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Hilary snags a scoop
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Thursday, August 17, 2017

At the Abbott cabin, Ravi wished Ashley a good morning, and she marveled that she never slept in that late. Ravi remarked that he'd slept very well, and he attributed it to the morning air -- or the company. She recognized that it had been quite a night, and he stammered that having sex had been unexpected. Ravi swore that he had no regrets about what had happened, but he wondered if Ashley thought it had been a mistake. She apologized if she'd been giving him mixed messages, and he was relieved when she firmly stated that she also had no regrets.

Ashley pulled Ravi close and figured that they would have gotten together sooner if she hadn't been so concerned about her image. He mused that it had been worth the wait, even though he'd wanted it to happen for a long time. Ashley admitted that she had, too, but she'd been afraid of what people would think. She was glad that she'd been able to be with him in the moment, and he understood if it turned out to be only one moment in time for them. Ashley replied that she didn't know what the future held, but she knew it had been an incredibly wonderful moment. They kissed.

Ravi wondered how his night with Ashley would affect things at work, but Ashley didn't think it would. He cited the weirdness between Phyllis and Jack, and he didn't want that awkwardness between him and Ashley. Ashley swore that she cared too much about their friendship to let that happen, and she applauded him for introducing her to new kinds of music and helping her with her mother. Ravi was glad that Ashley had grown to see Dina as more than the person who'd abandoned her. Ravi figured that they should head back, and Ashley reluctantly agreed. He kissed her and promised that he'd never forget their time there.

At the Athletic Club, Juliet complimented Hilary's new outfit. Hilary explained that she'd gotten it in New York to celebrate her successful trip there, and she admired Juliet's new maternity clothes. Juliet spotted Cane at the bar and sympathized that he'd been having a hard time since Lily had kicked him out. Juliet approached Cane and chirped that her doctor had said her pregnancy was going as expected. She asked how things were with him, and he reported that he'd had a job interview, so he hoped his life was about to turn around.

Juliet pressed for details about the new opportunity, and she gushed that any company would be lucky to have Cane. He grumbled that she was the only person who thought that, but she stressed that she'd witnessed his business talent. Cane groused that his contributions had been minimized because Victoria had wanted to put Billy in the spotlight, but Juliet advised that the best thing to do was to keep moving forward, not back. Cane figured it would be nice to get his career back on track, and he hoped his personal life would follow if he could get his family back together. Hilary eyed them as Juliet volunteered to be there if Cane needed someone to talk to.

At Hamilton-Winters, Lily informed Neil that the Dare campaign was on indefinite hold because of budgetary issues. Lily lamented that she was basically unemployed, but she hoped it was temporary. Neil reminded her that she could always turn to the "bank of dad," but she was determined to go on more auditions, even though she hadn't had much luck. Neil recognized that there was a ton of competition, and Lily vowed to do whatever it took to get her family through it. Neil asked if there had been any change in how she felt about her marriage.

Lily told Neil that Cane had sold his car to pay for the twins' tuition, but she asserted that one gesture wouldn't erase her husband's lies. Lily had thought they'd be in a better place by then, but seeing Juliet and her baby bump was a visible reminder that Cane had cheated on Lily, and it broke her heart all over again. She indicated that Charlie was furious with Cane and that Mattie wasn't far behind after Cane had caught her making out with Reed. Lily found it ironic that Reed was Victoria's son, and she indicated that Cane didn't want Mattie seeing Reed because of what had happened at Brash & Sassy.

Neil asked if Lily agreed, and she responded that she was on the fence, but she was glad that Mattie was still talking to her. Lily hated the distance between Cane and the kids, but she thought he hadn't made things any better by alienating Mattie. Neil warned that having two unhappy parents wasn't good for the family, and he thought Lily had to be able to forgive Cane, too. Lily confided that she was starting to wonder whether she could, but her voice trailed off. Neil comforted her.

Lily descended the Athletic Club stairs and spotted Juliet leaving the building. Lily entered the bar area, where Hilary imagined that it was never easy for Lily to see Juliet. Lily coolly observed that Hilary was back from New York, and Hilary sweetly remarked that the commercial shoot had been quick and easy. Lily hoped that Hilary moved to New York permanently, and Hilary anticipated that she'd be back there for work soon enough.

Lily pointedly stated that Barry was finding things for her, and she testily questioned whether Hilary needed her to leave more scripts lying around. Hilary recognized that it had been hard on Lily when Hilary had upstaged her, especially when Lily's whole world was crashing down. Hilary said she honestly felt bad for Lily, but Lily laughed and insisted that she didn't need Hilary's pity. Hilary told her to keep telling herself that everything would get better, and she walked away.

At Jabot, Hochman questioned whether it was wise to have a covert meeting in Jack's office, but Jack was confident that it was too early for prying eyes and ears. Hochman bragged that Victoria was ready to sign the bridge loan agreement, and Jack considered it to be the perfect avenue for Hochman to get closer to Victoria and her company. Hochman relayed that Cane shared Jack's enthusiasm for Brash & Sassy's demise, since Cane had offered to hand over dirt if Hochman hired him. Jack wasn't sure it was worth the trouble. Jack recalled that he'd been tempted to hire Cane, but he'd had personal reasons not to do so.

Jack insisted that Hochman not let Cane find out about their alliance, and he advised Hochman not to tell Victoria if he hired Cane. Jack asked when the loan would be a done deal, and Hochman indicated that she'd wanted to sleep on it. Jack noted that Newmans didn't like to depend on outsiders, but Hochman thought it had more to do with Billy and Victor showing up to convince her not to do business with him. Jack urged Hochman to close the deal before Victoria changed her mind. Later, Jack answered a call from the facilities department and got some news about Brash & Sassy's office.

In the Athletic Club dining room, Dina asked what had taken Graham so long to meet her, and he explained that he'd corrected a few typos in her report for Jack. He informed her that a few figures had been off, and she thanked him for catching the errors. Dina received a text message from Jack, asking her to check in with him. She panicked that he'd noticed the errors in her report, and she prepared to go to the office. Graham suggested that he make dinner plans for them, but she didn't know how long she'd be. He told her to call him anytime she needed help, and she headed out.

Victoria arrived at Brash & Sassy and admonished Billy for telling Victor that the company was struggling. Billy chalked it up to a temporary moment of insanity, but he thought her father was a better option than Hochman. He assumed that she'd signed a deal to get the money they needed, but Victoria revealed that she hadn't signed anything yet. Billy surmised that Hochman had pulled a fast one, but Victoria indicated that it hadn't been Hochman -- it had been her.

Victoria insisted that it was a rational and not an emotional decision, and Billy warned her against getting in bed with Hochman just because she was angry at her father. She wanted to take time to review the contract again to make sure the terms were acceptable, but Billy found it odd that she was poring over the details of a simple short-term loan. Victoria reasoned that she'd gotten burned the last time she hadn't been hands-on, but Billy wondered why she was second-guessing her instincts.

Victoria reviewed the document and reiterated that she was just being extra cautious after what had happened with Cane. Billy suggested that they try to get through the next quarter without a loan, but Jack interrupted. Jack declared that it had been a year since Brash & Sassy had moved into the building, so it was time to sign a new lease, and he was there to deliver the documents in person. Billy took a look at the paperwork and hissed that Jack was unbelievable. "You bastard!" Victoria spat.

Victoria was livid that Jack had raised their rent by 25 percent, but Jack contended that he was within his rights as the landlord. He pointed out that Brash & Sassy was free to find another location, and he departed. Billy complained that Jack was using their financial problems to his advantage, but Victoria huffed that the joke was on Jack because they weren't leaving. She believed that relocating would send the wrong message, but they needed a large influx of cash. Billy realized that she was going to sign the deal with Hochman, and she replied that she didn't have a choice.

Dina apologized when she nearly bumped into Billy as she stepped off the elevator, and he realized that she didn't recognize him. He informed her of who he was, and she remarked that he'd grown up to be a handsome man. She mentioned her run-in with Jill, and Billy asked if Dina was there to see Jack and Ashley. Dina announced that she was there for work, since Jack wanted to keep her busy. Billy pointed out that they were competitors, and Dina commented that friendly competition was good for the soul and the profit margin. He volunteered to show her around.

Billy escorted Dina to Brash & Sassy. She inquired about their new products, but he hesitated to give away company secrets. He thought his father would have been floored to know she was back in town and working at Jabot, and she wondered what John would have thought about it. Billy pointed out that John had been one of the most forgiving men he'd ever met, and he recalled that his father had always welcomed him back into the family and the company. Dina thanked Billy for his kind words, and she praised the incredible place he and Victoria had there.

Billy recognized that it was unorthodox to work in the same building as their chief competitor, and he revealed that they'd just been hit with a hefty rent increase. Billy admitted that he liked being in the same building as Jabot, and he wished he was closer to Ashley. Dina noted that they had that in common. He hoped he and Jack could make amends, especially since Jack had let Dina back into his life after years of bitterness. Dina encouraged Billy not to give up, and she offered to do anything she could to expedite a reconciliation. He invited her to pop in whenever she liked.

Ashley and Ravi arrived at Jabot, and he said he'd be in his office. They exchanged smiles before she stepped into Jack's office, and Jack asked about her getaway. She was more interested in how things were going there, and he suggested that they have a drink, since a lot more had happened during her absence than she'd expected. Jack hoped that Billy wouldn't be underfoot much longer, since he anticipated that their least favorite tenant would have an issue with the increased rent.

Jack intended to reclaim the space when Brash & Sassy moved out, but Ashley expected Billy and Victoria to dig their heels in. Jack exclaimed that Brash & Sassy was up to its knees in quicksand, and they would soon be in over their heads. Ashley asked if Jack had heard from their mother, and Jack mentioned that Dina had turned in half her project the day before. Ashley looked over Dina's reports and noticed that some numbers had been wrong from the beginning, throwing off the rest of the projections.

Ashley figured that anyone could make a mistake, but Jack had expected Dina to do the math in her sleep. Ashley guessed that Dina had become accustomed to delegating such work, but Jack thought it was an excuse to avoid considering a less attractive option. He admitted that he'd been up half the night, thinking about why Graham had pushed Dina to sell Mergeron. Ashley questioned whether Dina had needed to sell it because she was no longer capable of running her own company.

In Hochman's hotel suite, Cane teased that valuable information about Brash & Sassy was taking up room in his head. Hochman requested a preview of what he'd get if he hired Cane. Cane asserted that he had every success, weakness, failure, and future plan of the company in his head, so he was the perfect candidate for a consulting position. Cane assumed that Hochman was positioning to acquire the company, but Hochman told him to keep his presumptions to himself. Hochman prepared to end the meeting, but Cane implied that he knew about the skeletons in Brash & Sassy's closet. Hochman demanded specific examples, but Cane refused to disclose anything until they had a deal.

Cane wrote down his contact information on a sheet of paper, and Hochman admitted that he was seriously interested in hiring Cane. Cane thought they'd make a great team, and Hochman replied, "I think we just might."

Downstairs, Cane greeted Lily at the bar, and he informed her that was hoping to get a phone call with a job offer any second. She halfheartedly congratulated him and sipped her drink. Cane pointed out that he'd be able to take care of Lily and the twins financially if the job panned out, and she unenthusiastically thanked him for letting her know. He was surprised that she wasn't happy, and he wondered if something was bothering her. She snapped that she'd been dealing with her career going from hot to not, and it hadn't helped that Hilary had bragged about the commercial shoot that Lily had wanted.

Cane asked if Lily thought Hilary had gone behind her back to steal it from her, and Lily conceded that it hadn't been her part to steal, but she thought Hilary hadn't played it straight, either. Lily didn't understand why she couldn't catch a break when Hilary had done awful things and had still gotten a great opportunity. Lily wailed that she worked hard and tried to be a good wife and mother, and Cane assured her that she was the best person he knew. She retorted that it didn't matter, since Victoria had put her job on hold, and Cane had cheated on and lied to her. Cane stood by helplessly as Lily walked away.

Victoria arrived at Hochman's suite and revealed that she'd decided to go ahead with the loan. Hochman started to get some Champagne, but she handed him an addendum to clarify the terms. As he looked it over, she noticed Cane's contact information on the table. She demanded to know what Cane had been doing in Hochman's suite, but Hochman claimed that he'd simply met a guy at the bar who'd been looking for a job. Victoria ranted that she'd terminated Cane's employment for cause, and she was aware that Cane was looking for payback by making it his mission to reveal Brash & Sassy's secrets to their top competitors. She concluded that Hochman had taken the bait.

Hochman insisted that Victoria had gotten it wrong, and he swore that she knew him better than that. He assured her that he was her ally and not her enemy, and he suggested that they sign the contract. Victoria ripped up the paperwork and called him out on entertaining the idea of using Cane to get to her company. Hochman defended himself, but his words became muffled inside Victoria's head. She barked that she was done there, and she stormed out. He followed her into the hallway, and Hilary covertly listened as he begged Victoria not to walk away.

Victoria accused Hochman of manipulating her to get a piece of her company, but he insisted that it wasn't true. Victoria recalled that people had warned her that he was a "pompous ass" who couldn't be trusted, and she wished she'd listened. He taunted that Brash & Sassy wouldn't survive without the loan because the company was in serious trouble. He insisted that he cared for her, but she loudly proclaimed that spending the night with him had been a huge mistake.

Hochman lecherously stated that Victoria hadn't been able to get enough of "the Hoch" at the time, but Victoria spat that she couldn't remember most of it, and she preferred to pretend that they'd never met. Neil entered the hallway as she raced off, and Hochman slammed his door shut. Meanwhile, an unseen Hilary grinned broadly as she finished recording the entire encounter.

On the next The Young and the Restless...

• Abby tells Nikki that Nick moved out and that Victor gave the place to her.

• Devon is stunned that Neil granted the bridge loan without discussing it with him.

• Victoria orders Hilary to take the footage of her offline immediately.


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