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Monday, December 5, 2016

At GC Buzz, Mariah became livid when she realized that Hilary had heavily edited an interview with Dylan. In the original clip, Dylan had said that Sharon, dealing with a treatable mental illness, was competent, rational, and stable while under a doctor's care. A video editor had cut Dylan's comment about Sharon's emotional stability. Mariah complained that Hilary had manipulated Dylan's words into a complete lie while at the same time slamming Sharon. Mariah insisted that Hilary undo the edits, but Hilary refused and immediately shared the heavily edited video file.

Mariah flew into a rage, called her boss names, and pushed Hilary. Devon intervened and asked Mariah why she had attacked Hilary. Mariah explained how Hilary had maliciously twisted Dylan's words against Sharon. Hilary claimed that she'd merely made the piece more interesting. Mariah disputed Hilary's claims. Hilary said she was aware that Devon had asked Mariah to keep tabs on the way Hilary produced media content. Devon and Mariah exchanged nervous glances when Hilary added, "Oh, yeah, I know all about that."

Mariah told Devon that "garbage and filth" seemed to be part of Hilary's natural habitat. Devon agreed that Hilary was purposely endeavoring to ruin people's lives. Hilary defended her actions by noting that Dylan had intended to state his case against Nick, which would've prompted Victor to defend a member of the Newman family. Hilary insisted that failing to cover the biggest scandal in Genoa City would cause her to lose credibility.

Devon reminded Hilary that viewers had praised the uplifting story she'd produced at Thanksgiving. Devon said Hilary's stories should help educate and inspire viewers instead of casting a false light on certain individuals. Hilary refused to honor Devon's request and said viewers could decide for themselves after the piece about Dylan aired. Hilary later gloated about viewers' positive response to the altered interview with Dylan. Devon fired Hilary for repeatedly refusing to present fair and unedited interviews.

At the hospital, Dylan and Sharon were waiting for word about Christian's condition when Nick and Chelsea arrived. Nick asked Dylan and Sharon what might have caused Christian to suddenly develop a rash and have difficulty breathing. Dylan asked if the baby had eaten strawberries. Nick, angry, asked why Dylan and Sharon had failed to mention Christian's food allergy. Sharon defended herself and said Christian's doctor hadn't confirmed a food allergy while the child had been in their home. Sharon added that she'd rushed to the hospital after Faith had phoned.

Ben emerged from the treatment room and reported that Christian was stable. Nick entered the treatment room. Nick held Christian while Sharon and Dylan peered through a window outside the room. Christian's babysitter, Leah, apologized to Sharon and Dylan for what had happened to Christian while he'd been in her care. Noting that Leah had colluded with Hilary during an interview for GC Buzz, Dylan warned Leah that she'd need attorneys if she ever leaked anything about his family to the media again.

After Leah left, Sharon complained to Chelsea about being barred from Christian's room. Chelsea explained that Sharon shouldn't pressure Nick because he might summon security to enforce the judge's restraining order. Sharon insisted that she wouldn't leave until she was certain that Christian was okay. A nurse escorted Faith to be with Sharon, Dylan, and Chelsea. Faith, in a panicked state, rushed to her mother.

Faith blamed herself and said she'd noticed some strawberries in a fruit bowl before Christian had grabbed one. Sharon consoled Faith and assured her daughter that no one was to blame. A nurse entered the treatment room to care for Christian, and Nick stepped out into the hallway. Ben returned and announced that Christian's tests indicated no lasting effects from the allergic reaction. Nick, Chelsea, Sharon, and Dylan were relieved to hear the good news.

Nick, Faith, and Chelsea entered the room to visit with Christian, but Ben stopped Sharon and Dylan at the door. Sharon pleaded with Ben to allow her and Dylan to visit Christian to comfort the baby. Ben refused and said he was also looking out for Nick. Inside Christian's room, Faith asked Nick to let Sharon and Dylan visit briefly with Christian. Chelsea calmly explained why Dylan and Sharon weren't allowed to be near Christian. Faith replied, "Because of Daddy, right? Because you asked a judge?" Faith said that Nick could change his mind.

Nick stepped out of Christian's room and invited Sharon and Dylan to visit briefly with Christian. Sharon joyfully caressed the child. Dylan also hugged Christian. Sharon tightly cradled Christian in her arms before handing him over to a nurse. After Sharon and Dylan stepped out, Faith begged to return home with Sharon, and Nick agreed that it was a great idea. Dylan nodded in a friendly manner at Nick before walking away.

At Sharon's ranch house, Faith turned on the television and saw the beginning of Dylan's interview. Sharon was concerned, but Dylan said it was all right for Faith to view the program. In a program teaser, Dylan was heard stating, "My wife has a history of mental illness." The rest of Dylan's statement wasn't aired. Sharon sent Faith out of the room. Faith seemed distressed, but she obeyed her mother and left.

Dylan explained that Hilary had twisted his words because he'd defended Sharon. Sharon replied, "I know you did. Maybe this is a lesson. Maybe what I've done is indefensible in the eyes of the public and the law. You see now? This is why we have to get a divorce." Dylan refused and said he and Sharon would stick together and approach the issue another way. Dylan pulled Sharon close and embraced her.

At Chelsea's penthouse, Kevin had packed several boxes with clothes and accessories from Chloe's closet. When Chloe returned home, she was shocked to learn that Kevin had been inside her closet without her knowledge. Kevin was taken aback by Chloe's anxious behavior. Kevin said he believed Chloe was worried because he might uncover a clue about the identity of Bella's father that Chloe had hidden in the closet. Chloe scoffed at Kevin's claim. Kevin said that perhaps Chloe hadn't really wanted to move in with him.

Chloe admitted that moving in with Kevin was a big step for her. Chloe mentioned her stay at the psychiatric facility when she defended her overt reaction to an invasion of her privacy. Kevin noted that Chloe hadn't talked much about her treatment. Chloe explained that the staff had closely monitored her actions and behavior for a "sign of some violent outbreak." Chloe added that the staff had repeatedly ransacked her room to search for weapons.

Kevin apologized and invited Chloe to discuss her treatment with him at length. Chloe went upstairs and frantically searched through the remaining items in her closet. Chloe located a box onto which was written "party shoes." Chloe pressed the box to her chest and breathed a sigh of relief. After Chloe returned to the living room, she overheard Kevin telling Bella that Chloe was "the best part of everything." Chloe became emotional as she covertly stuffed the shoebox beneath some clothing inside a packing box. Chloe told Kevin she was ready for a new adventure.

Mariah retreated to Chancellor Park and tried to phone Dylan and warn him about the distorted interview with Hilary. Mariah left Dylan a message and instructed him to return her call. While viewers watched the interview, Mariah read dozens of harsh comments viewers posted. One viewer labeled Sharon and Dylan as baby stealers. Another insisted that Sharon and Dylan should be locked up. A judgmental commenter noted that Sharon needed therapy instead of a baby. Mariah, disgusted, closed the lid of her laptop.

Kevin stopped to chat with Mariah. Mariah, troubled, blamed herself for the botched interview. Mariah cried that she couldn't face Dylan and Sharon. Mariah asked Kevin if she could stay in her old room at his house just for the night. Chloe suddenly appeared with two glasses of wine for a celebratory toast. Kevin announced that Chloe had agreed to move in with him. Mariah seemed stunned.

Nick and Chelsea returned to Christian's room. Nick said he'd allowed Sharon and Dylan to visit Christian because the child deserved to know that everyone had rallied for him. Chelsea said, "You're a good dad, Nick." Nick received a text message containing a link to a video.

Nick and Chelsea watched Hilary interviewing Dylan. Dylan said, "Sharon has bipolar disorder." Hilary asked Dylan if he'd stood by Sharon because of her mental illness. Dylan replied, "I could, but I won't." After the video ended, Chelsea said, "That doesn't even sound like Dylan. Why would he talk about Sharon that way?" Nick was baffled by Dylan's statement. Nick said his mind hadn't been changed, so he'd never hand his son over to anyone.

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