Friday, September 26, 2014

At the Athletic Club, Neil talked to Hilary about a change of scenery being a nice thing, and she flashed back to making love with Devon. Devon approached, and Neil said that it was perfect timing. Neil explained that he'd heard through the grapevine that Jack had offered Hilary the opportunity to represent Jabot at a convention in New York, but she hadn't shared the news with Neil, and Hilary stated that she wasn't going. A clearly rattled Hilary said that there would be other trips and opportunities, but Neil implored her to take a break from being his caretaker for both of their sakes. Neil requested Devon's help to get through to her.

Hilary objected to discussing the matter in front of Devon, but Neil asked Devon to throw some "Malcolm honesty" at her. Devon reasoned that it was just a business trip, and Neil added that it was a chance for Hilary to focus on herself and her own needs. A rattled Hilary excused herself to make a call, and Neil encouraged Devon to go after her and make her understand. Devon found Hilary in the foyer, and she apologetically informed him that Neil had insisted they go to the club. Devon said that he hadn't been able to stop thinking about her after what had happened, and she countered that it was more reason to avoid one another. Devon asked if that was what she really wanted.

Devon thought that Hilary sounded like she regretted being with him, and she replied that she was married to his father. She questioned how she was supposed to sit with Neil and Devon and talk about business trips, and Devon said that he loved his father, but he asserted that loving her wasn't wrong. He wished he'd stopped Neil and Hilary's wedding when he'd had the chance, and he said that he couldn't imagine his life without her. Hilary admitted that she felt the same way, but she didn't see how she could live like that. Neil made his way up the stairs with his cane, and he asked if Devon had convinced Hilary to go to the convention. Devon said that he'd tried, and Hilary blurted out, "I can't do this."

Neil asked if Hilary meant that she couldn't fill in for Jack at the convention, and she refused to leave Neil. Neil said that it had taken some time and tough love for him to accept reality and to move on with his life, and he thought that Hilary should do the same. Neil continued that she couldn't put her life on hold for him or hold him back, and he understood that she wanted to protect him, but she didn't have to. He assured her that a trip to New York didn't mean that she was abandoning him, and she stared at Devon and agreed to go on one condition.

Hilary said she'd only leave town if Neil promised they'd talk every night, and she told him not to use her absence as an excuse to do anything extreme. He assured her that his mind was in a different place than when he'd asked her to divorce him, and Devon cried out in surprise. Neil explained that he'd been adamant that Hilary live her own life and not be saddled with a man who couldn't see her beautiful face, but she had told him that she loved him too much to walk away. Neil thought that the trip would only make him and Hilary closer, and she locked eyes with Devon and said that Neil was right. After Hilary left to pack and Devon headed upstairs, Neil called Jack and thanked him for arranging Hilary's trip to New York.

In Sweden, Victor prepared to meet with Dr. Jorgensen, and he spoke on the phone with Dr. Cutler, who was surprised Victor had flown to Stockholm. Victor explained that it was a personal matter, and he had to find out if Faith was his son's daughter. Victor asked about Phyllis' condition, and Dr. Cutler replied that nothing had changed since they had last spoken. Victor reiterated that Phyllis might be the only one to confirm that his son had been deceived, but Dr. Cutler pointed out that the DNA test could prove it, too. Victor announced his plans to fly directly to the clinic after he got the DNA test results.

Victor met with Dr. Jorgensen about confirming Faith's paternity, and he explained that the doctor had been highly recommended because of his skill and discretion. Victor presented Dr. Jorgensen with the hairbrush and champagne glass for testing, and the doctor said that he would be able to get a definitive answer. Victor remarked that lives depended on the outcome, and he said that he needed the results as soon as possible. The doctor explained that his caliber of work took time, and Victor noted that he was paying considerable money for efficient, reliable results.

Nick and Noah played catch with a football in the park, and Noah asked if Nick was able to relax with the wedding approaching. Nick said that he wasn't worried at all, and Noah commented that Nick was the first groom in history who wasn't stressed. Nick declared that he had all he wanted and that he couldn't be happier, but Noah thought he heard a defensive note in Nick's voice. Nick denied it at first, but he eventually admitted that something seemed to be going on with Sharon.

Nick recalled that it had been his idea to get married, and Sharon had said no at first, but he had been sure that it was the right thing for both of them. He recounted that she'd been happy when he'd proposed, but it had been just the two of them in a private bubble, and she had been anxious ever since. Nick noted that Sharon had been all over the map emotionally, and Noah wondered if it had to do with her bipolar disorder. Nick worried that he'd pushed for too much too soon, since she'd been in terrible shape not long before, but he thought that she deserved to be happy. Noah asked what was best for Nick.

Nick said that he wanted a life with Sharon, and the idea of reuniting their family made him happy. Noah pointed out that it had been only a year since Avery had left Nick at the altar, and Nick recognized that Noah had been concerned about Sharon after Nick and Avery's engagement had fallen apart. Nick urged Noah to live his own life rather than worry about his parents, and he was determined to enjoy the time leading up to the wedding. Noah advised Nick to be straight with himself, and if Nick had any reservations, he could push the wedding date back. Noah added that Nick and Sharon had known one another for a lifetime and that they had been married before, so there was no rush.

In the park, Mariah ran into Avery, who asked if she had a minute. Mariah groused that she was supposed to be trying on "princess clothes," so she had had time, and Avery mentioned the annulment. Avery confirmed that the fact that Mariah had signed the marriage license while incapacitated was enough to nullify the union, but since no one could find Ian, it was best to publish a notice in three newspapers in order to secure an annulment. Mariah said the sooner the better, but Avery noticed her expression and asked if she was okay. Mariah confided that she felt stuck in Genoa City.

Faith begged Sharon to let her try on her dress for the wedding, but Sharon wanted to wait for Mariah. Summer was skeptical that Mariah would show up, but Sharon was sure that everything would be fine. Faith forlornly picked up her magic wand, and Sharon assured her that she didn't need to chase away any bad luck. Sharon asked why Faith was worried, and Faith replied that they'd both wanted that day for a long time. Faith hugged Sharon, who looked concerned.

Sharon was certain that Mariah was on her way, and Faith wanted to send Mariah a text message, but Sharon didn't want to badger Mariah. Sharon suggested that they put together wedding favors, and she showed Faith what to do. Summer huffed that it was rude for Mariah to keep them waiting, and Mariah breezed in. Sharon thanked Mariah for being there, and Summer coldly said it was nice of Mariah to show up. Faith ran upstairs to try on her dress, and Sharon proclaimed that a girl needed to accessorize. Sharon handed Mariah a jewelry box with a silver bracelet inside, but Mariah called it a bribe and refused to take it. Summer glared at Mariah.

Mariah argued that she owed Sharon too much already, but Summer countered that it was tradition for a bride to give her attendants gifts. Mariah said that the only wedding she'd attended had been against her will, and Sharon put the bracelet away and hoped that Mariah would change her mind. Sharon presented Summer with a similar gift, and she went to check on Faith. Summer ranted that Sharon had already been upset by Mariah's late arrival, and she questioned why Mariah was determined to spoil the wedding. Mariah grumbled that she couldn't win, since if she'd accepted the bracelet, Summer would have labeled her an opportunist.

Summer accused Mariah of being mean, and she pointed out that Mariah could have just thanked Sharon and not made it about the money. Mariah said that Summer was accustomed to having money, and she suggested that Summer ask Austin how it felt to be on the receiving end of expensive gifts. Mariah watched Summer squirm, and she remarked that it looked like the couple had had the conversation already. Faith excitedly ran in with the new necklace Sharon had just given her, and Summer showed Faith the gold clutch purse she intended to carry at the wedding, explaining that the bag was her mom's.

Later, Sharon opened her eyes, and her three bridesmaids stood before her in their dresses. Sharon gushed that they were breathtaking, and Faith chirped that she had two sisters, just like she'd always wanted. Sharon became choked up, but she assured Faith that they were happy tears. Sharon said that all three girls were precious to her, and she was glad they'd be part of her wedding. Mariah went to get ready for work, and Summer told Sharon that she was thrilled to be part of the wedding, especially after everything Sharon had done for her since Phyllis' accident. Summer left to get changed, and a stricken Sharon spotted the gold clutch and asked how it had gotten there. Faith reported that Summer had said it was Phyllis'.

Nick returned home, and Faith showed off her dress. She asked if it was bad luck for him to see her, but Sharon clarified that the tradition was only for the groom not to see the bride's dress. Nick proclaimed that they'd have nothing but good luck from then on, and Sharon instructed Faith to get her play clothes on. Faith ran upstairs, and Sharon marveled that the girls had been beautiful in their dresses, but she had been too overwhelmed to think about taking a photo.

Sharon relayed Faith's remark that she had the sisters she'd always wanted. A surly Mariah entered and called Faith's comment surreal, and she said that she'd see Nick at the bar as she walked out. Nick guessed that Mariah hadn't been enthusiastic, but Sharon insisted everything would be fine. Nick contended that it was supposed to be a celebration of love, and he pointedly noted that they could do it whenever they wanted. Sharon questioned what he was saying, and he implied that they needed more time, but she refused to wait.

Sharon pleaded with Nick not to postpone the wedding, and she claimed she couldn't handle it if he did. Nick observed that she was very emotional, and he asked if Mariah's attitude had gotten to her. Sharon said that it was something else, and she picked up the clutch and explained that it was a bag of Phyllis' that Summer intended to carry at wedding. Sharon informed him that something was wrong.

At the police station, Christine admonished Paul for not telling her about Dylan's muddy boots or the phone call to the insurance company, and Paul said that she was speculating. She argued that she had read the case file and hadn't liked what she'd seen, but Paul countered that there was no evidence that Dylan had made the call. Christine pointed out that the case had turned into a murder investigation, and she urged Paul to stop thinking like a father and to start thinking like a cop.

Christine conceded that she wasn't a parent, and she understood that Paul had already gone through a painful experience with another son, but she demanded the same honesty Paul expected from her. Christine suspected that the mud on the boots had been from the same area as the victim's belongings, but Paul defended that Dylan would never accept a dime from Ian. Christine suggested that perhaps Dylan was telling the truth as he knew it, but given his history with posttraumatic stress, he could have gone into a rage and not remembered it. She warned that Paul might be compromising himself. Paul rubbed his temples in frustration and promised that he'd handle it. Christine hugged him tightly.

Over the phone, Christine informed someone that the chief of police would make a statement later that day, and she hung up. Avery appeared in the doorway, and she asked if the police had found Ian. Christine vaguely stated that it was an ongoing investigation, but she liked and respected Avery, and Avery said that she didn't want to put Christine in an awkward position. Avery remarked that a lot of damage had been done, and she was relieved that the ordeal might soon be over.

Dylan packed a bag, but he paused when he found the photo of Avery that he'd carried in combat. Dylan left a note for Avery, and he grabbed his bag and headed to the door, but he found Paul there. Paul asked if Dylan was going somewhere, and Dylan said that he had personal business to take care of, but Paul pressed for details. Dylan queried whether Paul was there for a reason, and Paul replied that he was a concerned father who was interested in what was going on with his son.

Dylan admitted that he'd been having a rough time lately, so he'd reached out to the Veterans Administration, but Paul said that the timing of Dylan's departure was complicated. Dylan asked if he was a suspect, and Paul noted that it looked suspicious that Dylan was leaving on the heels of Ian's disappearance. Dylan recalled that he'd asked earlier if Paul thought Dylan had killed Ian, and he'd just gotten his answer. Paul revealed that the investigation had changed, since Ian was presumed dead, and he confirmed that Dylan was a suspect. Dylan inquired whether Paul was there to arrest him.

Paul wished that Dylan trusted him, and he didn't want to believe that Dylan was guilty, but Dylan had only told him half-truths. Paul said that he had taken Dylan at his word and had done all he could to protect Dylan, but Dylan had made it impossible. Paul confessed that he was afraid he'd lose another son, and Dylan ordered Paul to stop comparing him to Ricky. Paul confided that he had loved Ricky but hadn't been able to reach him, and he was scared it was about to happen all over again, but he thought he had a chance with Dylan that he'd never had with Ricky. Dylan implored Paul to look in his eyes and see that he hadn't murdered anyone.

Dylan surmised that Paul was there to arrest him, and Paul said that it was true as he ignored a call from Christine. Christine left a message to inform Paul that she'd managed the press, but the situation needed to be handled carefully. Paul explained that he'd been getting too much heat to protect Dylan any longer, and he needed to know what had happened to Ian. Dylan offered to help.

Summer got coffee at Crimson Lights, and Avery asked if she'd seen Dylan, since Avery hadn't been able to get in touch with him. Summer mentioned that Austin was always forgetting to recharge his phone, and Avery noted that Summer seemed more happy than exasperated. Avery added that it would do Phyllis' heart good to see Summer content, and Summer mentioned that she'd postponed her trip, since Sharon had asked her to be a bridesmaid. Avery remembered that Summer had agreed to be her maid of honor when Avery had been engaged to Nick, and Summer marveled at how much had changed.

Summer grumbled that Mariah was going out of her way to be cruel to Sharon, but Mariah had no idea how lucky she had it. Avery sympathized that Summer missed Phyllis, and Summer wished she could pound some gratitude into Mariah to keep her from ruining the wedding, since Sharon was overdue for some happiness. Avery wondered how Phyllis would have felt about Nick and Sharon's wedding, and the women chuckled as they imagined Phyllis' negative reaction.

A man greeted Phyllis when she woke up in the passenger seat of his truck, and he informed her that he was close to the end of his line -- Genoa City. She repeated the town's name and smiled. The driver noticed Phyllis rubbing her head, and he offered to drop her off at a hospital, but she vehemently protested. The trucker wondered what had happened to Phyllis to cause her to flag down a ride in the middle of nowhere, and he asked if she'd been mugged. She muttered that it didn't matter, and she flashed back to hearing Summer begging her to return to Summer and Jack.

The trucker asked if Phyllis was a nurse, and he realized that she'd never said where she was headed. She remembered Summer pleading with her to find a way home. Later, Phyllis waved goodbye to the trucker as she stood by a sign that welcomed her to Genoa City.

. . .

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  • Dylan senses that something is going on with Avery. He wonders what it is.
  • Dr. Botnik calls the lab and tells them to rush Michael's blood tests -- the doctor doesn't like some of the levels he is seeing on preliminary reports.
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