Monday, September 26, 2016

In an exam room at Genoa City Memorial Hospital, Ben finished his assessment of Phyllis' injuries from her tumble down the staircase at the Abbott mansion. Billy was present when Ben said Phyllis was fine except for having suffered a mild concussion. After Ben left, Billy told Phyllis that he'd discovered her lying still at the bottom of the stairs. Phyllis replied, "You were at the house. What were you doing there?" Billy explained that he'd wanted to talk to Jack.

Phyllis asked about Jack and sadly noted she was aware he wasn't waiting to visit her. Billy apologized for his reaction to Phyllis' interview after she'd referred to him as a mistake. Billy added, "But when I saw you lying at the bottom of the stairs, so still, I knew that I was going to fight for you." Billy challenged Phyllis to search her heart, admit she also loved him, and realize that they could still be together. Phyllis said she still wanted to save her marriage because she loved Jack.

Summer arrived and became angry when she saw Billy. Summer told Billy he shouldn't be in her mother's room. Billy agreed and left. Summer offered to phone Jack, but Phyllis declined the offer. Summer noted that though Jack had seemed angry, she was certain he still loved Phyllis. Summer encouraged her mother to keep her hopes up. Paul stopped by, and Summer stepped out.

Paul questioned Phyllis about her injuries. Phyllis assured Paul that she'd fallen, and she insisted that Jack hadn't been responsible for the accident. Paul produced a small notebook and read back Phyllis' concerning comments, voiced before she'd fully regained consciousness. Paul noted that Phyllis had seemed agitated when she'd said, "Jack, no, please!" Paul said he was aware that Jack and Phyllis' conflicts had escalated.

Phyllis became frustrated with Paul. Phyllis said, "I gave you the facts. I'm not making this up, Paul." Paul gave Phyllis a reference for a counselor, but Phyllis angrily explained that Jack shouldn't be placed under police scrutiny because he'd done nothing wrong. She asked Paul to leave. Summer later returned and told her mother that Jack wouldn't be visiting the hospital to check on Phyllis.

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, a reporter with a video recorder aimed at Jack's face asked about swirling rumors that Jack had beaten Phyllis. Taken aback, Jack said he'd only wanted Phyllis to leave his home. Jack added that he'd never intended for Phyllis to get hurt. The reporter encouraged Jack to tell his side of the story because the public wouldn't think well of him after learning that Phyllis had been hospitalized for treatment of her injuries. Jack explained that after Phyllis had grabbed his arm, he'd merely pulled his arm away.

Devon and Hilary entered as the reporter continued to harass Jack. Devon threatened the reporter, and Jack left. The reporter claimed that he'd turned off his video camera when he set it down on top of the bar with the lens pointed toward Devon and Hilary. The reporter stated that he had a First Amendment right to tell the public the story he'd uncovered. Devon took out his wallet, pulled out a thick wad of cash, folded the money, and slipped it the reporter. Devon said, "Jack is my friend, and it would mean a great deal to me if you killed this piece." After the reporter asked if Devon had offered a bribe, Devon explained that he'd offered an incentive for the reporter to find a new story.

After Jack returned home, he paused near the foot of the staircase. In a flashback, Jack remembered seeing Phyllis tumble down the flight of stairs after he'd jerked his arm away from her grasp. John Abbott's ghost appeared. John said, "It's just a shame what has happened to your marriage and to our family." Jack blamed Billy and noted that he was no longer considered to be family. John insisted that Jack and Billy would have to forgive each other.

Jack explained to John that he'd helped Billy in numerous ways and had made excuse after excuse for his brother's failures in the past. Jack added that "this time," he'd had it with Billy and would never forgive him. John reminded Jack that he'd forgiven Jack after Jack had lost Jabot to Victor. John added, "You slept with my wife, and I forgave you. If I can move beyond what I suffered at your hands, you can find forgiveness for Billy." John demanded that Jack follow his father's example and pull the family back together and be the man his father knew he could be.

Billy stopped by and told Jack that Phyllis had awakened. Jack asked if Billy had was there in person to deliver the news because he wanted to engage in another fight. Billy replied, "I want to make amends, Jack, and you need to, as well." Billy apologized for the affair and for having accused Jack of harming Phyllis. Billy also asked Jack to forgive Phyllis. Jack replied, "So, you're here to plead for her?" Billy admitted that he'd hoped Phyllis might choose him, but, Billy added, Phyllis had only wanted Jack by her side after she'd awakened. Billy advised Jack to give himself a chance to be happy. After Billy left, John's ghost vanished.

In the lab at the Jabot building, Victoria confronted Jill. Victoria berated Jill for having offered Travis a position at Chancellor Industries just so she could transfer him to Hong Kong. Jill didn't deny the charge and said that the invigorating city would be a perfect fit for Travis. Victoria compared Jill's manipulations to Victor's. Victoria noted that her former mother-in-law was attempting to control her life by ensuring that no other man was around to compete with Billy.

Jill seemed unfazed when Victoria insisted that she controlled her own life. Victoria said that she and Billy wouldn't ever get back together. Victoria pointed out that manipulating Travis was one thing, but blackmailing Phyllis to stay away from Billy was quite another. Jill choked on her coffee when Victoria announced that Travis would be moving in with her. Victoria added that Jill should let go of her delusions and embrace reality.

At Victoria's house, Travis answered the door when Victor arrived. Johnny walked downstairs in his pajamas. Victor picked up and hugged his grandson before the two took a seat on the sofa to glance at the pictures in Johnny's book about frogs. Addressing Travis, Victor noted that he'd do whatever was necessary to protect his family. Travis explained that he would be moving in with Victoria.

Travis added that Jill, who'd offered him a job, wouldn't be happy about the new living arrangements because she was hoping to reunite Billy and Victoria. Victor laughed and asked if Travis had declined the job offer. Travis replied, "Of course." Travis noted that he and Victoria had hoped to build a future together, although she and Billy would always share a common bond because of their children.

Victoria entered and seemed uneasy about seeing her father engaged in a conversation with Travis. Travis took Johnny upstairs to bed. Victoria told Victor that she'd told Jill to stay out of her relationship, and she asked her father to do the same. Victor criticized Billy's latest disaster and said he didn't mind his daughter being with Travis. Victoria said, "Billy will never be in my life the way that he was, Dad."

After Victor left, Billy stopped by. Travis joined Victoria and Billy. Billy apologized for his earlier disruptive behavior. Victoria announced that Travis would be moving in with her. Billy gave his approval and said Travis had to treat Victoria and the children well. Billy said he wanted to focus on his future and enjoy a brief visit with his children. While Billy was upstairs with Johnny, Victoria told Travis that she was concerned that Billy's promises and resolutions weren't sincere.

Jill joined Devon and Hilary at the Athletic Club's bar. Devon told Jill that a reporter from GC Buzz had hounded Jack and threatened to publish a story claiming that he'd abused Phyllis. Jill said she was thankful Phyllis was all right. Jill added that she had no sympathy for Phyllis for having slept with Jack's brother. Devon said he'd convinced the reporter to drop the story. Hilary recalled how the tabloid had hounded her and Devon in the past. Jill noted that Hilary had once used the tabloid to her advantage to trash Neil's family. Hilary lunged at Jill, but Devon intervened. Jill said, "All I'm saying is that karma is a bitch!"

After Devon gently coaxed Hilary to leave, Victor joined Jill at the bar. Jill mentioned the sad state of Jack and Phyllis' marriage. Victor said, "I guess your boy outdid himself this time, didn't he?" Jill said she didn't think the debacle was over yet. Victor noted that Jill had only wanted Phyllis out of the way so Billy could resume his relationship with Victoria. Victor added that being back with Billy was the last thing Victoria needed. Jill said that Billy and Victoria loved each other. Victor expressed hope that Victoria might have a future with Travis.

When the story about Jack was aired on GC Buzz, Devon and Hilary watched while sitting in their suite. Devon realized that the reporter had recorded Devon handing over cash to bury the story. Jack watched from his house and became infuriated as the reporter twisted the story. The reporter said he'd witnessed Jack's temper up close. Jack shook his head when the reporter claimed that Jack was capable of going over the edge. Jack became enraged and threw his electronic tablet against the fireplace in a fit of anger.

. . .

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