Thursday, April 16, 2015

At Crimson Lights, Lauren suggested that she and Michael get away for a few days together to celebrate the end of his radiation treatment, but he replied that he was still undergoing hormone therapy, so being alone with him might not be as enthralling as she expected. Lauren proclaimed that she loved and adored Michael, but they didn't have to spend the time together in bed. Michael said it wasn't the right time to get away, but she pointed out that he didn't have any pressing cases. He imagined she had a backlog of work because she'd been focused on him, and Cane overheard and reminded them that he was there to give Lauren whatever she needed.

Cane said he was at Lauren's service, and Lauren told him that she needed a few days off. Cane considered it done, but Michael argued that Cane still had a lot to learn about Fenmore's. Lauren thought Cane was equipped to handle things, and she reasoned that Cane could call her if there was an emergency. Cane urged the Baldwins to be happy and together, and Michael said he had to check with Avery first. Michael kissed Lauren goodbye and headed out.

Cane suggested that Fenmore's beef up security to circumvent any hacking attempts, and Lauren mused that it could be impossible to get back trust once it had been broken. Cane had the feeling she wasn't talking about computers, and he asked what was on her mind, since something was obviously wrong. Cane asked if Michael was still in pain, but Lauren griped that her husband wouldn't tell her if he was. She thought Michael considered it "hell on earth" to spend a few days with her, and she was certain Michael was pulling away from her.

Lauren said Cane wasn't there to hear her troubles, but Cane called himself a veteran of a cancer war, and it wasn't a battle over which person loved the other more. Lauren whimpered that she and Michael had been through a lot already, and Cane empathized that dealing with the disease was hard. Lauren was optimistic that Michael would kick the cancer, but it was difficult for her to deal with him shutting her out. Cane recalled when Lily had left for Paris, and he envisioned that Michael and Lauren would be there for one another once Michael pushed through the treatment. Cane advised Lauren to be patient and not to pull away just because it was what Michael was doing. Lauren tearfully thanked him.

A police officer led Sharon into the courthouse, and Dylan asked if she was ready for her arraignment. The cop sternly stated that there was no talking allowed, but Sharon quietly informed Dylan that she'd fired her public defender, so she had no attorney. She begged Dylan to find her a lawyer.

At the hospital, Avery slept next to Joe's bed, and he reached out for her hand. She awakened and inquired whether he needed anything, and he told her to go home and get some rest, but she insisted on staying. Joe informed her that the lack of feeling in his legs hadn't changed, but everything else had.

Joe pressured the doctor to get him into therapy to get his legs in working order, but the doctor said they needed to get the test results back first. Avery understood that Joe was eager to move forward, but she advised him to follow the doctor's orders and wait. Joe said he knew he could walk, and he needed to do it right away, and Avery stressed that he needed time. Dylan peered in as Avery leaned in close to Joe and ordered him to stay in bed.

Joe told Dylan that he'd just encouraged Avery to get some rest, and he mentioned that Paul knew the accident hadn't been Avery's fault. Dylan and Avery stepped into the hallway, and he asked her to represent Sharon at the arraignment that was about to start, but Avery protested that she'd had no preparation. Dylan assumed her hesitance was because of Joe, but Avery pointed out that she stood to lose her license because of her involvement with getting the tire iron tested, so it was best for her to stay away from the case. Dylan complained that Avery was an attorney and not a nurse, and alarms sounded in Joe's room. Avery rushed in and found Joe sprawled on the floor, and Dylan scowled.

Avery scolded Joe for getting out of bed, and the medical staff warned Joe not to try it again. Avery insisted that Joe needed time to heal, and she asked if he'd been hurt. Joe turned away and mumbled that he was just tired, and he told her to go home, but she refused. His eyes filled with tears, and she wondered if he was in pain, but he clarified that what he felt was fear. He cried that he wasn't strong enough to face his condition, but she reiterated that there had been no prognosis yet, and if he wasn't able to hold on, she'd hold on for him.

Dylan paced outside Joe's room, and he grumbled to Michael that Joe had put himself in the hospital by making a move on Avery. Michael agreed that Avery didn't deserve to face any charges, and Dylan asserted that Sharon didn't, either. He mentioned that Sharon had no attorney, and he asked if Michael would take on her case.

Joe reminded Avery that Dylan was waiting outside, but Avery said Dylan had had something important to do. Joe guessed Dylan wasn't happy she was there, and he swore he didn't consider it a win if the couple was fighting about him. Avery informed Joe that Dylan had wanted her to represent a friend in court, but she'd declined because she wasn't convinced Sharon hadn't murdered Summer's husband.

Avery declared that she had exactly what Joe needed, and she grabbed a pen and a pad of paper to beat him at a game of cunning and cleverness. She bragged that she was amazing at it, and the kids with their phones and computers would be amazed to know she and Joe had survived a long layover by playing hangman. Joe recalled that it had only been entertaining because the words had gotten racier as time had gone on, but Avery demanded that they keep it PG-rated. He grabbed the pad and set up the first word, and after a few hints, she guessed the word was "angel." Joe gazed lovingly at her and mused that sometimes they didn't even have wings.

At the Athletic Club, Stitch broke up the fistfight between Billy and Adam, and in the chaos, Kelly's urn fell to the ground. Stitch angrily questioned whether Billy and his brother hadn't kicked Kelly around enough when she'd been alive, and Victoria defended Billy. Billy apologized for losing his head, but Stitch snapped that he didn't care how sorry Billy was. Abby asked why Billy and "Gabriel" had been fighting, and Billy mentioned that he'd compared Gabriel to Adam. Billy accused Gabriel of stalking Chelsea, and Adam retorted that Billy had been spending his time chasing Victoria around, although Victoria didn't seem to mind.

Abby followed Billy to the bar, and Billy contended that Gabriel wanted him to be with Victoria so Gabriel could have a shot at Chelsea. Abby questioned whether Gabriel had been right about Billy chasing Victoria, and she wondered if Billy secretly wanted to get back together with his ex-wife. She offered to help Billy if he wanted Victoria back, and Billy inquired whether Abby was pushing for a reunion so Stitch would be available. Abby swore she'd never chase after her sister's boyfriend, and Billy smirked knowingly, but Abby insisted she'd learned her lesson. She added that she wasn't interested, and she and Stitch were barely friends.

Stitch wondered if Gabriel had been right, and he imagined that Victoria had been lonely without him at home. Victoria assured Stitch that he'd done the right thing by staying at the club and going out of town to get Kelly's ashes, and he asked whether it had been right for him or for them. He questioned whether everything was fine between them, and she replied that things weren't fine, but they would be. Victoria surmised that Abby was safe because Sharon had been arrested, so she thought Stitch could return home, but he wasn't sure. She asked if he was uncertain about Abby's safety or moving back home.

Stitch said he hadn't been referring to going home, and he asked if Victoria really thought Sharon was deranged and violent enough to kill two people. He suspected the killer was still out there, and Abby could still be a target, but Victoria thought he was avoiding the real issue. She acknowledged that she'd screwed up with how she'd reacted to Kelly's death, and she'd wanted to give him space. Victoria reasoned that she hadn't been able to properly comfort him or look after her sister, so it had made sense for Stitch and Abby to look out for each other. Stitch was convinced Victoria had wanted distance from him.

Billy approached Stitch and conceded that he hadn't made life easy for Kelly, but he was truly sorry for what had happened. Abby prepared to attend Sharon's arraignment, and Stitch said he wanted to hear what Sharon's lawyer had to say. Abby stated for the record that she hadn't invited him, but they left together. Billy remarked that he'd taken a punch, but Victoria looked like she'd been knocked out. Meanwhile, Sharon began to panic as she sat alone in the courtroom.

Sharon told the judge that her attorney would be there any minute, and the judge called a brief recess. Abby wondered if Sharon was waiting to take another crack at her head, but Sharon swore she hadn't attacked Abby, and she insisted she was being framed. Abby huffed that she'd finally get a good night of sleep once Sharon was in a cell, but Sharon argued that there was no direct evidence. Stitch asked Sharon how she was holding up, and she maintained that she was innocent. The judge said they'd have to move along without Sharon's attorney, and Sharon pleaded not guilty. Abby looked pleased when the A.D.A. suggested Sharon be remanded into custody without bail.

The A.D.A. recounted that Sharon had faked her death and hidden in New Mexico when she'd last been charged with a crime, and Sharon countered that she'd been found not guilty. The A.D.A. pointed out that Sharon had still left town, and the judge saw no reason to allow bail. Michael burst in with apologies for the delay, and he hoped the judge wouldn't punish his client for his tardiness. The A.D.A. painted Sharon as a flight risk with a history of mental illness, and Dylan blurted out that someone shouldn't be jailed for mental instability.

Michael silenced Dylan, and he argued that being jailed could exacerbate Sharon's bipolar disorder. The A.D.A. sternly called Sharon a runner who would put the public at risk, but Michael argued that the evidence was circumstantial, and he could guarantee his client wouldn't run. Michael recommended house arrest with an appointed guardian, but the judge said the state wouldn't provide one. Michael volunteered to supervise Sharon, and Sharon stared at him in surprise.

Sharon gushed that she didn't know how to thank Michael for allowing her to go back to her own home, and she owed him and Dylan a lot. She wondered why Michael had sacrificed his own freedom, since he'd be away from his home and his wife, and he said all that mattered was that he'd done it as her attorney. Abby sent a text message to tell someone that justice was a joke, and Stitch called Dylan's efforts heroic, but he asked whether Dylan was sure Sharon was innocent. Dylan vowed to prove someone had set her up, and Stitch worried the killer was still out there.

Abby said she'd no longer have to look over her shoulder, so she and Stitch could go their separate ways, but Stitch objected because he thought it still wasn't safe. He reported that Dylan was convinced Sharon was innocent, and Stitch had his doubts about her guilt, too, but Abby huffed that both men were wrong. Abby thought Sharon had to be the killer, but Stitch wouldn't let Abby take the risk, and he thought they had no choice but to continue staying at the club. Abby remarked that they were stuck with one another.

Michael called Lauren to tell her about what had happened in court, and she incredulously asked when he'd agreed to represent Sharon. Lauren worried that Michael was still undergoing treatment, but he said it was just injections and pills. Lauren asked who would take care of him, and he said he'd take care of himself, but they had to postpone their trip. He tersely said he had to go, and he hung up before Lauren finished declaring her love. Lauren relayed to Cane that Michael had found a way out of their vacation as well as their home.

Chelsea returned home and greeted "Gabriel" in the hall, and she asked what had happened to his lip. He replied that her fiancé had done it while Billy had been defending his ex-wife, and Chelsea followed Adam into his apartment and testily asked why he always tried to make her worry about Billy and Victoria. Adam responded that he was bleeding because Billy had decided to hold hands with Victoria instead of being there for Chelsea and Connor, and Chelsea was sure there had been a reason. Adam guessed that Billy had liked the way it had felt, and Chelsea argued that Billy and Victoria shared a history.

Adam quipped that the couple had a history of holding hands, and he questioned where Billy had been when Connor had been in the hospital. Chelsea defended that Billy had felt terrible for not being there, and Chelsea was puzzled why Gabriel was causing trouble after he'd been decent enough to take her and Connor to the hospital. She demanded to know whether he was a jerk or not, and he admitted he was, but he cared about her and Connor. Adam said he'd been honored to be there for Chelsea, and Billy didn't know how lucky he was. Adam added that even though he was a jerk, there was nowhere he'd rather be than with her.

Chelsea insisted that whatever Gabriel had seen between Billy and Victoria had just been in his imagination, but Adam theorized that it was hard for Chelsea to be around him because he told the truth. She snapped that he didn't respect that she was engaged, but he countered that her fiancé didn't respect it. Adam contemplated how it would be for Connor to have a stepfather who thought Connor was the spawn of Satan, and he contemplated what would happen if Connor grew up to look like or act like Adam.

Adam pointed out that Billy hadn't meant it as a compliment when he'd compared Gabriel to Adam, and Chelsea replied that they'd just been words. Adam said they'd just been words until he'd punched Billy, and Chelsea became furious that he hadn't told her he'd punched Billy first. Adam considered the fight to be a draw, and he imagined that Billy was still at the club, holding hands with Victoria. Chelsea stormed out.

Billy iced his jaw, and he winced when Victoria tried to help him. She bemoaned that she couldn't do anything right that day, and she quipped that she always seemed to be one beat behind or one beat ahead, or she had the entire dance wrong. Billy wished he knew the right thing to say, but he believed in her, and she told him it had been the right thing to say. She thought it was a gift to be able to say the right thing, and it was like they spoke the same language. Victoria marveled that Billy had known what she'd been thinking, and he said the trick was to be able to translate what was in her eyes. She gazed intently at him and asked what her eyes were saying.

Chelsea arrived at the club, and she asked the bartender if he'd seen Billy. She turned around and was stunned when she spotted Billy and Victoria kissing. Chelsea stared at them for a moment, and she ran out, unseen. Victoria and Billy pulled apart and looked guiltily at one another.

Billy apologized and said the kiss shouldn't have happened, and he should have been more careful after they'd almost kissed earlier. Victoria said it was no one's fault, and Billy recognized that after she'd fought with Stitch and Billy had punched a weasel, feeling something with Victoria had felt good. She agreed, and he promised he wouldn't let it happen again. Victoria assured him that she wasn't upset or offended, and he pledged to get it together, since he couldn't lose Chelsea.

Adam stared at his divorce papers and chugged a drink. He opened his door to Chelsea, and she ordered him to kiss her. He stared at her in stunned silence, and she repeated the request. He pulled her into his arms and planted a passionate kiss on her, but he stopped and asked what had happened. Chelsea asked if he wanted to stop and talk or if he wanted to kiss her again, and they resumed kissing and began to disrobe. Adam carried her to the couch, and they started to make love.

. . .

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