Friday, July 24, 2015

At the hospital, Ashley was ecstatic that Jack was awake, and she declared that Phyllis had never left his side except to "kick someone's butt." Jack said he'd been in and out of awareness, but Phyllis gushed that she'd known he'd been in there. Ashley inquired whether Jack was strong enough to let them know what had happened, and Paul entered and welcomed Jack back. Phyllis warned Paul to take it easy on Jack, and Paul asked to speak with Jack alone. After Ashley and Phyllis stepped out, Paul said it was clear Victor had shot Jack, but the question was whether Victor needed to be put away for attempted murder.

Jack claimed that he'd been reaching for his gun to set it down and end the madness, but Victor hadn't known that, and Victor had only seen Jack reach into his pocket. Paul mentioned that Gabriel had said Jack had been unarmed, and Jack said he hadn't even known Gabriel had been there. Jack wished he could go back and undo everything, and he asked that Paul honor Phyllis' request to keep it short and sweet, since he was still worn out. Paul lectured that none of it had needed to happen, and Jack remarked that he'd figured that out already.

In the corridor, Adam asked why no one had told him that Jack was awake, and Ashley coldly informed him that Jack's visitor list consisted only of family members. Phyllis mentioned that she'd told Ashley that Gabriel had lied about being an Abbott, and Adam wondered whether Phyllis had also said that it had been Jack's idea. Ashley wanted to focus on celebrating that Jack was out of the coma, and Phyllis assumed that Gabriel was hoping Jack would cover for him. Phyllis took solace in knowing that if Victor wasn't going down, at least Gabriel would be.

Paul stepped out of Jack's room and reported that Jack had been very lucid, and he was glad Gabriel was there, since it would save his men the trouble of tracking Gabriel down. Adam asked if there was a problem, and Paul revealed that Jack had corroborated Victor's story that he'd shot Jack in self-defense, but Gabriel had claimed otherwise. Adam agreed to stop by the police station, and over Phyllis and Ashley's protests, he burst into Jack's room. Jack said he needed a word with his former son.

Ashley sternly warned Gabriel that he'd regret it if he did anything to mess with Jack's recovery, and she and Phyllis left. Jack glared at Adam, and Adam said it was good to see Jack awake and back to his old self. Jack huffed that he was very much his old self, and Adam asked why Jack had told Paul that Jack had been carrying a gun on the night of the shooting. Adam accused Jack of letting Victor off with a free pass and selling Adam down the river, but Jack spat that Victor had hired someone to take Jack's place and destroy his life -- and Adam had let him.

Jack pointed out that Adam had been aware of Marco's identity, but Adam defended that he'd only found out hours before Jack had been shot, and he'd been told more than once that Jack was dead. Jack called it "classic Adam" to make a deal with Victor while Jack had been bleeding on the ground, but Adam swore that he hadn't known Jack had been the victim. Adam wondered why Jack was covering for Victor and Marco, and Jack insisted that Phyllis could never know that she'd been with an impostor. Adam contended that Victor would get away with it if no one said anything, but Jack ordered Adam to his keep mouth shut, or Jack would tell the world who Adam really was.

Jack reasoned that if everyone found out about Marco, it would only be a matter of time before Adam was charged as an accessory, and the police would discover Adam's true identity when they fingerprinted him. Adam blasted Jack for telling Marisa who Adam really was, and Jack defended that she had been the only one who had helped him. Adam pointed out that Marisa could rat out Victor, but Jack said it was only hearsay, and nothing proved that Victor had arranged Jack's "trip to hell."

Adam was livid that Victor would get away with it, but Jack snapped that he and his family had been the ones who'd been hurt, and Adam didn't have a vote. Jack admitted that he'd done things that could land him in a cell, and he refused to spend another night away from his wife. Adam lamented that Victor had beaten Jack once and for all, but Jack hissed, "Victor Newman is going down. He just won't see it coming."

Adam mentioned that he'd already been summoned to the police station because the cops thought he'd lied about Jack not having a gun, and he was determined not to go down for obstruction when he had a chance to be with Chelsea and Connor. Adam revealed that he'd told Chelsea the truth about everything, but he couldn't get his family back from prison, and Jack offered to pull some strings before Adam got to booking. Adam complained that it would draw attention, but Jack snapped that Adam had drawn him into the bloodbath, and he commanded that Adam keep his mouth shut and follow orders.

Outside Jack's room, Ashley wondered why Jack had sided with Victor, and Phyllis maintained her belief that Jack hadn't been Victor's intended target. Ashley thought maybe something had been lost in translation when Jack had communicated through hand squeezes, but Phyllis thought he had clearly indicated that he hadn't been armed, and Victor had been. The women agreed it didn't make sense.

At the police station, Christine chided Gabriel for deceiving everyone into believing Jack was his father, and Paul referred to Gabriel's statement that Jack hadn't been armed. Adam said he couldn't argue if Jack had said he'd been carrying a gun, but he hadn't seen Jack's gun, only Victor's. Adam continued that he hadn't seen the shooting, but he'd heard the shot, and he'd seen a gun-wielding Victor standing over a bleeding Jack. Paul questioned whether Victor had planted the gun to set up Gabriel, and Adam vaguely replied that mistakes had been made. Christine rattled off all the charges Gabriel might potentially face, and Adam asserted that his goal had been to protect Jack, but everything was in Jack's hands.

After Adam left, Christine asked if Paul was okay with the fact Gabriel had interfered in an investigation, but Paul remarked that Gabriel was an appetizer and not the main course. Christine pointed out that they could still charge Gabriel, but Paul suspected that Victor was holding something over Gabriel's head. Christine wondered if Victor had something on Jack, too, and Paul anticipated that there was more fallout ahead.

At Newman-Abbott, Victoria asked Abby what had happened to taking some time off, and Abby replied that she liked to be productive. Victoria surmised that Abby had heard about Gabriel being a fraud, and she feigned sympathy that Abby would have to step down as COO. Victor appeared and proclaimed that he wouldn't give Abby her pink slip just yet, and Abby said Victor had a lot to catch up on. Victoria suggested that it wasn't too late to do damage control on the labor agreements, but Abby asserted that no damage had been done. Victor apprised them that he was aware that Gabriel wasn't Jack's son or the CEO.

Victor stated that he wouldn't have been as generous as Abby had in the warehouse deal, but he thought she'd made up for it by saving money with the truckers and keeping the employees happy. Victoria was stunned that he approved of the deal, and Abby asked if she got to retain her title. Victoria griped that she'd been COO just a month earlier, but Victor argued that Victoria had more power than anyone as his right hand, and all his children deserved a chance to flourish at his company.

At the Athletic Club, Neil told a relieved Nikki that Jack was awake, and he pointed out that she would soon find out if Victor had been lying to her or not. Nikki seemed torn that she'd told Paul that she thought Victor was guilty, but Neil said she wasn't the judge or jury. Victor approached with the good news that Jack was awake, and he was sure Jack would clear things up with Paul, so people would finally see the truth. Victor called Gabriel a liar who wasn't Jack's son, and he announced that Gabriel had stepped down from Newman-Abbott.

Nikki was stunned, and she imagined that Victor was upset with her. Neil argued that Nikki had had reasons not to trust Victor, and he reminded her that Victor had claimed that he hadn't even pulled the trigger at first. Victor ordered Neil to stay out of Victor's relationship with Nikki, and Nikki told Victor to stop. Victor bellowed that he was there to make peace, and he demanded to speak to Nikki privately. She said no, and Victor stormed off.

In Nikki's hotel suite, Neil offered Nikki some water, but she declared that she didn't need water or vodka. Neil marveled that the program was working, and he thought she was doing great for someone who'd just had an encounter with her biggest trigger. Neil grumbled that Victor had been a bully, but Nikki countered that Victor had been telling the truth, and she had misjudged him by thinking the worst when he'd been innocent all along. Neil reminded her that Victor hadn't believed in her enough to tell her the truth, and he thought Victor would never change.

Nikki mused that she and Victor were connected, even when they were keeping their distance from one another. Neil noted that she'd left the ranch for a reason, and Nikki recognized that only she could control her drinking. Neil said only she knew what would push her over the edge, and she wondered if she'd made Victor a scapegoat for her problems. Neil encouraged her not to blame herself, since Victor was no one's victim. Nikki asserted that she was calm and rational, but she understood that Neil was worried she would fall under Victor's spell again.

In the club dining room, Ashley informed Victor that Jack had confirmed that both Victor and Jack had been armed. Ashley pointed out that Jack hadn't needed to back Victor up, but Victor commended Jack for doing the honorable thing by telling the truth. Ashley questioned how the men could possibly continue working together as partners after they'd pulled guns on one another, and Victor replied that it was for him and Jack to work out.

At Newman-Abbott, Abby asked how mad Victoria was that Abby was still COO, and she wondered if Victoria would still send her text messages about funny things on the Internet. Victoria said she loved Abby and would always send stupid texts, but she believed Abby was out of her depth, and she wondered what Stitch thought about Abby's new position. Abby questioned whether a career woman like Victoria expected Abby to take a demotion to stay at home for a man, and she groused that it was bad enough when Ashley had tried to pull something like that. Victoria asserted that Ashley wanted Abby's job, and she warned that Abby had to deal with Ashley if Abby wanted to keep her title.

Abby doubted her mom was angling for her job, but Victoria noted that Ashley wanted to be in charge. Abby countered that it meant being CEO, but Victoria was sure Ashley would settle for Abby's title. Abby lectured that Victoria should avoid a situation where the pot was calling the kettle black, but Victoria was certain that Ashley wasn't thrilled about working under Abby or about Abby and Stitch being together. Abby thought Victoria was speaking for herself, and Victoria spat that it almost seemed like Abby had planned to steal Victoria's title and ex.

Ashley entered and rambled about how absurd it was that both Victor and Jack were heading back to work together, and she joked that they should install a metal detector. Abby quipped that perhaps it would keep Victoria from putting a knife in her back, and Ashley warned that they wouldn't win the fight unless they worked together. Ashley wondered whether it didn't bother Victoria and Abby that the men had met in the park with guns, and Abby expected that things would go back to normal. Victoria commented that things hadn't been normal before the shooting, and Ashley thought the situation could still blow up and knock them out in the process.

Phyllis told Jack that she'd done too much crying at bedsides, and Jack replied that he'd missed her. She asked why he'd lied that Gabriel was his son, and Jack apologetically claimed that he'd wanted to keep Victor off balance, but he'd offered Phyllis and his family plausible deniability by not telling them anything. Jack said it had made sense at the time, and Phyllis informed him that some people had thought he'd been back on drugs. Jack stated that just because he'd been sober hadn't meant he'd been right, and she asked if she'd been crazy to think he'd been communicating when he'd squeezed her hand. She felt like she'd gotten things wrong, and she was still stymied by the number two he'd written.

Jack insisted that he'd heard Phyllis' voice, but he hadn't known what he'd been answering or thinking sometimes. Phyllis remarked that she'd been sure about his responses, and she pressed to know about the two, but he feigned ignorance. Jack said he'd been desperate to get back to her, and the thought of never making it back and seeing her again had been worse than dying. He declared that being with her was being alive, and she tearfully crawled in bed next to him as Victor peered in.

At the Underground, Sage stared at an envelope from a DNA lab, but she quickly hid it behind the bar when Nick walked in. He asked if she had ever intended to tell him, and she stammered that she'd wanted him to know. Nick said he wanted to be part of the baby's life even before it arrived, and he mentioned that he'd taken a message earlier about an appointment that day. She agreed to tell him about every prenatal visit from then on, and he suggested that they wrap up the inventory then go to the appointment together.

Sage went to the back to get the stock list, and Nick retrieved some clipboards from behind the bar, but he found the envelope addressed to Sage. He pulled out the contents, and his expression darkened. Nick sat despondently in a booth, and Sage returned and chirped that she might have an ultrasound at her appointment. Nick coldly asked if there was anyone else she wanted to tell about the appointment, like Gabriel, and he held up the envelope.

Sage asked if Nick had read the results, and he asked why she hadn't just told him. She whimpered that she was sorry, and she reflected back on all the times he'd talked about secrets and honesty. He surmised that she'd had a DNA test done because there was a question of paternity, and he assumed she'd slept with Gabriel. She revealed that it had happened once after Nick had said they couldn't be together anymore, and she hadn't wanted to feel anything, but she'd ended up feeling guilt and regret.

Nick pointed out that Sage had never mentioned that there was a chance her baby was her ex-husband's, and she defended that what she'd had with Gabriel hadn't been love. Nick angrily questioned if love meant lying to his face, and Sage wailed that in her heart, Nick was the only person who could be the baby's father. Nick said the point was that she'd slept with Gabriel, but Sage insisted that the baby couldn't be Gabriel's. She asked Nick what the paperwork had indicated, and she begged Nick to say he was the baby's father.

Nick asked whether a DNA test mattered if Sage knew in her heart that the baby was his, and she called her baby her miracle. She added that she didn't want Gabriel to be any part of it, but she'd realized that she needed to know, so she'd had the test done. Nick wondered if she ever would have told him that she'd lied about never sleeping with Gabriel, and she said she would like to think she would have done the right thing once she'd gotten the results.

Nick reminded Sage of what he'd gone through with Summer, and Sage argued that he'd hidden the test results because he'd wanted Summer to be his, just like Sage wanted her baby to be Nick's. Sage said she didn't regret getting pregnant, and she loved the little boy or girl, but in her dreams, she and Nick loved the baby together. She asked again what the results had said, and he slid the envelope over to her and told her to see for herself before he walked away. Sage read the DNA results, and she broke down in tears.

Nick confronted Gabriel at the Athletic Club bar and ordered him to stay away from Sage and the baby. Nick was sure Gabriel was just dying to tell Nick that he'd slept with Sage, but Nick announced that he already knew. Nick divulged that Sage had arranged for a DNA test, and the baby was Nick's, so Gabriel could "stay the hell away."

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