Monday, July 27, 2015

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Nick confronted Adam, who with his altered appearance still masqueraded as Nick's boarding-school friend, Gabe Bingham. Nick said that Sage's DNA test had determined he was her unborn baby's father. Adam replied, "I don't put much store in paternity tests, considering your history with them." Stunned, Nick walked closer and replied, "How did you know that?" Adam claimed that he'd overheard the tale about Nick having lied in the past about conducting a second DNA test after the first had been compromised. Adam added, "Who's to say you wouldn't do it again and claim that this baby is yours just because you want it to be?"

Chelsea entered and overheard Adam warn Nick that Sage was in need of money and might be attempting to trap him. Chelsea approached and told Nick not to listen to Adam. Adam said that some people could lie as easily as they breathed. Chelsea glared at Adam and replied, "Yes, they do." Chelsea explained that Adam's suggestion that Sage was trying to trap Nick couldn't be true because a doctor had told Sage that she'd never be able to conceive. Chelsea told Nick that Sage was truly in love with him. Fed up with Adam, Nick left.

Adam, lowering his voice, asked Chelsea why she'd defended Sage. Chelsea replied, "The question is why are you dumping all over Sage after all she's done for you? She lied to Nick and everyone else about your identity." Chelsea pointed out that Sage had kept Adam's identity a secret even after she'd excluded herself from the inheritance. Adam told Chelsea that Sage had lied to Nick for a year. Chelsea asked why Adam was trying to break up Nick and Sage only after the couple was expecting a child. Adam said, "I'm not sure the baby is his." Chelsea suddenly realized what Adam meant by his statement and said, "You son of a bitch."

Adam claimed that his fling with Sage had meant nothing to him. Chelsea said he could give no valid excuse for having cheated on the family he supposedly loved. Chelsea cried, "You had sex with her, and now she's carrying your kid?" Chelsea told Adam that everything about him was a lie. Adam told Chelsea he'd slept with Sage while trying to cope with Chelsea and Billy's plans to marry. Adam said that he and Sage had instantly regretted what they'd done.

Chelsea asked Adam why he'd blackmailed his father to gain control of his company, why he'd once pretended to be blind, and why he'd covered up what had happened to Delia. Chelsea told Adam that most people learned from their mistakes. Adam insisted that he had. Chelsea told Adam that claiming he might have fathered Sage's baby was nothing more than an attempt to be "top dog." Chelsea said she refused to be part of Adam's dysfunctional life ever again, and she walked away.

Adam showed up at Chelsea's apartment. He apologized for not behaving like the new man he'd claimed he was. Chelsea said, "It's Nick and Sage that deserve the apology." Adam thanked Chelsea for making sacrifices in order to conceal his true identity. Chelsea replied, "I did that for Connor, not for you." Adam asked to visit with his son to tell him he wasn't leaving town. Chelsea refused and said that both she and Connor were better off without Adam. Chelsea closed the door, collapsed to the floor, and sobbed. Adam beat on the door and called out to Chelsea.

At Genoa City Memorial Hospital, Sharon and Dylan discussed their excitement about Sharon's prenatal ultrasound test. When Ben happened by, Sharon congratulated him on his reinstatement as a physician intern. After Sharon walked away, she ran into Sage, who explained that she had a consultation appointment with her obstetrician. Sharon said she did, too. Sage explained that Nick hadn't accompanied her and that she was unsure about the status of their relationship. Sharon offered to intercede, but Sage declined the offer.

Sharon seemed sympathetic when Sage said, "I lied to Nick about this baby. I told Nick that I never slept with Gabe, and I did once. I'm paying for it." Sage said that a paternity test had determined that the baby was Nick's. Sharon offered to remain with Sage for emotional support, but Sage said she'd have to get used to being alone. Sharon seemed upset and concerned about Sage.

In an exam room, a medical worker placed an ultrasound transducer onto Sharon's abdomen. As a round image appeared on the screen, Sharon said, "That's our baby!" Dylan kissed Sharon. Sharon told the medical worker not to reveal the baby's gender. Tears of joy welled in Sharon's eyes when the device amplified the unborn baby's heartbeat. Dylan seemed overjoyed.

Dylan and Sharon went to Crimson Lights. Dylan was ecstatic about showing off the ultrasound image of his unborn baby. Sharon, with tears in her eyes, recalled that Nick had turned his back on Sage and her baby. Sharon said, "If you're going to walk out on me, do me a favor and just go now." Dylan replied, "I'm not going anywhere. I want this baby more than anything. You understand?" Sharon said, "I understand that the reason you're staying is because of the baby." Dylan told Sharon that he wanted a future with her and their baby. Sharon said, "If you won't walk away, I will." Dylan told Sharon that he loved her.

In Marisa's suite at the Genoa City Athletic Club, Noah arrived with a dome-covered platter of hamburger sliders made with Wisconsin beef and cheese. Marisa apologized for not divulging the truth about Marco. Noah replied, "Forget about him. The guy's at the bottom of the lake. He got his punishment." Marisa asked if she, too, deserved punishment. Noah assured Marisa that she wasn't responsible for Courtney's or anyone else's death.

At the Underground, Mariah and Kevin discussed plans to travel to the lake after Noah arrived to relieve Mariah. Kevin had a pair of flipper fins and said other needed items had been packed into his vehicle. Abby showed up and asked what the pair had planned to do at the lake. In unison, Mariah and Kevin uttered different answers, which made Abby suspicious. Kevin admitted that Marco Annicelli might have murdered Austin and Courtney.

After Kevin explained to Abby that Marco was believed to have drowned, Mariah added that she and Kevin hoped to find out if the rumor was true. Abby insisted on reporting the discovery directly to police. Mariah said that Noah didn't want the police involved because he was protecting someone. Kevin explained that the person Noah wanted to protect was his new waitress, Marisa Sierras, who'd been Marco Annicelli's former girlfriend. Mariah added that Kevin had discovered Marisa's true identity and forced the newcomer to admit her past affiliation with the notorious drug lord.

Abby told Mariah and Kevin that too much about Marisa remained unexplained. Kevin agreed. Noah and Marisa arrived. Abby said Marisa couldn't be trusted. Marisa insisted that she'd had nothing to do with Marco before he'd arrived in Genoa City and later forced her into a car. Abby agreed to keep Marisa's association with Marco a secret for the time being. After Abby left, Marisa thanked Kevin and Mariah for keeping her secret. Kevin and Mariah exchanged glances.

Marisa and Noah were tidying up at the Underground when Nick arrived and immediately poured and quickly downed two shots of whiskey. Noah said he thought Nick might have accompanied Sage to her doctor's appointment. Noah asked about Sage. Nick said, "I can't trust her any more than I can the dude she slept with." Nick said Sage had admitted sleeping with Gabe one time.

Nick told Noah that a DNA test had proven that Gabe wasn't the father of Sage's child. Noah asked his dad if he was angry because Sage had cheated. Nick explained that Sage's encounter had occurred after he and she had briefly broken up. Nick said he was troubled because Sage had told him the baby was his before she'd ordered the paternity test. Marisa piped up and told Nick that perhaps Sage had kept the matter secret in order to protect him. Sage entered the bar, and Noah and Marisa stepped out.

Nick asked Sage about her checkup. Sage said Nick would've known firsthand had he shown up at the hospital. She added that because Nick had stayed away, she knew what she should do next. Sage said she'd move out of Nick's place and leave her job. Sage apologized and said she'd wanted very badly to make their relationship last. Nick told Sage that he'd been wrong to blame her for what had transpired after he'd pushed her away. Nick told Sage that he wanted to make a life with her.

Abby met Ben at the Genoa City Athletic Club. Abby, still wearing smart business attire, noted that Victor had resumed control of the company and kept her on as COO. Ben said his work schedule might soon become hectic. Abby happily noted that her life might no longer be threatened. Ben asked if there had been a break in the case. Abby took Ben by the hand and led him upstairs.

Outside Abby's suite, she confessed to Ben that Kevin and Mariah intended to investigate and determine whether or not the person implicated in the murders might be dead. Ben asked Abby if she planned to become involved in another dangerous mission. Abby said she wouldn't, but she reminded Ben that they'd grown closer during the time he'd acted as her personal bodyguard. The couple flirted and quickly located the key card to enter the room. Inside the room, the couple disrobed. Ben said they'd need to stay on guard. Abby said, "Just until we find the killer." The two fell onto the sofa together.

Kevin and Mariah parked near the lake. Kevin, wearing swim trunks, opened the side door of the van they'd driven to the lake and unloaded diving equipment. Later, Kevin and Mariah returned to the Underground to confront Marisa. Noah said, "So much for your promise to stay out of this and forget about Marco." Mariah explained that though they'd located the car in the lake, they'd found no traces of Marco.

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