Friday, June 24, 2016

At Newman Enterprises, Travis insisted that he hadn't been behind the oil leaks, but Victoria didn't know what to believe. Nick pointed out that it hadn't been the first time a guy had looked her in the eye and sworn he was telling the truth, and Travis guessed that had been exactly what Luca had done, but Luca would say or do anything to get what he wanted. Victoria said there were too many unanswered questions, and Travis implored her to consider who'd had the most to gain. Travis asserted that Luca had provoked him to shift the blame and look like a hero, but Luca was the biggest snake of all.

Travis questioned what motive he'd had, and Nick said money, but Victoria pointed out that Travis wouldn't have confronted her about paying off his debts if he'd taken money to sabotage Newman. Nick noted that the culprit had minimized the environmental damage while maximizing the damage to Newman, and Travis scoffed at the idea that he was a bartender by night and an eco-terrorist by day. Travis stated that he was happy with his bar, his life, and his integrity, but Luca was out for something he didn't have -- being part of the company and the family. Travis recalled that Luca had told him that Victoria never wanted to see Travis again, and Luca had offered him money on Victoria's behalf to go away. Victoria said it wasn't true.

Nick said they'd continue investigating, and Travis guaranteed that the trail wouldn't lead back to him. Travis headed to the door, but he stopped and remarked that if Victoria wanted to hold herself to a higher standard, it would never happen if she kept doing business with guys like Luca. After Travis departed, Victoria said she really wanted to believe him, and Nick did, too. Nick thought Travis had made a valid case against Luca, and Victoria recalled that Luca had once been eager to be Victor's soldier. Nick pledged to get to the bottom of it.

At home, Luca asked Summer if she trusted him, and she replied that she was confused. Luca thought either she trusted him or she didn't, and he would pack his bags if it was the latter. He said they had nothing without complete honesty between them, and Summer apologized and said she had no reason to doubt him. She reasoned that he'd only tried to find the truth for Newman, and she fawned over his injured face. She kissed him, and they fell back onto the bed.

After having sex with Luca, Summer was ravenous, but they had almost nothing in the fridge. Luca suggested that they go out, but she protested that he needed to rest. He declared that he was ready to take on the world after the TLC she'd given him, and he proposed that they go for burgers and a swim. She started to get up to go to the club, but he stopped her and thanked her for trusting him. They kissed.

At the Dive Bar, Summer and Luca dried off after a swim, and he told her to order food while he did more laps. Nick spotted the couple kissing, and he approached Summer after Luca headed back to the pool. Nick said he wanted to update her about the situation at work, and Summer expressed sympathy for Victoria and asked if they were going to press charges against Travis. Nick informed her that Travis had denied everything Luca had said, and the men had different stories about what had happened at the bar. Summer realized that Nick thought Luca had lied, and she griped that Nick had turned against Luca just because some jerk had made false accusations.

Nick said he wasn't accusing Luca of anything, and he thought Luca would understand if he was innocent. Summer swore that Luca loved her and would never do anything to hurt her or Newman, and she asked what it would take for Nick to see that Luca had changed. Nick insisted that it wasn't personal, and he encouraged her to make her own judgment and trust her instincts. Nick requested that she talk to him if anything set off alarms, and she assumed he wanted her to spy on Luca. Nick clarified that he wanted her to be aware, and she agreed to keep an eye out, but she expected not to have anything to report. Nick headed out, and Luca saw Nick leaving and asked Summer what was wrong.

Over dinner, Luca crowed that Travis was going down, and he wished Summer had seen Travis' face when Luca had busted him. Summer remained quiet, and Luca asked why she wasn't eating. She replied that her family was being targeted, and someone's plan to hurt them was working. Luca assured her that it would be over once Travis was in handcuffs, but she wondered whether Travis had been working alone. Luca supposed that Travis might have been working with Victor, but Summer maintained that her grandfather would never do something like that.

Summer theorized that Travis had a partner or that Travis hadn't done it at all, but Luca called Travis a coward, and he asked why she suddenly had suspicions. She claimed that she just had questions, and he asked what she'd talked about with her dad. Summer confided that Nick and Victoria were launching an investigation to follow all leads, but Luca huffed that he'd already given them the answer. Luca inquired whether he was a suspect, too, and Summer looked away. Luca groused that he'd proven himself time and time again, but that was how the Newmans thanked him.

Luca resented that Victoria and Nick were investigating him, but Summer reasoned that they were checking everyone in the company, including Victor. Luca barked that they shouldn't question his loyalty, but Summer urged him not to be upset just because her family wanted real proof. Luca said he'd hoped they'd grown to trust him, but he felt like it was a personal attack after everything he'd done to help. He lamented that neither he nor his word were good enough, and he was tired of her family seeing him as the bad guy. He hoped that at least Summer believed in him, and she assured him that she did. He said all that mattered was that the woman he loved saw him as the honest, loyal man he was, and they embraced, but she looked unsure.

At Crimson Lights, Kevin left a message for Natalie when she was late for their date, and Michael approached and guessed that Natalie had put an end to Kevin's "soul-crushing losing streak." Kevin confirmed that he and Natalie had made things official, but he and Mariah were still friends and always would be. Michael thought it was a little early in the relationship for Natalie to stand Kevin up, and Kevin assumed that she was just busy with PassKey, but she would be there. Kevin asked whether Michael had gotten Adam exonerated yet, and Michael replied that not even he could do that.

Dylan arrived at the penthouse and informed Adam and Chelsea that Nick had granted permission to exhume Constance's body again. Chelsea exclaimed that it changed everything, but Dylan revealed that the tests had shown Constance's body had been riddled with poison. Adam realized that Dylan believed that Adam had murdered the poor old woman, and Dylan said he was trying to keep an open mind, but things didn't look good for Adam. There was a rap at the door, and Dylan invited a police officer in to search the premises. Chelsea complained that they were treating Adam like a criminal, and she called Michael and told him that the police were there with a search warrant. After Michael took off, Kevin answered a call.

Dylan said Adam's lawyer didn't need to be present, since the judge had already signed off on the warrant. Adam told the police to search the place for vials of poison, and he began to pull his and Chelsea's belongings out of the cabinets. Adam ranted that perhaps his son was an accomplice, and he tore apart a stuffed animal. Adam yelled that the whole thing was stupid, and he dared them to search the penthouse from top to bottom, but they wouldn't find "a damn thing" because he hadn't done anything.

Dylan said they might find something that would work in Adam's favor, and Michael arrived and confronted Dylan about harassing his clients. Dylan insisted that he was doing everything by the book, and Michael questioned whether the police really thought Adam had kept incriminating evidence in his home for over a year. Dylan reported that they were also searching Constance's estate and Adam's storage unit, but Adam said he didn't have one. Dylan stated that according to the facility's records, Adam did.

Chelsea looked at the rental documents and noted that the lease was in Gabriel's name, so she imagined the real Gabriel Bingham had rented it. Dylan pointed out that the unit hadn't been rented until after Constance had passed away, and Adam suddenly recalled that there had been a storage unit, since Sage hadn't been able to bear throwing away Constance's things. Michael thought it was a logical explanation, and Adam swore that he'd never set foot in the place. Dylan held up an evidence bag and asked why Adam had the key.

Michael instructed Adam not to answer, and Chelsea asserted that Sage might have left the key there when she'd stayed with them. Adam insisted that he didn't remember anything about a key and that he'd never been to the unit. Dylan instructed a cop to search the storage facility, and Michael protested that they needed a warrant, but Adam told them to go ahead and search it. Michael pulled Adam aside and demanded to know whether the police would find anything in the unit that would compromise the case, and Adam swore that he'd never been there, so the unit had to be clean.

Victoria thanked Kevin for meeting her at Newman, and he admitted that he'd been surprised to get her call after the PassKey fallout. She told him about the situation with the oil spill, and she wanted to find out who had been responsible for trying to sink the company's reputation. Victoria disclosed that she'd contacted Natalie first, but Natalie had never responded, and Victoria needed it handled right away. Kevin mentioned that Natalie had been off the grid lately.

Victoria explained that someone had infiltrated their network to shut down the security system twice that month, and Kevin inquired whether she had any suspects. Victoria replied that she had several, including Victor, but Kevin doubted Victor had done it from prison unless he'd had outside help. Victoria divulged that her father had already pulled off stunts from prison, and the suspects she had in mind could have been working independently or in collusion. She added that she didn't want to influence Kevin's search by naming names, and she provided him with a code that gave him access to the whole network. Kevin swore that the perpetrator wouldn't get away with it.

Later, Kevin's eyes widened when he saw something on the computer, and he muttered that it couldn't be. He checked his notes and became increasingly agitated. He slammed the computer shut and raced out.

Travis took inventory at Hank's Bar, and Victoria entered and ordered a bartender who poured generous tequila and knew his way around the dance floor. He guessed that she still wasn't sure she could trust him, and she wished they could go back to just being a bartender and a receptionist. Travis agreed that things had been nicer when he hadn't been on her suspect list, and he questioned whether his word wasn't good enough. Victoria apologized, and she explained that she'd been lied to many times before and that she had a bad track record of letting her heart override her head.

Victoria added that she was responsible for a multinational corporation, and there was no room for her heart when the company's best interests were her first priority. Travis chided her for making room for Luca, and he cautioned that Luca would sell out his own mother or date the CEO's niece for a promotion. Victoria recognized that Luca was no saint, but she wondered why Travis had hit him. Travis replied that he'd done it because Luca had disrespected her.

Victoria suggested that Travis put ice on his knuckles, but he said her not believing him was what really stung. She teased that he couldn't charm his way out, but he urged her to use logic, and he argued that there was no way he could have planned that she'd enter his bar and keep returning. He added that he hadn't even known that she was a CEO until he'd seen her at the press conference, and she told herself that she couldn't be wrong again. Travis insisted that she wasn't, and they kissed.

In the prison infirmary, Meredith worried that Victor had a lot of people against him, but he asserted that he had her and the truth. They leaned in to kiss, but they pulled apart when the door opened, and Warden Pulman walked in. The warden observed that Victor looked exceptionally healthy, and he wondered what he'd interrupted at that hour. Meredith fibbed that Victor had been feeling the beginning of an infection, and Victor referred to the stab wound that one of the warden's guards had inflicted.

Pulman announced that Victor had a visitor, and Meredith handed Victor some antibiotics. Victor left, and the warden warned Meredith to keep her distance, but she opined that Victor didn't belong there. Pulman lectured that the prison was full of innocent men claiming to have been wronged, and Victor was no different. The warden ordered her to maintain a professional distance, or he would have her transferred.

Victor met with his female co-conspirator, and he informed her that Constance's body had been exhumed again, so they could proceed with putting the final nail into Adam's coffin. Victor hoped his son would finally understand what it meant to betray Victor and to break many people's hearts, and he slid written instructions across the table. He stressed that Adam's future or lack thereof depended on her flawless execution of something that needed to be done immediately. Victor warned her to be careful, since she would be dealing with something extremely lethal, and the woman headed out.

Later, Victor requested that Meredith take another look at his wound, but she coldly told him to make an appointment in the morning if he was still in discomfort. After Meredith hurried off, Warden Pulman asked for a moment with Victor, and he mentioned Victor and Ian's plans to testify at Adam's murder trial. Pulman said neither prisoner would leave the premises if it were up to him, since he knew what both men were capable of, and they would have heavily armed escorts.

Pulman advised Victor against whatever he was planning, since he'd instructed his guards to shoot to kill. The warden clarified that he'd told his guards to use any means necessary to prevent an escape, and Victor replied that only guilty men ran. Pulman remarked that Victor had had his day in court, and the guilty verdict wasn't going to change. Victor replied that often things did change.

Nick visited Victor, who guessed that Nikki had gone running to Nick after Victor hadn't confessed to sabotaging the company and the family. Victor demanded to know what Nick wanted, and Nick asked if Victor would help him. Nick explained that while someone was sabotaging Newman, he wasn't there about the company but wanted to talk about the family. Nick guessed that Victor was working with either Luca or Travis, so either Summer or Victoria stood to get her heart broken.

Victor reiterated that he didn't want Luca near the company or Summer, and he didn't even know who Travis was. Nick understood that Victor might want to destroy the company, but he believed that Victor cared about Summer and Victoria. Victor reflected back on all the times Nick had told him to stay away from Nick's family, yet Nick was there to ask for help. Nick wondered whether Victor was going to help him or not, and Victor advised Nick to do what Nick had always accused him of by following in Victor's footsteps.

At the storage facility, someone opened the lock on the storage unit and raised the door. The person rifled through boxes and tucked something inside one of them before exiting.

Michael asked if anyone could back up Adam's claims about the unit, and Adam bemoaned that Sage could have. Adam wondered how his father could have possibly planned it, and Chelsea thought there had been no way Victor had known about the storage unit. A cop returned and handed Dylan an evidence bag. Dylan held up a medical vial and supposed that Adam had no idea how it had gotten into the storage unit.

Kevin returned to Crimson Lights and asked what Natalie had done. She guiltily looked down at her doughnut and said she'd needed a sugar boost, but he said that wasn't what he was talking about. He inquired whether PassKey had been the only thing keeping her busy, and she apologized for being late for their date. She joked that perhaps she should create an app for getting to dates on time, but Kevin suggested that she start with the truth. He demanded to know how long she'd been working with Victor.

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