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Friday, May 19, 2017

Jack stopped by the Newman ranch to drop off a book about classical music composers for Nikki. Nikki said she'd been worried about him after she'd seen Dina on Hilary's show, and Jack reported that he'd had a run-in with his mother. Nikki recalled that Dina was a complicated woman, and Jack indicated that his mom hadn't changed. He continued that a stupid part of him wanted to keep a connection with Dina, while the other part wanted to cut her loose for good. Nikki empathized that it was hard to walk away from someone whose love he still desperately wanted.

Jack mentioned Dina's comment during her interview about it never being too late to connect with family, and Nikki imagined that it had resonated with him. Jack wanted to believe that his mother was in town for more than just a business deal, and Nikki noted that Jack hadn't closed his heart to Dina. Nikki acknowledged how hard it was to truly forgive, and she thought Jack was the only one to determine if he was ready to do it. Nikki mused that some people had done things that were unforgivable, but she didn't consider Dina to be one of them.

Jack was shocked that Nikki was giving Dina a pass, and Nikki explained that she believed Dina would change things if she could. Jack lamented that no one had a chance to change the past, but Nikki advised him not to let it affect his future. She added that he shouldn't let anyone talk him out of having a relationship with his mother if that was what he wanted, since Dina wouldn't be around forever. She questioned whether the only way he wanted to remember Dina was from the hurt he'd felt as a young boy.

At Newman Enterprises, Scott informed Victor that he hadn't turned up much information about the company that had sent the mysterious payment. Victor questioned what Abby's connection was to it, and he barked that he'd hired Scott for his investigative abilities, so he wanted results. Scott swore that Abby had given him no reason to be suspicious, and he showed Victor some research about accounting errors in Fortune 500 companies. Victor thought the large deposit that had been made while he had been away had raised a red flag, and he smelled a rat. Victor was adamant that Scott find out what it had been about.

Scott stepped out and ran into Abby in the hallway, and he revealed that he and Victor had been talking about her. Scott showed Abby the financial ledgers and claimed that Victor was impatient because Scott wasn't up to speed on business matters. Scott added that he needed a crash course in accounting to understand how Newman got paid and for what, and he needed someone to be his tutor and tour guide. Abby huffed that people went to business school for years to learn those things, and she scoffed at the idea that Scott expected to do it in one day.

Scott questioned whether Abby had gone to a top business school or if her dad had just handed her a job, and he said Victor had sparked the idea of her teaching Scott the ropes. Abby burst into Victor's office and confronted her father, and Victor instructed her to make training Scott a priority. After Victor stepped out, Scott quipped that Abby had probably assumed that he'd coasted through life on his charm and looks, but his brain was above average, and he wouldn't let her down. She fumed.

At Jabot, Jack gazed at a photo of John. Abby entered and declared that there was nothing suspicious about her visiting her favorite uncle. She announced that she'd found their first tech startup for the incubator -- a new dating app. Jack said he was too old to use one, but he was sold if she thought it was a winner. Abby remarked that he had no idea how good it felt to be trusted for a change.

Abby told Jack about how Victor wanted her to teach Scott about how Newman earned and spent money, and she admitted that she'd had paranoid flashes about Scott digging for answers about the warehouse check. Jack assured her that no one could trace it back to him. Jack asked if she was sure she could handle Scott, and she confidently stated that Scott was no match for her. Meanwhile, Scott pulled up an image of the check on his computer.

Nick stopped by to see Chelsea. He recognized that he should have called, but he hadn't known if she'd answer. She mentioned that she'd gone to see Victor earlier to ask him about the passports he'd had made for her and Adam, since Chloe might have used the same expert to help her get out of the country. Chelsea reported that Victor had dropped everything to help, but it had been a dead end. She guessed that Nick was there to tell her to let it go, but he asserted that he was there to prove to her that he would listen. He implored her to tell him how she felt about everything.

Chelsea said Nick's support meant a lot to her, and he assured her that he'd always been on her side. She recalled that he had been until she'd told him that she wouldn't rest until she got justice for Adam, and then things had unraveled between them. Nick recognized that she needed to do it, and Chelsea asked if it meant he wanted Chloe to be found, too. He argued that it wasn't a yes or no answer, but she countered that he was either with her or not, and she demanded to know which one it was.

Chelsea observed that Nick couldn't look at her, and she surmised that she had her answer. Nick urged her to do whatever it took to find Chloe because Chelsea needed to do it, but he explained that he couldn't do it with her because of the pain Chloe had caused his family. He promised that he wouldn't try to stop Chelsea or hold her back from getting closure. They hugged.

Chelsea showed Nick out, and he expressed regret that things hadn't worked out with Victor and the passport. She mentioned that it had led her in another direction, since she'd bumped into Scott, who had suggested that she focus on the time Chloe had spent in the mental hospital. Nick suggested that they keep the search between them to avoid potentially tipping off Chloe or whoever Chloe had been working with.

At the ranch, Nikki was appalled when Victor informed her that he'd asked Nick to spy on Chelsea. Nikki groused that it might be a new low for Victor, but Victor argued that it would be a disaster if Chelsea ended up on Chloe's trail, so he needed Nikki and Nick to keep him informed. Nikki scoffed at the idea that Victor still wanted to order them around, but Victor countered that it had been how she'd wanted it. "Victor, I never wanted this," she replied.

Victor was sure that there were still feelings between him and Nikki, since he could see it in her eyes. Nick arrived, and Nikki informed him that Victor had told her about what he'd asked Nick to do. Nick said he was there to report in, even though he felt like he was caught in a trap. Victor inquired about Chelsea's next move, and Nick indicated that she wouldn't pursue the matter any further. Meanwhile, Chelsea booked a flight to San Francisco.

In Los Angeles, Hilary and Lily bantered in the hotel lobby after wrapping up their live interview. Hilary conceded that the interview had gone pretty well, but she warned that viewers might think that Lily was being overexposed. Lily thought the ad campaign was nothing compared to Hilary's syndicated shrine to herself streaming live on the Internet. Hilary huffed that she'd soon be doing interviews with real celebrities and not a spokesmodel who was shilling her husband's company.

In Billy's hotel room, Phyllis dressed in sexy lingerie and fussed over her makeup. She checked her phone and was dismayed that Billy hadn't responded to her text message. She sent another message, stating that The Hilary Show was over, but another show was about to start right there.

Downstairs, Billy tried to downplay the seriousness of the behind-the-scenes footage, but Victoria announced that the hockey league was calling an emergency meeting because they were livid that an unauthorized video of players talking about gambling was all over the web. Billy insisted that he and the players had just been joking, but Cane accused Billy of airing the footage before receiving approval. Billy contended that he'd been there when Juliet had received the go-ahead from the league, and Juliet uncertainly stated that she'd thought she had.

Victoria urged everyone to calm down and think about what had happened when the behind-the-scenes footage had been filmed. Billy assumed that she was trying to assign blame, but Victoria wanted to take things one step at a time. Billy read Phyllis' text message, and Victoria instructed Cane to find Hilary. Lily overheard and asked Cane why Victoria wanted to talk to Hilary, and Cane suggested that perhaps they were coordinating another interview. Lily sensed that Cane was distracted, and he claimed that he was exhausted and wanted to get home to the kids.

Later, Victoria asked Hilary if the footage had worked out okay, and Hilary enthused that it had been great. Billy inquired whether anyone had edited it, but Hilary pointed out that they'd only had a few minutes of prep time before the segment had gone live, so they'd gone on air with the footage they'd been given. Hilary thought it seemed like they were fishing for something, but Victoria merely thanked her for getting the piece online that quickly. Hilary stepped away, and Victoria bemoaned that they were no closer to figuring things out.

Billy maintained that he and the players had been joking, but Victoria ranted that any mention of betting on their own sport meant something very serious to the league. She questioned why they'd aired the footage when the league had said they hadn't finished reviewing it before the live stream had gone online. Billy recalled that Juliet had said it was good to go, and Juliet stammered that they'd been rushing to be ready when Hilary had gone live. Victoria realized that they hadn't actually received confirmation that the league had seen and approved all the footage, so they had no defense.

An upset Juliet rushed off, and Billy defended that the fragment about gambling had been taken out of context. Billy suggested that they call Jesse back there so that they could review the rest of the footage, and everyone could see that it had been a misunderstanding. Cane griped that it was obvious that Billy wanted to pin the debacle on Jesse, but Victoria insisted that they talk to the cameraman right away.

A man called to Hilary, and she recognized Barry, the agent who she'd used to manipulate Devon. Barry noted that she'd gotten what she'd wanted, since he'd heard she was sole owner of her show. Hilary bragged about her amazing interview with Julie Chen, and she thought Barry could help her build momentum if they worked together. Barry told her to give him a call, and he mentioned that he'd seen her live stream with Lily. He inquired whether Lily was still in the lounge, and he expressed interest in working with her. Hilary begrudgingly revealed that Lily was at the rooftop bar.

At the rooftop bar, Lily sipped a drink as she gazed out at her image on a billboard. Hilary approached with Barry, who gushed that word on the street was that Lily's Dare commercial was dynamite. Lily pointed out that it hadn't even been edited yet, but Barry remarked that good news traveled quickly when new talent was involved. He referred to the billboard, and Hilary snidely commented that it hadn't been vandalized by delinquents yet. Barry dismissively asked Hilary for a moment alone with Lily, and Hilary departed. Barry called Lily a breath of fresh air, and he offered to "turbocharge" her career.

Barry showed Lily photos of some of his clients who had started as models and had gone on to do amazing things. Lily informed him that she had an exclusive contract with Brash & Sassy, but Barry imagined that she'd be out once their marketing strategy changed. Lily pointed out that she couldn't move to L.A. because she had a family in Genoa City, but Barry was optimistic about making it work if the demand was there, and he believed it would be. Lily told him that she and her husband made decisions together, but she agreed to talk to Cane about it.

Hilary stopped a frazzled Juliet and asked what had happened. Juliet wailed that things were a mess because the hockey league was freaking out, and it had been her job to get full approval before the footage had aired. Lily approached and asked if they'd seen Cane, since they were going to celebrate how great things had gone.

Later, Victoria thanked Jesse for returning to the hotel, and he hoped she was happy with what he'd shot. Victoria informed him that they needed to review everything he'd taped, and Billy asked if Jesse had edited the footage in any way. Jesse fibbed that he'd only taken out the dead air between clips, and Cane called the review a waste of time. Victoria insisted on watching the footage, and Jesse pulled it up on his tablet. Billy anticipated watching the moment they hadn't seen earlier.

After the footage ended, Victoria noted that nothing had shown that the betting conversation had been a joke. Billy contended that the tape had stopped in the middle, and he demanded to know why Jesse had done it. Jesse figured that he'd been changing the memory card. Billy pressed Jesse to confirm that Billy and the players had been kidding around, but Jesse said he hadn't been listening. Billy insisted that the hockey league needed to hear the real story, but Cane blasted Billy for trashing their campaign by engaging in conversation with professional players about betting on a game.

Billy chased after Victoria and suggested that he and the players take a lie detector test. Cane announced that the sports blogs had already picked up the story, and there were fears that the championship had been compromised. Victoria took some of the responsibility because she'd rushed to get the segment with Hilary done, and she insisted that they had to fix it no matter who had been at fault. Billy offered to go to Toronto to meet with his contacts, and he left to pack. Cane voiced concern to Victoria that Billy had no credibility, since Billy's gambling had almost cost them the endorsement from the beginning. Cane urged her to go to Toronto alone to save the campaign.

Cane secretly met with Jesse, who said all he'd known had been that Cane had told him to delete ten seconds of footage, but it had turned into a major emergency. Cane swore that Jesse was off the hook and that Billy was the one in the hot seat, but Jesse implied that Cane might easily join Billy if Jesse mentioned what Cane had instructed him to do. Jesse imagined that the truth would be worth a lot to Billy, and he wondered how much it was worth to Cane to make the original footage disappear. Cane pulled out more money, and Jesse said it had been a pleasure doing business with him.

Phyllis sprayed perfume all over her body as she waited impatiently. She checked her phone again and was exasperated to see no response from Billy. She decided that she was done with it, and she was packing when Billy burst in. She surmised that he'd been out celebrating, but he informed her that he had to go to Toronto to try to fix things, since he was at risk of losing everything. Victoria pounded on the door and called out to Billy.

After Phyllis hid, Victoria informed Billy that she'd be the one going to Toronto to fix things and that she'd already canceled their trip with the kids. Billy surmised that she didn't trust a gambling addict to handle it, and she scolded him for showing an incredible lack of judgment. She added that she didn't know if she could undo the damage, but she had to try, and she headed for the door.

Victoria suddenly stopped and declared, "You can come out now, Phyllis." Phyllis stepped out of the bathroom and admitted that it had been her idea to surprise Billy in L.A. Victoria advised Phyllis to wear less perfume, since Victoria had smelled it from the moment she'd walked into the room. Phyllis explained that she hadn't wanted to make things any worse for Billy. Victoria growled that it would be pretty much impossible to do so, and she stalked out.

On the next The Young and the Restless...

• At Brash & Sassy, Juliet warns Cane that Hilary knows about their one night stand.

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