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At the hospital, Abby commended Victoria's efforts after a birthing class, but she was glad they had more time before the baby was born. Victoria commented that the baby would be there soon, and they'd be in the delivery room with no father present. Victoria wondered if maybe she should have found out the child's paternity for the baby's sake, and Abby suggested that perhaps Victoria was starting to hope the father was someone in particular.

In the park, Stitch asked if he'd been Ashley's human guinea pig, and she explained that she'd wanted him to understand how huge the project was. He pointed out that she could have sent him a memo, but she contended that their kiss had proven that the compound had achieved its desired effect. Ashley rubbed off the scent to avoid being tackled by strangers, and an amused Stitch asked if she thought it was that powerful. She recalled his reaction, and he protested that she'd caught him off guard, but she explained that it had worked because the pheromones had caused a chemical reaction in his brain.

Stitch noted that the scent smelled like rotting meat, and Ashley conceded that no one would want to wear something that smelled that awful, but he stated that the kiss had happened for a reason. Abby and Victoria overheard as they passed by, and Victoria asked if there was anyone she knew who he hadn't kissed. Ashley feigned ignorance and accused Victoria of scheming to get trade secrets, and Abby said that they shouldn't be discussing business in public. Ashley reminded Stitch not to talk shop with the competition, and Ashley and Abby left.

Victoria informed Stitch that her last birthing class with Abby had been great, but it had been difficult for her to see other couples who were awaiting the birth of their babies with love and togetherness. Stitch assured Victoria that her baby was loved, but she questioned whether it was enough to be loved from a distance. Stitch inquired whether she meant for the baby's sake or for her own, and Victoria blamed her hormones for making her feel frustrated and overwhelmed. She wished that she knew everything would be okay with the baby and that Stitch had been honest with her, but he suspected that the truth would have only driven them apart sooner.

Victoria commented that all she knew was where they were at that moment, and Stitch conceded that she'd deserved honesty and trust, but he didn't regret their months together. She admitted that they'd shared some good memories, and he understood that both the good and the bad ones were still there. He added that he'd known how he'd felt when they'd kissed, and he believed things could be like that all the time. Victoria couldn't imagine it happening, but Stitch encouraged her to put the past behind them and to give him another chance.

Victoria asserted that the past could always touch them, and Stitch offered her his scarf, but she noted that Ashley had previously borrowed it. He contended that it still served the purpose of keeping Victoria warm, and he said that the past didn't seem important right then. He added that he was sorry she'd felt alone in class, and she said that Abby had been wonderful, but the upcoming birth felt like a bundle of hopes and fears. Victoria tearfully admitted that she'd felt lonely in the class, and he asked whether she'd thought about him or Billy. Victoria sobbed that she'd thought about Billy, too, but she was the one who'd asked for a divorce, and Billy had moved on.

Victoria sat with her head on Stitch's shoulder, and she mused that she shouldn't feel that right with him. He asked why not, and she said that she didn't want to feel that way. She asked what he was doing to her, and he replied that he was just glad she hadn't walked away. A police officer approached and announced that Stitch was under arrest.

At Crimson Lights, Abby was skeptical that she and Victoria had simply misunderstood Ashley and Stitch's conversation, and Ashley swore that they'd just been doing research. Ashley confided that she'd needed evidence that her compound worked, since she'd expected the pheromones to trigger endorphins that stimulated the male sex drive. Ashley called it a love potion that generated an undeniable attraction, and the compound had been the reason Stitch had kissed her in the park. Abby concluded that the love potion allowed the wearer to get any man she wanted, but Ashley said that it was a science that required more testing.

Abby imagined that sales for the new product would be huge, and she suggested that Ashley test it out again on Stitch, but Ashley said that he was there for research and not romance. Abby protested that it had taken Ashley and Stitch a year just to kiss, but Ashley wondered what had happened to Abby's warnings about Stitch. Abby conceded that she'd tried to hate him, but she had grown to like him, and she'd seen the way Ashley was around him. Ashley maintained that she and Stitch had a professional relationship and that he had feelings for Victoria. Abby contended that Victoria belonged with Billy, and she thought they could use the new fragrance to get Billy and Victoria back together. Ashley thought it would take more than a love potion to reunite the couple.

Billy stopped by Chelsea's penthouse with some food to ensure she ate while she was working, but she fretted that she needed some new, creative ideas. Billy assured her that there was no need for self-doubt, since her new line would be amazing, and she looked disparagingly at her half-dressed clothing dummy and asked if it looked amazing. Billy conceded that it didn't yet, but Chelsea did, and they kissed. He blurted out that he loved her, but she griped that he was messing with her workflow, and he amorously offered to help her shake off her designer's block.

Chelsea said that the clothing dummy would be appalled by their behavior, and Billy questioned whether Chelsea's frocks kept the headless form from being a nonperson. He suggested that they tango for inspiration, but she said that he'd tangoed his way into her bed earlier, and it hadn't helped. He pretended to have a conversation with the dummy, and he told Chelsea to eat something. She playfully scolded him for being bossy, and he left. She berated herself for not returning his words of love.

At the Abbott mansion, Phyllis asked if she was interrupting Jack and Kelly, and Jack explained that Kelly worked at the Athletic Club as an event planner. Phyllis reached out her hand, and Kelly nervously rambled that it was wonderful that Phyllis was back. Phyllis asked if they were planning a party, and Jack claimed that Kelly was there to see Billy. Phyllis questioned whether Billy was having a party, and she insisted that they tell her more.

Phyllis queried whether Kelly was there as a friend of Billy's, and Kelly replied that he could use one. Jack disclosed that he'd been filling Phyllis in about the events that had occurred during her absence, including Billy and Victoria's divorce. Phyllis clucked that Billy's charms had gotten him into trouble before, and she asked if Kelly had known Billy long. Jack explained that Kelly was new in town, but she'd made herself indispensable in many ways. Kelly added that Genoa City had had become her home, and Phyllis inquired where Kelly lived.

Kelly stammered that she lived at the club, and Jack remarked that Phyllis wouldn't recognize the place. Phyllis imagined that Kelly didn't have much of a social life if she lived and worked in the same place, and Kelly claimed that she didn't. Kelly said that she had to get back to work, but she'd heard a lot about Phyllis, and everyone had missed her. Phyllis declared that they didn't have to miss her anymore, and Jack said that he'd let Billy know Kelly had stopped by. Jack started to show Kelly out, but Phyllis ordered them to admit who Kelly really was.

Phyllis surmised that Kelly had been the woman who had broken up Billy and Victoria, and Kelly conceded that she and Billy had made a terrible mistake, but they'd both paid for it. Kelly rushed out, and Phyllis mumbled that Billy had never stood a chance against Kelly's wide-eyed blonde look. Jack recognized that Phyllis wanted answers about the past year, but he chided her for cornering people to get them. Phyllis countered that she wouldn't have to badger others if the people in her corner would give her information, and Billy stopped in his tracks when he walked in.

Billy hugged Phyllis and said that she still had fire in her eyes, and she replied that she'd heard he was still him. He marveled that she was really back if she was insulting him, and Phyllis informed him that Kelly had dropped by to see him. Billy went along with the story and asked how Phyllis was feeling, but she asked him point-blank if he'd gotten divorced because of Kelly. Billy asked if that was all Jack had told her, and Phyllis demanded to know if there was more. Billy said that she wouldn't get answers from him, and she called Billy a traitor who was ashamed about blowing up his marriage.

Jack reiterated that it wasn't right for Phyllis to goad people, and Billy admitted that he'd screwed up one night and that he and Victoria hadn't been able to make it. Billy added that providing the details wouldn't make the situation any easier, and he departed. Phyllis told Jack that she didn't need to be coddled, and she sensed that there was more to the "Billy-Blondie" story. Phyllis pressed for information about the rough time Billy had gone through, but Jack maintained that it wasn't fair to anyone to divulge everything about the past year in one sitting. Phyllis wanted to decide for herself what was fair to her, and Jack urged her to trust him to know what she needed. He led her upstairs.

In the bedroom, Phyllis groused that she'd had enough rest in the last year, and she was walking and talking just fine. Jack lectured that her recovery had been a medical miracle, and they had to find out more about how it had happened. She contended that it was stressing her out not to know what was going on, but Jack reasoned that it wouldn't change or fix anything to give her all the answers. He suggested that she could take everything in after she'd gotten some rest, and she realized that he wouldn't let her get out of it. She added that it was one of the things she loved about him, and she said that she'd missed him.

Phyllis and Jack kissed, but she pulled away, and she said she couldn't do it. He understood that time had stood still in a number of ways, and he assured her that he'd only taken her upstairs to rest. She promised that they'd do a lot more than rest soon, and it would be worth the wait. He kissed her forehead and closed the door behind him. She opened a briefcase and pulled out a tablet computer, and she looked up an online article about her tragic accident at the multiple sclerosis benefit.

Chelsea turned on the ballroom dancing video, and she laughed as she twirled around and dressed the dummy in her designs. Anita walked in, and an embarrassed Chelsea asked if her mother knew how to use a doorbell. Anita said that she hadn't seen Chelsea smile like that since Chelsea and Adam's wedding day, and Chelsea defended that dancing was a form of exercise. Anita suggested that Chelsea call Billy over to dance with her.

Chelsea said that she was working, but Anita observed that Billy had dropped off food and had been doing right by Chelsea. Chelsea revealed that she hadn't been able to work because he'd said he loved her, but she hadn't said it back. Anita wanted to pull out the champagne, but Chelsea wailed that she'd choked, and Anita implored Chelsea to "call him and unchoke." Chelsea worried that she couldn't say the words in the home she'd shared with Adam, and Anita advised Chelsea to pretend Adam had never existed, since he would have gone to prison if he hadn't died. Anita warned that Billy might walk away if he thought Chelsea didn't care.

Billy returned to the penthouse, and Anita asked who had "ordered a delivery of handsome." Billy explained that he'd wanted to get away from a strange situation at home, and Anita left to let them talk. Billy relayed that Jack had been with Phyllis, and Kelly had stopped by, but Phyllis still didn't know about Jack and Kelly's relationship. Chelsea pointed out that it was only a matter of time before everything blew up, and Billy said that the penthouse had popped into his head as a safe haven from the tension at home. Chelsea told him that she wanted him to feel like he could always be there.

Billy said that he liked it there, and that was why he'd kept showing up. Chelsea noted that he'd been there a lot, and he wondered if it had been too much. She said that it was a good thing, and she suggested that he move in with her.

At the Athletic Club, Devon and Lily went over some paperwork, and she said that Neil and Hilary would be back any minute. Devon prepared to go check the books to see if they had the budget for Lily's ideas, and she questioned whether Devon was avoiding Neil or Hilary. Devon asked why Lily was reading into things, but she pushed to find out why he didn't want to be there. Hilary and Neil walked in, and Hilary locked eyes with Devon. Lily said that it was too late to leave, and she warned Devon to be nice.

Lily welcomed Neil and Hilary back, and she asked if Hilary had been surprised when Neil had shown up. Neil praised Cane for being an excellent wingman who knew how to keep a secret, and he pulled Lily aside to talk about something. Hilary guiltily approached Devon, and he said that he'd been worried about her, since they hadn't been able to talk after Neil had gotten there. Hilary covertly handed him his phone and cautioned that it had almost given them away, and he recognized that they'd made a promise to one another, but he wouldn't trade the days they'd spent in New York for anything.

Lily asked Neil if there was anything wrong, and he replied that he'd had the chance to tell Hilary some things she'd needed to hear, but there was something he needed to tell Lily, too. He professed his love for Hilary, and he vowed that he wouldn't ever back down or give up. Lily said that she didn't want him to, since she believed that Hilary was good for him. Neil was glad to have Lily back in his life, and Lily revealed that she'd already told Devon about her change of heart, but she needed to tell Hilary, too. Lily crossed the dining room and asked Hilary to join her for lunch.

As Lily and Hilary dined together, Devon wondered if he should intervene to make sure Lily was behaving herself, but Neil was confident that Lily respected Hilary. Neil suggested that he and Devon also have lunch, but Devon claimed that he had work to do. Neil recognized that Devon had just been away, and he asked if Devon had returned with any souvenirs. Devon said no, and Neil lauded him for showing self-restraint. Devon flashed back to making love to Hilary, and he murmured that he was back in the real world. Neil declared that their family was back together the way it was supposed to be.

Lily wondered why Hilary wasn't eating, and Hilary claimed that her stomach was upset after a bumpy flight. Lily acknowledged that things were weird between them, but she knew that her dad loved Hilary, and it was obvious Hilary loved him, too. Lily concluded that the trip to New York had affected them both, and Hilary flashed back to being in bed with Devon. Hilary dropped her fork, and she suddenly excused herself and rushed off.

Lily swore to Neil that she hadn't said anything upsetting, and she wondered if the flight had made Hilary ill, but Neil revealed that they'd had a smooth landing. Devon wanted to check on Hilary, but Lily reasoned that he couldn't barge into the ladies' room, and Hilary returned and insisted she was fine. Neil offered to call a doctor, but Hilary said that she'd just needed fresh air, and she said that she was ready to go home, since it was time to get back to the real world. She thanked Lily for lunch, and Lily acknowledged that she had been late to the party in terms of accepting Hilary, but she knew Hilary had changed.

After Neil and Hilary departed, Devon called Lily's gesture surprisingly nice, and Lily said that she hadn't imagined the horrible things Hilary had done, but she knew Hilary wasn't the same person anymore. Lily recalled that Hilary had been an emotional mess when she'd run to the bathroom, and she proclaimed that it all made sense. Devon panicked, but Lily guessed that Hilary was pregnant.

. . .

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