Wednesday, October 22, 2014

At the Underground, a bitter Mariah told Kevin that Ian was in jail, so Kevin no longer had to shadow her every move. She said that spending the previous night at a motel with Kevin had been very unpleasant. Kevin was miffed that Mariah wasn't grateful for his help in protecting her from Ian. Kevin left.

At Crimson Lights, Noah joined Summer, who was looking down in the dumps. Summer told him how Phyllis had "freaked" when she'd thought that Summer and Austin were engaged, and things got worse when Ashley had inadvertently revealed that Austin and Summer were actually married. Noah opined that Phyllis would eventually accept Summer's marriage, but Summer doubted that.

Later, Kevin showed up at the coffeehouse and joined Noah and Summer. Kevin was happy to hear about how well Phyllis was doing and wondered when Daniel would be returning to Genoa City. Summer told him that, due to Victor's machinations, Daniel was in some far-off country and unreachable. Noah mentioned Nikki's role in the plot to capture Ian -- Summer wondered if Kevin had been involved. He said that he hadn't but told them that he had taken Mariah to a motel to protect her in case the bust had gone bad.

Kevin said that Mariah had already returned to work. Perturbed by hearing that, Summer made up an excuse and left. Noah asked Kevin if he had something going on with Mariah. Kevin said that he and Mariah were just friends -- and because of the previous night, they might not even be that. When Noah started going off on Mariah, Kevin defended her, telling Noah that people didn't understand her -- and he could empathize with that.

In the Underground's kitchen, Austin asked Summer why she had been acting cold toward Kevin. Austin said all Kevin had been doing was trying to make sure that Mariah was okay. She unconvincingly told Austin that she was doing great. Mariah wondered how Phyllis had reacted to the news that Austin had abducted Avery at gunpoint. Austin informed Mariah that they hadn't told Phyllis about that yet. Mariah said that Phyllis was eventually going to find out about Austin's crime. Austin told Mariah that he was dreading the moment when Phyllis learned about Austin's criminal shenanigans -- he thought that Phyllis would hate him more than she already did.

Mariah told Austin that he needed to stop worrying about what other people thought of him. Austin said that Summer's family was close and he wanted them to accepted him, but he felt that might be impossible since he had "blown it" with Phyllis. He told Mariah that he had a possible out -- Phyllis wanted Austin to tell her everything that had occurred in the year she had been incapacitated. Austin said that if he did that, he would be hurting Jack, and if he didn't tell Phyllis everything then she would turn against him. Mariah advised Austin to give up, because no matter what he said or did, he would mess up with Summer, Jack, or Phyllis.

Mariah said that her first instinct when in a situation like Austin's was to run. Austin said that wasn't an option -- Summer had missed a year with Phyllis, and Austin didn't want to be the reason that Summer couldn't spend more time with her mother. Mariah said that it was commendable that Austin was sticking with it -- a waste of time, but nice. Austin told Mariah that he wanted to keep their conversation between them. Mariah said, "Maybe if you tell Summer, she might..." Austin interrupted her and said that it was better if Summer "doesn't know about this." As if on cue, Summer entered and said, "If I don't know about what?"

Mariah lied and said that they were talking about Nikki putting herself in danger in order to catch Ian. Summer clearly didn't believe that.

In the Athletic Club dining room, a frazzled Kelly was looking for a client's guest list when Stitch stopped by. Noticing that Kelly was all wound up, Stitch advised her to slow down. Kelly said that Maureen's presence in Genoa City was adding to her stress level. Maureen evidently had asked Kelly about her relationship with Jack, which had upset Kelly.

Ashley arrived for a meeting with Stitch. Kelly sensed that there was some chemistry between her brother and his new boss. Stitch explained to Kelly that he was meeting with Ashley so that they could review the specifics of his job at Jabot. Ashley wondered if she had interrupted a conversation between Stitch and Kelly. Kelly told her that she was having some trouble working on a puzzle, and Stitch was helping her. As Kelly walked away, Ashley told her that Jack was trying to work out that same puzzle.

In the middle of their meeting, Ashley told Stitch that he seemed more serious than usual. Stitch admitted that he was worried about his police record and how Ashley had gone out on a limb by hiring him. Ashley told Stitch that she could empathize -- she had been arrested for murder -- and had gone to prison for attempted murder. Stitch was stunned. Ashley informed him that she had been innocent of both crimes.

Stitch asked why Ashley had allowed herself to be imprisoned if she had been innocent. Ashley replied that she had been trying to protect the people she loved and prevent them from having to go to prison. Stitch wondered whether or not Ashley would have kept the truth to herself if the people she had been protecting had never confessed. Ashley replied, "Absolutely," adding that there was nothing she wouldn't do to protect her family.

Later, Stitch and Ashley walked through Chancellor Park. Stitch said that he smelled something awful and was shocked when Ashley stuck out her perfumed arm. She told Stitch that was the smell of the product they were working on. Stitch said that it needed quite a bit of work. Ashley said that she was feeling cold and Stitch gave her his scarf -- then began kissing her passionately.

Stitch broke away from Ashley and apologized for kissing her, saying that he didn't know why he had done that. Ashley said that she knew -- and pulled a vial out of her jacket. She told Stitch that she had discovered a love potion, and that was why Stitch had kissed her. Stitch tried to kiss her again. She gently pushed him away and explained that the formula contained pheromones that made the wearer irresistible. Stitch realized that their job was to refine the aroma without affecting its natural properties.

Stitch said that he was excited about the product and couldn't wait to concoct an appropriate fragrance. He told Ashley that they should probably leave the testing to the Research and Development Department, as he didn't want to cross any lines with Ashley. Ashley said that she could stay professional -- as long as Stitch could.

At Genoa City Memorial, Jack escorted Phyllis in for her checkup. Although thankful that Jack planned to stay with her during her checkup, Phyllis reminded Jack that he had a business to run. Jack said that nothing was more important to him than Phyllis' health. Phyllis begged Jack to stop treating her like "a piece of glass." She wondered what Jack was trying to protect her from.

Jack told Phyllis that the doctor had given Phyllis orders to avoid stressful situations. Phyllis said that Jack keeping things from her was what had caused her stress. He told Phyllis that she had overreacted when she had learned about Austin and Summer's marriage, but Phyllis pointed out that it was a valid concern -- and that Jack had initially had misgivings about the marriage.

Phyllis said that didn't matter any longer -- that she and Austin had arrived at a mutual understanding. Jack wondered what Phyllis meant. She said that she and Austin, moving forward, planned to be honest with each other. Phyllis pleaded with Jack to tell her everything that she had missed while in the coma. Jack's phone rang and saved him -- Kelly called and told him that she needed his help. Jack lied to Phyllis, telling her that it was a business call that he needed to take.

After moving out of Phyllis' earshot, Jack resumed his phone call. Kelly told him that she had misplaced a file, and she thought she might have left it at the Abbott mansion. She wondered if Jack could look for it, but he told her that he was at the hospital with Phyllis. He told Kelly that he and Phyllis would be at the hospital for a while, and Kelly was welcome to go the mansion and look for it.

Jack returned to Phyllis, who noticed that he had been preoccupied since receiving the phone call. Phyllis, still thinking it was a business call, told Jack that if he needed to take care of something at Jabot, he should leave and go back to work. Jack agreed but insisted that Phyllis phone him the moment the tests were finished. They kissed, and Jack left. A nurse approached Phyllis and told her that she would need to reschedule her appointment -- her doctor was handling an emergency. Phyllis said that she had something to handle as well.

Nick stopped by Victor's office at Newman-Chancellor and asked his father why he hadn't been answering his phone. Victor explained that he had been out of town on business. Nick asked Victor if he had found what he was looking for on his trip. Victor wondered what Nick thought he was looking for. Nick replied, "A way to get Sharon out of my life for good."

Victor lectured Nick, telling him that as long as he remained involved with Sharon, he would never have any peace. Nick said that, rather than worrying about Sharon, Victor should have been in Genoa City, taking care of Nikki. Nick reminded Victor that Nikki might have been in danger while she was being used as bait to trap Ian. Victor said that Nikki had had plenty of protection -- then told Nick that Sharon was making a fool out of Nick.

Nick insisted that he didn't want to know what Sharon had been hiding. Nick was surprised when Phyllis showed up. She explained that she wanted to thank Victor for getting her into Dr. Cutler's drug trial. Nick told Phyllis how glad he was that she was well, but he deplored Victor's tactics in getting Summer to sign the consent form allowing Cutler to treat Phyllis. Victor said if not for his tactics, Phyllis would still be in a coma. Nick said that he wasn't going to thank Victor for trying to break up Nick and Sharon. After Nick left, Victor said that Nick, after learning the "secret" from Phyllis, would throw Sharon to the curb.

Phyllis wondered how Victor was so certain that he would be able to change Nick's mind about Sharon. Victor said that he was right about Sharon -- and that Phyllis needed to help him prove it. Victor felt that a little bit of information was a small price for Phyllis to pay after Victor "brought her back to life." Phyllis wondered, even if she could remember the secret, why Nick would believe her.

Victor told Phyllis that Summer had been troubled after Phyllis' accident and that marrying Austin was the last in the line of bad choices that Summer had made. Phyllis asked Victor to tell her more. He said he would -- if Phyllis told him what he wanted to know. Phyllis said that she still had trouble separating reality from fantasy. She told Victor that he would probably use whatever information she had to hurt someone she cared about. Victor told her that he never did anything without expecting something in return. Phyllis became upset and left. Later, on the phone, Victor said, "I have a new job for you. I want you to tail Phyllis."

The psychic Madame Isadora arrived at Nick and Sharon's for her appointment with Sharon. Sharon admitted to being a skeptic regarding psychics, but several people she know had used psychics with great results -- and Sharon would give anything to not lose Nick. Madame Isadora began lighting candles in the living room. She asked Sharon what she was hoping to get out of a psychic reading. Sharon told her that she needed to regain a memory -- her electroconvulsive therapy had erased a lot of the recent past. She told Madame Isadora that she needed to learn whether or not she had a future with Nick. Isadora said that she was a psychic -- not a fortuneteller.

Madame Isadora said that she gained insight from a person's memory. She took Sharon's hand and looked into Sharon's eyes. Madame Isadora said that Sharon was giving off a heavy guilt vibe. The psychic explained that she didn't know if Sharon had done anything to feel guilty about, but she sensed guilt "pushing" against Sharon. Madame Isadora said that Sharon was like a dam with cracks -- eventually those cracks would give way -- and everything would tumble down.

Sharon asked Madame Isadora to leave. The psychic said that people only wanted to hear the good things, and she wouldn't be honest if she didn't tell her customers whatever she discovered during the reading. As Madame Isadora began blowing out the candles, she noticed a picture of Cassie. She told Sharon that Cassie had been beautiful but had met an untimely death. Sharon was surprised that Madame knew that. Madame Isadora went on to say that she sensed something that Cassie had given her -- perhaps a blue piece of jewelry. Sharon said that Cassie's twin sister, Mariah, had given her a blue ankle bracelet.

Madame Isadora said that Sharon should return it to Mariah -- that Sharon wouldn't be needing it anymore. As a perturbed Sharon said, "Does that mean I'm not going to marry Nick?" Nick walked in the door and said that of course he and Sharon were getting married. An excited Sharon hugged Nick.

After Madame Isadora left, Nick told Sharon that psychics were quacks -- that Madame Isadora probably picked up on cues from around the house then made it look as if she were somehow divine. Sharon said that Madame Isadora knew things that she could not have learned by looking around the cottage. Nick said that he knew some things too -- that he loved Sharon, and he was going to prove it by marrying her the following week.

At the Abbott mansion, Kelly was searching for her missing file when Jack stopped by. Kelly was startled and tried to leave, but Jack said that they had to talk. He told Kelly that he'd never meant to hurt her. She began sobbing and said that he was hurting her. She told Jack that there were times that she wanted to forget about him -- but there were other times when she didn't want him to ever let her go.

Jack said that he still loved Kelly. She told him that he had to stop saying things like that -- when he said things like that, it gave her hope -- and she clung to that hope because she wasn't ready for her relationship with Jack to end. Kelly said that she couldn't compete with Phyllis -- the woman Jack had fallen in love with first.

Kelly asked Jack if he planned to propose to Phyllis. Jack said that he had over a year before -- right after Phyllis' accident. He explained that his proposal was the last thing that Phyllis remembered, and when she'd woken up, she had accepted the proposal. Kelly asked if Jack was planning to marry or break up with Phyllis. Jack said that he didn't know -- he felt as if he were walking on eggshells. Kelly asked him if he was still in love with Phyllis. Jack said that he had changed because Kelly loved him. As he was about to kiss Kelly, Phyllis walked in the front door and, referring to Kelly, said, "Who's this, Jack?"

. . .

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