Friday, July 22, 2016

At the state penitentiary, Victor changed into a suit and tie, and Adam dryly questioned whether his father was headed to prom. Victor said his appeal hearing was that day, and Adam surmised that Victor was feeling good about his chances. Victor expected that he would be out of there in no time, but Adam wouldn't say goodbye just yet. Victor contended that he had a wife and other children who would support him, but Adam suspected that Victor intended to use his loving family to get him released, and there would be "hell to pay" once Victor got out.

Adam added that he was glad he wouldn't be around to see the Newmans crawling at Victor's feet and apologizing while Victor shoved a knife in their backs. Victor noted that Adam sounded like a man on the outside, and he advised Adam to watch his tone. Victor suggested that Adam pray that Victor won the appeal, since it was the only way Adam would ever get out. Adam scoffed at the idea that Victor would spend his time on the outside worrying about getting Adam released. Victor declared that he loved his family, and Adam was part of it. A guard led Victor away.

At the Athletic Club, Nikki thanked Victoria and Nick for meeting with her before they walked into the courtroom. Nick refused to recant his testimony, and Victoria said they didn't expect him to lie. Nikki was determined to build a strong case on Victor's behalf, and Victoria hoped her father's sentence would be reduced. Phyllis approached and barked that it was the united Newman front, banding together to ensure justice wasn't done.

Nikki recounted that Victor had helped her and Phyllis escape Ian at the cabin, but Phyllis countered that it hadn't erased the other atrocities Victor had committed. Victoria clarified that they weren't rescinding their earlier testimony, but they'd taken things too far at Victor's trial. Phyllis huffed that nothing Victor had said or done would make up for what she'd gone through, and she wasn't surprised that Nikki and Victoria had fallen back in line, but she'd expected more from Nick. Jack looked on as Phyllis ranted that Victor was only six months into his prison sentence, and she couldn't believe that the Newmans thought that had been punishment enough.

Nick said he hated what Victor had done to Phyllis, but he had a lot to take into account, including how Summer felt about her grandfather. Nick mentioned that Summer couldn't make it to the hearing because she wasn't feeling well, and Phyllis grumbled that it was probably their daughter's conscience. Nick pointed out that Victor had been shot and stabbed since he'd gone to prison, and Victor would die if he stayed there. Phyllis snapped that Victor was a criminal, and she could have died any night Marco had been in her bed.

Jack approached, and Phyllis wondered if he was there to get on the "pro-Victor bandwagon." Jack asserted that he was there to keep peace, and Nikki stated that the conversation was getting them nowhere, so they should leave. Nick wished he could make Phyllis understand, but she replied that she didn't think that was possible, and the Newmans departed. Phyllis thanked Jack for not taking their side, and he insisted that he'd always be on her side no matter what. She inquired whether he still would be behind her if she went to the courthouse and crucified Victor.

Jack declared that he had no intention of going near the courtroom, and he suggested that Phyllis also stay away. She accepted that he was able to turn the other cheek, but she couldn't. Jack clarified that he hadn't forgiven anything, but they had a choice to either live life mired in fantasies of revenge or to be happy and not let Victor win. Phyllis wanted to make Victor suffer, and Jack was stunned that they were that far apart on the issue, since he'd thought she'd moved on. Phyllis explained that she'd thought there had been some semblance of justice, but Victor was about to walk, and he'd pick up where he left off as if nothing had ever happened. She didn't know if she could live with that.

Jack commented that prison was only one form of justice, and he believed that Victor had felt a great deal of pain when his family had turned against him. Phyllis figured that Jack understood because he felt she'd turned against him, but he wondered when she'd stop misinterpreting what he said. She wished he'd pick a side, since one day it was them against the world, and the next he wanted her to kiss and make up. Jack said despite all of their misunderstandings, he wanted to make clear that life without her was "hell," and he missed her every minute. He swore that he'd always be on her side, whether they agreed or not, and he requested that she stay away from the courtroom for everyone's sake, including her own.

Abby and Stitch woke up on opposite sides of the bed, and he noted that Victor's appeal was that day. Abby mused that she'd been thinking about something else -- the conversation she and Stitch had never finished about having another baby. She stressed that she really wanted one, and she asked him to level with her about whether he'd ever want another child. Stitch suggested that it wasn't the time to talk about it, but Abby wanted him to know how she felt. She conceded that things had been hard since the miscarriage, but getting pregnant with her daughter had been the best surprise of her life, and she'd never been happier.

Abby continued that she and Stitch had been left with reminders, like the baby things they'd never used, and she thought about how wonderful it could have been if things had gone differently. Stitch said there was no point in looking back, but Abby wanted to look forward to a future with Stitch, Max, and a little brother or sister. She understood if it was too soon, but she pressed to know if it would ever be the right time. Stitch warned that she'd be late for court, but she told him not to shut her out. He insisted on tabling the discussion until later.

Chelsea picked up coffee at Crimson Lights, and Dylan and Sharon tracked her down after they hadn't found her at the penthouse. Chelsea asked if there had been any update in Adam's case, but Dylan informed her that they'd just wanted to see how she was doing. Chelsea replied that things were terrible, and Sharon offered to handle things at work for as long as necessary. Chelsea said she was focused on clearing Adam's name, and she hoped that Dylan was still searching for the missing journal pages.

Dylan assured Chelsea that he was looking for the diary pages and the woman who'd visited Victor, but Chelsea observed that he was grabbing coffee with his wife when he could be investigating. Sharon defended that Dylan had sacrificed a lot for Chelsea's family, so she thought Chelsea should be thanking him rather than attacking him. Chelsea snapped that it was easy for Sharon to say when she was with her husband, whereas Chelsea's spouse was serving 30 years for a crime he hadn't committed because he had a vindictive father. Chelsea added that she could be vindictive, too, and Victor had better watch his back. Chelsea walked out.

Abby and Stitch arrived at the coffeehouse, and Sharon asked Abby to help her with something work-related. The women stepped out to the patio, and Sharon admitted that she'd wanted to speak to Abby alone to ask if things were in a better place with Stitch. Abby confided that they had been until she'd mentioned the prospect of having another baby, and Sharon guessed that Stitch didn't want to try right away, but Abby groused that he'd made it sound like the idea was off the table forever. Sharon empathized with losing a child, and she shared that having another baby had helped her immensely, since both Faith and Sully had filled a void. Sharon added that having a baby could change many things, and Abby muttered to tell it to her husband.

Abby told Stitch that she had to get going, and she invited him to join her at the hearing. He declined, since he couldn't support Victor after everything that had happened with Kelly, and Abby commented that he wasn't the only one conflicted about the appeal. Abby kissed Stitch goodbye and left, and Dylan asked Stitch how they were doing. Stitch reluctantly admitted that his happy family had "gone to hell," since he'd barely had time to grieve, but Abby wanted to put the unopened gifts from the baby shower to use. Stitch admitted that he wasn't ready, but he hadn't had the words to tell Abby that, so he'd kept telling her that they'd talk about it later.

Dylan advised Stitch not to shut the door on the idea of having another child, since doing so wouldn't mean that Stitch loved his son any less. Stitch was unsure that he was cut out to be dad at all, and Dylan recalled that he'd felt the same way after losing Connor. Sharon listened as Dylan said he hadn't been able to imagine loving anyone the way he'd loved Connor, but Sully had been a bright light who'd pulled Dylan out of a place of darkness. Sharon joined the men, and Dylan proclaimed that having Sully had made him love Sharon even more. Stitch called Dylan a lucky guy, and Dylan replied that Stitch could be lucky, too.

After Stitch left, Sharon said she felt bad for Abby and Stitch, and Dylan sympathized that between Max and the miscarriage, the couple had essentially lost two kids in one year. Dylan thought that kind of pain was enough to break anyone, and he wondered if Sharon was thinking about Cassie. Sharon confirmed that she carried the fear of losing another child with her every day, but she had to hope God would never be that cruel.

Dylan made it a rule not to have negative thoughts when things were going well for their family, and Sharon said losing Cassie had been the worst moment of her life, but she'd survived. Dylan pointed out that she had two amazing sons and two incredible daughters, and he swore they wouldn't lose any of them. He promised the worst was over, and they hugged. Meanwhile, Stitch boxed up the baby gifts, and he flashed back to the joyous moment when he'd told Abby she was pregnant.

Nikki, Victoria, and Nick ran into Chelsea outside the courtroom, and Chelsea announced that she was there to remind the judge of every heinous stunt Victor had ever pulled. Nikki acknowledged that Chelsea was going through a difficult time, but she assured Chelsea that they were all family, so they would get her and Connor through it. Chelsea testily wondered where the show of support had been when Adam had been on trial for a murder he hadn't committed, and Victoria questioned whether Chelsea was sure of Adam's innocence. Chelsea swore that Adam was innocent, but his father was guilty as sin. Chelsea glared at Victor as he stepped off the elevator.

Victor requested a moment to speak with his family, and Chelsea asked if the guard was on his payroll. Victor replied that if the guard was, he'd give instructions to protect Adam. Victor hoped that Adam wouldn't spend too many years behind bars, since Victor would do everything in his power to free Adam. Chelsea questioned why she should believe it when Victor had promised that before, but Victoria contended that Victor might be Adam's only chance at freedom.

Victor understood Chelsea's frustrations, and Chelsea threatened that if Victor didn't live up to his promise, she'd make him wish he was back behind bars. Chelsea stalked off, and Victoria was relieved that one obstacle was out of the way, but Nick questioned how many more were ahead. Abby arrived and remarked that Victor looked great, and she proclaimed that they'd "kick some ass in there." Victor hoped the outcome would be different that time, and he had a feeling that everything would be all right with his family's support. The bailiff declared that court was in session.

Judge Gates recognized that Victor was seeking a reduction of his sentence, and he inquired whether there was any new evidence. Victor's lawyer reported that there was nothing physical, but the evidence had all been circumstantial, and Victor's family wanted to speak on Victor's behalf by clarifying their original testimony. Victoria explained that the family had taken the stand in a place of anger, since they'd been desperate to teach Victor a lesson. Victoria added that their words had been harsher and crueler than they should have been, and she regretted the effect their testimony had had on the jury's decision. Victoria continued that she'd realized that her father's intention had been to protect his family, and she proclaimed that Victor had done everything out of love.

Abby testified that her father didn't show weakness, since he'd had to learn early on that it put a target on his back, and he could appear cold and unfeeling, but nothing was further from the truth. She thought Victor felt guilt and remorse, but he also felt love, and she wouldn't have survived half of what she had without him. Abby recalled that she'd spoken about him acting in self-defense at the original trial, but it had always been about family.

Nick recognized that his relationship with Victor had been rocky at best, and he was sure that their major fallouts had affected his prior testimony. Nick admitted that he'd wanted his father to be stopped, but things had changed when he'd walked outside the courtroom and seen Victor on the ground, having been shot while trying to protect Nikki. Nick said he'd seen the man he loved and respected, and he repeated Jack's advice never to give up on his dad. Nick thought all fathers and sons had battles, but they should be settled at home and not played out in court. Nick asked that the judge let them settle the battle once and for all.

Nikki said it was no secret that she'd been drinking when she'd lashed out at Victor's trial. She recounted that she'd testified that she hadn't really known her husband, but she knew him better than anyone, and he was proud and loyal to a fault. She thought that she'd turned on him because he'd been a mirror into her soul, and she hadn't been interested in looking at her own issues, so she'd blamed him instead. She wished that she'd taken a closer look at his actions, since she would have seen that he'd gone to extremes to defend his family, just like he'd defended her and Phyllis when Ian had held them at gunpoint. Nikki pointed out that Victor had risked his life to rescue two women who had sent him to jail, and he easily could have attempted to run, but he'd decided to stay and take his punishment.

Nikki begged the judge to give her back her husband and her children's father, since both Victor's family and the system had punished Victor enough. Judge Gates thought Victor's heart should be warmed by his family's support, and Victor replied that it meant a lot to him. The judge inquired whether anyone else was speaking on Victor's behalf, and he asked if the A.D.A. had any testimony from the victims. Phyllis burst in and proclaimed that she definitely had something to say.

Chelsea visited Adam in prison, and she promised herself that she wouldn't get emotional. Adam assured her that it wasn't as bad as it looked, and he joked that the prison should hire her as a fashion consultant to improve the uniforms. She smiled through her tears, and they professed their love. He mentioned that Victor had rubbed his face in the appeal hearing that day, and Chelsea wished she hadn't let up. Adam worried about what she'd done, and she confessed that she'd gone a little extreme.

Chelsea told Adam about how she'd threatened Victor in an effort to record his confession, but she'd failed. Adam thought it had been borderline insane but brave, and she vowed to do whatever it took to get Adam out of prison. Chelsea planned to hound Victor for the missing journal pages if he went free, but Adam cautioned her against wielding any more weapons, since Connor was already down one parent. Chelsea insisted that Connor still had Adam, and she intended to take Connor along on her next visit. Adam adamantly opposed.

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