Monday, March 2, 2015

At the Abbott mansion, Chelsea and Adam were talking downstairs when Adam, who was still known to Chelsea as Gabriel, noticed that Chelsea seemed uneasy. He asked what was troubling her, and Chelsea explained that perhaps Sage had been mistaken to believe that Gabriel had feelings for Chelsea. Billy happened to be descending the stairs and overheard Chelsea's remark. Billy said perhaps Sage had based her assumption on the fact that Gabriel spent so much time with Chelsea. Chelsea quickly noted that when she and Gabriel weren't busy with work, she was offering advice about how Gabriel and Sage could grow closer as a couple.

Gabriel told Billy said that Chelsea's attention had prompted Sage to become jealous. Sage's strong feelings, in turn, might lead them to form a stronger marriage. After Gabriel left the room, Billy mentioned that Sage had confirmed his suspicions about Gabriel Bingham's romantic interest in Chelsea. Billy asked Chelsea why she didn't consider it odd that Gabriel had become quite involved with their family. Chelsea reminded Billy that he'd invited Sage and Gabriel to move into Jack's home. Billy admitted that he regretted having done so.

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Nick met with Avery to discuss his concerns with the Underground. Nick explained that Austin had failed to relay inspection reports. Nick said he'd hired a contractor and had gotten the structure repaired as soon as he'd learned about the problems. Avery told Nick he wasn't responsible. Nick said he felt responsible for his bartender's death and the injuries his friends and family had sustained.

Avery said Nick's liability would be limited if he could prove that the contractor's work was shoddy. Avery insisted that Nick wasn't to blame for the collapse. She noted that Dylan had echoed Nick's failure to relinquish unmerited blame. Avery explained that Dylan couldn't forgive himself for having accidentally landed a punch to her nose during his brawl with Joe. Nick said he still felt responsible.

Sage overheard Nick's conversation with Avery and told him he shouldn't blame himself. Nick persisted and said he'd been the one person responsible for ensuring the safety of the people in his club. Sage pointed out that Nick had disregarded his own safety in order to rescue strangers. Avery smiled when Sage tenderly noted that Nick cared deeply for others. Nick noted that Sage had often encouraged him when he'd needed uplifting. Sage recalled bartending for Nick on Valentine's Day and mentioned her "silk panties."

After Sage left, Avery mentioned Sage's silk panties and said Nick and Sage had evidently grown very close. Avery warned that Nick's relationship with Sage might complicate matters with Sharon. Nick explained that Sage's marriage was merely an arrangement to help a friend. Avery warned that Nick's involvement with a married woman could jeopardize Faith's custody arrangement if Sharon challenged him in court. Nick insisted that Faith was all that mattered to him.

In the lobby at the Genoa City Athletic Club, Kelly grew increasingly irate when she confronted Ashley. Kelly asked Ashley to corroborate Kelly's claim that Jack had made love to her in the back room at the Underground. Ashley said Kelly should voice her pleas to Jack. Kelly said that not only was Jack denying it, he was also blaming her for Phyllis' misbehavior. Ashley explained that Jack had suffered through a horrible ordeal during which his heart had stopped, so his emotional state had suffered, too. Kelly, fighting back tears, replied, "I don't understand how he could've forgotten that we made love?" Kelly agreed to steer clear of Jack if Ashley would talk to him on her behalf.

At Crimson Lights, Phyllis shared barbs with Christine and Paul. Phyllis sarcastically asked why Paul and Christine weren't busy pursuing an innocent person. Christine replied, "Still a delusional bully." Phyllis said she'd heard the same the last time she'd been accused and subsequently set free. Phyllis insisted that she and Jack were certain Kelly was the guilty one. Phyllis added that even Victor supported her. Christine warned Phyllis that decisions made under duress wouldn't prevail.

Phyllis continued to taunt Christine and even mentioned Danny. Christine quickly rose to her feet and yelled that she'd punish Phyllis for everything she'd ever done. Paul attempted to calm Christine and mentioned their unborn baby. Phyllis congratulated the couple and said Christine should focus on her baby and forget her personal vendetta. Christine mentioned Summer having just lost her husband and chastised Phyllis for questioning anyone's maternal instincts.

At the hospital, Victor, sharing a patient room with Jack, waited impatiently to be discharged. Victor reminded Jack that they would work together to get Phyllis out of trouble. Jack replied, "Now that my mind is a little less foggy, I'm not sure that's a good idea." Victor asked Jack if he was reneging on their agreement. Jack said he was not. Victor insisted that he was the only person who could prove that Kelly Andrews had set up Phyllis. Jack asked Victor not to do anything without consulting him.

After Victor left, Jack phoned Christine and Paul, who later stopped by to visit. Jack changed his story and accused Kelly of poisoning herself with antifreeze in an attempt to get Phyllis out of his life. Jack said he believed Kelly was deeply disturbed because she had accused him of having sex with her in a back room of the Underground. Paul replied, "That still doesn't prove that Kelly set up Phyllis for attempted murder." Jack said he believed his renewed relationship with Phyllis had sent Kelly over the edge.

Christine scoffed that Jack had also claimed his relationship with Kelly had driven Phyllis insane. Jack said he should never have doubted Phyllis. Christine replied, "Now that the trial is looming, you'd say anything to try and save Phyllis. This time, Phyllis is going to pay for what she's done." Jack seemed undaunted. Paul seemed uneasy.

As Jack was leaving the hospital, Ashley met him in the hall. Ashley said she was surprised that the doctor had discharged her brother so quickly. Ashley confronted Jack about Kelly and asked if he honestly didn't recall having slept with her. Ashley added, "I know you did. You told me so yourself." Jack admitted he had made love to Kelly, but he said he was worried about what it would do to Phyllis if she discovered the truth.

Ashley accused Jack of using Kelly in order to prevent Phyllis from turning to Victor for help. Jack explained that both he and Victor had formed an alliance to clear Phyllis and ensure that Kelly would be found guilty. Ashley became livid and reminded Jack that Victor had stolen their secret formula. Jack claimed that his near-death experience with Victor had changed him. Ashley replied, "So now you and Victor are allies?" Jack replied, "We're not enemies."

At the Abbott mansion, Adam asked Sage why she'd mentioned to Chelsea that he had feelings for her. Sage said that Chelsea wouldn't shut up about how much "Gabriel loved Sage." Sage added, "Your whole life's a lie, what's one more?" Adam warned that Sage would regret her actions if she did it again. Sage replied, "Gabe, Adam -- whatever the hell your name is, just because Chelsea isn't falling for you, don't take it out on me." Adam grabbed Sage's arm and angrily warned her again. Sage snatched her arm away and said, "Go to hell!"

Jack returned and asked, "Adam, what are you and your fake girlfriend doing here?" Adam explained that Sage was his fake wife and that Billy had invited them to stay. Adam added that he couldn't turn down an offer to stay in the same house with his wife and son. Jack warned that Billy would figure out Adam's true identity. Adam replied, "You just keep pretending that I'm dead, and everything will turn out like it's supposed to."

Sage entered the room just as Phyllis returned home. Jack explained to Phyllis why the houseguests Gabriel and Sage were present. Phyllis said she needed to speak to Jack alone. After Adam and Sage left the room, Phyllis told Jack that Austin was dead. Jack was shocked by Phyllis' news.

Victor stopped by Kelly's office and said he'd gone there to warn her. Victor explained that Jack hoped to turn the case against Phyllis around and have charges filed against Kelly. Kelly insisted that no evidence existed to prove that she'd done anything wrong. Victor said, "Powerful men have a way of making evidence where there is none. I'm not a bad man to have on your side."

Kelly said Phyllis had already tipped her off about Jack and Victor's plan to team up. Kelly added, "So, who are you playing -- me or Phyllis?" Victor explained that his goal was to get Phyllis, who was the mother of his granddaughter, away from Jack. Victor added, "Once that's accomplished, it will serve you, me, and in the end, Phyllis." Kelly replied, "You call the shots, and I do what you say?" Kelly agreed to be part of Victor's plan if she could have Jack.

Christine and Paul went to Paul's office. Paul said he should question Kelly to determine whether or not Jack's accusations had merit. Christine insisted that Jack would say whatever he had to in order to save Phyllis. Paul replied, "We need to check out every angle, or the whole case could fall apart." Christine vowed to fight even Paul to ensure that Phyllis ended up behind bars. Paul, aggravated, reminded Christine that they were on the same side and explained that his goal was to make the case rock-solid.

Paul went to Kelly's office. Paul told Kelly that he wanted to ensure that all bases had been covered. Kelly asked how Christine felt about Paul's misgivings that Phyllis might not have been involved with the poisoning. Kelly added, "Why would I hurt myself?" Paul said Kelly had hoped to reunite with Jack by framing Phyllis. Kelly replied, "No man is worth that -- not even Jack." Kelly said that as long as Paul didn't allow Jack to cloud his judgment, justice would be served. After Paul left, Kelly smiled.

Ashley ran into Victor at the Genoa City Athletic Club. She asked Victor why he and Jack, working together to free Phyllis, were claiming that Kelly had poisoned herself. Victor said that he and Jack shared a mutual concern for Phyllis' well-being. Victor added that he had also saved Jack's life, which had changed Jack's attitude. Ashley agreed that though Jack might be grateful, he would never become Victor's friend. Victor reiterated his story about Jack's change of heart. Victor added that, in time, Ashley and everyone else would also see the changes in Jack. Ashley seemed unconvinced.

At Crimson Lights, Chelsea and Billy discussed Gabriel's claim that he and Billy were even after he'd saved Billy from the fire. Billy said, "I've got to know what that meant." Chelsea said that Gabriel, all alone in the world, was just trying to connect with people. Billy said that even when Gabriel was being nice, there was an undercurrent of bitterness and resentment. Chelsea urged Billy to remember that the man had saved his life. Billy replied, "I know, but I just can't shake this feeling that part of him wanted me to die in that building."

At Summer's apartment, a disoriented Summer awoke after having fallen asleep on Kyle's shoulder. Kyle told Summer that she'd needed rest. Summer said she wished she'd never awakened. Kyle assured her that everything would be okay. Summer cried, "I killed Austin. How is anything ever going to be okay again?"

Phyllis arrived and asked Summer why she hadn't called. Kyle explained that they'd heard about the structure collapse at the Underground. Summer asked about Jack and Victor. Phyllis said that everyone, including Nick, was fine. Summer began sobbing and said she wished she and Austin hadn't traveled to the cabin.

Summer cried, "It's all because of me. It's my fault." Kyle seemed anxious when Summer insisted she was to blame. Kyle and Summer supplied the story the group at the cabin had concocted. Kyle explained that Kevin had injured himself clearing snow off the roof. Summer added that after Austin had left to summon help, his body had later been found inside a wrecked car.

Phyllis comforted her sobbing daughter when Summer recalled having to identify Austin's body at the morgue. Phyllis offered to plan a memorial service for Austin. After Summer fell asleep on the sofa, Phyllis questioned Kyle about having shown up when Summer needed a friend. Phyllis added that Kyle, Summer's first love, was no longer off-limits to her. Kyle pointed out that Summer had taken her vows to Austin seriously. Phyllis noted that some, even after discovering they'd made a mistake, couldn't admit to it, no matter the consequences.

After Phyllis left, Summer had a traumatic nightmare about Austin being dead. In the dream, she desperately tried to awaken Austin, who lay dead in a pool of blood. When Summer cried out, Kyle awakened her. Summer cried that all she could ever see, whether she was awake or asleep, was Austin dead on the floor with blood pouring out of his head. Kyle embraced Summer and comforted her. Summer remained distraught.

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