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Monday, April 13, 2015

At the hospital, Lauren rushed into Michael's room to check on him. Cane had accompanied Lauren and waited in the doorway. Michael was surprised to see Lauren and asked how she'd found out he'd been admitted. Lauren said she'd received a call from Michael's doctor alerting her about a problem. Frustrated, Lauren said, "Why didn't you tell me you weren't feeling well?" Michael explained that he'd suffered a common complication from radiation therapy and was fine. Lauren quickly turned to walk out and said she intended to question Michael's doctor.

Cane questioned Michael about his decision to leave the gala without informing Lauren. Michael said, "Money was being raised for a good cause. You and Lauren are embarking on this great new business arrangement." Cane, seeking clarification, replied, "Is that what this is about? It's about me and Lauren?" Michael admitted that he'd slipped away because he didn't want the cancer to run his and Lauren's life. Michael said, "I don't want her life to be smaller because of this. That would be worse than the disease."

On a balcony at the Genoa City Athletic Club, Joe kissed Avery. She pulled away. Joe insisted that they owed it to themselves to give their relationship a chance. Joe kissed Avery again. She said, "I can't. Joe, I can't do this." Joe replied, "Yes, you can." Joe continued kissing Avery, but she placed her hands against his chest to push him away. He stumbled backward and fell off the balcony. Avery was horrified.

Lily rushed into Joe's room when she heard Avery screaming Joe's name. Avery cried, "It's Joe! He fell!" Lily and Avery looked down and saw Joe, unconscious, sprawled on top of a dumpster. Lily screamed, "Oh, my God!" As the two women raced downstairs, Avery told Lily to phone for help. Avery quickly made her way to the alley and stood near Joe. She cried, "What have I done? Oh, Joe, I'm so sorry."

After the police and paramedics arrived, Joe was secured on a stretcher. A trickle of blood escaped from his nose. Paul insisted that Avery follow him back to the suite and explain what had happened. In the suite, Paul recorded Avery's statement in a small notebook. Avery explained that she had handled the legal work for Joe after he'd taken over management of the Better Days Foundation. Paul learned that Dylan hadn't shown up, even though Avery had been slated to receive an award.

Avery told Paul that Joe had grabbed a bottle of Champagne and had asked Avery to celebrate with him in his suite. Paul peered over the ledge and asked how much Champagne the two had consumed. Avery insisted she was drunk, but she admitted that Joe had kissed her. Paul noted that Joe had never been secretive about letting others know that he was still in love with Avery. Avery replied, "Joe got carried away, and I reacted badly. I shoved him. No, he tripped and fell. I didn't know that I'd pushed him that hard." Avery explained that Lily had entered the room after she'd heard screaming.

At Summer's apartment, Kyle kissed Summer. She said she felt safe with him. The couple cuddled together on the sofa. Summer was wearing Kyle's shirt. Kyle was wearing only his underwear. Summer said that they'd been kept apart because of Sharon's lie. Kyle stroked Summer's shoulder and said, "We're here now, and everything that's happened has led to this. So much of my life has been about meeting expectations and doing what other people want."

Summer answered a knock at the door. Noah, carrying a duffel bag, entered the apartment. Noah, taken aback when he saw how Kyle and Summer were clothed, said he'd retrieved some of Courtney's clothes from the morgue and had hoped Summer might help him sort through the belongings. Noting that Summer seemed to have moved past her grief, Noah berated Kyle for having taken advantage of Summer. Disgusted, Noah turned to leave and said, "You two have at it."

At Avery's office, Dylan read a lab report and told Sharon that her fingerprints and Austin's blood had been found on the tire iron. Sharon shook her head in disbelief. Dylan reminded Sharon that she'd told him where to find the tire iron. Sharon cried, "What do you want me to say? That I used that tire iron to murder Austin?" Dylan tried to calm Sharon.

Dylan asked Sharon about the night Austin had been killed. Sharon said she'd had no intention of venturing near the Abbott cabin. She recalled having taken a detour onto Old Post Road when she'd seen a car heading away from the cabin. After she later remembered having seen the driver of that car throw something out the window, Sharon said she'd returned to search the area. Dylan noted that Courtney's murder had occurred during the same time as Sharon's return trip to the area.

Dylan warned Sharon that no one could back up her story. Sharon noted that she wouldn't have told Dylan about the tire iron, knowing it might implicate her. Dylan asked Sharon if she believed someone had set her up. Sharon said that someone had put her fingerprints on the tire iron. Dylan shook his head and replied, "Avery is the only other person who knows about this."

Dylan reminded Sharon that she'd never mentioned having seen the other car on the road until after suspicion had fallen on her. Dylan said he'd given Sharon an alibi for both murders. Sharon insisted that she wasn't using Dylan or attempting to manipulate him. She cried that she had no one else to turn to and nowhere else to go. Sharon added, "If you don't believe me, you go ahead and call the police right now."

Avery phoned Dylan, and he agreed to meet her at the hospital. Before he left, Dylan locked the forensic reports in a cabinet. He told Sharon that no one else had seen the report, and he instructed her to go home and wait for him. Sharon later returned to Avery's office and attempted to pry open the file cabinet with a letter opener. An unseen person wearing black gloves placed a white cloth against Sharon's face.

At Sharon's house, Noah let himself in and found his mother asleep on the sofa. Noah awakened Sharon. When Sharon realized where she was, she groggily said, "How did I get here?" Noah believed his mother had been drinking and advised her not to combine alcohol with her medication. When Sharon suddenly noticed the tire iron sitting on her coffee table, she gasped and cried, "No!" Noah asked about the tire iron.

Sharon looked her son in the eye and said, "I would never hurt the woman you were going to marry, and it breaks my heart that you would think that." Noah said he'd already apologized and admitted he hadn't handled the situation well. Sharon told Noah that she'd seen a car the night Austin had been murdered. Sharon said she had been unable to see the driver's face, but she'd seen the driver throw something out the window. Sharon glanced down at the tire iron and identified it as the murder weapon.

Noah studied the tire iron sitting on the table. Sharon cried, "I don't know how it got here. I don't know how I got here. They're trying to set me up and make me look like I did it." Noah pointed at the tire iron and said, "That's what was used to kill Austin?" Sharon cried, "My fingerprints are all over it." Summer walked in and cried, "It was you! You killed them!"

Sharon defended herself and said she'd seen the real killer throw out the tire iron that was covered with her fingerprints. Sharon cried that Dylan knew she was being set up. Summer attempted to call the police, but Sharon tried to grab the phone. Noah pulled Sharon away from Summer. While Noah tried to reason with Summer, Sharon quickly ran out the front door.

A tearful Avery waited outside a hospital treatment room where doctors were treating Joe. In a series of flashbacks, Avery recalled her interactions with Joe since he'd settled in Genoa City. Though Joe had blamed himself for their failed relationship, Avery had ultimately accepted the blame and apologized. Dr. Barton emerged from the exam room and told Avery that Joe might have sustained an injury to his spine. Avery asked, "Are you saying he might not be able to walk?" Dr. Barton replied, "Right now, we're just trying to keep him alive."

As Lauren, Michael, and Cane were leaving the hospital, they encountered Avery in the hallway. Avery explained that Joe had fallen from the balcony in his room. Lauren walked to the nurse's station to get an update on Joe's condition. Cane left to check on Lily. Michael asked Avery to tell him what had happened. Avery admitted that she'd told Dylan and Paul that she'd pushed Joe. Michael reminded Avery that she shouldn't have said a word without having her attorney present.

Avery told Michael that she'd accompanied Joe to his suite to celebrate. Michael said Avery had had no business being alone with a man who'd relentlessly pursued her. Dylan arrived and embraced Avery. Michael immediately noted that Avery, without having her attorney present, had given a statement. Before Michael left to find Lauren, he urged Dylan and Avery to corroborate their stories before police questioned them again.

After Michael left, Dylan asked Avery to tell him what had happened. She admitted that Joe had gotten caught up in the moment and had kissed her. Dylan warned that Joe was a snake. Avery said his accident was her fault. Dylan defended Avery and said that Joe could have walked away. Dylan advised Avery to hire a lawyer in order to protect herself.

Avery sat by Joe's bedside and clutched his hand. He was unconscious, but Avery tearfully assured him that she'd never meant to hurt him. She added, "I will find a way to make this up to you." She tightened her grip on Joe's hand. Dylan, in the hallway, watched Avery through a window. Sharon phoned Dylan and said, "I just called to say goodbye." Dylan replied, "No, Sharon, wait." The line went dead.

As Lauren and Michael were leaving the hospital, Michael said he'd placed a moratorium on discussions about his health. Michael changed the subject and said he was glad Cane would be utilizing his business acumen at Fenmore's. Lauren said she wasn't sure how Jill would react. Michael reminded Lauren that Jill was heavily invested the business, which would prosper under Cane's leadership. Lauren said, "I actually have to admit that it's pretty exciting." Michael noted that Cane wasn't truly appreciated at Chancellor. Lauren agreed that the partnership would be good for both of them.

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Lily told Cane that she'd rushed into Joe's room immediately after he'd fallen over the balcony. Lily expressed concern about Michael when Cane said he'd been at the hospital with him. Cane told Lily that he would be joining the team at Fenmore's. Lily didn't seem receptive to the idea at first. Cane admitted that he couldn't discern how Lily felt about his announcement. Lily said, "I think it will be really good for you and for our marriage."

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