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Friday, December 9, 2016

Hilary and a towel-clad Devon canoodled in their hotel suite, and she declared that an amazing good night of sleep had put everything in perspective. She added that she was proud that they'd never let nonsense get between them and that they'd always put their marriage first. Devon started to say something, but she told him not to talk. His towel dropped to the floor, and they kissed passionately.

Later, Devon searched for his phone before he headed off to meetings, and Hilary declared that she could be camera-ready in two minutes to host the segment launching Chelsea's new collection. Devon informed her that she wasn't going on-camera, since she was still fired. Hilary was surprised that Devon hadn't changed his mind after the incredible night they'd had, but he pointed out that they'd agreed to focus on them and not talk about work. She complained that he'd fired her for no reason. He explained that he'd released her from her contract because she hadn't lived up to their agreement to present positive, upbeat stories, so he had to find someone who embraced his vision.

Hilary swore that she was ready to give Devon what he wanted, and she objected to dropping the feel-good story about the launch of Chelsea's line. Devon revealed that he wasn't dropping it, but Hilary wouldn't be hosting, since he was sticking by his decision to release her from her contract. Hilary wondered if he intended to host the show himself, but he thought it wouldn't be a problem to find a replacement. She scoffed at the idea that it was that easy, but he said they would get through it. He kissed her goodbye and walked out.

At the cottage, Sharon noted how quiet the mornings were, and Dylan said he hadn't meant to wake her. She reported that she hadn't slept much because she'd been thinking about not getting visitation rights, and Dylan pointed out that at least no one could take away the memories of the year they'd spent with Christian. Mariah entered and mentioned that she'd heard about the ruling, and Sharon assumed that Mariah had been trying to avoid them because of the disastrous GC Buzz interview. Sharon and Dylan admonished Mariah for letting the tabloid twist Dylan's words, but Mariah defended that Hilary had screwed her over, too.

Mariah explained how Hilary had duped her into believing Dylan's interview would get the real story out there, and she recounted that Dylan had done great in the interview. Mariah added that she'd even fetched dinner for Hilary afterward, but then she'd learned that Hilary had sliced and diced the piece into one long lie, so she'd quit. Dylan assured Mariah that he knew she'd had nothing to do with the edits, and Mariah swore never to try to see the best in people again. Dylan left for work, and Mariah steeled herself to go back to slinging drinks. Sharon was glad that at least Mariah was getting away from a sadist like Hilary.

Sharon blamed herself because her actions had affected everyone, and she'd done things out of fear that she and Dylan would lose their child and one another. Mariah reiterated that everyone knew that Sharon had done everything out of love. Mariah recalled that she hadn't been able to handle the idea of Sharon loving her or wanting her to be around, but Sharon kept putting up with her time and time again. Sharon refused to listen to Mariah disparage herself, and Mariah pointed out that Sharon was protecting her because Sharon protected all of them, and she believed Christian had felt it, too. They hugged.

Sharon couldn't believe the hateful things that people were saying about her online, but Mariah argued that they didn't know Sharon. She advised Sharon to stay off social media and avoid watching GC Buzz. Mariah realized that what Hilary had done hadn't even been personal, since they weren't people but just a story to Hilary. Sharon declared that Mariah had reminded her that she controlled her own life, and she headed out. Moments later, Mariah opened the door to step outside, but she found Devon there. He said he really wanted her to return to GC Buzz, but she refused to work for his "human wood-chipper" of a wife ever again. Devon informed her that he'd terminated Hilary's contract, and Mariah was shocked that he'd fired his own wife.

Mariah anticipated that Hilary would retaliate against Devon, but he appealed to Mariah to "keep GC Buzz buzzing" by returning to work. Mariah declined, since she expected Hilary to torture her once Hilary was done with Devon. Devon explained that he had a show to run, and Mariah knew how to do a lot more than make coffee. Mariah figured that he wanted her to get a new host up to speed, but Devon informed her that he wanted her to host the show.

Mariah balked at the idea of Devon putting her on television, but Devon reasoned that she was smart and witty, and she had a natural instinct for human-interest stories. Devon insisted that Mariah could do it, but she argued that she didn't even take selfies, so she didn't belong on television. Devon implored her to do it once because of the launch of Chelsea's new line, and she could bail afterwards if she wasn't interested in continuing. He promised that they'd fix anything that went wrong in editing, and he asked if she was in.

At the Ashby home, Lily lamented to Cane that she hadn't been able to find the video game Charlie wanted, and Cane offered to order it online after his physical therapy session. Lily recognized that Cane hated missing work, but she stressed that he needed the therapy. She asked if he liked his therapist, and she referred to Jessie as a "he." Cane started to correct her, but Lily answered the door and was surprised to find an attractive woman asking for Cane. Cane introduced Jessica to Lily.

After Lily left, Jessica prepared to teach Cane a routine so he could do workouts on his own. She listed how many repetitions of each one he should perform, and he joked that it sounded like a full-time job. She pulled out a muscle stimulator to send impulses directly into his knee to fire up his muscles, and he replied that he already felt fired up. Jessica was surprised by Cane's reaction to the stimulation, and she inquired whether it hurt at all, since she had expected it to cause pain.

Jessica asked whether Cane had taken a pain pill before their session, and he admitted that he had. Jessica warned that many people used meds as a crutch, and she asked how long he'd been taking them. He said for a couple of weeks, and she wondered if he still needed them. Cane revealed that his knee still hurt, but he swore that he wouldn't get addicted. She cautioned that people sometimes became addicted without realizing it, and he tossed the prescription bottle into the garbage. "Bring on the pain," he dared.

Jessica gave Cane a painful massage, and she recognized that it sucked, but she had to break up the scar tissue. Cane asked her to stop because the pain was killing him, and she told him he was done for the day. She said he'd done great, and he replied that she had, too. She instructed him to take something over the counter if he needed it for the pain, and he stared at the prescription medication in the trash.

At the Athletic Club, Michael joked about doing the walk of shame as he and Lauren descended the stairs to the foyer. He wanted to do something special for their anniversary after his deposition, but he sensed that something was wrong. Lauren insisted that it was nothing, but he reminded her that they were in it for better or worse. Lauren ordered lattes at the bar, and Michael pressed her to tell him more about her call with the bank or any of the other dozen calls she'd had that morning. She wished she'd turned off her phone, but he recognized that business was in her blood, and he surmised that it wasn't going as well as she'd like.

Lauren hoped holiday sales put Fenmore's in the black, and Michael queried whether the department store chain was in the red. She claimed that she'd meant she wanted profits to peak, but he suspected that she was more concerned about her father's legacy and the team of people who counted on her for a paycheck. She confided that she'd been thinking a lot about what Fenmore's had meant to her dad, since he'd taken a little store and turned it into something big. Michael credited Lauren with nurturing the enterprise into a cultural touchstone with locations all over the country. He was sure she'd find a way to get through the season, and she replied that she thought she already had.

In the dining room, Neil greeted Lily, and he hoped to have the foundation's New Year's Eve gala there. Lily wished that he'd asked six months earlier, since everything was booked. He realized that he'd have to find another venue, but he thought he had the perfect host in mind, and he called Hilary over. Neil mentioned that they'd been talking about the foundation benefit, and he hoped Hilary could host the event for them, since she was a board member and a popular talk show host. Lily grumbled about the foundation being linked to gossip and insults, but Hilary revealed that she was no longer associated with GC Buzz.

Lily incredulously asked if Hilary had quit, and Hilary stated that there had been a parting of ways. Lily crowed that it was a Christmas miracle that Devon had fired Hilary. Hilary downplayed the situation as having creative differences that they needed time to resolve, but it would be good ratings and press in the meantime. Hilary agreed to host the benefit, and she instructed Neil to send her the details. Hilary sauntered off, and Lily exclaimed that it was the best day ever. Neil asked if she had no concern about her brother, but she pointed out that Hilary had said their marriage was fine. Neil didn't buy it, and a hopeful Lily inquired whether it was too soon to mention divorce.

Lily returned home and was surprised to find Cane looking refreshed when she thought she'd find him in a heap on the floor. He reported that Jessica had taken it easy on him, and he joked that he'd only cried twice. Lily announced that she had even better news -- Hilary had finally gotten what she deserved, since Devon had fired her.

At GC Buzz, Devon encouraged Mariah to try again, but she doubted she'd be any better than the last seven takes. Mariah smiled and gazed into the camera as she introduced herself as the host of that night's episode. Devon cheered that she'd nailed it as Hilary jealously looked on.

At Chelsea's design studio, Chelsea and Chloe speculated about how many people would be watching the fashion show on television and social media. Chelsea considered Hilary awesome for giving them the publicity, and she pointedly stated that they should be grateful. Chloe questioned whether Chelsea was trying to give her a warning, and Chelsea asserted that some people hadn't treated Hilary fairly lately. Chloe surmised that Chelsea expected Chloe to go after Hilary because Hilary had gone after Sharon.

Chelsea pointed out that Chloe didn't hide her opinions and that Chloe didn't have the best track record at fashion shows. Chloe promised to make sure GC Buzz did a good show about them, and she referred to the episode that had aired the night before. Chelsea squealed that it had been "so bad but so good," and she recalled that Chloe had gotten her into watching it. Chelsea acknowledged that nothing was better after a long day of work than juicy gossip and a nice glass of wine, and Chloe reminded her not to forget the ice cream. Chloe realized how much she'd missed spending time with Chelsea.

Lauren entered the studio and announced that she had a proposition, and Chloe mentioned that they were sprinting to the finish line to get Chelsea's new collection ready to be featured on GC Buzz. Lauren proceeded with her pitch that Fenmore's carry the line exclusively, and Chloe asked what was in it for them. Lauren gushed that Chelsea's brand was close to her heart because it was made in America for women by women, and she felt like the godmother of Chelsea's line. Lauren fondly recalled the first jacket that she'd sold for Chelsea at the boutique, and she proposed that they dream together and "work like hell" to make it pay off. Chelsea agreed to discuss the idea further, but not that day, and Lauren struggled to hide her disappointment as she headed to the elevator.

Sharon arrived at the studio and declared that she was there to work unless Chelsea had decided not to keep her on. Sharon offered to turn around and not darken the door ever again, but she thought she had something to offer. She asked if she had a job there, and Chelsea handed Sharon a steamer and said they had work to do.

At the police station, Dylan entered Paul's office to discuss a case, but Paul asked him to shut the door. Paul said he'd tried to call after the judge's decision, and Dylan replied that he hadn't been ready to talk about it. Paul asked about then, but Dylan preferred to get back to the case. Paul pushed to find out how Dylan was feeling, and Dylan compared it to taking a bullet while wearing a flak jacket. Dylan was determined to find a way to move on, and he tried to turn the topic back to work. Paul recognized that being stoic was a good quality in a cop, but he was sure that Dylan was hurting.

Paul noted that it was the second time that Dylan had found out that a child he loved wasn't his, and he pointed out that a lot of people were there for Dylan. Dylan insisted that he was okay, but Paul wondered why Dylan wouldn't talk to anyone. Paul stressed that he and Nikki were there for Dylan, but Dylan coldly stated that Nikki had other priorities, and he wasn't a Newman. Paul understood that Dylan felt left out, but Dylan maintained that he was fine. Paul thought Dylan shouldn't accept being fine but that he should let people help him. Dylan realized that Paul was worried because of how Dylan had reacted when he'd lost Connor.

Dylan explained that when he'd lost Connor, he'd also lost Chelsea and everything else, but this time was different because he had Sharon, his stepchildren, Paul, and his job. Dylan pledged to work hard and go home to his wife every day, since he was luckier than most people, even if he didn't have everything he wanted. Michael burst in, and Dylan informed Paul that he'd asked Michael to stop by. Paul stepped out, and Michael assumed that Dylan wanted to inquire about the visitation rights, but there were no "do-overs" once the judge had ruled.

Dylan said he needed to understand why the judge had ruled against them, and Michael explained that it had been a complicated case because one party had been aware of the situation. Dylan speculated that Victor had greased the judge's palms, but Michael saw no reason to think that the judge had been influenced by anything other than the evidence. Dylan thought they should have gone after Nick over the incident at the hospital, but Michael doubted that Dylan would ever imply that Nick was an unfit parent. Michael called Dylan a good man who should be proud that he had that kind of decency.

Paul approached Lauren at the Athletic Club bar, and he asked if she was having a drink in honor of her anniversary. He wondered where the groom was, but she reported that Michael wasn't there, and the drink was more liquid courage than celebration. Lauren confided that she'd had challenges with Fenmore's lately, and she'd thought it had been part of the business cycle, but there had been no upswing. She mentioned that she hadn't done anything with the store's online presence because she'd been focusing on long-term relationships, and Paul understood that the Internet was like another universe.

Lauren bemoaned her frayed nerves, and Paul asked how Michael felt about it. Lauren said Michael had been wonderful and supportive, so there had been no reason to worry him. She figured that Michael would just tell her that it was a blip, and a strong holiday season would make everything better.

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