Friday, July 18, 2014

At the Chancellor mansion, Colin asked whether Jill had second thoughts about committing insurance fraud, but she swore it had been worth it to get him out from under his debt, and they had a lot of money left over. He suggested that they use it to fund the new boutique, and Jill said that she was about to go tell Lauren that Jill and Colin were a package deal. Colin gushed that he'd thought he couldn't love Jill any more, and she started to leave, but he reminded her to put the necklace away. She locked it in the safe, and she promised to convince Lauren that a three-way partnership was a genius move.

In the Athletic Club foyer, Lauren told Neil that she intended to expand Fenmore's with another new boutique to showcase Chelsea's designs, although it wasn't set in stone yet. Lauren belatedly congratulated him on his wedding, and he replied that he intended to keep his wife as happy as she'd made him. Neil suspected that Lauren thought he'd been crazy to rush into marriage that fast, and she noted that Hilary had smeared his family's secrets all over the GC Buzz. He acknowledged that Hilary had been in a dark place, but he was grateful that they'd fallen in love. He recognized that not everyone in town was on board with their marriage, and Lily had voiced the loudest objections, since she believed that Hilary would hurt him one day.

Jill entered the club, and Lauren informed her that she and Neil had been talking about the expansion. Jill reprimanded Neil for marrying the "manipulative witch" who had tricked Cane into bed, and Neil commented that he loved a woman who spoke her mind. Neil walked away to take a call, and Lauren lectured that Jill overestimated how much people enjoyed her candor. Jill compared it to Lauren's overestimation of Fenmore's revenues, and she thought they should open another boutique to reach their projections.

Lauren thought Katherine would have loved the fact that Jill was investing in family, but Jill mentioned that the capital infusion had conditions. Colin arrived, and Lauren objected to Colin being part of the family business, but Jill countered that Colin had become part of the family. Colin suggested that Lauren and Jill handle the style while he handled the money, but Lauren protested that he'd run an illegal business from prison. Jill reasoned that it had taken a killer businessman to do it, and Colin swore that it would be fantastic. Lauren flatly told them to keep the cash.

In the dining room, Cane approached Hilary, who said that she was waiting for Neil, but she offered to go someplace else. Cane assured her that she didn't have to do that, and he asked if she'd thought about their prior conversation. She defended that she hadn't planned or expected anything to happen between her and Devon, and she knew that it had been unfair to Neil, who was the last person she wanted to hurt. Devon overheard as she told Cane that the look in Devon's eyes had been wrong, and she knew what she had to do.

Cane asked how Hilary intended to rectify the situation, but Neil joined them and mentioned an intriguing voicemail Hilary had left him. Devon approached, and Cane suggested that he and Devon leave to tend to business, but Hilary invited them to stay. She handed Neil a baseball cap and some tickets, and he proclaimed that the woman he loved wanted to learn about baseball. She crowed that she'd wiped the floor with him during March Madness, and Neil recalled that had been where it had all started. She joked that they had to make it to Chicago for kickoff, and she presented Neil with a mitt to catch foul balls. Neil teased Devon and Cane for being jealous, and Devon scowled as Neil and Hilary left.

Cane informed Devon that he'd walked in on Hilary and Devon in the laundry room, and Devon insisted that things hadn't gotten out of hand. Cane wondered about the next time, and he said that he'd gone looking for them to prevent Neil from doing so. Cane implored Devon to handle the situation if he wasn't going to leave town, but Devon didn't know how. Devon bemoaned that he'd be stuck if he ran, but he'd be "living in hell" if he stayed, and he didn't want to hurt Neil. Cane mentioned that Hilary wanted the marriage to work, and Devon stated that his dad deserved happiness, but maybe Devon didn't.

Jill pointed out that she and Lauren were partners, and Lauren couldn't unilaterally vote against Colin. Lauren snapped that the couple never would have gotten married if she'd had a vote, and Jill conceded that Colin had been a cheat and a crook, but she was there to keep him in check. Lauren pulled Cane into the discussion, and she asked if he would allow Colin to invest in a business that was close to Cane's heart. Cane admitted that he would have said no a year before, but he would consider it. Cane advised that family businesses could get tricky because the parties involved had to stick around for the long haul, and Devon interrupted and remarked that being family was no excuse for being stupid.

Devon lectured that people shouldn't blindly follow family loyalty, and they needed to make the right decisions, even if someone got hurt. Devon apologized for butting in, and he stalked off with Cane right behind him. Jill imagined what would have happened if Lauren had asked for Michael to be involved in the family business, and Jill asserted that she would have supported it because she loved and trusted Lauren. Jill swore that she'd defend Fenmore's to the death, but she felt the same way about her marriage.

Colin admitted that he'd been a "bastard," but he knew numbers and business, and he swore that he wouldn't do anything to anger his wife. Lauren agreed that perhaps it was time for some hope and optimism, and she welcomed Colin to Fenmore's. Colin declared himself to be a legitimate businessman, and Lauren stressed that the business was very legitimate. Jill swore that Lauren wouldn't regret it, and Lauren said that she'd better not.

Devon apologized to Cane for what he'd said about family, but he was frustrated that his father was with the woman Devon wanted. Cane asked what he could do to help, but Devon thought that he had no choice but to live with it.

On the drive to Chicago, Neil and Hilary listened to a weather report about a cloud cover, and she worried that the game wouldn't happen. Neil turned the topic to Devon, and he referred to the unfinished business that seemed to be eating away at Devon. Neil thought that Hilary might be able to help, since Devon trusted her. Neil recounted that Devon had saved Hilary after Lily had pushed her into the pool, and he surmised that Hilary and Devon had become good friends. Hilary turned the radio back on, and they learned that the game had been delayed. Neil reasoned that it gave them more time to get there, and she fretted that the game might be canceled, but he assured her that the storm could pass.

Neil and Hilary were disappointed when they learned the game had been called off due to rain, and she regretted that she hadn't been able to give him a little bit of the happiness he'd given her. He said all that mattered was that she was happy, but she contended that it wasn't all about her, since he'd given her a second chance after she'd ripped his life apart. Hilary added that it meant a lot that he trusted and loved her, and she wanted to be the wife he deserved. He said that it wasn't a contest to outdo one another, but there was no use in going to Chicago, and they didn't need to race home. Hilary had an idea, and she whispered something in his ear. He pulled the car over.

As Devon chugged a drink, Neil and Hilary returned to the club, and Neil promised to get Hilary a baseball the next time. She countered that maybe she'd get one for Neil, and Devon commented that he hadn't expected them back that soon. Neil said the game had been rained out, but he amorously stated that it hadn't been a total waste. Neil offered to spring for peanuts and hot dogs if Devon joined them the next time, but Devon grumbled that he was more of a basketball fan, and he walked off. Neil declared that he'd worked up an appetite, and he went to get a table. Devon and Hilary exchanged an uncomfortable glance.

At the Underground, Billy asked what Chelsea had to be honest about, and she nervously laughed and referred to when she'd implied that she wanted a relationship with him, or they had to say goodbye. She claimed that she didn't know what she wanted or what they had, and she didn't care about a lot of people, but she cared about him and didn't want things to end. He observed that she didn't look relieved, and he questioned what else was rattling around in her head. Chelsea glanced at Stitch, and Billy assured her that after everything they'd been through together, there wasn't much she couldn't tell him.

Chelsea said she'd been worried Billy would punch Stitch, and Billy replied that he liked to use his brains and his smart mouth, but she warned that the latter got him into trouble. He asked if she really had nothing else to say, and she claimed she didn't, but she said she could use a ride home. Billy went to get the car, and Chelsea informed Stitch that she hadn't told Billy anything, but she still could. Stitch said that she'd made the right choice to spare everyone grief, since he had something special with Victoria, and Chelsea could have the same thing with Billy. Chelsea declared that Stitch might have thought that he'd erased what he'd done, but he couldn't hide from it forever.

Jack entered Kelly's office with a special flower delivery, and Kelly asked if she had a secret admirer. She joked that the flowers were probably from Mr. Hinkle, her building manager, and Jack questioned whether he would ever live up to Mr. Hinkle in her eyes. They kissed, and Jack revealed that the blooms were an acknowledgement that she had been right for suggesting that he go to Summer's wedding. Kelly called him a wonderful father, and he requested that she also help him be a good uncle and brother, since Abby and Traci wanted him to host a family dinner. He thought it would be the perfect time to officially announce that Kelly was the new woman in his life.

Kelly was terrified by the idea of attending an Abbott family dinner, but Jack tried to convince her that it probably wouldn't be that bad. She thought that it might be too soon, since some members of his clan hated her, but Jack thought that showing up as a united front seemed like the logical next step, unless Kelly wanted to slow things down. Jack admitted that Phyllis would always be in his heart, but that chapter had closed, and Kelly was a new book filled with new chapters. Kelly said that she'd been honored and proud to go to Summer's wedding with him, and she was sure she'd feel same way when she accompanied him to his family dinner.

Jack's phone rang, and he stepped out to take a business call from London. Stitch arrived to see Kelly, and he asked if she'd heard about Billy and Chelsea. Kelly concluded that they'd slept together, and Stitch noted that things could work out in his favor, since Victoria was pushing through the divorce. Kelly coldly stated that things were swinging in Stitch's direction again, and he begged her not to hate him for making progress. She suspected that he hadn't stopped by to talk about Billy's sex life, and Stitch informed her that Chelsea had mentioned Chesterfield High. Stitch wasn't sure how much Chelsea knew, and Kelly cautioned that his secret wasn't going away and that it was hanging over both of them. She warned that the axe would fall someday when people learned the truth, and Jack overheard and asked, "The truth about what?"

Stitch asked to speak with Kelly alone, but Jack was worried that Kelly was upset. Kelly confirmed that she needed to talk to her brother, and Jack stepped outside. Kelly told Stitch that she'd had her life shredded twice before, and she couldn't put herself in a position to lose everything again. Stitch said that he didn't want her to lie, but he asked if she could avoid answering Chelsea's questions. Kelly promised that she would, and Stitch noted that it was in Chelsea's best interests to leave it alone. Stitch passed by Jack in the hallway on his way out, and Jack returned to Kelly's office. She rushed into Jack's arms, clearly shaken.

Kelly admitted that she'd kept things locked up, but she'd finally met someone she wanted to open up to. Jack said that he knew what it was like to be there for family, but he saw what it was doing to her. She cried that she could handle it, but he hated seeing her try, and he thought that it was too much. Jack encouraged Kelly to tell someone, and he gently pressed her to tell him what Stitch was holding over her. Meanwhile, Stitch left a message for Victoria, saying that he missed her, and he loved her no matter what happened.

Jack swore that he wasn't issuing an ultimatum, but he cared about Kelly, and he saw the pressure she was under and how tense she was around Stitch. Jack encouraged her to let go of the weight she carried, and she wailed that she'd lived with it for a long time. Jack assured her that she didn't have to any longer, and he asked what had led to Kelly and Stitch's estrangement. She asked if Jack remembered the concert in the park, and she said that it had been the first time she'd felt hope since she could remember. She told Jack that it wasn't anything he could fix or handle, but he forced her to look at him, and he swore that she could trust him. "My brother is a murderer," Kelly confessed.

Billy took Chelsea home, and she thanked him for the ride. He asked if that was it, and she swore that she wasn't going to get needy or clingy, so he could go on with his life. He turned to leave, but he realized that he had no life, and she mentioned Johnny. Billy pointed out that his son was in DC, and Chelsea replied that Connor was with Anita. Chelsea decided to have some wine, and Billy reasoned that he couldn't let her drink alone.

Billy asked about the buzzing noise, and Chelsea reported that there had been no trace of it since he'd fixed it. They flirtatiously bantered about how she had fixed his back, and he handed her a glass of wine and moved to kiss her, but she said that she needed him upstairs. Chelsea led Billy to Connor's room, and a disappointed Billy said that he'd thought she'd meant something else. She asked him to lower Connor's mattress so the tot couldn't crawl out, and Billy bragged that he was a mechanical genius. It took him seconds to adjust the crib, and Chelsea asked him to move the furniture around.

Billy complained that Chelsea wanted him to do heavy lifting, and he chided her for pulling a bait-and-switch. She seductively asked what she'd used as bait, and the unseen man with the wedding band watched the exchange via the hidden camera. Chelsea decided that she hated the new furniture arrangement, and she asked Billy to move the dresser back. Instead, Billy pulled her close and inquired whether he should fix the furniture in her bedroom. The mysterious man's assistant said that he'd break in and stop them if he could, but it was impossible.

Chelsea and Billy went downstairs, and Billy said that he'd worked up an appetite while moving furniture. She suggested that she use her healing touch on his back, and he agreed that she should use her gift over and over. They kissed passionately, and they began to remove one another's clothes as they fell onto the couch. Someone turned a key in the lock and opened the front door.

. . .

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