Friday, April 11, 2014

At the police station, Jack offered to get Chelsea something to drink, and she dazedly remarked that she'd never thought that she'd actually get the call about Adam. Jack vowed to be there for her and Connor, and Paul apologized for keeping Chelsea waiting. Paul said that he had some paperwork for her to sign before he could release Adam's remains to the funeral home, but Chelsea declared that she wasn't signing anything until she saw her husband with her own eyes. Paul explained that Adam's body had been in the river for weeks after being trapped in a burning car, so his remains were unrecognizable.

Jack warned that Chelsea wouldn't be able to erase the sight from her memory and that Adam wouldn't have wanted that for her, but Chelsea demanded to see Adam. Victor entered, and Chelsea questioned whether perhaps the remains weren't Adam's. Victor reminded her that the dental records had matched, and he gently stressed that Adam was gone. Chelsea cried that she wasn't holding out any false hope, but she wanted to have one last moment with her husband.

Chelsea wailed that she'd believed what the homeless man had said, even though it had sounded irrational, and she had thought Adam had been out there. She sobbed that Adam had always felt alone and unloved, and she couldn't let things end like that. Jack reasoned that Adam wouldn't be able to sense her presence or hear her voice, but Adam had known that she'd loved him. Jack understood that Chelsea wanted to say goodbye, but he maintained that viewing the remains wasn't the way to do it. Victor added that they could all say a proper goodbye at the memorial.

A man wearing a wedding band opened a newspaper and saw an article about Chelsea taking her fashion line to the runway in spite of her recent loss. The man lovingly touched the photo of Chelsea.

In his office, Victor stared at Adam's nameplate, and he flashed back to a young Adam marveling that he and Victor had the same name. Victor threw the nameplate in the trash, and Jack appeared in the doorway and called the gesture symbolic. Jack commented that Victor always moved forward, and Adam had inherited the trait. Jack added that Adam had been determined to get Victor's respect, and the nameplate and title had meant everything to Adam at one time, but in the end, all Adam had really cared about was being a father.

Jack said that Adam had been close to getting everything he'd wanted -- to give and receive love. Victor barked not to tell him what his son had wanted, and Jack conceded that Victor had loved Adam. Jack urged Victor to say a real goodbye at the memorial and not to throw Adam's memory in the trash. Victor grumbled that Jack had overstayed his welcome, and Jack left. Victor removed Adam's nameplate from the trash, and he placed it back into the drawer. He made a call and asked if someone had made sure that Cassie's look-alike had left town. Victor was irate to learn that the person had lost track of her.

Preparations were underway for the fashion show, and Lily rushed around backstage to tend to details. Cane playfully grabbed her headset, and she protested that she needed it. Lily babbled that buyers and critics would be there, and everything had to be right for the various fashion houses. She hoped that the event would erase the nightmare of the Delia Project's gala, and she reached to get her headset back, but Cane kissed her instead.

Hilary looked for Summer to help zip up her dress, and Devon stepped in to assist. He asked how Hilary was holding up, and she replied that she had a lot going on between serving as a model and an executive assistant, but she would feel better if Neil were there to make sure things weren't falling through the cracks. Devon realized that Chelsea also hadn't arrived yet.

Cane insisted that Lily drink some water, and he suggested that they have some champagne upstairs. He amorously said that they could sneak away to relieve some stress and be back before anyone noticed they had been gone, but she replied that they'd have to wait until after the show. Lily complained about Hilary's hair, and she groused that they should have stuck with using professional models. Devon defended that Hilary had worked just as hard as Lily had, and Hilary huffed that she could work the runway and still get her job done. Lily growled that Hilary didn't belong there, and she intended to remind everyone of it.

Kevin entered the Athletic Club office, where Chloe sat at the computer, and he remarked that it was a big day, so he was surprised that she wasn't in the middle of things. Chloe said that she was following Michael's legal advice to make sure that Chelsea couldn't cut her out of the company, and Kevin mentioned that people were freaking out about the fashion show and that someone needed to take charge of the event. Chloe questioned why she should have to take care of everything, and she commented that perhaps an explosion was exactly what Chelsea needed. Kevin couldn't believe that Chloe wanted the fashion show to fail, since she was a part of it, and tanking her career wouldn't change anything.

Chloe sarcastically asked if she needed her career to support her daughter, and Kevin countered that Chloe couldn't just hide out, planning her next move against Chelsea. He urged Chloe to make sure that the show was a success, but she snapped that he couldn't tell her what to do just because he was her legal babysitter. Chloe threatened that if Chelsea didn't step up, she would sue Chelsea's "ass into the next century." Kevin stated that he was Chloe's husband, and he loved her enough to tell her things even when he knew they'd tick her off. He asserted that if Chloe was stupid enough to let the company crash and burn then Chelsea was right, and Chloe had no business being part of it.

Michael greeted a clearly distracted Neil in the foyer, and he wished Neil luck at the fashion show. Michael found Lauren on the phone at the bar, and she promised someone seats in the front row. As she hung up, Michael startled her, and she explained that she had a lot riding on that day. He implored her to relax and tell him what she needed, but she assured him that she was only pregnant and not an invalid. He wanted to check to see if she could get an earlier doctor's appointment to run some tests, and she surmised that he thought that she had no business having a baby at her age.

Lauren acknowledged that she was older than when she'd given birth to her other children, and Michael recalled that she'd also wanted tests for Fen. Lauren pointed out that the tests had been abnormal, and she flashed back to demanding more tests, even though the doctor had assured her that the odds were in their favor. Michael pointed out that the doctor had been right, and Lauren and Fen had both turned out fine, but Lauren worried that they'd used up all their luck. Lauren questioned whether Michael would be okay if their baby wasn't perfect.

Michael pointed out that even though Fen had been happy and healthy as a baby, Fen's life hadn't been easy. Lauren blamed herself, but Michael contended that doing drugs and going to prison had been Fen's choices. Lauren felt that she didn't deserve Fen or another baby, and she wondered why she hadn't thought to prevent a pregnancy. Michael comforted her and said that there was no need to panic when nothing bad had happened, but Lauren was scared that they would find out something bad. Michael vowed that they would handle it just like they'd dealt with every other surprise in their lives, and he assured her that they were together and that no matter what, they'd be okay.

Michael said that getting tests done would be the first step, but Lauren hesitated to proceed. She suggested that she take some time to feel the baby grow and kick, so if anything happened, she would already be in love with the baby. Michael asked what she was afraid of, and she replied everything. Michael wondered if perhaps she was afraid that she was the one who wouldn't be able to love an imperfect child.

Later, Michael entered Paul's office and blurted out to a shocked Paul that Lauren was pregnant. Michael reported that physically she was fine so far, but she was all over the place mentally. Michael admitted that he hadn't shown a joyous reaction, and he was trying to keep Lauren from spinning out of control, since he could see her cataloging all the terrible things that could happen in her head. Michael added that she was worried that she wouldn't love the baby, and Paul said that she wasn't thinking straight.

Michael said that he wanted to run tests to be proactive about what he and Lauren might be up against, but Lauren wanted to wait until she felt connected with the baby. Michael recognized that loving the baby and planning for it were two different things, and Paul suspected that Lauren wasn't the only one spinning out of control. Paul assured Michael that there was plenty of time to figure everything out, and after all that Michael and Lauren had been through, maybe the gift of life was a beautiful reward. Paul congratulated Michael, and the men hugged.

Lily was relieved when Neil showed up, and she griped that she hadn't expected "real" models to be defiant and insulting like Hilary had been. Neil said that he had faith in Lily to deal with it, but Lily ranted that Hilary could blow the event by not getting ready on time. Cane calmly stated that everything would be fine, but Lily anticipated that Hilary would pull something to ruin the show. Cane contended that Hilary wasn't the same person she had been and that Hilary just wanted a fresh start, but Lily was convinced that Hilary hadn't changed.

Lily questioned whether Cane no longer cared about what Hilary had done to them, and Cane recognized that Hilary had put them "through hell," but he pointed out that he had done the same thing to Lily. Lily countered that he hadn't done it deliberately and that he wouldn't do again, but Cane argued that Hilary wouldn't, either. Cane urged Lily to let go of her anger and to accept that Hilary wanted to change.

Devon informed Hilary that Neil was there, and he urged her to stay put while he tracked down Neil for her. Esmerelda approached and asked Devon when her private photo session would be, but Devon rushed off to find Neil. Esmerelda grumbled that Hilary had Esmerelda's boyfriend running errands, and Hilary mentioned that there would be no individual photos taken. Esmerelda insulted Hilary's makeup, and Summer intervened to defuse the situation. Chloe entered and demanded an end to the bickering and the bad shoes, and she declared that since Chelsea wasn't there, Chloe was the goddess of everything, so everyone should do as she said. Kevin looked alarmed as Chloe shrilly barked orders.

Summer helped Esmerelda and Hilary get ready, and Hilary warned Summer not to let Esmerelda walk away with the jewelry. Lily greeted Chelsea and remarked that Chelsea had almost missed her own show, and Chloe yelled out to pick up the energy. Chelsea panicked that the models were wearing the wrong jewelry, and Chloe snarled that Chelsea had obviously had something more important to deal with. Chelsea revealed that the police had found Adam's body.

Devon found Neil in the office and asked where he had been. Neil abruptly changed the topic to the number of orders Jabot would need to recover the money spent on the fashion show, but Devon suspected that Neil hadn't been thinking about business. Neil confided that Leslie had met someone, fallen in love, and gotten married -- just not to Neil. Hilary arrived at the door as Neil divulged that Leslie had gotten married in a Las Vegas chapel, even though Leslie had always insisted that marriage would only end in disaster.

Devon theorized that Leslie had made the story up, but Neil said that she'd been wearing a ring, and Devon thought that something about it didn't sound right. Neil grumbled that Leslie believed in marriage, just not to him, and Hilary knocked on the door and reported that Chloe and Chelsea were going at it backstage. Devon left, and Neil assumed that Hilary had heard what he'd told Devon. Neil expected Hilary to tell him he'd been wrong to hope that Leslie would rethink marriage, but Hilary advised him to be grateful that he'd dodged a bullet.

Hilary thought that at some point, Neil would realize that he was a lucky man and that he deserved better than how Leslie had treated him. He said that it didn't matter what he wanted, since Leslie was in love with someone else, and Hilary speculated that perhaps Leslie's husband deserved her, which was nothing to brag about. Hilary pointed out that at least Neil wasn't in a doomed marriage, and he could start to move on. She added that eventually he'd see that he'd been set free, and both he and the rest of the world were lucky.

Neil grumbled that in three weeks, Leslie had met someone online and called it love. Hilary asked if it was possible that Leslie loved her husband, but Neil asserted that chemistry or infatuation could happen in three weeks, but not love. Hilary queried how love worked, and Neil rattled off various indicators, like being able to talk all night but knowing when to be silent. He said that it was about earning and giving trust and knowing what mattered most to the other person. He gazed intently at Hilary and said that love was the knowledge about what hurt someone and what made her smile. He continued that love wasn't rushed, but rather, it happened slowly. He leaned in and kissed her, and she responded.

Chloe followed Chelsea to the dining room and blasted Chelsea for not calling her to tell her that her daughter's killer's body had been found. Chelsea ordered Chloe to stop calling Adam that and to focus on work, and Chelsea spotted Lauren and said that she couldn't thank Lauren enough. Chloe clarified that they were appreciative, and Lauren hurried off to get dressed.

Lauren entered the backstage area, and Devon asked where he could find Chloe and Chelsea. Lauren said that they'd wanted some privacy in the dining room, and Kevin overheard and worriedly headed to find them. Lily fretted that they still had to lock down the details for three of the fashion houses, and she asked Cane to keep the models from wandering off. Lily wanted to find Hilary, but Cane thought it would be safer if he looked for her. Lily pledged to do everything possible to make sure the show went off without a hitch.

Lauren struggled to put on an earring, and Michael approached. He said that she looked beautiful and that she was glowing, and she replied that she was late. He caught her as she stumbled, and he insisted upon taking her home. She said that he was being ridiculous, but he thought that the event would be too much for her. She swore that she was fine, but she almost fainted. Michael scooped her into his arms and yelled for everyone to get out of the way as he carried her out to take her to the hospital.

Chelsea angrily asked why Chloe had made last-minute changes, but Chloe demanded to know about Adam's body. Chelsea questioned whether Chloe was happy that Chelsea hadn't gotten to say goodbye, and Chloe recalled that she hadn't been able to say goodbye to Delia or to hold her child's hand when Delia had been in pain. Chloe spat that at least she could hold on to the fact that Adam had died the same way Delia had -- frightened and alone. Chelsea noted that even if Chloe had hated Adam, Chloe had said that she loved Chelsea, so she didn't understand how Chloe could disregard her feelings. Chloe spat that Adam had been an evil person who had taken Delia's life and then the girl's corneas.

Chloe raged that Adam hadn't confessed or begged for forgiveness, and all Adam had wanted had been for Chloe to be out of his face so he could forget what he'd done. Chloe declared that she was glad the "bastard" was dead, and Chelsea defended that Adam had cried and said that he was sorry, but it had been an accident. Chelsea contended that Adam's actions hadn't been vicious or evil, but she thought that Chloe was just looking for a reason to remain pitiful. Chelsea accused Chloe of using Delia to be a "spiteful little bitch," and Kevin walked in as Chloe slapped Chelsea.

Chelsea yelled that Chloe was out of her mind, and Chloe retorted that she wasn't the one who'd fallen in love with a killer. Kevin cautioned Chloe that they needed to keep her out of a cell, but Chloe taunted Chelsea for pining after a sociopath who had killed a little girl and for turning to Victor. Chelsea countered that Victor cared about Connor's best interests, unlike Chloe, who had only wanted to steal the baby. Jack tried to reason that the women needed to pull it together for the show, but Chloe questioned who would buy dresses from a baby-killer's wife. Chloe and Chelsea began to shove one another, and a catfight ensued.

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