Thursday, April 23, 2015

Stitch woke up in his hotel suite and seemed surprised to find himself alone in bed, and Abby emerged from the bathroom and said she'd been considering what had happened the night before. He wondered if the sex hadn't been good for her, and she confirmed it had been amazing, but she wondered whether it had been right. He unfastened her robe and assured her it had been very right, and they tumbled into bed again.

Abby recalled that Stitch had hated her at first, and Stitch reminded her that she'd been a total brat to him. He said she'd been annoying but appealing, and he found her sexy and sweet. She asked if they could just ignore Stitch's relationship with Victoria, and Stitch said the parting had been mutual, even though it had taken them a while to figure things out. He and Abby kissed, but she pulled away, since they had to get to work. They both checked their phones and found frantic messages from Ashley.

At the penthouse, Billy scornfully perused an online article about Jack and Victor's alliance, and he told Chelsea that the only explanation was that alien imposters had taken over the world. Chelsea contended that it had been Jack's choice, but Billy thought he could make Jack see reason. Billy added that it wasn't all about the Abbotts losing Jabot, since he was more concerned about his brother losing his soul. Chelsea pulled the tablet computer away from Billy, but Billy said he'd had it drilled into his head to protect Jabot and the Abbott family name, so he couldn't turn his back on it. Chelsea urged him to trust Ashley to protect them both from the inside.

Billy wondered what had happened to Gabriel, who had been oddly absent, and he asked if Chelsea had rejected Gabriel one too many times. Chelsea suggested that getting divorce papers had thrown Gabriel off, but she wondered why Billy was making the situation about Gabriel. Billy hoped Gabriel was gone for good, and he resolved to figure out a way to keep "Snidely" from waylaying the Abbott family. Billy departed, and Chelsea left an awkward message for Gabriel, begging him to return home if he cared about Jack and the company. Gloria entered without knocking and asked who had been on the phone.

Chelsea fibbed that she'd been leaving a message for Billy, and she mentioned that her nanny had quit, so she'd been working from home. Chelsea complained that there were too many people jockeying for positions at the office anyway, and Gloria opined that Chelsea should be one of them. Chelsea was confident that her job was safe, but Gloria envisioned John rolling over in his grave after Jack had sold out to the devil. Gloria considered Jabot to be "as good as kaput," and she thought Chelsea's line could suffer the same fate. Gloria pointed out that Chelsea and Victoria had history, and she suspected that Victoria would want to prove who was calling the shots.

Chelsea thought she was the last thing on Victoria's mind after a huge merger, but Gloria cautioned that Victoria would find a way to multitask. Gloria noted that Jack had fired his own brother, and Victor had always had it in for Billy, so Chelsea was guilty by association. Gloria recalled that no one had ever handed Chelsea anything, and she urged Chelsea not to let her guard down, since someone could swoop in and take everything away. Gloria offered to stay with Connor while Chelsea got back in the ring and fought.

At the Jabot lab, Ashley left another message for Abby to talk about how to handle the merger. Jack's imposter entered, and Ashley noted that his tie wasn't one Jack would usually wear. He announced that Victor and Victoria were going to stop by for a visit, and Ashley testily inquired whether they weren't too busy running Newman. Jack sternly stated that she was either with him or against him, and if she chose the latter, she should quit. Victor and Victoria arrived, and Victor proclaimed that Ashley was the best in the business, so Jack didn't want to lose her any more than Victor did.

Jack said he knew Ashley's value to the company, but he didn't want her to be miserable working there. Ashley sarcastically stated that she was incredibly happy, and Victor hoped she'd truly mean it one day. Victor handed over a copy of the company's new logo to Ashley, and she was shocked to see that Jabot had been renamed Newman-Abbott. She ranted that John would have been horrified, but Jack showed no reaction as he checked his text messages. Victor recognized that their families had history and baggage, but he suggested that they move beyond it.

Ashley surmised that Victor was referring to her and Victoria, but she said adults put their differences aside when they had to work together. Victor clarified that Ashley wouldn't be working with Victoria -- Ashley would be working for Victoria. Victor explained that the merger had called for a restructuring, and Victoria would serve as COO. Ashley coolly congratulated Victoria, but she assumed she'd continue reporting to Jack. Victor declared that Ashley would report to Victoria, given Victoria's considerable experience in cosmetics and personal investment in the company, and Ashley scoffed at the insinuation that Victoria was more invested than the Abbotts.

Jack reasoned that Jabot had become part of a larger enterprise, so it was a lateral move, but Ashley huffed that it wasn't lateral for an Abbott to answer to a Newman about Jabot. Ashley reminded Jack that he'd promised to make her co-CEO, but he argued that the merger hadn't been an issue at the time, and Victoria insisted that Newman would provide Ashley and Hex with a larger platform. Victoria understood if Ashley wanted to keep working in the lab to avoid working together, and she implied that the company didn't need leaders who let emotion cloud their judgment. "Welcome to our brave new world," Jack quipped.

Ashley refused to quit, and she vowed to fight for her father's legacy. She glared at Jack and mumbled that someone had to, and Victor maintained that the company needed her to succeed. Jack offered to continue giving Victor a tour of the facility, and the men left. Victoria decided that it was logical for her to set up her home base near the lab, and she asked Ashley to clear her things out of the office as soon as possible. She added that Ashley could relocate to the lab itself, and she asked if that would be a problem. A seething Ashley said she'd make it work.

Jack complained that Victor hadn't allowed Ashley to quit, but Victor insisted that Jack needed his sister. Victor cautioned Jack not to make Ashley question Jack's behavior again, but Jack reported that he'd fooled Phyllis, and he bragged that Phyllis was a tiger. Victor ordered Jack to start acting like an adult, since others were starting to find Jack's behavior to be increasingly cuckoo, and he objected to Jack's choice of tie. Jack said he was having lunch with his wife, but Victor replied that it wouldn't be by himself, and he reminded Jack that Victor called the shots.

Abby and Stitch arrived, and she remarked that the company had become a "Newman-Abbott production," just like her. She asked if Jack was okay with the merger, and Jack replied that things couldn't be better, but he and Victor had someplace they had to be. The men left, and Stitch remarked that a lot of things had changed since the day before. Ashley exited the office, and Stitch and Abby muttered apologies for being late, but Ashley told them to tell it to the boss. Victoria appeared in the office doorway.

Victoria haughtily said it was good to finally see Stitch and Abby, and Abby chirped that it would be cool to work together. Ashley revealed that Victoria was the new COO, and she'd be reporting to Victoria going forward. Victoria said she wanted to meet with them individually to get status reports, and she'd call them into her office when she was ready. Victoria retreated inside, and Ashley whispered that they all had to stick together, but they had to assume "big brother" was watching everything. Abby wondered why Ashley was staying calm, and through gritted teeth, Ashley said her only other choice was to break all the glass in the room. Victoria opened the door and asked to see Stitch in her office.

Stitch tried to explain, but Victoria said she didn't want to hear it. She scolded him for showing up moony-eyed for work when it suited him, and he chided her for speaking to him like he was a little kid who'd been sent to detention. He swore that no one had set out to hurt her, but she pointed out that it hadn't even been one day since they'd broken up. Stitch defended that he hadn't known Victoria would be there, and Victoria suggested they focus on business, since that was all that was left between them.

Ashley asked what Abby had been thinking when she'd waltzed in with Stitch, and Abby informed her mother that Stitch and Victoria had broken up. Abby swore nothing had happened between her and Stitch while he and Victoria had been together, and she hadn't expected to discover that Victoria had planted herself in the lab. Ashley said she was trying to keep the family business from falling apart, and Abby pledged her support to Ashley and Jabot.

Later, Abby knocked on Victoria's office door and cheerfully asked if it was a bad time, and Victoria asked if Abby meant that very minute or the past 24 hours. Abby sincerely said she loved Victoria, who had been her best friend for ages, but some things had changed. Victoria observed that Abby and Stitch shared the same ecstatic glow, and Abby acknowledged that it was awkward, but she'd never wanted to hurt Victoria. Victoria said nothing would ever change the fact that they were sisters, but she expected Abby to be on time and to set a good example for other employees by focusing on her work and not her personal life. Abby agreed, and Victoria half-heartedly said they'd have a good time working together.

Stitch was perplexed that a test seemed off, and Ashley surmised that he was just off his game, since he was working in an environment where he'd broken off a relationship with one sister before he'd hopped in the sack with the other. He retorted that he'd taken a long, hot shower in between, and Ashley snarled that she wouldn't be a problem unless he hurt her daughter, but she anticipated that Victoria would make his life miserable. Ashley cautioned that the war between the Abbotts and the Newmans would get vicious once the truce was over, and both sides would feel entitled to claim Stitch as their own. Ashley said everyone would understand if he resigned, and Stitch declared that he was there as a chemist and an ally, but he offered to leave if it made her uncomfortable. Ashley reconsidered and thought maybe he could be useful.

Ashley asked if Victoria had any problem with her going to lunch, and Victoria said it was fine, but she mused that the artwork in the office felt off. Ashley stated that it was Victoria's office, so Victoria could do whatever she wanted with it. On her way out, Ashley asked Chelsea if she was there to kiss the ring, and she revealed that Victoria was in the office with Ashley's name on the door. Chelsea took a deep breath as she entered the office, and Victoria imagined Chelsea had heard about the changes at Jabot from Billy. Chelsea said the news had been splashed all over the media, and she'd wanted to remind Victoria of how profitable her line was by dropping off some spreadsheets.

Chelsea rambled about Jack firing Billy and Victor hating Billy, and she refused to allow her business to be used as a whip to get Billy to fall into line. Chelsea asserted that other companies had approached her, so she'd be glad to take her sketches and go elsewhere, and Victoria asked if she was finished. Victoria acknowledged the value Chelsea's line gave to the company, so Victoria would have to be stupid to cut the line -- and she wasn't stupid. Victoria understood why Chelsea had thought she'd turn the merger into something personal, but she swore she wouldn't. The women agreed that they'd make great products and lots of money, and Chelsea left, satisfied.

Ashley left a message for Jack and pleaded with him to tell her if he had a plan in place, since what he was doing to their family business wasn't acceptable, and John Abbott's son would never have done it. Meanwhile, Abby was certain Victoria was angry and hurt by what Abby and Stitch had done, and she wondered if they should have waited. Stitch asked if Abby regretted what had happened between them, and Abby replied that there was no way she could. They kissed as Victoria watched them through the door.

At the Athletic Club, Kyle and Phyllis scanned the article about the merger, and Kyle wondered whether Billy and Ashley had been right about Jack going over the edge. Phyllis thought all wars should end that way, but Kyle didn't believe she sounded convinced. She revealed that she'd smelled booze on Jack's breath, and Kyle argued that it could have been an innocent spill, but she said Jack had admitted it. Kyle insisted his dad would never do that, and he worried that Jack wasn't in a good place if he'd acted like taking a drink had been no big deal. Phyllis relayed that Jack hadn't rationalized a slip, but he'd simply explained it as a one-time thing in honor of the merger.

Kyle thought neither the drinking nor the merger made sense, and he wondered if Jack had an endgame in mind. Phyllis divulged that Jack had implied he had one, and he'd asked her to trust him, so that was what she was doing. Kyle was sure that Jack would never let Victor swallow Jabot whole, and he contemplated whether Jack had been self-medicating because he was stressed. Phyllis implored Kyle to trust her and Jack, and Kyle assured her he was on their side, even though he felt uncomfortable. Phyllis wished the rest of the family would have faith, since Jack would be angry if the Abbotts refused to trust his vision.

Billy arrived and asked if Phyllis and Kyle were climbing the walls after seeing Jack and Victor's smiling photos in the press, and Kyle tried to convince himself that Jack had a plan. Billy wondered what would happen if Jack didn't, but Phyllis ordered him to support his brother. Billy pledged to do so by making Jack see that partnering with Victor had been a colossal mistake, and he expected Phyllis and Kyle to help him. Kyle contended that Jack had always done things his own way, but Billy argued that Jack had always had clear priorities -- family, business, and Phyllis -- and he'd just inexplicably handed one over to Victor.

Phyllis guessed that Jack had a plan to topple Victor, and Billy said he'd love to hear it, since the merger was legal and binding. Phyllis theorized that Jack had just wanted peace for once in his life, but Billy thought Jack would find peace by crushing Victor, not bowing to him. Kyle retorted that Jack was his own man who made his own decisions, and Billy conceded that the Jack he'd known had been, but something else was going on. Jack and Victor entered the club, and Jack made a show of kissing Phyllis passionately. Billy said it was adorable that the men had walked in together, and Jack grumbled that it was a private lunch, but Victor invited Billy to stay to hear about how smoothly the transition was going.

Victor reported that Victoria and Ashley were working together, just like he and Jack were, and it was too bad Billy wasn't mature enough to understand. Victor stepped aside to take a call, and Kyle asked to speak privately with Jack. Kyle questioned whether Jack was okay, and Jack declared that it was like he was a new man. Kyle inquired whether Jack had agreed to the merger to keep the peace or to plan to take down Victor, and Jack confided that there was more to the merger than even Victor knew.

Victor asked if Kyle was on board with the merger, and Kyle said it was relief to know things would work out the way they were supposed to. Jack queried whether Phyllis liked his tie, and she approved of him stepping outside his usual comfort zone. Billy prepared to take off, and he asked to speak with Jack alone later. Billy told Phyllis he'd be in touch, and he watched the rest of the group adjourn to a table. Phyllis excused herself to powder her nose, and Jack leered at her as she walked away, but Victor instructed Jack to keep his eyes on Victor.

Victor ordered Jack to stick to the script, since Jack was becoming "un-Abbott-like," and Jack snapped that he'd handle it, but Victor said Jack didn't know what to handle. Jack asked what Victor was drinking, but Victor warned against drinking, since it wasn't a game. Victor recognized that the imposter loved playing with Jack's toys, but he threatened to put the clone back into the Peruvian prison Victor had gotten him released from. Billy and Ashley suspiciously watched the duo from across the room.

. . .

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