Thursday, July 21, 2016

At the Athletic Club, Nick coldly stated that Summer wanted no part of Luca, but Luca contended that he and Summer had both confessed what they'd done. Luca added that he was willing to do anything for a job at Newman except hurt Summer, since he loved her, and Nick ordered him to prove it by leaving town. Luca clucked that he'd thought Nick had learned that he couldn't control Summer, and Luca thought she wouldn't let anyone keep them apart once she forgave him.

Nick asserted that Luca needed to do what was best for Summer if he truly cared about her, or Luca would drag her down with him. Luca noted that making threats wasn't Nick's style, but Nick mentioned that his father's appeal was the next day, and Victor wouldn't approve of Luca shacking up with Summer or undermining Victoria. Luca preferred to take his chances, but Nick cautioned that Victor would lose respect for Summer once he found out.

At the Dive Bar, Summer thought Phyllis and Jack's separation made no sense, but Phyllis replied that no one could understand except the people in the relationship, and things weren't how they appeared to be. Summer asked what Jack had done, but Phyllis cryptically stated that it was about what she had done. Phyllis reported that things between her and Jack had been strained for a long time, in large part because of Victor. Phyllis recognized that Summer loved her grandfather and planned to support him at the hearing, but she couldn't forget what had happened. Phyllis added that even when two people loved one another, sometimes it wasn't enough if they wanted different things.

Summer thought she wasn't equipped to give Phyllis relationship advice, but Phyllis commented that Summer was wiser than she was, and she hoped to learn from her daughter before it was too late. Phyllis ran off in tears, over Summer's protests, and Summer flashed back to Luca telling her that he'd pretended to gain her trust, but his feelings had become real. Luca arrived on the rooftop and told Summer that they needed to talk, but she said she needed more time to think. He replied that he'd done the thinking for both of them, and she was a Newman who was entitled to her birthright, so he was there to say goodbye.

Luca said it would be best for both him and Summer if he left town, but she argued that he couldn't leave if they had a chance to work things out. He refused to let Victor deny Summer what was rightfully hers because of her association with Luca, and she suspected that Nick had gotten to Luca. Luca thought Nick had been right, and Luca loved Summer too much to let it happen. He prepared to pack his things and stay at the club until he went back to Madrid, and he headed out. Summer chased after him, but Nick stopped her and told her to let Luca go.

Summer accused Nick of going behind her back by telling Luca to leave town, but Nick refused to apologize for asking Luca to do the honorable thing. Nick reminded Summer that Luca had proven that he was only out for himself when he'd played with her feelings, and Luca had just been using her to get into the company. Summer pointed out that Luca had never denied doing so, but he was willing to walk away from it all because he loved her, and she was ready to walk away, too. She added that she didn't need Victor or Nick's approval, since Luca's love was enough, and she thanked Nick for making that clear to her.

Later, Summer tracked down Luca at his hotel suite and begged him to take his stuff back to their place. He clarified that the apartment was hers, but she professed her love and suggested that they get new jobs outside of Newman, since they could have everything they wanted if he stayed and fought. Luca wondered if she was really prepared to give up everything for him. Summer asserted that she wasn't giving up anything, but she'd be getting the one thing she wanted most -- Luca.

Luca questioned what would happen if Victor returned, and Summer pointed out that she'd developed skills in the time she'd spent working at Newman, unless Luca had just been flattering her. Luca swore that she had talent, and she chirped that she could learn on the job wherever they ended up. She announced her intent to make her own way no matter what Victor did to stop her, and Luca said he wanted her to be happy. Summer insisted that she would be happy as long as she was with Luca, and she rushed into his arms.

At Jabot, Jack tried to get confirmation over the phone that Phyllis had gone to Canada for business meetings, but he found out that she'd never gotten on the corporate jet. Ashley entered as Jack hung up, and she hoped that he'd taken her advice to keep the lines of communication open with Phyllis. Jack confided that he thought Phyllis had been lying to him, and he relayed that Phyllis had never ordered the jet. He began to doubt whether the foreign investors had even existed, and he wondered what that said about his marriage.

Ashley sarcastically speculated that Phyllis had invented the trip to cover up a torrid affair, and she added that she was joking, but Jack said he wasn't. Ashley couldn't imagine Phyllis being unfaithful, and Jack agreed that he trusted his wife implicitly. Ashley thought he was just letting his imagination get the best of him, but Jack noted that Phyllis had moved out for a reason, and perhaps she was looking elsewhere. Ashley suggested that Jack be patient and not mention it to Phyllis, and Phyllis entered and wondered what they didn't want her to know.

Ashley fibbed that she and Jack had been discussing a focus group, and she hurried out. Phyllis remarked that Ashley had never been a good liar, and Jack revealed that his assistant had asked him to review the corporate jet's flight log, but Phyllis' flight to Montreal had been missing. Phyllis realized that he thought she'd lied, and Jack said it felt like she wasn't telling him something. Phyllis claimed that she'd flown commercial to save money, and Jack apologized and asked her to forgive him for doubting her. She lamented that they no longer had trust between them, and he begged her to trust him enough to tell him why she'd left. She hesitated, and he walked out.

A clearly distraught Phyllis flashed back to Billy saying he wanted to be with her, and she'd professed her love for him. Phyllis tried to focus on work, but she gazed at a photo of her with Jack, and she remembered when Jack had refused to let her walk out of his life again and had slipped her engagement ring back on her finger. Phyllis crumpled to the floor in tears.

In Hilary's hospital room, Devon and Hilary chuckled over a celebrity news article about a jilted husband dumping his wife's shoe collection into a pool. Hilary remarked that the woman hadn't appreciated the good man she'd had, and there was an awkward silence until Simon interrupted to check on Hilary. Devon huffed that Hilary was no longer Simon's responsibility, and she had a new doctor who didn't experiment on his patients. Simon recognized that Hilary didn't want to continue with his treatment, but he warned that he might be the only chance to save her. Hilary refused to give Simon another opportunity to finish her off.

Devon ordered Simon to get out, but Simon swore that he'd never do anything intentional to harm Hilary. Simon reminded Hilary that she'd been unconscious when he'd met her, and all he'd done had been to try to restore her health. She testily questioned whether she looked healthy after what his medical miracle had done to her, and he conceded that she'd had a negative reaction, but he wanted to adjust the protocol. Barton entered and asserted that Simon wasn't going to treat Hilary or any other patient, since Simon had no privileges at the hospital. Barton gave Simon the choice to walk out the door or be thrown out, and Simon departed.

In the corridor, Simon told Ashley that he'd been determined to find out why Hilary hadn't been responding to the treatment, but Barton wouldn't let him near Hilary. Ashley implored Simon not to back down, but he regretted that he didn't have a choice, since it was Barton's job to look out for the hospital's interests. Ashley countered that it was Simon's job to save lives, but he lamented that he wouldn't be able to do so.

Barton informed Hilary and Devon that she'd get the proper care with a more traditional approach, but Ashley walked in and surmised that Barton's primary concern was that the hospital wouldn't be liable if something happened to Hilary. Ashley passionately declared that Hilary wouldn't even be there if Simon hadn't pulled her out of a coma, and he'd saved Ashley's life, too. Ashley proclaimed that the hospital should be supporting Simon and his work, but Barton retorted that Simon had put every patient in the trial at risk. Ashley wondered if Hilary really intended to punish Simon for trying to do everything he could to find a cure. Devon calmly said that it would be best if Ashley left, and she sauntered out.

Later, Simon informed Ashley that he'd called the FDA to confess that he'd been the one who'd altered the test results, since he hadn't been able to let Ashley go down for something she hadn't done. She was touched that he'd done that for her, and she hugged him.

Barton announced that Hilary's latest test results had indicated that she was healthy enough to be released, but they'd continue to monitor her progress. Barton left to process the paperwork, and Hilary remarked that everything could go back to normal. Devon wondered if that meant they'd be back at one another's throats, and she wished it didn't have to be that way. Devon softly said it didn't, and he wanted to take her back to their home at the penthouse, but he understood if she wanted to go back to her own room. She lovingly told him to stop being "so damn understanding" and to take her home.

In the Athletic Club foyer, Cane wrapped his arms around Lily, and she wished things could stay like that forever. He acknowledged that she was worried that Hilary would take over the club and fire her, and Lily relayed that Devon hadn't been able to change Hilary's mind. Cane suspected that Hilary might have a change of heart after all the time Devon had spent time at the hospital, and Lily thought the idea was romantic but unrealistic. Cane said he had to get to work. He alluded to a surprise that he had for her later, but he wanted to keep her in suspense.

At Billy's home, Billy swore to Victoria that he hadn't sold Brash & Sassy, but she was convinced that he'd decided to cut his losses and drop the company that had meant more to her than anything. Billy insisted that it had been a hostile takeover if it had truly happened, and he knew exactly who had been behind it. Victoria blamed him for taking his eye off the ball, and she snapped that it was too late to do anything. He countered that it was never too late.

Victoria spat that she wasn't interested in Billy's bogus story, and she theorized that Billy was taking out his anger on her because she intended to speak to the judge to help set Victor free. Victoria bellowed that she felt sorry for Billy if that was the case, and she angrily headed to the door, but she ran into Cane on her way out. Cane admired the samples of paint on the walls, and he remarked that it looked like things were moving along. Billy accused Cane of stealing the company out from under him, and he slugged Cane. Cane returned the punch as Victoria looked on.

Billy dared Cane to admit he'd stolen the company, and Cane declared that Billy had no one to blame but himself for leaving Brash & Sassy ripe for the picking. Billy contended that he'd needed capital to build the brand, but Cane chided Billy for taking out too many loans, and Billy guessed that Cane had bought the debt. Billy called Cane an errand boy who was overseeing things for his mommy, and Cane retorted that it hadn't been the first time Jill had replaced Billy with Cane. Cane walked out, and Victoria stopped Billy from going after him. Victoria agreed that only Billy was to blame.

Victoria blasted Billy for making it possible for Jill and Cane to take over Brash & Sassy because Billy had been distracted instead of focusing on the brand. Victoria wondered why Jill had made a play for the company, and Billy offered to call his mother, but Victoria spat that they could both "go to hell" for all she cared. Victoria stalked out, and Billy left a message for Jill, threatening to burn her beloved house to the ground if she didn't call him back.

Cane returned to the club and told Lily about his altercation with Billy, and he announced that his surprise was that he was heading up a new line at Chancellor. Lily gushed that it was amazing that Cane would be running a major division, and she wondered why he hadn't told her about the acquisition earlier. He excitedly talked about his ideas for marketing the line, and he marveled that he hadn't felt that great in years, despite exchanging punches with Billy. Jack overheard and was stunned to hear that the men had hit one another, and Cane proclaimed that he'd won Brass & Sassy fair and square, but he understood if Jack wanted to hit him, too. Jack grumbled that if he had to knock any sense into someone, it was his brother.

Lily and Cane went to the Dive Bar to celebrate, and Lily teased him for having a girly drink, but he said he was afraid booze might sting his lip. She apologized for not realizing that he'd needed more of a challenge, and she supported his desire to be happy by going after his dreams. He assured her that she and the kids made him happy, and she pulled him into a kiss.

At Newman, Nick reported to Victoria that he thought he'd gotten through to Summer for a fleeting moment, but he'd only made her realize that she wanted Luca. Victoria griped that she'd had the situation under control until Nick had returned, and he hoped Summer woke up and kicked Luca to the curb. Victoria noted that Summer had done it before, and she encouraged Nick to have faith that it would happen again. Victoria added that Nick wasn't the only one having a frustrating day, since she'd just learned that Billy had let Jill and Cane pick Brash & Sassy out of his pocket. Nick thought Victor would be itching for a fight when he got back.

Victoria vowed to defend the business, regardless of whether or not Victor got out of prison, and she thought nothing could stop her and Nick as long as they were together. She wondered if Nick thought she was full of it, but he proudly stated that she was exactly what their family needed, and he was up to the fight if she was.

Billy instructed someone over the phone to do whatever was necessary to get Brash & Sassy back, and Jack walked in and suggested that Billy put ice on his jaw. Jack asked if Jill and Cane had really conspired to take the company away from Billy, and Billy expected Jack to lecture him for taking on the debt. Jack said he'd heard Billy talking on the phone, and Billy had sounded like a man who was willing to fight for what he believed in. Jack suggested that Billy return to work for Jabot with Phyllis.

Billy recognized that Jack meant well, but he declined the offer. Jack insisted that Billy and Phyllis were a great team, and it would give Jack comfort to know he had someone he could count on by his side, especially when Phyllis needed time away from Jack. Billy said Phyllis valued her independence, and the punch had been a wakeup call to fight to get his company back. Billy remarked that a person never knew what they'd lost until it was gone, and Jack murmured that he was learning that all over again with Phyllis. Jack mentioned the trip that she'd taken to Montreal on the company jet, but it had turned out that she'd never boarded the plane.

Billy inquired how Phyllis had explained it, and Jack replied that she'd flown commercial. Jack wished he'd considered that instead of thinking that she'd never left town and that she'd hidden away with some guy in secret. Jack thought that after everything they'd been through, Phyllis would tell him if she'd even been tempted. Billy assured Jack that he had no reason to be worried, since Phyllis loved Jack and would never mean to hurt him. Jack thanked Billy for telling him what he'd needed to hear.

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