BROOKS Family Tree

Stuart Brooks (deceased)

m. Jennifer Maiden Name Unknown (deceased)
c. Leslie Brooks
m. Brad Eliot (Divorced)
c. miscarriage
m. Lucas Lorenzo Prentiss (Divorced)
a. Lance Prentiss
c. Brooks Lucas Prentiss

c. Chris Brooks
m. William "Snapper" Foster
c. miscarriage
c. Jennifer Elizabeth Foster
a. Sally McGuire
c. Pierre Charles "Chuckie" Roulland
m. Pierre Roulland (deceased)
brother to Marianne Roulland
a. Frank Martin
c. Susan Martin (deceased)
m. Jane Wilcox
m. Stan Harris (Divorced)

c. Peggy Brooks
m. Jack Curtis (Annulled)

a. Dr. Bruce Henderson (deceased)
c. Lauralee "Lorie" Brooks
m. Lance Prentiss (Divorced)
m. Maxwell Hollister (Divorced)
m. Regina Maiden Name Unknown
c. Dr. Mark Henderson

m. Jill Foster (Divorced)

m. Elizabeth "Liz" Foster (His widow) (deceased)

Miscellaneous information:
Leslie's mentor: Maestro Ernesto Fautsch

m. Married
c. Child
a. Affair
r. Rape
s. Sperm theft

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