Thursday, November 19, 2015

At the police station, Chelsea hoped the judge would let Adam out on bond, but Michael warned that the chances weren't good after Victor had pulled his support. She said they had to find a way to fix it, since she wanted Adam out of prison immediately. Meanwhile, a guard led Adam out of his prison cell and ominously declared that it was time to play with the other "kiddies," since Adam couldn't hide behind his rich daddy there.

Michael recalled that Adam had been devoted to destroying Victor for a long time, but the need to win Victor's approval had always had a primal hold on Adam. Chelsea mentioned that she'd been present when Adam and Victor had reached out to one another, but Michael warned that it never lasted. Michael prepared to head to the prison, and Chelsea insisted on going with him, since she needed to look Adam in the eye to see if he had been willing to risk their life together to get back at his father.

At the prison, Chelsea started to embrace Adam, but the guard barred them from having physical contact. Chelsea realized that Adam was hurt, and Michael recognized that the guards didn't always step in when they should. Chelsea insisted that they go to the warden, but Adam told her to leave it alone, since he didn't want to talk about it in the limited time they had. Michael wanted to discuss Victor withdrawing his support, and Adam expected Victor to use his hold over Judge Moxley against Adam. Adam recognized that Victor thought Adam had helped Ian escape, and Chelsea said they needed to convince Victor otherwise.

Chelsea suggested that they find Ian and force him to admit that he'd been working on his own, but Michael doubted Ian would confess to endangering lives and destroying millions of dollars of property. Adam said his only chance of getting out of prison was his appeal, and Chelsea thought they needed to get Victor to believe Adam so Victor would force an acquittal. Michael thought it would blow up in their faces, and he stepped out to give Adam and Chelsea a moment alone. Adam said she looked beautiful, and he asked how she and Connor were doing. She wanted him to see for himself when he got home, and he said the fact she had faith in him meant everything.

Chelsea believed that the day Adam and Victor had connected at the hospital had meant just as much to Victor as it had to Adam, but Adam thought they had to let it go. Chelsea vowed to find a way to make Victor help Adam, but Adam said he shouldn't fight the way things were supposed to work. Adam requested that Chelsea never return to the prison, since he didn't want her to see him like that. She urged him not to give up hope, and he said he would continue to hope from the inside, but he wanted her to stay away. Later, a guard roughly shoved Adam back into his cell, and Adam wiped blood from his mouth.

At Jabot, Victor interrupted a meeting between Jack and Billy and asked if they were making plans for a company that soon wouldn't exist. Victor reported that Ian's corpse hadn't been found in the wreckage from the fire, and he was sure that Adam had made the story up and that Adam and Ian had been working together the whole time. Jack questioned whether Victor wouldn't give his son the benefit of the doubt, but Victor huffed that the virus was destroying both of their companies. Billy wondered why Victor hadn't kept the news to himself to allow Paragon to do its worst to Jabot, and Victor reiterated that they had a common enemy.

Jack asked if Adam had confirmed Victor's suspicions, but Victor relayed that Adam had pretended to be shocked that Ian had made it out alive. Jack pointed out that many of them had barely done that themselves, and he chided Victor for thinking the worst of Adam. Victor noted that Jack considered himself to be Adam's surrogate father, but he contended that Adam wouldn't hesitate to throw Jack under the bus if it meant destroying Victor in the process. Jack asked how Victor intended to punish Adam, but Victor barked that he didn't "give a damn" about Adam, since he was concerned about Ian. Phyllis offered to help, since Ian was her biggest fan.

Victor said he had a team of people looking for Ian and trying to find out who had been behind the latest launch of the virus, and Billy thought it was safe to assume that Ian was guilty, since Adam was locked up. Phyllis suggested that they lure Ian out by using her as bait, but Jack refused to involve her. Jack wanted to discuss the matter with Victor privately, and Phyllis huffed that she would look after herself, just like she always had. Billy followed Phyllis out of the office, and Victor remarked that Phyllis was the only one with guts in Jack's family. Jack argued that it would make more sense to use Nikki as bait, but Victor countered that Phyllis had gone to war with worse people than Ian.

In the hallway, Phyllis worried that Jack might have figured out what she and Billy were up to, but Billy was confident that Jack believed Ian had been too stubborn to die. Billy anticipated that Victor would go after Ian, leaving them free to take down Newman. Phyllis confirmed that she was still on board after everything Victor had put her and Jack through. Victor exited the office, and Phyllis hoped he'd reminded Jack that they were all on the same side. Billy clarified that they were all on the same side against Adam, and Victor stated that he had no qualms about that, since Adam had unleashed havoc on all of them. Billy reveled in the fact that he'd been right about Adam all along, and Victor remarked that it took one punk to recognize another.

Later, Phyllis dared Jack to tell her not to go after Ian, and Jack warned that it would be a mistake, since he expected Billy to take a difficult situation and make it worse. Jack suspected that Billy had pulled Phyllis into his plans, and he cautioned that they were bound to get busted, since Victor had an army of people working for him. Jack understood that Phyllis wanted vengeance on Victor, but he refused to let Phyllis and Billy walk into Victor's crosshairs. As Billy listened via a bug, Jack implored Phyllis to tell him what Billy had planned.

Chelsea confronted Victor in the Athletic Club foyer, and she asserted that Adam was telling the truth about Ian. Victor recalled that Adam had once lied about going blind to get out of prison, but Chelsea argued that Adam had run into a burning building to save her. She mentioned that Adam had been wincing in pain at the prison, and she worried that he'd continue to be beaten. She pleaded that Adam shouldn't be in a cell just because Victor wanted to punish him, and Victor countered that Adam had betrayed both of them.

Chelsea begged Victor to convince the judge to set Adam free, but Victor replied that the best thing she could do would be to move on with her life, since Adam hadn't changed one bit. Chelsea maintained that Adam had changed, and she'd thought Victor had been ready to embrace and accept his son. Chelsea stressed that she knew Adam wasn't lying, but if Victor didn't, they might not just lose Adam to prison -- they might lose him forever.

In the hospital corridor, Emma confronted Neil about paying Dr. Neville to treat Hilary, but Gwen intervened and said it was none of Emma's business. Emma noted that Gwen had been asking a lot of questions about Dr. Neville, and Gwen explained that she wanted Hilary to get her memory back so they could all move on with their lives. Emma returned to work, and Neil thanked Gwen for stepping in. Neil said he'd been trying to find out about the results of Hilary's latest tests, since the doctors would have a lot of questions if they found Dr. Neville's medication in her system. Gwen said they had to find the answers fast.

Down the hallway, Dylan told Paul that people had opened up to Dylan because he wasn't a cop, and he pointed out that he'd turned up the lead on Dr. Neville. Paul grabbed Hilary's latest toxicology screen results from a nurse, and he discovered that the levels of the drug combination that Dr. Neville had administered had increased in Hilary's system. Dylan wondered who was still dosing her.

In an exam room, Hilary told Devon that he didn't need to be there, but he insisted on making sure she was okay. He regretted that he hadn't been with her on the hike, and he stated that his job was to protect her. Hilary snapped that he just wanted her memories to flood back so she'd fall into his arms, but she only wanted Neil. Lily walked in as Hilary jerked away from Devon's touch, and she assured Hilary that it was okay, but Hilary replied that she wouldn't be okay until Neil got back.

Later, Paul and Dylan informed Hilary that her toxicology screen had indicated that the same compound medication was still in her system at elevated levels. Hilary insisted that she was fine, and Dylan recognized that she was scared and didn't know who to trust. Dylan cautioned that the medication could be dangerous, and he urged her to tell them who had given her the meds. Hilary claimed that she'd met Dr. Neville in the park, and he had advised her that she might die if she didn't take the drugs. Dylan asked if Dr. Neville had been the person holding her while she'd been in a coma, and she replied that the doctor had been the only person she'd seen when she'd woken up in a hotel room somewhere.

Dylan wondered why Hilary hadn't mentioned the hotel earlier, and she quickly covered by saying that her memories were jumbled and returning gradually. She demanded to know why Paul and Dylan were treating her like she'd done something wrong when she just wanted her life back, and she asked where Neil was. Dylan pressed for details about the hotel room, and Hilary snapped at him to stop. Paul apologized and vowed to find whoever had taken her. Dylan warned Hilary that people had their own agendas, and if something didn't feel right, it probably wasn't.

Neil sat with Hilary, and he said he was grateful and ashamed that she'd covered for him by saying she'd received the pills from Dr. Neville. She worried that Paul and Dylan would figure out that she'd lied about Dr. Neville keeping her in a hotel room, but Neil encouraged her to get some rest and not worry. He added that she didn't have to take any more pills, but she said they'd been working, since she'd been having memory flashes. She relayed that Dylan had told her not to trust anyone, but she said she trusted Neil. Neil assured her that she could always trust him.

Gwen peeked inside Hilary's room, and Paul pledged to use all his resources to track down Dr. Neville. Paul left to check out the park surveillance footage, and Devon asked Dylan about the toxicology report. Dylan revealed that Hilary had been dosed with a drug cocktail again and that she'd claimed she'd met Dr. Neville in the park before she'd collapsed. Devon said that was impossible, since he'd followed Hilary to the boathouse, and she had been at the club until she'd been taken to the hospital. Dylan wondered why Hilary would lie about how she'd obtained the medication.

Neil exited Hilary's room and said she wanted to leave the hospital, and Dylan warned that she could end up there again if she continued to take the medication. Dylan thought Neil had the best chance of getting Hilary to talk, and he encouraged Neil to try to find out more from her about Dr. Neville. Gwen agreed that Neil was the only person Hilary trusted, and Neil promised Gwen that they'd find out what they needed to get back to their lives. Devon went to check on Hilary's release, and Gwen groaned that Neil was back to holding Hilary's hand around the clock. Neil promised it would all be over soon, and he kissed Gwen. Meanwhile, Hilary flashed back to making love with Devon, and a horrified look crossed her face.

At the police station, Dylan told Paul that he thought there was something more to Hilary and Neil's connection, since she freaked out whenever Neil was more than two feet away. Paul considered the major players, and Dylan mentioned that Devon didn't believe Hilary had obtained the medication the way she'd said she had. Paul asked if Dylan thought Neil knew the truth, and Dylan noted that Neil had gotten what he'd always wanted -- Hilary's complete devotion. Paul remarked that it left Gwen on the outside, and Dylan theorized that perhaps Gwen was more involved than they knew.

Joe offered to buy Cane a drink at the Athletic Club bar, but Cane replied that he'd had enough. Joe apologized for the fight that had left Cane's arm in a cast, and Cane remarked that he could have died after someone had locked him in a storage room during the fire. Cane recounted that he'd only been able to get out when the door had opened after the ceiling had collapsed, and he asked how things had been in the ballroom. Joe said it had been chaotic, but he'd tried to keep people calm while they'd waited for the helicopter to return. Cane dryly assumed that Joe's heroics had happened before Joe had taken Abby's place on the helicopter.

Joe recounted that Abby had been holding up the evacuation because she'd wanted to stay behind and save Stitch, so Joe had boarded the chopper to keep things moving. Cane questioned how Joe had escaped from a burning building when Cane had been left to die, and Joe asked why Cane was convinced that Joe was out to get him when Joe was trying to be his friend. Cane accused Joe of trying to get his wife into bed again. Lily overheard.

Lily divulged that Dr. Neville had given Hilary more medication, and she hoped Cane's name would be cleared if the police tracked down the doctor. Cane sarcastically stated that he'd still tried to extort money from Devon, and Lily recognized that he hadn't. Cane coolly said her faith in him was touching but late, and Lily griped that she'd repeatedly told Cane that she was sorry, but he was angry and defensive all the time. Cane insinuated that Joe had left him in the storage room to die in the fire, and Lily shook her head at the person Cane had become.

Lily said she couldn't be there, and she walked away. Cane dared Joe to go after her, and Joe said if Cane was half the husband he said he was, he'd take Joe's advice. Joe told Cane that he was fighting an uphill battle by remaining angry with everyone in his life, and he recommended that Cane stop putting his wife and kids through the misery. Cane hissed for Joe to "burn in hell," and he stalked off.

Across the dining room, Gwen moaned to Devon that Hilary had asked her to pretend to be Devon's girlfriend, but Hilary and Neil were upstairs while Gwen and Devon were left out. Devon thought Neil was the only one who could find out who had hired Dr. Neville, but Gwen suggested that perhaps the odd doctor had been working on his own. Gwen groused that Hilary needed to snap out of it right away.

Gwen commented that Hilary had never wanted Neil the way she'd wanted Devon, but Devon said Hilary needed Neil. Gwen wondered about what she and Devon needed, and Devon questioned whether she was jealous of a woman who had been in a coma. Gwen lamented that Neil was slipping away because he'd been spending time with Hilary, and there was also all the guilt since the whole thing had started. Devon asked what Neil had to be guilty about.

In her hotel room, Hilary berated herself for lying and sneaking around when Neil had been vulnerable and blind. She understood why Neil had wanted to destroy her marriage to Devon, since what they'd done had been wrong, and Neil asked if she remembered that she and Devon had fallen in love. Hilary said she'd been someone with no heart or soul, just like the woman she'd been when she'd arrived in town to hurt Neil. She said she felt guilt and disgust when she thought about Devon, and her only feelings of love were for Neil.

Neil admitted that seeing Hilary and Devon together when he'd first regained his eyesight had triggered a fury inside him, and he was ashamed of it. Hilary asked how he could even be in the same room with her, and he conceded that she hadn't been a saint, but he'd gone to a dark place. He recalled wanting to get his revenge on the plane, but it had gone down. Hilary flashed back to Neil tending to her after the crash, and she mused that he had never stopped saving her. She leaned in and kissed him, and he responded.

. . .

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