Monday, May 2, 2016

Chelsea called Sharon and asked to push their meeting back, and she said she would call Sage to let her know. Sharon realized that Chelsea hadn't heard, and she explained that Sage had been in a horrible car accident. Chelsea was stunned when Sharon informed her that Sage was dead, and Sharon relayed that Sage had been by herself when she'd driven off the road. As Chelsea hung up, Adam descended the penthouse stairs and joked that he'd have to give the ladies a lecture on punctuality. He observed that Chelsea was clearly upset, and she passed along the news about Sage's death.

Adam recalled that Sage had saved him by giving him back his life, and Chelsea added that Sage had given Adam back to her and Connor. Adam reflected back on the months he'd been confined to a bed, and Sage had nursed him back to health. He bemoaned that Sage had lost her parents, Constance, Gabriel, and a child, but Chelsea pointed out that Sage had risen above the loss. Chelsea encouraged Adam to remember that he had been a good friend to Sage, but he questioned whether he really had been, since he'd kept Christian's true paternity a secret.

Chelsea reasoned that Sage had wanted the baby to be Nick's, so Adam had given Sage a gift by letting her believe that Christian had been Nick's son. Adam couldn't believe Sage was gone, and they heard Connor gurgle over the baby monitor. Chelsea went upstairs to tend to the boy, and Adam looked at his phone and discovered a voicemail from Sage.

At the cottage, Sharon told Sully to remember his mother's final words, since he would have a beautiful life and would be protected. Dylan overheard the end of her statement and added that it was a promise, and he asked how she was holding up. Sharon revealed that she'd been close to waking up Sully during the night because she'd wanted to feel his head on her chest, and Dylan considered Sully to be a reminder that there was good in the world. Sharon remarked that life could play cruel tricks, and Faith ran downstairs and asked why Sharon was crying. Sharon and Dylan exchanged a knowing glance.

Sharon gently explained to Faith that it was hard to understand, but there had been an accident the night before. Sharon faltered, and Dylan continued that Sage had lost control of her car and passed away. Tears began to stream down Faith's face as the girl realized that she'd never see Sage again, and Dylan assured her that even though Sage wasn't there with them, the love they shared would never disappear because it would live on forever. Faith said she just had to think of Sage to feel it, and Dylan stated that Sage had been really blessed to know Faith, since Faith had given her something she'd always wanted -- to be a mom.

Sharon struggled with her emotions, and Dylan stressed that they'd be there for Faith if she had any questions. Sharon suggested that they talk or play a game, but Faith desperately wanted to see her daddy. Dylan said he had to go to work, and Sharon lamented that the sitter had canceled. Dylan encouraged Sharon to take Sully with her to visit Nick, since one smile from either of the children might be exactly what Nick needed right then. Sharon hid her discomfort.

Summer and Luca arrived at Newman, and she suggested that he let her do the talking, since she knew her dad better than he did. She wondered if she was being bossy, and Luca replied that he deeply admired the quality of boldness in a woman. They entered Victoria's office and found Noah on the phone, and Noah hung up and said he needed to talk to Summer. She expected Noah to attack Luca, and she asserted that they had a meeting scheduled with Victoria. Noah revealed that Victoria was with Nick, and he stammered that Sage had been in a car accident and hadn't made it.

Summer said she and Noah needed to be with their father, and she asked if Noah had driven there, but Marisa had dropped him off. Luca handed over his keys and urged them to take his vehicle, and Summer hugged him goodbye and left with Noah. Luca crept into Victoria's office and looked up at Victor's portrait. Luca commented that tragedy had cursed the Newman family once again, and things were falling apart without Victor, but that was exactly what Victor wanted.

At Nick's penthouse, Nick picked up photo of him and Sage, and he ignored a knock at the door. Victoria entered and softly said she was sorry, and he tearfully replied that his wife couldn't be gone. They embraced. Summer and Noah arrived, and they rattled off suggestions about how they could help. Nick insisted on being alone, and he asked his family to respect his wishes. Faith yelled for her daddy and ran into Nick's arms, and Nick caught Sharon's eye and nodded approvingly.

Victoria, Noah, and Summer quietly ducked out. Faith asked if Nick was okay, and he replied that he was really sad because he would miss Sage a lot. Faith tenderly stated that Sage wouldn't be completely gone because her love for them was still there, and she anticipated keeping a place in her heart for Sage right next to her spot for Christian. Nick murmured that Christian was lucky to be in heaven, tucked inside Sage's arms, since she'd keep him safe forever and ever. A guilty Sharon looked down at Sully.

Faith imagined Sage and Christian together in heaven, but she worried that Christian wanted his daddy with him, too. Nick swore that Faith was stuck with him and her mommy for a long time, and Sharon echoed the sentiment. Nick vowed that no one would keep them from their kids, and he and Faith shared a "pinky promise." Nick and Faith exchanged declarations of love, and the girl went upstairs to read.

Sharon apologetically told Nick that Faith had needed to see him, and he thanked her for doing all the heavy lifting by telling their daughter about Sage's death. Nick asked if Sage had said anything when Sharon had found her, and Sharon flashed back to Sage begging her to promise to tell Nick the truth about Christian. Nick pressed to know Sage's last words, and Sharon fibbed that Sage had barely been conscious, so she wasn't sure if Sage had even known that she'd been there. Nick explained that he was trying to find something to hold onto, since he didn't understand why the accident had happened.

Sharon remarked that sometimes things just didn't make sense, and she offered to get Nick some tea or a drink. Nick inquired why Sharon hadn't called him right after she'd called 9-1-1, and she claimed that she'd been a wreck after witnessing Sage's death. Sharon added that her only thought had been to protect Sully, and Nick gazed down at the baby and marveled that the tot kept getting cuter and cuter. Sharon prepared to take Sully home, and Nick asked if she minded if Faith stayed. Sharon agreed, and Nick told her to keep Sully safe. "Always," Sharon replied.

Victoria, Noah, and Summer returned to Newman, and Victoria was livid when she found Luca in her office. Summer reminded Victoria that they'd had a meeting scheduled that morning to discuss Luca offering his services to the company, so Summer had told him to wait there. Luca pledged to make Newman stronger than ever, but Noah asserted that his aunt had it under control. Luca insisted that he just wanted to help, but Noah flatly told him goodbye. Summer whined that they weren't giving Luca a chance, but Noah questioned Summer's timing to push Luca on them right after Nick had lost his wife.

Summer apologized, and Luca said he understood. After Luca departed, Summer declared that she was with Luca, and she demanded that her family start treating him with respect. Summer contended that the company needed someone who could anticipate shady dealings, and she insinuated that they wouldn't have lost Brash & Sassy if Luca had been on board. Victoria huffed that Luca would have walked off with the division himself, and she maintained that he couldn't be trusted.

Victoria suggested that Summer ask Adam about how Luca had gotten him fired from his new job, but Summer argued that they had no proof. Summer conceded that Luca hadn't been the most loyal or honest guy, but she chalked it up to how he'd been raised. Victoria thought it was more reason to expect Luca to stab them in the back again, but Summer questioned why Victoria thought she was above Luca when Victoria had tried to bribe him out of Summer's life. Summer barked that Victoria owed both Summer and Luca, and she stormed out.

Victoria prepared to arrange a memorial service, and she asked if Noah knew what kind of flowers Sage had liked. Noah suggested that she ask Nick, but Victoria didn't want to bother her brother with details. Noah queried whether she'd really bribed Luca, and she admitted that it hadn't been one of her finest moments, but she thought it showed how badly she wanted Luca away from Summer and the company. She urged Noah to step up while Nick took time to grieve, and Noah agreed to do whatever he could to help. He wanted to check on his dad, and he reiterated his earlier statement that she had everything under control.

Victoria read an online article about the business world's loss of confidence in Newman, since people doubted that she had what it took. She angrily hurled an object at Victor's portrait. Later, Victoria returned to the bar and ordered tequila. She put a coin in the jukebox and selected her desired track from memory, and she sipped her drink at the bar.

Noah returned to see Nick, and he acknowledged that he hadn't listened to Nick's request to be alone. Noah relayed Victoria's plan to take care of the funeral, so Nick didn't have to worry about anything. Noah recommended that Nick lie down and rest, but Nick said he couldn't close his eyes without replaying his last conversation with Sage over and over again. Nick disclosed that they'd talked about their family and future, and he sobbed that he'd loved her "so much."

Nick requested that Noah watch Faith until he got back, and he walked out. Faith ran downstairs and discovered that Nick had left, and she inquired whether Noah thought Nick would be okay. Noah proclaimed that their dad was a Newman, and they had a strong family that joined together when things went wrong. Faith innocently questioned why they hadn't banded together for their grandpa, and Noah responded with a hug.

At the Athletic Club, Summer informed Luca that she'd ripped into Noah and Victoria, and Luca teased that the corporate world had better watch out. Summer doubted that she'd stick around Newman, but he thought her family would be foolish not to recognize her talent. Summer clarified that she might leave by choice, but Luca insisted that she stay and take her rightful place in her family's business if that was what she wanted. She recalled that she'd liked the idea of working there when she'd taken the job, and he refused to be the reason she gave up on her dream. Luca advised her to prove herself to her family by staying and rising through the ranks with his tutelage, and he imagined that she would be the one calling the shots by the time Victor got out of prison.

Paul examined photos of the accident site, and an officer dropped off an evidence bag with a cell phone inside. Later, Dylan arrived at the police station, eager to focus on work. He asked Paul if there had been any leads about what had caused Sage's accident, and Paul replied that there hadn't been until Sage's phone had landed on his desk. Dylan surmised that Sage had been texting or talking when she'd crashed, and Paul confirmed that she'd initiated an outgoing call minutes before Sharon had dialed 9-1-1. Dylan hesitated to inform Nick about the call if Sage had tried to call her husband, but Paul reported that the last call Sage had made had been to Adam.

Dylan mentioned that Sharon had broken the news about Sage to Chelsea that morning, but Chelsea hadn't said anything about Sage's call to Adam. Paul inquired about how Sharon was doing, since she'd been shaken up the night before, and Dylan responded that she'd calmed down and given him more answers overnight. Dylan reported that Sage had been driving after she'd left a business meeting at the cottage, and Paul wondered if that bothered Dylan. Dylan said no, but he wanted to talk to Adam about the call, since knowing all the facts might give Nick some peace.

Chelsea returned downstairs, where Adam was staring at his phone. She guessed that he was thinking of ways he could have helped Sage, but she pointed out that he couldn't possibly have been there to save her. There was a knock at the door, and Chelsea invited Dylan in. Dylan announced that he was there to see Adam, since Dylan was investigating Sage's accident. Chelsea swore that she and Adam didn't have any answers, but Dylan wondered why Sage had called Adam right before she'd crashed her car.

Adam said he'd never spoken to Sage, and her call had gone straight to voicemail. Adam claimed that Sage had been trying to find Chelsea for something work-related, but Sage hadn't sounded upset, and it had slipped his mind to give Chelsea the message. Dylan asked to listen to the voicemail, but Adam said he'd deleted it. Chelsea regretted that they didn't have the answers Dylan was looking for, and Dylan recognized that the situation hadn't been easy for anyone. Chelsea walked Dylan out.

Chelsea returned inside and noted that it was unlike Adam to forget to give her a message, and he admitted that he hadn't forgotten. He revealed that Sage had sounded terrible in the voicemail, and she'd been desperate to talk to him. Chelsea inquired why Adam had lied to Dylan, and Adam revealed that he'd just heard the voicemail seconds before Dylan's arrival. Chelsea guessed that Adam hadn't deleted it, and she asked him to play it for her. Adam obliged, and they listened to Sage tearfully say that she needed to see him about Christian.

Sharon returned home, and she jumped when there was a knock at the door. Paul said he had a few follow-up questions for her, and she informed him that she'd already told Dylan everything. Paul mentioned that Sage had been at the cottage prior to the accident, and he wondered why Sharon had neglected to tell him about it the prior evening. Sharon claimed that she hadn't thought it had been important to mention that Sage had just been at her home, since they'd often met at one another's homes for work.

Paul noted that Sharon had left almost immediately after Sage had departed, and Sharon nervously explained that she'd gone out to get snacks for their trip. She rambled on about having to cancel the vacation, and Paul said it would help him to know Sage's state of mind when she'd left. Sharon swore that she and Sage had only engaged in standard shop talk, and Paul inquired whether there was anything out of the ordinary in Sage's mood or behavior. Paul pushed Sharon to think, and she snapped that she was thinking. Dylan returned and asked what was going on.

Nick visited the scene of the car crash, and the wrecked car was still there. A crying Nick sat down on the ground and flashed back to inviting Sage to work with him, insisting that it would be strictly business, but they had soon become amorous. Nick remembered proposing to her and sharing their first dance as a bride and groom. Nick picked up a piece of metal from the debris and screamed in despair as he trashed what was left of the vehicle.

. . .

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