Thursday, February 4, 2016

Lily and Cane made love in a suite at the Athletic Club. Afterward, Cane turned to Lily and breathlessly asked, "Now what?" Lily wondered if she should thank him for the best makeup sex ever or if it had only been "ex sex." He said it had been pretty incredible no matter what they called it, and she guessed that nothing had changed outside that room. Cane said he'd meant it when he'd said he'd missed her, and being together had felt right.

Lily questioned where things stood in the real world, and she said Cane had to forgive her and trust her in order for it to work between them. Cane admitted that he didn't know if he could do that, and she hesitated to get the kids' hopes up. Cane suggested that they just stay in the room, but she decided that it had to end there, since things were complicated enough already. As they prepared to leave, they recalled that it was the anniversary of one of his proposals to her, and she mused that a lot had changed since that snowy day in the park. Lily suggested that they get back to the party before anyone noticed they'd been missing, and Cane suddenly realized it had all been a setup.

Lily swore that she hadn't schemed to lure Cane into bed, and he referred to Jill's impromptu party. Lily reflected back on the fight between Jill and Colin, and she felt foolish for not seeing that it had been staged. Cane imagined that he and Lily hadn't wanted to see it, but Lily sadly stated that nothing had changed. She offered to head out first so that no one saw them together, but he stopped her from leaving. He thought it seemed weird to just say that he'd see her later, and they tenderly kissed. Their embrace quickly became more passionate.

At Crimson Lights, Mariah and Kevin debated whether or not Natalie truly intended to include them in the Internet security project. A disheveled Natalie entered, and Mariah asked if the other investor had tried to grab Natalie. Natalie snapped that she'd been working nonstop, but the bug wouldn't die. Natalie reported that Victor had left the country, and he'd left "mini-Vic" in charge. Kevin sensed that something wasn't right about the timing of Victor's departure, and he guessed that something big was about to go down.

Kevin contemplated why Victor had left town after he'd just acquired a groundbreaking computer program, and he wondered if it was Victor's way of taunting them. Mariah pointed out that Victor had left the project in the hands of a good businesswoman, and she and Natalie bickered about Victoria. Kevin pushed Natalie to explain exactly how she planned to let them back in on the deal, but Natalie huffed that they were ruining her coffee, and she hurried out.

Mariah anticipated that Natalie would sell the project out from under Victor, and Kevin quipped that such a move would be brash and sassy. Mariah was disgusted by the way he always defended Natalie, and she wondered who Natalie would try to sell the software to. Kevin pointed out that it had to be someone who wouldn't mind having two more partners, and he prepared to do some digging.

At Newman Enterprises, Adam threatened to go to the FBI with the evidence Luca had accumulated against the Santori family, but Luca countered that Victor's precious grandson would be the one to go to jail for a hit-and-run. Chelsea eavesdropped outside the doorway as Luca realized that Adam hadn't known about Noah's involvement in Billy's accident, and Luca crowed that the irony was fantastic. Luca taunted that Victor still wasn't sharing everything with Adam, and Adam replied that he didn't believe Luca. Chelsea entered and asked what Adam didn't believe.

Adam asked Chelsea to give him a second to wrap things up with Luca, and she reminded Adam that he'd promised not to keep any more secrets. Adam said the lies Luca was spreading could be dangerous, and Luca suggested that Adam verify that everything Luca had said was true. Luca advised Adam to let him know when Adam had made a decision, and he left. Chelsea demanded to know what Adam had done, and Adam claimed that Luca had simply been lashing out because he'd lost. Chelsea realized that Adam's big plan had just blown up.

Chelsea asked why Luca had acted like he owned the place, and a frazzled Adam said he needed time to think. Chelsea continued to push, and Adam explained that Luca's accusations might have just been a stall tactic or a distraction. Chelsea questioned why Adam was shutting her out, and he insisted that he was trying to protect her. Chelsea ranted that she wouldn't have even known that Adam was working with Luca if Marisa hadn't told her, and Adam testily reiterated that he'd confided to Chelsea that he was working with Victor, so he didn't know "what the hell" Chelsea wanted from him.

Chelsea demanded the truth, and Adam said Luca had been talking about an entirely different issue. Adam added that he'd decided not to go through with the plan, but Chelsea guessed it would only be until Victor got back to town. Adam told her to go home to Connor, and she incredulously asked if he was dismissing her. She angrily congratulated him on the completion of his transformation into Victor, and she stormed out.

At the penthouse, Anita was surprised when Chelsea returned home early, and she remarked that Connor had a double dose of stubborn in his genes. Chelsea thought her own level of stubbornness couldn't begin to compare to Adam's, and she groused that her husband had been lying and keeping secrets. Anita pointed out that Adam wasn't a very good liar if Chelsea had caught on, and Chelsea theorized that Adam was doing Victor's dirty work while Victor was away. Anita guessed that if Adam was acting squirrelly even though Victor was away, it meant Adam was cheating on Chelsea.

Anita doubted Chelsea would get that worked up over shady business dealings, and Chelsea clarified that it was the lying that bothered her. Anita recalled that Chelsea hadn't even known Adam's true identity for months, and she inquired whether Adam was a loving husband and father. Chelsea confirmed that he was, and Anita wondered when the fact that Adam wasn't an upstanding citizen had started to bug Chelsea. Chelsea confided that she didn't want Adam to turn into Victor, and she suspected that Victor was holding something over Adam's head.

Anita advised Chelsea to quit imagining things too hard or too much because it might just make them happen. Chelsea didn't want Connor growing up with secrets, but Anita replied that it wasn't all up to Chelsea, since Adam would make sure his son was a Newman. Chelsea wanted Connor to stay far away from Newman Enterprises and everything it stood for.

At Top of the Tower, Noah explained to Marisa that he hadn't confessed to Billy and that they had just talked. Noah revealed that Billy had been having flashbacks of the accident, and he worried that it was just a matter of time before everyone knew the truth. Marisa urged Noah to stay away from Billy, but Noah said he'd needed to say he was sorry to stop the throbbing in his head when he was trying to sleep. Marisa called Noah a good man, and his kindness and decency were what she loved about him. She implored Noah not to let his guilt ruin his life, but Noah stressed that Billy had almost died.

Marisa was worried about Noah losing his life, and she thought there was a greater chance that Billy would connect Noah to the accident if the men spent time together. Noah argued that he couldn't avoid Billy, since Billy and Victoria had reunited, but he agreed to be careful. Luca approached, and he mentioned that his meeting with Adam had been productive. Noah inquired whether the men had discussed their plan to take down their fathers, and Luca vaguely commented that Noah had been in on it in his own way, so Noah could thank Luca when it was all over. Luca escorted Marisa out.

Across the restaurant, Victoria asked if Billy had remembered seeing the driver or the license plate, but Billy said his flashback hadn't been anything that specific. He hoped he could grab onto one memory, and Victoria encouraged him to give himself a break and let the police find more evidence. Billy pledged to work harder to remember who'd hit him. Victoria understood that Billy needed to hold someone accountable, but she worried that he would become obsessed with vengeance, just like he had after Delia had died.

Billy swore that the situations weren't the same, since he'd been filled with grief and rage back then, and the only way he had been able to do to deal with his guilt had been to find the driver who'd hit Delia. Billy contended that his own hit-and-run had knocked sense into him, and he'd realized what he needed to focus on. Victoria begged Billy to go easy on himself by spending time with the kids and concentrating on his new job at Jabot, while she focused on her new project. She grumbled that Natalie was running the most expensive scheme in the world, and Billy suggested that Victoria get her work done so they could go home together.

Natalie returned to her hotel room, and she was startled to find Billy waiting for her there. She grabbed a wine bottle to defend herself, but Billy assured her that he had simply been trying to be discreet. He apologized for scaring Natalie, and she reluctantly put the bottle down. She grumbled that everyone wanted to talk, but they had to stay away if they expected her to do her job. Billy insisted on knowing if the project was on track, and Natalie snapped that she couldn't work in front of an audience.

Natalie pointed out that Billy had done nothing other than talk about how he might get the money to fund the project, and he hadn't even done that, but Billy argued that he believed in the project. Billy added that it wasn't about the money but redemption for him, and the deal was his life. There was a knock at the door, and Victoria called out to Natalie. Billy hid, and Natalie let Victoria in.

Victoria asked for a status report, and Natalie said she needed alone time to do her job, but she couldn't work with someone looking over her shoulder. Victoria asserted that a professional could do a job under any circumstances, and Natalie reported that she was getting there, but Victoria wouldn't understand if Natalie tried to explain. Victoria rattled off a bunch of questions in technical terms, and Natalie sarcastically invited her to take over while Natalie hit the sauna. Victoria stated that it was her job to make sure Natalie did hers, and she ordered Natalie to show her where things stood.

Billy sent Victoria a text message, saying he missed her and asking if she was almost done. Victoria told Natalie that she would be back the next day to check on things, and Natalie flatly replied that she couldn't wait. Victoria departed, and Natalie sarcastically asked Billy why he'd hidden when Victoria was "so sweet." Billy called Victoria smart and strong, and Natalie questioned why he was plotting against Victoria. Billy clarified that he was working with Phyllis and Natalie to get revenge on Victor, but he had no intention of ruining things with Victoria.

Mariah and Kevin arrived at the Athletic Club, and she suggested that Kevin do the talking, since she wanted to duct-tape Natalie's mouth shut. Victoria overheard and asked to consult with Kevin about the Internet security project. Victoria asked if Natalie could do what she claimed to be capable of doing, and Kevin suggested that Victoria let Adam take over the backstabbing part of the business. After Victoria stepped away, Kevin spotted Billy descending the stairs, and he wondered if he and Mariah weren't the only ex-partners who Natalie had cut in on the deal.

Victoria ran into Billy in the foyer, and he claimed that he'd thought about getting a massage when it had taken her that long. She complained that Natalie was more trouble than she was worth, but she apologized for talking about the project that he'd lost out on because of Natalie. Billy assured Victoria that he'd figured out a way to make peace with all of it.

At Crimson Lights, Luca told Marisa that he'd fallen into a trap that the Newmans had set for him, but he'd climbed right back out because Noah had thrown him a rope. Luca crowed that Adam had been shocked to learn that his nephew had left Billy for dead, and Marisa chided Luca for looking pleased with himself. Luca announced that he wasn't leaving Newman, and he had more power than ever. Marisa admonished him for selling Noah out, but Luca claimed that he'd done it to keep both him and Marisa at Newman. Marisa slapped him.

Marisa accused Luca of being just like the rest of his family by showing no decency, and she called herself an idiot for giving him a second chance. She vowed never to make that mistake again, and she turned away, but he grabbed her arm and hissed that she was ungrateful and wrong. Luca insisted that Noah's crime had many uses, and he kissed her wrist and said he'd see her later. She looked disgusted.

Noah arrived at Newman, and Adam said the only thing he wanted to hear was that Noah hadn't been driving the car that had hit Billy. Noah guiltily looked away, and he admitted that he'd been behind the wheel. Adam informed him that Luca had found out, and he blasted Noah for not telling anyone. Noah revealed that Victor had helped cover it up.

Noah explained that he hadn't known he'd done it, and he'd wanted to go to the police, but Marisa and Victor had convinced him that it wouldn't help other than to ease his own conscience. Adam didn't understand why Victor hadn't told Adam about it, especially since Adam was the one person who understood the situation. Noah suggested that Adam throw him under the bus so that Luca would lose his leverage -- unless Adam was afraid of what Victor would say. Adam said he'd been in Noah's position before, and he refused to watch Noah make the same mistakes.

Noah was skeptical that Adam wanted to help, but Adam said he wouldn't wish Noah's position on anyone. Noah thanked him, and Adam warned that Luca was a wild card and that Victor would want Noah to keep quiet. Adam added that he needed time to figure out how to deal with Luca, and Noah asked how Adam had lived with his own guilt. Adam replied that he hadn't, so he'd had to die and return as someone else, but the huge difference between them was that Noah hadn't taken a life.

Noah argued that Billy had almost died, but Adam countered that he had to live with the fact that Delia would never be back. Noah pointed out that there was another big difference in that everyone knew what Adam had done, and Adam cautioned Noah against stepping forward. Adam acknowledged that it was hard for Noah to keep secrets, but secrets were an unfortunate part of life for most people.

Noah went to Crimson Lights, where he blasted Marisa for selling him out, but she defended that Luca had tricked her into telling him the truth. Noah realized that Marisa had covered for Luca, and she pleaded that she'd done it to protect Noah. Noah vowed to handle the situation himself by confessing to the police.

Luca returned to see Adam and was glad to see that Chelsea had left, so they could speak freely. Adam coldly told him never to mention her name again, and Luca taunted that Victor and Adam had thought they were smarter than everyone else, but the Santori family still had a stake in the company. Luca suspected that Adam had realized how valuable Luca was, and he ominously suggested that he have more power and control, starting right then.

Adam sat down at Victor's desk, and he opened a drawer and handed over the incriminating dossier and recording to Luca. Luca curtly thanked him, and he said he'd work on a new contract between the Newmans and the Santoris, since they could achieve great things by working together. Adam ordered him out, and Luca taunted that Adam needed to make a private call to explain to his daddy how badly he'd screwed up.

. . .

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