Friday, February 27, 2015

At the Athletic Club, Adam griped that there wasn't one decent room available in town, and Sage sympathized that people had been displaced by the storm. She lamented that the old Bingham estate was being renovated to get it ready for sale, and Adam wondered if they'd have to sleep in the car. They bickered about finding a better solution, and she suggested they find a hotel in Chicago. Adam complained that she expected him to drive all night after their apartment had almost burned to the ground, and he refused to leave town after he'd made headway with Chelsea. Sage scolded that he should be grateful to be alive.

Cane instructed his staff to get the buffet out right away for the people who'd lost their homes in the fire, and Lily called and said she'd expected him to be home already. He reminded her that she'd thrown him out, and she countered that he couldn't blame her for being angry with him for keeping Devon and Hilary's affair a secret. Cane inquired whether she was still angry, and he assumed she was when she remained silent. Lily asked Cane to return home so they could talk, but a belligerent Adam confronted Cane about not having any rooms available, and Cane abruptly got off the phone.

Adam questioned what Cane would do if Victor walked in and demanded a room, and Cane replied that Victor would be out of luck. Adam offered to pay double the regular rate, and he remarked that Cane knew he could afford it, but Cane protested that he didn't even know who Adam was. Sage pulled Adam aside and warned that he was getting more reckless, and she suggested that he get away while he formulated a new plan. Adam testily stated that his plan was working fine, but he reluctantly agreed to accompany her to Chicago after he dropped off a flash drive at Jack's home. Sage figured he wanted to do it because Chelsea was staying there.

After Adam left, Sage was discouraged when she learned over the phone that Chicago hotel rooms had been reserved six months in advance because of a science fiction convention. Cane apologized to her for being rude earlier, but Sage contended that her husband could be very stubborn when he didn't get what he wanted. Cane empathized about stubborn spouses, but he added that his wife and kids were his world, and Sage said they were fortunate to have him. Cane confided that his wife was mad about a decision he'd made a couple of months before, and she had looked at him like he was a stranger. Sage bemoaned that her husband looked at her like she was a stranger all the time.

At the Abbott mansion, Chelsea informed Billy that Connor was fast asleep, and she was glad to see Billy was following doctor's orders and relaxing. She asked what he was reading online, and he said it was a biography, but she discovered that he was researching Gabriel. Billy explained that he'd been curious, and he noted that Gabriel had smiled in every picture. He added that the Gabriel they knew had a permanent scowl on his face, and Chelsea agreed that they'd never really seen Gabriel happy. Billy relayed that the articles painted Gabriel as a funny, adventurous playboy who lived life like it was a big party, and Chelsea asked if Billy was jealous.

Chelsea pointed out that Gabriel could have cultivated an image for the media, but Billy wondered why Gabriel wasn't still perpetuating the image. Chelsea reasoned that Gabriel had changed when he'd gotten married, but Billy said the marriage was just for show, and Chelsea theorized that was the reason for the cloud over Gabriel's head. Billy found it strange that Gabriel had disappeared from the headlines for the past year after he'd spent a lifetime in the limelight, and Chelsea wondered why Billy cared about someone he barely knew. Billy contemplated what kind of man would risk his life to rescue two virtual strangers.

Billy said Gabriel felt familiar to him sometimes, and Chelsea wondered if the men had crossed paths before, but Billy thought he would have remembered that. Billy remained troubled by the things Gabriel had said when he'd been pulling Billy out of the apartment, but the doorbell rang, and Chelsea invited "Gabriel" in. Billy remarked that they'd just been wondering about "Gabriel's" true identity, and Adam joked that they'd have to go down a list of superheroes. Adam presented the flash drive for Jack, and Billy questioned whether it could wait until Jack got home from the hospital. Adam explained that he and Sage were heading out of town, and he'd have to work from Chicago. Billy invited "Gabriel" and Sage to stay with them.

Adam called Billy's offer very generous, and Chelsea asked if Billy was sure, since Jack would need peace and quiet to recuperate. Billy said "Gabriel" and Sage didn't strike him as the rowdy sort, and he swore he'd be offended if they said no. Adam gushed that it meant a lot to him, and he left to fetch Sage. Chelsea looked quizzically at Billy, who pointed out that Gabriel had saved his life. Chelsea surmised that Billy wanted to spy on Gabriel, just like he'd wanted to get to know Stitch better, and she clucked that Billy had gone over the line before. Billy argued that he'd been right about Stitch, and he had a feeling about Gabriel, too.

Adam returned to the mansion with Sage, and she worried that Jack could slip and call him Adam. She questioned whether Adam would be able to control himself while living with Chelsea, but Billy and Chelsea answered the door and welcomed the couple. Billy said Mrs. Martinez had set them up in the room across the hall, and Sage promised to get out of their hair as soon as possible. Billy assured her that they'd be one big, happy family.

Billy offered his guests some drinks, and Sage declined. Billy remarked that the extra company would do Jack some good, and the men went to the kitchen to make Bloody Marys. Chelsea imagined it was hard for Sage to be uprooted on top of her issues with "Gabriel," but Sage replied that she didn't want to talk about their relationship. Chelsea suggested that the change of surroundings might make Sage see how much "Gabriel" cared about her, but Sage blurted out that Chelsea was the one he cared about.

Chelsea asked what Sage had meant, and Sage covered by saying that "Gabriel" cared about everyone else in his life except Sage. Billy and Adam returned, and Adam thanked Billy for the quick tour. Sage decided to have a glass of wine, and Billy proposed a toast to life and how lucky they were to be living it. Adam toasted to their host and hostess, and the foursome clinked their glasses together as Adam and Chelsea exchanged smiles.

At the hospital, Kyle asked the cabin partygoers if there had been more to the story about Austin wandering into the woods, and he wondered if that had been why they had gone through his car and were interested in the bloody towel. Abby wanted to tell Kyle everything, but a police officer approached and asked to speak to Summer alone. Noah offered Summer some words of encouragement, and the cop led her aside. The group filled in Kyle about what had happened on the night Austin had died, but Noah was skeptical that the events had been news to Kyle.

Kyle swore he hadn't been watching them through the window, but Noah questioned how Kyle had fallen into a ravine without getting a scratch. Kyle urged everyone to worry about what was going on with Summer, and Mariah wondered if the police were arresting Summer. A despondent Summer returned, and she revealed that the police had found Austin for real. She tearfully shook her head, and Noah embraced her.

Noah and Kevin offered their condolences, and Summer said she'd been expecting the news, but she shuddered at the thought of hearing the officer say the words. Kyle asked if there was anything he could do, and Noah suggested they call Phyllis, but Summer said no. Kevin asked if Summer had to go to the police station or if the officer had been satisfied with their story, and Summer divulged that Austin's body had been found behind the wheel of a car about a mile from the cabin. Kevin exclaimed that it wasn't possible.

Abby wondered if Austin had woken up and made his way to a car, but Kevin reminded her that Austin hadn't had a pulse. Noah couldn't imagine how Austin had ended up behind the wheel, and Mariah guessed that someone had staged the accident. Noah skeptically asked if they had a guardian angel, and Mariah pondered whether Courtney or Fen had moved the body, but Kevin reasoned that they hadn't had enough time. Summer ordered them to stop and wailed that she couldn't take any more, since the officer had instructed her to go to the morgue to identify her husband's body.

Later, Summer sobbed uncontrollably in the chapel. Meanwhile, in the waiting area, Kyle thought he should go check on her. Kevin reconsidered holding off on contacting Summer's parents, but Mariah worried that Summer would end up spilling the truth. Kevin wondered if Austin had any other family members who they should contact, and Abby flashed back to stumbling upon Austin at the cabin. He'd explained that he needed a private place to work and to get away, and Abby had asked what he was getting away from. He'd confessed that he needed time away from Summer.

Austin and Abby had shared some wine, and he'd confided that he and Summer had been arguing because she'd kept trying to buy him stuff, like expensive ties. Abby had joked that he could wear them with his t-shirts, and she had envisioned that Summer would buy him oxfords and penny loafers next. Austin had said he had to get back for Barbie to dress up Ken some more, and Abby had urged him to give Summer a break, since it was hard for a young, inexperienced girl to understand someone like him. "The way you do," Austin had replied, and they had kissed. Mariah watched Abby's wistful expression and realized that Abby had actually loved Austin. Abby snapped that Mariah didn't know what she was talking about.

Noah asked if anyone had seen Kyle, and Mariah said she didn't trust Kyle. Abby swore Mariah didn't know him, but Mariah retorted that she didn't trust Abby, either. Noah warned that Abby might not know Kyle as well as she thought she did, and he revealed that Kyle had spied on Victor at Newman. Noah privately told Kevin that Kyle's story was sketchy, and he asked if Kevin could have the blood on the towel discreetly analyzed at the police station. Kevin agreed.

Kyle found Summer in the chapel, and he hoped she didn't mind that he'd looked for her. She whimpered that she was glad he had, and she relayed that the body had been Austin's and that he'd still had blood on his head. She wondered why things had turned out that way, and Kyle wished he'd been there sooner, but she assured him that it hadn't been his fault his car hadn't made it through the snow. Kyle flashed back to peering into the cabin window and seeing everyone passed out, and Kyle took Summer's hand and fibbed that he hadn't been there then, but he was "here now."

In Hilary's hospital room, Hilary taunted that she'd never loved Neil or Devon, and Neil barked that she'd given a good imitation. Hilary maintained that it had been her way to pay Neil back for leaving her mother to die, and Devon had been collateral damage. Devon stormed in and accused her of lying, and he wouldn't let her play games. Hilary huffed that there had been nothing fun about losing the most important relationship of her life because of Neil, who had been too drunk and self-absorbed to give her mom a second thought. Neil recalled Hilary's talk about love and forgiveness, and Hilary explained that she'd realized her silly posts on GC Buzz wouldn't work to drive Neil back to the bottle or alienate him from his family, so she'd decided to get close to him and make him care about her.

Neil was certain Hilary had been sincere when she'd said she loved him, but Hilary snickered and said Neil had seen what he'd wanted to see, and he'd given her the power to destroy him. She questioned whether that was harder to believe than her doing a complete 180, and she recounted the time she'd drugged Cane and taken pictures of him in bed. She crowed that she'd just hopped from Cane's bed into Devon's, but Devon doubted she meant anything she was saying. Hilary ranted that they had no idea how long she'd waited for that moment, and the look on their faces had made every nauseating minute with them worth it.

Neil stared at Devon and walked out, and Devon questioned what Hilary was doing. Devon wished she'd talked to him before she'd sacrificed herself to try to salvage his relationship with his family, and he said he loved her too much to let her do it. He vowed to figure out another way, but she shook her head. Hilary said she needed rest, but Devon insisted on dealing with the situation. She snapped that he didn't get it, and she ordered him to leave and not ever return.

Hilary commanded Devon to get it through his head that there had been nothing between them, since he'd been a means to an end. Devon insisted that she'd loved him, but she scoffed at the idea, and she condemned him for being willing to cheat with his father's wife. She added that Devon had been weak enough to be blackmailed, and she called him pathetic and said she hadn't been able to wait to get away from him. Devon recalled that he'd given her a chance to walk away, but she'd grabbed him and pulled him into her hotel room. Hilary explained that there were all types of passion, and anger and hate could look just like love.

Devon inquired whether there had been anger and hate when he and Hilary had been talking about their future together or when he'd given her the eternity ring. He dared her to tell him that all of it had been a lie, and she admitted not everything had been. Hilary conceded that there had been times she'd meant what she'd said, like when she'd told Devon that they couldn't be together. Devon questioned why she'd tried to kick him out of her bed if her master plan had been to blow up his family by sleeping with him, and he suspected she'd been trying to stay loyal to Neil because she'd really cared about her husband. Hilary contended that pushing Devon away had only made him want her more.

Hilary haughtily informed Devon that she'd almost laughed when he'd given her the ring, and she mocked his request to promise to wait for him. She coldly added that she'd wiped his nasty kiss off her face and thought about ways to use the ring to hurt Neil, but the best revenge had been when Neil had found them in bed together, and she hoped the image would be burned into Neil's brain forever. She proclaimed that her work there was done, but Devon stammered that it couldn't have been a job. Hilary reiterated that she'd used him, and he'd fallen for it, but he'd get over it. She told him to run along before she called security, and she threw the ring at him. Devon numbly staggered out.

Neil stopped by to see Lily, and he was surprised she and Cane hadn't talked things out. Lily said she knew Cane had been trying to protect her by covering things up, but he'd only made a bad situation worse. Neil informed her that she had no idea, and he revealed that Hilary's declarations of love for both him and Devon had been a lie. Neil continued that his marriage had been a fraud, and Devon and Hilary's affair had been Hilary's final act in her plan to ruin their family. Lily's jaw dropped as she realized Hilary had planned it, and Neil said he should have trusted Lily's instincts about Hilary. Lily told him not to question himself, since Hilary had even won Lily over, and she declared that Hilary had turned lying into an art form.

Later, Cane arrived home and greeted Neil, who said Lily had asked him to look after the twins. Neil assumed she'd gone to see Cane, and Cane said he should have called. Neil grumbled that Cane should have done a lot of things, and Cane defended that he'd tried to drop hints, like advising Neil not to buy the dream house. Neil groused that the house had cost him millions and his eyesight, and Cane apologized for his part in it. Neil told him to cheer up, since Cane had been just as much a victim as Neil and Devon had.

Neil filled in Cane about Hilary's act, and he regretted that he and Devon had believed every lie she'd whispered in their ears. Cane said he'd seen the way Hilary had looked at Devon when she'd thought no one had been watching, and Neil commented that she'd played the role to perfection. Cane believed that Hilary truly loved Devon and that she wanted both Neil and Devon to be happy, and he speculated that she was giving them a chance to work things out. Neil asserted that Hilary never would have slept with Devon if she'd been concerned about Neil's happiness, and she'd dumped Neil for nothing if she thought he would ever forgive Devon.

"Wake up, bitch," Lily bellowed, and she said she'd put Hilary in a hospital bed if Hilary wasn't already in one. Hilary announced that she was out of their lives, and she'd sent Devon on his way, so she didn't need a sanctimonious lecture from a baby girl. Lily said she'd heard about Hilary's grand plan, and she was sorry she hadn't figured it out for herself. Hilary snarled that Lily had been too busy admiring herself in the mirror, and Lily hissed that Hilary wasn't capable of love, since she had the "heart of a buzz saw."

Lily asked if Hilary was proud of herself, and Hilary confirmed she was. Lily hollered that Hilary's life was over, since Hilary had no purpose, only reminders of what she'd done. Hilary yawned dramatically and asked if Lily was finished. "Take your slutty self and get the hell out of Genoa City," Lily demanded, and Hilary defiantly asked what would happen if she didn't. Lily leaned in close and threatened, "I can be a buzz saw, too."

At the Athletic Club bar, Devon stared at the eternity ring, and he slid it across the bar with tears in his eyes. Meanwhile, Hilary lay in bed alone, and she recalled Devon giving her the band and saying he'd love her for eternity. Hilary quietly sobbed.

. . .

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