Friday, September 23, 2016

At the Abbott mansion, Billy tended to an unconscious Phyllis after she'd tumbled down the stairs, and he demanded to know what Jack had done to her. Jack swore that her fall had been an accident, and he approached Phyllis, but Billy snapped to "get the hell away" from her. Jack questioned whether Billy honestly thought Jack would hurt Phyllis, and Billy instructed Jack to keep talking to her. Billy called 9-1-1 as Jack frantically asked if Phyllis could hear him.

At the police station, Dylan tracked down Kevin in the interrogation room, and Kevin explained that the Wi-Fi was best there. Paul entered and assumed that Dylan was interrogating Kevin, and he asked what Kevin had done. Kevin feigned being offended, and he jokingly asserted that he hadn't committed a crime in weeks. Paul and Dylan simultaneously got calls, and Paul reported that a woman was unconscious after hitting her head. Kevin inquired why the police were involved, and Paul mentioned that the fall had occurred at the Abbott estate. Dylan and Paul left to find out what was going on.

The EMTs loaded Phyllis onto a stretcher, and Jack asked why she wasn't responding. Jack insisted on riding with her in the ambulance, but Billy protested that Jack had no right to go with her after what he'd done. Dylan arrived and instructed Jack to ride with Phyllis, but Billy complained that Dylan had no idea what had happened. Dylan prompted Billy to tell him.

Billy begged Dylan to let him go to the hospital, but Dylan thought it would help visually for them to be at the scene of the accident while Billy explained things. Billy recounted that he'd seen Phyllis and Jack arguing through the glass door, and they'd started up the stairs, but Phyllis had rolled back down. Billy guessed that she'd hit her head, since she'd been motionless when he'd walked in. Billy confirmed that he hadn't actually seen how Phyllis had fallen, so they only had Jack's version that it had been an accident. Dylan sensed that Billy didn't believe Jack.

In the park, Mariah observed that Faith had eaten her body weight in ice cream, and she suggested having a sleepover that night. Faith remarked that they had them all the time, but Mariah revealed that Chelsea had invited Faith over to spend the night, since Nick was busy at the Underground. Faith excitedly looked forward to hanging out with Connor, Bella, and Chelsea, and Mariah mentioned Chloe. Faith divulged that she'd heard that Chloe had other plans -- a big date with Kevin.

Later, Mariah and Faith ran into Kevin, and Faith asked if he was meeting Chloe there for their date. Mariah sent Faith to get a doughnut, and she wondered whether Kevin enjoyed rejection. Kevin insisted that it was just a casual dinner, and Mariah inquired whether he was wearing his casual dinner jacket and tie. He claimed that they were his work clothes, and he defended that Chloe had accepted his dinner invitation, so he hadn't been rejected. Mariah thought it would be a different story after dinner, since Chloe had made it clear that she was moving on without him, unless something had changed.

Kevin announced that he'd stopped fishing for information about Bella's dad, and he'd been honest with Chloe about wanting to be part of her daughter's life. Mariah contemplated what would happen if Bella's father wanted to be part of it, too, and Kevin revealed that the father didn't know Bella existed, since Chloe hadn't wanted to complicate his life. Mariah became suspicious because Chloe had originally claimed that she'd gotten pregnant during a one-night stand, but Kevin hurried off to go to dinner.

At the penthouse, Chelsea presented some dresses for Chloe to try on before Kevin got there, but Chloe thought they were too much. Chelsea lectured that it was a date and not a business meeting, but Chloe clarified that it would just be two friends sharing a meal. Chelsea was surprised when she noticed that Chloe had been reading GC Buzz, and Chloe groaned that she felt bad for Billy, who got blamed for everything in his family. Chelsea pointed out that Billy wasn't destined for sainthood, but Chloe countered that even a screw-up like Billy got something right every once in a while.

Chloe considered canceling her plans to avoid leaving Chelsea alone, but Chelsea insisted that she would be fine. Chelsea asked if Chloe was nervous, but Chloe replied that she was annoyed because Billy always drew the short straw even after everything he'd been through, but she thought he was a survivor and an excellent father. Chloe remembered the way Delia had looked at him, and Chelsea recognized that Chloe and Billy would always share a bond because of Delia, but there had been no excuse for him having an affair with his brother's wife. Chloe thought there was plenty of blame to go around.

Later, Chelsea answered the door and let Kevin in. She reminded him that Chloe had been through a lot, yet Chloe had mustered the strength to be there for her. Kevin guessed that Chelsea was implying that he'd have to answer to her if he messed things up, and he swore that he'd never do anything to hurt Chloe or Bella. Chloe descended the stairs and apologized for making Kevin wait, but he admiringly said it had been worth it, since she looked spectacular. Chloe suggested that they stay in to hang around with Bella, but Chelsea urged them to go. After Kevin and Chloe departed, Chelsea stared forlornly at a family photo of her with Adam and Connor.

Mariah dropped Faith off at the penthouse, and Chelsea said Connor and Bella would be excited to see Faith. Mariah noted that Faith was forgetting something, and Faith hugged Mariah before she headed upstairs. Chelsea realized that she'd never seen Mariah hug anyone before, and Mariah quipped that she tried not to make a habit of it, but special rules applied to kids. Mariah started to leave, but Chelsea said Mariah didn't have to rush off if she didn't have plans. Mariah thought it would be sad if she lied and said she did, and Chelsea invited her to stay so they could get to know one another better.

Chelsea mentioned that Connor had been spending more time with Sully and Faith, since it had been Nick's idea for the kids to hang out together. Mariah nervously asked if they'd run it by Sharon, and Chelsea assumed that Sharon wanted as many play dates for Sully as possible. Chelsea added that Nick had a special bond with Sully, and Mariah hid her discomfort.

Chelsea and Mariah sat on the couch, eating ice cream out of the cartons. Mariah asked if that was what Chelsea and Chloe did at night, and Chelsea replied that they'd usually have ice cream, wine, or both. Chelsea acknowledged that she and Chloe had been attached at the hip, so it was almost weird being without her. Mariah wondered if Chloe and Kevin were having fun, and Chelsea asked if it bothered her that they'd gone on a date. Mariah insisted that she and Kevin were just friends, but she cared about him, and she thought he felt same way about her.

Mariah added that she didn't want Kevin to get hurt again, and Chelsea pointed out that Chloe had been honest about where she stood. Mariah recognized that things had changed a lot for everyone since Chloe had returned to town, and she noted that she wouldn't be sitting there if Adam weren't gone. Mariah quickly apologized, and Chelsea said she saw Mariah's point, but she didn't think Chloe had changed. Mariah observed that Chloe suddenly needed Kevin, whereas Chloe had practically been pushing him away before. Chelsea reasoned that people reevaluated what was important when the world got turned upside down.

At the Athletic Club, Kevin and Chloe sat at a table with covered place settings, and he hoped she didn't mind that he'd ordered for both of them. Chloe quipped that it made sense because it was 1952, and Kevin said she had to trust that he knew what she liked. She imagined a burger with cheese and pickles, and she quickly added that she was joking, but she wasn't accustomed to the royal treatment. Kevin declared that she deserved the royal treatment, and he toasted to new beginnings.

Kevin and Chloe sipped Champagne, and he said he was excited for the special meal the chef had prepared for them, and the staff had been working on it all day. Chloe felt strange because Kevin had gone to such great lengths, and he offered to send it back, but she asked what it was. She guessed that it was something fancy or weird, and she squealed that the anticipation was killing her. He whipped off the cover and revealed a cheeseburger, and she asked how he'd known. He replied that he knew her, and she smiled.

Chloe thanked Kevin for the "cheese nirvana," and he asked if she regretted saying yes to dinner. She was glad that she hadn't said no to their non-date, and he regretted that they hadn't done it sooner. Chloe thought it had been the right move to wait, since the night would have ended badly if they'd done it earlier. Kevin flirtatiously noted that it didn't have to end at all, but Chloe wanted to give Bella a goodnight kiss, and Kevin called Bella a lucky girl. Chloe laughed at his lines, and she commented that Kevin clearly liked a little bit of cheese. They prepared to head home, and he steadied her when she stood up. She figured the bubbles had gone to her head, but he suspected that it wasn't just the bubbles, and they kissed.

In the hospital elevator, Jack told an unconscious Phyllis that Summer was on her way, so Phyllis had to hang in there. Stitch guided the EMTs to an examination room, and he told Jack to wait. A police officer said she had questions for Jack, but Stitch scolded that it wasn't the time, and he promised to keep Jack updated. Jack begged Stitch to take care of Phyllis.

Over wine at the Athletic Club, Ashley told Abby to ship her off to Timbuktu the next time she tried to help someone. Ashley lamented that their family had become a reality show, and she mentioned that Nikki thought Jack and Phyllis should reconcile. Abby thought the couple had a chance if they still loved one another, but Ashley thought both of her brothers needed to run from Phyllis and never look back. Abby assured Ashley that she had nothing to feel guilty about.

Abby swore that Jack had needed to know about Phyllis' infidelity, but what he'd done with the information had been his choice. Ashley wondered if Billy had been right, since her life had been pretty empty and void of passion. Abby grumbled that passion was overrated, since the spark eventually faded, and Ashley asked if Abby was talking about her and Stitch. Ashley offered to do something to help, but she caught herself and said Abby had to ship her off to Timbuktu. Abby said Ashley wasn't going anywhere, since they all needed her.

Ashley decided that she was ready to go home, and Abby was sure that in the morning, Ashley would realize that she'd done Jack a favor by getting everything out in the open. Abby saw an incoming call from Stitch, and he informed her that Phyllis was unconscious in the emergency room after being in an accident. Stitch added that Jack could use support from his family.

Summer rushed into the hospital and asked Jack where her mom was. Jack reported that Phyllis was with Stitch, and Summer wondered what had happened. Jack admitted that he and Phyllis had been fighting when she'd fallen, but he insisted that it had been an accident, since he'd never be able to hurt her. Summer wailed that Phyllis might be in a coma all over again. Jack contended that even if Phyllis was in a coma, she'd beaten it before, and things wouldn't be any different that time.

Jack imagined that Phyllis would wake up any minute and insist on being let out of the hospital, and Summer realized that he still loved Phyllis in spite of everything. "If only love were enough," Jack sadly mused. Ashley and Abby arrived, and Jack informed them that he and Phyllis had been arguing when she'd slipped and hit her head, but Billy had shown up and called an ambulance. Ashley wondered what Billy had been doing there.

Stitch examined Phyllis and ordered a head CT. Phyllis moaned Jack's name, and Stitch informed her that she was in the hospital. He asked if she could hear him, but she recoiled when he tried to touch her.

Billy paced in the hospital corridor, and he wanted to find out if Phyllis was okay, but Dylan reiterated that he needed to know if it had been an accident or a domestic dispute. Billy repeated that he'd only seen Jack and Phyllis arguing and then Phyllis at the bottom of the stairs. Stitch approached and reported that Phyllis had woken up briefly, but he'd had to sedate her because she'd been agitated. Paul asked if she'd said anything about the accident, and Stitch replied that it had been enough to make him wonder if it had been an accident at all.

Later, Stitch explained to the Abbotts that Phyllis' vitals were strong and steady, but they had to be cautious because it was a head injury. Summer inquired whether Phyllis would wake up, and Stitch replied that they had to wait and trust that Phyllis would pull herself out of it. Summer stepped out to get some air, and Paul stopped Jack from joining her.

In private, Paul asked Jack to describe how he'd been feeling after he'd resigned from the foundation. Jack recalled that he'd been exhausted, and he'd wanted to be alone. Dylan inquired whether Jack had poured himself a drink, and Jack admitted that he'd been tempted, but he hadn't. Jack recounted that he'd found Phyllis waiting for him at home, and she'd begged him to forgive her, but their marriage had been over. Jack said he'd been ticked off when she hadn't respected his request that she leave, but Paul noted that Jack had sounded more than frustrated in his television interview, and he imagined that Phyllis' statement to the press hadn't made it easier.

Jack asked where Paul and Dylan were going with their line of questioning, and Dylan wondered what had happened when Phyllis had refused to leave. Jack said he'd been on his way upstairs to pack a bag for her, but he'd never tried to physically hurt her. Paul questioned whether Jack had been angry enough to cause bodily harm, and Jack conceded that he had but not against Phyllis -- only against the man who'd ruined all their lives and gotten away with it. "Victor Newman," Dylan stated.

After Jack left, Paul thought Billy was convinced Jack had been at fault, even if Billy hadn't said it out loud. Paul said he didn't think Jack would act like that, but he had to consider what Stitch had said about Phyllis' reaction when she'd briefly regained consciousness. Dylan reasoned that she'd just hit her head, so it could have meant anything, and Paul figured that Dylan had been ready to drop the whole thing when Jack had pointed the finger at Victor. Dylan maintained that everything led back to Victor, but Paul stressed that their job was to find out how and why Phyllis had fallen, and they wouldn't be able to do that until she woke up.

Summer fell asleep in the waiting area, and Abby asked Stitch if there was any news. Stitch said the test results could take a while, but Phyllis might wake up in the meantime. He urged Abby to go home and get some sleep, but Abby thought Summer needed support. Abby added that they all did, but Stitch rushed off to get back to work.

Billy looked in at Phyllis through the window, and Ashley approached. Billy said Ashley had been right when she'd said things would get worse, and she wished she'd been wrong. He assured her that it hadn't been her fault, and she said it had just been a horrible accident. Billy barked that Jack had caused it, and he vowed to make sure Jack suffered for it. Ashley insisted that Jack already had.

Billy asked Stitch if he could go in to let Phyllis know she wasn't alone, and Stitch told him to keep it brief. Billy entered the room, and Ashley worried that it was a horrible idea. Stitch said medicine couldn't cure everything, and it might be exactly what Phyllis needed.

Billy asked how Phyllis was doing, and he assured her that he was there for her. He promised that he wasn't going anywhere until she woke up, even it was only to tell him to "get the hell out" of there. He took her hand and asked her to wake up. Jack paused outside Phyllis' hospital room door. He looked in and saw Billy standing at Phyllis' bedside, and he walked away.

Billy murmured that even Sleeping Beauty had to wake up eventually and get back to being a princess. He asked if Phyllis was waiting for a prince to lay one on her and break the spell, and he gently kissed her forehead. Phyllis stirred and opened her eyes, and Billy welcomed her back.

. . .

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