Monday, July 25, 2016

At Victor's court hearing, Phyllis barged in and demanded to speak to Judge Gates about the abuses Victor had inflicted on her. Jack attempted to quiet Phyllis, but she persisted. Victor's counsel protested, but Judge Gates allowed Phyllis to have her say. Phyllis cried that her life had been a living hell since the day Victor had kidnapped Jack and replaced him with Marco Annicelli. Phyllis pleaded with the judge to ensure that Victor served every minute of his sentence.

Phyllis became emotional and said she often relived her horrors, which made her question her sanity. Recalling her time with Marco masquerading as Jack, Phyllis explained that the stranger had lied to her and had sex with her whenever and however he'd wanted. Jack glared at Victor when Phyllis cried that Victor shouldn't be allowed to get away with what he'd done. Summer entered the courtroom and said, "Mom, what are you doing?" Phyllis replied, "I'm speaking out against your grandfather's appeal because it is my right."

Phyllis berated members of Victor's family for having changed their minds about Victor's punishment. Nikki spoke out and began arguing with Phyllis. Nikki reminded Phyllis that Victor had saved her life, and she demanded that Phyllis forgive Victor. Phyllis insisted that the pain she'd suffered because of Victor was far worse than Nikki's. The judge warned that he would reschedule the hearing if the two women didn't regain their composure.

Phyllis seemed oblivious to the judge's warning. Phyllis became emotional and said that her life, reputation, and marriage had been nearly destroyed. The judge declared that he wouldn't allow Nikki and Phyllis to wage battle in his courtroom. Nikki apologized and took her seat. Phyllis, addressing the judge, pleaded with Judge Gates not to show mercy to Victor because he'd never shown her mercy. Phyllis abruptly stepped out of the courtroom, and Jack followed her. Phyllis refused to talk to Jack and walked away. Jack returned to the courtroom.

Judge Gates asked Victor if he had something to say. Victor rose from his seat and said, "If fate has me go back to prison for the next ten years, then I must say I will take great solace from my family's testimony. I was very touched by it." Victor mentioned Phyllis and insisted that he'd taken no pleasure in her suffering. Victor explained that his time in prison had changed him, so he'd embrace an opportunity to prove it.

Jack spoke to Judge Gates. Jack said that just the same way he'd suffered, perhaps Victor deserved to be tied to a bed and starved. Jack added that despite his own feelings, he was aware that some in the courtroom loved Victor and needed him. Jack said he didn't believe that Victor had changed, but he admitted that if not for Victor, Phyllis might not be alive. Jack pleaded with the judge to make a final decision regarding Victor's appeal because continued court appearances had taken a heavy toll on Phyllis' well-being. Before Jack walked away, he addressed Victor and said he'd no longer allow Victor's actions to impact his life. Jack told Victor's family not to let Victor get away with his stunts in the future and to ensure that Victor steer clear of Phyllis.

Everyone in the courtroom waited in the hallway when Judge Gates left to deliberate. Judge Gates stepped out of his chamber and had a private discussion with Victor. Judge Gates mentioned his daughter, Dr. Meredith Gates, and he referred to her as the woman Victor had used. Victor denied having used Meredith. Judge Gates said that Phyllis' testimony had been compelling. The judge questioned Victor and asked if he'd stay away from Meredith just as she'd promised to stay away from him. Victor said he wouldn't disappoint the judge.

Judge Gates reconvened the hearing. The judge reduced Victor's sentence to time served plus two years of community service. Victor's family celebrated. The judge warned that Victor would be supervised. Bad behavior, the judge warned, could result in Victor's incarceration. After the judge exited, Victor announced that he'd resume his role as head of Newman Enterprises.

Jack stopped by the Genoa City Athletic Club to check on Phyllis. Jack said he wouldn't let Phyllis throw away her life just because she was fixated on revenge. Noting their crumbling marriage, Jack pleaded with Phyllis to conjure the strength to let go of her past. Phyllis began sobbing.

Jack grabbed Phyllis and passionately kissed her on the lips. Jack said he'd never stop loving Phyllis, and he demanded to know why she seemed so intent on destroying their relationship. Phyllis agreed that she'd been pushing Jack away. Jack received a message stating that Victor had won his appeal. Phyllis became livid. She demanded to be alone. Before he left, Jack advised Phyllis not to do anything she'd regret.

At the Chancellor mansion, Cane studied paint samples in preparation for Jill's plans to return the mansion to its former appearance. Billy entered the sitting room after enjoying a swim. Cane mentioned that he had great plans Brash & Sassy since Jill had named him as CEO. Billy noted that Jill obviously had ulterior motives, and he intended to figure out what they were. Jill stopped by, and Billy confronted her. Jill noted that Billy had left Brash & Sassy vulnerable. Billy said his mother shouldn't have taken something that had meant so much to him and given it to Cane. Jill announced that Billy and Cane would be running the company together.

After Cane left, Phyllis phoned. Billy pretended he was speaking to Bethany. After the call ended, Jill demanded to know the true identity of the caller. Billy changed the subject and asked why Jill had arranged for him to work alongside Cane. Jill replied, "Because Cane will be an excellent, excellent role model for you." Jill hinted that if Billy concentrated on particular areas of his personal life and also made the company a success, she'd reassign Cane and return control of Brash & Sassy to Billy.

Before Jill left, she picked up a paintbrush and spread a swatch of pale yellow on a wall in the entry hall. Jill paused and recalled a last encounter with Katherine in a flashback. Jill remembered having asked Katherine if she needed help climbing the stairs. Katherine had declined the offer of help. Katherine had said, "Goodnight," before using the handrail to ascend to the second floor. Jill seemed touched by the fond memory. Jill turned to Billy and, referring to the paint sample she'd spread on the wall, said, "This is the one. Forget-me-not Yellow."

After Jill left, Billy tried to phone Phyllis. He heard a phone ringing just outside his front door. He opened the door and found Phyllis standing forlornly on the porch. Phyllis tearfully told Billy that her marriage might be over. Billy tried to comfort Phyllis as she told him what had happened in court. Billy embraced Phyllis and consoled her.

Jill met with Jack at the Athletic Club. Jack asked about Brash & Sassy. Jill said she'd handed over leadership to Billy and Cane and had told Billy he should look up to Cane for guidance. Jill said it was crucial for Billy to get his act together. Jack said, "In business?" Jill replied, "In life!" Victoria and Nick entered. Jill expressed concern that Billy might never win back Victoria.

Nick and Victoria had drinks in the dining room. Nick assured Victoria that she'd done an amazing job at the company when she'd expressed concern about the disasters that had taken place. Victoria replied, "Yes, so amazing that we managed to lose an entire division and fall prey to ecoterrorism." Victoria seemed frustrated when she noted that their dad would be returning and reclaiming his helm at the company.

At the Walworth Penitentiary, Chelsea became distraught when Adam insisted that Connor not visit him in prison. Chelsea cried that Connor needed time with Adam. She added that both she and Adam could explain to Connor that his father was innocent. Adam said he feared Connor might someday resent him. Chelsea explained that if Adam wanted to be a good parent, he'd agree to meet with Connor and tell him the truth. Chelsea expressed concern that Adam's mental health would suffer without contact with his son.

Chelsea received a text message stating that Victor had won his appeal. She noted that Victor had been freed, though he was guilty, while Adam remained imprisoned, though he was innocent. Chelsea promised that she'd find a way to get Adam released. Chelsea sobbed pitifully when Adam abruptly left the visitation room. After Adam left, Chelsea stomped her foot and cursed under her breath.

At the ranch, Victor told Nikki that they'd conquered their biggest test. Nikki admitted she never wanted a life without Victor. Nikki seemed eager to make Victor happy. She said they'd have a fresh start and shouldn't waste a minute of it. Nikki embraced Victor.

After Nikki went to check on dinner, Victor poured himself a drink. Chloe appeared. Victor said, "You shouldn't be here." Chloe congratulated Victor for managing to walk free while Adam remained locked up. Victor said, "Where the hell are the two journal pages? I want them."

. . .

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