Monday, August 18, 2014

At the pool atop the Genoa City Athletic Club, Abby was elated when Victoria asked her to serve as her birthing coach. Victoria said, "There's nobody I'd rather have with me when the baby comes into the world." Victoria was taken aback when she realized that Ben, affectionately known as Stitch, was standing behind her. Victoria told Stitch that she'd asked Abby to be present during the baby's birth because it would be awkward to have both him and Billy present. Stitch replied, "You don't have to explain. I only want the best for you and the baby."

After Stitch told Victoria that he'd never do anything to hurt her, Abby angrily scoffed. Victoria told Stitch and Abby that she'd made plans to pick up Johnny because she wanted to show him her new office. Stitch, showing concern, seemed surprised when he heard Victoria's announcement about having returned to work. Abby was supportive when Victoria said she was working for Victor. Victoria assured Stitch that her job was helping her better cope with most of the stressful issues in her life.

After Victoria left, Abby asked Stitch how a murderer had managed to become a member of the Genoa City Athletic Club. Stitch suggested that Abby should spend her leisure time elsewhere if his presence disturbed her. Abby noted that she was busy reading books about childbirth. Abby seemed to take great pleasure in mentioning that she'd been selected to be Victoria's labor coach. Stitch noted that he'd been deployed when his son had been born and would again miss out on another birth.

Alluding to a connection between Stitch's war battles and the murder of his father, Abby snidely remarked, "Good use of your skills." Stitch was eager to offer some form of help to Victoria during her labor. Stitch asked if he might provide a list of songs he'd prepared before his ex-wife, Jenna, had given birth. Abby, sensing Stitch's sincerity, toned down her callousness somewhat. Abby politely agreed to listen to Stitch's music selections.

Abby noted that she'd once believed that Stitch might be a good match for her mother, Ashley. Abby added that she firmly believed Victoria and Billy were meant to be together. Stitch became defensive when Abby mentioned that she didn't know any "good guys" who'd done what Stitch had done. Stitch replied, "My old man had been abusive. Sometimes good people are forced to do terrible things." Abby admitted that she'd made many mistakes but had never killed anyone.

Stitch told Abby that he had no intention of walking away from Victoria just because Abby disapproved of him. Abby replied, "Then walk away because Victoria wants you to. She's over you, just like you ex-wife was when she found out what you did." Abby berated Stitch for having pretended to be an honest, decent man and for breaking Victoria's heart. Stitch became irate and said, "You don't know a damn thing about me!" Abby asked Stitch how long he'd been "stuffing down his anger."

Stitch explained to Abby that even his own sister had turned her back on him for years and that his ex-wife had moved with his son to another country. Stich cried, "Isn't that payback enough?" Abby recalled that Stitch had killed his own father. Even after Stitch noted that he'd served time in prison to pay for his crime, Abby said that Stitch didn't have the right to lie to people. Stitch cried that even if he'd told Jenna the truth himself, she still would've taken Max out of the country. Abby replied, "Of course she would have. She doesn't want her child raised by you any more than my sister does."

At Katherine Chancellor Park, Billy noticed when Chelsea, frustrated with her failed attempts to sketch new fashion designs, ripped a sheet from her notebook. She hurled it into the air, and Billy retrieved the discarded sketch. Billy suggested that Chelsea determine what was distracting her from her creativity. Chelsea admitted that Adam's absence at Connor's birthday party had gotten her down. Billy told Chelsea to concentrate on the positive aspects of raising her son.

Chelsea explained that the soccer ball she'd believed was a gift from the baby's grandfather had actually been given by someone else. Chelsea added, "Connor loves soccer, and he loves that ball, so whoever sent it to him knew exactly what to get him. Wonder who it was?"

Changing the subject, Chelsea said she hoped to regain her creativity soon. Billy mentioned that Jabot had planned to release a silver-toned eye shadow containing glitter. Billy teasingly offered to sketch an idea for Chelsea, and the two playfully wrestled for control of the pencil and sketchpad.

Billy and Chelsea had almost kissed when Victoria happened by. Billy rose from his seat beside Chelsea and walked toward Victoria. Billy told Victoria that he wanted to schedule a visit with his son. Victoria explained that she'd already made plans to pick up Johnny and show him her office at work. Billy seemed disapproving of Victoria's decision to return to Newman-Chancellor.

Victoria told Billy that Victor had been one of the few men in her life she could count on for support. Billy expressed concern that working for Victor would be too stressful. Victoria said she'd felt more relaxed sitting behind her desk. Chelsea chimed in and noted that she'd worked up until Connor was born. Victoria glared at Chelsea and said, "Please don't compare the two of us."

Chelsea apologized and said she'd just been trying to help. Victoria issued an apology and blamed her hormones for her outburst. Billy also apologized and said he knew that Victor would never do anything to harm Victoria or the baby. Chelsea watched Billy bend down near Victoria's abdomen and talk to the unborn baby. When Chelsea left the park, Billy offered to walk with her. Suddenly, Victoria, alone in the park, doubled over in pain and braced herself against the armrest on a park bench.

At Sharon's house, Nick listened to the audio recording he'd made of Mariah's mother, Helen Copeland. Helen had assured Ian that nobody knew the truth about who Mariah was. When Sharon entered the room, Nick quickly pocketed his phone. Sharon said, "Is everything okay? If there's something on your mind, I wish you'd tell me." Nick assured Sharon that nothing was wrong. Before Sharon left, she told Nick she'd be out late.

Mariah arrived downstairs and bragged that she'd made over $160 in tips. To celebrate her good fortune, Mariah lifted her hand with her palm facing Nick, and he met his palm to hers in a "high five" gesture. After Mariah walked to another area of the room, Nick had a flashback that involved a past encounter with Cassie when she'd been a youngster. After the young Cassie had correctly spelled a word, Nick had lifted his hand with his palm facing Cassie in order to give her a "high five." Nick glanced at Mariah and seemed troubled by his flashback.

Mariah noticed Nick's troubled expression. She said, "Nick, why are you looking at me as if you've seen a ghost or something?" Nick replied, "It's nothing." Nick told Mariah that Sharon would be working late. Mariah left to go shopping and noted that she'd return soon.

After Mariah left, Nick thumbed through old photographs in an album. After viewing photos of a very young Cassie, Nick recalled his conversation with Helen that had taken place earlier at the Underground. Nick had asked Helen why Mariah had exploited her strong resemblance to Cassie in order to gaslight Sharon. Nick had also asked Helen why she'd chosen to abandon Mariah. Helen had said, "I didn't want her in the first place. She was all Ian's idea."

Nick placed a phone call and asked someone for help. He told the person on the other end of the line to fly to Genoa City aboard the Newman jet. Sharon returned home early and told Nick that her meeting had been postponed. Sharon saw the open photo album and asked Nick if he'd been thinking about Cassie. Sharon admitted that she'd recently visited Cassie's grave to talk about how Mariah had been helping fill a void. Nick replied, "Because she looks so much like Cassie?"

Sharon admitted to Nick that she'd initially been drawn to Mariah because of her strong resemblance to Cassie. Sharon added that when she'd shared a carton of ice cream with Mariah, it had felt strangely familiar, as though they'd done so a dozen times before. Sharon added, "I don't want you to think that I'm losing it, but it felt like I was sitting there with Cassie." Nick seemed distressed but said he understood what Sharon was talking about. Sharon cried, "What do you mean?" Nick replied, "As soon as I figure this all out, I'm going to tell you everything. I promise."

Before Nick left, he assured Sharon that everything would be all right. Sharon seemed apprehensive. After Mariah returned from her shopping excursion, she heard water running in the kitchen. Unaware that Sharon had returned and that Nick had left, Mariah gazed at her shopping bag and said aloud to herself, "Perfect!" Sharon was finishing up housework when Mariah, clad in a silky negligee, walked down the stairs. Mariah said, "I have a surprise for you!" Sharon was taken aback. Mariah looked stunned.

Nick went to the Genoa City Athletic Club. He stood outside room 438 and knocked on the door. Someone opened the door. Nick paused for a moment. Gathering his thoughts, Nick said, "Thank God you're here." The mystery person in the room didn't immediately respond.

In the waiting area at the hospital, Devon comforted Hilary, who was concerned about Neil's blindness. Hilary said that despite no muscle or organ trauma, doctors weren't sure if Neil would regain his eyesight. Devon urged Hilary to stay positive. Hilary told Devon that Neil would soon be discharged. Devon noted that Cane and Lily were preparing Neil's apartment.

Hilary, sobbing, blamed herself for Neil's accident. Hilary added, "I was planning to tell him that I was leaving him for his son." Devon agreed that their focus should be on Neil. Hilary said that after Neil regained his eyesight, she planned to tell him the truth. Devon cautioned Hilary to wait until the time was right to tell Neil. Devon asked what might happen if Neil never regained his eyesight. Hilary wiped a tear from her cheek and said, "I don't know."

Devon pulled Hilary close to comfort her. A nurse approached and identified Hilary and Devon as Neil's family members. The nurse said that Neil was lucky to have a daughter like Hilary and that Hilary was fortunate to have a loving husband like Devon to lend support. The nurse quickly excused herself after Hilary and Devon explained their respective familial relationships. Hilary shared her fear that others might discern the true nature of her relationship with Devon and inform Neil. Devon said, "Neil will not find out about us until we decide."

In Neil's hospital room, a social worker, Brian Lynch, stopped by. Neil introduced himself and aimed his arm toward the visitor's voice to shake his hand. Neil explained that by the sound of the shoes and the absence of perfume, he knew that a man had entered his room. Brain said that he could teach Neil how to live a full life by making adjustments to compensate for blindness. Neil sat up in bed and sternly announced that he wasn't blind.

Neil insisted that he would regain his eyesight despite his doctor's claim that there were no guarantees. Neil added, "This might be the biggest obstacle I have ever faced in my life, but I am going to conquer it. I just married the most beautiful woman in the world, and I'm going to spend the rest of my life looking at her!" Brian offered to teach Neil how to use his cell phone. Brian noted that Neil had several messages. After Brian stepped out, Neil listened to the message Hilary had left asking to meet with him about something important.

Brian visited with Devon and Hilary in the waiting area and explained that Neil was struggling to accept and deal with his blindness. Devon said that he and other family members were prepared to help Neil. Brian explained that Neil had learned how to use his cell phone and was listening to his messages. Hilary seemed stunned when she remembered having left a message for Neil. Brian gave Hilary his business card before walking away.

Before entering Neil's room, Hilary cried, "Oh, if Neil listens to those messages!" Hilary identified herself to Neil and noted that Devon was present. Neil asked Hilary about the message she'd left. He noted that she'd sounded upset. Hilary said, "I never expected that this would happen." Devon seemed edgy. Neil replied, "What are you talking about?" Hilary hesitated.

Devon interrupted and claimed that Hilary had been upset because her engagement ring had slipped off and fallen into a sink drain. Neil replied, "That's all? It's just a ring? Honey, our relationship is so much more solid than that. Though it symbolized our love, at the end of the day, it's just a ring." Devon explained that a plumber had retrieved the ring, so it was back on Hilary's finger where it belonged. Neil held Hilary's hand, kissed it, and said, "There's nothing you could do that I wouldn't forgive."

Hilary, distraught, looked at Devon. Neil refused to wait for the nurse, so Hilary offered to help him dress. Devon stepped out. While Hilary buttoned Neil's shirt, Devon peered at the couple though the window in the door. As Hilary helped guide Neil into a wheelchair, he said he'd rather not receive help from a social worker. Neil added, "I want to manage on my own until I get my sight back." Hilary soothingly stroked Neil's arms and promised to remain by his side as long as he needed her.

. . .

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