Thursday, June 25, 2015

In his hotel suite, Joe was surprised to get a call from Avery, who said she needed to see him at her place right away. He asked if she thought he was stupid, since he would be arrested for breaking the restraining order, and she suggested that they meet on neutral ground in the park. He expected the same thing to happen, but she promised it wouldn't. She added that she was sick of the war between them, and she wanted to end it before things went too far.

At the Athletic Club bar, Cane thanked Lily for agreeing to stay with him, and he hated feeling like the trust between them was gone. He said he'd missed her and the kids, and he was grateful that she'd forgiven him for kissing Lauren. He admitted that he'd gotten caught up in Lauren's personal problems, but he vowed to keep things strictly professional going forward. He observed that Lily seemed preoccupied, and he asked if something was bothering her.

Lily insisted that everything was fine, and Cane assured her that the kids were old enough to understand that their parents needed time together. Joe approached, and he remarked that it gave him hope to see Cane and Lily enjoying one another. Cane said they were happy, and Joe wished them a good evening before he left. Cane guessed that Lily seemed uncomfortable because she couldn't stop thinking about the footage of Lauren going to his hotel suite. He repeated that he hadn't slept with Lauren, and he was adamant that he would never disrespect their marriage by cheating on Lily.

Lily regretted going through the footage, and she admitted that she should have trusted Cane, since she'd made things worse by looking for something. Cane wished he hadn't given her reason to doubt him, and Lily didn't want him to think that she'd always assume the worst. She swore she loved him and their family, and he replied that he was lucky to have her as his wife. She said she was the lucky one, and he suggested that they retreat to one of the spare rooms upstairs for a perfect end to a perfect evening. She told him to lead the way.

In a suite, Cane poured some Champagne, and Lily marveled that he'd thought of everything. He said they were celebrating, but as he handed her a glass, she flashed back to Joe taking the miniature bottle of liquor out of her hand. Cane said she was beautiful, and she still took his breath away even after all the years they'd been together. He leaned in to kiss her, but she remembered kissing Joe. Cane began to unzip her dress and kiss her neck, and they slowly fell back on the bed, but she couldn't stop thinking about her romp with Joe. She pushed Cane away and said she couldn't do it.

Lily said she was sorry, but Cane said she didn't have to be, and they didn't have to rush things. He encouraged her to be honest about how she felt, since he didn't want her to pretend things were okay if they weren't. She said she would love nothing more than to get back to where they had been, and he reiterated that he hadn't cheated on her, since he'd never do anything to threaten their marriage. He said love had gotten them through cancer, and he was sure they could get through their latest problems. He took her into his arms.

Lily zipped up her dress, and Cane asked why she'd tensed up when Joe had approached them at the bar. He wondered if Joe had been flirting with her, and she recounted that she'd vented to Joe about Cane and Lauren over drinks. Lily wished she hadn't opened up to Joe, since he was Cane's friend, and Cane recognized that they all said things they shouldn't when alcohol was involved. Cane said they had to stop confiding in other people and talk to one another, and Lily agreed.

In the club dining room, Marco feigned having a memory of a dinner that Adam had made up, and Adam demanded to know who "Jack" really was. Marco claimed that the injuries he'd sustained in the building collapse had affected his memory, but Adam pointed out that he knew something about pretending to be someone he wasn't. Adam peppered Marco with questions about Jack's connections to Skye and Stephanie, and when Marco couldn't answer, Adam asked what he'd done with Jack. "Jack Abbott's dead," Marco announced.

Marisa entered the club and spotted Marco talking to Adam. Marco explained that it had sent a chill through his body the first time he'd seen Jack's photo online, and he'd sworn to do everything he could to capitalize on their likeness. Marco insisted that he hadn't killed Jack and that Jack's death hadn't been part of the plan, but Jack had died in an unfortunate accident. Adam got choked up at the thought that Jack was gone, and he realized that Marco had gotten away with pretending to be Jack for months. Marco confirmed that he'd first impersonated Jack at the Underground before the collapse to see how people would react to him, and he introduced himself as Marco Annicelli.

Adam didn't recognize the name, and Marco thought it was better if Adam didn't know who he was. Adam mentioned that Jack had been like a father to him, and he couldn't believe that Marco had been able to fool everyone without help from someone else. Marco claimed that Jack had been a celebrity in the business world, so he'd accessed hundreds of articles and videos to learn how to mimic Jack's mannerisms and speech patterns. Marco boasted that the trick had been to tell everyone who knew Jack what they'd wanted to hear -- he'd given Adam the chance to best his father, he'd extended his friendship to Victor, and he'd told Kyle that he intended to groom Kyle to take over the company.

Adam asked how Marco had won Phyllis over, and Marco crowed that Phyllis had been the easiest of all, since he'd simply given her the love and attention that every woman craved. Adam threatened to go to the police and the Abbott family to divulge that Marco had been fooling them, but Marco pointed out that Adam didn't make rash moves. Marco sensed someone watching him, but Marisa ducked out of sight when he glanced her way. Marco reminded Adam that he could tell the world who Adam really was, starting with Chelsea and Victor. Adam incredulously asked if Marco expected him to go on pretending Marco was Jack, and Marco said he wanted Adam to help him fake his death and frame Victor for it.

Adam hissed that Marco was out of his mind, and he refused to trick Jack's family into thinking Jack was dead. Marco pointed out that Jack really was dead, but Adam speculated that Marco had Jack locked up somewhere to get information. Marco maintained that Jack was gone, and he implored Adam to deal with the facts, since needless sentimentality would only end up hurting Adam. Marco urged Adam to ask himself what he truly wanted. Meanwhile, Marisa entered a hotel suite and sent a text message.

Marco declared that he and Adam were in it together, unless Adam was ready to lose Chelsea and his son. Marco wondered if Adam was ready to devastate his family to turn Marco in, and he asserted that Adam had only one choice -- to help Marco with his endgame. Adam warned that Marco hadn't thought his plan through, but Marco referred to himself as a genie who could grant Adam three wishes -- revenge against Victor, becoming heir to the Abbott throne as Jack's oldest son, and a chance at the family Adam had always longed for with Chelsea. Marco questioned whether Adam would give it all up to play by the rules, and he reasoned that Victor wouldn't hesitate to strike if the roles were reversed. Marco contended that Adam had everything to gain and nothing to lose, and Adam agreed to help him.

Jack, still clad in the workman's uniform from the island, looked around cautiously as he entered the Abbott mansion. He seemed stunned as he slowly walked around the living room, and he picked up a photo of Marco and Phyllis and placed it facedown. He called out to find out if anyone was there, but he received no response. "I'm home," he said as his voice broke, and he fought back tears.

Jack changed into a suit and wandered around the house, and he heard footsteps in the entryway. Phyllis asked what Jack was doing home, and he stared at her, speechless. She asked what was wrong, and he swore that everything was fine, but he just wanted to look at her. Phyllis said she'd thought Jack had been at a late meeting, and he lovingly called her "Red" as he pulled her into his arms. She mused that she'd been worried, but she suddenly felt like everything would be okay. She added that he finally felt familiar again, since she'd felt a distance, like he'd been gone. "Now I'm back," he assured her.

Jack said he had to tell Phyllis something that would sound strange at first, but Summer arrived and bristled when she saw Jack. Phyllis mentioned that Jack had been about to tell her something important, and Summer told Jack not to bother denying that he'd set Victor up, since Victor had warned her that it wasn't safe to talk to Jack. Summer relayed that all of the Newmans had bodyguards, and Jack was shocked that Victor had convinced her that Jack might hurt her. Summer snapped that Jack had been heartless enough to have an innocent man arrested, and Phyllis countered that Victor was far from innocent.

Summer said she'd never seen Jack do such terrible things, like having Kyle do his dirty work for him, and Jack insisted that he wasn't "that man." Summer confronted Jack about using Kyle to frame her grandfather, but Jack received Marisa's text message, which provided her room number at the club. Jack said they'd have to finish the conversation later, since he had to find out more. Phyllis begged him to tell her what was going on, and he told her to remember the feeling she'd had when he'd held her in his arms just then. He rushed out.

Summer was confused because Jack had suddenly seemed sincere, and she wondered if he'd been putting on an act. Phyllis didn't blame her for doubting Jack, since Phyllis had also questioned his behavior. Phyllis confided that she'd been wondering if their marriage had been a lie, but all the bad feelings had melted away just before Summer had arrived, since Jack's warmth had returned. Phyllis referred to how she'd felt when he'd held her, and she'd sensed their deep connection and seen something in his eyes when he'd looked at her. Phyllis recognized that it sounded confusing, but it had been the closest she'd felt to Jack in months.

In Marisa's hotel room, Marisa was incensed when Jack told her he'd seen Phyllis and Summer, and Jack revealed that he hadn't told his loved ones anything, but they'd seemed scared and upset with him. Marisa wondered what trouble Marco had caused, and Jack relayed that Marco had framed Victor for something, so everyone was mad at Jack. Jack speculated that Victor had paid his ransom, and Marisa reported that she'd seen Marco with a younger guy downstairs. She added that the clerk had identified the other man as Bingham, but she hadn't been able to hear what they'd been talking about, although it had seemed intense, like the men had a secret. Jack said they did.

Jack explained that he'd been the only one Adam had confided in, so he assumed Marco knew Adam's true identity, and it was the last secret Adam wanted to get out. Jack was determined to find out what Marco was plotting against Victor before Jack reclaimed his life, and he acknowledged that Marisa loved Marco, but nothing was more important to him than getting his life back and making sure his loved ones didn't get hurt. Jack asked for Marisa's help, and she told him that he could trust her. He instructed her to go to Jabot, and he gave her a master password to access emails. He drew a map of the building layout and told her to take photos of everything in the chemistry lab that might give him a clue about Marco's plan.

Marco and Adam entered the lab to discuss how to fake Marco's death, and Marco pulled out a duffel bag. Adam looked inside and found a bulletproof vest and fake blood, and Marco revealed that he planned to goad Victor into shooting him. Adam pointed out that Victor wasn't a cold-blooded killer, but Marco was confident that Victor would pull the trigger.

Marco explained that Victor had made it clear that he wouldn't hesitate to protect his family, and Marco had laid the groundwork by threatening the Newmans and pulling a gun on Victor. Marco intended to push Victor over the edge when they met in the park later, and Adam was stunned that Marco expected it to happen that night. Marisa crouched behind a desk and listened as Marco bragged that Victor would "never see it coming."

As Jack waited in Marisa's room, he flashed back to admiring Phyllis in her wedding gown before their wedding, and they'd marveled that they'd beaten the odds. Meanwhile, Phyllis was thinking of the same memory.

Joe encountered Avery in the park, and he asked if she was the one stalking him. She told him not to flatter himself, and he accused her of having no intention of making peace. She spat that she'd wanted to look him in the eye when she told him that he was a disgusting human being, and she revealed that she knew he'd slept with Lily. Avery wondered if Joe was out to destroy every happy relationship in Genoa City, and he contended that the Ashbys had been at one another's throats. Avery chided him for taking advantage of his friend's wife, and she explained that an upset Lily had confided to her that she wished she'd stayed away from Joe.

Avery ranted that Joe had no morals or conscience, but Joe asserted that he and Lily had been consenting adults, and he thought Avery was in no position to judge, given that she'd committed adultery herself. She demanded to know why he was still in town, and he asked why she cared. She called him a "sick bastard" and said she wanted him to stop, and he inquired whether she meant she wanted him to stop sleeping with anyone but Avery. Joe thought anyone who listened to Avery would think she was jealous.

Avery growled that she couldn't stomach the sight of Joe, and he was just demeaning himself further by trying to push her buttons. Joe expressed surprise that Lily had gone to Avery, but he wasn't surprised by Avery's self-righteous behavior. Avery defended that it was no wonder she'd cheated after how he'd treated her, but he countered that he'd given her everything. Avery ranted that big houses and fancy cars couldn't make up for what he'd done to her, and he told her to stop playing the victim and painting him as the bad guy when she'd ruined his life. She called him a small man with a monstrous ego, and he roughly grabbed her arm. She cried out and yelled for him to let go.

Joe told Avery to stop being dramatic, but she spat that he was an abuser. He pointed out that she was the one violating the restraining order by luring him there under false pretenses, since she had just wanted to throw his indiscretion with Lily in his face. Joe contended that all he'd ever wanted was to be with Avery, and she admonished him for doing it by lying and manipulating her. He said he'd hoped she'd see what they'd once had, even after she'd pushed him off the balcony, and she stressed that the accident had only happened because he hadn't stopped making advances on her.

Joe noted that Avery had followed him to rehab and invited him into her home, and he imagined that she'd known he had been faking all along. She called him a skilled liar who believed what he was saying was true, and he argued that his only crime had been to love her. She yelled at him not to dare call it love, but he had already left when she turned around. Avery heard a noise, and she rushed off.

Avery headed home, and she heard another sound. She called out and asked if someone was there, and a masked man grabbed her from behind.

. . .

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