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Graham attempts to flee with Dina
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Thursday, October 19, 2017

Neil approached Hilary at the Athletic Club bar, and she remarked that she hadn't been sure whether he'd show up. He refused to grant his permission for her to air the footage of him escorting Graham out of Ashley's dinner, and Hilary informed him that she wasn't going to air any of it. Neil wondered why she was giving the Abbotts a free pass when she'd aired the Newmans' dirty laundry, and she pointed out that Jack was her friend and that Victor had given her permission to air his argument with Nick. Neil noted that Victoria hadn't signed off on the broadcast of her altercation with Ben Hochman, and Hilary revealed that it was the reason she'd wanted meet with Neil, since she had a favor to ask of him.

Neil started to walk away, but Hilary pleaded with him to hear her out. She claimed that taping and airing the footage of Victoria had taught her a valuable lesson, since the story had eventually been forgotten, but Victoria still hated her. Hilary recognized that if she wanted her show to be successful, she needed to align with the movers and shakers to have access to newsworthy people and events. She contended that by interviewing Nick, she'd allowed him to rebrand himself as a generous and noble guy, and she suggested that Victoria do the same thing.

Neil thought it was a ploy to help Hilary and no one else, and she admitted that she'd blown it with Victoria after she'd thought they'd had a mutual respect for one another. Neil blasted Hilary for publicly humiliating Victoria, and Hilary said she regretted it. Neil realized that she really meant it, and she asked him to put in a good word for her with Victoria. "Not a chance," Neil replied, and he advised Hilary to make amends personally.

Later, Victor spotted Neil in the club dining room, and the men shook hands. Victor mentioned the dinner to celebrate Ashley, and Neil revealed that he'd been there. Victor pressed to find out more about the family issue that had disrupted the evening, but Neil suggested that he talk to Ashley to hear more. Neil wondered how Victor felt about Nick's interview with Hilary, and he imagined that it bothered Victor that Nick had donated his trust to Jack's charity. Victor conceded that what Nick did with his money was none of Victor's business, but he admitted that he and Nick hadn't been getting along.

Victoria met Nick for lunch at Top of the Tower and asked where his halo was, since she assumed he'd gotten one after he'd given his trust fund away. He told her to call him Saint Nick, but she groused that she should call him "Crazy Nick" for going on The Hilary Hour and telling everyone what he thought of their father. Victoria wondered if he was trying to keep the hostility alive by asking her to meet him at Victor's restaurant, but Nick announced that he and Victor had declared a truce.

Nick clarified that he and Victor hadn't forgiven one another and still didn't like one another, but they'd agreed not to push one another's buttons. Victoria missed how tight their family had once been, and she confided that she sometimes wished that she'd never learned the truth about how Victor had set Adam up. She wondered if it bothered Nick that she could look past it, and he encouraged her to do what worked for her, but he hoped Victor didn't hurt her again. Victoria swore that Victor had been helpful, and Nick figured that their father was doing everything possible to win her back. Her phone chimed with a text message, and she panicked when she read it.

At Brash & Sassy, Billy told Phyllis that he hadn't been honest about work, family, and them. She watched his expression carefully, and she sympathized that it had been tough on him to live with divided loyalties. He explained that he'd had to compartmentalize things, and she insisted that she was trying to help, since they were a team that supported one another. Billy questioned whether they'd do so through anything, and Phyllis swore that nothing he said would change what they had. He was glad to hear her say it, since none of it had to do with how he felt about her.

Phyllis asked what Billy wanted to be honest about, and he recalled that she'd been pushing him and Jack to try to fix things. Billy recognized that he'd shut down whenever she'd broached the topic, and he thought it had created distance between them. He explained that he'd tried to reassure her that he loved her, but he understood if she thought he'd been lying to her because he'd been quiet and preoccupied. Phyllis encouraged him to open up, but his phone rang, and he insisted that he had to take it.

Victoria informed Billy that there was an emergency flood at the warehouse that could affect their shipment, and it could cost them everything. Billy assured her that he had a contingency plan in place, and he promised that nothing would throw off their schedule. She fretted that they were taking big risks to outsell Jabot, but he assured her that he would take care of it. After they hung up, Billy apologetically told Phyllis that he needed a minute to figure something out.

After Billy tended to the matter, he apologized for the interruption, and Phyllis griped that Victoria relied on him too much. Billy reasoned that work wasn't all fun and games, and he felt a responsibility to make sure the company was a success, just like Phyllis did with Fenmore's. Phyllis acknowledged that they were loyal to their employers, but she thought it was more important that they were loyal to one another. She pushed him to tell her about what had been distracting him, and he referred to Ashley's secret being out and what it meant for their family. Phyllis was skeptical that it had been what he'd wanted to "come clean" about, and Billy claimed that he didn't want to pull away, so he was being honest with her.

Billy swore that he loved Phyllis and that he didn't regret anything that had happened with her, and she disappointedly wondered if that was all. Billy stressed that it was important to be honest, and he asked if she was okay, since it felt like she'd been expecting him to say something else. Phyllis planned to hit the gym before she went home, and she asked if Billy would be working late. Billy insisted that he didn't blame her for the rift between him and Jack, and she encouraged him to reconnect with his family, since she was sure that Ashley and Traci missed him as much as he missed them.

Billy thanked Phyllis for understanding, but he still sensed that she'd expected him to say something more. She said she'd thought there might have been issues with Victoria, but he insisted that things were good. Billy followed Phyllis to the door and hoped she knew that he was there for her if there was something she needed to talk about. Phyllis hoped he realized how much she loved him, and a tear slid down her cheek as they embraced.

Meanwhile, Hilary approached Nick and Victoria's table and gushed that the response to Nick's segment had been more than she'd hoped for, since his generous act had inspired an uptick in charitable donations. Nick pointedly stated that it was nice to know that not everyone thought he was crazy, and Victoria grumbled that he'd made a big impact on the people he'd wanted to reach. Hilary offered to interview Victoria to let her tell her side of the story, but Victoria declined. Hilary conceded that Victoria had no reason to trust her, but she insisted that they could agree on everything in advance.

Nick praised Hilary for being extremely fair to him, and he thought it was an opportunity for Victoria to set the record straight about her fight with Hochman. Victoria barked that she wanted nothing to do with Hilary or her show, and Hilary asked to speak to Victoria alone. Nick advised that he'd learned that anger didn't do anyone any good, and he urged Victoria to hear Hilary out. After Nick left, Victoria asked where the hidden cameras were, and Hilary confessed that she had a few members of the restaurant staff on her payroll to tip her off if they heard a juicy tidbit. Victoria spat that she wasn't interested in hearing Hilary's pitch, and Hilary offered an apology instead.

Hilary explained that Victoria's tirade at the club had reinforced how much Hilary had hurt her by airing the footage, but Victoria seemed confused about what Hilary meant. Hilary apologized for letting her ambition get in the way of her feelings, and she pledged to no longer put the scoop ahead of people she liked and respected. Hilary was determined to regain Victoria's trust, and she suggested doing so with an interview. Hilary imagined that there was something new in Brash & Sassy's pipeline that Victoria wanted to promote, but Victoria envisioned Hilary blindsiding her on air by asking about her personal life. Hilary promised that it wouldn't happen, but Victoria maintained that Hilary had gone back on her word too many times for Victoria to believe her.

Hilary picked up the tab, and Victoria started to walk away. Hilary suddenly proposed that they sign a contract, outlining everything they'd discuss during the interview and enforcing strict penalties if Hilary violated the terms. Victoria insisted that her attorney draw up the contract, and she warned that the penalties would be more than a slap on the wrist. Hilary said there would be no point otherwise, and she confirmed that there would be no talk of Victoria's personal life. Victoria declared that they had a deal for her to appear on Hilary's show. Hilary grinned triumphantly.

At the gym, Nick stepped away from the punching bag when he saw Phyllis furiously lifting weights. He wondered what was wrong, but she pointed out that he was the one with the big news. She questioned whether their daughter would have any inheritance left, and she chided him for not saying anything to his exes or his kids before he'd given his money away. Nick defended that he didn't want his kids relying on his money, unlike Victor. Phyllis assured him that no further discussion was necessary, and he wasn't sure whether to be happy or annoyed that she understood him. He sensed that something was bothering her, and he asked what Billy had done.

Phyllis scolded Nick for always blaming Billy, but she admitted that Billy thought he owed it to Victoria to work as hard as she did. Nick reported that he'd just been with Victoria, and Phyllis asked if Victoria had mentioned Billy. Nick recounted that Billy had calmed Victoria down after a crisis at work, and Phyllis pressed to know more about the crisis, but Nick wouldn't spill to a competitor because he was loyal to his sister. Phyllis complained that everyone was bending over backwards to look out for Victoria when she was perfectly capable of taking care of herself, but Nick wasn't so sure.

Nick pointed out that Brash & Sassy wasn't on stable ground, and even though Victoria liked to think she was in control, he thought life was controlling her. He mentioned that Hilary wanted to interview Victoria because Hilary felt bad and wanted to make things right. Nick recalled that he'd faced his issues with his dad when he'd gone on-camera, and he thought Victoria could use the interview as a valuable promotional tool for Brash & Sassy, but Victoria had said no. Nick thought that perhaps Hilary could change Victoria's mind, and Phyllis imagined that Hilary and Victoria together would be "can't-miss TV."

At the hospital, Jack surmised that Graham had moved Dina before he'd talked to the Abbott siblings, but Traci encouraged him not to jump to worst-case scenarios. Traci prepared to check to see if Dina was having more tests done, and Jack wanted to see if Graham was still in the hospital. Ashley tried to call Graham in case he wanted a chance to gloat.

Jack reported that Graham was nowhere to be found, and Ashley added that Graham wasn't answering his phone. Traci worriedly indicated that the nurses didn't know where Dina was, and she stopped Dr. Hummel in the corridor and inquired whether her mother had been taken for more tests. The doctor replied that he'd recommended that Dina spend the night there, but she'd been medically cleared to leave, so she'd been released at Graham's request. Ashley inquired whether Dina had objected, but Dr. Hummel recounted that Dina had given her consent and that he'd escorted her downstairs, where a car had been waiting.

Ashley snapped that Dina's family should have been notified, but the doctor pointed out that the family didn't have power of attorney over her health. Jack ranted that Graham didn't have Dina's best interests at heart, and Traci brusquely thanked the doctor. Traci added that what was important was figuring out "where the hell" Graham had taken their mother, and Ashley guessed that Graham had gone back to the Athletic Club to get Dina's things. The siblings rushed out.

Jack, Ashley, and Traci burst into Dina's suite and found that her things were gone. Jack spotted a ring next to the couch, and he imagined that Graham had been in a big hurry. Ashley suggested that they search Graham's room, but her phone rang, and she said she'd be there in a minute. Victor congratulated Ashley on winning her award. She thanked him but tried to brush him off. He asked if everything was all right, and she informed him that Dina had suffered a stroke. She hung up when Traci returned and reported that Graham's room had been cleared out, too. Jack theorized that Graham and Dina were heading to Paris on her private jet, and Ashley worried that Graham had complete control over their mother.

Victor told Neil about Dina's stroke, and he noted that Ashley had sounded distracted. Neil mused that Dina's connection with her children had improved and that Jack enjoyed working with her at Jabot. Victor remarked that it was nice to work with a family member, and he was grateful that Abby worked alongside him. Neil referred to his partnership with Devon, and he imagined that Nick felt the same way about Noah. Neil empathized that it was painful not to have a good relationship with one's son, but he contended that their kids still needed their parents even after they grew up.

Victor called the future generation ungrateful and entitled, and he groused that he'd worked his behind off to create wealth and opportunities for his children and grandchildren. Neil recognized that he'd had his fair share of problems with Lily and Devon, but he made sure to let them know he loved them. Victor pointed out that Neil wouldn't have sounded that way a few years earlier, and Neil admitted that he'd made bad choices as an alcoholic. Victor respected the fact that Neil had overcome his demons, but he'd "be damned" to have his son throw everything Victor had created back in his face.

Neil anticipated that Victor would be there when Nick really needed him, but Victor wasn't so sure. Neil vowed never to let business problems get between him and Devon, since he'd never let anger get in the way of his relationship with his kids. Later, Neil called Devon to invite him downstairs for a bite and a drink. Neil told Devon to leave the files at the office, since he just wanted to spend some quality time with his son.

At Brash & Sassy, Billy confirmed that the shipment was back on schedule as Victor stalked in. Victor asked for his daughter, and Billy coolly said he'd tell Victoria that Victor had stopped by but hadn't been able to stick around. Victor inquired whether Billy had known that Dina had had a mild stroke, and Billy was taken aback. Billy prepared to track down Ashley and Traci, but Victor warned him that his sisters would consider it an intrusion, since Dina wasn't his mother. He suggested that Billy stay out of their business.

Billy was skeptical that Victor was looking out for him, and Victor explained that he was looking out for the Abbotts he cared about. Billy repeated that he'd let Victoria know Victor had stopped by, but Victor sat down and acknowledged that Victoria depended on Billy more than ever. Victor added that Billy had turned against his own brother to help her, and Billy swore that he'd always side with Victoria over Jack. Victor announced that he wanted his daughter back in his life, and he thought Billy could persuade her to trust Victor again. Victor promised that Billy would be generously rewarded if he helped Victor to win his daughter back.

Jack, Ashley, and Traci drove to a tarmac for private jet charters, where they discovered Graham pushing Dina in a wheelchair on the other side of a fence. The siblings yelled to Dina, who was unresponsive as Graham wheeled her to a waiting plane.

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• Phyllis tells Jack that the plans have changed, so they need to move immediately.

• Lily discovers that Cane and Juliet are living together.


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