Monday, February 23, 2015

At the partially collapsed Underground, Jack and Victor argued over which of them should exit the structure first. Victor said that Jack should crawl out of the cramped area, which was littered with teetering beams and heavy debris. Jack insisted that Victor exit first. Jack said he didn't want to owe his life to Victor's sacrifice. Before either of them made an effort to escape, the structure collapsed a second time.

At Crimson Lights, Phyllis, Nikki, Ashley, Nick, Dylan, and Victoria were horrified when they heard about the second collapse at the Underground. Paul overheard Dylan, Nick, and Phyllis discussing plans to help rescue Victor and Jack, but Paul said it was too dangerous. Paul added, "Secondary collapses are often deadly." Ashley was understandably distraught when Phyllis and Nikki explained that Jack's heart had stopped beating after the initial collapse. Though Victor had managed to get Jack's heart beating again, Nikki cried that both men were weak.

Ashley, upset over the news, said, "I refuse to believe that Victor saved Jack's life just for them to die together." Victoria agreed and noted that Jack and Victor had beaten the odds before and would do so again. Nick assured everyone that Victor was alive. Paul left. Nick sat near his mother to comfort her. Nikki refused medical treatment.

Across the room, Victoria asked Ashley if she'd heard from Billy after he'd been rescued from the apartment fire. Ashley said she'd stopped by the hospital to check on Connor, who remained there under observation. Ashley explained that Chelsea and Billy would be staying with the boy. Victoria asked if Billy knew about Jack. Ashley said she had withheld the news about Jack.

The sisters were seated at a booth together, and Avery comforted Phyllis. Phyllis berated herself for having been stubborn by refusing to leave with Jack when he'd asked her to accompany him home. Ashley moved closer to listen. With tears in her eyes, Phyllis cried, "I pray to God this isn't the end." Ashley spotted Kelly enter though the patio.

Ashley rushed out to prevent Kelly from entering the main dining area. Kelly asked about Jack. Ashley, stammering, cried, "Jack didn't make it out of the club." Kelly replied, "Jack can't be dead." Ashley noted Kelly's concern, but she asked Kelly to leave. Angry, Kelly yelled, "I have as much right to be here as Phyllis!"

Ashley seemed shocked when Kelly said that she and Jack had made love. Ashley said that Jack surely hadn't been thinking clearly if he had because he was engaged to Phyllis. Kelly claimed that Jack was done with Phyllis. Kelly agreed to leave, and Ashley returned to the main dining room. Before leaving, Kelly paused and asked a police officer for an update on Jack Abbott.

Phyllis overheard Kelly. Phyllis approached and told Kelly that she had no right to inquire about Jack. Kelly replied, "I have every right because last night, Jack chose me over you." Phyllis replied, "Jack doesn't love you. Jack doesn't want anything to do with you."

Kelly taunted Phyllis. Kelly bragged that Jack had wanted her lips and her body and hadn't been able to get enough of her. Kelly added that Jack had turned to her after Phyllis had behaved like a lunatic. Kelly described how she and Jack had made passionate love in the storage room. Phyllis slapped Kelly's cheek.

Abby and Noah arrived at Crimson Lights. Abby greeted her mother with a tight embrace. Abby asked Ashley about Victor and Jack. Ashley told Abby that the structure had collapsed twice. Abby, shocked, asked Ashley if she thought Victor and Jack were dead. Ashley said she didn't know what to think and was hoping for the best.

Those gathered overheard on a police radio that rescuers were searching inside a pocket in the rubble. Nick said he was returning to the collapsed building. Nikki cried, "Bring your father back to us! Bring him back to me." Ashley returned to the patio and told Phyllis and Kelly that rescuers had found someone. Both women seemed relieved, but they said nothing.

At the collapsed building, Nick crept through the debris and reached a rescuer, a firefighter. The firefighter told Nick that he shouldn't be inside the structure. Nick kicked away bricks and rubble and said, "Just tell me who you found." The firefighter illuminated a pile of bricks with a flashlight. When the rescuer tossed aside some rubble, he and Nick saw a bloody arm. Nick said, "We're going to get you out of here." Nick touched the arm and softly cried, "He's dead."

Near the plane crash site, Neil, wrapped in a blanket, crept across snowy, densely wooded terrain, yelling, "Hello! Anybody out there?" Back at the crash site, Jill and Colin tried to warm their hands above a fire. Lily approached Jill and said, "How is it possible that nobody saw Dad leave?" Devon and Cane returned after a quick, unsuccessful search for Neil. Lily cried that her father wasn't dressed to withstand the cold and might be attacked by wild animals.

Jill, Colin, and Cane convinced Devon to wait for help to arrive. Cane tried to console Lily, but she angrily told Cane that their family would be forever broken because of him, Devon, Hilary, and Colin. Lily blamed Cane for everything because he had withheld the truth. Jill and Colin defended Cane and said he wasn't responsible for the storm or the plane crash. Lily argued that Cane was just as bad as Hilary for keeping the affair a secret.

Devon, tending to an injured Hilary, said that everything was his fault. Devon cried, "I'm the one who's responsible for hurting Neil." Devon told Lily that he'd tried to break it off with Hilary, and he accepted the blame for having convinced Hilary and Cane to keep the affair a secret. Devon apologized and said he was even to blame for accepting the terms of Colin's blackmail. Lily replied, "I'll never forgive you or Cane."

Jill spoke to Lily privately. Lily said she'd asked Cane point-blank if Colin had been holding anything over his head. Lily cried that Cane had lied about everything. Defending Cane, Jill said that people often did the wrong things with the right intentions. Lily replied, "That might be how your marriage is, but I don't want to live my life that way." Lily walked away.

Cane approached Lily. Cane apologized for everything he'd done and said that Lily and their children meant everything to him. Cane pleaded with Lily to give him another chance. Before Lily could respond, a helicopter appeared overhead. Devon told Hilary that they would be rescued. Hilary said that Neil had summoned help.

Neil, bleeding and shivering from the cold, continued walking through deep snow in search of help. Weak and weary, Neil slumped to the ground. Neil rested his head against a snowbank and recalled tender moments with Hilary. In flashbacks, Neil remembered the day Hilary had told him she loved him. He recalled the day Hilary had agreed to marry him, and he remembered the exchange of wedding rings the day they had married. Neil winced when he recalled having seen Hilary making love to Devon.

When Neil recalled the dreadful confrontation on the jet, he grew weaker and began to lose consciousness. Neil struggled to keep his eyes open, and his breathing became shallow. A rescuer approached Neil and asked if any others had survived the plane crash. Neil groaned and tried to clear his head. The rescuer helped Neil drink a warm beverage and said he'd soon be reunited with his family.

At the Abbott cabin, Fen returned from a search outside and announced that Austin's body was missing. Summer gasped and sobbed. She pondered the possible activity of wild animals. Fen said he'd seen no tracks in the snow. Two police officers arrived and said they'd received a phone call about an accident. Courtney greeted the officers and said that she had phoned the police station.

Kevin claimed he was concerned about the amount of snow that had accumulated on the cabin's roof. Kevin noted that he, with the help of his nephew, had climbed a ladder to access the roof. Kevin added that he'd slipped and fallen. The police officer noted that Kevin appeared to be uninjured. Mariah explained that Kevin had appeared impaired just after the accident, so a friend named Austin had left on foot to find help.

Kevin explained to the officer that he was worried about Austin because he'd been gone for a long time. Officer Shelton said he and his partner would search for Austin. Courtney stepped outside with the police officers. Mariah and Fen agreed that Austin couldn't have walked away. Summer said, "Maybe he did. Maybe Austin isn't dead, you guys."

Courtney returned to the cabin. Summer pleaded with her friends and family to consider that Austin might have awakened and left to seek help. Mariah said, "Maybe he rode away on a purple unicorn." Everyone glared at Mariah, and she apologized. Mariah asked Summer to consider what might happen if Austin had awakened and remembered what had happened. Summer said that Austin would remember that she'd hit him on the head and had complied when others had arranged to dump his body and then lie about what had happened.

Crying, Summer said that Austin had left because he hated her. Fen suggested that someone might have decided not to "stick with the plan" and might have moved Austin's body. Kevin noted that Courtney and Summer were the only ones who didn't want to make Austin's death appear to be an accident. Courtney, Summer, and Abby began arguing. Fen said they all should assume they were on the same side.

Noah suggested that someone had been watching them the whole time they'd been at the cabin. Abby told Summer it might mean that she wasn't involved. Fen said, "Then why did she remember holding the bookend?" The police officers returned and said they hadn't located Austin. Noah said everyone would travel in their own vehicles to the police station when Officer Shelton said he'd need them to give statements. Noah reminded Summer to remain calm and stick to their story.

At the police station, Lauren anxiously questioned Michael about the search for Jill, Colin, Lily, Cane, Devon, Neil, and Hilary. Michael assured Lauren that Jill was still alive. Lauren wasn't amused when Michael joked that she was probably leading the others in the singing of bawdy campfire songs. Lauren called Jill's number and left a message. Lauren, sobbing, pleaded with Jill to hang on and wait to be rescued.

Lauren greeted Fen and the others when they entered the police station. Kevin explained that he'd had an accident at the Abbott cabin. Kevin added that Austin had left to find help because no one had had cell service. Mariah said, "He must have gotten lost because he never came back." Paul stepped out of his office and told the group from the cabin about the collapse at the Underground.

Paul explained that a rescue and recovery operation was ongoing at the structure collapse because Jack and Victor had remained trapped. Summer cried, "No! Not Jack and Grandpa, too." Paul asked, "What do you mean 'too?'" Abby, her arms fastened tightly around Summer's waist, said, "She just means that three of her family members are missing." Paul said those affected by the collapse were at the coffeehouse awaiting news.

Noah and Abby went to the coffeehouse. The others stayed with Abby. Paul went to his office. Michael watched warily as Fen, Summer, Courtney, Kevin, and Mariah huddled together and conversed in whispers. Michael approached Fen and Kevin and noticed that they were acting unusual. Fen said he was concerned about Summer because Austin had been gone for quite a while.

Paul questioned Courtney in his office. When he asked about Austin, Courtney provided only brief responses. When Paul noted that Courtney seemed nervous, she claimed she was tired. Paul closely watched the partygoers as they banded together outside his office. When an officer who'd participated in the search returned, Paul asked if Austin had been located. Summer interrupted and cried, "You found Austin's body, didn't you? He's dead, isn't he?" Paul replied, "Why would you think he's dead?"

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