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For the Week of July 17, 2017
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Cane had to face the music while Nick tried to stop the music. Neither got what he wanted. Finally, a gala in Genoa City that didn't end with a major disaster. Find out who walked the red carpet and who stayed home in this week's Two Scoops.

Cane had to face the consequences of his actions, and it was not easy for him. It was heartbreaking for his family to learn that he had deceived them -- and gut-wrenching for me. I have to wonder if Lily and his children can ever have the same unquestioning belief in Cane that they did before he slept with Juliet and got her pregnant.

The child Juliet is having will be a constant reminder to the Ashbys of Cane's perfidy. Cane is not an evil man, merely a weak one. He let his envy of Billy take over his life, and he was willing to sacrifice Brass & Sassy, as well as Lily's breakout commercial, to achieve his goal of destroying Billy, but it backfired, and Cane was the one who got the axe. The worst of his crimes, tanking Lily's commercial, editing the clip, and causing Juliet to lose her job has not been revealed -- and might never be.

If it does come to light, then I don't think Lily will be okay with that. I do expect Lily to wind up in Jordan's arms, just as I expect Hilary to reconcile with Devon. Since this is a soap, I'm sure that Cane, Lily, and the family will somehow work their way back to each other. In real life, however, this would probably devastate a family, and there would be no going back.

Nick's chickens are also coming home to roost. Now that Victor has figured out that Nick sabotaged the soundboard to stop Nikki from performing at the concert, the reckoning is coming. Just as I think that mothers shouldn't dictate their son's love lives, I don't think Nick should interfere in Nikki's life, either. The difference between Nick and the mothers is that the mothers spoke their minds and butted out. Nick disrespected his mother's right to choose whether or not to play the concert and butted in, assuming that he knew more about Nikki's condition than Nikki did. Like many people who believe that they have the right to make choices for others, Nick took an action that was harmful and likely actionable under the law, as at least a misdemeanor. Nick was controlling and arrogant, proving that he's a big chip off Victor's block. I can hardly wait for the showdown between father and son next week.

At the gala, Nick had a showdown with good-hearted Noah, who was perplexed when Nick was visibly upset that Noah had saved the day by switching out the fried soundboard with one from the Underground. Nick gave himself away, trusting Noah didn't seem the wiser.

I absolutely loved the concert and the party that followed. It's the first time in a long time that I can remember a major extravaganza in Genoa City not ending with a disaster of some kind. Maybe that was because several prominent citizens were not in attendance. Conspicuously absent were Michael and Lauren, Phyllis and Billy (though that was very understandable), and Paul and Christine.

The dresses were mostly fabulous, and there is something awesome to me about a man in a tux. I kept thinking that Chelsea's dress was covered in gummies, and I wanted to pluck some off and pop them in my mouth. Sharon, Ashley, Victoria, and Abby's dresses were my favorites, but everyone looked fabulous in what they were wearing. I loved the red carpet and the interviews. The concert was a splendid event and nobody throws a better party than the denizens of Genoa City.

I did not like the way that Victor chastised Abby when the sound equipment failed, though Victor did redeem himself a little when, as soon as the concert ended, he immediately complimented Abby on a job well done. I cried some real tears when he chastised her and again when he made amends.

I also had tears when Nikki forgave Victor and they made up. I cried right along with Victor. I realized that Victor does love Nikki, and she loves him. They have a dysfunctional love, but it is love nonetheless. Nobody's perfect, and I don't doubt that there are many dysfunctional couples out there, but that doesn't make that love less binding or less real than any other. If Kevin can forgive Chloe, then I don't see why Nikki can't forgive Victor. The heart wants what it wants.

Just look at Kevin. He loves Chloe so much that he is willing to ignore cold-blooded murder and live underground, as long as it keeps Chloe out of jail. It was very refreshing to see one couple actually tell all the truth to each other as Chloe did with Kevin when she confessed all her fears about Victor and her involvement with him. Too bad it was between a murderess and her lover, who are both leaving the show. Kevin assured Chloe that he could protect her from Victor. He was confident, but Chloe did not seem to share his confidence.

Back to the gala. I have to say that I would vote Jack, "Best gloater." Not only was he glowing from besting Brass & Sassy, but Jack was positively gleeful to have wrested Dina from Graham's supposed clutches. I'm still wondering if Graham will turn out to be Dina's son. I am glad that Jack has a new opponent to spar with for a while instead of focusing on the never-ending battle with Victor, which I'm sure will resume once Jack has finished with Graham. Just a thought: what if Jack and Graham are brothers and they bond and then tag team Victor? Two against one should be fair. Victor needs a handicap every now and then!

I am very proud of Y&R and their focus on MS. I was bawling when Nikki's visitor gave her that orange ribbon and told her how courageous she was and what a good example she was. That was very personal to me. I have a friend -- here's a shout-out to Charlynette -- who battles MS every day, so I know how devastating and debilitating it can be. Charlynette has just as much courage as Nikki, and she does not use her illness as an excuse for anything. She fights the disease and stands up to it, just as Nikki does. Charlynette gets up every day to make sure her husband gets to work and her children get to school. Like Nikki, Charlynette helps raise funds so that a cure can be found for this terrible disease. Bravo to Charlynette and bravo to CBS for bringing public awareness to the fight against multiple sclerosis.

Mariah is beginning to see the deep bond between Devon and Hilary. I feel sorry for her, and I truly hope that when Devon and Hilary reconcile, there is someone waiting in the wings to help ease Mariah's heartbreak. I'd prefer a boyfriend, but it might be Sharon, which would let them cry on each other's shoulders. I don't think it will be much longer before Abby and Scott start playing footsie. It's becoming obvious that throwing them together was Victor's real objective for bringing Scott on board at Newman.

I've really been enjoying the non-crazy Sharon. This is the Sharon that I loved all those years ago, and I hope she stays around for a long time, but I'm pretty sure it won't last. Sharon Case says that she likes all the drama that makes her character, Sharon, so fun so play.

I loved the song Tessa played, and I think that she has an amazing voice. In my humble opinion, Y&R does a great job on the music, and it seems like they always have at least one competent singer in the cast, as well as very, very appropriate song choices. I am rarely disappointed in their musical selections.

All in all, it was a terrific week on Y&R, and I eagerly await what the next one has in store. Our favorite soap is finally clicking on all cylinders, and I am full of anticipation for what comes next.

Stick a fork in me; I'm done. I've become a twitaholic and have to get to my phone now. If you are hooked, also, please follow me @BoonesTudes, and I'll follow you back. I love reading so many different opinions from so many different people, though I could do with a little more civility and a little less name-calling. I like the jokes and cartoons best! I prefer interacting with people who can express their opinions without anger or profanity. I remember a time when you didn't have to agree to get along, but that is apparently an attitude that has been left in the past with dinosaurs like me.

As always, I welcome feedback about this column in the section provided below. I love reading and answering your comments. Thank you for reading this week's Two Scoops. Join me in two weeks for another edition.

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