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A section devoted to The Young and the Restless, featuring daily recaps dating back to 1996, scoops and spoilers, Two Scoops commentary, character and actor biographies, message boards, contests, games, and the latest news from Genoa City, plus much more.
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Friday, August 17, 2018

At home, Phyllis chugged wine and anxiously checked her phone. She began to write a text message to Nick to ask what was going on with Summer, but she ended up deleting it instead.

In Billy's office at Jabot, Nick bemoaned that he'd acted like his father by bribing one of his children for their loyalty, since he'd known that Summer could be bought. Summer questioned whether she was just supposed to take the check, and Nick replied that she should if it was what it would take to get him out of the mess. She protested that it was a trap, since it made her look bad either way. Nick reminded her that she'd accepted some guy's car in exchange for not telling his wife that they'd been having an affair, and he saw no difference. He pointed out that begging and reasoning hadn't worked, and he just wanted to put his night with Phyllis behind them.

Summer complained that Nick was making it sound like she'd been responsible for him and Phyllis cheating, and he flatly asked whether they had a deal or not. Billy walked in and assumed that he'd interrupted something private, but Summer crowed that it didn't mean she couldn't tell him all about it. Summer showed Billy the check and claimed that Nick was helping her pay down her debts. Nick ignored a call from Phyllis, and Billy commented that Nick was on the losing end of the deal. Nick countered that it was money well spent, and he led Summer out. Meanwhile, Phyllis left a message, demanding that Nick call her with an update. She left her apartment.

Later, Phyllis found Billy in his office and became alarmed that Gloria was nowhere to be found. Billy reported that Gloria was gone for the day, and Phyllis mentioned the text messages she'd sent him. He indicated that his phone had died, and she cautiously asked if he'd seen Summer. Billy recounted that Summer and Nick had been having a secret meeting, and he tattled that Phyllis' ex was supporting Summer's spending habits. Billy questioned whether Phyllis was fine with Nick throwing cash into a money pit, and Phyllis intended to have a conversation with Nick about it.

Ashley arrived home and ran into a shirtless Kyle. She inquired whether there was another Birthday Suit promotion, but he explained that he'd just been working on his "baby." She teased that he spent more time pampering his car than driving it, and he bragged that it was a classic that wasn't made anymore. Ashley remarked that it sounded like a keeper, and Kyle grumbled that it would be unless he did something stupid, like lose it in a bet.

Kyle claimed that he had made a bet with a buddy in New York, and Ashley blamed Billy for rubbing off on Kyle. Kyle swore that it was a one-time thing, and Ashley hoped that his friend was putting up at least as much. She asked if Kyle could win, and he replied that he wouldn't have agreed to the bet otherwise. After he exited, Neil called Ashley and declared his need for an evening of jazz and excellent company, but he understood if she was busy. She asked where she could find him.

On the Athletic Club roof, Nick confessed to Summer that he was mostly upset with himself, but she observed that she was the one he was glaring at. He said he'd learned a lot about her and himself that day, and she countered that she'd learned a lot about him and her mom -- but she hadn't wanted the information. Summer asked why he was blaming her for him falling into bed with Phyllis. Nick reiterated that the past was supposed to stay in the past, but Summer wouldn't let it go. Summer confirmed that she was on board, but Nick was disappointed that she'd only done it because he'd paid her off. He was disgusted with himself for pulling a "serious Victor move," but he was also hurt because he'd thought he and Summer were tight.

Nick had expected Summer to understand that the one night he'd spent with Phyllis hadn't had any deeper meaning and didn't need to be exposed, but Summer referred to the other times in other years when he'd jumped between Sharon and Phyllis. Summer griped that he loved to remind her that she'd had an affair with a married man, but she thought it was no surprise, considering how she'd entered the world. She pointed out that it wasn't uncommon for kids to think that their parents belonged together, but he couldn't tell if that was what she really wanted or if she was still playing games with him. Nick answered a call from Sharon, and Summer sauntered off.

Nick approached the bar and sat next to a man who was watching a sports event on his phone. Nick asked which baseball teams were playing, and the man replied that he was watching football, but he clarified that he meant soccer. The man introduced himself as Rey, and he recognized Nick's last name. Nick confirmed that he was "one of those Newmans, and he said he had to go because he had to pick up his fiancée.

Across the rooftop, Neil and Ashley listened to jazz, and he gushed about how a chord change could shift a mood. He enjoyed letting the music wash over him, and she realized that he'd needed it. He admitted that it had been a rough week and month, and she replied that she'd also needed to get out after working with Billy. Ashley asked how things were going with Neil's family, and he lamented that his kids had always been a team, but he couldn't fix things between them or protect them from one another. Ashley imagined that the music could be an antidote for the time being, and she suggested that he dance with her. They held one another close as they swayed to the music.

Neil asked if he'd ever told Ashley that he'd taken trumpet lessons, since his one goal in life had been to be Miles Davis, even though Neil had sounded like a sheep on a trampoline. Ashley laughed, and she joked that her own experience with a violin might have been why her mother had never wanted to be at home. Ashley asked if Miles was still his hero, and Neil suggested that she impress people with her knowledge of jazz by mentioning Clifford Brown. She said she wasn't familiar with the artist's music, and he said they could fix that. They headed out.

At Neil's penthouse, Neil proclaimed that Ashley was about to hear a man at the peak of his talents, but there might have been more that Clifford Brown could have given the world. Neil explained that a car accident had claimed the musician's life at 25 years old, but Brown had made those years count by inspiring other musicians for generations. Ashley noted that it seemed to matter to Neil, and he considered it a reminder that some things in life couldn't wait until later. He pulled her into a passionate kiss.

At Crimson Lights, Abby told Arturo the details about her PR campaign for Dark Horse, but she figured that it was boring for him. He replied that he'd had no idea that PR was very sexy, and she assumed that he was making fun of her, but he insisted that smart was always sexy. Sharon stopped by their table and offered them a refill, and she remarked that she and Abby hadn't spoken one-on-one recently. Sharon inquired whether Abby had time then, since things were moving along with the wedding plans. Abby commented that it was great that Nick and Sharon had gotten to a good place that quickly, but her voice trailed off; she covered her discomfort by offering her congratulations.

Sharon mentioned her get-together to try on bridesmaid dresses, but she felt like something or someone had been missing. A stunned Abby realized that Sharon was asking her to be a bridesmaid, and she surmised that it had been Nick's idea. An insulted Sharon clarified that it had been her idea, since the past was in the past, and the whole idea was to unite their families and mend fences. Sharon huffed to forget it if Abby expected her to beg, and she walked away. Abby squirmed.

Abby filled Arturo in about the disaster with Scott, and she accepted that she'd made her own awful choices. She figured that he should know why Sharon looked like she wanted to set Abby on fire, but Arturo said he was in no position to judge, since he'd made his own bad calls. Abby inquired whether it had been with Nikki or the other woman he'd mentioned, but he didn't want to talk about it. She amorously suggested that they either talk about her or not talk at all, and he invited her to get out of there.

Sharon stopped Abby from leaving, and Abby politely thanked her for everything. Sharon requested that Abby get back to her about being part of the wedding party, but Abby hoped for some time to think it over. Sharon testily asked what there was to think about, and Abby retorted that it deserved some thought because her brother was marrying a woman who hated her. Sharon argued that she'd made an effort, and Abby accused Sharon of playing the hero while wanting Abby to decline. Abby recalled that she'd apologized and that Sharon had forgiven her, but Sharon snapped that she hadn't. Abby demanded to know if Sharon wanted Abby to stay out of her face or carry a bouquet.

Abby asked why Sharon had accepted her apology when Sharon had continued to hate her, and she told Sharon not to grit her teeth and ask Abby to be a bridesmaid when Sharon really wanted to pour coffee in her lap. Nick approached as the women argued, and Sharon snapped that Abby couldn't take the time to reply to her invitation to be a bridesmaid at their wedding. Abby retreated to the patio and ranted to Arturo about Sharon's hypocrisy. Arturo speculated that Sharon was trying to get over the past for Nick's sake, and the point was for everyone to be happy on their wedding day. Meanwhile, Nick hoped Sharon hadn't asked Abby to be a bridesmaid for his sake, and she replied that she hadn't done it for her own.

As Rey entered the coffeehouse, Sharon groused that Abby couldn't show the tiniest speck of decency. Rey and Nick greeted one another, and Rey teased that he'd thought Nick's story about a fiancée had been a sad lie that he told people. Sharon played along by saying she humored Nick by pretending they were a couple, and Rey ordered some coffee. Rey revealed that he was new in town and looking for a short-term rental, and Nick mentioned that he and Sharon were looking for a place, too. Rey imagined that he wouldn't have the same expectations as a Newman.

Sharon handed Rey the business card for a rental agent. Rey departed, and Abby and Arturo returned from the patio. Abby apologized for not being more gracious when Sharon had reached out to her, and Sharon conceded that she could have extended the invitation with more warmth. Sharon insisted that it would mean a lot to her and Nick, and Abby said she'd love to be part of their wedding day. Sharon hoped it would be a special day for all of them.

Nick announced that he had to go out of town to pick up some buildings for development, and he invited Arturo to go with him. Nick praised Arturo's work on New Hope and hoped he was ready to jump into the big leagues, and Arturo pledged to make it happen. Arturo realized that it was closing time, and Abby reiterated that she'd be honored to be part of the wedding party. Sharon anticipated that the wedding would be a new beginning all around. Meanwhile, Rey pinned photos of various Genoa City residents on an evidence board, with J.T.'s picture in the middle.

Kyle met Summer at the Athletic Club, and he thought she looked smug and satisfied. She revealed that she'd planned on telling Billy the news, but she'd had a huge fight with her mom and gotten a lecture from her dad. She proudly displayed Nick's check as the first monthly installment of buying her silence, and Kyle suspected that she'd cash the check and rat her parents out anyway. She vowed not to break her word to her dad, and Kyle inquired whether he should book them a room, since she'd just lost the bet. Summer insisted that the bet was still on, since sleeping with Billy and telling him about Phyllis' infidelity weren't the same thing.

Kyle backed out of the bet, and Summer demanded his car keys. He argued that she only got the car if she and Billy got busy, but she countered that Kyle was trying to back out because he was terrified that she'd win. They agreed that the bet was still on, and she envisioned having more than just revenge sex when she and Billy got together. She bragged that Billy was ready to fall for her, and it would only take a small breeze to push him over. Kyle recounted that she'd told him that she wanted Billy because there would be no strings attached, but Summer contended that maybe she wanted more from Billy.

Kyle scoffed at the idea that Summer wanted a mature, committed relationship with Billy, but she asked why it was that hard to believe, since Billy was sexy and dangerous. Kyle added that Billy also had sex with Summer's mother on a regular basis, and he recalled that Summer's plan had been to go for "all fling, no strings" with Billy. Summer imagined that Kyle still expected her to be the person who'd chased him around for months and wanted him to be her first, but she wasn't that girl anymore and never would be again. Summer added that she'd never go back to wanting Kyle and only Kyle, and he questioned whether she thought he wanted her and only her. He warned that it wasn't her best look.

Billy spotted Summer and Kyle across the dining room, and Phyllis agreed to say hello. Summer was surprised to see them there, and Phyllis mentioned that they were about to head home. Billy said he had to stop by the office, and he requested that Summer give Phyllis a ride home. After Billy left, Phyllis invited Kyle over for a nightcap -- a shot of cyanide with an arsenic chaser, since she knew he'd told Summer what he'd seen. Phyllis sarcastically thanked Kyle for his discretion, and she left with Summer.

At home, Summer didn't want things to be awkward between her and her mother. Phyllis shared that while she was glad Summer had a bond with her father, it hurt that it hadn't been enough for Phyllis to ask her not to go to Billy. Summer claimed that Nick had made her see that things made sense, but Phyllis insisted on talking about the check. Phyllis contended that she would have whipped out her own checkbook if all it had taken was money.

Summer wondered what else her parents wanted from her other than to stay quiet. Phyllis suggested that they get back on track by going to the movies or getting their nails done, and Summer agreed. Phyllis prepared to go to bed, and Summer was surprised that her mother wasn't waiting up for Billy. Phyllis stressed that she really wanted things to be okay between her and Summer, and Summer halfheartedly assured her that they'd be fine. Later, Summer changed into a sexy dress and sneaked out.

Billy was unamused when Summer sashayed into his office. She closed the door and purred that she'd still been thinking about their kiss, but he cautioned that her behavior could get her fired. He figured that her daddy was writing her checks, so there was no reason for her to act like an adult. Summer flat-out asked if Billy wanted the same thing she did, and he reiterated that the answer was no and always would be. She accused him of bluffing, but he spat that it sucked for him every time he saw her, since it was like being pushed off a ledge.

Summer seductively inquired whether that was the only thing Billy felt, and he insisted that it was. Summer didn't buy it, since she could tell when a guy was into her, even when he couldn't admit it to himself. She doubted that he really wanted to be serious and responsible when they could be so good together, but he repeated that he wasn't interested. She cooed that she liked that he wasn't young and dumb, and he didn't need to party to talk to a woman.

Summer recognized that Billy had a life and a past and that he'd seen a lot of things, yet there was still something about her that made him nervous. He snapped that it wasn't a compliment, but she considered it one. She was certain that he watched her, and she thought he'd eventually let himself have what he really wanted -- maybe even right then. He leaned in closer and firmly stated, "We're done." He walked out, clearly agitated.

On the next The Young and the Restless...

• Billy taunts that the new Nick Newman is just like Daddy, after all.

• After spending the night together, Neil asks Ashley, “Now what?”

• Rey approaches Nikki and Victor.

• Phyllis walks in on Billy and Summer in a compromising position.

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