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The Young and the Restless Daily Recap for Tuesday, September 19, 2017
Jack and Ashley learn Graham is from Genoa City
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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Over breakfast at the Ashby home, Lily called out to ask where Charlie was. He entered the room and inquired whether Mattie had finished yet, but Lily urged him to sit down and eat, since having meals together was important. Charlie asked how Mattie's life was going, and she grumbled that she was still grounded. Charlie was shocked, and Mattie remarked that their dad wasn't the only one who could mess up around there.

Lily revealed that Mattie had cut class, and Charlie thought they were pulling a prank on him. Mattie remained sullen, and Charlie speculated that she'd cut school to build a robot or consult with NASA. Mattie admitted that she'd been with Reed, and Charlie surmised that she'd been caught ignoring the edict not to see Reed. She called their dad a master detective, and she abruptly excused herself to brush her teeth. Charlie asked Lily what Cane had done.

Lily preferred to hear about Charlie, since he was usually never around for breakfast. He forlornly recognized that he no longer had early morning football practice, and she asked if he liked cross country. He acknowledged that practice was easier, but he missed football and the guys on the team. Lily reasoned that things would go back to normal once the season was over, but Charlie lamented that he would have made the team if he'd just been a little bit better.

Charlie encouraged Lily not to be too hard on Mattie for skipping class, and Lily wondered what he thought of Reed. Charlie expressed that a smart, pretty girl like Mattie was "another hemisphere" from a wannabe rock star, but he figured that his sister was good at sizing people up, so there had to be something to Reed. Mattie returned and declared that she was ready to go, and Lily suggested that the twins take her car to school. Mattie assumed that Lily was making sure she got there, and Charlie quipped, "Let's waltz, Matilda." Lily lovingly looked on as the teens headed out.

Charlie drove to school, and Mattie was irritated when he wouldn't unlock the car door. He asked if she was mad because he'd teased her about cutting class, and she contended that there had been extreme circumstances because their parents had been unfair. She defended that skipping first period had been the only way for her to see Reed, and Charlie wished that she'd told him about her plans. Mattie imagined that he would have told her to "dump the loser," but Charlie insisted that he would have taught her to beat the system to avoid getting busted. He questioned what had happened between Cane and Mattie, and she groaned that their dad had made everything a million times worse.

Mattie recounted that Cane had found her headband at Reed's house and that Victoria had caught Cane yelling at Reed. Charlie thought it was no surprise that Cane had been upset when Mattie hadn't been allowed to see Reed, but Mattie swore that they'd only been hanging out. Charlie suspected that more had been going on, and she admitted that she and Reed had been kissing. Charlie wondered if Reed was worth the trouble. Mattie bemoaned that no one would have a problem with her and Reed being together if Cane hadn't messed up.

Cane stopped by the Ashby home, and Lily informed him that the kids weren't there. He confessed that he'd timed it that way, since he and Lily needed to talk. Lily wasn't ready to discuss anything deep, but Cane pleaded that the clock was ticking on their marriage, so they couldn't keep putting it off. He contended that things needed to change because the separation was affecting their children, but she figured that the twins would get used to it. Cane argued that Mattie had never acted out before, and Lily reported that Charlie blamed himself for not making the football team. Cane stressed that the turmoil was taking a toll on their kids, so they needed to address it right away.

Lily knew that Cane wanted to move back in, but she still needed time apart, and she couldn't force the process. Cane looked around the room and recalled various memories that they'd shared in the house, and he wanted that life back. He recognized that it would be hard work, but he insisted that they couldn't fix their marriage if he wasn't there. Lily explained that she needed her home to be a safe space, but Cane swore that what they had was too precious not to fight for. She replied that she didn't want to fight, and he suggested a compromise.

Lily was taken aback when Cane suggested that they see a marriage counselor. He recognized that he hadn't wanted to go the last time they'd had problems, and she imagined that he wouldn't be having a child with another woman if they had sought counseling. Cane refused to step back and let their marriage die, but Lily felt uncomfortable with the thought of reliving everything in front of a stranger. He thought they could push past the pain if they acknowledged the hurt and truth in a controlled environment with a professional, and be had faith that they'd somehow be able to save their marriage and put their family back together. Lily reluctantly agreed to try it.

At the Abbott cabin, Jack asked Nikki if she'd slept well, and she gushed about the blissful quiet. He joked that she could pretend that she'd missed having him in bed with her, and he suggested that she make it up to him with a good morning kiss. She obliged, and she thanked him for remembering her tea. Jack commented that he needed java in the morning, but Nikki preferred to stick with her tried and true. He thought it sounded like a reference to Victor, and she quipped that Victor had been tried but not true, which was why she was there. Jack chuckled as he wrapped his arms around her.

Jack volunteered to call off his meetings and stay at the cabin, but Nikki said she had appointments, too. He hoped one of them was with a lawyer to make her separation official, but she indicated that she was meeting with a trainer at the gym to stay healthy. He noted that whatever she'd been doing lately had been working, and she credited him for being part of it. Nikki marveled that it gave her peace to be at the cabin, but Jack recognized that Abby's intrusion hadn't been soothing. Nikki asserted that they didn't have to apologize to anyone, and she liked the pace they'd set for themselves. He called it slow and easy, and they kissed.

Ashley ran into Victor in the Athletic Club foyer and congratulated him on his brilliant idea to have Abby move onto the ranch. Ashley referred to Victor's first impression of Graham, and Victor inquired whether he'd been correct about Graham being after Dina's money. Ashley nodded, but she thought it would be difficult to do something about it.

Ashley explained that Graham had told her and Dina that both of his parents were dead, but she'd discovered that his mother was very much alive and that he was taking excellent care of her in an expensive senior living facility. Ashley noted that Graham had gone to a lot of trouble to work his way into Dina's life, including giving a sob story about being an orphan. Victor inquired about Dina's reaction when she'd found out the truth, and Ashley replied that she was about to find out. Ashley hoped that Dina would realize that she'd been played and give her companion the boot.

In her hotel suite, Dina tossed and turned in bed as she flashed back to threatening to kill Brent if he ever said a word about their secret. Brent had sworn that he wanted his daughter to know him as a father, but Dina had refused to let him see Ashley ever again. Dina had clutched a gun as she'd told Brent that he'd done all the damage she intended to allow. Dina suddenly awakened and called out for Graham.

Dina summoned Graham to her suite. She rambled that she'd made a terrible mistake when she'd told him about Ashley not being John's daughter. Graham figured that no harm had been done, since Ashley was already aware of it. Dina clarified that it wasn't public knowledge, nor was what she'd done to her husband and daughter. Graham was glad that Dina had opened up to him, but she wasn't because she'd sworn to take the secret to the grave. He assured her that she could trust all her secrets to him, but she warned that he would be dead to her if he ever told another living soul.

Dina apologized for being harsh. Graham insisted that it was no different than other sensitive information that she'd trusted him with, but he was surprised that something that had happened many years earlier still had an effect on her. Dina recalled that she'd been a terrible wife who'd resented John's devotion to his company, so she'd had affairs. She regretted that Ashley had paid the price for Dina's failings, and Graham again suggested that they leave town because it was obvious how much Ashley's attitude pained Dina. Dina refused to leave Genoa City and anticipated that it would just take time to repair her relationship with Ashley.

Graham contended that Ashley would always feel that Dina had ruined the one thing that had meant the most to her -- her relationship with her father. Dina huffed that she wasn't going back to Europe and that she didn't need him instructing her about her own daughter. Graham considered the matter closed, and he offered to give Dina a ride to work, but she announced that she wasn't going in that day. She sourly imagined that Jack wouldn't be there, either, since he'd gone out of town with Victor Newman's wife. Graham pointed out that Victor and Nikki were separated, but Dina contended that an unhappy marriage was still a marriage. She lamented that her children were making the same mistakes she had.

There was a knock at the door, and Graham opened it to Ashley, who declared that she was there to see her mother. Graham pointedly noted that she'd gone to the right room that time, and Dina invited Ashley to join them. Dina scolded Ashley for making up a convoluted lie about why she'd been in Graham's room, and she assumed that Ashley had found nothing that Graham had been hiding. Ashley requested that Graham step out so she could speak to Dina alone, and Graham left to go to the gym.

Dina lectured that it would have been much easier if Ashley had been truthful with Graham, but Ashley defended that she hadn't wanted him to get mad at Dina. Dina demanded that Ashley give up the notion that Graham was out to get Dina, but Ashley swore that she never would after what she'd learned the night before. Ashley mentioned the active living residence in Boca Raton, and Dina surmised that Ashley and Jack wanted to ship her there. Ashley divulged that Graham's mother was living there, and she found it highly disturbing, given that Graham had told all of them that his mother was dead.

Dina scoffed at the idea that Graham was hiding a parent in another state, but Ashley reported that she'd found a pricey monthly statement that proved Graham had paid for the residence. Dina theorized that perhaps he had a distant aunt, but Ashley relayed that she'd made a call to confirm her suspicions that the resident was Graham's mother. Ashley conceded that the woman she'd spoken with hadn't identified herself as Graham's mother, and Dina accused Ashley of jumping to erroneous conclusions again. Ashley thought it was clear that Graham's mother was alive and that he'd set things up to meet Dina in Monte Carlo.

Ashley ranted that Graham had inserted himself into every aspect of Dina's life and ingratiated himself to the point where she'd left him the bulk of her estate. Dina opted to focus on Ashley's agenda, but Ashley insisted that she was only looking out for Dina, since Graham was trying to turn Dina against her own children. Dina barked that with all of Ashley's foolishness, it just might work. Ashley stormed out.

Victor worked out with the punching bag at the gym, and he noticed Graham staring at him. Graham said it was good to see him again, and Victor asked if he boxed. Graham replied that he didn't spar, but he thought punching the bag was a good way to work out his thoughts. Victor gave Graham some pointers on working out with the punching bag, but he excused himself when he spotted Nikki.

Victor approached Nikki and asked if she'd been home the night before, and she mentioned that her phone had been turned off. He inquired whether it had been off that morning as well, since he'd expected her to return his call. Victor pushed to know where she'd been the previous night, but Nikki retorted that she hadn't jumped to answer his call, nor would she run her itinerary past him. She added that she'd enjoyed the peace and quiet, and Graham listened as Victor demanded to know whether she'd been with Jack.

Nikki walked away, dismissing the conversation as one she wasn't interested in. Victor continued to press her to reveal where she'd been, but she cautioned that he was way out of line. As Graham eavesdropped, Nikki lectured that living apart meant her personal life was none of Victor's concern. Victor bellowed that she was still his wife, and she warned him not to speak to her like a minion if he wanted it to stay that way. She addressed his messages about Nick and Faith, and he insisted on dealing with it immediately. Nikki insisted that she always had time to speak about their kids or grandkids, but she refused to discuss Jack with him.

Victor snarled that he'd wanted to tell Nikki in person that she'd had no right to interfere, but she defended that it was her family, too. Nikki admitted that she'd been upset that Victor had gone around their son, but he insisted that she should have discussed it with him. Nikki asserted that Nick had deserved to know, but Victor raged that she'd ruined his relationship with his granddaughter, who no longer trusted him. Nikki questioned whose fault that was, and she argued that Faith could count on her. Victor hissed that Nikki was making a big mistake, and she admonished him for making a scene in the gym. He snapped that he didn't care.

Graham picked up an envelope outside his hotel room door and entered his suite. He opened the envelope, which contained a note that said "per your request" and photos of Nikki and Jack kissing at the cabin. He slid the photos back into the envelope and pulled out a file folder from his desk drawer. He affixed a preprinted address label showing Victor's address to the envelope, and he peeled off another label to show Dina's room at the hotel as the return address. Meanwhile, Dina sat alone in her room, staring at Graham's number on her phone.

At Jabot, Ashley informed Jack that she was certain that she'd spoken to Graham's mother, but Dina couldn't begin to entertain the possibility that Graham had lied. Jack wished Dina could give the same benefit of the doubt to her kids, and he thought they should keep digging to find out why Graham had wanted Dina to think that his parents were dead. Ashley figured that they could fly to Boca Raton, but she was sure that Graham's mother had no idea about the lies her son was spinning. Jack wondered if Dina had a connection to Graham's mother. Ashley relayed that when she'd told Dina about the facility in Boca Raton, Dina had thought they wanted ship her there. Jack remarked that it wasn't such a bad idea.

Over speaker phone, Jack expressed interest in touring the assisted living complex, and Ashley mused that it seemed like a great fit for their mother. Jack claimed that they'd been referred to the facility by a friend -- Myrna Bloodworth. A facility representative confirmed that Myrna had been living in one of their most luxurious units since the complex had opened in 2012.

Jack promised to look into flights, and the employee remarked that Myrna would be excited to have a visitor from her hometown -- Genoa City. After they hung up, Jack and Ashley were stunned that Graham was from Genoa City, too. Ashley wondered if Graham's obsession went back much further and "what the hell" had started it.

On the next The Young and the Restless...

• Nick warns Chelsea to be prepared for anything when his dad is involved.

• Victor orders someone over the phone to get to the ranch as soon as possible.

• Hilary tells Jordan that Lily and Cane went to marriage counseling.

• Lily walks out of the counseling session.

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