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Wednesday, October 26, 2016
by Nel

Jack is in his office and putting cash into a briefcase when Phyllis arrived and asked what the next step was. Billy pushed past Dave and burst into Jacks office. He wanted to stop Jack from going down the same path Billy had and ruining himself in the process. Billy confronted Jack about his strike against Victor and warned Jack that Victor would retaliate. Jack yelled wanting to know why Billy was there. Billy admitted he didn't want Jack to drag Phyllis down with him. Jack informed Billy that he wasn't and employee, or an Abbott, or Jack's brother, so Billy's opinion didn't matter and Billy didn't matter. If Billy came to save Phyllis, Jack advised him to do it behind Jack's back and ordered Billy out of his office.

Alone with Jack, Phyllis said she was afraid Billy might cause problems because she was sure he knew she was working with Jack. Jack was livid and said he didn't care what Billy said or did, Billy was out of Jack's life. Jack's assistant Pamela delivered an envelope to Jack. Jack thought it was from Victor's lawyers, but it was their divorce papers. Jack wanted them to sign them and get it over with. He reminded Phyllis that that was their deal. Jack asked Phyllis to leave the documents with Pamela and asked Phyllis to leave.

Exiting Jack's office, Phyllis threw the documents on Pamela's desk and went to her office. She sat at her desk and tried to work, but in a fit of anger swept everything off her desk with her arm, scattering her work.

Alone, Jack had flashbacks to his times with Phyllis and his failed marriage. He recalled saying that love was a funny thing – you couldn't touch it, you couldn't see it, you couldn't lock it up or steal it, but when two people shared it, it was strong and powerful and if one of them didn't screw it up, it was forever. Jack recalled Phyllis saying that they knew how to roll with the bad times and they especially knew how to crawl back to the good ones. He recalled how destroyed he'd felt after Phyllis told him she'd slept with Billy and Phyllis admitting she'd love him and Billy, but in the end she'd chosen Jack. Jack said, "In the end -- this was the end. Anything they'd ever had or could have been, Phyllis destroyed it." Phyllis admitted she did stupid and crazy things and if Jack didn't know that, then he'd better tell her who he'd fallen in love with. Jack answered he'd fallen in love with her, all her stubbornness, headstrong and intense misguided passion.

Jack was on the phone assuring his source that he would provide him with the money as soon as Jack had a sledge hammer big enough to shatter Victor's world.

At Brash & Sassy, Lauren confronted Jill and Victoria about making deals with other buyers when she had exclusivity to carry Bare by Brash & Sassy, but her shelves were empty and they'd reneged. Lauren accused Jill of screwing her over. Jill assured Lauren that she hadn't authorized any new deals and advised her they were honoring the deal they'd made. Cane arrived and admitted that he'd made the deals. Cane said Lauren had exclusivity only for the first few weeks after the launch and he was setting up future deals once Lauren's exclusivity had ended. Lauren argued that she'd assumed she'd be given the opportunity to extend the exclusivity, given her history with the brand and given the fact that Jill was part owner of Fenmores. They've left her in the lurch. Victoria assured Lauren that she had hired a new manufacturer and Lauren would have her stock by the end of the week. Jill also offered to extend Lauren's exclusivity to make up for the time that Lauren's shelves had been empty. Lauren agreed.

Jill advised that they would reword the next contract giving Fenmores exclusivity after the initial roll out for as long as Lauren wanted it, unless Lauren waived it in writing. Jill apologized for Cane's overzealousness. After Lauren left, Victoria asked Jill to go easy on Cane because he'd been trying to be proactive. Jill confronted Cane accusing him of having all sorts of ideas on how to run the business, but he forgot that she was in charge and left.

Billy arrived and told Dave he could go, but Dave told Billy not to test him and stood outside the door. Billy told Victoria that he'd paid a visit to Jack and Phyllis and Jack had said that Billy was dead to him. Victoria wondered why Billy went up there when Jack had so much contempt for him. Billy said he'd had his reasons. Victoria updated Billy on Cane making deals behind everyone's back with other retailers and how unhappy Lauren was.

When Jill returned she was happy to see Billy because she'd wanted to talk about the timing of their next product roll out. Billy suggested Jill ask Cane because he had all the ideas and Billy was just a foot soldier who took orders. Jill asked if the reason he was in a lousy mood because he'd seen Victoria. Billy assured Jill that he and Victoria were done. Victoria was seriously involved with the new golden boy and Billy was the town pariah.

Jill wanted to know if Billy had been planning on going up against Victor. Billy assured her he'd been the voice of reason on that subject with Jack earlier. Jill said she was proud of him because Billy knew Jack would've been hostile, but Billy had known it had been the right thing to do. It proved Billy was willing to change. Billy admitted he'd done for it for Phyllis because he didn't want Jack taking Phyllis down with him. Jill became exasperated and told Billy that Phyllis was bad for him and she thought Billy had closed that door. Billy assured her he'd always care for Phyllis.

Later Jill discussed her instructions with Cane so he wouldn't go off half-cocked and make unilateral decisions. Cane defended his actions. He said Lauren's exclusivity was coming to an end and he had been setting up a new buyer because that was his job. Jill reminded him it was also his job to keep her informed and he was part of a team and the reason she made him, Billy and Victor equals, so they could all bring their particular talents to the table.

Cane only saw this as a match-making exercise and he was the third wheel. He wanted to prove to Jill that he was the right person to run the division. He pointed out all the work he'd done for their new product from inception to roll out. As a result, he'd missed time with his kids because he was trying to close a deal that Jill now wanted him to renegotiate. He accused Jill of testing him since day one, and he'd delivered, and that was the bottom line. Jill advised that that was not the bottom line.

Jill assured Cane that when she had taken Cane away from Fenmores, she'd known he was a hard worker and very talented, but he couldn't be running things on his own. Cane had two very capable partners with special skill sets. Jill insisted that Cane go home every night to his family. Cane asked if he did that, who'd run the company. Billy and Victoria were too involved with their personal problems. He said the company was going in the right direction because of him, not Billy and Victoria. They weren't committed to the company the way he was. Jill knew Cane was passionate and committed, but she didn't want him to burn out. He had to learn how to strike a balance. Cane assured Jill that he would maintain a balance.

At Newman Enterprises, Victor dealt with a couple of shareholders who wanted the truth about the financials. Travis watched on. The shareholders were concerned about the rumors that the FBI might get involved. Victor assured the shareholders these were just rumors. The person, who had spread the lies, had hoped the lies would take on a life of their own, create distrust, and bring Victor and the company down. This had been a personal attack. Victor asked them to reassure the board of directors that he had everything under control. The shareholders were appeased and left.

Travis confronted Victor about the documents and said the documents that were leaked were accurate. Victor assured Travis that he intended to find out who'd sent the information to Jack. Travis advised that he had narrowed down the people on his list. Victor advised him to cross them off any members of his family because no one in his family would do that. They wouldn't intentionally sabotage the company. Victor advised Travis that the reason he launched a lawsuit against the Hamilton's was to find out who had sent the information to Jack.

Later, Victor walked into Brash & Sassy and asked Billy to tell Jack that he'd been doing some sleuthing and would soon find out who was responsible for the leak. Victoria grabbed Victor's hand to usher him out for their lunch date.

At the Athletic Club, Lauren was livid and told Michael that Cane had been negotiating all over town without consulting anyone. Cane had been willing to ditch Fenmores without dealing with the out-of-stock issue, but Jill and Victoria had reassured her. Lauren was upset because she thought Cane was a close friend, but that went out the window when there was a buck to be made. Lauren recalled that Cane had come to her when he'd been sick of playing second fiddle to Jill, but he'd gone back to Jill, who called him out in front of Victoria.

Lauren advised Michael she wasn't going to sue Jill so Michael was free to pursue Victor's lawsuit. Lauren didn't understand why Victor would come to Michael for legal help and why he'd decided to take the case. He said Victor felt Michael owed him for throwing his defense and this was Michael's penance. Michael admitted his professional judgment had been affected by his friendship with Phyllis and his outrage at how Victor had treated Phyllis and Jack. He said he'd crossed lines that he shouldn't have and learned his lesson. He hoped Phyllis had as well.

Michael received a text from Phyllis advising him that she and Jack had signed the divorce papers so their divorce was final. Lauren wished they had taken more time to work through their pain and anger and come out on the other side. Lauren and Michael were living proof that it was possible. Michael knew the divorce didn't matter to Phyllis because she would never give up on Jack.

Over lunch, Victoria and Victor discuss the documents GC Buzz had reported on. Victor maintained the documents were fake and he was suing the Hamiltons. This leak had Jack Abbott written all over it. Victor said that Jack had been spinning out of control ever since Jack discovered that Billy had been having an affair with Phyllis. This attack on Newman was a desperate act by Jack. Victor said Jack had manufactured the evidence and put the company and Victor in a bad light.

Victor didn't care which agency would investigate him, his books were clean. Victoria knew how bad things had become after the oil spill, but she also knew that Victor couldn't turn the company around that fast. Victor reminded her he'd built the company from the ground up and asked if she didn't think he could do it again. Victoria didn't think he could do it in a matter of hours. She'd been CEO for a short period of time and she knew the state of the company. Victor accused Jack of being out to get him and Jack had been using someone from inside the company to get very sensitive information for him. Victor also assured Victoria that he didn't suspect Travis, but he warned Victoria that Travis was hiding something.

Travis asked Natalie to research everyone on the board of director's. He wanted information on everyone's financial picture, bank accounts, stocks, bonds, and phone records. He wanted her to look for anything out of the ordinary, unusual patterns or large purchases. Natalie knew how to find and analyze personal data. Travis asked why Natalie wasn't saying she'd do it for him. Natalie reminded him that most of the board members were Newmans. She asked if Victor knew what Travis was doing. Travis felt that someone in Victor's inner circle had leaked information to GC Buzz and it was a mistake to rule anyone out.

Travis gave Natalie a list of everyone he wanted investigated as well as people close to those on the list who could have access – people who owed money or people who held a grudge against Victor. Natalie said the last request would be a long list. She reminded Travis that the list included people who were close to him. Travis acknowledged it, but he wanted creative thinking. Natalie agreed and said that once she had the list compiled, she'd give it to Travis and Victor. Travis wanted her to keep it between them only for now.

Victoria found Travis with Natalie and asked why Natalie was there. Victoria was surprised that Natalie was Victor's new assistant. Victoria questioned why Natalie would waste her time playing secretary to Victor, given her specific skill set with computers. Natalie admitted her Pass Key royalties were getting low so she needed a job.

Victoria and Travis head to his office. Victoria asked Travis why Natalie was really there because Victor wouldn't hire someone with Natalie's skills just to cover the phones. She asked if Natalie's first assignment was to figure out who was behind the leak. Travis admitted they were looking at everyone including board members. Victoria realized that she was a suspect as well. Victoria was not buying what Travis was selling. If Travis thought her family was behind the leak, then she was at the top of the list.

Victoria told him that the entire family had made amends with Victor when they got him out of prison. Victoria reminded him that she'd kept Newman Enterprises afloat when Victor was in prison even when she knew she'd be tossed out once Victor was out. There was no way her family would turn their backs on Victor now. She asked if that was what Victor believed. Victoria realized that Victor didn't know Travis was investigating the whole family. Travis admitted Victor didn't know and explained that he'd been doing his due diligence. Victoria assured him that he wouldn't find anything because her family didn't need money. Travis asked her if she'd given any thought that maybe it wasn't about money, and walked away.

In the meantime Natalie advised Victor that she'd strengthened the firewall and encrypted all the financial files, but it may not matter because Travis thought the leak may have come from inside Victor's family.

When Phyllis walked through the park, Billy asked her to stop. He apologized for barging into the Jack's office. He hadn't intended on upsetting her. Billy knew he blew up Phyllis' life and Victor had been a big part of that. Their hate for Victor was what had brought them together and they wanted to make Victor pay. Billy saw that the same thing had been happening to Jack.

Phyllis told Billy that her divorce was final. She acknowledged that Jack had said some horrible things about Billy not being his brother or even an Abbott. She assured Billy that it was Jack's anger talking and he hadn't meant it. She knew Jack's words bothered Billy. Billy knew Jack meant every word because of what Billy had said, but he wouldn't take any of it back because of what he'd had with Phyllis. Billy still cared about her. Phyllis asked if Billy thought they had a chance now that she was free. She said she loved Jack and that she and Jack belonged together. She said nothing was going to stop that, so if Billy wanted her to be happy, then Billy had to leave her alone and she walked away.

. . .

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