Monday, February 8, 2016

At Adam and Chelsea's penthouse, Chelsea was stunned when she learned from Adam that Noah had been driving the vehicle that struck Billy. Adam explained that Noah, forced to back his vehicle to exit a parking space, had been unaware of Billy's presence when the accident happened. Chelsea cried that the issue was complicated because Billy was Noah's uncle. Adam explained that he was just about to oust Luca when Luca boasted about his knowledge of Noah's involvement. Luca, Adam said, was using the information as leverage, which meant that the Santori family was firmly planted at Newman Enterprises.

Chelsea, worried about Noah, asked Adam why anyone should care about the implications for Newman Enterprises. Chelsea said that Adam, more than anyone, should be aware that covering up Noah's involvement was the worst possible choice. Chelsea recalled that the actual legal and moral crimes Adam had committed were the steps he'd taken to avoid accepting responsibility for Delia's death. Adam explained that by the time he'd learned of Noah's incident, Victor had already intervened and had insisted that the family and the business be protected no matter what. Adam explained that because Billy had survived, Noah shouldn't be forced to serve a prison sentence. Adam pleaded with Chelsea to support him while he acted to protect Noah.

At Crimson Lights, Noah pressured Luca to accept a deal to betray Victor. Luca said he was wary because Adam had double-crossed him after having lured him into a scheme to deceive Victor. Luca asked Noah if nearly killing Billy Abbott had changed him from being predictably self-righteous. Noah listed Victor's recent offenses, including his grandfather's manipulation of Marisa. Luca recalled that both he and Noah shared a common love interest in Marisa. Noah claimed he was no longer interested in pursuing Marisa.

Luca continued to stall and wouldn't agree to accept Noah's tempting offer. Noah explained that the secrecy tied to Billy's accident had given his grandfather even more control over him. Luca noted that he was using the secret to maintain his family's foothold on Newman Enterprises, so Noah should be angry at him instead of Victor. Noah warned Luca that if Victor learned about Luca's knowledge of the incident, he would quickly crush Luca and his family. Noah said that for Luca to survive, he'd have to act against Victor first.

Summer approached Noah and Luca and said she'd been searching for Victor. Summer announced that she'd decided to work for the family business. Noah advised Summer that it wasn't the right time for her join the company. Summer said that other family members were working for the company, so she was ready to participate in her family's legacy. Luca praised Summer's bravery and said that the Newman business could get rough because nothing was off-limits. Summer told Noah that she could work alongside him and be a trusted adversary. Noah looked down at his phone. Adam had sent Noah a text message and asked to meet him at the office.

In Victor's office at Newman Enterprises, Noah met with Adam. Adam said he had to oust Luca from Newman Enterprises before Victor returned. To accomplish his goal, Adam explained, Noah would have to leave the country. Adam had already secured Noah's airline tickets. Noah said he wasn't in favor of running away. Adam claimed that the company and members of Noah's family, including Sharon, could be hurt if the truth came out. Adam said his aim was to protect Noah until the situation could be resolved. Noah reluctantly left the office with his tickets in hand.

Summer and Luca were enjoying coffee on the patio at Crimson Lights when Noah returned and asked to speak to Luca alone. After Summer left, Noah warned Luca not to involve Summer. Noah said Adam was sending him out of the country, so he'd be "out of the line of fire." Luca replied, "If that happens, I lose my leverage, and this plan is screwed." Noah agreed and said he intended to stay in town.

At Victoria and Billy's house, Victoria felt compelled to work on the security project, but Billy easily lured her away. Chelsea stopped by, and Victoria stepped out of the room. Chelsea was overjoyed to see that Billy had almost completely recovered from his injuries. Billy said that the police hadn't been able to identify a suspect because his partial memory of the incident was hazy. Billy said he'd rather focus on his job and his family. Billy added that he was alive, so he couldn't become obsessed about the person who'd been driving the car.

Chelsea said Billy deserved to be happy. Chelsea spied the open bottle of wine and said she'd leave, so Victoria and Billy could enjoy their evening. After Chelsea left, Billy told Victoria about Chelsea's discussion of the accident. Billy said he suspected Chelsea might know something. Victoria replied, "What could she know?" Billy became angry and suggested that Adam might have been involved. Victoria said Adam was at the Top of the Tower when accident took place.

Chelsea went to Newman Enterprises and admitted to Adam that she'd stopped by to visit Billy. Adam asked about Billy's reaction to the news. Chelsea said she didn't tell Billy that Noah had been driving the car. Chelsea explained that Billy was happy and believed that the accident had given him a new beginning. Adam seemed relieved. Chelsea said she didn't want to spoil Billy's happiness, so she'd kept quiet.

At the Fairview Psychiatric Facility, Nick and Sage questioned Patty after she referred to herself as the "keeper of all secrets." Patty added that some people at the facility couldn't be trusted. Patty acted confused and didn't respond when asked to name the people she believed were untrustworthy. When Nick explained that Sage needed rest, Patty laughed and noted that Dr. Anderson had worked miracles for Sharon. Patty became fixated on Sharon and referred to her as a little chirpy bird. Sage and Nick were taken aback when Patty continued comparing Sharon to a tweeting bird and asked Sage what kind of bird she was. Nick told Patty that she should retire to her room.

Nick and Sage were taken aback when Patty pretended someone was injecting medication into her upper arm. Patty said, "Dr. Anderson's special recipe, and there's always more where that came from. Tweet, tweet!" After Patty left, Sage said Patty seemed to know things about Dr. Anderson they didn't. Nick said he doubted Patty's ability to differentiate between real life and delusion. Sage said she could question Patty and determine what was real was what wasn't. Nick feared Sage would be placing herself in danger.

Sage insisted on carrying on with her covert investigation. Nick cried that with the judge's court order in place, he'd be unable to rescue Sage. Sage assured Nick she could fool Patty and Dr. Anderson while continuing to search for clues about Dr. Anderson's past. Later, Nick secretly entered Dr. Anderson's office and found a book hidden from view. The book, titled "Living with Paralysis," had the initials "S. A." scribbled inside the front cover. Nick took the book and left the office.

At Sharon's house, Dr. Sandy Anderson stopped by when Sharon phoned and said she wished to share some concerns about Nick. Dr. Anderson was eager to hear about Nick and assured Sharon that talking about what Nick had said demonstrated that Sharon had compassion. Sharon said, "Nick suspects that he's having feelings for you." Dr. Anderson claimed that Nick's feelings could be characterized as "transference" because she provided solace. Sharon asked if Dr. Anderson feared that Sage's condition might not improve. Dr. Anderson said she remained hopeful, though she stressed that Nick and others concerned were responsible for their own health and happiness.

Sharon defended Nick and said he'd stood by her when she'd started the fire at the ranch and even after she'd switched the results of Faith's paternity test. Sharon insisted that Nick was a good man. Dr. Anderson replied, "All the way back to high school?" Dr. Anderson suddenly clarified her comment and recalled that Sharon and Nick had met during high school. Dr. Anderson winced when Sharon talked on and on about Nick's smile, his good looks, and his resolve to always stand up for what was right. Dr. Anderson replied, "No. Not always. Not all the time."

Sharon asked Dr. Anderson to explain why she doubted that Nick stood up for what was right. Dr. Anderson rambled on about how Nick's decisions could be greatly impacted by his father's disapproval. Sharon insisted that Nick had always stood up to Victor. Dr. Anderson replied, "Men are weak, and that's when they hurt you. They always hurt you. They always leave." Sharon was speechless. Dr. Anderson suddenly regained her composure, wiped away tears, and assured Sharon that she'd be discreet and cautious in her dealings with Nick.

At Fairview, Sage later intercepted Patty in the hallway. Patty referred to Sage and Nick as trickster birds and said she knew they had a plan. Sage asked about Sharon's time at the hospital. Patty recalled that Dr. Anderson had always ensured that Sharon remained heavily medicated and was denied visitors. Patty explained that she'd escaped just so she could inform Dylan that Dr. Anderson was filling Sharon's head with nonsense. Sage asked Patty to elaborate.

Dr. Anderson suddenly appeared and ordered Patty back to her room. When Patty calmly pleaded with Dr. Anderson to back down, Dr. Anderson yelled for an orderly. Sage seemed shocked by what she'd witnessed. Later, Sage sneaked into Patty's room to check on her. Patty seemed oblivious to Sage's presence. Patty was stroking a plush cat toy while softly singing "Hush, Little Baby." Sage cried, "Patty, what did Dr. Anderson do to you?"

Nick stopped by Sharon's house. Sharon told Nick about her startling conversation with Dr. Anderson. Sharon said that Dr. Anderson had tears in her eyes at one point during their talk about Nick's past. Nick asked why. Sharon said Dr. Anderson seemed to be referring to an old emotional wound when she mumbled about men hurting women and leaving them.

Nick was surprised to learn that Dr. Anderson had also been fixated on Victor. Nick showed Sharon the old book and said it contained scribbled notes. Sharon said that though Dr. Anderson had tried to pretend she didn't care about Nick's affections, it was obvious she did care very much. Sharon and Nick were also bewildered by Dr. Anderson's mention of his high-school days. Sharon said that despite Dr. Anderson's feelings for Nick, she continued to treat Sage, which was a breach of professional ethics.

Suddenly, Nick put all the pieces together and realized that Dr. Anderson was actually Sandra Allen. Nick recalled that Sandra's injury occurred after she'd jumped into a swimming pool from a balcony. Though Sandra had claimed he'd egged her own, Nick said, he'd never intended for her to get hurt. Sharon reminded Nick that Victor had paid off Sandra's family. Nick said that Sandra was seeking revenge. Sharon couldn't believe she'd trusted Sandra. Nick said Patty had tried to warn him about Dr. Anderson. Nick quickly left to rescue Sage.

Sharon followed Nick to Fairview. Sharon said she needed answers from Sandra Allen. Nick opened the door to Sandra's office. Sharon gasped when she and Nick saw the doctor. Sandra was face-down on the floor with a bloody wound on her back. A bloodstained letter opener lay on the floor next to the doctor.

. . .

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