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Friday, September 4, 2015

At the Athletic Club, a shocked Lily asked if Cane would really go to Virgin Gorda to help Devon, and Cane confirmed he would. Cane and Devon shook hands, and Cane offered to take the first flight out after Katherine's remembrance. Nikki approached and asked Devon when he'd last seen Neil, but Victoria pulled Nikki away. A reporter cornered Devon and peppered him with questions about Hilary's disappearance, and Devon's first instinct was to shoo the press away, but he suddenly thought perhaps it was the only way find Hilary.

The reporter asked Devon to tell her viewers more about what Hilary had been like. Devon clarified that he'd tell them what Hilary was like because he wanted the viewers to help find her. He described Hilary as a smart woman who would have fought whoever had taken her, and the newswoman asked how a billionaire like Devon had fallen in love with Hilary. Devon called Hilary a beautiful woman who could have any man in the world, and the reporter referred to his father. Devon said it was remarkable that such an amazing woman had chosen him to spend the rest of life with, and he wouldn't rest until she was home with him.

In a boathouse, Neil assumed that an unconscious Hilary would have a lot of questions when she woke up, and he swore he'd be right there to explain everything. Neil said Hilary had survived a "hell of a fall" down the slope before she'd landed in the water, and the undertow would have carried her out to sea if it hadn't been for him. Neil recalled that he'd dived in, pulled her out, and given her the breath of life, but no one knew he'd saved her. His phone chimed, and he saw video footage of Devon's interview. Devon stated that it was killing him not to know where his wife was or if she was safe, and he begged the audience to step forward with any information.

At the club bar, Victoria inquired why Nikki was anxious to find Neil, and Nikki sarcastically replied that it was obvious she wanted to have an affair with him. Nikki explained that Victor was jealous of her former friendship with Neil, but Neil thought she'd betrayed his trust, so Neil had cut her out of his life completely. Nikki added that Victor had no reason to be jealous, but it was easier for her to talk to Neil.

Neil entered the club, and Nikki asked him if Victor had ordered him not to see her anymore. Neil coldly stated that it was a moot point because he wasn't interested in her version of friendship, and he approached Devon at the bar. Neil mentioned that he'd seen the interview, and he thought it had been smart for Devon to try to set the record straight. Devon revealed that Cane was going to the Virgin Islands for him.

In her hotel suite, Chelsea insisted that she and Connor were going to leave town alone, but Adam refused to let her walk out the door without him. He pleaded that they were a family, so they had to stick together whether they stayed or left. Chelsea warned that his life would be over if he got caught, but Adam countered that it would also be over if he lost her and Connor. Adam argued that Victor had a long reach, so running wasn't the answer. Chelsea asserted that she had money, but Adam didn't want his son growing up under an assumed name, and he proposed that they stay and give Victor what he wanted.

Chelsea incredulously asked if Adam expected her to agree to give visitation to Victor, and Adam reasoned that they'd have a better case with the judge if they didn't put up a huge fight. Chelsea contemplated what Adam's reaction would be when Victor stopped by for a play date, but Adam anticipated that if they didn't start a war, Victor would eventually lose interest. She observed that he was acting calm and rational, but she imagined he'd go for Victor's throat the second he saw Victor with Connor. Adam swore he wouldn't risk losing Chelsea and Connor to get back at his father, and he planned to continue to masquerade as Gabriel. Adam asserted that he'd secretly be getting back at Victor by living right under a clueless Victor's nose.

Later, Adam listened from the stairway as Nikki bemoaned that it had been a difficult day, and she asked Victoria if Victor was planning on going to the remembrance. Victoria was sure that Victor wouldn't miss it, and the women took off for the park. Adam sent a text message saying, "Tonight's our chance."

Adam returned to the hotel room and told Chelsea that the real estate agent wanted to meet at their condos, since someone had made an offer. Chelsea wondered which penthouse they should keep, and Adam said he wouldn't mind keeping the original one. She gushed that they'd made great memories there, and he added that they'd make new ones. She suggested that they all go together once Anita dropped off Connor, but Adam claimed the agent was in a hurry. Chelsea questioned whether Adam was really ready to live in Victor's world again, but Adam insisted that it wasn't Victor's world anymore -- it was theirs for the taking. He kissed her goodbye, but she looked perplexed.

At the tack house, Nick hesitated to leave Sage with a grumpy kid while he attended the remembrance, but Sage just thought Faith was under the weather. Faith whined that she was bored, and Sage suggested that the girl talk to her baby brother or sister. Faith introduced herself as the baby's big sister, and she asked if it was a boy or a girl and if it had hair yet. Faith inquired whether the baby already loved her as much as she loved it, and she put her head down on Sage's belly. Faith suddenly sat up and asked what had happened, and Sage declared that the baby had just answered Faith by moving.

Later, Nick noticed that Sage had fallen asleep, and he explained to Faith that pregnant women needed rest. He noted that Faith was up past her bedtime, and he offered to read her some books upstairs. Meanwhile, Sage dreamed about holding her baby, but Victor appeared and declared that "he" was the brightest and strongest baby in the world. Sage asked how Victor had known the baby was a boy, and Victor replied that he knew everything. Victor ordered Sage to say goodbye to her boy, and he and the baby suddenly disappeared.

Sage awakened and told herself that it had just been a stupid dream, but she suffered an abdominal pain. Nick returned downstairs and prepared to help Sage to bed, but she became woozy when she tried to stand up. She admitted that she felt a little pain, and she grabbed her belly. She said the prior twinge had been worse, and he wanted to see a doctor. He insisted on calling someone to watch Faith while he took Sage to the hospital.

Jack showed up at Victor's office to discuss the Paragon Project with Victor, and Victor questioned whether Jack was there to confess his sins. Jack reiterated that he wasn't behind it and that he wasn't even sure it existed, but he wanted to work together in case it was a real threat. Jack implored Victor to consider what day it was and to do it in the spirit of a "terrific old broad."

Victor pointed out that Jack was no longer in a position to make a deal, and Jack conceded that Ashley was running Jabot, but he vowed to always protect his family's interests. Jack contended that Jabot could be a target if the Paragon Project really was a threat, and he proposed that he and Victor work independently to find out who was behind it and share their findings. Jack noted that he and Victor had dealt with Marco together, so they could deal with another threat together, and Victor agreed. Victor's private line rang, but the caller didn't identify who it was.

Jill and Esther bickered as they set up Katherine's portrait in Chancellor Park for the remembrance ceremony. Esther couldn't wait to see what "Mrs. C" had in store, but Jill doubted that Katherine had prepared for two years past her death. Lauren recalled that Katherine's last letter had referred to "next year," and Paul revealed that he had another letter from their dearly departed friend. Lauren wondered what Katherine would have thought about what was going on in the lives of her family and friends. Jill imagined Katherine's voice saying, "Oh, dear God in heaven."

Kevin and Mariah arrived at the park, and he remarked that Katherine would have liked Mariah, who grumbled that most people didn't appreciate her charms. Kevin contended that Katherine would have appreciated that Mariah said what was on her mind and that Mariah was kind. Mariah dared him to name one time she'd been kind, and Kevin pointed out that she always was with Faith. Lauren approached and was glad to see Kevin had made it, and he hoped to introduce Mariah to Murphy.

Lauren reported that Murphy had broken his leg, and Paul declared that the rest of them were there to carry on with Katherine's request to do something that would have made her proud. Jill suggested getting a facelift, and Mariah was aghast at the rude comment, but Kevin explained that Katherine and Jill had enjoyed sniping at one another. Esther added that Jill still acted like Katherine was torturing her, and Jill conceded that she and Katherine had shared a complicated relationship. Jill gazed at Katherine's portrait, and she flashed back to bantering with Katherine when they'd been locked in a bathroom together.

Victor and Nikki arrived in the park separately, followed by Neil, who glared at both of them and stepped away. Esther told Kevin that he and Mariah made a good couple, and he started to protest, but he thanked her. Esther reported that Chloe was doing much better, and Kevin said he wanted Chloe to be happy, too. Paul welcomed everyone, and he proclaimed that they were there to celebrate Katherine's life.

Paul announced that he had a letter from Katherine, and he'd abided by her instructions not to open it until then. Paul opened the letter, and Katherine had written that she wanted to begin her posthumous tribute by having Jill read something. Katherine had referred to Jill with a string of her numerous married names, and she had apologized if she'd left anyone out or if Jill had added a husband or three. Katherine had requested that Jill read the rest of the letter -- if Jill hadn't lost her eyesight, hips, or mobility due to her advancing age. Jill affectionately griped that Katherine hadn't been able to resist taking a shot from the grave, and the crowd applauded as Jill took her place before them.

Jill read that Katherine had wanted her life to be celebrated and not cried over, and Katherine had requested that her loved ones remember her in the spirit she'd lived. Katherine had wanted everyone to speak of how their lives had improved since the prior year's remembrance, since she hadn't been around to smack sense into them in person. Victor flashed back to Katherine telling him that speaking to him was like talking to a brick wall, and she'd appealed to him not to punish Nikki for finding her independence. Katherine had warned that he would be old and lonely one day unless he realized that he couldn't control everything.

Victor stepped away, and Victoria asked where he was going. He replied that he'd rather remember Katherine in private. Nikki flashed back to showing Katherine her engagement ring, and Katherine had been relieved that Nikki and Victor had found their way back to one another. Nikki had marveled that Victor had reassessed where he'd been and where he'd been going, and Katherine had said she'd dispensed that smart advice. Katherine had hoped the changes were permanent, since it was hard for an unwavering man like Victor to reinvent himself.

Jill declared that her marriage was better than ever, and her finest accomplishment had been reclaiming Katherine's company, so she finally felt like she'd lived up to Katherine's final challenge for her. Victoria mentioned the beautiful daughter she'd named after Katherine, and Nikki announced that she'd rediscovered sobriety. Paul said it gave him comfort to know the daughter he and Christine had lost was in heaven with Katherine. Cane and Lily discussed the challenges they'd faced in their marriage and Katherine's faith that they would stay together. Colin thought Katherine would have approved of how happy and crazy he made Jill, and Esther stated that she missed her boss and friend and always would.

Mariah received an emergency text message from Nick, and she told Kevin she had to babysit Faith. Kevin said they'd catch up later, but he looked disappointed. Kevin told the rest of the guests that Katherine had taught him a lesson about moving on with life. Devon revealed that he'd confessed his love for his wife when he'd written to Katherine the prior year, and although Hilary was gone, he was grateful he still had his family, since Katherine had taught him how to win back someone's trust. Devon flashed back to Katherine telling him that family was the bottom line, and he sent a prayer up to Katherine to watch over Hilary and have her return to him.

Lily prompted Neil to speak, but he didn't think Katherine wanted to hear anything he had to say, since his life hadn't improved much. Jack recalled that his and Katherine's paths had crossed many times in business, and he'd had many ups and downs in the past year, but he'd realized something Katherine had known all along -- there were more valuable things in life than companies.

Adam sneaked into Victor's office, and he pulled out a piece of paper. He began to type something on Victor's laptop computer, and he called someone and said he had time while everyone else was at the remembrance. A computer tech told him to double-check a number, and Victor's computer beeped. Adam relayed that he was in, and a message appeared, indicating a remote entity was controlling the machine.

Victor stepped off the elevator, but his phone rang as he approached his office door. He learned that Nick had driven Sage to the hospital, and he headed back toward the elevator. Adam watched as Victor's computer prepared to download the Paragon Project.

At the hospital, Sage fretted to Nick that it was a miracle she'd gotten pregnant, and she wondered if she couldn't carry to term. Nick refused to think that way, and he pointed out that she hadn't experienced more pains. He marveled that she and Faith had felt the baby move earlier that night, and Sage realized she'd almost forgotten how nice that had been. She resolved to stop worrying, but Nick sensed that there was something she wasn't telling him. She reluctantly mentioned that she'd had nightmare that Victor had taken their baby. Victor peered into the hospital room as Nikki approached.

At the remembrance, Paul said Katherine had possessed the unique ability to share her wisdom and to be truthful about her faults, and she'd affected all their lives in a positive way. He added that it was amazing that she continued to do that, even from her heavenly resting place. "Or someplace a little hotter," Jill mumbled, and she asked if there was anyone else with something to say. There was a clap of thunder and a bolt of lightning, and the candles suddenly blew out. Various phones started ringing and buzzing, and they all displayed a pink, shimmery screen. As the power went out around town, Kevin guessed that it was an electromagnetic signal.

Kevin entered the tack house with a flashlight, and he found Mariah on the couch with Faith asleep on her lap. Kevin said he'd worried about Mariah during the blackout, and Mariah said Faith tended to wake up every time she moved. Kevin maintained that Mariah was sweet, and he started to head out, but Mariah asked him to stay. She regretted that their hot date hadn't worked out, and she noted that they'd skipped another step by going straight to a parents' night in.

Esther thought Katherine was sending a message to show them that she was still there with them, but Jill wondered if maybe Katherine was giving them a warning. Lily noticed Victoria peering into the sky, and Victoria noted that there was only one building with power for miles -- Newman Tower.

Adam asked the tech if the power was out all over the city, and the tech replied that he'd done it to ensure no security programs caught Adam. The file finished downloading, and the tech asked who wanted to light the fire. "Do it," Ian Ward instructed with an evil grin, and the Paragon Project initialized on Victor's computer.

. . .

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