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The truth is out there
For the Week of July 8, 2013
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As fireworks splashed across the skyline of Genoa City, secrets and lies were exposed: Cane confronted Jill's underhanded advances, Summer's paternity was revealed, Phyllis made a wrong move, Dylan's blast from the past proved to be a nightmare, and Adam may or may not have turned the tables on Victor's mole. Get ready for Oohs and Ahhs in this week's Two Scoops.

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The fireworks are just beginning in Genoa City. Like pinwheels lighting the sky, closely guarded and long-hidden secrets will be illuminated in the harsh glare of truth. But will it be the whole truth and nothing but the truth? I don't think so, fan addicts, not in this soapiverse!

First up, we can look forward to the fallout when both Summer and Jack learn that Jack is Summer's father. Jack should really get to shout and act out about being kept in the dark by both Phyllis and Nick. Jack may rip into Nick for his self-serving deception, but will probably not hold Phyllis equally accountable until Jack finds out about the "kiss."

Then Jack is likely to explode. I can hardly wait to see what Jack has to say to Phyllis. I don't imagine that even "Smiling Jack" can handle the knowledge of that kiss very well. Will finding out that Phyllis played tonsil hockey with Kyle drive Jack back to the bottle, or will Jack finally get over Phyllis and move on? If Jack has truly freed himself from addiction hell, then he will be more interested in experiencing the joy of bonding with his daughter than in turning to pills and booze to assuage the ache of betrayal by his beloved.

When Summer finds out about Jack, she is not going to be a happy camper either. I do believe that this is going to be a retelling of that Billy/Mackenzie story. I am reasonably certain that Sharon's remarks at Cassie's grave were an admission that Sharon had tampered with the DNA test in an attempt to return to a happier time in her life, just like Nick did when he decided to lie about the first test.

Of course, if we viewers predict correctly enough, early enough, and often enough, the writers can always flummox us later by making our "clue" a red herring! I am jaded enough to really enjoy being fooled and surprised by storyline twists. I love those "aha" moments, which don't happen that often anymore. Having felt that giddy high more than once, I am ever eager to repeat it, and my addiction will keep me watching soaps and chasing that particular dragon until the day I die and after, if I can just figure out how to work the ghostly remote.

Kyle is also in for a big shock. I don't know about the rest of you, but this Kyle is growing on me. I still think that he's a dorky doofus, but a nice, sweet one, with good manners. Kyle was delusional to believe that he ever had any control with either Phyllis or Summer, who were both determined to have their way with him.

Unless there is an interruption, Kyle is about to babble out the truth to Jack because Kyle is basically a good guy with a conscience. Kyle was as powerless to resist Phyllis and her charms, as were all the other men that Phyllis has set her sights on in the past, but Kyle, who is not a very good liar, feels guilty and will, no doubt, eventually reveal all to his father confessor.

Phyllis, the more experienced, older woman, won the battle for Kyle's physical person, but I suspect that when the ultimate truth -- Sharon faked the DNA test -- is revealed, Summer will win the war for Kyle's heart. Meanwhile, Kyle will remain oblivious to both women's feminine wiles, and he will be very glad that he did not act on his attraction to Summer.

Many of you commented on the brother/sister storyline and its previous incarnations. Longtime viewer Apri had this to say:
    "I believe the unknown brother/sister falling in love storyline (SL) has actually been done on Y&R five times. The first, if I remember correctly, was in the 70s, with Lorie Brooks being involved with someone who turned out to be the product of an affair her mother had years before. Then, there was Christine Blair/Scott Grainger, who shared a father -- that may have been in the 80s. After that, there were the three couples you mentioned in your column -- I'm not berating you because you left them out; I'm just old enough to remember those stories!! So, that makes 5 times Y&R has told this story, and I guess when you figure this show has been airing for 40 years, retelling a story every 8 years isn't that awful. But, as happy as I was to learn that Jack is Summer's father, I have a feeling that test may have been tampered with, but I sure hope Sharon didn't go that far to try and win Nick back..."

When you think about how often the same movie is remade, I guess a repeat storyline every eight years is not that often on a show that offers an original episode five times a week. What other current storylines are echoes from the past? Is the truth out there? Longtime viewers, I'm counting on you for some printable answers!

The truth will soon be out there about Dylan and his tortured past. If Dylan's PTSD nightmare is indicative, the secret has something to do with fellow soldier Sully. I'm happy to see that Dylan is getting some depth. Thank goodness Dylan's secret will not be that he moonlights as a hit man for the mob and uses Crimson Lights to launder his money.

I am beginning to like Dylan a lot, but his happiness is founded on a lie, and it just seems wrong for the happiest couple in town to be the new guy with no connections and the mean girl. Here are comments about Dylan from fan Carolyn in response to my last column:
    "I just have a few comments about Dylan McAvoy. I believe he is flawed enough for this show. I don't think he's bland at all. He had an affair with a married woman and lost a baby with said married woman, he has PTSD from his stint in the military...that's enough for me. I don't think he is 'too good to be true' either. We already have enough demented, criminal, lying, cheating, stealing, concealing-the-truth guys on this show. IMO, Dylan is a breath of fresh air...not perfect, but loving, kind and a basically good guy. As far as keeping the truth about Chelsea's baby from Adam, that IMO falls squarely on Chelsea's shoulders! ..."

In a strange coincidence, I noticed that the exact same quote from A Streetcar Named Desire was used in both soapiverses last week -- though in different contexts! Where soap opera is concerned, I am in wholehearted agreement with Blanche Dubois, who said, "I don't want realism, I want magic."

Well said, Carolyn. I don't like Chelsea very much, either, especially when she is taking advice from Chloe, who seems like the biggest hypocrite on the planet. Who is Chloe to be giving advice to anyone? She is a liar who had no problem with Kevin's thieving ways until she was nabbed instead of Kevin. Chloe got self-righteous very quickly and kicked Kevin to the curb even faster that Victoria shed Billy. Neither of those ladies stood by their man when they should have.

The Kevin/Chloe split gave Billy and Chloe an opportunity to bond over Delia's health crisis and grow closer. In many ways, Billy and Chloe seem like a good match for each other. Both are devious and deceitful, but do genuinely love their daughter.

I'm with the happy couple contingent, however, and would prefer drama that involves couples either cooperating to solve an outside threat or working through their problems together, instead of taking the easy way out and splitting up. Here's what fan Caroline had to say:
    "My two sisters and I are fans of young and the restless. Recently we have been disappointed with so many broken relationships and deceit. It is depressing to watch the show now. We did at one time enjoy the show and discuss it among ourselves. Now we are considering not watching it."

Cheer up, Caroline -- the show will get better. Sometimes we have to go through bad times to get to the good ones. The same is true for writing teams. The truth of your feelings is out there, and you are not alone. Hopefully, the powers that be are listening.

The truth about Lauren and Michael's reconciliation will be proportionate to Carmine's unhealthy obsession with Lauren. I've never considered Lauren to be the brightest bulb, because she always seems to take actions that have the opposite effect to the one that she wants.

Will it be sex, lies, and videotape, now that Carmine has captured Lauren "in flagrante" on his trusty camera? I fear that Lauren will start seeing Carmine behind Michael's back in a misguided attempt to keep the video out of Michael's sight. Michael, for his part, is capable of doing great bodily harm to Carmine without a second thought. If Michael does go after Carmine, he had better take a gun to the fistfight, because Michael, though fit, is no physical match for steroid stud muffin Carmine.

What truth is out there for Jill? I'm having trouble getting used to the kinder, gentler Jill. The Jill of old, didn't care about anyone but herself, so her current concern for Cane and his home life baffles me. Jill is not related to Cane, though she vows that she loves him "like a son." So I wonder why Jill spends more time meddling in Cane's life than she does helping her actual son, who admitted his very serious problem to her. Why did Jill brush Billy off with a few platitudes from a self-help book when he told her he was gambling again?

In the past, "Jill the Pill" was a Machiavellian social climber with an acerbic tongue, and I liked her that way. Jill still packs a conversational wallop as she proved in chats with Billy and Hilary. Personally, I hope Jill is up to something devious. Why should this loyal, experienced, proven older woman be pushed aside for a younger male with minimal experience in business? Cane is nice enough and seems like a good husband and father, but last time I checked, it took more than "nice" to keep a giant corporation thriving.

On the other hand, this might be karmic payback for all the dirty deeds and insults that Jill hurled at Katherine when Jill was the young interloper and Katherine was the proven older woman! The truth is out there, and time will tell the story. Right now, I'm in Jill's corner, saying, "You go girl. Light it up!"

Speaking of girls who are going. Michelle Stafford has appeared in her last scenes as Phyllis, so the proverbial die is cast. I'm glad that Phyllis did not actually sleep with Kyle. Falling off that ladder and kissing him served the same purpose and was just as icky. It will definitely facilitate Phyllis leaving town once that truth is out. Reaction to that kiss will likely divert attention from Nick's dastardly deed.

Summer is going to be the unhappiest one of them all, and I don't think that she will ever really accept that Jack is her father because she does not want to believe that Kyle is her brother. If this is to be a fairy tale, with Kyle and Summer as the prince and princess, then love must conquer all, which in turn means that one of the potential lovers can never give up hope that fate will ultimately reunite them. Since Kyle has already folded at the first major obstacle, it will be up to Summer to believe that the truth is out there and to pursue it.

Ever clever Kevin got some truth of his own when he spewed out a tirade of self-loathing in response to a compliment from policewoman Sheryl. Sheryl bluntly told Kevin that if he spent as much time fighting for his family as he did feeling sorry for himself, he would already have his family back. That was sensible advice, and I hope Kevin listens.

I have found that it is a lot better to build on positive experiences than it is to wallow in regret and recrimination. Kevin has a real shot to reunite with Chloe, and it won't hurt his chances any to let her know that he just landed a respectable job with law enforcement, which has to boast better benefits and salary than did his job at Crimson Lights, even when he owned the place. All Kevin needs to do is see the truth that is staring him in the face.

The truth about Alex and Abby was made sadly clear, but happily they were able to end their relationship and part as friends. Alex proved that, at least as far as he was concerned, the couple had class differences. Alex's idea of the ideal Independence Day was to grill hotdogs on a rooftop and watch the fireworks from there.

Abby's plan was to take a chopper to Chicago, board a yacht, and view fireworks over the lake while sipping champagne with her classy friends. Alex's middle class machismo prevented him from accepting Abby's invitation. I definitely admire Alex's dedication to his working class roots, but, personally, I would have been on that chopper faster than Abby's friends could have called me a "bourgeois boat-crasher."

The truth is also out about Victor's plan to spy on Adam, or is it? Viewer Timothy reminded me that Melanie, like Dylan, has a dead doppelganger in another soapiverse. If Melanie did indeed pass through a wormhole to find resurrection in Genoa City, you'd think that she would be more cautious about her private conversations, considering that eavesdropping in that other place got her killed.

As a lawyer, Melanie should know that the soap opera building code requires that walls be so thin that a person on the sidewalk can overhear a phone conversation held in the master bathroom with the water running -- if that person is the last person who should overhear it. The soap building code also requires that the empty space in each room be so acoustically thick that the person who really needs to hear a conversation can't overhear it, even if they are standing only a few feet away from the conversers and there are no walls or other distractions in between.

Melanie, obviously forgot her past life experience and is now firmly in Adam's grasp. But is that what Victor wants? He seemed to brush off Adam's feigned interest in the Broderick group. Did Victor realize that Adam was testing him? Victor was certainly smug when he remarked that Adam's desire to be part of the Newman family would keep Adam from making any foolish business decisions. The truth is still out there on this one, folks, but I would never count Victor out! Please update me as you speculate on this.

The truth is slowly emerging about Neil and his cyber stalker. Does anyone recognize the photo that Leslie has been flashing? Who is Rose Tyler's daughter? I've been wracking my brain, trying to figure out where she fits in. I know that there is going to be a connection to Neil's past, but the truth eludes me at the moment, maybe because I've been distracted by thoughts of Tyler.

I'm happy to report that at least one fan agreed with my previous assessment of Tyler. Denise said:
    "I pretty much agree with most of your comments, especially the one about Tyler. I find this character totally abrasive..."

The fickleness of my own nature was made very clear to me recently when Tyler grinned at his sister. I was dazzled and momentarily mesmerized by Tyler's handsomeness as his perpetual poutiness was briefly replaced by a genuine smile. I hadn't noticed Tyler's amazingly good looks before because his sulky, entitled attitude has been so ugly and off-putting.

Note to Tyler: I am more impressed by your smile than by your chest, so smile more and undress less, and I, and maybe even Denise, will be putty in your hands!

According to previews, sparks will soon fly between Tyler and Abby. After seeing Tyler smile, I can visualize those two as an interesting couple. Tyler could be a heartthrob if he would lighten up, get over Lily, and flash those pearly whites. Not to mention that he would have no problem spontaneously boarding a chopper or a yacht and letting his date pay. Tyler would probably prefer it, given his current job status. Tyler would make the perfect jet set partner for Abby -- he already thinks that he is entitled -- plus Tyler is one of the few guys in town that's not a relative.

Several of you answered my question about the Days' Emmy win. The following responses from two Days fans are close enough to serve as the truth for me. Good answers, guys!
    "I happen to be a Days of our Lives fan and even I couldn't understand their win for best drama. But, they were judged on 2 episodes that they submitted and I must say that it was 2 of their best. One of these episodes was from the previous writing regime who won last year's Emmy in the writing category." -- Denise

    "As for Days of Our Lives Outstanding Drama Series Emmy win, I liken it to what the Oscars do year after year, especially this year when the director of the year's Best Picture (Ben Affleck and Argo) didn't even get a Best Director nomination. I guess films direct themselves! That said, DAYS has been on quite the roll lately, so maybe that figured into the voting somewhat. (Not to undersell the winning "Days-aster" episode, which was a technical triumph for sure.)" -- Jeremy

Finally, dear readers, the I-Could-Not-Have-Said-It-Better-Myself Award goes to Judi for her common sense comments on Phyllis' convoluted plan to keep Kyle and Summer apart:
    "Phyllis was innocent. All she had to do was (with or without Nick) go to Jack, explain to him what happened and enlist him to help her break the news to their daughter in the most gentle way possible and help her through it. I can understand Phyllis thinking that 'my affair with Ronan caused Summer to act out and I don't want to upset her more.' So, instead, her solution is to lock lips with Summer's boyfriend who happens to be the son of the man Phyllis is living with and says she loves, and incidentally, is the father of both Summer and Summer's boyfriend? THAT certainly won't upset Summer and cause her to act out. Congratulations Phyllis. In a town populated by totally illogical morons you are now the dumbest person alive."

Please remember, fellow fan addicts, that as long as there is soap opera, there will be secrets and lies, but the truth is out there, so watch restlessly with me each day as the falsehoods are eXed out and their files stored away until needed for future generations of storyline.

We want to hear your thoughts on Boone's column. If you'd like to read more from her, use the email link to let us know! You can also call our 24/7 caller feedback hotline at 267.341.7627 and record your thoughts, or you can scroll to the bottom of the column and leave your comments right here on this page!

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