Monday, October 5, 2015

In Victor's office at Newman Enterprises, Jack was present when Phyllis revealed to Victor that Adam was alive. Phyllis explained that Ian Ward had revealed the shocking news. Victor suggested that Ian was lying, but Phyllis said she'd asked for details that only Adam could've known. Victor said, "You don't think I'd know if my son were alive?" Phyllis replied, "Not if he'd changed his name and his face." Jack appeared apprehensive and bit his lip.

Victor told Jack and Phyllis that Adam had been involved in a grand scheme to destroy him. Phyllis noted that Victor had been wrong about Jack's involvement with the Paragon Project. Victor said Jack had remained conspicuously silent after hearing that Adam was alive. Victor contended that the reason Jack had denied involvement with the Paragon Project was because he had known Adam was responsible. Jack insisted that he hadn't known that Adam had teamed up with Ian Ward. Victor noted that it wasn't the first time Jack and Adam had plotted together to steal Newman Enterprises. Jack reminded Victor that Adam couldn't trust his own father. Victor cried that Jack had equipped Adam to destroy the Newman family and their business.

At the Genoa City Athletic Club's rooftop bar, Adam left a message for Chelsea. Adam said, "You and Connor are the most important things to me. That includes getting revenge on my father. You've got to believe in me. I'm trying to shut this whole Paragon thing down. I need you to believe in me one more time." Kevin arrived. Kevin was unaware that Gabriel Bingham was really Adam. Kevin said Ian Ward had been captured. Kevin said he hoped Paul might allow him access to Ian because he could shut down the Paragon Project. Adam insisted that Ian wouldn't help.

Adam asked Kevin to search for the hacker who'd assisted Ian. Kevin launched the search using the hacker's username, Antigone33. Kevin said he recognized the username as the anarchist daughter of the Greek god Oedipus. Adam stressed that the virus needed to be stopped quickly before it destroyed everything. Kevin quickly located the hacker, but he was unable to undo the damage without a password. Adam retrieved a scrap of paper from his pocket with a word scribbled on it and instructed Kevin to try it.

Kevin said he'd already discovered the password scribbled on the paper, but the hacker had quickly changed it. Adam noted that Kevin had withheld that information. Kevin said, "You've been working with Ian. I saw the look on Chelsea's face when I said that the signal was coming from your building. You've been behind Paragon this whole time." Adam admitted that he'd been working with Ian. Adam pleaded with Kevin to help shut down the computer virus because it had spiraled out of control. Kevin refused and walked away.

At Jabot, Chelsea informed Billy and Victoria that Gabriel Bingham was really Adam. Billy looked stunned. Victoria noted that Chelsea might be suffering a lapse of clarity. Chelsea said, "I know it seems impossible to comprehend, but it's the truth." Billy said he couldn't believe Adam had survived the fiery car crash. Chelsea said that though Adam had been badly burned, the real Gabriel Bingham was the one who'd died at the accident site when he'd stopped to help Adam. Victoria didn't believe Chelsea's claim.

Chelsea urged Billy and Victoria to look past Adam's reconstructive surgery and consider his behavior and deeds. Chelsea added, "Peel away the cover story, and you will see what has been literally staring you straight in the face." Billy said he understood why he'd always hated Gabriel Bingham. Chelsea admitted that she'd known about Adam for a few months. Billy was livid when he realized that Delia's killer had been living among them for months.

Chelsea said she'd kept quiet because she'd feared dredging up the past after Billy had found a semblance of peace with Victoria. Billy started to leave, but Victoria pleaded with him to let the police handle Adam. Before he left, Billy told Victoria that he loved her. Victoria asked Chelsea why she'd revealed the truth. Chelsea said she'd discovered that Adam had masterminded the Paragon Project. Victoria said, "Adam would do anything to get back at my father and to get back at all of us."

Chelsea went to Victor's office at Newman Enterprises. Jack and Victor, with Phyllis looking on, were still waging a war of words. Each claimed that the other had pushed Adam to seek revenge. Chelsea said she wanted no part of Adam's schemes. Victor rose from his seat and headed toward the door. Jack asked Victor where he was going. Victor replied, "To find my son."

Jack asked Chelsea why she'd revealed Adam's identity. Chelsea said she'd decided not to protect Adam after she'd learned that he'd been working with Ian Ward. Chelsea cried that she'd believed Adam had wanted a life with her and Connor, but she realized Adam was obsessed with his vendetta against Victor. Chelsea said she would no longer cover for Adam. Jack panicked when he learned that Chelsea had told Billy about Adam. Jack explained that Adam had blackmailed him by threatening to reveal that Billy had shot him. Jack feared that Billy had gone to finish the job.

At the Underground, Nick and Sage were relieved when Nikki received a call from Paul informing her that Ian had been captured. Nikki, Nick, and Sage celebrated the good news. Nikki said she felt responsible for Ian's attacks. Nick told Nikki that she wasn't accountable for Ian's crimes. Nick added that Nikki's unfortunate encounter with Ian had reunited her with Dylan. Sage placed Nick's hand on her belly and said, "I know I'd move heaven and earth to be with my child."

Sage was remorseful when she recalled how badly she'd treated Victor when he'd stopped by the tack house the night she'd collapsed. Nikki told Sage not to worry about the past and to instead anticipate the joys of motherhood. Victoria, anxious and distraught, arrived and asked Sage if she'd seen her ex-husband. Sage replied, "Gabe? No." Nikki asked Victoria what was wrong. Victoria replied, "I've got to find Billy, and there's something that you and Nick need to know right now."

Nikki and Nick were stunned when Victoria revealed that Adam had been conspiring with Ian Ward. Sage had walked to the corner of the room, facing away from the others. Victoria questioned Sage about her knowledge of Adam's deception. Nick insisted that Sage didn't know anything. Sage admitted that she'd known about Adam and had helped him before she'd met them.

Victoria asked Sage where Adam was. Sage replied, "I don't know, Victoria. He would never come to me." Nick cried, "Even after you got to know me, you continued to help Adam. You knew he would set out to destroy this family you're now a part of." Sage said Adam had assured her he only wanted to reunite with Chelsea and his son.

Sage explained that Adam had assumed Gabriel Bingham's identity after Gabriel had died while rescuing Adam. Sage said Adam had masqueraded as Gabriel to spare Constance the pain of losing her only family member. Nick asked Sage why she hadn't stepped forward after Constance had died. Sage said she'd also found solace because Adam had resembled Gabriel. Nick said, "Did you love Adam? You tell me all of it." Sage explained that she'd planned to reveal Adam's identity and leave town, but she'd changed her mind after falling in love with Nick. Nick said, "Is that even my baby?"

Billy found Adam alone at the Genoa City Athletic Club's rooftop lounge. Adam said, "What the hell do you want?" Billy replied, "I know all of it. I don't know why I didn't kill you when I had the chance." Adam replied, "You gave it your best shot, didn't you? I have the bullet hole to prove it."

Billy recalled that Adam had run down Delia with his car. Adam said, "I didn't know that I'd hit her and had planned to turn myself in when you pulled a gun on me." Adam berated Billy for wooing Chelsea before publically humiliating her and running back to Victoria. Billy mentioned that Connor's sight had been saved because he'd received Delia's transplanted corneas. Adam said, "You think I'm a coward, and you want me dead. That is nothing compared to the guilt I feel every time I look into Connor's eyes."

Billy stood up. Adam braced himself. Billy angrily pushed away the table between him and Adam. Adam glared at Billy. Victor arrived and yelled, "Enough!" Victor stood close to Adam, staring into his eyes. Victor said, "Hello, Adam." Victor punched Adam, who fell to the floor. Adam caught his breath and dabbed at his injured lip.

. . .

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