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Friday, July 3, 2015

At Chelsea's penthouse, Adam realized that Marisa had been the woman who'd called herself his greatest ally or worst enemy over the phone. She called him by his real name, but he stressed that his name was Gabriel, and he asked where Marco was. Marisa announced that Marco had found a new home at the bottom of the lake during a car accident, and she understood that had been how Adam had "died," but Marco hadn't had a guardian angel like the one who had helped Adam.

Marisa said she was there because of Jack, who had been a friend to her, and she explained that she and Jack had helped one another escape a bad situation. She imagined that the last thing Adam wanted was for Jack to wake up and tell the truth, since Adam had helped set up the shooting. Marisa revealed that she knew all about Marco's plan to make it appear like Victor had killed Jack while Marco disappeared, and Adam explained that Marco had blackmailed him. Marisa disclosed that Jack had been convinced that Victor had been behind the kidnapping to allow Marco to take Jack's place, and Chelsea suddenly called out for Gabriel from upstairs.

Marisa surmised that Adam's widow didn't know his true identity, and he told her to let him handle it. Marisa wondered why she should trust him, and he pointed out that she was the one with leverage, so he had to trust her. He guided her to the door, and he offered to help her if they did things his way. She agreed "for now," and she left. Chelsea prepared to get snacks for the park, and Adam fibbed that he had to go to the office, but he'd meet her and Connor at the park. He stared at her intensely for a moment and said he loved her, and he tenderly kissed her before he headed out.

At the Abbott mansion, Ashley reviewed the DNA test that indicated Gabriel was Jack's son. Abby and Stitch arrived, and the women hugged. Ashley reported that Jack had made it through surgery but was in a coma, and Abby wanted to let Traci know. Stitch asked how Ashley was holding up, and she replied that she was okay, but the police suspected that Victor had shot Jack. Abby was certain that her father would never try to kill Jack, but Ashley informed her that Nikki had told the police that Victor had gone to meet Jack just before the shooting, and she believed Victor was capable of doing it.

Abby vowed to prove Ashley was wrong, and she stormed off. Stitch said it felt like Ashley had been trying to punish Abby for being with him, and Ashley swore that she'd been trying to protect her daughter, since the feud could destroy everyone in their family. Stitch acknowledged that things were awkward, and Ashley said she didn't want them to be, but she just wanted Abby to be happy. Stitch swore that he wanted the same thing for Ashley, and he thought both Ashley and Abby could be happy if the war between the families ended. Ashley stumbled as she stood up, and Stitch steadied her.

Stitch thought Barton should check Ashley out, but she snapped that she didn't need medical attention, and she suggested he and Abby stay out of a situation they didn't understand. Ashley quickly apologized, and she lamented that the feud was destroying everyone. She recognized that Stitch had just been trying to be nice and that he made Abby happy, and she should be grateful instead of acting like a "mean, vindictive bitch." She bemoaned that she didn't know who she was anymore, and she was becoming a horrible person she didn't recognize, but she wasn't that person. Stitch took her into his arms.

Stitch asked if Ashley was feeling better, and she implored him to find Abby to spend the holiday together. He understood that Abby needed to be with her dad, and he refused to abandon Ashley, since he wanted to remind her that there was more good in the world than bad. They heard fireworks popping outside, and they stepped out on the porch to take a look. He remarked that even in the darkest night, there was something beautiful if they looked hard enough, and they gazed up at the sky.

In Devon's hotel suite, Devon and Hilary cuddled in bed after making love, and he said it wasn't a traditional way of celebrating Independence Day, but it should be. She decided to make it their own tradition, and he suggested they get ready to watch the fireworks in Chancellor Park. He mentioned that he'd had the chef pack a gourmet picnic basket with the best of everything, and she said she would have been happy with hot dogs and sodas. Devon insisted that all he needed was her, but Hilary pointed out that he also needed his family, and she urged him to call them. Devon was sure Lily had already made plans for the twins, and he'd rather be with Hilary.

In the Athletic Club dining room, Charlie and Matty raced in, and Lily asked them about the parade. Cane hoped to convince Lily to sneak out of work for the fireworks, but she pointed out that the club was busy because of the holiday. Cane tried to entice her with ice cream, and Lily argued that the twins had consumed enough sugar, but the kids begged their mommy to join them. She agreed to get someone to cover for her, and Cane thanked her. Lily swore that nothing was more important to her than family.

Noah caught Lily as she was about to leave with her family, and he asked for a favor, since even though the hotel was booked, he knew the club set aside rooms for special guests. He explained that he had to find someone a place to stay, and she offered to have the desk manager try to find something. The twins excitedly ran over to hug Devon, and Charlie asked if his uncle was going to watch the fireworks. Devon replied that he and Hilary were about to head over to the park, and Matty wondered if Devon would sit with them. Lily said it was a great idea unless the couple had other plans, and Devon suggested that they all go together in his limo. "God bless America," a happily surprised Cane said.

Later, Marisa entered the club and told Noah she'd gotten the message he'd left for her at the Underground. He said she couldn't keep sleeping at the bar, and she mentioned that she'd seen a motel off the highway with a vacancy. He pointed out that the club had rooms, and he already had it covered. Marisa protested, but he noted that she obviously needed help, and he asked her to let him do it. He reasoned that the hotel had security in case her boyfriend returned, so she'd be safe there, and she agreed to stay, but she always repaid her debts.

Marisa looked around her hotel suite and worried that it was expensive, and she marveled that it was true what she'd heard about the people of Genoa City. Noah joked that the citizens were funny, handsome, and disgustingly rich, and Marisa wished she could repay his kindness. Noah deadpanned that he needed his car washed, and she jumped at the chance to do it, but he said her hands hadn't been made for manual labor. Marisa informed him that he'd be surprised by what she had done to survive, and he started to leave, but he stopped and invited her to go to the park with him for the Fourth of July festivities. She replied that she'd like to get to know Genoa City, since someone had told her it was a place she'd never forget.

At the hospital, Jack pointed to Victor when Phyllis asked who had shot him. Jack tried to croak out words, and she ran out to yell for help, but Victor warned Jack not to say a word. Victor said the only one who knew he'd shot Jack was Gabriel, and he'd made Gabriel CEO to keep him from going to the police. Jack's monitors beeped, and Victor ordered Jack not to say anything to anyone. Victor picked up a pillow and hovered over Jack, but Phyllis returned and bellowed to "stay the hell away" from her husband.

Phyllis tried to calm Jack down, and she accused Victor of trying to finish Jack off. Victor claimed that he'd only intended to help Jack breathe easier, but she ordered Victor to go. The doctor rushed in and told Phyllis and Victor to leave, and Phyllis paced outside Jack's room. Victor thought she was understandably upset, but he maintained that he hadn't shot Jack.

Phyllis ranted that everyone knew Victor had been at the park, and she yelled that he'd shot an unarmed man, but Victoria interrupted and told her to stop. Phyllis advised Victoria to rethink her blind loyalty, since Jack had pointed right at Victor when Phyllis had asked who'd shot him. Phyllis growled that Victor was going down, but if Victoria didn't open her eyes, Victor would drag her down with him.

In Jack's room, the doctor reported to Phyllis that Jack had slipped back into a coma. She began to sob and begged the doctor to do something, but he said they could only wait. The doctor stepped out, and Phyllis called Paul and insisted that he had to arrest Victor. Paul maintained that they didn't have any proof that Victor had shot Jack, but Phyllis informed him that Jack had just identified Victor as the shooter by pointing at him when she'd asked who had done it.

Paul was concerned that Jack could have been confused, so it wasn't enough to make an arrest, since no one had seen Victor shoot Jack. Adam entered the police station and proclaimed that it wasn't true, and Paul hung up and asked if "Gabriel" knew someone who had witnessed the shooting. Adam admitted he had seen it happen.

Phyllis regretted that she'd wasted precious moments by pushing Jack to identify Victor, and she vowed to make Victor pay for what he'd done to Jack. She put her head on Jack's chest and cried, and Jack thought to himself that they'd both make Victor pay for all the months he'd kept them apart. Jack was sure Phyllis had been able to tell it had really been him at the house, since he could still feel their connection, and he hoped she felt the message he was sending her. She suddenly sat up and looked at him.

In Victor's office, Victoria told Victor that he should have seen the look on his face when Phyllis had accused him, but Victor didn't blame Phyllis for lashing out. Victoria pointed out that Nikki thought Victor had shot Jack, too, but Victor huffed that Nikki wasn't thinking clearly. Victoria worried that Jack had pointed to him as the shooter and that everyone was against Victor, but he said he didn't care about public opinion, and there was no evidence. Victoria reminded him that he'd told her he'd done it, and he replied that he'd told her because he trusted her.

Victor clarified that he'd shot Jack in self-defense, and Victoria said she believed him, but the police might not. Victoria asked how Victor was sure Gabriel wouldn't tell Paul, and Victor replied that he'd given Gabriel everything. Adam overheard from the doorway and demanded the CEO's office to square things away, and Victor admonished him for intruding on a private conversation. Adam requested a moment alone with Victor to discuss the ground rules, but Victoria snarled that the only reason Gabriel had the position was because he was blackmailing Victor.

Adam guessed that Victor was pitting them against one another, just like Victor had always done with his children, but Victoria unknowingly asserted that Gabriel wasn't Victor's son. Victor was grateful, and Adam remarked that he couldn't think of anything worse than being Victor's child. Abby burst in and asked if Victor had shot Jack, and Victor told her not to believe that he'd kill someone in cold blood. Paul entered with a warrant for Victor's arrest.

Victoria argued that the police had no ballistic evidence or DNA, but Paul revealed that they had an eyewitness, since Gabriel had given a sworn statement of events. Victor guessed that Gabriel wanted complete control of the company, and Gabriel needed Victor out of the way to get it. Paul explained that Gabriel's account matched the evidence, but Victor countered that it didn't match what Gabriel had said earlier. Paul imagined that Gabriel's conscience had gotten the better of him, and Adam smugly stated that he couldn't protect Victor anymore. Paul arrested Victor for attempted murder.

In Paul's office, Victor ignored his attorney's advice and told Paul he was ready to begin, but he wanted assurance that Victoria wouldn't be involved. Paul agreed not to prosecute Victoria for providing a false alibi if Victor told the truth, and Victor confessed that he'd shot Jack Abbott in self-defense. Victor asserted that Jack had been threatening the Newman family, and he referred to the time Jack had pulled a gun on him at the office. Victor said he'd wanted to send his family out of the country because Jack had been a danger to them, but Paul thought it didn't sound like Jack. Victor contended that the man he'd shot hadn't been the person they'd known as Jack, since Jack had changed after Victor had saved his life during the Underground collapse.

Victor explained that he and Jack had agreed to merge their companies, but Jack had decided he'd wanted it all. Victor continued that when he'd resisted, Jack had accused him of embezzlement, and when that hadn't worked, Jack had threatened Victor's family. Victor said he hadn't wanted Nikki to get hurt when Jack had invited her to the park to talk, so Victor had gone instead, and he and Jack had gotten into a heated argument. Victor claimed that Jack had reached for a gun, but Victor had grabbed his own firearm more quickly and had fired. Paul pointed out that there was one problem with the story, since Jack hadn't been in possession of a gun when Victor had shot him.

Outside Paul's office, Abby said she'd had doubts about Victor's innocence, but she'd been infuriated by the look of triumph on Gabriel's face. Victoria said they couldn't believe one word Gabriel said, and Abby theorized that Gabriel had framed Victor to take over the company. Victoria said she was glad Abby was on Victor's side, and she sympathized that it was hard for Abby to be caught between families, but there was no way Victor had shot Jack in cold blood.

Abby wondered what was taking so long, and a handcuffed Victor stepped out of Paul's office. Victor informed his daughters that he'd told the truth about shooting Jack, but he didn't want them to worry, since he would be all right. Victor kissed Victoria and Abby on the cheek, and he assured them that he knew what he was doing. The cops led Victor away, and the sisters hugged.

Paul arrived at the hospital, and Phyllis told him that Jack had been awake, but he'd lost consciousness. Paul said he was sorry, and Phyllis expressed confidence that Jack would be okay. Phyllis asked if Paul had news, and he revealed that Victor had been arrested after he'd confessed. Paul added that Victor had claimed it had been self-defense, since Jack had reached for a gun. Jack's monitors suddenly began beeping wildly, and Paul left to get help. Phyllis realized that Jack had heard what Paul had said, and Jack was trying to tell them that Victor was lying.

In the park, Cane thanked Devon and Hilary for sharing their picnic with him and Lily, and Devon was surprised that Lily had accepted the invitation. Devon wondered what had made her want to forgive him, and Lily said the twins had missed him. Hilary questioned whether Lily had told the kids what a cheap tramp Hilary was for cheating on their grandfather, but Lily said the twins had plenty of time to learn that grownups weren't perfect. Lily added that she wouldn't forget how Devon and Hilary had hurt Neil, but everyone made mistakes, so she hoped they could get past it. Devon hugged Lily, and Cane called it a Fourth of July miracle and told Lily that he was proud of her.

Chelsea found a spot in the park, and she ran into Noah and Marisa. Chelsea introduced herself, and Marisa recognized Chelsea's name and complimented her chic designs. Chelsea said Marisa was the kind of woman she thought of when she designed, and Marisa replied that she couldn't afford the clothes, but she hoped to treat herself one day. Noah explained that he'd set up Marisa with a job at the Underground, and Marisa commented that she'd been lucky to find Noah. Adam joined them, and he was stunned when Chelsea introduced him to Noah's friend.

Adam pretended to meet Marisa for the first time, and she and Noah walked off. Chelsea remarked that Noah was moving on quickly after Courtney's death, and Adam wondered if Chelsea was worried that Marisa would hurt Noah. Chelsea recalled hurting Billy by being with him after Adam had died, but she added that she'd ended up with Gabriel for a reason. She noticed that he seemed distracted, but he assured her that everything was fine.

Chelsea cooed that Connor was brave for not being scared of the fireworks, but she thought Gabriel looked nervous. Adam questioned what he'd have to be nervous about, but he stared across the park at Marisa.

. . .

On the next The Young and the Restless...
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  • Neil tells Adam he quits.
  • Lily confronts Avery about telling Paul that Lily cheated on Cane.

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