Wednesday, October 7, 2015

At the boathouse, Neil watched over an unconscious Hilary, and he told Gwen that he'd thought he'd seen a little change, but it had probably been wishful thinking. Gwen told him not to lose hope, since she believed Hilary would wake up and tell everyone that he hadn't been responsible for her fall. Neil worriedly examined the I.V. bag and said they needed more supplies, but he thought it would be dangerous to obtain them. He struggled with the idea of turning himself in, but Gwen implored him not to give up after he'd gotten that far, since she couldn't lose him.

Neil apologized for dragging Gwen into it, but she said she had no regrets, and she pledged to get through it together. She offered to pick up the supplies from the hospital, since she knew where Emma kept her identification badge, and the hospital staff would just think she was there to visit Emma. Gwen reasoned that she would only be taking I.V. nutrition and not narcotics, but Neil worried that it was really risky. Gwen kissed him and chirped, "For me, it's worth it."

Jill and Colin arrived at the Athletic Club, and she crowed that Hong Kong had been magnificent, but it hadn't had Colin in it. He hoped that she wouldn't need to make the trip again, since the new office was up and running, and she confirmed that she wouldn't need to go back for a long time. She said her stomach thought it was breakfast time, but there had been no food at the mansion without Esther there. Nikki approached and wondered if Jill had seen Billy, but Jill replied that she'd just returned from Hong Kong. Nikki advised that Billy needed as much support as he could get, since Adam was alive and had been living in town for nearly a year. Jill's jaw dropped.

The front desk clerk handed Devon an envelope that someone had dropped off, and Devon found a ransom note inside. As Colin looked on from a distance, Devon read the note, which instructed him not to go to the police. Lily quizzed the clerk about who had left the note, but he said he'd been busy tending to some prominent guests. Devon ranted that it was the clerk's job to know everything that happened in the lobby, but Cane intervened and asked the clerk to let them know if he remembered anything. Cane went to pull the surveillance footage, and Devon lamented to Lily that the kidnapper had been in the building, but no one had seen him.

At the hospital, Paul informed Dylan and Stitch that he'd placed trackers on the I.V. nutrition boxes, and the transmitters would send out a signal within a 50-mile radius if the boxes left the hospital. Dylan remarked that the signal would only lead them to Hilary if their theory was right, but Paul thought it might be the fastest way to find her. Paul prepared to return to his office to ensure his computer was logged onto the tracking devices, and he asked Dylan to meet him there. Dylan answered a call from Devon, and he told Paul that he had to stop by the Athletic Club first.

Dylan arrived at the club and wondered if the ransom note was legitimate, and Devon pointed out that they'd expected it. Dylan advised that the police were in a great position to capitalize on a lead if Hilary was in town, since anyone who left the hospital with long-term care supplies would lead them to the kidnapper. Dylan suspected that the kidnapper wasn't working alone, and he noted that the person knew a lot about Devon and his family, since the kidnapper had taken Hilary at the right place and the right time to begin the whole plot. Colin joined the group and asked if they were spinning a conspiracy theory.

Colin claimed that it had been a joke, but Dylan told him to drop the innocent act, since they all knew Colin had been involved with setting up the incriminating video. Devon revealed that someone was holding Hilary for ransom, and Colin assumed that Devon thought it was him. Dylan noted that Colin had been lurking and eavesdropping, and Colin said he'd been waiting for a call, but he was concerned because Devon was family. Devon testily questioned whether Colin had blackmailed everyone in his family, and Neil arrived and asked what was going on. Colin implored Neil to tell everyone that the idea that Colin had been involved in Hilary's disappearance was ludicrous.

Colin defended that he had no reason to want to see Devon go through such torture, and Neil admitted that he had at first, but he'd regretted it. Devon remarked that it was water under the bridge, and Lily guessed that it had been about money all along. Dylan speculated that the kidnappers hadn't intended for Hilary to take a fall, but they'd kept her alive to have her as a bargaining chip. Cane wondered if the ransom note was a fake from someone trying to cash in, and Colin suggested that the note was a smokescreen to cover up what was really going on. Dylan wanted to go to the cops, but Devon didn't want to risk involving the authorities.

Cane suddenly yelled at someone in a hoodie to stop, but the person ducked out the door after leaving another envelope at the desk. Devon opened the note and read that the kidnapper was ready to arrange a drop. Cane said he'd seen a kid run away, but the hood had been covering the person's face. Devon and Dylan read the instructions to leave a million dollars in the park the following night in exchange for Hilary's whereabouts.

In the park, Sage berated Adam for taking away her chance for a real life and family, but she suddenly clutched her belly and panicked that it was too soon. Adam assured her that she would be all right, since it was probably just false labor, but she crumpled onto a bench and proclaimed that her water had broken. Adam whipped out his phone to call for help, but he realized that it didn't work because of the Paragon virus. He promised Sage that everything would work out.

Sage whimpered that the baby was on the way, and Adam wrapped her arm around his neck and gently tried to lift her, but she groaned that she couldn't make it. He pointed out that her contractions had just started, but she was certain that she was giving birth right then. Adam recounted that he'd delivered Johnny, and he swore that he wouldn't go anywhere. Sage begged him not to let her baby die.

Adam got Sage into position to deliver her baby, and he instructed her to remember her breathing exercises, but she wailed that she couldn't. She asked when she should push, and he said the baby was crowning. Adam assured her that she could do it, and she screamed in pain as Adam pulled out the baby and announced that it was a boy. Sage smiled at first, but she realized that her son wasn't crying, and she questioned what was wrong. Adam stopped a woman as she passed by and asked her to call for an ambulance.

Adam accompanied the EMTs to the hospital with Sage and her premature baby, and Sage weakly asked how her baby was doing. Emma gushed that Sage had a beautiful baby who was on his way to the nursery, and Sage passed out. Adam mentioned that Sage had lost a lot of blood, and Stitch instructed the hospital staff to prepare the operating room for surgery.

At Newman Enterprises, Nick griped that the Paragon virus had been messing with their supply chain, and Victor reported that all incoming shipments had been stopped, so their plant in Cleveland was at a standstill. Victor realized that they'd have to reinstate their orders for raw materials manually, and Nick worried that they were going to lose everything. Victor checked his phone and said he might have found a way out. A security guard hauled in the hacker who Ian had hired to develop the virus.

Victor smirked at the hacker and asked if he knew who Victor was, and the hacker gazed at the wall and referred to Victor as "the dude in the painting." Victor clarified that he was dude who the hacker had been stealing from, and he accused the hacker of introducing the virus into Newman's computer system. Victor demanded to know how to stop it, but the hacker replied that it couldn't be stopped. Nick said he knew his brother had been behind it, but the hacker asserted that he didn't even know who Nick was, so he didn't know Nick's brother. Victor ominously stated that the hacker would cooperate and answer their questions, starting right then.

Nick said Ian was back in prison, and Nick's brother would also be under maximum security soon. Nick questioned whether the hacker wanted to join them, and he ordered the hacker to stop Paragon immediately. Nick answered a call and said he was on his way. He relayed that Sage and the baby had been admitted to the hospital. After Nick rushed off, Victor said that, unlike his son, he wasn't under the illusion that people could be reasoned with. The hacker maintained that he couldn't give Victor what he wanted, since "Gabriel" had explicitly asked him to design the virus so that it couldn't be stopped. Victor asked if Adam had told the hacker that the intention of Paragon had been to ruin Victor's company.

At Delia's roadside memorial, Billy pulled away from Victoria's embrace, and she asked him to promise not to go after Adam again. She contended that Billy had too much to lose because of Johnny and Katherine, and getting thrown in prison wasn't worth the momentary satisfaction. She added that Delia wouldn't have wanted it that way, but Billy argued that Delia wasn't there to fight for herself, so he had to fight for her. Billy expected that Adam would turn to Victor for help in exchange for shutting down Paragon, and he doubted Adam would actually get the punishment he deserved.

At the police station, Jill requested Paul's help to find Billy. Nikki blurted out that Adam was alive and that Billy had gone after him. Jill said she wanted Adam to pay but not at Billy's expense, and she was relieved when Billy and Victoria walked in. Jill hugged Billy and hoped he hadn't done anything to hurt Adam. Billy explained that Victoria had convinced him that it would have been the wrong thing to do. Billy declared that he was putting his faith in the legal system to make sure his daughter got justice, and he warned Paul not to let her down again.

Paul handed out flyers with Adam's photo to his officers, and he instructed them to haul Adam in for questioning. Victor and Nikki arrived, and Victor announced that Adam had been behind the cyber attacks, so he wanted the police to make Adam's arrest a priority. Billy told Victor to get in line, and the men bickered. Victoria pointed out that they all wanted Adam in jail, and Paul said they needed a warrant to make an arrest. Victor started to call a judge, and the group continued to argue amongst themselves.

Billy grumbled that he couldn't be near Victor anymore, and Victoria encouraged him to consider what the men had in common -- they both wanted Adam to be arrested. Billy preferred Adam dead, and Victoria said she was worried about Billy. She remembered how bleak things had been after Delia's death, and she didn't want Billy's grief and anger to eat him alive again. Billy took her hand and suggested they go home.

Gwen retrieved supplies from the hospital supply closet, and she cautiously stepped back into the corridor. She ran into Emma, and she fibbed that she'd been looking for Emma to grab a bite to eat. Emma replied that things had been crazy, and she had to prep for surgery.

At the boathouse, Gwen pulled the supplies from her bag as Neil returned, and she said she'd picked up everything. Neil coldly asked if she had something to say to him, and she reported that she'd been very careful, so everything was fine. She wondered why he was staring at her, and he asked if she'd sent the ransom note. Neil assumed that she'd agreed to help him to go after some quick cash, and Gwen swore that she hadn't known anything about it, but she couldn't believe he'd even think that after all she'd done for him. He recalled that she'd been ready to turn him in before she'd suddenly jumped on his side, and she countered that she'd become an accessory to his crime by stealing hospital supplies for him.

Neil repeated Gwen's earlier words that it was worth it for her, and she insisted that she'd said that because she loved him. Neil chortled in disbelief, and Gwen said he sounded like a crazy person. Neil spat that it hadn't been the first time she'd deceived him, since she'd pretended to have a relationship with Devon, and Gwen asked if being cheated on had really screwed Neil up that much.

Gwen received an incoming call from Emma, and Neil ordered her to answer it. Gwen learned something about the police, and she made up an excuse to abruptly end the call. Gwen divulged that the hospital knew the supplies were missing, and the police had put trackers in the boxes. Gwen realized she'd led the police right to them, and Neil examined the supplies and found a tracker.

Paul's computer blinked to indicate that the tracker had been activated, but no one noticed it. Dylan called the police station and asked to speak with Paul, but an officer said Paul had stepped out. Dylan requested a status update on the trackers, and the cop checked Paul's computer, but it indicated that the signal was offline.

Nick raced to the hospital, and Stitch informed him that Sage was being prepared for surgery and that the baby was in the NICU. Stitch added that Sage had lost a lot of blood, and Nick wondered how it had happened, since Stitch had said everything had been fine when Sage had last been in the hospital. Stitch explained that her previous infection hadn't caused the early labor, and it had likely been due to a placental abruption caused by trauma. Nick inquired whether stress could have caused it, and Stitch replied that it wouldn't have helped, but Sage hadn't been alone when she'd given birth in the park. Stitch revealed that the baby hadn't been breathing at first, but the person with Sage had taken a course in infant CPR, and they'd be having a much different conversation if things hadn't worked out that way.

Nick asked who had delivered the baby, and Adam announced that he had. Nick demanded to know if Adam had threatened or attacked Sage, and Adam started to walk away. Nick snarled that she'd protected Adam for over a year, and Adam had repaid her by sending her into premature labor. Adam retorted that it was convenient to blame him, but he guessed that Nick had lashed out at Sage when he'd found out the secret she'd been keeping. Adam imagined that Nick hadn't given any thought to the damage it might have done to her or the baby, so it was all on Nick, not him.

Nick barked that Adam hadn't changed a bit, since Adam was blaming everyone else after he'd left a trail of destruction. Adam acknowledged that Nick's life would have been easier without Adam in it, but he imagined that Sage would have eventually disappointed Nick, who made it impossible to live up to his lofty standards. Nick started to threaten Adam if anything happened to Sage or the baby, but Stitch intervened and said the child wouldn't be alive if it hadn't been for Adam. Stitch urged Nick to go down to the NICU and appreciate the gift he'd been given. "Your son, Nick. It's a boy," Adam said, and he congratulated an overwhelmed Nick.

Nikki and Victor returned to his office, and she ended a call and relayed that Sage was still in surgery. Victor asked about the baby, and Nikki revealed that "he" was in the NICU. Victor marveled that they had another grandson, and Nikki replied, "Congratulations, Grandpa."

Nick, clad in scrubs, entered the NICU and gazed at his newborn son. He introduced himself as the boy's dad, and he welcomed the infant to the world. Nick tenderly added that he hadn't expected to see the baby that soon, but he was glad to see the tot. Nick observed that the boy was very little, and he told his son to keep fighting, since that was what Newmans did. Nick vowed that both Sage and the baby would pull through it.

Adam waited outside the operating room as Sage was wheeled by, and Stitch told medical personnel to take her to recovery. Adam asked if she and the baby would be all right. Paul and a police officer arrived. Paul announced that Adam was under arrest.

. . .

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