Friday, May 22, 2015

At Newman-Abbott, the Jack impostor acknowledged that no one was thrilled about the party, but the shindig meant a lot to him, and Ashley said he could count on her. Abby supported the idea of the Abbotts and the Newmans getting along, and Stitch offered his support. Billy said Jack knew where he stood, and he didn't see the need to throw confetti over the merger being official, since it wouldn't make the bad blood between the families disappear. Victoria sided with Billy.

Victoria complained that the party felt forced, and she questioned what Jack expected to gain. Ashley pointed out that it was Victor's event, too, and she doubted Victoria would talk the same way to her father. Jack explained that their reluctance was the very reason they were having the celebration, since they had to take the first step to put aside years of grievances, and it was a perfect opportunity to prove they could work together as a united front. Billy and Victoria begrudgingly agreed to make an appearance.

Jack headed out to take care of details at the Athletic Club, but Victoria followed him into the hallway and asked to meet with him before it was too late to reverse his decision about approving Chelsea's children's line. Jack said he understood Victoria's need to put Chelsea in her place for hurting Billy, but he'd set his feelings aside to make the best decision for the business. He hoped Victoria would follow his lead, and he walked away.

Victoria returned to her office and griped that she didn't want to go to the party, and Billy asked why she'd agreed to attend. She said she'd set her objections aside to see how the soiree played out, and he imagined it would be like watching a car crash. Victoria still had a hard time believing Jack had signed off on the merger of his own free will, and Billy vowed to keep Jabot from disappearing, since he refused to believe Victor had become pals with the Abbotts. Victoria warned that looking for a fight wouldn't sit well with Jack, and Billy promised not to cross the line if Victor didn't.

Abby tried to get into a party mood by putting the killer out of her mind, and Stitch promised to keep her safe. Ashley coolly said she'd see them both at the party, and she abruptly left. Abby thought her mother had seemed remote ever since Stitch and Abby had gotten together, and Stitch said he wasn't surprised. Abby wondered whether things would always be weird because Stitch and Ashley had shared one night together, but Stitch reasoned that Ashley had a lot on her mind because of the merger. Abby said she'd feel better if she knew that was all it was.

An island cop arrived at Kelly's cabin, and he saw streaks of blood across the sheets. He pulled back the covers and discovered Kelly's dead body.

At the Newman ranch, Neil mentioned to Victor that he'd seen Nikki's name on the guest list for the party, and he recommended that Victor tell her not to attend. Nikki appeared and asked what was going on, and Victor claimed he and Neil had been discussing a business matter. Victor asked how Nikki was feeling, and she replied that she'd woken up sober, thinking about Cassie. Neil realized it was the anniversary of Cassie's death, and Victor contended that it was important for their family to be together, so he was glad Nikki had decided to return home. She clarified that she was only there to pick out an outfit for the party.

Victor excused himself to take a call, and Nikki asked Neil if he was really there on business or if he and Victor had been talking about her drinking. Neil recognized that Victor's intentions had been good by inviting her to the party, but he thought it would be a mistake for her to attend. Neil admitted he thought she was too fragile to be around an open bar, especially on an emotional day. He worried that having to put on a fake smile would only magnify her stress level, and he didn't want her to be caught in the crosshairs if things turned ugly between Jack and Victor.

Victor learned from the island authorities that Kelly was dead and that Jack was gone. The cop revealed that there had been no cash in Kelly's wallet and that Kelly had been dead for a while. The officer assured Victor that Jack wouldn't get far on a small island, and he promised his men would find Jack. He asked what Victor wanted him to do with the body, and Victor noted that the police had thought Kelly had been dead for months, but she deserved a proper burial. Victor instructed his minion to make finding Jack his priority. Meanwhile, someone lurked outside the Newman home.

Victor apologized that his call had taken longer than expected, and Nikki informed him that Neil wanted her to skip the party. Victor suggested she decline the invitation if she was only going for his sake, but Nikki refused to change her mind because Neil thought she couldn't handle being around people. She asserted that it was a family event, and she wanted to go to support her children and show them that she was fine. She added that Jack wanted them to act like a big, happy family, and that was what she intended to do.

Sharon frantically searched the cottage for something, and Dylan descended the stairs and asked what was going on. She panicked that she couldn't find her keys, but he picked them up from a table, and she thanked him. He grabbed her hand as she took the keys from him, and he guessed that she was anxious about Sage and Nick. Sharon admitted that it had felt awkward to learn the couple was having a baby together, but she had accepted it. She said she had to go out, and she hurriedly departed.

Nick placed flowers on Cassie's grave, and he said he couldn't believe it had been another year. He mused that a lot had happened since the last time he'd been there, and Sharon watched as Nick revealed that he and Sage were having a baby. He spied Sharon, who said she hadn't meant to interrupt his special time with Cassie, and she offered to wait until he was done. Nick remarked that Cassie would have liked it if they were there together, and Sharon agreed. An unseen Dylan peered at them from a distance, but he quickly darted away.

Sharon commented that Cassie's death "felt like yesterday," and Nick said he woke up some mornings and still thought he had to get Cassie to school. Sharon marveled at how vivid the memories still were, and Nick replied that Cassie had never really left them. Nick recalled getting a new daughter when Noah had still been a baby, and Sharon remembered that he'd been overwhelmed at first to become a father of two. Nick said that Cassie had helped him get through it, and Sharon gushed that he had been amazing with their daughter.

Sharon called Cassie a special little girl, and Nick murmured that even though he had a new baby on way, no one would ever be able to replace Cassie. Sharon added that she had Mariah in her life, but Mariah could never take her sister's place. She continued that they had moved on, but nothing could ever take away the memories they'd shared. Nick proclaimed that they'd always hold Cassie in their hearts, and what they'd shared with their daughter had been theirs and theirs alone.

At Crimson Lights, Sharon was shocked when Dylan informed her that he'd followed her to the cemetery because he'd been worried about her. She conceded that she should have told him it was the anniversary of Cassie's death, and she didn't blame him for wondering why she'd been on edge. He thought something else was bothering her, and she revealed that Jack had invited her to his party. She suspected it might be an ambush, since Jack had teamed up with Victor, but she didn't want to miss it if Jack's invitation had been sincere. Dylan offered to go with her if she wanted to attend.

At the Athletic Club, Lily thanked Phyllis for filling in for Chelsea to tend to last-minute party details, and she mentioned that she knew the event was important to Jack. Phyllis explained that he wanted the key players to celebrate the merger without strangling one another, and the sky was the limit if that happened. Lily spotted Devon and Hilary entering the foyer, and she raced over to confront them. Lily spat that she'd thought Devon had cared about putting their family back together.

Devon assumed Lily had talked to Neil, and Lily sarcastically informed him that she'd heard he'd done the honorable thing by telling their father that Devon was seeing the "lying piece of trash" again. Hilary and Lily exchanged barbs, and Phyllis reminded them that it was supposed to be a classy event. Lily asked if Rose would have been proud of Hilary for ruining lives, and Hilary yelled that Lily wasn't fit to mention her mother's name. Hilary lunged at Lily, but Devon intervened.

Hilary barked that she'd been minding her own business when Lily had run over like she'd been possessed, and Lily accused Hilary of twisting the knife after she'd already hurt Neil enough. Devon conceded that he and Hilary had been wrong to hide their relationship before, but they were being forthcoming, and he hoped Lily could accept that they were together. Lily snapped that she had a party to put on, and she stalked off.

An unseen person watched as Victor thanked Abby and Stitch for attending, and Stitch remarked that it felt great to have Abby in his life, especially since his sister had passed. Victor commented that he'd heard Stitch had been doing a great job, and the men shook hands. Jack approached Victor and wondered why Victor had praised a lowly lab assistant, and Victor claimed that he'd merely been polite to his daughter's boyfriend.

Victor said he was happy to see Victoria, and she coldly stated that she was attending a mandatory work function, but she hadn't forgiven him for making Gabriel her equal at the company. He said he stuck by his decisions, and he advised her to find a way to get along with Gabriel. Victoria huffed that she would always do what was best for the company, whether Victor liked it or not. Meanwhile, Jack noticed that Billy had managed to ignore Victor, and Billy swore he wasn't looking for trouble. Jack reminded Billy that the event was about unity, and Billy grumbled that it would be until Victor stabbed the Abbott family in the back.

Lily stared at the door as Neil entered with Gwen. Hilary and Devon awkwardly greeted Neil and Gwen, and Lily rushed over to defuse the situation. Gwen offered to get Neil some iced tea, and Neil surmised that Lily was surprised, but she replied that she was glad he wasn't alone. Lily understood why Neil wanted to mess with Devon, but Neil declared that he wasn't playing games, since he liked Gwen, and he thought she felt the same way about him.

Hilary approached Gwen at the bar, and she recognized that things were uncomfortable, but she was concerned that Neil was acting out. Gwen barked that Hilary had repeatedly trashed his life, and Hilary insisted she was being sincere, but Gwen was skeptical. Devon told Gwen to knock it off, and Gwen snarled that they both repulsed her, since she never would have gone out with Devon if she'd known they had been covering their affair. Gwen added that Devon had gone to bed with her and had made her think they'd had a chance, and Hilary and Devon deserved whatever they got.

Hilary admitted she'd made mistakes, but she voiced concern about Gwen playing games with Neil, and Gwen asked if Hilary meant something like cheating on Neil with his son. Devon defended Hilary, and Gwen spat that it was disrespectful of Devon and Hilary to be there together, since if Neil was a powder keg, they were the match. Neil asked what was going on, and Gwen said she didn't want to ruin an important day for the company, so she should go. Gwen sauntered to the door, and Hilary suggested that she and Devon leave, too.

Stitch cornered Ashley and mentioned that Abby had been upset because Ashley had been distant, and he encouraged Ashley to say what she needed to say. Ashley confided that she'd considered their encounter in the shower to be a casual thing, but she'd since developed feelings for him, and she didn't want to see Abby get hurt. Ashley understood why Stitch had gone back to Victoria after he and Ashley had slept together, but she found it strange that Stitch had hooked up with Abby as if what had happened in the shower hadn't mattered. A flabbergasted Stitch said he'd had no idea she'd felt that way, and Ashley told him not to say anything to Abby, since Ashley had accepted what was going on.

Later, Abby mentioned that she'd seen Stitch talking to her mom, and she asked if Ashley had opened up about what was bugging her. Stitch fibbed that Ashley was simply concerned about his relationship with Abby, given how badly he'd handled his personal life, and Ashley was just being a protective mother. Abby resolved to be patient and wait for the awkwardness to pass, and Stitch made up an excuse about forgetting to do something at work. He rushed out before Abby could object.

Nikki commented to Phyllis that Jack had jumped back into business quickly after being in the hospital, and Phyllis replied that he'd seemed more like himself lately. Nikki wondered if the Jack they knew was really behind the merger, and Phyllis believed that Jack thought he was doing the right thing for his family and the company. Nikki said it sounded like things were going well for Phyllis and Jack, and Nick overheard and wished he could say the same for Nikki and Victor. Nikki wrote off their troubles as nothing serious, and Victoria remarked that Victor wasn't her favorite person, either. Nick asked them to put their differences aside, and Nikki acknowledged that it was a tough day for Nick. Nick proclaimed that he had news to tell all of them, including Victor.

Nick announced that he and Sage were having a baby, and Victoria asked if he was sure the child was his. Nick explained that Sage's marriage to Gabriel had been an arrangement and nothing more, and Nikki incredulously asked whether Nick had committed to Sage. Nick said he cared about Sage and was committed to his child, and he considered it a blessing, especially that day. He added that Sage might be there later, but she hadn't been feeling well.

Phyllis thought Summer would adjust to the news in time, and she wished Nick and Sage happiness. Nikki noted that Phyllis was taking it in stride, and Phyllis pointed out that she hadn't been the one to change a paternity test because she hadn't been able handle the thought of Nick reproducing with another woman. Nick reported that Sharon had reacted shockingly well to the news, but Victor wondered what she'd done behind Nick's back. Sharon and Dylan arrived, and she informed the Newman clan that Jack had asked her to be there.

Jack hoped everyone would make Sharon and Dylan feel welcome, and Nikki pointedly stated that Dylan was always welcome. Victor stepped away to take a call, and the island officer said there had been no sign of Jack. Victor warned that he couldn't afford for Jack to ruin everything, and he ordered the cop to find him. The Jack impostor asked if there were problems, and he promised Victor had no reason to worry about why Sharon was there.

Nikki approached Dylan privately and recognized that he was a good man who'd defended Sharon when no one else had believed her, but there was no longer a reason for him to escort Sharon around town. Dylan revealed that his relationship with Avery was over, and he and Sharon had become close, but Nikki lectured that Sharon was the last person he should get involved with. Dylan remarked that people said the same thing about him, since he and Sharon had similar issues, and they understood one another. Dylan went to check on Sharon, while Nikki struggled to maintain her composure. Nikki looked at a tray of drinks, glanced around, and chugged a glass of Champagne.

Jack asked for everyone's attention, and someone lurked and watched from out of sight. Jack thanked the guests for being there to celebrate a new beginning, but it was anything but another work event. He said he looked at Newman-Abbott as a family, and he was committed to the merger as a building block for the future of both families. He recognized that there was a real divide between many people in the room, but he thought they could begin to bridge it that day -- on the anniversary of Cassie Newman's death.

Jack declared that they'd all held Cassie in their hearts, so he'd wanted to do something special to honor the occasion. Jack announced that he was funding a new pediatric wing at the hospital and dedicating it in memory of Cassie. As the crowd applauded, Nick shook Jack's hand, and Sharon tearfully hugged Jack. Ashley remarked to Victor that the gesture had been lovely and unexpected, but they stopped and stared as the mysterious person made a beeline toward them. "You should not be here," Victor sternly stated.

. . .

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