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Wednesday, April 26, 2017
by Nel

At Phyllis', Billy suggested that they go out for breakfast, but Phyllis was wary about going public yet. Billy assured Phyllis that they were single and they were through sneaking around. They agreed that they needed to break the news to Victoria and Jack immediately.

At Brash & Sassy, Victoria told Cane and Juliet she appreciated their outstanding work. The men's product line in the Asian market had exceeded Victoria's expectations. She wanted to make a big push to raise their profile in the beauty world. Cane suggested that if the sales projections were accurate, they would shoot up on their own. Victoria felt they needed a little boost and the staff meeting would keep the momentum going.

Victoria stated that their number one priority was to make sure public relations erased any lingering consumer associations from the past and Newman Enterprises. Their brand should be about independence and even though her last name was Neman, she was the only one calling the shots. She needed Cane and Juliet to work on a foundation to beef up their image of pride, independence and success.

Moments later, Victoria was alone with Juliet. She thanked Juliet for helping her get home the previous evening and admitted she wasn't much of a drinker. Juliet assured Victoria that she'd been around people more out of control than Victoria had been after alcohol consumption.

Lily and Jordan arrived from their trip with glowing reports. Jordan praised Lily for rocking the brand and the hockey players couldn't get enough of the line or Lily. Jordan showed Juliet and Victoria the photos. Cane didn't appear happy.

At the Athletic Club, Neil reminded Devon that he couldn't be late to finalize his divorce. Devon assured Neil that he'd been counting the minutes until he could call Hilary his ex-wife. Devon admitted that his marriage had been over for quite some time. Devon appreciated that Michael had scheduled the divorce hearing before they launched their new business so Hilary wouldn't have any claim to it. Neil found it odd that Hilary only wanted GC Buzz and no alimony. He was worried that there would be an eleventh hour courtroom surprise. At that moment Hilary walked by and said she'd see them in court.

Phyllis, Billy and Jack arrived in the Jabot parking lot at the same time. In the elevator, Phyllis asked if Jack and Billy had updated their online shopping experience with Fenmore's virtual dressing room app. Phyllis continued her dissertation about the advantages of the app and how it gave people time to do the things they loved. Billy chimed in and said like watching hockey, and Phyllis agreed. Billy described the hockey players coming off the ice all sweaty and into the arms of someone special. They trust the body spray by Brash & Sassy.

Jack asked if a hockey puck knocked someone's teeth out, did Brash & Sassy offer dental insurance. Billy said no, but they could email their customer service, and they would get right on it. As Billy exited, he wished Jack and Phyllis a great Brash & Sassy day.

Phyllis followed Jack into his office and stated that it had been almost a year since Jack's feud with Billy, and it was exhausting to watch. Jack reminded Phyllis that this was personal between him and Billy. Jack admitted that he and Phyllis worked efficiently together given what they'd been through. Phyllis was grateful that Jack had set aside his seething grudge against her. Jack stated it would have been counterproductive for business. Phyllis stated that Jack holding his grudge against Billy was counterproductive to Jack's health.

Phyllis said that Jack's poisonous feelings were toxic for the body and made him susceptible to diseases, ulcers, viruses and cancer. It was a documented medical fact. Jack didn't want to hear any more about Billy and he emphatically stated that he'd never forgive Billy. Jack wanted to focus on business and asked for information about the integration of Jabot onto the Fenmore's site. Phyllis advised they had a new feature and she'd have Ravi send Jack a prototype.

Phyllis told Jack she didn't mean to harp on Billy, but she just wanted everyone to get along. Jack was curious about Phyllis' sunny disposition because Phyllis never did anything without a reason. Phyllis admitted she'd found a life outside the office. Jack asked if there was a new guy. Phyllis admitted there was a new guy, but she wouldn't tell him who it was.

Jack wanted to know more about Jabot's integration. Phyllis thought they could develop an app for a computer for furnishing a home. She explained how it would work. Jack was intrigued and thought it was a great idea. Phyllis wanted to know if there was an update about the decline and fall of Victor. Jack admitted he'd made his opening move, but refused to say any more.

Outside the courthouse, Devon was surprised how quick and simple the process had been. Hilary came out and Devon commented how painless it had been. He thought he'd feel different once everything was official, but he didn't. Hilary said that their marriage had been over for a long time and being in court had just been the paper work.

Hilary said she was excited about the debut of her new show "The Hilary Hour." She thought it was great that Neil had accompanied Devon. Devon said that he and Neil were starting a new business together. They'd be back in music and would develop new artists, acquire new businesses, specifically the ones founded by women and minorities. They wanted to build a family of companies that would reflect their values and make a positive difference. Devon said he'd wasted too much time and wanted to move forward. Devon removed his wedding ring and left with Neil. Alone, Hilary sadly looked at her wedding rings.

Victoria acknowledged that the launch of "Dare" had been a success because of Lily as ambassador and Jordan's beautiful photography. Victoria thanked Cane and Juliet for brokering the deal in Tokyo for Dare. Their upcoming men's line would be distributed all over Asia. Victoria complimented Juliet for sending Jordan and Lily on a smash hit promo tour featuring their new partner -- pro hockey and that they would issue a press release of their upcoming products.

Billy arrived and was surprised by the early morning meeting. Cane said had Billy checked his messages he'd have known about the meeting. Victoria complimented Billy for his brilliant idea to partner with pro hockey. They now had a nation-wide promotional platform that spoke to the young men demographic for "Dare" and the whole men's line. Billy said the credit went to Victoria. The meeting was adjourned.

Alone with Billy, Victoria asked if something was bothering him. Billy said no because he liked having his work praised since it didn't happen too often. Victoria noted that Billy seemed preoccupied and it wasn't like him to be MIA for hours. Billy explained that he'd received a letter from Chloe advising him that Bella might be his daughter. Chloe indicated that she'd stolen Billy's specimen from the hospital. Billy had called the hospital and it had been confirmed that one of his samples was missing. Billy said that Kevin received a similar letter. Billy and Kevin had to have a paternity test done. Bella turned out to be Kevin's daughter.

Victoria was relieved because it would have been a very rough time for Billy. Victoria couldn't get over all the people Chloe had hurt and once again raking Billy over the coals from afar. Victoria felt that none of this would've happened if Chloe had just stayed locked up. Billy wondered how Chloe had gotten out and if she'd managed it alone. Victoria said that Chloe was a psychopath and that lying was what psychopath's did best. Victoria asked if the letters had given any clue where Chloe might be, but Billy said that Chloe had had the letters sent from different locations to confuse the police. Victoria was happy that Billy no longer had a connection to Chloe.

Victoria stated that it must have been tough for Billy to go through the paternity test alone and said that she would have gone with him. Billy reminded her that they were going to keep their business and personal lives separate. Victoria reminded him that that had been Billy's decision, not hers. Billy said that the signals Victoria had given him had been clear. He said he needed to tell her something.

In the lab area Cane told Juliet that he was trying to assemble accurate numbers for the press release and he wanted to find a way so it wouldn't sound tedious. Juliet said if she had to do that, she'd spend every lunch break drinking heavily. Cane asked Juliet to dispense with any reference to drinking because it gave him flashbacks to the sake and the other thing that had happened and he didn't like it.

Juliet informed Cane that Victoria probably felt the same after the rum. Cane asked if Juliet had gotten Victoria plastered. Juliet confirmed that Victoria had felt no pain. Juliet hadn't been able to keep up with her. Cane was surprised. He said that Victoria didn't usually cut loose. She was more contained and controlled.

Lily arrived and updated Juliet on her amazing promotional trip. Lily said that it hadn't felt like work and couldn't believe she was being paid for it. Juliet said that Lily had killed it every step of the way and the fans in all three cities had loved her. Lily kissed Cane and hugged Juliet.

After Lily left, Cane said he felt that Victoria had made it seem that Billy's deal was more important than Cane and Juliet opening the door to the entire Asian market. Juliet didn't think Victoria meant it that way, but Cane said Victoria did and it was because of Billy's relationship with Victoria. Billy always got the inside track with her. Juliet suggested that they come up with an idea that would blow Billy out of the water.

Later Lily returned and Cane told her that she looked fetching in the soccer jersey and all he could think about was what was under it. Lily admitted that Cane was the love of her life. They kissed while Juliet watched in the background.

At GC Buzz George told Mariah he'd had the running order of the premiere episode of the new, if not improved, format and asked if Mariah had any questions. Mariah asked if George hadn't quit a few months ago. George said he had, but things hadn't worked out. When he'd been presented with another exciting opportunity, he'd asked Hilary for a reference, but Hilary claimed she didn't remember him, but she had a producer job opening and he took it. Mariah admitted they'd had quite a number of resignations recently.

Mariah asked George what "Get real with Hilary" meant. George relayed that it was an exciting and groundbreaking new segment where Hilary spoke directly to her viewers and got real with them. Mariah hoped that George realized that Hilary was the least real person ever. Mariah stated that it was a vanity project that would run amok and she wondered what she was doing there. George said she was in the closer -- Mariah got to wave goodnight. George said Mariah had her own fan base and if she wanted a bigger role -- Mariah realized that she needed to fight for it.

At GC Buzz, Hilary gave George instructions. She told him the clock was ticking and wanted to know why he was still standing there. George thought she had more notes. Hilary advised him that his title was producer, not thinker. She told him to run along and produce. She also told him that lighting was too bright and she wanted The Hilary Hour to have more of a cinematic tone. Mariah asked which classic movie Hilary was trying to emulate -- Mean Girls or The Great Dictator. Hilary advised Mariah that the new lighting would make Mariah appear less pasty.

Mariah reminded Hilary that Devon had brought her onto the show to keep Hilary from giving in to her worst instincts but Hilary had caved. They didn't even have one episode of Hilary's Hour of Horrors in the can. Mariah said she'd been trying to help Hilary keep the show from becoming a joke. Mariah wanted to keep Hilary from trying to reinvent herself into some all-knowing lifestyle guru and self-appointed superstar. The viewers wouldn't buy it. Hilary knew where Mariah was coming from, called Mariah "sweetie." She said Mariah was a very important part of the show. Mariah shot the "sweetie" remark back at Hilary and disagreed because she had nothing to do.

Hilary said that Mariah was like the tone commentator on a sports cast. Mariah provided dollops of information and stellar tone. Mariah sarcastically said that that would look awesome on television. Hilary knew that Mariah would make the most of every moment that Mariah was on screen and walked away. Mariah muttered -– "You bet your diva derriere I will."

The Hilary Hour began. Hilary introduced herself and stated that the program would be much like GC Buzz had been. They would cover the lives of the rich, famous and the powerful and so much more. Hilary said that she and Mariah would help them live their best lives and she and Mariah would share their lives with the viewers. Hilary said the segment would be entitled "Self-Care" and asked Mariah to confirm that. Mariah stated that Hilary cares for herself more that anyone and playfully added that Hilary was gorgeous.

Hilary told her viewers that she wanted to share something personal. Hilary said that before coming to the show, she'd had to finalize her divorce. It was a major life changing event and it came with sadness and new insecurities, but it also came with new hope. Mariah was stunned. Hilary confessed there was an image she'd wanted to present to the world -- confident, in charge and on top of everything, but as fervently as she wanted to be seen as a super woman, she couldn't do it alone. She needed the help of her friends. Hilary said she bore no ill will toward Devon because he was a wonderful and special person. She wished him the best.

Hilary admitted she was the reason her marriage failed. She'd decided not to hold on to bitterness, point fingers or live in the past. She wanted to focus on the future. Hilary removed her wedding rings and hoped that she and Devon would remain friends. Hilary hoped that everyone would realize that bitterness was not a lifestyle to embrace. The show ended.

Mariah told Hilary that it had been a great show -- it had been real and riveting. Everyone who'd watched it would agree. Devon arrived and complimented Hilary on an excellent show and said he liked her new direction. He said that sharing something so personal had been a brave choice and it had paid off. Devon added that it would be better if Mariah was featured a little more, but he admitted that he was biased.

Jordan approached and hugged Hilary and they walked away. Jordan told Hilary that she had two things to celebrate -- a new life and a new show. While Jordan read his text, Hilary jealously looked over and saw the ease of Devon and Mariah's relationship and interaction.

Mariah asked Devon why he hadn't told her that it had been divorce day. Devon said the marriage had been over for a long time and from that point forward, he and Mariah were the main event. He showed Mariah that he'd taken off his wedding ring and was ready to move on.

On the next The Young and the Restless...

• Nikki tells Victoria that Victor has done something and Nikki is livid.

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