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Monday, November 23, 2015

In a suite at the Genoa City Athletic Club, Gwen insisted that Neil tell Devon the truth about Hilary. Neil agreed, but he asked Gwen to let him talk to Devon in private. Angrily, Gwen said, "So you can blame it all on me?" Neil assured Gwen that he'd take full responsibility. After Gwen left, Neil admitted that because he'd hated what Devon and Hilary had done to him, he'd followed them to Virgin Gorda.

Neil recalled that his compassionate speech at Devon and Hilary's wedding had been part of his plan. Neil admitted that he'd set up the prostitute that had visited Devon's bachelor party, so he could show Hilary the video of the prostitute leaving Devon's place. Devon said, "So you were the man seen arguing with Hilary?" Neil said he was. Devon asked if Neil had pushed Hilary off the cliff. Neil said he hadn't.

Neil explained to Devon that Hilary had evidently fallen after she'd run away from him. Neil added that he'd pulled Hilary from the water and had performed mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, but she hadn't woken up. Neil had feared that no one would believe him, so he'd secretly flown Hilary back to Genoa City. Devon grabbed the front of Neil's shirt, thrust him against a door, and yelled, "You had my wife the whole time and never said a word to me?" Neil insisted that he'd changed his mind after Hilary's accident and had thought only of helping her recover so she could return to Devon.

Neil swore to Devon that Gwen was innocent. Neil explained that he'd enlisted Simon Neville's help because Hilary had failed to regain consciousness. Devon cried that the doctor had given Hilary experimental drugs that had hampered her memory and caused her to collapse. Devon accused Neil of saving Hilary so people wouldn't declare that he was a murderer. Neil had no answer when Devon asked what he would've done if Hilary had died. Devon said, "You would've saved your own ass and watched me spend the rest of my life in prison!" Neil insisted that he'd had a change of heart, but Devon didn't believe him.

In the lobby of the Genoa City Athletic Club, Dylan rushed out the front door. Lily asked Hilary where Dylan had gone in such a hurry. Hilary said that Dylan had gone to Ohio to search for Dr. Neville. Hilary seemed relieved and said she was hopeful Dylan's search might end the mystery surrounding Hilary's disappearance. Hilary's guarded reaction surprised Lily, and she asked why Hilary wasn't happy about the development.

Joe entered the Genoa City Athletic Club through the front door and watched from a short distance as Lily and Hilary continued their discussion. Hilary told Lily that although she remembered what she and Devon had done and said to each other, she still felt nothing for him. Hilary said she wanted to return to her old life with Neil. After Hilary walked away, Joe approached Lily and asked if she was okay. Lily said that both her marriage to Cane and Devon's marriage to Hilary were crumbling. Lily cried that her family seemed to be imploding. Joe said Lily needed a break. Lily grabbed her purse and left with him.

Hilary lingered at the bar and contemplated sending a text message to Neil. In a flashback, Hilary recalled harsh words she'd exchanged with Neil after discovering that he'd kept her hidden at their dream house. Gwen approached Hilary. Hilary asked Gwen if she'd seen Neil. Gwen nodded and irritably noted that Neil had devoted every waking minute to Hilary.

Hilary insisted that Neil cared for Gwen as much as she cared for him. Gwen replied, "Not anymore. He made his choice, so I made mine." Hilary asked Gwen if something had happened with Neil. Gwen said that Neil had ended their relationship. Gwen added that Devon would ensure that Neil served time in prison. Hilary became irate when Gwen said she'd pressured Neil to confess to Devon.

As Hilary made her way back to her suite, Devon was still confronting Neil. Devon told Neil that he was destroying their family. Devon cried that Lily would be devastated when she learned about Neil's deception and false extortion plan. Neil replied, "I don't know anything about those extortion charges. I didn't have anything to do with them." Devon said, "So Cane was just trying to screw me over for my money, whereas you just wanted to hurt me?"

Neil apologized to Devon. Devon said he realized what he'd done to Neil was wrong. Devon warned that what Neil had done was a crime. Devon threatened to summon the police. Hilary entered the room and told Devon he wouldn't involve the police. Hilary stunned Devon when she said she knew the truth about everything. Devon was crushed when Hilary said that though she'd regained her memory, she wasn't in love with him.

In Paul's office at the police station, Cane told Paul he'd need help to clear his name. Cane insisted that someone had planted the evidence indicating he was the extortionist. Paul scoffed and said he needed a name. Cane said it was Joe Clark. Cane said, "Joe slept with Lily, and he's been following her around like a dog ever since." Paul said Cane's suspicions about Joe weren't evidence.

Cane said Joe was pressuring him to take a plea deal, which would get him out of the way. Paul said Cane was jealous of Joe for having slept with Lily and wanted to even the score. Cane replied, "This man will do whatever it takes to have Lily to himself." Cane said that Joe had tried to kill him during the fire at Newman Towers.

Paul wasn't convinced that Joe had tried to kill Cane. Cane pleaded with Paul to recall what had transpired between Joe and Avery. Cane asked Paul to question Joe. Cane said he was confident that Paul would agree that he was telling the truth about Joe Clark's attempt to kill him.

At Crimson Lights, Lily and Joe talked while they drank coffee and enjoyed a chocolate dessert. Lily thanked Joe for helping to lift her spirits and for being a good friend. Joe quipped that he was the type of friend who'd walk her dog and do her dishes. Lily replied, "Can you build me a house?" Joe laughed and said he had a free weekend. Joe's phone rang. After the call ended, Joe told Lily that Paul had summoned him to the police station.

In Paul's office, Paul asked Joe where he'd been when the ransom had been placed in Chancellor Park. Joe said he couldn't recall, but he had likely been at work because he was always working. Paul said he'd heard that Joe had been spending a considerable amount of time with Lily. Joe insisted that he and Lily were just friends. Paul asked if there had ever been more to their relationship. Joe denied that his relationship with Lily was more than just a friendship.

Paul reminded Joe that he'd openly pursued Avery even though she had been engaged. Joe's initial response skirted his involvement with Avery, but he vehemently denied framing Cane for extortion. Joe insisted he hadn't locked Cane in a burning building. Joe rose from his seat and leaned close to Paul. Joe proclaimed that he hadn't raped Avery. Paul ordered Joe to sit down. Paul asked Joe if rejection unleashed his anger. Joe threatened to sue the police department for harassment.

While Paul questioned Joe, Cane waited outside Paul's office. Cane remembered an encounter with Joe after Lily had slept with him. Cane had told Joe that Joe had taken advantage of Lily during the time the couple had been apart. Cane had also told Joe that he wouldn't forgive him. Cane recalled having asked Joe why he was still in town. Joe had replied that he had a business to run.

Lily entered the station and angrily confronted Cane about having made accusations against Joe. Cane said that Joe had tried to murder him because Joe wanted Lily. Lily told Cane that he was the one destroying their family. Joe emerged from Paul's office and invited Lily to leave the station with him. Lily left with Joe.

Cane told Paul he couldn't just let Joe walk away. Paul explained that witnesses had confirmed that Joe hadn't left the ballroom during the fire. Paul said he believed Joe was up to something and was covering it up. Cane sighed and shook his head in disgust. Paul noted that Joe enjoyed a challenge, but taking another's man wife wasn't a crime. Paul added that without proof of Joe's involvement in the extortion, there was nothing he could do.

At Genoa City Memorial Hospital, Dr. Anderson asked Nick how he was managing to stay strong. Nick said some days were more difficult than others. Dr. Anderson offered to help. She said she could offer a "unique perspective." Sage joined Nick, and he told Dr. Anderson that he and Sage had already found a therapist. Dr. Anderson noted that after working with Sharon, she felt as if she'd known Nick and Sage forever. Sage seemed confused and disturbed by the psychiatrist's inappropriate comment.

Addressing Nick, Dr. Anderson said she was aware of the heartache he and Sharon had suffered when Cassie had died. The doctor added, "I'm so sorry you have to go through this again." Dr. Anderson rambled on about hearing Sharon recall her life experiences with Nick, beginning in high school. Nick replied, "I thought Sharon was in Fairview just so she could get her meds leveled out." Nick and Sage seemed concerned when Dr. Anderson claimed that Sharon identified with Sage because she, too, had learned "the ends the Newmans would go to protect their own, manipulate outsiders, and do whatever it takes to shelter themselves and their empire."

Nick said he didn't appreciate Dr. Anderson's attitude or her derogatory remarks about his family. Sage said that Nick's family had warmly welcomed her and had offered her emotional support. Dr. Anderson apologized for the misunderstanding. After Dr. Anderson was summoned back to the psychiatric facility, Nick thanked Sage for standing up for his family. Sage replied, "My family."

At the tack house, Victor arrived, and the nanny told him that she didn't know when Nick and Sage would return from their appointment. Faith rushed into the room and hugged her grandfather. Victor offered to stay with Faith. Faith noted that Sage often cried and was sad about the loss of baby Christian. After the nanny left, Faith showed Victor a drawing she'd made of Christian in heaven.

Faith said her dad had told her that Christian was in heaven with Cassie. Victor said Christian was in heaven and knew that Faith loved him. Faith said she was sad because she'd never gotten to meet her little brother. Victor encouraged the youngster to remember all of the people who loved her. Faith rattled off the names of her family members.

Victor was still admiring Faith's artwork when Nick and Sage returned. Sage took Faith upstairs to put the child to bed. Nick said that he and Sage had sought the help of a therapist. Nick asked if Victor had stopped by for a reason. Victor replied, "It's about Adam." Nick said that Adam had repeatedly attacked their family by working with Ian to help launch the Paragon Project. Nick told his dad to cut Adam loose.

Victor said he couldn't let Adam go because he needed an ally against Billy Abbott. Victor noted that Adam's rescue of Chelsea and Connor had convinced him that he hadn't colluded with Ian to set the blaze at Newman Towers. Victor said he believed that Billy was partly to blame for the Paragon Project. Victor noted that thwarting Billy would be a dirty fight. Nick replied, "Which is what Adam is good at, and I'm not. This is why you didn't want me back at Newman Enterprises. You wanted me to focus on Sage."

After Victor left, Nick told Sage that what Dr. Anderson had said about Victor doing whatever was necessary to protect the Newman empire was true. Sage asked Nick if he'd fought with his father. Nick replied, "I think I just got kicked out of the family business." Sage said Nick had ethics and compassion, so he should be grateful his father wouldn't pressure him to do something he would hate. Sage told Nick not to foster hatred for being rejected and to instead focus on moving forward as they dealt with Christian's death.

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Victor paused in the lobby. He pressed numbers on his phone and waited for a response. Victor left a message for Judge Moxley. Victor said, "Just reminding you about the conversation we had before. Please get him out." After the call ended, Victor seemed lost in thought.

At the Fairview Psychiatric Facility, Sharon awoke and felt her abdomen. When she determined that her belly was flat, she became hysterical. Clutching her midsection, Sharon assessed the shape of her body in a mirror to confirm what she'd felt with her hands. Sharon cried out, "No! No!" A nurse entered Sharon's room. Sharon, sobbing, said, "There's no baby! I need to know why my baby's gone."

Sharon rambled about Nick being involved and said she had to find Nick. The nurse held the door closed when Sharon grabbed the knob. Sharon cried, "I'm going to get my child back!" The nurse withdrew a hypodermic needle from his pocket and delivered a sedative medication into Sharon's arm. Sharon stopped yelling, and her body became limp.

As the nurse locked the door to Sharon's room from the outside, he encountered Dr. Anderson. The nurse explained that Sharon had become agitated and had demanded to know about her baby. Dr. Anderson thanked the nurse for handling the situation. The doctor noted that Sharon suffered from delusions. The nurse reported that he'd had to sedate Sharon. Dr. Anderson peered through the window and watched Sharon sleeping.

Dr. Anderson entered Sharon's room and watched her sleep. Dr. Anderson, talking soothingly to a sleeping Sharon, told her that she hadn't lost her baby. Later, Dr. Anderson, cradling an infant, entered Sharon's room and awakened her. Dr. Anderson placed the infant in Sharon's arms and congratulated her on the birth of her son. Sharon cradled the squalling infant and said, "My baby is here! He's really here?" Dr. Anderson smiled and nodded.

. . .

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