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Victor enlists Kevin's help to take Nick down
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Thursday, September 21, 2017

Cane poured a drink at the Chancellor mansion. The doorbell rang, and he was surprised to discover Juliet with bags of takeout food in hand. Juliet recounted that Cane had been discouraged after his marriage counseling session, and she worried that rough days could lead to rough nights. She thought Chinese would do the trick, but he replied that he didn't need her to take care of him. Juliet clarified that he didn't have to eat it with her, but Cane observed that it was too much food to eat on his own. She claimed that the baby was craving mu shu, and he invited her in.

Juliet admired the beautiful home, and Cane stressed that he was only staying there until he figured things out at home. He encouraged her to dig in, and she asked about him. Juliet assured him that there would be more counseling sessions, but Cane worried that it had been his first and last one. Juliet looked pleased.

Later, Cane offered Juliet the last egg roll, but she swore that she and the baby were too full. She started to clean up, but he insisted on doing it. He mentioned that he'd made a mean Aussie waffle as a back-to-school tradition, but he doubted that other traditions with the twins would happen that year. Juliet assured him that things would be easier once he moved home, and he grinned at her optimism. She joked that the smile hadn't cracked his face, so they'd made progress. She added that it was good, since they'd be raising a child together. He remained silent, and she asked if he'd changed his mind.

Cane reminded Juliet that his family was his priority, but Juliet countered that he'd been acting like a father to her child by accompanying her to doctor's appointments. She didn't expect him to be around all the time, but she insisted that their son know that his father loved him and wanted what was best for him. She thought it sounded like Cane wouldn't have the same love for their child that he had for Charlie and Mattie. Cane realized that he'd been sending Juliet mixed messages, and he explained that part of him couldn't help but be affected by having another child, but another part felt like he had to choose between his family and the baby.

Juliet insisted that the baby was Cane's family, too. She swore that her son would be the center of her universe and that she'd make sure he knew unconditional love, but she couldn't put her child's life on pause until Cane was ready to be a part of it. She added that she also had the names under control, and she was torn between Algernon and Wilbur, but she might use both names to honor two of her ancestors. Cane sputtered that there was no way his son would be called Wilbur Algernon, and Juliet chuckled and told him she was kidding. She pointed out that he couldn't have it both ways, so he either had to step back or step up.

Cane and Juliet good-naturedly bantered over possible names, and he insisted that their son deserved a decent name and "a decent everything." He apologized for how he'd been acting before, and she understood that things had been hard on him. He recognized that it had been hard on both of them, and she tenderly kissed his cheek. She hovered close and slowly planted a kiss on his lips.

Mattie returned home, and Lily declared that her daughter was just in time for a girls' night at the Athletic Club. Lily thought it would be nice to have a fun night to clear the air, but Mattie grumbled that nothing would change as long as her parents refused to let her see Reed. Lily implored Mattie to act like an adult by having an open, honest conversation without hostility, but Mattie recalled that she hadn't seen such communication between Lily and Cane lately. Lily swore that they were trying to work through things, and she mentioned that they'd had their first counseling session that day. Mattie hopefully asked if it meant they were getting back together.

Lily said she didn't know where she and Cane would end up, but they'd gone to counseling because their family was a priority. Mattie insisted that it meant her dad had to move back home, and she anticipated that he would be less uptight once he did. Lily warned that it wouldn't mean that Cane would let Mattie see Reed, since Cane's problems with Victoria wouldn't just go away. Lily wondered if Mattie would be able to forgive Cane if Lily took him back, and Mattie asserted that she could if their family went back to how it had been. Lily wasn't sure that was possible.

Lily lectured that Cane moving home wouldn't make everything go away, since he'd fathered a child with another woman. Mattie figured that her dad could write a check and move on, but Lily gently explained that taking Cane back might not be what she wanted. Lily confided that she didn't know what she wanted and that making a decision would take time. Jordan arrived, and he asked if it was a bad time. Mattie snapped that it was perfect, since her mom had made dinner reservations, and Lily and Jordan could go together because it was what they really wanted. Mattie stormed out.

Lily called to cancel the dinner reservation, and she told Jordan that Mattie still couldn't understand why Lily wasn't ready to take Cane back. Lily complained that she kept running into Juliet, and she was screaming inside because Juliet got to carry Cane's child when Lily would never be able to. Lily revealed that she'd had ovarian cancer, and while she'd been fortunate enough to save her eggs and have a surrogate carry the twins, she'd never be able to give birth to Cane's child. Lily lamented that she'd never get to feel what Juliet was feeling, and Jordan asserted that it was only happening because Cane had screwed up, but none of it was Lily's fault. Lily worried about doing the right thing for her family.

Jordan advised that any decision Lily made about her marriage shouldn't only be about her kids, since no one would be happy if she wasn't happy. Lily reiterated that she had to do what was best for her kids, and Jordan asked if the kids had been the only reason she'd gone to counseling. Lily bemoaned that even if she and Cane worked through their issues, she thought the baby would have a stronger pull on him than he realized.

At the cottage, Mariah modeled a slinky dress and asked Tessa what she looked like on a scale of one to ten, and Tessa proclaimed that Mariah was a 20. Mariah explained that it was her first night out with Devon since they'd made up, and she wanted to show him what he'd been missing. Mariah crowed that they were two hot girls going on a hot night out with hot guys, but Tessa announced that she hadn't dressed up for Noah -- she had someone new in her life. Tessa excitedly revealed that Irv was considering booking her as his opening act from coast to coast, but she couldn't help but feel guilty for focusing on her career when she was no closer to finding out where her sister was.

Mariah reasoned that it wouldn't help find Crystal any faster if Tessa put her dreams aside, and Tessa thanked Mariah for always being in her corner. Mariah gushed that she was Tessa's biggest fan. Devon and Noah arrived, and Devon admired Mariah's sexy look. Noah revealed that his dad had called for a family dinner, and Tessa figured that she could catch a ride with Devon and Mariah, but Noah explained that he wanted Tessa to go with him. Noah promised to have her to the club in time to meet Irv, and he and Tessa departed. Devon was glad to have some time alone with Mariah, and they kissed.

At Crimson Lights, Scott asked Sharon if she was doing all right, since he knew she was frustrated that they hadn't found Alice's car at the airport. Sharon groaned that they were back to square one again, since the car had vanished into thin air. Sharon believed there was still a chance that Alice was involved in the sex trafficking ring, but she didn't know the next step to take. Scott declared that he did.

Sharon was impressed by Scott's research, and he hoped that one of the women he'd interviewed would recognize Alice. Sharon worried about what would happen if word got back to Alice, since she couldn't bear the thought of something happening to him or Crystal, but Scott argued that he had to finish his series of articles on sex trafficking. Sharon figured that it would be worth it if even one girl called the crisis hotline as a result, but she insisted that he be safe. He swore that he'd do anything for her, and they kissed.

Sharon and Scott prepared to leave for the Underground, and she said Noah needed a packed house to impress a promoter. Scott volunteered to rave about Tessa's performance, and he inquired about how serious Noah and Tessa were getting. Sharon was grateful that Noah was taking things slowly, and Scott imagined that Noah had a lot on his plate with the expansion. Sharon informed Scott that she'd soon have Faith back at home, and she thought her daughter might be ready to meet him. Sharon was sure that Faith would like him, and she thought it was about time Faith saw how important he was to her.

At the penthouse, Nick told Chelsea that for dinner with the kids, he'd thrown everything in the kitchen into one big pot to create potpourri night as a new tradition. He noticed that she was distracted, and she admitted that she couldn't stop thinking about Victor. He refused to cancel his trip because of what Victor might do to get back at him, and he urged her not to let Victor get to her. Nick gushed that he had a woman he loved, great kids, and a business that he couldn't wait to expand with his son. Nick noted that it was something he and Victor would never have because his father was determined to control every aspect of Nick's life.

Later, Tessa admired the penthouse, and Noah said he smelled something interesting. Chelsea offered to finish up in the kitchen because Nick had done all the work, and Noah translated that it meant fixing Nick's mistakes behind his back. Faith entered and hugged Noah, who introduced Tessa as a musician who Faith would pay $200 to see in concert one day. Tessa insisted that Faith would get free backstage passes, and Noah mentioned that Tessa was living with Sharon and Mariah. Noah asked Faith about camp, but the girl became tight-lipped as she glanced over at Nick. A smoke alarm sounded, and Chelsea yelled to Nick for help.

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Nick couldn't believe how fast his meal had broiled, and Noah suggested that they order pizza. Tessa imagined that it was nice for Faith to have two brothers to boss around, and Nick explained how Faith was related to Christian and Connor. Faith asked if Tessa had siblings, and Noah replied that Tessa had a younger sister. Noah continued to deflect Faith's questions about Tessa's family, and Chelsea intervened by requesting Faith's help with dessert. Nick apologized for the awkwardness, but Tessa commented that they were lucky to have such an amazing family.

Noah cornered Faith on the stairs and asked what was wrong, and Faith sadly revealed that her grandpa had lied to her about why Nick had left the ranch, so she'd been mad at the wrong person. Noah was sure that Nick and Victor hadn't wanted her to be caught in the middle, but she maintained that her grandfather shouldn't have lied. Noah encouraged her to remember that Victor loved her, and he thought that she'd learn as she got older that grownups weren't perfect. She whimpered that her grandpa had been.

Chelsea proposed a toast, and Nick hoped it wasn't for the pizza delivery guy. Chelsea declared that she'd miss Nick and Noah while they were out being movers and shakers. She continued that she was really proud of them and excited for the second branch of the Underground. She raised her glass to fathers and sons, and Faith added, "To dads and daughters."

Later, Nick asked if Faith was ready to go to her mom's, and he assured her that she didn't have to be nervous about seeing her grandpa. Faith asked if she had to see Victor, and Nick promised that neither he nor her mother would make her do anything she didn't want to do. He added that it was okay if she was still upset, but it also wouldn't hurt his feelings if she forgave Victor. Nick urged Faith to make the decision for herself, and they hugged.

Nick bet Chelsea couldn't wait until he left to have peace and quiet, but she said the quiet would make her miss him even more. They looked back fondly on the evening, and he noted that even Faith had cracked a few smiles. Chelsea pointed out that Faith had been surrounded by family who loved her, and she credited Nick with giving them all a great life. Nick clarified that they were doing it together, and they marveled that they'd managed to turn a bunch of rascals into one big family. They kissed.

At the Newman ranch, Kevin wondered what Victor had meant by making Nick put his money where his mouth was. Victor explained that Nick thought he didn't need Victor or the Newman name to be completely independent, but Kevin pointed out that Nick was loaded. Victor noted that Nick had gotten his independence from the enormous settlement from the lawsuit he'd filed against Victor, and he wanted to take that option away from Nick. Kevin thought there was no legal way to take the money from Nick's account. "That's where you come in," Victor replied.

Victor indicated that Nick had fired his financial advisor and moved his account to a bank that the Newmans didn't use, and Kevin assumed that Victor wanted him to hack into Nick's account. Victor explained that he wanted Kevin to access the account and transfer just the $500 million that Nick had won in the lawsuit. Kevin cautioned that such a large sum would likely be tied up in investments, and Victor instructed him to liquidate the investments and transfer the cash into his account. Kevin protested that it was a felony, but Victor noted that it wouldn't be the first time Kevin had broken the law. Victor questioned whether Kevin was saying that he couldn't do it or wouldn't do it.

Kevin warned that Victor would be the first person Nick would suspect of relocating that much money, and Kevin didn't want to spend his life in the federal penitentiary. Victor argued that Nick wouldn't figure it out if Kevin did his job properly, and he insinuated that perhaps Kevin wasn't up to the task. Kevin bragged that he couldn't think of anyone who could do it more successfully than he could, but he was concerned about word getting out about his involvement. Victor swore that they were only ones who knew, and Kevin agreed to do it.

After dinner, Victor inquired how Kevin planned to access Nick's account, and Kevin figured that Nick wouldn't fall for a phishing scheme. Victor offered any equipment or funds that Kevin needed, and Kevin asked about the time frame. Victor replied that it didn't matter as long as it was done right, and Kevin recalled when Nick had been the good son in Victor's war with Adam. Victor barked that Nick had turned his grandkids against him -- and no one got away with that. Kevin thought Nick would regret turning his back on Victor. Victor agreed, but he'd reached a point where he didn't care.

Victor haughtily stated that Nick had always had difficulty admitting his mistakes and had blamed everyone else instead. Victor insisted that he was taking measures to give Nick what he really wanted -- total independence -- and they'd see how it worked out.

At the Underground, Devon told Mariah that he hadn't seen Irv yet, and she threatened to track Irv down if he bailed. Mariah recognized that Tessa usually kept her emotions under the radar, but she thought Tessa really wanted to impress Irv. Devon suggested that they put work on hold for a moment, and they kissed. Sharon and Scott's arrival interrupted them, and Sharon pulled Mariah aside and assumed that Mariah and Devon had worked things out. Mariah announced that he'd made it clear that he wanted her and no one else.

Noah and Tessa arrived at the club, and she stepped away to tune up. Devon greeted Irv, who introduced his "girlfriend" -- Natalia. Devon raved about Tessa's music, and Irv said he'd liked her first track enough to check her out live on his way to Chicago. Noah showed Irv and Natalia to a table, and Mariah quipped to Devon that she'd thought for a moment that it was "bring your daughter to work" day. Devon welcomed Mariah to the music industry.

Devon informed Scott and Sharon that the promoter had shown up, and Scott promised to show his enthusiasm for Tessa's music. Across the bar, Irv told Natalia that she was more beautiful than her photos on the Internet, and she placed her hand over his. As Noah greeted the crowd, Sharon pointed out Irv to Scott, who thought he recognized the woman Irv was with.

On the next The Young and the Restless...

• Hilary warns that Cane’s interest in Juliet will disappear once she pops out the baby, and Juliet collapses in pain.

• At the Athletic Club, Jack invites Victoria to join him as a friendly competitor.

• Scott covertly informs Tessa that Natalia is a hooker who knows Crystal.

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