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The Dankies: 2010-2011

Thousands upon thousands of fans of The Young and the Restless cast their votes by their choices for the best of Y&R. Here are their nominations and winners.
Following are the final results of the 2010-2011 Dankies for The Young and the Restless. Winners are marked with a right angle quote (»).

Outstanding Lead Actor
Peter Bergman (Jack Abbott, Y&R) 17 %
Eric Braeden (Victor Newman, Y&R) 11 %
» Billy J. Miller (Billy Abbott, Y&R) 47 %
Michael Muhney (Adam Wilson, Y&R) 24 %
Outstanding Lead Actress
Sharon Case (Sharon Newman), Y&R) 20 %
Amelia Heinle (Victoria Newman, Y&R) 20 %
Melody Thomas Scott (Nikki Newman, Y&R) 15 %
» Michelle Stafford (Phyllis Newman, Y&R) 43 %
Outstanding Supporting Actor
Doug Davidson (Paul Williams, Y&R) 17 %
Daniel Goddard (Cane Ashby, Y&R) 26 %
» Christian J. LeBlanc (Michael Baldwin, Y&R) 33 %
Greg Rikaart (Kevin Fisher, Y&R) 22 %
Outstanding Supporting Actress
Tracy E. Bregman (Lauren Fenmore, Y&R) 18 %
Tricia Cast (Nina Webster, Y&R) 36 %
» Elizabeth Hendrickson (Chloe Mitchell, Y&R) 37 %
Emily O'Brien (Jana Hawkes, Y&R) 7 %
Outstanding Newcomer
Jeff Branson (Ronan Malloy, Y&R) 33 %
Stephen Nichols (Tucker McCall, Y&R) 13 %
» Marcy Rylan (Abby Carlton Newman, Y&R) 38 %
Maura West (Diane Jenkins, Y&R) 14 %
Outstanding Younger Performer
Samantha Bailey (Summer Newman, Y&R) 14 %
» Christel Khalil (Lily Winters, Y&R) 54 %
Luke Kleintank (Noah Newman, Y&R) 14 %
Max Page (Reed Hellstrom, Y&R) 17 %
Most Attractive Male Star
Jeff Branson (Ronan Malloy, Y&R) 20 %
Daniel Goddard (Cane Ashby, Y&R) 22 %
» Billy J. Miller (Billy Abbott, Y&R) 34 %
Joshua Morrow (Nicholas Newman, Y&R) 21 %
Most Attractive Female Star
Sharon Case (Sharon Newman, Y&R) 27 %
Amelia Heinle (Victoria Newman, Y&R) 21 %
» Elizabeth Hendrickson (Chloe Mitchell, Y&R) 33 %
Christel Khalil (Lily Winters, Y&R) 17 %
Favorite Storyline
» Father Knows Best: Victoria and Billy's surprising New Year's Eve connection leads to a drunken invalid Jamaican beach wedding. They marry again for real on the doorstep of their charming 50's retro home, despite the dastardly interference of Victoria's father when he attempts to stop the wedding by having the bride arrested 37 %
Real Housewives of Genoa City: Phyllis Newman finally blows her stack at her wayward husband Nick's stubborn refusal to set boundaries for his ex-wife, Sharon, and their prophecy baby, Faith. As Nick and Phyllis' marriage ends, Nick and Sharon follow their dead daughter Cassie's instructions almost to the letter, leading to a brief and bittersweet coupling for the tragic pair. Disgusted, Phyllis reunites passionately with Jack Abbott, putting her in the catbird seat for the sad and shocking implosion of Nick and Sharon's ill-fated reunion. (Y&R) 21 %
Sorrow, Joy and Heartbreak: Detective Chance Chancellor investigates Genoa City's dirtiest cop: Ronan Malloy. Ronan is really Christine Blair's FBI undercover operative who has another shocking secret: he's Nina Webster's long-lost stolen son and Chance's half-brother! As time runs out for Chance, the brothers agree on a risky plan. Nina arrives in time to witness one son shot to death by the other, but Ronan has one surprise left -- Chance is not really dead. (Y&R) 30 %
Wanna Bet?: A power failure traps Victor Newman in an elevator with his card shark daughter-in-law, Skye. The unlikely pair concoct the scam of a lifetime: setting up his son and her husband, Adam, for her own murder! As Adam and Sharon reunite passionately in New Orleans, Victor and Skye fly to Hawaii, leaving a trail of blood and expensive perfume in their wake. (Y&R) 11 %
Least Favorite Storyline
» Double Your (Dis)Pleasure: Sheila Carter's secret sister (and Lauren Fenmore look-alike) Sarah Smythe plots to check off a few more items on Sheila's To Do list. Using Sheila's children with Tom Fisher as her minions, Sarah makes Lauren's life a living hell. When Lauren's loyal sister-in-law Jana Fisher gets too close to the truth, Daisy Carter and Ryder Callahan kidnap her and hold her captive at an abandoned zoo. Just as Jana reaches her breaking point, Daisy and Ryder capture Lauren, and the two women huddle together in misery while their desperate husbands fruitlessly search for them. Lauren shoots Sarah dead during a showdown in the House of Mirrors. (Y&R) 44 %
The Black Widow and the Black Knight: Diabolical, money grubbing Meggie McClain wheedles her way into the home of Victor and Nikki Newman, where she creates a sticky web. Meggie tricks Nikki into falling off the wagon and into the arms of co-conspirator Deacon Sharpe, while at the same time getting closer to Victor's suspicious heart (and wallet). Murphy recognizes Meggie as his murderous ex-daughter-in-law. Stricken by a sudden heart attack, Murphy is helpless as Meggie withholds his nitroglycerin. Murphy falls into a coma, Nikki falls into Deacon's bed, and Victor falls into Meggie's trap. (Y&R) 26 %
Wanna Bet?: A power failure traps Victor Newman in an elevator with his card shark daughter-in-law, Skye. The unlikely pair concoct the scam of a lifetime: setting up his son and her husband, Adam, for her own murder! As Adam and Sharon reunite passionately in New Orleans, Victor and Skye fly to Hawaii, leaving a trail of blood and expensive perfume in their wake. (Y&R) 10 %
Where's the Beef: Cane and Lily's happiness is threatened when an ill wind blows in Blake Joseph, a soldier in the army of the Australian Moofia. Blake is in town to deliver a message from Colin Atkinson, a man who cannot be ignored: he's Cane's secret father! Colin wants Cane to repay five million dollars worth of damage caused when Cane testified against the team, and to rejoin the Family. Cane refuses to return to his family's crime syndicate, but desperately begins siphoning money from his boss, Tucker McCall, to pay his father off. (Y&R) 18 %
Favorite Character
Adam Wilson (Y&R) 17 %
» Billy Abbott (Y&R) 47 %
Chloe Mitchell (Y&R) 13 %
Phyllis Newman (Y&R) 21 %
Least Favorite Character
Adam Wilson (Y&R) 16 %
» Daisy Carter (Y&R) 45 %
Heather Stevens (Y&R) 26 %
Sharon Newman (Y&R) 11 %
Most Memorable Moment
Blood Brothers: Newfound brothers Chance and Ronan agree on a risky plan to trick the leaders of a drug ring into admitting their guilt. Their mother, Nina, arrives in time to witness Chance shot to death by Ronan, and Nina cries over Chance's body while glancing at Ronan in disbelief. (Y&R) 27 %
» The Handover: After finding out that the baby Ashley knew as her daughter in the months since she was born actually belonged to Sharon, Ashley reluctantly gives Faith to Nick and Sharon. (Y&R) 33 %
Retro Wedding: Billy and Victoria have a 25 %
Sleeping With the Enemy: Sharon goes to New Orleans to decide if she really loves Nick or Adam. Both men follow her, but it is Adam who finds her first, and they make love at a plantation house that Adam has booked for the occasion. (Y&R) 13 %
Favorite On-Screen Couple or Duo
Adam Wilson and Sharon Newman(Y&R) 15 %
» Billy Abbott and Victoria Newman (Y&R) 56 %
Cane Ashby and Lily Winters (Y&R) 13 %
Kevin Fisher and Chloe Mitchell (Y&R) 14 %
Most Missed Performer
Vail Bloom (Heather Stevens, Y&R) 21 %
John Driscoll (Chance Chancellor, Y&R) 25 %
Stacy Haiduk (Patty Williams/Emily Peterson, Y&R) 24 %
» Thad Luckinbill (J.T. Hellstrom, Y&R) 27 %
Outstanding Special Guest or Recurring Role
Lauralee Bell (Christine Blair, Y&R) 23 %
David Hasselhoff (Snapper Foster, Y&R) 3 %
» Beth Maitland (Traci Abbott Connelly, Y&R) 49 %
Eric Roberts (Vance Abrams, Y&R) 24 %
Outstanding Overall Performer
Peter Bergman (Jack Abbott, Y&R) 9 %
Eric Braeden (Victor Newman, Y&R) 5 %
Tracy E. Bregman (Lauren Fenmore, Y&R) 1 %
Sharon Case (Sharon Newman), Y&R) 3 %
Tricia Cast (Nina Webster, Y&R) 8 %
Doug Davidson (Paul Williams, Y&R) 1 %
Daniel Goddard (Cane Ashby, Y&R) 6 %
Amelia Heinle (Victoria Newman, Y&R) 3 %
Elizabeth Hendrickson (Chloe Mitchell, Y&R) 5 %
Christian J. LeBlanc (Michael Baldwin, Y&R) 4 %
» Billy J. Miller (Billy Abbott, Y&R) 20 %
Michael Muhney (Adam Wilson, Y&R) 11 %
Emily O'Brien (Jana Hawkes, Y&R) 0 %
Greg Rikaart (Kevin Fisher, Y&R) 1 %
Melody Thomas Scott (Nikki Newman, Y&R) 3 %
Michelle Stafford (Phyllis Newman, Y&R) 15 %