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Friday, December 19, 2014

Lauren and Michael were surprised when Fen returned home, and Fen explained that he'd canceled his reservations in the hope that Summer and Austin could join him on a later flight, but the terms of Austin's plea agreement prevented him from leaving the country. Lauren volunteered to book Fen on another flight, but Fen wanted to know why his parents had been pushing him to leave ever since he'd gotten home. Michael claimed that he was concerned about Kevin, since the holidays had been tough for him after Delia's death and Chloe's departure. Fen promised to call Kevin after his trip, and Lauren wondered if Fen was still going.

Fen reported that he'd already booked a later reservation, and Lauren wished him a good trip and told him not to worry. Michael said he loved Fen as he hugged his son, and Fen departed. Lauren griped that she hated lying to Fen, but Michael maintained that their son deserved a happy Christmas, and he promised to tell Fen the truth after the holidays. Lauren stated that it couldn't be soon enough for her, and Michael brightly stated that perhaps the second doctor would have better news. Lauren recognized that Michael didn't want to talk about treatment options, but she warned that he'd have to if the next doctor concurred with Dr. Larson.

Lauren and Michael returned home after getting a second opinion, and she mentioned it had been the same as the first, so she wanted to go over his treatment options. Michael countered that there was no reason to rush, since he was already looking into getting a third opinion, but she argued that he'd already seen the top two oncologists in the state. Michael insisted on getting another opinion before he made a huge decision, but she stressed the importance of moving forward. He swore he would once he was confident he had an accurate diagnosis, and she suggested that they agree on a plan of attack to avoid delaying treatment. Michael refused to prepare for something that might not happen.

At the cottage, Kevin helped Mariah decorate, and when she grumbled about the holidays, he guessed that she'd never shared them with the right person. Mariah quoted from Plato Sphere's story that there was no right person, only right choices, and Kevin asked if she'd chosen to be a Scrooge. He held a sprig of mistletoe over her head and queried what she was going to do about it, and she replied that she wouldn't do what he hoped. He teased her for being afraid, but she declared that she couldn't be easily manipulated by a guy hanging a glorified piece of parsley over her head. He tossed the mistletoe aside, and they moved in close to kiss, but Sharon arrived home.

Sharon apologized for interrupting, but Mariah nervously insisted she hadn't, since she and Kevin had just been trimming the tree. Kevin said he had to help with the police department's charity event, and he wished the women a merry Christmas. After Kevin departed, Sharon noticed the mistletoe on the floor, and she said it was okay for Mariah to admit that she had feelings for Kevin, but Mariah protested that she didn't "do feelings." Sharon recalled that Mariah had felt something for Tyler, and she wanted to be there for Mariah. Sharon encouraged Mariah to tell her something she didn't know about Mariah.

Sharon prepared some peppermint tea, and she asked Mariah again about Kevin. Mariah maintained they were just friends, and she said Kevin understood her and didn't judge her. Sharon noted that it could be a basis for something more, but Mariah preferred to go with something less. Sharon recognized that Mariah was playing it safe, and she counseled that if Mariah closed herself off to love, Mariah wouldn't get hurt, but she also wouldn't be loved. Mariah replied that she wasn't sure she knew what love was.

Mariah questioned how she could know something was real if she couldn't see or touch it, and Sharon explained that love was about a feeling one got when being in a certain person's arms or seeing that person walk into a room. Mariah knew who Sharon was talking about, and Sharon admitted that despite everything, she still loved Nick. Sharon recognized that Mariah had felt she wasn't lovable her entire life, but it wasn't true, and Sharon loved her. Sharon thought that Mariah would find the kind of love Sharon and Nick had shared, and Mariah said Faith had been lucky to have Sharon throughout her whole life. Sharon replied that she was happy to have both of her daughters, and she hoped they didn't lose Faith. Mariah proclaimed that Nick might think he could take Sharon on, but he didn't stand a chance against the two of them.

At Crimson Lights, Christine chuckled when Paul appeared in a Santa costume, and he thought Dylan had done a great job decorating for the children's Christmas party that the police department was hosting. He hoped the party would help convince the community to stand behind Dylan and other small business owners to preserve the neighborhood, and he added that Dylan and Avery were out hanging flyers for the rally. Christine assumed volunteers from the police department would be there to assist, but Paul reported that everyone else was on duty, so he was prepared to handle 200 children himself. Christine left to get him some help, and Nick entered with Faith, who wanted to talk to Santa. Nick sent her to the counter to get a cookie first, and he was pleased to see that Paul was playing Santa, since Nick needed a Christmas miracle.

Nick divulged to Paul that things had been rough with Faith, who had been taking out her anger on Nick, and he hoped Paul could get her to mention what she wanted for Christmas. Paul agreed to help, and Nick informed Faith that Santa was ready to talk to her. Faith plopped down on Paul's lap, and she presented him with a cookie. He asked if she'd been a good girl, and she replied that she'd been much nicer than a lot of grown-ups, so she thought she should get something nice that year. She revealed that she only wanted one thing -- for her mom and dad to be married.

Paul explained that weddings weren't on the list of wishes Santa could grant, since his elves couldn't make them in the workshop. Faith mentioned that she'd asked for her mom and dad to get back together the year before, and Santa had made that happen, so she didn't understand why he couldn't honor her request. Paul said weddings happened when two people loved one another, and Faith asserted that her parents did. Paul gently told her that it was something only her parents could make happen, and he wished he could give her what she wanted, but he couldn't. He asked if there was anything else he could get for her, and she forlornly said no.

Kevin urged Paul to take a break, and he asked if he could put in a holiday request to give the place a reprieve from the corporate raiders. Paul said he was there to build community support for the coffeehouse, and Kevin implied that handing out raises would help, but Paul joked that his reindeer worked for peanuts. Fen pulled Kevin aside and said his flight had been delayed, so he'd wanted to check in and see how Kevin was doing. Kevin wondered why he hadn't just sent a text message, and Fen said his parents had told him why Michael had been acting weird. Kevin assumed that Fen knew everything, and he remarked that Michael would need tons of love and support to beat the cancer. Fen was stunned.

Paul handed out candy canes to the kids, and Christine appeared in an elf costume and asked if he needed help. After all the children left, Paul told Christine that he'd been thinking about Faith and Nick, and Christine guessed the girl wanted her parents back together. Paul commented that it was the one thing Newman money couldn't buy, and it was hard to see kids hurt by their parents' mistakes. Christine declared that their kid would have perfect parents, and they kissed. He asked what she wanted for Christmas, and she replied that she was lucky that year, since she had everything she wanted.

Nick and Faith returned to the tack house with shopping bags, and Nick asked what she wanted to do next, but she glumly said she didn't care. He recognized that she was upset because Santa couldn't give her what she wanted, but Faith contended that Nick could if he talked to her mommy. Nick acknowledged that Faith wanted them to be a family, and she reminded him that he'd promised, but he maintained that it was no longer possible. Faith complained that it wasn't fair, and Nick encouraged her not to hide her feelings, since it was okay to be hurt and angry.

Faith wished things could be different, and Nick agreed, but he told her that although she had a right to be upset, she'd eventually have to accept the way things were. He pledged to do everything possible to make it a good Christmas, and he pointed out that she'd get to have two Christmases. Faith groused that she still had to go back and forth between houses, and Nick promised it would be okay. Nick fetched more ornaments from upstairs and he called out for Faith, but he received no response.

Sharon gazed at a family photo, and she was surprised when Nick stopped by. He asked if Faith was there, and Sharon said their daughter was supposed to be with him. He reported that Faith had been, but she'd taken off, and he thought she might have run away.

Michael made an appointment with another doctor, and Lauren asked if he really believed the doctor would tell him anything different than the other two physicians had. He contended that it was a slow-growing cancer, so he didn't have to make a decision right away. Fen suddenly burst with Kevin close behind, and Fen pulled Michael into a fierce hug. Michael glared at Kevin.

Fen asked how Michael was feeling and how Lauren was holding up, and they swore they were fine. Fen questioned why they hadn't told him the truth, and Lauren informed him they'd wanted to wait until after the holidays. Michael snarled that Kevin had had another plan, and Fen said Kevin had thought he'd known. Fen contended that they shouldn't have lied to him, and Michael argued that it had been his decision to make. Michael swore he'd be honest with Fen, but he warned Kevin not to make any more accidental slips. Fen thought Michael had to tell Gloria, but Michael insisted on knowing everything he was facing before he told anyone else.

Fen inquired whether there was anything else that his parents weren't telling him, and Michael complained that everyone was worrying and thinking the worst when it was supposed to be the happiest time of the year. Michael resolved to beat it one way or the other, and proclaimed that they should celebrate. Michael left to look for a bottle of something sparkling, and Lauren, Kevin, and Fen exchanged somber glances.

At Delia's memorial, Sage looked at the flowers and stuffed animals lovingly placed along the roadside, and she called "Gabriel" and left a message for him to call her right away. She gasped when saw someone approaching, and she quickly ducked out of sight. Billy led Chelsea to the site, and she asked why he'd wanted to go there. Sage listened as Billy explained that he wanted Delia to know about her sister.

Billy recalled that Delia had had the best smile and that she'd known how to use it when she'd wanted something, but there was one wish he hadn't been able to grant. He remembered that every year when she'd blown out her birthday candles or pulled on a wish bone, she'd wished for the same thing, and she'd once asked Santa for a big stocking that would fit a little sister. He reached into his pocket and retrieved a photo of Katie, and he declared that Delia had finally gotten her wish. He set Katie's photo next to a framed picture of Delia, and he hoped both Delia and Katherine were raising a pretend teacup to Katie. Billy tearfully said that he'd wanted Delia to know about Katie, and he promised that Katie would know all about Delia.

Sage started to leave, but Billy and Chelsea heard her footsteps, and they called out to her. Sage apologized for intruding, and she claimed that she'd had a flat tire down the road, so she'd been trying to find her way back to a market she'd passed. Billy pointed out the parking lot up the road, and Chelsea offered her a ride, but Sage declined. Billy and Chelsea watched Sage leave, and later, Sage left another message for Adam and hoped he hadn't done anything stupid.

Chelsea asked if Billy was ready to go, but he said not yet. He told Delia that just because he had a new daughter didn't mean he didn't miss Delia like crazy, and he had happy thoughts about her every day, just like he'd promised. He admitted it hadn't been easy, but he had an amazing woman who'd been helping him. He said he wanted Delia to know he would be thinking about her a lot over Christmas, and he picked up a drawing that said Delia would be forever in their hearts. He wished Delia a merry Christmas.

At the Athletic Club, Chelsea and Billy toasted to Delia with glasses of wine, and she repeated that Delia would forever be in their hearts. He said he'd never imagined being that happy again, and there would always be a hole in his heart that would never be filled, but Katie and Chelsea made it bearable. He looked forward to spending the new year with Chelsea, and they clinked their glasses together.

At the Abbott mansion, Adam insisted to Jack that he was Adam Newman, but Jack incredulously declared that Adam had perished in a horrible accident, and Adam's body had been identified. Adam contended that it was what everyone thought, and Jack barked that Adam was playing a sick joke. Jack ordered Adam to leave, and Adam begged Jack not to call the police, since he could prove who he was. Jack called Adam sick and twisted, but Adam referred to the diary he and Jack had faked to frame Victor. Adam mentioned that Jack had gone to Hawaii to prove that Skye wasn't dead, and he contended that he and Jack were the only ones who had known Stephanie had overdosed on booze and pills on New Year's Eve in that very room.

Adam recounted that Jack had called Adam for help, and Adam had taken care of everything and had covered for Jack with the police. Adam questioned who else would know all of that, and Jack suspected that "The Moustache" was trying to set him up. Jack ordered Adam to go back and tell his boss it wouldn't work, but Adam swore he wasn't there to spy, and he said that he needed Jack to listen to him. Adam insisted that he knew things Victor couldn't possibly know, like where Stephanie's body had been, and he pointed out the spot where she'd died and described the position she'd been in. Adam recounted that the last time they'd seen one another, he'd said Jack had been the father that Victor had never been to him, and he'd meant it.

Adam rambled that he'd trusted Jack with everything, including his son, and it wasn't a sick joke or a scam. Adam maintained he was Adam Newman, and Jack stared at him for a moment and said he believed Adam. Jack suddenly slugged Adam, who remarked that Jack still had a great right cross, but he had expected a warmer reception. Jack retorted that he was being kind and warm compared to anyone else, and he asked what had happened, since Adam's body had been found in the river after the car had blown up. Adam explained that he'd been knocked unconscious, and when he'd woken up, he'd been alone and trapped, but everything else was a blur.

Adam remembered freezing in the river and having visions of Chelsea and Connor, and someone had pulled him out of the water. He continued that he'd awakened in a hospital bed in someone's house with his face bandaged, too weak to talk. Adam flashed back to Sage calling him "Gabriel," and he'd managed to croak that he wasn't Gabriel, and she'd said she knew. Adam explained that Gabriel had been the man who'd rescued him, but Gabriel hadn't made it out, and Jack realized Gabriel had died saving Adam. Adam said he'd been found in Gabriel's coat with his face burned beyond recognition, and he'd allowed everyone to think he was Gabriel. Jack questioned where Adam had been the whole time and how he'd gotten a different face, and Adam replied that he'd had help.

Jack asked why a stranger had helped Adam hide from the police, and Adam mentioned that her name was Sage. Adam revealed that she'd arranged the plastic surgery for him to have Gabriel's face, and she'd made it possible for him to take over Gabriel's life. Adam confided that she'd bribed the coroner to say the dental records matched, and Jack marveled that Adam had fooled them all. Adam said he'd been desperate, and he hoped Jack understood. Jack coldly said he understood that Adam had been desperate to get away with killing Delia.

Adam said he'd never meant to hide what had happened to Delia, and he was truly sorry he'd hurt a lot of people. He recognized that there was nothing he could say that could make up for Jack's loss, and Jack lectured that it had devastated Chloe and Billy. Adam swore it had been an accident, and Jack asked why he hadn't told the truth. Adam noted that he was considered Genoa City's resident villain, and he hadn't thought anyone would believe he hadn't seen Delia on the road. He questioned whether Jack would have believed him, and Jack countered that Adam had never given him the chance.

Jack recalled that Adam had kept asking if Jack believed in redemption, and Adam divulged that he'd been ready to turn himself in when Billy and Chloe had decided to donate Delia's corneas to Connor, but he'd feared they'd change their minds if they'd known he'd hit Delia. Jack wondered why Adam hadn't said anything after the operation, and Adam said he'd finally had the life he'd wanted. Adam explained that he'd recorded a confession that he'd left for Chelsea, and he'd been on his way to turn himself in when Billy had shown up. Jack was surprised Adam had returned after he'd confessed, and Adam explained that he'd lost a year of his life, but he couldn't afford to lose more time with his son. Jack huffed that Adam's son was alive, but Billy's child was gone forever.

Adam stated that no one felt worse than he did, but he knew Billy had suffered more than he had. Adam contended that telling everyone the truth wouldn't lessen the pain or get Delia back, but Connor deserved to have a father. Jack countered that Delia deserved justice, and Adam thought it was justice enough that he had to live with what he'd done. Adam said he was there for his family, and Jack asserted that Adam should understand what Jack had to do. Jack reached for the phone, and Adam implored him not to call the police, but Jack clarified that he was calling Billy.

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