Thursday, September 22, 2016

The foundation board was shocked when Jack resigned and announced that the organization would be known as the Winters Foundation from then on. Neil insisted that Jack stay on as his partner, but Jack firmly stated that he'd lost faith in the cause, and he no longer believed in the foundation's mission to give people second chances because of Billy. Jack called Billy an incurable addict and a lost cause, and he refused to waste his time on anyone like Billy. Bill spat that Jack was the biggest hypocrite he knew, since Jack had slept with Jill while she'd been married to their father, and he told Jack to take his martyr act and shove it.

Jack growled that there was no chance of him and Billy ever having a relationship again, and Billy blasted Jack for denying his own role in blowing up his marriage. Billy contended that Jack had pushed Phyllis away because Jack had been more interested in making peace with Victor, and Billy's friendship with Phyllis had turned into more because he'd listened to her when Jack hadn't. Billy taunted that Phyllis loved Billy, and Jack lunged at him as Hilary walked in. Jack declared that the meeting was over.

Billy encouraged Jack to think about what he'd said before Jack ripped into Billy or Phyllis again, and Ashley led Billy out. Jack apologized to the rest of the board for turning his final meeting into a cage match, and he told Neil that he'd have his lawyers draw up the paperwork. Neil followed Jack out, and Hilary fretted that Jack was making a huge mistake.

Neil reminded Jack that they'd had a conversation about not letting anger blind them, and he worried that Jack was heading to a dark place. Neil urged Jack to hold onto solid ground, like his family and the foundation, but Jack stood by his decision to walk away. Neil thought Jack would eventually see that the foundation's work was worthwhile when he calmed down, but Jack repeated that he wanted no part of it, and he stormed off over Neil's protests. Hilary offered to see what she could do.

Devon told Lily that he hoped Jack got past it in time, just like Devon and Hilary had. Lily disapproved of Hilary interjecting, and she couldn't believe that Neil had let Hilary go after Jack. Devon pointed out that Jack needed a friend, but Lily argued that Hilary had thrown herself at Jack before. Devon reasoned that he and Hilary had been in a bad place back then, but they had gotten through it and were happy, and he was certain that Hilary was as into their marriage as he was. Lily was skeptical.

Devon thought Lily had put her differences with Hilary aside after Hilary had helped Neil reconnect with his mom, but Lily huffed that one act of kindness hadn't changed all of Hilary's scheming against their family. Lily thought that Hilary only cared about status symbols, and the fastest way for Hilary to climb the social ladder was to go after Jack. Lily noted that Hilary had broken her marriage vows before, and Devon questioned whether he could also expect Lily to cheat on Cane if she believed people would always be cheaters.

Lily defended that she was nothing like Hilary, since she'd made an error in judgment, but she'd never intended to hurt anyone. Lily reminded Devon that Hilary had threatened their entire family, but Devon said it was in the past, and he had seen that people could change. He believed that Hilary had gained a new perspective when she hadn't known if she'd make it out of the hospital alive, and he had no doubts that his wife loved him. He continued that he and Hilary had been "through hell and back" and ended up stronger, and not everyone got that kind of happy ending. Lily hoped he was right for his sake.

Hilary found Jack at Jabot and said she'd wanted to make sure he was okay. He insisted that he was fine, and he looked forward to focusing on Jabot, since he had spread himself too thin with the foundation. Jack tried to brush her off, but Hilary thought he could use a friend, and she offered to be there for him like he had been for her. Hilary understood that Jack was hurting, and she recognized that she'd hurt Neil just as badly. She warned that it had led to disastrous things, and she hoped Jack had learned from their mistakes.

Jack noted that Hilary and Devon hadn't stayed away from one another, and Hilary explained that Devon was the love of her life and that her marriage to Neil had been over before he'd found out about their affair. Hilary mentioned that she'd seen in Phyllis' interview how much Phyllis loved Jack and how lousy Phyllis felt. Hilary truly believed that Phyllis felt remorse, and Jack was amazed to hear Hilary defending her. Hilary reasoned that she didn't have to like Phyllis to understand her position, and she thought Phyllis had been torn in two but had chosen her husband.

Hilary recognized that Jack had every right to feel bitter, but she knew Phyllis was punishing herself more than Jack thought. Jack argued that Phyllis should be, since she'd cheated and lied for months, but he knew that she'd headed in that direction after what Victor had done to her. Jack added that Billy had no excuse for betraying him in the worst possible way, so his brother could "rot in hell" for all he cared, and he walked out.

Billy and Ashley arrived at the Chancellor mansion, and he grumbled that Jack had alienated Phyllis by telling her to just get over what Victor had done. Ashley insisted that Jack had never been that callous, but he hadn't shared Phyllis' need for revenge. Billy complained that Ashley was always on Jack's side, but Ashley ranted that Billy had blown up Jack's life, and she thought Billy should keep his distance from Jack and concentrate on his "own damn life." Ashley warned Billy to "stay the hell out" of their brother's way and to keep away from Phyllis.

Billy suggested that Ashley take her own advice and focus on her own life instead of wrecking the lives of the people around her, but Ashley barked to stop putting it on her and to take responsibility for what he'd done. Ashley groused that Billy had put her in the middle, and it killed her to watch her family fall apart because he'd been too selfish and immature to care about the ramifications of his actions. Ashley expected that he would hit rock bottom, and she told him not to dare call her for help to get back up.

After Ashley left, Billy chugged a drink, and Neil arrived. Billy assumed that Neil wanted him to resign from the board, but Neil hoped Billy would stay on. Billy guessed that Neil was throwing a lifeline to a drowning man, but he warned Neil to be careful, since Billy would drag Neil down with him. Neil empathized with the constant struggle Billy faced to keep himself centered when he wanted to run in the other direction, and he saw the beginning of a downward spiral for Billy. Neil imagined that one drink would lead to two or three, and Billy would ultimately call a bookie and end up at a poker table to block everything out.

Neil reminded Billy that he'd managed to pick himself up after Delia had died, but Billy replied that he'd only blown his life apart again. Billy wondered if Jack had been right, and there was no helping someone like Billy, since he clearly hadn't learned his lesson. Neil told Billy that it was never too late to start working the steps again, and he expressed confidence that Billy could break the cycle of destructive patterns. Neil encouraged Billy to do it for himself and for his kids and not to let his mistakes define him. Neil implored Billy to admit he was powerless and to make amends with the people he'd hurt.

Hilary returned to the Athletic Club and kissed Devon, and she cooed that she felt lucky to have him. Lily told Hilary to keep it that way, and Hilary said she would. Neil arrived and reported that he thought he'd made some headway with Billy. Hilary wished she could say the same thing about Jack, and Devon praised Hilary for trying. Hilary relayed that she'd never seen Jack that angry, and she worried about what he'd do next.

Nikki approached as Phyllis moped over a martini at the Athletic Club bar. Phyllis expected that Nikki was there to condemn her, but Nikki voiced her concern about how the fallout of the situation would affect both of their families. Nikki mentioned that Jack had been at the ranch to declare war on Victor, and she worried that Phyllis would go after Victor, too. Phyllis imagined Nikki felt that way because Phyllis had nothing left to live for but revenge.

Nikki admitted that she was scared of what Phyllis might do if she felt like she had nothing left to lose, but Phyllis asserted that she still had her daughter, and she told Nikki to let her finish her drink in peace. Nikki moved a seat closer, and Phyllis bet that Nikki was going to try to convince her to take the high road. Phyllis said Nikki could save her breath, since Phyllis knew that her desire for retaliation had cost her everything. Phyllis blamed herself for planting the landmines and stepping on every single one of them, and she revealed that Jack had kicked her out of Jabot and wanted a divorce. Nikki referred to Phyllis' statement to the press about fighting for Jack, but Phyllis thought there was no point, since the harder she fought, the harder he fought back.

Nikki hoped Phyllis didn't give up on Jack, and Phyllis wondered why Nikki cared. Nikki said she believed Phyllis and Jack loved one another, and she knew what it was like to desperately love her husband but not know if her marriage could work again. Nikki said it hadn't been easy for her and Victor to forgive one another, and she'd had to steer him back to happier memories to shorten the distance between them. Phyllis bemoaned that her situation was hopeless after everything she'd done, and Nikki chided her for surrendering by crying into a martini. Nikki added that Phyllis "sure as hell" wasn't acting like the Phyllis she knew.

At Brash & Sassy, Victoria assured Travis that her ties to Billy ended at co-parenting. She conceded that she was sad about the way Billy was living life, but she swore that she wasn't jealous of Billy's relationship with Phyllis. Travis recognized that the situation was a mess, and he thought he should give Victoria space to figure things out. She questioned whether he was saying they should stop seeing one another.

Travis said he still wanted to be with Victoria, but he didn't want to make things more complicated while she worked through things with Billy. He added that he'd been living out of a suitcase because he'd had no plan when he'd returned to town, and he needed to get a job and a place of his own. Travis insisted that not much would change, since he was still crazy about Victoria, and they would still be together. He promised to have his things packed before she got home from work, and she reluctantly agreed, but she was obviously torn.

Later, Nikki arrived to find out how Victoria had been handling the news about Billy, and she imagined Victoria was upset. Victoria confided that she was upset -- about Travis, who had decided to take a step back and get his own place. Nikki asked if it bothered Victoria that Billy and Phyllis had been together, and Victoria confided that in the back of her mind, she'd thought Billy would still be there for her if she ever wanted to try again. She felt like that door had finally closed, and she hated herself for letting old feelings get to her and keep her from being more deeply invested with Travis.

Nikki inquired whether Victoria thought she and Travis could have something real, and Victoria wasn't sure, but she felt like she and Travis were on the same wavelength. Victoria listed Travis' various positive attributes, and she considered him to be the calm in the eye of the storm in the madness of her life. Nikki thought Victoria ought to be talking to someone else.

Victoria returned home as Travis was about to leave, but she grabbed his bag and said he couldn't go. He reminded her that they'd agreed he'd move out, and she explained that she hadn't formulated an opinion when they'd discussed it, but she'd realized that she didn't need space or time to figure things out with Billy. She said she hadn't been fair to Travis because she'd been holding back from letting things get too deep with him due to her past with Billy, but she didn't want to do that anymore. Victoria proclaimed that Travis was her present and hopefully her future, too.

Victoria swore that it wasn't an impulsive reaction, and when Travis had said he should walk away for a while, it had hit her that it wasn't what she wanted. She called him an incredible man, and she thought she would be stupid not to give what they had a chance. She insisted that he put his bag away and make a home with her and her kids, and he playfully asked if it was an order. Victoria asked if he was all right with that, and Travis pulled her into a kiss.

Nikki stopped by Jabot to talk to Ashley about Jack and Billy. Nikki explained that Billy would always be part of Victoria's life because he was father to Nikki's grandkids, and Ashley suspected that the children were the only ones who could inspire Billy to get his life together. Ashley revealed that she and Billy were at odds, and Nikki anticipated that it would take a long time to work through it. Ashley was concerned about how Jack would get through it, and Nikki imagined that Jack would get past it and find happiness again.

Nikki reported that she'd told Phyllis not to give up hope, and Ashley blurted out that it had been the worst thing Nikki could have done. Nikki thought Jack and Phyllis had to communicate and learn to forgive in order to reconcile, but Ashley retorted that Phyllis had torn Jack's heart out too many times, and Phyllis didn't deserve him. Ashley hoped Jack said goodbye and never looked back.

Phyllis called out for Jack at the Abbott mansion, and she looked at the couch and flashed back to Jack proposing to her. She recalled another time when he'd said he felt more alive with her than he ever had with anyone, and they'd headed upstairs together. She forlornly plopped down on the stairs. Jack arrived home and faced Phyllis, and he coldly asked what she was doing there. She said they hadn't finished their conversation, but he contended that they'd said everything they'd needed to say.

Jack divulged that he'd resigned from the foundation, so Phyllis could go to Neil if she wanted her board seat back. Phyllis protested that Jack shouldn't have left the foundation, but he griped that the foundation's work only provided a temporary crutch for people until they fell down again and blamed everyone else for it. Phyllis announced that she was there to own up to what she'd done, and she took responsibility for setting herself up to destroy their marriage and life together, but she couldn't accept that it was the end for them. Phyllis refused to stop saying she loved Jack because she'd never stopped and never would, and she begged from the depths of her soul for his forgiveness.

Jack surmised that Phyllis was choking on guilt, and she wanted him to make her feel better by saying the words she wanted to hear. He flatly stated that he forgave her, and he told her to get on with her life, since he couldn't get on with his with her in it. He added that whatever they'd had was gone, but she questioned whether all the memories were gone. Jack spat that they'd been replaced with images in his mind of her with Billy, and those images had destroyed everything they'd had together. Phyllis contended that when she looked around the house, she saw what they'd created with one another, and Jack suggested that she avoid the memories by getting out and never setting foot in the mansion again.

Jack threatened to throw Phyllis out, and he imagined that Billy had lots of room, so she could stay with him. Jack volunteered to pack her bags, and he headed up the stairs. Phyllis followed him as she pleaded with him to talk it out, and she grabbed his arm. He jerked away, and she tumbled down the stairs as Billy walked in. Billy demanded to know what Jack had done to her, and Jack worriedly called Phyllis' name.

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