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Monday, January 16, 2017

At the hospital, Lily shared her concerns with Cane about Hilary being in control of Devon while he convalesced at home. Lily said that Hilary could spin the truth once Devon regained his memory. Cane reminded Lily that while Devon remained in a fragile state, no one should rush to disclose the truth about the accident. Lily said Devon's future would be increasingly threatened while Hilary was in charge. Cane suggested they stop by to visit Devon and lend their support. Lily feared she would not be able to maintain control of her emotions, so Cane agreed to visit Devon without Lily.

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Jill commiserated with Jack after reporters hounded him outside the entrance. Jack explained that reporters believed Devon had been drinking at the benefit before the accident occurred. Jill asked if alcohol had caused Devon's car accident. Jack replied, "No! The blood work showed he was not intoxicated." Jack cried that false accusations were undermining the foundation's good work.

Jill continued questioning Jack and said, "The trouble is, we know who's to blame, don't we? It's your little friend." Jack scoffed and explained that Hilary wasn't solely to blame. Jack said Devon could've made a number of choices less destructive than driving 100 miles per hour on a country road. Jill asked why Jack was defending Hilary for doing vicious things to numerous victims, including Mariah.

Jack recalled Jill's past and insisted that she and Hilary had more in common than Jill would acknowledge. Jill insisted that Devon should've left Hilary a long time before. Jack replied, "Some people will put up with anything in the name of love." Jack suggested that Jill should show Hilary the same compassion others had shown to Jill in the past. Jill, seething, said she wouldn't forgive Hilary for all the hurt she'd caused.

After Jack left, Jill approached Lily and asked why Hilary was so adept at fooling even the smartest men in town. Lily replied, "For once, I'm finally over talking about that woman." Lily added that she was certain Devon was sick of her constantly bashing Hilary. Jill asked Lily if she'd given up on helping Devon see the light. Lily noted that Devon was a grown man who could figure things out on his own. Jill seemed even more frustrated by Lily's response.

At Devon and Hilary's penthouse, Devon gingerly moved his sore body to make himself comfortable on the sofa. Hilary noticed that Devon seemed distressed, and she asked him to tell her what was disturbing him. Devon said he was experiencing flashes of jumbled memories. Hilary, recalling Ben's advice, instructed Devon to stay calm, relax, and not push himself to remember what had happened. Devon said he could remember driving 140 miles per hour. Hilary said there was no way to know for sure how fast he'd been driving. Devon couldn't seem to shake his haunting memories.

Devon said that though he had blank spots in his memory, he was aware of being alone. Devon asked Hilary why she hadn't accompanied him. Hilary claimed she'd been working. Devon said he couldn't understand why he hadn't waited for Hilary, so they could be together at midnight. Hilary said, "We rang in the New Year with a big kiss." Devon remained confused and said none of what had happened made sense to him. Hilary seemed uneasy as Devon continued to question her.

Devon seemed comforted by the memory of Hilary being present at the hospital when he'd regained consciousness. Hilary said, "Whatever happened on New Year's, it doesn't matter anymore." Devon replied, "It matters to me." Hilary suggested that Devon rest upstairs in bed. Devon told Hilary that she didn't have to stay with him and should handle matters at work. Cane arrived to check on Devon. Hilary claimed Devon was asleep, but Devon called out to Cane. Cane agreed to stay with Devon until a nurse arrived.

After Hilary left, Devon told Cane that brief flashes of the car accident had resurfaced. Devon asked how an entire traumatic experience could have been erased from his mind. Cane comforted Devon and told him not to cause himself undue stress by forcing himself to remember. Devon said that Hilary had filled in some blanks. Cane asked Devon to elaborate.

Devon explained that he'd been alone because he'd been eager to test out his new car. Devon added that Hilary had told him that they'd shared a kiss at midnight. Cane replied, "Hilary told you that, huh?" Devon pleaded with Cane to share what he knew. Cane said he didn't know anything more, and he advised Devon to focus on being thankful he'd survived what could've been a fatal accident.

At GC Buzz, Hilary told her assistant that Devon had wrecked his car after sliding on a patch of black ice. Roz said some had suggested that Devon might have been driving while impaired. Hilary replied, "Are you asking me if Devon was drunk?" Hilary noted that Devon's blood alcohol had been well below the legal limit. Hilary refused to respond to additional questions and said she'd only stopped by to sign paychecks. Hilary crossly noted that she needed to return home to check on Devon.

After Roz walked away, Jack approached Hilary. Jack said he was surprised to hear that Devon was already home from the hospital. Jack told Hilary that he'd heard about Devon's memory loss. Hilary explained that she hadn't told Devon any details about the night of the accident. Jack noted that it was difficult to keep secrets, and Devon might find it difficult to hear the truth from anyone other than Hilary. Jack added, "If it were me, that's not the way I'd want the person I love to find out."

Hilary said she feared Devon might not forgive her for what she'd done to Mariah. Hilary added that Devon seemed to have finally given up on their marriage the night of the accident. Jack assured Hilary that Devon would get past it. Hilary replied, "You didn't get past it with Phyllis." Jack insisted that it wasn't the same kind of betrayal. Jack said that Hilary should tell Devon the truth as soon as possible because it might be her only shot at saving her marriage.

After Cane left Devon's, Hilary returned. Devon recalled a memory of his marriage proposal to Hilary. Hilary ventured downstairs after visiting with the nurse and asked Devon about Cane's visit. Devon said Cane had reminded him how lucky he was to be alive. Hilary agreed that Devon's recovery was what they should focus on and be grateful for. Hilary thanked Devon for suggesting she stop by the studio because it had given her time to think.

Hilary became apprehensive and told Devon that she'd been preoccupied with protecting him. Devon asked Hilary what was wrong. Hilary said she was ready to fill in all the blanks Devon hadn't been able to recall. Devon said the only thing that was important was making the most of their future together. Hilary persisted and attempted to tell Devon the truth. Devon interrupted and berated himself for having wasted money and time. Devon announced that he would make immediate changes.

At Brash & Sassy's headquarters, Victoria and Billy discussed a big-budget advertising campaign for the company's first men's cologne. Billy assured Victoria that their advertising blitz would draw attention, thanks to a famous model and a notable photographer. Victoria said she hoped sales might soar past their competitors and set records for Valentine's Day. Reed interrupted when he stopped by to pick up his phone. Victoria overheard when Reed quietly thanked Billy "for that other thing." Victoria replied, "What other thing?"

Billy and Reed both claimed that Billy had merely helped Reed create a bibliography for his school essay. Victoria insisted that she should be called on to help Reed because she was his parent. After Reed left, Victoria confronted Billy and said, "What is so top secret that Reed can only tell you?" Billy assured Victoria that Reed had wanted to discuss "guy stuff." Billy said Victoria was a wonderful parent, and he suggested that Victoria allow Reed to discuss certain issues with an adult he trusted. Victoria reluctantly agreed.

As the time neared for the photography session, Billy and Victoria learned that their model was unavailable. Jill phoned, learned the news, and suggested a substitute model. Jill later showed up with Lily. Lily seemed apprehensive, but Victoria and Billy assured Lily that she'd been one of Jabot's best models. Lily went to get dressed for the photo shoot.

Lily, wearing a red gown with a plunging neckline, seemed nervous. Billy put Lily at ease and instructed her to flirt and pretend she was enticing timid men to approach her. Lily posed provocatively as the photographer captured one image after another. Cane entered the studio and watched. Lily continued posing while Cane stood nearby.

After the photo shoot, Billy and Jill told Cane that Lily had stepped up as a substitute model when the one they'd booked hadn't been able to make it. Cane kissed Lily and told her she was gorgeous. Billy and Jill talked privately in the office. Billy thanked Jill for enlisting Lily. Billy said that the campaign might prove to be a huge success. Jill suggested they not jump ahead and plan a whole campaign because Cane hadn't seemed too thrilled when he'd walked in during the photo shoot. Billy replied, "Yeah. It's not really up to Cane, is it?"

At Victoria's house, Reed became bored with his homework. He opened a laptop and logged into a site to view pornography. When a payment window popped up, Reed rummaged through a drawer and found Victoria's credit card. Reed entered Victoria's credit card information. Reed perused the site until the sitter returned with Johnny and Katie.

Reed quickly closed the lid on the laptop. Johnny said, "What are you doing?" Reed claimed he'd been watching his friend's video. Reed left Victoria's credit card on the desk and went upstairs. After Victoria returned home, Reed ventured downstairs. Victoria found her credit card on the desk and asked Reed about it. Reed said he didn't know why the credit card was on the desk, and he suggested that Johnny and Katie were to blame.

On the next The Young and the Restless...

• Hilary asks for Lilyís help.

• Jack and Gloria flirt with one another to throw off a suspicious Phyllis.

• Paul worries that Dylanís cover is blown.

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