Thursday, July 23, 2015

In the park, Noah urged Marisa to tell him the rest of the story if she wanted him to trust her. She replied that everything was in the reading material Kevin had provided, and Noah pointed out that she was connected to Marco, who had been linked to the murders. Marisa swore that she'd had nothing to do with the killings, since she hadn't even been in town when they'd happened, but Marco had been, and he could have been the killer.

Marisa explained that she and Marco had decided to leave town together, but they'd gotten into a terrible fight, and Marco had lost control of the car and crashed into the lake. She continued that she'd been able to swim to shore, but Marco had been trapped and hadn't resurfaced. Noah realized that had been why Marisa had been drenched and shaken up when she'd arrived at the Underground, and he thought they had to call the police to let them know Marco might have committed the murders. Marisa protested that if Marco's people learned she'd caused Marco to die, they'd kill her.

Noah ordered Marisa not to say another word about dying, but he warned that his friends wanted to go to the police. She begged him to stop them, and Noah promised to do what he could, but he asked her not to run off while he tried to make things right. She swore that she wouldn't run, and as he walked off, he said he would be in touch.

At Summer's apartment, Kyle and Summer made out on the couch, but Kevin and Mariah interrupted with the news that he'd discovered a connection between Marisa and the murders. Kevin revealed that he'd learned that Marco had been Marisa's boyfriend, but Noah had insisted on giving Marisa a chance to explain. Mariah anticipated that Noah would never admit that Marisa had been playing him, but Summer understood that Noah wanted a soft place to land after he'd lost the person he'd expected to spend the rest of his life with.

Kevin declared his intent to go to Paul, but he wanted everyone to back him up. Summer advised that they take a big step back before they messed everything up, and she suggested that they find out what Noah had learned from Marisa before they contacted the police. Mariah griped that they couldn't trust Marisa, but Summer understood why Marisa hadn't broadcasted that her ex was a notorious criminal. Kevin questioned whether Summer wanted to find out who had killed her husband, but Summer asserted that she was sick of jumping to conclusions and being wrong, so she wanted to make sure there was something to pursue before they ruined a woman's life.

Noah dropped by the apartment and announced that Marisa had told him everything, including that Marco had been in town for months. Mariah wondered why Marco had been there, and Noah guessed that it had been a good place for Marco to hide from his enemies. The young adults agreed that all the pieces fit if Marco had been the murderer, and Kevin declared that they had a witness who could confirm Marco had been in town when the murders had occurred. Kevin started to call Paul, but Noah begged him not to tell anyone.

Noah said he'd already gotten justice, since Marisa had told him that Marco had drowned in Lake Delaney after a car accident. Kevin contended that the police needed evidence to close the murder cases, and Mariah was skeptical about whether Marisa had been telling the truth. Kevin wanted to confirm Marco's death, but Noah firmly stated that he believed Marisa, and he wanted it to be over. Noah refused to go to the police at Marisa's expense, and he argued that she feared Marco's cronies would kill her if the news of Marco's death got out. Noah demanded that they accept the killer was gone and move on with rest of their lives, and he insisted that they let Marisa do the same thing.

Summer promised that she wouldn't go to the police, but Kyle said he needed to process the information. Summer argued that Noah had lost the person he'd loved because of Marco, and she understood that Noah didn't want to lose the new woman who'd walked into his life. Summer declared that there had been too much pain and loss already, and she implored everyone to let it go. Kyle agreed not to go to the police, and Kevin reluctantly said he wouldn't go to Paul. Noah asked if Mariah was willing to put an innocent woman's life in danger, and Kevin offered to convince Mariah to keep quiet. Noah maintained that it was the right thing to do, and he left to let Marisa know.

Kevin and Mariah headed out, and he wondered how much longer she would give him grief. She demanded that he explain why he'd "folded like a lawn chair" by taking the word of a total stranger, but Kevin pointed out that he'd only said he wouldn't go to the police. He proclaimed that the next morning, they were going for a swim in Lake Delaney.

Marisa returned to her room, and she hurriedly began to pack her things. Later, Noah arrived and relayed that his friends had agreed not to go to the police. She planted a kiss on him, but she quickly pulled away and apologized. She admitted that she'd had doubts after he'd left, and she'd considered breaking her word and leaving, but she'd decided to trust him.

Noah and Marisa kissed more passionately and inched toward the bed, but she again pulled back and said they shouldn't. Marisa explained that she had a history of falling into bed with men who had been good to her, and she didn't want to ruin things with Noah. He tenderly kissed her and said he'd see her the next day, and he went to the door. He murmured that he was glad she'd kept her promise, and he departed.

At Newman-Abbott, Billy threw down some paperwork in exasperation. Phyllis entered the office and revealed that Stitch had kicked her out to allow Jack to rest. She added that she was too wired to go home after Jack had indicated that Gabriel wasn't his son, and Billy thought they should have realized Gabriel had tampered with the DNA test. Phyllis contemplated whether they just had to bide their time until Jack woke up, but Billy wanted to get Gabriel out of the company by running their own DNA test. As Chelsea eavesdropped from outside the door, Billy suggested that he swipe Gabriel's coffee mug after their morning meeting, so he could expose Gabriel for the fraud he was.

In Abby's hospital room, Stitch asked Abby to be a model patient until the next morning, and Adam entered and asked if it was too late for a visit. Adam said he'd wanted to find out how Abby was doing, and she replied that she was anxious to get back to work, assuming she still had a job after the deal she'd made with the warehouse workers. Abby relayed that Billy had told her that she'd given away the store, and she'd been worried Gabriel would feel the same way. Adam conceded that she could have negotiated the benefits package better, but it wouldn't break anyone, and he assured her that he had faith in her.

Adam prepared to visit Jack, but Stitch asked to have a word with him, and the men stepped outside. Stitch claimed that Jack had been overwhelmed and needed rest, and Adam wondered if those were doctor's orders or if Stitch was doing Ashley's bidding by keeping him away from Jack. Stitch snapped that he was merely looking out for his patient, and Adam answered a call from Chelsea, who told him to get to her place right away, since he was in serious trouble.

Stitch asked if he could get Abby anything else, and she mentioned that she'd heard his conversation with Gabriel. She referred to the crack about Stitch doing her mom's bidding, and she pointed out that Stitch had waited a long time to get back on staff. She worried that Ashley was using her relationship with Stitch to put him in a bad position, but Stitch adamantly insisted that he and Ashley didn't have a relationship. Abby clarified that she'd meant they were friends, and Stitch assured her that Ashley wasn't interfering with his job. He abruptly left to get back to work, and Abby looked concerned.

In Jack's room, Victor said he was glad to see that Jack was awake. Jack snarled that Victor had worked hard to get rid of him, so Jack would do the talking while Victor listened. Jack had suspected Victor had been up to something ever since Victor had declared his intent to buy Jabot, but he'd never imagined Victor would go to such lengths to get what he'd wanted. Jack angrily confronted Victor about hiring a vicious criminal to take over the company and to sleep with Jack's wife, but Victor urged him to calm down. Jack bellowed that he was the one calling the shots, not Victor.

Jack wondered if it had been Victor's plan to have Kelly torture Jack on the island, and he admonished Victor for using a broken woman. Jack theorized that Victor had arranged to have Jack kidnapped during his honeymoon while Marco began his masquerade, and he vowed that Victor would pay for taking Jack to "hell and back." Victor contended that Jack was confused after being in a coma, and he speculated that Kelly and Marco had cooked up the scheme. Victor lied that he'd had nothing to do with any of it, and Jack spat that Victor lied as easily as he breathed, since it had always been all about Victor, and it always would be.

Jack questioned whether Victor had intended to take Jack out of the picture when Victor had shot him in the park, but Victor explained that Marco had been behaving erratically before that night, and he'd thought Jack had been Marco. Victor added that he'd believed Marco had been reaching for a gun in his pocket, so he'd fired in self-defense. Jack demanded to know why Victor had done it, and Victor mentioned that a year before, he'd become aware of a plot against him and his company called the Paragon Project. A look of recognition crossed Jack's face, and Jack asked how Victor had known about it.

Victor vaguely replied that he had his sources, and he'd had to do everything in his power to defend himself, his family, and his company. Victor swore that if he'd known he'd been with Jack in the park, he never would have pulled the trigger, but Jack argued that Victor had pulled it. Victor conceded that he'd done horrific things, but he referred to the blood on Jack's hands, and he implored Jack to consider how much of the sordid story Jack wanted the world to know.

Victor noted that it sounded like Jack had been responsible for Kelly's demise, and he mentioned that Marisa had told him some interesting stories about the cargo ship, including that Jack had been responsible for setting the explosion. Jack defended that he'd been fighting for his survival, but Victor countered that Jack had killed the captain and his men, and he was sure Jack preferred not to have the details made public. Victor contemplated whether Jack would be extradited and put on trial to face the death penalty for killing all the other people on the ship.

Jack contended that another alternative would be to finish the war between them, since it would almost be worth it to go after one another until only one of them was standing. Victor asked if that was what Jack really wanted, and Jack pointed out that he'd said "almost." Victor asked whether they had an understanding, and Jack agreed to stick to Victor's version of events in the park, but he warned that other people knew Marco existed.

Victor informed Jack that Marisa had told him that Marco was at the bottom of a lake, and Jack asked if there was proof, but he realized that Marisa wouldn't have lied about it. Jack mentioned that Gabriel also knew that Marco had been impersonating Jack, but Stitch interrupted and suggested that Victor leave before the guard returned. Victor wished Jack a quick recovery, and after he departed, Jack said he had one last favor to ask of Stitch.

At the penthouse, Chelsea informed Adam that she'd overheard Phyllis and Billy talking about how they didn't believe Gabriel was Jack's son, and they wanted to run a new DNA test. Adam thought it wasn't the end of the world, but Chelsea argued that he couldn't fight them forever. She fretted that the Abbotts would dig until they uncovered Adam's true identity, and she felt like the walls were caving in. Chelsea anticipated that Victor wouldn't stop until he regained control of the company, and Adam guessed that she was again trying to convince him to resign, but he scowled at the thought of Victor winning.

Chelsea asked if Adam preferred to risk going to jail and missing out on being in his son's life again, and she cautioned that he had to avoid making the same choices that he'd made before, since obsessing over Victor and the company would cost him everything. She questioned whether Adam was really willing to sacrifice being with Connor, and she asked how far he was willing to push it just because he wanted to beat Victor.

Adam and Chelsea arrived at the office, and Billy said to spare him the lecture about being in Gabriel's office, but Adam announced that it wouldn't be his office as of the next day, since he'd decided to step down as CEO. Adam explained that Victor was back and that everyone was chomping at the bit to get Gabriel out, so there was no point in fighting a losing battle. Phyllis remarked that the reaction was out of character, and Adam said Chelsea had made him realize it was for the best. Phyllis suspected that Gabriel was running from something, and Chelsea referred to the tension between Gabriel and Victor.

Phyllis recalled Gabriel's oath to protect Jack's interests, and Billy stated that he and Phyllis already knew Gabriel wasn't Jack's son, thanks to the communication system Jack and Phyllis had worked out. Adam said it was good news that Jack was improving, and there was no point in denying the truth -- Jack wasn't his father. Adam claimed he'd falsified the DNA test and lied to everyone, but Jack had been in on it. Phyllis and Billy didn't believe it, and Adam explained that both he and Jack hated Victor, so they'd decided they'd make a better team as father and son.

Billy doubted that Jack had lied to his own family for the sake of a better scheme, and Phyllis added that Jack had practically broken her hand when trying to tell her that Gabriel wasn't his son. Adam pointed out that Jack had been the one to break the news, and he expected Jack to vindicate him. Adam and Chelsea left, and Phyllis thought she still smelled a rat. Stitch called with the news that Jack might be waking up, and Phyllis and Billy rushed out.

At the Athletic Club bar, Chelsea recognized that it had been painful for Adam to walk away from the company, but he'd neutralized Phyllis and Billy. She imagined the Abbotts would have a lot of questions for Jack when he woke up, and Adam said he was glad Chelsea had made him see the light, since nothing was more important than his family. She said she should go, and he offered to drive her, but she preferred to take a cab. She left, and Victor sat down next to Adam and ordered a drink.

Adam observed the smug look on Victor's face, and he guessed that Phyllis and Billy had already spread the word that Gabriel wasn't Jack's son and that Gabriel had stepped down at Newman-Abbott. Victor was pleasantly surprised, and Adam ranted that the planted gun might lead to his undoing, but it was only a matter of time before Jack told the truth about the night of the shooting. Victor confidently stated that he was sure Jack would set the record straight.

At the penthouse, Chelsea comforted Connor after he'd had a bad dream, and she said she knew what nightmares were like, since she felt like she was living in one. She reflected back on wanting his daddy to be alive, but her voice trailed off as she considered what it meant to have Adam back in their lives.

Phyllis sat at Jack's side and pleaded with him to open his beautiful eyes and say hello to her. Abby entered, and Billy reported that Kyle and Summer were on the way. Phyllis said they'd waited for a long time, and Jack slowly stirred and replied that she shouldn't have to wait any longer. Phyllis cried and professed her love, and Jack responded, "I love you, too, Red."

Kyle rushed in and hugged Jack, and Summer said it was good to hear Jack's voice. Jack marveled that it was good to be back, and Billy said there was a lot they needed to talk about, but Phyllis cautioned Billy not to stress Jack out. Jack acknowledged that they had questions, and he'd overheard a lot of what had been said in that room. Jack announced that Victor had been telling the truth, since Jack had been carrying a gun with him on the night of the shooting, and Victor had shot him in self-defense.

. . .

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