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Monday, May 22, 2017

Outside Victor's office at Newman Enterprises, Abby was talking on her phone when she spotted Scott. Abby quickly ducked out of sight. Scott knocked before entering Victor's office. Victor, noting that Scott was his senior vice president in charge of special projects, assigned him to select a venue and arrange a musical performance for the opening of the medical-school building to be named in Nikki's honor. Victor said Nikki would appear as a special performer at the event. Victor explained that Nikki's M.S. had once staunched her ability to perform on the piano. Because doctors had treated Nikki, Victor added, she'd recovered enough to play again. Victor explained that he wanted to give sufferers hope. Scott agreed to carry out Victor's wishes.

At the Newman ranch, Tessa assumed that Nikki wasn't supportive of Noah dating her. Nikki said she didn't know why Tessa thought that. Tessa said she believed Nikki had higher expectations for her grandson. Nikki explained that money didn't drive Noah because he had his own ideas about his future. Nikki added, "For the record, I have never thought that you weren't good enough for Noah. You got that?" Nikki told Tessa that people liked her for who she was. Victor phoned and summoned Nikki and Tessa to his office.

In Victor's office, Tessa and Nikki were surprised to see Dean Miller. Victor announced that a date had been set to announce the opening of the Nicole Newman Medical Center. Nikki seemed stunned when Victor said she would perform by playing piano during the ceremony. Dean Miller agreed when Victor explained that Nikki could show others that she'd recovered the ability to play piano. Victor asked Tessa to help Nikki prepare for the concert.

After Dean Miller and Tessa left, Nikki said, "Whatever it is you're trying to gain here, you're not going to get it." Victor shrugged nonchalantly. Nikki agreed to perform to help give others hope, but she was angry at Victor for manipulating her. Victor said, "No one will ever love you as I do." After Victor stepped out, Nikki sighed.

At Crimson Lights, Nick told Sharon that Chelsea was actively searching for Chloe. Sharon said she assumed Victor was pleased, knowing how resourceful Chelsea was. Nick changed the subject and asked Sharon about her college coursework. Sharon said she'd been enjoying college, especially her psychology practicum, which entailed volunteering at the crisis hotline. Sharon said she liked the feeling of giving back.

Nick recalled that he'd been drawn to Sharon's generosity when they'd first met. Sharon replied, "I wonder how we lost those unique, compassionate parts of us?" Nick said, "You never did." Scott approached, put his arm on Sharon's shoulder, and said he'd stopped by to see a friendly face. Nick learned from Sharon that Victor had appointed Scott as a senior vice president. Scott said he'd been given the title after Victor had abandoned his biography project. Scott said he believed Nikki had urged Victor to nix the book.

Sharon and Scott listened as Nick noted that his father did everything for his own self-interest. Nick added that Scott didn't owe Victor his undying loyalty for having saved his life. Sharon quipped, "I don't know. Shouldn't life-saving be worth just a smidgen of undying loyalty?" Nick told Scott that if he ever tired of the corporate life, he could serve drinks. After Nick stepped away, he watched Scott kiss Sharon.

On the patio at the coffeehouse, Nick phoned Chelsea and left a message. Abby entered and joined Nick. Abby bragged that their father had given her more responsibilities at Newman Enterprises because he'd recognized her confidence and entrepreneurial skills. Nick asked about Scott's role as a vice president at Newman. Nick said it wasn't like their dad to allow others into the inner sanctum. Abby said that though Scott was arrogant, he was also smart and seemed loyal to Victor. Nick noted that Victor had paid Scott's ransom and often turned his good deeds into strategic moves.

After Nick left, Abby joined Zack in the coffeehouse's dining area. Abby thanked Zack for quickly signing her paperwork. Zach replied, "I am ready to roll. Ready to set things up with Proven Success, LLC." As Abby handed over the keys to Zack's office, Tessa entered, briefly spotted Zack, and quickly left before being spotted. Abby said Zack's company would be her first tenant and the first startup of which she'd retain majority control. On the patio, Tessa phoned someone and told them she'd spotted Zack. Tessa said she'd left quickly because she hadn't wanted Zack to see her.

At Chancellor Park, Sharon and Scott strolled toward the café. Scott shared his misgivings about being beholden to Victor and being forced to carry out unimportant tasks. Sharon recalled that Scott had once told her he'd done intelligence work. Sharon encouraged Scott to open up to her, and she assured him he could trust her. Scott said that during an assignment in England, he'd gleaned information about an international arms dealer through the man's wife.

Scott admitted that he'd fallen in love with the arms dealer's wife and, after realizing that she'd be implicated, he'd had to end his operation for fear of being compromised. Scott noted that based on his intelligence gathering, the husband had been sent to prison. Scott told Sharon that he'd acted to protect the wife because he'd known she was innocent. Afterward, Scott explained, he'd accepted the assignment in the Middle East. Sharon replied, "So, because of that decision, choosing to protect the woman you loved, you almost lost your life." Sharon clasped Scott's hand and said she understood why Scott had done what he had. Sharon kissed Scott and told him he'd been brave.

At a psychiatric hospital in Napa Valley, California, where Chloe had once been a patient, Chelsea met with the administrator, Ms. Lewis. Chelsea said she was concerned about her sister, Chloe, after the young woman had cut off communication with her family. Ms. Lewis explained that she hadn't worked at the facility for long. Ms. Lewis scanned Chloe's file and explained that Chloe had been released in October of 2015. Ms. Lewis noted that because of privacy laws, she couldn't release additional information.

Chelsea's eyes teared up as she claimed that her and Chloe's mother had recently died and left a sizable portion of her estate to Chloe. If, Chelsea explained, Chloe didn't claim the money within a month, Chloe's portion would be controlled by their brother. Chelsea said the money could help Chloe. Chelsea offered a payment in return for information. Ms. Lewis agreed to offer a hypothetical theory of her own about Chloe.

Ms. Lewis read notes on her laptop and said, "If a patient got a temporary discharge and then did something violent, say perpetrating a hit-and-run, that patient would be moved to a more secure facility." Ms. Lewis said a patient like Chloe would've been committed involuntarily to keep her from harming others. Ms. Lewis said she couldn't offer additional details. Again, Chelsea pleaded for help. Ms. Lewis wrote down the name of a facility in Louisiana.

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Neil joined Ashley for breakfast. Ashley congratulated Neil for closing the deal with Mergeron Enterprises. Ashley admitted she'd been blindsided by Devon's appearance on television with Dina Mergeron. Neil said Devon had wanted to appear with Ashley's mother to announce his purchase of the company. Ashley said she supposed, after hearing her mother's comments, that Dina expected her children to forgive her and forget the past.

Neil leaned in toward Ashley and replied, "Let me ask something. Would you have stayed in the room and listened if she had said any of that to your face?" Ashley said she likely wouldn't have. Neil suggested Dina had used a television broadcast because she was aware that her children wouldn't have been receptive to her message in person. Ashley pointed out that Neil didn't know Dina.

Neil warned Ashley that her past wounds would become part of her forever if she failed to deal with them and release them. Ashley replied, "Like you did?" Neil said he thanked God every day that circumstances had forced him to confront his mother. Neil added that if he hadn't, he would've never known his mother's story. Before Neil left, he told Ashley that Dina had rented a suite upstairs.

At the Abbott mansion, Jack perused a news release about the Hamilton-Winters Group's acquisition of Mergeron Enterprises. The article was accompanied by a photo of Neil, Devon, and Dina. Jack recalled a memory from when he'd been a child. He recalled lying on the sofa after being released from the hospital. After his mother had noted he should be resting in his room, Jack had said he'd been lonely. Dina, Jack remembered, had been in a hurry to play a tennis match. Jack had pleaded with his mother to stay at home. Before Dina had rushed out the door, she'd told Jack that Mamie would keep him company. Young Jack had been devastated by his mother's callousness.

Outside a suite at the Genoa City Athletic Club, Jack took a few deep breaths and neatened his jacket before knocking on the door. Graham, Dina's companion, opened the door. Jack said, "Where's your boss?" Dina appeared, dismissed Graham, and invited Jack to step inside and enjoy breakfast with her. Jack said he hoped Dina had made a profit from the sale of her company to Devon and Neil. Dina said she'd sold the company to be relieved of ownership, but she would still have a hand in decision-making. Jack noted that Dina would also remain on the company's board of directors.

Jack brought up Dina's television interview and asked if the sentiments she'd expressed were her way of assuaging her guilt and rehabilitating her image. Jack added that Dina had had numerous opportunities over the years to jot a note, send an email, or even employ one of the companions to extend offers to reconnect. Dina claimed that what Jack had assumed as a young boy to be his mother's selfishness had actually been self-preservation. Jack berated his mother for failing to contact him and Ashley before selling Mergeron. Dina said she'd thought Jack would be pleased for his friends.

Jack reminded Dina that she'd left him to recover alone after a hospital stay. Dina incorrectly recalled which medical ailment Jack had undergone treatment for as a youngster. Dina acknowledged that her past actions had left scars. Dina said she hoped she and her children might start again, so they wouldn't hate her. Jack said he didn't hate his mother because he barely knew her.

Ashley took a seat at the club's bar. Graham sat nearby. After Ashley learned that Graham was visiting from Paris, Dina suddenly appeared with Jack. Ashley wasn't receptive to her mother and noted that she'd seen Dina's "pathetic" interview and wasn't sure what her mother was trying to accomplish. Dina mentioned that she and Jack had talked over breakfast. Ashley became even more livid.

Jack attempted to shush Ashley. Graham escorted Dina out for a walk. Ashley told Jack not to believe Dina's lies. Jack said he'd decided not to cling to his childhood anger any longer.

On the next The Young and the Restless...

• Jack tells Phyllis he knows she was in Los Angeles.

• Hilary worries that a clip she aired might destroy her show.

• Cane blames Billy for the airing of a damaging video.

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