Friday, February 12, 2016

At the Top of the Tower bar, Luca complained that Adam had summoned him, and Adam reported that Victor was aware of Luca's interest in things that didn't concern him, like Victor's granddaughter. Adam cautioned Luca not to mentor or befriend Summer, and he suggested that Luca keep his hands off, especially since the Santoris' hands were dirty. Luca retorted that the Newmans had no room to talk. Adam crowed that Noah was no longer a poker chip to be put in play, since he was out of the country indefinitely.

On a tropical island, Marisa insisted that Noah put his phone away, and she seductively asked him to put sunscreen lotion all over her body. She urged him to remember why they were there, and Noah recognized that his being out of country meant Luca had lost his leverage. Noah grumbled that he'd been forced to run and hide, but Marisa insisted that he was being smart, since they were in an island paradise, and no one even knew they were together. Noah anticipated that her husband would figure it out, but she refused to shed a tear over Luca. Noah reminded her that Luca was his partner.

Marisa called Luca a user, but Noah thought he was the one using Luca, since someone had to make Victor pay for the things he'd done. Marisa begged Noah to let it go and to let Luca and Victor destroy one another, so Noah could be free of it. She wanted to throw Noah's phone in the ocean and leave the rest of the world behind, and Noah said she made it sound easy. She said it was, and they kissed passionately and tumbled onto the couch. She grabbed his phone and playfully ran toward the ocean.

Noah and Marisa returned to their hotel room, and she teased that she'd almost thrown his phone in the water because he wouldn't turn it off. He promised that he would someday, and the phone rang. Marisa went to rinse the sand out of her hair, and Noah answered a call from Luca, who congratulated him on doing an excellent job of convincing Adam and Victor that Noah had left the country. Luca imagined that he and Noah could work together in secret more easily, and he asked where Noah was holed up. Marisa called out to Noah, and Noah gestured for her to stay quiet, but Luca realized that she was with Noah.

A towel-clad Marisa grabbed the phone and taunted that the joke was on Luca, and she dared him to go to the police. Luca guessed that Adam had pulled it off, since Noah wasn't smart enough to do so, and Marisa vowed never to let Luca hurt her or anyone else she loved again. Luca appealed to her to remember what they'd meant to one another, but she spat that he was nothing to her. Luca ominously stated that if he went to the police, Noah could never return home, and Marisa snapped that they wouldn't be back.

Marisa hung up, and Noah wondered if she'd realized what she'd said. Marisa assured him that she knew people who could help them disappear, but Noah protested that his friends and family were in Genoa City. Marisa questioned what kind of future they'd have in Genoa City, and she proclaimed that all they had was that moment and one another. She professed her love, but she thought Noah didn't believe her. Noah reached for her hand and insisted that he believed her, and he said he loved her, too. They kissed, and her towel fell to the floor.

After having sex, Marisa noticed that Noah looked far away, and she asked if he was thinking of the people and places he'd left behind. Noah said he'd been thinking about the people they'd meet and the places they could call home, but mostly, he'd been thinking that they'd always have one another. They kissed.

At Newman Enterprises, Summer didn't understand why Victor had chosen her to watch Natalie, and Victor explained that Summer was loyal. Summer asked why he was working with someone he didn't trust, and he reasoned that the computer program stood to be enormously profitable, so it was worth taking a risk. Victor assured Summer that she was qualified to handle the task, and Nikki arrived and asked if she'd missed something. Victor announced that he was welcoming his granddaughter into the business, and he was sure she'd fit right in.

After Summer left, Nikki was shocked when Victor informed her about the circumstances behind Dr. Anderson's death. Nikki sympathized that Paul had fought hard for his sister, and Victor replied that it had been in vain. Nikki wondered what she'd walked in on between Victor and Summer, and Victor explained that Summer was perfectly qualified for an important job related to the Internet security program.

Adam walked in on Victor and Nikki kissing, and he surmised that their trip had been a success. Nikki offered to meet Victor upstairs after his meeting was finished, and she left. Adam relayed that Noah was far out of reach of the long arm of the law and the Santoris, and he suggested that they move on to more important things, but Victor said they weren't finished yet. He pulled out the incriminating dossier on the Santori family, and he declared that the Santoris had their hooks into Newman, but it was going to stop as of that day.

Victor contended that there was nothing to stop him from handing the file over to the FBI, and Adam looked forward to the day when he didn't have to look at Luca's smug face anymore. Adam wanted to formulate a backup plan, and he suggested that they use the profits from the Internet security project to buy the Santoris out. Adam answered a call from Luca, who demanded an immediate meeting with Adam and Victor. Adam informed Victor that Luca wanted to meet, and he commented that it felt like the room was bugged.

Later, Luca arrived at Newman and demanded to know where Victor was. Adam replied that Victor called the meetings and didn't just hang out to wait for Luca. Luca bet that Adam considered himself smart because he thought he'd put one over on Luca by getting Noah out of the country, and Adam replied that Luca had been an easy guy to fool. Luca stated that if he was a fool, then so were Adam and Victor, since they had both been played and didn't even know who had betrayed them.

Luca divulged that Noah had proposed that they join forces to take down Victor, but Adam scoffed at the idea that Noah was the biggest threat to Newman. Adam figured that Luca was trying to throw suspicion off himself, but Luca revealed that Noah had taken Marisa with him, and he bet Noah and Marisa were both laughing at the two of them. Luca guessed that Noah and Marisa were plotting to return and sink their teeth into the company, but he could prevent it by telling the police that Noah had left Billy for dead. Adam accused Luca of lying, but Luca asked if Adam was willing to bet everything on it.

At Summer's apartment, Phyllis chided Natalie for putting their plan into jeopardy, but Natalie defended that Victor had given her no choice but to move in with Summer. Natalie thought it was the perfect setup, since Victor would think he had her under a magnifying glass when she was really working behind his back. Phyllis warned that Summer would be watching Natalie and reporting back to Victor, but Natalie asserted that she wouldn't provide any material. Phyllis objected to Summer being involved, and Natalie asked if Phyllis was worried about Summer or about missing the chance to beat Victor. Phyllis threatened that if her daughter got hurt in any way, Natalie would wish to be back in Switzerland, making cuckoo clocks.

Natalie pointed out that it was in Summer's DNA to work for Victor, but Phyllis remarked that Summer's DNA was more complicated than that, since Summer was also loyal to the Abbotts. Natalie noted that Summer hadn't taken sides in the "stupid war" between the families, but it seemed like they all turned against one another sooner or later. Phyllis ordered Natalie to stop acting like she knew everything, and she demanded that Summer not be hurt. Summer returned, and Phyllis claimed that she'd just been getting acquainted with Summer's new housemate.

Phyllis lectured that Victor was already taking over Summer's life by saddling her with a new roommate, but Summer claimed that it was nice to have someone her age sharing the place. Natalie left to get settled in, and Summer confided to Phyllis that Victor wanted her to keep an eye on Natalie. Phyllis groused that Summer was a glorified babysitter, but Summer countered that she was protecting Victor's investment, and she wanted to earn a place at the company. Phyllis cautioned that taking orders from Victor made people jaded and cynical, and she didn't want that for Summer. Summer declared that it was her decision, but Phyllis worried about Summer being caught in the crossfire.

After Phyllis left, Natalie commented that she'd once envied the kids with perfect families when she'd been growing up, but she'd eventually seen the divorce and dysfunction, and she'd never wanted that. Summer said she loved her family, but Natalie imagined it was hard to get the Newman and Abbott clans together for photo opportunities. Natalie envisioned all of them having to pose together when Summer and Kyle got married, and Summer barked to lay off about Kyle. Summer realized that Natalie seemed to know everything about her, but she knew nothing about Natalie. Natalie surmised that Summer was gathering intelligence for Victor, but she insisted that there wasn't much to tell.

Victoria and Billy cuddled in bed, and she prompted him to respond to her marriage proposal. She hoped he wouldn't insist on being traditional by wanting to be the one to ask, but when he remained silent, she wondered if perhaps he didn't like the idea at all. He couldn't think of any reason why he wouldn't want to be married to her, but she had the feeling he was holding something back.

Billy swore that he was crazy about Victoria, and he wanted to marry her. He credited her with being the reason he was still alive, since he'd dreamed about returning to her, and she'd been waiting for him when he'd woken up. Victoria wondered why he'd rejected her proposal, and he said he hadn't. He wanted to let her know when he was ready, since he owed it to her, Johnny, and Katie not to make a promise he couldn't deliver.

Billy insisted that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with Victoria, but she questioned why he wouldn't set a date. He explained that he didn't want to blow the chance she'd given him, and he pledged to prove to himself that he was worthy of her, but he needed a little time. She told him to take all the time he needed, and she'd be waiting the minute he was ready. Billy received a text message from Phyllis, saying that their plan was working and telling him to meet her at Crimson Lights. Billy fibbed that Jack needed him, and Victoria told him to hurry back.

Billy met Phyllis at the coffeehouse, and he confessed that he'd lied to Victoria about meeting with Jack. Phyllis contemplated whether their plan was still worth it if her daughter was in the line of fire, since Victor had pushed Summer into taking in Natalie as a roommate. Phyllis added that Victor had recruited Summer to spy for him, and she worried that Summer would find out that Natalie was working for them. Billy grumbled that it was supposed to be easy, but he couldn't marry Victoria until their plan succeeded. He revealed that Victoria had asked him to marry her, but he feared that he'd lose her if she found out that he was still obsessed about the deal.

Phyllis urged Billy to walk away, since Victoria was too important to him to risk losing again, but Billy refused to put the burden on Phyllis if something went wrong. He was confident that there was a way for everyone to get what they wanted, and he thought Summer was the key to convince Victor that Natalie was conning him. Billy anticipated that Victor would drop the deal if Summer informed him that Natalie was a con, and Billy and Phyllis' hands would be clean. Phyllis imagined that they could then hire Natalie legitimately, and she called the plan genius.

Nikki visited Victoria, who remarked that it felt like her mother had been gone for ages, since a lot had happened. Victoria revealed that her mind was on something that night -- her wedding. Nikki excitedly asked if Billy and Victoria had set a date, and Victoria disappointedly replied that they hadn't yet. Nikki thought it was time she and Victoria had "the talk" about loving complicated men like Victor and Billy. Victoria insisted that the men were nothing alike, but Nikki thought they were more alike than Victoria realized.

Nikki recounted that she'd been ready to walk out on Victor, but it had only taken one week away from the office for them to realize what they meant to one another. Victoria remarked that she and Nikki were alike in that they loved men who'd upset them over and over, but they couldn't imagine their lives without Billy and Victor, and they always found ways to forgive their mates. Victoria said she'd expected Billy to jump at the chance to get married again, but he hadn't wanted to commit until he felt worthy of her.

Natalie watched Adam and Victor on her hidden camera, and Summer plopped down with a bowl of snacks and implored Natalie to tell her real life story. Natalie quipped that she wasn't a performing seal, but Summer insisted that she was interested. Natalie revealed that her parents had shipped her off to boarding school and college, and Summer pressed to know about Natalie's friends. Natalie replied that they were all on her computer, and she liked it that way. Summer fished for information about boyfriends, but Natalie replied that her computer was her first love, and hacking gave her a rush.

Summer realized that Natalie didn't just code for money, and Natalie explained that she loved it and was good at it. Natalie added that it was safer than having a boyfriend or a family, and Summer guessed that being alone meant Natalie never got hurt. Natalie received a text message, and Summer spilled her food in an effort to get a look at Natalie's phone, but Natalie said she had to run. Summer said she hadn't bought what Natalie had just told her, and she wondered if Natalie was really heading out to see a guy. Natalie flatly told Summer not to wait up, and she departed. Summer grabbed her coat and followed Natalie.

Natalie arrived at Crimson Lights and found Billy on the patio. She reported that Summer had tried to follow her, but Natalie had lost her. Natalie called Summer a sweet kid who had no idea that she was stuck between her mother and her grandfather. Billy told Natalie that it was her job to convince Summer that she was a bona fide con artist, so Summer would relay that to Victor. "What if I really am a con artist?" Natalie questioned.

Phyllis approached Victor and Nikki as they were dining at Top of the Tower, and she queried how Victor could be smug and smiling after what he'd done. Victor huffed that he and his wife were busy, but Phyllis noted that he hadn't been too busy to hire his granddaughter to be his personal spy. Phyllis ranted that she didn't trust the computer hacker, and she thought that Nikki needed to know that Victor had moved the "scheming piece of trash" into Summer's apartment. Nikki declared that she'd heard enough, and she turned to Victor.

Nikki praised Victor for showing Summer the same respect as any other member of the family, and she thought it showed how much he'd changed. Nikki asked what was wrong with Phyllis, since Victor would never knowingly put his granddaughter in jeopardy. Phyllis suggested that Natalie was a counterfeit, and Nikki countered that they should be proud if Summer discovered that to be true. Phyllis sauntered off, and Nikki was surprised that Phyllis had backed away so easily, since she'd expected Phyllis to give them more trouble. Victor agreed.

Billy returned home, and Victoria informed him that she'd had a nice talk with Nikki about how much Billy and Victor were alike. Victoria apologized for putting pressure on Billy by proposing, and Billy said he was honored that she wanted to spend the rest of her life with him. He added that he was sorry for bailing on their conversation, and she asked if his meeting with Jack had helped Billy get closer to setting a wedding date.

Billy insinuated that it might happen sooner than Victoria thought, and Victoria said there was no rush, since Nikki had reminded her that they had their whole lives ahead of them. Billy said he'd always liked her mom, and Victoria asked what he liked about Victoria. "What don't I like about you?" he affectionately replied, and they kissed. Billy's phone buzzed with a message from Phyllis, indicating that their plan was moving full speed ahead.

. . .

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