Monday, August 3, 2015

At their hotel suite in Istanbul, Jack told Phyllis that his look-alike impostor had taken his place during their honeymoon. Phyllis was stunned and asked who could've managed to get away with such a ruse. Jack replied, "With the help of a son of a bitch who put this whole thing in motion." Jack explained that Victor believed that a scheme called the Paragon Project was a plan to oust him from the company. Jack added that Victor had mistakenly assumed Jack was behind the effort.

Jack said Victor had struck the first blow, had him kidnapped, and replaced him with a double. Phyllis broke down in tears when Jack told her that the man who'd masqueraded as him for months had switched places while Phyllis had been enjoying the spa. Phyllis said, "He and I? Oh, my God! He looked like you and sounded like you. How did Victor pull you out of that hotel room without me hearing it?" Jack explained that two ruffians dressed like bellmen had used chloroform to snatch him.

Jack told Phyllis that when he'd awakened, he'd discovered that he'd been chained to a bed. Kelly Andrews had been standing guard over him. Phyllis cried, "Dead Kelly?" Jack said that the morgue photo had been a fake. Jack recalled that Kelly had dosed him daily with pills and convinced him that Phyllis had been dead. Phyllis was astounded when Jack explained that Kelly had shown him documentation of Phyllis' death and had hoped he'd move on and accept her as his next wife.

Phyllis reflected for a moment and said she finally understood why Jack hadn't been wearing his wedding band when he'd shown up at the hospital. She added that Jack had tried to tell her about Marco when he'd scribbled the numeral "2" on a notepad. Jack explained that Marco Annicelli was a notorious drug lord who'd had nothing to lose by stepping out of his own life. Appearing fearful, Phyllis said, "Where is he?" Jack said that Marco was dead. Phyllis asked if Jack had killed the man. Jack explained that Victor had shot him before he'd had a chance to.

Phyllis, livid, said, "Again, Victor is in control. He's pulling all the strings and the trigger. Marco may be dead, but Victor isn't -- not yet." Jack explained that the night he'd been shot, Victor had believed Jack had been Marco, who was frequently armed. Phyllis was insistent about turning Victor over to the authorities. Jack remained hesitant and explained that in his haste to return home, he might have murdered Kelly. Phyllis replied, "Good."

Jack told Phyllis that he'd been under the influence of drugs and couldn't recall details. However, when he'd awakened beside Kelly, she'd been fatally stabbed. Phyllis said police would agree that Jack had acted in self-defense because Kelly had been drugging him and holding him against his will. Jack added that to escape the island, he'd stowed away on a cargo ship loaded with cocaine. The ship's captain, Jack explained, had been Marco's archrival, who had beaten him and refused to believe he wasn't Marco Annicelli. Jack broke down when he recalled having lit a fire, resulting in an explosion that had killed others aboard the ship.

Jack explained that Marisa had helped him escape and was still on his side. Phyllis said Jack shouldn't let Victor hold what had happened over his head. Jack warned that they'd have to keep quiet or else Victor would have him put away for life. Phyllis said, "What about me? You are asking me to let Victor get away with this." Jack seemed frustrated because Phyllis was fixated on exacting revenge against Victor.

Phyllis began tossing clothing into her suitcase. Jack pleaded with her to work along with him to even the score with Victor. Phyllis refused and said she didn't blame Jack. She added, "There is one person who needs to answer to me for this, and I'm going to see to it that he does." Jack seemed exasperated as Phyllis continued flinging clothing into a suitcase.

At Chancellor Park, Victor met with Marisa after she summoned him. Marisa explained that Kevin and Mariah had discovered the crashed car at the bottom of Lake Delaney and knew Marco had fled. Victor didn't react to the announcement and calmly fiddled with his cell phone. Marisa cried, "My God! You knew?" Victor glanced at Marisa and winked. Marisa appeared flustered.

Victor asked Marisa why he should care about what had happened to Marco. Marisa reminded Victor that Marco could testify that Victor had schemed to seize Jack's company. She added, "Somehow, I don't think you'd want a potential threat like that on the loose." Marisa grew angrier when she realized that Victor had known for a long time that Marco was still a threat to her safety. She told Victor that members of his family were also in danger. Victor said he'd hired security guards to protect his family.

Kevin peeked around a wall and watched Victor and Marisa. Victor told Marisa that a security guard was also tailing her. Marisa replied, "I see. I'm bait. I've got news for you, Mr. Newman. You're not the only one hunting Marco." Marisa explained that the Genoa City Police Department had joined the search after Kevin and Mariah had tipped them off about what hadn't been found at the crash site. Marisa assured Victor that she hadn't implicated him or revealed that Marco looked exactly like Jack Abbott. Victor threatened Marisa and warned her not to say a word, and he promised she'd be all right if she followed his instructions.

At the police station, Kevin told Detective Harding that he'd seen Marisa and Victor having an intense discussion at the park. Kevin said he hadn't been able to hear what they had been talking about. Kevin was pressuring the detective to question Marisa when she walked in and asked why she'd been summoned. Detective Harding said he needed a physical description of Marco Annicelli. While Marisa worked with a sketch artist, Kevin asked Harding if he planned to ask Marisa about her meeting with Victor. Harding said he first wanted to see the sketch of Marco.

When Harding and Kevin saw the sketch of a bald man with piercing eyes, a broadly flared nose, and a sparse goatee, Kevin said, "So that's Marco Annicelli." Kevin noted that the man's appearance might not stand out in a crowd. Harding quickly produced copies of the sketch to display all over town, hoping someone might locate the wanted man. Kevin said he was concerned about his friends. Harding assured Kevin that his friends would remain safe.

At the Genoa City Athletic Club's rooftop pool, Mariah told Abby and Summer that she and Kevin had told police that Marco hadn't died when his car had plunged into the lake. Noah overhead when Mariah explained that Kevin had searched the lake bottom. Abby asked if Marisa had lied about Marco's fate. Noah joined the ladies and said that Marisa had also been surprised to learn that Marco had survived. The group jumped with fear when the bartender accidentally dropped a heavy object.

Mariah noticed a man wearing dark sunglasses who'd been watching them closely. Noah questioned the man and learned that he was a police officer. After Abby left, Summer asked if Marisa was still on their side. Noah replied, "Without a doubt." Kevin arrived with a copy of the police artist's sketch of Marco. Noah said he hoped Kevin could trust Marisa, knowing that she'd cooperated with police. Kevin said he wanted to know why Marisa had met privately with Victor at Chancellor Park.

After Noah left, Kevin said Noah had seemed shaken up when he'd learned that Marisa had met with Victor. Kevin said he wondered how much Victor knew about the murders and about Marco. Indignant, Summer firmly insisted that her grandfather knew nothing about the murders or about Marco and shouldn't be regarded with suspicion. Mariah said, "Don't say we didn't warn you." Summer rose to leave and said she'd continue to hunt for the real killer. After Summer walked away, Mariah glanced at the police sketch and asked Kevin if he thought it looked like Marco Annicelli. Kevin replied, "Absolutely not."

At the Underground, Billy stopped by and asked Sage if she knew where Chelsea had gone. Billy said he'd received a vague message from Chelsea about needing time away. Sage replied, "You're still concerned about her even though she cheated on you with Gabe?" Billy admitted that he still cared for Chelsea and loved Connor. Sage said that Billy was a great father, even though Connor wasn't his own.

At Newman-Abbott, Ashley feared that Nick's decision to stay at the company might be part of Victor's plan to force Jack out while Jack was visiting Istanbul. Nick said his only goal was to stop the infighting. Ashley said, "There's only one way we're going to make changes around here. Get rid of the cancer at the top!" Ashley stepped out, but she lingered outside the doorway and overheard Victoria when she said, "I know the perfect person to pull this off -- very discreet and doesn't come cheap, but she'll never know what hit her."

Abby arrived after Nick and Victoria left. Ashley told Abby what she'd overheard. Both women believed that they were being targeted. Abby said, "Victoria has made it more than clear that she wants me out as COO." Ashley replied, "Nick and Victoria are being very cagey and very secretive." Victor arrived and assured Ashley and Abby that the Newmans weren't keeping any secrets. Ashley said she'd love to know why Jack had initially claimed to be unarmed when Victor had shot him before later absolving Victor. Victor suggested that Ashley and Phyllis had likely misinterpreted Jack's yes-or-no responses via hand squeezes.

Ashley noted that Victor had for years repeatedly destroyed people's lives. Abby piped up and asked her parents to stop bickering. Victor said that if he and Jack could work together, Ashley should be able to do the same. After Victor left, Ashley told Abby that Victor, still hiding something, was playing them just like he always had. Abby seemed frustrated by her mother's unwavering loathing of Victor.

Abby said she believed her dad still loved and respected Ashley. Ashley noted that she felt no love or respect for Victor and added, "I've seen too much. I know who that man really is." Abby replied, "Just like I know who Ben really is, and he would never do anything like that." Ashley said, "Honey, nobody's perfect -- not even Ben." After Ashley left, Abby seemed troubled by her mother's words.

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Nick and Victoria met with an unidentified man. As the man was leaving, Billy arrived and asked who the man was. Nick glanced at his watch and said he had to leave. After Nick left, Billy asked what Nick was planning. Victoria assured Billy that it wasn't a corporate backdoor maneuver. Billy said he knew a better way to spend the afternoon if Victoria wanted to join him. Victoria smiled.

When Marisa arrived for her shift at the Underground, she was surprised to find no one but Sage. Sage explained that Nick had closed the bar for a private party and had given the staff the night off with pay. Sage told Marisa that a man had called and left her a message. Marisa seemed worried when Sage explained that the caller had refused to provide his name and had said he'd catch up with Marisa sooner or later. Nick arrived just as Marisa quickly exited.

Sage asked Nick about the private party. Nick explained that he'd planned the party for them. Nick lit candles, played music, and danced with Sage, holding her close. Sage said all she'd ever wanted after her parents had died was to feel safe. Sage added that even after Constance had taken her in, she'd still felt like an outsider. Nick said he'd also felt like an outsider.

He joked about having been caught in a bear trap so he could be rescued by a beautiful woman. Nick knelt down on one knee. Sage gasped, and tears welled in her eyes. Nick presented an engagement ring. He said, "Sage Warner, will you do me the honor of becoming my wife?" Sage was taken aback. Nick said that they both had wanted to find a place to belong, so perhaps they belonged with each other. Through tears of joy, Sage said, "Yes!"

At Chancellor Park, Johnny blew bubbles while Billy and Victoria, seated together on a nearby bench, watched. Billy told Victoria that it was nice to see her smiling again. Victoria said relaxation was what she'd needed, and she asked Billy why he'd talked her into spending time with their son at the park. Billy replied, "Guess it's what I needed, too." Victoria smiled contentedly.

In her suite at the Genoa City Athletic Club, Marisa grabbed a hefty candlestick when she heard a knock at her door. When she learned Noah was at the door, she gladly let him inside. Noah said, "Were you expecting someone else?" Marisa replied, "Marco, of course." Noah said, "Or my grandfather, maybe?" Marisa feigned ignorance, but Noah asked if she planned to deny having met with Victor. Marisa sighed and said that Victor had told her to stay away from Noah.

At the Genoa City Athletic Club's bar, Victor was seated next to a member of his security team when Detective Harding dropped off the wanted flyer featuring the sketch of Marco Annicelli. Victor told Harding he hoped police might catch the villain soon. After Harding left, Victor studied the sketch. The security guard glanced at the sketch and said he'd believed Annicelli looked like Jack Abbott. Victor explained that the falsified sketch would allow more time for his security team to catch Marco before police did. Victor noted that he'd handle Marco Annicelli himself after the man was captured.

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• Victor warns Jack that Phyllis will become a target if Marco finds out she knows the truth.