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Friday, December 2, 2016

At the police station, Dylan griped to Paul and Kevin that he'd walked into court to try to get visitation, but he'd walked out unable to be within 500 feet of Christian. Dylan refused to let Christian feel like his parents had abandoned him, and he pledged to find another way. Paul cautioned that just because Dylan wanted to be with the boy didn't mean it would happen, and he questioned what Dylan would do if the judge didn't grant visitation rights. Dylan didn't want to get worked up over "what ifs," and he thought he still had a chance of winning until the judge made a final decision.

Paul asked if Michael agreed, and Dylan relayed that Michael had told him that his odds would be better if he petitioned alone, but he wouldn't do that to Sharon. Paul warned that the judge knew that Sharon had withheld Christian from his biological father for months, but Dylan countered that Sharon had been manipulated and drugged by a doctor she'd trusted. Dylan thought he hadn't protected Sharon, and he vowed not to let her down again.

Sharon met Michael at Crimson Lights, and he assumed that she'd summoned him because of her accidental violation of the restraining order. She replied that she had to take care of another legal matter as soon as possible -- she needed to divorce Dylan. Michael guessed that Sharon hadn't talked to Dylan about it yet, and she admitted that she hadn't, but she didn't have time for that. Michael wondered if the couple had argued, but Sharon explained that she needed to do it because Dylan had been wonderful, and she owed it to him. Sharon instructed Michael to file what he needed to file and say anything he needed to say about her, since the sooner she and Dylan were divorced, the better off Dylan would be.

Michael realized that Sharon thought she'd give Dylan a better chance at visitation by filing for divorce, and Sharon recalled that Michael had advised Dylan to petition alone. Michael countered that he hadn't advised Sharon and Dylan to get a divorce, and he thought the couple had a strong bond that shouldn't be tossed aside lightly. Sharon reasoned that she couldn't be a liability if she had no connection to Dylan, and the judge couldn't use her as a reason to deny visitation to Dylan. Sharon contended that Dylan had done nothing wrong, and she was adamant that she had to divorce Dylan, since she'd cost him too much already.

Sharon reiterated that she needed and wanted a divorce right away, but Michael said it wasn't a unilateral decision. Sharon was determined to push the divorce through with or without Dylan's support, but Michael imagined what it would be like for Dylan to lose his wife after he'd lost his son. Sharon asserted that there was a wall between Dylan and the boy he loved, so she refused to feel guilty, and she ordered Michael to start the paperwork. Michael cautioned that it might not be enough for the judge to grant Dylan visitation, but Sharon was sure it would be. Michael agreed to do it, but he thought it was a mistake that she'd regret much sooner than she thought.

Later, Paul joined Michael at the coffeehouse and voiced concern about the possibility of Sharon violating the restraining order, and Michael informed him about the unplanned incident at Crimson Lights earlier. Paul groaned that the last thing he wanted was to have to arrest his son's wife, but Michael didn't think that would be the case. Paul sensed that Michael knew something, and Michael referred to attorney-client privilege, but he provided a hypothetical scenario in which a client might want to divorce her husband to make him appear more sympathetic. Michael surmised that Sharon was likely giving Dylan the news right then, but Paul thought Dylan wasn't the kind of guy who would let her walk away.

At the tack house, Nick informed Faith that Christian was down for his nap, and he asked if she wanted to play games or have a "father-daughter mani-pedi." A sullen Faith scolded Nick for not telling her everything that had happened in court, since she'd seen on GC Buzz that her mom and Dylan couldn't be around Christian or they would be arrested. Faith wondered if Nick thought Sharon and Dylan would steal the baby. Nick explained that there had been rules in place about Sharon seeing Christian, and she'd broken them, so the judge had made it official that Sharon and Dylan couldn't be around the boy.

Nick assured Faith that he didn't believe Sharon and Dylan would take off with Christian, but things needed to be that way for the time being, and they were continuing to figure things out. Nick stressed that Christian needed to know who his dad was and to learn that the tack house was his home, and Faith said she understood. Nick recognized that it was complicated, but he knew something that was simple -- Christmas. He thought their place could use some Christmas spirit, and he had an idea that he was sure she and Christian would love.

Nick and Faith decorated cookies, and he piled mounds of frosting on his. He suggested that they show Christian their masterpieces and let the boy do one himself, but Faith recommended that they only show Christian her cookie, since Nick's was awful. Faith wished Chelsea was there because she was good at crafts, but Nick opted to keep it in the family. Faith chirped that Chelsea was family, since Chelsea was still her aunt even though Adam had died. Faith added that Chelsea had helped with Faith's Thanksgiving video and that Chelsea was Nick's best friend. Nick conceded that Faith was right.

At Chelsea's design studio, Chloe asked if Chelsea had reviewed the marketing plan she'd sent, and Chelsea said she'd get to it later that day. Chloe mentioned that she'd be out of the office to look at apartments that afternoon, so Chelsea would have her place back to herself soon. Chelsea acknowledged that she and Chloe had fought, but she hadn't intended to push Chloe and Bella out the door. Chloe pointed out that living together was never supposed to have been a lifelong commitment, and they were on opposite sides of the baby situation. Chloe didn't want to fight or have tension around the kids, and she figured it wasn't a big deal for her to move out unless they made it one.

Chelsea thought it might be time for her and Connor to be on their own, but Chloe worried about Chelsea being lonely. Chelsea expected to be lonely because Adam was gone, but she thought she had to accept it and learn how to move on. Chloe anticipated that it would be good for both her and Chelsea, and she hoped that Chelsea met someone. Chelsea warned Chloe against trying to push her together with Nick, and she insisted that she and Nick were just friends. Chelsea clarified that she wasn't sure whether they still were, since he was angry that she hadn't told him about Sharon seeing Christian there.

Chloe pushed Chelsea to call Nick so that he and Chelsea could go back to being friends, and Chelsea questioned why Chloe had put her in such a terrible position with Nick if Chloe wanted them together. Chloe noted that it was exactly why she should move out, since she didn't want to fight. Nick called Chelsea and invited her to stop by the ranch, since he and Faith could use her expertise on a special project. Chelsea promised to be over in a little bit, and Chloe assumed that he was over his anger. Chelsea hoped she could fix the damage that had been done.

After Chelsea left, Kevin arrived at the studio and observed that Chloe didn't look happy. Chloe revealed that she'd decided to move out, and he guessed that it was because of the situation with Sharon. Kevin pointed out that Chloe had put Chelsea in a tough position with Nick, but Chloe argued that Sharon had been in a tough position herself. Chloe snapped that she'd just been trying to help someone, and she compared it to how Kevin dropped everything whenever Mariah needed him. Chloe barked that he reserved his unconditional support for Mariah and not her, and she walked away.

Chloe returned and was surprised that Kevin hadn't left. He proclaimed that he was still right there with her because it was where he should be and wanted to be, and he thought it would be creepy if they agreed on everything. He acknowledged that she'd been trying to be a great friend, and he wanted to be certain that she understood that he wasn't going anywhere unless she asked him to. They embraced.

Chloe and Kevin cuddled on the couch, and he suggested that they order a pizza, but she said she had to look at apartments. He mentioned a place with extra bedrooms and a bathroom with enough counter space for all her hair products, and she teased him for having more products than she did. Kevin recalled that she'd declined his prior invitation to move in, but he thought he'd keep dropping subtle hints. Chloe told him to do it so she could respond, and he flatly asked if she and Bella wanted to move in with him. Chloe agreed to give it a shot, and they happily kissed.

Faith squealed in delight when Chelsea showed up at the tack house, and Nick apologized for being a jerk by flipping out on Chelsea because Sharon had spent time with Christian. Chelsea said she was sorry it had ever happened, and Nick told her that Faith had informed him that he was lame at making cookies. Faith held Christian on her lap and declared that Christian was better with cookies than her daddy was, and Nick conceded that it might be true. Chelsea stepped in to try to salvage Nick's cookie, and Nick mentioned that a sitter was on the way over to watch the kids while he ran some holiday errands. Chelsea inquired whether Faith had made a list, and Faith announced that she had four of them -- one for Santa, one for family, and two for Christian because he couldn't write yet.

Later, Nick thanked Leah for watching the kids, and he informed her that Christian had had a nap and lots of frosting. Nick invited Chelsea to tag along to get their Christmas stuff done together, and he nervously made sure Leah had his cell number. Chelsea empathized that it wasn't always easy to leave, and Nick told Christian to be a good boy.

At GC Buzz, Mariah wondered why Hilary had decided not to put the footage of Sharon's babysitter on the air, since it wasn't like Hilary had integrity or a heart. Mariah worried that Hilary was about to drop a bomb on Sharon's head. Hilary asserted that she didn't make up news, and she didn't want to put lies on the air, especially after the trouble the phony Newman financial records had caused. Hilary swore that she'd given a hard pass to the babysitter and everyone else who'd claimed to know Dylan and Sharon, and she reiterated that she cared about telling the story from all sides. Hilary added that real life was dramatic enough, and the truth deserved to be told.

Dylan entered the Athletic Club and remarked to Mariah that it was a little early to be drinking, and she informed him that she was only having orange juice, but she could use a shot of something. Mariah asked if he'd talked to Sharon, and Dylan replied that he'd thought his wife might be there. Mariah told him about the incident with Nick and Christian at Crimson Lights, and Dylan figured it was better to hear it from her than to see it on GC Buzz. Mariah recounted that Hilary hadn't jumped at the chance to use Leah on the show, and Dylan was surprised that Hilary had turned the opportunity down.

Mariah reluctantly suggested that Dylan fight fire with fire by going on GC Buzz to tell his side of the story. He scoffed at the idea of putting himself in the middle of gossip, but Mariah countered that he was already in the middle, and he could let it squash him or he could control it. Mariah thought Dylan was a sympathetic player who wanted what was best for everyone involved, and people would listen to him. Mariah assured him that Hilary wanted to tell the story right, and the fans were willing to listen. Mariah promised to be there to pull the plug if the interview went badly, and she tried to convince him that Sharon could use the public sympathy.

Mariah and Dylan arrived at GC Buzz, and Hilary swore that she'd tried her best to be fair. Dylan revealed that Mariah believed that Hilary wanted to tell the story the right way, so he was ready to let the public know what was going on with their family. Hilary assured him that he'd made the right decision, and Mariah warned Hilary against any bashing or baiting, since the interview could be mutually beneficial for both Dylan and Hilary. Hilary swore that they were on the same page for once, and she promised that Dylan could tell his story his way.

As the camera rolled, Hilary told her audience that she was speaking with Dylan to get his perspective as the man who'd found out that his son was actually his nephew. Hilary mentioned that he and Sharon had been hit with a restraining order when they'd filed for visitation. Dylan called it a temporary situation while the judge took time to consider the issues, and Hilary asked what issues were central to the case. Dylan asserted that he and Sharon knew that Christian wasn't their son, and they didn't want to get between Nick and the boy, but they'd raised and loved Christian. Dylan added that the baby loved them, and he thought they should have a small place in Christian's life.

Hilary inquired whether visitation would be confusing to the child, and Dylan imagined it would be better than feeling abandoned by the people who the baby had called out for in the middle of the night. Dylan accepted that Christian wouldn't remember calling him dad, but he contended that he and Sharon were the only parents the boy had known for a long time. Dylan's voice faltered as he envisioned Christian calling out for them and them not being there, and Hilary called it a painful and powerful image.

Hilary noted that Dylan seemed like a caring man, and she thought the viewers were wondering how he could stand by a woman who'd lied to him. Dylan confirmed that he'd forgiven Sharon, and Hilary questioned whether he'd given her special allowances because of her history with mental illness. Dylan clarified that Sharon had undergone treatment for her bipolar disorder, but she'd always been a loving parent to Christian. Hilary pointed out that Dylan could have filed for visitation on his own, but Dylan adamantly stated that he was standing by his wife because he loved her and had faith in her, and they were in it together.

Later, Hilary eavesdropped as Mariah told Devon over the phone that it had been a clean interview, and Mariah had kept an eye on Hilary like he had asked. After Mariah hung up, Hilary approached her, and Mariah apologetically claimed that she'd been talking to Kevin again. Hilary mentioned that she'd already taken the footage to the editor, and she thanked Mariah for convincing Dylan to give the interview. Mariah admitted that she'd been nervous, but she commended Hilary for doing a great job. Hilary requested that Mariah pick up food for her and the editor, and Mariah cheerfully agreed.

Later, Mariah returned to the studio as the editor reviewed the final copy of Hilary's interview with Dylan. The footage had been doctored to make it look like Dylan had chalked up Sharon's behavior to her bipolar disorder, and his words had been edited to make it sound like he'd chosen not to stand by Sharon. Mariah freaked out.

Dylan returned home, and Sharon said she'd been trying to reach him. He informed her that he'd turned off his phone during his interview at GC Buzz, and he explained that he thought everyone had to hear how much they loved Christian and that they were in it together. He believed that it would help with public opinion and maybe sway the judge, but Sharon blurted out that they needed to get a divorce. Dylan couldn't believe that Sharon wanted a divorce after they'd "made it through hell" more than once. She insisted that it made sense in order for him to have the best chance of having Christian in his life.

Faith played a card game with Leah, and she cheered when she won. Leah joked that Christian had to start trying, and Faith's eyes widened in panic when she looked over at her brother. "No, Christian!" Faith cried.

At the park café, Nick thanked Chelsea for being there for him again and saving his baked goods. She remarked that it had been nice to do something normal for once. They prepared to go shopping, but he received a frantic phone call from Leah, and he said he was on his way. Meanwhile, Faith phoned Sharon from the hospital and sobbed that she was really scared, since Christian was in trouble. Sharon promised that she and Dylan would be there right away, and they rushed out.

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