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Friday, April 28, 2017

Nick stopped by Chelsea's penthouse, and he apologetically told Chelsea that he'd needed some time alone. She thought it had been her fault, because she'd been a wreck since Chloe had left. Chelsea added that she'd also been shorthanded at work, but it was all about to change because of Victor. "What did my dad do now?" Nick queried.

Nick was stunned to learn that Victor had invested a half-million dollars in Chelsea 2.0. Chelsea reported that her banker had called to inform her about the deposit, and she'd tried calling Victor, but his voicemail had been shut off. Nick relayed that Victor was on one of his self-imposed exile trips. Chelsea revealed that Victor had left a short note with the banker about giving her the money in Adam's memory. "Unbelievable," Nick hissed, and Chelsea wondered why it bothered him that much.

Nick speculated that Victor might be trying to take over Chelsea's company, but she informed him that Victor had sent over an agreement that specified that the money gave him no stake in her business. Nick warned her to be careful, but Chelsea was sure that Victor wouldn't use Adam's death as a way to gain something. Nick thought finding out what had really happened had been a shock to everyone, and Chelsea acknowledged that it had made her question a lot of things. Nick wondered if their relationship was one of those things, and the doorbell rang. Chelsea invited a man in, and she told Nick that it would be hard to have a couples massage without a couple.

Chelsea looked forward to an evening of serenity and relaxation, and Nick asked if the masseur was pulling double duty. The man indicated that his partner, Helga, would be right up, and Nick pictured a burly wrestler. He suggested that he and Chelsea just massage one another, but he was relieved when Helga turned out to be an attractive woman. Chelsea offered to send Helga away, but Nick dropped his robe and flopped down on the massage table. The massage therapists began their work, and Chelsea moaned in pleasure as Nick grimaced in pain.

Later, Nick groaned that he thought Helga had cracked his rib, and Chelsea cooed that maybe she could make him feel better. She took off his robe and rubbed his shoulders, and he said it was a start. She kissed his neck, and he said he was feeling better. Her robe fell to the floor as they kissed passionately.

At the park café, Billy said Victoria had enough on her plate, and he swore that he would handle the issue that he'd wanted to discuss with her earlier. He admitted that he'd jumped to conclusions by assuming that Victor had been behind Victoria's secrecy, and he told her that he wouldn't have pushed if he'd known the matter had been private. Victoria regretted that she'd lashed out and caused the ugly rift between them, but she hoped they could start over and pick up where they'd left off. She asked if he thought that was possible.

Billy thought that focusing on Brash & Sassy and the kids had worked for him and Victoria, and he pointed out that the latest blip had proven that things could get complicated between them. He thought it was best that they keep things the way they were, and Victoria half-heartedly agreed that they should maintain the status quo. She thanked him for keeping her on track, and he commented that she was usually the one to steer the boat through choppy waters. Victoria took it as a sign that they were headed in the right direction.

At Brash & Sassy, Lily pressed to know what Cane and Juliet had been arguing about. Cane avoided eye contact as he grappled for an explanation, but Juliet declared that they needed to be straight with Lily. Juliet claimed that she and Cane had disagreed over what information to include in a press release. Lily recognized that Cane was a perfectionist, but she encouraged him not to get worked up about it, and he pointedly agreed to do it Juliet's way. Jordan pulled Lily aside to look at the test shots, but he noticed that she looked perplexed.

Victoria and Billy entered the office, and she gathered everyone together and invited the entire group to dinner at Top of the Tower that evening to thank them for their hard work. Jordan protested that he had a date that night, and Victoria told him to have his companion join them. Billy was preoccupied with something on his phone, and Cane asked if Billy would attend. Billy replied that he wouldn't miss it, and he sent a text message to Phyllis to inform her that he had a bonding thing to attend for work and that he'd explain later.

Victoria said she'd see everyone at the restaurant, but Billy hovered behind. She asked if he had other plans that night, but he replied that he was looking forward to hanging out with the Brash & Sassy crew. She suggested that they drive over together, since it had felt nice talking to him, and she didn't have anyone else to talk to about her mother. He agreed to go together, and they headed out.

At Jabot, Ravi informed Ashley that he'd made a last-minute reservation at Top of the Tower. Phyllis overheard and insisted on tagging along to talk business. Ashley and Ravi exchanged an annoyed glance.

At Top of the Tower, Jack told Nikki that he'd be happy to help her get her mojo back, and he recommended that she start by removing a certain moustache from her life. Nikki clucked that Jack knew she wouldn't do that, and he asked if Victor was still away on sabbatical. She confirmed that Victor was, and Jack wondered why she was asking someone her husband despised for advice. He questioned what was really going on between her and Victor.

Jack theorized that Nikki was trying to make the most of the furlough from a prison sentence she called a marriage, and she got up to leave. Jack insisted that he had plenty of ideas about how she could recapture her glory, and she sat back down. He suggested that she open an all-male version of the Bayou, but she replied that it hadn't been the direction she'd been thinking about. He proposed that she turn the ranch into a sanctuary for retired circus animals, since people would pay money to see Victor with his head inside a lion's mouth. Nikki found the thought oddly inspiring, and she said it had given her an idea.

Jack was surprised when Ashley and Ravi arrived at the restaurant together. Ravi steered Ashley toward their table, and Nikki wondered what the story was between them. Jack stated that there wasn't one, but Nikki noted that it hadn't been the first time Ashley and Ravi had been out and about. Jack was confident that Ashley wasn't pursuing anything serious, but Nikki encouraged him to open his eyes, since she suspected Ashley might be trying to get her mojo back, too.

A woman approached Devon at the bar and expressed sympathy about his divorce. Mariah stepped off the elevator and saw the woman hand Devon her card in case he ever wanted to talk. After the woman stepped away, a female bartender asked Devon if everything was okay. Devon stated that the patron had been a little bit pushy, and the bartender slid a napkin with her phone number toward him in case he was interested in someone less pushy. Mariah approached and greeted Devon, and she ordered whatever he was having.

Devon hoped the incidents hadn't bothered Mariah, who purposely placed her drink to obscure the bartender's number. Mariah recognized that she was dating Genoa City's most eligible bachelor, and she figured that he'd have to contend with friendly women all the time. Devon and Mariah settled in at a table, and he was glad that it was just the two of them. Hilary stepped off the elevator, and Mariah suggested that they fasten their seatbelts.

Victoria and Billy entered the restaurant, and she anticipated that it would be a great night. Billy wondered what was going on, since she'd invited the team to an impromptu dinner when she was the queen of structure and schedules. Victoria defended that she could be spontaneous, and she referred to their Caribbean beach wedding. Billy argued that it had been seven years earlier, and she credited him with making her show her wild side. Billy spotted Phyllis across the room.

Phyllis thanked Ashley and Ravi for allowing her to join their staff meeting, and Ravi grumbled that they hadn't had much choice. Phyllis ordered a bottle of wine, and she declared that they had a chance to talk business because her plans had been canceled. Ravi coldly informed her that work wasn't supposed to be on the menu, but Phyllis looked over at the Brash & Sassy table and noted that she wasn't the only one who wanted to brainstorm. Victoria welcomed everyone and directed Billy to sit next to her. Cane looked uncomfortable as Juliet took the chair next to his.

Hilary joined Jordan at the table, and Lily couldn't believe Hilary was his date. Hilary displayed her bare ring finger and proclaimed that she was single, so Lily could keep her "bitchy comments" to herself. Lily was thrilled to hear that the divorce was final and that Devon was finally free of Hilary. Victoria thanked everyone for being there, and she urged them to order whatever they liked. Cane opted for water instead of an alcoholic beverage, and Juliet whispered to Jordan that she knew Cane could cut loose with best of them. Victoria caught Billy staring at Phyllis, and she imagined that it was a company outing for Jabot, too.

Phyllis chugged her wine as she stared at Billy, and Ashley suggested that Phyllis just go over there. Phyllis said she wouldn't want to be rude by interrupting, and Ravi flatly replied, "Indeed." The bartender dropped off a bottle of Champagne, but Ashley protested that they hadn't ordered it. Ravi added that they had nothing to celebrate, and the bartender revealed that it was a gift. Ashley read the accompanying note, which suggested that they drown their sorrows over Jabot's latest sales figures. Ashley looked over at Victoria, who raised her glass.

Lily greeted Devon and Mariah, and she congratulated him on freeing himself from the succubus at her table. Lily blasted Hilary for being trashy by going out on a date the night her divorce had been finalized, and Mariah announced that she and Devon were being trashy, too. Lily was happily stunned, and she gushed that Mariah was a huge improvement over Hilary. Lily returned to her table, and Mariah toasted to the rest of the night being Hilary-free. Devon stared at Hilary flirting with Jordan.

Over dinner, Lily asked if Juliet missed Tokyo. Juliet replied that she'd been too busy to miss it, but she loved Genoa City. Victoria asked if Lily knew any hot guys they could introduce Juliet to. Lily innocently mentioned her husband, and she asked what Juliet was looking for. Juliet said she wanted someone smart, worldly, and handsome, and Lily wasn't surprised when Hilary added rich to the list. Lily spotted Ravi and volunteered to introduce Juliet to him. Billy taunted that Cane seemed worried that Juliet would find someone else to moon over.

Lily introduced Juliet to Ravi and suggested that he show Juliet some of the hot spots in town, and he asked if Lily meant Wi-Fi. Juliet handed him her card and proposed that they get coffee sometime, but Ravi replied that he didn't drink coffee. Lily thought they'd figure something out, and she and Juliet walked away. Ravi apologized to Ashley because their dinner kept getting hijacked, but she thought he should definitely go out with Juliet. Ravi questioned why he should go out with Juliet when he barely knew her, and Ashley explained that the point was to get to know one another better.

Ashley noted that Ravi was clearly a catch, and she didn't want to get in the way of him meeting someone special that he might start a family with. He pointed out that he'd never said he'd wanted kids, but she thought he seemed family-oriented. Ravi argued that just because he was close with his family didn't mean he wanted one of his own, and he believed there were ways to have relationships without conforming to labels. Ashley contemplated what other assumptions she'd gotten wrong.

Ravi suggested that he and Ashley finish up before Phyllis got back, and he insisted on paying the check because he'd invited Ashley. Ashley went to the ladies' room, and Ravi approached Phyllis at the bar and told her that she could pay for her share of the check, since she'd invited herself to his dinner with Ashley.

Hilary and Jordan approached Devon and Mariah, and Hilary noted that it looked like they were having a good time. Devon dryly replied that they had been, and Hilary confirmed that everything she'd said on her show about their marriage had been true. Devon agreed that their union hadn't been entirely bad, and Hilary imagined that celebrating the end of their marriage had been Mariah's idea. Devon defended that they were simply on a date, just like Hilary and Jordan were. Hilary huffed that it was just a work obligation, since she wouldn't attach to the first rebound to happen along. Hilary and Jordan walked away.

Phyllis looked on as Victoria proposed a toast. Victoria recalled that she'd spoken about her team's professional accomplishments, but she considered them to be a family. Victoria continued that they argued and disagreed, but at the end of the day, what mattered was the company. Victoria was sure that they'd be there when things got tough, and she couldn't think of anyone else she'd want to be by her side. As the group clinked their glasses together, Billy received a text message from Phyllis, asking him to meet her in the coat check room. Victoria prepared to go freshen up, and Hilary and Juliet joined her. Billy walked off, and Lily asked Cane to grab her jacket from the coat check.

In the bathroom, Ashley thanked Victoria for the Champagne, even though it had tasted like desperation. Victoria imagined that it had been a step up from tasting like failure, but Ashley contended that Jabot's products were as popular as ever. Ashley pointed out that Hilary was wearing Jabot's eye shadow and that Juliet was wearing too much of Jabot's perfume, and she noted that Victoria's compact was Jabot's. Ashley thanked them for their loyalty, and she asserted that stunning, strong women using Jabot products did more for the brand than any hockey league ever could. Ashley wished them a good night and headed out, and Victoria tossed her compact into the trash.

Hilary stepped out, and Juliet vowed never to wear the competition's perfume again. Victoria gave Juliet credit for admitting when she'd made a mistake, since Victoria had never been good at doing it herself. Juliet guessed that Victoria was talking about Billy, and Victoria confided that she'd thought they might have a chance to get back together, but Billy thought it was too late for them. Juliet figured that had been what Victoria's speech had been about, and she suspected that Billy had gotten the message. Victoria declared her determination to make him realize that they had a future together, no matter what it took.

Lily got up to find Cane, but she stumbled and almost fell. Jordan caught her as Hilary jealously looked on.

In the coat check room, Phyllis demanded to know if Billy had told Victoria about them, but he said it was a business dinner. Cane hovered outside as Billy told Phyllis that it hadn't been the right time. Phyllis insisted that Billy tell Victoria right away, since she refused to be the other woman and sneak around. Cane eavesdropped as Billy swore that Phyllis was the only woman in his life.

At the Newman ranch, Nikki played the piano as Jack listened admiringly. He clapped when she finished, and he marveled that he hadn't heard her play like that in years. She mentioned that Reed's music lessons had revived her passion for music, and she wondered whether it was crazy for her to get back into it. Nikki revealed that she was considering performing at a benefit she was chairing, and Jack thought it was a wonderful idea. He discovered the plans for a new building, and he realized that it was a research facility in her name. He questioned whether it was something "Moneybags" had bought her.

Nikki explained that Victor had made a substantial donation to the university's neurology department, and Jack recognized that it would do a world of good. He spotted an open photo album and asked if she'd been taking a walk down memory lane. He fawned over childhood photographs of Victoria and Nick, and he said they reminded him of when he and Nikki had been together, raising the kids. He mused that those years had been a happy time.

Nikki sadly realized that the albums would have held other memories if things had been different. She asked if Jack ever thought about the children they'd lost, and he replied that he did from time to time. She recounted the obstacles they'd faced, but she thought they'd managed to put together some wonderful years despite them. Jack put his arm around her, and the front door slammed shut. Victor stalked in and glared at them.

On the next The Young and the Restless...

• Hilary warns Lily to keep her hands off.

• Victor tells Nikki that he accepts Victoria and Nick turning their backs on him, but he thought Nikki understood him.

• Ashley realizes that Jack and Gloria are involved.

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