Monday, March 23, 2015

Inside the chapel confessional booth, Victor carried on a conversation with an unseen listener seated on the other side of the screen. Victor said, "Everything has been put in motion. There have been a few minor setbacks, but we are ready to proceed. I hope you're ready to do your part, and I hope Jack Abbott is ready. His life will never be the same." The listener remained silent even after Victor noted that the unseen person's involvement would be very risky.

Inside a suite at the Genoa City Athletic Club, Abby rested her head on Ben's shoulder while he comforted her and softly assured her that everything would be okay. Victoria watched momentarily from the doorway before entering. Victoria said, "What am I interrupting?" Ben said Abby had been upset. Abby added that having Ben next door made her feel safer. Victoria quizzed Abby about what had shaken her. Abby, distraught, said she was a mess.

When Victoria offered to approach Victor about hiring a security guard for Abby, Ben immediately replied, "No! Do not talk to Victor about this." Ben simply said he'd handle the matter, and Abby expressed her concern that Victor's guards would hover too closely and complicate her life. Ashley phoned and summoned Abby to the lab. Ashley was surprised to learn that Ben was with Abby. After Abby stepped away to freshen up, Ben asked Victoria if she minded him looking after Abby. Victoria said she was grateful. After Ben and Abby left, Victoria seemed edgy.

Inside the chemistry laboratory at Jabot, Ashley told Jack that Victor had pulled Brash & Sassy's love potion ripoff from the market. Jack agreed that Victor's action made no sense at all after everything he'd done to steal the formula. After Jack left, Ben and Abby arrived. Ashley instructed Abby to examine the first bottle of Hex. Abby swooned over the chunky glass bottle filled with amber liquid. Ben gave Ashley the credit for having developed the product.

Abby was taken aback when Ashley announced that Victor had pulled Brash & Sassy from the market. Ben said Victor's legal team had likely nixed the plan. Ashley said Victor wasn't known for backing down, but she didn't care why he'd pulled his product because Hex would be a huge boon for Jabot. After Ashley stepped away, Abby apologized for having placed Ben in a position to be dishonest with Ashley. Ben explained that Victor might be involved. Abby defended Victor.

Ben told Abby that Victor's directives might have backfired when someone who'd only meant to scare Abby had injured her after killing Austin. From an adjacent room, Ashley watched intently as Ben placed his hand on Abby's arm while engaging her in conversation. Ashley returned, and Abby left. In a series of flashbacks, Ashley recalled that Abby had once intensely disliked Ben. Ashley also remembered the day she and Ben had showered together. After remembering what had transpired in the past, Ashley asked, "Have you been sleeping with my daughter?" Ben said he'd merely been looking after Abby to ensure her safety.

At the Newman ranch, Victoria met with her dad. Victor glanced up from an open file folder when Victoria insisted that Jabot's assets, like its technological security, were sound. She added that Jabot's value was at all-time high. Victoria seemed exasperated because her father had sent her on a mission to locate Jack's Achilles' heel after having forced her to pull Brash & Sassy. Victor noted that the pendulum swung in two directions.

Victoria, pondering Victor's remark about the swinging pendulum, replied, "What does that even mean?" Victor calmly said, "Things have a way of changing." Victoria warned that Abby and Summer would be caught in the middle again if Victor resumed his battle with Jack. Victor said he wouldn't have to fight Jack. After Victor stepped out, Victoria picked up the file and gazed at a photo of Billy included with his biographical information. Victoria said, "Dad. Please don't ruin things for my family."

At the Abbott mansion, Phyllis was startled when Kelly, wielding a ten-inch carving knife, entered the premises, uninvited. Kelly, out of her mind, threatened Phyllis and said she intended to end the feud over Jack. Phyllis mentioned the death of Kelly's son and said she didn't have the heart to take another's life. Kelly said her son had been innocent, but Phyllis was a vicious monster that deserved to die. Kelly thrust the knife into Phyllis' lower body, and she yelled, "Jack!"

Phyllis suddenly jerked herself awake from the horrible nightmare, seconds before she heard someone unlocking the front door. Jack braced himself when Phyllis, wielding a fireplace poker, raced toward him like a ninja fighter. Phyllis admitted she feared Kelly after learning that she'd been freed on bail. Jack said that someone matching Kelly's description had boarded a plane to Abu Dhabi. Jack assured Phyllis of her safety and said that authorities would arrest Kelly as soon as her plane landed.

Jack vowed to keep Phyllis safe. He tried to distract her by discussing wedding plans. Phyllis seemed readily agreeable to Jack's suggestion that they elope to a private island. Paul phoned and told Jack that Kelly had eluded the Abu Dhabi police. Phyllis became anxious.

Victor stopped by. Jack was taken aback when Victor offered to buy Jabot. Jack refused, but Victor told Jack to consider combining their companies into a powerhouse. Before Victor left, he told Phyllis that she looked well after having dodged her legal problems. Phyllis glared at Victor. After Victor slammed the door, Jack said, "He's setting me up for something, but what?"

On the patio at Crimson Lights, Summer, Noah, and Kyle caught Sharon removing Austin's laptop from a backpack that had been left in a chair. Sharon claimed that she'd thought the computer was Noah's and had wanted to search online for leggings Faith had requested. Summer insisted that Sharon was lying. Kyle noted that the laptop had belonged to Austin. Summer, angry, said, "What are you up to, Sharon?"

Sharon again said she'd believed it was Noah's computer. Noah reminded his mother that she'd bought him his laptop and knew that one wasn't his. Sharon admitted that she'd allowed Austin to tape an interview with her. Sharon added that she'd said some things about Nick that she shouldn't have. Sharon pleaded with Summer to delete the footage.

Summer protested when Sharon tried to blame her actions on her mental illness. Noah asked Sharon to leave so he could handle the matter on his mother's behalf. Noah defended his mother when Summer insisted that Sharon had something sinister to hide. Kyle agreed that Sharon was hiding something, and he offered to decrypt the videos. Sharon, hidden nearby, watched and listened momentarily before she left.

Kevin arrived, and Kyle asked him to retrieve the video of Sharon. Summer suggested that Sharon might have been inadvertently involved with Austin's death because she feared losing Faith if the video were exposed. Noah shook his head in disgust. Noah insisted that Sharon had an alibi because she'd been involved in an accident. Summer said that Sharon might have crashed her car after she'd left the cabin.

At Sharon's house, Kevin helped Mariah search for her missing phone charger. Kevin mentioned that Austin had deleted some interview footage he'd recorded for his exposé on the Newmans and the Abbotts. Mariah said Austin likely had information that someone didn't want revealed. Kevin said, "Someone like Stitch." Mariah expressed aggravation at knowing that Abby had confided to Ben that someone had murdered Austin.

Kevin flirted with Mariah as they continued searching the room. The couple almost shared a kiss before Sharon returned home. Sharon said, "Mariah, I didn't expect you to be here." Kevin left when he noticed that Sharon seemed unstable. Sharon embraced her daughter and said she'd missed her. Mariah asked Sharon what was wrong. Sharon replied, "I've done something terrible that I can't undo."

Sharon admitted to Mariah that she'd agreed to help Austin and had made harsh comments about the Newmans. Mariah surmised that Austin could've used the video to ruin Sharon's chances of getting custody of Faith. Sharon admitted that she would've done anything to get Austin to erase her interview. Sharon said she'd offered Austin money and had even asked him to consider Summer's feelings.

Sharon recalled that Austin had adamantly refused and had said he was intent on doing was what best for himself. Mariah became concerned when Sharon said, "I was so furious, I could've!" Sharon didn't finish her sentence.

. . .

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