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Monday, August 24, 2015

At the Genoa City Athletic Club's rooftop deck, Paul aimed his handgun toward Detective Harding. Harding pointed his handgun toward Dylan, who was unarmed. Dylan, with his arms raised, stood between Harding and Paul. Back at the police station, Kevin, Summer, Mariah, and Noah watched and listened to the tense confrontation via closed-circuit surveillance. Paul attempted to defuse the situation and promised fair treatment if Detective Harding ended the standoff without bloodshed. Detective Harding replied, "With three people dead? I'm looking at the rest of my life in prison! The only way that Dylan gets out of here alive is if you let me go." When Paul said he couldn't comply, Harding replied, "Then say goodbye to your son!"

Detective Harding became agitated when Dylan ordered Paul not to follow Harding's demands. Back at the police station, Sharon cried out and collapsed when she and the others heard a gunshot. The camera angle didn't show who the bullet had struck. On the rooftop deck, Detective Harding, wounded and bleeding, fell to the floor. Paul kept his weapon aimed at Harding while Dylan asked who he'd been working for and why he'd killed Austin and Courtney. Detective Harding mumbled, "At the cabin." Paul summoned an ambulance. Detective Harding lost consciousness.

Kevin and Noah felt compelled to face Detective Harding in person. Together, they rushed out of the police station. The women, terrified, refused to wait around. Mariah, Summer, and Sharon decided to follow after the men. Mariah and Summer exited the station. Sharon stayed back. Sensing pain, Sharon stopped in the entrance area and pressed her hand against her abdomen.

At the Abbott cabin, Jack, Phyllis, Marisa, and Victor stood around a bed on which Marco Annicelli, a drug lord who looked exactly like Jack, was bound to by his wrists and ankles. Jack had threatened to end Marco's life, but Victor noted that Jack wasn't a murderer. Jack said, "I want to hear you confess." Marco said, "According to you, I'm the mastermind of some intricate, diabolical plot against you and half the people in Genoa City. For the record, I wasn't working alone!" Jack, Phyllis, and Marisa turned their heads and glared at Victor. Victor proclaimed his innocence and said, "I would never knowingly hurt my grandchildren by killing those they loved." Marco replied, "Everyone in this room knows you're the one who found me and brought me here to replace your rival."

Victor said that Marco had made the decision to play by his own rules, which included murder. Marco said that Detective Mark Harding had committed the murders after Marco had hired the police officer cover up incriminating evidence. Marco explained that both Austin and Courtney had discovered video evidence indicating the existence of two Jack Abbotts. Marco noted that Harding had done whatever had been necessary to guard his secrets, including ending the life of Tobias Gray. Victor claimed that the people had died because of Marco's carelessness. Marco, addressing Victor, replied, "No, boss, those people are dead because your plan had to be protected at all costs."

Victor refused to accept any responsibility for the deaths. Jack said, "I accept your claim that Marco took this to a more violent level." Marco asked about his fate, noting that both Victor and Jack would have to explain their own grave actions. Marisa spoke up for Jack and said he'd acted in self-defense. Marco said that Marissa, a known liar, wasn't a credible witness.

Victor told Marco that he would be transported back to the "hellhole of a prison cell" where he'd previously been locked up back in Peru. Marco, standing with his hands bound behind his back, glared menacingly at Victor. Two bodyguards held on to Marco as Victor instructed the two men to transport Marco via helicopter to the airstrip, where the Newman jet awaited to fly Marco to Lima. Victor told his men to shoot Marco if he caused trouble. Marco said, "I look forward to seeing you all soon! I promise you it will happen." In Spanish, Marisa told Marco to go to hell. The bodyguards took Marco away.

Phyllis and Jack thanked Marisa for trapping Marco at the cabin. Victor was angry with Marisa. Victor said that if Marisa had told him she'd been in contact with Marco, he could've handled the situation before it had escalated. Victor said, "You lied to me. Never lie to me!" Jack said that Marco had victimized Marisa, and she deserved the opportunity to start her life over. Victor warned Marisa not to reveal that she'd arrived in Genoa City with Jack and to keep quiet about what had taken place in the cabin.

After Marisa left, Victor asked that Jack and Phyllis not talk about what had happened. Jack replied, "After you basically confessed to all of us what you did? I have a very important story to tell to the authorities about how you damn well nearly eliminated me from the face of the earth." Victor reminded Jack that he'd killed Kelly Andrews in her sleep and had set off an explosion that had killed a ship's crew. Jack insisted that those charges wouldn't stick. Victor replied, "How do you think a judge in a backwater, sweltering banana republic country is going to deal with you?" Victor added that Jack would be a fool to gamble with his life that way. Jack said he'd take his chances and attempted to phone Paul.

Phyllis interceded and told Jack she couldn't handle losing him again. Phyllis pleaded with Jack not to throw away their future just to get back at Victor. To appease Phyllis, Jack said he'd try to find a way to coexist with Victor. Victor glanced at his phone and saw a text message that read, "It's done." Jack told Victor he wanted to ensure that Marco couldn't masquerade as him again in the future. Victor replied, "I've taken certain measures to make sure that won't happen. We'll be able to identify him."

Aboard a helicopter, Marco looked down at the lights of Genoa City as the aircraft made its way to an airstrip. Marco's hands were bound in front of him. Marco winced. When he turned his head, he frowned and placed his hand against a large gauze bandage covering the area near his ear. He shifted and leaned against the backrest. Marco's piercing eyes made him look evil and even more determined.

In the dining room at the Genoa City Athletic Club, Abby noticed that Ben didn't seem to be enjoying their cozy dinner. Ben claimed he'd had a busy day at the hospital. Abby frowned when Ben shrugged off her invitation to discuss the details of his stressful day. Abby seemed disappointed and suggested they retire to their room. Ben offered to enjoy a nightcap at the rooftop bar. Abby smiled and nodded her approval.

When Abby and Ben stepped through the doorway to the rooftop deck, they saw Paul, Dylan, and Detective Harding. Paul asked Summer to leave the area while entreating Ben to help. Ben immediately attended to Detective Harding. Paul asked Dylan what had happened before he'd arrived. Dylan explained that Kevin had tapped into the hotel's surveillance system. Dylan said he'd arrived and overheard Detective Harding on the phone, demanding a passport. Paul said he'd have Harding's phone analyzed. Ben pronounced Harding dead. Dylan said he doubted they'd ever learn the whole story.

Summer, Noah, Mariah, Kevin, and Sharon arrived at the Genoa City Athletic Club. Ben, accompanied by Abby, announced that Detective Harding was dead. Dylan greeted Sharon and explained that though Detective Harding had implied involvement and didn't deny being the murderer, he didn't offer crucial details. Summer asked if the threat to their safety had ended. Dylan nodded and said he believed Detective Harding had killed Austin, Courtney, and Tobias Gray. Dylan left.

Sharon comforted Summer and Noah. Kevin told Mariah that if Detective Harding was the murderer, it wouldn't explain Annicelli's connection to the crimes. Kevin recalled that Marisa had disappeared at the same time Harding's involvement had been exposed. Mariah wondered aloud what had been stored on Austin's computer and why Harding had wanted to keep it secret. Summer cried that there had been no justice for Austin because Harding would never have to answer for what he'd done. Summer, Noah, Kevin, and Mariah agreed that they were safe, since the killer was dead.

Later, Abby told Ben she was relieved that the threat to her safety had been eliminated. She said she felt like celebrating. Ben, reserved and disheartened, admitted that he didn't feel up to it. Abby explained that she'd moved into a suite with Ben to be protected. She told Ben that she intended to move back to her home alone because it was better to be truly alone than to feel alone when she was with him. Ben admitted that he'd suffered many losses and had been unable to open up about it. Ben said he'd try to connect with Abby on a deeper level.

At Crimson Lights, Kevin, Noah, and Summer discussed the loss of their friends. They pondered Detective Harding's connection to the crimes. Noah said that Harding had murdered Austin because Austin's computer had contained something the detective hadn't wanted exposed. Kevin said he didn't believe that the DNA mistake, which had implicated Sharon, and Annicelli's presence in Genoa City at the time of the murders had been coincidences. Noah seemed ready to let the matter rest.

On the coffeehouse's patio, Mariah visited with Sharon, who was tackling a pile of paperwork. Sharon admitted that she felt antsy just thinking about Dylan having put his life on the line. Sharon pressed her hand against her abdomen and grimaced. Mariah asked what was going on. Sharon replied, "Just a little cramp. I had one earlier. I'm sure it will pass." Sharon agreed to visit her doctor, and she asked Mariah to put the paperwork away in the office.

After Sharon left, Mariah joined Kevin, Noah, and Summer in the main dining area. Summer walked out to the patio to return Kyle's message. Noah told Kevin to let the matter rest. Mariah said, "Kevin is the person who suspected Harding in the first place. Had he not been so tenacious, we might all still be in danger." Kevin said there was still something out of place. Marisa arrived. Noah embraced her and said he'd been worried.

Kevin grew even more uneasy after Marisa's arrival. Summer rejoined the group and said that Kyle was shocked to hear that Harding was dead. Marisa said, "Harding is dead? What happened?" Noah explained that Paul had shot him. Kevin said it was possible that Harding had been working with Marco Annicelli. Marisa said, "Marco won't be a problem anymore." Noah asked Marisa how she knew that. Marisa replied, "I just do."

In Paul's office at the police station, Paul recalled the details of the deadly incident on the rooftop to Christine. Paul said that before he had been able to assess the situation, he'd been frightened by the sight of Dylan in harm's way. Christine said, "And you thought of Ricky." Paul admitted he had because it had been a similar scenario, though this time he'd shot someone else in order to save his son. Dylan arrived. Christine admitted that she should've heeded his advice to secure a warrant for Harding.

After Christine left, Dylan told Paul that the case was far from over. Paul said that the person Harding had called had been using an untraceable phone. Dylan said that when he'd questioned Harding about the murders, he'd said that someone had paid him to keep secrets. Paul said, "Annicelli?" Dylan agreed and pondered what secret Harding wanted protected. Both men decided to probe the issue deeper at a later time. Paul said he'd be proud to work alongside his son. After Dylan left, Christine told Paul that she'd support his decision to return to duty.

At the hospital, Sharon sought an evaluation from her doctor. Sharon sobbed softly as her doctor consoled her. The doctor acknowledged that Sharon had suffered a miscarriage. Attempting to look on the bright side, the doctor said that Sharon was healthy and could conceive again. Sharon nodded, and the doctor walked away. Sharon cried quietly over her loss.

At Sharon's house, Dylan had lit candles and arranged a bouquet of fresh flowers. When Sharon arrived, she said, "What's all this?" Dylan noted that he was offering an apology. Dylan recalled Sharon's frantic voicemail and the look of horror on her face after the confrontation with Harding. Dylan added that he could've jeopardized their future and their baby's future. Sharon started to say something, but Dylan interrupted.

Dylan told Sharon he didn't want to risk the one thing he'd always wanted. Dylan added that his dream was to have a family of his own. Tears ran down Sharon's cheeks when Dylan said he'd decided not to join the police force. He explained that becoming a dad was more important than anything else in the world. Dylan knelt down on one knee and proposed. Sharon, first sobbing, regained her composure and happily agreed to marry Dylan. The couple celebrated with an embrace.

. . .

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