Thursday, August 27, 2015

In Paris, Adam implored Chelsea to think about what she'd accomplished by creating a fashion line from nothing, and he couldn't believe she wanted to hand it over to his father. Chelsea grinned happily and declared that she didn't care if Newman and Jabot fought over the line, since she could start something new in the fashion capital of the world. She added that she and her brilliant husband could do it together, but she noticed that he didn't seem excited about the idea. She quickly realized that he was more thrilled by the prospect of fighting Victor.

Adam voiced surprise that Chelsea didn't want to fight harder, and he argued that it would only be a matter of time before Victor started controlling every aspect of her business. Adam cautioned that Victor would twist her label into whatever he wanted, but she nonchalantly stated that she'd be basking in the bliss of Paris. Adam incredulously wondered if she intended to just give up, and she asserted that it was about what she wanted, not what Adam wanted. They bickered about Adam's obsession with getting revenge on his father. Adam refused to let Victor defeat him again.

Chelsea maintained that it was her decision, and it would be her defeat if she lost what she'd created. Chelsea groused that Adam's war with Victor was all that mattered to Adam, but Adam insisted that she and Connor were the most important things to him. Adam urged her to consider how she'd feel if she saw advertisements for tacky clothes under her label, and he thought it would be baggage hanging over them when they were trying to move on. He believed they had to go back and take care of their unfinished business, and she wondered what he needed to finish.

Adam said he had to figure out how to be in a room with Victor without wanting to explode, and he wanted to stop caring about Victor's latest scheme or victim. A skeptical Chelsea contemplated whether the answer was to go back, and Adam replied that he had to conquer it in order to start a new life with her. Chelsea worried that he'd end up throwing away everything they'd worked on and planned, and she questioned whether he'd throw Connor away. Adam swore that he'd never do anything to destroy their family or future, and she asked if he needed to destroy his father to get closure.

Adam insisted that he wanted to go back to put his hatred to rest, and he was determined to see Victor for the person he was and to realize that Victor had no power or control over him. Chelsea fretted that Adam had never had been able to do it, and Adam explained that he'd always been concerned about what he could get, but he was more focused on what he had. Adam counted on his love for her to be stronger than his instinct to destroy his father, and he pleaded with her to take the trip with him.

Chelsea agreed to go back and fight for her company but only if she and Adam immediately returned to Paris within a couple of days. He asked what would happen if it wasn't enough time, but she flatly stated that it was enough, and she insisted that they leave sooner if his old feelings about Victor resurfaced. She called it a deal-breaker, and she asked him to promise her that nothing and no one would keep them in Genoa City for any longer than 48 hours.

Adam swore that it would be all the time he needed to sever his emotional ties with Victor, and he suggested that Chelsea start packing. They hugged, and Adam assured her they'd be fine. She wondered if they would really be happy.

At the Athletic Club, Neil informed Nikki and Victor that he's spoken with an upset Devon, and Nikki was thankful Neil had made peace with Devon and Hilary before the newlyweds had left. Victor offered to provide a lawyer for Devon and to have his people look for Hilary, but Neil curtly stated that it wasn't a good idea. Nikki questioned whether Neil wanted Hilary to be found, and Neil insisted that he did, but he voiced concern that the island authorities would think Devon's family and friends were interfering.

Neil mentioned that Michael was on the case, and Victor expressed confidence that Michael would be able to prove Devon was innocent. Nikki said someone else had been responsible if foul play had been involved, and she looked suspiciously at Neil. Neil excused himself to check on Devon, and Nikki shuddered at the horror of the situation. Victor assured her that Michael was an excellent lawyer who would help Devon, but Nikki replied that Devon wasn't the one she was worried about.

Nikki confided to Victor that Neil had told her that he was still hurt and angry by Hilary and Devon's betrayal, and Neil had been having fantasies about ways to punish them. Victor questioned whether Nikki thought Neil had been behind Hilary's disappearance, and Nikki said she didn't want to believe it, but she needed to know for sure. She disclosed that Neil had left town right after wedding and had supposedly gone to the mountains in Canada, and Victor offered to find out if it was true.

On the island, Michael reported that Hilary hadn't turned up at any of the hospitals, but Devon contended that she also hadn't shown up at the morgue. A police officer knocked on the door and reported that there had been traces of blood on Hilary's shoe. Michael surmised that they wanted to test the DNA, and Lily fetched Hilary's hairbrush. After the cop left, Devon griped that he couldn't just wait around for something bad to happen. Michael announced that he'd made arrangements for Devon to go home.

Devon refused to leave until they figured out what had happened to Hilary. Michael argued that the longer Devon stayed, the more likely someone would discover a motive that would implicate Devon. Devon regretted the night with the call girl, but Lily said it was plausible to think it had led to an ugly fight, and the people on the island didn't know him. Michael mentioned the witness who had seen Hilary arguing with a man, and Devon was adamant that they find the person who'd last seen Hilary before she'd disappeared.

Over the phone, Neil asked Lily how Devon was holding up, and Lily bemoaned that the situation was taking a toll on her brother. Neil wished he could do more, and he told her to let him know if there were any more developments. Meanwhile, Devon pointed out that it was possible the blood on Hilary's shoe had belonged to the person who'd hurt her. He confronted the cop outside the door and vowed to find the man Hilary had argued with, and he tried to shove the officer aside. The cop handcuffed Devon.

In the park, Noah complimented Marisa's efforts with the wedding decorations, and he wondered how she'd known how to make everything perfect. Marisa replied that she had pictures in her head from stories she'd heard in her youth about what weddings looked like. Noah assumed she'd attended weddings before, but she noted that she hadn't had a storybook life. Noah pointed out that the heroines in fairy tales started out with rough lives, but they always got happy endings.

At the Underground, Kyle remarked that he'd been ordained as a random thing to marry his friends, but he'd never thought he'd use it again. Summer asked what else she needed to know about him, and he assured her that he had no deep, dark secrets. He wished he had more time to plan the wedding, and Summer worried that something would go wrong, just like it had with Nick's last two attempts at getting married. Sage rushed in and wailed that her dress was falling apart, and she worried that she couldn't fix it.

Summer led Sage to the back office to take a look, and Kyle advised them not to keep the groom waiting. Mariah and Kevin heard Kyle's comment as they entered the bar, and Kyle divulged that Nick and Sage were getting married that day, but he quickly added that it was just a small ceremony with only Nick's kids in attendance. Mariah noted that Kyle was also going, and Summer announced that the dress crisis had been averted. Sage, Summer, and Kyle hurried out, and Mariah began to vigorously wipe down the bar. Kevin asked if Mariah was upset she hadn't been invited, but she reasoned that she wasn't family. Kevin pointed out that it had been starting to feel like she was.

Mariah said Kevin was making a big deal out of nothing, since Nick was Summer and Noah's father. Kevin noted that Nick had also been Cassie's father, but Mariah countered that Nick wasn't her dad. Kevin said he didn't blame Mariah if she wished Nick were her father, and he said he would have loved to have had a dad like Nick instead of "Terrible Tom." Mariah asked how Kevin and Michael hadn't been totally messed up by having a drunk for a father, and Kevin said he'd put Tom behind him by talking about it.

Kevin stressed that talking helped, and Mariah looked away. Kevin mused that sometimes he felt really close to her, but he wasn't sure at other times, and Mariah explained that it was hard for her to talk about her past. She said she had some things she needed to work out on her own, and Kevin promised he'd stop pushing her. He started to leave, but she called to him and told him not to stop pushing.

Nick arrived at the cottage, and he asked Sharon if Faith was ready. Sharon coolly went upstairs to get their daughter, and Nick asked Dylan how Sharon was doing. Dylan mentioned the bad dream she'd had, and he noted that she'd been a little down. Nick said he'd known Sharon a long time, and he theorized that Sharon was concerned about what it would mean for Faith to have a new stepmother. Sharon returned with Faith, and she wished Nick and Sage happiness.

Sharon told Faith that she would be the best flower girl ever, and Faith chirped that she'd had a lot of practice, since her dad kept getting married. Nick looked embarrassed, and Dylan wished him luck, but Nick hoped he wouldn't need it. Nick and Faith left, and Dylan suggested that he and Sharon start thinking about their own wedding. Dylan inquired whether she wanted to get married before the baby was born, but Sharon spotted a gift on the table, and she thought Nick had left it behind. Dylan revealed that it was a present from him to their baby.

As Sharon stared at the baby outfit inside the gift box, Dylan said he'd seen everyone giving presents to Sage at the shower, and he'd wanted Sharon to feel special, too. He added that he knew he was getting ahead of himself, but he couldn't help thinking about the cool things they'd be able to do with their baby. Sharon asked if it was similar to how it had been when Avery had been pregnant, and he explained that the pregnancy had strengthened his and Avery's relationship by taking them beyond love to commitment.

Dylan added that Avery's miscarriage had torn them apart, and he'd focused on all those unrealized hopes and dreams with Connor, so he'd nearly lost his mind when he'd learned Connor wasn't his. Sharon pointed out that Dylan had healed, but he didn't think he could ever go through something like that again. Sharon realized that he couldn't survive another loss like that, and Dylan said he hadn't meant for the gift to upset her. Dylan marveled that he couldn't tell her how grateful he was to have a child with the woman he loved, and Sharon hastily exited to get some air.

In the park, Faith squealed that the wedding site looked twinkly, and Noah credited Marisa, who started to leave. Noah wanted Marisa to stay, but she protested that the ceremony was just for family. Nick extended an invitation to Marisa, and Faith pulled Marisa aside to watch her practice walking down the aisle. Noah insisted on imparting some wisdom to Nick, and Nick joked that Noah had inherited it from him.

Noah said he saw the mutual respect, trust, and hope between Nick and Sage, and he advised Nick not to take it for granted. The men hugged, and everyone took their places when Kyle and Summer arrived with Sage. Noah started the music, and Faith beamed at Nick as she scattered flowers down the aisle. Nick's gaze followed Sage as she walked toward him, and he and Sage smiled at one another as Kyle started the ceremony.

Kyle said Nick and Sage had written their own vows, and Nick recounted that Sage had literally saved his life the first time he'd seen her. Nick continued that she'd also saved his life in another way, since he'd been at a low point in his life, and he hadn't known if he'd ever be able to fall in love again. He proclaimed that stepping into the bear trap had been the luckiest thing that had ever happened to him, and he wanted to make her happy every day for the rest of their lives. He pledged his love, and he declared that he was hers forever.

Sage said she'd had no real understanding of true love before she'd met Nick, but watching him with his children had shown her what it looked like, and she felt blessed to be part of that. She stated that she not only knew what true love looked like, but she also felt it. Sage professed that she would love Nick with all her heart and soul forever, and Kyle requested that the bride and groom place written copies of their vows inside a wooden box.

Kyle added a bottle of wine and glasses to the box, and he said there would be disagreements and moments of strain, but he hoped the couple would look at the box and remember the words that were sealed inside. He instructed Nick and Sage to open the box again in 50 years, repeat their vows, and toast with the wine. Kyle asked them to latch it, and he pronounced them husband and wife. Nick and Sage kissed as the guests clapped.

Faith exclaimed that it had been the best wedding ever, and the guests good-naturedly groaned when Nick wanted to make a speech. Nick said his bride knew how he felt about her, but he wanted his kids to know that their support for the next chapter in his and Sage's lives meant more than he could say. He praised his children for welcoming Sage into the family and for preparing to welcome their new sibling, and the best way he could thank them was to wish that they all found the same happiness he'd discovered. Nick took his new wife home.

At the tack house, Sage gushed that the box had been a great idea, and Nick suggested they nail it shut so they wouldn't be tempted to look at their vows again. She pledged to wait the 50 years to have the toast with him, and he began to kiss her neck. He said he didn't need reasons why he loved her, and they began to make love.

Summer and Kyle returned to the Underground, gushing about how special the wedding had been, and Kevin requested that they not tell Mariah about how great it had been to be included. Kevin explained that Mariah was touchy about family stuff, and even though she pretended not to care, she really did. He requested that they be sensitive to Mariah's feelings, and Summer quipped that she hadn't known Mariah had any. Kyle guessed that Kevin had feelings for Mariah.

Noah and Marisa dropped off Faith at the cottage, and the girl asked Marisa to help her put her bouquet in some water. Marisa and Faith went upstairs, and Dylan told Noah that Sharon had gone out for a walk, but he wasn't sure if everything was okay. Dylan recalled that things had been great a few days earlier, but Sharon had been moody after she'd had a nightmare. Dylan added that he'd given her a present for the baby, but she had ducked out to be alone when he'd started talking about dreams for their child. Dylan chalked it up to pregnancy hormones, but Noah was concerned that mood swings and sleep problems were also symptoms of bipolar disorder.

Dylan said Sharon had been on her meds and was being monitored by her doctor, and she hadn't experienced any episodes since they'd been together. Noah tried to convince himself that it was just hormones, but he thought they should keep an eye out for signs that things might be about to turn, since Sharon needed to stay stable.

Mariah approached Sharon in the park and said she'd needed a walk to clear her head, and Sharon said she was there for the same reason. They looked at the remnants of the wedding decorations, and Mariah guessed it had been a fun event. Mariah wondered if Sharon had also felt excluded, and Sharon recognized that everyone thought that, but she had made peace with Nick. Sharon confirmed that she was upset because she hadn't been honest with Mariah or with Dylan.

Sharon tearfully said she should have told truth the right away, but she hadn't been able to. Sharon confessed that she'd miscarried, so the baby was gone. Mariah pulled Sharon into her arms.

. . .

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• Michael reports that the DNA test indicated the blood was Hilary’s, and Devon will be extradited on homicide charges.
• Victor offers Marisa a bribe to leave town.