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Thursday, October 8, 2015

At the hospital, Nick sat at Sage's bedside, and she opened her eyes. She worriedly asked if the baby was okay, and Nick replied that their son was beautiful. Sage cried that she should have told him that Gabriel was really Adam, and she asked if Nick could ever forgive her. She expected that the cops would be there to arrest her any minute, even though her baby was fighting for his life. Nick said getting upset wasn't good for her. He stressed that their little boy needed her, and Sage realized that he hadn't told her whether their son was going to make it.

A doctor told Nick and Sage that their son was a fighter, and he was doing everything he could to make sure the boy was okay. The doctor asked Nick to step outside to sign paperwork. Nick obliged, but he surmised that the doctor had been holding information back to avoid upsetting Sage. Nick asserted that Sage needed to see the baby if there was a chance their son wouldn't make it, and the doctor said he thought that was a good idea. Nick returned to Sage's room, and she realized that the doctor had wanted to talk about more than just papers. Nick declared that it was time she met her little boy.

In the NICU, Sage gazed at her baby and agreed he was beautiful, but she became tearful as she looked around at all the machines. Nick assured her that the equipment was helping the boy to get strong. Nick noted that Noah had also been a preemie, and Noah had survived, just like their son would. "Our son," Sage marveled, and she murmured that he needed a name. She mentioned that she'd been thinking about Christian, and Nick was touched that she wanted to use his dad's birth name.

Sage pointed out that it was also Nick's middle name. Nick choked back tears and said that Victor would be blown away to have a grandson named after him, especially since Christian had fought hard to get there. Nick suggested Andrew for middle name, and Sage nodded. "Welcome to the world, Christian Andrew Newman," Nick said with a trembling voice. Nick and Sage clutched hands as they watched the machines work to keep their baby alive.

Abby stopped by the penthouse. Chelsea expected Abby to tell her what an awful person she was for not exposing Adam sooner, but Abby swore she wasn't there to judge. Abby pointed out that she'd also been sucked in by "Gabriel" by thinking that she was qualified to be a COO, and Chelsea said she was sorry Adam had caused problems. Abby sympathized that she could only imagine the head games he'd played with Chelsea, and she praised Chelsea for having the courage to speak up. Chelsea worried that it had been too late to stop the virus.

Chelsea resolved to get over the fantasy of having a life with Adam, and Abby questioned what Chelsea's life looked like without him. Chelsea recognized that she couldn't cut Adam out of her life completely because of his legal rights to Connor, but Abby anticipated that he would lose them once he was convicted of killing Delia. Chelsea bemoaned that the money she'd inherited after Adam's alleged death would be tied up in court, and she worried that she might lose her home. Chelsea confided that she was feeling very trapped, and Abby abruptly made an excuse to leave.

At Newman Enterprises, Kevin glared at an online article about Adam's arrest, and Victor entered the office. "I want to kill your son," Kevin spat, and Victor told him to stand in line. Kevin said Victor didn't understand what it had been like for Kevin to watch Chloe go through months of grief, and he ranted that Adam had taken both Delia and Chloe from him. Victor wondered what Kevin intended to do with his anger, and Kevin pledged to focus his energy on stopping Paragon. Kevin mentioned that the hacker who Victor had tracked down had said the original architect might have left a back door, and he suggested that Victor use whatever leverage he had to make Adam reveal how the company could survive.

Abby entered and asked for a moment with Victor. Victor told Kevin not to leave. Abby said Adam's return had caused a lot of pain, and she appealed to Victor to give Chelsea the freedom to move on with her life by giving her back control of her design business. Abby reasoned that Chelsea 2.0 was a liability to Newman because of the Paragon virus, and forcing Chelsea to work for Newman had only built a wall between Victor and Chelsea. Abby argued that Victor owed it to Chelsea for revealing the truth about Adam, and she encouraged him to give Chelsea her independence back.

Abby contended that the move would be good business, and Chelsea would be grateful to Victor for giving her a chance to make a new life. Victor agreed to do it, and Abby excitedly thanked him. Kevin said they still had to stop the virus. Victor thought he might have a way to do it, but he had to iron out a few things first. Victor stepped out, and Kevin wondered what he was up to. Abby remarked that she'd recognized the look in Victor's eye, and she wouldn't want to be the person in his sights.

Abby told Kevin that burying himself in work wouldn't help. He replied that the only thing better would be to put a fist through Adam's face, and he opted to work instead. Abby recommended talking about it, and Kevin griped that he should have known who Gabriel really was. Abby pointed out that even Victor and Chelsea hadn't known, but Kevin thought he should have recognized Adam's smug demeanor. He said he felt like he'd let Delia down the same way he had on the night she'd died, but Abby firmly told him not to blame himself, since only Adam had been responsible for Delia's death.

Kevin guessed that Adam would love for him to fall apart, but he vowed to stop the virus before it corrupted every file in the Newman mainframe. Abby lamented that it hadn't been enough for Adam to take her niece, so Adam had tried to destroy her entire family. Kevin swore that Adam wouldn't win, and Abby proclaimed that once Kevin stopped Paragon, they'd celebrate that Adam was rotting away in a cell. Kevin was comforted by the thought that Adam would finally pay for what he'd done to Delia.

At Crimson Lights, Michael read about Adam's arrest, and Lauren called Adam a coward for hiding after he'd killed Delia. She asked how Kevin was doing, and Michael reported that Kevin was furious at himself for not seeing through Adam's lies. Michael was shocked to read that Adam was planning to defend himself. Lauren thought that was a good thing, but Michael contended that everyone deserved proper representation in court. Lauren was aghast that Michael was considering representing Adam.

Michael stated that it was his job to defend people, but Lauren reminded him of how Delia's death had destroyed Kevin and Chloe. Michael hated what Adam had done, but he argued that they'd never heard Adam's side of the story. Michael added that everyone deserved a day in court, and things had to be fair for Delia to get the justice she deserved. Michael decided that the least he could do was offer his legal services to Adam, and Lauren hoped Adam turned him down.

In Paul's office, Paul commented that it was an open-and-shut case, and Christine doubted that Adam would get much sympathy from the jury once they saw his videotaped confession. Paul didn't think that Adam wanted any, since Adam hadn't even asked for a phone call. Christine prepared to see what she could get out of Adam, and Michael overheard and asked what she expected to get. Michael announced that he was there to see Adam, and Paul incredulously asked if Michael was representing Adam.

Jack joined Adam in the interrogation room, and Adam inquired whether Jack was there to stand in line to say that he wanted Adam to rot in prison. Jack pointed out that Adam had known that his identity would eventually be discovered, and Adam asked about Sage and the baby. Jack reported that Abby had informed him that mother and child were hanging in there, but the baby would be in the neonatal unit for a while. Adam doubted it because the tot was a Newman, so it wouldn't be long before Victor had the boy riding horses and running board meetings, just like Victor's other prized heirs. Jack surmised that Adam meant all of Victor's heirs except Adam, and he guessed that had been why Adam had teamed up with Ian.

Adam swore that he hadn't intended for the Paragon Project to hurt anyone except Victor, and he especially hadn't wanted to harm Jack, who he thought had always been the person who'd understood him the best. Jack was surprised that Adam didn't consider Chelsea to be that person, and Adam revealed that she wasn't speaking to him. Adam regretted that he'd managed to hurt every person who'd ever given "a damn" about him.

Adam said he was ready to accept his punishment, but Jack questioned whether Adam had given up on the idea of being a family with Chelsea and Connor. Adam groaned that he was tired of lying and running, and he finally felt like he could breathe. Jack empathized, since he'd also hated keeping the secret. Adam apologized for putting Jack in that position. Jack asserted that he'd made his own choice, but he was concerned about how the truth would affect Billy. Jack pointed out that when Adam had supposedly been dead, no one had been around to refute Billy's version of what had happened in the car before it had blown up.

Adam realized that the police would question both him and Billy, and Jack asked what Adam planned to tell them. Michael interrupted and asked to speak to Adam privately. Jack urged Adam to accept Michael's help, and he stepped out. Michael said he was available if Adam wanted a lawyer, but Adam replied that he didn't need one to plead guilty. Michael advised that it wasn't that simple, since Adam needed an attorney to make things right, and Michael wanted to be his lawyer. Adam said he needed something from Michael.

Michael handed Adam his cell phone and warned that Paul and Christine wanted to question him after Adam was done with his call. Adam called Chelsea and begged her not to hang up. He said he didn't expect to see her or Connor again, but he wanted to sincerely apologize for every rotten thing he'd ever done to her. Adam continued that he was sorry he couldn't be the man he'd promised he would be, and she and Connor deserved better, so he wanted them to pretend that he really had died in the crash and move on with their lives. As Chelsea silently sobbed, Adam asked her to tell Connor that Adam loved him, and he said he loved her, too.

During the interrogation, Christine said they had most of the information they needed on Adam's confession tape. Michael argued that Adam had been under extreme emotional distress, but Adam flatly stated that he'd driven the car that had killed Delia. Despite Michael's objections, Adam recounted that he'd been driving home from the hospital after getting devastating news about Connor's eyesight, and he hadn't known he'd hit Delia until he'd returned home. Adam explained that he hadn't stepped forward because he'd been afraid that Chloe and Billy would renege on their offer to donate Delia's corneas to Connor.

Adam conceded that he hadn't done the right thing, but everyone he'd hurt had deserved better, and he deserved whatever punishment he got. Paul turned the topic to the night Adam had allegedly died, and Michael cautioned Adam not comment on it. Adam recounted that Billy had put the pieces together, and Billy had demanded that Adam go with him to Delia's memorial and to her school. Adam explained that Billy had wanted him to know how much he'd hurt everyone who had cared about Delia, and Billy had planned to turn him in to the police, but Adam had lost control of the car. Paul held up an evidence bag with a gun inside, and he said Adam had forgotten to tell them about that.

Michael told Adam not to say a word, and Paul revealed that they'd found the gun at the accident site. Paul added that they knew Billy had held Adam at gunpoint, and they knew the firearm had been discharged once. Adam stated that Billy had been understandably upset, and Christine speculated that Billy hadn't just planned to drive around and turn Adam in. Adam claimed that the gun had fired when he'd panicked and reached for it, but he swore that Billy shouldn't be punished for anything that had happened that night.

Billy and Victoria carried their kids downstairs, and he thanked her for letting him stay the night, since he'd needed reminding of what was important. She remarked that it felt good to have their family together, but Billy quietly noted that it still felt like somebody was always missing. Billy said he'd finally been learning to live without Delia, but since he'd found out Adam was alive, it felt like he was starting all over again, and he was again filled with rage.

Billy gazed at a photo of him and Delia, and Victoria asked if he'd thought about what he wanted to do the next day. He ruled out going to the memorial site, since it no longer felt like a loving tribute, and he only saw it as the place where Adam had taken Delia's life. Victoria thought Delia wouldn't have wanted him to do anything that would make him sad, and she suggested that they go away with the kids. Victoria and Billy agreed that Delia would have loved the idea, and he decided to let the authorities handle Adam.

Billy teased Victoria when he saw the numerous bags she'd packed for just a few days, and she defended that the kids would need their jackets and boots. She imagined a perfect fall getaway, and Billy said it was just what he needed. Later, Billy announced that the car was loaded up, and he and Victoria prepared to hit the road. He answered a call, and he informed her that the cops wanted to talk to him about the night he'd confronted Adam about Delia's death.

Jack left a message for Ashley as Billy and Victoria arrived at the police station, and Billy spotted Michael with Adam. Billy testily assumed that Jack had hired Michael on Adam's behalf, since Jack had known about Adam's true identity for months. Victoria tried to discourage Billy from talking about it in front of the cops, but Billy proclaimed that he didn't care who knew, since Jack was no better than Victor for covering for "that bastard." Paul led Billy into his office, and Jack warned Victoria that it wasn't all about Adam's crimes, since he was afraid the police would go after Billy for attempted murder.

Christine asked Billy to clarify some things about the night Adam had supposedly died, and Billy claimed that the gun had fired accidentally when the car had gone off the road. Paul asked if Billy had pointed a gun at Adam in order to force him to turn himself in, but Billy coolly replied, "No, I intended to kill him." Billy recounted that he'd had Adam down on his knees, begging for his life, but he'd felt that the best way to get justice had been to turn Adam over to the police. Christine wondered if Billy felt like justice was being served, and Billy remarked that it was the closest they would get. Paul told Billy that he was free to go, but he told Billy not to leave town.

Victoria and Billy returned to her house, and he said they'd have to find another plan for the next day. She suggested that they talk about it over dinner, and she hoped that he'd stay the night again -- and again and again. Billy incredulously realized that she was asking him to move back in, and he grinned broadly and exclaimed that he couldn't wait. He realized that after two years, Adam had finally been arrested, and he and Victoria had made their way back to one another. Victoria said Delia would have been happy to know that Billy would wake up at home where he belonged.

Jack stopped by to check on Chelsea, and he recognized that they'd both said things they hadn't meant when they'd last spoken. She conceded that she should have warned Jack before she'd told Billy the truth, and Jack said they had to deal with the fallout, since the police were interrogating Adam about the night of his alleged death. Chelsea argued that Billy hadn't killed Adam, but Jack countered that Billy had wanted to.

Jack was thankful when he learned the police hadn't held Billy, and Chelsea guessed that Adam had uncharacteristically done the right thing. Jack said it had sounded like Adam wanted to make amends for all the pain he'd caused, and she divulged that Adam had called to say that he was setting her free. Jack imagined that it had been somewhat of a relief, but Chelsea thought she'd never be free of Adam, just like Adam would never be free of his guilt over Delia.

Victor entered the interrogation room and glowered at Adam. "Hello, son," Victor said.

. . .

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