Monday, April 20, 2015

At the Abbott mansion, Billy left another urgent phone message for Jack to check in with the family. Ashley opened the door when Victor arrived. Victor produced a letter from Jabot's legal team from his breast pocket. Victor said that the legal team had requested a review of the surveillance tape to discern whether or not it was authentic. Phyllis and Jack's double, dressed casually in a blue polo shirt, arrived through a back entrance.

Victor confronted the Jack imposter. Victor said, "You broke into the Newman computer system and absconded with very delicate and important corporate data." Victor explained that surveillance cameras had recorded Jack's crime. Phyllis said, "Well, that can't be true! Jack, call his bluff." Jack calmly replied, "I guess I'm going to have to call my lawyer." Victor noted that for once Jack had refrained from blaming his misdeeds on an innocent bystander. Billy protested and said that Jack hadn't admitted guilt to any charge.

Victor turned his attention to another legal matter and told Jack that Neil might need moral support in the courtroom. After Victor left, Ashley rebuked Jack for "just rolling over and raising the white flag for Victor." Ashley warned that Victor had video footage of Jack breaking federal laws, and without a defense, they'd be forced to cut a deal with Victor. Billy was taken aback when Jack replied, "Is that really such a bad thing?" A shocked Ashley studied Jack's face while she tried to figure out why her brother seemed so unlike himself.

Phyllis explained that she and Jack had made a pact with Victor in order to get her charges dropped and expose the real culprit, Kelly Andrews. Billy and Ashley asked how long the pact with Victor would remain in place. Jack replied, "The pact is moot. Kelly's dead. We should be saying the same thing for the ongoing battle between Newman and Jabot."

Ashley warned that Victor would get his hands on the Abbott family's life's work. Jack said, "I don't have to share my strategy with you. It's my company, and my call." Ashley and Billy were shocked when Jack said that life was too short to worry about corporate rivalry. Billy and Ashley seemed unable to process what they'd just heard from their sibling's mouth.

After Ashley and Billy left, Jack remained in a light-hearted mood. He kissed Phyllis and asked if she was happy. Phyllis said she felt guilty for not attending the trial to support Neil. Jack flippantly said Neil's family was present. Phyllis admitted she was worried that Victor might send Jack to prison. Jack said he wasn't concerned because he'd hacked Jabot's and Newman's servers to get Victor's secret weapon. Jack added, "Victor is convinced that things are going to work out one way, and I know they're going another."

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Billy and Ashley discussed Jack's altered behavior. Ashley said, "It's bad enough that he actually hacked into Jabot and Newman. The worst thing of all is that he doesn't think he has to consult with us about any plans on moving forward." Billy replied, "Jack the beachcomber's plan is to sell out to Victor." Ashley noted that Jack had forgotten that Jabot was a family business, so they'd have to band together and remove Jack as CEO of Jabot until he returned to his senses.

Inside an old shack, where Kelly had fastened Jack to an iron bed using leather restraints, Jack called out to Kelly. Jack, sweating profusely while trying to wriggle fee of his restraints, yelled, "I will never love you! I've made my choice. It's Phyllis. I would never choose you!" Jack rocked his body from side to side in a futile attempt to free his limbs.

After Jack became exhausted, he pleaded with Kelly to show her face and talk to him. John's ghost suddenly appeared and told his son that Kelly wasn't falling for his ruse. John tugged on Jack's restraints and told him that he'd once again fallen into Victor's hands. Jack cried, "It's all my fault." John warned that even if Jack escaped his bonds, he'd still "end up behind another eight-ball unless he used his head to beat Victor at his own game." Jack cried out that he couldn't wait to get his hands on Victor.

When Jack visually searched the room, he discovered that John had vanished. Jack cried out for help. John returned and told his son that there was hope. John told Jack that Houdini had utilized agility, flexibility, and patience to escape. John urged Jack to close his eyes, concentrate, and free one hand. John had once again vanished by the time Jack freed himself. When Jack opened the door, what he saw seemed to shock him.

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Neil sat at the bar sipping coffee. Devon joined Neil and said, "Are you ready for court?" Neil said he would face the consequences of his actions while clean and sober. Devon said he was concerned about Neil. Neil replied, "A little late for that, isn't it? Whatever happens won't drive me back to the bottle."

Outside the courtroom, Nikki approached Christine. Nikki tried to convince Christine that Neil would never have intentionally hurt her. Christine rebuffed Nikki's attempt to defend Neil. Christine said that Nikki should be facing a conviction and likely would if not for the Newman name. Nikki seemed taken aback by Christine's scornful accusations. Christine added that Nikki also had Paul on her side because the two shared a son.

At Crimson Lights, Dylan showed Paul a copy of a newspaper bearing a headline foretelling a prison sentence looming in Sharon's future. Paul reminded Dylan that he was the one who'd found Courtney's necklace in the trunk of Sharon's car. Dylan insisted that someone had planted the necklace, which he had later voluntarily handed over to Paul. Dylan said that someone had framed Sharon for two crimes she didn't commit. Paul seemed unconvinced.

Paul asked why Avery wasn't standing by Dylan's side, lending support and defending Sharon. Dylan assured Paul that Avery believed Sharon was innocent. Paul asked why Avery had circumvented authorities when she ordered forensics tests on incriminating evidence. Paul added that Avery had backed away after tests concluded that fingerprints on the tire iron belonged to Sharon and blood stains matched Austin's. Dylan reminded Paul that no evidence existed proving that the tire iron was the murder weapon.

Paul warned Dylan that Avery had placed herself on shaky legal ground in order to assist his unauthorized defense of Sharon. Dylan said he was searching for the truth. Paul replied, "You're obstructing justice." Dylan replied, "Ever since Christine's accident, it seems like that's all you're about is taking names and getting convictions." Paul warned Dylan that he'd end up in jail if he didn't stop interfering.

At the hospital, Avery encouraged Joe to eat his breakfast. Joe showed Avery the cover of the newspaper bearing Sharon's picture and noted that it wasn't too late for Avery to join Dylan to mount Sharon's defense. Dr. Barton stopped by and explained that though Joe's nervous system had sustained severe damage, medical science continued to make breakthroughs. Joe replied, "But you can't guarantee that I'll ever walk again." Avery insisted that Joe would walk again. Dr. Barton told Joe that he would be transferred to therapeutic clinic that offered state-of-the art-treatment.

After Dr. Barton left, Joe told Avery that she should leave. Avery protested. Dylan entered the room, and Joe said, "Claim your prize, McAvoy. You win!" Joe, angry and frustrated, blamed himself for his predicament. Joe's agitation increasingly became unrelenting. Avery and Dylan left.

At Crimson Lights, Dylan apologized to Avery for having spent so much time with Sharon. Avery said, "You believe she's innocent." Avery said she understood why Dylan couldn't just walk away from Sharon. Dylan replied, "Just like your gut's telling you that you need to be back at the hospital. I've been where Joe is." Avery said that Dylan should understand why she couldn't turn her back on Joe when he needed a friend.

In the hallway, Dr. Barton ran into Leslie. The couple greeted with a kiss, and Leslie regrettably canceled their breakfast date. Dr. Barton expressed his regrets for not being able to heal all patients. Leslie explained that all doctors and lawyers could do was to give patients and clients their best. Leslie said she was about to face Winston Mobley, a tough prosecutor. Leslie shook her head and added, "That man takes no prisoners."

In a suite at the Genoa City Athletic Club, Winston Mobley buttoned his suit jacket. Hilary, clad in a silk robe, cooed that she'd always admired a man wearing a power suit. Winston, who called Hilary "Ann," replied that the real powers were skill and confidence. Hilary straightened Winston's tie and said, "Well, you have plenty of skill. I can testify to that." Winston replied, "I might have to cross-examine you about that after the trial." Hilary, with her arms wrapped around Winston's neck, said she couldn't wait. Hilary kissed Winston on the lips and wished him good luck as he collected his briefcase and headed out the door.

After Winston left, Hilary opened an armoire and pulled out her own power suit. When Hilary descended the stairs, she ran into Devon. Hilary asked about Neil. Devon replied, "Why do you care?" Hilary explained that she would be testifying on Neil's behalf. Devon said, "Yeah, because you don't want your cash settlement tied up in court while my father sits in prison." Hilary promised to play her part. Devon requested that Hilary show compassion by not exposing details about their affair in front of Neil and the tough prosecutor.

At the courthouse, Lily greeted her dad with an embrace. Neil shook hands with Cane and said he needed all the support he could get. Leslie arrived and offered to review Neil's testimony. Neil refused. Lily pleaded with Neil to accept help when it was offered. Lily urged Neil to remain aware that what Devon said on the stand could make all the difference.

Inside the courtroom, Winston questioned Christine about the loss of her baby and her injuries. Christine explained that she could never have another baby. Winston stepped back and turned over questioning to Leslie. Leslie noted that Christine had argued with Paul before running into the path of Nikki's car. Christine admitted that she'd been upset, but she denied having run into the street.

Leslie said that even after the defendant admitted responsibility, Christine had continued to blame Nikki, perhaps because she and Paul had a son together. Winston objected. Leslie ended her questions. Christine left the courtroom with Paul. Outside the courtroom, Christine told Paul that she couldn't handle listening to Neil's and Nikki's testimonies. Christine asked Paul to return to the courtroom to seek justice for their baby.

Back in the courtroom, Winston badgered Nikki on the stand. Nikki explained that Neil had grabbed the steering wheel after he realized she was driving him to a recovery meeting. After Paul reentered and sat down. Cane noticed that Hilary had walked in and taken a seat in the back. Winston raised his voice and claimed that Nikki and Neil were two admitted drunks out for a lark without regard for others. Lily and Victor rose from their seats to defend Nikki.

Neil took the stand and admitted that he'd been drunk the evening a sober Nikki had been driving him to a recovery meeting. Devon suddenly shouted that it was all his fault. The judge ordered Devon to sit down and be quiet. Neil admitted that he'd been too drunk to know what he was doing. Neil said he wished he could change what had happened, but he knew he couldn't.

Winston ended his questioning. Leslie stood to call her first witness, Mrs. Neil Winters. Hilary rose from her seat and walked forward. Winston was taken aback when he spotted Hilary and realized that the woman he thought was named Ann was really Mrs. Neil Winters. Hilary smiled as she approached the witness stand.

. . .

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