FENMORE Family Tree

Neil Fenmore (deceased)

a. Unknown woman
c. Jill Fenmore a.k.a. Jill Foster Abbott
Adopted by Liz and Bill Foster
m. Phillip Chancellor II (deceased) (marriage declared illegal after his death)
c. Phillip Chancellor III
m. Nina Webster (dissolved by Phillip's faked death)
c. Phillip "Chance" Chancellor IV
a. Jimmy Unknown last name (deceased)
c. Aiden Lansing a.k.a. Ronan Malloy
kidnapped at birth
m. David Kimble (deceased)
m. Ryan McNeil (Divorced) (deceased)

m. Brock Reynolds (Illegal)

m. Stuart Brooks (Divorced) (deceased)

m. Derek Thurston (Annulled)

m. John Abbott (Divorced; remarried; divorced) (deceased)
c. William "Billy" Foster Abbott
m. Mackenzie "Mac" Browning (Annulled)
m. Chloe Mitchell a.k.a. Kate Valentine (Divorced)
c. Cordelia Katherine Valentine Abbott (deceased)
m. Victoria Nicole Newman
c. Miscarriage
c. Lucy Carter (Adoption revoked)
Adopted; Biological parents Daniel Romalotti and Daisy Carter
c. Katherine "Katie" Rose Newman
a. Chelsea Lawson
c. John "Johnny" Abbott (Adopted by Victoria)

m. Rex Sterling a.k.a. Bryan Romalotti (Illegal) (deceased)

m. Colin Atkinson (Illegal; remarried)

m. Joanna Manning
c. Lauren Fenmore
m. Paul Williams (Divorced)
c. miscarriage
m. Dr. Scott Grainger (deceased)
c. Dylan Fenmore (deceased)
baby Shelia substituted for Scotty
c. Scott "Scotty" Grainger
m. Michael Baldwin
c. Fenmore "Fen" Michael Baldwin

m. Married
c. Child
a. Affair
r. Rape
s. Sperm theft

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