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Wednesday, May 24, 2017
by Nel

Dina causes havoc within the family

At Brash & Sassy, Cane said he was happy that Juliet realized that what had happened between them in Tokyo had been a mistake and he'd never forgive himself. Juliet was worried about the company and losing her job. Cane assured her that he was worried as well, but it was out of their hands. Hilary had arrived to speak to Billy, but stopped short of entering the office when she overheard Cane and Juliet talking about their night in Tokyo.

A short time later, Juliet had been arguing with a reporter on the phone when she received a text from Hilary asking Juliet to meet her at GC Buzz. Hilary said she might be able to help Juliet with her problem.

At the Underground Reed and Tessa were practicing, but Tessa seemed upset and she asked for a few minutes. When Noah asked why Tessa was upset, she said she'd been having a bad day. Noah knew a lie when he heard one, and that made Tessa angry. She warned Noah not to call her a liar. She quickly apologized. When Noah asked if they were still getting together later, Tessa claimed she had to help Nikki with the benefit.

Noah told Tessa that his favorite part about being a bartender was listening to stories. People felt there was something about opening up to a stranger that made things appear a little better. He wanted her to think how she'd feel opening up to someone who cared. Tessa assured Noah that she wasn't blowing him off, but she wasn't the touchy-feely type. Tessa thought Noah was a cool guy and she was just a weird chick with no friends. She told Noah that she was leaving Genoa City. Noah wanted to know why.

Tessa reminded Noah that she never said she'd stay forever. She'd made some money and now it was time to move on. Noah asked Tessa about Nikki's benefit, but Tessa said that she was replaceable. Noah disagreed. Tessa countered that Noah barely knew her, but Noah pointed out that he wouldn't even get a chance to know her since she was running away again, just like she'd run from her family. Tessa accused him to taking a cheap shot. Noah said he didn't mind fighting dirty for someone he cared about.

Tessa broke down and told Noah she'd seen a guy at Crimson Lights that she'd known in Chicago. He hadn't seen her and she wanted it kept that way. Noah wanted to know if this guy had been a friend or an ex. Tessa admitted that it hadn't been like that. Noah thought the guy must have been bad news if Tessa wanted to leave town rather than run into him. He asked what the guy had done to her.

Tessa said he'd been a nice guy a first -- then he wasn't. Noah wanted to know if Tessa had dated him. Tessa said not in the way Noah thought. They had run in the same group. Noah wanted to know if the guy had been abusive, but Tessa felt she'd said too much and didn't want to talk about it. Noah suggested that perhaps the guy was just passing through, but Tessa said she couldn't take that chance. Noah said that if the guy was dangerous, then Tessa needed to stay. He saw that Tessa was afraid. Noah asked her to stay and promised he wouldn't let anything happen to her. He asked her to trust him.

At that moment, Kendall arrived and asked to see Reed. When Reed came out of the backroom, Kendall asked if they could go to a movie later, but Reed reminded Kendall that he was dating Zoey. Kendall stated that she just wanted to hang out as friends and left.

A short time later, Reed received a text from Kendall inviting him to Crimson Lights after his lessons because everyone would be there.

In Dina's suite, Abby asked why Dina had never reached out to her while she'd been in boarding school. The school hadn't been far from Dina. Dina said that she'd been afraid to. Abby had been led to believe that Dina was fearless, but Dina admitted that Ashley frightened her. Dina confessed that the decisions she'd made in the past still haunted her. Abby asked why Dina had left the family. Dina said she'd been very young and she'd wanted her own life -- a life she couldn't have with children. She admitted that she'd been selfish and had taken the easy way out.

Abby asked if Dina had told Ashley that. Dina admitted she had -- many times. Dina admitted that nothing would ease her guilt and she'd stayed away to keep the peace. She added that Abby was an adult and should decide who to have in her life. Abby asked if Dina was suggesting that they have a relationship. Dina asked if it was possible to spend time together. Abby hesitated and said it was too late, but Dina said it was never too late.

Dina stated that Abby was an intelligent, lovely woman and Victor was very proud of her. Abby said that Dina and Victor had a history and Abby wondered why Dina had sounded a angry when she'd called Dina on behalf of Newman about the sale of her company. Dina admitted that she and Victor hadn't always seen eye to eye.

Dina commented that it couldn't be easy for Abby to be an Abbott and a Newman. Abby confirmed that she tried to honor both families and stayed out of Victor and Jack's feud. Dina asked if the Newman kids had accepted her. They were all family and they all laughed, cried and fought. Abby admitted that she and Victoria were on the outs because Victoria was jealous that Victor chose Abby over Victoria to succeed him. Victoria felt that it was her entitlement.

Dina said she wanted to rectify the problems she'd caused within her family. She was happy that Abby and Ashley were so close. Dina lamented that she wished she'd had that kind of relationship with Ashley. Abby said if Dina really wanted to reconcile with the family, Abby would help her. Dina thanked Abby for coming to see her. Abby asked if she should call her grandmother, but they settled on Dina.

Ashley walked into Jack's office and commented on his great mood. Jack was elated over Billy's downfall and wanted to capitalize on Brash & Sassy's problems. Jack said Victoria was in Toronto trying to save the hockey deal, but he felt it was dead. He admitted he wouldn't shed a tear if Brash & Sassy died and he didn't think Ashley would either. Jack felt that Jabot could pick up a giant part of Brash & Sassy's market. What was bad for Brash & Sassy was good for Jabot.

Jack and Ashley's discussion turned to Dina. Jack wanted Ashley to give Dina a break. Jack left when Ravi arrived. Ravi noted Ashley's dark mood. Ashley asked if Ravi could develop an app to make her mother disappear. Ashley admitted she'd never forgive Dina and that Dina knew which buttons to push on Ashley. Ravi said that Ashley was an amazing and intuitive woman and told her to trust her gut. Ashley admitted she didn't believe anything Dina said.

Ashely told Ravi that Jack wanted her to forgive Dina. Ashley said that Dina had scarred them -- Jack had gone from one failed marriage to the next and she wasn't far behind. Ashley admitted that she avoided personal connections and spent most of her time at work. Ravi claimed she didn't always spend time there because he and Ashley had been exposed to new experiences. Ashley claimed that that would always be an uphill battle. Ravi promised that if showing her new experiences would be an uphill battle, then he'd gladly fight to help her.

To Ashley's chagrin, Dina arrived at that moment. Dina introduced herself to Ravi and told Ashley she was there to see Jack. Dina was delighted that she got to see Ashley and her friend. Ashley corrected Dina and said Ravi was a colleague. Dina commented Ashley's colleague was the same as Graham was to her. After Ravi left, Dina crowed that Ashley had a young man in her life and that she and Ashley were more alike than Ashley cared to admit. Ashley was about to leave, but froze in her tracks when Dina said she'd had a delightful visit with Abby. Dina said that Abby was attractive and smart like Ashley.

Ashley warned Dina to stay away from Abby. She wouldn't let Dina destroy Abby the way Dina had destroyed Ashley. Dina confessed that she regretted everything she'd done to Ashley, but she wouldn't allow Ashley to trash Dina's character when Ashley had done the same in her life. Ashley said she'd never abandoned her child. Dina said that Ashley had lied about Abby's paternity. Ashley wondered if Dina was comparing what Ashley had done to what Dina had done. Dina accused Ashley of not being forthcoming.

Ashley told Dina that she'd never cheated on Brad and she'd never lied to the man she'd loved for years. Brad had always known that Abby wasn't his child. Ashley told her that Abby and Victor had a great relationship. Ashley said she'd never burdened Abby with a secret about her paternity. Ashley was extremely upset and called Dina self-righteous.

Jack walked in at that moment and Ashley yelled at Jack to get out. Dina explained to Jack that she'd come with wonderful news, but ended up in an altercation with Ashley. Ashley asked Jack not to go down that rabbit hole, but Jack wanted Ashley to hear Dina out. Ashley yelled that she'd heard enough to last a lifetime and stormed out.

Dina told Jack that she didn't blame Ashley for being angry and hurt. She told Jack about her wonderful visit with Abby and that Abby was open to a relationship with her. Dina wanted her family together again and asked if Jack wanted it as well. Jack said it would take time. He also admitted that Dina wasn't to blame for everything that had happened in their lives. Dina told Jack that he'd always been special, but Jack said that not many people would believe that. Dina stated that a mother saw what no one else did.

Outside Jack's office, Ashley told Ravi that Dina had gone behind her back and met Abby and that they'd had a delightful conversation. Ashley knew that Dina wanted Abby to hear Dina's version of events and that was what Dina was doing with Jack at that moment. Dina wouldn't leave until she had Jack in the palm of her hand.

Ravi told Ashley to relax. He advised her not to get angry because that gave Dina the upper hand. He said that if Ashley kept calm, swallowed her pride and showed some kindness, Ashley would take the power back. He asked Ashley how good that would make her feel.

Jack went to see Cane at Brash & Sassy and gloated over telling Cane that it would only be a matter of time before things blew up in Billy's face. Jack crowed that Cane got everything he'd wanted and Billy would be out of Brash & Sassy. Jack admitted it had happened sooner than he'd expected. Jack asked how things had gone off the rail so quickly. Cane explained that there had been a mix-up about the league's approval of the final video scenes. Jack said that the footage with the players and Billy talking about gambling would never have seen the light of day had Billy made sure he had the league's final approval.

Cane explained that what had been seen on The Hilary Hour was never meant to be seen by the public. Jack claimed that that had been classic Billy -- given enough rope Billy would hang himself every time. Cane hoped that Billy hadn't choked the company in the process. Jack assured Cane it wouldn't because Victoria would cut all ties with Billy if Victoria got the deal back. Jack said it put Cane into a perfect position because Victoria would need a strong right hand that she could count on. Best of all, Cane didn't have to get his hands dirty because Billy had done it to himself.

Lily arrived at her home carrying heavy parcels. She yelled for Mattie and Charlie to help her. Mattie walked in behind Lily and complained about her assignments and that they had to be ready on the same day. Lily and Mattie discussed Mattie's assignments until Cane arrived and heard Mattie say that she wanted to be a surgeon. Cane teased that he'd hoped that Mattie would follow in his footsteps and climb the corporate ladder. Mattie left to do her homework. Lily asked if Cane had heard from Victoria whether they still had their Hockey league campaign. Cane said that Brash & Sassy was still hanging in limbo, but even if they lost the hockey deal they'd survive. No matter what happened, they had each other and their family.

Zoey and Kendall arrived at Crimson Lights. Zoey asked Kendall how much longer Reed would be practicing. Kendall said he'd probably be another hour. Zoey asked if Kendall remembered the hot lacrosse player from Walnut Grove because he wanted to hang out with her. Zoey sent him a text asking him to meet her at Crimson Lights. Kendall asked Zoey about Reed. Zoey claimed it had only been a casual thing because Reed spent more time with his guitar than he did with her. Kendall advised that it wasn't how Reed saw it. Zoey said that was Reed's problem.

Kendall sent Reed a text inviting him to come to Crimson Lights. A short time later, Reed arrived and found Zoey on the patio making out with a guy -- Charlie Ashby. He pulled Charlie off Zoey and said he was Zoey's boyfriend. Zoey complained that Reed spent more time with his guitar than he did with her. Reed asked Zoey if she wanted to be seen with a dimwitted jock like Charlie. Charlie threatened to knock some of Reed's teeth out. Reed dared Charlie try and told Charlie not to get twisted becasuse Charlie could have Zoey. As Red walked by Kendall, he thanked her and asked if she was happy.

Juliet arrived at GC Buzz to see Hilary. Hilary explained that she'd gone to see Billy at Brash & Sassy and had unintentionally overheard Juliet and Cane talking about their night in Tokyo. Juliet explained that Cane had almost lost the Asian market and she'd helped him save it. Hilary asked how long the affair had been going on. Juliet said it wasn't an affair -- just the one night stand.

Juliet explained to Hilary that she and Cane had celebrated securing the Asian market and they'd had too much to drink. Juliet had taken Cane to his room and one thing led to another. Cane didn't remember anything and it had meant nothing to either of them. Juliet admitted she had no interest in Cane. Hilary couldn't believe that Juliet had spent the night with Cane. Hilary implied that when Juliet got the Brash & Sassy job after she and Cane had returned from Tokyo. Juliet said that her night with Cane had nothing to do with her getting the job at Brash & Sassy.

Juliet warned Hilary not to rip Lily's family apart because Hilary would cross a line she might never recover from. Juliet said that Cane and Lily were happy and Lily was a good friend. Hilary suggested that Juliet calm down and stop being so dramatic and said she never said she'd tell Lily or anyone else about Juliet's secret. Juliet warned Hilary that if Hilary told anyone about what had happened in Tokyo, Juliet would personally make sure that Hilary lived to regret it and left.

Hilary smiled as she watched a replay of her conversation with Juliet.

On the next The Young and the Restless...

• At Brash & Sassy, Juliet warns Cane that Hilary knows about their one night stand.

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