Friday, August 15, 2014

At Crimson Lights, Avery informed Dylan that Leslie had called an important meeting, and she suggested that she and Dylan grab dinner later. Paul entered, and Dylan was surprised to see him, since he'd thought Paul had still been at the cabin, but Paul declared that it had been time to get back to reality. Paul inquired about the broken furniture, and Avery revealed that Dylan had gotten upset when Ian had dropped by. Dylan clarified that he'd trashed the place after Ian had left, and it had made him feel better. Avery departed, and Dylan asked if Paul intended to give him a lecture.

Paul questioned what was really going on with Dylan, but Dylan replied that Paul was out of luck if he wanted a confession. Paul offered to listen if Dylan wanted to talk about Ian or the reporters, and he revealed that the press had found him at the cabin. Paul imagined that it had been worse for Dylan, and he wondered if that was why Dylan had smashed the chairs. Dylan swore that he wasn't looking for trouble, and Paul remarked that he'd heard it before.

Dylan argued that it was no one's business if he had broken a chair or two in his own place, and Paul assured him that he didn't consider Dylan's actions right or wrong, but he felt a sense of responsibility toward Dylan. Paul recognized that he had his own hang-ups about his issues with Ricky, and it was important that Dylan know that Paul cared about him. Dylan pointed out that Paul could have said that up front, and Paul explained that he didn't know how they would go from where they'd been to being father and son. Dylan replied that maybe they wouldn't.

A confused Paul recalled that Dylan had fought to get well to have a chance to get to know Paul, and Dylan confirmed that he wanted that, but they couldn't force a relationship they didn't have. Paul compared it to his situation with Heather, who had been resentful because he hadn't spent more time with her, and he encouraged Dylan to talk to her. Dylan pointed out that he'd had a family and a childhood that he'd loved, and learning that he'd been adopted hadn't changed any of that. Paul thought that Dylan could make room in his life for a new family, and Dylan explained that he was still reeling from finding out the truth about his parentage, so he wasn't at that point yet. Paul held on to the hope that one day, Dylan would feel the same way Paul did.

Dylan asked about Paul's recovery, and Paul said that he still had a bit of pain and that his energy wasn't quite back to normal, but he was fine. Dylan wished that he had handled the day of the shooting differently, but Paul told him to stop beating himself up, since the only guy who had been responsible was about to face the consequences in court. Dylan snarled that he couldn't wait to see Austin pay for what he'd done.

At the Athletic Club, Kelly was visibly relieved to see Jack, and he noted that she'd sounded upset on a message she'd left him. She informed him that Neil had been in an accident, but she didn't have any further details. He suggested that they go to the hospital, but she said that she was covering for Lily, and she urged him to go on his own. Jack refused to leave Kelly alone, since she was obviously shaken, and she confided that the situation reminded her of Sam.

Kelly hoped that Lily would call with the good news that Neil was okay, and Jack called Neil a great friend and sponsor. Jack recounted that Neil and Phyllis had helped him kick his addiction to pills, and Kelly asked about his trip. Jack admitted that it had been harder than he'd thought, but he had needed to do it. He confirmed that he had said goodbye to Phyllis and that he was ready to move on with Kelly, and Kelly rushed into his arms.

Jack said that the news wasn't supposed to make Kelly cry, and she acknowledged that it had taken a lot for him to get to that place, given the history and love Jack and Phyllis had shared. Jack conceded that he had mixed feelings, but there couldn't be beginnings without endings. Kelly encouraged him not to think of it that way, since what he'd had with Phyllis had made him who he was, and Phyllis would always be with him. Jack said that he'd made peace with it, and he was happy to be there with Kelly. They kissed as Avery spotted them.

Avery greeted Jack and Kelly, and she mentioned that she'd touched base with Summer, since Austin's trial was going to start the next day. Avery thought that Summer was putting on a brave front, and Jack recognized that it would be hard for Summer to survive the trial, especially if Austin was convicted. Jack pledged to deal with it as a family to get through it together, and Avery squirmed when she noticed Jack and Kelly holding hands. Avery retreated to her table, and Kelly thought that Avery had been pleasant, considering that Avery had just seen her sister's fiancÚ with another woman. Jack reasoned that Avery also had to face reality, just like he had.

A frazzled Leslie rushed in and apologized for being late, and she informed Avery that Neil was in the hospital after he'd been found unconscious. Avery asked what had happened, and Leslie rambled that he'd been electrocuted and that she had been able to tell from Barton's tone that it was bad. Avery urged Leslie to go to the hospital, but Leslie didn't want to upset Neil's wife or family. Leslie resolved to concentrate on business, and she turned the topic to Austin's trial. Leslie requested Avery's help to keep Austin out of jail by writing a letter to the court on Austin's behalf.

Leslie contended that Avery's opinion could make or break the case, and she pointed out that Avery had talked Leslie into representing him. Avery defended that she'd done it for Summer, and she'd felt she'd owed Austin for putting his mother's murderer back on the streets. Avery said that she needed to think about how Dylan would react, since he'd been furious when she'd taken on Austin's case, and she didn't want more people to get hurt. Leslie argued that Austin had lost his mother under tragic circumstances, and she conceded that he'd handled it badly, but he could either spend 20 years with rapists and killers, or he could atone on the outside in a positive way. Leslie recalled that Avery had always been about justice, and she questioned which scenario seemed just to Avery.

Avery returned to the coffeehouse, and Dylan asked her how things had gone with Leslie. Avery replied that her meeting hadn't gone as expected, and Paul said that he'd see them in court the next day. After Paul left, Avery remarked that the situation had seemed awkward, and Dylan said that at least he and Paul had agreed about the satisfaction they'd feel when Austin was convicted. Avery revealed that Leslie wanted her to write a letter of support for Austin, and she'd agreed in order to make things right. Dylan turned away, and Avery questioned whether he planned to just walk away from her. He testily asked if anything he said would change her mind.

Summer called out for Austin, who had just returned to their apartment after a run, and he lamented that he hadn't been able to keep his mind off his trial. Summer announced that she'd decided to do something about it, and she handed him a paper heart and wished him a happy Valentine's Day. She turned on one of his favorite songs, and he gushed that it was perfect. She presented him with a cake adorned with candy hearts, and he said it was the best cake he'd ever had, but they laughed and shook their heads when they tasted the frosting.

Summer and Austin read the inscriptions on the candy hearts, and he selected one that said, "kiss me." She obliged, but her phone rang with a call from Jack, and Austin noted that it could be about her mom. Jack informed her that he'd just gotten back, and he wished that he could report that Phyllis was doing better, but Summer realized that it had been too much to hope for. Jack assured her that nothing was worth giving up hope, especially as Austin's trial began. Jack volunteered to stop by so they could talk, but she wanted to have a night alone with Austin. Jack swore to be there for her the next day and every day thereafter, and Summer sadly surmised that he expected that Austin wouldn't be.

Summer said that it had been thoughtful of Jack to call, especially since he was probably wiped out after seeing her mom. Austin sympathized that it was hard on Summer not to be able to do anything to help Phyllis, and Summer imagined that their moms would have been really good friends. Summer presented Austin with a day planner as a gift, and she explained that she wanted him to see on paper all the holidays and other occasions they'd celebrate. He started to contemplate what would happen if things didn't work out, but she cut him off and ordered him not to say that they wouldn't be together.

Austin agreed that he needed to stay positive, and he said that he'd take the day planner with him to court and look at it whenever things got rough. She said that anything was possible, and he replied that she made him want to believe it. Summer swore that everything would work out, and Austin wished he'd had someone like her in his life sooner to give him hope. He said that she'd made him happier than he'd ever thought he could be, and they kissed. He picked her up and carried her upstairs, where they had sex and declared their love.

Kelly noticed that Jack appeared to be lost in thought, and he expressed concern about Summer, who had seemed to be willing herself to keep it together. Kelly imagined that his phone call had helped, and she wished that there was more she could do without overstepping. Jack was glad that Summer and Kelly had been getting along, but he worried about what would happen when Summer found out that he was moving on from Phyllis. Jack expected Summer to be disappointed and angry, but he'd worked hard to accept her relationship with Austin, so he hoped that she'd accept that Kelly was the woman he wanted to spend his life with.

Kelly suggested that she and Jack head to the hospital at the end of her workday, but Jack observed that she looked exhausted, and she said it had been a long day. Jack opted to call the hospital in the morning, and he invited her to go home with him. She thought that he had a lot on his mind, but he said that he'd get through the night better with her there, and she agreed to be there for him.

At the clinic in Georgia, a nurse mused to Phyllis that her handsome fiancÚ's show of support indicated that he loved Phyllis a lot. The nurse stated that he had just been there to see her, and she promised that they were taking good care of her engagement ring. The nurse looked at a photo of Summer and commented that Phyllis' daughter was beautiful. She imagined that Summer's father and Phyllis were proud, and she exited. Phyllis' monitor started to beep rapidly.

Faith and Sharon returned home, and Faith didn't understand why she'd been sent home from her friend's house. Mariah looked on as Sharon told Faith that Peyton's mom had called, and there were some things they needed to talk about. Mariah handed Faith a cookie as a substitute for the birthday cake the girl had missed out on, and Sharon suggested that Faith eat it while they talked. Sharon mentioned that Faith had told the other kids that she was a love child, and Mariah gasped. Faith explained that a reporter had referred to Dylan as one, and she'd learned that it meant that a mom and dad hadn't been married when they'd had a baby.

Sharon conceded that she and Nick hadn't been married when Faith had been born, but it wasn't a nice thing to call someone. Faith wished that her parents were married so people would stop asking about it, and Sharon recounted that Nick had explained that they weren't ready. Faith chirped that a wedding would be fun, but Sharon maintained that the important thing was that they'd always be a family. Mariah smiled uncomfortably as Sharon and Faith hugged.

Mariah ran her fingers over Nick and Sharon's wedding album, and Sharon returned from tucking Faith in. Mariah commended Sharon for handling the situation well and for sending the message that different types of relationships were okay. Mariah claimed that Faith had said that Nick had refused to marry Sharon, and Sharon clarified that she'd been the one who'd put it off, but she'd become less resistant to the idea. Faith called out that she couldn't find Miss Patsy, and Sharon went upstairs. Mariah looked through the photos in the wedding album, but she suddenly closed it and rushed out. Sharon returned downstairs but discovered that Mariah had left.

At the Underground, Nick said that he hadn't known that Helen had received his messages, so he was surprised that she'd shown up. He offered her a drink, and at first she declined, but she ordered bourbon after he told her it was on the house. She questioned why anyone would bother drinking if they had to hide the taste with something else, and Nick remarked that she was a no-nonsense type of person. She quipped that what he saw was what he got, and he asked what she was doing there. She replied that it wasn't every day she got a call from Nick Newman, and he said that he had questions about her daughter.

Nick informed Helen that Mariah worked at the bar, and Helen seemed stunned that Mariah was in Genoa City. Nick questioned whether Mariah hadn't mentioned it when Helen had talked to her, and Helen said that she and Mariah didn't have the easiest relationship. Nick revealed that Mariah had been upset that Helen had hit her up for money, and Helen contended that someone who'd grown up with a silver sippy cup didn't have the right to judge. Nick admitted that he was concerned about Mariah's association with Ian, who had done nothing but cause trouble for the Newman family, and he was sure that Ian wasn't done yet. Nick topped off Helen's drink, and he declared his determination to stop whatever Ian had planned. He demanded that Helen tell him what her and Mariah's involvement was with Ian.

Helen denied being involved with Ian, but Nick found it interesting that Ian, Mariah, and Helen were all in Genoa City at the same time. Helen reiterated that she hadn't known Mariah was living there, and she couldn't remember the last time she'd had contact with Ian. Helen asserted that she wouldn't even have been there if Nick hadn't left word, but he suspected that she was hiding something. He asked why Mariah had used the fact that she looked exactly like his dead daughter to gaslight the mother of his children, and he commanded that Helen tell him what she knew.

Helen swore that she'd had no idea that Mariah resembled anyone, and Nick asked if Ian had known. Helen chalked it up to being a coincidence, and Nick inquired about what Helen's story was, since he was intrigued by why she'd chosen not to raise Mariah. Helen defended that Mariah had had food and shelter, but Nick admonished her for choosing to leave Mariah with Ian. Helen blurted out that she hadn't wanted Mariah in the first place, and it had all been Ian's idea. She added that some people weren't cut out to be parents, and she grumbled that she should have known better than to think she'd get something out of the trip.

Later, in the park, Ian met with Helen and coldly asked why she was in Genoa City. He warned her not to contact Mariah, who had created a good life and didn't need Helen to interfere. Helen informed him that she'd just found out that Mariah had moved there, and she ordered him to shut up and listen. Helen revealed that she'd received a voicemail from Nick, so she'd paid him a visit, and he'd asked a lot of questions about Helen, Mariah, and Ian. A hidden Nick eavesdropped from behind the bushes.

Ian inquired about Nick's questions, and Helen divulged that Nick had been curious about how she, Mariah, and Ian were connected and what their intentions were. Ian hoped that Helen had kept her mouth shut, and she snapped to give her some credit. Helen crowed that Nick had no idea who Mariah really was as Nick taped the conversation on his phone.

Mariah raced into the Underground and called Nick's name, but no one was there. Mariah fantasized that Nick appeared, and she said that he couldn't go through with marrying Sharon and that she knew why. Nick replied that Sharon wasn't the one he wanted -- Mariah was, and he kissed her. Mariah smiled to herself.

. . .

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  • Sharon tells Noah that she threw Mariah out. An angry Faith asks her mother why she made Mariah leave.
  • Dr. Hill asks Nick what he can do for him. Nick says its about a former acquaintance of the doctor's - Helen Copeland.
  • Avery tells Summer that she just received a phone call about Phyllis.
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