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Juliet faces a life-threatening condition
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Friday, September 22, 2017

As Tessa took the stage at the Underground, Scott moved to get a closer look at the woman Irv was with. Tessa announced that she was going to play a song that she'd written about love and what happened when one lost it. Scott stared at Natalia and flashed back to meeting her in the seedy motel room. Irv smiled as Tessa performed, and the crowd erupted in applause when she finished. Sharon rushed over to Scott and inquired why he was interested in Irv's date, and Scott revealed that he'd met Natalia at the motel when he'd pretended to be a john.

Mariah hugged Tessa and gushed that the performance had been amazing. Noah enthused that the crowd hadn't been able to get enough, and Irv approached with Natalia at his side. Irv stated that Tessa's performance had exceeded the hype, and he thought Devon had undersold her talent. Irv asked if Tessa liked life on the road, since he wanted to send her across the Midwest on tour as the opening act for some of his more established artists. Irv added that she'd be headlining soon enough with her talent and looks, and he needed her on his roster.

Devon indicated that he was on board, and Tessa enthusiastically threw her arms around Irv, who jokingly warned her not to make his girlfriend jealous. Natalia complimented Tessa's performance and stepped away to the ladies' room. Sharon realized that it was the only chance to get Natalia alone, and Scott prepared to distract Irv while Sharon went to find Natalia. Scott approached as Irv bragged about his past success stories, and Noah informed Irv that Scott ran Hashtag. Irv suggested that Scott do a profile on him to get a ton of hits.

Devon mentioned that Tessa was going on the road to open for Irv's clients, and Scott raved about how Tessa's lyrics had grabbed him. Tessa thanked Scott with a hug, and he covertly whispered to her that Irv's "girlfriend" was a hooker who knew Crystal. Tessa excused herself to splash some water on her face, and Irv wondered why his girl was taking such a long time. Scott figured that she was gabbing with the other ladies, and he offered to buy Irv a drink while he got some background information for his article about the music promoter.

Sharon and Tessa stopped Natalia as she exited the ladies' room, but Natalia protested that her date was waiting. Tessa insisted that it was important, and she and Sharon led Natalia into the office. Tessa showed Natalia a photo of Crystal and explained that Crystal was her sister. A look of recognition crossed Natalia's face, but she turned away and fibbed that she didn't know Crystal. Sharon surmised that Crystal and Natalia worked for the same people, and Tessa explained that she'd been trying to locate Crystal for weeks. Tessa begged Natalia for her help.

Natalia confirmed that Crystal had been her friend and that the people they worked for had taken Crystal somewhere. Tessa desperately asked if there was anything else that Natalia could tell them, and Natalia said she wanted to help but couldn't, since she shouldn't have been gone from her date that long. Tessa pressed her number into Natalia's hand and asked her to call if she had any new information. Natalia headed to the door, but she turned and stated that she liked Crystal very much. After Natalia left, Tessa tearfully realized that she might actually have a lead. Sharon hugged her.

Scott peppered Irv with questions, and Irv wondered if Scott should be writing down or recording his answers. Natalia returned, and Irv handed Scott a business card to arrange a time to finish the interview. Noah told Irv that he was sure Tessa wanted to talk to him further, but Irv insisted that he had no time. Irv told Devon to send him an email with Tessa's bio and links to her music, and he led Natalia out.

Tessa rejoined her friends and couldn't wait to tell them what Irv's date had said. Mariah protested when Devon wanted to take off to stop by the office, but she agreed to go with him. After Devon and Mariah headed out, Noah expressed regret that Tessa hadn't spent more time with Irv. Tessa commented that sometimes less was more, since things had turned out better than she'd expected.

Noah kissed Tessa and commended her spectacular performance. He mentioned that he was leaving the following day, but he offered to let his dad take the meeting solo, since he wanted to be there in case she heard something about her sister. Tessa explained that while Irv had been part of the reason she'd been excited earlier, it hadn't been the main reason. She asked if Noah had noticed anything about Irv's date, and Noah recalled that the girl had been too young and hot for Irv and that the two clearly hadn't really known one another. Noah realized that Natalia was a hooker.

Noah was aghast that the guy who was going to represent Tessa had been there with a girl from the sex trafficking ring. Tessa recalled that she'd almost given up hope after she'd lost contact with Crystal, but knowing that Natalia knew and cared about Crystal had given her something to hold onto. Noah thought Nick would understand if he didn't go to Michigan, but Tessa wanted Noah to follow his dream. He insisted that she be careful and not run off if she got any leads in his absence, and she promised that she'd be safe. They kissed.

Sharon expressed frustration to Scott that they hadn't been able to get more out of Natalia, but she had her fingers crossed that Natalia would call Tessa. Sharon figured that all they could do was wait, but Scott noted that Irv had paid for drinks with his credit card, so perhaps they could take the card information to Paul. Sharon thought she owed it to Crystal to follow up on any possible leads, and she commended Scott for recognizing Natalia. Sharon added that she owed him, and she always paid her debts. They kissed.

After stopping by the office to email the documents Irv had requested, Devon suggested that he and Mariah have a drink at the Athletic Club bar. Mariah admitted that she was preoccupied because she hadn't heard anything further from Tessa. Devon noted that Mariah had been really into Tessa's performance that night, and Mariah figured that everyone had been. He offered to drop Mariah off at home, but his voice trailed off when he alluded to another possibility. She wondered if it was his way of asking her to spend the night. He pointed out that it had been awhile, and she suggested that they fix that. They kissed.

At the Athletic Club gym, Phyllis asked if Billy was sore yet, and he thanked her for getting his mind off the war with Jack and Jabot. She assured him that he could handle anything that was thrown his way, and he admitted that sometimes it felt like too much, but she made him feel sane again. They kissed, and he suggested that they go upstairs for a bite to eat.

In the dining room, Jack pitched an idea to Hilary about featuring a new Parker Beauty product each day of the week. She thought it sounded fantastic, but she wanted some extra scoop for her viewers if she was going to promote Jabot's products. She noted that he'd been coy about how far he was willing to go to beat Brash & Sassy, and she wondered what his limits were. Billy and Phyllis arrived in the entryway, and he was sure that Jack and Hilary were cooking up something to make Brash & Sassy look bad. Billy vowed not to let it happen on his watch, but Phyllis stopped him from approaching the table.

Phyllis cautioned that making a scene wasn't a good idea, especially after the footage of Victoria had aired on Hilary's show. Billy suspected that Jack was feeding Hilary garbage about how Brash & Sassy was failing, and he contemplated how to fix it. Phyllis proposed that they either go back to the gym to let the aggression out or go home to relax and make love until they passed out. Billy chose the second option, and they headed out.

Jack crowed that he always found a way to win, and Hilary pushed him to spill. He pointed out that he'd be a fool to let a reporter in on his strategy, but she countered that she was part of it. He insisted that he hadn't forgotten, and Victoria approached as Hilary departed. Jack invited Victoria to join him, but she was skeptical. He reminded her that they were supposed to be friendly competitors.

Jack reasoned that it was a proven success to feature products on Hilary's show. He added that Jabot was just playing catch-up after how well Brash & Sassy had been selling at Fenmore's, but he anticipated that Victoria would feel like things were standing still once Parker Beauty products hit the shelves. He implied that something else would happen after that, and she pressed to know what it was. He contended that Jabot always knew when the competition had an edge and what to do to stay on top. Victoria wondered if he was trying to rattle her, and he asked if it had worked.

At home, Billy groused that Siberia was less empty than their fridge, and Phyllis suggested that he check the cupboards. They bickered about why they had so little food in the house, and he suggested that they return to the club to eat. Phyllis declared that he wasn't fooling her, since she knew he wanted to see what Jack was up to. She refused to let it happen because Billy was all hers that night, and she kissed him passionately.

After dining on peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, Phyllis pretended to forget what she and Billy were going to do after dinner. Billy kissed her neck to help her remember, but his phone rang. She insisted that he take the call while she drew a bubble bath, and she seductively said she might let him join her when he was done. She sauntered off, and he answered a call from Victoria, who relayed that she'd just had an interesting run-in with Jack. Billy mentioned that he'd seen Jack and Hilary at the club with their heads together, and Victoria sensed that Jack was up to something big.

Billy recalled that the Parker Beauty launch was the only thing they knew about, but Victoria implored him to find out what Jabot's next new project was. Billy heard the tub running, and he opened Phyllis' laptop. Billy reported that Dina's password was still working. He added that Phyllis was waiting for him, and he didn't want to give her reason to wonder where he was. He plugged a flash drive into Phyllis' computer and began to download some files.

At Jabot, Jack told someone over the phone that he wanted the whole proposal as fast as they could get it to him. He instructed them to tell research and development that it was "go time."

At the Chancellor mansion, Juliet hoped she hadn't been out of line by kissing Cane, but she thought it had been what he'd needed in the moment. He confirmed that he'd been down when she'd arrived, but he was doing better. Juliet prepared to leave as Kevin entered. Kevin was surprised to see Cane, who explained that he was staying there. Cane introduced Juliet, and Kevin recognized her as an employee at Brash & Sassy. Juliet clarified that she no longer worked there, and she and Kevin awkwardly exchanged pleasantries before she departed.

Kevin asked where Cane's wife was, and Cane guessed that Lily was at home. Kevin remarked that there had been a lot of changes since he'd left, and he inquired who Juliet was besides an ex-coworker. Esther appeared and reported that Bella was napping, and Kevin wondered why she hadn't told him that she was shacking up with Cane. Esther sourly replied that she'd been trying to pretend that Cane wasn't there, but it wasn't easy. She griped that Cane's stay was supposed to be temporary, but his stuff was everywhere, and the whole house smelled like mu shu pork. Esther went to check on Bella while Cane filled Kevin in on everything.

Kevin was stunned to learn that Cane was having another son. Cane conceded that it hadn't been what he'd planned, but he intended to be a father to his child. Kevin imagined that it was a sore spot for Lily, since she'd already given Cane a lot of chances. Cane explained that she was trying to forgive him, but he thought it was too much. Cane lamented that he'd thought counseling would steer them in the right direction, but it had blown them off course. Kevin recalled that Lily had eventually forgiven Cane for the bad things he'd pulled before, but Cane thought Juliet's baby would be a daily reminder of why Lily should never forgive him.

Esther returned to fetch something for Bella to drink, and Kevin said the girl had missed her. He added that it wasn't easy to live far away, and Cane asked why Kevin had moved. Kevin replied that he'd needed a fresh start, but he was back for a brief visit for business and for Bella to spend time with her grandmother. Esther mused that Bella reminded her of Chloe at that age, and she sternly told Cane that she'd put a can of air freshener on the counter.

Esther exited, and Cane took it as his cue to start cleaning up. Kevin assumed that there had been a cozy dinner for two, but Cane called it takeout between friends. Kevin questioned whether the pregnancy had drawn Cane and Juliet closer, and Cane indicated that just being in the same room had been a big step. Cane insisted that what was important was the baby, and he didn't plan on abandoning an innocent child.

Juliet entered the Athletic Club, and Hilary cattily asked if Juliet had settled another lawsuit or if there was another reason she was smiling. Juliet reported that she'd just had dinner alone with Cane at the Chancellor house, and Hilary told her to enjoy it while it lasted. Juliet declared that she'd helped improve Cane's spirits, and she wondered whose shoulder Lily was leaning on. Hilary spat that Cane only cared because of the baby, and once Juliet popped the kid out, his interest in her would disappear. Juliet suddenly doubled over in pain, and she begged Hilary to take her to the hospital. Hilary begrudgingly helped Juliet to her feet and walked her out.

At the hospital, Juliet gasped in pain in a hospital bed. The doctor entered and urged her to try to relax. Hilary started to leave the room, but Juliet called out to her and asked her to contact Cane. Hilary objected that they shouldn't worry him if it turned out to be nothing, but Juliet insisted that she needed him. Hilary stepped out and contemplated whether or not to make the call.

Later, Juliet lay in bed, and she turned over when the door opened. She murmured that Cane was there, and he said he'd jumped into the car the moment Hilary had called him. Cane stroked Juliet's cheek and asked if she and the baby were okay, and Juliet replied that the doctor would be back soon to tell her. Cane insisted that the doctor would tell them, since he intended to be there. He asserted that their baby boy's health was his number-one priority because she and the baby might be the only family he had. He held her close as she promised that they'd be his family.

Juliet awakened from her dream when the door opened, and the doctor asked how she was feeling. Juliet replied that she was anxious, and the doctor inquired whether it had been the first time she'd felt cramping. Juliet indicated that she'd had minor cramping a couple of other times and some light spotting that hadn't been cause for concern. The doctor suspected that Juliet might have a condition called placenta previa, where the placenta was planted low and could cover the cervix.

The doctor explained that the condition could cause cramping and bleeding as the pregnancy progressed, and they had to watch closely because it could be life-threatening for Juliet and the baby. Juliet heard Cane talking to Hilary outside the room as the doctor said she wanted to send Juliet to radiology for an ultrasound. Juliet asked the doctor to send Hilary and Cane in while she waited for the tests. The doctor offered to return to explain the condition to Cane, and she departed. Juliet quickly worked up tears as Cane and Hilary entered the room.

Later, the doctor told Cane, Juliet, and Hilary that Juliet needed to follow her instructions to the letter, or the lives of Juliet and her baby would be in jeopardy. Cane swore that he'd make sure Juliet did, and the doctor stepped out. Cane thanked Hilary for calling him, and he said he could take it from there. Juliet insisted that they could both go, but Cane was adamant about staying until they got the test results. Hilary dryly remarked that things had worked out well, and she departed.

Juliet said she was sorry for interrupting Cane's evening, but he assured her that she didn't have to apologize. She whimpered that she was scared, but he swore that he wouldn't let anything happen to their baby boy. He gently touched her swollen belly.

On the next The Young and the Restless...

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• Ravi tells Ashley that Dina’s password unlocked the security gate.

• Dina blames Jack for causing a tawdry mess.

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