Thursday, September 11, 2014

In New York, Chelsea dreamed about Billy joining her in a steamy shower, but a figure hovered outside the shower door. She screamed Adam's name and woke up with a start.

At Jabot, Billy pulled out his final divorce papers and sadly gazed at them. Hilary entered and guessed that the documents were related to a legal matter, and he said that it was something a newlywed wouldn't understand -- the end of a marriage. Billy told Hilary to remind Neil that there was no rush to return to work, but Hilary noted that Neil loved it there. Billy acknowledged that work was sometimes a relief, but when he went home, he hoped to have someone who was happy to see him. Hilary sympathized that he no longer had that, and Billy suggested that they talk about work over lunch, but she said that she had a meeting to attend.

After Hilary left, Billy stared at the divorce papers again, but he smiled when his phone rang. He answered a call from Chelsea and said that he'd thought he was on her no-call list, and she conceded that she'd promised herself that she wouldn't call him, but there had been extenuating circumstances. Billy surmised that Connor had been fussy on the plane, but she reported that Connor was fine with Anita, and Billy wished he were there. Chelsea said that she wished the same thing, and he said that it didn't sound like she was keeping her distance.

Chelsea asserted that being in New York was the definition of staying away, even if her subconscious had other ideas, and she confided that she'd dreamed about Billy. He asked for details, and he perked up when she mentioned that her dream had involved a shower. She said it had been a pretty good dream until the part where Adam had shown up and had acted like she'd cheated on him, and she'd screamed. Billy theorized that if Chelsea had been dreaming about Billy, she knew deep inside that she couldn't cut him out of her life. He revealed that he and Victoria were officially divorced, and Chelsea pretended that Anita and Connor had returned and abruptly hung up.

Chelsea called Billy back, and he asked if Connor was okay. Chelsea confessed that she'd lied and that Anita and Connor weren't there, but she'd panicked when she'd hung up on Billy. He asked if she was freaked out that he was divorced, and she replied that it didn't mean he'd stopped loving Victoria. Billy said he would always love Victoria, but they weren't married anymore and didn't have a future. He added that he missed Chelsea.

Billy asked how Connor liked New York, and Chelsea replied that the tot loved the subway and the hot pretzels. She gushed that her son was experiencing the city for the first time with his beautiful eyes, and she quickly apologized. Billy imagined the eyes, and he murmured that Delia was a part of Connor and that it was reassuring. Chelsea realized that she had to check on Connor and get to another show, and Billy asked what would happen when fashion week was over. She said that it was always fashion week somewhere, and she hurriedly ended the call.

Sharon explained to Faith that Mariah had never had a family before, so they had to be patient. Sharon instructed Faith to get her bag for her first day of school, and she asked who Nick had been on the phone with. Nick reported that Mariah had picked up her stuff and had ditched her shift at the Underground, and Sharon panicked that Mariah had left town, but Nick was certain that Mariah was still in Genoa City.

Sharon fretted that Ian could track Mariah down, but Nick assured her that Ian wasn't stupid and that the police were still on his tail. Sharon didn't like the idea of Mariah being alone, and Nick promised to find Mariah while Sharon took Faith to school. Sharon told Nick to let her know once Mariah was home, and Nick said that he could find Mariah, but he couldn't make Mariah return with him.

At the Athletic Club, Devon contemplated calling Hilary, and Lily approached him and asked whether he thought it had been a bad idea for Cane to call Malcolm. Devon imagined that the brothers wanted to punch one another, but Lily believed that Malcolm was their best shot to make things clear to Neil. Devon countered that no one would get through until Neil was ready.

In the dining room, Hilary met with Sharon, who anxiously checked her phone. Hilary offered to reschedule, but Sharon insisted that work would be a great distraction. Hilary suggested they talk, and Sharon gushed that she'd be happy to talk about the daughter she'd never known she'd had. Sharon pledged to be everything Mariah needed if Mariah let her, and Hilary mused that sometimes people didn't know what they needed, so they didn't know how to say yes. Sharon realized that she was talking about Neil, and Hilary explained that many people wanted to help Neil, but men got weird about the idea of accepting assistance.

Hilary mentioned Malcolm's visit, and Sharon remarked that the brothers shared quite a history, but family always put things in perspective. Sharon said that Hilary had picked a good family to be part of, and she urged Hilary to make time for herself, despite everything Neil was going through. Hilary replied that she did, and her husband was her life. Hilary gazed at Devon in the foyer, and Sharon asked if Devon had been making things harder, but Hilary denied it. Devon and Lily approached the ladies' table separately, and Lily informed Sharon that she was finishing some paperwork for her.

Hilary told Devon and Lily that Malcolm had visited Neil the night before and that morning, and Devon anticipated that Malcolm would be honest about how difficult the situation was. Hilary said that she just wanted to make things easier for her husband, and Lily surprised Hilary by thanking her. Lily admitted that she'd thought Hilary had only been capable of hurting Neil, but she conceded that Hilary had been patient and kind, and it was obvious Hilary loved Neil. Lily added that it was hard for her to say, but she was really glad Neil had Hilary to count on.

Malcolm led Neil through Chancellor Park, and he said that Katherine had been a great lady who he'd thought would outlive them all. Malcolm guided Neil to a chair, and Neil remarked that a lot had happened since the last time Malcolm had been in town. Malcolm referred to Delia's death and Phyllis' coma, and he mentioned everything that Neil was going through. Neil insisted that his blindness was temporary, but Malcolm tried to get him to admit that he had a problem. Neil said that he was a grown man who was dealing with it, but Malcolm questioned whether Neil had really dealt with the biggest loss of his life -- Dru.

Neil swore that he'd made peace in the seven years since Dru's death, and Malcolm asked how often Neil talked to her. Neil said that he and Dru had shared a spiritual connection, and he thought of her at least once a day. Malcolm pointed out that Neil had rushed into several serious relationships out of desperation to rekindle the magic he'd shared with Dru, but he worried that Neil had set himself up to fail. Neil contended that it wasn't the case with Hilary, but Malcolm countered that Neil had proposed after only a couple of dates.

Neil argued that Malcolm didn't know Hilary, but Malcolm said that he knew Neil, and the situation had turned into something Hilary hadn't signed up for. Neil agreed that his blindness was a big deal, but he was certain he'd get his vision back. Malcolm warned that Hilary might not be there by the time Neil recovered, since Neil was making everyone miserable by putting up walls. Malcolm encouraged Neil to let his loved ones help him adjust, but Neil bitterly realized that Malcolm wanted him to accept his blindness. Malcolm said that Neil needed to face the truth, and Neil announced that he was going home.

Neil and Malcolm returned home, and Malcolm called Neil "stubborn as hell." Neil said that he was too stubborn to give up, and Malcolm clarified that he didn't expect Neil to give up, but he implored Neil to live the rest of his life. Neil said that he'd thought about all the angles, and Malcolm chided Neil for trying to outthink his problems. Neil countered that Malcolm's way was to outmuscle things, and he dared Malcolm to pin him to the floor. Malcolm refused to wrestle a blind man, and he said that everyone respected Neil for being strong and brave, but part of being strong was being able to admit fear.

Malcolm swore that no one would think less of Neil if he admitted he was scared, and Neil ranted that Malcolm didn't know what his world was like. Neil described it as a black hole, and he woke up every morning with no sunshine in his life, with his wife watching his every move. Neil continued that he hadn't seen Moses since the accident, and he was afraid he'd never be able to look back at his young son's beautiful face. Neil declared that he didn't want to be a burden on his family or a nuisance at work, and he didn't want to cheat his wife out of the wonderful future he'd promised. Neil asked if that was what Malcolm had wanted to hear him say, and Malcolm said that Neil had needed to say it for his family's sake. Neil began to sob, and he confessed that he was scared that he'd be blind forever.

Neil asked if Malcolm was proud that Neil had broken down, and Malcolm recognized that Neil had a long road in front of him. Neil wanted to be miserable for a minute, but Malcolm said that it wasn't like his big brother to wallow, and he recounted how Neil had immediately taken action by learning sign language after Devon had lost his hearing. Malcolm implored Neil to do the same thing for himself by learning Braille and computer programs, and he counseled Neil to lean on the people who loved him. Neil pledged to overcome his obstacles with Malcolm and others walking on the road with him. Neil said that he loved Malcolm, and Malcolm replied that his brother was all he had. They hugged.

Neil and Malcolm listened to a jazz album, and Neil called out for Hilary when the front door opened. Devon and Lily also announced their presence, and Malcolm informed them that he and Neil had gotten things squared away. Neil joked that Malcolm knew how to shut up once in a while if the music was right, and he revealed that Malcolm had shown him that he'd pushed everyone away by trying to do everything on his own. Hilary said that no one blamed Neil, who vowed to look them all in the eye one day and let them know how much they meant to him.

Neil thanked Malcolm for the album, and Malcolm recognized that Neil wouldn't thank him for what really mattered, so he'd leave it at "you're welcome." The brothers embraced, and Lily and Devon looked at one another knowingly. Hilary thanked Malcolm for visiting, and she observed that Neil seemed better and freer. Malcolm said that his brother was tough, but Neil had let Hilary in, and he informed Neil that he was hugging Neil's wife. Neil confidently stated that Malcolm was walking out, but Hilary was staying forever.

Lily hugged Malcolm goodbye and begged him to stay in touch, and he made her promise to keep sending pictures of the twins in exchange for pictures from his photo shoots. Malcolm asked Devon what he thought of Hilary, and Devon replied that she was a great woman who wanted to do right by Neil. Malcolm told his family that he couldn't be there every week to make things all right, but the "old man" had a long way to go and needed help, and Neil was too hard-headed to ask for it. Malcolm instructed Hilary to take care of his big brother, and he told Devon that he was proud of him. He added that Lily meant the world to him, and he surveyed the room and said, "Love you guys." With a wave of his hand, Malcolm departed.

Mariah arrived at Crimson Lights, and Kevin asked if she was ready to leave town on his bike. She told him to shut up and requested some aspirin, and he retrieved some that he'd stashed when he'd owned the coffeehouse. He inquired whether she had a hangover, and she testily asked if he was a cop. She ordered him to stop asking questions, and he wondered if she'd slept under a bridge, but she implied that she hadn't slept at all. She queried whether he could still get her out of town.

Kevin pointed out that Mariah had stood him up the last time they'd planned to leave, and she griped that the one person she'd trusted had tried to brainwash and marry her. She lamented that she hadn't seen what had been right in front of her face the whole time, and Kevin recalled that Nick and Sharon had warned her about Ian. Mariah asked if Kevin blamed her because he was still in town, and he informed her that he'd chosen to stay to accomplish some things. She suspected that his plans involved dirty dealing, and she asked what he was reading online. She reached for his laptop, but he quickly closed it. Nick entered and asked when Mariah planned to return home, and she spat never.

Nick lectured that Mariah's mother had been worried sick about her, but Mariah rolled her eyes at the thought of calling Sharon her mother. Nick mentioned that Faith had been worried, too, but Mariah grumbled that a new doll would make Faith forget all about it. Mariah pointed out that she hadn't said she'd stay with them, and Nick acknowledged that Mariah was an adult, but he urged her to return home. Mariah scoffed at the idea of owing her mommy undying love, and she warned Nick not to play daddy. Nick cautioned that Ian could track her down again, and even if Mariah didn't care what happened to her, Sharon did. Mariah taunted that Sharon wouldn't marry Nick, and she advised him to stop acting like Sharon was the center of the world.

Kevin delivered coffee to Nick and Mariah as a distraction, and he asked if Mariah was okay. She insisted that she was fine, and Nick observed that she'd made a friend. Mariah indicated that Kevin didn't pity her or tell her what to do, and Nick recognized that it seemed like she had no one to trust, but he encouraged her to trust Sharon. Mariah said that Sharon was simply someone she owed money to, and Nick suggested that Mariah pay her back by earning tips and sleeping in a safe bed that was free of charge. On his way out, Nick told Kevin that Mariah needed a friend, and it appeared to be Kevin.

Kevin told Mariah that she could do worse than Nick as a dad, but she declared that Nick wasn't her father and that he'd only adopted a girl who'd looked like her. She added that Nick wasn't even married to Sharon, and she considered him to be a guy who owned the bar where Mariah poured drinks. Kevin inquired whether Mariah intended to keep her job, and she replied that she had no choice. Kevin pointed out that she'd talked him into leaving town, and they could still leave if she wanted to.

Mariah asked if that was Kevin's way of making her an offer, and he asked if she wanted to leave. She wondered if he had an extra helmet, and he said yes and inquired whether she was ready to go. She clarified that she only wanted him to drive her to work so she could pay off her debt, and he could then split town by himself. He contemplated how she'd get home, and he jokingly complained about being stuck as her taxi driver. They left together.

After school, Faith reported to Sharon that a new boy had joined her class, and Sharon cried that she loved hearing all about Faith's first day of school. Nick returned and relayed that he'd found Mariah at Crimson Lights, and Sharon nervously asked if Mariah would be home. Nick reported that Mariah had agreed to continue working at the Underground, and he would be surprised if she didn't sleep in her own bed that night. Sharon thanked him, and she suggested that the three of them celebrate Faith's first day of school together, but Nick proclaimed that it wasn't going to happen.

Nick said that he couldn't spend the rest of day with Sharon and Faith, but he wouldn't say any more. Faith said that she needed school supplies, and she handed Sharon a list. Sharon asked Nick to join them, but he vaguely replied that he couldn't, and Sharon noted that he was being mysterious. Faith and Sharon left, and Nick made a call to request a favor. He added that it was the most important thing he'd ever asked for, and it had to happen that day.

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  • Dylan realizes that Paul thinks he killed Ian and dumped the body.
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