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Oops...the cat's out of the bag!
For the Week of May 19, 2014
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A clandestine tryst is suddenly not so hidden! Sharon remembers her big secret -- or does she? Is there any help (or hope) left for Chloe, a.k.a. cuckoo bird? To find out more, read this week's Two Scoops.

May sweeps are upon us so, of course, we are all waiting with bated breath for the drama to unfold as secrets and cover-ups are revealed. Hopefully, we aren't also holding our breath, since those big reveals haven't exactly been swarming us. But May sweeps aren't over yet. There's still hope. Hey, wouldn't this have been a great time for Sharon's secret to come out? And it appeared that just might happen, since she was so determined to learn the truth that she also feared to hear. But again, we were just teased, and Sharon was left in the dark, so to speak.

I found it rather comical that after trying so hard to talk Sharon out of hypnosis, Dr. Mead practically pushed Sharon into continuing with the therapy, even as Nick tried to discourage her. But in the end, none of it mattered because Sharon really didn't remember anything at all. Only that she had felt scared and guilty and that she knew that she had to do what was right, which had been to face Nick that fateful night. However, Nick was able to explain it all away by saying that the secret had been about Sharon setting fire to Victor's ranch. That was no secret!

Okay, so apparently it will take Phyllis coming out of her coma for Sharon's secret to come out. And since The Young and the Restless is now looking to recast Phyllis, that may take some time. So, let's look elsewhere for something to shake up Genoa City during what is normally an exciting time in the world of soaps. I can still remember when soaps would pull no punches and would bring the excitement and drama during the sweeps periods. And I also reminisce about cliffhanger Fridays back in the day. Now, that was fun! But these days, we find ourselves being patient even as patience can sometimes wear thin for storylines to evolve and to eventually explode. And Sharon's secret is a long time coming, and even she knows it will blow up in her face when she least expects it.

Unfortunately, Jack and Kelly's storyline also hinges on Phyllis coming out of her coma to bring about a dramatic twist. As much as these two wanted to be together, they both were being cautious because a piece of Jack's heart will always belong to Phyllis. Although Kelly was well aware of that, she thought that she could deal with it. However, the last thing Kelly wanted was to make Jack choose between her and Phyllis, even though she believed she and Jack could be so very good together. I still really like this couple. To me, Cady McClain has softened Kelly, which has made her more likeable. This is definitely a couple I could root for.

Jack thought so, too, since he felt connected to Kelly -- someone who could make him laugh and feel again. That was so sweet! I enjoyed Kelly's comment about how she wished they could be transported to another time and place and Star Trek immediately came to mind. It's too bad they didn't have one of the transporters from the Enterprise that could take them to another time when it could be just the two of them. Kelly could even have her own cute little catchphrase, "Beam me up, Jackie!" However, Kelly decided that the best way to put some distance between her and Jack would not be through a transporter but instead through a matchmaker -- Lily.

Lily's brilliant idea was to pair Kelly up for a date with Neil, who appeared to be putting on a (convincing per Cane) brave front. But apparently, everyone but Lily saw how awkward the dinner date was as Neil informed Kelly that he was no longer on the market because he was already seeing someone. Oops, Hilary, it looks like the cat may be out of the bag! If Neil had his way, he would be showing off Hilary to the entire world. But Hilary warned Neil to be cautious because if Lily knew about them, her head would explode. I think that Lily suspects that her dad is seeing her archenemy because she is either protesting too much or is wearing some serious "horse blinders," as Sharon would call them.

On the other hand, Devon's eyes were wide open to the fact that his dad was involved in another romance, but he also blinded himself to who that young lady was. How could he have missed all of the signals? It appeared that both Lily and Devon did not want to see the truth, each for their own reasons. Although Hilary was willing to announce to the world about her new relationship with Neil, Devon saw them kiss in the hall before they got that chance. Now the kitty really has leapt out of the paper sack!

After Neil left, Devon confronted Hilary about how she had "second chanced her way into bed" with his father and noted that Neil had taken Hilary's mother to a hotel bed also. Ouch! Like mother, like daughter, I guess. Devon then ran to Lily and Cane and revealed who Neil's mysterious lady was. Lily was outraged, but that did not dissuade Neil from his feelings for Hilary. Neil was crazy to think that Devon and Lily would eagerly open up their arms to Hilary. Or else he just didn't care. Or maybe he was wearing his own brand of "horse blinders."

But anyway, Lily's failure to provide Kelly with an appropriate match did not deter Lily because she insisted that "the right guy" was out there for her. And we all know just who "the right guy" is. Fate sure kept throwing them together, too, since Jack ran into Kelly again at a condo that Chelsea wanted to sublet because the tenant wished to do some structural changes. Somehow Jack and Kelly seemed destined to be, since life kept throwing them together.

However, Kelly referred to fate as " a lie that people tell themselves so that they don't have to own up to their own actions." Okay. Since Jack was at the loft for structural changes, Kelly claimed she needed walls, which would provide definition. After hearing a violin playing music from Vivaldi, Kelly agreed with Jack that walls were overrated. Oh, that is so corny! But it is cute and is a great start for a good, old-fashioned courtship. I shall look forward to watching that. After all, I am a romantic at heart.

I knew that Jack and Kelly would have to decide to act on their desire for each other or to keep their emotions pent up and move on in different directions, and I didn't see the second option ever happening. I mean, really, where would the drama be in that? When Phyllis awakens, she will find that circumstances have changed while she was "out." Fans have provided much speculation on who should be recast as the fiery redhead. Y&R fan Martha B. suggested Tamara Braun or Sara Brown, who both played Carly on General Hospital, and Y&R fan Yvette selected Alicia Minshew, who portrayed Kendall on All My Children. Y&R fan Debbie C. comments:

    Though it will be hard to replace Phyllis, hopefully her replacement will look like her, act like her and have red hair as well.

You would almost think that the red hair would be a given. That seems to be Phyllis' signature characteristic. (Plus, Jack's nickname for Phyllis is "Red.") Y&R fan Cheryl adds:

    I used to hate the role of Phyllis, but she grew on me. Really miss that character. Was hoping she would come out of her coma soon.

This comment best describes the way I feel. There were times when Phyllis absolutely drove me bonkers, and I would have been happy never to have seen her again. But since she has been gone, I have realized just how much the show needs her. Phyllis is always a force to be reckoned with, and her drive, paranoia, and craziness kept storylines moving for years. One thing you could say about her: Phyllis was never boring, and I miss her because of that. Several years ago, I never, ever would have believed that I would be begging her to return. But Y&R fan Laurie R. has another perspective:

    I really do hope that Phyllis does not come out of her coma anytime soon. I love and have always loved Nick and Sharon together. Their relationship makes so much more sense because of their history together. I feel some couples in life are meant to be together and Nick and Sharon are one of those couples. I would rather see Y&R bring in a new character to replace the Phyllis character rather than bringing the Phyllis character back into the mix. Plus, in my opinion no one is going to successfully play that character like Michelle Stafford did.?

I have stated before that I sincerely like Nick and Sharon together, but Phyllis needs to return, if only to have Sharon's big secret be revealed. Another qualified and capable actress could absolutely put her own spin and flavor into such a complex character. And Phyllis is still very much needed. Think of the possible upcoming storylines!

But back to Sharon -- she was still determined to remember her big secret and decided that Mariah was the person who could nudge her memory. Pretty much all she learned from Mariah, though, was that her mother's name had been Helen Copeland, who was deceased. However, Nick later warned Sharon to beware of Mariah, even though Sharon believed that Mariah wasn't a monster and that she only put up a tough front as a shield against others. Sharon had better listen to Nick. Mariah is definitely not Cassie, only I am not sure that Sharon will ever really be able to see her for the person that she is. Sharon seems to wear "horse blinders" when it comes to her daughter's look-alike.

Where else can we look for a secret to be revealed at this time? Hey…how about Victoria? I mean, she will only be able to keep her pregnancy secret for so long. She will eventually start showing, and people will notice, unless she covers that up well also. Or maybe Stitch is finally putting the pieces of the puzzle together after Chelsea's ice cream remark. You could almost picture the light bulb turning on over his head. (Wouldn't that be a great visual?!) You could almost hear him thinking, "Eureka! Could Victoria be pregnant? It would explain so many things."

Oh, by the way, have you noticed that beautiful art glass bowl with the colorful swirls in Billy and Victoria's house? It's gorgeous. In the past, the cameras would occasionally show a cabinet between the living room and dining room that contained knick knacks and I remembered spotting what I am sure was a piece of McCoy pottery on one of the shelves. I even pointed it out to my husband, who collects it, and he agreed. They haven't shown that cabinet in years though. It's weird that I remembered it at all. But I always take special notice of glassware and pottery.

Anyway, Victoria got the space that she needed by visiting Reed, and Billy stayed with Johnny, who Billy claimed would always come first with him. When Billy talks about Johnny, for some crazy reason, the song "Watching Scotty Grow" comes to mind. You know the lyrics, "BRLFQ spells Mom and Dad. Well, that ain't too bad. That's my boy." Or not. I loved those Bobby Goldsboro songs. "Honey" would always have me in tears. Of course, I was pretty young at the time it was a hit. But every time I would hear the part, "While she was there and all alone, the angels came," I would be blubbering like a fool. That was one sad song! But since none of our Genoa City damsels are knocking on death's door, I will move along.

I appreciated it when Billy asked Victoria to tell Reed "to hit one out of the park," since they have always been close. And apparently, Reed is not the only person that Billy has been close to lately. Billy has really cozied up to Chelsea, but could it be more than friendship? Chelsea seemed rather anxious to point out that even if Bill found dirt on Stitch, Victoria would not necessarily run back into Billy's arms. Billy cared for Chelsea also -- enough to let her talk him into accepting her (well, Adam's) donation for the Delia Project. I don't think that Chelsea should get too comfortable moving on without Adam though. We all know that he will return. His death has been greatly exaggerated.

As a good and loyal friend and brother, Jack attempted to advise Billy to forget his plot to dig up dirt on Stitch's past. I nodded when Jack pointed out that Billy and Victoria's problems began before Stitch and that Billy should win her heart with his merits, not by exposing Stitch's faults. This was truly sound advice. Shoot, if Victoria wanted scheming and manipulation, she only needed to turn to her father. But Jack may as well have been talking to a brick wall with his advice and I think he knew it. Billy was more determined than ever to find "the dark corner" in Stitch's life. Too bad Billy doesn't realize that there may be another hurdle he will have to leap to Victoria's heart.

Sure enough, Stitch confirmed his suspicions about Victoria when he snooped into her file at the hospital and saw her positive pregnancy test results. It's unlikely, though, that he knew about Victoria's romp with Billy, so he probably believed that the child was his. It appears that both Stitch and Billy have the same obstacle to overcome in winning that lady's heart. Since Victoria desired to learn the baby's father as soon as safely possible, hopefully she, Billy, Stitch, the fans, and, well, everyone won't have to wait forever for this reveal. But even if the baby is Billy's, would that mean that she would go back to him? This is a reason why we watch soaps.

Nikki has always made a better friend to Jack than she ever has a spouse -- if their last marriage, which lasted all of five minutes, was any indication -- and she proved that again as she talked and comforted Jack about Kelly and Phyllis. And Jack was certainly wise to keep quiet upon learning that Nikki had moved into a room at the Athletic Club. They both acknowledged that Nikki always returns to Victor, and Jack even admitted that Victor loved her. Aren't we all aware that Victor just has a funny way of showing it?! However, Nikki knows how Victor is, and the truth is that he will never change. She either needs to accept him in her life, flaws and all, or say goodbye to him forever, and they should go their separate ways. (If Victor would ever allow it, that is, which is highly unlikely.)

An article titled "Portland West Hills Mansion Robbed. Culprits Still at Large" may contain more clues to the secret in Mariah and Tyler's past. Does it include a life of crime? If so, he hid it well when he first arrived in Genoa City. Maybe that's why Abby thinks that the two former lovers speak in their own private language. Could the big love of Tyler's life have been money, not Mariah? Could Tyler have changed since then? After all, Tyler did sign the prenuptial agreement. Or could it have been just a ruse with something bigger in mind?

Mariah certainly had no qualms about admitting her love for money but even Abby's big check couldn't chase her away. Apparently, Mariah had her eyes on another prize, which has yet to be determined. Seriously, why does she want to stay in Genoa City? Could her resemblance to Cassie figure into her plans? Maybe she thinks she can get more out of the Newmans due to her looks. Or could she really care about Sharon and maybe feel just a tad guilty about the part she played in making Sharon feel she was crazy. Probably not.

Abby reminded Victor that his fake Cassie was also Mariah, "Tyler's stalker, ex-fiancée, amateur photographer," who had terrorized Abby during the summer. Because Victor was the one who had given Mariah the money and reason to stay in town, Abby insisted that he be the one to crush Mariah like a tick. Since she looked to be out of money, Mariah should be making her next move soon. I wonder what kind of pesticide Victor carries with him. Picture one of those cans with an "XXX" on it. Victor's attack will be potent -- and maybe even deadly.

Of course, Chloe was still determined to produce a baby with Billy, and little did Gloria know that she would become the next step in Chloe's mission. Apparently, Gloria had this very potent, sensual oil that worked as some kind of aphrodisiac guaranteed to spice up anyone's love life. So, Chloe the cuckoo bird (Gloria's words, not mine) spilled her glass of champagne all over Gloria as a ploy to steal the oil from Gloria's purse. I guess this magic potion would take all thoughts of Victoria out of Billy's head so that his only desire would be to make love to Chloe, thereby giving her the baby to fill the holes in her life? That must be some strong stuff!

Chloe practically ran all the way over to Billy's to put the oil to the test. Pretty ironic, wasn't it, when she commented that she was tired of "the next crazy thing that Chloe's going to do look" that she kept receiving from her loved ones, when she was just about to do yet another crazy thing?! After she promised Billy that there would be no more requests for sperm because creating another Delia, who had been "fiery, sparkles, giggles, and lightning that will never strike twice," would be "irrational and unrealistic," she slipped the oil in his coffee and attempted to kiss him. Strangely enough, the potion didn't work. You're kidding! Now, who didn't see that coming?

With the expression on her face upon leaving Billy's house, never-say-die Chloe looked as if she had another scheme in mind. So, it's not over yet, folks! I keep wondering how the writers are going to pen this character out of town. Will she succeed in her attempt to get pregnant by Billy and then scurry away to raise the baby on her own? Or will she finally, finally realize that she seriously needs help and leave town to get it? Or will all of the sadness and memories finally overwhelm her to where she will need to get away for a while? (Sort of like what Victoria just did, only for a longer period of time.) I guess time will tell.

I enjoyed seeing both Gloria and Jeffrey again. Humor usually follows wherever they go. After a "suspiciously suspicious" Jeffrey gleefully announced that he had just won the trifecta in the fifth race with a fine filly named Maximus, I could almost picture him basking in the black-eyed Susans at the Preakness Stakes, the second jewel in the Triple Crown. If it's true that picking horses and women requires a certain skill, he had better brush up, since he hasn't always been that successful -- although I must admit that Jeffrey and Gloria seem very well suited for each other. And how appropriate is it that the shameless Gloria is number one on Kevin's list of reasons to blush!

Jill and Colin are another couple who can draw out the laughs, especially as Jill still had Colin locked up in the attic. Lauren heard his signals for help and thought that the pipes were clanking. But don't worry about Colin because at least he had his handy-dandy tennis ball to keep him company. Jill was still very determined to get Colin to dissolve their joke of a marriage and refused to release him, or even feed him, until he signed the papers. But even if he were to sign the papers, would she ever be able to get him out of her head or heart? I think not. And something else I have been wondering: why doesn't Jill just divorce Colin?

As much as she denies it, Jill still loves Colin, and he has brought more excitement into her life than she has had in years. Hmmm…maybe I just answered my own question. Even if she could pretend not to love him, Jill would miss all of the clever banter they exchange and the emotional teeter-tottering that they constantly put themselves through. Jill's life would no longer have the stimulation that she craves. No, Jill and Colin are far from done even if she can "persuade" Colin to end their marriage. There's more in store for these two, and it may not be all rosy, especially now that Cane has found the Bonaventure Industries business card in Colin's wallet.

While Cane investigated Colin's connection to Bonaventure, Colin rummaged through a box that had fallen after Jill slammed the door of the attic. In the box, Colin found a journal that he claimed held the secret to the music box, but of course, when he tried to later tell Jill, she refused to believe the lying dog. Okay, maybe "the lying dog" part is my words, not hers. But could this finally be the answer to the music box mystery that we have been waiting for? I sure hope so. We have waited long enough, and the fans just want this storyline to end. While it had potential in the beginning, the music box mystery has fizzled out. The mystery needs to be resolved, and hopefully, Colin and Jill can welcome their next adventure with open arms. We all are ready for something new.

Finally, Adam's memorial service took place and was attended by a whopping total of three people: Jack, Chelsea, and Victor. I hope they didn't storm the church, trying to find a seat. You know, Victor refers to Adam as "my son" more now than he ever did when Adam was alive. In fact, did he ever when Adam was alive? Jack honestly was a genuine friend to Adam, who saw both the good and the bad in him. Jack saw the remorse, guilt, and shame that Adam had gone through after he had hurt so many people. It's great to have a friend that can be so understanding and forgiving. That's something that we all would want.

On the other hand, Chelsea realized that while Adam was broken and flawed, she also knew that he had wanted to be a better person for his wife and son. Chelsea really loved Adam for the man he was and for the man he was trying to be. Y&R fan Lorraine cries:

    I miss Michael Muhney as Adam Newman. Can't you rehire him to play his former role? There are too many new faces on Y&R. Please rehire Michael Muhney.

I know that I was picturing Michael Muhney as Adam at the memorial, and I remembered the on-screen chemistry that his Adam had with Melissa Claire Egan's Chelsea. I will miss that. But we know that Adam will be recast, although I have not yet heard that has happened, which doesn't necessarily mean anything. The writers did remind us, though, that Adam was still alive by showing the hand with the wedding ring. I just hope, hope, hope that the new actor's Adam will have a similar "hot" chemistry with Chelsea. Wasn't it interesting that Victor could not even admit out loud that he had loved his son? Chelsea practically had to drag it out of him, and then he would only say that he loved all of his children. But Victor did see that Adam had wanted to protect his family and that he was just like Victor in that respect. Apparently, Adam was still doing just that because he planted a camera in Connor's bedroom, via the maintenance man, to keep an eye on his son. Oh yes, Adam is just like Victor. Let's hope that Connor will not be faced with control and manipulation throughout his entire life. Other notable (or humorous) items that happened during the week:

I love Abby's description of Mariah: "insane, irrational, crazy, obsessive, or all of the above." I guess we will eventually learn just how true those words actually are.

Billy was funny when he claimed that Chelsea was trying to guilt him into taking Satan's (Adam's) money in order to balance the karmic scales from hell. I had to laugh at that. I think that Adam would even have appreciated the humor.

When Billy was declaring to Stitch that this was "my house, my son, my wife," he reminded me of that peacock in the big picture hanging at the Athletic Club in the way he was strutting around. Johnny and Victoria are not possessions, Billy!

As Avery found out, even "haters" can have some pretty funny negative comments. "Don't quit you day job, you worthless sack of flour"? That was hysterical!

Why does Stitch know so much about criminal law and class C felonies?

I was relieved to hear that Lauren was happy with her life the way that it was and that she wished the best for Paul and Christine. Otherwise, it would have been tragic for her to face all of these ladies with babies on the way.

Wouldn't we all want Esther's luck at gambling? She hit the jackpot. Good for her! I wish I could be so lucky.

As much as he loved his mother, Noah showed that he could still be a loyal and honest employee by telling Victor that he would tell the truth regarding Victor's knowledge about Bonaventure Industries. What a good guy!

I loved Victor's threat to Jill, "If you think I'm going down without a fight, you're sadly mistaken." This line is typical Victor.

Didn't Mariah look totally different as a brunette? It was like night and day.

Have a fantastic week. Until next time, please stay tuned.

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Y&R casts child actor Dax Randall as Neil's son, Moses | The Young and the Restless
Y&R casts child actor Dax Randall as Neil's son, Moses
Posted Monday, November 21, 2016 5:20:14 AM
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The Young and the Restless has recast the part of Neil's son, Moses, with child actor Dax Randall.

Thanksgiving is going to be quite a special occasion for The Young and the Restless' Neil (Kristoff St. John), because his son, Moses, is coming home for the holidays.

The CBS soap has cast young actor Dax Randall in the role, which is set to begin airing on Tuesday, November 22.

Sadly, those hoping for a full family reunion may be disappointed: Moses' mom, Sofia (Julia Pace Mitchell) won't be joining in on the Thanksgiving appearance.

Reps for Y&R haven't dished on how long Randall's Moses will be sticking around in Genoa City, but for Neil's sake, we're hoping he'll at least stay through Christmas.

Check out a reel of the tiny tot's work below, and then let us know what you think about Y&R bringing Moses home for Thanksgiving.

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