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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Noah arrived at the Underground, and Nick voiced his enthusiasm over the numbers Noah had been pulling in. Nick asked if Victor had gotten in touch about that night, but Noah said he couldn't attend their family dinner because he had to get ready for open mic night. Nick had no objection, and he expressed appreciation for the time Noah had been putting in. Noah observed that Nick was in a good mood, and Nick revealed that he'd had a solid time with Chelsea the night before. Noah assumed that they'd hung out as friends, but he guessed from Nick's silence that there was more going on.

Nick explained that he and Chelsea had been stuck at the bar for most of the night after the only other bartender had called in sick, and he gushed that Chelsea had been amazing behind the bar. Noah recalled that Sage had also helped out with bartending, and Nick fondly recalled "silk panties," Sage's specialty drink. Nick said he'd learned that it was okay to create new memories to sit alongside the old ones, and Noah was glad that Nick and Chelsea had taken the plunge. Nick clarified that he and Chelsea were taking it slowly, and he didn't know when he'd see her again. Chelsea walked in and asked who was ready for a doughnut break.

Nick asked what had led to a visit from doughnut fairy, and Chelsea explained that doughnuts were the only way to ease the pain of designer's block. She said she'd had fun the prior evening, and she pretended to reconsider designing in favor of going back to bartending. Noah asked if she'd put him out of a job, and he playfully challenged her to a drink-mixing contest. Noah and Chelsea took their positions behind the bar, and Nick announced that their drinks would be judged on creativity and quality. Nick told them to get ready and mix, and Chelsea and Noah began preparing their drinks.

Later, Nick sipped the drinks, and Chelsea and Noah good-naturedly bantered about whose skills were superior. Nick declared that it was a tie, and Noah protested, but Chelsea thought Nick was just being diplomatic. Noah stepped away to get some work done, and Chelsea said the contest had been fun but unexpected, like the night before. She hoped she and Nick could do something again soon, and he invited her to a Newman family dinner that night. She told him that it hadn't exactly been what she'd had in mind.

Nick recognized that a family dinner wasn't the perfect date, and Chelsea pointed out that his family hadn't invited her. Nick was sure that his parents would love seeing her, and he offered to take off early to have some real fun. He insisted that she couldn't turn him down. Chelsea replied that she could, but she wouldn't.

Victoria was surprised when Lily arrived at Brash & Sassy, since she'd thought Lily had a shoot at Jordan's studio. Lily said she was looking for Cane, and Victoria had assumed that he would be in late after the couple's anniversary celebration the prior evening. Lily grumbled that it hadn't been much of a celebration because Cane felt like Victoria had steamrolled over him to get control of the company. Victoria guessed that Cane had taken his frustrations out on Lily during their special evening.

Lily insisted that she loved working there, and there was no issue between her and Victoria, but she wondered if Cane would have a place there. Victoria recognized that Cane was talented, but she refused to spend more time massaging his bruised ego, so it would only work if Cane committed to being on her team. Jordan entered and asked if Lily was ready.

After the photo shoot, Jordan noted that he'd taken some good shots of Lily that were definitely workable, but she sensed that there was a problem. He indicated that her usual playfulness hadn't been there, and he'd noticed that she hadn't seemed like herself during the shoot. He pressed to know what was going on, and she confided that she didn't know if she could keep doing the job. Lily explained that Cane was having hard time accepting that he had to report to Victoria, so there was a strong chance he would walk.

Lily wondered how she could stay and not feel disloyal, but Jordan pointed out that she'd signed a contract as brand ambassador, so Cane could hardly expect her to resign. She worried that her continuing to work there would make Cane uncomfortable, and Jordan asked if the job made her happy. Lily replied that it did, and he cautioned that great modeling jobs weren't available very often. Jordan encouraged her not to give up her dreams because of someone else's insecurities.

At the Newman ranch, Victor hoped Nikki didn't mind that he'd invited the rest of the family to their special dinner, and she was curious about why he'd arranged another family gathering when they'd just had one. Nikki wondered if Victor had an announcement to make, since she'd been waiting to see what would happen after he'd decided to step back from the company. She speculated that he was finally ready to announce his retirement, but he replied that if and when something that earth-shattering happened, she'd be first to know.

Victoria arrived at the ranch and announced that she was officially the sole owner of Brash & Sassy. Victor and Nikki recognized how much the company meant to Victoria, and Victoria wished everyone understood. Victoria complained that Cane had unloaded on her, and Nikki inquired about how Billy had taken the news. Victoria reported that Billy had been supportive at first, but he hadn't liked how she'd gone about buying the company, and he'd compared her to Victor by calling her cold and unfeeling. Victor figured that with Jill out of the way, Victoria could dump "Billy Boy" as well.

Victoria refused to cut Billy loose just because they'd argued. She asserted that when a woman in charge made a decision, she was thought of as a "bitch," whereas a man was considered strong. Nikki remarked that there was definitely a double standard, and Victor admitted that he'd seen it happen himself. Nikki recalled that he'd been guilty of the same bias when he'd valued his sons' contributions over Victoria's, but Victoria insisted that whatever had happened was behind them. Victor asked if they were calling him a chauvinist.

Victor contended that he and Victoria had had their differences, just like he'd had with his sons. Nikki thought Victor had held Victoria to a higher standard, and Victor said he'd encouraged Victoria to stand on her own two feet. Victoria conceded that Victor had also been hard on Adam and that he expected a lot of Abby, and Nikki called Victor an equal opportunity taskmaster. Victor told Victoria not to let anyone talk critically about what she'd done, since he was proud that she'd reclaimed her company.

After Victor left for a meeting, Nikki agreed that Victoria could be strong and powerful in business, but she advised her daughter not to let it consume her. Nikki recalled that Victor's need to succeed had driven him to shut out everything else, and he was finally realizing it. Victoria also noticed the change in him, and she hoped it lasted. Nikki implored Victoria to learn from her father's mistakes.

At the hospital, a disoriented Jill awakened and demanded to know why Billy and Esther were looking at her like she was in a box at a funeral. Billy explained that he was on escape duty to keep Jill from leaving, and Esther recalled that they'd dragged Jill there because she'd looked terrible. Jill huffed that they could see that she was perfectly all right, and Billy realized that she didn't remember anything. Jill surmised that she'd been given drugs for her acid reflux, and she prepared to get out of there. Billy informed her that they were waiting to talk to the doctor first, and Jill's phone rang with a call from Colin.

Esther complained that Colin had been calling all night, but Billy pointed out that at least Colin had stayed away. Jill threatened that Colin would also be in a hospital bed if she saw his face or heard his voice. Colin left Jill a message to say that he understood that she was upset, and he pleaded with her to call him to let him know she was okay. Cane arrived at the Chancellor mansion and asked why his father had urgently summoned him there. Colin divulged that Jill was in the hospital, and Cane was surprised that Colin wasn't there with her. Colin explained that he was the reason she was there.

Colin told Cane that he'd intended to pay back every penny, but Jill had found out before he'd been able to do so. Cane surmised that Jill was in the hospital because Colin had gambled away her life savings. Colin vowed to make it right by paying back the money so Jill could buy Jack's share of Fenmore's, and he requested Cane's help. Cane thought Colin was out of his mind if he expected Cane to lend him money, but Colin was determined to tell Jill that she was solvent the next time he saw her. Cane warned that it wouldn't erase what Colin had done. Colin prepared to go to the hospital to grovel for mercy.

Meanwhile, Billy lectured that the only thing that mattered was Jill's health, but Jill maintained that there was nothing wrong with it. Esther argued that Jill was in intensive care, and Jill assumed it had been a mix-up. A doctor entered and introduced herself as the cardiologist on call, but Jill insisted that the problem was her stomach and not her heart. Jill asked when she could go home, and the doctor replied that it wouldn't be that day, since an EKG had indicated that Jill had suffered a heart attack.

The doctor revealed that Jill had heart disease, and plaque had been building up in her arteries, so they'd had to place two stents near her heart to allow her heart muscle to get enough oxygen. The doctor was hopeful that Jill would regain full function, and she considered Jill lucky for getting to the hospital when she had, or the incident could have been fatal. Billy asked how they'd need to care for Jill when she got home, but Jill ranted that it was ridiculous, since she wasn't sick. Billy snapped that it was a wake-up call, and Jill told him not to treat her like a frail old woman. The doctor urged Jill to calm down and breathe.

Jill argued that she hadn't keeled over, and she tried to get up to go home, but Billy and Esther forced her back into bed. The doctor understood that Jill was having trouble accepting her condition, and she explained that women's symptoms were often different than men's. The doctor mentioned Jill's jaw pain and shortness of breath, and Jill said she'd thought it had been her acid reflux. The doctor warned that some symptoms could mimic one another, but things like panic attacks and stomach pains might be present with heart issues, and it was crucial to get to a doctor right away if they occurred.

The doctor cautioned that heart disease was the leading cause of death for women in the country, and Billy inquired whether Jill would be okay. The doctor anticipated that Jill would be able to get back to her usual activities in time and that Jill would live a fairly normal life if she made some lifestyle adjustments. The doctor advised Jill to avoid stress in order to stay well, and she queried about Jill's family history. Billy mentioned that Jill's father had died of a massive heart attack, and Esther added that Jill didn't know anything about her mother's side. Jill requested that Esther fetch her some coffee, and Esther stepped out to get some herbal tea.

The doctor instructed Jill to call 9-1-1 if she experienced any symptoms, since time would be critical. The doctor said she'd booked Jill for an echocardiogram to see how the stents were working, but Jill complained that she had too much to do to wait around for more tests. Billy insisted that Jill take care of herself, but Jill barked that neither Billy nor the doctor could force her to stay. Billy asked for a minute alone with his mother.

Billy acknowledged that Jill didn't want more tests, and she warned him not to breathe a word about her private medical information to anyone. He insisted that she follow through with the ultrasound to find out as much as possible, and he questioned when she'd last had a physical. She replied that it had been when she'd been admitted with acid reflux, but there hadn't been any need to follow up. Colin entered over Cane's objections, and Jill lashed out at Colin for having the nerve to be there. Colin pledged to do anything he could to make things right, and he begged her to let him stay.

Jill knew that Colin wanted her to say that she was moved by his deep regret and sincere desire to make amends, but she wanted a husband who respected her. Colin insisted that he did, but she spat that if he had, he wouldn't have lied to her or used her like a "personal ATM machine." Billy ushered Colin out, and Cane tenderly asked how Jill was doing. She claimed that she'd landed in the hospital because she'd run herself ragged. She downplayed her condition and promised to manage her stress better, and Cane apologized for his father being a "jackass." Jill conceded that she'd known what Colin was like when she'd married him, but she'd never thought he would do that to her.

In the corridor, Billy blasted Colin for showing up after Jill had made it clear that their marriage was over. Colin voiced concern about what was going on, and he swore that he loved Jill and would never do anything to hurt her. Billy blurted out that she'd had a heart attack because of Colin, and a stunned Colin asked what the doctor had said. Billy relayed that they were running more tests, but the most important thing was for Jill to stay calm. Billy suggested that Colin get out of there if he didn't want to make things worse, but Colin raced back to Jill's room. Cane closed the curtains in Colin's face.

Later, Lily and Cane met at Crimson Lights, and they awkwardly sat down at a table. She said she didn't like how they'd left things the night before, but she'd been more upset when he hadn't been there when she'd woken up that morning. He informed her that he'd received a text message from his dad, and he'd found out that Jill was in the hospital due to stress. Cane reported that Jill would be fine, but he couldn't say the same thing about Jill and Colin's marriage, since Colin had helped himself to Jill's money. Cane explained that it was why he hadn't been there that morning, and he was sorry for the way he'd acted the night before. Lily conceded that she could have been more sensitive.

Lily was willing to put the disastrous anniversary dinner in the past, but she thought there were some things that she and Cane still needed to work out. She broached the subject of her staying on at Brash & Sassy, and Cane bristled when she mentioned that she'd been talking to Jordan about it after her photo shoot that day. She relayed that Jordan had advised her to think about what made her happy, and she really loved her new job and wanted to keep it, but she needed to know if it would be a huge issue for Cane. Cane replied that he would never ask her to quit, and he wanted her to be happy. She smiled and said she'd been hoping he'd say that, and they hugged and kissed.

Jill thanked Billy for getting rid of Colin. Billy observed that Cane hadn't seemed all that worried when he'd left, and Jill said she'd spared Cane the details. Billy referred to the changes she was about to go through, and she ordered him to stop talking about it, but he stressed that she had to start taking it seriously. He recognized that she was scared and that she didn't want to think there was anything to worry about, but she'd almost died the night before. Jill denied it, but Billy flatly stated that her heart disease wasn't going away.

Billy reprimanded Jill for neglecting her health for too long and said it had to stop unless she wanted to end up back there again. Billy ordered Jill to stop fighting the doctors and the tests, or she wouldn't have a choice anymore. Jill begrudgingly agreed to the tests, but she grumbled that she didn't have to like it. Billy held her close.

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• Noah announces that Reed will be performing at open mic night.

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