Thursday, September 3, 2015

At the Athletic Club, Nikki asked if Victor thought the judge would award him weekly visitation with Connor, and Victor confidently replied that both he and his attorney did. Nikki questioned the lengths to which Victor was willing to go to keep Chelsea from moving away, and she pointed out that Chelsea had never tried to keep Victor out of Connor's life, but Victor griped that Chelsea wanted to take Connor halfway around the world. Nikki recognized that Victor had never had the relationship he'd wanted with Adam, and Victor abruptly stated that he had to go to the office. Nikki warned that if he pushed Chelsea too hard, he might lose Connor forever.

Across the dining room, Lily asked about Cane's black eye, and she reasoned that Cane couldn't blame Devon for lashing out when Cane had practically accused him of causing Hilary's disappearance. Lily maintained that Devon would never hurt Hilary, but Cane pointed out that the authorities felt otherwise, and he wished Lily had given him all the facts from the start. Cane stressed that they had to be honest with one another if their marriage was going to work, and Lily confessed that someone else had known about Devon and the hooker. Cane guessed she meant Colin, and Lily revealed that Colin had been using the information to blackmail Devon.

Cane asked if Lily thought Colin had said something to Hilary, and Lily explained that it was why she'd called Cane from the Virgin Islands to confirm Colin's whereabouts. Lily didn't think Colin had been involved in Hilary's disappearance, and she thought they should move on, but Cane couldn't.

At the Dive Bar, Neil asked Devon what he could do to help, but Colin suddenly announced that Jill was back from Hong Kong. Jill hugged Devon, and he was glad she'd made it in time for Katherine's remembrance. Jill promised that she and Tucker would be there for Devon, and Devon replied that Lily and Neil had been fantastic. Jill incredulously asked if Neil had stood by Devon after everything Devon and Hilary had done, and Devon revealed that Neil had forgiven them. Jill recalled Neil's dramatic revelation about the couple's affair on the plane, and she found it hard to believe that Neil had put his anger behind him.

Neil claimed that he'd seen that Hilary and Devon loved one another and that they'd never set out to purposely hurt him, and he'd realized he'd had to make peace to move on. Michael arrived and welcomed Jill back with a hug, and Jill informed him that she was meeting Lauren at the remembrance. Jill asked if Michael was going to be there, but he explained that he was headed back to the islands to try to clear Devon's name. Michael pulled Devon aside and asked why he'd left an urgent message, and Devon acknowledged that Michael was doing a lot, but he needed something else.

After Michael and Devon left, Jill greeted Lily and Cane, and Colin suggested they get a drink. The ladies headed downstairs, but Cane held Colin back. Cane revealed that he knew that Colin had been blackmailing Devon, but Colin called it a business arrangement that had since ended. Cane understood why Colin didn't want to be connected to Hilary, and Colin pointed out that the media attention was already a nightmare, so he could only imagine what would happen if anyone found out about Devon's indiscretion. Cane agreed to keep quiet for Devon's sake, but he wouldn't just let it go.

Later, Jill informed Colin that she and Tucker had honored the anniversary of Katherine's death by going to the karaoke bar where Katherine had spent her final night. She added that they'd sung songs that had reminded them of Katherine, but she'd known it had been time to go home. Colin said he'd missed Jill, and she said she'd heard he'd been busy. He swore he hadn't been running around with other women, but she revealed that her accountant had advised that there had been a large deposit in their account. Jill questioned how Colin had gotten that kind of money, and he claimed that he'd won big at gambling.

Nikki chased after Neil in the foyer, and she asked if he'd received her messages. He coldly acknowledged that he had, and she begged him to hear her out. She apologized for mistakenly suggesting that he'd had something to do with Hilary's disappearance, but Neil spat that Nikki had accused him of being behind it. He snarled that she'd killed their friendship the second she'd gone to Victor to ask him to check Neil's alibi.

Nikki defended that she'd been scared for Neil, since she knew how easy it was to go to a dark place when everything in life seemed to be falling down. She admitted that she'd done horrible things when she'd been drinking, but Neil snapped that just because she'd had to jump back into rehab didn't mean he had to. Nikki pleaded with him to find a way to fix it, but he growled that they were done being friends, and he wanted nothing to do with her. Nikki begged him to reconsider, but he took a call from Gwen and ignored Nikki, who ran out in tears.

At Crimson Lights, Kevin presented Mariah with a fancy coffee drink, but she jokingly refused to forgive him for using up all the milk at home. He wondered how they'd gone from being friends to roommates to an old married couple when he hadn't even gotten to second base, and she flatly asked if he wanted to put his hand up her shirt. She asked if he wanted more from their relationship, and he pointed out that they'd skipped the fun steps that normal couples took, like flirting and dating. Mariah balked at trying to be normal, since even good couples crashed and burned. She began to name all the couples they knew who had split up, and he told her to forget it.

At the cottage, Dylan remarked that it was nice to see Sharon happy and relaxed, and he wanted her to be like that every day. She promised not to go off her medication again, since he deserved a happy family, and she wouldn't let anything stop her from giving him one. Later, Mariah arrived, and Dylan thanked her for figuring out that Sharon had gone off her meds. Mariah uncomfortably told him not to give her too much credit, since Sharon made her own decisions, and Sharon was good at keeping things hidden.

Dylan said he was working on getting Sharon to open up, but he was grateful that Mariah was watching out for Sharon and the baby. Sharon entered and was surprised to see Mariah, and Dylan affectionately kissed Sharon's belly before he left for work. Sharon assumed Mariah had gotten her message, and Mariah dryly surmised that Sharon had attributed her manic need for sex to going off her meds. Sharon thanked Mariah for not telling anyone that Sharon was trying to conceive, and she declared that Mariah wouldn't have to lie anymore because Sharon was pregnant.

Sharon explained that she hadn't taken the test yet, but she gushed about how often she and Dylan had been having sex. Mariah cringed and lectured that it didn't make a baby every time, but Sharon revealed that her ovulation kit had indicated that the timing had been exactly right. Mariah warned that it was only wishful thinking if Sharon hadn't confirmed her pregnancy, and Sharon wondered why Mariah was being such a pessimist.

Mariah complained that life wasn't all sunshine and rainbows, and Sharon understood that Mariah knew what it felt like not to get her share of love and happiness. Mariah griped that she couldn't miss what she'd never had, and Sharon advised that it was within Mariah's reach but only if she went for it. Mariah hesitated to set herself up for disappointment, but Sharon refused to give up hope that good things would happen, since they had nothing without hope.

At the police station, Chelsea informed Paul that she'd spoken with her lawyer, and the court usually sided with a child's parents when a grandparent demanded visitation. Paul pointed out that most cases didn't involve Victor, and Chelsea grumbled that Victor couldn't get away with it. Paul pointed out that he and the police had nothing to do with a civil case, and Adam questioned what would happen if they left the country with Connor. Paul replied that he'd have to arrest both Chelsea and Gabriel if they disobeyed a court order.

Later, Devon met with Paul with a request to send someone to the Virgin Islands to figure out who had canceled the guided tour and who Hilary had been arguing with. Paul said he had no jurisdiction there, and Devon suggested that they send someone who wasn't on the force, like Dylan. Paul reported that Dylan had decided not to become a cop because of the danger involved, and he doubted Dylan would be willing to travel to search for a missing person when he had a baby on the way. Devon thought he could get through to Dylan.

Over the phone, Paul told Christine that they'd have plenty of time that evening to celebrate their anniversary, and he'd see her at the park. After he hung up, he handed a file to Kevin and told him to do what he had to do. Michael wished Paul and Christine a happy anniversary, and Paul marveled that it had been two years since he'd read Katherine's letter advising him to ask Christine to marry him. Paul added that the two years had been wonderful, and Michael was sure they'd have plenty more. Paul excused himself to finish work, and Kevin asked if Michael really believed that Paul and Christine's marriage would last.

Michael commented that he knew plenty of happily married people, and Kevin sourly referred to Michael and Lauren. Michael conceded that unexpected things happened, and Kevin questioned why people bothered when they just ended up getting hurt. Michael argued that the idea of a lonely, miserable life wasn't appealing, but Kevin countered that being alone didn't mean a person was miserable. Michael warned that Kevin would regret closing off his heart, and Kevin hurried to his desk to get to work. Michael recognized that Chloe had hurt Kevin deeply, but he advised that although Kevin might not love again, Kevin could at least try.

Mariah tracked down Kevin at the station and blurted out that she thought they should "do it," but when she saw his shocked reaction, she told him to get his mind out of the gutter. She clarified that they should take the next step in their relationship, since even though it might end up being horrible, they'd never know unless they tried. Kevin suggested they go on a date that night, but Mariah mentioned that it was Katherine's remembrance. Kevin thought it was a chance for Mariah to find out how great Katherine had been, and he proposed that they attend it together and have a real date afterward.

At the coffeehouse, Chelsea asked David Sherman if Victor could force weekly visits, and David advised her to offer a compromise. Adam refused, but David cautioned them against butting heads with Victor in court, and he suggested that they propose bimonthly visits instead. David explained that the order keeping them in the country might be lifted if Victor agreed to the change, and it would be harder to enforce the agreement once Chelsea and Connor were on French soil. David added that it might be the only chance they had of getting Victor out of their lives, and Adam and Chelsea agreed to do it.

David stopped by Victor's office and informed Victor that he was representing Chelsea, so he was there to discuss the visitation request. Victor said the fact that she'd hired someone of David's caliber proved Victor needed to stay involved in Connor's life, and David revealed that Chelsea was willing offer the fair compromise of allowing visits every other month. Victor ordered David to get out of his office.

Adam suggested Chelsea get a massage to relax, but she couldn't think of anything else until the situation was settled. She answered a call and looked exasperated, and Adam guessed that Victor hadn't agreed to the deal. Chelsea ranted that it wouldn't end with weekly visits, since Victor wouldn't stop until he had complete control. Adam vowed not to let that happen, and he told her to go back to their hotel room while he talked to Victor.

Victor wasn't surprised when Adam entered his office, and Adam huffed that Victor should have taken the compromise. Victor asserted that he was only concerned about his grandson, but Adam said Victor's proclamation that family was everything was a tired cliché, since Victor was emotionally bankrupt, and he had no idea what it was like to form a meaningful relationship with anyone. Victor stepped in close and stared Adam down, but he eventually turned away. Adam taunted that the truth hurt, and he expected any self-respecting judge to see Victor for the cold-hearted manipulator he was. Victor growled that when he won the court case, Gabriel would never see the boy again. Adam hissed that they would see what happened, and he stalked out.

Later, Nikki asked Victor if he'd told Neil that she'd requested that Victor check out Neil's alibi, and Victor speculated that the pilot had told Neil that someone had been asking questions. Nikki relayed that Neil was furious with her, and Victor thought it said something about their friendship. Victor recommended that she devote her energy to her family and her recovery, and Nikki realized that Victor had told Neil to stay away from her. She couldn't believe Victor was jealous, but Victor bellowed that he was embarrassed that she'd been seen cavorting with a fellow lush. Their argument became increasingly bitter, and she stormed out.

Over the phone, Chelsea asked Anita to pack Connor's bag because there had been a change of plans, and she needed to pick him up right away. Adam returned to the hotel room and discovered that Chelsea had packed her bags. She told him not to try to stop her, since she was leaving while she still had a chance. She insisted that she had to take Connor somewhere Victor couldn't find them, and Adam declared that he was all for it. He started to grab his things, but he realized that she planned to leave without him.

Chelsea was adamant that only she and Connor leave town, but Adam refused to let her leave without him. Chelsea pointed out that they'd both be arrested if the police learned they'd defied the court order, and Adam's identity would be exposed if he were fingerprinted. She wailed that she'd never forgive herself if he was sent to prison for helping her and Connor, but Adam contended that he'd just gotten his family back, and he wouldn't lose her again.

On the coffeehouse patio, Devon explained his situation to Dylan, and Dylan realized Devon wanted him to help, but he had to stay in town for his family. Dylan offered to help with anything he could take care of from Genoa City, and Neil entered as Dylan returned to work. Devon informed Neil that he'd asked Dylan to help him find Hilary, but Dylan couldn't leave town. Devon was determined to find someone else to go to the islands, but Neil urged him to consider the possibility that they might never get to the bottom of it. Devon pledged to never stop until he knew the truth and Hilary was home.

Neil said he would go if he thought it would help, but he thought it might backfire, since Hilary was his ex-wife. Devon recognized that the media would have a field day, and Neil added that it might be additional ammunition for the prosecution. Devon said Neil being there for him meant everything, and Neil promised his support if Devon needed anything.

Sharon imagined that Devon was out of his mind with worry, and she was surprised a rich man like Devon hadn't hired someone to look into Hilary's disappearance further. Dylan reported that Devon was looking for someone he could trust to be his point person, and Sharon guessed that Devon had asked Dylan to fill the role. Sharon noted that helping people in trouble was in Dylan's nature, but Dylan insisted that he had other obligations. Sharon wondered if he didn't think she could take care of herself and the baby, and she asked if Dylan was afraid she'd stop taking her meds if she was alone.

Dylan explained that it might be a dangerous situation, since a woman had already disappeared, but Sharon didn't want him to think he had to give up a part of who he was for her. He assured her that the life he wanted was right there, and any sacrifice he made was worth it. She apologized for jumping to the wrong conclusion, but she was used to people thinking the worst of her. Dylan understood that the feeling that one thing could send things spiraling in the wrong direction never really went away. Sharon hugged him and said she'd do anything to make sure that never happened, and he vowed to do the same thing.

Devon returned to the Athletic Club, where Lily offered to go to the Virgin Islands on his behalf, but Devon preferred to find someone else. Cane said Devon could ask him.

Neil entered a boathouse, and he checked an I.V. bag next to a bed. He noted to an unconscious Hilary that they might need to replace the fluids, but everything else seemed normal.

. . .

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• Adam insists that he and Chelsea either stay together or leave together.
• Nikki asks Neil if Victor ordered him to stay away from her, but Neil maintains that he wants no part of her friendship.
• At Katherine’s remembrance, Paul tells the guests that he has a letter from their dearly departed friend.