Monday, May 25, 2015

During a celebration at the Genoa City Athletic Club, Tobias, Victor's former corporate spy, made an appearance. Ashley warned that she'd make good on her promise to have Tobias arrested if he didn't leave. Victor repeatedly attempted to shush his former hireling when Tobias threatened to expose him. Tobias, undaunted, hopped up on the bar and loudly announced, "How about we talk about who your fearless leaders really are. Show of hands -- who wants to hear their dirty secrets?"

Billy pulled Ashley away when she attempted to manhandle Tobias. Neil immediately stepped up and pulled Tobias off the bar. Billy told Neil that the best plan of action would be to place Tobias in a cab and forget he'd crashed the party. As Billy led Tobias toward the door, he yelled, "You're all swimming in the filth, and it's going to pull you under!" Nikki, overwhelmed by the fray, picked up someone's abandoned glass of wine and drank it. Billy told Victor and Jack that though he wasn't supportive of the merger, he couldn't stand by and let anyone spoil Jack's act of goodwill to honor Cassie's memory.

Lily checked on her father. Lily said that Neil's recent aggressive altercations with Tobias and Billy were worrisome. Lily noted that Neil was usually calm. Neil replied, "You're too worried about me. I suggest you worry about yourself and go about your business." Lily seemed taken aback by her father's terse response.

Abby overheard Summer and Kyle when they informed Jack and Phyllis about having had an earlier encounter with Tobias at Crimson Lights. Summer said she'd thought perhaps they'd been wrong to assume that Tobias had been spying on them. Kyle said, "Maybe he knew exactly what he was doing. Maybe it wasn't so innocent." Phyllis reacted nervously to Summer and Kyle's distressing revelations and asked why Tobias was interested in them. Abby interrupted and said that Tobias had simply hoped to glean details about the party he planned to crash. Phyllis advised Summer and Kyle to stay away from Tobias.

Abby followed Kyle and Summer to a corner of the room and reminded them that Paul had warned them not to discuss the case. Kyle noted that they'd managed not to disclose too much information. Summer said, "Tobias grilled me with a death glare." Abby said she wondered why Tobias had claimed that they all were "scum." Kyle recalled that at Crimson Lights, Tobias had overheard their discussion about the discovery of the killer's DNA. The impostor pretending to be Jack listened intently when Kyle suggested the possibility of Tobias being associated with the killer.

In Sage's hotel suite, Nick told Sage that she wasn't required to make an appearance at the celebration. Nick explained that Jack had announced plans to donate a new wing to the hospital in Cassie's honor. Sage became emotional at the mention of Cassie's name and blamed her elevated level of hormones. Nick said that he'd already announced the news of Sage's pregnancy. Sage insisted on making an appearance because the baby she was carrying would be part of Cassie's family.

Nick escorted Sage downstairs, and together they approached Nikki and Victor. Noah, standing next to Victoria, overheard his father mention Sage's pregnancy. Nikki chided Nick for not having informed Noah privately. Victor called over a waiter to serve Champagne. After Nikki refused to drink, Nick pointed out that his mother couldn't drink. Nikki, agitated, said, "And that's why they call it Alcoholics Anonymous." Nikki walked away.

Dylan caught up with Nikki and asked if she was okay. Nikki said she wasn't because both of her sons had saddled themselves with women who'd hold them back. Dylan said, "Everyone knows how you feel about Sharon." Nikki replied, "You're turning out to be just like Nicholas, running to the rescue of a poor little bird that's really a vulture." Sharon overheard and glared at Nikki.

Sharon reminded Nikki that it was the anniversary of Cassie's death. A drunken Nikki was unsteady on her feet, which concerned Dylan. Sharon calmly asked Nikki not to antagonize Sage because she was carrying Nick's baby. Nikki glared at Sharon. Dylan said, "Sharon has been a good friend to me, so let's just leave it at that." Nikki left.

Victor asked Sage if she'd claimed to be carrying Nick's child because he was a rich man. Victor said he knew that Sage's marriage to Gabriel had been a lucrative business arrangement. Sage explained that she'd had a change of heart after having initially agreed to the agreement. The partygoers fell silent when they heard the wail of police sirens nearby. Lily announced that a party guest had been involved in an accident. Victor, worried, asked Nick if he knew where Nikki was. Lily told the guests that the accident victim, traveling alone, was the man who'd earlier caused the disturbance.

Nikki resurfaced, and Victor said he'd been worried that she'd had a vehicle accident. Nikki, incoherent, slurred her words, and Victor asked if she'd been drinking. Nikki replied, "This has been an awful evening. If it didn't drive somebody to drink, I don't know what would." Victor mentioned Tobias' outburst. Nikki said she might have a discussion with Tobias about their shared guilt and shame for having colluded with Victor and stooping to his level.

Neil followed Nikki up to the rooftop bar, where she continued to imbibe alcohol and cavort with a drunk man. Neil attempted to corral Nikki. Nikki turned to Neil and said, "Did you have fun waltzing in with your son's ex-girlfriend? That was one hell of an entrance." The man laughed and said, "Your son's woman? Good for you, buddy. Go for it!" Nikki agreed when the drunk stranger invited her to "move their party elsewhere."

Neil had a private discussion with Nikki. Nikki mentioned that she and Neil had followed Victor's orders just like Tobias had. Neil said, "We made a choice. Now we have to live with it." Nikki cried that Victor always won. When the drunk man interrupted and groped at Nikki, Neil punched him. Billy and Victoria, having just arrived, acted quickly. Billy calmed Neil. Victoria looked on in horror as her mother attended to her drunk suitor.

At Sharon's house, Dylan apologized for Nikki's behavior. Sharon said she was used to it because Nikki had long disliked her. Sharon noted that she'd forever be connected to the Newman family because of her children. Dylan said he could only imagine having a family. Sharon told him that life changed every day, so he shouldn't discount the possibility. Dylan left, but he quickly returned and kissed Sharon passionately.

At Cassie's grave, Noah poured out his heart and cried about having lost Courtney. Noah said that Courtney's parents wouldn't disclose their daughter's final resting place. Mariah showed up, but she kept her distance and listened. Noah cried that he deeply missed Courtney. Noah, voicing his hope that Cassie and Courtney were together in the hereafter, instructed Cassie to share a message with Courtney. Noah promised to find the person responsible for Courtney's murder.

Mariah was moved to tears as she listened to Noah. Noah spotted Mariah, and she expressed feelings of profound sadness for never having known her deceased sister. Mariah insisted that Noah contact Courtney's parents to inquire about their daughter's gravesite. Mariah said that Courtney's family might feel different since Sharon had been cleared. Noah was reluctant. Mariah suggested that Noah and Courtney's family could honor Courtney's memory just like Cassie's family did Cassie's.

At the police station, a uniformed officer caught Kevin using the computer in Paul's office. Kevin claimed that the chief had asked him to inspect all department equipment. Mariah had stopped by and overheard Kevin's conversation. After the officer left, Mariah asked Kevin why he was hacking Paul's computer. Kevin said he'd learned that Paul was looking into other suspects, which included disgruntled former Jabot and Newman employees. Kevin suggested that perhaps Austin had interviewed one of them, who'd later killed him. Mariah saw Tobias Gray's name on the list. Kevin noted that Tobias had stalked Summer and Kyle. Mariah first refused to approach Tobias, but she changed her mind when she realized she'd be helping Noah seek justice for Courtney.

When Mariah and Kevin found Tobias' motel room, Mariah insisted that Kevin follow her plan to snoop without the fear of getting arrested. Mariah donned a maid's uniform and entered Tobias' room. Kevin found a 3-D printer and a set of fingerprint molds. Mariah found several computer hard drives that had been stolen from the Genoa City Police Department. Mariah said, "Captain Nerd is the murderer, after all."

At the hospital, Kyle, Summer, and Abby visited with Tobias. Kyle asked Tobias if he had been following them. Tobias nodded, indicating he had. Summer asked, "Why did you lie to us? What do you want from us?" Tobias, his faced severely bruised, weakly replied, "You need to know."

Tobias, growing weaker, struggled to speak and fluttered his eyelids. Kyle and Summer pleaded with Tobias to share everything he knew about the murders. Seconds before Tobias drew his last breath, he replied, "Austin." The man pretending to be Jack watched Kyle, Summer, and Abby react to Tobias' death. The impostor smiled before walking away.

. . .

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