Friday, April 24, 2015

At Crimson Lights, Hilary approached Devon, and she said he couldn't avoid her forever. She wondered if he had nothing to say after she'd admitted that she still loved him, and she inquired whether he still loved her. Devon questioned why it mattered, and Hilary replied that it meant everything to her, since he was the best thing that had ever happened to her. She maintained that she'd never stopped loving him, and she couldn't imagine losing him forever.

Devon said he would have given anything to hear Hilary say that after the plane crash, but instead, she'd taunted that she'd used him to get revenge. He chided her for switching her story again, and she swore she was telling the truth. Devon snapped that he wasn't a light switch, and she explained that she'd been attempting to fix things between him and Neil. Devon thought she could have found a way to save his dad without sleeping with the prosecutor, and Hilary said she'd blamed herself for Neil's unraveling, so she had no regrets about what she'd done to keep Neil out of prison.

Devon asked how Hilary expected him to get past it, and Hilary pleaded with him to at least try to find their way back to one another. Devon contended that Hilary's act had worked like a charm, and there was hope for him and Neil, but the men would never reconcile if Devon and Hilary got involved again. Hilary said she understood, and she got choked up as she added that she'd been hopeful. She quietly stated that she'd said what she'd needed to say, and she hurried out. Devon looked pained.

Later, Hilary arrived at Devon's hotel suite, and she said she'd been thinking about the way they'd left things, but she refused to let it end like that. Devon said he'd made it clear they couldn't go back, but Hilary suggested that maybe they could be friends. She proclaimed that he was the love of her life, and she wanted him however she could have him.

At the cottage, Dylan noted that it sounded like Michael was hanging Sharon's defense on getting the tire iron thrown out, and Michael replied that Dylan and Avery had obliterated the chain of evidence, so he was certain it would be tossed. Dylan pressed to know what would happen if it wasn't, and Michael said he could create reasonable doubt by presenting another suspect, but Dylan thought they should try to prove someone was framing Sharon. Michael agreed that it would be ideal to find the real murderer, but the clock was ticking, and all the evidence pointed at Sharon. Sharon overheard and asked if Michael was saying she was a lost cause.

Sharon assumed she didn't have a prayer, and Michael lectured that jumping to the worst outcome wasn't helpful. He declined an incoming call from Dr. Jain, and he explained that he and Dylan had simply been running through different scenarios. Sharon contended that it was hard to stay calm when her lawyer talked about running out of time, and she worried that she could go to prison. Sharon continued to freak out as Lauren stopped by, and Michael suggested they all take a break. Michael invited Lauren to lunch, and the Baldwins left. Sharon ranted that she couldn't take any more false hope, and she ordered Dylan out.

Later, Sharon found Dylan hadn't left her living room, and he argued that she shouldn't be alone when she was like that, but she countered that she was a realist who saw that her future wasn't pretty. She rambled that she had no alibi, the evidence implicated her, and Paul thought she'd had a motive to kill both Austin and Courtney. Sharon continued that the press would reinstate the death penalty for her if they had their way, and Dylan was a fool if he thought she'd get out of it. Dylan bellowed that he'd been working his butt off to prove she was innocent and to keep her from giving up, but he'd realized why she'd panicked -- because she was guilty.

Sharon incredulously asked if Dylan had just called her a murderer after he'd claimed he'd believed her, and she insisted that he knew she'd never do anything like that. Sharon recounted that Michael had told her she should never even have been arrested with such weak evidence, and Dylan proclaimed that Sharon would beat the charges if she remained feisty instead of wallowing in negativity. He apologized for throwing her, but he was happy she'd reacted that way. A relieved Sharon said it had felt like she'd lost her best friend for a moment, and Dylan implored her not to let her doubts overwhelm her.

In Joe's hospital room, Avery told someone on the phone that she wasn't taking on new clients, and after she hung up, Joe urged her not to sacrifice her work for him, but she contended that she already had plenty of work she didn't need. Joe informed her that he'd decided not to fight the doctor's suggestion to transfer him to a nursing home, and Avery clarified that it was an excellent rehabilitation facility that specialized in spinal injuries. Joe grumbled that he'd be popping wheelies in no time, and he asked her to pack up his apartment while he was gone. Avery asked if he wasn't planning to return to Genoa City.

Joe said he hadn't decided where he'd end up, since he didn't know how long he'd be at the rehab facility, and he figured it would be best to put his stuff in storage and not worry about it. Avery thought it might motivate him to have a home to return to, but Joe said it had just been a place to crash, and he apologized for burdening her with the request. She swore that she was happy to help, and she imagined that it would be overwhelming to get settled into a new place, so she volunteered to go with him.

Joe appreciated Avery's generous offer, but he didn't want her to uproot her life. She reasoned that it would be good for him to have someone there to advocate for him and to run errands, especially since she was the reason he was in the predicament. She added that she'd talked to Barton, who had indicated that having someone there to support Joe could make a difference. Joe agreed that it would be nice to have her there, and she declared that it was settled. Joe guessed she hadn't spoken to Dylan about it yet, and he wondered how her fiancé would feel about it.

Avery called Dylan and informed him that Joe was being transferred to a rehab facility in Chicago, and she wanted to accompany Joe to get him settled. Dylan inquired whether it had been her idea or Joe's, and Avery said it had been hers, but she knew Dylan might have an issue with it. She explained that Joe's spirit had been broken since the accident, and she thought Joe shouldn't have to face what was ahead alone. Dylan said he understood her need to help Joe, and Avery thanked him. They exchanged declarations of love, and they hung up. Avery returned to Joe's room, and Joe assumed Dylan had said no, but Avery reported that Dylan was okay with her making the trip.

Sharon sensed that Dylan really wasn't fine with Avery's decision, but he replied that it would happen whether he liked it or not. He pointed out that Avery had accepted that he wanted to be there for Sharon, and Sharon guessed that Dylan had given Avery the answer she'd wanted instead of unloading the truth. Sharon recommended that he take his own advice and tell Avery how he really felt.

At the Athletic Club, Lily and Cane kissed, and she said she missed seeing him during the day. Cane mentioned that Lauren had a big shipment arriving at the boutique, so he thought he'd surprise his beautiful wife while he was there. He acknowledged that they hadn't had much time together since he'd taken the job, and Lily suggested that they have dinner together that evening. Jill overheard and surmised Lauren had been working Cane to the bone, and she cautioned Cane to careful what he wished for.

Cane said things would settle down at the new job soon enough, but Jill warned that retail hours were brutal. Lily countered that at least Cane wasn't frustrated, and Cane was sure Jill enjoyed running Chancellor all by herself, but Jill was skeptical that helping in a family business was enough for Cane. Cane pointedly stated that Lauren trusted him and was receptive to his ideas, so it was like a real partnership, and he couldn't be happier.

Lauren and Michael arrived at the club, and she noted that he had been living in a tense environment. Lauren informed Cane that a reporter who they were supposed to meet with the next day had needed to reschedule for that evening in order to catch a red-eye flight, and Cane didn't want to cancel his dinner plans with Lily, but Lily said it was fine. Lauren offered to take the meeting by herself, but Michael mentioned that the reporter was from a national magazine, and he thought Cane should be there to talk about his new role at Fenmore's. Lily agreed, and Cane said he'd be there.

Over lunch, Lauren asked if Michael would continue to second-guess her work decisions, but Michael reasoned that it would be good press for Cane to be at the meeting. Lauren found it lovely that Cane had wanted to spend time with his wife, and Michael assumed that Lauren was comparing Cane's behavior to Michael's. Lauren complained that Michael had barely made an effort to keep in touch since he'd moved in with Sharon, and Michael argued that he'd made a major commitment to act as Sharon's guardian. Lauren said it was also a great way to hide from her and his oncologist, and she relayed that Dr. Jain had left a message at their house about Michael missing an appointment.

Lauren observed that Michael looked "like hell," and she worried that he wasn't taking care of himself. She felt like he was holding something back, and Michael admonished her for treating him like a child. He yelled that he didn't need her grilling him about every decision he made, and Jill and Cane stared from across the room. Cane reported that the deliveries had arrived, and he asked Lauren to shoot him a text message when she was done with lunch. Lauren suggested they take care of it right away, and she glared at Michael as she snapped that they all knew they had to put work first.

Jill expressed concern to Michael about his public fight with Lauren, but Michael replied that it wasn't Jill's business. Jill said they were her family, so it made it her business, and she asked why he was pushing Lauren away. Michael divulged that he'd had to move in with Sharon as a condition of her bail, and Jill questioned why he'd needed to be the appointed babysitter. Jill pointed out that Michael's treatment had been successful, and Lauren had stuck by him through thick and thin, so Jill didn't understand why he was burying himself in work. Jill demanded to know what was going on in his head.

Michael said he needed space to deal with what he was going through, and Lauren had been too focused on his illness. Jill understood that concern and questions could be stifling sometimes, but she warned him that Lauren thought she and Michael were drifting apart. Michael admitted he'd felt like he'd been keeping Lauren down, so he'd been encouraging her to focus on work and to have a friend in Cane. Jill praised Michael for explaining it to her calmly and beautifully, and she suggested that he explain it to Lauren instead of avoiding her and biting her head off. Michael realized Jill was right, and he excused himself to apologize to Lauren.

Colin approached Lily and noted that she'd graciously changed her plans so Cane could dine with Lauren, and Lily clarified that it was a business dinner, but Colin suspected that Lily was more upset than she was letting on. Lily said she wished she and Cane could spend more time together, but she was happy that her husband was excited about his new job. Colin warned that it was easy for a man to be distracted when things were messy at home, and Lily wondered if he was implying that Cane looked at Lauren as more than a business associate. Colin was sure Cane was loyal, but he thought Lauren was another matter.

Lily found the idea of Cane and Lauren together ridiculous, but Colin pointed out that Lauren had cheated on Michael before. Lily argued that the Baldwins' marriage had been under a huge strain at the time, and it was an entirely different situation. Colin lectured that pain was pain, and Lauren might look for another shoulder to cry on. He added that Lauren was an alluring woman, and he advised Lily to keep a close eye on her husband.

Colin informed Jill that he'd told Lily that it looked like Cane and Lauren were getting too cozy, and Jill wished Colin hadn't, since Cane was happy to have Lily back. Colin agreed that Cane wasn't interested in another woman, and Jill realized he was implying Lauren would stray. Jill recalled that Michael had insinuated that Lauren would be happier in Cane's company than in his own, and Colin asked if she thought Michael was pushing Lauren into Cane's arms. Jill said it would be crazy, but she looked worried.

Lauren and Cane unpacked the shipment, and she picked up a necklace and said she hadn't been expecting that at all. She began to sob that it was disappointing, and it wasn't the way it was supposed to be. Cane gently touched her shoulder and looked sympathetic, and Lauren asked Cane to forgive her, but he said there was nothing to forgive. She confided that she and Michael weren't in the best place, and Cane joked that he'd thought she simply hadn't liked the merchandise. She made fun of the necklace, and Michael peered in and saw Lauren and Cane laughing, but he walked away.

Lily entered the boutique and announced that she wanted to take her husband to dinner after all, and Cane asked Lauren if that was okay. Lauren promised she'd let the reporter know how valuable he was, and she told the Ashbys to have fun.

Dylan entered Joe's room, and Joe informed him that Avery had stepped out. Joe guessed that Dylan was there to put him on notice, and Dylan replied that he didn't trust Joe and never would. Joe admitted he'd done everything Dylan had accused him of to win Avery, and he confessed that he'd put the moves on her on the balcony, but he told Dylan to look at where it had gotten Joe. Joe said there was no need to pretend anymore, since everything had changed after the fall, and he knew Avery would never be his.

Joe contended that Avery only looked at him with guilt and pity, but she'd always wanted Dylan. Joe noted that as much as Dylan hated him, Dylan had never lost faith in Avery, and what Dylan and Avery had was real. Joe swore he didn't want the trip to cause trouble, and he implored Dylan just to say so if he objected, but Dylan said Avery made her own decisions.

Avery stopped by Sharon's house to find Dylan, and she was surprised to learn he wasn't there. Avery remarked that she thought Sharon couldn't be left to her own devices, and Sharon explained that she was under house arrest but didn't need constant surveillance. Sharon imagined that Avery thought she needed to be under heavy guard, and Avery commented that the truth would eventually surface. Sharon recalled that Avery had believed in her when she'd been accused of murder before, and Avery said she'd been proud to be Sharon's defense counsel, but she'd gotten to know Sharon better since then.

Sharon concluded that Avery would have considered it an acceptable outcome if Sharon had been locked up already, but Avery hoped Sharon was found not guilty for Dylan and Michael's sakes. Sharon surmised that Avery wouldn't be alone with her if Avery believed she was capable of double homicide, and Avery countered that she hadn't thought Sharon had been capable of burning down the ranch or falsifying Summer's paternity, either. Sharon stopped Avery from leaving and snapped that Avery had no clue about her fiancé, since Dylan had gone to tell Avery that he wasn't okay with her going on a trip with Joe.

Sharon reported that Dylan had obviously been upset, and Avery argued that a trip to a rehab center was hardly a romantic tryst. Sharon barked that Joe was a big boy who didn't need Avery to hold his hand -- unless Avery really wanted Joe, not Dylan. Avery thought Sharon would love it if Avery wanted Joe, since Dylan would be available to constantly rush over to be Sharon's white knight. Sharon retorted that Avery had been living by Joe's bedside, and Avery spat that Sharon couldn't go two minutes without a man to lean on.

Avery taunted that Sharon had gone through all the men in the Newman family, and a pale, sweaty Michael walked in as Sharon lunged at Avery. Avery dared Sharon to violate her parole by assaulting Avery, and Michael weakly asked them to stop. As the women continued to argue, Michael collapsed in a chair.

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