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Thursday, October 27, 2016

At the Athletic Club, Neil thanked Nikki for helping out with planning a charity luncheon for his foundation. He admitted that things had been rough without his partner, but she was sure that Jack would be back, and she volunteered to pitch in until that happened. Hilary approached and claimed that she wanted to make sure there were no hard feelings about the story that she'd aired. Nikki incredulously realized that Hilary was videotaping Nikki's reaction on her phone, and Hilary said she had thought Nikki would want to share her opinion on camera. Hilary asked how Nikki felt about Victor's alleged unethical business practices.

Nikki stated that her husband had been accused of many things, but that happened when someone was successful. Hilary pointed out that not all of the accusations had been unfounded, since Victor had recently spent time in prison, and it would be a shame if he had to go back again. Neil was sure that Devon hadn't signed off on Hilary accosting guests in his own club, and he told her to beat it. After Hilary walked away, Neil asked Nikki if she was all right, and Nikki replied that she wouldn't still be standing if she let it get to her every time her family appeared on GC Buzz.

At GC Buzz, Leslie scolded Devon for broadcasting a story without checking the facts, and she warned that his inheritance was vulnerable, since Victor was suing for every penny he could get. Leslie counseled that the easiest way to make the lawsuit disappear would be to track down the source and authenticate the documents, but Devon lamented that he had no idea who'd provided them. Leslie urged him to make peace with Victor by giving Victor something he wanted.

Later, Hilary arrived at the studio, and Devon confronted her about ambushing Nikki. Hilary countered that she'd given Nikki an opportunity to defend her husband, but Nikki hadn't done it. Leslie suggested that they avoid any future "opportunities" until the lawsuit was over, since harassment claims could destroy their defense. Hilary contended that her interview had been good journalism, since Nikki could have let something slip that would have thrown out the lawsuit. Devon ordered Hilary to stop making decisions behind his back, since he was trying to protect the business as well as everything he had, including his inheritance and Katherine's legacy. He headed out.

At the cottage, Dylan was on the phone with Paul, and Sharon informed Mariah that it had something to do with Paul using his pull to have Patty moved. Dylan expressed sympathy to Paul, and Paul promised to call on his way home. After they hung up, Dylan reported that Patty had been fine until they'd reached the doors of Rivercrest, but then she'd completely lost it, and no one had any idea why. Mariah asked if Paul had seen Patty, and Dylan relayed that his father was about to go in.

Dylan stepped away to answer a call from the police station, and Sharon panicked that there was nothing to stop Patty from telling Paul everything. Sharon contemplated staging a family emergency to get Paul away from the facility, but Mariah groused that they'd been already been caught in many lies, so inventing another one might be the last straw. Mariah refused to do it anymore, since she couldn't keep track of the cover stories they'd already told, and looking Dylan in the eye was excruciating. Sharon pushed Mariah to think about the alternative, but Mariah reiterated that she couldn't be there, and she hurried out.

At Newman Enterprises, Victor was confident that his family hadn't been the source of the leak, but Natalie cautioned that he was too close to be objective with the people he cared about. He insisted that his family wouldn't try any destructive tactics after doing so had ended disastrously before, and he trusted them completely, as he did Natalie. She was surprised, and he recognized that giving him the information meant she was loyal. Victor instructed Natalie to continue to protect the servers but to leave some sensitive files vulnerable, just not to the public. She realized that he wanted to trace a breach to the traitor in order to turn over the culprit to the police, but Victor clarified that the mole would be delivered to him, and he'd deal with it.

Later, Mariah spotted Natalie at Crimson Lights, and she started to turn away, but Natalie threatened to hack Mariah's email if she didn't say hello. Mariah greeted "Swizzle Stick" and wondered when Natalie had gotten back. Natalie implied that she'd never left, and she figured that Mariah was dying to say that she'd been right about Kevin. Mariah swore that she'd honestly been trying to warn Natalie that there was no competing with Chloe. Natalie declared that she'd been moving on with her life, and she'd gotten a new job at Newman.

Mariah was stunned that Natalie was working for Victor after Natalie had double-crossed him, but Natalie called it water under the bridge. Mariah guessed that Natalie was developing a new security program for Newman, but Natalie said she was Victor's new assistant. Mariah thought that answering phones and sorting mail was a downgrade for a computer genius, but Natalie reasoned that she had bills to pay. Mariah suggested that Natalie use her PassKey fortune, but Natalie claimed that it was gone because she'd put the funds into a high-tech startup that had crashed and burned. Natalie left to return to the office, but Mariah seemed skeptical.

At GC Buzz, Hilary rolled her eyes as she watched her video footage of Nikki's statement, and Mariah entered and claimed that she had a tip. Hilary dismissed her until Mariah mentioned that it was about Newman, and Hilary suddenly became interested. Mariah requested a job in exchange for the information, but Hilary groused that Mariah had no experience. Mariah argued that she had as much experience as Hilary had had when she'd assumed her position there, and she announced that she had dirt on the guy who was suing the Hamiltons for all they were worth, so she thought a job was a small price to pay.

Hilary agreed to hire Mariah as a gopher, and she demanded the life-changing scoop. Mariah divulged that Natalie was Victor's new assistant, and she questioned why Victor would hire a computer genius to answer his phone. Hilary excitedly realized that it was a front, and it explained why Victor was willing to allow his servers to be inspected. Mariah confirmed that it would be easy for Natalie to wipe the machines clean, but Hilary was disappointed that they couldn't use any of it, since their lawyers wouldn't let them air anything unflattering without solid proof. Mariah thought there had to be a way around it, and Hilary smirked.

Devon arrived at Newman and invited Victor to lunch to have a civil discussion about their disagreement. Victor asked if Devon was willing to name his source, but Devon maintained that he didn't know who had delivered the documents. Devon announced that he had a proposition for Victor, and Victor was intrigued by what Devon intended to do to make up for the damage the GC Buzz report had caused. Devon argued that it had only been damaging if the information wasn't true.

Devon relayed that his attorney's advice had been to uncover the source, but he planned to take things a step further by hiring a team of private investigators to probe into Victor's personal and professional life to either validate the story or debunk it. Devon had no idea what his investigators might unearth accidentally, but he pointed out that there would be no need to investigate if Victor dropped the lawsuit. Victor huffed that it was never a good idea to threaten him.

Victor contemplated how Katherine would have felt if she knew her grandson was turning against her old friend. Devon acknowledged that Katherine had never liked the tabloids, but that was why he was trying to make GC Buzz into something she would have been proud of. Devon admitted that he stressed out every day over living up to Katherine's expectations, and he was appealing to Victor as her friend to find a way to let the lawsuit go. Devon offered to make a full retraction, but he received a text message, and he apologized and rushed out. A flustered Natalie ran in, proclaiming that they'd all go to jail.

Devon stormed into GC Buzz and demanded to know "what the hell" Hilary thought she was doing. Hilary guessed that he'd seen their latest hot blind item, which had insinuated that a top businessman had hired a computer whiz to cover his cooking the books. Devon revealed that he'd been seconds away from finishing a negotiation with Victor, and Mariah took responsibility for the idea. Hilary said she'd just hired Mariah in a low-level position, and she'd chosen to run with Mariah's idea. Devon was livid that Hilary once again hadn't consulted with him, but Hilary pointed out that they hadn't named Victor or Newman, and she thought they were two steps away from proving that Victor was guilty as sin. Devon doubted that they'd ever get Victor to crack, but Hilary thought Natalie was another story.

At Rivercrest, a hysterical Patty rambled to Paul that something had gone very wrong, and he asked how she'd expected the transfer to happen. Patty inquired why she couldn't go back to Fairview, and Paul explained that she needed to be in a more secure facility after what had happened to Dr. Anderson. Paul reminded Patty that she'd been excited when he'd told her about the transfer, but Patty yelled that it had been before she'd known that she'd never get out of there. Paul stressed that it wasn't about getting out but getting better, and he wondered if she'd been planning to escape. Patty replied that she'd been thinking about exposing the dirty secrets once and for all.

Paul encouraged Patty to talk about the secrets in her paintings, but she said the secrets were in her head. He gently pressed her to tell him her secrets so he could help her, and he reiterated that she was there to get better. Patty spat that he was lying, since places like that wouldn't make her better, and they only wanted her not to exist. Paul swore that he had no ulterior motive, and he loved her. Patty raced for the door, but Paul held her close and begged her to stay with him. She gradually calmed down and insisted that she had to talk to Sharon.

Meanwhile, Dylan mentioned that the husband of a fellow detective was a baker who'd agreed to pull out all the stops for Sully's birthday cake. Sharon distractedly listened as she obsessively cleaned the cottage, and Dylan marveled that he couldn't believe their son was almost one, since it seemed like he'd just held Sully for the first time. Dylan added that his life had changed in that moment, and everything he'd ever wanted was under that roof because of Sharon. They hugged, but there was pounding at the door, and Dylan let Paul in. Paul revealed that Patty was insisting on seeing Sharon.

Sharon refused to go to Rivercrest, but Paul reported that Patty had been adamant. He elaborated that Patty had been delusional at first, going on about her lack of freedom and the conspiracy against her, but she'd seemed coherent when she'd asked to see Sharon. Sharon didn't see how it would do anyone any good, but Dylan encouraged her to go so that they could put it behind them. Dylan offered to see Patty and settle things himself.

In the park, Nikki suggested a walk-a-thon to raise money for the foundation, and Neil admired how she'd blocked out everything that had happened with Hilary. Nikki warned him not to lecture her about Victor, but Neil worried that Victor's actions were a trigger for her. Nikki assured him that she was in no danger of falling off the wagon, but Neil thought she didn't believe it any more than he did.

Over tea at the park café, Nikki told Neil that she knew his concern originated from a good place. He revealed that it was more personal than she knew, since he'd found his mother a couple of months earlier, just in time to make peace before she'd died. Nikki expressed her condolences, and Neil explained that the experience had totally changed him, so he wanted to the make the most of his time and to leave an imprint behind. Neil questioned whether Nikki wanted her imprint to be defending Victor at all costs, but she thought he wasn't being fair. Paul joined them, and Neil asked if he cared to weigh in about Victor.

Nikki told Paul and Neil that she loved them, but they didn't need to worry, since she saw her husband for who he was, flaws and all. She asserted that her marriage and her sobriety were solid, and she was truly happy. Nikki suggested that the men direct their good intentions to someone who actually needed them, and she kissed them goodbye and left. Paul and Neil both noticed that she hadn't once mentioned that Victor was innocent.

At Newman, Natalie freaked out because everyone was talking about her, and she worried that she'd go down for wiping the servers clean. Victor reminded her that he'd never ordered her to do that, so no crime had been committed. Natalie wailed that her digital fingerprints were all over it, but Victor promised that he wouldn't let her take the fall because he rewarded loyalty. Nikki walked in, and Victor told Natalie not to worry about anything. Natalie hurried out, and Nikki assumed Victor was having Natalie help him with the scandal. Nikki swore that his secret was safe with her, and she and Victor embraced.

Sharon and Dylan arrived at Rivercrest, and Dylan offered to talk to Patty alone, but Sharon insisted that she could handle it. They stepped into Patty's room, and Patty became incensed and called Sharon a liar. Dylan forced Patty to the couch, and she held up her shackled hands to display her "fashionable accessories." Dylan said they were there to talk to Patty, and Sharon hadn't done anything to her. Patty acknowledged that Sharon hadn't done anything to her, but she implied that Sharon had done something to him.

Sharon reminded Patty that they'd been on the same side when they'd been at Fairview, so there was no need to invent reasons to be enemies. Patty chortled at the thought of being a magician or a scientist, and she babbled about seeing something or even holding it before it disappeared. Patty continued that Sharon was right about their days at Fairview being very special, since Dr. Anderson had taken such good care of them, and Sharon's baby boy had been a gift from the stork. Sharon pointedly stated that Sully was a gift that she and Dylan cherished, and Patty imagined that every parent cherished their flesh and blood.

Dylan sensed that Patty was dancing around something, and Patty cackled and said she loved to dance, but she couldn't with the cuffs on. Patty continued that all she could do was think about her life, Sharon's life, and all of their lives, and she'd been mulling the choices that had led them to that place. Dylan stepped out to check in with the doctor, and Sharon apologized to Patty and claimed that the transfer hadn't been part of the plan. Sharon begged Patty to be patient, and she promised that she would find a way to gain Patty's freedom. Dylan suspiciously peered in through the window.

Sharon pleaded with Patty not to crush Dylan's soul, since Sully was their child in every way that mattered. The doctor entered to check Patty's vitals, and he remarked that it was good to see her calm. Dylan wondered if it had been something Sharon had said, and Patty claimed that Sharon had reminded her that she had much more gain by following the rules instead of fighting them. Patty thanked Dylan for taking Sharon there to visit her, and he and Sharon stepped out.

The doctor determined that Patty's pulse was steady and even, and she suggested that he check the pulse of the woman who had just left, since Patty bet it was racing. The doctor indicated that Patty's health seemed fine, but he wondered why she'd wanted to see Sharon when Patty clearly didn't like her. Patty called him a silly doctor, and she remarked that Sharon was her golden ticket out of there. She questioned how else he thought she'd get her cat back.

Sharon and Dylan returned home, and he imagined that her conversation with Patty had been intense. He asked what they'd talked about, and Sharon said she'd advised Patty to be careful about how she conducted herself and to stop creating trouble with her paintings. Dylan noted that Patty had seemed really calm when they'd left, whereas Sharon seemed on edge. Sharon ranted that she knew what it was like to be in that kind of place, and she expected to have nightmares about being trapped and drugged. Sharon became increasingly upset, and she refused to lose everything. Dylan wrapped his arms around her and comforted her.

. . .

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