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Nick bribes Summer to stay quiet
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Thursday, August 16, 2018

Cane found Lily at Hamilton-Winters and presented her with lunch. He suggested that they discuss the kids' back-to-school schedules, but she reminded him that they'd talked about it the other day, and she wondered why he was really there. He admitted that he'd been worried when she hadn't returned any of his messages, and she explained that she'd been trying to focus on work, since she had a lot to do before the judge sentenced her. Cane offered to help, and Lily told him he could do it by getting his head out of the sand and acting like it was real.

Lily apologized for snapping at Cane, but she was trying to maintain a semblance of normalcy. She contemplated whether Devon and Neil would close her agency, and she wondered if Cane could talk to someone in advertising at Chancellor to recommend some alternative representation for her clients. Lily glumly realized that it would be headline news that the wife of Chancellor's CEO would be going to prison, and she urged Cane to prepare a press release to get ahead of the negative publicity. He told her that he couldn't accept her going to prison, and he refused to give up hope.

Lily relayed Michael's words that she had to put her affairs in order, and that meant facing not being a mom to her kids. Cane insisted that she would always be their mom, but Lily anticipated that he'd be doing both of their jobs. She needed him to look out for things for her, like how the twins would be treated at school because their mother was in prison. She became choked up at the thought of missing many of Sam's firsts, and she instructed Cane to record everything for her. She asked him to tell the kids every day how proud she was of them and to try to visit often if the prison was not too far, and he pulled her into his arms and told her not to give up hope. They were startled when Devon walked in.

Devon wordlessly sorted through paperwork, and Lily stammered that she was only there because she'd thought he'd be working from home. He curtly replied that he was just taking care of a few things, and he stepped aside to answer a call. Cane hesitated to leave Lily alone, but she was adamant that she had to talk to Devon privately. Cane kissed her goodbye and left.

Lily handed Devon a cup of coffee the way he liked it, and he accepted it. She referred to a financial report that she'd emailed him, and he repeated that he was just trying to take care of things so he could get out of there. She revealed that she was getting everything in order with Cane, the kids, and work because her hearing would be soon, and she recognized that it was Devon and Neil's call if they wanted to take over the agency or shut it down.

Lily believed that even though Devon was angry with her, he cared about her family. She anticipated that her kids would need all the support they could get, including his. She was surprised when he abruptly prepared to leave, since he'd seemed in a better frame of mind that day. Devon coolly stated that he had taken her coffee and hadn't kicked her out because he was exhausted, but Lily begged him not to go because she missed him. He stared at her for a moment before he walked out.

At home, Phyllis claimed that someone had been feeding Summer the wrong facts, since the only man in Phyllis' life was Billy. Summer huffed that he hadn't been on the night in question, but Phyllis swore that she'd never had an affair. Summer clarified that she'd never said it had been an affair. Phyllis argued that she loved Billy with all her heart and that they had a commitment, but Summer muttered that it was a sad one if Phyllis had jumped into bed with someone else two minutes after a fight. Phyllis insisted that Billy was committed to her, but Summer pointed out that he only was because he didn't know what Summer knew.

Phyllis noted that Summer was obviously angry to hurl such an accusation, and Summer condemned her mother for acting like a martyr who was being victimized. Summer urged Phyllis to be honest, and Phyllis surmised that Kyle had clued Summer in. Phyllis guessed that Summer had concluded the man had been Jack, and that had been why Summer had sent him over. Summer announced that she'd since figured out that Phyllis hadn't slept with Jack -- it had been her dad. Summer demanded to know how Phyllis could justify doing that to Billy when she claimed to love him.

Summer asked if Phyllis intended to continue on like her night with Nick had never happened. Phyllis confirmed that it had been a one-time thing that she felt very guilty about, and it had occurred when she'd been distraught over whether she and Billy had split up for good. Phyllis saw no reason to hurt Billy with the information, but Summer struggled with buying the excuse, and she thought Billy would, too. Summer blasted Phyllis for being hypocritical after freaking out when Billy had fallen off the gambling wagon and hounding Summer about growing up and being responsible when Phyllis was the one who couldn't control herself.

Phyllis swore that it would never happen again, and Summer believed that she meant it, but she compared Phyllis' history of cheating to Billy's urge to gamble. Summer admonished her mother for risking stability and happiness, and she recalled that Phyllis had betrayed every guy she'd ever been with, breaking their hearts and her own in the process. Summer ranted that she was screwed up because of who her role model was, but she realized that perhaps she shouldn't complain because she wouldn't even be there if Phyllis hadn't gotten Nick to cheat on Sharon. Summer pondered whether maybe she was the real hypocrite in all of it.

Phyllis understood that Summer was disappointed in her, and she offered to tell Summer whatever she wanted to know. Summer asked if Phyllis still loved Nick, and Phyllis replied that she did because he was Summer's father, but they were nothing less and nothing more than friends. Summer speculated that her parents had unresolved or repressed feelings for one another, but Phyllis chalked up their fling to both being in weird places the night it had happened. Phyllis recounted that both she and Nick had thought their relationships had been too broken to be fixed, and the chemistry they'd once shared had taken over.

Summer found it obvious that her parents still harbored feelings beyond friendship. Phyllis questioned whether Summer had ever been drawn to an ex physically, even though they'd moved on in every other way. Summer flatly stated that when she was done with someone, she was done, and Phyllis inquired whether Summer was done with her. Phyllis stressed that she and Nick had agreed that it never should have happened, but they were friends who had made the same mistake, and they'd vowed to move on. Summer whined that she couldn't forget what had happened, and it was difficult to stand by while Nick convinced himself that he and Sharon would have a fairy-tale ending when there was proof that it would end in disaster.

Summer added that Phyllis was letting Billy cling to the bogus belief that she was devoted to him. Phyllis recognized that Summer had a bond with Billy, but she appealed to Summer to stay quiet because it was what was best for him. Summer spat that it was a coincidence that it was also what was best for Phyllis. Phyllis contended that getting through Billy's gambling had shown how much they were willing to fight to preserve what they had, and Summer only stood to devastate Billy.

Summer reasoned that telling Billy would save him from more pain later, since the secret would only become more toxic as time went on, and the truth always emerged in the end. Summer reflected back on how Phyllis had felt when she'd found out that Summer and Billy had been keeping things from her, and that had been far less explosive than Phyllis cheating. Summer asserted that Billy and Sharon deserved to be told before they made decisions they might regret, and she headed for the door to go to Jabot. Phyllis followed her.

At Jabot, Gloria was on the phone when Phyllis rushed in and demanded to see Billy. Gloria brushed her off to tend to a personal call, and Summer declared that she'd been there first. Gloria curtly informed them that Billy was in a meeting, but she would forward their messages. Gloria implied that she'd give priority to whoever fetched a cappuccino for her, and Summer started to walk away. Phyllis stormed into Billy's office, and Summer raced in after her. Gloria chirped that Billy's meetings were out of the office, and Phyllis and Summer stubbornly decided to wait.

Phyllis questioned what had happened to her relationship with Summer, since they'd been close when Summer had left for Belize, but there had been a profound shift. Summer said she'd changed because she'd finally been far enough away to get perspective about who she was as a person. Summer explained that she'd spent her whole life having things happen to her, so she'd decided to take back control and do what was best for her, even if people had a problem with it. Phyllis agreed that there was a freedom when one didn't care what people thought, but she'd learned that the catch was that she cared about what the people she loved thought about her.

Phyllis swore that Summer had given her more joy than she'd ever thought possible, and she cried that she'd tried to give Summer a better life than her own. Phyllis acknowledged that she'd been rough on Summer because she'd wanted every dream she'd ever had to be a reality for her daughter, and she'd fight to the death for Summer. Summer explained that she was proud to have a "kick-ass mom," but it was also intimidating to live up to being the daughter of a gorgeous, powerful woman. Summer suspected that Phyllis seeing herself in Summer had freaked Phyllis out. Phyllis asserted that she was very proud to call Summer her daughter, even if she hadn't said it enough.

Phyllis wanted to do better with Summer by supporting one another and reminding themselves that they were a team, and she asked if they could try to reset things. Summer poured a drink and asked if Phyllis wanted one, but Phyllis preferred an answer. Summer conceded that it had been great hearing her mom say those things, but they couldn't start over when Phyllis was asking her to lie. Summer thought Phyllis was in denial about something being broken between her and Billy, and she felt like Phyllis was manipulating Summer to get what she wanted.

Gloria interrupted and announced that Billy wouldn't be back anytime soon. Phyllis proclaimed that her schedule was wide open, and Gloria stepped out. Phyllis pleaded with Summer to forgive her and to let her show that she and Billy belonged together, since she couldn't lose him. Summer figured that if Phyllis and Billy could survive her infidelity, they deserved to be together, and she would give both of her parents her blessing.

Phyllis stepped out and requested a favor from Gloria, who groaned. Phyllis offered Gloria a fabulous spa day on her if Gloria kept Summer there by any means necessary and updated Phyllis when Billy was free. Gloria thanked God that she had sons, and she demanded the ultimate luxury spa products. Phyllis promised that Gloria would be pampered within an inch of her life, and she mentioned that she was going to get backup.

On the Athletic Club roof, Nick commended Mariah for doing fluffy things like trying on dresses and talking about cakes and flowers, and she explained that Hilary's wedding had changed her attitude. She pledged to own the maid-of-honor title for him and Sharon, and he remarked that it was nice to have someone to count on. He recognized that his proposal hadn't made Summer's issues with Sharon disappear, and Mariah vowed to do whatever she could to make sure nothing spoiled his wedding day. Nick voiced surprise that Mariah intended to host a bridal shower, and she imagined that she would inject her own style into it. He envisioned a Bride of Frankenstein theme.

Phyllis interrupted and asked for a word with Nick. After Mariah departed, Phyllis reported that Summer knew, and Nick paled when he realized that she was referring to their secret. Phyllis was afraid that it wouldn't stay one much longer. Nick recounted that Summer had been making thinly veiled comments about marriage and commitment, and Phyllis revealed that Summer found it unthinkable that they'd ask her to live with their lies. Nick wondered when their daughter had developed a moral compass, but Phyllis countered that it was hardly moral to sabotage her father's wedding.

Nick was surprised by Summer's race to tell Billy before Phyllis could. Phyllis contemplated whether there was a bigger issue at hand that had nothing to do with either her or Nick, but she quickly clammed up. Nick pushed to consider everything, and Phyllis recognized that Summer had gotten very close to Billy. Nick was disgusted by the idea that Summer was trying to break Phyllis and Billy up so that Summer could have Billy herself, and he refused to believe it. Phyllis hoped that Summer might be open to changing her mind for Nick, and Nick was determined to convince Summer to keep mum. Phyllis wished him luck.

Nick greeted Gloria at Jabot and mentioned that he was there to see Summer. Gloria griped that she wasn't Summer's gatekeeper and personal secretary, and Nick applauded Gloria for indulging his family. He encouraged her to go home early and have some fun, but she declined because she had an obligation to fulfill. Nick revealed that he knew about the spa day she would be getting in return, since he was the backup Phyllis had been talking about. Gloria balked, and Nick offered to turn it into a free spa weekend. Gloria crowed that she was starting to relax already, and she proclaimed that Summer was all his.

Phyllis arrived home and received a text message from Nick, who indicated that he was about to speak to Summer. She waited nervously, with a glass of wine, for an update. She sent a text message to Billy to tell him she missed him.

Nick entered Billy's office, and Summer assumed that Phyllis had sent him. Nick thought it was a good thing he was there, since Summer could have started a chain of events that would have destroyed five people's lives, including her own. Summer surmised that he was furious with her. He assured her that he wasn't angry but just freaked out that she hadn't turned to him before making such an extreme decision about something that couldn't be undone. He suggested that they talk and clear up any misunderstandings, since it would kill him if their relationship was ruined.

Nick insisted that he and Summer be completely honest with one another, and he argued that Billy and Sharon were blameless but stood to lose the most. Summer huffed that she'd already gotten the story in depth from her mom, but Nick countered that she didn't know his side of the story. Nick reiterated that he and Phyllis regretted that night, but they couldn't go back and change it, so they had to move forward. Summer chided them for brushing it aside like a minor mistake, but he knew it had been a massive error in judgment.

Summer figured that Nick still wanted a free pass. He didn't blame her for being furious with them, but he didn't understand why she wanted to use it against them. Nick recalled that Summer had wanted him to be happy, and that meant marrying Sharon; however, Sharon wouldn't be able to get past it if she found out what he'd done. Nick shared that the night had happened because he'd found Sharon's engagement ring on the desk and thought things were over, and he hadn't been able to handle it alone. He hadn't realized until the following morning that he'd made a terrible mistake and that he'd do anything to get Sharon and his future back.

Summer grumbled that Nick made it sound like a fairy-tale romance, but he wouldn't have made that kind of mistake if he had the perfect, epic relationship he claimed to have. Summer thought her parents wouldn't have hooked up if there hadn't still been a spark between them, and she thought they shouldn't be leading Billy and Sharon on anymore. Nick inquired whether Summer had already made her final decision, and he imagined how Faith would feel if she found out that Summer had taken away her dream of having her parents back together.

Summer expected that Faith would feel the same way if Nick and Sharon got married and divorced again, and it would be worse for everyone if they kept up the charade. Nick accepted that he and Summer obviously didn't have the kind of relationship where they could love and support one another, flaws and all. Nick figured that maybe only one thing would make her listen. He wrote out a check and wondered if it was enough to persuade her to keep what she knew a secret.

On the next The Young and the Restless...

• Billy taunts that the new Nick Newman is just like Daddy, after all.

• After spending the night together, Neil asks Ashley, “Now what?”

• Rey approaches Nikki and Victor.

• Phyllis walks in on Billy and Summer in a compromising position.

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