Thursday, March 26, 2015

At Victoria's house, Billy advised Victoria that couples could be close but still feel clueless about one another sometimes, and he compared it to learning a dance. He stated that part of learning new things was trying not to step on other people's toes, and Victoria lamented that she'd just been trying to comfort Stitch, but everything she'd said had been off the mark. Billy confided that he'd done the same thing with Chelsea, and Victoria admitted that it was still strange to think of him and Chelsea as a couple. Victoria added that she wanted Billy to have a happy life, but for a long time, she'd expected it to be with her.

Billy acknowledged that he'd ruined his marriage to Victoria, and she understood he'd been grieving, but he took responsibility for screwing up before Delia's death. Victoria gazed at a baby photo of Johnny, and she murmured that the tot had resulted from one of Billy's mistakes, but she wouldn't trade their son for the world. Billy noted that his affair with Kelly had been the last straw, and Victoria thought it would be hypocritical to pretend that she hadn't detested Kelly, but she wouldn't wish Kelly's fate on anyone. Victoria bemoaned that she didn't know what to say to Stitch, and Billy said knowing exactly what to say took time. Victoria wondered if she'd ever know anyone else the way she and Billy knew one another.

Billy was determined not to push his luck anymore, and he wished he'd learned his lesson sooner. Victoria said he had something good with Chelsea, and he replied that Victoria had the same thing with Stitch, but they didn't have to pretend their marriage hadn't existed. Billy said they would always have Katie and Johnny, but Victoria recognized that they were connected by more than just their kids, since Billy was the best friend she'd ever had. They reflected upon the laughter and the tears they'd shared, and she said they couldn't have had one without the other. He gently touched her face, and they stared into one another's eyes.

Billy quipped that Katie was supposed to cry and save them, but Victoria contended that they could save themselves by being mature adults. Billy reassured Victoria that Stitch's loss had caught her off guard, but she was one of the most supportive people he'd ever met, and he was sure Stitch would see that. Billy stammered that he should leave, and they hugged goodbye.

While stranded in the car, Chelsea told "Gabriel" that sometimes it felt like she was cheating on Adam by being with Billy, and she knew Adam wouldn't have approved. She acknowledged that Adam was dead, but she felt like he was still there, watching. "He is here," Adam replied, but he quickly clarified that he'd meant Adam's spirit was still present in Connor. Adam remarked that Chelsea's connection to Adam would never go away, and most people wished they had that sort of connection. Chelsea ordered him to stop it, and he asked if he was hitting too close to home.

Chelsea wondered where the tow truck was, and Adam realized they'd missed their meeting. She called her fashion line her "other baby," and he asked how she'd gotten into fashion design. She replied that they didn't have to make conversation, and he recognized that he'd asked too many questions about Adam. Chelsea said she loved Billy and was focused on the future, so dwelling on the past was pointless, but Adam noted that she seemed aware that what she'd had with Adam had been different from her relationship with Billy. Chelsea maintained that she and Billy were happy, and she accused "Gabriel" of acting jealous.

Adam admitted he'd been jealous at the engagement party because of his own pathetic marriage, and he grumbled that it hadn't been how he'd envisioned his life. He inquired whether Chelsea's life had turned out the way she'd anticipated, and she replied that she'd never expected to live like a normal person after she'd grown up as a scam artist. He asked if Adam had changed everything, and she said he'd given her the best thing that had ever happened to her -- Connor. Adam remarked that she shared a bond with Adam that would never break, but she stressed that Billy loved Connor, and she loved Billy.

Chelsea grabbed her phone to summon Billy to pick her up, but Adam told her to put the phone down. Chelsea contemplated walking home, but Adam grabbed her arm and ordered her not to go anywhere. She snapped that he wasn't her husband, and he commented that he sometimes felt like he was no one's husband. Adam promised to keep his envy in check, and he said she was the only one who knew the truth about him, so that made her special. There was a knock at the window, and the tow truck driver held up a can of gasoline.

Billy was surprised to find Chelsea at home, and he asked what had happened to the meeting. She explained that the car had stalled, and she relayed that her conversation with "Gabriel" had mostly been about Adam. She pointed out that "Gabriel" hadn't had an awful history with Adam, but at one point, something in "Gabriel's" tone had reminded her of Adam. She added that it had only reminded her that Billy was the only man she wanted to share her life with, and she suggested they visit the potential wedding location that day. Billy figured the facility had already filled the spot, and they had plenty of time to make it official.

Billy informed Chelsea about Kelly's death, and Chelsea was glad Stitch had Victoria to help him. Billy mentioned it had been an issue that Victoria hadn't been fond of Kelly, and Chelsea guessed Billy had helped walk Victoria through it. Billy said he was the reason Victoria hadn't liked Kelly, and Chelsea thought Victoria was lucky to have Billy to talk to. Billy insisted that Chelsea could also talk to him about anything, including Adam, and she recognized that the past would always be with them. Billy said her past made her the woman he loved, and Chelsea replied that his past made him the man she wanted to marry. He suggested that they focus on their future together, and they embraced.

At Summer's apartment, Kevin wondered why he couldn't crack Sharon's interview files, and Summer implied that Sharon had been willing to kill for the footage, since Sharon had been willing to steal the laptop. Noah protested, and Mariah admonished Summer for practically drooling when she'd accused Sharon. Noah pointed out that all they had were the videos, and Kevin recovered footage of Austin crowing that he'd give his audience an inside view of Newman corruption from a bitter ex-wife -- Sharon.

Mariah argued that Austin had been digging up dirt on the Newmans and not Sharon, and Kevin added that Stitch had lied about his own interview. Summer contended that Sharon had wanted to steal the laptop to delete the files, but Mariah countered that Sharon had merely wanted to prevent Nick from going ballistic. Kevin wondered if Sharon knew a secret about Nick, and Mariah and Summer bickered about whether Sharon had killed Austin. Noah prepared to leave to clear things up with his mom, and Summer reminded him that Sharon was capable of many things worse than lying.

Summer and Mariah continued to snipe at one another, and Mariah wondered if Austin had put on a sweet act to keep Summer from finding out that he intended to trash Summer's family. Summer flashed back to Austin asking her about Nick, and she'd called Nick an "anti-Newman" who wanted to be his own man. Austin had inquired whether Nick had ever used the Newman name to get out of a jam, and Summer had told him that Nick had warned her and Noah against ever doing that. Summer revealed that she'd just remembered that Austin had asked her questions about Nick playing the Newman card to get out of trouble. Mariah theorized that Nick had covered up a dirty deed, and Sharon knew about it.

Sharon entered Crimson Lights, and Dylan noticed that she seemed despondent. She rambled about something that could cost her Faith if Nick found out, and Dylan asked what she'd done. Sharon recalled a time when she and Nick had been fighting over Faith, and he'd been hounding her about taking her medication and accusing her of being a bad mother. She confessed that she'd said some terrible things about Nick in an interview, and Dylan said he hadn't heard anything about it. Sharon worried that the video could surface, and all the progress she and Nick had made would be lost.

Sharon realized that she shouldn't be talking to Nick's brother about her problems, but Dylan suggested she tell Nick about the video before he was blindsided, and she sobbed that Nick would accuse her of not putting Faith first. Dylan firmly stated that even though she regretted doing the interview, she couldn't take it back, so she had to handle it head-on. He added that the worst part was keeping it a secret, but she could get past that and deal with the issue. Dylan offered to go with her, but Sharon thought it was a sensitive matter that she had to discuss with Nick privately.

Nick and Sage kissed at the Underground, and she suspected that he'd kissed her out of pity. Nick swore he hadn't thought that, since he liked kissing her, and he wanted to do it a lot more. He reasoned that her marriage was a business deal, and she was the only thing that made him smile, but she said most people thought she was bitter and negative. He pointed out that they'd been fighting their feelings for a while, and he offered to back off if she wanted to keep fighting them.

Nick noticed Sage was shivering, and he wondered if he'd been too serious or not serious enough. She commented that he talked a lot, and he countered that he also kissed a lot, but he could stop. Sage conceded that she didn't want him to, but it had been easier to think he pitied her than to deal with whatever it was between them. He asked if they were dealing with it, and she decided that she didn't want to fight it. They began to kiss passionately and undress one another.

After Nick and Sage made love, they cuddled under a sheet, and she said they couldn't stay there all day with contractors walking around. He begrudgingly agreed to put his clothes back on, and he asked her to hand him his shirt. He smothered her arm in kisses as he reached for the garment, and Sharon burst in and bellowed, "Are you kidding me?" Nick pointed out that it was a private office, and Sharon declared that she was there to speak as adults, but he was acting like a teenager who couldn't take the time to find a bed.

Nick suggested he and Sharon talk later, but she testily asked how he'd find time between sex sessions. Nick asked if he'd see Sage later, and they shared a lingering gaze before she awkwardly reached behind Sharon to get her clothes. After Sage scurried out, Nick scolded that Sharon hadn't had any business acting that way, and Sharon urged him to remember that day after all the times he'd dragged her to court to call her an unfit mother, since he'd just slept with a married woman.

Nick said whatever he did or who he did it with wasn't Sharon's business, and Sharon retorted that everything she'd done or felt had sent him running to a judge. She reminded him that they knew things about one another that no one else knew, and they had a special bond that was fragile. Nick reiterated that they weren't getting back together, but she insisted that she wasn't throwing herself at him, and there was something he needed to know. Nick rolled his eyes and asked what she'd done, and she became incensed and asked if she was the only guilty party in the room. She blasted that what Nick had just done had been tacky and tawdry, but it was nothing compared to something else. She thanked him for reminding her it was his problem, not hers.

At the coffeehouse, Noah quizzed Dylan about his encounter with Sharon on the night of the storm, and he explained that he wanted to make sure his mom was in a good place. Dylan recalled that Sharon had been worried about Nick's reaction when he found out she'd taken Faith out in the snow, and Noah wondered if she'd blown things out of proportion or said anything illogical. Dylan suspected that Noah thought she'd gone off her medication.

Noah returned to Summer's apartment and reported that Dylan had said Sharon had been freaked out during the storm, and he wondered if she'd gone off her meds. Mariah contended that it wouldn't have made Sharon homicidal, but Summer countered that Sharon had put Phyllis in a coma. Mariah refused to discuss Sharon further until she saw the interview, and Noah worried that it might make Sharon more of a suspect. Kevin voiced concern that someone was stalking them, and the person knew way too much about them, but they knew nothing about the person's endgame.

Noah groused that Kevin had been unable to find anything else on the computer, but Kevin disclosed that he'd recovered a time stamp from when some footage had been deleted. He realized that someone had murdered Austin and had deleted the files when they'd all been passed out at the cabin.

Summer arrived to see Nick, and they hugged. He surmised that things hadn't gotten any easier, and she confirmed that Austin was on her mind all the time. She commented that doing something awful didn't make someone an awful person, and she wondered if Nick knew what it was like to regret something. Nick assumed that Summer blamed herself, but he assured her that she'd gotten married out of love, and being honest was nothing to be ashamed of. Summer clarified that she'd thought Nick had done something he regretted, and he said it was human to have regrets, but all they could do was vow to do better and put the past behind them.

Adam greeted Sage at Crimson Lights, and he pushed her to ask him how his day had been. She wondered why she'd do that, and he proclaimed that his road trip with Chelsea had been a success. He revealed that Chelsea had said being with Billy felt like she was cheating on Adam, and he considered that progress. Adam asked what was wrong with Sage, and she declared that she understood having a marriage of convenience meant she should express her feelings elsewhere, so she had. Adam asked if she was talking about Nick, and she informed him the sex had been incredible.

A disgusted Adam said he'd only been gone two hours, and Sage had sealed the deal with his brother. Sage bragged that they'd sealed it in a big way, and Adam grumbled for her to use discretion. Sage gushed that she hadn't needed to resort to lies or hiding her identity, and Adam asked if she didn't care about the inheritance. Sage asserted that she'd waited a long time for someone to feel that way about her, and she encouraged Adam to keep obsessing about his widow, since Sage would be fine.

Adam refused to let Sage's infidelity ruin his plans with Chelsea, and Sage pointed out that Chelsea thought he was pining for Sage, which made him safe and non-threatening in Chelsea's eyes. Sage suggested that Adam tell Chelsea that Sage would never love him and that Sage was sleeping with Nick. Sage thought Adam could use it as a chance to cry on Chelsea's shoulder and beg her for a reason to love again.

Sharon returned home and found a card Faith had drawn for her daddy, and she angrily started to rip it up. Dylan appeared in the doorway and asked how things had gone with Nick, and Sharon lamented that Dylan had caught her at her worst again. Dylan guessed Nick hadn't reacted well, and Sharon revealed that she'd walked in right after Nick had finished having sex with Sage. Sharon ranted that she'd tried to be a responsible parent, but Nick was already interviewing her replacement.

Dylan assured Sharon that wasn't possible, but she recognized something in his tone and asked if he thought she was spinning out. Dylan observed that Sharon was speaking faster than usual and that her eyes were glossy, and a look of horror suddenly crossed her face. He followed her gaze to the mirror, where there was a message scrawled in lipstick: "I know the truth and so do you."

Sharon frantically wiped the lipstick off the mirror, and Dylan wondered who could have done it. Sharon called it mental torture, and she thought someone wanted to make her afraid and anxious to punish her. She panicked that someone had gotten past security to break into her house, and Dylan glanced at the locks on the door. Sharon incredulously asked if Dylan thought she'd written the message.

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