Friday, November 21, 2014

Billy returned to the penthouse, and Chelsea asked about Victoria and the baby. He reported that everyone was happy and healthy, and Chelsea thanked him for keeping her posted. She imagined he had been excited to see the baby, and he revealed that he'd been there when Victoria had gone into labor and that he'd helped deliver the child. Ashley arrived and asked if she was interrupting, and Billy requested that she return later. Ashley declared that she wasn't leaving until he heard what she had to say.

Chelsea went upstairs to check on Johnny and to call Anita, who was watching Connor. Billy asked what hadn't been able to wait for a more convenient time, and Ashley mentioned that Victoria had had the baby. Billy defended that things had been hectic and that Jill had chewed him out already, and he informed Ashley that the paternity test hadn't been performed yet. Ashley wanted to know how he was doing, and he said he was fine. She asked if he'd forgotten who he was talking to, since she had been able to tell he was anything but fine from the second he'd opened the door.

Ashley guessed that Billy was anxiously wondering if the baby was his, but he contended that the test results wouldn't change anything, since he and Victoria were divorced. Ashley said that their marital status didn't make Billy love Victoria any less, and she insisted that Billy and Victoria belonged together. Billy replied that the penthouse was his home, and his life was with Chelsea and Connor. Ashley thought he was kidding himself if he thought he'd found happiness without Victoria, and she advised him to start listening to his loved ones, who believed he'd still love Victoria even if the baby wasn't his. The siblings hugged, and Chelsea hovered at the top of the stairs.

After Ashley left, Billy asked how Johnny was doing, and Chelsea replied that the boy was perfect. She told Billy not to feel like he had to lie, since she'd heard what Ashley had said, and Billy said his sister had been out of line. Chelsea understood that Billy cared about Victoria, and she imagined that old feelings had resurfaced when he'd been there for the birth of Victoria's daughter. Billy admitted they had.

Billy swore that he wouldn't lie to Chelsea, and they recalled that lies had ruined their prior relationships. She assured Billy that she wouldn't flip out if he was feeling conflicted, and he revealed that he'd had a moment when he had been alone with Victoria and the baby. Chelsea asked if Ashley had been right, but Billy insisted that he loved Chelsea and that he wanted to be with her. He added that he'd shared a life with Victoria, and they would always have a connection, just like Chelsea would always be connected to Adam.

Chelsea agreed that even though Adam was gone, they'd shared hopes and dreams, and those would always be there. Billy commented that when the plans hadn't panned out, she'd had to put them away and move on with her life to find happiness, and he'd found happiness with her. Chelsea questioned whether Billy could honestly say things wouldn't change if Victoria's baby turned out to be his.

At the Abbott mansion, Phyllis greeted Summer and Austin, and she said that the others would be there soon. Jack asked who else Phyllis had invited, and Phyllis replied that she'd thought it would be a great idea to make the announcement about their engagement to their friends and family that night. Jack blurted out that it wasn't a good idea, but Summer squealed that she was happy for them, and Austin congratulated Jack. Traci and Abby entered and asked what they'd missed, and Summer proclaimed that her mom and Jack were getting married. Abby hugged Phyllis, but Jack protested that the announcement was premature, and Phyllis asked why.

Jack claimed that he wanted time to revel in the engagement before he and Phyllis shared it with the rest of the world, but Phyllis contended that they were just celebrating with family, and she had champagne and hors d'oeuvres. Summer said she couldn't stay, and Abby revealed they had plans to have dinner at Victor's. Phyllis complained that Victor was upstaging her, and Summer mentioned that it was a Newman family thing, but she quickly apologized for calling it that. Abby explained that they wanted to rally around Nick after his life had blown up, and Summer griped that she hated being torn between two families.

Jack understood that Summer wanted to be there for her father, but Phyllis argued that they were her family, too, and she had ordered enough food to feed an army. Summer pleaded with Phyllis not to force her to choose between families, and Jack pointed out that Phyllis had put together a last-minute celebration, but their guests had already made plans. Phyllis mentioned that she'd asked Jack to throw a splashy engagement party, and Abby offered to help plan it. Summer thanked Jack for calling Kyle to explain everything that had happened.

After Summer, Austin, and Abby left, Phyllis informed Traci that the event planner at the Athletic Club would handle most of the party details, and Traci suggested that they use some roses in the conservatory for the floral arrangements. Traci led Phyllis to take a look at the flowers, and Ashley returned home. Jack explained that Phyllis wanted to throw an engagement party, and Ashley questioned whether Jack was actually going to marry Phyllis. Jack swore that he loved Phyllis and that he wanted to spend his life with her, and Ashley inquired how the other woman he'd fallen in love with fit into the plan.

Jack admitted he'd fallen for Kelly, but it had happened after he'd lost hope Phyllis would return, and he'd been blindsided when Phyllis had woken up. He continued that finding out Summer wasn't his daughter had made things more difficult, but he was as crazy about Phyllis as he'd ever been. He said that he had to tell Kelly it was over, and Ashley scolded him for stringing Kelly along. Jack explained that Kelly's mother was in the hospital after suffering a heart attack, so Kelly had been distraught. Ashley advised Jack to tell Kelly right away, or Kelly would hear about his engagement from someone else.

Later, Ashley told Phyllis that news of the engagement had been a surprise, and Traci said she thought it was great. Jack claimed that he had a meeting, and Phyllis implored him to have someone else handle it, but he insisted that he had to see a certain person himself. Ashley agreed that Jack needed to handle the situation before things fell apart, and Jack kissed Phyllis goodbye. Ashley half-heartedly congratulated Phyllis, who said she wasn't an idiot, and she was sure that Ashley had had a few choice words for Jack behind Phyllis' back. Ashley insisted that she hadn't, and she invited Phyllis to ask Jack herself, but she wanted a chance to clear the air.

Phyllis accepted that her party had been a bust, so she decided to go to Jabot to reconnect with some colleagues and wait for Jack. Ashley suggested that they all catch up instead, and Traci reasoned that it would be great for Jack to see them planning the party together. Phyllis agreed to stay, and she recognized that she had her differences with Ashley and Traci, but she wanted them to know that she'd do just about anything to be the wife Jack deserved. Phyllis proposed that they sit down with wine and snacks and look through old family albums, and Traci and Ashley went to retrieve the photos from the study. Phyllis made a quick exit.

At the Athletic Club, Kelly stared at a photo of her and Jack on her phone. She turned around and literally ran into Lily, who asked how Maureen was doing. Kelly relayed that the surgery had gone well, but her mother needed rest. Lily couldn't believe Kelly was at work, and Kelly figured that she'd get something done while she was wired. Lily wondered why Jack wasn't there to help.

Kelly said Jack had stopped by the hospital, but her mom had woken up, and Kelly and Jack hadn't had a chance to talk. Lily wondered why Jack hadn't waited for Kelly, and Kelly replied that he'd been preoccupied, but she had no idea why. Kelly mentioned that Jack had told Phyllis that he and Kelly had been dating, and Lily countered that Kelly had moved in with him. Kelly sympathized that the situation wasn't easy for Jack, especially since Victoria had just had the baby, and both Stitch and Billy wanted to be the father. Lily suspected there was another reason why things were awkward for Jack.

Lily and Kelly discussed plans for an upcoming wedding reception at the club, and Lily mentioned that the bride wanted red velvet cupcakes, since the couple had shared them on their first date during a concert in the park. Kelly mused that her first date with Jack had also been a concert in the park, and Lily theorized that Jack was trying to let Phyllis down gently. Kelly recalled that Jack had tried to tell Phyllis everything, but they'd been interrupted, and she wondered if they'd had a blowout after they'd finished the conversation. Lily suspected that Phyllis hadn't taken the news well, and Kelly joked that she was surprised Phyllis hadn't gone after her with a machete.

Lily offered to have the chef prepare some food for Kelly, but Kelly insisted she'd be fine with the vending machines at the hospital. Lily wished her a good night, and Kelly looked forlornly at her phone. Jack arrived and called to Kelly, and she moved toward him to kiss him hello, but he said they needed to talk.

Nick arrived at the ranch, and Victor declared that he was the first one there for the Newman family celebration. Nick clarified that he wasn't there for the party but to say goodbye. Nick explained that he was going out of town to have time to himself, and Noah appeared and asked if that was why Nick had called to request that Noah look after the Underground. Victor reminded Nick about his court date, but Nick said he wasn't there for advice, and he accused Victor of throwing a party to celebrate the fact that Nick had kicked Sharon to the curb.

Victor wondered if Nick thought Victor had an agenda because he wanted to celebrate that Summer was Nick's daughter, but Nick suspected that it was a chance to twist the knife and to prove that Victor had been right about Sharon. Victor asserted that he had been right, and Nick admitted that Victor had also been right about Nick. Nick recalled that Victor had urged him to focus on his own choices, and he acknowledged that he'd let his anger control him, so he had to get away from both Sharon and his anger. He added that he needed time to think, especially because of Faith, and Victor questioned why Nick was leaving to be alone when he was suing for full custody. Noah cried out in surprise.

Nick said he and Sharon shared legal custody, so he couldn't take his daughter away when her mother had a right to see her. Nick continued that Faith was furious with him, and he thought the girl could use some space, too. Victor admonished Nick for running away, but Nick reiterated that he needed to get away from people. Noah snapped that none of it would have happened if Nick had just arranged for another paternity test when Summer had been born.

Nick recognized he'd made a terrible mistake when he hadn't gotten another test, but he'd let fear get the best of him, and he was truly sorry. He said that he had to get away to figure out a way to make better decisions, and he hoped Noah could forgive him. Nick asked Noah to take care of the club and Victor to keep an eye on his girls, and he hugged them both goodbye. and entered with Summer and Austin and declared it was a party, but Nick said he had to go out of town. Summer whined that she'd been looking forward to spending time with Nick, and he promised that they'd do it when he got back.

Victor proposed a toast, and Summer suggested that they wait for everyone, but Victor said that Nikki wouldn't mind, since she was at the hospital with Victoria. Victor proclaimed that he'd always considered Summer to be his granddaughter, but he was happy they were related by blood. Summer added her own toast to Jack and Phyllis' engagement, and Victor testily asked if she expected him to toast to Jack. Summer chided Victor for gloating over Jack's loss, and Victor left to get another bottle of champagne.

Austin was surprised that Victor had been that amiable, and Noah reported that Victor had been on a roll earlier, insulting Sharon. Summer wished she'd been there to join in, and Noah scolded her for bashing his mother after she'd stuck up for Jack. Austin contended that Sharon had hurt Summer and had wrecked people's lives, and Abby snapped that Austin was out of his element. Summer defended her husband, and she said that Victor had wrecked more lives than anyone else she knew.

Summer complained that Victor was constantly forcing her to choose between families, but Abby argued that Summer no longer had to choose, since Nick was her dad. Noah questioned how long it would be before his family forced him to choose between his parents, and he barked that Sharon was no worse than Phyllis. Summer and Austin stormed out, and when Victor returned, Noah claimed that he wasn't feeling well. On his way out, Noah told Abby and Victor to enjoy their family dinner, and Abby told Victor that no one had a sense of humor.

At the Underground, Noah confronted Summer about owing him an apology. Summer huffed that she wouldn't apologize when Sharon had screwed up Summer's life for the past year, and Austin suggested that they not let the incident at Victor's ruin their night or allow them to forget that they liked one another. Summer and Noah hugged to make up, and Noah went to check on how things were going at the club. Austin suggested that he and Summer go back to see her mom, but Summer groused that she was tired of having to defend how she felt, and Austin asked if that had been why she'd thanked Jack for updating Kyle. She said Jack's intervention had made it easier, since she and Kyle had been close at one point. Austin asked how close, and Summer confessed that she had been in love with Kyle.

Summer recalled that Nick had freaked out every time she'd mentioned Kyle's name, and she hadn't understood why, but she'd discovered that Nick had been motivated to get another paternity test because he'd thought she'd been falling in love with her brother. Austin noted that Summer's life might have been very different if Sharon hadn't messed with the test results, and Summer said that there was one thing she was really glad about. She recognized that if she and Kyle had gotten together, she never would have married Austin, and being Austin's wife was the greatest thing to ever happen to her. They kissed, but Summer looked unsure as Austin pulled her into a hug.

Nick turned on the light in a cabin, and he found a friendly dog inside. He asked if the dog was his welcoming committee, and he suggested that he warm the place up and hang out for a while. Nick gave the dog some water, and he ignored a call from Victor. Meanwhile, Abby told Victor that Nick probably just needed space, like the other members of the family. Victor grumbled that it was his family's problem if they didn't want to be there, but he expected everyone to show up for Thanksgiving.

Adam looked up his obituary online, and he made his way across the room and trembled from the effort of trying to lift weights. Sage rushed in and told him to slow down, but he insisted that he needed to leave. Constance appeared and asked what he was talking about, and Adam covered by saying that he needed to get out of the room and see daylight, but Sage warned that he wasn't strong enough yet. Constance cautioned him against pushing himself too hard, but Adam swore he was up for it. Sage said she'd give him a painkiller and help him to bed after she got Constance settled in, and she wheeled Constance out of the room.

When Sage returned, Adam rejected any more sedatives, and Sage lectured that the medication was for his own good. She fretted that he'd nearly given himself away, and she wondered how long he could keep covering, but Adam scoffed at the idea that she was only looking out for his best interests. Sage said that she was helping Adam for Constance's sake, since Constance had acted like the grandmother she'd never had, and Sage owed her everything.

Sage cautioned that Constance was very frail, and Constance wouldn't be able to handle it if she discovered that Adam wasn't really Gabriel. Adam understood, and he said that he needed Gabriel as much as Constance did. Sage reminded Adam that he had to act like Gabriel, and Adam argued that he'd acted impulsively, just like Sage had told him Gabriel had. Sage countered that Gabriel never would have hurt Constance, and Adam vowed not to hurt her, but nothing would keep him from his chance to start a new life.

Later, Constance understood that "Gabriel" had been feeling cooped up, and she presented him with a book to read. She mentioned that he'd been in the middle of it before the accident, and it had been one of his favorite titles. Adam said she was very generous, and the dog that had been in the cabin scampered in. Constance remarked that the dog had been lonely without Gabriel, and Adam called to the dog, who growled at him. Constance asked what had gotten into the dog, since he and Gabriel had adored one another.

. . .

On the next The Young and the Restless...
  • Unseen by Avery, Joe watches her as she removes her blouse.
  • At Genoa City Memorial, Victoria, holding Katie, asks a doctor if the folder he is holding contains the results of the paternity test. He tells her that it does.
  • At the tack house, Sharon tells Summer she needs to see Nick. Summer tells Sharon to leave Nick alone. In the woods, the dog leads Sage to the unconscious Nick.
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