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Thursday, June 22, 2017

At the park café, Nick observed that Phyllis seemed riveted by something on her phone. She explained that she was waiting for an update on Brash & Sassy's sexual harassment lawsuit, and Nick assumed that Billy had once again shown a lack of judgment. Phyllis informed him that Cane had been the one named in the suit, and she lamented that everyone around Cane was paying the price. Nick couldn't see Cane cheating on Lily or using his position to force a woman to have sex, but Phyllis pointedly noted that Cane wouldn't have been the first happily married man to screw up.

Phyllis hoped Cane was innocent so they could wrap up the case and all move on, since Billy had been taking on more work and responsibility with the kids to make life easier for Victoria. Nick thought Phyllis was insecure because of the attention Billy was giving to Victoria, but Phyllis insisted that she was just annoyed because Victoria had pushed Billy away because of boundaries, yet Victoria suddenly didn't have any. Nick warned that they'd both seen the movie and knew how it ended, but Phyllis asserted that Billy was committed to her. She wondered if Nick could say the same thing about Chelsea, and she advised him to stop judging her relationship and take care of his own.

Jordan stopped by Chelsea's penthouse and noted that it looked like a fabric hurricane had ripped through the place. Chelsea bemoaned that she was behind on her collection, especially since she no longer had a partner to bounce ideas off of. Jordan said he'd been hoping she was okay after he'd heard the news about Chloe, but Chelsea suspected that he was there for more than just to check on her. Jordan explained that a woman who'd been fired from Brash & Sassy was suing for sexual harassment, and Hilary had encouraged the woman to file.

Jordan asked for Chelsea's take on Hilary, and Chelsea replied that Hilary seemed like a complicated, high-maintenance woman. Chelsea recognized that Hilary had caused her fair share of drama but had also been on the receiving end, and Hilary always put herself and her show first. Jordan complained that Hilary hadn't had any problem slamming the company he worked for just to get a juicy story, and he resented that she would do whatever it took to trash Lily and Cane. Jordan revealed that Hilary had agreed to kill the story after they'd gotten into a fight, but he didn't like the vengeful thing she had going on against Lily. Chelsea wondered if Lily was more than just a friend to Jordan.

Jordan swore that Lily was one of his very few friends and that his only mixed feelings were for Hilary. Chelsea figured that no harm would be done if Hilary didn't pursue the story, but she understood that it was difficult when a couple disagreed about an issue. Chelsea believed that Hilary obviously cared about what Jordan thought, and she urged him to decide whether what he and Hilary had was worth fighting for or not. The doorbell rang, and Chelsea invited Nick in. Jordan and Nick exchanged pleasantries, and Jordan departed.

Nick guessed that Chelsea planned to use Jordan for photo shoots, but she confessed that she hadn't been honest, since she and Jordan went way back. Chelsea revealed that she'd known Jordan back in her scamming days, when he'd been a photographer who had taken pictures that people wouldn't want to put on their résumés, but he'd since gone legit. Nick hoped she knew that she could have told him the truth, and Chelsea explained that she'd promised Jordan that she'd be discreet. She assured Nick that Jordan hadn't taken photos of her and that they hadn't been an item, but she just wanted their history to stay in the past, since she had her hands full with the present.

Chelsea recognized that Nick wished she'd given Victor his money back, but she anticipated that it would help her take her company to the next level. She was excited to get back to her passion, and Nick joked that he'd thought he was her passion. She doubted he cared about women's designs, but he replied that he dug the designer, and they kissed. Chelsea sensed that he wasn't passionate about running the Underground, and Nick said he'd never felt that way about any job, but he liked seeing the fire in her eyes. He suggested that they celebrate, and he turned to the shopping bag he'd arrived with. He announced that he had something to show her how much she meant to him.

Nick pulled out a bouquet of flowers to start, followed by a pastry box. Chelsea hoped it was doughnuts, but inside the box, she discovered a T-shirt with pictures of doughnuts on it. Nick presented her with tickets to the water park, and he envisioned her in a bathing suit. Chelsea gushed that he hadn't needed to impress her with all that, but he explained that he'd done it because what they had meant a lot to him. He added that he didn't take it for granted and never would, and they kissed.

At the deposition, Leslie asked Cane to tell her if Juliet had spent the night in his room, and he nervously guessed so. Lily raced out as Cane called after her, and Michael requested an adjournment. Leslie indicated her willingness to revisit the idea of a settlement. Cane chased after Lily, who demanded to know exactly what had happened in his hotel room that night.

Lily berated Cane for lying to her from the moment he'd landed in Japan. He protested, but she bellowed that she'd just seen a video of a woman leaving his hotel room after he'd invited her in. Cane defended that he'd barely been able to walk, and Lily blasted him for getting so drunk that he'd forgotten about his wife and kids. She wanted to know exactly what had happened in the hotel, and he recalled that he'd passed out then woken up alone.

Cane continued that when he'd talked to Lily, he'd been hungover and embarrassed about getting drunk, and he hadn't known that Juliet had stayed over until she'd told him later. Lily realized that he'd known but hadn't told her, and she imagined that he wouldn't have said anything if Leslie hadn't found the footage. Cane swore that he hadn't wanted to hurt Lily and the kids, and he begged her to believe he was telling the truth. She stormed off.

Leslie told Michael to keep her posted, and Juliet followed her out of the conference room. Michael figured that it hadn't been the first time a client had withheld crucial information, but Billy questioned why anyone would keep defending Cane when the tape had proven that he'd lied. Victoria pointed out that just because Juliet had been in Cane's room hadn't meant Cane had harassed or coerced her, but Billy spat that it proved Cane was a lying sleaze, and he worried that they had no idea what the next bombshell would be.

Victoria refused to think about settling until she talked to Cane, but Billy expected Cane to tell more lies. Michael conceded that the footage made the case harder to win, but he agreed that the video didn't prove anything but an overnight stay. Billy grumbled that it proved Cane was incapable of telling the truth. Victoria promised to call Michael once she made a decision.

In the corridor, Juliet wondered why Leslie hadn't told her about the security footage, and Leslie replied that she hadn't been sure the hotel would be able to provide it. Juliet gleefully recalled the look on Cane's face when he'd realized he couldn't lie anymore, and Leslie agreed that his credibility had taken a huge hit. Leslie instructed Juliet to go to the hotel and relax, and she'd call when she heard from Michael. Leslie suspected that Brash & Sassy couldn't afford another press nightmare after the problems with the hockey league.

At the park café, Billy complained to Phyllis about Cane's lies. Phyllis opined that the video didn't mean Cane was guilty, since they had no idea what had gone on in the room, and it was a big leap from consensual sex to coercion. Billy recalled the looks on Lily and Victoria's faces, and Phyllis asked how Victoria was handling things. Billy replied that Victoria had her battle gear on, and he hoped she took his advice and cut Cane loose.

Billy thanked Phyllis for sticking by him even though he'd been preoccupied and distant. Phyllis assured him that she was exactly where she wanted to be, and Billy swore that she was the only woman in his life. She wondered what he thought would happen with the case, and he didn't expect Victoria to give up or give in. He hoped that Victoria realized the best option was to cut a check and have it be over for the company, but he imagined the pain was just beginning for Cane and Lily.

Cane and Lily returned home, and he remarked that she hadn't said anything on the way home. She snapped that he'd deceived her, Michael, and Victoria every day since the night in Japan. Cane admitted that he'd drunk too much, but he maintained that he hadn't betrayed Lily. Cane explained that he'd lied because he had been ashamed and had wanted to forget it had happened, but Lily pointed out that Juliet obviously hadn't. Lily thought Juliet's testimony had been convincing, and she wondered how much of it had been true. Cane pleaded that there was nothing more important to him than Lily and their family, and he wouldn't throw it away on a stranger.

Lily said she knew what it was like to make the wrong decision and be filled with shame and regret, but she'd admitted what she'd done to Cane, whereas he'd lied to her. Cane reiterated that Juliet's accusation of him coercing her into sex was a lie and that she'd only done it because she wanted a big payday. Lily questioned whether Cane had been eager for Victoria to hire Juliet because of the night in Tokyo. Cane swore that he'd thought Juliet would be an asset to company, since she'd done a good job by helping to close the Asian deal. Lily spat that it had been something else he hadn't told her.

Cane swore that he and Lily could get through it, and he begged her not to let it break them up after everything they'd gone through together. His phone rang with a call from Victoria, and Lily coldly told him not to keep Victoria waiting. Cane asked if Lily would be okay, and he reached out to her, but she turned away. Cane headed out, and Lily broke down in tears.

Later, Jordan stopped by the Ashby home and inquired about the deposition, but Lily remained quiet. He pushed to know if Juliet had dropped the suit, but Lily informed him that the case against Cane was stronger than they'd known. Jordan grumbled that Cane didn't deserve Lily. Lily wailed that Cane had begged her to believe him, and she really wanted to. Jordan asked if that meant she didn't.

Lily recounted that she'd never seen an attraction or flirtation between Cane and Juliet, and Jordan agreed that he hadn't, either, but it didn't mean they hadn't had sex. Jordan asserted that if he had a wife like Lily, there would be no way another woman would have spent the night in his room. Jordan was livid that Cane had made Lily question Cane and herself, and he thought she had a big decision to make. Jordan questioned whether she could put her faith in Cane and forgive him or if she'd had enough.

Cane met Victoria at Brash & Sassy, and she coldly stated that he'd lied to her, even when she'd specifically asked him to tell the truth about that night in Tokyo. Cane conceded that he should have told her that he'd passed out in his room, and she admonished him for also covering up how he'd almost blown the Asian deal. She testily asked if there was anything else he wanted to tell her about that night, since she was giving him one more chance to tell the truth. Cane admitted that he'd gotten drunk and passed out, but he stressed that he'd never dangled the job in front of Juliet or tried to convince her to have sex with him.

Cane acknowledged that he'd been an idiot, and he regretted his behavior, but he swore that Juliet's allegations were untrue. Victoria wished he'd told her and Michael the whole story instead of letting them be ambushed by the video, and Cane thought they needed to settle the case. Victoria contended that she didn't know or care if Cane and Juliet had had sex, but she saw nothing to support Juliet's claim of sexual harassment.

Victoria asked if Cane was sure he hadn't inadvertently implied something, and Cane pointed out that Juliet hadn't had a complaint before she'd been fired. Cane suggested that perhaps settling was the best way to make the whole thing go away. Victoria noted that both Cane and Juliet had been less than truthful but that Juliet couldn't produce evidence of something that didn't happen. Victoria vowed to fight the lawsuit all the way.

Dina met Jack at Jabot in response to a message he'd left. Dina refused to tolerate Jack's interference in her relationship with Graham, since she considered Graham part of the family. Jack argued that Graham wasn't family and that she had actual family around, so there was no reason for her to lean on Graham when she could lean on them. Dina contended that she and Graham were very close and that he knew things about her that her blood family didn't. Jack griped that Graham had insinuated himself into parts of her life where he didn't belong, and he guessed that Graham had taken advantage of her loneliness and wanted something in return.

Dina huffed that she wasn't some lonely old woman who was grateful for small acts of kindness, and she understood that her relationship with Graham was an arrangement. Dina said she and Graham were there for one another like people in any strong relationship, but Jack questioned why she wouldn't rely on Jack and his sisters. Dina recalled that Graham had been there for her when her children hadn't been, and she refused to abandon Graham. Jack barked that he didn't trust Graham, but Dina countered that Graham had always proven himself and had never let her down.

Dina regretted her part in her estrangement from her children, and she was glad to have them back in her life, but she insisted that her relationship with Graham had nothing to do with them. Jack asked why Dina seemed to be the only person in Graham's life, and she wondered if Jack felt that his inheritance was being threatened. Jack countered that no one in the family needed or wanted Dina's wealth, but he didn't want to see her exploited. He added that he couldn't let it go because he cared, but Graham's arrival interrupted them.

Jack mentioned that Dina had just been singing Graham's praises for being an excellent employee, and he expressed surprise that Graham wasn't in Paris to oversee her affairs. Graham informed Dina that he'd just spoken with Jean-Marc, who was anxious to hear from her about signing some documents. Dina explained that Jean-Marc was her attorney, and Graham claimed that there was still paperwork from the Mergeron transaction to complete. Dina applauded Graham's business acumen, and she suggested they tend to the papers. After Dina and Graham stepped out, Jack made a call and requested an urgent meeting.

Later, Jack thanked Michael for stopping by. Jack explained that he needed to know his options about controlling his mother's finances and holdings, but Michael advised that it wouldn't happen unless Dina gave Jack her power of attorney. Jack questioned whether there might be any loopholes, but Michael argued that Dina was an adult of sound mind who'd been estranged from her children until recently.

Jack griped that Graham had insinuated himself into every facet of Dina's life, and he wanted to get in touch with an attorney named Jean-Marc who'd been involved in the sale of Mergeron. Michael was familiar with the French lawyer, but he warned that it wouldn't bode well if Jack approached Jean-Marc behind Dina's back. Michael said his hands were tied, and he could only offer Jack good luck and advice to be careful, since people did strange things when love and money were involved.

At the Athletic Club, Graham was concerned that Jack had upset Dina, and he observed that Dina didn't seem like herself whenever she reached out to her children. Dina defended that Jack had been more than gracious when he'd invited her to stay at his house, but Graham reminded her that they both knew why it wasn't a good idea. Graham griped that Jack had never put his resentment aside, and it hadn't been enough for Jack when Dina had chosen to extend her stay.

Graham lectured that Jack couldn't accept that Dina had had a full life before Jack had reentered it. Dina insisted on having Jack in her life, even if it was trying for Graham. Graham swore that he wasn't thinking about himself and that he would be content to follow her wherever she wanted to go. Graham added that he'd made a commitment to her that her children would never make, and he intended to keep it.

On the next The Young and the Restless...

• Mariah questions whether Tessa wants to sign her life away to Devon.

• Nick prepares to tell Chelsea something that might change the way she feels about them.

• Cane warns Hilary to stay out of it because he wouldn’t let her destroy Lily or their family.

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