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Charlie admits that Lily ran a red light
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Friday, July 13, 2018

At the cottage, Nikki reported that she and Christian had had a nice visit until he'd fallen asleep. She lamented that she missed him, and Nick swore that he'd never deprive Christian of spending time with his grandma. She inquired about the boy's grandpa, and Nick agreed to visitation within limits, just like Victor had treated Nick when Victor had won custody. Nikki hated what the battle had cost Nick and what it was doing to his father, but Nick was sure that Victor would be fine. Nikki worried that the arbitrator's decision had hit Victor hard, and it was too much between that and the problems J.T. was causing.

Nikki believed that Victor was hurting, but Nick refused to have sympathy for Victor after everything Victor had done to everyone else, like using Sharon's past issues to get custody of Nick's son. Nikki viewed it as fighting fair, since Victor hadn't lied or made things up at the hearing. Nick contended that Sharon had worked hard to overcome her illness, and Victor's insistence that she was a danger had been a blatant lie. Nikki didn't want Nick to one day regret casting his father aside at a time when Victor just hadn't been himself.

Nick argued that Victor wasn't above faking to get what he wanted. Nikki reiterated that Victor hadn't fully recuperated from J.T. throwing him down the stairs, and Victor also had to deal with the break-ins and betrayals at Newman. Nick considered it karma for all the dirty stunts Victor had pulled, but Nikki clucked that it wasn't too much to expect empathy from one's son. Nick thought it was, and Nikki remarked that sometimes he was as stubborn as his father. She hoped for Victor's sake that all the troubles were over.

At Newman Enterprises, Victoria was surprised when Victor returned to the office after she'd thought he'd left for the day. He mentioned that he'd had a drink at the Athletic Club, and she wished he wouldn't push himself. He guessed that she was still there to try to replace the vendors and business partners who had jumped ship, but she insisted that they both go home. He mentioned that he had an important meeting that night that could solve a lot of business problems, and she was shocked when he revealed that it was with J.T.

Victor explained that he'd received a text message from an unknown number, and the sender had claimed to be J.T. and asked to meet to settle things. Victoria protested that Victor couldn't do it, since he hadn't fully recovered from J.T.'s last attack. Victor asserted that his physical therapist had said he was making great strides, but Victoria reminded him of what had happened on GC Buzz. Victoria speculated about what would happen if Victor and J.T. met, and she wondered if her father was planning on killing J.T. Victor warned her not to ask questions she didn't want answers to, but she questioned how his going to prison for J.T.'s murder would settle things. He told her to leave it to him.

Victoria understood that Victor wanted revenge not only for the attack but also because of what J.T. had done to her. She urged him to call the police to have J.T. thrown in jail, and she told him to think about the repercussions with Reed. Victoria relayed that Reed was devastated that he hadn't heard from his father, and Victor blasted J.T. for deserting his family. Victoria argued that no matter what J.T. had done, he was still Reed's father, and it would destroy Reed if Victor killed J.T. Victor said he would have to take that risk for her and for the family, but Victoria cautioned that J.T. would ambush Victor. She wondered how Victor would be getting justice for the company and the family if he wound up dead.

Victor insisted that meeting J.T. in person was something he had to do, and it wouldn't feel good if he walked away. Victoria wanted to call the police for backup, but he objected because J.T. would go back into hiding if he got any wind of the authorities being involved. Victoria pleaded with Victor to take Paul with him, but Victor griped that he didn't trust Paul, who was friends with J.T. Victor maintained that it was something he had to do on his own, and he refused to walk away from a challenge.

Victor proclaimed that J.T. had started a war, and Victor pledged to finish it. Victoria relented, and Victor asked her to promise not to call Paul or the authorities. She surmised that he wasn't going to tell her where or when the meeting was, and he replied that it was time to go. She hugged him, and he swore that it would be all right. Victor left, and Victoria picked up her phone.

At the Abbott mansion, Kyle informed Jack that he'd gotten a call from the lab, and he expected to have the DNA test results by the end of the night. Someone repeatedly rang the doorbell, and Jack wasn't surprised to see Jill there. Jack assumed that she'd talked to Esther, and Jill ranted that she knew all about Kyle digging up Phillip's grave. She barked that Jack's notion that he was Phillip's son had to stop.

Jack told Jill to keep her voice down, since Dina was sleeping. Jill groused that Dina's faulty memory had launched Jack's crazy quest, and she couldn't believe that Kyle had done something as despicable as digging up Phillip's grave. She added that Esther hadn't had a decent night's sleep since the incident, and she wailed that Phillip had been the love of her life. Kyle stammered that he'd already apologized to Esther, and he was grateful to have the opportunity to tell Jill in person how much he deeply regretted his actions.

Kyle insisted that it wouldn't have happened if he'd thought about Jill's feelings, but Jill snapped that he obviously hadn't been thinking of her. Kyle explained that he'd been focused on helping his dad get answers about who they were, and he'd been buzzed enough to stop caring. Kyle humbly apologized for his selfish behavior and asked if she could forgive him, and she asked if he was out of his mind. Jill refused to fall for Kyle's charms the way Esther had, and she thought he was full of it. Jack asked Kyle to give them a moment alone, and before he stepped out, Kyle swore that he truly was sorry. Jill warned Jack that his greasy charm wouldn't work on her, either.

Jack calmly invited Jill to have a civil conversation, but she retorted that she was "too damn mad." He admitted that he'd been furious when he'd found out what Kyle had done, but he'd realized that Kyle had just been trying to find out who he was, even though he'd gone about it the wrong way. Jack stressed that Kyle had been drinking and out of control, and he imagined that Jill had been there herself before. Jill huffed that Jack was asking for compassion for his son when Kyle had shown her none at all, and she recounted that after she'd gotten the call from Esther, she'd felt her grief for Phillip and Katherine all over again -- but a million times worse.

Jack took Jill's hand and told her that he honestly believed Kyle wouldn't have done anything reckless if he'd been sober, but Jill argued that Jack would have accomplished the same thing sober if he'd won in court. He countered that he would have done it legally, but she didn't see the difference. He confided that it had hit him and Kyle hard when they'd found out that they weren't Abbotts. Jack recounted that he'd grown up believing that he'd belonged to John, but Kyle had only recently embraced wanting to get in touch with his Abbott heritage. Jack lamented that both he and Kyle hadn't realized how much it meant to them until it had been taken.

Jill questioned what Dina had told him, and Jack told her about the old photograph of Dina with Katherine and Phillip and how Dina had said with absolute certainty that Phillip was his father. Jill pointed out that Dina's illness had caused her to present things as facts that were known to be fiction. Jack conceded that he wasn't certain at all about his paternity, but it was all he had. He insisted that he needed to know the truth, even if it hurt Jill.

Jack recalled that Jill had been in the same position when she'd learned that the man she'd spent her life believing was her dad had turned out not to be, and it had been important for her to establish that Neil Fenmore was her biological father. Jill acknowledged that she'd had to know the truth, and while she didn't forgive Kyle for what he'd done, she understood. Jack suggested that they cap his apology off with a drink at the Athletic Club, and she agreed to go if he was paying.

At Hamilton-Winters, Devon encouraged Hilary to go home and put her feet up. She loved that he was pampering her and the baby, but she insisted that her morning sickness had passed, and she preferred to stay to show how invigorated she felt. They kissed, and Nate walked in and remarked that it was nice to see that he wasn't interrupting their hard work. Lily hugged Nate, and Tessa introduced herself. Hilary complained that it was bad enough that she had to keep running into Nate at home, but Devon revealed that he'd invited Nate there.

Devon read a text message from Kyle, who asked if their Mariah-Tessa mission was still on. Hilary asked why Devon had invited Nate to the office when the company didn't have a medical division. Devon crowed that he was proud of the family business and had wanted to show it off, so Nate was going to join him for a recording session. Devon suggested that Hilary join them, but she muttered that she wasn't feeling as invigorated as she had been earlier.

Mariah noted that Nate was getting along with Hilary as well as anyone else, so he was in good company. Devon prepared to leave, but Tessa inquired whether he'd had a chance to look over the contracts with the new server company. Lily inquired whether there was a problem, and Devon explained that he'd originally agreed to sign off because Neil felt strongly about the deal, but he wasn't sure it was the right decision. Lily insisted on hearing Devon's reservations, since she thought their dad had knocked it out of the park by securing the deal.

Devon agreed that it was a great coup, but he struggled with the fact that it had been made with insider information. Lily reasoned that the server company had been planning on severing ties with Newman, anyway, and Neil had just taken advantage of a business opportunity. Devon still found the deal shady, but Lily thought Devon's loyalty was misplaced, since Victor would have jumped at the chance to steal something from them. Hilary called Lily a hypocrite for preaching about taking the moral high ground yet siding against Devon when he was trying to do the right thing. Nate agreed with Lily, and Hilary snapped that he had no say. Lily countered that neither did Hilary, since Hilary wasn't family or even Devon's wife.

Lily lectured that a pregnant Hilary should be thinking about what was best for the next generation, and Hilary retorted that it was why she wanted the company to have an ethical reputation. Lily scoffed at Hilary's ethics when she'd built a show around tabloid sleaze, but Hilary figured that Lily was just annoyed that Devon didn't agree with her. The women argued, and Devon conceded that he had a lot to think about. He received another text message, and he claimed that security on the rooftop had reported that some GC Buzz equipment had been stolen. Hilary started to head upstairs, but Devon suggested that she keep a low profile, and he assigned Mariah and Tessa to check it out. After the women exited, Devon sent a message to Kyle to report that they were headed his way.

On the rooftop, Mariah and Tessa looked around to figure out what was missing, and Tessa spied a security guard. Kyle stopped them from approaching the guard and revealed that there had been no robbery and that Devon had been in on his plan. He told them to trust him, and he led them across the roof to some reserved seats. Tessa realized that he'd made plans for them to watch a movie under the stars, and Kyle informed them that it was a classic horror movie. He added that they might need a hand to hold during the scary parts, and he told them that he'd already arranged for wine and popcorn. Mariah protested, but he flatly told them to enjoy and walked away.

Tessa said it looked like they'd been set up, and Mariah noted that it had been in more ways than one. Tessa recognized that they'd been lured there under false pretenses, and she understood if Mariah wanted to go. Mariah balked, and Tessa pointed out that the weather was nice and that an outdoor movie sounded fun. Mariah agreed to stay if Tessa did, and they took their seats.

Jill coldly greeted Nikki at the Athletic Club, and Nikki haughtily stated that she'd planned to call Jill about the monstrosity that she'd installed in the park without permission. The women bickered, and Jack intervened. Nikki asked what Jill was doing in town, and Jill replied that she was dealing with Jack's son digging up Phillip's grave. Jack explained that Dina had claimed that Phillip was Jack's biological father, and a stunned Nikki realized that Jack might have rights to Chancellor Industries.

Jill spat that Nikki was clueless about business, but Nikki asserted that Katherine had adored Jack and would have willed the company to him if she'd known he was Phillip's son. Jill countered that even if the DNA was a match, Katherine had bequeathed the company to Victor, who had sold it to Jill, so Jack and Kyle were owed nothing. Jack recognized that nothing had been proven, so he was still a man without a country or a last name. Nikki gasped when she received an urgent text message from Victoria about Victor going to confront J.T., and she hurried out.

Jill and Jack returned to the Abbott home, and she wondered why he'd had Mrs. Martinez let them in instead of using his key. He divulged that he didn't live there anymore, although he wouldn't have made the admission if he hadn't needed to. She asked why he'd moved out, and he confided that he hadn't been able to make sense of living in the Abbott family house after he'd found out John wasn't his father.

Kyle was surprised to find Jill and Jack when he returned home, and Jack reported that the situation had deescalated. Jill called Kyle an extremely lucky boy to have such a persuasive father, and she decided to let Kyle off the hook for the grave invasion. Kyle couldn't thank her enough, and Jack walked her to the door as the doorbell rang. A messenger announced that he had a delivery for Kyle, but he needed to see identification because the lab was particular about DNA results. "What the hell?" Jill bellowed as the messenger handed an envelope to Kyle.

Nikki joined Victoria at Newman and asked what Victor had been thinking to take on J.T. without backup. Victoria relayed that she'd tried her best to convince Victor otherwise, but they knew how stubborn he could be, and she voiced concern that he wasn't 100 percent. Nikki cited little things like coordination and memory that had been off, and she was certain that Victor hadn't fully recovered and was in no shape to get into a physical altercation. Nikki worried that if J.T. didn't kill Victor, Victor's body would give out on him.

Victoria and Nikki made calls to try to find out what was going on. Over speakerphone, Nikki phoned Nick and informed him that they were very worried about his father, who was meeting J.T. alone that night. Victoria wondered if Nick knew where the meeting was taking place, but Nick pointed out that he and his father weren't close those days. Nikki thought they had no choice but to call the police, even though Victor didn't trust Paul. Nick offered to be the one to call Paul, since his dad was already mad at him. Victoria stressed that it was urgent, since there was no telling what J.T. might do.

Later, Nikki was surprised that she and Victoria hadn't heard anything from the police, and Victoria suggested that they check in with Nick in a few minutes. Victoria wondered how Paul was taking the news, and Nikki was sure he'd put his entire force on the lookout. Nikki left a message for Victor, saying she was sick with worry about his meeting and asking him to call her. Victoria realized that her dad might not have taken his cell phone with him, but Nikki prayed that he had so that the police could track him. Nikki begged God for it not to be too late.

A gloved hand pulled a gun from a safe. Later, Victor arrived at an isolated location, and a hooded figure appeared. Victor said he'd been waiting for that moment, adding, "Time to end this."

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