Friday, April 29, 2016

On the roadside, Sharon exited her car and ran over to Sage's vehicle. Sharon found Sage on the ground next to the wreckage, and she called 9-1-1 and reported the car crash, but she wasn't sure if Sage was still breathing. She urgently requested an ambulance, and she tried to awaken Sage. Sharon tensed when she felt blood on her band, and Sage coughed. Sharon informed her that an ambulance was on the way, and she urged Sage not to talk. Sage weakly stated that she wanted to see her baby.

Sharon carried Christian over to Sage, who asked Sharon to promise to tell Nick that the boy was his son. Sharon advised Sage to save her energy, and Sage requested that Sharon help her to hold Christian. Sharon placed the baby on Sage's chest, and Sage murmured that he was beautiful. Sage envisioned the boy growing up to be strong like his dad, and she said she loved him and would always be with him. Sage's voice trailed off, and she died with the baby in her arms.

At the cottage, Dylan asked Faith if she'd had fun on her play date, and she chirped that it hadn't been as much fun as they would have on their vacation. She wondered why Sharon and Sully weren't there, and Dylan guessed that Sharon had gone shopping to pick up things for their trip. Faith researched the activities that were available at the resort where they would be staying, and she squealed that the resort rented bikes with baby carriers, so they could take Sully wherever they went. Dylan called her an awesome big sister, and she replied that he was a cool stepdad. He sent her upstairs to finish packing, and he tried to call Sharon, but he got her voicemail.

Paul called Dylan and informed him that Sharon had reported an accident on the highway, and Dylan panicked because she had Sully with her. Dylan inquired about the severity of the accident, but Paul didn't have any details, and he suggested that they meet at the scene. Faith became scared when she overheard Dylan mention the accident, and Dylan explained that Sharon had called for help from an accident scene. Dylan prepared to have someone stay with Faith while he went to see if he could help, and he promised the girl that everything would be fine.

Sharon closed Sage's eyes and picked up Christian when she heard the ambulance siren. The EMTs rushed over, and Dylan asked what had happened. He was stunned when he saw that Sage had been in the crashed car, and Paul reported that she was dead. Dylan said they needed to tell Nick, and a stricken Sharon watched as the crew covered Sage with a blanket. Dylan worriedly observed his despondent wife.

Dylan took the baby from Sharon, and Paul said he needed to ask Sharon a few things, but she whimpered that she wanted to go home. Paul gently pressed to find out if she'd seen what had happened, but Sharon claimed that she'd pulled over when she'd seen the wrecked car. Paul inquired whether she'd seen anything that might have forced Sage off the road, but Sharon lied that she hadn't witnessed anything. Paul noted that the pavement was dry and that there was no wind or ice, and he was puzzled by what had made Sage lose control of the car. Sharon became agitated, and she maintained that she didn't know. Dylan assumed that she was in shock, and he suggested that they finish the questioning later.

Dylan and Sharon returned home with Christian, and a relieved Faith ran into Sharon's arms. Faith mentioned the accident, and Sharon explained that 9-1-1 had responded right away. Dylan instructed the babysitter to take Faith upstairs to get ready for bed, and Sharon contemplated how to tell her daughter about Sage's death. Dylan was certain that Sharon would find a way, and Sharon recalled looking into Sage's eyes and watching her take her last breath. Sharon wailed that she could still see and hear Sage, and she gazed down at the baby.

Sharon tearfully told Dylan that she had to explain, and Dylan sympathized that the experience had been traumatic. He urged her to try not to think about Sage's last moments, and he said he was grateful that Sharon and the baby were okay. Dylan imagined what Nick was going through, and he said he didn't know what he would do if he lost Sharon or Sully. Sharon stayed mum as Dylan cradled the baby in his arms.

At the lab, Hilary read over a report, and she wondered what big emergency had caused Simon and Ashley to summon her there late at night. Simon said one of their patients had nearly died in the trial, and Ashley pointed out that Hilary had rushed into the testing phase before they had been ready, so there had been consequences. Ashley asserted that the information wasn't something to shrug off, and she demanded that they announce that they were suspending testing. Simon added that they'd have to go through the data to figure out what had gone wrong before they resumed human experimentation.

Ashley wondered if Hilary had even told Devon about the meeting, and Hilary replied that Devon didn't need or want to be involved in the decision-making. Simon contended that a man had almost died, and Hilary wrote it off as a bad reaction, but Simon reiterated that it had nearly been fatal. Hilary reasoned that trials had risks, and that was why they'd enlisted patients who were out of options. Hilary and Simon argued, and Ashley cautioned that pretending nothing had happened was asking for trouble. Simon stated that they were back to square one, and Ashley warned that as the face of the project, Hilary's reputation would be tarnished beyond repair if she didn't pull the plug immediately.

Ashley told Hilary to kiss her credibility goodbye if she didn't get in front of the issue, and she considered the lengths Hilary had gone to become the face of the project. Simon pointed out that the reputations of both Hilary and the drug trial were linked, and Ashley warned Hilary not to turn the snag into a fatal error. Hilary agreed to suspend the drug trial immediately, and Simon offered to be there when she addressed the press. Hilary said his presence wasn't necessary, since the obligation was hers as the spokesperson, and she walked out.

Simon praised Ashley for handling Hilary brilliantly by zeroing in on her weak spot. Ashley referred to Hilary's social-climbing ego, and she remarked that Hilary had heard nothing they'd said until they'd made it all about Hilary. Simon worried that it had been a mistake to let Hilary make the announcement solo. Later, Ashley and Simon watched the press conference online, and Hilary repeated Simon's words that her reputation and that of the clinical trial were linked, so she'd called the press conference to admit that they'd clearly rushed to try to get their product to market.

Hilary claimed that two of her associates had been forced to call her in for an emergency meeting to break the news that they were aborting the study, and they'd have to start over at a future date. Hilary saw the wisdom in cutting their losses to learn from their unfortunate mistake, and Ashley slammed her laptop shut and ranted that Hilary had made it look like Ashley and Simon had rushed the testing. Simon vowed not to let Hilary get away with the lie, but Ashley thought they'd look guilty if they refuted Hilary's statement.

At the Athletic Club, Phyllis informed Jack that Billy had pounced on Brash & Sassy. Jack peppered her with questions about Billy's intentions, but she said all she knew was what he'd invested in. Jack condemned Billy for stealing something else from the Newmans, and he groused that he never would have released the funds if he'd known. Jack suspected that Phyllis had known about Billy's plan all along. Phyllis insisted that she'd had no idea what Billy had planned, and the deal had already been underway when she'd spoken to him.

Jack questioned whether he was supposed to accept that on faith after everything Phyllis and Billy had done behind his back. Jack recalled that Billy had guilt-tripped him into handing over the money, while Phyllis had encouraged Jack to back the investment without question. Jack bemoaned that Billy had spent millions to stick it to Victoria when her only crime had been caring about Billy, but Phyllis honestly thought Billy was ready for a new start and that he'd had no ulterior motive. Jack barked that it had all been about revenge, but Phyllis noted that Jack had left Billy with nothing when Jack had fired him. Phyllis imagined that if Billy wanted revenge on anyone, it would be on Jack.

Jack asserted that he'd wanted to help Billy get back to what was important -- his family and the love of his life -- and he knew that it was what Victoria wanted, too. Jack wondered why Victoria had wanted to sell the company she'd created, and he suspected that it had been Victor's doing. Jack imagined that the fact that Billy had scooped it up had been the cherry on top for Victor, since Billy had become Jabot's competition. Phyllis asked what they could do, and Jack snapped that it was too late to be asking after she'd goaded Billy for months. Phyllis angrily told Jack to save it, and she started to head for the door. Jack asked if she was going to congratulate Billy, and she wordlessly stormed out.

Hilary entered the Athletic Club and asked why Jack was sitting alone at the bar, and he grumbled that he wasn't exactly surrounded by support. She said she knew the feeling, since nothing she said or did was right in other people's eyes, and all anyone saw were the tiny mistakes that had been magnified out of proportion. Jack quipped that she didn't have a monopoly on big mistakes, and she ranted that the people who had no loyalty or honor got all the attention. She recognized that it wasn't easy to be head of a family, but she'd watched Jack do everything he could to keep the Abbotts together. She wanted him to know that he had a friend who understood and admired him.

At Newman, Billy crowed that he was the new owner of Newman's most famous brand, and Victoria revealed that someone had gone behind her back to get board approval for the sale. Billy said he didn't care about the office politics, and all that mattered was that he had the bill of sale. Victoria argued that the division had been her baby, and she questioned how Billy could steal something she'd poured her heart and soul into. Billy compared it to her getting him fired so that he wouldn't be part of PassKey. Nick entered and declared that Billy and Victor had been on the same side, since Victor had arranged to put Brass & Sassy up for sale to get under Victoria's skin, and she had played right into his hands.

Nick added that the fact that Billy had taken the bait was just a bonus for Victor, since it would drive a bigger wedge between Billy and Victoria. Victoria pointed out that Billy didn't have to go through with the sale, but Billy reasoned that she'd forced him out of his last project, so he needed a new one. She inquired whether Billy had done it to get back at her, but Billy insisted that it had been a great deal. She argued that she'd doubled the asking price, and she accused Billy of rubbing the purchase in her face. Billy announced that he planned to kick his new company into high gear, and he was in the process of meeting with new management. Nick ordered him to get out, and Billy told Victoria that it was just business as he headed for the door.

Nick advised Victoria not to let Victor get to her, even though Victor had found a way to hurt her without hurting the company -- especially since she'd doubled the asking price. Victoria groaned that she'd been trying to prevent anyone from buying the division, and she grappled with the thought that her father had sold it to punish her. Nick wasn't surprised by Victor's vindictive behavior, and he was sure they'd see it again. Victoria lamented that sending Victor to prison hadn't sent the message they'd hoped it would, and Nick predicted that it had just been the first shot, since Victor considered Victoria to be weak after she'd agreed to the PassKey deal. Nick warned that Victor was stacking the deck against her, and Victor knew Nick wouldn't leave her hanging. Victoria realized that Victor wanted her out and Nick in.

Victoria questioned why Victor wanted Nick in charge when Nick didn't even want to be there, and Nick said Victor needed chaos to be happy. Victoria thought their father had gone off the deep end, and Nick assured her that the only reason he'd returned to the company had been to protect her. Nick believed that Victor wanted Victoria to be anxious, but he urged her to brush it off and not let people with petty motives get to her. He added that they had to stick together, but she snapped that he wasn't the one with a target on his back. She barked that she didn't know who to trust, and she stalked off. Nick answered a call from Paul.

Victoria went to a bar and ordered white wine. She put a coin into the jukebox, and she pounded on the machine when it played the wrong song. The bartender jokingly asked what the jukebox had done to her, and she explained that it hadn't been the song she'd wanted. He divulged that he'd been too lazy to change the label, but he knew the track number, and he selected the song for her. Victoria cried at the bar as the song played, and the bartender asked why she was upset, but she hurried out.

Phyllis stopped by to see Billy at his home, and she relayed the theory that Victor had pulled strings to arrange for Brash & Sassy to be up for sale. Billy invited her to join him for a celebratory drink, but Phyllis reiterated that Victor had set him up. Billy argued that Victor couldn't have known that Billy had had the cash to pay the asking price, and he revealed that Nick had already figured it all out. Phyllis wondered if Billy intended to keep the cosmetics company, knowing Victor's motivation had been to tear Victoria's heart out, and Billy asked why Phyllis sounded surprised.

Phyllis pointed out that there were other companies if Billy wanted to start over, but Billy insisted that she knew why he'd acquired Brash & Sassy, and she'd encouraged him by reminding him that life wasn't always fair. He added that if they wanted something, they had to grab it themselves, since no one was waiting around to make it right for them. He suggested that they forget what everyone else said and grab what they wanted, starting right then.

Nick arrived at the hospital, and Paul said he wasn't sure what had happened, but he'd gotten to the accident scene at the same time as the paramedics. Paul continued that there was no good way to say it, but Sage hadn't made it, and he was sorry. Nick broke down in tears and asked where she was, and Paul pointed to a room. Nick stepped inside and pulled back the sheet, and he sobbed when he saw Sage's face. He told her how much he loved her and that he never should have let her go, and he was sorry. He took her hand and wished he'd protected her by being a better husband, and he hoped she'd found peace because she was with Christian.

Nick walked out of the room, and Paul offered him a ride home. Nick said he didn't understand how it had happened, since he and Sage had just talked over coffee that afternoon. Paul asked if there was anything he could do, and Nick inquired whether Paul had been there at the end to know if she'd suffered or said anything. Paul replied that he'd arrived after Sage had passed, but she'd looked peaceful. Paul suggested that Nick talk to Sharon, who had been at the accident scene when Paul had gotten there.

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