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Genoa City watches Hilary's exclusive
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Friday, August 18, 2017

At Brash & Sassy, Billy reviewed some paperwork, but he suddenly walked out of the office after he received a text message. The elevator doors opened, and a female hand pulled him inside. A short time later, a disheveled Billy and Phyllis stepped off the elevator, and he remarked that it had been "quite the welcome home" as they straightened their clothes.

Billy informed Phyllis that Jack had dropped a hefty rent increase on Brash & Sassy to force them to move, and he admitted that the company was in a tougher position than it had been when she'd left. He added that Victoria was striking a deal with Hochman for a loan, and Phyllis speculated that there had been more to Victoria and Hochman's date than they'd thought. Lauren sent Phyllis a text message to inquire about the trip, and Billy pointed out that one of them had to keep their job.

Dina wished Jack and Ashley a good morning at Jabot, and she hoped she wasn't late after she'd been waylaid en route. Dina joked that they should have warned her about their charming competition downstairs. Jack suspected that Billy had been whining about his evil big brother, and Dina confirmed that Billy had mentioned the substantial rent hike. Jack asserted that he'd simply adjusted it to market value, and he welcomed Brash & Sassy to set up operations in Jill's garage. Dina scolded him for talking that way about his own brother, but Jack countered that Billy had changed all the rules.

Ashley insisted that they had other pressing matters to tend to, and she referred to the first half of Dina's report. Jack started to say something, but Dina interrupted and claimed that she'd been mortified when she'd spotted an error in her calculations when she'd reviewed her work. Dina continued that she'd felt foolish, so she'd stayed up to fix the figures before she'd gone to sleep. She requested that Jack delete her original report, and she handed him a revised one. Dina prepared to proceed with her analysis unless Jack intended to fire her.

Jack was impressed by how quickly Dina had corrected the report, and Dina bragged that she'd bought bigger companies over lunch. After Dina headed out to get to work, Jack insisted that he hadn't tipped off Dina about the errors, and Ashley was relieved that they didn't have to worry about Dina in that capacity. Jack was more concerned about his brother sucking up to his mother, but Ashley imagined that it had only been a casual encounter. Jack referred to the way Dina felt about Jill, but Ashley urged Jack to remember that John was Billy's father the next time Jack issued a rent hike. Ashley considered it to be a waste of time because Victoria had an iron grip on Brash & Sassy, but Jack wasn't so sure.

Later, Dina pulled Ashley aside and gushed that working together was a gift that she'd given up the hope of ever getting. Dina continued that she was proud of Ashley and Jack, and she thought John would have been thrilled that they'd nurtured his dream into something remarkable. Dina stressed that John had been right in that family was the most important thing, and she worried about the rift between Billy and Jack. Ashley thought the men would never patch things up as long as Billy and Phyllis were living together. Dina huffed that she didn't care for Phyllis, and she knew John would have hated his sons fighting over someone like that. Dina pledged not to give up.

On the Athletic Club rooftop, Mattie told Reed that she was embarrassed about the way her dad had reacted to finding them kissing. She reported that things had gotten ugly, and she couldn't believe the things she'd said to Cane. She complained that no one could talk to her father because he was being completely irrational, and Reed wondered how her mom felt about them hanging out. Mattie replied that Lily hadn't gone ballistic but that her mom had urged the teens to take things slowly, and she had no idea what to do next. Cane arrived on the rooftop and looked around.

Mattie spotted her dad and told Reed to get out of there, since things would be much worse if Cane saw them together. Reed hurried away, and Cane approached Mattie, who flatly stated that she had to get downstairs for her internship. Cane apologized for overreacting, and he explained that it was tough for a father to see his daughter kissing a boy for the first time. He swore that he was trying to adjust to her growing into a young woman, and she inquired whether he was adjusting to her dating Reed. Cane still objected because Reed's mother had fired Cane, but Mattie argued that Cane had given Victoria no choice.

Cane warned that Reed had caused trouble since he'd been back in town, and he called Reed bad news. Mattie questioned whether anything Reed had done had been worse than Cane's actions, and Cane insisted that he was just trying to protect her. Mattie snapped that he shouldn't have wrecked their family then, and Cane repeated that he was sorry and walked away. Reed returned and asked if Mattie was okay, and Mattie recounted that Cane's lame reason not to like Reed was because Reed was a troublemaking delinquent. Reed admitted that it was kind of true.

Mattie assumed that her dad had been exaggerating about Reed being bad news, but Reed conceded that he had broken a lot of his mom's strict rules and had been grounded a lot. He confessed that he'd shown up on Victoria's doorstep by police escort, but everything had gotten better since then. Mattie worried that her dad had already made up his mind about Reed being the worst thing to ever happen to her, and Reed asked how she felt. She checked her phone and realized that she was late for her internship, and she rushed off.

Across the rooftop, Phyllis approached Hochman and guessed that things had been moving right along, since she'd heard he was about to sign a loan agreement with Victoria. Hochman informed her that the deal had fallen through because Victoria had found out that he'd been considering hiring Cane. Hochman remarked that his budding alliance with Victoria was deader than the flowers Jack had sent on his behalf, and he had reasons to miss her other than business. Hochman crowed that behind closed doors, Victoria was a "wild woman ready to get brash and trashy" underneath the ice princess façade. Phyllis said it was way too much information, and she walked away.

At the Hamilton-Winters office, Victoria growled that she was angry enough to throw something, but Neil stopped her from taking her frustration out on his office décor. She apologized, and she followed his instructions to take a deep breath and regroup. Neil asked why she'd been arguing with the guy upstairs, and Victoria explained that she'd trusted someone she shouldn't have. Neil commented that they'd all been there, but Victoria recognized that she hadn't been on top of her game, and she feared that it was getting worse.

Neil thought Victoria was being too hard on herself, but she thought she should have seen through Hochman in a second. She groaned that she'd narrowly escaped a disastrous business deal, and she confided that Brash & Sassy was in a lot of trouble. She rambled about having no budget for research or marketing and being short a senior executive -- with no funds to hire one. Victoria insisted that she needed a short-term bridge loan to turn things around, but the bank had turned her down flat, and she hadn't declined her dad's offer gracefully. Neil thought there was another option that she hadn't explored yet.

Victoria recognized that Neil was on the hunt for acquisitions, but she was adamant that Brash & Sassy wouldn't be one of them. Neil indicated that a perk of having a family business was being able to make investments in projects they deemed worthy, and Brash & Sassy was about as worthy as it got. Victoria hoped it wouldn't complicate matters that his family was part of her company, but Neil considered it to be a win-win for all parties, including Lily. He reported that Lily had been anxious about supporting her family, and he insinuated that the loan would make it possible to restart the Dare campaign. Victoria confirmed that she'd be thrilled to do so, and Neil suggested that they discuss terms.

Later, Neil printed out a copy of the loan agreement, and Victoria called it the most pleasant negotiation she'd ever had. She commended his generosity, and he said he loved helping out friends. She recalled a time when they'd been more than just friends, and she wondered if she'd appreciated him as much as she should have. Mattie rushed in and apologized for interrupting, but Neil figured the world would be a beautiful place if everyone was as excited about work as she was. Mattie and Victoria politely greeted one another, and Neil explained that Mattie was interning there. Victoria was sure Mattie would do an amazing job, and she sincerely said she was sorry about what had happened between their families. Victoria thanked Neil and departed.

Reed strummed his guitar and made notes by the pool. Mattie returned and was relieved that he hadn't left, and he explained that he hadn't known what to do after the way they'd left things. Mattie blurted out that she'd just seen his mom in Neil's office, and she didn't know why Victoria had been there, but Victoria had been apologetic about what had happened between their families. Reed thought it was a step in the right direction, but Mattie sensed that more had been going on than she and Reed knew about.

Reed inquired whether Mattie didn't want to hang out anymore, but she insisted that it wasn't fair of their parents to keep them from being friends. Reed suggested that they follow their parents' lead by keeping secrets, but she balked at keeping things from her parents. Reed acknowledged that her honesty was one of the great things about her. Mattie figured that if their parents could hide things, so could she.

At the Ashby home, Jordan surmised that Billy had given Lily the news about scaling back the Dare campaign. Lily bemoaned that her paychecks had gone with it, but Jordan assured her that it wasn't personal. He suggested that she look for work with him in New York, since he still had connections that could help both of them. Lily worried about her limited experience, but he was confident that one of the agencies he'd worked for would snap her up. Lily pointed out that she had kids, so she couldn't just leave, but she'd miss him if he moved to New York.

Jordan insisted that he wouldn't be leaving right away, since Genoa City had a lot going for it. Lily wondered what would happen to his relationship with Hilary if he relocated. Jordan hesitated to talk about him and Hilary as a unit, since he'd "be damned" if he knew what was going on with them. Lily referred to the commercial Hilary had stolen from her, and she wondered if there was any chance Hilary would accompany Jordan to New York. He told Lily not to hold her breath, since he and Hilary had hit a few speed bumps. He insinuated that Hilary was jealous of Lily.

Lily thought Hilary's envy was irrational, since Lily and Jordan's friendship had started long before he'd met Hilary. Jordan pointed out that Lily couldn't call it a one-way feud, since Lily had given as good as she'd gotten. Lily took it as a compliment, and she was sure he'd feel the same way if someone messed with his family the way Hilary had messed with Lily's. Lily didn't want to see Hilary trash Jordan's life the way she had Neil and Devon's, and she couldn't imagine trusting Hilary, much less liking her.

Lily figured that it didn't matter how she felt, since everyone who knew Jordan believed that he was too good for Hilary. Lily said Jordan was too special to be with a viper like Hilary and that he deserved to be with someone who didn't take him for granted. Jordan implied that he'd found that woman but that she wasn't an option. He slowly moved in close and kissed Lily, and she didn't pull away.

At GC Buzz, Mariah threw an extra 20 bucks into a pool to bet on how late Hilary would be that day. She assembled the staff to get their production meeting started without Hilary, who had been ignoring her text messages and voicemails. Hilary breezed in and announced her plan to toss out the day's entire show, since she had exclusive breaking news. Hilary instructed her staff to make sure the footage was cued up, and she didn't want to release any previews.

Mariah asked what poisonous, nasty surprise was on the flash drive, but Hilary wanted to get a purely authentic reaction to the footage once they were on-camera. Mariah was sure she'd be disgusted, but Hilary assured her that it wasn't about Sharon or Mariah's "oh-so-special" relationship with Devon. Mariah asserted that there was nothing lurid about her and Devon that would appeal to the gossip hounds, and Hilary replied that she hadn't thought there was either -- until then.

Mariah offered to take a polygraph to prove that nothing was festering between her and Devon, but Hilary retorted that no one cared when she had ratings gold cued up. Mariah questioned whether the story was legitimate, and Hilary proudly stated that she'd taped the footage herself. The camera began rolling, and Hilary cut off Mariah's introduction and announced that they were preempting their regular features with a late-breaking exclusive. Hilary added that her staff would be hit with the bombshell at the same time as the audience.

Hochman joined Cane at the Athletic Club bar and ordered a drink. Cane wanted to stick with lemonade to keep a clear head while they discussed business, but Hochman suggested that Cane revise his drink order. On the television overhead, Hilary broadcasted that Genoa City royalty was on the rocks, since the troubled Newmans were in the news once again. Hilary teased that the Newman least likely to melt down in public actually had, and the usually calm and poised Victoria Newman had been caught on tape, being anything but. Hilary promised the shocking exclusive after a commercial break.

Victoria returned to Brash & Sassy, and Billy assumed that Hochman had loaned her the money. Victoria reported that Hochman had been about to when she'd discovered a secret side deal that he'd made with Cane. Victoria called it a "match made in hell," but she didn't want to spend another minute thinking about it. She was glad Hochman hadn't wormed his way into their company, but Billy lamented that it didn't fix their cash flow problem. Victoria cheerfully declared that Neil had given her the funding, and the only string was to keep Lily employed.

Victoria invited Billy to a celebratory lunch, and she imagined that they could pay the increased rent, relaunch Dare, and be back on track by the holidays. They started to leave, but her phone pinged with a message from Cane, who said she couldn't miss The Hilary Hour. Billy wondered what the pathetic loser was trying to pull, and Victoria pulled up the show on her laptop.

Phyllis was glad to find Jack alone in his office, since they had important matters to discuss. Jack anticipated that Victoria was signing papers for a bridge loan from Hochman, but Phyllis announced that the deal was dead, since Victoria had discovered Hochman's agreement with Cane. Jack figured that they had to adjust their plan, and he asked if Phyllis had any other ideas. Phyllis noted that Jack hadn't seemed surprised when she'd mentioned Cane, and she guessed that Jack and Cane shared the same goal to take Billy down. She told Jack to consider her off the team.

Jack reiterated that he wanted a competitor eliminated, but Phyllis insisted that she wasn't out for revenge. He teased that she was open to a kinder, gentler form of corporate espionage. Phyllis explained that she wasn't trying to destroy Brash & Sassy but just keep it from swallowing Billy's life whole. Ashley entered after receiving a text message from Abby, telling them to turn on Hilary's show right away. Jack pulled it up on his screen as Hilary clucked that Victoria had learned the hard way not to mix business with pleasure.

Victoria couldn't imagine what Hilary had on her, and Hilary explained that she was about to share a clip that she'd captured earlier that day. Hilary revealed that the man in the video was Benjamin Hochman, a recently divorced financier who was known as a corporate raider who dismantled department stores. Hilary aired the footage of Victoria and Hochman's encounter in the hotel hallway, during which Hochman had taunted that Brash & Sassy wouldn't survive without his funding, and Victoria had spat that she regretted spending the night with him.

Hilary turned to Mariah for thoughts, but Mariah was speechless. Hilary questioned whether Brash & Sassy was broke and passé, and she contemplated who could have known that one night of mindless sex could lead to such hideousness. Meanwhile, Jack grinned broadly, Billy and Victoria stared in horror at the screen, and Hochman barked that he wouldn't need Cane's consulting work on "a damn thing."

On the next The Young and the Restless...

• Abby tells Nikki that Nick moved out and that Victor gave the place to her.

• Devon is stunned that Neil granted the bridge loan without discussing it with him.

• Victoria orders Hilary to take the footage of her offline immediately.


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