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Thursday, April 20, 2017

Scott returned to the Newman ranch with Nikki, and she hoped he hadn't cut his evening short on her account. He was sure that Sharon understood that his work was important to him, and he pointed out that Nikki had made it sound urgent that they speak in private. Nikki asked if Scott knew that Victor had left town, and Scott asked where Victor had gone. Nikki replied that it wasn't important, and she explained that she'd invited Scott over to protect her husband. Scott wondered who could be a threat to Victor.

Nikki contended that Victor needed protection from himself. Nikki explained that Victor had paid Scott's ransom not only to help Lauren but also because Victor respected Scott's integrity, and having Scott write Victor's biography would ensure credibility. Scott insisted on creating an honest portrait, but he understood that powerful people had healthy egos. Nikki cautioned that Victor wasn't like anyone else, since the rules never applied to him in his mind, but it wasn't true even though he didn't see it. Nikki worried that the book could tear their family apart, and she wanted to make sure the project died. She asserted that the true story of Victor Newman could never be told.

Scott tried calling Victor and reported that there had been a recording that Victor's phone wasn't taking messages. Nikki noted that Victor did whatever he wanted whenever he wanted, and he clearly didn't want to be contacted. Scott maintained that he wanted to present an accurate depiction of a complicated man, and Nikki explained that the more complicated moments of Victor's life were the problem. Nikki said Victor felt that every event in his life had added to the man he'd become, but many chapters could never be known by the public, or it would destroy their family.

Scott imagined that Victor felt different, and he assumed that Victor had no idea that Nikki was trying to get Scott to back off. Nikki stated that Victor had selective hearing with opposing views, so she'd had to meet with Scott directly to have him kill the project for the sake of Victor and their family. Scott guessed that there was something specific that Nikki didn't want to be made known, and he warned that he'd only dig deeper. He asked what she was trying to hide.

Nikki pointed out that her family's mistakes had been open to the public for years, and they had a long list of enemies, but many of the stories were false. Scott swore that he wouldn't print anything untrue, and he thought Victor wasn't worried. Nikki clucked that Victor wasn't looking at the big picture, since their kids and grandkids were already tabloid fodder, and Victor's mistakes would become their legacy. Nikki imagined that Scott would rather be off in the world, telling stories that could effect change. She grabbed her checkbook and offered to pay him the amount that Victor had agreed to give Scott for writing the book, plus extra for Scott's troubles.

Scott was stunned by the amount of the check, and Nikki encouraged him to write stories that the world deserved to hear. He explained that he couldn't accept her offer because he owed Victor for saving his life, but she reasoned that the best way to thank Victor would be to protect him by walking away. Scott countered that he could never repay the ten million dollars Victor had forked over to save him, but the book was something he could do, and he felt that he had a responsibility to uphold. Nikki clarified that she wasn't asking Scott but telling him that she wouldn't allow the book to be written. Nikki haughtily stated that Victor might rule the world, but she ruled their family.

Phyllis returned home and primped in front of the mirror. She sent a text message to Billy, echoing his sentiment that life was too short and asking him to call her. The doorbell rang, and she was surprised to find Jack there. He invited himself in and announced that he had new information and an opportunity that was ripe for the picking. After Phyllis heard Jack out, she admitted that she'd love to wipe the smug look off Victor's face, but she thought it was a fantasy. Jack contended that they could make it a reality if they worked together, but Phyllis worried that it would just dredge up misery for them.

Jack insisted that he had a way to "take the bastard down," since he'd sensed that something was off at the Newman house. Jack growled that Victor had never been properly punished for his crimes, but Phyllis thought they'd gotten past seeking vengeance. Jack said payback had never been far from his mind, and he thought the same was true for her. Phyllis agreed that Victor should "burn in hell," and Jack proposed that they launch an unexpected attack while Victor was vulnerable. Jack revealed that Victor had made Abby acting CEO and taken off on a road trip, and it seemed as if Victor's family had no idea where he'd gone.

Jack noted that Jabot and Brash & Sassy had closed many more deals than Newman had in recent months. Jack believed that Newman was vulnerable and that Victor would have put up a stronger firewall than Abby if he cared. Phyllis wondered what damage they could do to Newman when Victor always ended up on top, but Jack pointed out that Victor wouldn't have his family backing him that time. Jack considered it weird for Victor to leave when the Newman family was coping with the news that Adam had been murdered, and he reiterated that something was off. Phyllis couldn't deny that the idea of revenge was tempting.

Phyllis asked Jack how he knew there was an opening, and Jack explained that he'd felt and seen a fundamental change in Nikki. Jack added that Victor hadn't told Victoria that he was leaving town, but she'd shown up furious at Newman Enterprises. Jack was sure that one of the Newmans would crack, but Phyllis hated to see Jack get caught up in revenge again. Jack thought things were different that time, since something was putting Victor off his game in a way nothing else ever had, and he believed that something was Nikki.

Jack said he would stake his life on Victor and Nikki being on the outs because Nikki had evaded his questions when she'd never had a problem taking on his comments about Victor before. Phyllis argued that Victor still had the rest of his family, and they were the most important thing to him. She suggested that the way to cause Victor pain was through his family, and she pointed out that Victor hadn't destroyed her and Jack through business but by ripping out their hearts and souls to cause permanent damage. Jack agreed to forget about Newman Enterprises and to hit Victor where he lived.

Phyllis thought she and Jack had to figure out what was causing the unrest in the Newman house, and Jack hoped Phyllis could get something out of Nick. Phyllis expected that Victoria would say nothing to them but that Victoria might have talked to someone else. Jack refused to turn to Billy, and he doubted that Phyllis wanted to deal with Billy, either. Phyllis suddenly said she couldn't do it and that Jack had to do it without her. Jack pointed out that she'd just been fine with all of it, and he demanded to know "what the hell" had changed her mind.

Phyllis said it wasn't smart for her and Jack to work together. She questioned why they'd put themselves through seeking retribution, and she thought it was an addiction she needed to shake. She admitted that she'd love to make Victor feel the pain he'd caused them, but she couldn't return there. Phyllis refused to go backward after she'd pulled her life together, and she pledged to cheer Jack on from the sidelines.

Reed practiced playing his guitar at home. He called Brash & Sassy, and he was glad when Billy picked up. Reed hoped Billy had convinced Victoria to let Reed keep the car, but Billy reported that the car was history. Reed thought his mom would have listened to Billy if they were still married, but Billy sourly replied that he just worked for Victoria and that she was the one in charge. Reed questioned what had happened, since Billy and Victoria had practically been making out after their trip to the arcade. Reed pointed out that Billy had another chance, and he implored Billy to hurry up and take it. Billy received Phyllis' text message.

Reed took a selfie, added emoji tears to his face, and sent the picture to Kendall and Zoey, who were at Crimson Lights. Kendall asked if Zoey and Reed were hanging out later, and Zoey groaned that she had a chemistry test. Zoey mentioned that she'd been over at Reed's earlier to make him feel better about his mom taking his car away, and Kendall suspiciously asked how good Zoey had made him feel. Zoey confirmed that they hadn't had sex, and she stepped away to fetch some coffee.

Kendall grabbed Zoey's phone and sent a message to invite Reed to a movie that night. Thinking he was making plans with Zoey, Reed agreed to save her a seat at the theater. Kendall set the phone back down before Zoey returned. Zoey prepared to dish about what had happened with Reed, but Kendall fibbed that her mom had summoned her home, and she hurried out.

Kendall plopped down next to Reed in the theater and asked if she'd missed any good previews. A confused Reed said Zoey hadn't told him Kendall would be there, and he wondered if Zoey was getting popcorn. Kendall claimed that Zoey's mom had made Zoey study that night, and Reed was surprised that Zoey hadn't let him know. He started to write a text message to Zoey, but Kendall insisted that he power down because the movie was starting.

Reed and Kendall watched a romantic scene of a couple kissing on the beach. Kendall gazed over at Reed and suddenly planted a kiss on him, and he responded. He pulled away when the movie ended, and he asked if she wanted to stick around for the credits. Kendall apologized for getting caught up in the moment, and she swore that she'd never kissed anyone like that before. They agreed not to tell Zoey what had happened. Kendall added that she understood why Zoey was into him, since the kiss had been insane. A pleased Reed replied that she hadn't been so bad herself.

At Brash & Sassy, Cane and Juliet informed Victoria that Lily's promotional tour was going off without a hitch. Juliet mentioned that she'd put together a marketing proposal for the following quarter, and Victoria wanted to discuss it right away. Billy joined them, and Juliet recommended that they partner with social media influencers to demonstrate products online. Cane and Victoria were impressed, but Billy grumbled about handing over free products only to risk the recipients bashing them.

Victoria asserted that she had more confidence in their products than Billy did, and Cane thought it was a low risk compared to the potential rewards. Billy griped that he was outnumbered, and he wished them luck with their experiment. Billy stormed into the conference room, and Victoria followed him. She maintained that the idea was solid, but he accused her of making a power play because he hadn't jumped back into her arms. Billy told Victoria just to tell him if she was mad rather than shutting him out of business decisions to put him in his place. Victoria snapped that she was sick of coddling Billy's ego.

Meanwhile, Cane praised Juliet for her ideas and thanked her for making him look good for recommending her. Juliet sensed that Victoria liked her but that Billy wasn't a fan, and Cane urged her not to take it personally, since Billy was a hothead who didn't know how to pick his battles. Juliet inquired whether Victoria played Billy and Cane off one another, and Cane admitted that he and Billy had a history. Juliet declared that she was "Team Cane" all the way, and he said it was nice to have an ally.

Juliet was relieved that things could be normal between her and Cane after what had happened in Tokyo, and he nervously told her never to mention it again. Victoria exited the conference room and invited Juliet out for drinks, and Cane squirmed as Juliet said she had to pace herself because she was a lightweight. The ladies departed, and Billy bet Cane five bucks that the women would spend the whole night talking about them. Cane taunted Billy for being upset that he hadn't been invited for girls' night, but Billy ordered Cane not to make assumptions about his personal life. Billy stared at Phyllis' message on his phone. Cane and Billy continued to banter until Billy eventually grabbed his briefcase and sauntered out.

Meanwhile, Jack accepted that he was on his own in his quest for revenge. Phyllis' landline rang, and Phyllis and Jack stared at the empty phone cradle. He fondly recalled that she always forgot to put the phone back. The doorbell rang as Phyllis searched for the phone, and Jack volunteered to answer it. Billy stood outside the door.

Over drinks at Top of the Tower, Victoria asked Juliet what it was like to have the freedom to move across the world on short notice. Juliet replied that it had been worth it to learn from a role model like Victoria, but Victoria wasn't sure that anyone would want to follow in her footsteps. Juliet called Victoria a smart, capable businesswoman who wasn't intimidated by anyone or anything. Victoria stated that her door was always open and that she was happy to hear about anything, from new ideas to a man who was driving Juliet crazy.

Juliet asserted that she couldn't think about dating because she was too busy, and Victoria advised her to keep it that way, since men were ridiculous. Victoria rambled that men took up all of women's time and energy, and men were the ones in the clear while women made all the mistakes. Juliet stared as Victoria tipsily babbled about how it was a huge mistake for a woman to let a man know she was interested.

Juliet helped an inebriated Victoria open her front door. Victoria slurred that she was as bad with locks as she was with men, but she couldn't live without a lock on the door, whereas she could live without a man in the house. Reed returned home, and Juliet left to go back to the waiting cab. Victoria stumbled over to the couch, and Reed realized that she was drunk. Reed teased her for getting wasted, and he jokingly cautioned that he'd have to take her car away if she started throwing keg parties.

In New York, Ravi was taken aback by how stunning Ashley looked in her evening gown. She promised that they wouldn't be late for the opera, and she couldn't believe how excited she was to attend. Ravi gushed that it would be one of the greatest operas in one of the greatest opera houses in a great city with a great boss, but Ashley insisted that they take work off the table. They prepared to leave, but Ben Hochman interrupted and asked Ashley to hear him out.

Ben and Ashley stepped aside, and he apologized for his behavior the other night. He explained that he and his ex didn't see eye to eye about how to handle their daughter's antics, and things had escalated during his dinner with Ashley. Ashley empathized that parenting was difficult, especially with an ex. Ben wanted to make it up to her by taking her out for a perfect night with dinner and music, and Ashley fiddled with the opera tickets in her hand.

Ashley suggested that she and Ben have dinner the next time he was in Genoa City, and he was shocked that she was leaving. She informed him that she had plans, and Ravi joined her. Ben incredulously asked if she'd rather go out with Ravi, and she flatly wished Ben a good night. On their way out, Ravi asked if Ashley was sure, since Ben was an important businessman. Ashley quipped that no one was that important except in his own mind, and she declared that she was looking forward to the evening. Ravi gallantly extended his arm, and she took it.

Over drinks after the opera, Ashley marveled at how intense and passionate the performers had been. She asked Ravi to help her with a story point, and he explained why two of the characters hadn't been able to get married because of a societal issue. Ravi thought things shouldn't be like that, since a romance was between two people. Ashley pointed out that the reality was that what other people thought mattered. Ravi contended that if someone spent all their time worried about what others thought, that person couldn't truly call their life their own.

Ravi walked Ashley to her hotel room, and she thanked him. She realized that a few months earlier, she never would have thought she'd love going to the Met. She called it the perfect end to a wildly successful business trip, and they recounted the fun they'd had. Ashley awkwardly wished Ravi a good night, noting that they had to be ready to take off in the company jet first thing in the morning. The sexual tension between them mounted as they shared a hug. They slowly pulled apart and melted into a kiss.

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• Phyllis informs Jack that there is someone, and he wonders if it’s anyone he knows.

• Victoria tells Billy that she’s there to listen if he wants to talk.

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