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Thursday, January 19, 2017

At GC Buzz, Devon stressed to Mariah that he didn't want to dwell on New Year's Eve and his car wreck, since he was moving on. Mariah blurted out that she'd been blaming herself for choosing a terrible time to get revenge on Hilary, and she mentioned the incident with the teleprompter. Devon was confused, and Mariah recognized that there were things he didn't remember, but she knew that Hilary had filled him in about what Mariah had done. Mariah apologized for tricking Hilary into making a public confession that she'd caused Mariah's fall on national television. Hilary spotted them talking, but an employee handed her the phone with an urgent call.

Devon insisted that he didn't blame Mariah for his accident, and he appealed to her to do him a favor by filling in the blank spots in his memory. Mariah recounted that Hilary had read the confession out loud, and everyone had been shocked. Mariah continued that Hilary had confronted her then Devon and Hilary had argued until he'd stormed out. Devon flashed back to moments from the night of the benefit. Mariah was relieved that he didn't blame her, but she worried based on the look on his face that she'd made everything worse.

Hilary approached and insisted on taking Devon home to rest, but he swore that he was more than fine and that Mariah had just been catching him up. Mariah urged him to take it easy for a few days, and Devon said he couldn't argue with both women. Mariah assured him that things were good between her and Hilary, and Hilary added that they were great. Devon pointedly thanked Mariah before Hilary led him out.

Devon and Hilary arrived home, and she wondered why he'd been quiet in the car. She asked if something had happened at his checkup, and he reported that Stitch had given him a clean bill of health. Devon added that he needed to take things slowly to get back to the way his life had been before the accident, and Hilary cooed that she couldn't think of a better way to celebrate than by trying to start their new family. Devon flatly stated that he remembered what had happened on New Year's Eve.

Hilary accused Mariah of filling Devon's head with lies, but Devon countered that everything Mariah had said corresponded with what he remembered. Devon realized that the truth had been right in front of his face the whole time, and he recounted leaving the benefit to get as far away from Hilary as possible. Devon barked that Hilary had intended to keep him in the dark about it, but she defended that Stitch had said it had been too soon to risk upsetting Devon. Devon dared Hilary to admit that she'd purposely humiliated Mariah out of jealousy.

Hilary recounted that Devon had told her repeatedly that the night of the accident wouldn't matter as long as they were together, and she reminded him that he'd been relieved that she hadn't been in the car with him. She knew his concern for her had been real, and she asked what had really changed. "Everything," he replied. Hilary begged Devon to talk to her or to yell at her, but she couldn't stand to watch him act like it was over between them. She swore that seeing him in a hospital bed had changed her, and she'd do whatever it took to heal them.

Hilary insisted that she wanted a life and a family with Devon, and she was adamant that they were worth the hard work. Devon spat that they'd never been worth it, since their relationship had been a mistake from day one, but Hilary insisted that they had a real love that was worth fighting for. Devon angrily questioned whether she had any idea how guilty he'd felt for putting her "through hell," and he realized that the real joke was on him.

Hilary contended that she and Devon could start over, and she figured that things for them had never been easy, but they could start fresh and focus on their future. Devon maintained that they had no future, since they were done, and she was toxic. Hilary pleaded that they'd told the whole world to "go to hell" when they'd fallen in love, but Devon clarified that he wasn't telling the world -- he was telling her. He ordered her to grab her things and get out of the house, since they were finished.

Jack greeted Ashley at Jabot, and he sensed that something was wrong. She blasted him for being determined to go after Fenmore's, since he'd provoked Phyllis into inflicting damage on their company. Ashley snapped that if Phyllis stole Ravi from them, it would be Jack's fault. Ashley ranted that Phyllis had played on Ravi's ego and innocence, but Ravi had had no idea that Phyllis had been trying to poach him. Ravi walked in and surmised that he was about to be fired, and he volunteered to hand in his identification badge. Jack suggested to a shocked Ravi that they talk over dinner, and the threesome headed out.

At the police station, Kevin informed Paul that Sharon had been determined to contact Dylan, but he hadn't given her any information, and he'd only been gone a few minutes. Kevin recalled that the burner phone had been in a drawer, and Paul was astounded that Sharon had gone through his desk. Kevin reported that the call had been under a minute long, but Paul thought Sharon still could have blown Dylan's cover. Paul didn't want Dylan to know that Sharon had been on the phone, since Dylan wouldn't be able to focus on the job if he thought Sharon couldn't cope. Kevin worried about how far Sharon was willing to go, but Paul vowed that there wouldn't be a next time.

Later, Michael entered the station and presented Kevin with tickets to a basketball game. Kevin guessed that Michael wanted Gloria to live with Kevin forever, and he handed the tickets back. Michael insisted they were to thank Kevin for opening his home to their mother, and Kevin figured that the tickets would get him out of the house for a night. Phyllis interrupted and pulled Michael aside, and he became nervous about why she'd tracked him down. He wondered if she needed him as a lawyer or a friend, and she replied that she definitely needed both.

After Phyllis told Michael about her altercation with Ashley, Michael confirmed that Phyllis hadn't done anything illegal or unethical because Ravi wasn't under contract with Jabot. Michael questioned when Ashley had ever caused Phyllis to second-guess herself, and Phyllis explained that she was concerned about Fenmore's being sued. Phyllis hoped that Craig decided to invest in the department store chain, and Michael expressed concern that Gloria would mess things up before the deal was final. Michael revealed that he'd caught his mother trying to weasel information out of Craig, but he thought Gloria hadn't been trying to get a job but a husband.

Ravi downed food at Top of the Tower, and he pointed out that he usually ate his meals at his desk. He nervously offered to go back to the office, but Jack insisted that he wanted Ravi to be happy at Jabot. Ravi gushed that there was nowhere he'd rather be, and Ashley pulled out a contract and suggested that they make it official. Jack stepped aside to take a call, and Gloria inquired whether he was free to talk. He asked how soon she could meet him at the restaurant, and she indicated that she was already at the elevator.

At the bar, Jack guessed that Craig didn't know the first thing about the retail business, and Gloria pointed out that Lauren didn't want someone telling her what to do. Jack worried that his plans were falling apart between Phyllis snaking his best employees and Lauren finding deep pockets. Jack remarked that if it were easy, it wouldn't be fun, and he predicted that Phyllis would lose Ravi and that Craig wouldn't invest in Fenmore's. Gloria said to leave the details to her, since she'd convinced Michael that she'd set her sights on Craig romantically.

Jack jokingly told Gloria not to marry Craig until she killed the deal with Fenmore's, and Gloria suspected that Craig had a full bank account but an empty life. Jack wondered how she'd find time for a job at Jabot if she was busy enjoying Craig's wealth, but Gloria warned Jack that she wouldn't forget their little deal. As Phyllis suspiciously looked on, Jack thanked Gloria for the information and said he would handle things from there.

Meanwhile, Ashley called Gloria "a black hole of chaos and destruction," and Ravi asked if Gloria was one of Jack's ex-wives. Ashley nearly spit out her drink at the thought of it, and she said she resented Phyllis for trying to seduce Ravi right after Jack and Phyllis had split. Ravi was glad he was single, and he explained that he hadn't found the right girl because his parents had set the bar pretty high. Ashley noted that he hadn't spoken much about his family, and Ravi confirmed that family was everything in his culture. Ravi raved about how great his parents were, and he thought he had a lot to live up to, which was why he wanted to do great things for Ashley and for Jabot.

Ashley said she almost felt grateful to Phyllis for paving the way to a lovely evening, and Ravi admitted that he hadn't been expecting a contract after he'd screwed up. Ashley noted that it had been nice to get to know him away from the office, and she hoped she hadn't been prying. He praised that Ashley had been surprisingly easy to talk to, and he usually didn't open up to people, but she was one of the warmest people he'd ever met.

At the cottage, Sharon held a framed photo of Dylan and stared at his wedding band. She flashed back to Dylan asking her to keep the ring safe for him, but he hadn't responded when she'd begged him to tell her that he would be home soon.

Paul stopped by to see Sharon, and he relayed that Dylan had wanted him to check up on her. He mentioned that Kevin had told him that she'd dropped by the station, and she griped that no one would tell her anything. Paul reiterated that it was for her own good and for Dylan's safety, but she questioned how she could know her husband was safe when she knew nothing about his assignment. Paul replied that she knew Dylan was smart and well trained, but she wished she could hear Dylan's voice to know he was all right. Paul asked if that had been why she'd risked blowing Dylan's cover by calling him.

Sharon wondered why a woman had answered Dylan's phone, and she fretted that perhaps Dylan was being kept against his will. Paul informed her that he'd spoken with Dylan, and that was how he'd known she'd made the call. He continued that Dylan had assumed the female caller had been Christine, and he demanded that Sharon promise that she wouldn't take that risk again. Sharon groused that all she could do was wait for either Dylan to walk through the door or Paul to tell her Dylan was dead. She recounted that Dylan hadn't been able to tell her that he would return home, and she kept thinking that Dylan had had a feeling he wouldn't. Paul insisted that Dylan would be back.

Sharon recalled that Dylan's wedding band had been on his finger since the day Paul had married them, but it was hidden in a box because the ring could expose Dylan. She showed Paul a photo of her and Dylan together, and she marveled that Dylan had forgiven her for her lies about Sully and stood by her. She wondered if Dylan would have taken the case if Sully had still been in their lives, and she thought Dylan had been willing to risk everything because he hadn't been able to stand spending another day in their house with an empty nursery.

Paul swore that he wouldn't have let Dylan go if he hadn't thought his son would make it back home. Sharon contemplated what would happen if she had ruined everything, but Paul assured her that Dylan was still okay, and he trusted Dylan to accomplish what he'd set out to do. Paul prepared to leave for the station, and Sharon pledged not to do anything else stupid. She offered to let him take Dylan's badge, but Paul suggested that she give it back to Dylan when he got home.

Later, Mariah arrived home and rambled to Sharon about how crazy it was that Devon and Hilary had worked things out. Mariah realized that Sharon seemed upset, and she asked if something had happened to Dylan. Sharon said Paul had informed her that Dylan was okay but that Dylan's cover might have been blown because she'd done something stupid. Sharon told Mariah about the call she'd made from the burner phone, and she lamented that she didn't know how she'd survive if something happened to Dylan because of her.

Sharon accidentally dropped the photo of Dylan and was dismayed when the glass cracked. Sharon wished that she'd never tried to call Dylan, but Mariah told her to stop spiraling, since Paul had confirmed that Dylan was fine. Sharon worried that Paul had just said what she'd needed to hear, but Mariah pointed out that Paul was an honest person who wouldn't have calmly told Sharon that things were fine if something had been wrong. Mariah insisted that Dylan was safe and would stay that way.

Paul returned to the police station, and Kevin reported that there had been no word from Dylan. Paul revealed that Sharon had admitted using the burner phone to call Dylan, and he wished he'd thought about what the case would do to Sharon. Kevin assured Paul that Dylan would make it back from his mission, just like he'd made it back from the war.

In Miami, Fisk demanded some answers from the man who was bound and gagged in his office. Dylan complained that he hadn't planned on making a deal in front of an audience, but Fisk asked his captive how someone had gotten certain information. The man swore he hadn't had a choice, but Fisk growled that the captive had had a choice and had made the wrong one. Fisk indicated for one of his thugs to haul the guy away. Fisk noted that they no longer had an audience, and he shook Dylan's hand as a gunshot fired outside.

Dylan calmly stated that the demonstration hadn't been necessary for his benefit, since it wasn't his first rodeo, and he said he had the cash. Dylan remarked that his boss wanted to know exactly what he was getting and when, but Fisk huffed that Dylan was paying for product and not information. Dylan argued that the product wasn't in the room, and his boss wanted details before handing the money over. Fisk stated that he could find another buyer who didn't make demands, and Dylan wished him luck. Dylan started to head out, but Fisk called after him and said he'd get the details when it was time. Dylan thought he'd already proven that Fisk could trust him, and Fisk recognized that Alex thought so, but he wasn't convinced.

Dylan insisted that delivery upon payment was part of the agreement, but Fisk clarified that the agreement was only for Dylan to get what he paid for. Dylan contended that he had to answer to his boss, and Alex mentioned that the boss was overeager, since "she" had already called. Fisk was surprised, since he knew the person who Dylan had said he worked for, and it definitely wasn't a woman. Fisk questioned who was really pulling Dylan's strings.

Dylan explained that his boss had a lieutenant named Amanda, and Fisk asked why she'd called. Alex reported that Amanda hadn't said much before she'd hung up, and Fisk queried how he was supposed to be sure that Amanda was second in command. Dylan reasoned that no one else had his number, and all that mattered was the exchange of money for product. Fisk asked why Dylan hadn't called Amanda back, and Dylan leered at Alex and claimed he'd been busy. Dylan demanded to know where, when, and how he'd get the shipment.

Alex used a machine to count Dylan's cash, and she reported that there was a discrepancy -- there was more than the agreed amount. Dylan explained that his boss had added five percent to ensure the deal went smoothly, and his boss wanted confirmation that the transaction was done, so he suggested that they get to the pier and finish it. Dylan told Alex that he'd catch up with her after he picked up the shipment, and Fisk instructed one of his henchmen to take Dylan to Pier 13 to the Esmerelda. Fisk declared that it had been a pleasure doing business, and he and Dylan shook hands.

In the back seat of a car, Dylan told the driver that he was going to listen to some music but to tell him when they got to the pier. Dylan realized that they were heading inland, and he demanded to know where they were going. He yelled to stop the car, but he found himself locked inside.

On the next The Young and the Restless...

• Hilary asks for Lilyís help.

• Jack and Gloria flirt with one another to throw off a suspicious Phyllis.

• Paul worries that Dylanís cover is blown.

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