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Monday, April 24, 2017

At the police station, Kevin opened an envelope addressed to him. Inside was a letter from Chloe. Chloe wrote that she missed Kevin and wished she could've told him goodbye. Chloe expressed genuine affection and concern for her jilted lover. Kevin was shocked when he learned that Bella might be his daughter.

At Phyllis' apartment, Billy opened an envelope Chloe had sent to him. Chloe informed Billy that Bella might his daughter. Chloe explained that after Billy had refused to have sex with her, she'd stolen Billy's sperm sample from the hospital. Chloe also wrote that she wanted Bella to live with her biological father. Chloe instructed Billy to do the right thing and find out for sure whether Bella was his.

Phyllis entered the room and asked Billy if he'd opened the package his office had forwarded. Billy didn't immediately respond, as he was reading the last directive from Chloe insisting that he not attempt to find her. Phyllis stayed nearby as Billy phoned the hospital and discovered that a sample he'd supplied when he and Victoria had struggled with fertility issues was missing. The hospital, Billy told Phyllis, couldn't confirm how long the sample had been missing, but Billy said he was certain it had been there at the time of Delia's death.

Phyllis suggested that Chloe yearned for someone she trusted to raise Bella. Phyllis added that Chloe likely hoped that convincing Billy they shared a child together might force him to lobby for a lighter sentence when Chloe faced a trial. Billy headed out the door and said, "I've got to find out what's going on. Leave it to Chloe to mess up my life again. I've got to know the truth before I can think about the future."

At the Newman ranch house, Nick stopped by with Christian. Nick had hoped Nikki might look after Christian. Tessa greeted Nick and explained that Nikki was away, meeting with potential charity donors. Nick explained that his nanny was unavailable. Tessa volunteered to watch Christian. Tessa assured Nick she could handle the task because she'd been raised in a home with several siblings. Nick agreed to let Tessa watch Christian after ensuring that Nikki's trusted housekeeper, Bonnie, was on duty. After Nick later returned to pick up his son, Tessa offered to help with Christian in the future. Nick seemed to have built trust with Tessa.

Nick stopped by Paul's office and apologized for being late. Paul said that Kevin had just left. Nick seemed sympathetic to Kevin's sorrows and noted that the evidence against Chloe had been stacking up. Paul asked Nick if he'd recorded Chloe's confession. Nick said he hadn't and admitted he wasn't sure that Chloe had been with Adam at the cabin the night he'd died. Nick explained that Chelsea had found Adam's wedding ring, which had obviously been removed before the cabin had blown up.

Nick gave Paul the backpack Chloe had discarded in a Dumpster. Paul examined the dart gun and dart and suggested Chloe might have used the untraceable weapon to poison Adam. Nick asked if the items recovered from the Dumpster, Adam's wedding ring, the cellphone records, and Chloe's confession to Chelsea could help convict Chloe. Paul expressed doubt and said that all evidence was either circumstantial or unsubstantiated by witnesses.

Nick seemed downcast when Paul explained there was very little he could do. Paul noted that either the police or Victor's investigators had to first capture Chloe, so she could be questioned. Paul said, "How is your father handling all this?" Nick said he didn't know because his father had left town. Nick requested that Paul diligently search for Chloe. Paul assured Nick he would.

At Michael and Lauren's apartment, Scott asked Michael for legal advice. Speaking in general terms, Scott inquired about the consequences of backing out of an informal contract with another party. Michael asked Scott to elaborate. Scott explained that he'd had second thoughts about his agreement with the other party based on a moral obligation. Scott asked what might happen if he broke his promises. Michael replied, "Well, the law really has very little to do with morality."

Michael explained that it would be up to Scott to evaluate the impact on the other party. Michael warned that he'd had a lifetime of experience dealing with Victor Newman. Michael wisely advised that those who crossed Victor usually regretted it. Scott pointed out that he hadn't mentioned Victor. Michael said he'd immediately realized Scott had been referring to his deal to write Victor's biography. Scott admitted that Nikki had offered him a sizable sum to walk away from Victor's book deal because she wanted to protect Victor.

Scott told Michael he thought there was more Nikki hadn't shared with him about Victor. Michael replied, "What else?" Scott, noting that Nikki had reached out to him after Victor had left town, feared he might be interfering in a matter involving the married couple. Scott explained that he'd returned the check but couldn't shake the belief that Nikki was keeping something secret. Scott, referring to his sudden and complicated entanglements, said he was enjoying getting to know people in town and even hoped to form a relationship with someone. Michael was happy to hear Scott talk about settling down.

Kevin stopped by Michael's apartment, clutching his letter from Chloe, and asked to speak alone with Michael. Pacing nervously, Kevin asked if Chloe could've switched his DNA with someone else's. Michael said that with Chloe, anything was possible. Kevin said he would schedule a paternity test as soon as possible. Kevin cried that he was uncertain if he should tell Paul about Chloe's letter. Kevin expressed concern that Chloe would spend the rest of her life locked up. Michael noted that Kevin worked for the police department, so he would wind up behind bars, too, if he didn't turn over the evidence.

After Michael and Kevin left, Scott was alone when Christine stopped by Michael and Lauren's apartment. Scott, referring to an earlier conversation, said he knew Special Agent Maxwell might attempt to lure him back. Scott added, "I didn't know he would send you. You got your answer. There's the door." Christine explained that Scott could help many if he'd take on the case. Scott recalled that he'd been told the same thing every time he'd accepted a mission. Christine pointed out that Scott would be working with her, and she promised not to let him down as previous handlers had. Scott rhetorically asked if it would make a difference because Christine was his aunt. Scott faced Christine and firmly said, "My answer's still no."

Michael accompanied Kevin to Paul's office. Paul studied Chloe's letter and the envelope. Kevin said he'd already given the police department's lab samples of his DNA and Bella's. Paul said Kevin would have the results soon. Kevin said he still loved Chloe. After Paul noticed that the letter had originated from Malta, he said, "Which makes me wonder how a woman presumably with nothing more than the wedding dress that she had on made it that far without being spotted?" Michael suggested that Chloe had used a fake passport.

Billy arrived with his letter from Chloe and said he'd learned he might be Bella's father. Paul stepped out, and Michael kept Billy and Kevin company while the two men waited for the lab to determine the DNA results. Paul returned and said the sender had paid cash for the package deliveries. Billy noted that his letter had originated in the Cayman Islands. Paul explained that Chloe had left behind false clues. Kevin seemed disheartened. Billy grew angrier.

Paul asked Kevin to recall what Chloe might have said about Bella's father. Kevin said Chloe claimed that Bella's father had been a one-night stand. Billy was livid that there could be yet another man who'd received a letter from Chloe. Billy and Kevin argued about Chloe after Billy expressed anger and resentment. Kevin told Billy to leave, but Billy refused to leave until he learned the results of the DNA test.

Outside a building in a warehouse district, Abby met with her Realtor, Farrah. Abby impatiently inquired about a contractor to carry out a hasty renovation. Farrah, attempting to calm Abby's uneasiness, explained that the first contractor was unavailable. Farrah, noting she was aware of Abby's need to whip the property into shape quickly, said she already had another contractor lined up. Abby's anxiety intensified, and she cried that the work had to begin immediately.

Abby's attention was suddenly directed to her phone. Ashley's name was displayed on the screen, but Abby ignored the call. Abby admitted to Farrah that perhaps she was moving too fast. Farrah asked when Abby would prefer to meet with a contractor. Abby took a deep breath and said, "Right away. Set it up." After Abby walked away, Farrah shook her head in dismay.

In Jack's office at Jabot, Jack greeted Ashley. Ashley gave Jack a trinket souvenir from New York and informed Jack that Traci was planning a visit to Genoa City soon. Jack congratulated Ashley on the impressive number of orders from vendors. Ashley explained that during the trade conference, she'd discovered a new skin product she hoped to secure the rights to, so she could immediately begin testing it. Jack told Ashley that while she'd been away, he'd learned intriguing information. Ashley was shocked to learn that Victor had mysteriously left town and named Abby as the acting CEO of Newman Enterprises. Jack said he'd detected "trouble in Newmanville," given that Abby, Nikki, and Nick had no idea when where Victor had gone or when he might return.

Ashley said Newman Enterprises wasn't her concern. Jack immediately switched gears, too, after Ashley said she had work to do in her lab. Jack noted that Ashley would need space for her lab. Ashley suggested employing a Realtor to search for the right location. Ashley added that she enjoyed working alongside Jack when he wasn't obsessed with his vendetta with Victor.

In the lobby at Jabot, Ravi approached Phyllis. Ravi told Phyllis that he and Ashley had yielded much success at the trade conference in New York. Phyllis asked about Ravi's date with Ashley. Ravi initially denied that his evening enjoying an opera performance with Ashley had been a date. Ravi happily reported that they'd had fun. Phyllis took credit for having guided Ravi on his wardrobe style. Ravi offered to assist Phyllis on the dating scene. Phyllis explained that she didn't enjoy random dating and preferred to enjoy the company of those familiar to her already. Abby approached and asked if they'd seen Ashley. Ravi directed Abby to Jack's office.

After Abby stepped into the office, Ravi told Phyllis about his run-in with Benjamin Hochman during the conference. Phyllis was impressed that Ravi had boldly confronted the powerful businessman on Ashley's behalf. Ravi said he only cared what Ashley thought about him. Phyllis asked Ravi if he discerned close similarities between her and Ashley. Ravi noted that there were some. Phyllis hinted that she'd become involved with someone and had never been happier. Ravi encouraged Phyllis to emulate Ashley and just enjoy it.

Abby entered Jack's office to greet Ashley and said she'd received her mother's message. Jack had stepped out, so mother and daughter were alone together. Ashley asked why Abby hadn't shared the news of her promotion at Newman Enterprises. Abby said Victor's decision to appoint her as acting CEO had been sudden. Ashley noted that though Abby had been loyal to Victor, he hadn't deserved it. Abby irately threw her handbag on a chair and said, "Why is everyone so negative about Dad? He believes in me, and I don't want to do anything to betray his trust."

Abby couldn't hide her uneasiness and admitted she'd enjoyed announcing to Victoria that Victor had chosen her to run Newman Enterprises. Abby said she feared there was a particular reason Victor had placed her in charge. Abby mentioned the "tech incubator" idea Victoria had shot down and recalled that even Victor had denied even modest expenditures. Abby seemed haunted by Victor's sudden about-face after he'd placed her in charge before he'd abruptly left town. Ashley remembered an earlier conversation about Abby's tech incubator idea and clarified that she hadn't meant for Abby to hide projects from Victor. Abby panicked and said Victoria's critical insight might've been correct. Abby, worried she'd become entangled in an unsolvable problem, abruptly left.

Outside the warehouse Abby had purchased, Jack told Farrah the space would be suitable for his needs. Farrah explained that it wasn't for sale. Jack pressured Farrah to tell him the owner's name, but she refused. After Farrah stepped aside to take a phone call, she announced to Jack that the new owner wanted to sell. Jack had stepped back inside the warehouse when Abby returned and told Farrah she hoped to sign a contract to put the warehouse back on the market. Abby apologized for having been overly anxious and terse. Farrah explained that she already had a buyer. Just as Abby inquired about the buyer, Jack stepped outside.

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