Monday, July 18, 2016

At the cottage, Sharon found Dylan downstairs and was surprised that he hadn't awakened her, but he replied that she'd been sound asleep. She thought she should have been after their romantic evening, and he said the night before had been just what he'd needed. He couldn't help thinking that he got to go home to her and Sully, but Adam soon wouldn't be able to return to Chelsea and Connor, since things weren't looking good. Sharon insisted that Adam wasn't guilty, but Dylan lamented that there were way too many questions and not enough answers.

Mariah walked in on Sharon and Dylan kissing, and she apologized for her lousy timing. Dylan departed, and Mariah suggested that they use a signal to avoid future interruptions. Mariah observed that things seemed good with Sharon, and she pointed out that Kevin had kept his word not to tell Dylan that Sharon had gone off her medication. Sharon said she was sorry for getting upset, but she had everything under control.

Sharon thought Mariah should be with her friends instead of worrying about Sharon, and she noted that Mariah had given up everything to bury herself there. Mariah insisted that there had been nothing to give up, but Sharon voiced concern that Mariah hadn't been taking any time for herself, and she thought it was time for Mariah to get back to her own life. Mariah questioned whether Sharon didn't want her to live there anymore. Sharon swore that she wanted Mariah to live there, but Mariah thought she'd walked in on Sharon and Dylan too often.

Sharon praised Mariah for being supportive and protective, but she asserted that Mariah didn't need to take care of her anymore. Mariah suspected that without her there, it would be easier for Sharon to tell herself that she was a normal mom who was raising a kid with her husband, but Mariah was a reminder of the truth about Sully. Sharon insisted that she didn't want Mariah to leave, but Mariah argued that the secret would go away with her. Sully cried over the baby monitor, and Sharon went upstairs to tend to him.

At Crimson Lights, Kevin and Natalie showed Michael the footage of the mystery woman in a wig, but Michael noted that it wasn't enough to get Adam's case thrown out. Kevin wondered if Michael could get a continuance to buy time, but Michael explained that there had already been an extended recess because of the shooting, and they were due in court that morning. Michael reported that Adam was going to take a plea, since the plea deal beat life in prison, and Kevin swore to keep digging. After Michael left, Kevin hunched over his computer and contemplated who Dorothy Gale really was.

Kevin groaned that he had nothing when people were counting on him, but Natalie pointed out that they had a wig. Kevin answered a call from Mariah, who asked if he'd really kept her room waiting because she needed it. He asked if everything was okay, and she replied that it would be once she had breathing room. He agreed to whatever she needed, and he hung up and reluctantly informed Natalie that Mariah was moving back in.

Meanwhile, Sharon returned downstairs after changing Sully's diaper, and she credited Mariah with helping her through everything. Mariah called herself a constant reminder of the terrible thing that could blow up Sharon's life, and Sharon explained that she was trying to gain a sense of normalcy, but she was worried Dylan might pick up on something. Sharon stressed that she loved having Mariah at home, but they just had to be careful. Sharon encouraged Mariah to stay, but Mariah asserted that Kevin had a room waiting for her. Sharon envisioned their lives going back to the way they had been before Sage's accident, and she hugged Mariah.

Adam and Chelsea cuddled in bed at the penthouse, and she imagined staying like that forever if they didn't move or think. Adam thought Connor would have something to say about it, and Chelsea wailed that it wasn't how things were supposed to be, since they deserved a happy ending. Adam noted that the plea was his best hope, and Chelsea blasted Victor for breaking his promise. Adam swore that it wasn't the end of the story but just a new chapter, and he knew the evidence to prove his innocence was still out there. Chelsea vowed to find it, and they kissed.

Downstairs, Adam cradled Connor in his arms and said they had to have a man-to-man talk. Chelsea overheard as Adam told Connor that his daddy was leaving for a while, and he hoped Connor could take care of his mommy by giving her extra hugs and kisses. Adam asked Connor to let Chelsea win at hide-and-seek every once in a while to make her feel good, and the boy nodded in agreement. Adam told himself that he'd be fine if he knew that Connor was walking through life with his mom, and he looked up and saw Chelsea on the stairs. She tearfully asked how they'd do it, and Adam replied that they'd do it together.

Adam and Chelsea embraced, and Michael arrived. She questioned whether there was really nothing else Michael could do, and he said he was sorry. Adam told Connor to remember what they'd talked about, and he instructed the boy to take care of his mom. Adam kissed his son and said he'd hold onto it, since it had to last him a long time. Adam requested that Chelsea take Connor upstairs, since he didn't want Connor's last memory of his father to be Adam walking out the door. Adam and Chelsea professed their love and kissed, and she went upstairs with Connor. Adam struggled to regain his composure, and he headed out with Michael and a guard to the elevator.

In a motel room, Chloe listened to a news broadcast about Adam's trial resuming, and she gazed at a photo of Delia and said it was a big day for them. Chloe picked up the journal pages and a lighter, and she lit the flame and contemplated igniting the paper. Chloe snapped the lighter closed and tucked the pages into a Bible in the nightstand drawer. She looked over an assortment of wigs, and she pondered who she'd be that day.

Paul greeted Christine in the courtroom, and she remarked that she'd thought she'd been dreaming when Michael had called to tell her that Adam had accepted the plea bargain. Paul noted that it was a nightmare for Adam and Chelsea, but Christine thought it had been a wise choice. Paul thought that Victor might have framed Adam, but Christine pointed out that Dylan's investigation had found nothing to indicate a setup. Paul countered that it didn't mean Victor hadn't done it.

The guard escorted Adam into the courtroom, and Michael greeted Paul and Christine, who said Adam had made the right decision. Michael maintained that Adam was innocent, and he took his place next to Adam. Adam requested confirmation that he didn't have to admit he was guilty, and Michael explained that while Adam didn't have to admit guilt, he had to indicate that he thought a guilty plea was in his best interests. Adam griped that he had to say the word even though he wasn't guilty, and Michael sympathized that it was difficult, but it didn't have to be the end. Adam resolved to get it over with.

Chelsea encountered Dylan in the corridor and panicked that Adam was about to go to prison, so Dylan had to prove Adam was innocent. Dylan noted that it was hard to prove when the people he was trying to help left out bits and pieces of information, and she divulged that Victor had the real pages of Sage's journal. Chelsea told Dylan about the deal Adam and Victor had made, and he wondered if Victor had backed out. Chelsea relayed that Victor had refused to speak to Michael, but she thought Victor might talk to Dylan. Dylan thought it wasn't like Victor to bury Adam after defending him on the stand, and Chelsea begged Dylan to find out what had happened. Dylan promised to do what he could, and he raced out.

In Victor's hospital room, Nikki wished Victor didn't have to go back to prison, but she anticipated that he'd be released after his appeal. She proclaimed that she believed in him with all her heart, and she and the children would fight for him, but he had to believe in himself and not give up hope. Victor pledged to do everything he could to get out of that "hellhole." Nikki asked if Victor was worried about his appeal, and he replied that there were no guarantees in life, so they had to be prepared.

Nikki recalled that Victor had run to his family's rescue many times, so it was their turn to help him. Victor doubted the rest of the family would be as eager as Nikki was to help him, but she was optimistic that Adam would step up. Victor thought Adam was too focused on his own problems, but Nikki noted that Adam had Chelsea by his side, just like Victor had Nikki. Nikki confidently stated that Victor was going to win the appeal, and he would be free after his sentence was reduced to time served. She added that they'd do it the same way they'd built their lives and a family -- together.

Dylan stopped by to talk to Victor about Adam's case, and he asked Nikki to excuse them, but she declared that she needed to hear whatever they had to say. Dylan mentioned that Victor had reneged on his deal with Adam, and Victor noted that Michael had made the same accusation, but he thought Dylan was too smart to buy into it. Victor stated that he only had a few minutes left with his wife before he would be taken back to his cell, and Dylan reported that Adam was about to take a deal, so it was the time to save Adam if Victor had any desire to do so.

Victor guessed that Adam and Chelsea had spun the story because they'd been desperate to avoid the charges against Adam. Dylan asked if it was true, but Victor swore that there was nothing he could do to help Adam. Dylan considered it plausible that Adam had been set up, but Nikki argued that it would have been almost impossible for Victor to frame Adam from prison. Dylan suspected that Victor had thought Adam had needed to be taught a lesson, but Nikki insisted that Victor loved his son and didn't want to see Adam ripped away from his wife and child. Victor confirmed that everything she had said was true, and Dylan realized it was as much truth as he was going to get. Dylan stepped into the hallway, and he sent a text message.

At the courthouse, Chelsea read Dylan's message and informed Michael and Adam that Victor was sticking to his story of not knowing anything about the journal pages. The judge began the proceedings, and he referred to the agreement the prosecution and the defense had reached. The judge said he was required to ask if Adam considered it in his best interests to enter a guilty plea, and Adam replied that he did. The judge inquired whether Adam understood that he would be treated as guilty whether or not he admitted guilt, and Adam hesitated before confirming that he did.

Adam pleaded guilty to second-degree intentional homicide, but he added that he hadn't done it. The judge said Adam's statement would be noted on record, and he announced that the plea bargain was in effect. The judge sentenced Adam to 30 years in prison, and a distraught Chelsea followed Adam as the guard led him into the corridor. The press swarmed around them, and a wigged Chloe smirked as she looked on. A reporter pestered Chelsea, who blurted out that her husband was innocent, and she vowed to find evidence to clear his name so he could return home to his son.

At the coffeehouse, Kevin reasoned that Mariah had had his back more times than he could count, but Natalie planted kisses on him and warned that Mariah would be on the other side of the wall when Natalie did things like that to him. Kevin was sure that geniuses like him and Natalie would figure it out, and his phone beeped with a report of Adam's prison sentence. Dylan entered and said they had to ramp up the investigation, but Kevin informed him that he hadn't tracked down the person who'd made the anonymous tip. Dylan was certain that the real journal pages were out there, and Kevin revealed that he was already on it, since he'd agreed to track them down for Adam and Chelsea.

Dylan demanded that he and Kevin not have any secrets if they were going to work together, and he requested that Kevin pull up bus station footage to see who had accessed the locker that had contained the empty envelope. Natalie guessed that they'd find the woman in the wig, and Dylan asked what was going on. Natalie divulged that a woman in a wig had visited Victor in prison, and Dylan scolded that hacking into the prison's surveillance footage had been illegal. Kevin countered that it was no more illegal than framing someone for murder, and he questioned which criminal Dylan would rather see punished.

Dylan thought it would be huge to tie the mystery woman to the bus station locker, but Kevin performed a quick search and learned there were no cameras that covered the locker area. Dylan assigned Kevin to review the surveillance videos at the bus station, and he started to leave to get a warrant. Dylan ran into a flustered Mariah and asked what was going on, and she stammered that everything was fine. He said he'd see her at the house, but she informed him that she was moving out.

Kevin thought it could take a long time to go through what might be weeks of surveillance footage, and Natalie volunteered to go with him. He thought it would be a waste of her time, but she cooed that with all those tapes, they might have to stay in a hotel for a few nights. She seductively asked if that sounded like a waste of time, and they kissed.

Mariah thanked Kevin for letting her move back in, and he tossed her the keys and said she'd have the place to herself for a few days, since he and Natalie were going away on business. Natalie pointedly added that it was also for pleasure, and Kevin told Mariah to make herself at home, since everything was the same as it had been. Natalie led Kevin out, and Mariah glumly plopped down in a chair.

Dylan returned home, and Sharon wondered if he was back to finish their good morning. He said he wanted to talk to her about Mariah moving out, and Sharon claimed that Mariah wanted to live life as a single girl. Dylan mentioned that Mariah had seemed upset, but Sharon remarked that Mariah had seemed fine earlier. Sharon wondered what had happened in court, and Dylan revealed that Adam had taken the plea and was probably in a cell. Sharon felt terrible for Chelsea and Connor, and Dylan bemoaned that Adam didn't belong in prison. Meanwhile, Adam sat behind bars, reflecting back on kissing Connor goodbye.

At the hospital, Nikki imagined that Victor was tired, and she offered to leave so he could rest. He grimaced in pain when he tried to move, and he anticipated that there would be a long road ahead, but he thought they would get there. She swore that they would, since they had forever, and she promised she'd be back before his transport. She received a text message about Adam taking the plea, and Victor repeated that he would have saved Adam if he could have. Victor insisted that he didn't know where the journal pages were, and Nikki looked into his eyes and said she believed him. They kissed.

Chelsea arrived at the hospital, and she opened a drawer on a supply cart and found a scalpel, which she slipped into her pocket. She continued down the hall and ran into Nikki, who expressed condolences about Adam's sentence. Chelsea swore that Adam was innocent, and Nikki assumed that Chelsea was there to confront Victor, but she was certain that he'd had nothing to do with it. Nikki refused to let Chelsea upset Victor, but Chelsea claimed she was there to apologize for projecting her fear and anger onto Victor.

Chelsea added that she knew Victor wouldn't take Connor's daddy away, since that would make Victor a monster, and she had to let her anger go for her son's sake. Chelsea hoped for a few minutes to make amends with Victor, and Nikki thought it would be good for Victor to hear Chelsea say those things. Chelsea fondled the scalpel inside her pocket and headed into Victor's room.

. . .

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