Friday, April 17, 2015

Billy arrived home and called out for Chelsea. Meanwhile, Chelsea got dressed after having sex with "Gabriel," and she reeled from what she'd done. She stammered that she hadn't planned it, and Adam recognized that she'd shown up there on impulse, but he insisted there was an undeniable connection between them. She received a text message from Billy, saying they needed to talk, and she awkwardly said she should get going. Adam thought he and Chelsea were on the same page, and he assumed she couldn't go through with the wedding. She said she had to tell Billy, and she crossed the hall to her own penthouse.

Billy surmised Chelsea had received his text message, and she agreed that they needed to talk. He blurted out that he'd kissed Victoria during an emotional talk after he'd had a fight with Gabriel, and he wasn't sure what had happened, but neither of them had held back from kissing. Chelsea asked if Victoria was the one he wanted, but Billy swore he'd regretted it right after it had happened. He explained that he cared about Victoria, but he didn't love her anymore, and he pledged his love for Chelsea.

Billy said he didn't want lies or secrets between him and Chelsea, and he was sick of screwing up everything good he'd ever had. He vowed to be the man Chelsea deserved, and he wanted to give her the future she deserved by marrying her and spending the next 60 years, making her happy. Billy told Chelsea to feel free to smack him, but he begged her to tell him he hadn't ruined everything. She assured him she still loved him, and he apologized for hurting her, but she knowingly said they all got caught up in things sometimes.

Chelsea recommended that Billy limit his contact with his ex-wife, and he agreed. Chelsea remarked that it was best to stay away from sparks to keep things from going up in flames, and Billy asked if she could forgive him. She replied that everyone needed forgiveness, and they hugged. He surmised that she didn't want to talk about wedding plans anytime soon, but she declared that she was tired of dwelling on the past, and she wanted to focus on the future by getting married right away. They kissed, but she was clearly unnerved.

At the Underground, Nick grumbled that Sharon's hearing was all over the news, and the police chief was giving a press conference. Sage offered to handle things there if Nick wanted to take some time off, and she wondered if they'd gotten ahead of themselves by mixing business and pleasure. She gave him an out to take a step back until things settled down, since she was sure their relationship complicated everything. Noah entered and said he needed to talk to Nick, and as Sage left, she overheard Noah say his mom was in trouble, so they needed to pull together as a family.

Nick asked Noah how the arraignment had gone, but Noah reported that he'd been taking care of Courtney's funeral arrangements at the time. Noah mentioned that he'd gotten in touch with her parents, and Nick empathized that there was nothing worse than losing a beautiful young girl with her whole life ahead of her. Noah confided that he couldn't look at her clothes or shoes, and he knew he should pack up her things, but giving them away would make it seem like she'd never been there. Nick urged Noah to wait to do it until he was ready, but Noah anticipated that Courtney's parents would take that job away from him, since they'd lost it when they'd found out Sharon had been charged with murder.

Noah explained that Sharon was out on bail with Michael staying with her as her guardian, and Nick was relieved that they didn't need to worry about her fleeing. Nick wanted to focus on Faith, who had stayed home sick from school that day, and he had no idea how to talk to her about it. Noah doubted Faith would notice anything out of ordinary, since she and Sharon could still see one another, but Nick flatly stated that it wasn't going to happen. Noah argued that Sharon hadn't been convicted of anything, and Faith needed her.

Noah urged Nick not to keep mother and daughter apart, but Nick contended that he couldn't keep Faith in a bubble, and he didn't want her to hear about Sharon's arrest from someone else. Nick wondered if Noah was holding out hope that something would clear Sharon, and Noah maintained that his mother was being set up. Nick hated thinking that Sharon had killed Courtney, but he acknowledged it was possible, since Sharon became reckless when her back was against the wall. Nick recalled that she'd torched his parents' house without knowing whether anyone had been inside, and he said he had to protect Faith.

Sage was surprised to find Adam at his penthouse, and she informed him that she was there to get her things, but she'd figured he'd be at work. He crowed that it had been the best decision he'd ever made to take a half-day, and she said she didn't want to know why. She guessed that he'd decided to drag out their divorce, but he handed her the signed papers. She wondered what had caused his turnaround, and he announced that he was a happy guy, since Chelsea had just left. Sage pointed out that Adam was still lying to Chelsea, but Adam snarled that Chelsea would never find out, or there would be "hell to pay." He ordered Sage to get her stuff and get out.

Sage warned Adam that his plan to play boyfriend and girlfriend with Chelsea would blow up in his face, but Adam thought it would only happen if Sage opened her big mouth. Sage predicted that Adam and Chelsea would never have a real relationship because what they had was based on a lie, and Chelsea would sense something wasn't right. Adam griped that he was sick of Sage saying he was doomed to fail, and he told her to "get the hell out" of his life and go play house with Nick. Sage gladly obliged, and she ran into Chelsea in the hall.

Sage proclaimed that her divorce was almost official, and she couldn't be happier, and Chelsea replied that she was glad if it was what Sage wanted. Sage expressed relief to be out of the marriage, and she cautioned that Gabriel wasn't the man Chelsea thought she knew. Sage said she liked Chelsea and considered her to be a good person, and she advised Chelsea to think long and hard before making any life-changing decisions. Sage added that Gabriel was free to pursue Chelsea without any obstacles, and he was a force to be reckoned with. Sage departed, and Chelsea looked concerned.

Chelsea returned to see Gabriel, and Adam observed that she looked upset. She revealed that she hadn't been able to tell Billy, who was still her fiancé, and Adam understood she'd taken the commitment seriously, but he thought there had been a reason why she'd ended up in Gabriel's arms. Adam swore that everything he'd ever said had been from his heart, and she was the only woman that mattered to him. Chelsea wondered why it was her, and Adam recalled that her face had lit up when he'd pitched new ad campaign ideas for her line. He remembered that she'd told him he'd inspired her to be creative again, and that was what she did for him with her smile and optimism, but he didn't see that when she was Billy.

Adam contended that Chelsea would always be insecure as long as she stayed with Billy, since a part of Billy would always belong to Victoria, and he believed Chelsea shouldn't have to settle. Chelsea snapped that she wasn't settling, and Adam offered to tell Billy the truth if it was too hard for Chelsea to do so. Chelsea divulged that she and Billy were getting married as soon as possible, and Adam questioned how Chelsea could marry Billy, since previously she'd said she couldn't go through with the wedding.

Chelsea revealed that she'd seen Billy and Victoria kissing, and she'd assumed they'd reunited. Chelsea admitted she'd been angry and confused, and she'd been looking for a way to lash out at Billy, but Billy wasn't going back to Victoria. Chelsea said Billy and Victoria's kiss had been a mistake, just like it had been a mistake for Chelsea to throw herself at Gabriel. Adam reiterated that they had an undeniable connection, and she recognized that he wanted it to be more, but she didn't feel the same way. She apologized for using him, and she thought it was best for both of them to pretend it had never happened. He asked her not to go, but she walked out and ran into Billy, who wondered why she'd been at Gabriel's place.

Chelsea claimed that she'd wanted Gabriel to hear from her that she and Billy were moving up the wedding, and Billy guessed Gabriel had tried to change her mind. Adam said he'd told Chelsea that it would be a mistake for her to marry Billy, but Chelsea hoped Gabriel would accept it and move forward. Adam wordlessly closed his door, and Billy was glad she'd shot Gabriel down, but he didn't want to talk about Gabriel anymore, especially when they had a wedding to plan. Adam glowered from inside his penthouse.

Sage arrived at the Athletic Club, and a staff member informed her that her credit card had been declined. He asked for an alternate form of payment to hold her suite, and Nick handed his card over. Sage protested, but Nick stated that he had a lot of money. An embarrassed Sage said she didn't want Nick's charity, and her lack of access to her personal inheritance was temporary. Nick replied that giving her an advance on her salary was the least he could do.

Sage promised to pay Nick back, and he suggested they finish their earlier conversation. She understood that Noah had needed his dad, and Nick said he and his son hadn't seen eye to eye, but Sage thought that was even more reason for Nick to be around his family. Nick swore that she wasn't complicating his life, but she was making it better by being a bright light in the middle of the darkness. Nick said he couldn't get through it without her, and they kissed.

At Crimson Lights, Abby and Stitch watched Paul's press conference online, and Stitch remarked that things would only get worse for Sharon. Kyle said he felt a lot safer, and Summer wished the judge had locked Sharon up. Abby fretted that Noah hadn't responded to her text messages, and Stitch told Dylan that it seemed like Paul thought Sharon was guilty. Dylan believed Sharon was being framed, and Stitch warned that the culprit always seemed to be one step ahead. Dylan vowed to find the real killer.

Kyle looked forward to getting back to their lives without being stalked, and Summer assumed Stitch would no longer need to serve as Abby's bodyguard. Abby revealed that they'd decided to maintain the status quo, since Stitch wasn't convinced the police had nabbed the right person. Summer questioned whether there was anything more to the arrangement, since she'd hate to see Abby once again go down the path of stealing someone else's man. Stitch noted that Victoria had asked him to keep Abby safe, and he advised Summer and Kyle not to let their guards down.

Noah arrived at the coffeehouse, and Abby imagined it would be hard for Nick to keep Faith away from Sharon, but Noah grumbled that his father didn't have to do anything. Summer volunteered to spend extra time with Faith, and she asserted that Nick was just looking out for his daughter. Kyle added that Nick was just being responsible, and Noah spat that it was none of Kyle's business. Noah ranted that he'd just met with a funeral director to pick out a casket, and he ordered them to shut up about his mom taking Courtney's life.

Summer apologized for upsetting Noah, and she asked if she could help plan the funeral service. Noah requested that she choose an outfit for Courtney to wear, and Summer suggested a royal blue dress that Courtney had looked pretty in. Noah mentioned that he wanted Courtney to be buried in the necklace he'd given to her as a wedding present, but he hadn't been able to find it. Summer remembered that Courtney had been wearing it before the wedding, but Noah reported that it hadn't been among the things the morgue had returned to him. Noah left to visit Sharon, and Abby wondered if the necklace had fallen off at the cabin. Stitch pointed out that another possibility was that the killer had taken it.

Abby asked Stitch if he thought Noah would make it through, and Stitch called Noah a great kid with a strong support system, so he believed Noah would be all right in time. Abby remarked that it helped to know someone was looking out for her, and Stitch suggested they head back to the club. Abby said she first had to ask him why he'd decided to stay with her, and Stitch asked if Abby was having second thoughts about the arrangement. Abby wondered how Victoria felt about it, and Stitch disclosed that Victoria thought he had other reasons to stay with Abby. Abby called the idea crazy, but Stitch replied that maybe it wasn't.

Kyle offered to take Summer home and get her mind off things with a massage and dinner, and Summer said being with him had been the perfect escape from everything that had happened, but Austin hadn't died long before. She noted that she and Kyle had been together in every sort of way, but she thought they might have moved too fast. Kyle said the last thing he wanted was to push Summer into something she wasn't ready for, and she assured him that he hadn't. He swore he would always be there for her, and he kissed her forehead and started to leave, but she stopped him. Summer clarified that she didn't want him to keep his distance, but she just wanted to slow things down. She added that she needed him in her life, and they embraced.

Sharon stared out the window at home, and Michael invited her to help him review her case to create the best possible defense. She said she was relieved and grateful he was there, but they both knew there was nothing they could do. "I'm guilty. My life's over," Sharon lamented. Michael asked how Sharon could be guilty when she'd sworn she hadn't killed anyone, but Sharon said the police believed it and had the evidence to back it up. Michael pointed out that it was all circumstantial, but Sharon countered that it hadn't deterred them from arresting her.

Michael implored Sharon to cooperate with him to find holes in the state's case, and he asked her a bunch of questions about the tire iron. Sharon couldn't remember whether she'd ever owned one, and she dejectedly went to make some tea. Michael was glad when Dylan stopped by, and Dylan conceded to Sharon that things looked bleak, but he encouraged her not to give up. Sharon wailed that everyone was against her, but Dylan pointed out that he and Michael were there. Sharon imagined that the killer was gloating that he'd won, and Dylan assured her that as determined as the killer was to frame her, he was even more determined to expose the lies and stop the culprit before he hurt someone else.

Michael stepped aside to take a call, and Dylan appealed to Sharon to try, since things weren't hopeless, and he cared about what happened to her. She replied that she trusted Dylan, and she promised she would try to have hope. Michael relayed that Kevin had informed him that the D.A. had requested a warrant to search Sharon's house that night, and Sharon worried that the killer might have planted something. Dylan, Michael, and Sharon searched her home, but she didn't notice anything odd. Michael suggested she check her computer for anything strange, and Dylan went to the garage to go through Sharon's car.

Sharon scoured her computer files, but she didn't see anything she didn't recognize. Michael went to take another pass through the kitchen, and Dylan returned with a necklace he'd found in the trunk of Sharon's car. Sharon said she'd never seen the necklace before, and she thought it was proof that someone was setting her up. Noah walked in and spotted Sharon holding the trinket, and he demanded to know what she was doing with Courtney's necklace.

Michael and Dylan explained that they'd just found the necklace in the trunk of Sharon's car, and Dylan asserted that someone had planted it to frame Sharon. Noah ranted that he'd bought the necklace for his fiancée to wear at their wedding, and he'd been looking for it everywhere so Courtney could wear it at her funeral. Sharon whimpered that Noah knew she hadn't killed Courtney, and Noah said he wanted to believe her, but everything pointed at Sharon. The police pounded on the door and yelled that they had a warrant to search the premises. "Noah, please," Sharon begged.

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