Friday, August 19, 2016

At the police station, Nick asked Paul and Dylan if it was true that there was evidence that proved Adam hadn't killed Constance. Paul informed Nick that they had found the original pages of Sage's journal, and Nick realized that Adam had been telling the truth about being framed. Paul handed over copies of the pages, and Nick flipped through them and discovered that Sage had only written about her grief over losing Constance.

Nick asked if Victor had set up Adam by having the pages forged. Dylan explained that they had no concrete proof of Victor's involvement, but they had a connection between Victor and the woman who'd rented the hotel room where they'd found the real pages. Dylan added that Victor had been meeting with the woman in prison, allegedly about keeping Billy and Victoria apart, and Nick suspected that Dylan didn't believe Victor. Dylan asked if Nick did.

In his prison cell, Adam tried to strangle the guard, who he hallucinated was Victor. Adam ranted that "he" had tried to take Adam's life away, so Adam would take his. The guard begged Adam to stop, but Adam vowed that he wouldn't let Victor live. Two other guards rushed in and pulled Adam off their coworker, and they Tasered Adam before shoving him onto the bed, where he passed out.

In the visiting room, Chelsea asked a guard what was going on when the alarms sounded, and she demanded to know where her husband was. The warden ordered her to leave because there had been an incident, but she refused to leave until she saw Adam. Michael arrived, and Chelsea begged him to tell the warden that Adam was innocent. Michael pulled Chelsea aside and explained that he could get answers as Adam's attorney, but he advised her to go.

Chelsea whined that she was supposed to tell Adam the good news, and Michael promised to call her as soon as he knew anything. She reluctantly departed, and the warden informed Michael that Adam had been on a hunger strike for a couple of days and had attacked a guard who had tried to get him to eat. Michael hoped that all would forgiven with some time in solitary, but the warden reported that the guard was unconscious.

Adam awakened in the prison infirmary, handcuffed to the bed. Michael entered and mentioned the altercation in Adam's cell, and he wondered if Adam remembered anything. Adam insisted that Victor had been trying to kill him, and Michael stated that Victor hadn't been at the prison for days, but Adam swore that Victor had taunted him in his cell. Michael figured that stress had done a number on Adam's body and mind, so it was possible Adam had seen things that hadn't been there.

Adam realized that he'd been hallucinating, and he asked how long he'd been out. Michael reported that it had been about ten minutes, and Adam was surprised that Michael had gotten there that fast. Michael revealed that he'd been at the prison for another reason -- to tell Adam that they'd found the missing pages of Sage's journal, and the police had proof to exonerate Adam. Adam assumed that Chloe had turned over the pages, but Michael revealed that another woman had been paid to plant false evidence.

Michael expected that prison would be a distant memory once they presented the new evidence before a judge, but the warden appeared and announced that Adam was facing new charges for assault. Adam argued that he hadn't been in his right mind, but the warden replied that it was no excuse. Adam defended that there was evidence to prove his innocence, and he never should have been there. Michael advised Adam to calm down or risk making things worse, but Adam angrily questioned whether the warden was on Victor's payroll. The warden ordered the guards to take Adam back to his cell.

Later, the warden stopped by to see Adam in his cell, and Adam insisted that he had to get back to his family. The warden replied that the beaten guard had a wife and two daughters, and he was sure the guard wanted to get back to his family, too. The warden anticipated that Adam was looking at another six to ten years, and he walked away. Adam crumpled to the floor in despair.

At Adam and Chelsea's penthouse, Chloe worried that things were moving way too fast, but Victor stated that the police had done their job by finding the journal pages. Chloe realized that Adam would go free, and Victor implored her to think about getting out of town. Chloe protested that Victor had promised that she'd be protected, but he didn't want her living under the same roof as Adam. Chloe thought it would look like she was running away, but Victor reasoned that she'd be giving her good friend a chance to reconnect with her husband.

Chloe noted that she and Chelsea were in a really good place after a long road, and they had bonded as friends as well as through their kids, since Delia had allowed Connor to see. Victor warned that Adam thought Chloe had been responsible for the missing journal pages, and he advised her to stay as far away as she could. Chloe thought it sounded like an order, and Victor clarified that it was a strong suggestion to go someplace else to raise her beautiful daughter.

An agitated Chelsea returned home and wondered what Victor was doing there. Victor explained that he was there to see his grandson, and Chloe said she'd told him that the kids were napping. Chelsea relayed that something had happened at the prison, and the alarms had gone off, but no one would tell her anything. Victor offered to make some calls, but Chelsea reported that Michael was handling it. Victor asked Chelsea to let Connor know he'd been there, and he departed. Chloe promised Chelsea that everything would work out the way it was supposed to.

Chelsea fretted that Michael hadn't called, and Chloe assured her that he would be able to handle it. Chelsea complained that she couldn't just sit there, but Chloe stopped her from leaving and urged her to look at the bigger picture, since there was proof Adam was innocent, and he would be back home soon. Chelsea said she didn't know what she would have done if Chloe hadn't been there, and she called Chloe a good friend. Chloe volunteered to take the kids out while Chelsea waited for news, and she went upstairs. Chelsea called Dylan and asked him to make sure that Adam was okay.

Later, Dylan arrived at the penthouse and informed Chelsea that Adam was in the infirmary, but the only thing he knew was that Adam had been restrained after he'd attacked a guard. Chelsea conceded that Adam had a temper, but she was sure that Adam wouldn't attack someone unprovoked, and she pleaded with Dylan to find out what had happened. Michael arrived, and Chelsea expected him to tell her that Adam was getting out of prison. Michael regretted that he couldn't do that.

Victor was on the phone when he arrived at Newman, and he attempted to find out what was going on at the prison. He found Nick in his office, and he inquired whether Victoria had found Travis in Mexico. Nick announced that he was there to discuss Adam, and he judged from the nature of the phone call that Adam was on Victor's mind, too. Nick surmised that things weren't going according to Victor's plan.

Nick said Adam had been telling the truth about being framed, since the police had found the real pages of Sage's journal. Victor revealed that the police had already been there to make the same accusations, and Nick was sure that Victor had lied to them the same way Victor was lying to him. Victor asserted that he hadn't forged the pages, but Nick questioned why Victor was worried about what was going on at the prison. Victor claimed that he'd wanted to find out why Adam hadn't been released yet, since he wanted Adam to get out, but he suspected that Nick didn't.

Nick asked what he'd have to gain if Adam stayed in prison, and Victor noted that it would leave Nick as the only possible successor at Newman. Nick warned Victor not to try to create a nonexistent war, since neither he nor Adam wanted the job, and only Victor insisted on battling with everyone in the family. Victor bellowed that his family had betrayed him and put him in prison, but Nick retorted that Victor had framed his own son. Victor maintained that he hadn't stolen the pages, but Nick was sure that Victor knew who had.

Victor stated that Bethany had been responsible for framing Adam, and Nick inquired whether Victor had met with her in prison. Victor said it had been an unrelated matter, but Nick pointed out that Bethany hadn't had a motive, whereas Victor had. Victor swore that he hadn't wanted Adam to go to prison, but Nick growled that Victor had exacted revenge on those who had sent Victor to prison for something he'd actually done. Nick ranted that Victoria had gotten off easy with Brash & Sassy, but Victor had taken Adam's life away from him and used Nick's dead wife to do it.

Victor reiterated that he hadn't wanted Adam to spend any time in prison, and Nick wondered if Victor had arranged for Adam to get out. Victor admonished Nick for accusing him of both putting Adam in prison and trying to get him out, and he questioned whether Nick considered him to be a savior or a monster.

At Crimson Lights, Mariah and Sharon prepared to go to work, but Mariah sensed that Sharon had something she wanted to say. Sharon inquired whether Mariah had talked to Kevin recently, but Mariah expected him never to talk to her again after she'd hijacked Chloe's flowers. Sharon thought Kevin understood why Mariah had done it, and Mariah panicked when she realized that Sharon had said something to him. Sharon spotted Kevin at the counter.

Sharon told Mariah to stop freaking out, since Kevin had needed to know how Mariah felt. Mariah asked what Sharon had said, and she became increasingly nervous when Kevin headed over and asked to talk to Mariah, who said they'd been about to leave for work. Sharon insisted that they had time, and she headed to the counter to get more coffee. Mariah rambled that she couldn't believe Sharon had cornered him, and she was sure that Sharon hadn't known what she was talking about. Kevin asked if Mariah was saying she didn't have feelings for him.

Mariah huffed that Sharon hadn't had any right to talk to Kevin about Mariah's personal business, but Kevin thought they might as well talk about it. He recounted that Sharon had told him that he was being blind and stupid for not seeing what was in front of him, but he'd thought he and Mariah had decided to just be friends. Mariah recalled that their attempt to be more had been awkward and mediocre, and Kevin wondered why Sharon had implied that Mariah wanted it to be more. Mariah was mortified by the topic of conversation, but Kevin reasoned that things would just continue to be awkward if they didn't talk about it.

Mariah admitted that she felt a lot of things when she looked at Kevin, and one of them was concern that he'd get hurt by the situation with Chloe. Chloe entered with Connor and Bella, and Kevin asked how Chloe felt about the missing journal pages turning up. Mariah took the kids to get some treats to let Kevin and Chloe talk privately, and he imagined that it wasn't easy for Chloe to know that Adam would be released. Chloe recognized that she'd been angry for a long time, but she didn't want to live like that anymore, and Bella deserved better. Chloe declared that she was free and done with all of it.

Kevin and Chloe played with the kids, and Sharon wondered why Mariah had left them alone together. Sharon advised Mariah to fight for Kevin if she wanted him, but Mariah replied that there was a big, blinking sign with Chloe's name on his forehead. Mariah caught a soccer ball and handed it back to Connor, and Chloe thanked Mariah for getting the kids cookies. Mariah suspected that Chloe would curse her later when the children were running around like Tasmanian devils.

Mariah and Sharon observed that Kevin was really good with the tots. Sharon imagined that it was hard for Chloe to watch Kevin with Bella, since it was bound to stir up memories of Delia, and she understood why Chloe wanted to maintain a distance. Chloe agreed that it was hard, but she also had good memories of being a happy family with Kevin and Delia, and she thought Bella deserved that, too. Chloe added that any girl would be lucky to have Kevin.

At a Mexican port, a shirtless Travis docked his boat and relaxed in the sun. He tended to chores inside the boat, and Victoria stepped on board and descended the stairs into the cabin. Travis cursed as he tried to fix the sink, and he was shocked when he saw Victoria. He wondered why she was in Mexico, and she responded, "You."

Victoria asked how Travis dealt with the heat, and he offered her a drink. He reminded her that he'd made it clear when they'd talked that he wasn't interested in Newman Oil, but she said she was there because Luca was trying to pin the oil spills on Travis. Victoria realized that there was rum in the drink, and Travis inquired whether she didn't like it. She replied that it was a long story, and he invited her to have a seat while he heard her out.

Victoria revealed that Luca had been tracking Travis, and all of the sabotage attempts had been in close proximity to Travis' boat. She believed that Luca wanted to look like a hero and marry Summer, but he'd been behind the spills the whole time. Victoria reported that everyone wanted Luca gone except Summer, and Travis guessed that was why Victoria's family had sent her. Travis flatly stated that if her plan was to seduce him into submission, she'd wasted a trip.

Victoria swore that seduction wasn't on the agenda, and she asserted that Travis was a good person who didn't deserve what Luca was doing to him. Travis thought Victoria was acting like Victor by trying to control Summer's life, but Victoria argued that Summer had been "through hell and back" after the last guy she'd fallen for had crushed her with lies, and Victoria wanted to prevent it from happening again. Victoria implored Travis to return to Genoa City and expose Luca for who he really was, but Travis intended to keep sailing away from that world. She countered that it was also her world, and he said he'd tried to escape from it and succeeded. He thought that was the reason she was there.

Travis bragged that the trip had exceeded his expectations, and he'd barely scratched the surface. He contended that being in the world rather than trying to make a buck off of it felt good, and he proclaimed that he'd never felt that free. Victoria seemed skeptical, since he'd been cursing at the sink when she'd walked in. Travis conceded that he still hated repair work, but he loved sailing the open seas. Victoria questioned why he hadn't left port in two weeks, and he claimed that he'd had to make sure the boat was in working order for the next leg of the trip.

Victoria noted that Travis had talked about how great everything was, but she theorized that the boat was just a substitute for the dive bar, and she surmised that it was another place to hide. Travis suspected that it killed her that he wasn't miserable without her, and he sarcastically apologized that he hadn't run to her when she'd called. She moved to slap him, but he grabbed her hand.

Travis found it interesting how concerned Victoria was about his happiness, and he inquired about how things were going for her back home. He mentioned that Victor was out of prison and that Victoria was working with her ex, and she asked how he knew that. Travis revealed that Luca had called him to rattle off reasons why Travis shouldn't return to Genoa City, and Luca had said she was back with Billy. Victoria announced that she hadn't reunited with Billy, and she ordered Travis not to tell her how to handle her life, since at least she didn't hide. Victoria started to leave, but Travis told her to wait.

Travis and Victoria drank rum on the deck, and he admitted that he'd been running away. He said he'd lost himself in the sky full of stars for a while, but reality had crept back in, and his head had been filled with thoughts of Victoria. Travis added that he dreamed about Victoria all the time, and the whole trip had been meant to be a way to forget about her, but he wanted to share every experience with her. They confessed that they'd missed one another, and they kissed. Victoria said she needed him as much as he needed her, and they retreated inside the boat to make love.

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