Friday, October 17, 2014

At Crimson Lights, Stitch had a video chat with Max on his computer, and he said that he was glad to hear that Max had made good friends. Stitch hoped to someday introduce Max to his friends, and he said that they'd talk again soon. Maureen entered and rushed over to catch a glimpse of her grandson, and she said that she barely recognized Max. Stitch grumbled that he knew the feeling, and she wished she could have said hello, but Stitch reported that he was lucky Jenna even let him talk to Max.

Maureen argued that Max was Stitch's son, but Stitch lamented that Max was living on the other side of the world, and he asked if she understood what he'd lost. Maureen said that he shouldn't have had to pay such a heavy price, and she encouraged Stitch to focus on the future. She inquired whether he intended to tell Victoria the truth in an effort to get back together, but he assured his mother that she had nothing to worry about. Maureen replied that she knew she could trust him, and he wished that Victoria felt the same way.

Maureen understood that it was hard for Stitch not to feel sorry for himself, since terrible things had happened to all of them, but she didn't regret what had happened to his father. She added that Stitch had been extremely brave, and he agreed that he'd done the right thing, but it tortured him not to be near Max. Maureen urged Stitch not to let the past keep him from moving forward, and she told him to fight for what he wanted. She implored him to go after Victoria and not to let anyone or anything get in his way.

Victoria bustled around her office, and Nick entered and expressed shock that a highly paid executive was doing her own filing. She grumbled that she couldn't keep track of anything, and Nick compared it to how she'd lost track of their father. She countered that Victor hadn't told her where he was going, but she'd heard a rumor that he would be back that day. Nick thought it was obvious why Victor had blown off the wedding, since he theorized that Victor had been working overtime to figure out Sharon's secret in order to keep Nick and Sharon from getting married.

Nick confided that he was afraid that Sharon's obsession with the secret would lead to her having another manic episode, even though he'd told her many times that they could work through whatever it was. He wished Victor would just say what he was looking for, so Nick could show Sharon that nothing would stop him from wanting her to be his wife. Victoria advised Nick not to marry Sharon, who she expected would screw up again, and she didn't want to see Nick get hurt. Victoria argued that there had been a reason why Nick and Sharon had failed before, and she cautioned that it wasn't wise to ignore Sharon's history. Nick suspected that Victoria was projecting her feelings about her situation with Billy and Stitch onto him.

Victoria said that she didn't want Billy or Stitch in her life, but Nick observed that she seemed upset, and he refused to leave until she told him why. Victoria disclosed that Abby had been going on about how Victoria and Billy should get back together, and when Stitch had stopped by, Victoria had rebelled by kissing him. Victoria admitted it had been a mistake to send Stitch mixed signals, since she'd gotten churned up inside, and Nick realized she still had feelings for Stitch. She wailed that she didn't want to have feelings for anyone, and Nick predicted that things would become clearer once the baby arrived. Victoria half-heartedly agreed.

Later, Victoria stared out the window, and she turned when there was a knock at the door. She saw Stitch in the doorway, and she asked if he was there to serve her with papers, but he said that he'd decided not to get a lawyer. She was glad to hear it, but she noted that he hadn't needed to tell her the news in person. He recalled that she'd told him not to read too much into their kiss, but he had, and he wanted to make sure he was right. He pulled her into a passionate kiss, and she kissed him back. He confidently stated that he had been right, and a stunned Victoria watched as he walked out.

Sharon asked what Noah was reading that had made him laugh, and he explained that Fenmore's was advertising a psychic named Madame Isadora who would do palm readings as their latest promotion. He questioned what it had to do with selling dresses, and he joked that the psychic would foresee the shoppers maxing out their credit cards. Sharon presented Noah with a sandwich, but he said that he was there to see how she was doing. She insisted that she was fine, but he was skeptical, since he'd been watching her when Phyllis had crashed the wedding. Noah recalled that Sharon had looked pale and about to pass out, and he asked what had been going on in her mind.

Sharon conceded that Phyllis' return had been a shock for everyone, but Noah countered that Sharon had been the only one who had panicked and rushed out. She explained that she'd been scared, so she'd gone to the cemetery to talk to Cassie. He could tell that something was wrong, and he asked why she was afraid of Phyllis. Sharon confided that she'd had memory flashes of Phyllis being at Cassie's grave, but she didn't know what that meant. Noah said that it probably didn't mean anything, but Sharon maintained that she couldn't marry Nick until she figured it out.

Noah questioned why Sharon was letting Phyllis get in the way of the wedding, and Sharon said that Phyllis had been the only person who'd known about Sharon's secret. Noah asked if Sharon was freaking out because she thought Phyllis remembered what it was, and Sharon wondered why else Phyllis had gone to great lengths to disrupt the wedding. Noah contended that Phyllis always made everything about herself, but Sharon suspected that Phyllis would have blurted out the secret if she hadn't fainted. Sharon said that she wanted to marry Nick and to be a family, but she had to stop Phyllis from controlling her life first.

Noah said that he couldn't stand seeing Sharon like that, and she replied that she shouldn't have unloaded her mess on him. He pledged to always be there for her, and she promised that she would call her therapist. Noah anticipated that she'd no longer be afraid once she pieced things together, and Sharon hoped that she'd discover that she'd been overreacting. Noah prepared to meet Courtney after her shift, and he joked that Sharon could book time with the psychic to figure out what was going on inside her head. She chuckled in amusement, but after Noah left, her expression turned serious.

Nick returned home, and Sharon said that she was doing fabulous because he wanted to marry her no matter what. He understood she had doubts, but she suggested that they complete the ceremony the following week at city hall or in the park, and he exclaimed that it sounded awesome. She offered him the sandwich that Noah had left behind, and Nick went into the kitchen. Sharon looked at her tablet computer, and she left a message to schedule a psychic reading with Madame Isadora.

At the Athletic Club, Lauren descended the stairs and amorously asked if Michael was waiting for someone. He said that she'd never looked more beautiful, and she remarked that it was amazing what taking time out during a busy day could do. They kissed, and she wished that they hadn't scheduled a meeting, or they could go right back upstairs. He commented that she was glowing, and she gushed that she couldn't remember the last time she had been that happy, since their problems seemed far away. He blamed their issues on working too hard, but he said that it didn't matter, since their problems were over. They clinked their wine glasses together.

Michael and Lauren met with Madame Isadora to sign some contracts, and Lauren said that she was delighted the psychic had agreed to give readings at Fenmore's promotion. Michael bragged that he had a long love line, but Madame Isadora clarified that she was a true psychic who had been clairvoyant her entire life. Lauren received a text message and had to check on something at the boutique, and Michael suggested they meet back there later. Lauren left, and as Michael and Madame Isadora shook hands, she suddenly froze and solemnly told him to take care of himself. Later, Michael returned Dr. Botnik's call and was surprised that the doctor wanted him to make another appointment.

A despondent Dylan sat in his holding cell, and Paul stopped by to check in. Dylan admitted that he'd had no idea how hard it would be, and Paul assured him that it would be worth it if Ian took the bait, but Dylan implored Paul to get him out. Paul warned that their plan would be blown out of the water if the media spotted Dylan, and Dylan understood that he'd be stuck in jail if that happened.

Dylan suggested that he could be more useful on the outside, and Detective Harding approached and huffed that Dylan belonged in there after what had happened the last time Dylan had gone rogue. Paul insisted that they had a good plan that wouldn't have gotten off the ground without Dylan, but Harding protested that they'd have devised a better one if Paul had involved Harding earlier. Paul prepared to check on Nikki at the club, and he told Dylan to hang tough, since Ian would soon be taking Dylan's place.

Later, Dylan hollered that he needed to talk to Harding, who walked in and told Dylan to shut up. Dylan demanded to know whether Nikki was safe, and Harding replied that everything was under control. Dylan accused the detective of keeping him in the dark to repay him for what had happened to Paul, but Harding argued that Dylan was a suspect. Dylan mentioned that Harding had expressed doubts about the plan, so it would be on Harding's head if he refused to prevent something from going wrong. Harding reported that the police had the club's exits covered with undercover officers, but Dylan complained that they'd still look like cops. Dylan asked if the police had checked the trap door in the basement, and Harding asked what he meant.

Dylan explained that he'd done a walkthrough when Devon had bought the club, and he'd found a trap door that had led to a tunnel, which was common for hotels built in the 1920s. He added that the tunnel connected the club to the building next door, and he'd instructed Cane to seal it off for security reasons, but he didn't know if it had been done. Dylan argued that Harding would never find it on his own, so Harding had to let Dylan out to show him where it was.

Nikki started to enter her hotel room, and Maureen passed by and exclaimed that she hadn't known Nikki was staying there. Nikki fibbed that a charity had reserved the room for a meeting, but Maureen said that Nikki didn't have to try to pull the wool over her eyes, since she understood that Nikki needed time away from the public eye. Maureen guessed that Nikki wanted to escape the pressure, and she noted that Nikki looked a little ragged. Nikki reiterated that she had to get to her meeting, and Maureen wished her the best. Nikki entered her room, and her eyes were immediately drawn to the minibar.

Nikki slowly approached the liquor, but Paul startled her when he called out to her from the doorway. He pointed out that the door had been open, and she apologized. He recalled his promise that nothing would happen to her, but he'd been lucky to be a couple steps ahead, since the burner phone that Ian had left in her glove box had been bugged. Nikki became alarmed when she realized that Ian knew she was there, but Paul pointed out that Ian had been aware she was working with the police, so he would likely try to find her at the club rather than at their meeting place, and they could nab him when he did.

Nikki worried that Ian had eluded them before, but Paul assured her that the place was crawling with undercover cops, so Ian wouldn't slip through their fingers again. Nikki said that she'd been clinging to Paul's friendship and loyalty, and he replied that it was what he was there for. She marveled that he'd been by her side ever since Katherine had sent her on a journey to find her son, and Paul vowed to work together again to see things through. Nikki said that they made a pretty good team, and they hugged.

Paul imagined that Victor wasn't happy that Paul and Nikki were working together again, but Nikki revealed that she and Victor hadn't connected because he'd been out of town on business. Nikki explained that Victor hadn't told her where he was or when he'd be back, so she'd stopped returning his calls. Paul suspected that she didn't want Victor to know what was going on, just like when she'd kept mum during her search for Dylan. Nikki reasoned that Victor would be adamant that she not be involved, but she had started it, and she needed to see it end. She mused that Paul had been with her all along, and he'd made her feel strong and capable, unlike Victor. She commented that she and Paul would "come full circle" by the time it was over, and she clasped his hand.

Paul said that he was glad to be there for Nikki, and she thought their plan had helped her, Paul, and Dylan to become closer. Paul wondered what kind of relationship they'd have with their son once Ian was locked up, but there was a knock at the door. She asked if he was expecting anyone, and she worried that it was Ian. Paul swore that she could handle it, and he pulled out gun and stepped out of sight. Nikki opened the door to Maureen, who displayed a bottle of vodka and declared that they could both use a drink.

Jack told Victor that he had nerve to claim that he "[gave] a damn" about Phyllis, and Victor said that he was there to say hello. Jack barked that Victor wasn't welcome, but Phyllis said that she'd like to see Victor. Phyllis divulged that she and Jack had learned that a tall, commanding man with a moustache had visited her at the clinic, and she wondered why Victor had shown a vested interest in her. Jack threatened to get security footage, but Victor declared that he had no intention of lying about being at the clinic, since he had been the one who had contacted Dr. Cutler.

Jack said that Dr. Burnett had been Phyllis' doctor, but Victor contended that the clinic's staff hadn't been up to the task, so he'd looked for alternatives after Phyllis had shown no improvement. Victor mentioned that he'd read about Dr. Cutler's experimental treatment, and Jack ranted that it could have gone horribly wrong. Phyllis added that Avery and Summer hadn't said anything about experimental procedures, and Victor replied that he hadn't told them. Victor claimed that he hadn't wanted to get anyone's hopes up in case the treatment hadn't worked, but Phyllis accused him of being evasive. She pointed out that there was no love lost between her and Victor, and she wondered why he had been anxious to get her back.

Victor stated that he was fond of Summer, who had missed her mom, and he hadn't been able to stand to watch Summer suffer. Jack didn't buy it, and Victor said that what mattered was that Phyllis was back. Jack testily asked if Victor expected them to thank him for messing in their business, and Victor retorted that Summer was his business, since he'd always think of her as his granddaughter. Jack snarled that Summer was his flesh and blood, and Phyllis snapped at both men to stop. Phyllis reasoned that the important thing was that she and Summer had reunited, and Jack apologized for upsetting her.

Phyllis remarked that there was a lot she needed to catch up on, and Victor agreed. Phyllis felt awful that Jack had suffered through being alone, and Victor haughtily stated that Jack had suffered terribly. Jack said that he was enormously relieved and happy that she was back, but it had been a tumultuous year, and he suggested that Victor tell her about Nick and Sharon's difficult times. Victor opted to let Jack fill in the gaps, and Phyllis asked why Victor had needed to see her.

Victor said that he was there to welcome Phyllis back, since she'd once been married to his son. Phyllis sarcastically noted that Victor had treated her like a revered member of the family, and Jack stepped out to take a call. Phyllis said that she was glad she and Victor were alone, since she wanted to talk to him about something. She confided that she'd been experiencing what might be memories, but she wasn't sure what had been real and what had been a dream.

Phyllis said that she remembered opening her eyes and seeing Victor in her room at the clinic, and he confirmed that he had really been there. He added that it had been the first time since her accident that she'd opened her eyes, and she asked if it had been because of the experimental treatment. Victor proclaimed that he'd done everything in his power to get her back, and she was there because of him. In return, he wanted her to do everything in her power to help him.

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