BLAIR Family Tree

Jessica Blair (deceased)
sister to Joe Blair

a. Dr. James "Jim" Richard Grainger
c. Christine "Cricket" Marie Blair
m. Daniel "Danny" Romalotti Sr.(Divorced)
m. Phyllis Summers (Divorced; remarried, divorced)
a. Brian Hamilton
c. Daniel Romalotti Jr.
named when claimed to be Danny's
m. Lily Amanda Winters (Divorced)
m. Amber Moore (Divorced) Daisy Carter
c. Lucy Carter
m. Daisy Carter
m. John "Jack" Abbott Jr. (Divorced)
c. miscarriage
m. Nicholas Christian Newman (Divorced)
c. Summer Ann Newman
m. Austin Travers
c. miscarriage

m. Paul Williams (Divorced; remarried)
m. April Stevens (Divorced) (Twin to Barbara Ann Harding)
c. Heather Stevens
m. Dr. Robert Lynch (deceased)
m. Lauren Fenmore (Divorced)
c. miscarriage
m. Dr. Scott Grainger (Divorced) (deceased)
son of Dr. James "Jim" Richard Grainger
c. Scott "Scotty" Grainger Jr.
c. Dylan Fenmore (deceased)
baby Sheila substituted for Scotty
m. Sheila Carter (deceased)
daughter of Molly Carter
c. miscarriage
m. Michael Baldwin
c. Fenmore Michael Baldwin
m. Isabella Braña (Divorced)
c. Ricardo "Ricky" Carl Williams (deceased)

m. Dr. James "Jim" Richard Grainger
m. unknown name
c. Scott Grainger (deceased)
m. Lauren Fenmore (Divorced)
c. Dylan Fenmore (deceased)
baby Sheila substituted for Scotty
c. Scott "Scotty" Grainger Jr.
m. Sheila Carter (Divorced) (deceased)
c. miscarriage

m. John Abbott (Divorced) (deceased)

m. Married
s. Sperm theft
c. Child
a. Affair
r. Rape

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