Monday, June 20, 2016

At the cottage, Mariah agreed to tell Kevin everything as Sharon and Dylan appeared in the doorway. "Stop!" Sharon yelled, and Dylan demanded to know what was going on. Mariah reported that Sully was fast asleep, and they heard the baby cry over the monitor. Sharon guessed that the baby had heard his daddy's voice, and Mariah swore that everything was good. Dylan went upstairs, and Kevin suggested that he and Mariah continue their conversation over a cup of coffee, but Sharon claimed that Mariah had family plans that night. Kevin departed alone, and Sharon confronted Mariah about nearly telling Kevin everything.

Mariah explained that she was scared that keeping secrets was messing with Sharon, even though she knew Sharon was taking her medication. Sharon grumbled about the lack of good her meds were doing, but Mariah cautioned that going off of them would make things 100 times worse. Sharon asserted that Dylan was Sully's father in every sense that mattered, and she wondered if she shouldn't have trusted Mariah. Mariah worried that Sharon was spiraling out of control, so Mariah had just been trying to decompress with someone she trusted. Sharon firmly stated that Mariah couldn't trust anyone, and the secret had to stay between them.

Dylan returned after getting Sully back to sleep, and he asked where Kevin was. Sharon claimed that Kevin had left to get some coffee, and Dylan suggested that Mariah catch up with her friend, but Sharon said Mariah was spending the night in. Dylan reasoned that Mariah wasn't their nanny and that she'd be working full-time soon, so she deserved a night off. Mariah agreed, and she stepped out, ignoring Sharon's panicked stare. Dylan asked Sharon "what the hell" they'd walked into earlier.

Dylan wondered why Sharon had yelled to stop, and Sharon fibbed that she'd flashed back to making a fool of herself over a guy when she'd seen Mariah and Kevin together. Sharon rambled that Mariah wasn't sure where things stood with Kevin, and Dylan said he was glad Mariah had turned to her mom for advice, since it was good for Sharon to focus on something besides her nightmares. Sharon imagined that she'd have nightmares about her daughter falling in love and being rejected, but Dylan assured her that everything would be all right once Mariah and Kevin talked things out. They hugged, but Sharon remained nervous.

Sharon and Dylan kissed on the couch, and he amorously wondered how they'd pass the time with Sully asleep and the other kids out of the house. He thought they'd have date nights more often if she stopped worrying about Mariah, but Sharon commented that she'd worry no matter how old her children got. Dylan said he thought the same thing about Sully, and he proclaimed that he hadn't been born into money, but he wanted the best for his son. Dylan and Sharon kissed and held one another close.

Later, Sharon called out to ask who was there, and she saw someone carrying Sully away. Sharon demanded to know who was taking away her baby. Sage turned around and growled that it was her baby, and she was taking him back to his father. Sharon cried out and bolted upright in bed, where Dylan slept next to her. Sharon reached for her medication in her nightstand, but she put the pills back without taking any of them.

At Crimson Lights, Kevin told someone over the phone that he wasn't in the mood to go out that night, and he quickly hung up when Mariah entered the coffeehouse. Mariah guessed that Natalie had been on the line, and she said he hadn't needed to end the call for her sake. Kevin relayed that Natalie wanted to go to an all-night dance party to celebrate the summer solstice, but he didn't want to go when his best friend was hurting. He urged Mariah to open up, but she opted to get takeout and watch an old movie. Kevin pressed her to tell him why she'd shut down when she'd been about to tell him about the dark cloud hanging over her, and he mentioned that he'd seen the terrified look on Sharon's face before she'd hustled him out of there. He surmised that Mariah's problem had to do with Sharon.

Mariah admitted that she had been worried about her mom, and Kevin begged her to let him help. Mariah blurted out that Sharon hadn't been the same since the baby, but she quickly covered by saying that Sharon had confided that her relationship with Dylan had been lacking passion after Sully's birth, and Mariah had been serving as Sharon's sounding board. Mariah claimed that it had been a relief to say it out loud, but she wanted it to stay a secret. Kevin jokingly asked whether Sharon had really thought Mariah could give her relationship advice.

Kevin teased that Mariah was an expert on what not to do in a relationship, and she inquired whether he was an expert on how things were supposed to work. He pointed out that he'd been married, but she countered that he wasn't married anymore. He conceded that they were equally inept to offer advice, and she encouraged Kevin to attend the party. Kevin agreed to go because Mariah had told him to, and he assured her that he was a text message away if she needed to unload more secrets. After Kevin left, Mariah made a call and requested to leave a message for Dr. Miller.

At the Dive Bar, Jack noted that it wasn't like Ashley to pay someone off, and he wondered what hold Simon had on her. She insisted that Simon was a dedicated scientist whose only focus was on saving lives, and she asked if Jack didn't want her back at Jabot. He questioned whether he could trust her when she wouldn't tell him the truth, and she admitted that the payoff had been Hilary's doing. Jack asked why Ashley hadn't just told the police that Simon was innocent, and Ashley revealed that Hilary had been blackmailing Simon because Hilary knew her kidnapper's identity.

Ashley explained that Simon was protecting someone, and she groused that the doctor had saved Hilary's life, but Hilary was holding it over his head. Ashley was adamant that Simon had to retain his medical license to save lives with his new drug. She understood that Jack wanted to see the best in Hilary, but she argued that Hilary had blackmailed Ashley into stepping aside while Ashley had been fighting for her life. Ashley warned Jack to be careful, since Hilary would use anyone to get what she wanted, and she walked off.

At Billy's home, Billy and Phyllis kissed passionately and began to undress. Her cell phone rang, and he told her to ignore it. Billy's phone also started ringing, and an unnerved Phyllis questioned whether it was just a coincidence. Billy climbed off of Phyllis, and they both checked messages on their phones that turned out to be work-related. Phyllis pulled away from Billy's kiss, and she pondered whether they'd just received wake-up calls telling them that their private paradise wasn't meant to be.

Billy took both his and Phyllis' cell phones, placed them inside a box, and sealed it with duct tape. He declared that they weren't allowed to touch it until the spell was broken, and the princess got to go home. They tumbled back onto the couch, but the landline rang. Billy jerked out the phone cord and said no one called that number unless they were trying to sell him something. Phyllis seductively asked if she could interest him in a new product that he couldn't live without, and they resumed kissing.

Billy asked if Phyllis was glad she'd stayed, and she acknowledged that being together was pretty wonderful, even if they both knew it wouldn't last. He suggested that they go with what they had in that moment, and he referred to it as two strangers seeking refuge in Neverland. Phyllis surmised that he liked the story because Peter Pan had never gotten old, but she noted that Wendy had forgotten about Peter when she had grown up. Billy quipped that the story needed a rewrite in which Wendy and Peter stayed in Neverland and lived happily ever after. They kissed, but the handle of the front door rattled, and Ashley called out that she knew Billy was home.

Phyllis grabbed her things and hid, and Billy answered the door. Ashley grumbled that she had been tired of getting his voicemail, and she was there about Jack. Ashley spotted the picnic with two glasses of wine, and she wanted to stay to check out Billy's date, but Billy said he had no plans. Ashley announced that she was stepping back from the drug project, but Jack had been hesitant about letting her return to Jabot. Billy expected that Jack would eventually change his mind, and he proposed that he and Ashley talk about it the next day, but she was surprised Billy wasn't more supportive.

Billy was sure Jack wouldn't take his advice, and Ashley complained that Jack only listened to Hilary. Ashley wanted to ask Phyllis to help her talk to Jack, and Phyllis scowled when Billy called it a good idea. Ashley discovered that the phone cord had been disconnected, and Billy claimed that he'd wanted some quiet time. Ashley thought he'd clearly been expecting a date, but she told him not to tell her any more stories, since she wouldn't believe him. She thanked him in advance for helping with Phyllis, and he walked her to the door.

Phyllis emerged and spat that Billy was out of his mind if he wanted her to work with his sister. Phyllis scolded Billy for saying that she and Ashley would make a good team, but he maintained that both women had amazing brains, so it would be a win-win situation. Phyllis thought it was too dangerous for her to work closely with Ashley, and she told Billy to call Ashley and say he'd reconsidered, unless he wanted to tell the rest of world about their relationship. Billy said there was a part of him that would love to tell the rest of world how he felt, but he understood that he and Phyllis had to keep things private.

Phyllis wished that Billy hadn't supported the idea of her working with Ashley, but he wondered where the risk-taker in Phyllis had gone. She confided that she was scared of being found out for the lying alley cat she really was, and he remarked that what such cats lacked in pedigree they made up for in survival skills. Billy promised that nobody would find out about them, and Phyllis acknowledged that what they were doing was wrong, but she'd gone too far to lose Billy. Billy swore that it wasn't how their love story ended, and they kissed.

After making love in their hotel suite, Hilary asked if Devon still doubted her love for him, and he marveled that it had been quite a welcome home. She hoped that she'd proven that Lily's accusation that Hilary had a thing for Jack was untrue, and Devon reasoned that Lily had just been trying to look out for him. Hilary flirtatiously inquired whether he needed more persuading, but her hand began to shake, and he asked what was wrong. Hilary claimed that the air conditioning was cold, and Devon offered to turn it down. She cooed that she'd really missed him when he'd been away, but he noted that she was the one who seemed far away when he was there.

Hilary promised that they'd have all the time in the world once the drug hit the market, but Devon pointed out that she'd be even busier once they got FDA approval. He worried that she had been working too hard, and he refused to lose her again. She ordered him to stop being overprotective, since she'd fully recovered, but he insisted that she cut back her hours. She argued that she had to pick up the slack after Ashley had admitted to bribing the lab technician, and Jack needed her at the foundation. Devon suggested that he talk to Jack, but Hilary barked that Devon wasn't talking to anyone.

Hilary apologized for snapping at Devon, and she suggested that he talk to his dad if he was concerned about her workload, since she didn't want to disappoint Jack. Devon worried that she'd have another episode if she kept pushing herself, but she protested that it was her life's work. She recognized that some people might settle for living the high life as a billionaire's wife, but that wasn't what she wanted. Devon questioned the point of having money and success if they couldn't share it with one another, and he stormed out. Moments later, there was a knock at the door, and Hilary started to utter an apology as she answered it, but she found Jack there.

Hilary said she felt better after taking Jack's advice to take care of herself, and he mumbled that it was her strong suit. He informed her that he'd just talked to Ashley about the fraud charges she was facing, and Hilary remarked that it was a lot of pressure to get a life-saving drug to market, but cutting corners never paid. Jack confronted Hilary about letting Ashley take the fall for paying to have the test results changed, and he revealed that he knew Hilary had been blackmailing Simon for months. He wondered if there was anything else Hilary was lying about, and he doubted that she was really even sick.

Hilary swore that she'd been too close to death once before to ever lie about suffering a relapse, and Jack grumbled that she'd lied about everything else. She insisted that she wasn't a bad person, but he lectured that good people didn't resort to blackmail. Hilary defended that she hadn't meant to hurt anyone, and she'd just been trying to protect a member of her family, but she'd given her word not to say anything. She wailed that she wished none of it had ever happened, and he realized that she was talking about her kidnapping. He guessed that she knew who'd abducted her, and she admitted she did. He demanded that she tell him who it had been.

Neil met Simon at the Athletic Club and asked why he'd had to drop everything to meet the doctor. Simon divulged that their secret circle had grown, since he'd told Ashley that Hilary had been blackmailing him. Neil sternly reminded Simon that they'd agreed to keep what had happened in the boathouse a secret, since they could both go to jail if the truth surfaced. Simon divulged that Hilary had told the police that he'd bribed a lab tech, so he'd needed to explain to Ashley why he couldn't set the record straight. Neil blasted Simon for breaking his word, and he was sure that Ashley would get curious.

Simon contended that Ashley knew what was at stake, and she'd confessed to the police to allow him to hold onto his medical license and finish his research. Neil suspected that Ashley would fight back if she saw Hilary taking advantage, and they'd all end up in prison. Devon approached and asked why Simon wasn't at the lab, since Devon had put a lot of money into the research, and Hilary was working herself into the ground. Neil thought Hilary was thrilled to have the responsibility, but Devon reported that the stress had been affecting her health to the point of exhaustion.

Simon suggested that Devon get Hilary to step back from the drug trial and leave it to him to oversee, but Neil asked who would handle the press. Devon contended that more press meant more sales, but Simon replied that they didn't want the kind of press that said their patients were dying, so they were better off not saying anything until the drug was perfected. Simon excused himself, and Neil asked if Devon was really that concerned about Hilary. Devon confided that he was afraid of losing her.

Neil offered to take on more responsibility to lighten Hilary's load, but Devon anticipated that she would accuse Neil of working an agenda to get her pushed out. Devon encouraged Neil to concentrate on his recovery, and Neil assured Devon that he was getting his life back on track. Jack stormed over and called Neil the "son of a bitch" who had kidnapped Hilary.

Ashley found Simon at the Dive Bar, gazing up at the moon. She rattled off scientific data about it being the longest day of the year, and he remarked that it was hot when she spoke astronomy. He reported that Hilary's symptoms were getting worse, and it was only a matter of time before Devon figured out that his wife had relapsed. Simon thought they'd eventually be forced to tell the truth, and Hilary appeared and announced that Ashley already had.

Hilary snarled that Ashley hadn't been able to keep a secret for more than a few hours, since Ashley had gone to Jack to throw Hilary under the bus in order to preserve her own reputation. Ashley asserted that Jack had had a right to know the truth before Hilary had put her spin on it, but Hilary hissed that Ashley had made sure that Simon would be put behind bars. Hilary questioned whether exposing her had been worth it.

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