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Friday, March 24, 2017

At Crimson Lights, Neil assumed that Devon hadn't summoned him there for casual conversation. Devon recognized that he'd been through a lot of personal and professional changes, and he was ready to move on from Hilary. Devon added that he was already dating Mariah, and he confided that he'd enjoyed it when she'd initiated a kiss. Neil cautioned that things could be complicated, but Devon thought finalizing the divorce would make things simpler. Neil advised Devon to check his gut for both his and Mariah's sakes to be sure he was ready to take things further.

Neil pointed out that Hilary and Mariah worked together, but Devon mentioned that Hilary had agreed not to terminate Mariah or anyone else if he gave Hilary GC Buzz in the divorce settlement. Neil wondered what Devon was waiting for, and he thought the best thing for all of them was to move on. Devon turned the topic to what was going on with Neil, who revealed that Ashley had offered him a job at Jabot. Devon recounted that Neil had already learned that he would only go so far in a company where he was staff rather than family. Devon thought it was time to put his bank account to good use by starting something new with Neil by his side.

Devon stated that he and Neil had the capital and experience between the two of them, and he envisioned building their own company that would be profitable but would also put something back into the world. Neil warned that it would take a huge capital outlay, and startups folded every day, so Devon might be left with nothing. Devon pointed out that he'd done very little with his money, and he thought it was time to follow through with what Katherine had wanted. Devon proclaimed that there was no one he trusted more than Neil, and they'd proven that they were family and friends who didn't keep secrets or hold grudges. Devon extended his hand, and Neil shook it.

At GC Buzz, Hilary forced a smile and asked if Mariah had had fun the night before. Mariah brightly replied that she had, and she thanked Hilary for asking. Mariah recalled that Hilary and Jordan had been laughing all night, and she noted that Hilary had been pawing all over him. Hilary retorted that Mariah had been the one with her lips locked on Hilary's husband's face, but Mariah clarified that Devon was about to be Hilary's ex-husband. They both reached for the same dress, and Mariah dryly remarked that it was a surprise that they both wanted the same thing.

Hilary held up the dress next to her in front of a mirror, and Mariah said Hilary could have the dress as a consolation prize. Hilary huffed that Mariah didn't want Devon and that he definitely didn't want Mariah. Mariah questioned whether it was because she wasn't a "high-maintenance pain in the butt." Hilary asserted that Devon liked a woman who challenged and motivated him, and there was only one woman in the room up to that task. Mariah conceded that Hilary and Devon had been sizzling hot before he'd known what a liar she was, but he was done with Hilary, and it was Mariah's turn.

Hilary haughtily stated that it was clearly important to Mariah that Hilary believed Devon and Mariah were a hot new couple, and she sarcastically said she was seething with jealousy. Mariah insinuated that she and Devon had just been trying to protect Hilary's feelings, and she suggested that things had heated up between her and Devon when he'd begged her to return to work. Hilary angrily asked if Mariah was implying that they had an insatiable lust for one another. Devon appeared and wanted to know the answer, too.

Hilary stepped aside to tend to a work issue, and Mariah admitted to Devon that she'd exaggerated about their torrid love affair that didn't exist. Mariah explained that Hilary had made it seem like Mariah was too pathetic for him to want her and like he was sad and lonely, so she'd stood up for him as his friend. Devon said he had nothing to prove to Hilary, who wasn't his problem anymore. Mariah groaned that Hilary was still a problem for her, since Hilary thought Mariah had kissed him just to irritate Hilary. Devon asked if Mariah had, and she conceded that it had been that way at first, but then it had been nice. Devon crossed over to Hilary and told her that GC Buzz was all hers.

Hilary asked what had changed, and Devon explained that staying tied to one another wasn't a great idea because they were at their worst together. He offered to have Michael draw up the papers, and he stressed that there would be a stipulation that Hilary couldn't fire anyone for a year. Devon added that he was trusting Hilary not to take the place into the gutter, and he reminded her that she'd be giving up all other rights to his estate. Devon called Mariah over, and he informed Hilary that they had gone out the other night and that they would be seeing a lot more of one another. He wanted to make sure it wasn't an issue, since the women worked together. Hilary replied that everything would be fine.

At the Newman ranch, Reed thanked Nikki for letting him have his music lesson there. She remarked that music made the house feel more alive, and she'd heard that Victoria had found a university student to teach Reed. Reed mentioned that the student was in a jazz band, so he hoped the guy wouldn't be old and boring. Nikki insisted that Reed didn't have to prove anything, and she thought it would be fun for him to grow as a musician who had talent. She was excited to see what he did with it, and he thanked her with a hug.

During the lesson, Reed strummed his guitar, and he explained that he didn't really read music, but he knew chords. The instructor huffed that it wouldn't get Reed far, and Reed argued that famous musicians hadn't known everything when they'd started out, either. The instructor scoffed at the idea of Reed becoming a successful musician, and Reed testily asked what his teacher wanted him to do. The instructor ordered him to play a scale in D minor, and Nikki listened at Reed's clumsy attempt to do it.

Cane arrived at Brash & Sassy, and Juliet sent him a text message to ask if there was any word. He approached Victoria, who informed him that she'd interviewed someone highly qualified for the position in Tokyo. Cane was irked that she'd met someone without him, and she reasoned that she needed to sign off on the hire and that she had time to meet with the candidates herself. Cane proclaimed that she didn't have to bother because he had the perfect person in mind.

Victoria was surprised when Cane recommended Juliet for the position. He explained that Juliet had been integral in securing the Sato deal. Victoria thought Juliet preferred to work as a consultant, but Cane said Juliet had made it clear that she wanted to work there. Victoria agreed to put Juliet in the running, but she also planned to meet with other people. Cane voiced his support for Juliet, and Victoria assured him that it would be a strong mark in Juliet's favor. Victoria received a text message and rushed out. Cane called Juliet and left a message saying he had news for her.

Jordan yawned while he and Lily went over proofs from a photo shoot, and she surmised that he'd been out late with Hilary. Lily warned that Hilary was a she-demon who would swallow him whole, but Jordan found Hilary to be sharp, funny, and beautiful. Lily pointed out that Hilary was also married, but Jordan countered that Devon and Hilary's marriage was over. Lily questioned whether Jordan wanted to be a rebound, and he suggested that they avoid the topic. Lily clucked that she knew Hilary, but he didn't, and he asked if she was worried that he was falling for Hilary. Lily wondered if he was.

Lily recalled that Hilary had sent two decent men to dark places, and she didn't want that to happen to Jordan. He swore that he wasn't in love, and he urged her to let it go, since he was just enjoying meeting new people in Genoa City. Jordan started to say that he liked it there better than someplace else, but he stopped short, and Lily inquired what had happened during the past ten years. Jordan recounted that the economy had tanked, and everyone with a smart phone thought they could do what he did. He quietly added that he'd done what he'd had to do to stay in New York City, but it hadn't been anything to put on his résumé. He gushed that the new job working with Lily and Brash & Sassy was exactly where he wanted to be.

Lily called out for Cane, and she picked up his phone and saw multiple enthusiastic text messages from Juliet. Cane appeared behind Lily, who reported that Juliet was dying to talk to him. Cane asked if Lily was jealous, but she replied that she was just curious. Cane explained that he'd recommended Juliet for the division manager job, so Juliet's excitement was about the job, not him. He teased Lily for being jealous, but he swore that she didn't have to be because he only had eyes for his sweet, sexy wife. They kissed.

Later, Jordan was surprised when he spotted the camisole in the trash. Lily caught him holding it and joked that it wasn't his color, and he asked if it was hers. She said she'd never seen it before, and he observed that it was in perfectly good condition. She guessed that it had fallen off the rack. Meanwhile, Juliet sent a message to Cane to let him know she was on her way to town, and Cane wrote back to assure her that she was the best candidate for the job.

Victoria arrived at the ranch and paid the instructor for his time, and she showed him out. Reed muttered that the guy had been a jerk because Reed didn't know how to read music. Reed argued that many famous guitarists played by ear, but Victoria advised him not to boycott learning. Reed grumbled that he'd known she'd find a way to make music a punishment, and he stormed off. Victoria called Nikki, who was at Crimson Lights. Nikki confirmed that the instructor had seemed full of himself, and Victoria wailed that she couldn't seem to do anything right with Reed. Nikki heard someone playing guitar outside the coffeehouse.

Nikki listened intently as a young woman finished singing her song. Nikki clapped and praised the performance, and the musician offered to take a request. Nikki didn't think the woman would know the tunes she was fond of, but the singer replied that she'd grown up listening to all kinds of music, and she considered a song to be an expression of a mood. Nikki asked if the woman knew how to play the piano, and the woman revealed that she played the piano and drums, but she felt most connected to her guitar.

Nikki inquired whether the woman would be interested in teaching a teenager who was talented but raw with his own ideas about how he wanted to learn, but the woman didn't think teaching was her thing. Nikki tossed a bill into the woman's guitar case and said the gig paid more than what was in the case. The woman introduced herself as Tessa.

Back at the ranch, Victoria asked Reed to help her understand what he'd thought the lesson would be. Reed explained that he'd thought it would be helpful, but the instructor had been a poseur. Victoria wondered if Reed was afraid he couldn't do it, but Reed refused to discuss it further. She maintained that he obviously had talent, but he needed skills and training. Reed thought he shouldn't bother because he was just a slacker who knew a few chords, and he would never become anything. He started to head out, but Nikki entered and insisted that he couldn't leave because he needed to meet Tessa.

As Reed showed Tessa his guitar, Nikki informed Victoria that Tessa's playing had been lovely. Victoria was glad Reed was no longer sulking, but she fretted that they didn't know anything about Tessa. Nikki figured that it was just a lesson, and Victoria could escort Tessa to the door just like she had the other instructor. Reed announced that Tessa was cool, and he wanted to proceed with the lesson. Nikki volunteered to be a quiet observer while Victoria got back to work, and Victoria departed. Reed declared that Tessa was hired, but Tessa insisted on seeing what he had before she decided whether or not to stick around.

Chloe stepped off the elevator at Top of the Tower, where Kevin was anxiously waiting for her at a table. She noted that he was staring, and he replied that she was gorgeous. She pointed out that he'd told her to get dressed up, and she asked what the occasion was. Kevin recalled that he and Chloe had had a recent conversation about no longer being the people they'd once been, and he understood that life was short and that he couldn't take things for granted. Kevin declared that it was time for him to legally adopt Bella and for them to officially become a family. He dropped to one knee, pulled out a ring, and asked Chloe to marry him.

Chloe balked at the idea of making things official when she and Kevin already lived together, but Kevin contended that it was what people did when they loved one another. He thought things had changed since she'd returned home, and there was no need for them to waste time when they could be the couple everyone dreamed about being. He suggested that there was only one word to say, and she tearfully cried yes. He slid the ring on her finger, and onlookers applauded as Kevin and Chloe kissed.

Chloe and Kevin toasted with Champagne, and she admired her ring. He pledged to get things right that time, and she envisioned Bella as a flower girl and Chelsea as the maid of honor. Kevin expected Michael to be the best man, and Chloe bet Gloria showed up in a white dress. Kevin was glad Chloe was willing to invite his mother, and Chloe acknowledged that Gloria was part of the package. He received a text message that summoned him to work on a computer emergency, and she insisted that her "tech god fiancé" take care of it while she started planning wedding ideas. He kissed her and lovingly swore that it would be forever that time.

At Chelsea's penthouse, Nick asked why an electronic device had been inside Connor's favorite toy. Chelsea recognized it as a tracking device similar to ones she'd used in her days as a grifter. Nick observed that the light was off, so the battery was probably dead. Chelsea had no idea how it had ended up in the toy, but Nick firmly stated that someone knew. Chelsea checked Connor's other toys, but she found nothing strange.

Chelsea said it reminded her of the time Adam had put cameras in the house when he'd been pretending to be Gabriel. Nick asked how long she'd had the dinosaur, and she recounted that Adam had already moved back in when Connor had gotten it, so Adam wouldn't have needed to track his son. Chelsea recalled that she'd lost the stuffed animal on the night she and Adam had planned to leave, but Dylan had found it on the tarmac and returned it. Nick contemplated whether the police had put the device in, but Chelsea pointed out that the case had already been closed. Nick vowed to find out who had planted the device.

Nick noted that the device had been marketed to the average consumer to track suitcases or pets, but someone had used it to track Connor or Chelsea. Nick questioned who would have known which stuffed animal Connor couldn't live without. Nick wondered if someone had bribed the nanny, but Chelsea doubted it because Adam had compiled a thorough background check on her. Chelsea mentioned Anita and Chloe, and Nick repeated Chloe's name and remarked that Chloe had always hated Adam. Chelsea recalled that Chloe hadn't moved in until after Adam had been in jail, and Chloe had let go of her rage by then for Bella's sake.

Nick recalled Chloe's recent comment about hoping Chelsea would forget that Adam had even existed, but Chelsea chalked it up to Chloe just wanting her to move on. Chelsea numbly recounted Chloe's earlier statement about the cabin being near a lake, but she didn't remember ever telling Chloe that detail. Chelsea noted that Chloe had seemed upset at the idea of Chelsea taking Sage's inheritance, and Nick pointed out that Chloe had been borderline obsessed with Chelsea and Adam. Nick's gut told him that Chloe could have planted the tracking device, but he couldn't fathom why. Chelsea said there was only one way to find out.

Later, Chloe burst into the penthouse and babbled about how she and Chelsea shared a brain because they'd sent text messages to one another at the same time. Chloe breathlessly insisted on going first, since there were things she wanted to tell and ask her best friend. A stone-faced Chelsea said she wanted to ask Chloe something, too, since Chloe hadn't been honest with her.

On the next The Young and the Restless...

• Victor tells Scott that he needs an experienced writer to help him with his memoir.

• “He’s not only an employee. He’s much younger. This could be a problem,” Jack lectures Ashley.

• Nick and Chelsea confront Chloe about the tracking device.

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