Thursday, April 28, 2016

At Newman, Dylan informed Nick about the last-minute trip he and Sharon were taking, and he wondered how scared he should be to spend hours in a car with a teething infant. Nick assured him that Faith would be there to entertain Sully, and Dylan called the girl the best big sister in the world. A frazzled Victoria entered and griped that someone was trying to steal her baby. Victoria revealed that Brash & Sassy was gone, and she had no idea who had put it up for sale.

Dylan headed out, and Nick questioned how someone had sold an entire division without Victoria's knowledge. He contemplated whether Paragon was back, but Victoria suspected that it had been the handiwork of someone within the company. She wondered if Adam had maneuvered the sale, but Nick doubted Adam had been able to get the board's approval. Victoria decided to contact board members until she uncovered the truth.

Meredith discovered Victor making an unauthorized phone call in her office, and he cryptically stated that sometimes one needed to make oneself heard. Victor claimed that he'd had to make a call regarding his daughter, and Meredith asked if his daughter was all right. He explained that Victoria had betrayed him, so she had to face the consequences. Meredith asked how he'd feel if someone got seriously hurt in the process, and Victor replied, "So be it."

Victor admitted that he'd known what his actions would cost his daughter, and Meredith inspected his wound. He sensed that something he'd said had struck a nerve, and he pressed to know her take on it. Meredith confided that her brother had had a serious drug problem and had fallen in with a rough crowd who'd decided to score big, but things had gone terribly wrong. She swore that her brother had been innocent, and her father could have gotten him out of jail, but her dad had kept her brother behind bars to teach him a lesson. She became emotional as she revealed that her brother had been killed, and Victor expressed his condolences.

Victor said he saw Meredith's side of the story, but she realized that he also saw her father's side. She cried that her brother had been good to the core with a smile that had lit up every room he'd walked into. Victor asked if her brother had possessed a smile like hers, and she recognized that Victor was trying to charm her. She informed him that she would still have to write him up for the phone violation, and he thanked her for telling him her story and for checking up on him.

Billy interrupted Jack and Phyllis' dinner at the Athletic Club, and he proclaimed that Jack owed him after firing him from Jabot, so he was there to collect a severance package. Jack agreed to work out the details with human resources, but Billy thought he deserved something bigger, like ten million dollars. Jack incredulously asked what Billy intended to do with the money, and Billy guessed that Jack assumed he'd blow it at the track or in a poker game. Jack mumbled that it wouldn't be the first time, but Phyllis encouraged Jack to hear Billy out.

Phyllis inquired whether Billy had stumbled upon another game-changing idea like PassKey, and Billy vaguely replied that the opportunity had potential. Billy explained that he didn't want to disclose details after everything they'd been through with PassKey, and he threatened to sell his stake in Jabot if Jack didn't give him the funds. Billy requested a decision by the next morning, and he departed. Jack guessed that Phyllis thought he should give Billy the money, and she left the choice up to Jack, but she noted that Billy had lost his job through no fault of his own. Phyllis asked how Jack would feel if Billy walked away from the company entirely, and Jack thought it would be a divide they'd never bridge again. Phyllis advised that maybe that was his answer.

Phyllis arrived at Billy's home, and Billy surmised that Jack had said no. She clucked that he'd been quick to underestimate his brother, since Jack had wired the money into his account. Billy offered her a drink to celebrate, and Phyllis declined, but she wanted to know why he urgently needed the cash. Later, Phyllis rejoined Jack, who asked if she had any idea what Billy was spending the money on. Phyllis warned that Jack wouldn't like it.

At Crimson Lights, Stitch instructed Max to talk about anything but the baby. Abby returned from a walk, and Stitch commented about the nice spring weather. Max brightly suggested that they do something outside that weekend, and he enthusiastically supported Stitch's idea of having a picnic. Abby sourly replied that she didn't want a picnic, and Stitch encouraged her to think of things they could look forward to. Abby snapped that Stitch and Max were trying to move on like nothing had happened, but she couldn't do it.

Max apologized for upsetting Abby, and Stitch handed Max his phone to play some games. Stitch begged Abby not to blame Max, since Stitch had asked him to talk about positive things, and the boy had just been trying to help. She insisted that she wasn't mad, and she didn't want everyone to keep obsessing over her accident, but she thought nothing would ever be the same again. Abby wished that she was at home with circles under her eyes from sleepless nights after taking care of their baby, and Stitch assured her that she wasn't alone in feeling that way. They hugged, and Abby cried that she missed her daughter even though they'd never even met her.

Dylan arrived and asked how Stitch and Abby were doing, and Abby stepped aside to take a phone call. Victoria inquired whether Abby had known that Brash & Sassy had been put up for sale, and Abby hadn't had a clue, but she reluctantly divulged that she'd sold her voting rights to Victor out of guilt over sending him to prison. Victoria admonished Abby for doing so, and Abby retorted that Victoria didn't "give a damn" about the "hell" Abby had been going through. Victoria quickly apologized for being a terrible sister, and Abby wished her luck and hung up.

Abby remarked to Max that it was nice on the patio, and he grunted in agreement. Abby apologized for her behavior earlier, and she empathized that it was difficult to deal with stepparents. Max inquired whether she had stepparents, and she replied that she hadn't been able to stand them at one time. She said she didn't blame Max for feeling that way or for acting out, and she shared that she'd done things to get back at her stepparents. Abby implied that Max had pulled stunts of his own to get her out of his dad's life, and she wondered if that had been why he'd put something on the stairs.

Abby assured Max that it was okay to tell her, since she knew he'd put something there to make her fall. She lectured that lying only made things worse, but Max yelled that he wasn't lying. Max ran over and clung to Stitch, and he wailed that Abby hated him. Max added that Abby didn't just blame him because the party had been his idea, but she thought he'd made her fall on purpose. Stitch assumed that Max had misinterpreted something, since there was no way Abby blamed him for her fall, but Abby remained silent.

Max begged Stitch to leave, since Abby thought Max had killed his baby sister, and he didn't want to be with her. Stitch offered to take Max home, but Max refused to go to Abby's house. Stitch told Abby that they'd talk about it later, and he led Max out. Abby fought back tears, and Dylan empathized that grieving the loss of a baby could push anyone over the edge.

Abby appreciated Dylan's attempt to make her feel better, but she stood by what she'd said. Dylan doubted that an eight-year-old had engineered her fall, and she pointed out that he was thinking like a friend. Abby said she needed Dylan to think like a cop and find out if she was right.

Stitch entered the Athletic Club with Max, and he consented to staying there one night to give Abby and Max a chance to cool down before they all talked together. Stitch went to book a room, and Max smirked victoriously.

Victoria finished a phone call with Nikki, and she informed Nick that Victor had guilt-tripped Nikki into handing over her proxy. Victoria added that Victor had blackmailed another board member into calling the vote without her and Nick present, and she wondered why Victor had chosen to sell off Brass & Sassy out of all of their divisions. Nick pointed out that it had hurt Victoria, but he said the sale wasn't a done deal yet, and he was determined to put a stop to it. He exited, and Victoria glared at Victor's portrait and made a call. She recognized that she couldn't call the sale off, but she stated that she didn't need board approval to change the asking price, and she doubled it.

At the prison, Nick condemned Victor for knifing his daughter in the back, and he ordered Victor to call off the sale, but Victor refused. Nick argued that they were Victor's family, but Victor scoffed at the idea that they were suddenly family after they'd turned their backs on him by testifying against him. Nick contended that Abby had just lost a baby and that Nikki was drinking again, and he accused Victor of using their grief against them. Nick wondered how Victor lived with himself, and Victor blurted out that he was trying to make sure Newman ended up in Nick's hands.

Nick swore that he'd never betray Victoria by stealing the company away from her, and he didn't even want it. Victor said Nick was helping his sister save the company because she was making mistakes, like making a deal with Jabot. Victor anticipated that she'd make more mistakes that would call for her resignation, but Nick protested that Victor couldn't force him to step in. Victor expected that Nick would never leave his sister's side and therefore wouldn't leave Newman.

Victoria was stunned when she learned that someone had agreed to pay the full amount for Brash & Sassy, and she hung up the phone as Billy walked in. She asked if there was any reason for his ridiculous grin, and he bragged that he'd just bought a company and was feeling "brash and sassy" about it.

At the cottage, Sharon was surprised when she walked in on Sage holding Sully, and Sage coldly stated that she knew. Sharon feigned ignorance, but Sage ordered Sharon to look at her holding a beautiful baby boy and tell her what was wrong with the picture. Sharon called Sharon a coldhearted, backstabbing liar, and she hissed that the baby was her son, not Sharon's. Sharon insisted that she didn't know anything about the crazy things Sage was saying, and Sage surmised that Sharon had thought she could get away with it because no one would believe something that sick and twisted. Sage demanded to see the DNA test results, and she spat that Sharon was a "cold, selfish, vicious monster" for keeping the information from her.

Sage hunted around for the DNA test paperwork, and Sharon asked her to hand over the baby, but Sage demanded that Sharon stop lying. Sage thought that she'd known on some level that he was hers from the first time she'd held him, and she recounted that she'd had to run out of the christening because of her strong feelings. Sage continued that she'd told herself that something had broken inside of her, and that had been why she'd bonded with someone else's child, so she'd fought it. She wished she'd listened to the nagging feeling in her heart that the boy was really Christian, and Sharon pleaded with Sage to talk about it. Sage headed for the door to get her own DNA test, but Sharon stopped her and confessed that the baby was Sage's. Sharon begged Sage to give her the baby, since he was upset and needed his mother, and Sage growled that she was his mother.

Sage set Christian down in the playpen, and she jerked back from Sharon's touch and barked that she couldn't stand to look at Sharon. Sharon insisted that she'd done nothing wrong, and Sage angrily inquired whether it had been a joke when Sharon had told her that losing a child was a wound that never healed. Sage questioned why Sharon had put her through that torture, and Sharon acknowledged that Dr. Anderson had done a despicable thing to get back at Nick. Sage accused Sharon of helping the doctor, but Sharon swore that she'd had no idea, and that was why she'd run the DNA test.

Sage was skeptical that Sharon had suspected nothing, and she pointed out that Sharon had wanted to drop their investigation. Sharon explained that the truth had first hit her when Sage had seen her in tears earlier, but she hadn't wanted to set things in motion unless she knew for sure. Sage thought that Sharon's maternal instincts had told her that Sully wasn't her son, but Sharon had chosen to say nothing. Sharon tearfully noted that Sage wasn't the only person whose life had completely changed, but the difference was that Sage had received a miracle, whereas Sharon and Dylan's child was gone.

Sharon reiterated that Dr. Anderson had lied to both her and Sage, and Sharon had loved and raised the baby, thinking he was her own. Sage felt no sympathy that Sharon had played mommy while Sage had been mourning her son, and Sharon stressed that Dr. Anderson had robbed all of them. Sage blamed Sharon for turning a blind eye to reality, but Sharon argued that she'd been drugged and isolated from her family. Sharon explained that Dr. Anderson had always had an explanation, but Sage spat that a mother should have known.

Sharon conceded that there had been hazy moments when reality had crept through, but Dr. Anderson had been there with an explanation and a needle whenever Sharon had gotten close. Sharon questioned why she'd ever guess that the baby Dr. Anderson had placed in her arms had been Christian when everyone had thought he'd been gone, and Sage coolly replied that she'd almost have sympathy if she didn't know that Sharon wasn't as innocent as she claimed to be. Sage revealed that she'd overheard Sharon and Mariah talking about Sharon's miscarriage, and she contended that none of it would have happened if Sharon had just told Dylan that she'd lost the baby.

Sharon revealed that she'd lied about the miscarriage because Dylan had been desperate to have a baby, and he'd already had fatherhood ripped away from him too many times. Sage said the lie had only made things worse, but Sharon ordered her to stop acting like Sharon's actions had been calculated, since Sharon had just found out that the baby wasn't hers. Sharon proposed that they sit down and think it through as wives and mothers before they ripped Dylan's heart out, and Sage compared it to how her heart had been ripped out when she'd thought her son had died. Sage declared that she was going to take her child home to his real father, but Sharon picked up the baby and refused to hand him over.

A stunned Sage asked if Sharon thought she could keep Sage's son, and Sharon suggested that they slow down and talk rationally before Dylan returned home and found Sully gone. Sage was adamant about taking her baby with her, and she figured that Sharon intended to keep the secret buried. Sharon cried that she didn't want to break her husband's heart, and Sage blasted her for talking about Dylan's pain when Sage had been without her child for five months. Sage headed to the door to find Nick and tell him that his son was alive, and she told Christian that his mommy would be back. Sage raced out over Sharon's protests.

Sharon sped down the road as Christian cried in the back seat, and she said she normally wouldn't drive that fast, but she had to stop Sage. Sharon fretted that Dylan couldn't be crushed that way, and she flashed her lights when she spotted Sage's car ahead of them. Sage left a voicemail message for Nick, saying that she needed to see him about Christian. Sage dropped her phone on the floor of the car, and she reached for it. Sharon gasped in horror as Sage's car veered off the road and crashed.

. . .

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