Thursday, February 26, 2015

Kevin, Noah, Summer, and Mariah peered into the empty trunk of Kyle's rental car, and Mariah was surprised Austin's body wasn't there. Summer insisted that Kyle was a good guy who wouldn't have hurt Austin, but Kevin pointed out there was blood on the towel they'd seen hanging out of the trunk. Summer suggested they drive Kyle's car back to Genoa City, but Noah wanted to call Courtney. Mariah warned that Courtney was still a cop who would be obligated to report the evidence, but Summer argued that the blood could be from someone other than Austin. The group discussed the possibility that Kyle had moved Austin's body.

At the hospital, Jack awakened and found Victor hovering over him with a pillow. Victor commented that Jack seemed uncomfortable, and he offered to put Jack out of his misery. Victor told Jack to sit up if he wanted the extra pillow, but Jack was skeptical that Victor was offering comfort. Victor reasoned that Jack's babbling had kept him awake, and Victor needed to get rest before the doctors would release him. Victor claimed that Jack had said Kelly's name in his sleep, and Jack suggested that Victor check himself out.

Victor mentioned that he'd nearly passed out at home, and Jack wished he had seen Victor faint, but Victor huffed that he'd run out of energy after he'd saved Jack. Jack doubted he'd said Kelly's name, but he thought if he had, it had been out of frustration about the way Kelly had manipulated Phyllis. Victor pointed out that they were alone, so Jack could admit he'd lied to Phyllis, but Jack insisted he hadn't. Victor accused Jack of telling Phyllis what she'd wanted to hear, but Jack had left out the part about having sex with Kelly before the Underground had collapsed.

Jack bellowed that his private life was none of Victor's business, and Victor noted that it didn't sound like a denial. Victor asserted that he was making Jack face his hypocrisy, and Jack growled that Victor had already insinuated himself into Jack's life enough by trying to get between him and Phyllis again. Jack theorized that playing white knight to Phyllis hadn't worked, so Victor was trying to use Kelly to cause problems. Victor contended that Phyllis needed him whether Jack liked it or not, and he proposed that he and Jack unite for a short while for a common cause.

In the waiting area, Abby wondered why Kyle had shown up at the Abbott cabin, and Kyle reminded her that she'd invited him. He explained that he had gotten stuck in the snow and had decided to walk, but he'd slipped on the ice and ended up in a ravine. He added that Paul had wanted him to get checked out, and Abby realized that if Kyle had seen Paul, Kyle had probably also talked to Summer. Kyle mentioned that he knew Austin had gone missing from the party, and he inquired about how it had happened. Abby started to explain, but a nurse arrived to take Kyle to be examined.

Later, Kyle announced that the doctor had given him a clean bill of health, and Abby informed him that the doctor had already updated her, since Kyle had listed her as his emergency contact. Kyle grumbled that he'd outgrown giving her access to his personal medical information, but Abby said she'd wanted to make sure he was okay, and she asked how he'd gotten out of a tumble into a ravine without a single scratch. He attributed it to the luck of the Abbotts.

Jack and Victor bickered over what to watch on television, and Abby entered and said she had something to speed up Jack's recovery. Jack hoped it was his own room, but he was thrilled when Kyle appeared, and Kyle thanked Victor for taking care of his dad. Victor headed out to ask a doctor when he could leave, and he told Kyle he was sorry about what had happened when Kyle had worked at Newman, but he didn't fault Kyle for wanting to support his family.

After Victor stepped out, Kyle explained that Abby had invited him to a party, and he'd wanted his return to town to be a surprise. Kyle added that he'd thought it would be a good opportunity to finally meet Summer's husband, but he wouldn't get that chance, and Jack asked why not. Meanwhile, Victor left a message for someone and said they needed to meet right away.

Kyle clarified that he wouldn't have a chance to meet Austin on such a short trip, since he was only in town for a couple of days, but he didn't have to leave right away. Jack asked if he could talk Kyle into moving back for good, and Kyle said he wasn't sure, but he refused to go anywhere until Jack was up and around. Victor returned, and Kyle left to allow Jack to get some rest. Victor said Jack should be proud of Kyle, since Victor had heard Kyle had been doing well in New York. Jack repeated his order for Victor to stay out of his personal life, but Victor declared that he had a proposition.

Victor said he and Jack sometimes forgot the town was big enough for both of them, and he suggested that they let one another be. Victor thought they both needed to stick around for one another, since it would be no fun to defeat a rival who wasn't a worthy adversary. Jack asked if Victor expected them to treat each other with respect, and Victor commented that they'd tried everything else. Jack tried to imagine a world where they actually got along, but he wasn't sure what it looked like. Jack inquired whether they'd go hunting or play cards together, but Victor said they'd remain enemies, and Jack replied, "Friendly enemies."

Noah, Kevin, Summer, and Mariah arrived at the hospital, and Abby observed that the group looked stressed. Noah speculated that Kyle might know where Austin was, and Kevin displayed the bloody towel. Mariah found it weird that Kyle had shown up right after Austin had gone missing, and Abby replied that Kyle had been too busy falling into a ravine, but she remembered that the doctor had said Kyle hadn't had a scratch on him. Mariah glanced at Summer and remarked that there was no limit to what people would do for someone they cared about.

Kyle joined the group and anxiously inquired about his car, and a suspicious Mariah asked why he was in a hurry to find out about it. He claimed it was a rental that he had to return, and he thanked her for driving it back. Kyle greeted Noah and hoped things were cool between them after everything that had happened at Newman, but Noah replied that he was more interested in why Kyle had lied about not being at the cabin. Kyle maintained that he'd never made it, but Noah remembered seeing him outside the window. Kyle insisted it hadn't been him, and Kevin confronted Kyle with the bloody towel.

Kyle asked why they'd gone through his rental car, but Abby demanded that he just explain the towel. He claimed that he'd had a boxing lesson before he'd hit the road, and he'd taken a hit in the nose. He quipped that he needed more lessons, but he wondered why it felt like they were accusing him of something. Mariah admitted they couldn't find Austin, and Kyle questioned what had really happened to Austin.

Jack awakened and saw that Victor's bed was empty. Jack groaned in pain as he reached for his phone, and he deleted Kelly's contact information from it. Meanwhile, Victor walked down the corridor to the chapel, where he entered the confessional. He thanked someone for being there, and he revealed that their plan was working like a charm, since Jack suspected nothing.

At the Ashby home, Esther thanked God as she hugged Jill, who snapped to get off her. Esther marveled that Jill really was okay if she was cranky, and she inquired about Colin's arm, which was in a sling. He revealed that he'd suffered a stress fracture, and Esther reported that the twins had eaten dinner and were watching a video. Esther said she'd heard about the poor pilot, but Jill barked that she didn't want to talk about the crash. A clueless Esther asked about Devon, Hilary, and Neil, and Lily glared at Cane and wordlessly walked off to check on the kids.

Lily commended Esther for doing a great job with the twins, and Colin asked if the kids had been concerned. Cane said they'd never known any of them had been in danger, and Esther displayed a valentine Matty had made for Neil and Hilary. Esther added that the girl had poured her heart into a card she'd made for Lily and Cane, and Cane remarked that Matty knew how he felt about her mom. Esther tucked Jill under a blanket, but Jill griped that she wasn't an invalid, and she ordered Esther to get her a drink. Colin suggested that Esther fetch the bottle.

Jill asked Cane if he'd told the twins what had happened, and Lily praised Cane for making the kids think being stuck in the snow had been fun. Cane pointedly stated that he'd stretched the truth for the greater good, and Lily suggested that he figure out a way to tell their children why their daddy wouldn't be living there anymore. Cane understood Lily was upset, but she ranted that he'd been lying for months, and he assured her they'd work it out together. She admonished him for never considering handling the news of Hilary and Devon's affair together, and Jill defended that Cane had been in a difficult situation.

Lily asserted that Cane's first loyalty should have been to his wife, and Cane said he had apologized and had promised to never do it again. Cane argued that he wasn't the one who'd cheated, but Lily retorted that it felt like he had. Jill suggested that she and Colin leave, and Lily decided that Cane shouldn't be there, either. Cane pleaded with Lily not to break up their family, but she growled that he'd done exactly that when he'd broken their trust. Cane stormed out, and Colin followed him. Jill asked if Lily had learned nothing from the night before, and Esther asked if the ladies still wanted their drinks.

Jill requested time to talk with Lily alone, and Esther headed home. Jill acknowledged that Cane had betrayed Lily's trust, and Lily wondered whether she'd ever be able to trust him again. Jill recounted that Cane had frantically searched every inch of the crash site, and she'd seen his anguish when he'd thought the dead pilot had been Lily. Lily said she would have searched for Cane the same way, but it didn't negate his lies. Jill thought they'd survived the crash because the thought of the people they loved had kept them alive, and she preached that love could overcome any adversity. Lily told her to try telling that to Neil.

Lily worried that Neil's alcoholism could kill him, but Jill pointed out that Katherine had fallen off the wagon and gotten back on several times, and it was up to Neil to do the same thing. Jill turned the topic back to Lily's choices, and she questioned whether Lily intended to let her marriage be another casualty at Hilary's hand. Jill urged Lily not to give up on Cane because Lily loved him, but Lily grumbled that he hadn't loved her enough to be honest. Jill countered that he'd loved her enough to want to shield her from pain, and she understood what it felt like to get past lies. Jill implored her to forgive Cane, and she asserted that her own life was better with Colin in it. Jill challenged Lily to say that her life was better without Cane.

Colin joined Cane at a table at the Athletic Club, and Cane vented his anger at Colin for his blackmail scheme, at Devon and Hilary for their affair, and at himself for covering. Colin reasoned that Cane had done what he'd thought had been best, and he was sure Lily would cool off. Cane confided that he was also angry with Lily, since all he'd cared about had been her feelings, but she could only see that he'd kept things from her. Cane recalled that she'd done the same thing when she hadn't told him about her flirtation with Tyler, and she'd reasoned that she hadn't told Cane because she hadn't wanted to upset him. Cane was incensed that Lily couldn't see that he'd kept things from her out of love, and Colin suggested that perhaps Lily wasn't ready.

Lily conceded that maybe she needed to listen to Cane's side, and she went to tell the kids that Cane would be home to tuck them in. Jill called Colin and instructed him to tell Cane to get home right away, but Colin thought it was best to give Cane time to cool off. Jill relayed that Lily was on the verge of forgiving Cane, but Colin suspected that Lily's ability to forgive wasn't going to be the impediment.

In Hilary's hospital room, Devon sat by Hilary's side, and he turned and saw Neil in the doorway. Devon disclosed that she was resting well, and he was glad Neil was there. Neil said he didn't want to get into it, but Devon thanked Neil for trudging through the snow to get help and for saving their lives. Neil coldly told him to thank Lily, since Neil had thought of her and not Devon as he'd made his way through the freezing wilderness. Neil added that he would have let them all freeze to death if Lily hadn't been there, and Hilary opened her eyes.

Hilary said she'd heard Neil had been responsible for their rescue, and she'd been worried when he'd ventured out into the snow. She thanked Neil for helping them even though she knew he hated her, and Devon surmised that Neil's presence meant he still cared on some level. Neil icily stated that he was there because the admissions office had needed Hilary's insurance information, and they had joint a policy as husband and wife. Neil held up a plastic bag containing Hilary's rings, and he asked if he should put them back on her finger.

Neil fished Devon's eternity ring out of the bag and surmised Hilary would like to wear that one. Neil imagined that Hilary had thought he'd never see it, since she hadn't thought he'd see anything ever again. Neil revealed that he had seen the ring on New Year's Day, when he'd spied a bright, glittering light on her hand, and it had given him hope. Neil spat that he hoped the eternity ring would be as meaningful to Hilary as her wedding ring had been.

Neil planned to pack up Hilary's stuff and send it to the Athletic Club, and he asked if he should address it to the suite where he'd discovered Devon and Hilary in bed together. Devon condemned Neil for making Hilary feel worse after she'd almost died, and Neil left to finish the paperwork. Devon gazed lovingly at Hilary, and he said he never wanted to stop looking at her after he'd almost lost her. He noted that the truth was out and that they could be together, but she said Neil hated them. Devon thought it had been inevitable, but Hilary wondered if Devon could live with the way Neil looked at him. Devon professed his love and swore that being together was all that mattered.

Hilary pointed out that Devon cared deeply about what Neil thought, and she imagined that losing Neil's respect had been like a knife through Devon's heart. Devon admitted that it was tough to see Neil hurt, and he suggested that he and Hilary leave town for a little while to avoid flaunting their relationship while the dust settled. Hilary said she could easily pull up stakes, but she recognized that Devon had family and memories he'd be leaving behind. Devon thought his family wouldn't forgive him anytime soon, and he wasn't sure if Lily and Neil would ever let him see the twins or Moses again, but he believed everything would be okay if that was what it took for him and Hilary to be together.

Later, Neil reported to Hilary that the paperwork was done, and he stated that their business had concluded. He turned to leave, but Hilary asked him to wait, since there was something he needed to know. She said she'd tried to tell him something after the crash, but he refused to listen to any more explanations or excuses. Hilary declared that he hadn't heard the truth, but Neil said he'd seen it with his own eyes. Hilary announced that she was and always had been the woman who'd arrived in town to seek revenge and the one who'd done despicable things to him and his family.

Neil assumed that Hilary was trying to make him think she hadn't changed, but he said what she'd done in the past had been different than her affair with Devon. Hilary revealed that her intent had remained the same, since she'd never lost sight of her goal to take down the man who'd destroyed her family. Neil murmured that it wasn't possible, but she crowed that anything was possible, and she'd finally gotten what she'd wanted -- to take down him and his own. "Mission accomplished," she proudly proclaimed.

Neil asked what Hilary was saying, and Hilary thanked him for helping her pull it off. She ridiculed Neil for convincing Jack to give a lost, lonely soul a second chance, and she mocked Neil saying that he was falling in love with her. Hilary cackled as Devon listened outside the door. She bragged that all she'd had to do was make Neil think she'd been falling in love with him, and he'd eaten it up "like a fat kid in a candy store."

A stunned Neil asked if his and Hilary's whole life together had been a scam, and Hilary explained that the best way to hurt him had been to seduce his son, but she couldn't get over how easy it had been. Hilary told Neil not to look surprised, since she could never love him after what he'd done to her mother, and she could certainly never love Devon.

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