GH & Y&R's Tristan Rogers drinks, candidly answers fans' “dum” Twitter questions
Posted Wednesday, January 04, 2017 6:26:00 AM
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Fan fave Tristan Rogers (Robert Scorpio, General Hospital; Colin Atkinson, The Young and the Restless) imbibed a bit of wine then took to Twitter to answer fan's burning questions.

Twitter is always a great source of entertainment, but fans of soap opera veteran Tristan Rogers (Robert Scorpio, General Hospital; Colin Atkinson, The Young and the Restless) were especially amused last night when the actor sent out a tweet revealing that he'd had a few drinks and was ready to be a slave to inquisitive minds.

Rogers tweeted, "Sooooo ask me some 'dum ass' stupid question. I've had a drink or three."

Countless fans took him up on the offer, leading to a slew of entertaining questions and answers that reveal quite a bit about Rogers' amusing personality as well as his thoughts on Port Charles and Genoa City happenings.

For example, one fan asked the actor if he could return to GH, what his dream storyline would be.

Rogers responded with, "Something that makes sense. So clearly it ain't going to happen."

Another funny snippet from the Twitter conversation includes a fan asking about Rogers' go-to drink. He responded with "well it depends. Now it's wine. Tomorrow maybe a vodka sofa." When he realized his spelling mistake, he quickly joked, "I meant sofa."

The fan responded with one more question, asking, "So, how much do you love autocorrect?" Rogers' answer: "It sucks. I could find a chimp that writes better."

Rogers also shed some light on whether or not he'll be sticking around in Genoa City long term when he returns later this year ("Seems possible, but you can never tell," he wrote) and his thoughts on GH's Robert and Holly (Emma Samms) pairing ("It's a story that really needs closure. But it won't happen.")

Check out a few more worthy snippets of the conversation below then let us know what you think about Rogers' "drink and tweet" idea.

What do you think about Rogers' "drink and tweet" Twitter conversation? Any thoughts on some of the Y&R and GH comments he shared? We want to hear from you -- and there are many ways you can share your thoughts.

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