Thursday, May 21, 2015

Billy entered the penthouse with Connor in his arms, and he called out for Chelsea. Billy told Connor that his mom would be home soon, and he offered to read a book, using funny voices. Billy left Chelsea a voicemail to inform her that Connor had an earache, but the doctor had said it wasn't bad, and they were at home. He corrected that they were at her place, and he looked around for Connor's toy car. Billy went to see if he'd dropped it in the elevator, but when he opened the door, Adam was there with takeout and a bottle of wine.

Billy announced that Gabriel's evening was about to tank, since Connor was sick, and Adam worriedly asked what was wrong. Billy explained that the daycare facility had called him when they hadn't been able to reach Chelsea, and Adam noted the late hour and questioned why it had taken Billy so long to get Connor home. An irritated Billy revealed that he'd spent the afternoon taking Connor to a pediatrician and picking up a prescription, and Adam was surprised Billy had gone to such lengths. Adam thanked Billy, but he quickly clarified that Chelsea would appreciate it. Billy reported that Chelsea hadn't been answering his calls, and Adam replied that he knew where Chelsea was.

At Newman-Abbott, the Jack impostor told Chelsea that it was a relief to have someone to share his ideas with, and she pulled her hand out of his and said she was glad to listen. He requested that she plan a party to celebrate the merger, and she pointed out that she wasn't a party planner, but he explained that he'd tapped her because of her style and taste. Jack recognized that Chelsea's line had been a point of conflict, and he wanted to force all the Abbotts and Newmans to lay down their swords at the party. Chelsea wondered why he was being nice to her after she'd cheated on his brother, and Ashley appeared in the doorway and noted that it was a "damn good question."

Ashley asked if Jack was doing further damage to their family, and he informed her that he and Chelsea had been discussing a party. Ashley was surprised to see Chelsea there, since they wouldn't be funding her children's line or doubling her budget, but Chelsea announced that she'd taken a different approach after Ashley, Billy, and Victoria had made the decision out of spite. Jack scolded Ashley for letting personal grievances influence her decisions. Billy called Jack, who handed the phone to Chelsea, and Billy told her that Connor was sick. After Chelsea left, Ashley remarked that Jack usually thought out his decisions, and she wondered if he wasn't really back to being his old self.

Ashley asked why Jack hadn't consulted with her or Billy, and Jack said they were all leaders in the company, but Billy, Ashley, and Victoria had made a decision based on personal issues. Ashley stressed that it was a family business, and she demanded to know when Jack had stopped caring about family. Jack countered that he cared about the never-ending fight with Victor that had consumed their family for generations, and he thought they were better united than divided. Jack added that the party was to promote peace, and Ashley replied that there would be peace if he talked to her and Billy about his decisions, since his latest one about Chelsea hadn't been worthy of his old self. Jack asked what the "old Jack" would have done.

Ashley said she'd expected Jack to hire an independent analyst to determine which project to fund, or he could have consulted a focus group or interviewed other designers. Jack called them nice suggestions, and Ashley chided him for not considering the consequences before making decisions on his own. Jack swore he hadn't been trying to hurt her, and he just wanted to make the merger work for all of them. She thought it sounded like him to want her to overlook his flaws, and they hugged.

Ashley admitted that she felt guilty for second-guessing Jack, but she couldn't stand the thought of losing their father's legacy. Jack contended that the only way to preserve it was to stand together and make the company everything it could be, but they needed peace to do it. Ashley agreed it had been difficult to be on opposite sides, and she requested that there be no more surprises or weird maneuvers. She added that she never wanted to see "pod Jack" again, and Jack promised to continue being the man standing before her at that moment. He assured her that he would do anything to make sure the merger worked.

Billy returned from putting Connor to bed, and he reported that the boy wouldn't sleep because he wanted his mom. Adam pressured Billy to take off, but Billy refused to leave a scared and sick child with a virtual stranger. Adam argued that it wouldn't be good for Connor to pick up on the vibe that Billy hated Chelsea, but Billy insisted he didn't hate her. Adam asked if Billy had forgiven her, and Billy replied that he loved Connor, so he'd do whatever it took not to upset the tot. Billy pledged to always put Connor's interests first, since Billy was the only dad the boy had ever known, and Adam retorted that Connor's real dad wouldn't have allowed Billy anywhere near Connor.

Billy said Gabriel had no idea what Connor's father would have done, and he contended that Adam shouldn't even be called a father, since no father would leave a child on the road like a sack of garbage. Adam argued that it had been a mistake, and he pointed out that Billy had been the one who'd left his daughter alone in the car. Billy mentioned that Adam had confessed to what he'd done, and he demanded to know why Gabriel was defending a psycho. Adam countered that Billy was the one out of control, since Billy had gathered his family in a public forum to humiliate Chelsea at her own wedding. Chelsea arrived home and yelled at the men to stop.

Chelsea asked what Gabriel was doing there, and Adam replied that he'd hoped to celebrate after her meeting with Jack. Chelsea announced that Jack had approved two new lines, and Billy protested that the decision had already been made. Chelsea intervened when the men began to argue again, and Billy revealed that the "bastard" had thrown Delia's death in his face. Chelsea blasted them both for fighting when her son was sick, and she urged them to take Jack's lead and stop battling. She walked Billy to the door and thanked him for taking care of Connor, and Billy said he would do anything for the little boy. Billy departed, and Chelsea snapped that she didn't need Gabriel to defend her, especially to Billy.

Chelsea thought Billy had had every right to be upset, and she said it had been low for Gabriel to mention Delia. She begged Gabriel to stop fighting with Billy, and Adam questioned whether it had been right for Billy to cut her off at the knees professionally. Chelsea maintained that she couldn't blame Billy for being angry, and she asked Gabriel to drop it. Adam expected that Billy would never forgive him for taking away someone Billy loved, and Chelsea remarked that Billy didn't love her anymore. Adam replied that he hadn't been talking about her, and Chelsea asked who else Gabriel had taken away from Billy.

Adam changed the subject by saying it hadn't been right of him to flaunt his connection with Chelsea in front of Billy. Chelsea reiterated that they had no connection, and she wasn't interested in pursuing anything further. Adam said he knew how it felt to be around her, and he swore he'd wait as long as it took, since they were meant to be together. Chelsea disagreed, but he thought she believed Adam had been her one great love, and he was determined to prove her wrong.

Billy returned to the office, and Ashley imagined it had been difficult for Billy to walk away from Connor. Billy said it had been good to spend time with the boy, but it had reminded him of the things he was missing out on because Chelsea had cheated. Ashley noted that Billy had never been a fan of Gabriel's, and Billy compared Gabriel to an avenging angel Adam had sent down to get in Billy's face.

Billy relayed that Gabriel had continued talking about Connor's real father and defending Adam as a great father who'd never hurt a child. Ashley wondered why Gabriel had that perception of Adam, and Billy imagined it was because Gabriel was obsessed with Chelsea. Billy mentioned that Gabriel had known things about Delia's death, and Gabriel had had the nerve to say Billy had left her in the car. Ashley assured Billy that he hadn't been to blame, and Billy noted that even Chelsea hadn't supported Adam in the end, so he couldn't imagine why a stranger would work that hard to defend Adam.

At the rehab facility in Chicago, Avery peered through the window as a physical therapist put Joe through a series of exercises, and Phyllis surprised Avery with a visit. Phyllis was concerned about Avery's breakup with Dylan, but Avery insisted it would work out for the best. Phyllis worried that Avery had let go too easily, but Avery snapped that she knew what she was doing, and she didn't need Phyllis to straighten her out. Phyllis said she was trying to be a better sister, and she thought it seemed odd that Avery would suddenly let go of a good man who'd meant everything to her. Avery divulged that she and Dylan had been struggling for a long time, and Phyllis suspected their problems had coincided with Joe's arrival in town.

Avery swore she and Dylan hadn't broken up because of Joe, and Phyllis guessed that Sharon had infected the couple with her traumas and dramas. Avery maintained that breaking up had been the right thing to do, and she intended to stay in Chicago for a while, since Joe needed her. Phyllis pointed out that Avery was an attorney and not a nursemaid, and she thought Avery shouldn't let Joe lean on her indefinitely. Avery vowed to stay as long as she was making a difference in Joe's recovery, and Phyllis inquired whether Joe was making progress.

Avery said Joe had been making headway at first, but his recovery hadn't been as fast as everyone had hoped. Phyllis knowingly mused that it was interesting, and she stepped into the therapy room and greeted Joe. Joe acknowledged that it was a hardship for Avery to be away from home and work, but he was glad she was there. Phyllis mumbled that she bet he was.

Avery looked up information online about reaching plateaus in rehab, and she vowed to never give up. Phyllis asked what the therapists had said, and Joe reported that they hadn't been able to figure it out, but they'd advised him just keep up with his therapy. Avery added that he needed to stay positive, and Phyllis surmised there was no way of knowing how long it would take. Avery pledged to be there as long as he needed her, and she went to get Joe a protein shake. Phyllis told Joe that her sister had a big heart, but Avery's guilt wasn't allowing her to see clearly. Joe asked what Phyllis thought Avery would see when the guilt wore off, and Phyllis accused him of playing Avery.

Joe swore he'd been honest about his feelings for Avery, so he wasn't hiding anything. Phyllis stressed that Dylan was the love of Avery's life, and Joe grumbled that she didn't need to remind him. He conceded that he hadn't been the best husband, and he'd tried to get Avery to go back to Genoa City, but Avery had discovered that Dylan had gotten cozy with Sharon. Joe suggested that Phyllis talk to Dylan if she wanted someone to blame, but Phyllis spat that she wasn't buying Joe's act, and Avery eventually wouldn't, either. Phyllis ordered Joe to quit using Avery, and Avery overheard and said it had been a mistake for Phyllis to visit.

Phyllis claimed she'd just been getting to know Joe, and Avery said it was time for Phyllis to go, but Phyllis asserted that she wasn't the only one who should. Phyllis followed Avery into the hallway, and she contended that she'd just been looking out for Avery. Phyllis invited Avery to the party to celebrate the merger, and Avery realized that Phyllis was trying to get her away from Joe and back to Dylan. Phyllis implored Avery to get away to gain some perspective, but Avery insisted on staying, and she said Phyllis could be a better sister by having faith that Avery knew what she was doing. Avery hugged Phyllis goodbye and returned to Joe.

Avery told Joe that Phyllis had wanted to take her home, since Phyllis disapproved of Avery being there, but Joe realized that Phyllis disapproved of him. Joe added that Phyllis thought he was manipulating Avery, but Avery said Phyllis had been the manipulative one, and she wouldn't put up with it. Joe said he couldn't ask Avery to stay, but he was grateful for every moment she did.

Phyllis found Jack working late at the office, and she asked if he had an early golf game the next morning, but he swore those days were over. He anticipated pulling an all-nighter, and Phyllis reminded him that his doctor didn't want him to push it. She sat on his lap and kissed him, and he said he wanted to make love to her the way they had before they were married. He asked her to show him how they had done it, and she asked if he couldn't remember. Jack replied that he wanted her to remind him, and they began to kiss passionately.

At the island cabin, Kelly hand-fed a drugged Jack and told him that she had to leave for a little while to run errands. She mentioned that she'd lengthened his chain so he could move around more freely, and he thanked her. She asked if she could trust him enough to remove his handcuffs while she was gone, and Jack slurred that he was Kelly's husband and that he loved her, so she could trust him. She happily kissed him, but she referred to the nasty incident with the pen, and Jack said he felt awful about it.

Jack rambled that he hadn't been himself when he'd stabbed Kelly, and he babbled about never doing anything to hurt his wife again. She agreed to unshackle his hands, but she'd leave one ankle cuffed, and he agreed to everything she said. She promised to pick up a good book for him, and she stepped out. Jack looked across the room at a knife Kelly had left with an apple, and he crossed over and picked up the knife. Kelly watched a video feed on her computer as he cut a piece of the fruit, set the knife down, and returned to bed. She smiled.

Later, Kelly returned with various books, and Jack thanked her. He perused the titles, and he seemed fixated for a moment on a Sherlock Holmes mystery titled "The Red-Headed League," but he set the book down. Kelly checked on his ankle, which was sore from the restraints, and he said he liked the way she touched him. She teased him for being naughty, and she went to get some ointment out of the car, leaving the door open on her way out.

Jack stared at the open door, and he staggered over to it as Kelly stood outside, ready to hit him with a baseball bat. He closed the door, returned to bed, and picked up a book. She watched him on her video feed and mused, "You really are mine now." Kelly excitedly reentered the room and declared that Jack had passed all of her tests, and he'd proven she could trust him, so their life together could begin. She marveled that they could go wherever they wanted and be whoever they wanted, and Jack said it sounded wonderful.

Kelly said they could put the past behind them, unless Jack wanted no part of it. She suggested that he get up and walk out if he couldn't love her the way she loved him, since she wanted to give and receive love freely. Jack questioned why he wouldn't want to be with her, and she started to ask if he still had feelings for someone else, but he flatly stated that Kelly was his wife. He said he loved her, and he pulled her into a kiss.

Later, Jack stirred in bed after having sex with Kelly, and he noticed blood on his hands. He turned over and discovered a lifeless Kelly next to him.

. . .

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