Friday, August 28, 2015

At the Dive Bar, Ashley told a bikini-clad Abby that she'd planned to drive to their business meeting together, but she assumed that Abby had forgotten about it. Abby replied that she intended to be there, but she'd wanted to get her adrenalin up before she went into battle over Chelsea's line. Ashley hoped Abby would be on the right side, and Abby surmised Ashley meant Jabot's. Stitch approached and asked if Ashley was there for a dip, but Ashley brusquely stated that she had more important things on her mind, like protecting her family's company. Abby snapped that "all hell" was about to break loose, and her mother was trying to turn Abby against her father.

Ashley swore that she'd just been encouraging Abby to do the right thing, but Abby questioned why Newman shouldn't retain Chelsea's line. Stitch suggested that the women agree to disagree, but Ashley ordered Abby not to enflame the war between the families. Abby admonished Ashley for putting it on her when Abby hadn't started the feud, and she proclaimed that she was her own person who wasn't defined by either side. Abby asserted that she'd make her decision as a businesswoman, and she sauntered off.

Ashley doubted Abby could remain objective, and Stitch replied that it would be a challenge when Ashley was trying to manipulate Abby. Ashley argued that a lot of money was involved, and the stakes were high, since the company meant everything to her family. Stitch wondered what her daughter meant to her, and he scolded Ashley for having little regard for the tough position Abby was in. He acknowledged that Ashley wanted to win the war against Victor, but he urged her to rethink whether using her daughter was the way to do it.

At Crimson Lights, Chelsea instructed a Realtor to sell both her and "Gabriel's" penthouses as quickly as possible. After the agent took off, Billy approached and said he'd wondered if Chelsea would be there in person for the meeting. He marveled that Connor was getting big, and he chalked it up to the French food. Chelsea claimed that the boy loved Paris, and Billy asked if she was serious about making a life with Gabriel. She insisted that Gabriel made her happy and that he was good with Connor, but Billy questioned what had changed, since she'd gone to Paris to get away from Gabriel.

Chelsea explained that she hadn't been running from Gabriel as much as she'd been running from herself, since she'd been struggling with her guilt over what she'd done to Billy. She added that she'd needed to escape to figure out her feelings for Gabriel, but Billy maintained that there was something off about Gabriel. Chelsea conceded that Gabriel wasn't perfect, but he was willing to change and make sacrifices for her, and she wanted to make a life with him more than anything. Billy agreed to back off, but he said Gabriel had better take good care of her and Connor.

At the Athletic Club, Jack warned Adam that it was a mistake for Adam to be there, but Adam insisted he had returned to save Jack and Chelsea, and he refused to hand her label over to his father. Adam griped that Victor should be rotting in prison, and he vowed to make sure Victor didn't score another victory. Jack argued that Adam had no power as Gabriel, and he hoped Adam got back to France before anyone figured out who he really was. Jack recognized that Adam wanted nothing more than to take Victor down, but not just as Gabriel Bingham -- as Adam Newman.

Adam admitted that it would be a rush to take Victor down, but that hadn't been why he'd returned, and he was only there to protect Chelsea's business interests. Jack wondered whether Adam could resist the opportunity to one-up Victor, and Adam revealed that Chelsea had asked the same question. Adam insisted that he had everything he'd ever wanted, and he swore he wouldn't risk it to get revenge. Jack contemplated what would happen if Victor pushed Adam, but Adam refused to let Chelsea walk into the meeting alone.

At the Underground, Sage and Nick playfully bantered as they entered the club, and Noah and Summer reminded the couple that the siblings had agreed to set up the club as part of Nick and Sage's wedding present. Summer complimented Sage's necklace, which Nick had given his wife as a wedding gift. Sage gushed that she was happy to be Mrs. Nick Newman, and Nick replied that he was happy to be Mr. Sage Warner. Sage cautioned that Nick would be late, and Kyle guessed he and Nick were headed to the same place for "Abbott vs. Newman 2.0."

Summer asked if Noah thought Nick and Sage had missed out on the complete wedding experience, and Noah replied that it was over. "Not necessarily," Summer said. Meanwhile, Marisa handed Sage some orange juice, and she commented that Sage had entered into a much different marriage than the one Sage had shared with "the not-so-late Adam Newman." Sage panicked that Marisa was going to hold that information over her head, but Marisa swore she wouldn't.

Marisa explained that she'd only meant that Sage had ended up with the right Newman, and she was happy for Sage. Marisa admitted that she was jealous, since Nick was obviously crazy about Sage, but Sage pointed out that Noah was obviously crazy about Marisa. Marisa questioned how she'd know if it was real love, but Noah interrupted and said he and Summer had to take off to complete a project. Noah kissed Marisa goodbye, and after the siblings left, Sage observed that the look in his eyes had seemed real.

Marisa confided that she'd thought she'd been in love with her ex, and Sage advised that Marisa didn't have to put a label on what she was feeling. Sage speculated that Marisa might end up with a husband, too, and Marisa noted that Nick and Sage had gone through a lot to get there. Sage regretted not being honest from the start, and Marisa mused that it was sometimes better to keep a secret. Marisa pointed out that they shared the secret about Adam, and she thought it was better than Nick and Noah finding out. The women agreed to keep the secret between themselves.

Summer and Noah rented the Athletic Club rooftop and prepared to invite some guests. Summer asked how serious Noah and Marisa were, since she'd overheard Marisa asking Sage about how to tell when love was real. Noah was surprised, and he said he cared about Marisa and wanted to see where things went. Summer empathized that it was strange for him to move on after Courtney, but it didn't mean that he couldn't love someone else. Noah inquired whether that was how Summer felt about Kyle, and Summer said she didn't have to question if it was real because she knew it was. Summer said she wanted Noah to be happy, and maybe Marisa could make that happen.

In Victor's office, Victor commented that it was a beautiful day, and Victoria noted that he seemed optimistic. She pointed out that Jabot had a strong claim, since they'd put Chelsea's designs on the map, but Victor contended that Victoria had run the division. Victoria asked how far he was willing to go, and he replied that there was more at stake than a few dresses. Victoria realized that he was talking about Connor, and she warned that he couldn't force Chelsea to stay in Genoa City. "Just watch me," Victor declared.

Nick arrived and asked if there was room for an old married man, and Victoria congratulated him on his wedding. Victor was surprised Nick wasn't on his honeymoon, but Nick reported that he and Sage would do it later. Nick said he'd been thinking about the Chelsea situation, and he believed they should give the line back to Jabot to avoid a fight. Victor lectured that Nick wasn't looking at the whole picture, and Nick surmised that Victor's main intent was to keep his grandson in town.

Victor reasoned that he wanted Connor to have the best life possible, but Nick questioned what Chelsea and Connor wanted. Nick mentioned the stock certificates that Victor had given to Sage at her baby shower, and he noted that Victor was already grooming the next generation of moguls. Nick acknowledged that it had been a generous gift, but he pointed out that Victor put pressure on his family to follow in his footsteps. Victor huffed that he hadn't built an empire for his children and grandchildren to turn their backs on it, but Nick countered that Victor had a hard time accepting that some people had different goals in life.

Jack arrived with Ashley, Billy, and Kyle, and Ashley jokingly assumed no one was armed. Abby entered and remarked that she hadn't worn her bulletproof vest, and she stood with the Newmans. Chelsea and Adam walked in, and he announced that Victor had already lost the fight. "Who the hell asked you to come here?" Victor snarled. Adam and Victor exchanged barbs until Nick intervened, and Adam said he was there to support Chelsea. Victoria preferred that Gabriel leave during the negotiations, but Chelsea insisted that he stay.

Victor agreed to make an exception, and Chelsea said she needed to get back to Paris as soon as possible. Victoria frowned at the idea of Chelsea designing from there, but Ashley piped up that Jabot had no problem with Chelsea being based in France. Adam declared that Chelsea's loyalty was to Jabot, but Victor advised that it was sometimes important to move on to the big leagues. Chelsea asserted that she didn't care about the size of Newman's bank account, and her decision to stay with Jabot was final. Victor said he was afraid it wasn't.

Victoria pulled out the original merger contract and announced that any disputes in the dissolution process were to be resolved based on bids in sealed envelopes. Victoria explained that the bids would remain anonymous, so Chelsea wouldn't know which company she'd chosen until the decision had been made. Jack couldn't believe Victor would pull such a move after everything that had happened, and Chelsea insisted that they settle things right away. Both sides agreed to submit a bid, and Victor proclaimed, "May the best company win."

Chelsea and Adam privately reviewed the bids, and she said she didn't care about the money, but she couldn't work for Victor. Adam tried to determine which bid was from Jabot, and Chelsea looked the paperwork over and noted that the offers were the same other than the money. She guessed that Victor had intentionally bid low so she'd think the bid was from the smaller company, and Adam said if anyone knew how Victor's brain worked, it was him.

Abby approached Billy, and he scornfully noted that she'd crossed the line into Abbott territory. She defended that she'd made the choice that had been best for her career, and she hoped he would accept it and not freeze her out. She hoped he wasn't the same way with Victoria, and she insisted that Victoria loved him and wanted things to work out. Billy wasn't so sure, since he and Victoria were on opposite sides of the fight, whether they liked it or not. Meanwhile, Nick received a text message from Summer, summoning him to the Athletic Club.

Jack told Victor that he had a lot of nerve to force Jack to abide by a contract Victor had made Jack's impostor sign, but Victor said it was a fair deal. Victor added that Chelsea was a Newman and not an Abbott, but Jack warned that it wouldn't end well to push Gabriel and Chelsea. Chelsea and Adam reentered the room, and she announced that she'd chosen the winning bid. Victoria grinned broadly when she saw the bid Chelsea had chosen, and Chelsea protested that there was no way she would have chosen Newman.

Jack begrudgingly confirmed that Chelsea had selected Newman's bid. Victor said Chelsea had made a wise choice, but Billy threatened to see what their lawyers had to say. Jack growled that it wasn't over, and the Abbott clan filed out. Victor suggested that they break out Champagne, but Adam snarled that Victor would be toasting alone. Abby conceded that it hadn't turned out the way Chelsea had wanted, but she promised to do her best to make Newman a supportive home for Chelsea. Victor welcomed Chelsea to Newman Enterprises.

Adam pledged to find a way out of it, but Victor noted that his bid had been higher than Jack's. Chelsea snapped that she hadn't picked it for the money, and Victor taunted Gabriel for thinking he'd known Victor's strategy, but Gabriel didn't know him as well as Gabriel thought he did. Adam snarled that Victor had no idea, and Chelsea said she'd walk away and start her own line in Paris. Victor reminded her of the non-compete clause in the original contract she'd signed, and he crowed, "I own Chelsea Lawson."

Over drinks at the Athletic Club, Jack told Ashley that it was a setback, but they could deal with it in court. He noticed that she was distracted, and she asked if he thought she was too set in her ways. Jack replied that she was stuck in all the right ways, and she ordered another martini. Jack clarified that he'd meant it as a compliment, since Ashley had a strong sense of right and wrong, and she'd inherited integrity and good judgment from their dad. Jack added that those things had helped him make a major decision, and he proclaimed that he wanted her to be co-CEO of Jabot.

Nick and Sage arrived separately on the club rooftop in response to Summer's text messages, and suddenly, their friends and family jumped out and yelled, "Surprise!"

At the cottage, Mariah stopped by to see Sharon, who said Mariah hadn't needed to check on her. Mariah said she hadn't been able to stay away after she'd learned Sharon had lost the baby, and Sharon shushed her. Mariah insisted that Sharon tell Dylan, and she couldn't imagine the pain Sharon was going through, but Sharon contended that it would be even more painful for Dylan. Mariah asserted that he deserved to know, and she encouraged Sharon to be honest with him. Dylan entered and asked what Sharon needed to be honest with him about.

Sharon claimed that she wasn't keeping anything from Dylan, and he assured her that she could tell him anything. Sharon said she'd been feeling tired, and she needed to take the day off work. Mariah pointedly stated that Sharon had to feel relieved after getting that off her chest, and Dylan wondered why Sharon had been hesitant to tell him. Sharon stammered that she hadn't felt comfortable addressing her fatigue after she'd given him a speech about not treating her with kid gloves, and Dylan swore that she could ask for anything, since he had whatever she and the baby needed.

Sharon said she didn't like taking days off, and Dylan pointed out that her days would soon be filled with diapers and feedings. Mariah awkwardly asked if Sharon had anything to add, and Sharon babbled about how they wouldn't get any sleep for the first two years. Dylan marveled that it would be worth it to be a dad, and he kissed Sharon goodbye. After Dylan left, Mariah worried that it would only get harder if Sharon kept lying, but Sharon revealed that she had a plan to get pregnant again, so Dylan would never even know she'd lost the baby.

Mariah cautioned that Sharon's scheme could end up in disaster, since she'd just miscarried, and she questioned whether it was okay for Sharon to get pregnant again. Sharon divulged that her doctor had advised her to wait a few weeks, but she didn't have time, and it was a risk she was willing to take. Mariah worried that Sharon could get sick or worse, and Sharon asked if she had to worry about Mariah telling anyone her secret.

Mariah said she didn't want to tell people that Sharon had lost the baby, but she struggled with what to do if Sharon wouldn't do it herself. Sharon demanded to know when the truth had become important to Mariah, but Mariah contended that the truth always got out. Sharon wailed that it would ruin Dylan's whole life, and she revealed that he had poured his heart out about not being able to survive losing another baby. Mariah asked if those had been his exact words, and Sharon pleaded that it was why she had to keep the miscarriage from him. Sharon begged Mariah to keep her secret to protect Dylan.

At Crimson Lights, Stitch ordered some decaf from Dylan, and he commented that he was already wound up enough, but he didn't want to get into it. Dylan said Stitch sounded like Sharon, who didn't want to talk about what was bothering her. Stitch pointed out that at least she wasn't worried about Dylan putting his life on the line every day, and he said not joining the police force had been the smartest move Dylan had ever made other than getting together with Sharon. Dylan fretted that something was off, and he mentioned that Noah had said mood swings could be a sign of bipolar disorder. Stitch recognized that Dylan needed to look out for his child as well as for Sharon.

Later, Sharon entered the empty coffeehouse and asked where all the customers were. Dylan explained that it was free doughnut day at another café, and she excitedly locked the door and posted the "closed" sign in the window. Dylan mentioned that she'd wanted the day off, and she hoped he'd join her. She began to kiss him passionately, but he looked unnerved.

. . .

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