Friday, August 26, 2016

Police officers arrived at Adam and Chelsea's penthouse, and Dylan and Kevin informed Chelsea and Chloe that Adam had escaped. Dylan said the transport van hadn't set off any alarm or made any contact, but it had just dropped off the face of the earth. Chelsea questioned how it had been possible for a handcuffed man to escape against armed guards, and Dylan surmised that Adam had had help from the outside. Dylan asked about the last things Adam had said to Chelsea, since she'd been the last person to have physical contact with her husband. Chelsea scoffed at the thought that she'd made the van disappear into thin air, but Dylan theorized that she'd pulled one last con to save the man she loved.

Chelsea conceded that she'd pulled a horrible con on Dylan when she'd lied about him being Connor's father, but she insisted that she was just a wife who was afraid for her husband's life. Dylan received a text message, and he relayed that the guards who were supposed to have transported Adam had been drugged and found about a mile away from the courthouse with no sign of the van. Connor cried over the baby monitor, and Chelsea begged Dylan to make sure Adam was safe. Chelsea and Chloe went upstairs, and Dylan noted that Adam had obviously had help, so they had to find his partner. Kevin remarked that it had been an elaborate, carefully executed plan, and he and Dylan said Victor's name simultaneously.

In a remote cabin, Victor removed the hood from Adam's head and told Adam to relax, since Victor was there to help. Adam snarled that Victor had done enough, and he preferred to go back to prison, since a lifetime in solitary would be better than anything Victor had in store for him. Victor assured Adam that he was safe, but Adam retorted that nothing about it felt safe. Victor pulled out a key and removed Adam's handcuffs, and Adam asked if it was some kind of trap or trick.

Adam guessed that Victor was trying to make it look like Adam had tried to escape in order to tack on more time to his sentence, but Victor stated that he wanted to right a wrong. Adam inquired whether Victor was admitting that he'd doctored Sage's journal and used Constance's body as a means to punish Adam. Victor explained that the way he'd grown up, if someone punched him, he'd learned to punch back twice as hard. Victor conceded that he'd gone too far by tearing apart Adam's family and life, and he didn't feel good about it.

Adam was taken aback by Victor's admission, and he imagined that Victor wanted him to see "the light at the end of the hellhole" to grind him down even deeper. Victor said he couldn't undo the damage he'd done, but he could try to set things right. Adam questioned what was to stop him from going to the police and turning both of them in, and Victor reasoned that it wouldn't undo Adam's sentence or change the prison guard's condition. Victor offered to give Adam what he'd claimed he'd always wanted -- to be free of his father.

Victor implored Adam to go anywhere to start a new life, free of the Newman name, and Adam would never see Victor again. Adam refused to leave his wife and son, and Victor anticipated that Chelsea and Connor would go with Adam. Adam thought Victor was lying because there was no way Victor would agree to never seeing his grandson again. Victor explained that he'd grown up in a home without parents, and he wanted Adam to be a father to his son, so Victor was willing to make the sacrifice for Adam and Connor.

Victor reiterated that Connor deserved to grow up with his parents loving and protecting him, but Adam had to say goodbye to everything and everyone he knew, since there would be no turning back. Victor instructed Adam to answer a burner phone when it rang and to make the most important pitch of his life. Adam took the phone, and Victor got up to leave. "Dad," Adam called out, but he didn't know what else to say. Victor recognized that they'd hurt one another a lot, but he'd hurt Adam more. Victor stated that it was for family, and he placed his hand on Adam's shoulder. Adam grasped Victor's hand briefly before Victor exited.

At Summer and Luca's engagement party at Top of the Tower, Travis' sudden appearance interrupted Luca's speech. Travis announced that he wasn't there to toast to the happy couple but to set the record straight, since he hadn't been the one to sabotage the Newman oil facilities -- it had been the humble groom. Luca declared that it wasn't the time to throw around baseless accusations, and Summer asserted that Luca had been the only one who'd been set up. Travis called Luca a "bottom-feeding, backstabbing cockroach," and Victoria and Nick implored Summer to get the facts.

Travis revealed that Luca had contacted him a few days earlier to tell him never to return to Genoa City or fear facing charges. Summer accused Travis of trying to ruin her family's company, but Travis explained that Luca hadn't wanted Travis to expose Luca's involvement in the sabotage. Travis dared Luca to admit that Luca had been the brains behind the sabotage, and Travis was just the guy Luca had tried to pin it on, but Luca spat that Travis was a coward whose loyalty had been bought. Nick recognized that it was very difficult for Summer, but he urged her to hear Travis out before she took the biggest step of her life.

Summer huffed that she didn't need to consider anything but the fact that her family was willing to trash the man she loved, and she pointed out that Travis had lied about his life before he'd owned the bar. Summer ranted that the room was filled with liars, and Noah drunkenly offered to give her the truth, which was that Luca was a dirt bag. Summer turned to Jack to side with her, but he remained silent. Summer figured that Daniel was the only one who really understood, and Daniel replied that he was all for true love, but he also had doubts about Luca.

Summer haughtily told her family to enjoy the party, since she and Luca were leaving, and she led Luca out. Phyllis and Nick called after her as Dylan arrived, and Nick informed Dylan that Travis had proof that Luca had been behind the oil disasters. Dylan said it would have to wait, since his priority was investigating Adam's escape, and he believed Adam had had help. Dylan inquired where Victor was, but both Victor and Nikki were nowhere to be found. Dylan prepared to go to the ranch, and Nick insisted on going with him. Phyllis was determined to find another detective to investigate Luca, but Jack stopped her and said there was nothing more she could do.

Sharon cut Noah off from drinking, and she lectured that he had to support Summer. Mariah arrived and observed that the vibe felt more like a funeral than a celebration, and Noah quipped that they were mourning Summer's good sense. Sharon said she was taking him home, and she promised to fill Mariah in about the drama later. Mariah decided to stick around for the buffet, and Noah slurred that she was the smart one for never choosing the wrong man. Sharon led Noah out.

Jack thought Phyllis had accepted letting Summer find her own way, but Phyllis fretted that Luca might convince Summer to disappear. Jack cautioned that it would only make things worse if Phyllis confronted her, and Daniel agreed that it could blow up in Phyllis' face. Daniel urged Phyllis to reflect back on how things had worked out when she'd interfered with all the women he'd gotten involved with, and Phyllis defended that she'd had good reason in certain cases. Daniel argued that he'd had to figure it out for himself, and he was sure that Summer would also get there on her own. Phyllis thought Daniel would be the reason she got through the wedding, but Daniel had a feeling that she'd be last woman standing, no matter what happened.

Daniel turned to get some drinks, and he locked eyes with Mariah. Mariah noted that she hadn't had anyone look at her like they'd seen a ghost in a long time, and she asked if Daniel was new in town. Phyllis asked if they'd met, and Daniel explained that he'd just returned to town as brother of the bride. Mariah realized that he was Daniel Romalotti -- the reason her sister was dead.

Victoria thanked Travis for being there, and he regretted that he hadn't been able to get through to Summer. He sensed that something else was going on, and Victoria divulged that her parents had disappeared from the party just before the news had broken that her brother had escaped from his escort to federal prison. Victoria suggested that they get out of there, and they departed together.

Victoria took Travis to her place, and she expected it to be quiet, since her kids were with their dad. Travis remarked that he had her to himself, and she asked if it was wrong of her to want Katie to stay little forever. Victoria recounted that Luca had lied to and double-crossed just about everyone, and she didn't understand how Summer could still be committed to Luca after what she'd heard. Travis commented that love made people do crazy things.

Victoria guessed that Travis intended to head back to his boat, and he remarked that there was a lot of water to sail. He confirmed that he'd gotten the part for his generator, and she thanked him for trying to help Summer when he hadn't wanted to get caught in the mess. Travis confided that it hadn't been the only reason he'd returned, since he'd realized that he'd made a mistake by letting Victoria walk off his boat. He proclaimed that he wanted more than the fantasy. "I want you," he mused, and they kissed passionately.

Summer and Luca returned home, and he lamented that he'd wanted the night to be amazing for her, but he should have known that her family would try something. He contended that he'd really tried to be patient, but he was done taking her family's insults, and they didn't need her clan to be happy. Summer pointed out that every single one of her family members had been against their marriage, but Luca stressed that the most important thing was that they still loved one another. He suggested that they catch the next flight to an exotic location to get married, and they could live their own lives without the judgment and hate.

Summer countered that she and Luca could still get married there the next day, since they already had the minister lined up, but Luca preferred to be romantic and adventurous. Summer wondered why he wanted to rush off, and Luca argued that he'd never get a fair shot there, since Summer's grandmother was close with the police chief. Summer asserted that Luca would look guilty if they left, and she questioned whether he cared about what she thought. Summer requested that Luca be honest about whether he'd had anything to do with the oil disasters, and she promised that she wouldn't judge him.

Summer pointed out that her family and other people who had nothing to gain were blaming Luca, and he'd lied to her about contacting Travis. Summer wondered what else Luca wasn't telling her, and he confessed that he'd sabotaged the oil rigs to prove himself at Newman. He admitted that he'd gone too far, but his priorities had changed when he'd fallen in love with her, and all he wanted was a life with her. She thanked him for being honest, and he thanked her for understanding him and standing by him. She grimaced when he pulled her into a kiss.

Luca prepared to start a new life with Summer, and she agreed to go with him -- to the police station, since he had to do the right thing. Luca refused to turn himself in, and Summer picked up the phone and threatened to do it herself. Luca pleaded that he loved Summer and wanted a life with her, and they could still make that happen. Summer stated that he'd attacked her family's company, but he countered that they'd done nothing but attack him.

Luca apologized that things had gone that far, but he reasoned that there was nothing to do about it anymore, and he urged Summer not to make things more complicated. She wailed that he'd complicated things by lying to her and making her turn against her own family, and he asked for a chance just to leave. She refused to let Travis take the fall for something he hadn't done, and they struggled over the phone. Jack burst in and asked what was going on.

The doorbell rang at the ranch, and Dylan and Nick rushed in. Nick demanded to know where his father was, and Nikki replied that Victor was asleep upstairs, since he hadn't been feeling well. Dylan announced that Adam had escaped, and they thought Victor had been behind it. Nikki scolded Nick for accusing Victor of both putting Adam in prison and helping him escape, but Nick suspected that Victor's attempt to teach Adam a lesson had spun out of control, and it was Victor's way of fixing things. Dylan asked when Victor and Nikki had left the party, and Nikki replied that Victor had taken off when he hadn't been feeling well, but she'd stayed until the confrontation between Travis and Luca.

Dylan was skeptical that Victor was really upstairs, and Nick offered to look for himself. Victor entered and ordered Nick and Dylan to deal directly with him, and Nikki clucked that Victor shouldn't be up. Victor assured her that it wouldn't take long, and she stepped out to run an errand. Victor feigned ignorance about Adam's disappearance, and he demanded to know what the police were doing about it. Dylan wondered if Adam was there.

Victor barked that Dylan needed a search warrant. Nick thought it looked suspicious not to let the police search the ranch, and Dylan clarified that he didn't need a warrant when he was looking for an escaped convict. Victor demanded that Dylan leave his property immediately, but Dylan refused to go anywhere, and he placed Victor under house arrest until officers searched the premises.

At the penthouse, Kevin reported to Chelsea and Chloe that Dylan had gone to check on a lead. Chloe complained about the guard standing by the door, and Kevin instructed the guard to wait outside. Chloe inquired whether Dylan really believed that Chelsea had been behind Adam's escape, and Kevin revealed that their theory was that Victor had been involved. Chelsea agreed that it had Victor written all over it, and it scared her even more to contemplate what Victor was planning next.

Nikki suddenly burst in and rushed over to see Connor. Chelsea, Kevin, and Chloe looked befuddled as Nikki fawned over the boy, and Chelsea asked if Nikki was all right. Nikki claimed that she'd wanted to make sure Connor was okay after she'd heard that Adam had escaped, and Chelsea insisted that Connor was fine, but she wasn't sure about Nikki. Nikki apologized for barging in without calling, and she hugged Chelsea. Nikki whispered that the cell phone Connor had wasn't a toy, and she instructed Chelsea to call the number programmed into it when she was alone. Chelsea looked over at Connor, who was playing a game on a phone.

Chelsea thanked Nikki for stopping by, and she added that Nikki had no idea how much it meant to her. Chelsea abruptly decided to put Connor to bed, and she picked up her son and the phone and remarked that it had been a long day. Nikki wished them goodnight, and Chelsea said Connor was lucky to have a grandmother who loved him that much. Chelsea carried Connor upstairs, and Nikki said it had been a strange day. Chloe pointedly noted that a lot of strangeness had been going around.

Moments later, Adam's phone chimed with an incoming call, and he saw it was from an unknown caller. An image of Adam appeared on the screen of Chelsea's phone, and she breathlessly asked if he was okay. He assured her that he was, and she rambled that she'd been going out of her mind, not knowing if she'd ever see him again. Chelsea asked if it was real, and Adam promised that they would be together.

. . .

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