Monday, February 1, 2016

At the hospital, Victoria snapped a group photo of Phyllis and Jack with Billy after he agreed to return to Jabot. Billy said it would mark the first time he'd be an equal partner in his family's company. Jack said Phyllis had convinced him to reach out to Billy after Abby had decided to work with Ashley and Dr. Neville. Billy was ready to walk out of the hospital immediately when Victoria informed him that he would soon be released. Victoria told Billy that she, too, would be returning to work because her father had placed her in charge of the "Internet security deal" that Billy had once hoped to be part of.

Jack became outraged by Victoria's announcement. Jack said he couldn't believe Victor couldn't bother to manage the security project himself after having fought so hard to win it. Phyllis suggested that Victor's aim was to cause tension between Victoria and Billy. Victoria insisted that she and Billy were stronger than ever. Phyllis put Johnny's toy car into Billy's hand and told him not to forget it. Billy tightened his grip on the little red car and seemed grateful for his family.

After Phyllis and Jack stepped out, Jack thanked Phyllis for having encouraged him to rehire Billy. Phyllis embraced Jack and seemed relieved. Jack again complained that Victor had managed to steal Billy's project. Phyllis told Jack to let it go. Jack said he wished he could. Jack's face reddened with anger as he considered his brother's loss to Victor.

At Adam and Chelsea's penthouse, Chelsea questioned Adam. She noted that Adam had fulfilled all the requirements of his parole, so Victor could no longer use the threat of a prison sentence as blackmail. Adam insisted that he had no secrets, so Victor had nothing to use as blackmail. Chelsea said Adam could break "the stupid Newman curse" if he'd just tell her the truth. Adam claimed he wanted to be at Newman Enterprises. Chelsea begged Adam to be truthful, but a knock at the door interrupted Chelsea and Adam's conversation.

Chelsea opened the door. Nick entered, approached Adam, and said, "We need to talk about Sage. Let's just get everything out in the open." Adam said that Sage didn't belong in a mental institution under Dr. Anderson's care. Nick explained that he'd signed the commitment papers, so Dr. Leon Karshmer could evaluate Sage's mental health. Nick added that both Dylan and Sharon believed that Dr. Anderson should be credited with helping them reunite as a family.

Nick and Chelsea both asked Adam if Sage had sought his help. Adam said Sage had asked him to back off because she knew that Nick loved and cared for her and wanted what was best for her. Nick reminded Adam that Adam's marriage to Sage had been an act, so he had no right to meddle. Adam reminded Nick that Sage was grieving and needed support. The men began shouting, and Chelsea asked them not to disturb Connor. Jack phoned Adam and asked to meet with him. Adam apologized to Chelsea for ruining their plans for the evening.

After Adam left, Nick admitted to Chelsea that he'd gone too far in hopes of helping Sage. Nick said he feared he might have put Sage in danger. Chelsea said that if Sage needed intense psychiatric care, then Fairview Psychiatric Hospital was the best place for her to seek treatment. Nick apologized for his behavior. Nick noticed that Chelsea seemed distraught.

Nick encouraged Chelsea to share what was bothering her. Chelsea said that Newman men, referring to Victor and Adam, always seemed to focus on secrets and shady business deals. Chelsea said Nick was missing that gene. Nick said he thought Adam had given up keeping secrets. Chelsea said she'd thought so, too, but when a relationship involved Victor, there was always a price to pay for his love and support.

In a hospital exam room, Dr. Karshmer, a psychologist, asked Sage how she felt about Dr. Anderson. Sage said that Dr. Anderson had made her feel violated. Sage explained that Dr. Anderson wanted Nick for herself. Sage said she'd concluded that Dr. Anderson was evil after she'd convinced Nick to have her committed for a psychiatric evaluation. Dr. Karshmer asked Sage how she felt about Nick. In a flashback, Sage recalled Nick changing his mind about her plan to enter the hospital in hopes of uncovering whatever it was that Dr. Anderson was hiding.

Sage collected her thoughts and told Dr. Karshmer that she'd fallen in love with Nick because he was a wonderful father. The doctor said, "You mean the kids he has with other women?" Sage sarcastically replied, "Thank you! You took the words right out of my mouth, Dr. Karshmer. Something that I'll never share with Nick. Never." Dr. Anderson entered the room just as Dr. Karshmer asked Sage if she blamed Nick for the loss of her child. Glaring at Dr. Anderson, Sage replied, "Yes."

Sage told Dr. Karshmer and Dr. Anderson that she didn't believe Nick had ever really loved her, though the arrival of Christian had obligated Nick to remain committed. After the baby had died, Sage explained, she believed that Nick had finally felt free. Sage, pointing at Dr. Anderson, claimed that the doctor had pretended to help them cope with grief over Christian's death, though all the doctor had really wanted was Nick. Dr. Shelby entered the room and asked to speak to Dr. Anderson outside the room. Sage insisted that Dr. Shelby share his findings with her, too. Dr. Shelby explained that other factors might have caused Sage's erratic behavior.

Sage protested when Dr. Shelby said he would rescind the commitment pending additional tests. Dr. Anderson stood by her diagnosis. Sage told Dr. Shelby she hated Dr. Anderson for trying to seduce Nick and for helping Sharon have a baby. Sage cried that she needed help because all she could think about was her loss, which made her feel guilty and alone. Dr. Shelby asked to speak Sage alone, so the other two doctors stepped out.

Dr. Shelby calmly asked Sage to tell him what was really going on. Sage pretended not to know what Dr. Shelby meant, but he explained that being a surgeon had given him a different perspective his colleagues hadn't considered. Sage asked Dr. Shelby to enlighten her. Dr. Shelby said Sage's outburst had been nothing more than a performance because he'd seen no signs indicating psychosis. Sage admitted that Dr. Shelby was correct. Sage leaned in close and said she was convinced that Nick was having an affair with Dr. Anderson. Sage lowered her voice and looked wild-eyed as she explained that she'd set a trap and would prove she'd been right all along about the affair between Nick and Dr. Anderson.

Nick arrived at Genoa City Memorial and found Dr. Anderson in the hallway outside Sage's exam room. Nick was surprised to learn that Dr. Shelby wasn't in agreement with Dr. Anderson and Dr. Karshmer regarding the status of Sage's mental health. Nick questioned Dr. Shelby when he stepped out of Sage's room. Dr. Shelby explained that he'd initially believed Sage might be suffering from a physical condition that had altered her mental state, but after talking to her, he'd concluded that Sage needed treatment at Fairview. After Dr. Shelby walked away, Nick requested that Sage's transfer be delayed, but Dr. Anderson explained that with three physicians agreeing to the treatment, Sage would be transferred immediately.

Nick visited with Sage and told her she'd convinced three doctors that she was mentally ill. Nick told Sage that Adam was understandably concerned. Nick said he feared that he and Sage might never uncover Dr. Anderson's motives, so the plan wasn't worth the risks. Sage explained that she felt compelled to prove that Dr. Anderson wasn't fit to treat patients. Sage said she hoped that the twisted Dr. Anderson would be declared unfit and would soon be out of their lives forever.

Sage was touched when Nick warned her not to trust anyone or take any medications administered to her. Nick recalled that Dr. Anderson hadn't allowed anyone to visit Sharon, so Sage might be on her own. Sage assured Nick that she'd be okay. Nick said he didn't know what he'd do without her. When Dr. Anderson entered Sage's room, Sage pretended to be aloof and angry at Nick. Sage said she was ready to be transferred, and she walked past Nick without making eye contact.

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Adam arrived to meet with Phyllis and Jack, who was serving Champagne. Adam asked what they were celebrating. Phyllis announced that Billy had been released from the hospital. Jack raised his glass of sparkling water, and the trio toasted Billy and Victoria. Jack said he was aware that Victor had left Adam in charge. Jack and Phyllis asked Adam to do the right thing and sell the Internet security idea back to Billy.

Adam told Jack and Phyllis that he couldn't deal behind his father's back and sell an asset Newman Enterprises had just acquired. Jack recalled that when Billy had been at death's door, Victor had swooped in and taken away something that had belonged to Billy and Kevin. Adam reminded Jack that he'd turned Billy down when he'd asked for help to acquire the idea. Adam said he wouldn't undercut his father to clear Jack's conscience, so Jack would have to find another way to start over.

After Adam left, Jack was angrier than ever. Phyllis suggested that there were other ways to help Billy. Jack asked for details. Phyllis kissed Jack and suggested they table the business talk. Jack invited Phyllis upstairs. After Jack and Phyllis entered their suite, she undressed him, and the couple made love.

At Victoria and Billy's house, Victoria escorted Billy inside and insisted he rest after his tiring journey. Billy placed his hands on familiar objects and said he felt like he was in a dream. Victoria told Billy that everything he was experiencing was as real as their reconciliation. Victoria welcomed Billy home with a kiss. Johnny ran to greet his dad. Billy returned the toy car and told Johnny that the car had helped him return home.

Victoria recalled how Billy had recited Katie's first word, even though he hadn't been present when the baby had uttered it. Billy replied, "It baffles me still, but I know as much as I know anything that I heard it." After Victoria helped Billy upstairs, she feared she might hurt him when she leaned in for a kiss. Billy grimaced and removed the toy car from his pocket. Billy and Victoria resumed kissing and later enjoyed making love.

Adam was working late in Victor's office at Newman Towers when Chelsea arrived with coffee. Chelsea began questioning Adam again about the leverage Victor was using against him. Adam claimed that the only leverage affecting his life was his family. Adam said he was tired of running and had finally learned to accept himself and didn't want to change. Chelsea said she realized she'd been wrong to ask him to change. Chelsea told Adam that she trusted him and would no longer compel him to be something he wasn't because she never wanted to lose him again.

Adam began kissing Chelsea and removed her blouse. He shoved everything off Victor's desk and hoisted Chelsea onto it. While Adam was kissing Chelsea's neck, she glanced at Victor's portrait and saw Victor's face morph into Adam's. Chelsea gasped in horror, and Adam asked what was wrong. Chelsea said nothing was wrong, and she continued to make love with Adam.

. . .

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