Friday, July 29, 2016

At Newman, Victoria and Nick found Victor in the CEO's office, and Victor remarked that they had a lot to do. Nick handed Victor a drawing from Faith, and Victor smiled and told Nick to give her a hug from him. Victor added that he had something for Victoria and Nick, too, and he handed them security cards that provided access to the hangar at the airport, since he was making the jet available to both of them to take their kids wherever they wanted.

Nick incredulously asked if Victor expected them to take a vacation, and Victoria inquired about an upcoming meeting with the department heads. Victor stated that she'd done a good job, but she no longer had to talk to them. Victoria argued that they were up to their necks in the oil disaster, but Victor divulged that he'd made a deal with the unions that morning, and the employees were back at work. Victor again urged his children to go on vacation, but a skeptical Victoria reminded him that she'd worked hard to help him get released. Victor questioned whether she wished he'd stayed in prison.

Victoria said she wouldn't have defended Victor if she'd thought he should still be in prison, and she'd thought he'd wanted his family back together. Victor swore that their jobs would be there when they got back, and he was looking forward to working with them. Victoria surmised that Victor would be in charge, and she observed that he'd removed her personal things from the office. Victor informed her that he'd moved them to her old office, and he encouraged Victoria and Nick to spend some time with their children. Summer entered and hugged Victor hello, and Nick was surprised to see her, since he'd thought she was done with Newman. Victor revealed that he'd asked her to be there.

Victor requested time alone with Summer, and Victoria and Nick stepped out. Victor wanted to discuss Summer's choice to leave the company, and she swore that she loved Victor, but she didn't need to be part of the family business. Victor pointed out that he might need her, but she stood by her decision to step back and focus on her relationship with Luca. Victor understood that she hadn't been in a position to do well at the company under the prior circumstances, but he swore that things would change because he was back.

Victor said he didn't trust Luca for many reasons, but he trusted Summer, and he'd been impressed with what she'd done during his absence. He believed that with tutoring, she could become a successful businesswoman who wouldn't let him down, but she worried about disappointing him. Victor assured her that she couldn't, since she'd been loyal to him, unlike other family members. Victor insisted that he wanted her to work by his side, but she had to make up her own mind, and he didn't want to pressure her.

In the corridor, Victoria groused that it had felt like she and Nick had walked into a setup, and she guessed that Victor wanted to make their vacation permanent. She noted that Nick had barely said anything, and he voiced his concern that their father hadn't forgiven them.

Once alone, Summer looked around the office and sat in the CEO chair. She flashed back to Nick telling her that Luca was using her to get into the company, but Summer had insisted that both she and Luca were willing to walk away from it all.

At the Athletic Club, Lily fussed over Cane's tie, and he asked if it was perfect yet. She commented that he was perfect, but his tie wasn't, and she fawned over her handsome CEO husband. He clarified that he was co-CEO, and he expected Billy to fight him every step of the way. Cane didn't understand why Jill had put the men together, since conflict wasn't good for business, but Lily was sure that Cane would rise above it. They kissed.

Billy snoozed on the couch, surrounded by empty liquor bottles, and Jill sighed deeply when she found him. She flashed back to finding Billy and Phyllis in bed together, and she ordered Billy to wake up, but he didn't move. Jill barked at him to pull himself together, and he bolted awake when she threw a glass of water in his face. She declared that there was work to be done.

Billy snapped that he didn't "give a damn" about the company, but Jill suspected that he cared about Cane showing him up. Jill reminded Billy that she'd hand the company back to him if he raised profitability, and she added that every dime he had was tied up in Brash & Sassy. Jill answered a call from Cane, and he reported that he had great news, since he'd found the perfect place for their new laboratory and offices. Jill grumbled that at least one of them was doing their job, but she flipped out when she heard where the office space was.

Billy taunted that Jill's golden boy had messed up royally, and he wondered if Cane also intended to outdo Billy's long string of screw-ups. Jill explained that she had an issue with a decision Cane had made, and it was the reason why she wanted Cane and Billy to work together. Billy was intrigued by what Cane had done, but Jill offered no further details and told Billy to get ready for work.

Jack and Phyllis arrived at Jabot, and he amorously remarked that he'd barely been able to keep his hands off of her in the elevator. She noted that they'd been up half the night, but he said he couldn't get enough of her, since it was good to have her home. He gushed that the night before had been amazing, and he was glad that they were back on track. She agreed, and they hugged, but she looked unsure.

Jack acknowledged that his and Phyllis' problems hadn't disappeared, but he assured her that she wasn't alone. He apologized for not backing her up the way he should have when she'd gone to the courtroom to get justice, and she thanked him for saying that. Jack recalled a time when he'd been completely consumed with making Victor pay, and she compared the feeling to sinking in quicksand. She recognized that Jack had been strong enough to keep her from being sucked back in, and she vowed to "fight like hell" to keep those impulses from taking over.

Cane arrived to pick up some access cards, and Phyllis asked why he needed them. Jack mentioned that the lab and office space had become available after Simon's research project had ended, and Cane announced that he'd accepted Jack's offer for Brash & Sassy to become the new tenants, so Cane and Billy would be working downstairs. Phyllis grumbled that it was the first she'd heard about moving the competition in, and Cane took off with the security cards. Jack suspected that Phyllis' reaction had to do with Billy, since they knew the effect Billy had on her reckless instincts.

Phyllis asserted that she'd been thinking about Jack, since Billy had gone after Jabot's biggest buyer when he'd first acquired Brash & Sassy. Jack pointed out that Billy's ploy hadn't worked, and he was sure that Billy wouldn't commit corporate espionage because they were family first. Jack looked at it as an opportunity to repair the damage done to their family, and Phyllis replied that there was nothing she'd like more.

Jack left for a meeting, and Phyllis called Billy, who had just emerged from the shower in a towel. Phyllis stressed to Billy that she didn't want to see him, and he pointed out that she'd called him. She huffed that he knew what she'd meant, since he was moving his business into the lab downstairs from where she worked. A stunned Billy swore that he'd had nothing to do with it, and Phyllis hissed that it would ruin everything. Billy flatly replied that everything had already been ruined, and she hung up.

Phyllis arrived at the Athletic Club to drop off some Jabot samples for Lauren, and she noticed Lily's chipper attitude. Lily gushed that it was Cane's first day at his new job, and she wanted to surprise him with a visit, but she didn't know where the new offices were. Phyllis relayed that they were in the Jabot building, and she abruptly left to deliver the samples.

At the lab, Jill asked what Cane had been thinking when he'd leased the space. He explained that he'd called Jack when the drug trial had ended, but Jill was adamant that he get out of the lease. Jill complained that it was a bad idea to have a rival company spying overhead, and Jack overheard and defended that Jabot wasn't that kind of outfit. Cane thought there was no reason for either company to spy on the other, but Jill thought Cane shouldn't have made a unilateral decision, since Billy should have had input. Billy entered, and Jack asked if Billy had a problem with having offices in the same building.

Billy pointed out that he didn't know enough about the deal Cane had made, and Cane turned over a copy of the lease. Jill was sure that Billy would agree that it would be a disaster, but Billy questioned why she was fighting it, since Cane had made a great deal. Jill warned that Billy wouldn't want Jack looking over his shoulder, but Jack proclaimed that he respected that Billy was living his own life. Jack added that working through his differences with Phyllis had given him hope that he and Billy could reconnect, and Billy thought the arrangement could work, but he told Jack not to expect any talks around the corporate campfire.

Billy excused himself to take a call, and Victoria asked if they could change the visitation schedule, since she was taking some time off. Billy asked where she was going, and she replied that she wasn't sure yet. He guessed that someone else was sitting at her desk, and he wasn't surprised that it hadn't taken long for Victor to push her aside.

Phyllis returned to Jabot, and Jack reported that Cane, Billy, and Jill were officially their tenants. Phyllis was surprised that everyone had agreed, and Jack relayed Jill's extreme opposition to the deal. Phyllis flashed back to Jill ordering her to go back to Jack. Jack mentioned that Billy had eventually agreed to the lease, but Billy had made it clear that it was just business, so they shouldn't expect any visits from him. Phyllis mumbled that it worked for her.

Meanwhile, Billy and Cane amicably divided up which departments they'd each be responsible for, and Jill admired them for working nicely together, but she objected to their joint executive decision to stay there. Cane asked why she was harping on it, and she claimed that she wanted to be sure her investment paid off. Jill left to go back to Chancellor, and Cane suggested that he and Billy work on filling the empty desks in the office. Billy said he needed a minute to grab some coffee, and he headed to the elevator. The elevator doors opened, and he wordlessly joined Phyllis inside.

Billy and Phyllis silently rode in the elevator until he stopped it. She said she didn't know what game he was playing by working in the same building, and he reiterated that it hadn't been his idea. She demanded that he walk away from the place, and he pointed out that Jill wasn't fond of the idea, either. Phyllis and Billy's argument escalated into a passionate kiss.

Lily entered Brash & Sassy's new office and gazed at a poster of a model. Cane declared that the model didn't hold a candle to Lily, and she said it was the right answer. He suggested that they celebrate his new business venture with a romantic dinner followed by a drive to gaze up at the stars like lovesick teenagers. She gushed that she was proud of him, and they kissed and fell onto the couch in a passionate embrace.

Jill and Victoria met at the Athletic Club, and Victoria alluded to an emergency Jill had mentioned on the phone. Jill said she'd installed Cane and Billy at the top of Brash & Sassy, and they were very capable, but they weren't Victoria. Jill acknowledged that Victoria's loyalties were with Newman, but she imagined that Victoria's talents would go wasted with Victor taking over again. Jill invited Victoria to lead the company she'd helped to create.

At the club bar, Nick informed Jack that Victor had picked up where he'd left off, and Jack worried that Victor might go after Phyllis. Nick wondered how Jack and Phyllis had gotten past what Victor had done to them, and Jack lamented that his marriage was still suffering, but things were getting back to normal. Jack refused to waste another minute obsessing about Victor, and he inquired whether Victor had mentioned anything about retaliating. Nick was sure that Victor's focus was on other things.

Nick relayed his suspicions that Victor's vacation suggestion had been code for giving him and Victoria the boot, and Jack figured that Victor was making room for someone else. Jack fretted that if Victor still hadn't forgiven his family, there was no reason for Victor to keep his word about letting what Phyllis had done stay in the past. Jack vowed that no one would harm Phyllis ever again.

Kevin knocked on Chloe's motel room door, and he handed her a bag of food from Crimson Lights. She informed him that her mom had beaten him to it, and he announced that he was there to see her and Bella. Chloe informed him that Esther had taken Bella out for a walk, and Kevin inquired how long they'd be gone. Chloe snapped that they'd said everything they had to say, and she ordered him to leave her alone. Kevin stated that he had a right to know his daughter.

Chloe insisted that Kevin wasn't Bella's father and that a random guy in California had sired the girl. Kevin pointed out that Chloe hadn't provided any details about the father, but she retorted that it was none of Kevin's business. Kevin wondered how she could say that after all they'd been through, and he recounted that they'd made love on the morning she'd left, so it was his business that she had returned with a child. She reasoned that they were divorced, and she excused herself to get her daughter as she showed Kevin to the door.

At the police station, Kevin gazed at a photo of Chloe and Delia, and Mariah entered and mentioned that Natalie had told her that Chloe was back. Kevin reported that Chloe had returned with a daughter, and he was still trying to wrap his brain around it. Kevin called Bella the cutest thing and said she looked just like Delia, and Mariah questioned whether he could be the girl's father. Kevin replied that Chloe had told him that he wasn't, but Mariah realized that he didn't believe it.

Kevin recalled that he'd looked into the little girl's eyes, and memories of Delia and Chloe had flooded back. He remembered how good they'd been together, and he realized how much he still loved Chloe. He assumed Mariah didn't want to hear about it, but she insisted that she cared about him and wanted to make sure he was okay. He called her a good friend, and he confided that he and Chloe had spent one last morning together, so it was possible that he'd fathered Bella. Mariah questioned why Chloe wouldn't want Kevin to know if the kid was his, and he had no clue. Mariah grabbed his hand and led him out to find the truth.

Kevin and Mariah found Chloe and Bella at Crimson Lights, and Chloe asked if he was stalking her. Chloe started to head out, but Kevin insisted on talking to her. Chloe told him to make it quick, and Kevin explained that he wanted to take her at her word, but he couldn't because of how she was acting. Chloe questioned why she'd lie, but Mariah contended that there was a simple way to get to the truth.

Chloe teased that she'd known Kevin and Mariah would end up together, but Mariah insisted that they were just friends, and she thought Kevin deserved the truth after the way he'd stood by Chloe. Kevin requested a DNA test, and Chloe swore that she'd never keep Bella from him if he were her father, since he'd be a great dad, but he wasn't her father. Kevin demanded that she prove it, and Chloe consented to a paternity test. Later, at the police station, Kevin hoped Chloe didn't drag her feet about submitting the DNA samples, and Mariah assured him that he would know soon enough.

Chloe returned to her motel room and cried out when she saw it had been ransacked. Victor made his presence known and ominously stated that it was easy to betray a man when he was behind bars, but Chloe no longer had that advantage. Victor asked where the journal pages were, and Chloe maintained that she'd burned them. Victor thought she was too smart to do that, since they were all she had to negotiate with, and he warned that the pages had better materialize soon. Chloe countered that if he kept pushing, she'd reveal what she'd done to frame Adam on Victor's behalf, and Victor would go back to prison. Victor told her not to count on it.

. . .

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