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Monday, June 29, 2015

From her suite at the Genoa City Athletic Club, Marisa left an urgent phone message for Jack. She warned him not to show up at the park. Marisa said she'd informed police that a shooting might take place in the park. Jack didn't phone her back. Marisa seemed nervous. She clutched her phone in her hand as if she expected Jack to return her call at any minute.

Victor and Jack faced off in Chancellor Park. Victor, thinking that Jack was Marco, the impostor, said that Marco had made a big mistake by threatening his family. Jack replied, "We're going to settle this right now." When Jack reached into the breast pocket of his coat, Victor drew a semi-automatic pistol and fired once, hitting Jack in the upper chest. Jack fell to the ground just as Adam, still masquerading as a man named Gabriel Bingham, arrived.

Adam rushed to Jack's aid, and said, "He's dead, Victor." Victor said that the Jack impostor had reached for his own gun. Adam, shocked, cried, "You killed him. You killed my father." Victor said that Jack had intended to meet with Nikki. Adam warned that the police would consider the act premeditated because Jack had told people that Victor was out to get him. Adam offered to protect Victor in exchange for total control of Newman-Abbott. Victor asked if no evidence would exist implicating him. Adam said, "Not a thing. You have my word."

After Victor left, Adam kicked the bottom of Jack's shoe and told him to hurry up because the police sirens signaled the arrival of the police. Jack didn't move or respond. Adam knelt down and pulled back Jack's coat, revealing a bloodstain. Adam was confused and said aloud to himself that Jack was supposed to have worn a bulletproof vest. Marco, arrived and said, "I got held up. Is that?" Adam nodded and replied, "Victor shot Jack. It was point-blank. Victor thought you were pulling out a gun."

Marco checked Jack's pulse and announced that he was still alive. Panicked by the wail of sirens that loomed ever closer, Adam said, "What the hell have we done?" Marco said, "He was supposed to be dead already. Victor shot him. Stick with the script, and you win everything." Marco fled under the cover of darkness just as Paul announced his arrival by yelling, "Police!" Paul and a uniformed officer commanded Adam to move away from the body. Adam explained that he was holding pressure on the wound.

When Marco arrived at Marisa's suite, she initially believed he was Jack. Marisa said, "I was worried! Did you get my messages? It's terrible, this plan." The man said, "It took me longer than I planned to get back to you, but here I am." Marisa raised her hand to slap the man she once loved, but he caught her arm before it met his face. Marisa was startled when her former lover violently jerked her body toward his and gripped her tightly. Marco kissed Marisa, but she bit his lip and pushed him away.

Marco said he'd stayed away from Marisa in order to protect her from his enemies. He explained that during part of his absence, he'd been imprisoned in Peru. Marisa learned that Jack had been shot when she spotted blood on Marco's cuff. Marco explained that his soon-to-be ex-partner had pulled the trigger. After Marco made arrangements for a private jet to fly him to the Caribbean, Marisa became angry when she believed he intended to abandon her again. Marco said he would take her along, so they could enjoy the fortune that awaited him in an offshore account. Marisa aimed the handgun at Marco and said, "You're not going anywhere."

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Nikki told Victoria about Sharon's pregnancy, which Nikki said was a "disaster." Victoria was taken aback by the shocking announcement. Nikki said she feared that another disaster might also play out at Chancellor Park because Jack had summoned her to meet him there. Nikki said that Victor had insisted on taking her place. Victoria nodded and replied, "Of course he did." Nikki cried, "Right now, they are saying God knows what to each other, and it's not going to end well. I just feel it. Your dad wouldn't give us all bodyguards for no reason."

Victoria told Nikki that Victor was under pressure because he'd been arrested under false pretenses. Victor arrived, and Nikki rushed to the bar to ask what had happened between him and Jack. Victoria joined her mom. Victor said, "He and I just talked about business, all right? He just wanted Gabriel to have a more important position in the company." Victoria, shocked and irate, replied, "He's already co-chief operating officer!" When Victoria asked how her dad would benefit from elevating Gabriel to CEO, Victor raised his glass and said, "Cheers."

Not relenting, Victoria, addressing her father, said, "Is it blackmail? Jack told you he would get you out of the embezzlement charges if you put Gabe in control of the company. That's it, isn't it, Dad?" Billy phoned Victoria and told her about Jack. Victoria relayed the message to her parents, telling them that Jack had been shot at the park. Victor said, "Just now? Jack Abbott has been murdered?" Victoria listened while Billy filled in the details, which Victoria shared. Victoria explained that Jack was in surgery. Nikki asked Victor why he'd assumed that Jack had died. Miffed, Nikki instructed Victor to pray for Jack as if his own life depended on it. Nikki headed to the hospital.

At the hospital, Phyllis was horrified when she entered Avery's room and saw the bruises and cuts on her sister's face. Phyllis cried, "Why didn't you call me?" Avery said, "The damage is already done." Phyllis was livid after Avery said that a doctor had performed an exam to collect evidence for a rape kit. Phyllis said, "I'm going to find him, and I'm going to kill him." Phyllis said she blamed Paul for failing to arrest Joe. Avery explained that Paul had had no concrete evidence to prove that Joe had been stalking her.

Avery said that her attacker had worn a mask, so she wouldn't be able to identify him. Breaking down and sobbing, Avery cried that she wanted Joe to suffer pain and feel helpless. She yelled, "I want him dead!" Phyllis was startled to hear Avery threaten Joe's life and offered to accompany her home. Avery refused and hurriedly left. Phyllis stood watching her sister exit in one direction when Jack, accompanied by Adam and Paul, arrived on a stretcher from another direction. Phyllis was stunned when Adam said he'd found Jack unconscious. Adam added that the shooter had already run away. Paul assured Phyllis that he'd find out who'd shot Jack.

At the Jabot lab, Ashley was already waiting for Jack to show up when Billy and Kyle joined her, believing that Jack had also summoned them. Summer soon arrived and explained that she'd actually arranged the meeting after having sneaked away from her bodyguard. Summer said, "This war ends tonight. It has to, or it's going to destroy all of us."

Summer said Jack had insisted on meeting with Victor to defend himself against lies about having set up Victor. Summer added that Jack seemed to have no idea about what had transpired. Ashley was concerned about Jack approaching Victor in person, too. Summer insisted that they admit what was going on to the authorities and face the consequences. Kyle agreed with Summer. Ashley refused. Ashley received a phone call. After the call ended, Ashley told Billy, Kyle, and Summer that Jack had been shot.

In the hospital waiting area, Phyllis paced while Adam, lost in thought, sat slumped in a chair, rubbing his forehead with his fingers. Phyllis cried that the last time she'd seen Jack, his eyes had looked different than before. Adam mumbled, "This never should've happened." Summer, Kyle, Ashley, and Billy arrived. Adam said he'd found Jack after he'd been shot. Billy said, "If my brother dies, the newest Abbott here stands to profit the most. Where did you drop the gun after you shot my brother?" Phyllis yelled for the men to stop fighting.

Phyllis said, "Gabe didn't shoot Jack, but I bet I know who did." Phyllis noted that Jack had lied to her a lot lately, but in a moment of truth, she recalled, he'd said, "What if I could end the war with Victor forever?" Phyllis approached Ashley and asked about a plan she'd previously hinted about. Ashley offered no explanation. Phyllis, a determined look on her face, turned to leave.

After Phyllis left, Adam said, "That woman is on the edge. She shouldn't be alone." Summer replied, "What are you afraid of? That something's going to happen to my mom or that she's going to ruin your precious little plan?" Kyle again suggested confessing all to the police, but Billy insisted that they'd all stick to the plan. Nikki arrived, and Ashley said, "My brother is fighting for his life because of your husband." Jack's doctor approached and explained that Jack had slipped into a coma.

Victor retreated to his office at Newman-Abbott. Victor was drinking whiskey, as he had been earlier at the bar. Victoria arrived and told her dad that he should prepare himself to be questioned by police. Victor said that he'd broken no laws, so he was not concerned. Victoria said, "Jack framed you for embezzlement, and now he's been shot. Suddenly, you announced that you've made Gabriel Bingham the head of Newman-Abbott. Do you not see how this looks?"

Victoria asked her dad if he'd shot Jack. Victor replied, "Jack Abbott came to that park with the intention of committing cold-blooded murder." Victor said that days earlier in his office, Jack had first threatened him with a weapon. Victor added, "It was self-defense." Victoria asked why her father had left the scene. Victor explained that Gabriel had threatened to tell the police that "the murder had been committed in cold blood."

Phyllis arrived and said, "So you think you got your way, huh? Everything you ever wanted over Jack's dead body?" Phyllis, livid, demanded to know why Victor had gotten her out of a coma and had later saved Jack's life just to make her a widow. Victoria panicked, but Phyllis said that Jack was still fighting to live. Victor claimed that Jack had simply gone too far with his embezzlement scheme. Victor added, "He knew I was going to protect myself and my family, but not with a gun." Phyllis appealed to Victoria and asked if she would protect her father even though she knew Jack's blood was on Victor's hands.

In Joe's suite at the Genoa City Athletic Club, Dylan arrived. Joe said, "Your dad won't be happy about you breaking the restraining order." Dylan punched Joe in the face twice. Joe fell to the floor and passed out. When Joe regained consciousness, he was stunned to discover that he'd been bound to a chair by electrical cords that fastened his arms behind a chair. When Joe attempted to move his bound-together legs, Dylan said, "Helpless? Is that how you wanted Avery to feel when you stalked her and raped her?"

Dylan said he'd untie Joe and escort him to jail if he would confess. Joe denied that he'd attacked Avery and explained that she'd summoned him to meet and talk. Dylan threatened to harm Joe if he didn't confess. Joe, blood oozing from his nose, replied, "You're ready to rip my head off for a crime I didn't commit. You're a maniac, McAvoy, and this is going to land you in jail faster than you can say PTSD."

Avery showed up. She confronted Joe and said she knew he'd followed her and raped her in the alleyway. Joe calmly replied, "I'd never hurt you, Avery. It kills me to see you like this, but I didn't do it." Avery told Dylan to let Joe go. After Dylan untied Joe, he threatened to tell Paul what had happened. Avery warned Joe to keep quiet because he'd violated an order of protection. Dylan and Avery left. Joe phoned Paul's office, but when he saw Avery's bracelet on the floor, he changed his mind about reporting the incident to Paul.

In the hallway, Avery realized that her bracelet had slipped off her arm. Dylan offered to retrieve it, but Avery refused. Avery denounced Dylan's decision to enter Joe's room and hold him captive. Dylan said, "I would've gotten him to the cops one way or another." Avery cried that Dylan had to stay out of it. Dylan replied, "I had to do something. That's why I came here. Why did you?" Avery said she'd wanted to tell Joe that she knew he'd attacked her and force him to leave town because she never wanted to see him again. Before Avery left, she told Dylan to stay out of it.

. . .

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  • Neil tells Adam he quits.
  • Lily confronts Avery about telling Paul that Lily cheated on Cane.

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