Friday, February 5, 2016

Nick dropped by Sharon's house, and Sharon asked if everything was okay, since he'd left abruptly earlier. He reported that Sage was doing better, and Sharon assured him that Sage would get the best possible treatment from Dr. Anderson. Nick hoped Sharon could give him some insight about how the doctor worked, but Sharon thought it was impossible to compare her situation to Sage's. Nick explained that Sharon knew Dr. Anderson better than he did, and he just wanted to find out everything he could about the doctor.

Sharon gushed that she'd never seen a psychiatrist as devoted as Dr. Anderson. Nick asked if that was why the doctor had expressed such an interest in Sage and Sully, and Sharon reasoned that her family dynamics played into her recovery as Dr. Anderson's patient. Nick inquired whether Sharon had always been that positive about Dr. Anderson's treatment, and Sharon admitted that she'd questioned the doctor's decisions a few times. Nick mentioned that Dr. Anderson had kept Sharon away from her family for weeks, and Sharon sensed hostility in his tone. Sharon thought it was starting to sound like he didn't trust the doctor.

Nick swore that he was just anxious because Sage had never been in that situation before, but Sharon noted that it had seemed odd for Sage to allow Dr. Anderson to treat her. Sharon questioned why Nick was digging for information, and she guessed that Sage had put doubts in his mind. Nick begged Sharon not to blame Sage, since things weren't what Sharon thought they were. Sharon argued that she and Nick were still family, and she asked him to make her understand what was going on. Nick realized that he couldn't keep her in the dark any longer.

Nick insisted that Sage wasn't insane, and he confided that she had gone to Fairview to learn more about Dr. Anderson, while he tried to get the doctor to open up. Sharon thought the plan was extreme, but Nick explained that they didn't know enough about Dr. Anderson's history to know why she'd insinuated her way into their lives. Nick added that Dr. Anderson had kissed him while Sage had been at Fairview, and he thought the doctor had been trying to undermine Sage to break Nick and Sage up. Nick recognized that he was taking a big risk by telling Sharon everything, but he needed her to believe he was telling the truth.

At Fairview, Dr. Anderson asked how Sage was feeling after her nap, and Sage snapped that the orderly had drugged her when she'd needed to use the phone. Dr. Anderson said the orderly had reported that Sage had been combative when he'd caught her on the phone without permission, so he'd simply followed hospital procedure. Sage explained that it had been important for her to speak with Nick, since she didn't want to lose him while she was away. Dr. Anderson recalled that they'd agreed to try to trust one another, but she sensed that Sage wasn't being honest. Dr. Anderson pushed Sage to tell the truth about why she'd been desperate to talk to Nick.

Sage claimed that she'd needed to talk to Nick to ask him to reassure Sharon that there was no harm in Sage spending time around Sully, but Sage had known that Dr. Anderson would be against it. Dr. Anderson said she was sorry that Sage had felt the need to hide it, but she considered it to be further proof that Sage was fixated on someone else's child. Sage was adamant that she'd never harm a child, but Dr. Anderson said Sage needed to learn to contain her emotions. Dr. Anderson added that Sage had never fully dealt with losing her son, and it would be impossible for her to lead a fulfilling life until she did. The doctor suggested that they talk about Christian.

Sage said she didn't want to talk about Christian, but Dr. Anderson pressed Sage to get her feelings out in the open to get better. Sage said she opened her eyes every morning, and it felt like any other day, but then it all crashed down because her son was gone. Dr. Anderson recalled that Sage hadn't been with her son when he'd died because she'd been at the benefit with Nick, and Sage admitted that she'd blamed Nick for a long time. Dr. Anderson imagined that Sage still resented how he'd chosen to leave their son that night when he'd always been there for Faith, and she recounted that Nick had dropped everything when Sharon had called earlier. Sage asserted that Nick would have been just as devoted to their child.

At Crimson Lights, Noah announced his decision to confess to the hit-and-run to keep Luca from using the information as blackmail material, but Marisa implored Noah not to confess for her sake. Noah spat that Marisa had lied to him again, and he expected her to continue to go back to her husband. Marisa swore that she was done with Luca, but Noah was sure that Luca would never let her go. Noah ranted that meeting her had been the worst thing that had ever happened to him, but she believed that he still loved her. Noah declared that she was wrong, and he was done wasting time with her. He rushed out.

At the penthouse, Chelsea gazed at a silly family photo, and she answered a call. She apologized that a payment hadn't been made as promised, and she said she would fix it right away. She tried to call Adam.

At Newman Enterprises, Adam's phone rang, and Luca taunted that it might be Victor, so Adam could tell his father how Luca had bested Adam. Adam ordered Luca to leave, but Luca smugly anticipated that things would go more smoothly from then on, since they had a mutual understanding. Luca warned that he'd be keeping an eye on Adam, and he reminded Adam that Luca had all the cards as well as Noah's fate in his hands. Luca gleefully envisioned the look on Victor's face when Victor learned that the balance of power had shifted, and Adam retorted that Luca would wish he'd never set foot in town when Victor found out what Luca was doing to Noah.

Luca expected Victor to be relieved that Noah was safe, and he thought Victor would appreciate his discretion and consider him a worthy adversary. Adam noted that Luca had committed the ultimate sin by messing with Victor's family and company, and he recalled what had happened to Marco when he'd done the same thing. Marisa called Adam and begged him to stop Noah from confessing to the police. Adam relayed that Luca's plan had backfired, since Luca's leverage was about to go up in smoke. Adam refused to let Noah throw his life away, and he raced out to get to Noah before he confessed.

Marisa paced in the Newman corridor, and Chelsea arrived and asked where Adam was. Marisa feigned ignorance, and she suggested that Chelsea wait at home. Chelsea recalled that Marisa had been intent on stopping Adam from springing a trap on Luca, and she had a feeling that Marisa knew why Adam had changed his mind about allowing Luca to stay at the company. Marisa claimed she'd been too busy arguing with Luca to find out, and Chelsea inquired whether they'd been fighting about Noah, since it was obvious that Marisa was still in love with him.

Marisa said Chelsea was letting her imagination get the best of her, but Chelsea guessed that the whole thing was about Noah. Marisa rambled that Adam had dropped his plan, but Luca might be out of the company anyway, and she might have lost Noah forever. Chelsea pushed to know what Adam had gotten involved in, but Marisa flatly told her to ask her husband. Marisa hurried out.

At the police station, an officer informed Paul that Patty was in his office. Paul couldn't believe that Patty had been living on the streets nearby, and he said he had to question her about her escape and the murder allegations before she went back to Fairview. He entered his office, where Patty was slumped in his chair. He greeted "Patty Cakes," and he cleaned off Patty's face and said he was glad she was safe. He said he needed to call their brothers to let them know she was okay, since they'd thought she'd either died in the fire or run off with Ian.

Patty gushed that Ian was a lovely man, and she divulged that he wouldn't have escaped if she hadn't helped him. She continued that Ian had given her money and told her to start a new life by finding her own path, and she'd tried looking for Ian, but she hadn't been able to find him. Paul informed her that Ian was in prison for doing bad things, and she was dismayed. Patty asked if she could stay with Paul, but he pointed out that she'd done some bad things, too, like trying to kill Phyllis.

Patty defended that she'd just tried to shut Phyllis up, and she wailed that Phyllis had left her in the fire to burn. Patty recounted that Jack had been really sweet, and she wanted to see him again. Paul steered the conversation to why she'd broken out of Fairview, and he said he knew she'd tried to see Dylan to tell him that he couldn't trust Sharon. Patty incredulously asked if that was what everyone thought, since Dr. Anderson was the one who couldn't be trusted.

Patty called Dr. Anderson a monster with two faces and a black heart, and she insisted that the doctor was pure evil. An officer entered, and Paul said it was time for Patty to go back to Fairview. Patty whimpered that she didn't want to go, and she struggled against being taken. Paul assured her that she'd be fine, and he promised that he'd meet her at Fairview later.

Noah arrived at the station and asked to see Paul, but an officer informed him that Paul was dealing with his sister. Noah offered to wait, and Adam and Luca rushed in. Adam understood that Noah was frustrated, but he insisted that Noah couldn't confess. Noah refused to let Luca get away with blackmail, but Luca told him not to be a martyr. Adam recognized that Noah was consumed by guilt, but he urged Noah to consider how being locked in prison would affect his family. Adam expected that Noah's confession would devastate Sharon, and he questioned whether Noah wanted her to have a setback.

The officer led Patty out of Paul's office, and Adam asked where the police had captured her. Paul revealed that Patty and Ian had spent some time together after the fire, but they'd long earlier parted ways. Paul indicated that Patty had shown no animosity toward the Newmans or their company, and he excused himself to tend to Patty.

Later, at Crimson Lights, Kevin asked Noah what was wrong, and Noah replied that everything was wrong. Noah asked how Kevin had lived with himself after doing terrible things, like robbing a bank. Kevin joked that the robbery wasn't even among his top ten worst things, and Noah said he knew Kevin wasn't a bad guy. Kevin remarked that good people did bad things sometimes, and he wondered what Noah had done. Noah remained silent, and Kevin explained that he'd tried to commit selfless acts after he'd done things he'd regretted, since there was a natural inclination to try to find a balance.

Kevin advised Noah not to worry about it, and he figured that it couldn't have been bad enough to land Noah at the police station. Noah disclosed that he'd gone to see Paul, who'd been too busy with his sister. Adam and Luca approached Noah, and Kevin commented that it looked like Noah had his hands full, too. Kevin took off, and Noah barked that he didn't need to be babysat. Adam sent Luca to get some coffee, and he asked if Noah intended to stand by his decision not to confess.

Noah promised that he wouldn't say anything, but he wondered what Adam planned to tell Victor. Noah pointed out that Adam worked with a man who he claimed to love, but Victor used Adam like a pawn in a game. Adam acknowledged that Victor would never change, but he'd gotten used to it. Adam suggested that Noah do the same thing if he wanted to be part of the Newman family and business.

Later, Marisa arrived at the coffeehouse, and Luca commended her for calling Adam, since he and Adam had stopped Noah from baring his soul. Noah chided Luca for trying to take credit, and he clarified that it had been a matter of luck that he hadn't told Paul. Noah added that Adam had reminded him that actions had unintended consequences, and he'd found an excellent reason to stay quiet -- he wanted to go along with Luca's blackmail scheme and take down Victor together.

Noah groused that Victor thought he could control all of their lives, but Victor was about to learn that there was one member of the family who he couldn't control. Marisa cautioned Noah against forming a twisted alliance with Luca, but Noah countered that she'd had her own twisted alliance with Luca for months. Noah berated her for not telling him that Luca had known about the accident, and Marisa insisted that she'd only been trying to protect Noah. Marisa stormed out, and Luca accused Noah of still wanting her. Noah asked if they had a deal or not.

At Fairview, Paul pointed out that Patty already knew all the rules at the facility, and he recalled that she'd liked the activities there. Patty glared at Dr. Anderson, who said she'd been relieved to hear that Patty had been found. Patty growled that Dr. Anderson was a liar who didn't care about anyone, and she begged Paul not to make her stay there. Paul reminded Patty that the judge had ordered her to be there, but he was happy that he could visit her all the time. Paul asked the police officer to escort Patty to her room while he spoke with the doctor, and he hugged Patty goodbye.

After the cop led Patty away, Dr. Anderson told Paul that the police had apprised her of the situation, and Paul mentioned that Patty had said some interesting things about the doctor. Paul explained that Patty had been homeless and off her meds, and she'd had a physical outburst when he'd told her that she had to go back to Fairview. Paul sternly warned that he expected better care for his sister than she'd received the last time, since Patty had escaped under the doctor's watch. Nick eavesdropped as Dr. Anderson swore that nothing was more important than her patients' welfare.

Dr. Anderson met with Patty and suggested that they make a fresh start. The doctor thought it could be a very positive experience if Patty followed the rules and didn't disrupt other patients' treatment, and Patty complained that Dr. Anderson had scolded her for befriending Sharon before. The doctor insisted that Patty had gotten worked up over nothing, since Sharon was at home with her husband and a healthy baby boy. Dr. Anderson told Patty to get some rest, and Patty muttered, "Liar, liar." The doctor's phone rang as she stepped out, and Sharon asked to see Dr. Anderson right away.

Sage hugged Nick, and she revealed that she'd been unnerved when Dr. Anderson had tried to get into her head. Nick mentioned that he'd talked to Sharon to get information about Dr. Anderson, but he'd ended up telling Sharon everything. Sage protested that Sharon thought the doctor walked on water, but Nick contended that Sharon had needed to understand who the real enemy was. Nick figured that if they could convince Sharon, they could convince anyone. Sage hoped he was right.

On his way out, Nick warned Sage that Patty was a very disturbed person, and he advised Sage to do her best to stay away from her, since Patty was dangerous. They encountered Patty in the hallway. "Dangerous? I'm the keeper of all secrets," Patty declared.

Sharon thanked Dr. Anderson for getting there quickly. Sharon revealed that Nick had said things that had her worried.

At the police station, Paul finished calling his brothers, and Kevin appeared in the doorway and asked if he was okay. Paul explained that both he and Todd had grown up wanting to help people, but it was ironic that the one person they couldn't help was their own sister. Kevin was sure that Paul had been a good brother, just like Paul was a good boss and a good man. Paul thanked him.

Adam returned home, and he found Chelsea silently packing a bag. He asked where they were going, and she announced that she was taking Connor and moving out. He considered that an extreme reaction to their fight, but she replied that it wasn't an empty threat. He asked what he could do to fix things, and she referred to being out after three strikes. "You're out, Adam," she coldly informed him.

Chelsea griped that Adam kept shutting her out, and she was insulted that he'd told her to go home to Connor. Adam apologized for speaking to her that way, and he defended that he'd been overwhelmed by the situation, but it wasn't something to leave him over. She refused to let him keep secrets from her, and he asserted that business secrets didn't affect her. Chelsea asserted that business was personal to him, so it also affected her and their whole family.

Chelsea said she needed to go away because she couldn't breathe there, but Adam stopped her from going upstairs to get Connor's things. She demanded the truth about what was going on with him, Victor, Luca, and Noah, and Adam agreed to tell her everything.

. . .

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