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Billy expresses concern for Victoria
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Monday, August 14, 2017

At Chelsea's penthouse, Jordan stopped by to announce that Victor had hired him to snap photos of the staff at Newman Enterprises. Jordan asked for pointers on dealing with Victor. Chelsea told Jordan to just be himself. Jordan asked about Nick, noting that he was a Newman, too. Chelsea said that though she and Nick were involved in a relationship, they still retained their independence. Chelsea insisted that retaining independence had strengthened her relationship with Nick, and Nick seemed to feel the same way. Jordan didn't respond when Chelsea asked if he agreed with her.

At Newman Enterprises, Abby didn't immediately recognize the clean-shaven Scott. Abby excitedly announced that the launch of the "Design Date" app had performed better than expected. Abby couldn't resist taking a jab and noted that Victor had misguidedly placed his trust in Scott by assigning him to an executive position. Scott told Abby that he'd shaved his facial hair to please Sharon, not Victor. Scott asked about Zack, but Abby said her relationship wasn't any of Scott's business. Jordan arrived, and Abby introduced him to Scott. The two men seemed at ease with each other.

At the tack house on the Newman property, Nick was stunned to discover that Victor had hired a team of movers to pack up his son's belongings. After Nick noted that he'd not been given prior notice to find another place to live, Victor reminded Nick that he'd been told he was no longer considered part of the family. Victor added that Nick's residency on the family property would end that very day. Nick asked about Faith and explained that the youngster's room had just been redecorated. Victor said Nick could pick up Faith's and Christian's things at the main house.

Victor advised Nick not to force Faith to make a choice between her father and grandfather. Victor placed blame on Nick for being a self-involved, selfish, ungrateful son. Victor added that in the future, Nick would have to experience real life. Nick accused Victor of resenting him for wanting to go his own way. Victor said he'd disowned Nick for "backbiting and badmouthing" his father. Nick replied, "Well, then, thank you for cutting the strings, Victor."

Nick showed up at Chelsea's home and told her about Victor's harsh decision to kick him off the Newman property. Nick admitted he should've left years earlier, though he expressed concern for the abrupt life change for Faith. Chelsea was shocked to learn that Victor had moved Faith's new bedroom furniture to the main house. Chelsea said she'd recreate a replica of Faith's bedroom after Nick located a new home. Nick embraced the plan and said Christian needed an updated bedroom, too.

Chelsea urged Nick to let Connor and Christian spend more time together. Nick noted that the two children seemed close, having formed a bond at an early age. Nick said he and Chelsea should spend more time together. Nick added that family was important to him, and he proposed that he and Chelsea move in together.

Victor entered his office and seemed pleased that Abby, Scott, and Jordan were prepared for the photography session. Victor welcomed Jordan and admired Scott's clean-shaven face. Scott and Abby debated which of them had launched what might become the most successful project. Jordan began taking individual and group photos while encouraging Abby and Scott to interact playfully. Later, Jordan took Scott aside and said he and Abby had great chemistry. Scott replied, "I don't think so. Abby and I loathe each other." Jordan showed Scott some photos and insisted that Scott and Abby's interactions proved that they seemed drawn to each other.

After Scott and Jordan left, Victor told Abby that he and Nick had parted ways. Abby expressed sorrow and suggested that Nick might reconcile with his father after Nikki moved back to the ranch. Victor didn't seem to believe that a reconciliation was possible. Victor said he'd made a decision that would affect Abby. Victor noted that Abby had likely dealt with loneliness, living alone. Abby insisted she was fine because she'd kept busy. Victor showed Abby a key to the tack house and insisted she move into it. Abby was surprised when Victor tossed the key across a table to her as if she had no say in the matter.

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Billy confronted Benjamin Hochman about hanging around Victoria solely to get his hands on Brash & Sassy. Billy added that Victoria was too smart to fall for Benjamin's ploys. Benjamin replied, "Well, that sure wasn't the signals I was getting last night when I took the lady out dancing." Billy and Benjamin sat at the bar, talking and drinking martinis. Billy asked Benjamin if his and Victoria's relationship was official.

Benjamin admitted that being with Victoria was enjoyable. Benjamin noted he was aware that Victoria could keep her business afloat with Victor's money. Aside from their shared business interests, Benjamin said, he and Victoria had fun together. Benjamin noted that Billy was no longer married to Victoria and had a live-in girlfriend, so he shouldn't expect Victoria to live like a nun. Billy glared at Benjamin and asked how he knew about Phyllis. Benjamin replied, "Victoria told me."

At Brash & Sassy, Reed confronted his mother and complained that aside from quick trips to their house to drive Johnny and Katie to play dates, she was rarely home. Victoria noted that her workload had increased since she'd fired Cane and Juliet. Reed said he'd learned from Mattie and Charlie that Juliet was pregnant. Reed said that hearing the news from his friends had been embarrassing. Victoria asked Reed if he meant it had embarrassed him to learn the news from Mattie. Reed said not knowing had led him to make matters worse for his friend. Victoria suggested that Reed give Mattie some space until her family had time to deal with their problems. After Victoria was called away, Reed noticed a text message from Mattie explaining that he should stop by her house because she'd be alone.

After Reed left his mother's office, Billy arrived. Billy questioned Victoria about why she'd shared details about their personal lives with Benjamin Hochman. Victoria asked Billy why it had bothered him so much. Victoria claimed that Billy wanted her all to himself. Billy reminded Victoria that Benjamin had a reputation as a corporate raider. Billy admitted he was worried that something else might be going on with Victoria for her to suddenly be attracted to someone like Benjamin. Victoria told Billy to stay out of her life because he'd chosen to be with Phyllis.

At Crimson Lights, Mattie was engaged with her smartphone when Hilary greeted her and invited the young woman to stop by the studio for a tour. Mattie thanked Hilary politely. Hilary then offered to be a supportive confidante. Mattie began packing up her books and angrily accused Hilary of fishing for a scoop on Cane and Lily. Hilary followed Mattie to the patio.

Hilary recalled her own failed marriage to Devon and said it was still possible to love someone even after a separation. Mattie refused to discuss her parents even after Hilary continued to hound her, citing that Cane had messed up. Mattie replied, "You're hardly one to judge." Mattie asked Hilary to leave her and Charlie alone and warned her not to mention the Ashby family on Hilary's "trashy" television show. Mattie left after she saw a text message from Reed stating that he was on his way to her house.

At the pool, Cane offered to accompany Charlie, as was their custom, to shop for athletic gear for school football. Charlie said he already had what he needed. Lily interrupted and noted that she had taken Charlie shopping. After Charlie walked away, Cane told Lily he should've realized that Charlie hadn't yet forgiven him. Lily said it was too soon, though Charlie had admitted he wouldn't have felt comfortable approaching his dad. Lily requested that Cane give their son time to heal and not pressure Charlie before football tryouts.

Cane told Lily he needed stop by their house to pick up a few things. Lily said she wouldn't be home, so Cane should feel free to stop by. Lily asked Cane how he was doing. Cane admitted that living at the Chancellor house was lonely. Cane said his life would be better if he could return to his family. Lily warned Cane not to put a timeline on reconciliation.

After Cane left, Lily stretched out beside the pool. Juliet sat in the chair next to Lily's. When Lily raised her head and looked toward Juliet, Juliet deliberately massaged her pregnant belly with the palm of her hand. Juliet said Cane had told her he'd moved out of the family home. Juliet insisted it had never been her goal to break up Lily's marriage. Juliet said Cane had said he'd only provide financial support for her child, but she hinted that she had additional expectations. Lily challenged Juliet to say whatever it was she yearned to say. Juliet said, "Cane seemed very affected when I showed him the photo of the ultrasound." Before Juliet walked away, she vowed never to hide in shame.

Charlie approached his mother and asked why she'd been talking to Juliet. Charlie said he'd told Juliet earlier that neither he nor Mattie wanted anything to do with her or her baby. Charlie returned to his duties. As Lily prepared to leave, Hilary approached. Lily noted that Hilary had landed the job on the commercial. Hilary explained that many others had also auditioned, so Lily shouldn't blame her. Hilary explained that she'd stopped by the pool to relax before heading to Los Angeles. Lily encouraged Hilary to stay in Los Angeles for good.

Lily blamed her family's crisis on Hilary for encouraging Juliet to file the lawsuit. Hilary insisted that it wasn't her fault that Cane had cheated and lied about it. Lily said, "You're a vile woman. And why Jordan puts up with you, I don't know." Hilary advised Lily to forgive Cane and let him move back home. Hilary admitted she'd talked to Mattie and was concerned that the young woman had seemed cold and angry. Lily suggested that Hilary was worried because Jordan had been spending more time at the Ashby house since Cane had moved out. Before Lily walked away, she said Hilary should be concerned about the prospect of losing Jordan.

In the dining room at the Athletic Club, Cane met with Susan, a corporate headhunter. Susan, citing her adherence to full disclosure, noted that she was also working with Victoria to select replacements for Cane and Juliet. Cane said his only concern was for Susan to find him a new position. Susan said she'd been impressed by Cane's work accomplishments. She admitted that prospective employers were perplexed because Cane had left Brash & Sassy without first securing another job. Susan added that Victoria was well known for her strong loyalty to employees, so it was believed that Cane had either been fired or forced to resign.

Other companies, Susan explained, were leery and would only be willing to offer Cane low-level positions. Cane admitted it was difficult to overcome what he termed "the Newman influence." Susan agreed and said Cane might have to relocate. Cane insisted relocation wasn't an option because Genoa City was his home, and his kids lived there, as well. Cane blamed Victoria for his lack of job offers. Susan vowed not to give up.

At Lily's house, Mattie greeted Reed when he arrived. She told him that her brother and mother had other plans and wouldn't be home for a while. Sadness tinged Mattie's voice when she added that her dad no longer lived at the home. Reed said he was sorry after Mattie said Lily had forced Cane to move out. Mattie began sobbing, and Reed comforted her.

Mattie praised her mother for doing the right thing for her family. Reed shared a pair of earbuds with Mattie and said he'd chosen some tunes that always helped make him feel better. Mattie later noted that Reed had failed to include his own music. Reed kissed Mattie. Cane walked in and saw Mattie and Reed kissing.

On the next The Young and the Restless...

• Phyllis realizes that Jack and Cane are trying to take Billy down, and she announces that she’s off the team.

• Hochman and Cane watch as Hilary breaks an exclusive on television.

• Victoria receives a message telling her to turn on The Hilary Hour.


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