Friday, September 12, 2014

Sharon and Faith returned home from shopping for school supplies, and Nick declared that his girls were back. He told Faith that he and her mommy had to go somewhere, and he instructed Sharon to put the bags down so they could get out of there. Noah entered and announced that the babysitter was accounted for, and Sharon asked what was going on. Nick pulled out a blindfold, and he implored Sharon to go with him.

Later, Noah thanked Summer for relieving him of his babysitting duties, and he offered to hang out with his sisters before he left for work. Faith chirped that he had another sister, and she told Summer that they needed to get Mariah a sister bracelet. Noah suggested that Faith fetch her own bracelet, and she whispered something in Summer's ear and ran upstairs. Summer divulged that Faith had said not to tell Mariah, but Summer was still her favorite sister.

Summer looked at family photos on the mantel, and Noah said that Faith had her priorities straight. Summer pointed out that Faith had known Summer her whole life, and Noah asked if Summer was afraid that Faith would become close with Mariah. Summer noted that Faith and Mariah were blood relatives, but Summer wasn't. She thought it seemed like Cassie had returned to life, but Noah advised that it would only be a competition if Summer made it one. Summer admitted that she was really confused, and she didn't know if she'd ever be able to really accept that she wasn't Nick's daughter.

Summer wished she had been able to resist getting overprotective when people had horned in on her territory, and she recognized that she hadn't taken the news that Kelly had moved in with Jack well. Summer realized that it had been wrong for her to expect Jack to give up the rest of his life by waiting for something that might not happen, and she conceded that Kelly was good for Jack. Summer questioned why she couldn't just accept the situation, and Noah sympathized that she'd had a lot taken away from her, but he noted that she'd opened her heart to Austin, so it wasn't always bad to let people in. Summer said that maybe he was right, and she thought she knew where to start.

At the Abbott mansion, Jack asked where Kelly was headed, and she informed him that she had plans to meet her mother for coffee. Jack was surprised that her mom was in town, and Kelly explained that her mother had shown up out of the blue and that Kelly was still trying to process it herself. Jack said that he would love to meet her mother, and he suggested that he join them. "Oh, God, no!" Kelly exclaimed.

Kelly clarified that she'd love for Jack to meet her mom, but it wasn't the best time. Jack understood that the women hadn't always gotten along, and Kelly confided that she'd always felt distant from her mother, who had always seemed like she'd wanted to be someplace else. Kelly couldn't imagine where she would have ended up without her dad, and after he'd died, her relationship with her mom had gotten worse. She recalled that she and her mom had fought about what Stitch had done, and she didn't want Jack to be stuck in the middle. Jack pointed out that he'd handled a lot of negotiations with good results, and he assured Kelly that she wasn't alone.

In Maureen's hotel room, Stitch observed that the place was better than what he could have offered, but Maureen fretted that Kelly hadn't forgiven her, and she wished that Kelly had softened a bit over time. Maureen added that she'd never been able to connect with Kelly, who had always been daddy's little girl. Stitch recognized that Maureen was visiting because she was worried about him, and he admitted that it had been rough to have his past exposed, but he assured her he was handling it. She asked if he was trying to get rid of her, and he said that he didn't want her to feel obligated to stay. She confessed that she'd almost turned around and gone home, but she'd gotten some advice from a nice lady.

Maureen explained that the woman had made her believe that she was strong enough to face her demons, and Stitch agreed. Maureen said that she'd needed to be reminded that she could be a supportive mother, so she was staying, and the first order of business was Stitch's baby situation. She asserted that he needed a DNA test to avoid a paternity suit if he wasn't the father, but Stitch was confident that Victoria wouldn't sue him. Maureen repeated Victoria's name, and Stitch confirmed that she was Victor and Nikki Newman's daughter. Maureen realized that he really cared for Victoria, but she guessed that Victoria didn't feel the same way.

Maureen noted that there was obviously another man in the picture if the baby's paternity was in question, and Stitch informed her that Victoria wanted him to be part of the baby's life if it was his child. Maureen understood that having another child would mean a lot to him after Jenna had taken Max, and she wished things were different. There was a knock at the door, and Maureen opened it to Kelly and Jack. Maureen stammered that she hadn't known anyone else would be joining them, and Kelly introduced the man in her life. Jack apologized for intruding, and he said that he hadn't been able to wait to meet the mother of the woman he'd fallen in love with.

Stitch commented that their lives seemed to be in sync, since he was working for Ashley, and Jack disclosed that Ashley had neglected to tell him that she'd hired Stitch. Maureen insisted that Stitch could do the job, and Jack stood behind Ashley's decision, but he pointed out that he'd effectively be Stitch's boss at Jabot. Maureen recognized the company's name, and she remarked that Kelly was fortunate to have found a very clever man to be with. Jack stated that he was fortunate to have Kelly in his life.

Kelly and Jack returned home to the mansion, and she asked if he was sure he still wanted to live with her. Jack said that Maureen had been trying, and Kelly agreed that her mother had attempted to make a good impression on him. Kelly noticed some flowers on the table, and she read the card, which said, "Welcome home. Love, Summer." Kelly wondered about the reason for Summer's change of heart, but Jack was glad it had happened. Kelly murmured that she never knew about some people, and Jack declared that he was sure about Kelly. They kissed.

At the clinic in Georgia, Phyllis' arms and legs flailed as she tried to move, and she yammered nonsensically as she became increasingly agitated.

At Crimson Lights, Avery presented Dylan with a card for them to sign and give to Paul to commemorate his distinguished citizen award. Avery added that she'd included a gift card from the coffeehouse, since she thought Paul would appreciate the opportunity to spend time with Dylan. Dylan informed her that he'd made Paul something, and he showed her some hand-crafted fishing lures. Avery gushed that Paul would love them, and she purred that Dylan was incredibly talented with his hands. She asked if he felt better about his relationship with Paul after talking to Christine, but her phone rang, and she answered a call from a judge.

Avery ended her call, and Dylan urged her to take care of things, but she wanted to finish their conversation about Paul. Dylan said that he wasn't lying about his feelings, but Avery suspected that going to the party and making a gift indicated that Dylan was taking steps toward accepting Paul. Dylan revealed that he wasn't ready to be Paul's son, but he had no objection to being Paul's friend. Avery observed that Dylan seemed more settled and less angry, and he steered her toward the door, since they couldn't be there during an important event. She noticed that the patio had been decorated, but he rushed her out.

Victor returned home to take Nikki to Paul's party, but she declared that she didn't think they should go because of Victor's harsh treatment of Paul during the police investigation. Victor contended that it was the police's job to find Ian, but he didn't need them trampling all over his property. Nikki countered that Paul had simply been trying to find a man they all wanted to see caught, and Victor huffed that she was in jeopardy as long as Ian was at large. Victor asked what would make her feel better, and Nikki requested that he stop going on business trips and stay home with her.

Victor kissed Nikki's forehead and inquired whether that would keep her from being afraid, and she insisted that she needed him. He promised to be by her side from that moment on, and he pledged that he wouldn't argue with Paul. Nikki groused that she couldn't guarantee the same with Christine, but Victor doubted that Christine would do anything to upset Paul. Victor suggested that it would be good to get out and be around other people, and he and Nikki hugged.

At the police station, Paul put a rush on a report from forensics, and Michael greeted him. Paul said that he'd found blood on the Newmans' driveway, and Michael asked if the evidence was connected to Ian. Paul griped that he didn't know because forensics was backlogged, and Michael reminded Paul about his dinner with Christine. Paul said that he would have to cancel if he didn't get the lab results soon, since the evidence was crucial to the case.

Michael argued that Paul was reachable by cell phone, and Christine would be upset if Paul backed out. Paul thought that she would understand, and he took off after he received an email from forensics. Paul announced to a group of officers that the blood had matched Ian's DNA, and Jeffrey arrived and complained to Michael that he'd received a parking ticket. Paul instructed his team to canvas the area near a racetrack where Ian's car had been found, and Michael tried to stop Paul, to no avail.

Michael checked his phone, and Jeffrey demanded some help. Michael refused to pay the parking ticket, but Jeffrey hoped that Michael could make it disappear, especially since Jeffrey could give him something in return. Jeffrey mentioned that he'd heard Paul say that Ian's car had been found at the racetrack, and Michael realized that Jeffrey was always there. Jeffrey reported that Dylan had been there the day before and that he'd seemed upset, and he surmised that Dylan had lost his shirt on the ponies.

At the Athletic Club, Lauren asked Christine what she thought of the party arrangements, and Christine said that she wanted to keep things low-key. Lauren realized that it would be jarring for Paul when he walked in and saw all of his friends, but Christine asserted that they should share in the ups as well as the downs, and she was sure that Paul would think it was a nice surprise once the shock wore off. Lauren handed Christine a drink, and she said that Michael would get Paul there on time. Christine thought it wouldn't be easy, since Paul had been working hard, but the doctor had said that he could resume normal activities.

Christine mused that Paul hadn't been the only one who'd gotten a new lease on life, and Lauren asked if they'd stepped up their plans to have a baby. Christine said that she didn't want to pressure Paul, and she recalled that Lauren had been sad when she'd learned that she and Michael hadn't been expecting another baby. Lauren proclaimed that it definitely wasn't happening, and Christine asked if everything was okay. Lauren insisted that she and Michael were fine, and she chugged her drink.

Victor and Nikki entered the club, and he greeted Lauren and Christine. Christine coolly welcomed Nikki, who handed over a gift from Fenmore's for Paul. Avery and Dylan arrived, and Victor thanked Dylan for protecting Nikki from Ian. Dylan queried how Nikki was doing, and she proclaimed that she was ready to move on. Lauren declared that it was a party, and she suggested that they all put their worries on hold for the rest of the day. Victor ordered a drink, and Nikki struggled against temptation.

Dylan handed Avery a martini and Nikki a club soda, and Nikki commented that it was nice to see him smiling again. Nikki said that she was proud of him for chasing Ian away and getting on with his life, and Avery added she was proud, too. Lauren worried that Michael should have already called to inform them that Paul was on his way, and Christine suspected that Paul would skip dinner if he had a lead on Ian. Victor assured her that Paul would be there, but Christine noted that Paul hadn't been excited about the idea of a party. Victor reasoned that a man would do anything for the family he loved.

Christine apologized to the guests for Paul's absence, and Lauren approached Avery and asked about the new law firm. Avery reported that it was an easier transition than she'd expected, and her caseload had already lightened up. A surprised Lauren mentioned that Michael had been getting home late due to work, and Avery rambled off a list of things that could suddenly pop up in a lawyer's line of work, but Lauren seemed suspicious.

Paul arrived and wondered what was going on, and Christine weakly said, "Surprise." Christine asked if Paul was mad at her, and he said that the party was a bigger deal than what he'd wanted, but he answered her question with a kiss. He wondered what Christine had promised the guests to get them to show up, and Lauren insisted that they'd wanted to be there. Victor and Nikki told Paul they were proud of him, and Dylan remarked that he was glad Paul was around to accept the award.

Michael entered and pulled Paul aside, and he revealed that Dylan had been spotted at the time and place Ian had disappeared. Christine asked the guests to each grab a glass to make a toast, and Paul informed Dylan that he had to take Dylan to the station for questioning about Ian's disappearance.

Nikki stirred her drink at the bar, and Victor asked if she wanted a refill. She replied that she was fine, and she got up to use the powder room. Maureen warmly greeted "Sherry" in the foyer, and Victor overheard and asked why Maureen would call Nikki that.

Nick led a blindfolded Sharon into the coffeehouse, and he removed the blindfold and announced that he didn't have a DeLorean, but they were going back in time. She surveyed the patio and remembered their college dance, and he handed her a smoothie and remarked that she'd always drunk them after class. She marveled that he'd been crowned king of the Polynesian-themed dance, and he called her his queen. He toasted to their long reign, and she praised everything he'd done, but she asked what was really going on.

Nick claimed that he'd wanted to take a few moments to appreciate what they had, and Sharon said that she appreciated it even more after everything they'd been through. She added that she knew what it was like to be lost and to wake up with a pit in her stomach because she'd hurt the people she loved, and she'd been afraid that they wouldn't love her back again. Nick professed that he'd fallen in love with Sharon in that very room, and there hadn't been a moment since when he hadn't felt the same way. He swore that he loved her and always would, and they happily embraced.

Nick contemplated what it would have been like to know back then what they did at that moment, and Sharon asked if he would have changed anything. He replied that he would go back and change some things if he could, but he wouldn't change others for the world, like buying the coffeehouse and starting their lives together. He mused that they'd had everything going for them when they'd tracked down Cassie, and he'd popped the question that Sharon had been avoiding for the previous few months. Sharon reasoned that it had made sense to say yes back then, and she flashed back to Nick's original proposal. Nick agreed that it had made sense for her to marry him back then, adding, "And it makes sense now."

Nick said that he and Sharon had made a lot of memories, both good and bad, and it was time to face the new ones. He continued that he couldn't promise their life would be as sweet as being king and queen at the dance, and he admitted that he'd bailed the last time there had been trouble, but he promised that it would never happen again. Nick declared his love for Sharon, and he explained that in sports, it wasn't about the name on the back but the name on the front. He said that he'd learned what that meant, and he and Sharon were a team.

Nick asked if Sharon wanted to make it real and forever, and he inquired, "Sharon Collins Newman, will you be on my team again?" Sharon grinned and blurted out, "Yes!" Meanwhile, Phyllis suddenly sat upright in bed and piercingly screamed, "No!"

. . .

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