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Thursday, March 23, 2017

At Crimson Lights, Sharon refilled Scott's coffee and observed that he looked frustrated. She noted that whenever she ran into a wall while working on something, she went for walk. She added that sometimes she had to walk a long way to have a breakthrough, but it worked every time. She offered to watch his stuff, and he exchanged pleasantries with Chelsea on his way out. Sharon asked if Chelsea was having her usual latte or picking up pastries for Nick, and she guessed that Chelsea wanted to surprise him with something fun. Chelsea confided that it would be more like an apology.

Chelsea mentioned that she'd had to cut her evening with Nick short the night before, but she steered the conversation to Sharon owning the coffeehouse again. Sharon groaned that she was up to her eyeballs between running the place and going back to college, but she'd always regretted not finishing school, so she wanted to give it another shot. Sharon sensed that Chelsea had intentionally changed the subject. Chelsea shared that Nick had inherited some money that Constance had left for Sage, and he'd insisted that it go toward Connor's college fund.

Chelsea recounted that it had stirred up memories of Sage and Adam, and her voice trailed off as she noted that it had been six months since Adam's death. Sharon assured Chelsea that Nick understood, and Chelsea recognized that the topic was awkward because Nick was Sharon's ex. Sharon maintained that she was glad Nick and Chelsea had found one another, but Chelsea pointed out that some people considered it strange that she was with Adam's brother. Sharon insisted that she didn't, and she believed Nick knew that Adam would always be a part of Chelsea and Connor.

Later, Scott returned and thanked Sharon for the excellent advice, and he sat back down at his laptop. Sharon sighed deeply as she gazed at her computer screen, and Scott insisted that she let him repay the favor after she'd helped him. She explained that she was taking classes, and it had been a while since she'd written an essay. He offered to take a look, but she balked at having a professional writer read her work. He was sure it was just her insecurities talking.

Scott recommended that Sharon move a compelling anecdote to the beginning of her essay, and he guided her on how to build her argument. He proclaimed that it was a solid first effort, and she was pleasantly surprised, since she'd thought she was a terrible writer. Scott understood her insecurity, but he swore that he knew a good essay when he saw one. Sharon commented that people had put her down her whole life, and Scott thought it was time for her to hang out with different people.

At the Newman ranch, Nikki pushed Nick to tell her what had happened between him and Chelsea. He revealed that the mention of Adam's name had sent Chelsea into a tailspin the night before, and she'd gone home alone to avoid people staring at her with pity. He wasn't sure where they'd left things, and Nikki sympathized that it was hard for Chelsea, who'd been close to having a second chance with Adam before his accident had ended it all. Nick admitted that the explosion had been nagging him, and he wondered if it hadn't been an accident.

Nick figured that everyone had chosen to believe the police report because it had been easier than dealing with a possible murder. Nikki asserted that they'd all believed it because it was the truth, and all the evidence had pointed to the explosion being an accident. Nick inquired about the burner phone that Victor and Nikki had given Chelsea, and Nikki lamented that she would have been partly responsible if Chelsea and Connor had been at the cabin when it had blown up. Nick pondered who would have wanted to kill Adam if the explosion hadn't been a fluke.

Nikki asked why Nick was suddenly wondering about Adam's death, and Nick flashed back to Scott relaying that Chloe had told him that something had happened six months earlier that had changed everything. Nick received a text message from Chelsea, inviting him to stop by. Nikki hoped the couple worked things out, and she advised Nick not to mention the doubts he was having, since it would only reopen the wounds.

At the Athletic Club, Chloe requested more coffee, but Kevin thought water and aspirin might work better. She initially insisted that she didn't have a hangover, but she conceded that maybe she'd had one too many. Kevin recalled that she'd seemed like she'd been celebrating, and Chloe replied that she loved her life. Kevin pointed out that she hadn't slept very well, and she flashed back to having a nightmare about Adam's explosion. Kevin asked what her dream had been about.

Chloe tried to avoid responding, but Kevin argued that she usually remembered her dreams. She contended that her only nightmare would be losing him, and he asked if he'd said or done anything to worry her. She swore that it had nothing to do with him, but it was in her nature to get paranoid whenever things were going right. Kevin encouraged her to stay positive, since things had only been getting better, and he would make sure they stayed that way. Chloe said she believed him, and she kissed him goodbye before she headed off to work, passing by Michael on her way out.

Michael checked to be sure Kevin's feet were still on the ground, since Kevin had been sporting a smitten look lately. Kevin thought it was the same way Michael looked at Lauren, and he wanted the same thing they had. Kevin declared that he was going to ask Chloe to marry him. Michael was skeptical that the third time would be the charm, since common sense dictated that a couple wasn't compatible if they needed three times to get it right. Kevin was determined to get Michael's blessing, and he demanded to know what it would take to get it.

Kevin contended that Chloe had put in the work to get healthy, and they were getting another shot because she'd accepted what had happened. Michael thought Chloe had seemed more at peace after Adam had died, but Kevin thought it was a stretch to think Adam's death had been the only reason. Kevin thought marrying Chloe would give him back what he missed most -- a family. He hoped to have Michael and Lauren behind him, and Michael wondered how long Kevin had been thinking about marriage. Kevin insisted that it wasn't a random impulse and that it felt right, but Michael cautioned Kevin against ignoring the red flags.

Kevin argued that both he and Michael had messed up a lot in life, but they'd turned their lives around, and he believed Chloe could do the same thing. Michael advised that building a solid foundation took time, especially with someone with Chloe's history. Kevin considered the stability of a committed relationship to be a good thing for her, and he thought he'd be crazy not to propose. Michael told him to do it right with a beautiful ring and a romantic setting to make Chloe feel wanted and loved. Kevin asked if that meant Michael was in his corner, and Michael replied that he'd never been anywhere else. They hugged.

Chloe arrived at Chelsea's penthouse with some forms for Chelsea to sign, and Chelsea mentioned that she'd been expecting Nick. Chloe spotted the pastries from Crimson Lights and asked what the occasion was. Chelsea replied that she'd had to work though some stuff. Chelsea alluded to something generous that Nick had done, but she'd been wrapped up in her own head, thinking about Adam and the explosion. Chelsea wanted to thank Nick properly for putting Sage's inheritance from Constance toward Connor's education. Chloe ordered Chelsea to give it back because Adam had been linked to the money.

Chloe voiced concern that Chelsea would undo the progress she'd made, but Chelsea questioned whether Chloe would feel that way if they were talking about anyone but Adam. Chloe admitted that she probably wouldn't, but she loved Chelsea and would do anything for her, including telling her things she didn't want to hear. Chloe indicated that it wasn't healthy for Chelsea to be daydreaming about Adam, and Chelsea wished that she'd been able to say goodbye or see his body.

Chloe pointed out that Chelsea, Adam, and Connor had spent time together at the cabin as a family, and she marveled that it had been an incredible place with a gorgeous view of the lake. Chelsea wondered how Chloe had known the cabin had been by a lake, and Chloe claimed that Chelsea had told her. Chloe rambled about how Chelsea had provided a detailed description of the smell of the trees and the light in the windows, but Chelsea didn't remember the conversation. Nick's arrival interrupted them.

Chloe prepared to get back to work, and Chelsea stepped out to give instructions to the nanny. Nick recalled that Chloe hadn't seemed to be feeling any pain the night before. Chloe conceded that she'd gotten a little tipsy, but Kevin had gotten her home in one piece. Chloe said she could count on Kevin the way Chelsea could count on Nick, and she hoped Chelsea appreciated Nick and let the past with Adam go. Nick countered that there was no reason to forget it, but Chloe thought he should thank her for trying to help him out. Chloe departed, and Nick looked perplexed. He picked up Connor's stuffed dinosaur from a chair and remembered it being the boy's favorite toy.

Chelsea told Nick that she'd wanted time alone with him to apologize for screwing up, and he swore that he understood. She wondered what he was doing with Connor's toy, and she mentioned that Connor never went anywhere without it. Nick guessed that she'd had it at the cabin, and Chelsea confirmed that she'd packed it when she'd thought she and Adam would be going away together. Nick noticed that the stuffing was falling out, and he volunteered to try to fix it. They were both shocked when he pulled an electronic device out of the stuffed animal.

Chloe entered Crimson Lights and asked if Sharon had something good for a hangover, and Sharon suggested green tea. Sharon asked how things were going with Chloe and Kevin, and Chloe said they couldn't be better, but she hoped she didn't blow things up that time. Sharon recognized that both she and Chloe had had problems, but it took finding the right help to get better. Sharon inquired whether Chloe had found a therapist after she'd moved back. Chloe claimed that she was seeing someone she liked, and she vowed to do whatever it took to make sure she was totally in control.

Victoria arrived at Brash & Sassy and greeted Billy, who informed her that he was finishing up his presentation for the Board of Governors before heading to the airport. She thought he had a shot at cementing the deal, since they'd gotten Jack to back off, and she envisioned Brash & Sassy becoming the official men's grooming line of professional hockey. Victoria credited Billy with brainstorming the idea, but he praised her for saving the day by schooling Jack on how playing down and dirty was done. Billy said he'd been caught off guard by the way Victoria had defended him to Jack, but she abruptly excused herself to take a call.

At Jabot, Jack grumbled that he'd thought Gloria would have had the good sense to call in sick. Gloria acknowledged that she'd screwed up, but she argued that he hadn't really been interested in the deal that Victoria had forced him to drop. Jack testily asked whether Gloria was trying to make him angrier than he already was.

Gloria recognized that Jack was mad at Billy and Victoria, but she scolded Jack for taking his frustrations out on her. She lectured that Jack hadn't gotten where he was by carrying grudges, and the little fiasco had gotten him to focus on revitalizing the men's line. She reminded him that he had all the research she'd done, and they could push forward and do great things. She added that Jack would have lots of opportunities in his spare time to stick it to his baby brother.

Later, Gloria burst into Victoria's office, and Victoria told her not to let the door hit her on the way out. Gloria haughtily stated that the interview had been a fabrication and that Jack hadn't done the things she'd accused him of. Gloria admonished Victoria for being willing to use the interview to make him look bad, and Victoria retorted that Gloria was a piece of work. Victoria pointed out that Gloria had tried to destroy Jack on national television, and she thought Gloria might have succeeded if it hadn't been for a technical glitch.

Gloria argued that Jack had been honest when he'd spilled the beans about Billy's gambling problem, and she asserted that Jack had done Billy a favor by getting it out in the open, since Leon would have found out about it eventually. Victoria contended that if Gloria really cared about Jack, Gloria would get him to shut down his obsession with revenge, since the blowback would hurt him more than it hurt Billy. Victoria warned that Jack had gotten a good taste of what happened when he interfered with her company, and she wouldn't pull any punches the next time.

Billy entered Jack's office, and Jack barked that Billy wasn't welcome there. Billy acknowledged that he'd hurt Jack badly and that Jack was entitled to lash out, but he questioned what it accomplished to keep fighting the war. Billy considered it to be a waste of energy to treat one another that way when they could be brothers again instead of enemies, and that was what he wanted. Billy stated that Jack could despise him forever, but it would make Jack just like Victor. Jack growled at Billy to get out.

Billy thanked Jack for setting the record straight with Leon. Jack admitted that he could have done nothing when he'd learned Leon and Billy had been working on a deal, but he'd wanted to cause trouble for Billy. Jack added that he needn't have bothered, since the one trait that defined Billy was that he was his own worst enemy, and Billy would eventually screw things up like he always did. Billy stalked over to the door, but he turned around and retorted that Jack was one to talk, since Jack had hired a woman who'd tried to take down his company. Billy recognized that he wouldn't have the deal if it hadn't been for Gloria, and he asked Jack to thank her for him.

At Top of the Tower, Jack ordered a scotch at the bar. Nikki greeted him, and he told her to spare him the sermon. She swore that she wasn't one to judge, and she inquired how his trip had been. He assumed that she was going to chide him for not making the benefit, but she said she had just been asking how his trip had gone. Jack apologized for not attending the charity event, and Nikki remarked that at least Ashley hadn't gone stag. Jack surmised that Abby had taken his place, but Nikki informed him that Ravi had.

Jack called Ravi a computer nerd, but Nikki recounted that Ravi had worn an exquisite tuxedo and that Ravi and Ashley had made a cute couple. Jack snapped at her to let him enjoy his drink in peace, and Nikki remarked that usually it took Victor to get him that worked up. Jack said it was just business, but Nikki clucked that even business was personal for Jack, just like it was for Victor. Nikki wondered if Jack had found a new rival to replace Victor, and Jack asked if Victor missed him. Nikki stated that Victor had been far too busy.

Jack surmised that Victor had retired, but Nikki didn't want to label Victor's work hiatus. Nikki added that she was grateful to have more time with her husband, and Jack huffed that she didn't have to do a slow fade with Victor. Jack questioned what had happened to the Nikki who would never settle for anything. She asked whether it was an honest question or whether Jack was just a big ball of resentment trying to find someone to keep him company.

Billy returned to Brash & Sassy and announced that he had to go to the airport, but he'd wanted to thank Victoria for trusting him with his idea. Before he left, he insisted on having a conversation about the way she'd defended him. Billy recalled that he and Victoria had had a plan to trip up Jack, but she'd flipped the script by defending Billy. He found it very endearing, and he felt that it had been from her heart.

Billy begged Victoria to tell him if he was wrong, but she remained silent. "That's what I thought," he said, and she responded when he planted a passionate kiss on her. Billy pulled back and huskily stated that he had to catch his flight. He turned back and gazed at her before he headed out.

On the next The Young and the Restless...

• Victor tells Scott that he needs an experienced writer to help him with his memoir.

• “He’s not only an employee. He’s much younger. This could be a problem,” Jack lectures Ashley.

• Nick and Chelsea confront Chloe about the tracking device.

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