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Monday, June 19, 2017

At Phyllis' apartment, Phyllis asked Billy if he believed Cane was guilty. Billy said he wasn't sure. Billy expressed concern for Victoria and for Brash & Sassy, which Billy noted had been on shaky ground even before the hockey-footage debacle and Juliet's lawsuit. Billy said he was concerned about Victoria and hoped the setbacks wouldn't take a toll on her. Phyllis suggested Billy could help out at work or with his children. Phyllis added that Victoria's emotional well-being wasn't Billy's problem. Billy said he was sensitive to Victoria's emotions like Phyllis was to Jack's. Phyllis pointed out that though Victoria had occupied much of Billy's time, he should spend time with his children.

At Michael's condo, Michael briefed Victoria about Juliet's harassment lawsuit. Michael said, "I just got word from Leslie's office. She has agreed to an expedited discovery, so we'll do it tomorrow in my office." Victoria expressed concern that Leslie had agreed to meet because she had evidence. Michael said Leslie had agreed because Juliet had pushed to drop everything. Michael added that Leslie still believed she could spin the case into a victory.

Michael assured Victoria that Leslie's side hadn't produced one shred of evidence. Victoria admitted she no longer felt as confident and was concerned about negative press. Michael said he'd already filed a restraining order, which would prevent the depositions from becoming public records and keep them off-limits to the press. Victoria was grateful but remained wary of Leslie's agreement to the stipulations. Michael said, "One would assume that it is not in Juliet's best interest to be branded a liar in the public record." Michael, moving on to the key points Victoria should cover in her testimony, noted that Juliet had never before mentioned sexual harassment while employed at Brash & Sassy and had been fired for cause, and only Victoria, not Cane, had made the decision to terminate. Victoria agreed that all the statements were true.

Michael warned that Leslie would likely attempt to trip up or elicit an emotional reaction from Victoria during questioning. Doing so, Michael added, would allow Leslie to draw out details that could be used against Victoria. Victoria assured Michael she'd suppress her emotions during the deposition. Victoria asked Michael to share his thoughts about the case. Michael said Juliet stood to lose future job prospects. Michael noted that their case didn't seem to be the type that could go either way because the facts were on their side.

After Victoria left Michael's, Phyllis stopped by. Phyllis asked Michael to tell her when the lawsuit might finally be resolved. Michael chuckled and replied, "May I ask why this is of interest to you?" Phyllis said she believed Victoria was using the lawsuit to keep Billy close by pretending she was on the edge of a nervous collapse. Phyllis added that Billy blamed himself for the hockey-footage debacle. Michael agreed that the lawsuit might never have been filed had the footage never aired.

Phyllis said she suspected Victoria wanted her out of Billy's life. Michael, noting that he was working closely with Victoria, said she was truly under pressure. Phyllis remarked that when under pressure, Victoria became more like Victor, so she could handle the situation on her own.

At Victoria's house, Victoria was heading out when Billy opened the door. Billy said he'd stopped by to see Johnny and Katie. Victoria said the kids were with Nikki at the ranch, riding ponies with Faith. Billy noted that dinner with Dad wouldn't compare. Victoria said the kids would return before dinner, and she invited Billy to have dinner with her and the children. Billy inquired about Victoria's well-being. Victoria assured Billy that she had faith in Michael's ability to prevail, so Billy shouldn't worry. Victoria, changing the subject, suggested Billy help out by setting the table for dinner.

At Cane and Lily's house, Cane returned home and found Jordan and Lily embracing. Jordan pulled away, and Lily walked toward Cane. Lily explained that she'd been distressed until she'd heard that Juliet had dropped her lawsuit. Cane said he was thankful Lily had a shoulder to lean on. Lily embraced Cane, and he told her she was lucky to have such a good friend. Cane made eye contact with Jordan as he consoled Lily.

After Jordan left, Cane told Lily that Juliet had decided to move forward with her lawsuit. Cane said Michael believed Juliet might falter while being deposed and admit she'd fabricated her story. Lily replied, "I hope he rips her lies apart." Lily told Cane that Hilary was planning to run a story about the lawsuit. Lily explained that even Jordan couldn't believe that Hilary would stoop so low, so he'd stopped by to share the unfortunate news. Cane agreed with Lily that Hilary's true plan was to destroy them. Lily added, "And she's going to enjoy every minute of it."

Lily was concerned about how Mattie and Charlie would handle the news. Lily and Cane sat down with their children and told them about the lawsuit. Cane explained that he'd been accused of harassment. Lily assured her children that the lawsuit was based on lies. Mattie feared that everyone would hear that her dad was being accused of doing something awful.

After Mattie left the room, Lily went to comfort her. Charlie said he'd feared that his father had been hiding something. Cane comforted his son and praised Lily for standing by him. Charlie said, "I know you wouldn't do something like this." Lily returned and seemed distraught as she watched Cane comfort their son.

In Jack's office at Jabot, Jack questioned Dina about the nature of her relationship with Graham. Jack explained that it hurt him to see Dina treat Graham like a family member. Dina said she believed her own family wouldn't accept her. Dina admitted it was difficult to accept Jack's generosity because she feared she might let him down again. Jack assured his mom that she shouldn't worry, and he recalled how his dad had maintained the Abbott home exactly as Dina had left it in hopes of welcoming her back to familiar surroundings. Jack added that John would've offered forgiveness, as he, too, would have.

Gloria interrupted Dina and Jack's conversation to remind Jack about a meeting, and Jack left. Gloria was surprised when Dina said she'd be staying in Genoa City. Dina, noting that both she and Gloria had been married to John and loved Jack, said she and Gloria should have lunch together. Dina admitted she was aware that Gloria and Jack shared an intimate relationship. Gloria became flustered and said she wasn't comfortable discussing her relationship with Jack. Dina said she was curious about what made Jack happy. Under her breath, Gloria said she, too, was curious about how to make Jack happy.

After Dina left, Jack returned to his office. Jack was disappointed that his mother had left without a word. Jack berated himself for having invested so much time worrying about her. Jack admitted that since his mother's return, he'd been rehashing past mistakes and family drama. Gloria said she believed Jack had spent years longing for his mother to be part of his life and to give him her love and approval. Jack agreed and said he'd never envisioned competing with someone like Graham. Gloria replied, "You're jealous because he has more of her than you do."

Gloria mentioned Dina's comment about Gloria and Jack sleeping together, though Gloria scornfully noted their intimacy had ended. Jack recalled that his and Gloria's closeness had sprung from a mutually beneficial arrangement in which Gloria had received the salary and benefits she'd demanded. Gloria replied, "I just started looking forward to sneaking around with you. Thought you did, too." Jack seemed taken aback. Gloria abruptly ended the conversation and returned to her desk, where she sighed dejectedly.

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Ashley questioned Graham about his involvement with Dina. Graham said he hadn't been forthcoming because he believed Dina's family merely tolerated his presence. Ashley said she understood and noted that she didn't even know his last name. Graham replied, "It's Bloodworth." Ashley suggested they start over and get to know each other.

Graham told Ashley he'd traveled to Paris after finishing college, fallen in love with the city, and chosen to stay. Graham explained that Dina had hired him because his skill sets in business management met her needs, and he desired a mentor. Ashley became curious when Graham said that he was in no position to judge Ashley's family. Graham noted that he, too, was familiar with complicated family dynamics. Graham told Ashley that his parents' marriage had ended badly.

Graham praised Dina, said she was a great person, and told Ashley she should be grateful they'd reconnected. Ashley placed her hand on Graham's just as Dina entered the room. Dina attempted to sneak up the stairs, unseen. Graham called out to Dina, and she joined them. Ashley thanked Dina for staying in town, especially for Abby's sake. As Ashley walked away, Graham watched intently. Dina took notice. Graham explained how Ashley had used her charm to coax information from him.

Ashley entered Jack's office and began rolling off information about Graham. Ashley said, "Graham's last name is Bloodworth. Born and raised in the Midwest. Both parents are deceased. Went to Paris after college. Never left." Ashley said Graham had related a tale about his parents having suffered a horrible trauma, so he'd encouraged Ashley and her siblings to treasure time with Dina.

Jack said he didn't believe Graham. Ashley said she'd asked Ravi to research Graham. Jack was impatient and said they should force Graham out of Dina's life immediately before he whisked her out of the country. Jack suggested Ashley employ her persuasive skills to get Dina to turn on Graham. Ashley refused and told Jack he was out of his mind.

At GC Buzz, Jordan confronted Hilary about scandalizing the lawsuit to hurt Lily's marriage. Hilary claimed she'd been mulling over how she'd explain her side if Jordan would give her a chance to speak. Jordan seemed wary. Hilary said it was simply her job as a reporter to cover the story. Hilary admitted that she couldn't separate her history with Lily from the facts without turning it into a personal vendetta.

Hilary told Jordan she would drop the story. Hilary added that she'd even declined Juliet's request to be a witness at a deposition. Jordan replied, "Juliet called you as a witness? You don't work for Brash & Sassy. How would you know what did or didn't happen between Cane and Juliet unless your involvement in this is way deeper than what you've told anyone?"

Jordan demanded to know what Juliet wanted Hilary to reveal under oath. Hilary claimed she'd been called to be a character witness. Hilary admitted that she'd slipped up, though she'd striven to let go of old grudges and petty resentments. Hilary pulled Jordan close for a kiss, and she asked him to stick by her and help her be a woman he could be proud of. Jordan pushed Hilary away and said, "You know who you should be proud of? Whoever taught you how to act because you're right up there with Viola Davis and Meryl Streep. And the only thing that you regret about your plan to trash Lily and Cane is that I caught wind of it."

After Jordan left, Hilary summoned Devon, and when he arrived, she said she hadn't been sure he'd show up. Devon said he'd heard about the piece Hilary planned to run about Lily and Cane. Hilary said she'd decided against it. Devon replied, "So you're going to make a reasonable decision not based on hate and resentment?" Hilary defended herself and claimed she'd only recommended a lawyer to a woman wanting to defend herself, though nobody, including Jordan, had believed her.

Devon said he realized he'd been summoned because Jordan had left. Devon turned and headed toward the exit, but Hilary began sobbing. Hilary cried pitifully that Devon had always been her voice of reason. Devon embraced Hilary and comforted her.

On the next The Young and the Restless...

• Lily demands of Cane, “I want to know exactly what happened in your hotel room.”

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