Thursday, August 21, 2014

Lauren and Michael passed by Leslie's table in the Athletic Club dining room, and Leslie mentioned that she was supposed to be celebrating the deal she'd made for Austin, but Barton was stuck at the hospital. Lauren empathized that working hard led to relationship problems, and Michael steered Lauren toward their own table. Michael griped that his colleagues didn't need to know the intimate details of his personal life, but Lauren clarified that she'd only meant that busy people had problems with not spending enough time together. Michael apologized for overreacting, and Lauren assured him it was okay, but she suggested that perhaps Michael see a doctor.

Michael insisted that he was in great health, but Lauren pointed out that he'd been very tired, and there might be a medical reason behind it. Michael huffed that he didn't need a doctor to tell him that he'd been working too hard, but he hadn't been the only one. Lauren conceded that it took a lot of energy to market her brand, but they had to take time to spend together, like they had that day. He hoped that the next time would be better, and he was confident that his performance issues would subside once they made sure they spent quality time together.

Mariah entered the club and left a frantic voicemail for Ian. She ranted that she didn't know what to do, but everything was falling apart, and she needed his help. Ian sent Mariah a text message to inform her that he was dealing with another matter, and she almost threw the phone at Kevin as he entered the foyer. He advised her not to do it, since she would still be mad, but she'd have a broken phone. She grumbled that she'd had something good, but she'd screwed it up.

Kevin joked that he had been consistently good at screwing up, and Mariah asked how many phones he'd broken. He said dozens, and he recounted that the last time they'd met, she'd been concerned that she'd need to find a new job and a place to live. Mariah griped that Sharon hated her and that Nick soon would, too, and Kevin encouraged her to explain things to Nick. She wished that she could see Nick once more, and Kevin remarked that it was a small town where she was bound to run into Nick, but Mariah asserted that there was nothing more for her there.

Mariah planned to hop on the next bus she saw, and Kevin said that he had the urge to hit the road to someplace where no one knew who he was. He suddenly decided to go with her, and she questioned who had asked him. He argued that hitching a ride on his Harley would be better than having to take a bus, and she noted that they'd only met twice. He contended that they'd have a lot to talk about, but she countered that they'd have little conversation while riding a Harley. He pointed out that they both wanted to leave Genoa City behind, and they could both start over and have new lives separately.

Michael entered the foyer and was glad to see Kevin in one piece, and Kevin introduced him to Mariah. Michael started to comment on her resemblance to Cassie, but Mariah cut him off and said that she was nothing like Sharon's beloved daughter. Michael insisted on talking to Kevin alone, and Mariah suggested that she and Kevin meet at Crimson Lights in an hour. She received another message from Ian, saying he'd be back in his suite soon and advising her to have patience, since all was not lost.

Michael and Kevin returned to the table, and Lauren recognized that it had been a huge blow for Kevin to get divorce papers, but she cautioned him not to spiral out of control. Kevin maintained that he needed to get out of town for a while, and Michael accused him of running. Kevin said that he had to escape from the place that constantly reminded him of the life he'd had with Chloe and Delia, and he needed to figure out what made him happy. Kevin pointed out that Michael would be free to live it up with his beautiful wife, and Michael warned that he might not just be a phone call away if Kevin ended up in trouble again. Kevin snapped that he would call someone else the next time he ended up in a cell. After Kevin left, Lauren and Michael confirmed their pact to spend more time together, starting that night.

At the courthouse, Austin fretted that he'd have to forfeit the plea deal, since there was no way he could pull together the money to pay the fine. Summer volunteered to pay it, but he anticipated that she'd have to go to Jack, and he didn't feel right taking a handout. Summer suggested that she use the money in the trust Victor had set up for her, and Victor overheard and confirmed that she didn't need to rely on Jack for anything, since the trust had been set up to give her access when she was of age. Summer wailed that it would be too late by the time she turned 25, and Victor asserted that he wanted to support her and her marriage, so he would grant her limited access to the fund.

Summer rushed into Victor's arms, and Austin said that it meant a lot. Victor offered to take care of the paperwork, and Summer agreed to sign anything to keep Austin out of prison. Avery approached and informed Summer that she'd gotten a call about Phyllis, while Victor knowingly looked on. Avery explained that she'd received a call from Daniel that morning, and Summer remembered that he'd also tried to reach her, but she'd forgotten to call him back because of the trial.

Avery announced that Daniel had received an unexpected grant that would take him out of the country for a few months, so he'd wanted to sign over Phyllis' power of attorney to Summer. Victor asked when it would take effect, and Avery replied that it already had. Summer understood that it was a good opportunity for Daniel, but she found it odd that he had to leave the country that suddenly. Avery agreed that usually grants involved a long application process, but an anonymous donor had supported Daniel's work. Victor commented that it spoke to Daniel's talents, and he left to get things rolling with Summer's paperwork. Avery looked suspicious.

Avery flashed back to consoling Summer after Phyllis' accident. Summer had been in shock after losing both her mom and her dad, and she'd promised to only cry for one day before moving on with her life. Avery had encouraged Summer not to stifle her feelings, but Summer had vowed never to give up on Phyllis, and Avery had agreed. Leslie approached, and Avery thanked her for what she'd done for Austin. Leslie revealed that she'd rethought their partnership, and she wanted out.

Avery asked if she'd done something to offend Leslie, but Leslie explained that after doing some soul-searching, she'd realized that being a defense attorney wasn't for her, since she'd been second-guessing her decision to help put scum like Ian back on the streets. Avery contended that even scum had a right to a defense, but Leslie said that she didn't share Avery's passion to defend clients. Leslie mentioned that an assistant district attorney position had opened up, and it seemed like a better fit for her. Avery glumly hoped Leslie continued to see both sides in her new position, and Leslie asked if she had Avery's blessing. The women shook hands and hugged.

Avery echoed Michael's order for a whiskey at the Athletic Club bar. They each observed that the other didn't look happy, and Avery announced that her partner had broken up with her by applying for an A.D.A. job. Michael complained that he was exhausted, since it felt like all his cases were going to trial at once, and he was flying solo. She remarked that it was always better to have a partner, and he declared that she might have just saved his marriage.

At Newman-Chancellor, Victor told someone over the phone that he'd have Summer sign the papers to expedite the process. He reviewed a document that indicated Summer's consent to have Phyllis undergo medical treatment.

Jack told Kelly that he'd expected to ask her a question at a romantic restaurant over a candlelit dinner, but the club rooftop was hardly romantic. She said that he didn't need to pull out all the stops, but she needed him to be realistic. He declared that they were in love, but she thought that he was about to take too big a step, given where he was emotionally. Jack considered it to be the perfect step, and he insisted that it wasn't a reaction to seeing Phyllis. He proclaimed that he loved Kelly and was ready to take the next step together, but she blurted out that she wasn't.

Jack swore that the only thing that would change would be that he and Kelly would be in one place in their own bed, and he was surprised that she had a problem with moving in together. She giggled with relief as she realized that had been the question he'd intended to ask, and she revealed that she'd thought he had been about to propose. He admitted that he wasn't ready for that, and he added that clearly, she wasn't either, but he'd learned not to delay joy. Jack said that Kelly had given him great joy, and he questioned whether she wanted to shack up. She replied that she couldn't refuse after he'd asked with such finesse, and they kissed.

Jack said that he and Kelly needed a fresh start, and Kelly surmised that he would move into her place, while he simultaneously assumed that she would move into his. He argued that his house had more room, but she countered that other people lived there, including Billy, and she didn't want to make anyone uncomfortable. They bantered about the strong points of both places, and Kelly declared that the best perk would be waking up next to him every morning. Jack kissed her neck and asked which bed they should do that in, and she agreed to move into his place.

Jack wanted Kelly to move in right away, but he thought they had to tell Summer first. Kelly thought it might be easier if she wasn't there when Jack told Summer, but he contended that Summer had to deal with the fact that they were a couple. Jack added that he'd had to face the truth about Phyllis, and he wanted to help Summer realize that Phyllis wouldn't ever wake up.

At Summer and Austin's apartment, Victor arrived with the paperwork, and Summer thanked Victor for not making her beg for money. Victor advised that the clock was ticking, and Summer prepared to sign the papers. Jack and Kelly stopped by, and Jack wondered what Victor was up to. Summer explained that Victor was doing her a favor, and Victor revealed that he'd allowed her access to her trust fund. Jack protested that he would have helped, but Victor barked that Summer and Austin shouldn't be beholden to Jack.

Summer signed the papers, and Victor left. Jack wished Summer had run it by him before she'd signed anything, but Summer reported that Victor had said the documents had been standard procedure. Austin was glad to be out of prison but upset that Summer had had to dip into her trust fund, and Summer said that he would have done the same thing for her. Jack referred to why he and Kelly had dropped by, and Summer declared that Avery had already told her that she'd be in charge of Phyllis' care while Daniel was out of the country.

Summer realized that Jack hadn't known, and Austin explained that Daniel had received a grant from an anonymous donor. Summer gushed that Daniel was doing what he loved and that she got to be with the man she loved, and she asked why Jack and Kelly had stopped by. Kelly suggested that they celebrate over dinner, but Summer revealed that she and Austin had a flight to catch, since there was somewhere special she wanted to take him.

Sharon cleaned up the living room, and Noah entered and asked what was going on. She pointedly replied that she was taking out the trash to eliminate any sign of Mariah in the house, and she revealed that she'd found Mariah trying to seduce Nick. Noah incredulously asked if Mariah had thought Nick would have gone for it, since Nick saw Cassie in Mariah. Sharon said that was where the similarity between the young women ended, since Mariah was a conniving user who didn't care about anyone but herself.

Sharon acknowledged that Nick had warned her not to trust Mariah, but she hadn't listened. Noah said that he couldn't believe Mariah had tried to hit on Nick, but he wasn't surprised that she had attempted to take advantage of Sharon. Sharon explained that she and Mariah had exchanged ugly words before she'd thrown Mariah out, and Faith overheard and whined that she liked Mariah. Faith inquired why Sharon had made Mariah leave.

Sharon explained that she'd asked Mariah to leave because Mariah hadn't been willing to follow the rules of the house, and Faith pleaded with Sharon to give Mariah another chance. Sharon said that she'd given Mariah many chances, but Mariah's departure had been best for everyone. Faith complained that no one in their family stuck around, since Summer had left, and Mariah was gone, too. Noah pointed out that Summer was still Faith's sister, and he promised that he wasn't going anywhere and that Faith had all the family she needed.

Noah pulled out a game and asked if Faith was ready for a rematch, and she ran upstairs to set up the game. Noah assured Sharon that she'd done the right thing, and Sharon wished she'd never invited Mariah into her house, but she admitted that she hadn't been able to bear the thought of never seeing Cassie's face again. Sharon realized that Victor had counted on her connection to Cassie when he'd hired Mariah, and she blamed Victor for Mariah's entrance into their lives. Sharon prepared to confront Victor, and Noah warned that it wouldn't solve anything, but Sharon ranted that it was about time Victor took responsibility, and she stalked out.

Faith called out for Noah to play the game, and Noah left a message for Nick to let him know that Sharon had left to face off with Victor. Noah added that Sharon wouldn't listen to him, and Nick needed to talk to her. Meanwhile, Victor left an urgent message for Dr. Cutler to discuss Phyllis. As he stepped back into his office, Sharon ordered him to hang up the phone.

At a hospital in Madison, Nick asked a staff member named Alicia for information about a former patient who had given up a child for adoption. She suggested that he go through the adoption agency, but he explained that the adoption lawyer was dead, and the attorney had been arrested for fraud, so he couldn't trust the records. Nick tried to charm his way into taking a look at the hospital's files, but a smitten Alicia balked at allowing him access to hospital records. Nick swore that he didn't want to put her in bad position, but he questioned the harm of looking at out-of-date records. She asked for the patient's name, and he told her Sharon Collins.

As Nick examined the file, Alicia batted her eyelashes and asked how long Nick would be in Madison, and she suggested that they meet for a drink after her shift. Nick discovered that Dr. Hill had been the physician on duty during Sharon's delivery, and Alicia stated that Dr. Hill had left to teach at a university in Madison in 1991. Nick noted that had been the year Cassie had been born, and he thanked Alicia for being helpful. He tried to leave quickly, and she repeated her offer to meet for a drink later, but he replied that he had to finish the work on his case first. She handed him a business card with her number and amorously said that she didn't mind waiting. Nick called one of Victor's investigators.

Later, Nick entered Dr. Hill's office and claimed that he was running a background check on a prospective employee, Helen Copeland. Dr. Hill claimed not to recognize her name and said that he couldn't be of any help, but Nick retorted that the doctor could be a big help once he started being honest. Nick confessed that he was there to get information about a delivery of a baby girl who had been put up for adoption by a 16-year-old mother, and he mentioned Sharon's name, but the doctor said that he didn't remember her. Dr. Hill referenced confidentiality laws, but Nick snarled that the child had been his daughter, and he demanded to know why no one had been allowed in the delivery room.

Dr. Hill stated that he had nothing more to say, and Nick surveyed the doctor's nice office and imagined that he had tenure. Nick ominously stated that Dr. Hill had carved out a nice life as a respected professor, but the doctor had given up another career when it had just been starting to take off, and his private investigator had turned up some interesting facts. Nick contemplated what would happen if he shared the information with the university, and Dr. Hill begged him not to say anything. Nick told the doctor to give him a reason not to.

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  • Nick tries to intimidate Dr. Hill into telling the truth.
  • Victor says he was justified to hire Mariah to pretend to be Cassie.
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