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Casting call for Simone raises eyebrows
Posted Monday, March 29, 2010 6:07:31 PM
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With its recent wave of recasts, a new casting call put out by The Young and the Restless has many viewers wondering if there is another actor switcheroo in the offing. The CBS soap is looking for an actress to play the newly created role of Simone, but is the role really new?

When a soap opera needs an actor or actress for a role, the show issues a casting call. The mysterious "other woman" lurking in the shadows? The police officer that arrests the bad guy? More than likely, the actors playing these roles were found via a casting call -- a help wanted ad, if you will, that shows post when they are looking for performers to fit into a certain role.

Casting calls are typically innocuous, and not every casting call materializes into an on-air role. Every so often, though, a casting call goes out that raises some eyebrows. Such is the case with a recent casting notice released by The Young and the Restless for the contract role of a character being called "Simone."

Simone looks to be a character featured prominently in upcoming storyline. In fact, the show states that Simone will be a "fun, breakout role."

Here are a few more details of the planned role: She should be an ample-figured African-American female in her mid-30s. She will be sharp, sassy and bold, street-smart and unafraid of confrontation. She wears her emotions on her sleeve and does not suffer fools gladly. She dresses like she is going to a ball. She loves herself and knows she is "all that."

Some fans are speculating that the role could be a secret recast for the role of Drucilla Winters, played by Victoria Rowell for more than 15 years. Once thought of as unthinkable, recasting a high-profile role is no longer off-limits for Y&R. Last year, the show tapped former sitcom star Darius McCrary to take over the role of Malcolm Winters, a role synonmous with its previous portrayor, Shemar Moore. Others wonder if the show is trying to come up with a new character to attempt to fill the void left by Rowell's departure in 2007. It wouldn't be the top-rated soap's first attempt at a Dru substitute. In 2008, The Young and the Restless hired Eva Marcille for then-newly created role of Tyra Hamilton. The character didn't catch on with the majority of viewers, and Tyra was written out last year.

The casting process is already underway, and a decision is due soon; Simone appears in scenes that will be taped in late-April.

The role is contract and will start around late-April.

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