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Friday, February 24, 2017

Noah stopped by Crimson Lights to see if Sharon needed an extra hand, and she insisted that she had everything under control. He questioned whether she had really wanted to change careers, and she pointed out that the place needed a full-time manager, especially since Dylan had neglected the coffeehouse when he'd become a cop. Noah griped that Dylan had left her to clean up the mess, and he wondered why she treated Dylan like a saint. Sharon groaned that she was tired of dissecting the end of her marriage, but Noah remarked that it was hard to move on when one was keeping a secret. Sharon swore that she wasn't hiding anything, and Noah informed her that he was. He revealed that he and Marisa had broken up.

Noah explained that the adoptive parents of Marisa's daughter had agreed to let Marisa have regular visits with the girl, so Marisa had needed to move to Spain, but he hadn't been willing to uproot his life. Sharon hoped he hadn't felt obligated to stick around because of her, and he indicated that he actually liked being a Newman since he was no longer being sucked into the family business. Sharon pointed out that some couples made long-distance relationships work, but Noah confided that he'd felt like he'd been missing out when he'd seen single people mingling at the Underground. Sharon wondered if part of the reason her relationships had failed had been because she'd never casually dated anyone, and she'd never learned to be happy on her own.

Noah noted that it wasn't too late, and Sharon credited Dylan for giving her a chance to experience the singles scene. Noah didn't understand why she wouldn't admit that Dylan had abandoned her, and Sharon questioned what that would change. Noah mentioned Nikki's statement that Dylan hadn't had any choice but to leave, and he asked what Nikki had meant by it. Noah said bartenders were very good at keeping secrets, and Sharon admitted that Nikki, Paul, and Victor were the only other people who knew that Dylan hadn't abandoned her -- he'd left to protect her and everyone she loved.

Sharon reasoned that if Dylan had stayed, it would have only been a matter of time before the drug cartel found him, so he'd gone into the Witness Protection Program. Noah condemned Paul for concocting such a cruel cover story, but Sharon recognized that no one had doubted that her lies had driven Dylan away. Noah argued that Dylan had taken a dangerous undercover job to get his mind off of Christian, but there had been a thousand other ways Dylan could have handled his grief. Noah blasted Dylan for not thinking about how his decisions would impact Sharon, but she understood that Dylan was a soldier at heart, and he would always put his mission first.

Noah wondered why Sharon hadn't told Mariah and Faith the truth, and Sharon figured that she'd be tempting fate to tell the story to the host of a gossip show. Noah thought that Faith would have a change in attitude if she knew Dylan's departure hadn't been Sharon's fault, but Sharon anticipated that Faith would see the story she'd spun as another lie. Sharon worried that it would be too much pressure for someone Faith's age, and things had gotten much better between her and Faith. Sharon insisted that Nick also couldn't know, so Noah had to keep her secret.

Sharon proposed a toast to telling the truth and moving on, and Noah commented that their lives were strangely similar, since they were both suddenly single and selling drinks to people. Sharon drew the line at going on double dates, but Noah offered to vet Sharon's dates if she took them to the Underground. Sharon wanted to meet his dates at the coffeehouse, and Noah found it nice to look into the future. She was grateful to have someone to talk to who knew the truth, and he was glad that he'd opened up about Marisa. Sharon said he'd had to take care of her for too long, but they could take care of one another from then on. They hugged.

Jack arrived at the Chancellor mansion, and he informed Esther that he had a surprise for Jill that would only help her heart. Esther advised him not to mention the "C" word -- Colin. Jill called out that she could hear every word, and she complained that everyone was treating her like she was at death's door. Jack expected Jill to outlive all of them, since only the good died young. He handed her a gift and said it was a good way to keep him around so he could pop up whenever she needed him. Jill discovered a jack-in-the-box inside, and she planned to keep it on the couch with her during her recovery.

Jill looked forward to finalizing the deal to buy Jack's shares, but he said she didn't have to keep up the act, since he knew that Colin had stolen her money. Jill became outraged that word of her money problems had spread, but Jack assured her that it wasn't public knowledge. Jack revealed that Colin had requested an extension of time to raise the money and that he'd admitted to plundering her bank accounts and causing her heart attack. Jill couldn't believe that she'd gone from men like Phillip and John to Colin, but Jack believed that Colin truly wanted to set things right. Jill announced that she'd kicked Colin to the curb, and she intended to hold Jack to his offer.

Jack insisted that Jill needed time to recover, but she refused to let him renege. He implored her to follow her doctor's orders, and he got her settled on the couch. Jill hated feeling weak, and Jack said her body was recovering from "Colin-induced trauma." Jack considered Colin to be a dangerous addiction for her, and he advised her to quit cold turkey. Jill vowed not to let Colin break her, and she intended to march into Jack's office with a big check to buy his Fenmore's stake from him. Jack said he looked forward to it, and he kissed her forehead and left. She played with the jack-in-the-box, and she smiled when it popped open.

Jill checked out the stock market, but Esther lectured that Jill wasn't supposed to be working. Jill realized that she had some stocks that Colin hadn't gotten his hands on, and she contemplated moving the funds to higher-growth companies to try to recoup her losses. Esther huffed that the funds hadn't been lost but stolen, and she informed Jill that she'd been busy making a healthy minestrone soup recipe. Jill barked that she wasn't hungry, and she freaked out because her biggest holding was trending downward. Esther urged her to focus on her long-term return, and she mentioned that Katherine had set up a retirement plan for her.

Jill ranted that it had taken decades to earn her money, and she bemoaned that she'd be lucky to shop at Fenmore's, much less buy a stake in it. Esther snapped that "Mrs. C" would have been disappointed to see Jill giving up on herself, and Jill begrudgingly agreed to eat the soup. The doorbell rang, and Esther was unable to prevent Colin from entering. He announced that he was there to pick up his stuff while Jill was still at the hospital, but he walked in and saw Jill on the couch. Jill complained about his lousy timing.

Esther scolded Colin for pretending that he hadn't known that Jill was home, and he said he'd always admired Jill's resilience. Jill growled that she'd always despised his shamelessness, and she haughtily asked where he was staying. He replied that Lily and Cane had taken him in, and Jill surmised there would be enough room for his stuff. Jill instructed Esther to pack his clothes, but Esther reported that Billy had donated Colin's belongings to charity. Jill bellowed that it had been her decision to make, and Colin lamented that his clothes had been all he'd had left.

Esther hurried off to check on the soup, and Colin remarked that at least he didn't have to deal with her anymore. Jill defended that Esther had just been trying to take care of her, and Colin contended that it was what he was trying to do, too. Jill barked that stealing her money had been a strange way to do it, and he relayed his fantasy of being a successful investor. She reiterated that it had never bothered her that she'd made more money than him, but he replied that it had bothered him, since everyone saw him as the resident gold digger who always wanted more.

Jill pointed out that Colin had had her love, but he also wanted her respect, and he recognized that he'd lost it along with her fortune. Esther returned with the soup, and Colin told Jill to look after herself as he headed out. Jill asked how Esther could have let Billy move all of Colin's clothes out, and Esther defended that she'd thought it had been what Jill wanted. Jill huffed that she wanted to be alone, and Esther exited. Jill looked up at Katherine's portrait and asked, "What are you looking at?"

Jill recognized that Katherine had been right not to trust Colin, but she thought Katherine had also been a fool for love until she'd found Murphy. Jill figured that maybe she just had to kiss a lot of frogs or keep kissing the same frog over and over again until she realized that she'd rather be with him than with a prince. Jill told Katherine not to worry, since she wouldn't take Colin back. Jill vowed to get back on her feet and finish what she'd started.

Colin encountered a homeless man in the park, and he realized that the coat the man was wearing had been his own. Colin recalled that his wife had bought it for him, but the man insisted that he'd gotten it at the men's center. Colin contended that it had been donated by mistake, and it was a reminder of the life he'd once had. Colin grumbled that it didn't belong on a homeless person with nothing to live for, but the man defended that he had dreams, too. Colin realized that the man was no different from him, since Colin was also homeless. Colin told the man to keep the coat, noting that it looked better on the man than it had on him.

Gloria took a phone message for Jack at Jabot, and she blindly welcomed someone who entered the office. Michael prompted her to say hello to her son, and she said it would be unprofessional to give him a hug. She declared that her job was a stepping stone, but her name would eventually be on the door of an executive office. Michael requested that Gloria tell Jack that he was there, but Gloria reported that Jack wasn't in yet, and it wasn't her responsibility to keep track of his schedule. Michael questioned what official responsibilities she had.

Gloria explained that it was her job to greet guests, answer phones, and provide additional assistance as needed. She wondered if she could help with whatever Michael needed, and he informed her that he needed to go over the Fenmore's purchase agreement with Jack. Gloria was surprised that Lauren wasn't handling it, and Michael lectured that Gloria had yet to earn her way back into Lauren's good graces. Gloria asserted that she was still family, and it hurt deeply that Michael was shutting her out. Michael countered that he was equally chagrined that she was still pretending that her job there was legitimate.

Gloria admitted that Jack had hired her after she'd helped him acquire Fenmore's, but Michael clarified that she'd helped Jack conspire to undermine Lauren. Michael pointed out that Jack hadn't obtained controlling interest in the company, so there had been no reason for Jack to work with Gloria. Michael guessed that Gloria had blackmailed Jack into giving her a job, and she claimed that she had X-rated photos of Jack. Michael suspected that if she had blackmail material, she'd hold out for a bigger payday than a receptionist job.

Jack arrived and greeted Michael, and he declined Gloria's offer to take notes. The men stepped into Jack's office, and Michael thanked Jack for keeping Gloria at bay. Michael said he would be filling in for Lauren, since she might not be in the office for some time because Scott was missing. Jack agreed that Lauren had to put her family first, and he assured Michael that Jill was no longer a thorn in the merger's side. Michael was stunned to hear that Jill had suffered a heart attack, and Jack reported that she was recovering at home. Michael wondered what it had to do with the merger, and Jack realized that Michael hadn't known that Jill had been trying to get Jack to sell his shares.

Michael contended that the last thing Lauren needed was a corporate crisis, and he was glad that she didn't have to deal with any interference from Jill. Jack promised that he wouldn't use the opportunity to make unilateral decisions about Fenmore's, and Michael suggested that they go over the contract later. Jack asked him to tell Lauren that Scott was in his thoughts and prayers, and Michael stepped out as Gloria scurried away from the door. Michael advised her to use a glass against the door if she wanted to hear more, and he left. Gloria entered Jack's office and demanded that he level with her about what was going on between Michael and Lauren.

Jack indicated that Michael was worried about Lauren, but Michael had asked him not to say anything. Gloria noted that Michael had been curious about why Jack had hired her, and her son had the crazy notion that she was blackmailing Jack. Jack agreed to tell her what he knew if it didn't leave the office, and she said it would be just like their hotel room. Jack ordered her to stop acting like their one-night stand was an ongoing affair, but she pointed out that in addition to their first drunken night, they'd also spent Valentine's Day together, so they were colleagues with benefits.

Jack disclosed that Scott had disappeared while doing press work overseas and that he could be in danger. Gloria was offended that Michael hadn't told her, and she questioned who would support Jack while he ran both Jabot and Fenmore's during the crisis. He insisted that he could handle it, but she warned that it would be more stress and pressure. She crept up behind him and began to rub his shoulders, and he protested at first, calling it inappropriate and unprofessional. He groaned in pleasure when she began to knead a sore spot, and Michael returned and overheard them from outside the door.

At the Baldwin home, Lauren spoke with Scott's employer over the phone and was irate when they told her that they couldn't do anything else. She ordered them to try harder, and Phyllis arrived and remarked that she wouldn't want to be on Lauren's bad side. Lauren griped that Scott had risked his life for his job, but his bosses hadn't bothered to keep in touch with him. Lauren said he'd been all over Asia and the Middle East, and she hadn't been able to determine a location from his last dropped call. Phyllis speculated that he had gone off the grid, but Lauren's gut told her that he was being held against his will or worse. Lauren cried that she didn't even know if her son was alive.

Phyllis ordered Lauren to take the day off, and she offered to handle any work emergencies. Phyllis suggested that they have a working lunch at the Athletic Club, but Lauren refused to leave because she couldn't risk missing a call on the landline. Phyllis agreed to order in food, and she volunteered to monitor the phone while Lauren showered. Later, Lauren raced to the door when the doorbell rang, but she was disappointed to find a delivery driver dropping off food. Lauren gazed at a photo of Scott and realized that she had to be as brave as he was to get through it.

Phyllis assured Lauren that someone would get in touch with her, and Lauren encouraged Phyllis to go to the office to work with Ravi. Phyllis insisted that they needed Lauren as a fresh set of eyes to spot the bugs, but Lauren was preoccupied with finding clues that would lead her to Scott. Phyllis thought Lauren would think of ideas once she stopped putting pressure on herself, and Lauren agreed to take a look at the app. Lauren was concerned that the links to Jabot would drive customers to Jabot Go instead of Fenmore's app, and Phyllis proposed that they set it up so customers had to try on the outfits in the virtual dressing room before clicking through to Jabot. Phyllis thought she and Ravi could make the changes by the next day, and Lauren insisted that Phyllis didn't have to stay to babysit her.

Phyllis told Lauren to call her with any news, and Lauren thanked her. The women hugged, and Phyllis departed. The phone rang, and Lauren rushed over to grab it. She saw that the call was from an unknown caller, and she nervously answered it. A male voice informed her that they had her son, and he demanded ten million dollars or Scott would die. Lauren dropped the phone and gasped in horror.

On the next The Young and the Restless...

• Ravi tells Phyllis that they have an enormous problem.

• Lauren thinks she has no choice but to pay the ransom.

• Michael demands to know what Jack’s intentions are with Gloria.

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