Y&R star bequeathed $500,000 from man he never met
Posted Tuesday, January 29, 2013 3:56:13 PM
Proving that reality is often stranger than fiction, an Illinois man has left an estate valued at over $1 million to two men he never met, including a former star of The Young and the Restless.
An Illinois man has left an estate valued at over $1 million to two actors that he never met, including former The Young and the Restless star Peter Barton (Scott Grainger).

ABC News reports that Ray Fulk, who was 71 when he died last July, left a 160-acre property and more than $230,000 in cash and CDs to Barton and actor Kevin Brophy. The property which included a house in disrepair, has been appraised for $1,054,000.

It is unclear why Fulk left an estimated half a million dollars to the two men he'd never met, and an estate attorney calls it "one of the oddest things" he's ever dealt with.

"He just said they were friends of his," said Donald Behle, an estate attorney who prepared Fulk's will in 1998.

Neither Barton nor Brophy commented on their unexpected inheritance. Barton reportedly reached out to Behle after receiving notification of the inheritance.

The Chicago-based Anti-Cruelty Society also received $5,000 in Fulk's will.

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