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The Young and the Restless Daily Recap for Monday, August 20, 2018
Billy faces personal and business pressures
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Monday, August 20, 2018

In the dining room at the Genoa City Athletic Club, Jack met with Nick. Jack reported that foreign investors seemed excited about a Newman and an Abbott teaming up. He said that venture capitalists in London, Paris, and Berlin were all interested in investing in Dark Horse. Nick said he'd checked into the leasing company Jack had recommended. Nick said he'd learned that Capital Leasing owned the leasing agreements for the stores Billy was planning to open. Jack replied, "I believe they do." Nick said, "If Dark Horse purchases the company, then you can stop Billy from moving forward with his project."

After Jack received notification on his phone about another confirmed investor, he said, "I love my job." Nick asked if Jack meant that he liked working with him or sticking it to Billy. Jack said it was both, but most important, he explained, was the chance to prove to himself that Jabot no longer defined him. Nick again mentioned Capital Leasing's ties to Billy's project. Jack noted that undermining Billy had originally been Ashley's idea, which he'd initially shot down. Jack said he'd later realized that if something wasn't done, Billy would crash and burn and take Jabot down with him.

Jack, recalling the cheap shot Billy had recently dealt to Nick, said Nick should understand Jack's insistence on keeping Billy in check. Nick explained that he'd begun Dark Horse because he couldn't stand the way his father had done business. Nick added that he was hesitant to buy the leasing company based on personal grudges. Jack urged Nick to take both Jabot and his issues with Billy out of the equation and instead consider what a great opportunity acquiring Capital Leasing would be for Dark Horse.

At Summer's apartment, Billy was about to head out the door. Summer walked downstairs, skimpily dressed. Billy insisted he had a lot to do at his office. Summer asked if Billy was trying to avoid her. Billy replied, "Maybe I am." Recalling that she'd told Billy how she felt about him, Summer asked if he had the same feelings for her that she had for him. Billy avoided answering Summer's question as he rushed out the door.

At Crimson Lights, Billy greeted Cane and said he'd heard that Lily had turned herself in for causing the accident. Cane replied that though it had been tough for their family, Lily had done an amazing job at keeping Mattie and Charlie calm. Cane acknowledged that Lily could be sentenced to 20 years in prison. Cane readily admitted that he'd screwed up by not telling Lily sooner about her having run a red light. Billy insisted he'd had no intentions to berate Cane because he understood why Cane had done what he'd done.

Billy admitted that he and Cane both seemed to make bad choices, though they were convinced they made their choices for the right reasons. Cane agreed and said he'd told himself it had been the right thing to do to avoid telling Lily the truth about the accident. Billy explained that bluffing, lying, and withholding the truth were their stock and trade. Billy added that though he and Cane strived to do their best, they somehow yielded to temptation to follow their worst instincts. Cane smiled, nodded, and replied, "Thank you for making me feel worse. I appreciate it." Before the men parted, Billy wished Cane and Lily well.

At Neil's penthouse, Ashley went downstairs after spending the night and sipped coffee from Neil's cup. Neil said, "Good morning." Ashley smiled and replied, "Pretty good so far." Attempting to gauge the seriousness of their relationship, Neil said, "Now what?" Ashley recalled her new appreciation for jazz and said that getting lost in the music had given her a much needed a break from work and personal stress. Neil asked if that was all Ashley had gotten from her experience. Before Ashley could respond, Nate arrived downstairs and apologized for interrupting.

After Ashley left, Nate asked Neil about the state of his relationship with Ashley. Neil said he wasn't sure, though he and Ashley had been romantically involved in the past. Neil explained that he and Ashley had recently agreed not to ruin their friendship by crossing the line. Neil added that he would remain focused on his family instead of worrying about whether or not Ashley was interested in him. Nate encouraged Neil to enjoy a life of his own without feeling guilty. Nate suggested that Neil let Ashley know whether or not he liked her as more than just a friend.

Lily was already at the Hamilton-Winters Group lobby area when Neil arrived. Neil said he'd seen Devon's car. Lily said she was avoiding distressing Devon and regretted the way she'd treated Hilary because it had caused pain. Lily added that she hated herself and didn't blame Devon for hating her. Neil promised to support Lily while she and Devon worked things out.

Neil and Lily entered Devon's office together. Neil offered to let Devon talk, but Devon said he'd rather work. When Lily approached, hoping to break the ice with Devon, he closed the lid on his laptop and said he'd rather work from home. Neil acknowledged Devon's grief and said he had grieved, too. Lily added that she felt terrible. Neil reminded Devon that Lily had supported him after he'd lost his hearing. Neil also recalled how Devon had supported Lily while she'd battled cancer.

Neil insisted that the strong love the siblings felt for each other couldn't have just disappeared. Devon replied, "It didn't just disappear. Lily killed it when she killed my wife and my kid." Lily was devastated. Neil asked what he could do to save their family. After Devon walked out, Lily told Neil that she should have been the one to leave the office. Lily said she could feel Devon's anger directed at her and feared she might have lost her brother.

After Lily left the office, Neil seemed restless. He sent a text message to Ashley. He asked if she would be free later. Ashley immediately sent back a message. She simply wrote that she had a busy day at work, offering no other explanation or sentiment. After Neil read the message, he slumped back in his seat, looking disappointed.

At the rooftop deck, Nick overheard Summer ask the bartender if he'd seen Billy Abbott. Nick asked Summer if she'd been keeping up her end of their deal. Summer claimed that she needed to discuss business with Billy. Summer offered to buy Nick a drink and noted that she could afford to buy the good stuff. Nick asked Summer if she thought it funny that he'd had to buy her silence. Summer said it was sad that Nick had put a price on honesty.

Summer threatened to tell Billy and Sharon that Phyllis and Nick had cheated on them. Nick explained that he believed his engagement to Sharon had been broken off, and Phyllis had briefly ended her relationship with Billy, so no one had cheated. Nick insisted that Summer drop the subject. Summer asked Nick if he'd seen Billy downstairs. Nick suggested that Summer had a crush on Billy.

Nick pointed out that he and Phyllis had spent only one night together. Summer recalled past indiscretions, when she and Faith had been conceived, and accused her father, Phyllis, and Sharon of being serial cheaters. Nick asked Summer if her aim was to hurt him and Phyllis by going after Billy. Summer insisted that Nick and Phyllis were the ones doing the hurting. Summer defended Billy and added fuel to the fire by asking Nick to tell Billy she'd been looking for him.

Ashley was at Jabot when Billy arrived. Ashley admitted she'd been tough on Billy and was aware that he'd been working hard. Billy replied, "Does that mean you're going to change your mind on the boutiques?" Ashley reiterated her concern about losing money, but she vowed to support him. Ashley encouraged Billy to attend a trade show in Philadelphia to learn about launching and maintaining a profitable retail business. Billy asked if Ashley was really attempting to send him out of town. Ashley said if she wished to pull something behind Billy's back, she would have been much more subtle.

Billy went to the Genoa City Athletic Club for lunch. Billy ran into Nick just after Nick's business meeting had concluded. Billy took a defensive stance as Nick approached and asked if he intended to fight again. Nick admitted he'd been a jerk and said he'd rather forgive and move on. Billy doubted Nick's sincerity. Nick admitted that Summer and Phyllis weren't pleased by his and Billy's strained relationship. Billy said he understood because he lived with both women.

Billy agreed that he and Nick should put the past behind them. Nick said he was relieved because he'd rather be on good terms with his new tenant. Billy was confused until Nick said he'd purchased the leasing company that owned the buildings Billy had leased to open his new stores. Jack arrived in time to hear Nick when he said, "Say hello to your new landlord." Nick took a few steps past Billy and greeted Jack. Nick announced to Jack that purchasing the leasing company had been a sound business decision. Billy looked on as Jack replied, "It was a good move, no matter what your reasons were."

Jack summoned Ashley to the rooftop deck. Jack announced to Ashley that Nick had purchased the leasing company with full knowledge that the company owned all the buildings Billy had chosen for his boutiques. Ashley replied, "So, Nick's on board with keeping Billy in check?" Jack said he believed Nick relished the idea of having some leverage over Billy. Ashley admitted she'd given up trying to dissuade Billy and had decided to play the part of a supportive COO. Ashley added, "Billy thinks he's golden. Till you cancel the leases on those thirty stores, and he's not going to know what hit him." Jack and Ashley toasted their plans to restore Jabot.

At Devon's penthouse, Devon began the process of packing up Hilary's clothes. Mariah stopped by to check on Devon. Devon admitted that he was having a difficult time and wasn't sure how he would survive without Hilary. Mariah offered to help Devon pack up Hilary's clothes, so they could be donated to charity. Mariah and Devon toted boxes filled with Hilary's clothes downstairs.

Mariah picked up a fuchsia-colored blouse and remembered that Hilary had worn it the day Mariah had started her job. Mariah recalled how unprepared she'd been. Devon snickered when Mariah noted that Hilary had never cut her any slack. Mariah became serious when she recalled how much she'd learned from Hilary, including teaching her how to be a friend. Devon asked what bit of advice Hilary would give if she were there. Mariah replied, "Stop blubbering and get on with it." Devon chuckled.

After Devon stepped away to get tape to seal the boxes. Mariah heard a text-message alert on her phone. Mariah had earlier sent a text message to Tessa, pleading for her to report back. Devon seemed concerned about Mariah's demeanor and asked if everything was okay. Mariah replied, "It's just Sharon. She wants some milk." Devon said he took it that Mariah hadn't receive the text message she'd been hoping for. Mariah admitted that Tessa hadn't returned any calls or text messages.

Devon said he'd understood that Tessa had left to pursue her big break. Mariah admitted that the story Tessa had told wasn't true, and Mariah feared that Tessa was in big trouble after leaving town to help Crystal. Mariah said that during the last phone conversation, their call had gotten cut off, though Tessa had warned that communication would be difficult. Devon suggested that Mariah enlist Paul's help. Mariah explained that dangerous people were involved, so Tessa had made her promise not to phone the police.

Mariah reminded Devon that Crystal was still a fugitive and feared facing prison for killing Zack. Devon, sharing wisdom, said, "We think we have a lot of time here, but that's not always the case. We're connected to life by a thin thread, and every day, there's a million things that can break that connection." Devon urged Mariah to do whatever it took to find Tessa. After Mariah left, Devon removed Hilary's blouse from a box and lovingly caressed it.

Lily joined Cane for lunch at the Athletic Club. Cane offered to stay afterward, explaining that Chancellor could run itself. Lily expressed concern about Devon and Neil. Lily said Neil had been working overtime to keep their family together by not taking anyone's side. Nate happened by and asked Lily how she was. Lily said she was spending as much time with her family as she could.

Lily added that she'd just expressed her concern to Cane about Neil. Lily told Nate she feared that her father had no one to help him deal with his troubles. Nate assured Lily that she shouldn't worry about Neil. Lily seemed to sense that Nate knew something he wasn't sharing. Nate told Cane and Lily that the person he was worried about was Devon. Nate said he feared what might happen if Devon didn't find a way to deal with his grief.

Billy returned to Jabot and entered the elevator. When the doors opened on his floor, Summer entered before Billy could exit. Summer stopped the elevator and demanded that Billy talk things over. Summer refused to open the doors until Billy admitted he had feelings for her. Billy replied, "I don't." Billy was visibly uncomfortable as Summer persisted with her questions.

Summer recalled that Billy hadn't pushed her away when they'd kissed. Billy remembered it differently, claiming he had pushed her away. Summer agreed that Billy had ended the kiss, though she was certain he hadn't wanted to. Summer said Billy had yearned to take things even further. Summer insisted that Billy "own [his] feelings." Billy said he was feeling angry, and he implored Summer to stop playing games and to hook up with Kyle instead. Summer said she wanted Billy and knew that he was too scared to admit that he wanted her, too.

Billy admitted he would find Summer attractive if Phyllis wasn't in his life. Summer ordered Billy to tell her why he found her attractive. Billy cited Summer's beauty and her frustrating unpredictability. Billy insisted he was deeply and madly in love with Phyllis and would remain committed to her. Billy explained that he had a business trip to plan, and he thought it would be best if they spent time away from each other.

Summer accused Billy of being afraid of what he might to do if she was around. Billy stiffened his upper body in an effort to keep distance between him and Summer. Summer pressured Billy to stop fighting his feelings and "go for it." Billy leaned close to Summer, and she seemed to anticipate that he was about to kiss her. Billy instead pressed a button to open the elevator doors and said, "Game over." Summer was left alone after Billy quickly walked away.

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