Thursday, August 14, 2014

At the hospital, Devon, Lily, and Cane waited anxiously outside Neil's room. Cane urged Lily to give Neil time with Hilary, but Lily griped that her father had no idea that the person he'd invited into his room had been the same person who'd almost gotten him killed. Meanwhile, Hilary welcomed Neil back, and he opened his eyes and panicked when he realized that he couldn't see.

The rest of Neil's family entered his room, and they tried to reassure Neil that everything would be okay. Barton examined Neil's eyes, and he asked to speak with Neil alone. Lily and Devon protested, but Barton snapped that it hadn't been a request, and he ordered them to clear the room immediately. Outside the room, Devon theorized that Neil had hit his head, and Cane suggested that it was a temporary condition. Lily fretted that Devon's hearing loss hadn't been temporary, and Barton exited the room. Hilary asked when Neil would get his vision back.

Barton explained that he hadn't been able to determine the extent of Neil's trauma, but the hospital had a specialist on staff. Devon offered to fly in any experts that Neil needed, and Barton said that they were in a holding pattern until the specialist arrived, but Neil was awake and had no other signs of damage. Cane and Lily stepped aside to call Sofia, and Devon looked at Hilary, who shook her head and walked away. Devon followed her and contended that they both loved Neil and that they would help Neil and one another get through it. Hilary slapped Devon across the face.

Hilary snapped at Devon not to touch her, and she told him not to pretend that everything would be okay. Hilary said that she'd heard the panic in Neil's voice, and he was scared he might not be able to see again. Devon conceded that all of them were scared, but he was sure that Neil would be fine, since he knew what Neil was capable of. Devon recalled that Neil had always been there for him, and he vowed to be there for Neil and for Hilary.

Devon added that it was fine if Hilary wanted to slap him if it made her feel better, but he asked her to remember who he was and how he felt about her. He said that they couldn't turn on one another, and they had to focus on helping Neil through the crisis before they could focus on themselves. Hilary swore that Neil was all that mattered, and she walked back to his room and looked forlornly through the window.

After the specialist examined Neil, Lily asked if Neil would ever get his vision back, and the doctor said that he'd have to run more tests to get to the bottom of it, but Barton warned that Neil's vision impairment could be permanent. Lily asked to see Neil, and Barton instructed Neil's family to keep their visits brief. Devon and Lily entered Neil's room, and Cane asked if Hilary needed anything. She cried that Neil had wanted to give her a dream, and if she had known what the surprise had been, she wouldn't have waited. She hid her head in her hands, and Cane asked what she had waited to do.

Neil asked what the specialist had said, and Devon vaguely replied that the expert was on top of things. Neil told his kids not to worry, since he'd wake up the next day and see just fine. Lily asked if they could get him anything, and Neil replied that there was something. Moments later, Lily exited Neil's room, and she informed Cane that Neil had wanted her to leave so he could talk to Devon alone.

Devon recalled that when he'd been in the hospital with meningitis, Neil had had his back every step of the way, and he promised to have Neil's. Neil admitted he was scared, and he asked Devon to look after Hilary for him. Devon argued that Hilary wouldn't want anyone to hover, but Neil asserted that Hilary was fragile under her tough exterior, and he'd promised to give her happiness in their marriage, even though she didn't think she deserved it. Neil was concerned that she'd blame herself for their marriage getting off to a bad start, and he begged Devon to make her understand that there was nothing for her to feel guilty about.

Devon protested that he wasn't the person to do it, and he said that the doctor had wanted him to keep the visit short. Neil asked for Devon's hand, and he pledged that he would get his sight back soon, but he needed Devon to be his eyes and to look after his wife until then. Devon reluctantly promised that he would, and he told Neil to get some rest. The men hugged and said they loved one another, and Devon stepped out. Lily asked why Neil had wanted her to leave, and Devon claimed that Neil had requested that he help everyone stay strong and keep the faith. Meanwhile, Neil stared blankly ahead.

Paul returned to the cabin and found lit candles all over the room. Christine purred that the honeymoon elves had been at work, and he thought that he smelled apple pie. She showed him a recipe book from 1957, and he remarked that it had been a good year for pie as he tossed the book aside. Christine handed him a glass of wine and wished they could stay like that forever. He replied that maybe the elves could make that happen, too, and they kissed.

Christine marveled that the cabin was peaceful, with no courts or outside world in the way, and Paul joked that he hardly recognized her. She suggested that they stay there so that he could get to know her, and she prepared to pretend that they weren't there if Nikki returned. Paul defended that Nikki had just been trying to warn them, but Christine believed that Nikki had wanted someone to rescue her, and Nikki always chose to lean on Paul. Christine understood that Paul was worried about Dylan, but she insisted that Paul had to heal. Paul admitted that the time away had been good for him, and he proposed that they take the pie out of the oven and find a way to stay busy while it cooled.

There was a knock at the door, and a man called out that his car had broken down. Paul opened the door, and a reporter asked if Paul had seen his lover's diary. Paul threw the reporter out, and Christine groused that nowhere was safe. Paul considered having the journalist arrested, but Christine noted that the reporter had just been trying to give the public what it was dying to hear. Christine lamented that their vacation was over because their secret location was no longer a secret, thanks to Nikki. Paul said that it had been wonderful while it had lasted, and Christine handed him back his phone and tablet computer.

As Christine reviewed the hundreds of text messages and news alerts she'd received, she groaned that their trip hadn't lasted long enough. She bemoaned that they were back in the eye of the storm, but Paul said that the real world wasn't completely awful, since she was in it. He called her the love of his life, and he asked her never to forget that, no matter what happened once they left. They embraced.

At Newman-Chancellor, Victor blasted a publisher over the phone for smearing his wife's good name, and he yelled that he considered it a personal attack. He barked that it had been a mistake to go after him, and he threatened to show no mercy while putting the rag out of business. Nikki entered and begged him to hang up, but Victor huffed that he knew what he needed to do. She suspected that he'd gone straight to the office so she wouldn't overhear him dealing with the tabloids, but she anticipated that there would always be more reporters and articles.

Nikki worried that the press would also stalk Paul and Dylan, and Victor said that they could take care of themselves, but he was there for Nikki to lean on. She said that it meant everything to know that he was nearby and that he loved her, and she asked about his trip. He reported that it had been very productive, and he'd learned about some interesting research that seemed promising. He poured a drink and remarked that it could be a good thing for a lot of people, and Nikki stared at the alcohol.

Nikki informed Victor that she hadn't been herself while he'd been gone, but she was sure that things would get better. He asked if she was referring to her multiple sclerosis flaring up, but she fretted that her words would damage the people she loved. He vowed that the publisher would rue the day the tabloid had printed her journal, and she complained that more reporters were lurking outside. Victor promised to take care of them, but Nikki wailed that she didn't know how much more she could take. She regretted that others had been caught in the crossfire, and she mentioned that she'd sought out Paul to warn him in person.

Nikki revealed that Christine hadn't been thrilled with the interruption, but the tabloid story had affected Paul as much as anyone, although Paul had been more concerned about Nikki. Nikki felt as if everyone was walking in circles and saying they were fine, and Victor cautioned her against putting her health at risk by continuing to stress out. Nikki repeated that she hadn't been herself when Victor had been gone, but Victor assured her that he was there and that he would take care of things. He stepped out of his office, and she stared at his drink.

Nikki traced the rim of the glass with her fingers, and she picked up the drink. She spotted Victor in the doorway, and he asked what she was doing. Nikki covered by saying that the drink would make a ring on the table, and she reminded Victor to use a coaster. He apologized, and he informed her that he'd had security get rid of the paparazzi and the gawkers, so they could go home. He led her out, and he said that he'd missed her while he'd been gone.

Sharon returned home with a shopping bag, and Nick guessed that she'd bought a new outfit. He wondered if she'd purchased something to wear in court at his son-in-law's trial, but she explained that the clothes were for Mariah. Nick grumbled that Sharon had spent more money on Mariah's wardrobe, and he sarcastically questioned whether it was a reward for lying to them about her mother. He pointed out that it wasn't much of an incentive to stop lying, but Sharon reasoned that Mariah needed reminders that people cared, and having a sense of family would make Mariah become the young woman she was meant to be.

Nick argued that Mariah had her mother and Ian, but Sharon countered that Mariah's mother had neglected her and that Ian was a predator. Sharon imagined that Mariah could have a career one day, and she thought that Mariah could move into the tack house and study. Nick balked at the thought, and Sharon planned to ask Mariah when her birthday was so they could have a party. Nick protested that Mariah wasn't their kid, and they didn't know her well enough to make any long-term plans, but Sharon declared that she knew everything she needed to know. Sharon pledged to help Mariah have a great future, and she left to do more errands. Nick left a message for someone to request that they talk about Mariah.

Sharon placed flowers on Cassie's grave, and she said that sometimes she just needed to be with Cassie. She added that Cassie always felt nearby, but she liked having time for the two of them to catch up. Sharon said that Cassie would have been proud of Faith, and she saw Cassie in Faith, who was living the wonderful life that Cassie should have had. Sharon fought back tears and said that she didn't want Cassie to think that she was sad or broken, since she had many people to care about and to look after, including Mariah.

Sharon thought that it would have been surreal if Cassie had met Mariah, and she wondered what kind of influence Cassie would have had over Mariah. Sharon mused that Mariah hadn't been as lucky as she and Cassie had been, and she flashed back to a young Cassie thanking Sharon for taking care of her. Sharon said that she was grateful for the years she'd had with Cassie, and she swore that Cassie was in her heart and soul and that Cassie could never be replaced. Sharon added that loving Cassie had taught her how to make new memories with Noah and Faith, and perhaps she could make more with Mariah.

Sharon called Cassie her heart and conscience, but she said that Cassie had also been her first-born, and it was a wonderful thing that Mariah reminded her of Cassie. Sharon said that Mariah hadn't heard the right things about Cassie in the right way, and she wanted Mariah to know who Cassie had been. Sharon contemplated asking Mariah to join her at the cemetery the next time, and she said that she missed Cassie.

Mariah poured drinks at the Underground, and Nick asked if she was running the bar by herself. She replied that she could handle it and that she liked the tips, and he complimented her efforts. She said that her mother had been mostly useless, but her mom had taught her how to use a cocktail shaker. Mariah recalled that her mother had considered herself to be a free spirit, but it hadn't been easy for a flake to hold down a job as a pediatric nurse. Mariah grumbled that it was ironic because her mom wasn't a kid person, and she imagined that her mother had liked the fact that she could hand the kids back to their parents right away.

Nick remarked that it had been weird that Helen had called out of nowhere, and Mariah questioned why he cared about her mom. Nick claimed that he didn't, but he cared about Mariah. Nick sympathized that it couldn't have been easy to not be able to trust the person closest to her, but Mariah replied that she didn't see it that way. Mariah suggested that perhaps she was an old soul who hadn't needed parents, but Nick countered that all kids needed someone to count on. Mariah explained that she and Helen hadn't understood one another, and she'd never known families didn't have to be that way until she'd spent time with Nick and Sharon. Nick asked if Mariah had ever wondered why Helen hadn't had it in her to be a parent.

Mariah prepared to wipe down the tables before her boss noticed she was slacking off, but Nick volunteered to take care of closing the club. He explained that he'd dumped a lot on her to make her prove herself because of her connection to Ian, but he thought that she was too tough and smart to let anyone push her around. Nick pointed out that not having a mom around had made Mariah fend for herself, and he asked if Mariah had any siblings, but Mariah quipped that one child had been too many for Helen. Mariah conceded that Helen had been a young mother, but Nick said that people had to step up if they had a kid. Mariah offered to invent a new drink, but Nick insisted that she was off the clock.

Mariah went home and found Sharon eating ice cream right out of the carton, and she teased that Sharon should be wearing fuzzy pink slippers and watching a chick flick. Sharon handed Mariah a spoon and asked about work, and Mariah informed her that Nick was closing up. Mariah asked if Sharon had done anything fun that day, and Sharon simply replied that she was happy Mariah was there, since Mariah felt like family. Sharon considered herself to be a lucky woman.

Nick made some notes about what he'd found out about Helen, and he heard someone enter the club. He yelled that the bar was closed, but a woman said that he'd made it clear he'd wanted to see her. She introduced herself as Helen Copeland.

. . .

On the next The Young and the Restless...
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  • Dr. Hill asks Nick what he can do for him. Nick says its about a former acquaintance of the doctor's - Helen Copeland.
  • Avery tells Summer that she just received a phone call about Phyllis.
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