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Sharon fretted that Ian hadn't been in touch again, and Detective Harding and another officer set up equipment to trace Ian's next call. Sharon and Nick reflected on the everyday moments with Mariah that had seemed familiar, and Nick recalled that the high-five Mariah had given him had started him thinking. Sharon credited him with following his instincts, or she never would have known that Mariah was her daughter. Sharon worried that she'd never get the chance to say the things she wanted to tell Mariah, and she commanded the phone to ring. Harding urged her to stay calm, and he instructed her to keep Ian talking to give them time to triangulate his position.

Sharon contemplated what would happen if Ian had left town with Mariah, but Nick reasoned that Ian wanted money. Sharon's phone rang, and Ian asked if she'd slept well. She replied that she'd been awake all night, and Ian taunted that the cure for her insomnia was a long-awaited reunion with Cassie's sister. He demanded a million dollars for each year of her long-lost daughter's life, and Sharon protested that she couldn't get her hands on that kind of money. Ian imagined that Nick was right there beside Sharon, and he insisted that she deliver five million dollars right away then wire the rest. Mariah audibly groaned in the background, and Sharon asked to talk to her, but Ian stated that Mariah was indisposed.

Ian provided an account number, and Sharon demanded to talk to Mariah. Ian ignored her request and instructed her to put the unmarked cash into a black backpack and to place it in a garbage can in Chancellor Park that afternoon. She asked if Mariah would be there, and he said that he would take care of Mariah. Harding signaled for Sharon to keep talking, and Sharon pleaded again to talk to Mariah. Sharon cried that she didn't even know if Mariah was still alive, and Ian swore that he would never harm someone that precious and valuable to him.

Sharon conceded that she knew Ian cared about Mariah, and she talked about how Ian had been there for Mariah when no one else had been. Sharon asked if Ian had told Mariah that Sharon was her mother, and Ian glanced over at a stirring Mariah and hung up. Nick asked if the police had gotten a trace on the call, and an officer stated that Ian had used a burner phone and that the call hadn't been long enough to pinpoint the exact location, but Ian was within 20 miles of Genoa City. Sharon panicked that her daughter was out there with a maniac, and they had no idea where Mariah was.

Sharon wanted to get money out of her account, but she complained that it wouldn't be enough, and she asked if they could turn to Victor. Sharon worried that Mariah was in pain, but Harding countered that Mariah might be in on the whole thing, since she had a rap sheet of her own. Sharon sensed that Mariah was in trouble, and Nick vowed to do whatever it took to find Ian. Harding said that two criminals were on the run, but he agreed to treat it as a kidnapping until they knew more.

Harding added that Paul would never agree to a real money drop, and he planned to arrange for a decoy. Sharon objected because it was too risky, but Harding envisioned taking Ian into custody and getting him to tell them where Mariah was. Nick said that they had to trust the police, and Harding cautioned that people who hadn't worked with the authorities had regretted it. The officers left, and Sharon refused to do nothing. Nick agreed.

At Crimson Lights, Avery asked if Dylan was okay, and she quipped that she felt like her day wasn't complete until she'd asked him that 20 times. He implored her to stop worrying, and she pointed out that she had good reason to worry, but she promised that she would stop after that morning. She volunteered to take him out for breakfast, and he offered her a doughnut, but she wanted to celebrate over omelets at the Athletic Club. Avery accidentally dropped a file, and she quickly snatched it away as Dylan picked it up. He asked what she was up to.

Jill rushed back to the park and bemoaned that the music box was gone, and Colin thought that she should have expected that someone had taken it. He wondered why she had left it behind, and she replied that she'd been caught up in the emotion of the day, but she'd realized that she'd made a terrible mistake. Colin suggested that the music box had served its purpose, and she asked if he meant their reunion. He pointed out that the trinket had led them back together, and she snickered and recalled that Katherine had despised him.

Colin argued that Katherine had wanted Jill to be happy, and he was sorry the box was gone, but they still had one another. Jill expressed her gratitude to Katherine, and she and Colin kissed. As Michael walked by while talking on the phone, he confirmed his plans to meet someone at the Athletic Club. Michael added that he expected to be together for a long time and that Lauren didn't suspect a thing. After Michael rushed off, Jill called him a "two-timing bastard" under her breath.

Jill burst into the club and looked around for the "hussy" who was trying to break up a marriage. Colin speculated that Michael could have been planning a surprise party for Lauren, but Jill countered that Michael hadn't called to invite her. Colin warned her not to jump to conclusions, but Jill proclaimed that she'd put together the pieces of the puzzle, and they fit perfectly after what Lauren had said about the state of her marriage. Jill thought that an affair explained everything, and she spotted Lauren across the dining room. Colin tried to stop Jill, who interrupted Lauren's business call and announced that Lauren had been right to be worried about her marriage, since Michael was having an affair.

Lauren insisted that Michael wasn't cheating, and Jill told her about the call she'd overheard in the park. Lauren said that Michael was meeting her there, and Colin chalked it up to a misunderstanding. Jill repeated Michael's words about being together forever and Lauren not suspecting anything, and Lauren assumed Jill had misheard. Jill thought an affair explained all that had -- and hadn't -- been going on, but Lauren was sure that Michael was too exhausted from work to have an affair. Jill contended that Lauren had managed to have one, despite her busy schedule.

Lauren was appalled that Jill had referred to Lauren's fling with Carmine, but Jill thought that a man's ego wouldn't let him forget a betrayal. Lauren called the accusation ridiculous, and she questioned who Michael would be sleeping with. Avery and Dylan approached, and Avery asked where Michael was. Jill suspiciously inquired whether Michael had arranged for Avery to meet him there, and Avery suggested that she and Dylan wait at the bar until Michael arrived. Dylan noted that Avery had been acting weird all morning, and Jill accused Avery of being the one Michael was having an affair with. Everyone stared at Michael as he walked in.

Jill told Michael not to bother denying that he was having an affair, and Lauren explained that Jill had overheard him on the phone. Jill ranted that it was obvious that he was cheating on his wife with a "bleached-blonde succubus," and Avery suggested that she and Michael tell all. Michael said that he hadn't wanted to do it that way, and Jill ordered them to admit they were partners. Michael clarified that he and Avery were law partners, and he displayed a press release on his tablet computer about the law firm they'd formed together.

Michael ordered mimosas and said that he'd hoped to celebrate over breakfast, and Jill admitted that she'd jumped to the wrong conclusion. Dylan prompted Jill to apologize to Avery, and Jill said that her succubus comment had sounded better in her head, but Avery understood that Jill had been looking out for her sister. Colin suggested that he and Jill leave the foursome to celebrate, and Avery revealed that after Leslie had accepted an A.D.A. position, Avery had been left with too much office space and too few clients. Michael added that he'd wanted to reduce his workload to spend more time with Lauren. Nick called Dylan and asked for his help.

After Dylan and Avery left, Lauren theorized that Jill had been projecting her fear about Colin onto Michael. Michael asked if Lauren had considered whether Jill might have been right, especially since Michael and Lauren hadn't been close lately. Lauren swore that she hadn't thought for a second that he'd been unfaithful, and he confirmed that their marriage was too important to ever jeopardize. He explained that he'd partnered with Avery to have more time to concentrate on his relationship with Lauren, and she suggested they celebrate by getting a hotel room, but he had to see a client. He promised to be home early, and they tenderly kissed, but she still looked worried after he left.

At the bar, Jill regretted attacking Michael, and she realized that she'd turned into a paranoid, suspicious woman who didn't trust men. Colin sarcastically stated that he couldn't imagine why, but she insisted that he'd been nothing but open and honest lately, and he looked guilty. Lauren sauntered over to the bar and barked that she could strangle Jill. Colin tried to defend Jill, but Lauren told him to shut up, and he stepped outside.

Jill acknowledged that she deserved Lauren's wrath, and Lauren scolded Jill for not leaving well enough alone. Jill said that everything had turned out fine, but Lauren ranted that Michael had believed that Lauren had bought the garbage about him being unfaithful. Jill was skeptical that Lauren hadn't thought about it, and Lauren blasted her for making a tense situation worse. Jill guessed that Lauren and Michael still hadn't made love, and she bragged about how often she and Colin had sex. Jill recognized that even if Michael wasn't having an affair, Michael and Lauren's marriage had a serious problem.

Later, at the Chancellor mansion, Colin encouraged Jill not to worry about Lauren, and he assured Jill that she had just been an overprotective big sister. Jill said that she wished that simple concern had made her accuse Michael of cheating, and Colin commented that her cynicism was sexy. Jill expressed disappointment in herself after all Katherine had tried to teach her about trust and love. Jill looked up at the sketch of Katherine, and she promised to take Katherine's advice. Jill hoped that whoever had taken the music box was doing the same thing.

Sharon and Nick updated Dylan and Avery about what was going on with Mariah, and Sharon wailed that she just wanted her daughter back. Nick remembered that Dylan had been able to track down Ian once before, and he asked if Dylan had any clues about where Ian might have taken Mariah. Dylan said that he wasn't aware of any ties Ian had to Wisconsin, and Avery suggested contacting Ian's ex-wife, but Nick reported that Willa had refused to provide any information. Dylan remembered that he'd met a man who had worked with Ian, and Avery pulled out Clarence's card from her purse.

Nick called Clarence's number while Sharon contacted Harding. Dylan asked if Avery was okay, and she said that the situation made her wonder how much a relationship could survive. She pointed out that her relationship with Dylan had started with her cheating on Joe, and she promised that she'd never do that to Dylan. Dylan assured her that he knew she wouldn't, and they pledged their love.

Sharon vented to Dylan that it had been enough just to learn that Mariah was her daughter, and Dylan empathized that it was a lot to take in, just like when he'd found out Nikki was his mom. Sharon lamented that she hadn't even known that Mariah had been out there, and Dylan remarked that it had been tough to find out that he wasn't biologically related to the parents who had raised him. Sharon noted that he'd accepted Nikki and Paul into his life, and she asked if he regretted knowing the truth. Dylan said that he was very grateful to have a new family, and he was sure Mariah would feel the same way.

Avery imagined it had been a shock for Nick to find Cassie's twin, and he said that he might need legal help once Mariah was home safely. Nick informed Sharon and Dylan that Harding was tracking down Clarence, and he snarled that he was tired of Ian hurting his family and getting away with it. Dylan vowed that Ian would pay, and Nick said that Ian should have been locked up the entire time. Sharon realized that if Ian had been, she never would have found out that Mariah was her daughter.

Dylan and Avery returned to Crimson Lights, and he closed the coffeehouse to celebrate her new partnership. He started unbuttoning her blouse, and she asked if that was just an excuse. He amorously inquired whether she objected, and he added that she was overruled. They kissed, but her phone rang, and she said that it was her new business line that she'd just set up that morning. She insisted on checking voicemail, and her expression turned sour when she listened to the message. She revealed that the call had been from her ex-husband.

At the police station, Gloria dropped by to see Kevin, who was cursing at his desk. She concluded that things had gone from bad to worse, and she asked about his motorcycle helmet. He grumbled that he'd been moonlighting for NASA, and she allowed him to take out his anger about the divorce papers on her. He said that her "mom-dar" was a million miles off, and he explained that his friend, Mariah, had been kidnapped and that he hadn't been able to track her down. Gloria assumed that Kevin had chosen to move on rather than to leave town because of the divorce.

Gloria surmised that Kevin had decided to move on with Mariah, and she declared that she'd been afraid he'd pine over Chloe forever. Gloria thought it would have been a waste for Kevin to throw his own life away, and Kevin informed her that he wasn't moving on. She asked if he still planned to leave town, and she insisted that Genoa City was his home. Kevin countered that it was filled with painful memories and annoying people, and she urged him to consider Michael, Lauren, and his job. She noticed a document on his computer, and he tried to keep her from seeing it, but she looked stunned and asked what he was up to.

Kevin snapped that Gloria shouldn't be looking at his computer, but Gloria read a passage aloud about a faceless, decomposing body with vultures picking away at its flesh. Kevin claimed that his work was confidential and that he had to get back to it, and she begged him not to leave town. He wouldn't make any promises he couldn't keep, and Gloria acknowledged that Chloe had hurt him. Gloria reminded Kevin that she'd been there for Michael when Lauren had cheated on him, and she pledged to be there for Kevin after his crazy wife had dumped him. "You are my rock," Kevin deadpanned.

Gloria said that she and Jeffrey were planning to go on a cruise, and she invited Kevin to join them. Kevin didn't want to be a third wheel, but she announced that it was a trip for singles, since she and Jeffrey liked pretending that they were strangers meeting for the first time. She agreed to spare Kevin the details, but she suggested that Chloe would have stayed if Kevin had spiced up his own relationship. Michael entered, and Kevin congratulated him on his partnership with Avery. Gloria questioned whether it was a good idea, since it would cut into Michael's profits, but Michael asserted that there were more important things than billable hours.

Gloria told Michael to talk sense into his brother, and she departed. Kevin coldly thanked Michael for blabbing to their mother about Kevin leaving town, and he griped that Gloria had given him tips about his sex life. Michael knowingly replied that sometimes a sex life was a difficult thing to manage, and Kevin asked if everything was okay with Michael and Lauren. Harding interrupted and ordered Kevin to look into a lead on Mariah's case. Later, Kevin offered to be there if Michael wanted to talk about what was off between Michael and Lauren, and Michael said that he'd thought Kevin was leaving town. Kevin replied that maybe he had some reasons to stick around.

Gloria joined Lauren at the club, and they discussed Michael's partnership with Avery. Gloria warned that it was how things got started, and Lauren chided her for thinking that all men on the planet cheated. Gloria advised Lauren to steer Michael toward working with an old geezer instead, since working late nights with a blonde bombshell was asking for trouble. Lauren reiterated that she wasn't worried, and Gloria questioned whether she wasn't the least bit concerned.

Nick reported that Kevin had been able to trace Clarence's last address, but Clarence had cleared out a couple of days before. Sharon groused that things kept getting worse, and she couldn't lose her daughter when she'd just found Mariah. She imagined that Ian's disciple going missing at the same time as Ian and Mariah couldn't be a coincidence, and she tearfully wondered what they were doing to her daughter.

Ian reported to someone over the phone that everything was in motion, and it would be worth it in the end. He said that he had to go as Mariah started to wake up, and she complained about a headache. Ian told her she'd had too much to drink, but she'd be fine. She mumbled that she didn't feel fine, and she looked at the dress she had on and wondered where her own clothes were. Ian maintained that the wine had gone to her head, but she questioned who had put her in the dress. Ian encouraged her to relax, since it would all make sense soon, but she touched the veil and realized she was wearing a wedding gown.

Later, Clarence arrived at the storage unit, and Mariah remembered him from The Path. Ian informed her that Clarence presided over special occasions and that he was there for the wedding. Mariah asked if Ian thought she was marrying someone, and Ian assured her that he didn't expect her to make vows to a man she didn't care about. Ian announced that Mariah would marry a man she loved and cherished -- him. Mariah's eyes grew wide with horror.

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