Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Reconstruction was underway at the Underground. Victoria mentioned to Nick that Victor had saved Jack's life at the club. Nick wondered what made Victoria think of that. She told Nick that Victor was planning some kind of move against Jack. Nick thought it was just Newman-Abbott feuding as usual -- but Victoria thought there was more to it "this time."

Victoria filled Nick in. She told him that, after a huge marketing blitz, Victor had pulled Brash & Sassy off the market. After that, Victor had asked Victoria to scrutinize every division of Jabot in order to find the company's weaknesses. Victoria thought Victor seemed hell-bent on eradicating Jabot -- and Jack. Nick said that the more Victoria told him, the happier he was that he had left Newman Enterprises when he had.

In the Athletic Club dining room, Jack told Phyllis that he hadn't been able to sleep the previous night -- all he had been able to think about had been Kelly's suicide. Jack noticed Abby and Stitch in the lobby and realized that Stitch hadn't been told that his sister was dead. Jack stood up and called Stitch and Abby over.

Jack told Stitch that he had news about Kelly. Stitch nearly staggered over when Jack informed him that Kelly was dead. Phyllis told Stitch that Kelly had taken her own life. Stitch insisted that Kelly would never kill herself. Stitch said he needed to see proof of Kelly's death.

Phyllis handed Stitch the postmortem picture of Kelly. He began crying and asked how she had died. Jack told him that she had evidently overdosed on barbiturates. Stitch said that might have been an accident -- but Jack said Kelly had left a note. Abby called Victoria at the Underground and said to meet her at the Athletic Club -- Stitch needed Victoria.

Stitch accused Phyllis and Jack of having driven Kelly to her death. Phyllis said she realized Stitch was still in shock but told him his sister had had some serious issues. Stitch angrily acknowledged that Kelly had definitely had issues -- and Jack and Phyllis were two of them.

Jack stopped Phyllis from sparring with Stitch about Jack's relationship with Kelly. Jack told Stitch there had been a time when Kelly had meant a great deal to Jack. Stitch freaked out, screamed, "Enough!" and began to cry. Jack and Phyllis left.

Victoria arrived at the club and informed Stitch that Abby had told her about Kelly's death. Victoria said, "I knew that Kelly was troubled, but I had no idea..." Stitch's rage boiled over, and he asked why everyone was blaming Kelly. He explained that life had dealt his sister a bad hand -- and people had used and exploited her. He pointed his finger at Victoria and said, "First your husband -- then his brother."

Victoria told Stitch that she wished she had some magic words to make him feel better. Stitch told Victoria that nothing she said could cheer him up. He said he knew Victoria had never liked Kelly and had always blamed Kelly for breaking up Victoria and Billy.

A despondent Victoria began walking out of the club, but Abby caught up with her in the lobby. Abby told Victoria that Stitch was still in shock and probably didn't realize what he had said. Abby patronizingly told Victoria that she wouldn't let Stitch do anything stupid. Abby returned to Stitch and put her hands on his shoulders as if to comfort him -- not realizing that Victoria was still in the lobby, watching them.

Stitch told Abby that he had treated Victoria terribly. Abby agreed with him. Stitch asked Abby to leave -- he wanted to spend some time by himself. Abby understood, but reminded him that he was supposed to be protecting her. Choking up, Stitch said that he wished Kelly had never met any of the Abbotts -- she might be alive if she hadn't.

Abby gently explained that she had seen Stitch blame Jack, Phyllis, and Billy for Kelly's death -- when Stitch was really upset with Kelly. Abby said Stitch was undoubtedly furious that Kelly hadn't told him how depressed she had been -- Kelly had cut Stitch out of her life then made the ultimate decision to kill herself. Stitch admitted that he was mad with Kelly. He didn't understand why Kelly hadn't let him help her.

After some reflecting, Stitch realized it was his fault he and Kelly had never been close. Stitch began sobbing, and Abby, trying to comfort him, rubbed his back and held his arm. Unseen, Ashley walked through the dining room and observed the physical contact between Stitch and Abby. The pair left the club as a concerned Ashley looked on.

At the Abbott mansion, Sage, Adam, and Chelsea were finishing breakfast. Chelsea mentioned that she had a meeting in La Crosse. Adam wondered whether the meeting was with the buyer at Clayton's Department Store. When Chelsea confirmed that it was, Adam said he also planned to meet with the buyer and suggested he and Chelsea drive to La Crosse together. Sage could only roll her eyes when Adam said he and Chelsea would be dynamite together.

Sage told Adam she didn't think it was a good idea for him and Chelsea to double-team the buyer at Clayton's. Adam quipped that Sage didn't understand "their industry" -- he and Chelsea had the same goals. Chelsea needed to stop at Jabot to pick up her portfolio and asked Adam to pick her up at Jabot later that morning.

After Chelsea was gone, Adam admitted to Sage that he had known about Chelsea's meeting all along, and he had arranged for a little "surprise." Sage thought it was sad that Adam had to resort to trickery in his attempt to woo Chelsea. Adam wondered if Sage expected him to just stand by and watch Chelsea marry Billy -- even though Chelsea was already married to Adam. Sage reminded him that he was no longer married to Chelsea -- Adam Newman was legally dead. Adam said he was no longer Adam Newman -- he was Gabriel Bingham. Sage snapped, "Not even close."

Sage lectured Adam. She told him he might look like Gabriel, but that was where the resemblance ended. Although Gabriel had been a bit of a rogue, he had never used malice or trickery with women. Adam said he was tired of hearing about "St. Gabriel" and told Sage he had an advantage over Gabriel -- Adam was alive, while Sage's beloved Gabriel was dead and gone. That remark earned Adam a hard slap across the face.

Adam wondered if Sage felt better after the slap. Sage reminded Adam that Gabriel had jumped in a river to save Adam's life, and she called Adam a "selfish bastard." Adam said he appreciated the sacrifice Gabriel had made, but Adam and Sage had agreed that Adam would "take Gabe's place."

Sage accused Adam of being a coward for not taking responsibility for Delia's death. Adam said Sage didn't know him -- and she never would. Taunting Sage, Adam said that Gabriel had probably never loved her.

At Jabot, Billy congratulated Ashley on the debut of the company's latest fragrance -- Hex. He was thrilled when Ashley told him that consumer response to Hex was "mind-blowing," and many retailers were already reordering the fragrance.

Billy told Ashley that he and Chelsea were planning on checking out a wedding venue later that day -- the Lausanne. Ashley had heard that the Lausanne was booked for years in advance, but Billy said as soon as the manager had heard the name "Abbott," the schedule had opened up. Ashley was a bit surprised. She had thought Billy and Chelsea were delaying their wedding until Jack and Phyllis got married.

Ashley told Billy that he and Chelsea had to be pretty close to picking a wedding date if they were checking out possible venues. Billy wondered what information Ashley was really trying to get. Ashley asked him if he was rushing the wedding because he felt that the sooner he married Chelsea, the sooner he could put Victoria behind him.

Billy was upset that Ashley was again raising her doubts about his relationship with Chelsea. Billy said he was sick and tired of Ashley and Jack second-guessing him -- he loved Chelsea, Chelsea loved him -- and those were reasons enough to get married.

Ashley said she was glad Billy was happy. Chelsea rushed in to grab her portfolio. She told Billy and Ashley that she needed it for her appointment with Clayton's Department Stores in La Crosse. Billy wondered how Chelsea would be able to return to Genoa City in time for their meeting at the Lausanne. Billy appeared disappointed that Chelsea had forgotten about that.

Chelsea said she thought Billy had canceled the Lausanne meeting when they had postponed their wedding date. Sounding reluctant, Chelsea said she could reschedule her appointment in La Crosse. Billy realized that Chelsea's meeting was very important to her. He told Chelsea that he would call and postpone the showing.

Chelsea said she needed to leave because Gabriel was picking her up. Billy was less than thrilled to hear that, but Chelsea explained that Gabriel also had a meeting at Clayton's, and it didn't seem to make sense to take two cars. She wondered if Billy had a problem with that arrangement. He gritted, then lied through, his teeth and said, "No. No problem at all." Chelsea left.

Ashley told Billy that he and Chelsea were definitely not on the same page -- Chelsea clearly wanted a long engagement, while Billy was ready to pick a date. Billy dismissed Ashley's concerns and told her that he and Chelsea had merely gotten their "wires crossed."

Deep in thought at home, Victoria was startled when Billy touched her on the shoulder. Victoria told him about Kelly's suicide. Billy was stunned by the news. He wondered why Victoria had been sobbing. She said she was crying for Kelly -- but also for Stitch, who was taking the news very hard. Billy thought Victoria's sincere feelings of grief about Kelly's death were generous, especially since Kelly had been the proximate cause of Victoria and Billy's breakup.

Victoria told Billy that no one should ever be in so much misery that they felt suicide was their only option. Billy said Victoria always knew the right thing to say. Victoria disagreed. She hadn't known how to comfort Billy when Delia had died any more than she knew how to comfort Stitch.

Billy admitted that the reason Victoria hadn't been able to get through to him when Delia had died was because he hadn't allowed it. He said that, in retrospect, he had needed Victoria -- just as Stitch probably needed her. Victoria didn't think Stitch was interested in what she had to say and said she couldn't talk with Stitch the same way she could talk with Billy. Victoria was still trying to figure out who Stitch was. Billy said he was going through the same thing with Chelsea.

Sage visited Nick as he pored over some renovation plans at the Underground. Nick sensed that something was bothering her, and he asked her what Gabriel had done to her. Sage said she never wanted to see Gabriel's face again. Nick realized that Sage and Gabriel had issues but told her that "Bingo" was good at heart. Sage said that the "Bingo" Nick had known at boarding school was gone. Nick was perplexed. He didn't know what Sage was talking about.

Sage explained that she was sorry she had married Gabriel so he could get his inheritance. When she told Nick she didn't want to discuss Gabriel anymore, Nick wondered what Sage wanted to do. She said she wanted a drink and a dance. Nick poured her a drink then Sage feigned disappointment that she didn't have anyone to dance with. Nick smiled, extended his hand, and pulled Sage close to him. They began slow dancing.

After a while, Nick asked Sage if she was feeling better. She gazed into his eyes and told him she was much better, and they began kissing passionately.

At the Abbott mansion, a riled-up Phyllis told Jack she couldn't believe Stitch had accused them of victimizing Kelly. Phyllis felt it was the other way around. Phyllis said that if Kelly had been so miserable that she'd wanted to take her life, then it was "her own damned fault." Jack reiterated that Kelly's misery was his fault. Phyllis said that if Jack ever again blamed himself for Kelly's problems, she would leave him.

Phyllis said she understood that Jack had once cared about Kelly, but she was tired of seeing Jack wallow in guilt about the choices Kelly had made. Phyllis did not want to hear how "awful" Jack had been for "choosing me over that psychotic blonde." Phyllis was not going to allow Kelly to "mess with me" from the grave. She started to walk away, but Jack asked her to wait.

Jack begged Phyllis not to leave him. He told Phyllis that he loved her and was marrying her -- whatever feelings he had had for Kelly never affected the way he felt about Phyllis.

With Chelsea in the car, Adam pulled off to the side of the road and told her the car had apparently run out of gas. Chelsea grew frantic -- she couldn't be late for the meeting. As he began dialing the auto club, Adam commented that Chelsea was probably sorry she had hitched a ride with him. Chelsea smiled and told Adam it was okay.

Chelsea grew hungry and starting rummaging through the glove box, looking for food. Adam gave her an energy bar, and she was surprised that "Gabriel" bought the same brand as her late husband, Adam. Chelsea stared at the pastoral scene outside the car and commented on how peaceful it was. Adam was surprised. He had thought Chelsea was more of a city girl.

Chelsea said the scene reminded her of Kansas, where Adam had grown up. She told "Gabriel" that she and Adam had had their first wedding at Adam's Kansas farm -- it had been a wonderful time in her life. "Gabriel" asked Chelsea about her second wedding to Adam. She explained that it had been a "quickie" wedding in a judge's chambers -- Adam had been trying to rush out of the country to avoid being captured in connection with Delia's death. With tears in her eyes, Chelsea told "Gabriel" how much she had loved Adam. "Gabriel" wondered what Chelsea had loved about Adam.

Chelsea said that, at times, Adam had been intense, but she had loved it when Adam had focused all of his energy on her. Chelsea had never doubted that she had been the most important thing in Adam's life -- she had felt that she'd had the potential to fix Adam. "Gabriel" wondered if Chelsea thought it possible that one person could fix another person. She replied that she'd thought she had a lifetime to try to fix Adam.

Chelsea said she knew Adam would not approve of her relationship with Billy. Chelsea knew that Adam was dead, but there were times when she felt as if he were still "here" -- and watching. Adam looked at Chelsea and said, "He is here."

. . .

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