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Jack and Ashley face that Dina has Alzheimer's
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Friday, November 17, 2017

At Nick and Chelsea's penthouse, Nick informed Chelsea that the kids' lunches were packed, and he made small talk about household tasks. She wondered if he was ever going to ask about what had happened on The Hilary Hour, since she needed to hear what he was thinking. Nick coldly replied that he'd just found out on live television that the woman he was living with had been a con artist, but he wasn't buying what Chelsea was selling. He stormed out.

At Crimson Lights, Ashley mentioned to Ravi that she'd had a neighbor check the family cabin for Abby, but it had turned up nothing. Ravi assured her that Abby was resilient like her mother, and he imagined that Abby was playing things right to get home safely. Ashley thanked him, but her expression darkened when she saw Victoria walk in. Ashley demanded to know "what the hell" was wrong with Victoria, who asked what she was missing. Ashley admonished Victoria for issuing a press release to "cover [her] ass" by spreading vicious lies about Abby.

Victoria asserted that everything in the press release was true, since Abby had recruited Zack and Design Date to the company, and Newman's assets were frozen because of it. Ravi intervened and noted that emotions were running high, and Ashley barked that she was putting Abby first, unlike Victoria, who was prioritizing her political agenda. Victoria swore that she was worried about Abby, too, but she reminded Ashley that Abby had let the entire world think that she'd been kidnapped once before. Victoria added that Abby might be hiding away at a cushy spa, waiting for the scandal to blow over.

Later, Nick arrived at the coffeehouse, and Ashley told him that there had been no word about Abby. Nick hugged Ashley and said he was sorry, and she pointedly remarked that it was nice to hear compassion from one of Abby's siblings. Nick confirmed that he'd seen the press release, and Ashley griped that it had made Abby sound like Zack's accomplice. Nick agreed that it had been out of line, and although he loved Victoria, he knew how she could be.

Nick asked Ashley to let him know if she heard anything. He turned to leave and ran into Chelsea, who scolded him for leaving before they'd finished their discussion. He retorted that it had felt finished to him, since he'd said everything he'd needed to say, and he hadn't left anything crucial out like she tended to do. Ravi recognized Chelsea from The Hilary Hour, and Nick loudly declared that she'd been the one who'd conned the bride. Other patrons stared at Chelsea, who bellowed that she was the new scandal queen and offered to take selfies with people. As she caused a scene, Nick walked out, and she followed him.

Nick and Chelsea returned to the penthouse, and she ranted that everyone had recognized her from Hilary's show. She fretted that it would ruin her whole business, but he thought she should be more worried about Faith's reaction. Nick was even more concerned about Faith's perception of the Underground fiasco, and he revealed that the insurance company wasn't paying a dime because they thought he'd set the fire. Nick groused that it didn't help that the woman he was living with had been outed on national television as a con artist, but Chelsea doubted the two were related. Nick envisioned them both being locked up and sharing a prison yard.

Chelsea asserted that no court would convict Nick for arson because he lived with a former con artist, and he questioned whether it was really behind her. She defended that it had happened years earlier, but he wondered if she and Jordan were married, separated, or divorced. Chelsea insisted that the whole thing had been an immature scam, but Nick wondered why she'd never told him about it and what else she was hiding. She pointed out that his biography wasn't pristine, and she swore that she'd never conned him. He flatly stated that it was exactly what a con would say, and she stormed upstairs.

Later, Chelsea returned downstairs, and Nick assured her that he didn't need an apology if she'd regained her senses. She threw sheets and a pillow at him and barked that she was sorry that he wouldn't be sleeping in their bed that night.

Paul stopped by Newman Enterprises and told Victor that he was trying to figure out what had happened to Abby and Scott after they'd left the storage facility. He added that it was a problem that a sex ring had hidden behind Newman's finances and name, but Victor huffed that Paul knew "damn well" that he hadn't had any idea that Zack had been running a sex ring. Paul swore that the authorities were trying to clear everyone, but Victor complained that he couldn't pay his vendors or employees because Newman's assets were frozen. Paul stressed that he and Christine were just doing their jobs, and Victor vowed to take them and their department down if they continued to pursue that nonsense.

Later, Neil perused an online headline about Abby being to blame for Newman's link to the sex ring scandal. He complained to Victor that Victoria hadn't listened to Neil's advice to put a human spin on the story by portraying Abby as one of Zack's victims. Victoria overheard as she arrived, and she contended that she'd had to move fast to protect Newman's image. Neil suggested that they put out a follow-up statement to soften the original release and minimize the damage to Abby, but Victor stood by Victoria's decision.

Victor was adamant that he trusted Victoria and had given her the authority to deal with sensitive issues. Victoria swore that she respected Neil's point of view, but she hoped he respected the tough decision that she'd had to make. Neil recognized that it wasn't his company, but he cautioned that deflecting the blame on a missing Abby would backfire. Victor anticipated that people would attribute Abby's actions to youth and inexperience, but she was a survivor. Victor answered a call and asked if they'd found his daughter.

Victor reported that his security team had nothing, and he opted to work alone. Neil stepped out, and Victoria followed him and asked him not to question her decisions, especially in front of her dad. Neil argued that he'd been hired to help the company over some major PR hurdles, and he refused to keep his opinions to himself just because she didn't like them. Neil reminded Victoria that he was on her team, and she confided that she'd had a wake-up call when her son had been pulled out of a burning building. Victoria thought no one would bat an eye if a man had made the same tough choices she had, and she proclaimed that she was done being stepped on.

Neil said he'd always considered Victoria to be a close personal friend, and he knew that what she'd gone through hadn't been easy. She told him that she didn't need sympathy, since there was no one to blame but herself. She recounted that she'd taken a long look at herself and hadn't recognized the woman who'd chased after Billy, not seeing that he'd literally poisoned her and her company. Victoria refused to give up her power for anyone again, and Neil found her strength inspiring, but he advised her to think about what blind, unchecked power had cost Victor. Victoria insisted that she wasn't her father, and Neil replied, "Not yet." He warned her to be careful what she wished for.

At the Abbott mansion, Dina tried to remove her ankle bracelet, and Jack warned that there would be a SWAT team on the roof if she kept playing with it. He introduced her to Dr. Berg, who Jack hoped could help her out of her legal problems. Dina scoffed at the idea that her stroke had turned her into a knife-wielding maniac, and she wanted to drop it, but Jack insisted that they couldn't. Dr. Berg explained that he was there to perform a basic cognitive exam, and Dina reluctantly agreed to do it for Jack.

Dina requested that Dr. Berg remove her ankle monitor because it was chafing, but Jack informed her that the doctor wouldn't be committing a felony that morning. Jack started to leave the room, but Dina invited him to stay in case Dr. Berg got fresh with her. The doctor confirmed that it was fine for Jack to stick around, and he wanted to start with a series of simple questions. Dina bragged that she and Jack were the best at trivia, and she successfully answered the doctor's inquiries about the year and the season.

The doctor recited a list of three objects and requested that Dina repeat it back. She recalled the first two items and hesitated before naming the third. He asked her to count backward from 100 by sevens, and she struggled to do the math in her head. She rambled about numbers reminding her of her stock portfolio, and Dr. Berg urged her to focus on the test. He inquired about the three objects he'd mentioned earlier, but she cursed when she couldn't recall what they'd been. Jack announced that it was time for a break.

Dina groaned that she'd do anything to end the session, but Dr. Berg prompted her to repeat the three objects again. Dina wailed that she was too distressed about Abby to remember them, and the doctor promised to consider all factors when he scored her test. He asked her to draw a clock, showing the time as nine o'clock. Dina begrudgingly accepted the paper and pencil and testily inquired whether he wanted her to draw an antique Swiss cuckoo clock. Dr. Berg clarified that he just wanted a simple clock face with all the numbers. Jack peered over Dina's shoulder and looked alarmed.

Jack grabbed the paper and said he'd been mistaken about the test being a good idea, and he showed Dr. Berg to the door. Dina thanked Jack for getting rid of the bossy old man, and Jack told her to forget the test and calm her nerves, since everything would be fantastic from then on. Ashley returned home and inquired about the doctor's visit, and Dina griped that the problem with a house call had been that there had been nowhere to flee when she'd realized it had been a terrible mistake. Dina sauntered off, and Jack explained that Dina had found the doctor tiresome and pushy.

Jack reported that Dina hadn't finished the cognitive exam because it had made her worried and confused, and he didn't think the results would be valid. Jack downplayed the fact that Dina had lost a little memory, but Ashley spied the crumpled drawing. Jack mentioned that the doctor had asked Dina to draw a clock, and Ashley was aghast when she saw that Dina hadn't known where to draw the numbers. She sadly realized that they had to face that there was something very wrong.

Jack tore up the drawing, but Ashley said it wouldn't make the truth go away. Jack insisted that Dina had simply been worried about Abby, and he was sure that their mother would ace the test at a less stressful time. Ashley accepted that Dina wasn't going to past the test, and she recognized that it was too sad and painful to contemplate, but she thought both she and Jack knew what was going on with Dina. Jack choked back tears and told Ashley not to say it, but Ashley thought they had to confront it so that they could deal with it. Jack admitted that their mother was sick -- she had Alzheimer's. Jack and Ashley embraced.

Scott fidgeted in a car in the parking lot of a seedy motel, and he flashed back to being trapped in the storage locker. He jumped when Abby hopped into the passenger seat, and he claimed that he'd zoned out. She reported that she'd obtained Zack's motel room key by flirting with the clerk and pretending to be Zack's girlfriend. Abby worried about whether Scott was okay, and he swore that he was good to go. He stated that Zack's car was parked out back, but she thought they should wait for the police. Scott was adamant that they didn't have the time.

Abby started to get out of the car, but Scott refused to let her put herself at risk. Abby pointed out that it was even more personal for her than it was for Scott, and she considered it to be more risky for someone who was still damaged from his last kidnapping to bust through the door with no backup. Scott instructed her to use the motel phone to call the cops if something went wrong, and he headed for Zack's room. Scott burst into the room, wielding a tire iron. Abby appeared behind him, but they found the room empty.

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Scott was dismayed to discover that Zack hadn't left a single clue behind, and Abby figured that Zack had made a fast escape but had left his car behind because they'd be able to trace it. Scott pressed Abby to think of a place where Zack might have gone, and Abby sourly replied that Scott was forgetting that she didn't have the best judgment in men. He chided her for taking a dig at him at a time like that, and she huffed that what had happened in the storage locker was the last thing on her mind. Scott suggested that they call the police and their families, and he began to dial the phone. The door swung open, and Abby gasped as Zack entered and pulled out a gun.

Zack crowed that it was almost as if his app had designed the date just for them, and he slammed the door shut. Zack kicked away Scott's tire iron and questioned why Scott had dragged his wannabe girlfriend along. Abby protested that no one had dragged her anywhere and that she wasn't Scott's girlfriend. Zack warned Scott not to plan any heroics, since Abby might get caught in the crossfire. Abby spat that Zack had left her to rot, and she ordered him to stop acting like he was trying to protect her.

Zack swore that he would have eventually called 9-1-1, since he had a conscience. Zack contended that he and Abby were obviously fated to be together, or they wouldn't have gotten a second chance. Scott growled that Abby wanted nothing to do with Zack, but Abby insisted that she could speak for herself. Scott stared incredulously at her as she admitted that she felt like she might need to reconsider things. She stared at Zack's gun, and Zack was skeptical of the sudden change.

Abby claimed that being trapped in a dark cubicle with no food or water had made her reevaluate her whole life. She recounted all the things Zack had said about how her family didn't care about her, but Scott called it total garbage. Abby insisted that there had been sincerity in Zack's words, since despite her family's money and power, no one had shown up to rescue her. Abby speculated that her family probably didn't even know she was missing, and as awful as the truth had been to face, it had all become clear in the cell. Abby continued that it had also become clear that she really did love Zack and that he loved her, too.

Zack proposed that he and Abby run away together and never look back. Zack blasted her family for being too blind and stupid not to see the incredible woman she was, and Abby forced a smile and asked what they were waiting for. Zack pointed the gun at Scott, but Abby protested that Zack couldn't kill Scott because she could never forgive Zack for that. Abby suggested that she and Zack leave everything behind, since Scott was nothing to them. Zack expected that Scott would make it his life's mission to track them down, but Abby reasoned that she had a ton of money, so Scott could look forever and never find them.

Zack guessed that it was killing Scott to think about the time he'd wasted, lusting after Abby when he was never going to have her. Zack noticed Abby and Scott exchange a glance, and he turned the gun on her and demanded to know what he was missing. Abby claimed that the thought of being with Scott was repulsive, but Zack thought her protests were basically a confession to having sex with Scott. Zack yelled that he was an expert in nonverbal communication because of his business, so he picked up on cues that told the naked truth. Zack accused Abby and Scott of having sex.

Scott fibbed that he and Abby had never hooked up, since even if she was his type, she would never think about him that way. Abby whimpered that Zack was scaring her, and Zack snarled that she should be scared, since he'd asked her to do one simple thing -- not to lie to him. Zack ranted that she thought she was so high and mighty, but she'd cheated on him, and Scott had cheated on Sharon. Zack bellowed that they were the real trash, and they deserved what they were about to get. "Say goodbye, lovers," Zack taunted as a gunshot rang out.

On the next The Young and the Restless...

• Victor barks that he doesn’t want it to take a long time, and he orders Neil to deal with it right away.

• Paul summons Sharon to his office.

• Ashley receives a call from Paul. “Right now?” she asks with concern.


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