Friday, May 20, 2016

In the prison infirmary, Victor downplayed his bruised hand, but Meredith scolded him for not seeking treatment sooner. She chided him for pretending that his son hadn't driven him over the edge, and she questioned whether Victor's talk about forgiveness had only been to get her to help him. Victor asserted that he'd forgiven many people in his life, but his family wasn't returning the favor, and Adam wanted to see him rot in there. Meredith asked if Victor had hurt his hand because he'd wanted to punch Adam, and Victor admitted that it had been a mistake to let his son get to him. Meredith queried whether Victor had considered forgiving Adam, since forgiveness made people feel better as long as they expected nothing in return.

Meredith grew uncomfortable with her closeness to Victor, and she firmly stated that they had to keep things professional as a doctor and a patient. He said they'd just been people for a moment, and she replied that she was only there to make him well. He confided that it was good to talk to someone after his family had turned their backs on him, and it had been lonely when no one had seen him for who he was. Meredith assured him that she saw him and that he wasn't alone. He placed his hands on either side of her face and called her beautiful, and they shared a tender kiss.

Meredith pulled away and apologized for giving Victor the wrong impression, and she stressed that it couldn't happen again. A guard knocked on the door, and Meredith called out that she was done, so Victor could go back to his cell. Later, a flustered Meredith accidentally knocked over some equipment in the exam room, and she flashed back to her kiss with Victor. Moments afterward, a guard informed Victor that the doctor wanted to see him, and he led Victor back to the infirmary.

Meredith claimed that she wanted to go over the x-ray she'd taken of Victor's hand, and he apologized for what had happened earlier. She asked why he'd kissed her, and he touched her face again and called her beautiful. She stepped back, and he said she didn't have to treat him anymore, but she replied that it was her job. She admitted that she couldn't stop thinking about him, and he recalled listening to her and watching the way she took care of him. He added that the real prison was not being able to have her because of that place, and she planted another kiss on him.

Stitch and Abby happily strolled through the park after feeding the ducks, and she said she'd missed laughing with him. He recognized that there hadn't been much to laugh about, and he was sorry. She insisted that it wasn't his fault, but he regretted that he'd pushed her away when she'd needed him after her miscarriage. Abby reasoned that Max had also needed him, and Stitch swore never to abandon her again. Abby urged Stitch to call and check on his son, but he stressed that it was his time with her. He suddenly caught someone else's soccer ball and became thoughtful, and she was sure that he was thinking that Max should be playing in the park, too.

Stitch threw back the ball, and Abby encouraged him to visit Max that day. Stitch imagined that the psychologist had filled Max's schedule with therapy and activities, but Abby argued that Stitch and Max had been apart too long already. Stitch protested that he owed Abby a good day, but she said his love was all she needed. She assured him that she knew he wasn't going anywhere, and she pushed him to see his son. Stitch called her the best thing that had ever happened to him, and he professed his love and took off.

At the lab, Billy asked for Ashley's opinion about a new fragrance that Brash & Sassy was developing to target Millennials. He explained that he had a nose for cigars and scotch but not for perfume, and Ashley joked that it had been part of Victor's plan for Billy to be forever tortured for snapping up Victoria's prized brand. Billy said he wouldn't put it past Victor after everything Victor had done to ruin his life, but Ashley pointed out that Billy was hardly suffering by running a company and living in a mansion. Billy grumbled that Victoria wanted him to pine over her, but he wanted to care about someone else one day. Ashley asked if there was a new woman in his life.

Billy envisioned the next woman in his life as being smart, sexy, and independent, and he would remember her perfume because she was a "brash and sassy kind of girl." He pledged to concentrate on business, but Ashley thought his work and his kids would never be enough for him. Billy expected that others would think he was a jerk if he moved on, but waiting for Victoria forever was no way to live his life. Ashley questioned whether another woman would be able to help him forget Victoria, but Billy didn't respond as he headed to the door.

Abby arrived at the lab and cheerfully asked whether Ashley had found the cure for Hilary yet. Abby revealed that she'd had a sweet morning with Stitch, but he'd needed to be with Max. Ashley called her a great stepmom, but Abby wasn't sure Stitch would agree, since he changed the subject whenever she mentioned Max. Ashley guessed that Stitch was sorry that he hadn't listened to Abby earlier, and it was human nature to want to rewrite history. Abby wanted to help Stitch through it, but she didn't know if he would let her, and she blamed the Newman curse. Ashley pointed out that Abby was also an Abbott, and she promised that Abby would find happiness.

Later, Ashley greeted Stitch at the hospital, and she inquired about his visit with Max. Stitch was relieved that Max had been willing to see him, since Max blamed him even though he had been protecting Max. Stitch lamented that he could have saved Max from himself if he'd seen things the way Abby had, and Ashley inquired whether Stitch resented Abby for it. Ashley encouraged Stitch to talk about Max with Abby or to let Abby visit Max, but Stitch refused, since he was also supposed to protect his wife, and he hadn't. Ashley lectured that life was too short to keep pushing Abby away, and she urged him to reach out to his wife.

At the Athletic Club, Jack suggested to Phyllis that they include Hilary and Neil in their discussion about the foundation, but he observed that she was distracted. He remarked that he'd like to take a mental vacation himself, but she insisted that she was right there with him, and she was exactly where she wanted to be.

In the foyer, Cane showed Lily photos of the twins on his phone, and she marveled that they were lucky their kids were happy, especially when she thought about Max. Hilary overheard as she walked in with Neil, and she remarked that she hoped Max got the help he needed. Lily sarcastically stated that Hilary was all heart, and Hilary led Neil over to meet with Jack. Lily wondered how Jack couldn't see what a snake Hilary was, and Cane asked if Lily's desire to take Hilary down had changed her mind about protecting Neil and Devon. Cane pledged to stand by whatever she decided, since he refused to let anything get between them again.

Abby arrived at the club and stared at the stairway. Lily invited her into the dining room, and Abby remarked that the fire had destroyed the surveillance footage, but she felt like she had a tape inside head and was watching herself fall. Lily wished there was something they could do, but Abby was determined to focus on the present, and Max was getting well. Lily told Abby that it was okay to think about herself, too, and Abby confided that she missed the first days after her wedding, when anything had seemed possible.

In the dining room, Hilary commented that it was nice to see Phyllis and Jack together, and Phyllis dryly noted that it had been the second time Hilary had expressed surprise that a husband and wife enjoyed one another's company. Hilary insinuated that sometimes things got in the way, and Neil pulled Hilary aside to speak privately. Neil sternly stated that his friends had been through enough, and she countered that Jack had also been her friend for a long time. Hilary pointedly added that Jack had no idea how much they had in common, since they'd both been held captive, and she implied that perhaps she would tell him. Hilary envisioned that Neil would go to prison, but at least he'd be there with his son.

Phyllis reminded Jack that they'd agreed to keep what happened in their marriage between them, and Jack said Hilary had meant well. Phyllis called Hilary a human wrecking ball who had bulldozed her way into the foundation and the research project, and Jack recognized that Hilary had done some unorthodox things to get what she wanted -- just like someone else he knew. Phyllis told him not to dare compare her to Hilary, but Jack defended that Hilary had fought for what she wanted, and no one had ever cut Hilary a break. He wondered if Phyllis' hostility stemmed from the fact that Hilary had left Neil for Devon.

Phyllis said she was just being emotional, and she believed that Hilary should pay for her sins instead of acting like a queen who wanted to control everything. Jack quipped that there had to be statute of limitation on infidelity, and Phyllis guiltily replied that it was none of her business if Jack and Neil wanted to work with Hilary. Phyllis warned Jack to watch his back, since Hilary would always want more, and she hurried off.

During the foundation meeting, Hilary suggested arranging a weekend retreat to focus on the strategy for the foundation, and Jack thought it would be a chance for directors and staff to bond away from the constraints of everyday life. Neil sourly asked if Hilary intended to invite Devon or if she considered him to be a constraint, and Jack questioned whether Hilary and Neil still thought they could work together. Hillary asserted that she'd addressed Neil's concerns earlier, and Neil agreed that it wasn't an issue. Hilary cooed that she wanted to make sure that Jack had everything he needed.

Jack praised Hilary's idea, and he wanted to run it by Ashley. Hilary suggested that she and Jack present it together, but Neil said he had PR questions for Hilary, and Jack instructed them to keep their heads together while he talked to Ashley. After Jack left, Neil noted that Jack didn't need anything from Hilary, but he imagined that since she had Devon's billions and had Neil where she wanted him, she had to conquer something else -- Jack. Neil thought Jack deserved to know exactly the kind of person she was, but Hilary expected that Neil wouldn't say a word unless he wanted the cops knocking at his door. Neil stormed past Cane and Lily on his way out, and Lily glared at Hilary.

Lily ordered Hilary to sit, and Hilary found it cute that Lily was feeling feisty. Lily called her disgusting, and she guessed that Hilary had been torturing Neil again. Lily added that it was torture just being in the same room with Hilary, and she couldn't stand watching Hilary suck up to Jack. Hilary clucked that poor Cane had almost gotten away from Lily's self-righteous whining, and Lily spat that Hilary might be able to blackmail Neil and charm Jack, but Hilary couldn't shut her down. Hilary dared Lily to turn her father in.

Lily suggested that she could take Hilary down without exposing Neil, since Hilary was a climber who wanted money and status, but Hilary wanted someone to look at her like she was a decent human being even more. Hilary huffed that she had a husband for that, but Lily contended that Devon knew what Hilary was, and that was why Hilary would move on. Lily contemplated how long Devon would keep Hilary around once Lily told him that Hilary was making a play for Jack.

Abby found the bed in Stitch's hotel room scattered with flower petals. Stitch appeared, and he said he hadn't had the words, so he'd decided to show her how he felt. He scooped her up into his arms and proclaimed that they were going back to the moment he'd carried her over the threshold. She said she wanted that, but it wasn't possible. Stitch agreed that they couldn't undo the last few months, but they could start again. They kissed and slowly fell back on the bed.

Jack went to the lab and relayed the retreat idea to Ashley, and she was impressed that he'd suggested it. Jack gave credit to Hilary, and Ashley wondered what was in it for Hilary. Jack pointed out that the town was full of people who'd been granted second chances, including Billy. Ashley argued that Billy had only hurt himself, and Jack countered to tell it to Victoria. Ashley recognized that Billy had become reckless when he'd lost Victoria, and she sensed that he'd gotten involved with someone to try to get Victoria out of his system.

Jack guessed that Billy was seeing Fiona, since Billy would consider it a challenge to pursue a smart, beautiful woman after he'd failed to seduce her into stocking Brash & Sassy. Ashley thought the new woman in Billy's life had nothing to do with business, and she mentioned that Billy had worked hard to deny that there was any woman at all. Ashley had a feeling that whoever the woman was meant something real to Billy.

Neil sat with a drink in front of him at a bar, and Cane approached and asked if Neil was getting drunk. Neil flatly replied that it was what alcoholics did, and one or two drinks wouldn't do the trick, but the next few after that might. Cane questioned how Lily and the twins would feel when Neil ended up facedown in a ditch, and Neil contended that they were better off without him. Cane said Neil had gotten himself into the situation, and he implored Neil to be a man and get himself out of it. Neil told him to shut up and drink or get out of there, and he tossed back a shot.

Neil got up to go, but he couldn't find his keys. Cane revealed that his dad had taught him how to lift things off people, and Neil prepared to take a cab, but Cane indicated that he'd also swiped Neil's wallet. Neil chuckled, and Cane was glad Neil found it funny because Lily wouldn't. Neil declared that Lily was done with him, and Cane blasted Neil for punishing her when she'd kept his secret. Neil contended that Lily was only concerned about Devon, but Cane insisted that she loved Neil and was on Neil's side, but that might change. Cane headed to the door, and Neil ordered another drink.

At home, Billy sniffed a fragrance in a test tube and griped that it would keep the vampires away, and he contemplated what women wanted. He flashed back to having sex with Phyllis, and he grabbed his motorcycle helmet and left.

Phyllis sat in the park, and Billy stumbled upon her and swore that he hadn't been stalking her. He explained that he'd gone for a ride on his bike, and she asked who'd been on the back that time. Billy divulged that he'd been trying to forget about Phyllis, but he thought some people would call it fate that he'd found her there. She told him to get back on his bike and leave her alone, and he invited her to take a ride with him. She begged him to go, but he sat down next to her and said he couldn't.

Phyllis protested that someone might see Billy, but he pointed out that he was her brother-in-law and former partner, and no one needed to know they were lovers. She ordered him to shut up, and he recognized her perfume, since he hadn't been able to get it out of his mind. He said he couldn't focus on business because all he smelled was her. Billy softly asked how often Phyllis thought about what had happened between them, and she maintained that having sex had been a selfish, impulsive mistake. Phyllis refused to destroy their family, but Billy expected that it was going to happen over and over again because what they had was real.

Phyllis reiterated that things were over between her and Billy, and she started to leave, but he stopped her and said the pull between them was magnetic. He whispered that even when he was alone, he heard her voice and felt her skin, and Jack didn't deserve her. Phyllis protested that it wasn't Billy's decision, and Billy replied that he'd hold onto her for dear life if she were his wife. Phyllis argued that he was turning a few moments into a love affair, and Billy confessed that he thought about being with her every moment. He urged her to confirm that it was them against the world. She weakly told him to stop it, but they melted into a passionate kiss.

. . .

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