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Monday, October 24, 2016

In Phyllis' office, Victor showed up and offered to help Phyllis. Victor explained that Jack was in trouble for stealing private financial information from Newman Enterprises. Victor noted that Phyllis had likely acted as the mastermind behind the attack because she hoped to make amends to Jack. Victor explained that Phyllis could save Jack by alerting Victor if Jack planned another attack. Phyllis asked Victor why he thought she'd team up with him. Victor recalled that Phyllis had enlisted his help to save Summer from Luca Santori. Phyllis explained that Victor wouldn't have hurt Summer, but she was certain that he didn't "give a damn about Jack." After Victor left, Phyllis went straight to Jack's office, but he wasn't there.

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Hilary approached Ashley and asked for feedback about the scoop aired on GC Buzz about Newman Enterprises' substantial financial setback. Ashley said she had no comment. Hilary replied, "I was just wondering, is this Jack's idea of payback?" Ashley berated Hilary for dropping a bombshell about Newman Enterprises without confirming that her source was reliable. Hilary said that Jack had a motive to destroy Victor and his company. Hilary added that she believed Phyllis was behind the leak. Hilary asked Ashley to confirm her suspicions. Devon approached. Ashley asked Devon if he was pleased with Hilary's cheap and disgusting use of GC Buzz as a hammer to bash people.

After Ashley walked away, she ran into Victor. Victor threatened to retaliate against Jack. Victor ordered Ashley to put a stop to Jack's attacks. Ashley left as Michael arrived. Victor announced his intentions to file a lawsuit. Michael asked why Victor would want to hire him as representation after everything that had happened. Victor, citing that Michael owed him, replied, "This case could get dirty, and who better than you to get into the muck." Victor said he intended to sue Mr. and Mrs. Devon Hamilton.

Michael accompanied Victor when he approached Hilary and Devon. Hilary aimed her video recorder at Victor. Victor said, "I want you to record every word I say. It might come in handy when I slap you with a lawsuit." Victor directed his full attention to Devon and demanded that he set things right. Hilary noted that she'd been pursuing a news story, and she asked Victor to address her directly instead of asking Devon to control her actions.

Victor told Hilary that her source had given her fabricated documents. Victor insisted that Hilary reveal the name of her source. Hilary explained that someone had sent the packet of information anonymously. Victor addressed Devon and said that Devon's grandmother would be appalled to know that Devon had allowed his wife Hilary to "cast aspersions" on the Newmans and on Newman Enterprises. Devon defended his wife and said she could speak for herself. Devon also told Victor that if he intended to sue, he should sue.

After Hilary and Devon left, Michael told Victor that libel was difficult to prove in a court of law. Victor welcomed scrutiny from a team of experts. Victor insisted that an extensive audit would corroborate his claims that someone had falsified the damning information. Michael warned that experts could find whatever was lurking deep in the recesses of a computer system. Victor maintained that the documents were fake.

Hilary and Devon went to their office. Hilary kissed Devon and said she'd found him to be sexy when he'd defended her against Victor's threats. Hilary immediately began editing her videotaped encounter with Victor. Devon told Hilary that she couldn't air the video she'd recorded of Victor. Hilary insisted that she wasn't afraid of Victor. Devon replied, "This isn't about fear. It's about sense. You made unsubstantiated claims about Newman Enterprises. You can't cite the source, and you didn't get the information verified." Devon warned Hilary that if she couldn't verify the information, Victor would make them pay.

At Sharon's house, Dylan returned to town earlier than expected. Nick quickly grabbed his bag and headed for the door. Dylan said, "Hang on a second. I want to hear about everything I missed while I was gone." Joking as if they were revealing a startling surprise, Sharon and Nick said they'd taken the family to visit a pumpkin patch. Mariah carried Sully downstairs, and Dylan scooped up the child. Nick agreed to stay for refreshments.

After Mariah, Sharon, and Sully stepped out, Dylan spoke about the bump on the head Nick had sustained after Kevin had mistaken Nick for the person supposedly stalking Sharon. Nick seemed reluctant to explain, but Dylan wouldn't back down. Nick said he was aware that both Mariah and Sharon believed that Patty was the stalker. Dylan noted that Sharon had never told him she suspected Patty, but Paul had. Nick said Sharon hadn't wanted to worry Dylan.

After Sharon, Mariah, and Sully returned, Sully reached out to Nick. Nick experienced a flashback memory of baby Christian lying in an incubator. Nick recalled willing his tiny baby to survive. Sharon and Mariah exchanged nervous glances. Nick thanked Dylan for allowing him to spend time with Sully. Nick seemed hesitant to leave Sully.

After Nick left and Sharon went upstairs with Sully, Dylan questioned Mariah about her visit to Stonevale. Mariah said she recalled that Patty had escaped from Fairview the last Halloween. Mariah added that she'd traveled to Stonevale to ask Patty about Sharon's mysterious phone calls. Dylan asked what Patty had said, but Mariah noted that Patty wasn't able to communicate clearly and should be relocated to a more secure facility. Sharon returned and learned that Dylan knew about everything that had transpired during his absence, including Mariah's visit to Stonevale.

Dylan told Sharon that the only thing he couldn't figure out was why Patty had painted a picture depicting a pregnant Sharon. Dylan asked Sharon why Patty was obsessed with Sharon and Sully. Mariah interrupted and said, "If the doctors can't decipher what's in Patty's head, how can Sharon?" Dylan wasn't dissuaded and said there had to be an explanation. Sharon became agitated and explained that Patty had been obsessed with her while the two had been patients at Fairview.

Sharon panicked and cried that she wanted to forget that time in her life. Dylan said he felt as though he'd been kept in the dark. Dylan asked Sharon why she suspected that Patty was the mystery caller. Sharon swore to Dylan that she wasn't hiding anything from him. Sharon's phone rang. Sharon and Mariah seemed nervous.

At Chelsea's design studio, Kevin, handsomely dressed in a coat and tie, arrived to pick up Chloe for a date. Chloe seemed reluctant to label the outing as a romantic date. Chloe claimed that Kevin's stylish appearance made her feel underdressed. Chelsea encouraged Chloe to enjoy her evening with Kevin. After Kevin escorted Chloe into the elevator, Chelsea told Conner that Chloe was no longer sad and lonely because she had someone to hold her hand and dine with her.

Nick stopped by to visit Chelsea. Nick told Chelsea that his memories of and longing for Christian were intensified when spent time with Sully. Chelsea assured Nick that his feelings were normal, and she recounted her own experiences when she often felt Adam's presence. Nick admitted that holding Sully seemed to diminish his feelings of loss and made him feel whole again. Nick recalled his past experiences with Sharon and said he was aware that Sharon was hiding something from him.

At Top of the Tower, Kevin and Chloe enjoyed a candlelit dinner. The couple reminisced about their shared past. Chloe said she was glad to have her life back and joked that she was relatively sane and free to make her own choices. Kevin seemed happy for Chloe's recovery. Chloe said she was mostly grateful to be with Bella. Kevin blushed when Chloe noted how happy she was to be on a date with him.

Chloe expressed concern for Chelsea because Chelsea was grieving the loss of Adam and needed someone to help her move on. Kevin told Chloe that only time and fate could help Chelsea. After Kevin and Chloe left the restaurant, they went to Chelsea's penthouse. Chelsea wasn't home. Kevin and Chloe kissed passionately and began disrobing as they ascended the stairs and entered a bedroom.

Jack phoned his mysterious corporate spy and set up another meeting. Jack later met with the man in a deserted alley. Jack asked the man if the information he'd provided was true. The man replied, "It's from the Newman system -- everything watermarked." Jack asked about Victor's deletion of incriminating emails. The man said missing data would arouse suspicion. Jack said he was ready to step up his attack on Victor.

Phyllis was waiting outside Jack's office when Jack returned. Phyllis told Jack about her encounter with Victor. Phyllis insisted that Jack couldn't take down Victor on his own. Jack said he'd share his plan with Phyllis as long as she didn't try to talk him out of any part of it. Jack told Phyllis his plans in private. Phyllis seemed uneasy after she heard what Jack had in store for Victor.

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