Friday, November 20, 2015

At the tack house, Sage clutched Christian's baby blanket, and Nick arrived home. He noted that it was beautiful outside, and he suggested that they walk down to the stables and feed the horses. Sage complained that it was a little chilly, and Nick offered to build a fire and watch movies with her. She mumbled that maybe they'd do it that weekend, and he blurted out that he couldn't handle the avoidance. He said Christian had been a brave, amazing soul, and he knew it was hard, but they had to be brave, too.

Sage whimpered that she didn't want to be brave, and she didn't want to talk about it. Nick picked up a drawing Faith had made for Christian, and he commented that there was a lot of love in it. He thought they had to get through it together instead of what they had been doing, and Sage testily asked if she hadn't been doing it right. Nick said he didn't want to push, but he felt like Sage was shutting him out, and she replied that she felt like he had expectations about what she should be doing. Nick referred to Cassie's death, and Sage firmly told him that she was sorry that he had to relive burying a child, but it didn't give him the right to tell her how to deal with her son's death.

Sage recognized that her remark had been uncalled for, and Nick apologized for upsetting her. He reiterated that he didn't want to push her, but he wanted them to find a way to get through it together, and she admitted that she did, too. Nick stressed that he needed her to help him get them through it, and she wailed that she didn't know how to do it. He thought there was only one thing they could do.

At Crimson Lights, Dylan spoke with Sharon over video chat, and he informed her that Hilary had been found. Dr. Anderson sat out of the camera's view as she observed Sharon. Dylan asked how their little Bears fan was doing, and Sharon replied that she became more excited every day to meet their son. Dylan wanted to visit for Thanksgiving, but Dr. Anderson shook her head disapprovingly. Sharon changed the subject to how Faith was doing, and Dylan remarked that she was a strong little girl. Dylan hesitantly told Sharon that Nick and Sage had lost their baby, and Sharon freaked out.

Dr. Anderson whispered for Sharon to breathe, and Dylan asked if someone else was there. Dr. Anderson gestured for Sharon to end the chat, and Dylan guessed that the news had stirred up memories of Cassie's death. He urged Sharon to think about the life they'd have with their son, and the doctor became more adamant that Sharon wrap things up. Sharon said she'd be late for therapy, but Dylan insisted on making sure she was okay. Dr. Anderson reached for the computer and disconnected the chat. Dylan wondered what had happened, but a map that appeared on his screen distracted him.

Sharon questioned why Nick and Sage's baby had been taken instead of another child, and Dr. Anderson urged her to focus on herself and her little boy. Sharon said she'd done everything possible to give her baby a good start, but she worried about something happening that was out of her control. Dr. Anderson assured her that all the tests had indicated that Sharon's son was healthy, and Sharon's only job was to look forward to being a mom again. Sharon stared into the mirror and envisioned that she had a pregnant belly, and the doctor prepared a syringe.

Dr. Anderson blamed Dylan for upsetting Sharon, and she instructed Sharon to rest and to take her medication. Sharon protested that she'd just had a shot an hour earlier, and the doctor said Sharon was confused because of the overstimulation. The doctor administered the injection, and Sharon rambled that Dylan had once lost a child, so their baby was really important to him. Dr. Anderson told Sharon to sleep, but Sharon insisted on calling Dylan to tell him that the baby would make everything okay. The doctor told Sharon to make the baby her first priority, and Sharon dozed off. Dr. Anderson remarked that Sharon was a strong, brave woman who wasn't ready to handle things yet, but the doctor would take care of everything.

Dr. Anderson called a nurse and asked how their angel was doing, and the nurse reported that Christian was getting stronger and sweeter every day. Dr. Anderson peered in at a sleeping Sharon and proclaimed that she had big plans for the little boy. The nurse cooed to Christian that everything would be fine, since Dr. Anderson knew what she was doing, and the doctor couldn't wait for him to meet his new mommy.

Later, Sharon told what she thought was her unborn child that Faith would be an epic big sister, and Mariah and Noah were excited to meet their new baby brother. She thought the baby already had dibs on his daddy's heart, but a concerned look suddenly crossed her face. Sharon realized that she hadn't felt the baby kick in a long time, and she rushed over to the mirror. She panicked at the sight of her svelte figure, and she cried, "There's no baby!"

At a therapist's office, Nick said he'd convinced Sage to go to the Halloween party, and he was afraid she blamed him because she hadn't been with Christian when he'd died. Nick said he needed to talk about his son, but Sage shut down whenever he tried to have a conversation. Sage relayed her fears about losing Christian, and she thought it had somehow been her fault. Sage stated that if she said or heard one more word about her son, she would crack wide open. She mentioned her dreams in which Christian called for her, but she hadn't been able to get to him. Nick asked why she'd never told him, and Sage admitted that she'd been afraid that he would leave her.

Sage suspected that Nick had only stayed married to her because Christian had been sick, but Nick swore that he would never leave Sage. She said she wanted to believe that, and Nick wondered why they felt that far apart if they both wanted the marriage to work. Sage said Christian had kept her and Nick together, but since Christian had died, she was just a woman who had lied to Nick. She explained that her grief was for her son but also for the life that she and Nick would never have together.

Nick insisted that he still wanted a life with Sage, but he didn't want to mess up, and he'd made every mistake possible after Cassie's death. Nick thought that everything he'd said after Christian's death had been wrong, so he'd started to say nothing, but he'd meant his vows. He maintained that Sage hadn't just saved him from a bear trap -- she'd saved him, and he loved her. She sobbed that she loved him, too, and they embraced.

Sage and Nick exited the therapist's office, and he asked if the session had been good for her. She nodded and said she was glad they'd gone. Dr. Anderson approached, and Nick introduced her to Sage. Nick asked how Sharon was doing, and Sage inquired whether the doctor could discuss Sharon's case. Dr. Anderson explained that Sharon had given permission for her to speak with Faith's other parent, and she reported that she'd seen improvement with every session. The doctor added that Sharon was counting the days until she could hold her baby in her arms, and an upset Sage bolted.

Dr. Anderson expressed her condolences to Nick about Christian, and she recognized that she should have been more sensitive. Nick asked how she'd known about Christian, and the doctor claimed that she and Dylan had discussed how to tell Sharon about the baby's death. Nick assumed Sharon hadn't taken the news well, and Dr. Anderson observed that Nick seemed to be holding it together. He replied that he was just putting one foot in front of the other, but some days were harder than others. The doctor said she'd be happy to help him work through it, since she offered a unique perspective.

At the Athletic Club, Gwen griped about Neil spending time with Hilary, and she referred to Neil's guilt. Devon asked what Neil had to feel guilty for, and Gwen said Neil had wanted Devon and Hilary to suffer for cheating on him. Devon pointed out that Neil had forgiven them at their wedding, and he demanded that Gwen tell him if she knew something. She claimed that she was looking for a reason why the people they loved were in a hotel room together, but Devon accused her of lying.

Gwen asserted that she wasn't the problem and that Hilary was, since Hilary was hanging all over Neil. Gwen groused that Neil was more concerned about his cheating, lying ex than he was about Gwen, and Devon told her to relax. Gwen snapped that Devon needed a reality check, since there was a possibility that Neil and Hilary would end up together. Devon was sure that his wife would remember the love they'd shared, but Gwen reminded him that Hilary had broken her marriage vows to Neil, so there was no reason to think she wouldn't do the same thing to Devon. Devon received a text message from Dylan about a possible lead on Dr. Neville, and he hurried out.

Devon rushed to the coffeehouse, and Dylan informed him that one of the trackers on the hospital supplies had been activated. Dylan pointed to where the tracker was on the map, and Devon realized that the person who'd taken the supplies was still in Genoa City. Dylan explained that the tracker was on the pharmaceuticals that Dr. Neville had given Hilary. Devon looked at the map and noticed the tracker had stopped moving, and the person with the meds was at the Athletic Club. Devon exclaimed that Hilary was also there, and the men ran out.

In her hotel room, Hilary told Neil that he'd never stopped saving her, and they fell back onto the bed in a passionate kiss. Neil pulled back and said he couldn't do it, since he didn't want to hurt Devon or Gwen. Hilary reasoned that she and Neil had been married and that they loved one another, and she felt in her heart that he was still her husband. Neil regretted letting the kiss happen, and he wondered if he'd done it to get back at Devon. Hilary insisted that the kiss hadn't been payback, since she believed that Neil still wanted her. She added that he had every right to want to get back at Devon, and no one would blame Neil after what Devon had done to him.

Hilary insisted that she knew how she felt, and she praised Neil for trying to be fair and honorable even though Devon had never worried about being fair to Neil. Hilary said Devon had never paid for hurting Neil, but Neil contended that Devon had been paying for it from the moment she'd fallen off the cliff, and he called Gwen an innocent victim. Hilary asked if what he had with Gwen was the same as what he and Hilary had shared, and Neil replied that it was very close. Hilary declared that she was back and that she still loved him, and she wondered if there was any chance for them. She tenderly caressed his face, but he apologized and walked out.

Dr. Neville arrived at Hilary's door, and she coldly informed him that she had collapsed after she'd taken the pills. She ordered him to go, and she tried to slam the door in his face, but he stopped her and said she couldn't do that, since he was there to help. Dr. Neville explained that neural receptors were a tricky thing, and he needed to make some tweaks. She refused to take the medication, and he understood her pain and fear, but he assured her that everything she wanted was on the other side. He wanted to run some tests on her at his motel, but she warned that the police were looking for him, and she wondered why he had risked everything to help a stranger.

Dr. Neville recounted that he hadn't been popular when he'd been growing up in Ohio, but his mother had been his saving grace, and she'd fallen ill when he'd been a teen. He continued that his mother had been in a coma for five years, and it had been like watching a firefly trapped in a jar. He remembered thinking how wonderful it would have been if he could have taken the lid off the jar, and that was why he'd dedicated himself to freeing people who'd been trapped like his mother had been. Hilary cautioned that he might lose his medical license, and she asked if he wasn't afraid of that. He replied that trouble didn't scare him, but ignorance did, and he handed her the pills.

Neil met Gwen downstairs, and he hoped she understood that he hadn't been ignoring her. She suggested that they pour the pills down Hilary's throat until Hilary got a clue, and Neil argued that Hilary was lucky to be alive. Gwen curtly added that Hilary was lucky to have him by her side at all times, and she groused that it felt like she was the only one who hadn't forgotten who she was in a relationship with. Neil contended that they owed Hilary a huge debt of gratitude for lying to the police to protect them. Gwen pointed out that she had also lied to the police to protect him.

Neil called Gwen an amazing woman, and he recognized the risks she'd taken, but he thought she had no idea what Hilary had been dealing with. Gwen snapped that she hadn't risked everything only to have him get back together with the ex who had broken his heart, but Neil argued that he still needed Hilary to clear his name. Gwen groaned that Hilary was becoming increasingly dependent on him, and he was feeding into her delusion. Neil revealed that Hilary had remembered things about Devon but that she didn't remember her feelings. Neil thought Hilary would sort through it in time, but Gwen snapped that there was no more time, since things were out of control.

Gwen suggested that Hilary didn't remember loving Devon because she was a "heartless, manipulative bitch" who didn't know what love was. Neil defended Hilary, and Gwen angrily asked if Hilary was the only one stuck in a time warp or if Neil was in it, too. He remained silent, and Gwen realized that he wanted Hilary back. Neil admitted that a part of him was drawn back to Hilary, but he swore that he had real feelings for Gwen. Gwen spat that Hilary had cheated on him with his son, but Neil believed that Hilary was genuinely sorry, and he thought that maybe Hilary's heart had been his all along.

Gwen thought that Hilary was messing with Neil's head, and she pressed him to consider what Hilary had done to him. Neil said he remembered all of it, but he also remembered what he and Hilary had had together, and he felt like he needed to go after it. Gwen incredulously asked if he was breaking up with her, but Devon interrupted and asked where Hilary was. Neil said he'd just left Hilary in her room, and Devon reported that Dr. Neville might be with her. Devon and Dylan raced upstairs, but Gwen stopped Neil from following them. She warned that Neil would regret it if he left, and he stared at her for a moment before he walked away.

Devon and Dylan burst into Hilary's room, but it was empty. Devon found a box containing bottles of pills, and Neil appeared in the doorway. Devon worried that Dr. Neville had kidnapped Hilary again, and Dylan left to check with security. Devon blasted Neil for letting Hilary out of his sight, and he ranted that the mistake might cost Hilary her life, since they didn't know what the doctor would do to her. Neil was sure that Dr. Neville wouldn't hurt her, and Devon asked how Neil knew that.

Dylan ordered security to let him view the surveillance footage to help find the boss's wife, but Hilary appeared and announced that she was safe and sound. He asked if she'd seen Dr. Neville, and she confirmed she had, but she insisted that she was fine. Dylan understood that the doctor was a link to her kidnapper, but he cautioned that the doctor's treatment had landed her in the hospital. Hilary declared that she wanted the truth, but all she'd learned was that Dr. Neville was a bit odd. She mentioned that the doctor might have returned to his hometown in Ohio.

Upstairs, Neil reasoned that doctors were trained to help people, but Devon argued that the kidnapper had paid Dr. Neville, so he didn't have faith in the doctor's ethics. Neil pointed out that Dr. Neville could have left town, but the doctor had opted to stick around to help Hilary get better. Devon wondered why Neil was defending Dr. Neville, and he noted that Neil sounded like he knew the doctor personally. Gwen appeared in the doorway and prompted Neil to tell Devon the truth -- or she would.

. . .

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