Thursday, May 26, 2016

Cane escorted Jill to Chancellor Park after picking her up from the airport, and he teased her for not being able to go without visiting Katherine. He remarked that there was no shame in keeping Katherine's memory alive, and Jill half-expected Katherine to swoop in on a broom if they didn't kiss her ring. Cane questioned whether Jill had made a donation to the Winters-Abbott Foundation out of fear that Katherine would strike her down, but Jill recalled that Katherine's years of boozing it up had made Jill's life "hell." Jill bet that Katherine was in heaven, talking to Phillip, Rex, and John about how the tramp was back in town, and she bemoaned that she missed Katherine.

Jill informed Cane that she was funding a hospital wing to be dedicated in Katherine's name, since Katherine had worked hard to get sober and to help others do so, and she was glad Neil and Jack had suggested it. Hilary overheard as she passed by, and she remarked that she was glad Jill felt that way, since Jill had her to thank for the idea. Cane explained that Hilary was on the foundation's board, and Hilary crowed that Jack and Neil had found her to be invaluable. Jill attributed Hilary's board seat to nepotism and Devon's bank account, but Hilary continued to take credit for using Katherine's name to further their cause.

Jill ordered Hilary to stop talking like Katherine had been her best friend, and Hilary conceded that she'd never met Katherine, but she felt like she'd known Devon's grandmother. Jill growled that Katherine would have seen right through Hilary, since Katherine had hated gold-diggers. Hilary pointed out that Jill had been the manicurist who'd stolen Katherine's husband, and Jill vowed to use her clout to keep Hilary away from the foundation's latest project. Hilary announced that she was in charge of the dedication of the Chancellor-Turner memorial wing, and Jill threatened that Hilary would be the one who'd need a memorial if she tried to pull it off.

Cane tried to intervene, but Jill refused to pay money to share a dedication with Hilary. Hilary asserted that Katherine and Rose had both been brave women who'd battled addiction, and their names deserved to be side by side. Jill countered that Hilary's name wasn't on the check, and Hilary pondered what the press would think if Jill pettily reneged on making the contribution. Jill intended to introduce Hilary as a social-climbing parasite who was trying to gain some class by latching onto the Chancellor name, but Hilary argued that Jill didn't have control of the press like she once had, whereas Hilary had good standing in Genoa City.

Jill barked that Hilary only had credibility because of the money Katherine had left Devon, and Hilary imagined that Jill was still stung that it had been much more than Katherine had left Jill. Hilary added that everyone had agreed on the name of the wing, and she turned to Cane for support. Cane reluctantly confirmed that the board had approved the name, and Jill incredulously asked if he was taking Hilary's side. Jill spat that if Hilary wanted her name on something, she could earn it. Jill stalked off, and Cane started to follow her, but Hilary ominously suggested that he remember which side he was on.

In the Athletic Club dining room, Billy flirtatiously pushed Bethany to tell him more about her crush on him, and he questioned how they could revive it. She asked if he had a suite upstairs, and he asked what she was suggesting. She mentioned that she'd seen him descending the stairs earlier, and he said he wasn't staying there, but he had a shack not far from there. Bethany requested a tour, and she declared that her shift had just ended. Billy stated that his had just begun, and they left together.

At Billy's place, Billy and Bethany made out on the couch, but he couldn't stop thinking about his romp with Phyllis. Bethany asked if something was wrong, and he offered to show her the amazing curtains in his bedroom. They proceeded to have sex upstairs, and they heard pounding on the front door, but Bethany purred not to stop. In the foyer, Jill slammed the door behind her and grumbled about the lack of welcome home, and her expression turned to stunned horror as she looked around. She stared at the artwork above the mantel as Billy led Bethany downstairs to try some wine from the cellar, clad only in sheets. Jill demanded to know what he'd done to Katherine's house.

Jill sourly asked if Bethany was Billy's decorator, and Bethany wondered if Billy lived with his mom. Billy clarified that it was his place, and Jill complained about what he'd done with the beautiful house she'd given him. Jill ordered Bethany to put some clothes on, and Bethany went upstairs to take a shower. Jill asked "what the hell" was wrong with Billy, but he pointed out that she'd been the one who'd barged in, and it wasn't a monastery. Jill scowled at the "hideous color" he'd painted the walls, and she quipped that it looked like a bordello for depressives.

Jill said she'd expected Billy to at least respect Katherine's memory by leaving her portrait up, and he led Jill to the foyer, where he'd hung Katherine's portrait so everyone could see it. Jill lectured that he could have left it over the fireplace, but she bet that he'd wanted to prevent Katherine from looking down on whatever he'd been doing on the sofa. Billy recalled that Katherine had wanted him to live his life, but Jill chastised him for doing it by chasing skirts and having cheap sex. Billy argued that he might be in a meaningful relationship, and Jill asked the name of the woman she'd just found him with. Billy stammered that it was Brittany, but Jill wasn't convinced, and Billy wondered when his mother had become a prude.

Jill acknowledged that Billy was a grown man who could have all the sex he wanted, but one of the reasons she'd returned home had been to give him a shove in the right direction after he'd stolen Brash & Sassy from the mother of his children. Billy was sure that Jill knew it had been a smart business deal, but she chided him for turning Katherine's home into a man cave. Jill wailed that she'd thought she'd be able to feel Katherine's presence there, but there was nothing left of their former battlefield.

Billy offered to put the portrait back up on the mantel, but Jill explained that she'd wanted him to have a real home where he could raise his kids and put down roots, and she'd given him the house to make up for all the years he'd railed at her for sending him away to boarding school. She'd envisioned that it would be a place for family dinners and holidays, not bimbos checking out the wine cellar. She realized that Billy might not be a little boy anymore, but he'd never grown up, and he had no sense of priorities. She whimpered that it broke her heart, and she walked out.

A fully dressed Bethany returned downstairs, and she inquired whether it was safe. She cooed that she was ready for the tour, but Billy said he had to take a rain check. She recognized that Jill had killed the mood, but she knew of one thing that had always put a twinkle in his eye when they'd worked together at On the Boulevard. She guessed that her coworkers were about to start a mean game of poker, and she asked if he was feeling lucky.

Bethany suggested that she and Billy get on his bike, win big at cards, and return to the mansion to celebrate. Billy maintained that he had to pass, and she seductively proposed that they take a dip in the pool. He said they'd do it another day, and he told "Brittany" that he'd had a great time. Bethany thanked him for nothing, and she corrected that her name was Bethany as she stormed out.

In an Athletic Club suite, Jack and Phyllis cuddled in bed, and he inquired whether she was still with him or far away again. Phyllis insisted that she was there with Jack, counting her blessings. She gushed that their kids were happy and healthy, Victor was in a cell, and Jabot was finally thriving. She added that she loved Jack and the life they'd built, and he murmured that it felt good to hold her in his arms, but it was even better to know that it would last forever. He proclaimed that it was them against the world, and they were unstoppable together. Phyllis flashed back to having sex with Billy.

Later, Phyllis reflected back on forcing Billy to agree that nothing would happen between them ever again, and Jack called to her and asked if she was okay. She jokingly wished that they'd booked a suite for Mrs. Martinez next door, since Phyllis was famished. Phyllis prepared to pull something together from the mini-bar, but Jack quipped that the club didn't have enough insurance to cover her cooking. He offered to go downstairs to get her some food, and she insisted on joining him. He noted that they were having a lot of togetherness, and he worried that she'd get tired of him. She called him her other half, and she swore that she'd get tired of herself before she got tired of him. They kissed.

Downstairs, Devon asked a sullen Lily if everything was okay, and she testily questioned whether it was okay that his "bitch of a wife" was blackmailing her. Devon advised Lily to keep her voice down, and Lily griped that Hilary got to keep pulling the strings by threatening to put Neil in jail. Devon was sure that Hilary wouldn't go to the cops because she wouldn't put Devon at risk, but Lily couldn't believe that he still thought Hilary cared about protecting him. Lily thought Hilary would sacrifice their entire family to get what she wanted, and she wondered how Devon could love someone who might turn on him at any second.

Devon swore that he and Hilary loved one another, and he didn't agree with what Hilary was doing, but he refused to give up on her or their marriage. Devon pointed out that Cane had done terrible things to Lily, but Lily argued that she and Cane were better together than apart, and she wondered what Hilary added to Devon's life. Devon defended that he and Hilary had worked hard to get to that point, and they'd hurt people in the process. Lily concluded that if Devon and Hilary broke up, he'd feel like they'd hurt Neil for no reason.

Lily asserted that it wasn't a show of love to put up with Hilary's blackmail scheme, and she wondered if Devon had noticed the attention Hilary had been paying to Jack. Devon reasoned that Jack had been the one person who'd given Hilary a chance when no one else had, and he urged Lily not to make trouble. Lily pointedly stated that she wasn't the one doing so. Hilary rushed in and interrupted Jack and Phyllis' dinner, claiming that she urgently needed him.

Phyllis huffed that Jack was off the clock, and Jack agreed that there was no work on his agenda. Hilary insisted that the news couldn't wait until morning, and she announced that Jill was threatening to pull out of the dedication because Katherine was being honored alongside Hilary's mother. Hilary cried that Jill had said venomous things about Hilary and her mom, and Jack recognized that it could be a disaster to lose the endorsement. Phyllis calmly recommended that they resolve the matter by having two separate dedications of two different wings, and she declared that the problem had been solved just in time for her and Jack to have a cozy dinner alone.

Jack loved his wife's clever idea, but Hilary protested that other donors would lose incentive if the foundation arranged too many dedications too early. Jack stated that any donor could see how important Katherine and Rose were to the foundation and its mission, and he considered Phyllis' idea to be fair. Phyllis added that having separate dedications would keep Hilary's mom's journey from being overshadowed in the press, and Jack declared that it was the answer. A defeated Hilary said she trusted his judgment, and she left to make the arrangements. Jack noticed that Phyllis had a glint in her eye, and he repeated that it was them against the world.

Phyllis said she'd always be there to back up her husband, and Jack suggested that they get their food to go. Jill stormed in and demanded an explanation for why she hadn't been told about the shared dedication, and Jack informed her that Phyllis had arrived at a solution to have two separate ceremonies. Jack asserted that Katherine should have her own wing, and he apologized for not planning it that way from the beginning. Jill thanked them for handling it, but she warned that Jack had made an egregious mistake by including Hilary in the foundation. Jill added that they had more important things to focus on, since Billy was going off the rails.

Jill griped that while her life had been great abroad, everything had been "going to hell" in Genoa City. Phyllis remarked that Jill had been the glue that had held the town together, and they just couldn't get along without her. Jill expressed concern that Billy had turned Katherine's home into a man-child's playroom with booze, toys, and random naked women wrapped up in sheets, and Phyllis was taken aback. Jill ranted that Billy was incapable of making good choices, and she expected that he would ruin his life unless they saved him from himself.

In the foyer, Devon stopped Hilary from leaving and asked if she'd been talking to Jack about the foundation. She complained that people were threatened whenever she tried hard to do something good, and she revealed that Jill had poured out insults and had treated her like garbage. Hilary added that Jill had threatened to pull her donation just to see Hilary's mom get thrown into the background, but Devon thought the idea of Rose having her own wing was even more respectful. Hilary grumbled that the press wouldn't care about another lush who'd drunk herself to death.

Devon inquired whether Hilary cared more about the press than the foundation. Hilary said she'd poured her heart and soul into the foundation, and she'd loved her mother, but Rose had let her demons get to her. Hilary expected that Katherine would be presented as a success story, whereas Rose had been the ultimate failure, and Hilary was a failure's daughter. Devon insisted that it wasn't who Hilary was, and he knew what it was like for other people to define him because of his mother. Devon vowed that Rose would get the attention and recognition she deserved, and he'd make sure that the Rose Turner wing changed lives. Hilary marveled that he was the only one who never mistook her motives, and she hugged him and hoped he knew how much he meant to her.

Cane summoned Lily to the park, and he reported that Hilary was holding the kidnapping over his head to get what she wanted. He continued that Hilary had no respect for anyone, including Katherine's memory, and Lily ranted that she hated Hilary. Cane couldn't imagine what he could possibly say to Jill to convince her to share a stage with a woman she loathed, and Lily relayed that Devon didn't believe Hilary would expose Neil, but she couldn't stand by and watch Hilary ruin their lives. Lily thought they had to find a way to stop Hilary if Devon wouldn't, but Cane lamented that Hilary had all the power.

Lily remarked that Hilary had only as much power as they gave her, and she proposed that they take it away by calling Hilary's bluff. Cane inquired whether Lily was prepared to see Neil and Devon put behind bars, and he was determined to find a way to neutralize Hilary so that she wouldn't expose Neil and Devon. Cane cautioned that there was no bouncing back from calling Hilary's bluff if she went to the cops, and Lily didn't want to risk putting her dad in prison. Lily planned to get Devon on their side in order to yank Hilary back in line.

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