wanted to know why Jack had been shot, and she believed that both Victor and Gabriel knew more than they were saying. She demanded to know what else Victor and Jack had discussed besides promoting Gabriel, and she stressed that Jack was her brother. Victor pointed out that Jack wasn't really her brother, and she ordered him not to pull "that stupid paternity crap." Victor insisted that he'd had nothing to do with the shooting, and Ashley stormed out. Victor flashed back to shooting Jack.

Ashley returned to Newman-Abbott, and she spied an envelope from a lab, addressed to Jack, on the desk. She opened it and discovered that the DNA test had confirmed a match between Jack and Gabriel.

At the penthouse, Chelsea marveled that Gabriel was the new CEO, and Adam pledged to make Jack proud when he woke up. Chelsea pointed out that Gabriel didn't have to accept the position, since she'd seen Ashley's face when Victor had broken the news, and Gabriel still had to face Billy, Kyle, Abby, and Victoria. Adam said he was only worried about Jack, and he intended to strike Victor down while Victor was vulnerable. Chelsea noted that the look in his eyes and the sound of his voice reminded her of Adam.

Adam said he hated Victor for destroying the man who he'd considered to be his father, and when Victor had shot Jack, Victor had done it all over again. Chelsea implored him not to let the hate consume him like it had with Adam, and Adam said all that mattered was her and Connor. She thought Gabriel should have his own life outside of her and her son, but Adam countered that she kept him from going over the edge. Adam hissed that Victor had destroyed his old family and his new one, and he wouldn't let Victor do that to Chelsea and Connor. Adam and Chelsea kissed and began to make love.

After Adam and Chelsea had sex, she insisted on showering alone to get ready to take Connor to see the fireworks. She invited Gabriel to join them, and he said it sounded perfect. She ran upstairs to get ready, and he answered a knock at the door. He found Marisa there, and he asked if he could help her. "I told you I'd be in touch, Adam," she said.

In Jack's hospital room, Phyllis told Jack that she'd warned people that he might hear everything they said, and it might give him crazy dreams. She recalled what it had been like to be locked inside her head, and she swore that she loved him and would stand by him forever. She added that he had to forgive her if she didn't trust Gabriel, and she didn't like Gabriel spending time alone with Jack. She suspected that Gabriel and Victor were lying about what had happened in the park, and she begged Jack to wake up and tell her the truth.

Phyllis said she usually loved fireworks, but she dreaded the flash and the sound of them that day, since they made her wonder what Jack had seen in the park. Paul burst in with the news that ballistics had proven that Victor's gun hadn't been the weapon used in the shooting, but it only meant Victor hadn't used that particular gun. Phyllis thought it meant something that Victor had walked away and Jack hadn't, and Paul said his gut told him Victor had been involved, but he didn't know to what extent. Phyllis bemoaned that Jack hadn't deserved it, and she held Paul to his word that he'd find the person responsible.

Later, Phyllis found Victor in Jack's room and accused Victor of wanting Jack to stay incapacitated so he could never say Victor had tried to kill him. Victor informed Phyllis that he'd appointed Gabriel as interim CEO at Jack's request, and Phyllis asked if Jack had made the request right before Victor had shot him and left him to die. Phyllis cautioned Victor not to try to play hero, since he'd destroyed every good thing he'd ever done, and if her husband didn't make it, she would destroy Victor herself. Jack's eyes fluttered open, and Phyllis asked if he could hear her.

Phyllis told Jack that he was in the hospital after he'd been shot, and she asked if he could tell her who had done it. He lifted his arm and slowly pointed to Victor.

. . .

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