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For the Week of September 23, 2013
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As one character battles for custody and parental rights, another character fights with his own personal demons, and yet another confronts the truth of her feelings about a past love, this week in Two Scoops.

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Yes, it was yet another non-wedding on The Young and the Restless, when Avery showed up extremely late for her own wedding. Needless to say, Nick had already determined that he had been left at the altar, therefore, he had already called off the wedding and had sent the guests home. After Avery pleaded with him to give her another chance, Nick learned that Avery had chosen to stay with Dylan over marrying Nick. Nick believed that Avery still had feelings for Dylan, or at the very least, a deep caring and guilt over Dylan, for whatever reason. Nick realized that Avery had to resolve any feelings that she still carried for Dylan before they could marry, and Nick was so right.

I know that if it was my wedding day, and if I were marrying the man that I claimed to love, absolutely nothing would stop me from getting to the altar. I would ensure that I made it to my wedding on time and all decked out to the hilt. If a crisis arose, I would be like Rhoda Morgenstern, running through the streets in my wedding dress and veil, and catching the nearest subway (which might be rather difficult, since they have no subways in south Texas) to get to my very special event on time. Nothing would prevent me from marrying the man I love, which makes me believe that Nick may very well be right. He is most certainly correct that Avery needs to resolve her feeling for Dylan first.

On a side note, speaking of Rhoda Morgenstern, didn't Valerie Harper dance beautifully with Tristan on Dancing with the Stars? Valerie is presenting the world with a most positive attitude as she continues her battle against cancer. She is to be admired and respected, and I hope she goes far in the competition, as long as it does not infringe on her health. I know that I will be cheering on Valerie as she continues in her journey on the show and in life.

What a surprise! Victor finally put two and two together and realized that Fishhook Capital "investors" were actually just one person -- Jack. Apparently, fishhook is a term in poker that signifies a Jack, due to the fishhook's resemblance to the letter J. Clever! Of course, Victor was not happy about this development, to say the least, although Jack declared that he had just wanted to help Adam, not to hurt Victor. Yeah, right! John didn't even believe that one later, when he talked to Jack. John saw that Jack was getting pleasure out of it all, since he had hit Victor "right where he lives." Remember, Jack, talk is cheap.

In the meantime, Adam returned home and found Victor and Jack waiting for him. Surprise! That's not the kind of surprise Adam expected or wanted, I am sure. After Victor yelled some nonsense about Adam's betrayal, Adam stressed that he had been plotting for Victor, not against him. I do agree with Jack that Adam really would do anything to win his father's love and respect and that he truly wanted to be his father's son. However, Adam should have seen all along that he had been a fool to believe that Victor would ever be a father to him. The two of them have never really trusted each other, which would make it hard to develop a healthy father/son relationship. The shame is that Adam is the type of son that Victor has always wanted -- you know, a cutthroat, conniving schemer.

Adam decided that he wanted to be a better father to his son than Victor ever had been to him after he saw Victor's same disdain for an innocent baby that he had always felt for Adam. Since Jack and Adam still control "the lion's share of the business," Victor had better watch out. But seriously, Victor would prefer continuing his ongoing feud with Jack, and now also Adam, despite the damage it might do the company. I doubt if Victor cares if he is forced out of his company, because that would give him more reason to go against Jack and Adam. The feud lives on!

After Jack revealed to Kyle that he was Adam's silent partner, which could produce a new fight with Victor, Kyle worried about how the battle would affect Summer. Kyle warned Jack not to make Summer take sides, or he could lose her. Kyle sure loves Summer. Thank goodness he is around to help her with the craziness. Although Jack insisted that he would never hurt her, when Summer stated that she thought she might check on Nick, Jack suggested that she give Nick some space. I have a feeling that suggestion was more for the benefit of Jack than for Nick. I am sure Nick would appreciate a visit from the daughter that he still considers his own, even during his sad time.

On the other side of the battlefield, Victor informed Nikki of the feud and growled that Jack was just "a snake in the grass" who had been forced out of Newman due to his drug addiction. The more rational Nikki questioned why Adam would want to jeopardize his relationship with Victor, because she believed that Adam really wanted to be close to his dad. Nikki also reminded Victor that he was the grandfather of Adam's baby, and that Victor couldn't just erase the newborn out of his life. Nikki is such a calming influence on Victor. It's a shame that he rarely listens to her. I just hope that Victor does not resent Nikki, when he learns that she is keeping something from him.

Then Jack decided to make a bad situation worse by confronting Victor at the restaurant with an offer: Jack would sell his shares of Newman to a buyer approved by both Jack and Victor if Victor would stop trying to manipulate Summer. (There was something else about Victor letting Adam back into his good graces, but Adam can take care of himself.) Unfortunately, Summer overheard this and realized that she was just a bargaining chip for both Jack and Victor. These two have been warned numerous times that they could lose Summer by fighting over her, but did they listen? Obviously not. Summer ran out of the room so fast, their heads could have spun. (I would love to see that!)

Victor counteroffered with Jack to meet with him and Adam again the next morning. Victor then called Noah to meet with him the next day for lunch. I wonder what one meeting will have to do with the other. You know that Victor has been planning his next move with Jack, and it would appear that Noah may be included in that. I hope that Victor doesn't pull Noah into all of this nonsense. Noah is very aware that he is part of a dysfunctional family, and I would hate to see Victor corrupt him. Maybe Victor's meeting with Noah is innocent, but I have my doubts.

So, while Victor was busy plotting the strategy for his next feud with Jack (and Adam), Nikki wondered about the child that she had given up for adoption years ago. Paul discovered that the disconnected phone number that Katherine had provided Nikki belonged to attorney Scott Goodwin, who was too old to be her son and who had just died a few weeks prior. Nikki and Paul hoped that the answers were in either Scott's files or at the church where Nikki had given birth: Our Lady of…something. At this point, Nikki wasn't even sure if her child was a boy or girl. However, fans still suspect that Dylan may be her long-lost son. Y&R fan Robin had an interesting comment:

I've been watching Y&R since the 70's and…I do not remember Nikki being part of a cult. She and Paul were always around each other so I don't think it would be far fetched for him to be Dylan's father. He was a "rolling stone" in those days. Paul looked like a "rock star".

Wow, could Paul be the father of Nikki's child? He doesn't seem to indicate in any way that it could be a possibility. I did love the clip from the past of Paul and Nikki, when Nikki talked of how she felt "lost and all alone." They were both so young then! And Paul really did look like a "rock star." Y&R fan Michelle added:

I started watching y & r in 1991…But i don't remember anything about a cult either. I only knew there was some kind of history with Nikki and Paul way back when. Would Dylan be the right age? He would have to be older than Victoria. But i guess in soap land age makes no sense.....they will make it work if they want to.

On the other hand, my mother tends to think that Nikki's child could be Dylan's age, so take that, Y&R fan Michelle. Okay, I confess…Y&R fan Michelle is my sister, who is a big fan of Dylan and Chelsea. I guess I am just trying to start a family feud of my own. I don't think that my sister would mind at all, however, if Dylan proved to be Nikki's son and that Paul was the father.

But, no, Nikki continued to state that the father of her child was the head of a cult, who had seduced her to give him an heir and that the child had been born in a Winnetka church. So, while the idea that Paul could be Nikki's child's father might have been a fun idea, alas, it appears not to be the case. While at the church, the priest prayed, "Behold, children are the gift of the Lord," which sparked Nikki's memories of the birth. She then saw a painting on the wall and realized that her baby had been born in that very church. What were the odds of that? Pretty good, I would say, since Y&R is limited on the number of sets for filming.

Even though records that might have existed had been destroyed in a flood, Nikki remembered a Sister Clare, and the priest announced that the nun still lived in the convent. Unfortunately, a very confused Sister Clare's only answer for Nikki was that "All God's children are blessed." Nikki cried to Paul that she should not have waited so long to look for her child, and she wondered if her life would have turned out differently if she had kept the baby. Nikki thought that maybe she would have never taken that first drink, but really, life is filled with trials and tribulations. If it weren't for that reason, another trauma could have caused her first drink.

Nikki decided to get it one more try and asked the nun if she remembered Nikki giving birth in the church. After the twins/no triplets memory, Sister Clare's mind suddenly cleared, and she recalled that Nikki had delivered a son. "Hold him gently in your hands, my Lord." The nun could only tell Nikki that the adoptive mother had been a member of the congregation who had kind eyes and a gentle voice. Afterwards, Paul warned Nikki to return home and tell Victor the truth. I guess I just don't get this. Why doesn't she tell Victor about the baby? He is going to find out about it, anyway, and then he will be furious that Nikki kept it from him. Soap characters just never learn!

Moving on, Adam was trying to help his newborn son's possible eye disorder by consulting with a specialist, while also launching his custody case against Chelsea. The irony is that Adam would never be trying to take the baby away from Chelsea if she hadn't lied about the child's paternity. Adam loved Chelsea and would not have done anything to hurt her at one time. Now, her deceit has angered Adam, and he wants to get even with her for hurting him so deeply. I hope that once his anger subsides some, he will realize that his actions will only hurt the child. That is something that Chelsea could never comprehend. Y&R fan Dayze agrees:

I was actually beginning to like Adam when he and Chelsea were married and expecting the baby.? All that changed when Chelsea lost the baby after the accident.? He has it in him to be a real person and to love, he just has lost it and let the insecurities take over…. The baby needs to stay with Chelsea, I would even welcome a connection with her and Adam again, if it makes him a human again and open to love.

Y&R fan Nancy has a similar take on this storyline:

With regard to Dylan and Chelsea.? I am glad to see that the truth has come out about the baby.? I think that as a couple Chelsea and Dylan are boring and she had more chemistry with Adam.? I would like to believe that love conquers all and that they could get back together and make their marriage work.? We will have to see.

Dylan and Chelsea also have their fans (my sister included,) but right now, does Chelsea even deserve to have the love of either guy, after she has wounded each one so deeply? What she did was horrible. At least Adam learned the truth, before he lost any more time with his son. (Rather ironic now, considering that he robbed Sharon of the first six months of Faith's life. Maybe now he can understand, though, just how awful that really was.) I have one more comment about this from Y&R fan Lori that is something to consider:

When Adam was venting to Jack about finding out Connor was his and mentioned the eye disease he and his mother shared, he made a comment after that that jumped at my overworked imagination. He said almost under his breath "It's inherited from the father" Now it may mean nothing and simply be my mind reading into what is not there but are they maybe laying groundwork for another secret to reveal itself? that Adam is not a Newman??! i don't know anything about this disease, maybe it was just an offhand comment, heat of the moment, but if it is only inherited from the father i certainly have never heard of Victor having it!

At the time, it had sounded to me that Jack had realized that since Connor might have the eye disorder, he would have inherited it from the father, Adam -- not Dylan. But this would most certainly be an interesting idea for a story, if that were the case. Soap fans are so creative. I love the possible storylines that we can come up with, because sometimes it seems that our stories are better than anything the writers have to offer. Keep them coming, fans!

In the most heart-wrenching storyline of the week, Chelsea found Dylan at their place, and no surprise, she begged Dylan to remember the love that they had shared and their happy moments together. Oh yes, all those moments that were based on a lie. Doesn't Chelsea even realize all of the hurt that she has caused Dylan and Adam? Does she even care? It seems to me like Chelsea mainly wants Dylan to stay with her to make it harder for Adam to take the baby away from her. She even indicated as much to Dylan, who didn't have much sympathy for her. Thankfully.

After Dylan announced to Chelsea that he wanted a divorce and that he was leaving town, he asked to say goodbye to the baby that he had once thought was his. As a storm raged in the background, Dylan tearfully wished he could have had the life with the baby (formerly known as Connor?) that he had planned. After Dylan proclaimed that he loved the child and would always miss him, a clap of thunder brought back memories of the war, when Dylan could not save his fellow comrade. The next thing you know, Chelsea found Dylan gone -- with the baby.

Yes, Dylan and the little one had vanished into the night, symbolized by a sudden flash of lightning, which was gone in an instant.

I don't get how Chelsea cannot see that all of the misery and pain was her own doing. She lied about her baby's father, which destroyed two men's lives. Even Dylan understood that Adam was so furious with Chelsea that he wanted to take the baby away from her. It seemed to me, last week, that everyone still treated Chelsea as the victim, when that honor should actually go to Adam and Dylan. Y&R fan Robin added:

What Chelsea did to Dylan and Adam was low down. I'm glad the truth came out. She would have kept the truth from Adam if the baby's condition was not revealed. Adam has a right to be angry. I'm a single parent and this story line makes it hard for honest women wanting the real fathers in the child's life look bad. Also it made Dylan look like a sucker.

This is so true! Chelsea hoped that she would never get caught, and that Adam would never find out the truth. If she'd had her way, Adam and the baby would have been robbed of the chance to know each other as father and son. Hmmm, sounds familiar…Jack and Summer, anyone? Dylan just wanted the chance to be a father to the son he thought was his. Chelsea needs to accept her responsibility for all of the pain, and the first thing she needs to do to get back on track is to quit listening to Chloe, who has done nothing but give her very poor advice.

Chloe finally did offer Chelsea some sound advice, though too little, too late -- that Chelsea should get help from someone else. Why didn't Chloe advise her of that months ago? Anyone else would have given Chelsea the proper guidance that Chloe never did. All of the heartbreak could have been avoided. Anyway, Chelsea and Chloe went to the police station to get help from Alex and Kevin. Come on, even Kevin remarked that Chloe had already pulled that con on Cane. Was Chloe so obtuse or forgetful that she didn't remember the results of that? (Apparently.) It didn't work for Chloe then, and it sure didn't work for Chelsea now.

Later, Chelsea returned home to a very angry Adam and revealed that she did not know where his son was. So Adam then rushed over to Avery's, because he remembered that she had once told him, "You are not going to be responsible for Dylan losing another child." Of course, Avery denied knowing where Dylan was but also pointed out that both Adam and Dylan had been duped by Chelsea.

She stressed that everything that Dylan had loved was gone -- in a flash. Poof! But Adam only recalled that Dylan had once looked at him as a monster about to devour his child. Chelsea has put Adam through the wringer, and it's no wonder that he is unable to also find any sympathy for Dylan. Adam only sees the two thieves that he felt were trying to rob him of his son.

Of course, Avery really suspected where Dylan had taken the baby, and she found him at his dad's cabin, reliving a flashback from his time in the war. Dylan held a gun…I mean, a flashlight on Avery, because he believed that he was protecting the little girl, Aura, from the enemy. Avery attempted to break through to Dylan, as she also tried to convince him that she was once his lover, not the enemy. Just as it seemed she was getting through to Dylan, Adam burst through the door. My heart broke while Dylan cowered next behind the sofa, as he covered the baby with his arms. He saw himself as a solder and a man, just trying to protect an innocent child.

Adam realized that Dylan had suffered a psychotic break, as he and Chelsea feared for their son's life. But, of course, Avery knew that Dylan would never hurt the baby and was able to get through to Dylan, who then handed the baby to Adam. When Chelsea made the nasty remark that the baby didn't even know Adam, I yelled out, "Whose fault is that?" Chelsea really needs to take responsibility for her actions, but it's starting to look like she never will.

In tears, Dylan voiced that he had nothing left in Genoa City or anywhere. That was so sad! Dylan realized he had lost his and Avery's baby, Sully, Aura, and his son, Connor. I guess he didn't care all that much for Chelsea, since her name never came up. Who can blame him -- and it serves her right!

In the meantime, Adam demanded that Chelsea pack a bag for the baby, because he was finding someplace safe for them. Can you blame him? (Obviously, Chelsea can.) He should be afraid to let Chelsea have the baby alone again. She could just vanish into the night. Oh, yeah, Chloe already advised her to do that. How could Adam ever trust Chelsea again? This will most certainly warp Adam's mind even more towards ever having a true love with someone, since he'll have even more trust issues.

Isn't Steve Burton doing a marvelous job portraying a war veteran traumatized with PTSD? Dylan McAvoy is not Jason Morgan, that is for sure! I think Dylan cried more in one episode than Jason ever cried in all of the years Steve was on General Hospital. The emotion on Dylan's face truly tugged at my heartstrings as he said goodbye to a child that he had truly loved and as he cried to Avery about losing everyone he had ever loved. I am sure that Steve's acting will remain stellar as he continues to battle his past demons and the PTSD.

I guess the reason for Sharon's bizarre behavior was as simple as that she had quit taking her bipolar medication. We, the fans, had suspected that all along, and Noah's suspicions were confirmed when he found her full bottle of pills that was two months old. Sharon denied that she had quit taking them, of course, and surely, she wouldn't lie about that.

Sharon insisted to Noah, "Look, I'm seeing my therapist, taking my meds. I haven't staged any corporate takeovers or burned down any houses in months." That was one of the funniest lines of the week! Sharon explained to Noah that she had lost her medication, so she had asked her doctor for a refill.

Noah was understandably skeptical, since his mother still seemed to be "a little off." He's no dummy. Sharon said that she would mention that to her doctor in therapy. Yet later, Sharon dreamt that she was dressed in her wedding dress to marry Nick, when Noah declared that Nick would never marry her, because Phyllis would tell him that Sharon had changed the test results. In her dream, Noah was the villain who tried to stop her from getting her life back.

Sharon must really be delusional if she thinks of her son as the enemy. If Sharon believes that, she is more than a little off! Noah has never been anything but concerned over his mother and has always been there for her.

Even Sharon's own doctor seemed very concerned that Sharon had quit seeing her as a therapist. So, Sharon lied to Noah about that too! Her doctor knew that Sharon was off her meds, and she feared that, since Sharon was on a manic upswing, a downswing was bound to happen. I hope this plays out realistically.

The doc reminded Sharon that her disorder wasn't going to just disappear and go away, and she gave Sharon another prescription, which was rather silly, since Sharon wasn't taking the medication that she already had. Sharon is headed for a fall, especially since she is determined that her fate is with Nick. And she is making sure she is with Nick during his time of healing. No, Nick, what happened with Avery was not karma. It's just life. I admit that was pretty clever, Sharon.

Okay, fans, I am aware that I have no personal knowledge of the bipolar disorder, but to me, the more realistic portrayal is currently being done by Sonny Corinthos on General Hospital. Of course, that is to be expected, since his portrayer, Maurice Benard suffers from the affliction "for real." Sonny, who is also off his meds, just recently suffered the lows of bipolar, a deep depression, after the death of his love, Connie. Then, out of the blue, he was dancing with Olivia, celebrating life, happy-go-lucky, all smiles, as if nothing had ever bothered him, as he went through the upswing of the highs.

I wish that the writers could bring that out more in Sharon, since bipolar seems to be defined by the extreme lows and highs of the illness. Maybe that is still to come for Sharon, once she crashes and burns.

I have to admit that I was pretty shocked that Devon got the majority of Katherine's billions. Even my husband, who claims not to watch the show but will admit that he does know who most of the characters are, was stunned that Katherine could not have spread all of that wealth around more. I explained to him that Devon was Katherine's grandson, but he still could not understand why some of her other loved ones could not also enjoy some of the benefits from the remaining 2.4 billion dollars of her estate. And poor Jill only got a music box? Actually, I suspect that there may be more to that particular music box than what meets the eye. Katherine considered the music box her most cherished and valuable treasure, so there has to be a reason that she left it to Jill.

And Esther and Lauren agreed with me on this line of thinking. When Jill exclaimed that she wanted to contest Katherine's will by determining that Katherine had not been in full possession of her faculties at the time she wrote her will, Lauren and Esther both thought that it was Katherine's final challenge to Jill and a mystery. As Michael searched through the box, he discovered a date, 10/25/1940, which had been Katherine's 12th birthday, a special day.

Jill pointed out that the music box was in the sketch of Katherine, which had led Jill to a book with a bookmark engraved with the initials G.R., which she guessed stood for Gary Reynolds. They all remembered that the necklace in Katherine's sketch had also been one of her treasures, and Michael reasoned that Jill was probably meant to find the necklace in the music box. In another one of my favorite lines of the week, Jill exclaimed, "Well then, where, in the name of my retirement plan, is it?" Funny!

Michael then peeled back a label to reveal that the box was from Geneva, Switzerland. Lauren realized that Katherine had meant for Jill to have an incredible journey, wherever it led her. So, Jill decided to take that journey to Switzerland. I love a good mystery, and I enjoyed following the clues as Jill and the gang discovered them. I had mentioned before that I have pretty good sleuthing skills, but in this case, I think I would rather just go along for the ride. I can't wait to see where this journey takes Jill.

Back to Devon and his billions, Neil cautioned that Devon would adopt a whole new set of friends, who would all have their hands out, so Devon needed to watch for any hidden motives. And the number one person on that list would be Mason. Hilary sent Mason on a mission to "buddy-buddy up" to Devon to find out just how much money he had inherited, and Mason accomplished his task.

I agree with Neil that Katherine left her money to Devon because she knew that he would give a lot of it to charity. Strangely enough, Mason was also right when he stated that Devon could make his dreams come true in the music world with some of the money. This is Devon's chance to make it in the music industry, and he should take advantage of it. Katherine would have wanted that.

In the meantime, Lily let Hilary know that she knew that Hilary was after her husband, and Hilary immediately sought Cane out for comfort. Unknown to Cane, though, Hilary put some powder in his champagne, which she gave him to drink for their toast. Neil had warned Lily that her plan might backfire, and I have a feeling that may just happen. That appeared to be the case, when nitwit Cane kept taking drinks of the champagne, even after he started feeling light-headed. He eventually passed out on the bed, and Mason came running in, with camera in hand.

Hilary and Mason laughed at how Mason had taken a photo of Hilary and Cane, after what had appeared to be a night of "hot sex." Unbeknownst to Hilary, Cane had suspected something was wrong with his champagne from the first sip, so he had later spit out, in the bathroom sink, the huge gulp that he had swallowed in front of her. Okay, Cane, I take back the "nitwit" part. Cane revealed to Lily that he had recorded Hilary and Mason's entire conversation about their plot so that the whole blogging escapade was finally over. The fans can only hope!

I don't know why the writers always seem to have trouble finding a really good storyline for the Winters family. I know that many fans have not been happy with the G.C. Buzz blogger tale and have actually found it to be rather dull. I didn't mind the story myself, but a quicker pace and reveal would have helped it out -- a lot! Drama is what moves soaps, and in this case, something needed to move this story along to create more drama. Hey, that wasn't bad. I will have to remember that particular parable for a future column.

Other notable (or humorous) items that happened during the week:

Weren't Delia, Victoria, and Billy adorable as they portrayed the Wicked Witch, Dorothy, and Toto to practice for Delia's school play? Delia had the best wicked witch cackle, and Billy was a terrific director as he instructed Delia to be "a popsicle melting in the sun." Fans love happy moments such as these.

I loved how Chelsea noted that she had put Dylan in an impossible situation, just as Nick mentioned the exact same thing to Avery. On another episode, Neil told Devon "what path you follow is up to you," just as Paul said a similar line to Nikki. Great writing!

The Y&R writers are using a lot of technical terminology these days. Retinitis pigmentosa and pediatric ophthalmologist? (Believe me, I had to look up the spelling of both.) Gee, eye disorder and specialist just seem so much easier to spell -- and to type.

Adam commented to Sharon that taking a bullet for his father should equal a lifetime of loyalty. Maybe in most families, Adam, but not in the dysfunctional Newman family.

Christine was, again, out of town for business reasons. She and Paul must have had one short honeymoon.

Alex revealed that his macho cop father's method of punishment was to backhand-slap him across the face. Sad!

Kevin explained that Katherine's gift to him, the skeleton key, was because Kevin had spent much of his childhood locked in a closet. "Mrs. C" had believed in Kevin and had told him to believe in himself, which would be the key to his happiness. Katherine was so clever and insightful. I truly miss her, and so does Kevin.

I was totally shocked when Lily mentioned to Cane, during their "pillow talk," that Cane was to have a PG flirty-type pillow talk with Hilary, like Rock Hudson and Doris Day did in the movie. She's so young to know about Rock Hudson and Doris Day. Lily has to be a fan of the old classic movies, and I applaud her. I love those, as well, and there's nothing better than to sit back and mellow in a classic flick that took place way back when. So enjoyable!

After she updated her mother on Dylan and her son, Chelsea believed Anita was trying to make it all about her. Anita then asked if it was her fault that Chelsea had lied. Bazinga, Chelsea! Sorry…I guess I watch one too many episodes of The Big Bang Theory. (Love that Sheldon!)

I am happy that Nick accepted Summer's dinner invitation. He will always be her dad to them both, since he is the one who raised her. (If not, in fact, biologically!)

The verdict is still out with me on Noah and Courtney together. If they are to be a viable couple, they will need to be written with more substance. They were cute together when Courtney declared him as her hero and when Noah provided Courtney with those soothing foot massages. We will see where this all goes.

Oliver called Summer to request that she fly to California to meet with "some important people" who had loved her photo shots. I've said it before, and I'll say it again: Y&R should grab Oliver, since The Bold and the Beautiful just lets him waste away. If Amber can cross over and stay, why can't Oliver? A soap can never have too many nice-looking men.

And on that happy note of one of my favorite subjects (good-looking men), I will say a fond farewell for now. This was a good week, and it appears that there is more to come.

Until next time, please stay tuned.

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