Tuesday, May 24, 2016

At the cottage, Sharon called Sully a ray of sunshine, and she mused that they would need one that day. Sharon imagined that it was strange for Mariah to commemorate the anniversary of Cassie's death when Mariah had never known her twin, but Mariah insisted that she wanted to be part of the remembrance. Faith asked if her daddy would be there soon, and Sharon informed her that they were going to meet Nick at the cemetery. Faith ran upstairs to get ready, and Mariah suggested that they make Nick feel better by telling him that his son was alive.

Sharon reprimanded Mariah for mentioning Sully's paternity on that particular day, and she refused to lose Sully on the same date she'd lost Cassie. Mariah reminded her that Sully wasn't Sharon's, and lying about it was wrong on every possible level. Sharon questioned what was right about the truth, since Dylan would be destroyed, and Nick would probably take both Sully and Faith from her. Mariah contended that it wasn't fair for Nick to suffer, and the longer Sharon waited, the worse it would be. Sharon wailed that she and Dylan were the only parents Sully had ever known, but Mariah reiterated that Nick deserved to know that he was the baby's real father.

Victor was surprised when Nick visited him, and he mentioned the anniversary of Cassie's death. Nick warned Victor not to even say her name, but Victor defended that he'd loved the child. Nick ordered Victor not to pretend that he cared about Nick's family after Victor had used Nick's dead wife to try to get back at Adam, and he accused Victor of having someone forge entries in Sage's journal. Nick revealed that he knew Adam had blocked Victor from getting out of prison early, and Adam thought Victor had set him up to get even.

Victor was taken aback that Nick had believed Adam's story, and Nick grumbled that he was starting to see Victor for who he really was. Nick recalled the heartbreaking visit that he'd witnessed between Victor and Victor's father, but he thought Victor hadn't learned a thing, since Victor had proven that he was exactly like his dad. Victor encouraged Nick to remember that Sage hadn't told Nick about Adam's true identity because she'd been protecting the love she and Nick had shared, and he suggested that maybe she hadn't been able to stand the idea of putting their relationship through more pain.

Later, in the prison infirmary, Victor asked if Meredith had summoned him because of his hand, and she told him time would heal it, but she was more concerned about him. He accepted that the divorce was just another blow that his family had dealt him, but Meredith referred to Adam's arrest being all over the news. Victor relayed that Nick had stopped by to tell him about it and to accuse him of framing Adam for murder. Victor griped that his family thought he was capable of evil.

At the café in the park, Noah thanked Summer for not inviting Luca to Cassie's ceremony. Summer said Luca had been respectful of the family event, and Noah sarcastically called him a great guy. Summer gushed that Luca was supportive and smart, and she credited him with teaching her a lot about business so she could help Newman. Noah compared Luca to Victor, and he warned Summer that both men would use anyone and do anything to get what they wanted. Noah couldn't believe that Summer was with Luca after everything he'd done to Noah and Marisa, and he reminded her that Victor had done terrible things to Phyllis and Jack.

Summer countered that Victor had also done good things, but everyone had turned their backs on him, including Nikki. Noah thought Nikki was doing the right thing by divorcing Victor, but Summer argued that their grandparents still loved one another, and she thought Victor would forgive everyone eventually. Noah told Summer to open her eyes, since Victor was only interested in revenge, and Victor wouldn't stop until he got it. Summer lectured that they shouldn't be bickering on the day that was supposed to be about Cassie, and Noah agreed that they needed to band together as a family for Nick's sake.

At the penthouse, Chelsea testily asked Dylan to explain to Connor why the boy's father wasn't there, and she chided Dylan for arresting an innocent man. Dylan defended that he hadn't had a choice, since the medical examiner's report had indicated that Constance had been poisoned over a long period of time, and Adam had been the only person with motive. Adam and Michael walked in, and Chelsea ran into Adam's arms. Michael explained that he'd had another attorney arrange for Adam's bail, and Adam insisted that Victor had set him up as payback. Dylan reported that Sage's journal was on its way to forensics, and Adam anticipated that the charges would be dropped once they proved the journal had been tampered with.

Dylan revealed that the evidence showed that Constance had been murdered exactly as Sage's journal had described, but Adam swore that he hadn't hurt Constance. Michael argued that the evidence was circumstantial, and Adam theorized that Victor had gotten to someone in the police department. Dylan doubted that Victor had been able to coordinate such an elaborate plot from prison, but Adam revealed that Luca had admitted to working for Victor, and there was always someone willing to break the law for a payday. Dylan questioned why Victor would have involved Sage's journal, and Adam recalled his plot with Jack to forge a diary to implicate Victor in Walter Palin's murder years earlier.

Michael requested that Dylan leave so they could start working on Adam's defense, and Dylan vowed to find the truth. After Dylan departed, Adam acknowledged that the evidence against him wasn't good, but he had Chelsea and Michael on his side. Adam observed the look on Chelsea's face, and he wondered if she still believed in him. Chelsea admitted that she'd doubted Adam for about two seconds after hearing about the evidence, but she pledged to stand by his side. She hated that she'd let Victor get into her head, and they embraced. Chelsea swore that nothing would ever get between them again.

Michael agreed that the situation reeked of Victor, but he thought Adam's theory wouldn't stand up against the evidence. Adam argued that Victor had created the evidence, but Michael cautioned that it wouldn't be easy to prove Adam's innocence. Adam was sure that Victor wanted him behind bars, but Michael noted that Victor had gotten Adam out of prison multiple times before, and he suspected that Victor had fabricated the evidence to get back in control. Michael imagined that Victor wanted to teach Adam a lesson then swoop in to save his son as he'd done in the past. Chelsea objected that Victor would send Adam "straight to hell" if he could.

Adam maintained that Victor wanted to put him in prison, and he explained how he'd thwarted Victor's plan to work Meredith to have her father reduce Victor's sentence. Adam admitted that he'd visited Victor to perform a victory dance, and Michael admonished him for "poking the bear." Adam prepared to go to the prison to tell Victor that Adam wasn't afraid of him, but Michael advised that Adam was exhausted after spending the night in jail, and the worst thing Adam could do was show that Victor had gotten to him. Adam insisted that they had to do something, and Michael offered to take it from there.

After Michael left, Adam imagined that Victor thought he'd won between the journal and the medical evidence, especially since Adam's word meant nothing. Chelsea thought Michael was the best person to untangle the mess, but Adam expected to have the book thrown at him. Chelsea assured him that everything would work out, and they'd get through it together. Adam anticipated that there would be no proof that someone had tampered with the diary or that the medical examiner's report was incorrect, and there would be no way out of serving a life sentence. Chelsea proposed that they run away with Connor that night.

Michael visited Victor, who huffed that Michael had no right to be there as an attorney after Michael had stabbed him in the back at his trial. Michael announced that he was rectifying the situation, and Victor agreed to talk for a few minutes. Michael declared that Adam had never touched a hair on Constance's head, and Victor surmised that Michael was there on a fishing expedition, but Victor had nothing to say. Michael commented that he'd watched the dance between Victor and Adam for years, and he suggested that they end it.

Victor barked that he'd given Adam everything, and all he'd gotten in return had been viciousness and betrayal. Michael guessed that Victor had wanted to punish Adam, and Victor had succeeded, since Adam had been arrested and humiliated. Michael questioned whether Victor really wanted Connor to grow up without a father, and he believed that Victor loved his family too much to be that cruel. Michael hoped Victor proved him right by ending the war before it passed the point of no return, and he implored Victor to admit that he'd set up his son.

Victor cautioned that Michael was overestimating his ability to play Victor for a fool, but Michael believed that Victor was a father who loved his family despite everything. Michael urged Victor not to let his anger destroy Connor's family, but Victor spat that Adam had betrayed him. Victor ranted that he'd provided his family with an extraordinary lifestyle, and they'd all turned on him. Michael queried whether Victor's anger was worth letting a travesty play itself out, but Victor replied that he didn't have to do a thing, since Adam would be the cause of his own destruction.

Sharon, Dylan, Nick, Faith, Noah, Summer, and Mariah strolled through the park after going to the cemetery, and Sharon thanked Dylan for saying a prayer of remembrance and Mariah for reading Cassie's favorite poem. Sharon remarked that it was still hard to believe they'd lost Cassie, and Nick flashed back to singing softly to Cassie as she lay on her deathbed. Sharon complimented the drawing Faith had made for Cassie, and Faith chirped that she'd heard Cassie had loved horses and tea parties. Sharon noticed that Nick seemed distracted, and Noah wished Nick would talk to them so they could help him.

Nick reflected back on when he'd gone to Cassie's grave the year before to share the news that their family was getting bigger and happier because Sage had been pregnant, but he'd lost his wife and little boy in the year since then, and he'd do anything to hold them in his arms again. Faith extended her hand to Nick and said she was sorry Sage and Christian were gone, but they were in heaven, and Cassie was taking care of them. Noah agreed, and he said the last thing Cassie had told him had been that she'd be his guardian angel. Sharon called Cassie a sweet girl with a good heart, and Nick thought Cassie would have loved having the whole family together.

Nick thanked his family for being there, and Summer suggested that they go back to the house, but Nick wanted to take a walk. Mariah wished there was more they could do for Nick, and Nick replied that he couldn't ask for more than the love of his children. The family exchanged hugs, and Mariah left with Noah. Sharon watched as Dylan joined Nick for a walk. Sharon assured Faith that the sweet things the girl had said had made Nick feel better, but Faith thought that Sully was the best way to cheer her dad up.

Nick confided to Dylan that he'd been convinced that Adam had murdered Constance, but after he'd talked to Adam, he'd been certain that Victor had set Adam up. Nick didn't know what to believe, and Dylan said he might not be able to help Nick find peace, but he could separate fact from fiction. Nick imagined having to face that perhaps his wife had lied to him about a big secret and that his brother was a murderer, and he thought it was easier to accept that Victor had been behind the whole thing. Nick wondered how Victor had even known that Sage had kept a journal that had been filled with intimate details about their lives.

Nick and Dylan returned from their walk, and Faith declared that she had the perfect thing to cheer Nick up. Faith insisted that Nick hold Sully, and Sharon said he didn't have to if he wasn't up for it. Faith begged Nick to do it, and he replied that he couldn't say no to the prettiest girl in the world. Nick took the baby from Sharon, and Faith announced that Sully recognized his name, so she encouraged Nick to say it to make the baby smile. Nick cooed to Sully, and the baby gurgled happily.

Dylan noted to Sharon that it was the first smile he'd seen on Nick's face in a long time. Dylan said Sully had a way of making things better, and Sharon tearfully replied that their son was "such a blessing." Dylan asked if she was okay, and she chalked it up to it being an emotional day. Dylan admired Nick for being a rock despite everything he'd been through, and he added that it was killing him to watch Nick hold their son when Nick should be holding Christian. Dylan couldn't imagine what he'd do if their son was suddenly gone, and he didn't think he'd survive it. Sharon replied that she wouldn't, either, and they embraced.

At the Athletic Club, Kevin read an article about Adam being arrested for Constance's murder, and he explained to Natalie that Adam had posed as Constance's grandson. Natalie was grateful that she wasn't doing business with the Newmans anymore, and she nibbled food from Kevin's plate, claiming that filtering algorithms had made her hungry. He guessed that she had to be nearly done based on the amount of food she'd consumed, and she suggested that they take a break by going on a helicopter ride to Chicago to go to an exclusive pop-up restaurant. He wondered when she'd become a foodie, and she explained that it was all about how hard it had been to get in. He eagerly accepted the invitation, and she planned to meet him back there after she showered and changed.

At the Athletic Club bar, Summer observed that Mariah seemed uncharacteristically upset, and Noah remarked that just because Mariah hadn't known Cassie didn't mean that the twins hadn't had a connection. Mariah recalled that the only reason people had cared about her when she'd first arrived in town had been because she looked like Cassie, and Noah assured Mariah that they loved her for who she was. Noah expected that Mariah and Cassie would have been close if they'd gotten to know one another, and Kevin approached and asked about their long faces. Noah mentioned that they'd just been at the remembrance ceremony for Cassie, and Kevin expressed his regrets and said he was glad he'd run into Mariah.

Summer lectured that Kevin wouldn't have had to rely on a random encounter if he'd split the PassKey profits and treated Mariah like a friend, and Noah pulled Summer aside. Kevin recognized that the day hadn't been easy, and Mariah pointed out that she couldn't remember a twin she'd never known. Kevin referred to the last time they'd talked, when Mariah hadn't had a chance to tell him what had been going on. He invited her to lay it on him, and she responded by kissing him. Noah was shocked when he spotted the buss, and Summer applauded Mariah for finally going after what she wanted.

Kevin didn't understand why Mariah had kissed him, and she apologized and claimed that she'd just acted out in the moment. Kevin recalled that she'd said things had gotten complicated since she'd moved back in with Sharon, and Mariah chalked it up to Cassie's remembrance. Mariah thought that she and Cassie shared a "freaky twin thing" because they'd had the same favorite poem, and she wondered if Cassie had sensed that Mariah's life was messed up. Kevin insisted that it wasn't, but Mariah wished that she was sitting on a ratty couch, watching cheesy movies and eating Chinese takeout. She nervously asked if there was any chance they could get out of there and do that.

Kevin said he'd love to hang out with Mariah, but he hesitated when Natalie returned and asked if Kevin was ready. Mariah started to leave, but Kevin stopped her and told Natalie that he had to reschedule. Natalie protested that Kevin and Mariah could hang out anytime, but he couldn't miss what Natalie had planned. Kevin firmly stated that he couldn't miss the evening with Mariah, and he said he'd call Natalie the next day. Kevin and Mariah headed out, and Noah and Summer approached Natalie, who was flabbergasted by what had just happened. Summer quipped that a new look was no match for an old friend.

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