Monday, May 18, 2015

At Sharon's house, Sharon awoke and found that Dylan wasn't asleep beside her. She pulled on her robe and rushed downstairs, where Dylan greeted her with a cup of coffee. After Sharon told Dylan that she'd thought he might have left, he said he would never have left without saying goodbye. Sharon kissed Dylan, but he backed away and said he needed to proceed carefully. Dylan explained that as he'd done with Chelsea and Avery, he tended to rush in and become a rescuer. Dylan told Sharon that he'd learned via his therapist that combat veterans sometimes exhibited what was known as white knight syndrome.

Sharon, hoping to clarify what Dylan had said, asked, "Are you saying that your feelings for me aren't real?" Dylan said he feared repeating the same mistakes he'd made in the past and didn't want Sharon to end up being hurt. Sharon suggested that she and Dylan could just remain friends for the meantime. Sharon said she admired Dylan for remaining supportive even when her friends and family had questioned her judgment. Dylan acknowledged that he'd also experienced the same type of strong urges, which had made him feel as if he might explode had he not acted on them. Sharon replied, "It just makes perfect sense in that moment. Like last night, I can't imagine that our making love was bad or unhealthy."

Nick stopped by to visit Sage at her Genoa City Athletic Club suite. Sage said she'd been feeling fine when Nick inquired about her health. Sage seemed taken aback when Nick recalled his past experiences with pregnant partners. Nick insisted that Sage couldn't remain at the hotel after her child was born. Sage replied, "If you think I'm going to move in with you, forget it." Sage explained that she'd have her own money after Constance's will was settled. Nick said, "I thought you told me about the pregnancy because you wanted me to be involved."

Sage told Nick that she wasn't sure how Faith might react to becoming a big sister. Nick said she'd have to get used to the idea. Sage mentioned that even Sharon had switched Summer's DNA because she hadn't been able to handle Nick having someone else's baby. Sage asked Nick to keep quiet about the pregnancy because Sharon tended to become a threat to others whenever she stopped taking her medication. Nick nodded and seemed sympathetic to Sage's concerns.

Nick and Sage continued their conversation downstairs in the dining room. Nick said his Realtor would meet with Sage and line up some homes to view. Sharon approached. Sage nervously fixed her gaze on the table. Sharon told Nick that Dylan believed police might have a lead on Courtney and Austin's killer. The Realtor arrived, and Nick introduced Marylou to Sage. Sharon said, "You guys are moving in together?" Sage quickly explained that she was in search of a home because she'd tired of living at the hotel. Sage quickly exited with Marylou.

Sharon accused Nick of planning to move in with a woman that Faith hated. Though Sharon attempted to draw additional details from Nick, he told her that it was none of her business. Sharon replied, "I feel you're holding something back, and I'm not going anywhere until you tell me what it is." Sharon reminded Nick that Faith was uncomfortable around Sage. Nick assured Sharon that he intended to keep Faith in mind as he moved forward with Sage. Sharon continued to press Nick for information regarding his plans with Sage. Nick pointed out that Sharon was acting irrational. Sharon became irate and yelled, "I am protecting my daughter!"

In the dining room at the Genoa City Athletic Club, Fen met with his mother. Fen said he felt as though his dad had purposely kept him in the dark after Lauren admitted that Michael, recently arrested for misdemeanor solicitation, had moved into a suite. Fen and Lauren went to Michael's suite. Michael said he'd hoped to wait until after the semester ended before breaking the news of his arrest. Fen replied, "It was online. You didn't think I'd see it?" Fen said he wasn't pleased to be left out of the loop again, just as he had been with his father's cancer diagnosis.

Fen suggested that Michael was trying to protect his son and wife by moving out and trying to cope with the unknown aspects of his future alone. Fen begged his dad to move back home because his family yearned to support him. Michael accused Lauren of having used Fen in hopes that their son would change his mind about the separation. Lauren cried, "He showed up by himself!" Michael charged at Lauren and yelled that she was suffocating him. Fen pointed out that Summer and Noah would never enjoy relationships with their murdered partners, yet his own father was willing to throw away his relationship. Disgusted, Fen abruptly left.

Michael asked Lauren why she was fighting to save their marriage. Lauren cried, "Because I love you!" Michael claimed that if Lauren had been truly happy, she wouldn't have cheated on him with a bartender nearly young enough to be her son. Lauren challenged Michael to look her in the eye and swear that he didn't want her. Michael, with divorce papers in hand, looked directly into Lauren's eyes and said, "I don't want you." Lauren refused to sign the papers and vowed never to give up on their marriage. After Lauren left, Michael broke down and sobbed uncontrollably. Lauren, slumped near the elevator, sobbed pitifully.

In Paul's office, Kevin, Kyle, and Summer asked if Paul had received new information. Paul explained that forensic evidence on the envelope Fen had provided had helped identify the blackmailer. Known to the FBI, the man had once been the head of a South American drug cartel. Summer cried, "Fen drugged us and left us at the mercy of some murdering drug lord?" Summer and Kyle denounced Fen's actions, but Kevin explained that the drug lord had nearly frightened poor Fen to death.

Paul explained to Kyle, Kevin, and Summer that the former drug lord, Marco Anicelli, had managed to outsmart the authorities for years. Paul added that no law enforcement agency even had a photo of the man. Kevin recognized the man's name and said that bad things had happened to anyone who'd ever claimed to have seen Anicelli. Paul explained that he wasn't certain why the elusive criminal would've risked being seen just to kill a kid filming a documentary about the dirty secrets of Genoa City's elite. Paul added that he intended to find out why Annicelli had targeted citizens of Genoa City.

Dylan stopped by Paul's office and asked about the new evidence lifted from an envelope. Paul said that the evidence had led them to a criminal named Marco Annicelli. Paul added that Annicelli had run a South American drug cartel until he'd dropped out of sight a couple of years before. Dylan asked to see a photo. Paul explained that no photos of the man existed. Dylan expressed concern that the man could be walking around Genoa City without anyone knowing who he was.

After Dylan left, an agent from the FBI arrived at Paul's office. The agent insisted that the bureau would take over the investigation. Paul explained that two people, one a police officer, had been murdered in his city. Paul demanded to know everything there was to know about the man responsible for the murders. The FBI agent seemed reluctant to share additional information, but Paul remained persistent.

The FBI agent studied the file and told Paul he wasn't certain that partial DNA evidence was trustworthy, especially because Marco Annicelli was adept at covering his tracks. The agent added that he doubted Annicelli was even alive because he'd eluded authorities for years. The belligerent agent refused to believe that a "bunch of kids from Wisconsin" had managed to draw such an elusive and clever criminal out of hiding. Paul reminded the agent that "two kids had already died" and others were in danger. The agent suggested that the young people quit meddling.

Kyle, Summer, and Kevin stopped by Crimson Lights. The worried trio talked about the startling news they'd learned about the killer. Kyle wondered if perhaps Austin had unearthed a secret the drug lord considered a threat. Summer said that had Fen should've informed them early on. Kevin defended his nephew and said Fen should also be warned about Annicelli.

After Kevin left, Summer said, "What if Kevin's right? What if Annicelli does go after Fen?" Summer placed the blame on Austin for having tried to embarrass her family with his exposé. Summer said she'd tried to downplay her family's money in order to pacify Austin. Kyle said that Summer's efforts to fit in with Austin "had messed her up to the point that no one was ever allowed to spoil her." Kyle admitted that he'd tried too hard to impress Summer with over-the-top dinners and expensive jewelry. Summer, apologetic, replied, "I was pissed off at Austin, and I took it out on you."

Summer confided to Kyle that she couldn't understand how Austin could've been so loving yet betray her by making the film and sleeping with Abby. She rhetorically asked, "Was the whole thing a lie? Did Austin really ever love me?" Across the room, someone hiding behind a menu watched Summer and Kyle. When the stranger suddenly headed toward the patio, Kyle intercepted him and demanded to know who he was.

Fen arrived and joined Summer as they both caught up with Kyle and the stranger. The spying man, Tobias Gray, introduced himself. Summer and Kyle remembered that Tobias had once worked in the lab for Ashley and had spied for Victor. Tobias said it was unfortunate that Ashley had fired him, but he insisted that no proof existed that he'd been Victor's spy. Kyle apologized. Tobias said, "Whatever has freaked you out has nothing to do with me." After Tobias left, Fen acknowledged that they were in danger.

Kevin located Fen at the Genoa City Athletic Club and told him about Marco Annicelli. Fen cried that had he not changed his grade and given in to the blackmailer, Courtney and Austin wouldn't have been murdered, and his friends wouldn't be in danger. Tears welled in Fen's eyes when he explained that he'd worried about getting kicked out of school and the effect it might have on his parents' marriage.

Kevin assured Fen that Michael and Lauren would work things out. Fen said he'd just seen his parents argue and knew for certain that their marriage was over. Kevin assured his nephew that his parents' problems had nothing to do with him. Kevin urged Fen, who'd helped authorities identify Annicelli, to be vigilant because the former drug lord was an imminent threat.

Dylan approached Sharon, who was sitting with Nick, at the Genoa City Athletic Club. Noticing that Nick and Sharon had argued, Dylan asked him what Nick had done to Sharon. Nick replied, "I didn't do anything. Sharon jumped to the wrong conclusion." Sharon insisted that Faith was her only concern.

Nick said he understood Sharon's concern for Faith and had considered allowing their daughter to spend more time with her mother. Sharon backed down and apologized. Dylan announced that Paul had discovered the identity of the murderer. Dylan offered to keep Nick updated. After Nick left, Sharon said she wasn't sure she could trust Nick or anyone else. Dylan vowed that he'd never lie to Sharon.

Later, Nick learned from Sage that she'd become ill. Sage said she'd had to cancel the appointment with Marylou. Sage said that her run-in with Sharon hadn't help her deal with morning sickness. Nick lightened the mood by telling Sage not to expect Sharon to throw her a baby shower. Nick sat down beside Sage in her suite and put his arms around her.

Nick insisted that sharing the news of Sage's pregnancy with Sharon might be the best plan. Sage was reluctant and worried that Sharon might become emotionally unbalanced. Nick explained that Sharon could lean on Dylan for support. Nick calmly assured Sage that everything would work out. The couple tenderly kissed, and Sage seemed somewhat relieved.

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