Wednesday, March 4, 2015

In a confessional booth, Victor spoke to someone through the grating. Victor told the person that Kelly was adamant about "prying" Phyllis away from Jack. Victor added, "So we will proceed as planned -- and no one will ever know." Victor left the booth and was surprised to see Jack in the church. Jack wondered who Victor had been confessing to, but Victor said he had been in the booth alone for some quiet meditation.

Victor and Jack began their usual sniping but stopped when Victor reminded Jack that Austin's memorial service was being held later that day. They both planned to attend the service and promised to act civilly toward each other. After all, Victor shared an important goal with Jack -- to prove that Phyllis was innocent of attempted murder. Jack felt they faced an uphill battle, "Christine isn't going to take this lying down."

After Victor left, Jack heard a rustling sound emanating from the confessional booth. He shouted, "Hello?" a couple of times, then reached out to open the booth's door. He tried to turn the knob, but the door was locked. Phyllis called him, asking him to head to Austin's memorial service as soon as he could. Jack grabbed his coat and left but not before suspiciously eyeing the door to the confessional.

In his office, Paul remembered the argument he'd had with Christine earlier that day -- she had stormed out of his office after telling him that if he didn't have faith in her, she didn't know what kind of marriage they had. Paul grabbed his coat and left the station.

A drunken Neil became livid when he realized that Nikki was not driving him home as he had requested, but was instead driving to an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting. He tried to leave the moving car but couldn't unlock the door. Neil grabbed the steering wheel. Nikki unsuccessfully tried to regain control of the car, which was careening toward Christine. Nikki was able to brake -- but not before hitting something.

Nikki and Neil left the car to see what -- or whom -- the car had hit. Nikki saw a motionless body on the ground. She became hysterical when she realized it was Christine. Nikki gently shook Christine, who stirred a bit. Neil called 9-1-1.

Neil began rambling to Nikki that he hadn't seen Christine when he grabbed the steering wheel. Nikki implored him not to say another word. Paul and a uniformed officer arrived at the scene. Paul rushed over to see who had been hit. He knelt down next to the body -- astonished and dazed when he realized that his wife had been hit by the car.

Neil started to tell Paul what had happened, but Nikki interrupted Neil. She told Paul that she had been driving and hadn't seen Christine, not mentioning that an inebriated Neil had grabbed the steering wheel. An ambulance's siren pierced the air as Nikki continued to stop Neil, who apparently wanted to tell the truth, from talking.

After the paramedics showed up, Paul turned his attention to Nikki. Paul wasn't even listening to Nikki apologizing -- he turned to an officer and said, "Book her. Suspected DUI." Nikki insisted that she hadn't been drinking, but the furious Paul said, "Oh, yeah? What are you gonna blow? 1.2 or 1.4 on the breathalyzer?" Paul told the officer to take Nikki away. Neil again tried to speak to Paul, but Paul told him to "shut up."

At Genoa City Memorial, Paul left a voicemail for Father Todd, asking him to pray for Christine. Victor showed up and wondered why Paul was at the hospital. Paul snarled that Christine was in emergency surgery, fighting for her life as well as the life of their unborn child after a drunk Nikki had hit Christine with her car. Paul alleged that Victor was the reason Nikki had begun drinking again -- and Christine was paying the price.

Victor defended himself, saying he'd had absolutely nothing to do with the accident. He tried to calm Paul down, saying that throwing around accusations wasn't going to help Christine. Paul said, "Only the surgeons can help my wife. And only a lawyer can help yours." Victor learned that Nikki was at the station, making a statement. Victor told Paul he was going to the station to "straighten this out." When Victor said how terrible he felt about what had happened to Christine, Paul could only shake his head and say, "God, Victor. You go to hell."

After Victor left, a doctor told Paul that Christine was out of surgery and was expected to make a full recovery.

At his unconscious wife's bedside, Paul told Christine that he had never lost faith in her -- he was sorry he'd made her feel that she had to get away from him. Sobbing, he told her that he loved her and needed her.

Christine began to regain consciousness and opened her eyes. She whispered that she had been hit by a car and became agitated. Paul begged her to close her eyes and rest. Christine said, "The baby -- please tell me the baby made it." Paul informed a hysterical Christine that she had lost the baby. He began crying and hugged his despondent wife.

At the police station, Kevin told Mariah that the forensic results had arrived -- the blood on the towel in Kyle's car's trunk was Austin's -- not Kyle's. Courtney asked Mariah and Kevin if they had any theories as to how Austin's blood had ended up on the towel. After they discussed several scenarios in which Kyle had found and moved Austin's lifeless body, Kevin said there was a simpler answer -- perhaps Kyle had murdered Austin.

Courtney felt that, even though the group at the cabin had been drugged, it was unlikely that no one would remember Kyle in the cabin. Kevin said that Noah had seen someone outside the cabin -- perhaps it was Kyle, who, after seeing Summer bash in Austin's skull, had helped her stash Austin's body in the armoire. They discussed numerous other ways that Kyle could have been involved in Austin's murder or its aftermath but stopped when it was time to leave for Austin's memorial service.

After Courtney left the room, Kevin noticed that Mariah seemed down. She explained that she had really liked Austin -- she and Austin had really understood each other. There had been a time when Mariah had felt that Austin could have been a special person in her life -- but he was dead, and she missed her friend.

Mariah left the station to go to the memorial. As Kevin got ready to leave, a handcuffed Nikki was escorted into the police station by a couple of officers. Neil followed behind. Nikki was hauled off for a Breathalyzer test. Kevin wondered what had happened. Neil told him that there had been an accident -- Christine had been hit by a car. Kevin asked if Christine and the baby were okay. Neil hadn't known that Christine was pregnant.

Nikki and Neil were able to speak privately while Nikki waited to take the Breathalyzer test. She was confident the results would indicate that she had been sober and that hitting Christine had just been a horrible accident. Neil said he had learned that Christine was pregnant, and, if anything happened to the baby, it was Neil's fault. Nikki lectured Neil, insisting that he not tell the truth about the accident. Nikki would take the blame, and her sobriety would prove that it had been an accident -- not a crime.

Neil whined that his life had been so full of lies -- he was ready to take the blame for what had happened to Christine and go to prison if necessary -- he had nothing to live for. Nikki ordered Neil not to reveal the truth and told him he had plenty to live for -- Moses, Lily, and his grandchildren. An officer approached Nikki and told her it was time for her to take the Breathalyzer test.

As the officer escorted Nikki to the testing room, she saw Kevin and asked him if there had been any word on Christine. Kevin said all he knew was that Christine had been taken into surgery.

Nikki left the testing room and, as she passed Neil, whispered, "So, just tell the truth that I was driving. That's all there is to it." An officer escorted Neil into the interrogation room so he could give his statement.

Nikki was relieved when Victor arrived at the station. He asked her what had happened -- she related the details of the accident but omitted any mention of Neil grabbing the steering wheel. She told Victor the accident was entirely her fault. Victor asked Nikki if she had been drinking.

Nikki told Victor that she hadn't been drinking. Victor wondered why Nikki seemed so agitated. She said that the officer was interrogating Neil, and "God knows what he is going to say." Victor was confused -- since Nikki had tested clean, he didn't know why she would care about what Neil said. Victor suspected that Nikki was keeping something from him.

At Summer's apartment, Noah told Summer that she needed to get dressed for Austin's memorial service. Crying, Summer insisted that she wouldn't be able to attend -- she blamed herself for Austin's death. Noah said they might never know what had happened at the Valentine's Day party. He gently told Summer that she needed to attend the service and say goodbye. After Summer went upstairs, Noah sent Kyle a text message, "We need to talk."

At Crimson Lights, Kyle told Abby that he had confronted Austin after learning that Austin had been having a fling with Abby. Abby jumped to the conclusion that Kyle had murdered Austin. Kyle didn't respond to Abby's accusation, instead telling her that Austin was a "cheating jerk," and Summer deserved better.

After Kyle received the text message from Noah, Kyle told Abby that he had spied on her and Austin sharing a tender moment at Crimson Lights. Abby was flabbergasted when she learned that Kyle had been tailing her and Austin. Kyle admitted that he had confronted Austin after learning about his affair with Abby. The confrontation had grown violent when Austin had tried to grab Kyle after Kyle had threatened to tell Summer about her husband's infidelity. Kyle had punched Austin in the face. Kyle had tossed Austin a towel. Austin had begun wiping blood from his face.

Kyle insisted that he had been on his way to Abby's party when his car had gotten stuck in a ditch. Abby didn't believe him -- she thought Kyle had purposely driven into the ditch. Abby revealed that Noah had seen Kyle lurking outside the Abbott cabin on the night of the party.

Telling Abby that Noah was wrong, Kyle said he hadn't gone to the cabin on that fateful night. He chided Abby for having sex with her niece's husband. Abby said that she had tried to stop the affair then begged Kyle not to reveal anything to Summer.

In the chapel, Phyllis was making last-minute preparations for Austin's memorial service. She adjusted some flowers on the casket and told Austin that although she hadn't approved of his marriage to Summer, he certainly hadn't deserved to die. Nick arrived and, having overheard Phyllis, told her that only "tincture of time" would mend Summer's broken heart. Phyllis said she thought Kyle was trying to help Summer -- Phyllis was happy Summer had someone to lean on.

Avery arrived for the service, saying how shocked she was about Austin's death. However, she had some good news for Nick -- the contractor who had made the repairs to the Underground had a history of cutting corners -- therefore, Nick was in the clear. Nick insisted that he was to blame -- he had hired the contractor. Nick felt responsible for Derek the bartender's death, as well as for the injuries Jack, Victor, and others had sustained.

Alone with Phyllis, Avery apologized for having been in cahoots with Jack -- Avery and Jack had tried to make Phyllis appear unstable in front of witnesses. Phyllis said she and Jack were putting that behind them. Jack, according to Phyllis, fervently believed that Kelly had been playing dirty tricks on Phyllis.

The sisters' conversation was interrupted when Summer arrived. Nick returned to the room. Avery, Phyllis, and Nick hugged Summer. Phyllis told her daughter that everything was going to be okay, but when Summer saw Austin's casket, she said, "No. It's never going to be okay again."

Jack arrived, and Phyllis asked him to try to comfort Summer. Sobbing, Summer told Jack that Austin's death should not have happened -- it was all because of "one stupid night" at the Abbott cabin.

Abby and Mariah entered the chapel. Summer handed Abby a photograph of Austin and asked her to place it in the lobby. Looking a bit guilty, Abby took the photograph and placed it in the lobby just as Kyle arrived. Kyle pointed out the irony of Austin's paramour helping Summer out at the service. Abby wondered why Kyle hated her so much. Kyle snapped, "Love the sinner. Hate the sin."

Noah arrived and gave Abby a hug. After Abby returned to the chapel, Noah asked Kyle why he hadn't replied to Noah's text message. Noah said he had seen a video of Kyle spying on Austin and Abby at Crimson Lights.

Kyle said he wasn't going to "play this game" with Noah. Noah pointed his finger at Kyle, telling him he knew exactly when and why Kyle had been in town. As Courtney and Kevin entered, Kyle pushed Noah's finger away, saying that Summer was going through hell, and told Noah to pick a fight with someone else. After Kyle went into the chapel, Courtney and Kevin approached Noah. Kevin told Noah that the blood on the towel in Kyle's car was Austin's. Noah informed Courtney and Kevin that Kyle had lied about being in Genoa City several weeks earlier.

Noah explained that he had seen a video that Austin had shot in February -- and Kyle was in the background. Noah planned to get the laptop with that video and be back in time for the memorial. He told Kevin and Courtney to make sure that Kyle didn't leave.

Nick began the service. He stepped up to the podium and began eulogizing Austin. As he spoke, Summer had memory flashes -- first, some muffled arguing -- then, as the memory focused, she remembered Austin and Abby bickering about telling something to someone.

Mariah got up to speak and told the attendees what a great friend and coworker Austin had been. Summer had another memory flash -- she remembered Abby telling Austin, "This cannot happen, ever again." After Mariah finished her eulogy, Phyllis told Summer that she didn't need to step up to the podium and speak about Austin. Summer said that she needed to.

At the podium, Summer delivered a beautiful eulogy. She talked about the lack of love in Austin's life and how he'd lost his mother, which had made him do some "desperate" things. She thanked her family and friends for forgiving Austin and making him feel welcome. While talking, Summer began staring at Abby and had yet another memory flash -- she remembered Abby saying to Austin, "We can't do this anymore. It's not fair to Summer. We're family."

Summer stepped away from the podium and began walked toward Abby. She stared Abby down and, as everyone looked on, growled, "You slept with my husband!"

. . .

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