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Monday, February 20, 2017

At Lauren and Michael's home, Lauren became increasingly worried about Scott because she hadn't heard from him in some time. Lauren received a phone call she believed was from her son, but she became angry when she realized the caller was a solicitor. Michael comforted Lauren. Lauren said she yearned to know for sure that Scott was okay, even if he could only contact her via a text message or an email.

Lauren expressed pride in Scott's work, though she was aware that he was exposed to danger. Lauren added, "What he's doing is so important. Showing people what's really going on. He sees so much fear and violence." Michael assured Lauren that worrying about her son was normal.

Lauren told Michael she couldn't forget that Scott had been taken from her when he'd been a baby. Michael assured Lauren that she would soon hear from Scott. Paul stopped by and informed Lauren and Michael that he'd received information from the state department indicating that Scott might be missing. Paul added that Scott's news agency had lost contact with him. Michael admitted that he'd contacted Paul about Scott and had hoped to share good news.

Lauren gasped in horror after Paul said that both Scott and his driver had gone missing after Scott had met with a source for a story. Lauren noted that Scott was an American journalist working for a British news organization, so someone should be able to provide information. Lauren cried that Scott could have been kidnapped. Lauren made plans to find her son. Michael insisted that Lauren couldn't hop on a plane and fly to the Middle East.

Paul told Lauren that he knew it would be difficult to just sit and wait for information, and he reminded Lauren that Scott was resourceful. Lauren cried that Scott was in danger. Paul received an update from the state department. Paul said he'd learned that Scott was alive and was likely being held against his will. Lauren received a phone call from overseas and said Scott's name after she answered. Lauren heard Scott call out to her, but she seemed to lose contact and heard nothing but static.

At the hospital, Victoria asked Billy about Jill's condition. Billy expressed gratitude for Victoria's support. Billy said that Jill was resting after a surgeon had needed to reposition a stent. Billy explained that Jill had shown unconventional signs related to her heart attack. Billy mentioned neck pain and intolerance to heat as two of the symptoms Jill had manifested before she'd suddenly fallen ill.

Billy seemed to feel guilty about not recognizing his mother's illness. Billy told Victoria about learning that jaw pain and nausea frequently indicated an impending heart attack. Billy told Victoria that he intended help Jill make changes to improve her health. Billy added that he would change his lifestyle, too. Billy recalled that Jill's biological father had died after suffering a heart attack. Before Victoria left, Billy thanked her for stopping by.

At Crimson Lights, Mariah encouraged Sharon to accompany her on a night out. Sharon agreed to join Mariah at the Underground after learning that Noah had expressed concern about his mother. Sharon changed the subject and said she was uncertain about her future plans for Crimson Lights. Mariah insisted that Sharon shouldn't sell the coffee shop. Sharon said she wouldn't sell because she had made cherished memories tied to the coffeehouse. After Mariah stepped away, Sharon remembered when she and Nick had playfully consulted with a young Cassie about business plans for Crimson Lights.

At Victoria's house, Reed was sullen when Victoria returned home. Victoria asked what had happened at Victor and Nikki's house after she'd been called away. Reed said he'd learned from Victor that Victoria had purchased Brash & Sassy. Reed asked if Victoria might fire Billy. Victoria insisted that Billy would remain at the company. Reed asked if Victoria would be away from home even more than usual. Victoria related her feelings about her company by explaining to Reed that he should also find something to make himself feel fulfilled and happy.

Billy stopped by to visit Victoria and the children. Reed was startled to learn that Jill had suffered a heart attack. Billy asked Reed to keep quiet about Jill's condition. After Billy went upstairs, Reed apologized to his mom after he realized that she'd left her parents' dinner party to check on Jill and not to attend to business. Reed expressed his concern for Billy. Victoria told Reed that because life was uncertain and fragile, everyone should find their happiness when and where they could. After Victoria went upstairs to join Billy and their children, Reed took his guitar from a closet and left. Later, Billy and Victoria returned downstairs and vowed to treat each other with more respect. They ended their discussion with a warm embrace.

At the Underground, Noah and Abby discussed the big night planned for the club. Nick and Chelsea arrived. Noah stood on the stage and welcomed guests to Open Mic Night. Abby spoke privately to Nick about working for Victor. Abby said that when the time was right for her to take over for Victor, she feared that Victoria might not step aside. Nick told Abby to consider that Victoria was head of Brash & Sassy while Abby was holding a position at Newman Enterprises. Abby said she would stop second-guessing herself.

After Abby walked away, Chelsea told Nick that he'd given Abby good advice. Sharon and Mariah arrived before Noah introduced the first act. Mariah spotted Nick and Chelsea together and asked Sharon if she minded. Sharon and Mariah approached Nick and Chelsea. Sharon told Nick and Chelsea that they were allowed to be happy together.

Later, Nick and Sharon spoke privately about Crimson Lights. They recalled how excited Cassie had been about the venture. Nick admitted to Sharon that owning a business could be a headache. Nick added that solving problems related to running a business was rewarding and fulfilling. Sharon seemed encouraged.

Reed showed up at the Underground. Abby was elated to see him. Reed said his mother had encouraged him to step out and take a chance. Reed met Mariah just before he was set to perform. Standing alone near the stage, Reed seemed nervous and stared at a tray of drinks. From the other side of the room, Mariah noticed Reed's behavior.

Mariah approached Reed and explained that she'd picked up on his cues because she'd once been a wayward teen. Mariah encouraged Reed to believe in himself and not rely on alcohol. Noah called Reed to the stage. Reed began performing a song he'd written. Reed's stellar performance impressed the crowd. Mariah smiled and began recording Reed on her cell phone.

On the next The Young and the Restless...

• Ravi tells Phyllis that they have an enormous problem.

• Lauren thinks she has no choice but to pay the ransom.

• Michael demands to know what Jack’s intentions are with Gloria.

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