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Monday, May 23, 2016

In the dining room at the Genoa City Athletic Club, Luca praised Summer's success in dealing with Newman Enterprises' energy division. Summer gave Luca the credit for helping her compile statistics into a dazzling presentation. Luca said Summer had circumvented what could've been a catastrophic failure. Summer, alluding to her underhanded tactic, said that her aunt, the CEO, likely wouldn't approved of the email sent without her knowledge. Luca noted that Victoria had been distracted by her personal life. Summer asked Luca to explain his statement.

Luca muttered about Victoria and Billy's failed relationship. Summer expressed doubt that Victoria's broken marriage was still affecting her ability to run the company. Luca continued to discredit Victoria. Summer began to doubt her decision to conduct business covertly without having consulted Victoria. Luca assured Summer that Victor would be proud of her accomplishment. Summer noticed Nikki and Michael sitting together. Summer told Luca that Nikki and Michael were probably discussing the divorce.

In a nearby area of the Athletic Club's dining room, Nikki met with Michael. He gave Nikki the divorce papers he'd enlisted a fellow attorney to prepare. Michael urged Nikki to carefully consider her actions because "Victor is in a very, very bad place." Michael added that Victor felt as if his whole family, especially Nikki, had betrayed him. Nikki said her aim had been to help Victor, but she could no longer condone the things he'd done.

Michael advised Nikki to postpone her filing because she wouldn't be able to turn back afterward. Michael warned that Victor might never forgive Nikki. Nikki said, "I love him. I will always love him, and that's why I have to do this, Michael." Nikki added that Victor had already said he'd never forgive her, so there was no point in hanging on. Summer approached her grandmother and reminded Nikki that she should hang on because she was the love of Victor's life.

Nikki was taken aback when Summer cried that Victor had already been punished enough. Nikki asked Summer to remember Victor's crimes against the people he'd hurt. Summer insisted the Victor hadn't expected bad things to happen. Summer said she couldn't overlook the good things Victor had done for his family by only dwelling on the bad. Summer pleaded with Nikki to give Victor another chance. Nikki said it would be futile for her to explain why, but she insisted she had to break away from Victor.

At the Walworth Penitentiary, Victor passionately kissed Dr. Meredith Gates. Meredith backed away and admitted she shouldn't have kissed her patient. Victor disagreed and said, "That is the most real thing that has happened to me in a long time. It felt damn good." Victor explained that it had been tough dealing with his family having turned against him. He said it had hurt him more than he could've ever imagined.

After Meredith bandaged Victor's hand, she noted that his visit with Adam had been upsetting. Victor explained that Adam was his most difficult child because he vacillated between gaining approval and outshining his father. Victor added that Adam had been vicious during his recent visit. Meredith, recalling her difficult relationship with her own father, advised Victor to look past Adam's anger and threats. Victor said talking about his problems with Meredith seemed easy and natural. Victor added that though he'd enjoyed kissing Meredith, they should keep their relationship on a professional level.

Summer met with Victor. She told her grandfather that Nikki had filed for divorce. Victor asked Summer how she'd learned about Nikki's plan. Summer said she'd first heard about it from Michael when he'd informed her and Victoria. Summer added that she'd also spoken to Nikki when Nikki had met with Michael.

Summer said she didn't understand her family. Victor replied, "Nor do I. I guess she's willing to throw it all away." Summer comforted Victor and said she'd always remain loyal. Victor told Summer that she was the future of the family.

After Summer left, Victor was led into the meeting room to see Nikki. He immediately instructed her to say what she'd gone there to say. Nikki caught her breath and said, "I'm filing for divorce." Nikki said she'd tried and failed to save Victor and their marriage. Victor demanded that Nikki tell him the truth. Nikki explained that Victor had made it clear that he'd never forgive her. Nikki cried that she couldn't go on living that way.

Victor said that he wouldn't fight Nikki because they had nothing left. Tears ran down Nikki's cheeks. Victor yelled that Nikki, by aligning herself with Jack Abbott, had insulted him. Victor added that Nikki had manipulated their children and turned them against their father. Victor accused Nikki of cavorting with other men. Nikki defended herself, but Victor continued his verbal attack. Nikki stood and said, "Someday, when you finally snap out of it and realize that you're all alone, you'll have nobody to blame but yourself."

Nikki met with Summer at Chancellor Park. Nikki told Summer that Victor couldn't have cared less when he'd learned about the divorce filing. Summer, after admitting that she'd told Victor about the divorce, replied, "Grandma, that was all an act." Summer explained that Victor had been devastated.

Nikki sighed and told Summer that Victor had faked his reaction in front of Summer because he feared losing the only person still on his side. Nikki told Summer that Victor was no longer the man he had been. Summer cried, "Yes, he is! How can you be doing this to him?" Nikki said her husband had changed into a man obsessed with revenge.

At Adam and Sage's penthouse, Dylan told Adam and Sage that, based on information found in Sage's diary, he'd obtained a court order to exhume Constance's body. Adam said, "It'll clear my name. I can put this crazy accusation behind me and start collecting my apologies." Chelsea seemed miffed and asked why Dylan had delivered the news in person. Chelsea scoffed when Dylan explained that Sage had included specific details about Adam's role in Constance's death. Dylan told Adam he could add information to his statement before the forensic evidence was processed. Adam vehemently insisted that he hadn't killed Constance.

Adam told Dylan that Victor had set him up. Adam added that Victor wanted revenge because Adam had refused to testify on his father's behalf. Chelsea agreed when Adam explained that Victor had hired someone to alter Sage's diary. Dylan seemed doubtful that Victor had orchestrated such a feat from prison.

Chelsea reminded Dylan that Victor had, from his cell, manipulated a board member and had punished Victoria by selling Brash & Sassy. Adam expressed concern that the investigation was a diversion for an even bigger attack. Adam pleaded with Dylan to study the diary more closely. Dylan said he'd drop the case if the investigators found no evidence of foul play.

After Dylan left, Adam swore to Chelsea that he hadn't killed Constance Bingham. Chelsea asked Adam how Victor had been able to pull off his scheme. Adam said Victor might have forged the diary before the trial, so he could use it as leverage. Chelsea agreed that revenge had been Victor's main focus since his conviction. Adam concluded that Victor might've utilized the help of someone hoping to prove himself to Victor.

In her office at Newman Towers, Victoria fished in her purse and discovered that her phone was missing. In a flashback, she remembered having last used the phone in Travis' bedroom. Dan, a colleague, entered unannounced and praised Victor for her handling of the proposal to the energy division. Victoria thanked Dan and said she was grateful they were in agreement. Dan replied, "It's the kind of thing Victor would've done."

Dan glanced at Victor's portrait and said Victoria had been wise to keep the image hanging on the wall for motivation. After Dan left, Victoria phoned Summer. Luca answered. Victoria instructed Luca to tell Summer to meet her at the office immediately. Luca, however, showed up alone. Victoria asked about the email and said that Luca's plan was transparent and futile. Victoria accused Luca of using Summer by gleaning company secrets from her.

Luca, attempting to divert Victoria's probing, asked how the executives in the oil division had received the proposal. Luca noted that he'd given Victoria all the credit. Victoria pointed out that Luca didn't work for Newman, and she asked him about his motives. Luca said he'd merely advised Summer, and he assured Victoria that Victor would have supported the plan.

Victoria insisted that both she and Victor would've never approved of Luca Santori's involvement in Newman Enterprises. Luca warned Victoria not to cut ties with Summer, her only conduit to Victor. Luca added that Summer was the only Newman that Victor still trusted. Luca suggested Victoria use Summer to her advantage.

At Hank's Bar, Victoria approached Travis to retrieve her phone. Travis announced that he had no intentions of sleeping with a married woman. Victoria grabbed her phone and told Travis she was divorced. Travis questioned Victoria's reasons for retaining a picture of her ex-husband on her screensaver. Victoria noted that her ex-husband happened to be in a photo with her children. Victoria, in a rush, excused herself. Travis noted that Victoria was returning to her real life.

Dylan met with Michael at the Athletic Club. Dylan asked Michael if he was aware of Victor using someone outside prison to engineer a plot to frame someone. Michael asked who Victor was supposedly framing and why. When Dylan mentioned Adam, Michael said, "Because Victor is out for revenge against his entire family." Dylan explained that Adam had supposedly poisoned Constance Bingham after she had discovered he had been posing as her grandson.

Adam, Dylan said, had feared that Constance would contact the police. Sage had kept quiet, Dylan noted, because she'd feared Adam. Michael dismissed Dylan's musings. Michael reminded Dylan that Constance had been an old woman when she'd died. Dylan explained that there had been motive, method, and opportunity for murder laid out in the pages of Sage's diary, so Adam might be guilty.

Adam and Chelsea confronted Luca alone in Victoria's office. Adam asked Luca about forging the journal. Luca said he didn't know anything about a journal. Adam said, "You've been working on the outside, doing my father's bidding, ever since you had me fired from that hedge fund."

Luca tried to walk away, but Adam held Luca by the shoulder and demanded he confess what he knew. Luca admitted he'd made calls on Victor's behalf that had led to Adam's firing. Luca said he knew nothing about the diary, but he offered to help determine why Adam was being framed. Dylan arrived and placed Adam under arrest.

. . .

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