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The Young and the Restless Daily Recap for Tuesday, August 15, 2017
Cane offers to help Hochman
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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Cane slammed the front door of the Ashby home, startling Mattie and Reed, who had been kissing on the couch. Cane stated that it was still his house, even though Mattie obviously hadn't been expecting him. Mattie introduced Reed, and Cane coldly asked what Reed was doing there. Reed stammered that they'd just been hanging out, but Cane pointed out that it had been more than that. Reed hurriedly departed, and Cane told Mattie that he didn't want "that boy" in the house.

Mattie argued that Cane didn't know Reed, and she accused Cane of hating Reed just because he was Victoria's son. Mattie continued that Cane had been fired because of his own lies, and it hadn't been Victoria or Reed's fault. Cane reminded Mattie that she wasn't supposed to be home alone with a boy, and he stressed that seeing Reed was a mistake. Mattie snapped that a mistake was getting drunk enough to have unprotected sex with someone he'd barely known, and she stormed off.

Victoria burst into Brash & Sassy, and Billy observed that her trip to the bank had been quick. She explained that the bank had decided that the company wasn't a good risk for a bridge loan, so they had to cut expenses down to just the essentials. She referred to the first thing that needed to be sidelined, but she swore that she knew how to get the money. Lily arrived, and Victoria rushed out to take care of something. Billy stopped Victoria and asked if she planned to run off without telling him what she was going to do, and she replied that she'd let him know if it worked or if it didn't.

Lily informed Billy that Cane was staying at the Chancellor estate. She was grateful to have the schedule for the Dare campaign to keep her mind off things, but Billy regretted that they had to put the campaign on hold for budgetary reasons. Lily bemoaned that Brash & Sassy was broke because of Cane, but she needed a paying job. Billy hoped the campaign would resume soon, but he suggested that she tell her agent that she was available for other work. He apologized, and they hugged goodbye.

Later, Reed arrived at Brash & Sassy and was glad that his mom wasn't there, since he wanted to speak to Billy alone. Reed mentioned that Cane had walked in on him and Mattie, and Billy imagined that Cane had been upset. Reed insisted that he really liked Mattie, and he wondered what to do if Cane said Reed couldn't see her anymore. Billy advised Reed to support Mattie the best he could, but Reed had to accept it if her parents wouldn't let them see one another.

Reed wondered where the "fight for the girl" speech was, but Billy didn't want to make things worse on Mattie. Billy recalled that Victoria had been stuck in the middle between him and Victor, and he recommended that Reed wait it out to let the "parent thing" blow over, since it always did. Reed countered that it never had between Billy and Victor.

Lily was surprised to find Cane in their home, and he informed her that he'd walked in on Mattie making out with Reed. Lily remarked that she hadn't realized that things had progressed to that stage, and Cane couldn't believe the teens were dating after the damage Victoria had done. Lily clarified that Cane had caused the damage to their family, but Cane complained that everyone was shutting him out. Lily reiterated that she and the kids needed time after what he'd done, since he wasn't the man she'd thought he was. Cane wondered if she really needed time to figure things out or if she already knew what she wanted.

Lily admitted that she didn't know if she wanted a divorce because she'd been dealing with one crisis at a time. Cane insisted that there was time to make things right, and he refused to give up after everything they'd been through. He insisted that he'd been trying by selling his car to pay the twins' tuition, but she testily noted that he'd simply solved the problem he'd created. She added that they had no income unless something had changed for him, since Brash & Sassy had cut the Dare campaign. Cane assumed that Victoria had done it to destroy him, but Lily ordered him to stop acting like the victim, since Brash & Sassy was struggling because of him. Lily demanded that he leave, and he obliged.

Later, Lily reminded Mattie of the rule not to have a date in the house unless there was an adult there. Mattie explained that she'd wanted to see Reed because he made things less awful, but she groaned that things were still getting worse. Mattie confirmed that she'd overheard that Lily had lost her job, but Lily countered that the campaign was just on hold. Mattie complained that Cane had hurt Lily and was trying to control Mattie, and she thought he wanted to punish the whole world. Lily thought the twins had to build a new relationship with their dad.

Mattie received a text message from Reed, asking if she was okay. Mattie wanted to see Reed, but Lily suggested that the teens slow things down. Mattie whined that it wasn't fair because Reed understood what she was going through and was helping her deal with it, and she begged Lily not to ban her from seeing him. Lily understood that things could get very intense very fast at Mattie's age, but she thought Mattie was going through a fragile time and that it would be easy to get carried away.

Lily worried that things were already tense between Victoria and Cane, and the situation could escalate if Victoria also opposed Reed and Mattie's relationship. Mattie scoffed at the idea of not seeing Reed because of something that might not happen, but Lily didn't want to complicate things. Mattie griped that she had one person who made her feel good, but her dad had taken that away, too. Mattie grumbled that she was being punished for Cane's mistakes.

Noah helped Tessa move her things into Sharon's cottage, and the couple kissed as Sharon walked in. Tessa thanked Sharon for letting her crash there and promised to get her own place soon, but Sharon invited her to stay as long as she needed. Mariah entered the room, and Sharon imagined that Mariah would be happy Tessa was there. Mariah figured that it was her chance to do the college roommate thing that she'd never done. Noah thought it would be great, and he hugged Tessa.

Later, when Sharon and Tessa were alone, Sharon apologized for not making Tessa feel welcome when Tessa had started dating Noah. Sharon prepared to go to work, and Tessa asked if it was at the crisis center. Sharon replied that she was going to Crimson Lights, and Tessa shared that she couldn't stop thinking about the girl who'd called Sharon. Tessa commended Sharon for trying to help Crystal, but Sharon regretted that she hadn't been able to get Crystal away from the scary man. Tessa inquired whether there had been any update, and Sharon lamented that they could only pray that Crystal tried to reach out again.

Noah announced that he'd taken Tessa's things upstairs, but he had to get to the Underground. Sharon and Noah departed together, and Tessa nervously checked her phone. Later, Mariah joined Tessa downstairs and joked that it was the worst moving-in party ever. Tessa mentioned that she'd put the dishes in the dishwasher, and Mariah commented that it had been a brilliant idea for Tessa to move in to have an extra pair of hands around. Tessa skeptically asked if she really meant it, since Tessa had been alone for a while before Mariah had returned downstairs. Mariah blamed her absence on work, but Tessa wondered if Mariah had been avoiding her.

Tessa guessed that it was awkward for Mariah to have her close by, but Mariah denied it. Mariah promised that there was no weirdness, and she was glad they were friends. Tessa confided that Mariah was the first truly close friend she'd ever had, and she whimpered that she couldn't lose anyone else. Mariah noted that it wasn't like Tessa to be emotional, and she sensed that something was off. Mariah observed that Tessa had never been obsessive about her phone until then and that Tessa hadn't been herself at the recording studio. Mariah begged Tessa to open up and talk to her.

Tessa said she never talked about what she was about to talk about, and she insisted that it had to stay between her and Mariah. Mariah swore that it would, and Tessa revealed that Crystal wasn't just some girl that Sharon was trying to help -- Crystal was Tessa's little sister.

At Chelsea's penthouse, Chelsea returned downstairs after checking on a sleeping Connor. Nick recognized that his suggestion that they move in together had been out of the blue, but he thought they were ready for the next step. Chelsea admitted that she hadn't been expecting that much togetherness, and she imagined that Nick would be sick of her in two days. Nick figured that it was her way of saying that she'd get sick of him, but she explained that it was a lot of change for them and their kids. She envisioned what it would be like for Faith to return from camp and find them living together, but Nick thought everyone would adjust.

Chelsea realized that Nick had thought a lot about them being a family, but he understood if she needed more time. He acknowledged that the penthouse had been her home with Adam, and he offered to pretend that the conversation had never happened. Chelsea recognized that Adam would always be a part of her, but it didn't mean that she wasn't allowed to feel happiness again or have a future with Nick. She insisted that Nick had proven that she could be happy again.

Nick said they could do it from separate homes, but Chelsea questioned why they should, since she wanted him, Christian, and Faith there. She proclaimed that her answer was yes, and they kissed. Nick prepared to leave to fetch Christian and some boxes, and he joked that he expected Chelsea to carry him over the threshold when he got back. She declared that she was ready to do it, but she sighed deeply after he stepped out.

At the Athletic Club bar, Chelsea asked Jordan how the Newman shoot had gone, and he invited her to celebrate with him on the rooftop. She revealed that she was picking up takeout to celebrate something of her own, and she announced that Nick was moving in with her. Jordan halfheartedly stated that he was happy if she was, but she was dismayed by his unenthusiastic response. He recalled that she'd given him a spiel about independence the last time they'd talked, and he doubted that having two adults and three kids in her home was really what she wanted.

Chelsea admitted that it was a big deal to move in with someone, especially with children involved, but it had seemed to make sense the more she and Nick had talked about it. Jordan warned that being with someone 24/7 could be hard, but Chelsea envisioned that she and Nick would both be busy with their jobs, and living together would be easier than deciding whose place to stay at. Jordan wondered if she was trying to talk herself into it, and Chelsea replied that she hadn't been able to say no to Nick because it would have felt like rejecting him. Jordan thought Nick would understand if she wasn't ready, but Chelsea figured that it might be really good for them.

Scott discovered Abby in Victor's office, clutching the key to the tack house, and she informed him that her dad had given her the key to a house on the ranch. Scott teased that her daddy wanted her closer, and he congratulated her on getting the validation she'd always dreamed of. Abby explained that it was the key to her brother's house and that Nick had lived there as long as she could remember. She was stunned that her father had kicked Nick out and wanted her to move in, and Scott wondered what she'd do.

Later, Victoria arrived at Newman and asked Abby if Victor was in his office. Abby reported that their father had left but hadn't said where he was going. Victoria was anxious to track him down, but Abby insisted on talking about something first. Abby revealed that Victor had kicked Nick off the ranch. "What the hell!" Victoria exclaimed.

Victoria ranted that Victor couldn't let anything go, and she couldn't believe that he'd kicked Nick out of his own home. Nick appeared in the doorway and guessed that his sisters had summoned him there to discuss his eviction. Victoria called Victor's actions petty and vindictive, but Nick reasoned that he was no longer Victor's son, so he shouldn't live on Victor's property. Victoria was shocked by Nick's calmness, and Abby said she felt awful, but Nick insisted that his fight shouldn't affect them. Abby divulged that Victor had given her the new key to the tack house and had asked her to move in.

Victoria hoped Abby had refused to move into Nick's house, but Nick insisted that the house wasn't his. Nick figured that he'd had to move out if he wanted to move forward and be his own man, and he declared that Abby could have the place if she wanted it. Victoria admonished Victor for pitting one child against the other, but Nick thought she shouldn't be surprised. Victoria suddenly had problems hearing Nick's words, and she abruptly made an excuse for why she had to leave. She rushed out of the office, sat down, and gripped her head.

Meanwhile, Abby admitted that her house had felt empty since her divorce, but the whole situation was too bizarre for her to consider moving into the tack house. Nick asked if she was trying to convince him or herself, and he insisted that he would be fine because he'd be living with Chelsea. Nick firmly stated that Abby had nothing to feel guilty about, and he encouraged her to live how and where she wanted, just like he intended to do. Abby lamented that she always felt like she was stuck in the middle. Nick recognized that Abby was in a great place with Victor, and he encouraged her to move into the tack house if she wanted but to do it with her eyes open.

At Crimson Lights, Noah told Sharon that Tessa didn't expect anything from anyone, and he bet the women would become friends. He ran into Scott on his way out, and he guessed that Sharon had had a hand in Scott's clean-shaven look. After Noah departed, Scott informed Sharon that his face had been getting rave reviews and that even Victor had been impressed. Sharon kissed Scott and suggested that he keep the look for her and not Victor.

Scott asked if he was invited to stop by Sharon's house that night, but she indicated that it was Tessa's first night in the guest room. Sharon wasn't sure how often he'd want to stay at her sorority house, but he thought they would find time to have privacy. Christine entered the coffeehouse and announced that she had news that Sharon probably didn't want to hear. Christine reported that the police had tracked down the john who Crystal had been with before Sharon had arrived at the motel, and the guy had found Crystal by contacting an agency that had advertised full body massages.

Sharon was appalled that sex traffickers had advertised out in the open, but Christine suspected that only one pimp had been involved. Sharon griped that one girl wasn't enough to get the D.A.'s attention, but Christine explained that there was nothing more the police could do but look for Crystal. Christine considered it awful that vulnerable young men and women were being dragged into the sex trade, but she thought their best chance of saving Crystal was if Crystal reached out again.

After Christine left, Sharon ranted that Crystal had no one to look out for her, and she felt like the police were saying that Crystal didn't matter. Scott insisted that Crystal did matter, but Sharon grumbled to tell it to Christine. Scott agreed that there was nothing the police or Christine could do, but there was something he could do.

At the Athletic Club, Cane ordered a scotch and recognized Hochman across the bar. Cane introduced himself and noted that Hochman was based in Chicago. Hochman indicated that he was on the hunt for new business opportunities, and Cane revealed that he was, too, since he'd recently stepped down from a senior executive position. Hochman remarked that most people didn't walk away willingly from such positions, and Cane cited creative differences with his female boss.

Cane considered it a chance to distance himself from the cosmetics business, since his former boss had shut him out of the industry. Hochman deduced that Cane had worked for Victoria. Hochman answered a call from Victoria, who asked if he was free that night. He invited her to join him for dinner, and she stressed that it was only for business. After Hochman hung up, Cane thought it sounded like Hochman was pursuing Brash & Sassy, and Cane implied that he might be able to help.

Later, Hochman spotted Victoria in the foyer as he handed Cane a business card. Hochman approached Victoria, who thanked him for meeting her at the last minute. Cane smirked as he watched Hochman kiss Victoria's hand.

On the next The Young and the Restless...

• Sharon tells Mariah and Tessa that Scott is on a mission to find Crystal.

• Victoria entertains the idea of Hochman helping Brash & Sassy.

• Victor walks in as a frustrated Billy throws paperwork across the room.


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