Thursday, April 17, 2014

Abby and Tyler breathlessly giggled in bed after they'd made love, and he said that it had been amazing. She thought that he sounded surprised, and he admitted that he'd thought that getting engaged might have taken something out of their sex life, but it had made it even better. Abby silently turned away, and he asked what was wrong. She wondered if they were making a mistake. Tyler chalked Abby's apprehension up to pre-wedding jitters, and Abby testily asked if he knew from experience, since he'd been engaged before.

Tyler joked that his only experience had been getting out of a nightmare, and Abby questioned whether he was bored, since the chase had been over once he'd put a ring on her finger. Tyler realized that Abby was freaking out about the party that night, and he asked if she was worried about the Abbotts and the Newmans being together in the same room to celebrate. She pointed out that she and Tyler could change their minds about getting married, but Tyler pulled out his tablet computer and looked at their online engagement announcement, and he declared that there was no going back. Meanwhile, the woman with the tattooed wrist looked at the same announcement.

Abby realized that she had gotten upset over nothing, and she reasoned that the party would just be a family get-together, even though he'd be bombarded with questions. He asked if her family would wonder whether he was good enough for her, and she remarked that he was about to marry into two intense families, but everyone would be too busy arguing with one another to even think about it. She thought that her mom would have questions for him, but she suggested that he wear his sexy black jacket to distract Ashley. Tyler turned away, and she asked what was wrong. He mumbled that maybe she was right, and they were making a big mistake.

Abby concluded that Tyler wanted to call off the engagement, and he clarified that he wanted to marry her, but it already felt like they were in the middle of a game of dodgeball. She wondered if he didn't want to invite her family to the wedding, and he suggested that they elope to avoid the drama. Abby teased Tyler for pretending not to be nervous, when he was ready to run away just to avoid her family's questions that night. Tyler pledged his love and said that he couldn't wait to marry her, and he swore that was the only reason he'd suggested eloping. She stressed that it was okay to admit that the pressure was getting to him, but he insisted that it wasn't.

Abby declared that she and Tyler would go to the party and face both sides of her family together, and they kissed. She got up to get ready, and he looked perplexed. Tyler tried to coax Abby back into bed, but she said that she had an appointment to get beautiful. He said that she already was, but she replied that she would see him later, and she left. Tyler made a call and asked to meet Mariah.

Nick showed up at Sharon's door, and Sharon informed him that he'd just missed Faith, who'd left for school. Nick said that he was there to see Sharon, and she figured that he was there to check to see if she'd survived the night without him. She assured him that there hadn't been any nightmares or phantasms, and she imagined that it had been nice for him to finally get a good night's sleep in his own bed. Nick reported that he'd barely slept at all, since he hadn't been able to stop thinking about her.

Sharon said that she'd also missed Nick the prior night, and she mentioned that Faith had wanted to know why he hadn't been there. Sharon continued that she'd explained that Nick had only stayed until Sharon had been feeling better, and since she was stronger, he had gone back to his own place. Nick wanted to stop hiding how they felt from Faith, and he acknowledged that he and Sharon had agreed to take things slowly, but he felt like they'd turned back the clock. Sharon suggested that he take the time to court her, and he asked her on a date that night.

Sharon was incredulous when she learned that Nick wanted to take her on a date to his dad's house, and he countered that it was a family gathering. She anticipated another battle between the Abbotts and the Newmans, but Nick promised that no one wanted to ruin the party for Abby. Sharon argued that she'd ruin things by showing up, since Abby hated her. Nick said that Abby would be busy helping Tyler through the most grueling night of his life, and he added that he'd already told Victor that he intended to escort Sharon to the party. Sharon replied that Nick should have talked to her first because she wasn't going.

Sharon said that she didn't want Nick to throw her in Victor's face to show that Victor couldn't manipulate him. Nick conceded that he couldn't stand the fact that Victor had used Delia's death to get closer to his grandson, but he declared that he wanted to be with Sharon and that he didn't want to hide it. Nick agreed not to pressure her to attend, but she understood that he had to be there for his family. Nick replied that Sharon was his family, too, and he added that they had been through a lot and had always ended up back together, like two halves of a whole that were no good without one another. Sharon stated that she'd never been good without him, and they kissed passionately.

Nick pulled away and said that he didn't want to rush Sharon, but she assured him that she was ready. She asserted that all the time they'd spent apart or with other people hadn't been right, since they were only right together. They resumed kissing and began to disrobe. Nick and Sharon gave in to their passion and made love.

As Nick and Sharon basked in the afterglow, he asked what she was thinking about. She said Victor, and he commented that her answer was weird, but she explained that she'd been considering going to the party. Nick reiterated that he wouldn't make her go, but she realized that she'd have to adjust to dealing with Victor if she and Nick had a future together. Nick said that the future was overrated, and he was more interested in the present. They kissed.

Someone knocked on Paul's office door, and Paul was stunned when a smiling Ian entered. Ian crowed that the wheels of justice had continued to turn, and Paul cautioned that Ian was pressing his luck by being at the police station. Ian questioned where else he was supposed to report a crime, and he revealed that someone had broken into his hotel room. Ian surmised that Paul had already known about it, since the culprit hadn't stolen anything but had just trashed the place to send a message. Paul contended that if the police had wanted to give Ian a message, they would have done it in person, and it was just a matter of time before that happened.

Ian inquired whether Paul intended to trump up a charge against him, and Paul promised that the next time Ian was charged with something, it would stick. Ian lectured that Paul's self-righteousness was stunting Paul's spiritual growth, and Paul invited Ian to file a police report. As Ian headed for the door, he pondered who had tried to send him a message if the police hadn't been behind the break-in.

Avery bustled around in her kitchen to prepare for her test shoot. She fretted that she'd be a total klutz, but Dylan assured her that she would be fine. She said that she was more worried about him, since he'd tossed and turned all night because his father was back in town. Dylan refused to let Ian get to him, but Avery pointed out that Ian already had. Avery acknowledged that Leslie had just been doing her job, but she hated what it was doing to Dylan.

Dylan insisted that it was Avery's day and that he didn't want to spoil it, and he asked if there was anything he could do. She asked whether or not she should wear an apron, and she worried that she looked goofy enough already. Dylan assured her that she looked amazing, and they kissed. She realized that she had a stain on her shirt, and he amorously offered to help her get out of it, but his phone rang. She went into the bedroom to change, and Dylan answered a call from Paul, who asked Dylan to stop by the station.

Avery reappeared and asked who had been on the phone, but there was a knock at the door, and Dylan suggested that she finish getting ready while he dealt with the film crew. Avery hurried off, and Dylan greeted Marcus, who was leading the shoot, and two other members of the crew. Dylan introduced Avery, and the cameraman, Austin, gushed that it was great to meet her. Dylan said that he had to take off to handle something, and he started to tell Avery to break a leg, but he stopped himself and said not to break anything.

A technician fitted Avery with a microphone, and Marcus asked how Avery was doing. She replied that she'd done a lot of public speaking in court, but the stakes were higher for the audition. During the first take, a speechless Avery stared at the camera with a smile plastered on her face. Marcus motioned for her to start, and she stiffly welcomed the audience to her kitchen and revealed that she'd be sharing her recipe for an easy, delicious chocolate soufflé cake. She announced that she had a trick to cracking eggs, but she accidentally dropped her egg in a bowl, and the egg broke. As she tried to fish the eggshells out of the bowl, she accidentally knocked over some cookware.

Avery apologized, and Austin coached her to just be herself and not to worry about the camera, since she was what people had responded to in her first video. He said that he'd wanted to reach in and try her key lime pie, and she offered to make one for him, but he replied that his girlfriend already had. Marcus sternly inquired whether they were setting up again or if they were done, and Avery snapped into action. They started shooting the next take, and she was much more relaxed. Her phone rang, and she covered by stating that the recipe was easy enough to make while fielding calls from the office. She proceeded to separate eggs while calmly dealing with a work crisis.

Dylan arrived at the police station and asked if Paul had found a reason to throw Ian in jail, and Paul reported that Ian had been there earlier to file a report about someone trashing his hotel room. Paul inquired whether Dylan had done it to give Ian a message to get out of town, and Dylan remarked that Ian would be smart to listen to the message, but he hadn't been the messenger. Paul hoped that Dylan wouldn't resort to threats, but he suspected that Dylan would do whatever he could to find out what Ian was keeping from him.

Dylan said that Ian had claimed to have a secret, but he hadn't believed it because it was the oldest trick in the book to string someone along until they were willing to do anything. Paul asked if the Ian's ploy had worked, and Dylan admitted that he had wanted to rip apart more than a hotel room. Paul warned that he'd have to arrest Dylan if he had, but Dylan replied that Ian was the one Paul needed to keep an eye on. Paul recognized that Dylan had suffered through a tough year, but it seemed like things were turning around, and he urged Dylan not to mess things up by doing something stupid.

At the ranch, Victor startled Nikki and asked why she'd been deep in thought. She remained silent, and he asked if she was worried that Abby's engagement party would be too much for her. Nikki remarked that the party arrangements were under control, and Victor wondered if she thought that he'd start a ruckus with the Abbotts. Nikki said that she knew that Victor wouldn't ruin the evening for Abby, and she revealed that Ian was back in town.

Nikki told Victor that Dylan had informed her that Ian's case had ended in a mistrial and that there was a possibility of a retrial, but Ian planned to stay in Genoa City until then. Victor seethed, and Nikki said that she hadn't wanted to tell him because she'd known that he'd get worked up. Victor asked if Ian had contacted her, and she insisted that Ian hadn't been in touch, but she was debating whether to call Paul to force Ian to leave town. Victor huffed that she didn't need Paul to make that happen.

Nikki asked Victor to promise that he wouldn't do anything foolish, and she requested that he set aside his hatred that evening for Abby's sake. Victor reminded her that he'd already agreed to Sharon accompanying Nick to the party, since he wanted his children and grandchildren to know that he loved them. Nikki questioned what would happen after the party if Ian stayed in town, and Victor became incensed at the thought of what Ian had done to Nikki and Summer. Nikki again pleaded with him to let it go.

Victor argued that Ian was a predator who had gone after Summer, but Nikki countered that she'd stood up to Ian, and she swore that Ian couldn't hurt her. Victor vowed that he wouldn't let Ian harm her, but Nikki wanted to let Paul take care of it. Victor groused that Ian had played the authorities for fools, and he refused to let Ian hurt his family. Victor declared that Nikki didn't need to worry about Ian anymore, and Nikki replied that she wasn't worried about Ian, but she was scared about what Victor would do. Victor reluctantly promised not to go after Ian, but he added that things would change if Ian went after Nikki, Summer, or anyone else in their family.

Ian strolled through Chancellor Park, and he smiled as he sent a text message. Victor and Nikki didn't notice when she received Ian's message, which suggested that she meet him in the park for a heart-to-heart talk.

Later, Nikki opened the door to leave and was surprised to find Dylan about to knock. She explained that she was on her way to take care of last-minute preparations for Abby's engagement party, and Dylan said that he'd wanted to make sure she was okay. He asked if Ian had tried to contact her, and she assured him she was fine, but she was glad that Dylan had checked up on her. He swore that he wouldn't let Ian hurt her, and she told him to get in line, but she was capable of taking care of herself.

Avery concluded her audition by saying that no one would be able to resist trying her cake, and she took a bite and proclaimed that it was perfect. Marcus praised that she had been great, and Austin added that she'd been perfect, just like her cake. Avery served the cake to the crew, and Austin exclaimed that it was even better than her pie. Dylan returned home and noted that it looked like things had gone well, and Avery remarked that she'd need more than three fans. Dylan replied that she had four, and she thanked the crew as she showed them out.

Dylan asked if Avery had saved a piece for him, but she wouldn't let him indulge until he told her where he'd gone. Dylan revealed that Paul had asked him to stop by the police station, since someone had sent Ian a message that it was time to go. Dylan hoped that Ian had understood loud and clear that no one wanted him there.

Ian checked his watch, and he heard someone approaching. He commented that he'd thought he'd been stood up, but he was surprised to face Victor. Victor coldly asked if Ian was waiting for Victor's wife, but he said she wouldn't be there. Meanwhile, Nikki returned home with an armful of flowers, and she called out for Victor, but she received no response.

Victor recounted that he'd warned Ian about what would happen if Ian got out of prison, and Ian asked if Victor was there to make good on his threat. Victor recalled that Ian had said that threats were for the weak, and Ian speculated that Victor had intercepted his message to Nikki because Victor was afraid that she might succumb to the pull she felt toward Ian. Victor demanded that Ian stop with the psychobabble, since Nikki felt nothing but disgust for Ian. Ian said that they'd find out because he was staying in Genoa City, and Victor advised that he'd know about Ian's every move.

Victor warned that Ian would regret it if he contacted Nikki or Summer, and Ian questioned what would happen if the women contacted him. Victor promised that if Ian breathed the same air as Victor's family, it would be the last breath Ian took, and Ian would "never see it coming."

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