Monday, April 14, 2014

In his office at Newman-Chancellor Enterprises, Victor issued strong orders to one of his minions. Angrily, Victor told the person on the other end of the line to ensure that the Cassie imposter got as far from Genoa City as possible. Victor expressed his concern that the imposter might be discovered. Victor issued a menacing directive and told his caller to act on the orders immediately. After Victor hung up the phone, he seemed uneasy.

At Victoria's house, Stitch was disoriented when he awoke thirteen hours after drifting off to sleep on Victoria's sofa. Victoria noted that Stitch had to have been exhausted from his grueling schedule at the hospital. Stitch said, "Some date I was. Of course, it wasn't really a date." Victoria, smiling, replied, "Of course." Stitch told Victoria that he'd enjoy taking her out on a real date soon, but he admitted that he might have lost his touch because he hadn't officially asked anyone out on a date in a long time.

On his cell phone, Stitch called Victoria. Grinning, Victoria answered, and Stitch asked her out. Victoria accepted and smiled at Stitch, who was standing a few feet away. Stitch went to the bathroom to wash up before returning to the hospital. Victor stopped by. He gave Victoria a gift Billy had left on the porch for Johnny. Stitch returned and mentioned the date before he noticed Victor. Victoria braced herself when Victor said, "Well, I'll be damned. I haven't seen a doctor make house calls for a hell of a long time."

Victor was pleasant and told Stitch that he had enjoyed their recent sparring match. After Stitch left, Victor told Victoria that he'd stopped by to see how she was coping without Billy. Victoria said, "Honestly, Dad, I miss him so much I can hardly take it, but I'm finding ways to move on." Victoria asked her father how he was coping with Adam's death. Victor said he didn't wish to discuss the matter. Victoria seemed sympathetic and nodded.

In Chancellor Park, the Cassie imposter sat on a bench. When she heard familiar voices, she turned her head so that her face would be hidden by the hood of her jacket. Sharon and Nick approached. Nick was still bouncing the basketball he and Sharon had used in their friendly free-throw competition. Sharon noted that she'd had fun. Nick said, "It was good, and it feels right." Sharon replied, "We have Cassie's ghost to thank for it."

The Cassie imposter overheard Sharon's conversation with Nick. The young woman listened as Sharon told Nick that having seen Cassie's ghost in a hallucination had ended up being a blessing in disguise. Sharon added that she hadn't felt worthy of being loved and giving love in a very long time. The Cassie imposter rose from her resting spot and attempted to walk away without being seen. Hiding her face with her long curls obscured the Cassie imposter's vision.

The Cassie imposter bumped into Noah and fell to the ground. Noah asked the young woman if she was all right. While keeping her face hidden, the Cassie imposter stood and ran away. Noah's attention was directed toward the sound of a woman giggling. He spotted his mother and father kissing. Sharon and Nick greeted Noah. The couple appeared to be concerned when they realized that Noah had spotted them being intimate, but Noah gave his parents his blessing. Sharon noted that the rest of the family wouldn't be supportive, especially Victor. Nick replied, "I don't want you worrying about it because if we're going to be together, Dad's just going to have to deal with that."

Nick stopped by Victoria's house with a gift for Johnny. Victor announced to Victoria and Nick that Abby had become engaged. Victoria said she knew that Abby planned to marry Tyler. Nick asked Victor if he opposed the union. Victor said he believed that Abby and Tyler were both too young to make a commitment. Victor said he could discern matches that were viable and ones that were not.

Victoria and Nick were taken aback when Victor said, "You're all adults now, so you're free to make any mistake you want." Victor invited Victoria and Nick to a family gathering to celebrate Abby's engagement. Victoria said she'd attend. Nick said he would attend with Sharon as his date. Victor scowled. Nick vehemently defended his relationship with Sharon and said that he wouldn't attend if Sharon weren't welcome.

After Victor left, Victoria, referring to Nick's defense of Sharon, asked, "What was that?" Nick shrugged. Victoria admitted that she had no right to question Nick because she'd taken Billy back numerous times. Nick encouraged Victoria to reconcile with Billy. Victoria said she couldn't go down that road with Billy again. Nick replied, "I've said the same, but life just keeps taking me back."

Stitch was walking through the park when he noticed the Cassie imposter dabbing at a wound on her upper leg. Stitch asked how the young woman had injured herself. The young woman said she'd fallen while running away from nosy strangers. Stitch introduced himself as Dr. Ben Rayburn and told the Cassie imposter to accompany him to the hospital for treatment. The woman protested, but Stitch said the woman should get a tetanus shot.

At the hospital, the Cassie imposter filled out medical forms and identified herself as Jane Doe. Stitch asked the young woman if she was running from the law.

The Cassie imposter didn't elaborate on her circumstances. Stitch stepped out of the exam room to prepare the injection for the young patient and ran into Victor in the hallway. Victor warned that Victoria was at a very vulnerable stage. Stitch assured Victor that he would never take advantage of Victoria's situation. The Cassie imposter stood in the doorway and overheard Victor when he said, "Just remember that I take a person's word very seriously."

Noah accompanied Sharon home, and she thanked her son for remaining by her side during the worst parts of her illness. Noah admitted that it had been difficult to watch his mother carrying on conversations with Cassie. Sharon asked what she had said. Reluctantly, Noah recalled that his mother had said that Nick would never forgive her. Noah said he didn't know what his mother believed Nick would not forgive her for having done.

Sharon, her memories suppressed, admitted that she'd done many acts she regretted and had no idea which she might have been referring to. Before Noah left, Sharon said that she felt good about her renewed relationship with Nick because there was nothing standing in the way of her happiness.

In a staging room set up for the models at the Genoa City Athletic Club, Neil and Hilary's kiss was interrupted when they heard a ruckus. Neil rushed downstairs to investigate. Jack, Kevin, and Lily had already pulled Chloe and Chelsea apart. The women shouted at each other. Kelly rushed to the lounge and noted that the women's angry insults could be heard in the reception room. Kevin physically restrained a combative Chloe. Abby entered from the stairs and exclaimed, "Ooh, cat fight!" Neil arrived from yet another entrance and angrily asked if the two women were out of their minds.

Two people entered through the revolving-door entryway. Chelsea and Chloe, appearing disheveled, were still breathing hard when Neil, visibly embarrassed, introduced their honored guests, Rick and Caroline from Forrester Creations. After everyone was introduced to the visitors, Kelly and Abby accompanied Rick and Caroline to the venue area for the fashion show. Chelsea and Chloe began arguing again, but Jack and Kevin ushered the warring women to separate areas. Lily expressed her angst to Neil, and he noted that quite often something unexpected occurred that changed a planned strategy. Hilary entered the room, and Neil's eyes followed her.

Jack later returned and asked Hilary about clearance documents for the music that would be used for the show. Hilary stammered when she tried to respond and quickly made an excuse to leave the room. Kelly and Abby returned just as Lily learned that Lauren had to bow out as a model. Abby quickly volunteered to replace Lauren. Lily and Kelly left with Abby to select a dress. Abby was giddy about joining the show.

Jack gave Chelsea a glass of water and berated her for picking a fight with her business partner. Chelsea reminded Jack that she'd just signed for her husband's body and wasn't in a happy-go-lucky mood. Jack suggested that Chelsea rest at home, but she noted that the designs were her heart and soul, so she didn't trust placing the show in anyone else's hands. Chloe noticed when Chelsea gave her a dirty look. Across the room, Kevin told Chloe to make peace with Chelsea. He told Chloe to start by remembering what had initially drawn Chloe and Chelsea together.

In the staging room, Rick gave pointers to one of the makeup artists. Chelsea admired a blue dress from Forrester Creations and said she wished she had designed it. Caroline agreed that it would look great on Chelsea. Caroline added that Chelsea's "Bo-ho Chic" designs would also be flattering. Chelsea, referring to their rocky introduction said, "Thank you for saving face. I owe you."

Chloe overheard the remark and continued to eavesdrop when Caroline and Rick took Chelsea aside and offered her a job at Forrester Creations. Chelsea said that she couldn't walk out on Neil and Jack because they'd built Jabot Fashion around her designs. Rick explained that Chelsea's designs could be marketed under a completely separate label.

Caroline explained to Chelsea that she could render a decision after conferring with her partner. Chelsea replied, "Chloe? No! She doesn't have to know." Chloe appeared to be stunned by Chelsea's comment. Chelsea explained to Rick and Caroline that aside from her work for Jabot, she was considered a free agent, and she accepted the offer to design for Forrester Creations.

Chelsea noted that she and Chloe had unresolved issues. Caroline replied, "I can't wait to hear all about them." Rick invited Chelsea to visit Forrester Creations in Los Angeles, where they could discuss the terms of a contract. Chelsea accepted the invitation with a handshake. Incensed, Chloe ran out of the room. Chelsea was unaware that Chloe had overheard her negotiations with Rick and Caroline.

Neil caught up with Hilary in an office and said they should discuss their kiss. Neil explained to Hilary that kissing her had been totally out of character for him. Neil added that he rarely acted on impulse, even in the presence of a beautiful young woman, who was also smart, incisive, and committed. Neil was moving in close to Hilary when Lily called out. When Lily entered the room, she asked, "What the hell are you doing?" Neil said he was to blame for Hilary's tardiness, and he left. Hilary said she was experiencing stage fright. Lily snapped her fingers and said, "Don't disappoint me or my father."

Lily gave Abby a dress zipped up in a garment bag and said she couldn't wait to see Tyler's reaction when Abby made her entrance wearing the dress. Lily asked why Tyler hadn't arrived. Abby explained that Tyler had driven to the airport to pick up the photographer. Lily said she hoped the two would show up on time. Abby assured Lily that Tyler would never miss an opportunity to boss others around. After Abby donned her diaphanous white gown, she phoned and left a message for Tyler. Abby told Tyler to hurry because she had a surprise for him.

Backstage, Chelsea checked the jewelry and accessories. Chloe noted that she'd already readied the pieces for the models. The stage manager, Connie Ross, took Chelsea and Chloe aside and told them that she'd heard about their shenanigans that had taken place earlier. Connie sternly warned that such behavior would not be acceptable. Connie added, "I don't care who the two of you are. I am running this show." Connie pressed her wireless earpiece close to her ear to listen to a cue before stepping away and yelling a command for the models to get set to walk the runway.

Chelsea and Chloe laughed about having been harshly reprimanded by Connie. Chloe apologized to Chelsea. Kevin stood nearby when Chloe admitted that she'd been behaving like a crazy woman. She promised to buckle down and focus on her work. Chloe said she hoped she and Chelsea could be friends again.

Chelsea replied, "I think for now that we should just concentrate on the show." After Chelsea walked away, Kevin approached Chloe, praised her for apologizing, and said that at least the show would run without a hitch. Stoically, Chloe halfheartedly replied, "Yeah, you're right -- no shenanigans."

In the lounge, Summer, Jack, and Kelly checked the schedule of events. Kelly told Jack that she was impressed with Summer's attention to detail when Summer noted that the hors d'oeuvres would be ready on time. Jack quipped that it would be better than serving only bread. Kelly laughed, and Summer said, "Want to let me in on the joke?" Jack explained that he and Kelly had suffered through a disastrous dinner date.

Summer was taken aback and said, "Wait a minute. You took Kelly out to dinner last night?" Jack simply stated that he'd made a mistake and had attempted to make amends by inviting Kelly to dinner. After Kelly was summoned to tackle a problem, Summer mentioned her mother. Jack clasped Summer's hand and agreed that Phyllis should have been a part of the fashion show.

In the staging area, Connie loudly announced that the next round of models would walk the runway in ten minutes. Directing her ire at Jack, Connie said that anyone not directly involved with the show should clear the area. Kelly hooked her arm around Jack's and offered to escort him to his seat. Summer noticed, frowned, and walked quickly away. Connie also shooed away Kevin. Chelsea noticed that the red gown she'd chosen as the highlight of her collection was still enclosed in the garment bag. Chloe took the dress and promised to get it to Esmeralda. After Chelsea walked away, Chloe grabbed a pair of shears and slashed the hem of the dress.

. . .

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