Friday, October 24, 2014

At the penthouse, Chelsea was pleased to discover that Billy had already fed Connor, and she reached out to take her son, but Billy protested that they'd never discuss her proposal if he let her dive into her morning routine. Billy refused to let her blow off the fact that she'd asked him to move in, and he announced that he'd had an intense conversation with Connor about it over some oatmeal. Chelsea asked what they'd decided, and Billy said that he and Connor hadn't made a firm decision yet, since she had blurted out the invitation without thinking.

Chelsea stood by her words, and she pointed out that there were positive aspects to Billy moving in, like carpooling to work and getting him out of the mansion. Chelsea recognized that they weren't the best reasons, and Billy thought the decision should mean something. He suggested that they think about it, and she asked him not to hold her habit of blurting things out against her. Billy conceded that he had a tendency to speak from his heart and not his head, and Chelsea asked what his heart was telling him. He promised that he'd have an answer when he got back, and they kissed before he departed.

Jeffrey arrived to see Chelsea, and he asked how his lovely daughter was doing. She flatly asked what he wanted, and he divulged that he needed a loan, since he didn't want Gloria to know about his heavy losses at the track. Chelsea handed him some cash and told him to go, and he said that he'd pay her back, since he expected to get a windfall soon. She snapped that she didn't want to know the details, and he left.

Chelsea cooed to Connor that he was holding out on her, and she wondered what Billy had said over breakfast. She acknowledged that she had rushed the invitation for Billy to move in, but she didn't think it would be that bad to have him around.

At the police station, Dylan informed Stitch that Avery was tracking down Christine and that Paul wasn't there. Stitch admitted that the charges weren't bogus, since he had committed fraud when he'd falsified his identity, and Victoria arrived to check on Stitch. Victoria asked how the charges had happened, and Avery entered and announced that she had half the answer, since she'd learned someone had deliberately pursued the case. Victoria theorized that the hospital had made a complaint about Stitch, but Stitch thought the administration cared too much about the hospital's reputation to make a legal issue of it.

Avery advised that there could be prison time involved, and Victoria worried what would happen if her child was Stitch's. Stitch said that the police station wasn't a good place for Victoria or the baby, and she agreed to leave, but she wanted to finish the conversation they'd started the day before. Victoria departed, and Avery went to see if Christine was available. Dylan noted that the conversation Victoria had mentioned had sounded important, and Stitch said that he had been on a path to make things right before the cops had shown up. Dylan contemplated who had set the charges in motion, and Stitch glared at Kevin and growled that he had a few people in mind.

Dylan doubted that Kevin had caused Stitch's problems, but Stitch confronted Kevin and asked if poking into his past had inspired Kevin to take things further. Kevin countered that he'd dug up Stitch's past as a favor for a friend, but mercy was a sign of a true knight, not revenge. Stitch looked at him quizzically, and Kevin told him to read a book. Avery returned and revealed that a former patient was suing the hospital because a doctor who shouldn't have been practicing had treated him. She explained that getting criminal charges on record made a civil case more persuasive, and Stitch realized that a patient had turned him in to try to get a payoff.

Jeffrey arrived at the station and claimed that he was there to bond with Kevin. Jeffrey asked what was going on with the Genoa City crime blotter, and he eyed Stitch. Meanwhile, Stitch worried that an ex-patient was suing because of a medical setback, and he asked Avery to find out. She observed that Stitch was more worried about the patient than about himself, and he spotted Jeffrey staring at him and realized that he'd treated Jeffrey.

Stitch accused Jeffrey of filing the lawsuit, and Jeffrey contended that he was suing the hospital with a legitimate claim, since he could have died under Stitch's care. Stitch incredulously stated that he'd treated Jeffrey for hemorrhoids, and Jeffrey objected to the violation of privacy, but Avery said that the lawsuit had made it public record. Kevin admonished Jeffrey for doing anything for money, and Avery threatened to countersue. Jeffrey claimed he'd suffered mental anguish, and Dylan held Stitch back from attacking Jeffrey.

Jeffrey threatened to add whiplash to the grounds in his lawsuit, and Kevin ordered him to get out. Dylan asked Avery when he could bail Stitch out, but an officer reported that the bail had already been paid anonymously, and Stitch figured that Victoria had taken care of it. The cop took Stitch to process some paperwork, and Dylan thanked Avery for rushing over. She pointed out that Stitch was still Dylan's best friend, despite what Stitch had done, and Dylan remarked that Stitch was the same guy who'd had his back, so he would always have Stitch's.

At Crimson Lights, Victoria accused Billy of going too far by having Stitch arrested in an effort to get her back. A stunned Billy swore that he'd had nothing to do with it, but he pointed out that the police didn't need his help to arrest people who had committed crimes. Victoria realized that he was telling the truth, and Billy explained that being responsible for getting Stitch fired had left a pit in his stomach. Victoria apologized, and she started to leave, but Billy stopped her and said that he wanted her to know that he wasn't out to get Stitch anymore because he had moved on. He announced that he was moving in with Chelsea, and Victoria appeared to be shocked.

Billy said that he hadn't thought Victoria would care, and Victoria asked if he wouldn't be affected if she moved in with someone else. He noted that she might be carrying someone else's child, and he quickly rescinded the comment, but she said that she was glad he'd told her. He pledged to always be in Johnny's life, and if the baby turned out to be his, he would be in that child's life, too. Billy explained that he'd realized something when he'd been thinking about Delia, and he recognized that he'd been a lousy husband and brother, but he was a "damn good dad." Victoria agreed, and he said that spending time with Connor had helped him to believe it. She coolly wished him luck with the move, but as she stepped outside to the patio, she could no longer hide her disappointment.

Billy returned to the penthouse, and Chelsea saw that he was carrying a suitcase. "Honey, I'm home," he tentatively declared, and she asked if he was sure. He wondered if she'd changed her mind, and she explained that she hadn't expected him to decide that quickly. He mentioned that he'd been talking to Victoria when he'd realized where he wanted to be, and Chelsea was skeptical that he'd made his decision after talking to his ex-wife.

Billy swore that he'd made the choice because of Chelsea and not Victoria, but Chelsea suspected that Victoria had said something to influence him. Billy revealed that Victoria had accused him of having Stitch arrested, and he'd realized that he no longer cared about Stitch and that he was focused on how great things were with Chelsea and Connor. Billy proclaimed that he loved Chelsea and that he was ready to take the next step, and she happily declared that she believed him. They kissed, and she welcomed him home.

At the coffeehouse, Stitch thanked Dylan again, and Dylan guessed that Stitch had been thinking about Victoria. Stitch groaned that the situation was a mess, since the past kept rearing its ugly head, but Dylan thought that Victoria was a fair person. Stitch confided that there was one way to get past everything, and Dylan suspected that there was more to the story. Stitch said that there was enough to make her understand and maybe even win her back, and Victoria appeared in the doorway.

At the Underground, Summer told Austin that she was excited to spend their first big holiday together, and she suggested that he be a prince for Halloween, since he wouldn't even need a costume. Someone leaped out from behind the bar in a mask, and Mariah revealed herself. Summer testily asked what she was doing, and Mariah replied that she was decorating for Halloween. Summer turned back to Austin and recalled Phyllis' comment that Phyllis and Austin had reached an understanding, but she thought it had sounded like a threat. Austin promised that he would make sure everything was okay, and Summer declared that he'd win Phyllis over, just like he had won over everyone else. Mariah mimicked Summer by sarcastically gushing about how dreamy Austin was.

Summer went to the car to get the last pumpkin, and Austin asked Mariah why she had taunted Summer. Mariah said that getting Summer fired up was one of the few things that made her smile, and Austin received a text message from Phyllis, who wanted to see him right away. Mariah cautioned that he couldn't win, since Phyllis would never approve of the marriage, and Austin decided to give Phyllis some neutral information. Summer returned, and she informed Austin that she had an idea about how to get Phyllis on their side. Summer dragged Austin off to give it a try.

At the Abbott mansion, Phyllis informed Jack that she'd been up all night, and she pulled out the tablet computer and revealed that she'd been figuring out what everyone had been keeping from her. Jack realized that he'd left the tablet in his briefcase, and she confronted him about trying to hide all the electronics with Internet access. He asked what she'd found out, and she said she wasn't ready to talk about it, since he'd withheld information when she'd had questions. Phyllis became upset that he hadn't believed her when she'd told him she needed to know about everything. She said she'd decide when she wanted to hash things out with him, and she stormed upstairs.

Later, Phyllis returned downstairs and was surprised Jack hadn't left for work. He insisted that they talk, and she chided him for keeping things from her. He reminded her that the doctors had advised it, but she suspected that the doctors weren't his only excuse for keeping secrets. Summer and Austin arrived, and Phyllis led Austin away to chat. Summer asked Jack what was going on, and Jack informed her that Phyllis had caught up on some things online, but he didn't know if she'd found out about Kelly yet.

Phyllis asked if Austin wanted to share something with her, and Austin informed her that Billy had taken her place at Jabot. Phyllis wrote it off as no big deal, and she pushed Austin for more, but he said that was it. She bellowed that she shouldn't have expected more from a criminal, and she proclaimed that her daughter's marriage was officially over. Phyllis was determined to have Summer and Austin's marriage annulled immediately, but Austin asserted that he'd owned up to what he'd done and that he had been working hard to turn things around. Phyllis ranted that he'd done nothing but lie to her since they'd met, and she questioned how she could be sure he wasn't dangerous.

Summer refused to let her mother insult her husband, but Phyllis barked that Summer had married a criminal. Jack voiced concern about Phyllis' health, but Phyllis countered that she was managing to talk and breathe, even after reading that her felon son-in-law had pulled a gun on Avery. Summer argued that Avery had forgiven Austin, and she showed Phyllis photos of the wedding. Phyllis testily inquired why Paul wasn't in the photos, and she asked how Summer could marry a man who had shot the police chief in cold blood. Summer retorted that Austin wasn't the only one in the room who had been charged with almost killing Paul.

Phyllis couldn't believe that Summer had thrown the hit-and-run charges in her face, and Summer contended that they'd all made mistakes, but marrying Austin hadn't been one of them. Phyllis snarled that Austin was a felon, and Jack mentioned that Avery had helped to defend Austin in court. Phyllis didn't believe it, and she decided to take it up with Nick. Jack said that it wasn't Nick's call, since Nick wasn't Summer's father, and Summer spat that she wasn't ending her marriage. Austin followed Summer out, and Phyllis sobbed that Summer's marriage wasn't the end of all the lies. Jack wondered what else she had read online, and Phyllis wanted to discuss how she'd landed at the bottom of the stairwell.

Phyllis begged Jack to tell her what hadn't been in print, and Jack recounted that they'd been on the phone when Phyllis had arrived at the benefit, but the elevator had been slow. She imagined she'd been running late, and he said they'd had a lousy connection, so he hadn't been able to understand what she'd said before the phone had gone dead. He added that no one had seen her fall, and he worried that talking about her accident might be too much for her. Phyllis said that she really needed a massage, and she urged Jack to go to work while she took some private time for herself. He went to change clothes, and she grabbed her coat and left.

Austin and Summer returned to the Underground, and he swore that there was nothing Phyllis could do to break them up. He thought that Phyllis would have to accept their marriage eventually, but Summer wasn't sure, since her mom had sometimes done crazy things.

At the cottage, Sharon looked at Mariah's anklet, and Nick entered and declared that he had big news. He said that she'd better not give the anklet back, since she'd need something blue when they got married. Sharon inquired whether the ceremony was still on for the following week, and he announced that his news would make things more interesting. She guessed that he'd arranged the music or the venue, but he cackled wickedly and revealed that their wedding would be on Halloween.

Nick thought it could be exciting to have a holiday theme with their family at city hall, and Sharon imagined her hair in a Bride of Frankenstein blowout. Nick conceded that the date wasn't ideal, but he wanted to stick to their plan of getting married the following week, and it was the only day available. Sharon thought they should take it as a sign, but he warned her against any more talk about psychic babble, since there was no reason to put off saying their vows. They kissed, and she agreed to a Halloween wedding. She went upstairs, and he pulled out his phone to track down Madame Isadora.

Later, Nick headed out the door as Mariah arrived home, and she wondered why her anklet was on the table. Sharon mentioned that she'd consulted a psychic about the thing she couldn't remember, and the psychic had told her that she wouldn't need to borrow jewelry anymore. Mariah wondered if it was best not to go through with the wedding, and Sharon insisted that she loved Nick and wanted to marry him, but she was still worried about her secret. Mariah suggested that Sharon relax and allow herself to dream about it, and she revealed that Sharon had talked in her sleep about it once. Sharon asked what her exact words had been.

Mariah revealed that Sharon had begged Nick not to hate her, since Sharon should have told Nick who "her" father really was. Sharon didn't remember the dream at all, but she was troubled by her words. Mariah said that she'd thought it had meant that Faith wasn't Nick's daughter, but Sharon reported that a paternity test had left no question that Faith was Nick's child. Sharon wondered why Mariah hadn't voiced her suspicions earlier, and Mariah claimed that there might have been nothing to it.

Sharon said that she was protective of her children, and she hoped that one day, Mariah would be able to trust her. Mariah admitted that it wasn't easy for her to trust, and she asked what Sharon thought the dream had meant. Sharon recalled that she'd briefly lied about Faith's paternity before Faith had been born, and Mariah reasoned that it could have been nothing more than a dream. Mariah started to head out, and Sharon reminded her not to forget her jacket. Mariah appeared to be touched by Sharon's concern.

At the Athletic Club, Nick warned Madame Isadora to stay away from Sharon, but the psychic pointed out that Sharon had contacted her. Nick questioned why Madame Isadora had tried to convince Sharon that something was wrong, and Madame Isadora asked what made him sure there wasn't. She added that she'd simply told the truth, and that wasn't a crime. Madame Isadora said that it was easy to see that Nick's protectiveness stemmed from a good place, and she mentioned that a conversation he'd had with his daughter the prior year had changed everything.

Nick asked if the psychic meant Faith, but Madame Isadora stated that talking to his daughter's spirit had led him to uncover the truth. Nick recalled talking to Cassie in the cemetery when he'd decided to get another paternity test for Summer, and he was stunned that the psychic had known about it. Madame Isadora advised him not to give up on trust, since refusing to see deception would cause things to end badly for everyone.

Jack called out for Phyllis, and he looked concerned when there was no response. Meanwhile, Sharon answered her door and faced Phyllis, who strolled in and said they needed to have a little talk.

. . .

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