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Charlie admits that Lily ran a red light
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Thursday, July 19, 2018

At Dark Horse, Nikki, Sharon, Abby, and Summer reeled from Nick's invitation to join his new company. Nick understood that they needed time, and he implored them to go home, put together a list of pros and cons, and think about how it could affect their futures. He guaranteed that the benefits of joining Dark Horse would outweigh the cons, and he requested an answer by that night. He stressed that he needed to know who was on his team, and he would rather do it with them than without them.

The phone rang at Devon and Hilary's penthouse, and the answering machine picked up. Shauna left a frantic message to ask if Devon was home from his trip, since he hadn't been answering his cell phone. She begged him to call her.

At home, Neil removed a record album from its cover and lovingly brushed it off before placing it on his turntable. He turned up the volume and leaned back on the couch to enjoy the music, not noticing an incoming call from Shauna on his phone. He didn't hear a shirtless Nate call to him from the stairs, and Nate turned off the music. Neil protested, but Nate joked that he wouldn't have moved in if he'd known Neil played his music that loud. Nate added that he hated jazz, and Neil ribbed him for not being smart enough to understand it. As they bickered over their musical tastes, people on stretchers were rushed into the hospital emergency room.

There was pounding on Neil's door, and Neil griped that he'd just wanted to spend a quiet evening at home with his music. He found Shauna at the door, and she tearfully told him that he had to get to the hospital, since something awful had happened. Neil, Nate, and Shauna arrived at the hospital and found Charlie in the waiting area. Charlie reported that there had been a bad accident, and he was fine, but Lily and Hilary had been rushed there in an ambulance. Charlie added that there had been no word about how they were doing, but he had seen that it was bad.

Nate asked if Charlie had been examined, and Charlie indicated that he'd been in the back seat, so he'd walked away without a scratch in spite of the flying glass. Shauna recounted that Hilary and Lily had gotten into a huge fight about Shauna and Charlie being together, and Shauna had run away, upset. Charlie chimed in that he had gone looking for Shauna with Hilary and his mom, and Shauna recalled that she'd seen the crash from across the street. Neil requested that Nate find out what had happened, and Nate stepped away to get some information. Charlie worried that he hadn't been able to reach Cane, and Neil offered to take care of it.

At the Athletic Club, Cane playfully told Mattie that he planned to crush her and Charlie at their family game night. She doubted that Charlie would want to be her partner, and Cane wondered where his phone was. Cane asked Mattie to call her mom about dinner, and he crossed the dining room to greet Victor. Victor asked if there was any truth to the rumor that Jack was trying to take over Chancellor, but Cane happily reported that there was irrefutable proof that Phillip wasn't Jack's father.

Mattie approached the men and mentioned that Lily wasn't answering her phone, and Cane prepared to place a takeout order to feed his family. Later, Mattie checked the food order, and she answered a call from Neil. She handed the phone to Cane, who suddenly paled and said they had to go. They rushed out, leaving the bags of food behind.

Nikki joined Victor, who informed her that he'd lost three more deals to a startup company he'd never heard of. She inquired whether it was called Dark Horse, and he wondered how she'd known. She revealed that she'd just met with Nick, who was in business as Dark Horse. Victor questioned "how the hell" Nick had obtained the financing, and Nikki divulged that Nick had been raising funds from venture capitalists while she'd thought he'd been soliciting charity donations. She warned that Nick was going after Victor with the money.

Victor scoffed at the idea of Nick competing with him. Nikki relayed that Nick had already started by cutting deals with companies who he'd claimed were happy to be doing business with a Newman who wasn't weighted down with extra baggage. Victor grumbled that it had been baggage Nick had burdened him with. Nikki didn't approve of Nick's methods, but she thought Victor had to have some appreciation for his son's talents. Victor was certain that Nick would fail, but Nikki cautioned that it didn't have to be a war, especially while Victor was still recovering. Nikki vowed to find another way to heal the rift, and Victor suggested that she tell Nick to fold up shop while he still had a chance.

Meanwhile, Nick asked what Sharon thought, and she inquired whether he was referring to working for him at his secret company or forgiving him for impersonating J.T. He was glad to take an answer to either, but he hoped she was excited for him. She observed that he'd obviously put a lot of work into securing the building, getting new clients -- and keeping it all hidden from her. Nick reiterated that he'd already laid out why he'd had to do things the way he had, but she argued that they were engaged and that she wasn't working for a competitor like the others he'd invited to the meeting. He pointed out that it wasn't like she hadn't lied to him before, but she considered it a lousy excuse for not telling her about his plans.

Nick preferred to focus on what was good and to celebrate, but Sharon wasn't in the mood. He promised that there would be no more lies from that moment forward, and he wished that she could be excited about them making the Newman name mean something again. Sharon admitted that she still loved him, but she didn't like him very much right then. She contemplated whether it was her fault for having a vision of what rebuilding their lives together would look like, and Dark Horse wasn't it. She complained that he wasn't himself, and she hadn't taken into account how much he'd changed.

Nick clarified that he'd just righted his course after putting up with too much from his dad for too long, and he'd needed to prove something to Victor and to himself. He anticipated having it all if they made Dark Horse work, and he pondered whether Sharon was engaged to the wrong man if she didn't want to be with someone who would go to great lengths to protect his family. Nick swore that he wanted to marry her and have it be forever, but he needed her to be proud of what he was doing. He urged her to think about it and see that he was right.

At Crimson Lights, Abby recognized that Nick should have been more sensitive to Victoria's feelings. Victoria groused that he'd been more focused on his own agenda, including making her think her ex was on the prowl. Abby advised her not to let it cloud her judgment about the big picture, since it was very exciting that Nick was starting a new company. Nick entered and was pleased that they were discussing rather than dismissing his offer.

Abby recalled how she'd been treated at Newman, but she understood that showing loyalty was important to a family business. Nick asserted that his company was also one, and he wanted his family members to reach their potential with him. He swore that their family would be stronger if they made the leap, since they were the future. Summer whined that her situation was different, and Nick refused to make her choose between her parents, even if it was a chance to get in on the ground floor of something special. They all simultaneously received text messages from Nikki, who summoned them to the Athletic Club.

Victoria, Nick, Abby, and Summer joined Victor and Nikki at the club. Nikki explained that she'd wanted to gather them together on neutral ground to meet as equals for a Newman family summit. Nick firmly stated that it was too late, since his plans were in place, and he had no desire or need to meet with Victor. Nikki ordered Nick to hear her out, since she feared that no one would win, but they stood to lose their family. She pushed Victor and Nick to take the energy from their animosity and turn it positive, and she suggested that they become partners.

Victor agreed with Nick that he saw no value in a partnership, but Nikki appealed to them to give it a chance to preserve their family. Nick pledged to make the Newman name something to be proud of again, and Victor seemed amused that Nick considered himself to be a contender. Nick referred to the deals he'd struck, and he announced that Noah had decided to resign from Newman to set up a London office for Nick. Summer admitted that she felt it would be wrong to jump ship when she'd just started working at Fenmore's, and Nick was disappointed, but he repeated that he wouldn't make her choose between her parents. Victor expected Nick to have more disappointments, but Abby declared that she was in.

Abby acknowledged that it was like a stab in the back to Victor, but that had been how she'd felt at Newman, being passed over and having her accomplishments minimized. Victoria huffed that Abby had a lot to learn if she thought she'd be handed everything without earning it, and Abby looked forward to having the chance to show Victoria how wrong she was. Victor turned to Nikki, who sadly recognized that no woman wanted to choose between her husband and her son, but she opted to stand by her husband. Victoria preferred to take some time with such a big decision, and Victor haughtily stated that it didn't seem like much of an executive team.

Nick expected Noah and Abby to make amazing contributions, and he announced that there was one final board member. Jack approached, and Victor snapped that it was a private meeting. Nick introduced Jack as an executive consultant and board member. Victor taunted that the mighty Jack had fallen from running his namesake to becoming a consultant in a fly-by-night company that was bound to fail. Nick, Abby, and Jack stepped aside to discuss business. "That went well," Nikki sarcastically grumbled.

Victor figured that it was sometimes better to let those who weren't loyal explore their failures. After Nikki departed, Victor prepared to go back to work, and he asked if Victoria had given it more thought. Victoria decided that she'd love to stay, and he smiled and hugged her. She inquired whether he wanted to hear her terms, and he thought it sounded like blackmail. She reasoned that she was the last Newman heir at the company, and he'd said many times that family was everything. Victoria demanded it in writing that she would take over when Victor stepped down, and she wanted the COO job back. He conceded that he would have done the same thing in her shoes, and he offered to have the lawyers draw up the contract that night.

At the cottage, Sharon updated Mariah about Nick's actions, and Mariah insisted that Sharon had every right to be upset. Sharon appealed to Mariah to tell her some good news, and Mariah revealed that she and Tessa had decided to try to make something work. Sharon turned away, and Mariah guessed that her mother wasn't excited about the prospect. Sharon confirmed that she was surprised, and Mariah recalled that she had been, too, when Kyle had pushed her and Tessa together. Sharon hugged Mariah and recognized that Mariah had secretly been hoping for it to happen for a long time, but she advised her daughter to take things slowly. Sharon encouraged Mariah to know who she was really getting involved with, and Mariah surmised that they were back to talking about Nick.

Sharon took off her engagement ring and fondled it in her hand. Mariah handed Sharon some tea, noting that she'd spiked it with whiskey. Sharon apologized for not being more enthusiastic about Tessa, but Mariah understood how upset Sharon was with Nick. Mariah questioned whether it was really that bad that Nick wanted to start his own business, but Sharon thought there was something to be said for knowing the person she was with down to his core.

Mariah acknowledged that she hadn't been pleased when Sharon and Nick had inched their way back toward one another, but she thought people shouldn't take second chances for granted. Mariah remembered that even Hilary had said as much, and Sharon was surprised that Mariah had listened to Hilary. Mariah stressed that the point was that just because something was different didn't mean it was bad, and sometimes, it was better.

Later, Nick returned home and called for Sharon, but Mariah informed him that her mother had gone out for air. Nick assumed that Sharon had filled Mariah in, and he figured that Sharon needed time. Mariah advised him to be prepared, since Sharon hated being lied to, and it had messed her up. Mariah had no idea what Sharon would do. Meanwhile, Sharon sat at the coffeehouse, staring at her bare ring finger.

Cane and Mattie arrived at the hospital, and Neil told them that Lily and Hilary were in the ER to be assessed. Cane hugged Charlie and asked if the driver of the other car was being treated. Charlie replied that the truck driver hadn't been injured, and Cane wondered why the cops weren't there to take the driver into custody. Nate returned and shared that Lily was conscious with no serious injuries, but Hilary was critical. Shauna worriedly inquired about the baby, and Nate swore that they were doing everything they could to save both of them. Neil fretted that Devon wasn't answering his phone because he was probably in mid-flight.

Dr. West led Lily out of the emergency room. Mattie hesitated to hug her, but Lily pulled the twins into her arms. Lily embraced Cane and mentioned that she was a little bruised but otherwise fine. The doctor informed Cane that Lily was very lucky to have suffered only superficial cuts and bruises, and Lily inquired about Hilary. Dr. West replied that he couldn't give them any information, but Neil disclosed that his son was listed as the medical contact for Hilary and her baby. The doctor regretted that Hilary hadn't been so lucky, but he assured them that the medical team was doing the best they could.

Nate recognized Dr. West and ominously stated that the doctor's best wasn't good enough. Dr. West snarled that he'd hoped to avoid working with Nate again because Nate was rude, egotistical, and arrogant. Nate countered that he was also the best at what he did, so Dr. West should want Nate in his corner during a crisis. Dr. West huffed that Nate wasn't needed, but Nate demanded to know why Hilary wasn't in surgery.

Dr. West defended that they were stabilizing Hilary, but Nate hissed that she could end up dead. Nate proclaimed that he was Hilary's doctor, and he intended to save her and her baby. Dr. West protested that Nate didn't have jurisdiction, but Nate announced that he had put in a call to the hospital administrator, who had taken care of everything. "Move over, doctor. This is my case now," Nate ordered.

Cane asked Charlie for more information about the accident, since the doctors suspected that Lily might not remember everything after a traumatic event. Charlie regretted that it had started because he and Shauna had gotten together, and he waited for Cane to yell at him. Cane insisted that he was glad Charlie was all right, and he prompted his son to tell what had happened. Charlie recounted the events that had led up to him, Lily, and Hilary going after Shauna.

Cane wondered if Lily had been driving too fast. Charlie indicated that she'd been arguing with Hilary, but there was something else that Cane needed to know about the truck barreling into them. Charlie confided that he thought his mom hadn't realized what had happened, but the truck driver hadn't blown the red light -- Lily had.

In the operating room, Dr. West warned that rushing things could endanger Hilary's life. Nate countered that she could bleed out, and he wasn't about to let her and her baby die without doing everything in his power to save them. Dr. West asked why it was so important to him, and Nate told him to stay or go. They began surgery.

Shauna apologized to Lily for everything, but Lily replied that Hilary was all that mattered. Cane hugged Lily, who asked if Neil had reached Devon. Neil thought that perhaps it was a blessing, since they might have nothing but good news by the time Devon got off the plane.

Nate removed his surgical mask and despondently placed his hands on the empty operating table. He went back to the waiting room, and his family members consoled one another when he gave them what appeared to be devastating news.

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