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Friday, February 17, 2017

At home, Victoria noticed that Reed wasn't ready for dinner at the ranch. Reed grumbled that he'd thought he was exempt from going because he was irresponsible, but Victoria said his grandparents wanted to see him, and she told him to get ready. Reed barked that he was "already in hell" without having to spend time with the family.

At Crimson Lights, Cane and Lily discussed the overnight trips she needed to take for work. He received an alert on his phone, and he grumbled that the news about Victoria buying Brash & Sassy had gone viral, but Victoria had made sure his name hadn't been mentioned. Lily clucked that talk of the transaction had spoiled their anniversary, and she didn't want him to start it again. Cane refused to be cut out entirely, and he began to call a reporter to provide the rest of the scoop to the press.

Lily recognized that Cane was upset, but she warned that he was letting it consume him. She urged him to focus on them and the kids, and she asked if he'd talked to Jill. Cane made a call and was surprised to learn that Jill was still at the hospital for more tests. Lily suggested that they go there to see if they could do anything, and they headed out.

At the hospital, Colin asked the cardiologist how his wife was, but the doctor informed him that she wasn't authorized to discuss Jill's health with him. He sourly realized that he had to find out from Billy.

In Jill's room, Billy quoted that an estimated 44 million women were affected by cardiovascular disease. Jill quipped that she'd thought she was one in a million, and he was glad to see that her funny bone was intact after her heart attack. He reminded her that her condition was serious, and she countered that she'd agreed to an echocardiogram. She added that she was truly glad he was there, and he looked forward to getting her home so that she could rest. Jill wondered where Esther was with her tea, and Billy jokingly imagined that Esther was cultivating the leaves herself. The doctor entered, followed by an orderly with a wheelchair.

Victoria called Billy and complained that he was late to pick up the kids, and he informed her that Jill was in the ICU after suffering a heart attack. Victoria worriedly asked if Jill was okay, and Billy said they wouldn't know for sure until they ran more tests, so he had to stay there. Billy added that Jill didn't want anyone to know, and Victoria promised not to tell anyone. Billy hung up and looked over at a stricken Jill sitting in the wheelchair. Jill told him to go if he had to leave, but he swore that he wasn't going anywhere.

As the orderly wheeled Jill away, Colin raced over and tried to apologize. Billy pulled Colin away and ordered Colin not to go near Jill, since she was done with him. Colin refused to leave while the woman he loved was in the hospital, and he demanded that Billy tell him what was going on. Billy disclosed that the doctor had placed two stents in Jill's heart to keep her arteries open, and they'd just taken her for an ultrasound. Colin asked when they'd know something, but Billy sternly stated that it was all the information Colin would get. The men bickered as Cane and Lily arrived.

Cane was stunned when Billy informed him that Jill had suffered a heart attack because of Colin. Billy and Colin argued, but Lily protested that fighting wouldn't help anything. Lily said she would leave with Cane and Colin if Billy let her know the results of Jill's tests, and she'd relay the information. Billy agreed under the condition that Colin not go near the house, and he threatened to get a restraining order if necessary. Cane barked that Billy didn't have to be a jerk, and Colin added that it wasn't over. Cane led Colin out, and Billy reluctantly gave his word that he'd contact Lily with the results.

At the Athletic Club, Lily informed Colin that she'd booked a room for him, but he refused to stay there because he wanted to be around family. Cane invited Colin to stay with them, and Lily agreed. Colin griped that Billy had made a difficult time worse, and he didn't want Jill to think that he'd abandoned her. Colin chugged a drink, and Cane sensed that his father was cooking something up. Colin asked the two of them to plead his case to Billy and Jill, and he pledged to make things right by paying Jill back in time. Colin swore that he truly loved Jill, and he anticipated that life without her would be unbearable.

At the Underground, Noah set up sound equipment, and Abby entered and asked what was going on. He explained that it was open mic night, and she guessed it was why he planned to skip their family dinner. She asked where Nick was, and Noah reported that his dad was on his way to the ranch with Chelsea. Abby wondered if Nick and Chelsea were dating, and Noah relayed that Nick had tried to convince him that they weren't rushing anything.

Noah said he'd heard Abby had become a mover and shaker at Newman, and she bragged that she'd just closed a huge deal with Higgins. Abby proposed a deal to Noah -- she'd use her social media superpower to promote his open mic night if he accompanied her to the ranch for dinner. He agreed on the condition that she return to the bar with him and sing a song that night. She offered to buy two top-shelf drinks instead of singing, and they shook hands on it.

Nick entered the Newman ranch with Chelsea and called out for Victor and Nikki. He guessed that they were the first ones there, and Chelsea guessed from the lack of blankets on the floor that they weren't going to eat picnic-style. Nick imagined that they'd actually use silverware, and Chelsea reminded him that it wasn't her first Newman family dinner. He pointed out that it was the first one that he'd had to coerce her into attending, and she recalled his promise to slip out after dinner to start the fun. She asked what he had in mind, and he leaned in and kissed her.

Faith stopped short when she appeared in the doorway and spotted the buss. Faith remained unseen as Chelsea remarked that the kiss had been a nice start. Victor and Nikki entered, and Nick hoped they had room for one more. Chelsea thanked them for letting her crash the dinner, and Chelsea greeted Faith, who quietly said hello. Nick prompted Faith to give him a hug, and Victor offered everyone drinks. Faith plopped down on the couch and pouted.

Nikki looked through Nick's photos of Connor and Christian, and Nick mentioned that he and Chelsea tried to get the boys together as often as possible. Victor was glad that Nick was keeping his word to Adam, and Nick figured that since Connor didn't have a Newman sibling of his own, a cousin was the next best thing. Meanwhile, Chelsea attempted to have a conversation with Faith, who half-heartedly replied with one-word answers. Faith abruptly said she had to ask her grandma a question, and she approached Nikki and asked if she could invite her mom to dinner.

Nikki worried that there might not be enough food, but Faith argued that the cook always made a ton. Nikki hesitated to reconfigure the seating again, but Faith reasoned that Nikki had taught her how to set an extra place. Nikki supposed there was no reason they couldn't invite Sharon, and Faith sent a text message to Sharon to ask her to stop by the main house. Faith glowered at Nick and Chelsea laughing together, and she added "now" to her message.

Abby and Noah arrived at the ranch, and Victor was pleased that Noah had made it. Nikki asked Faith if her mom would be joining them, but Faith reported that Sharon was having dinner with Mariah. Faith noticed that Noah was there, and Nikki remarked that she hadn't thought he'd be able to make it, so Faith would still be able to use her table-setting skills. Faith inquired whether it was rude to show up uninvited, and Nikki replied that family was an exception to the rule. Faith asked about Chelsea, and Nikki pointed out that Chelsea was Nick's guest.

Faith mentioned that her dad and Chelsea had been spending a lot of time together, and he'd even bought a cookbook and an apron to cook with Chelsea. Nikki guessed that Nick was serious, and Faith assumed that she meant about Chelsea, but Nikki clarified that she'd been talking about Nick learning how to cook. Nikki observed Nick and Chelsea more carefully, and she wondered if Faith thought they were becoming more than friends. Faith replied that she didn't know, and Nikki asked how it would make her feel. Faith insisted that she'd be totally fine with it, but Nikki was skeptical.

Noah announced that he was expecting a full house at the Underground that night, and Nick and Chelsea revealed their plans to do something fun after dinner. Noah invited them to stop by, and Nick called Faith over to join them. Victoria arrived with Reed, and she apologized for being late because she'd had to call Hannah to watch the kids. Reed sullenly greeted his family at Victoria's urging, and Nikki ushered everyone into the dining room for appetizers.

Abby commented to Victoria that Reed had perfected the moody teen act, and Victoria inquired about work. Abby replied that it had been busy but good, and she asked whether she was speaking with the new owner of Brash & Sassy. Victoria haughtily stated that Abby could rest well, since Victoria wouldn't be going after Abby's job at Newman. "Or will I?" Victoria cattily added. Abby was taken aback, and Victoria claimed that she was just giving Abby a hard time after she'd been defensive at the office. Abby thought they'd moved past it, and Victoria agreed that they had.

Abby congratulated Victoria, and Victoria assured Abby that she didn't have to worry about Victoria taking her job, but she warned Abby to watch out for their dad. Abby insisted that Victor had been supportive, but Victoria cautioned that he had a way of building people up just to tear them down to show them who was in charge. Abby asserted that perhaps Victoria hadn't been the right fit for Newman, but Victor recognized that Abby was. Victoria wished her luck.

Faith talked with Nick about how Christian had made snow angels, and he wished she had seen it. Chelsea declared that she had a video, and Faith scowled as Chelsea grabbed her phone and fawned over babies in snowsuits.

Victor proclaimed that it made him and Nikki happy to have all of them in their home, and they didn't need a special occasion to do it, but there was one that night. Abby beamed as Victor crowed that his smart and beautiful daughter had proven to be quite the businesswoman, and he proposed a toast to celebrate her accomplishment. Abby's face fell when Victor asked Victoria to stand up, and he toasted to the new owner of Brash & Sassy. Abby gulped her drink as the rest of the family clapped.

Reed yawned as Victor insisted that it was praise well deserved, since Victoria had gone after what she'd wanted like a true Newman. Victor added that there was someone else who deserved acknowledgement and praise, and he called Abby an extraordinary businesswoman who had done unbelievable and unexpected things while making Newman a tidy profit. Abby kissed his cheek, but her expression soured again when Victor congratulated Victoria for successfully launching the men's line.

Noah expected Abby to be basking in the glow of praise from the great Victor Newman, but he observed that she looked disappointed. Noah recalled that Victor had forced him to compete against Kyle, and Victor had chosen Kyle over him to make a point. Noah assured Abby that he understood if she ever needed to talk about it. Abby approached Reed and asked if he'd heard it was open mic night that evening, and Noah mentioned that Victoria wasn't thrilled about the idea of Reed being out on a school night. Reed grumbled that his mom was all about enforcing the rules.

Victor rounded up everyone for dinner, and Nick stepped aside to check in with the sitter. Victor cornered Chelsea and inquired whether she and Nick were dating, and she stammered that she didn't think anything was official. She confirmed that they'd been spending a lot of time together, but they hadn't even gone on a real date. Victor thought it was telling that Nick had invited her to a family dinner, but Chelsea preferred not to talk about it.

Victor recognized that both Chelsea and Nick had suffered enormous losses, and he supported them moving on and being happy again. Chelsea bemoaned that it wasn't that simple, since she was keeping a huge secret from Nick, and it wasn't the best way to start a relationship. Victor was determined to respect Adam's decision to have Nick raise Christian as his own, but Chelsea countered that she hadn't known that she'd be spending a lot of time with Nick when she'd promised to keep quiet. Victor cautioned that it would cause Nick a lot of pain if she told him the truth.

Nikki noted to Victoria that Reed had been quiet, and Victoria explained that Reed was upset with her because she'd grounded him for betraying her trust. Victoria groused that Reed had been moping around instead of apologizing, and Nikki noticed that Victoria kept checking her phone. Victoria admitted that she was waiting for Billy to call, and she confided that he was a wreck because Jill was sick. Nikki urged Victoria to go to Billy, and she promised to get Reed home. Victoria hurried out, and Reed sat down at the piano and began to play.

Later, Chelsea remarked that dinner had been nice, and Nick stared at Faith across the room and asked if Chelsea thought the girl seemed off. Meanwhile, Victor sensed that something was wrong with Faith, and he mentioned the talk that she'd had with Nikki about Chelsea and Nick. Victor guessed that Faith wanted her parents to be together again, but he warned that it might never happen. He asked if Faith would be all right with her dad and Chelsea being more than friends if there was no way her parents could get back together, and Faith supposed that she would be.

Nikki realized that Reed knew how to play the piano, and she asked him to play something for her. He played a lovely ballad, and Nikki closed her eyes and enjoyed the music. She said she was very impressed, and she inquired whether his mother knew he could play that well. Reed replied that his mom didn't know anything about him, and Nikki placed a hand on his shoulder.

Nikki sat next to Reed on the piano bench, and the Newmans gathered around. Reed grinned as he and Nikki played together. Victor told Faith that he was glad that she'd confided her feelings to him. He continued that the heart could be very difficult and complicated sometimes, but they'd figure things out together. She told him that he was the best, and she rested her head on his shoulder.

Nick found Chelsea staring out the window, and he remarked that they hadn't expected a concert. She was clearly distracted, and he hoped she'd had fun that night, since it meant a lot to him that she was there. He caressed her face, but she pushed his hand away and said they should get going.

At the hospital, Billy worried that the ultrasound was taking too long. Medical personnel wheeled in an unconscious Jill on a stretcher, and the doctor reported that they'd sedated Jill when they'd found an anomaly on the echocardiogram. The doctor explained that they'd had to go back in to replace a blocked stent, and the procedure had gone well, but Jill would need to make changes to her lifestyle to have a full recovery. The doctor cautioned that unhealthy choices had led to the problems, so Jill needed to adhere to exercise and diet plans.

Esther offered to prepare heart-healthy meals, and the doctor said Jill would also need medications and cardiac rehab under supervision. Esther vowed that Jill would attend every session even if she had to drag Jill there. Esther called Jill a fighter who would be bossing them around before they knew it, and she stepped out to give Billy some time alone with his mother. Billy remembered when he'd sat at his dad's bedside, and Jill had encouraged him to tell John how he felt. Billy thought Jill would be surprised to hear that he was going to take her advice again, since there was something he had to tell her.

Billy acknowledged that he and Jill had had huge issues, since she could be pushy and obstinate, and he was a hothead. He thought that they'd said horrible things to one another and hurt one another as only people who loved one another could do. Billy stressed that he needed her, as did a lot of other people, and they knew that she wanted what was best for them. Victoria stood in the doorway and overheard as Billy tearfully stated that he didn't want to lose Jill. Billy willed Jill to get healthy and stay healthy, and he promised to be a better son if she did.

On the next The Young and the Restless...

• Paul tells Lauren and Michael that Scott might be missing.

• Mariah prepares for a night out on the town with Sharon.

• Noah announces that Reed will be performing at open mic night.

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