Friday, January 30, 2015

Nikki claimed that Katie had slipped out of her arms, and Victoria cuddled the baby and noted that the tot seemed fine. Nick pointed out that he'd asked if Nikki was okay, but she obviously wasn't, and he asked what was going on. Nikki blurted out that she had a problem, and she fibbed that her multiple sclerosis had been causing lots of symptoms, including vertigo and dizziness. Stitch asked about her medication, but Nikki assured him that Dr. Costner was taking care of her, and she just needed to be mindful of what she could and couldn't do. Nikki apologized and hoped she hadn't ruined everything, and Nick offered to drive Nikki home.

After Nick and Nikki left, Victoria asked Stitch how worried she should be, and Stitch said Nikki's symptoms were typical, but he suggested that a family member accompany her to doctor's appointments. Chelsea said she had to get back to Connor, and Billy thanked Victoria for handling the christening arrangements. Billy and Chelsea departed, and Victoria called it a successful day, despite Nikki's health scare. Stitch mused that standing on the outside of the ceremony had made him realize that he wanted to be a bigger part of Victoria's life, and Victoria said she'd like that. They kissed, and Stitch offered to take off, but she implored him to stay and hang out longer. She suddenly suggested that he move in with her.

Victoria thought Stitch would be more excited about the idea, and he explained that he was surprised, since they had just gotten back together. She said it seemed like the next logical step, and he loved the idea of waking up next to her every day, but he thought there was a lot to consider. Victoria swore that Johnny loved hanging out with Stitch, and she asked Stitch to give her one reason why they shouldn't go for it. Stitch noted that Billy and Chelsea had a cozy arrangement with Connor, and Victoria wondered if Stitch thought her invitation had been a reaction to her ex's living situation. Stitch asked if it was.

Victoria insisted that she hadn't asked Stitch to move in because Billy and Chelsea had settled down together, and she also hadn't asked because she was afraid of living on her own. She proudly stated that she'd made a home for her family and that she didn't need a man in her life to make her happy, and there was only one reason why she wanted to share her home with Stitch -- because she loved him. Stitch said he'd hoped for a long time that Victoria would say those words, and he said he loved her, too. She replied that she knew, and he proclaimed that she had a new roommate. He prepared to get all his stuff, and they happily kissed.

At the ranch, Jill told Victor that she'd wanted to talk to him at the christening, but she'd steered clear to avoid giving the baby her cold. Victor complained that she had no problem exposing him to her germs, but she quipped that he was immune to just about everything. She presented him with a contract she'd drawn up for the sale of Chancellor, and he asked if she had the money. Jill offered to provide a down payment with the balance due within 30 days, and if she failed to pay, he'd keep both the company and the down payment. She called it a "win-win," and Victor chuckled. They admitted that they didn't trust one another, and he remarked that a lot could happen in a month, so they had no deal.

Michael met Lauren at the Athletic Club bar and apologized for being late because of work. She worried that he was working too many hours while he was getting radiation treatment, but he reasoned that his energy might not last, so he wanted to do as much as possible while he still could. She asked if he had to fill up all his hours with work, and he replied that there were plenty of things he'd like to do, like jump out of a plane. He suggested that they book trip to a Paris so they could kiss at the top of the Eiffel Tower, and he wanted to do something good for humanity, like build houses for the poor with Brock. Lauren sadly noted that she wanted to spend more time together, but Michael's ideas sounded more like a bucket list.

Michael said he no longer wanted to put things off, since no one knew what the future held. Lauren declared that it didn't matter what they did as long as they were together, and Jill approached and was happy to see the couple smiling. Jill asked about Michael's treatment, and he replied that he didn't want to make every conversation about his cancer, but he was doing okay. Jill relayed that Victor had refused to negotiate in good faith, and she proclaimed that if she couldn't buy Chancellor, she'd find a way to take it away from Victor.

Jill asked if Michael should be drinking, and he declared that there was nothing wrong with his liver, so he had his doctor's blessing. Lauren mentioned that Michael had taken up a crazy fitness routine, but Michael countered that Jill was crazy for thinking she could outsmart Victor. Jill imagined Katherine laughing at the mess she'd left Jill in, and Michael stepped aside to take a call. Jill asked Lauren to be straight with her, and Lauren said it was just the beginning of Michael's treatment, but it had been going well so far. Jill wished she could do something to help, and Lauren replied that Jill's support meant more than Lauren could say.

Nikki returned home with Nick and informed Victor that it had been a lovely party, and she went upstairs to change. Victor thanked Nick for giving Nikki a ride, and Nick confessed that he was worried about her and that he thought Victor should be, too. Nick recounted how Nikki had almost dropped the baby because of her MS symptoms, and he relayed that Nikki had scheduled a doctor's appointment for the next day while they'd been in the car. Victor worried that it might be too late, and he asked if Nick really thought the incident had happened because of her MS.

Nick questioned what else could have made Nikki feel dizzy and weak, and Victor asserted that she'd been under a lot of stress. Nick grumbled that his situation with Sharon wasn't helping, and Nikki returned downstairs and thanked Nick for taking her home. Nick asked her to let him know what the doctor said, and he departed. Nikki remarked that parents were supposed to look after their children and not the other way around, but Victor contended that Nick's worries had been warranted. Nikki didn't want to rehash the day's events, but Victor recognized that she'd been under a lot of stress, and he wondered how she'd been coping with it.

Victor fretted that Nikki hadn't been taking care of herself, since she hadn't been sleeping or eating well, and he took some responsibility for the stress she'd been under. She was surprised, and he acknowledged that she'd been concerned about him selling the warehouse property, so he'd decided to back out of the deal to ensure that Dylan kept his business. Nikki recalled that Victor had sounded adamant about following through, but Victor kissed her and said he knew she'd been suffering, and he wanted to spend "many tomorrows" with the woman he loved. She thanked him and hugged him.

Nikki said she appreciated Victor choosing her over business, and he reminded her that he'd told her that every decision he made was for his family. He wanted to concentrate on getting her well, and she went upstairs. Victor called Jill, who wondered if he'd decided to accept her deal. He instructed her to deliver the full price that night if she wanted to buy Chancellor, or he would put it up for sale to the highest bidder the next day.

In the Athletic Club dining room, Sage introduced Mr. Tipton, Constance's estate manager, to "Gabriel." Sage mentioned that Mr. Tipton had learned that "Gabriel" had put Constance's house on the market without consulting him, and Adam replied that it was his house to do with as he pleased and that he'd just purchased a place in the city. Mr. Tipton warned that Constance had been very explicit about the terms of her will, and Sage informed him they were moving together as husband and wife. Mr. Tipton revealed that he'd been taken aback when he'd found out they'd gotten married, and he lectured that they'd lose everything if the union was fraudulent. Sage assured him it was real.

Sage proclaimed that she and "Gabriel" had married for love and that they couldn't wait to start a life together, and Mr. Tipton cautioned that he'd occasionally stop by unannounced. She said she looked forward to it, and after Mr. Tipton left, Sage scolded Adam for not telling her he'd bought a new place to live. She lectured him not to blindside her again, since they were in it together, and it was her home, too. Adam told her to do what she needed to do, but he had things to take care of.

Sage ran into Nick in the foyer, and she asked if he was on his way to the gym. He confirmed that he needed to work off some tension before the custody hearing the next day, and she apologized if she'd caused any problems. He assured her that the judge would see through Sharon's attempts to misrepresent the situation, and Sage hoped he was right. Nick mentioned that he'd seen Sage arguing with Gabriel earlier, and he wondered if she was uncomfortable with their marriage of convenience. Sage insisted she was fine, but she commended Nick for being a great friend.

Chelsea and Billy returned home and greeted "Gabriel" in the hallway. Billy refused to talk shop, but Adam informed them that he had moved in across the hall. Adam invited the couple to be his first guests, but Chelsea hesitated because her mom was babysitting. Adam said he had a nice bottle of Champagne to celebrate his move, and Chelsea agreed to have one drink. Adam let them inside the empty apartment and apologetically said he had no seats to offer, and Chelsea admired the space and remarked that "Gabriel" would eventually feel at home. Adam said she was the perfect person to help him with that.

Adam explained that he knew nothing about furniture placement or interior design, and he wondered if he should put a sofa by the window. Chelsea advised that the sun would fade the fabric, and she recommended that he let the couch face out to allow him to look at his view. He said that was why he was in marketing and she was a designer, and she asked if his style was contemporary or traditional. Adam said he had no what that meant, and Billy inquired whether Sage would want to have a say in things.

Adam expected Sage to have opinions, but he said Chelsea was an artist. "Honey, I'm home!" Sage called out as she entered the front door, and Adam declared that it was perfect timing for some Champagne. Chelsea mentioned that "Gabriel" had just told them he was moving in, and Sage clarified that they were moving there together. Chelsea and Billy congratulated them, and she offered to drop off some decorating magazines later. After Chelsea and Billy left, Sage warned Adam not to ruin her chance to get her inheritance, and she asked where their bedroom was.

Adam asked if Sage was serious about sharing a bed, and she insisted that they had to make their marriage look real. She stressed that she didn't expect to sleep with him, but they both had to keep toothbrushes in the master bathroom and have clothes in the closet to make things look authentic. Adam griped that they might as well just have sex if they had to go to all that trouble to make it look like they were sleeping together, and he told Sage to take care of her life while he took care of his. He announced that he was taking the master bedroom, and he ordered her to find a smaller bedroom to dwell in. She sent a text message to Nick, wishing him luck at the custody hearing the next day.

After Chelsea and Billy had sex, they lounged in bed, and she asked if he thought their neighbors were in love. Billy mentioned that she'd seen Sage acting chummy with Nick, and Chelsea commented that there had seemed to be tension between Gabriel and Sage. Billy guessed they'd had a fight, but she was more concerned about whether their new neighbors would be loud. Billy asked if she meant like how Chelsea squealed loudly when he kissed her neck, and he amorously demonstrated what he meant as she giggled.

At the Abbott mansion, Jack called out to Phyllis that the food was ready, but he was surprised when Paul and Christine walked in. They explained that Mrs. Martinez had let them in, and Paul handed Jack a warrant to search the premises. Paul mentioned that the judge had agreed there was probable cause, and he ordered his team to get started. Jack discovered Phyllis' note that said, "Forgive me." He left a voicemail for Phyllis, urging her to get home right away.

Paul said he wanted to talk to Phyllis, but Jack replied that neither she nor her attorney was there. Paul asked when she'd be back, but Jack didn't know, and Christine decided to wait. Jack dryly noted that the D.A. didn't usually accompany the police on searches, and he surmised that Christine still held a grudge because of the hit-and-run, but he pointed out that Phyllis had already stood trial for it. Paul announced that they'd found antifreeze on the property, and Christine revealed that had been the poison found in Kelly's system.

Paul explained that his officers had found the antifreeze in the garage, and Jack argued that was where most people kept it. Paul disclosed that the container had rust flakes inside which could have altered the properties of the antifreeze to make it less lethal, and Christine planned to have it analyzed to see if it matched what had been found in Kelly's system. Jack said he didn't know how the antifreeze had gotten there, and Christine asked if he didn't recognize the container, but Jack refused to answer more questions. Christine and Paul left, and she received a call on her way out. She informed Paul that they might have found some real evidence.

Phyllis sat in the park, and she thanked Kelly for meeting her. Kelly said she'd told herself that there had been no way she'd show up, but curiosity had gotten the better of her. Kelly warned Phyllis that her cell phone was set to dial 9-1-1 in case Phyllis tried anything else, but Phyllis swore she wouldn't hurt Kelly and that she just wanted to talk. Kelly declared that she had nothing to say, but Phyllis countered that she had something to say, and she was sorry. Kelly pointed out that Phyllis had already said that, and she inquired whether Phyllis was admitting to trying to poison her.

Phyllis admitted that she'd wanted to punish Kelly when she'd found out about Jack's relationship with Kelly, and she acknowledged that she'd rubbed Jack's proposal in Kelly's face. Kelly coldly stated that it had been cruel of Phyllis to ask her to organize their engagement party, and Phyllis recognized that she'd been petty and vindictive instead of focusing on the good things in her life. Phyllis said she was very sorry for that, but Kelly demanded to know if Phyllis intended to apologize for posing as Kelly and poisoning Kelly's tea. Phyllis repeated that she was sorry, and she remarked that she couldn't go back home again, so she wouldn't. Phyllis told Kelly to take care of Jack, and she walked away, wheeling a suitcase behind her. Kelly hurried off, and Phyllis stared after her.

Over the phone, Jack asked if Michael knew where Phyllis had gone, since she'd taken off, and he needed to get in touch with her. Michael thought he'd convinced her to wait and see what happened, but Jack mumbled that waiting wasn't her strong suit. Jack found Kelly at the door, and he said she shouldn't be there. Kelly imagined he was upset about what was going on with Phyllis, but she said it was for the best. Jack had no idea what she meant, and Kelly informed him that Phyllis had just confessed to her in the park. Kelly added that he wouldn't find Phyllis there, since it had looked like Phyllis had been going out of town for good.

Jack dashed to the park, and he was relieved when he found Phyllis, who remarked that Kelly hadn't wasted any time. He said he wouldn't have forgiven Phyllis if she'd slinked out of town, but Phyllis contended that everyone had been fine when she'd been gone before. Jack asked if she knew what it meant to have her back in their lives, and he vowed not to lose her again. Phyllis bemoaned that she could go to prison, but Jack promised he wouldn't let it happen, and she explained she'd been trying to spare her loved ones pain. He asked about her pain, and he pointed out that she'd be walking away from everyone she loved.

Phyllis couldn't face being locked up, and Jack assured her that he wouldn't let it happen, but she argued that he wasn't in a position to help her. He asserted that the case was circumstantial, and whatever she'd done had been because of the experimental treatment. He swore that he could get her medical help and protect her, but she had to trust him. She said she wanted to, and he begged her to let him take her back home.

At the police station, Christine asked Paul if the IT department had managed to restore the damaged footage, and Paul reported that someone had intentionally tampered with it. He showed her a video taken from the Athletic Club's security office when the feed had been lost in the dining room, and they watched a woman enter the club with her head down. Christine exclaimed that the red hair was unmistakable -- it was Phyllis.

Jack and Phyllis arrived home, and she was surprised to find Michael there. Michael explained that he'd been concerned after he'd received Jack's call, and the doorbell rang. Phyllis wanted to ignore it, but Jack let in Paul and Christine and asked if they'd forgotten something. Christine announced that they were there to arrest Phyllis, and Paul began to read Phyllis her rights. Phyllis snarled that Jack had betrayed her, and she vowed to never forgive him.

. . .

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