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Eenie meenie minie moe. Who will be the next to go?
by Nita
For the Week of September 17, 2012
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Carol Burnett used to say, 'I'm so glad we had this time together -- just to have a laugh or recite some lines.' Okay, so I tinkered with the last part. But, unfortunately, it is time to say goodbye to some of our Genoa City friends. Will you miss Abby, Genevieve, Harmony, and Sofia -- and will one of your favorites be next? Step up to the chopping block in this week's Two Scoops.

As we have all no doubt read right here on -- and even though their first written word has yet to be acted out on our television screens -- the new regime's presence is already being felt.

The revolving door is whirling like a dervish, spewing Genoa Citians onto the hard pavement with every turn. Abby, Genevieve, and Harmony will soon be nothing more than a faded picture in the family photo album, pointed to fondly by their loved ones. For the moment, Sofia will presumably be trotted out, as necessary, to carry out Tucker's takeover orders, glower at Neil and Harmony, or to coo over Moses, but her days in this twisted town could be numbered as well.

While I can't say I'm glad to see the three ladies go, I confess I don't think I'll miss them very much either. Because although new, old, and rapidly aged residents were rushed into the city at an alarming pace, it soon became apparent that little thought had been given as to exactly what to do with them. Abby quickly became as annoying as a bothersome gnat, ever ready with a cutting comment to anyone not meeting her approval. Genevieve's persona and business expertise changed every other month. And it seemed impossible for Harmony to have packed in all that history with Tucker, and other assorted life experiences, before becoming a young, unwed mother and crack addict. When was she Candy Cane, at 13?

Who might be the next resident to hear the death knell sounded on their daytime appearances? Sarge? Tucker? Eden? Carmine? Now that Jack is walking and Harmony is leaving, there doesn't seem to be a reason to keep Sarge around. And although Tucker is Kay's son and Devon's father, once Victor returns and presumably delivers a stinging comeuppance to Tucker, if the SEC doesn't beat him to it, Tucker may leave town with his tail tucked, or, alternatively, be hauled off to prison. As for Eden, she seems destined to be little more than a footnote to someone else's storyline instead of getting one of her very own. But, I'm guessing she will be around at least until Paul's ordeal has come to an end. As for Carmine, Carmine who? Oh yeah, the muscular man dressed in 1,000-count Egyptian sheets.

Then there are all those rapidly aged young adults. Usually sullen, Summer is Abby revisited, except she keeps her clothes on. A little of her pouting face and disrespectful manner goes a long way for this fan. Okay, so I clapped and hooted when she lit into Phyllis for always slapping down the "it's-not-my-fault" card. I stopped laughing, however, when I realized that someday in the not so distant future, Summer and Daniel would undoubtedly be begging poor, widdle Phyllis' pardon for ever believing she would cheat with Ronan. Yet one more way to make this viper a victim.

Kyle, who appears to have leaped from 12 to 25 in a single improbable bound, perplexes me with his Victor-worship. Even at 12, he was poring over all printed and electronic Diane news, so I find it unbelievable that he would rally so staunchly in support of the man who treated her so atrociously.

As for Fen, I've seen so little of him, I have no clue who he is or what can be done with him. Like Michael in his perpetual role of Phyllis' best bud, perhaps Fen is being groomed to perform the same lapdog services for Phyllis' daughter.

Yes, I know. These children are Genoa City's future. But, until that distant day arrives, I'd much prefer to spend my viewing time poking fun at the dysfunctional adults.

Like Nick. I cackled and tossed popcorn at the screen when Victoria told Nick he was like his father. Don't believe a word she says, Nick. You are no Victor Newman. Victor would never let any woman, no matter how voluptuous, make an utter idiot of him. Victor would have screamed "you got that" a long time ago and slammed his way out of her life. Yes, I know Nick has finally snatched his brass ones out of Phyllis' hands and strapped them back on. But you know that is not going to last. He'll likely return almost before we've even noticed he left.

Then there is Billy. I've always been a fan of the coupling of Billy and Victoria. Clearly head-over-heels for his lady, he still managed to hold his own against her strong personality. But, he slipped a little on my ratings scale when he obediently went after Sharon on Victoria's command.

While I don't blame Billy for being unable to resist the temptation to rip a page from Victor's playbook and play a protracted game of keep away, it could mean the end of his marriage. It's one thing to overlook an indiscretion when Billy was drunk and purposely manipulated, especially when it resulted in the baby Victoria so desperately desired, but this is something else entirely. Victoria has forgiven much, but this one could be a marriage-breaker.

Victor was wrong when he played kidnapper, but, to his credit, he mostly did the right thing when it came to Delia's health. If Billy is to have any hope of holding on to Victoria, he better dig down deep and find his conscience. Soon.

Which brings me to Victor. "Drizzle, drazzle, drozzle, drone. Time for this one to come home," chants Mr. Wizard about Tudor Turtle. I agree with Mr. Wizard. It's been entertaining, but it's time to bring Victor home while he's still breathing.

Discovering Daisy alive and doing as well as one could when locked down in a mental institution was another interesting twist. I'm actually glad Daisy isn't dead. Although I was never a fan when she was tormenting Lauren and Jana, I admit she grew on me with her clear love for Lucy. I even entertained the foolish hope that she might one day win Daniel's devotion, despite all she had done. Other Genoa City villains have been forgiven for less. But, alas, Ricky tossed dirt on that little dream of mine.

Of course, Daisy's return is probably short-term, perhaps only long enough to help Paul. That is, if she hasn't nearly done herself in by taking all those pills. Gee Daisy, that action kind of trumps the whole "I'm not crazy" claim. By the way, now that we know Ricky didn't find and kill Daisy, just who did Daisy see outside the warehouse that frightened her so? Could it have possibly been her twin brother, Ryder? Will we ever know? One thing we can probably assume. Daisy's return will definitely put a little crimp in Daniel's budding romance with Heather.

So the snow globe only incriminated Paul further. It looks like Daisy and Eden's as yet unremembered memories might be his only hope. Another few by the ways: who dropped the crucifix near Ricky's grave? Where is Ricky's computer, and who the heck took that knife?

So Sharon is free and made quite an entrance in that drop-dead gorgeous yellow dress. I'm enjoying her antics while I can because I would bet my dollar and any of yours that her dream will soon become a nightmare. When Victor returns and remembers all, he is going to go on a wild spree of payback. And the first two heads he will want on his platter will undoubtedly be Sharon's and Tucker's.

Well, I can't go on my merry way without a word or two about our heroine. I know some of you get tired of me whining about this character, but, if the scribes are going to devote the lion's share of airtime to Phyllis, I can't pretend I didn't see it. And I wouldn't be me if I didn't put in my worthless two cents about it.

The Phyllis worship fest has been going on since early July, and there's no end in sight. We still have the trial ahead. Yeah, remember, the real crime of attempted murder, not this smokescreen about carting Dr. Reid around like something being delivered from Carpets Are Us. Good for Chloe for reminding Kevin that Tim was a human being, not something to be cavalierly disposed of to cover Phyllis' calculating carcass.

As for that caricature of an FBI agent, Ronan, who has admitted he did it all out of love, something us fans figured out from sentence one, if he doesn't get fired, he better resign. Love-struck or not, he's ruined for now. I take him no more seriously than Phyllis' fake helplessness. "Oh, Ronan," she cried, winding her arms around his neck and plastering herself so tightly against him, you couldn't fit a copper penny between their bodies. "You are my only friend." Hmm, exactly what she said to Michael when she needed him in her corner after stabbing his wife in the back over the Lucy debacle. Like a light switch, she turns it on and off.

Well, tick tock goes the cuckoo clock. Mid-October and the new writing will soon be here. I'm waiting with bated breath and great anticipation. In the meantime, here are a few opinions of your fellow fans. Enjoy, and keep those comments coming. We love them, and your comments could pop up in a future column!

* * * * * * *
  • We need a love storyline. Victor gets his memory back and a wonderful wedding with Nikki as beautiful as the first time they wed! And Sharon to find a new rich man who enters Genoa City. Keep Victor, Nikki and Sharon in the limelight. Have loved them since they were on the show in the beginning. - Vikki

  • I have watched Y&R since it first started. I love it. Love Victor and Nikki. I cannot stand Phyllis. She not only hit Paul and Christine with the car, covered it up, ruined Tim Reid's career, made Nick look like a sap, and involved Kevin in an accessory to hide a body. Kevin will lose Chloe and his child over it, Michael will lose his DA job, and Ronan will lose his job. All because Phyllis cannot take responsibility for her actions. She uses sex every time she is in trouble, just like a street walker. Funny she always blamed Sharon for playing the one a man needs to rescue her, and Phyllis is the one now who uses the men in her life. I want to see Jack lose both his companies. Tucker: sorry no good excuse for a man. I hope he loses all the Newman stock he bought. I love Paul. Let someone find Ricky's computer with Rachel's death on it and exonerate Paul. Although I loved to see Billy with Victoria, I think his hiding Victor from Victoria is unforgivable and they need to break up. I like how they have turned around Adam. Love Katherine. Keep Eric Braeden as Victor. I will never watch again if they replace him or Melody Scott. - JAdams

  • I like the infusion of both Genevieve and Billy in Los Angeles finding Victor. The added bonus of the nun in Bonnie Franklin is a nice touch; it shows there are other folks in the world than cops, crooked and former good cops, DA's, billionaires and corporate intrigue and internet startup companies and red headed guilty people who get away with every bad thing they've ever done then lie, beg, plead their way out of the truth and the consequences. I'm also liking, maybe the only one, the Heather and Daniel romance. I think it's great and they are great together. And one last thought . . . would the real Ronan Malloy please stand up and make yourself known or come back from the land of fiction you are currently living in to not believe Phyllis is guilty of it all. - Nonniepat

  • Hope new writers leave Adam and Chelsea alone. They are the best and most sensible thing to happen in quite a while. Just get Victor and Nikki together and Nick and Sharon and leave them alone. Bring Drucilla back along with her new family that she has found since being knocked senseless from the fall over the cliff years ago. Heck, maybe Victor will see her in LA and magically remember her and her vice versa? Just a thought. - Lulu

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