Friday, October 2, 2015

At Fairview, Paul admired the baby booties that Patty had knit, and he asked if she'd been eating and taking her meds. She promised that she was looking after herself while he looked after the entire city, and she gushed that she was proud of him. Paul replied that he was proud of her for doing well, and Patty admitted that it was hard work. She wanted her doctor to see how hard she was trying, but she thought it was unfair when another patient was lying through her teeth and getting away with it.

Sharon winced as Dr. Anderson drew a blood sample, and the doctor explained that she was running a standard blood panel to make sure Sharon's body was properly absorbing the medication. Later, Sharon was surprised when Paul stopped by her room, and he explained that he'd been checking up on Patty, so he'd thought he would also make sure Sharon and the baby were doing fine. She said she was feeling pretty good, and she asked about Dylan. Paul mentioned that he'd been keeping Dylan busy, but she and the baby were Dylan's priority, and he expected that Dylan would be a great father.

Sharon said she missed Dylan and her kids, but the facility was restful, and she thought Patty had seemed better. Paul hoped so, and he wished he understood how Patty's mind worked. He suspected that Patty had wanted to tell him something earlier, but she hadn't been able to say the words. Sharon advised him to be patient, and Patty would eventually open up.

Patty requested some advice from Dr. Anderson, and she said she hadn't told her brother that she'd overheard Sharon saying that she wasn't really pregnant. Patty recognized that it had been wrong to eavesdrop, but telling Paul seemed to be the right thing to do. Patty worried that if she told him the truth, he might think she was paranoid, and she wondered if she was. Patty swore that she knew what she'd heard, and Dr. Anderson confided that she'd run a pregnancy test on Sharon.

Patty excitedly burst into Sharon's room, and she promised that she would knock the next time. Patty confessed that she'd done something bad, and it had been wrong, but Sharon had been right. Patty explained that she'd thought Sharon had been lying about giving Paul a grandchild, but she'd learned that Sharon was having a little one, after all. Patty rambled that the blood test was supposed to be a secret, but family didn't keep secrets from one another, and the test had proven that Sharon was pregnant. A joyful Sharon covered her surprise, and Patty asked if Sharon was mad at her. Sharon exclaimed that they were family, and the women hugged.

Dr. Anderson stopped by to see Sharon, and she observed that Sharon looked better than she had earlier. Sharon said she felt wonderful, and the doctor inquired about Sharon's mood shift. Sharon claimed that needles made her nervous, but she felt great, and she thought the time there had done what she'd needed it to do. Sharon declared that she was ready to sign out and go home, but Dr. Anderson advised against basing the decision on Sharon's mood at a given moment. The doctor revealed that Sharon's blood work had indicated that Sharon was in the middle of a bipolar episode.

Sharon reiterated that she felt happy and healthy, but Dr. Anderson reminded her that she'd checked in to make sure she managed the pregnancy hormones after going off her meds, and Sharon's levels weren't where they needed to be. Sharon asked if she could be treated as an outpatient, but Dr. Anderson thought staying at the facility for a little longer would be best. Sharon agreed that she had to be healthy for the baby's sake, and the doctor pulled out a syringe and said she had a new protocol to help with Sharon's symptoms. Sharon reluctantly consented to receive the shot, and Dr. Anderson said the medication would work quickly to help Sharon rest.

Later, Patty whispered Sharon's name as she entered the room, and she asked if the baby had made Sharon tired. Sharon stirred, and Patty said she'd made some booties for the baby. She set the booties next to Sharon and made suggestions for baby names. Dr. Anderson entered and asked what Patty was doing in there.

Through the penthouse door, Chelsea told Adam to go away, and she threatened to call the police. Adam protested that his son was in there, and she opened the door. He argued that she couldn't cut him out of his son's life, but she pointed out that Adam had gotten a new face and a new life, and Gabriel Bingham didn't have a son. Chelsea ordered Adam to walk away unless he was willing to tell the whole world who he really was.

Adam argued that Connor deserved to have a father who loved him, and he reminded Chelsea that they'd agreed to tell Connor who Adam really was when the timing was right. She admitted that she'd let herself think they could have a life together, but everything about Adam was a lie. She spat that every fiber of him was consumed by hate, and he wasn't a good role model for Connor. She added that she didn't want Connor to be around Adam when he was spewing hatred, and she thought Connor needed to know kind, loving people, like Delia. Adam snapped that he wanted to forget Delia, and Chelsea called him disgusting for wanting to forget that a child had died.

Adam swore that he was riddled with regret every day, and Chelsea condemned him for not using that regret to become a better person. Chelsea accused Adam of being completely focused on revenge, but she realized it was who he was, and he would never change. She added that the truth was that inside his soul, Adam was the one who was dead. Adam asserted that he and Chelsea had gotten through the worst when she'd learned who he was, and he was confident they could get through the rest. She called him a compulsive liar who'd chosen to attack his father rather than be with his son, and she said he was an awful son and an awful father.

Chelsea continued that Adam was an awful person for telling her to forget Delia, and she was sick of his lies and excuses. Chelsea demanded that Adam leave her alone, or she'd take Connor and run somewhere Adam couldn't find them. Adam vowed to fix things and to show her that they deserved a chance, but she sadly stated that they'd never had a chance, since there had always been something in their way, and she accepted it. "I don't want this anymore," she firmly told him, and she turned and closed the door in his face. She sat down on the stairs and sobbed. Meanwhile, Adam left a voicemail for Ian, ordering him to kill the virus right away.

At Jabot, Kyle blasted Billy for snapping up Newman's assets at bargain prices, and he compared it to buying stolen car parts from a chop shop. Billy speculated that Newman was secretly in the toilet, and the company was having a fire sale to raise capital and using the Paragon story as a cover. Kyle urged Billy to shut it down, but Billy refused, and he pointed out that Kyle's hands were clean. Kyle warned that Victor would have Billy's head, but Billy haughtily dared Victor to try.

Billy said Victor didn't control everything, and he imagined that Victor would do the same thing to Jabot if he had a chance. Kyle pointed out that Victor had gotten Billy out of jail, but Billy countered that Victor had had him arrested in the first place. Kyle inquired whether Ashley knew that Billy was spending Jabot's money on assets that hadn't been up for sale, and Billy snapped not to tell him how to run his father's company. Kyle thought John never would have approved of what Billy was doing, and he asserted that they both knew Billy was dragging John's company through the mud. Kyle walked out.

Phyllis and Jack tracked down Summer at the Dive Bar, and Summer guessed from their expressions that Phyllis had seen Ian again. Jack revealed that Ian had sneaked back into prison, and Phyllis added that she'd confronted Ian, but he'd acted like he had never met her. Summer was relieved that Ian was back in prison, but Phyllis explained that they'd just learned he was back out again. Jack guessed that Ian was making his final move by taking such a big risk, and Phyllis cautioned that Ian could be anywhere.

Jack announced that he'd arranged for a guard to protect Summer everywhere she went, and he stepped aside to take a call from Kyle. Kyle reported that Billy was buying Newman assets, and he worried how Victor would react. Jack told Phyllis and Summer that he had to get to Jabot, but he swore he wouldn't let Ian get near either of them.

After Jack took off, Summer pointed out that Ian had been stalking Phyllis, and Phyllis informed her that Ian had lit up when he'd heard Summer's name. Summer was glad Phyllis had told her, since she wasn't a kid anymore. Phyllis remarked that Summer would always be her kid, and she looked at a text message on her phone. Phyllis assured Summer that it was nothing to worry about, and she had other fish to fry besides Ian.

In the park, Ian sang a song to himself about the Paragon Project, and he evilly snickered at the thought of everyone finding out what it could really do. Ian was pleased when Phyllis showed up to see him, and she chided him for suddenly knowing her again. He apologized for denying their friendship earlier, and he said he was touched that their connection meant a lot to her. He imagined that if he'd wounded her with his deception, his next bit of news would break her heart.

Phyllis accused Ian of using her to dig for information about her husband and the Paragon Project, but Ian defended that he'd made a sincere effort to get to know her. He contended that an enemy of his enemy was his friend, and Victor was Jack's enemy, too. Ian referred to Victor's plot to take Jack away from her, and Phyllis demanded to know what Ian thought he knew. Ian cryptically replied that he knew a lot of things, and he wanted to share them all with her.

Phyllis asked if Ian had a secret worth her time or if she could call Paul. Ian told her to say hi for him, and she suggested that she call Victor instead. Ian questioned why she would rat him out to Victor after what Victor had done to her, and he insinuated that he'd worked with someone who hated Victor as much as he did to unleash Paragon. Phyllis noted that Victor had lots of enemies, and Ian narrowed the pool down to Victor's dead enemies. Ian urged her to make a guess, but she refused to play games. Ian revealed that his brother-in-arms had been Victor's not-so-dearly-departed son, Adam.

Later, Adam called Ian again, and Ian cheerfully answered. Adam insisted that the virus had to die that night, and Ian apologized for being unreachable earlier because he'd been having a conversation with a redhead. Adam panicked that Ian had hurt Phyllis, but Ian said they'd merely had an open, frank discussion, and he pointedly added that he hadn't caused any injuries -- to Phyllis. Adam demanded to know what Ian had done, and Ian swore that he'd never do anything to harm Phyllis, but it was too late for Adam to threaten him.

Adam commanded Ian to put the Paragon Project out of commission, and Ian teased that Adam had a resistance to reality, since the virus couldn't be stopped. "Goodbye, Gabriel Bingham. Rest in peace," Ian said before he hung up. Paul and a police officer approached Ian, and Ian applauded Paul for being punctual. Paul announced that due to Ian's obvious good health, Ian had been released from the prison hospital, and Paul had a maximum-security cell for him.

Jack arrived at Jabot, and Billy unapologetically informed Jack that he'd bought Newman's assets when they'd gone up for sale. Billy proclaimed that he was the hero, not the enemy, but Jack lectured that antagonizing Victor wasn't leadership. Jack recognized that it had been a tough few years for Billy, but Billy warned Jack not to use Delia's death to slap him down. Billy asserted that he'd done exactly what Victor would have done if the tables had been turned, but Jack pointed out that it was why it was wrong, since they should do the opposite of what Victor would do. Billy pledged to take Victor down and make sure he didn't get back up.

Victoria and Abby entered Victor's office as Victor bellowed over the phone that he wanted the virus stopped before it sold off what was left of his company. Victoria imagined that there had to be code to shut Paragon down, and Abby asked what they could do to help. Victor blasted them for getting arrested for protecting the enemy, and Victoria defended that they were there then. Victor yelled that it was too late, blaring, "My company is being brought down to its knees!"

Victor ranted that the virus was out of control, and nothing could stop it. He imagined Billy cackling and telling the world that he had beaten Victor, but Victoria argued that the Abbotts hadn't had anything to do with it. Victor growled that Jabot was buying up Newman's assets, and he regretted not having Ashley hauled back by Interpol. He accused Ashley of turning a blind eye when Billy had bought the shipping line, but Victoria insisted that the enemy was Ian Ward. Victor barked that the Abbotts were their enemies as well.

Victor groused that the virus had already penetrated the system, and remote servers had already stolen the company's memory banks. Abby suggested that they distract the media with a publicity stunt, and Victoria scoffed at the thought of Abby riding around naked on a horse. Abby snapped that she'd just been brainstorming, and Victor ordered them to stop quibbling. Victor noted that Abby had been the first victim of the virus, since she'd thought she'd been responsible for the sales uptick, and Abby questioned whether he thought the virus was her fault. Victor huffed that he didn't want to deal with Abby's moods or hurt feelings, and Abby stormed out.

Over the phone, Victor ordered his legal team to negate any sales caused by the virus, and Victoria made calls to reassure key customers. Jack entered, and Victor threatened to throw him out. Jack announced that he didn't want any of Newman's subsidiaries, but Billy hadn't listened to him, and he was counting on Victoria to talk Billy down. Victor grumbled not to waste her breath, but Victoria wanted to try, and she headed out. Jack expected Victor to thank him for the favor.

Victor said it wouldn't happen, and Jack suggested that Victor apologize for assuming the Abbotts had been behind Paragon. Victor wondered if Jack was there to watch Newman fail, but Jack contended that he wanted to end the insanity for the sake of their families. Victor proclaimed that there would never be peace between them, since he felt in his gut that someone close to the Abbotts had been involved in the plot.

Victoria arrived at Jabot, and Billy quipped that Victor had sent in the cavalry. Billy told Victoria to take her best shot to show him the error of his ways, but she thought he already knew that what he was doing was wrong. Billy reasoned that a stranger would buy Newman's assets if Jabot didn't, but Victoria retorted that he couldn't plead ignorance, since he was aware that the deals weren't legitimate. Billy countered that his legal team didn't agree, and Victoria thought he was getting a high from beating her father, just like the thrill Billy had gotten from gambling. She warned that Billy was an accessory to Ian's crime, but Billy expected that Victor would have gone on a buying spree if the same thing had happened to Jabot, and he imagined that Victoria would have found a million reasons to defend Victor.

Chelsea rushed in and said she needed to talk to Billy about Adam, but Victoria griped that they didn't have time to deal with Chelsea, since they had a crisis. Chelsea insisted that Billy needed to hear what she had to say, but Victoria ordered her to leave. Chelsea blurted out that Adam was alive, and Billy asked if it was a sick joke. Chelsea revealed that Adam was alive and in town -- and calling himself Gabriel Bingham. A murderous look crossed Billy's face.

Jack taunted that Victor thought the whole world was against him, and Phyllis entered and remarked that Victor's enemies were everywhere. She commented that it had been a very big puzzle, but she had the last piece, and things were starting to make sense. Phyllis announced that Adam wasn't dead, and Victor called the idea absurd. Phyllis recognized that it sounded impossible, but she insisted that Victor's son was alive.

. . .

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