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The Phyllis Reveal -- What a joke!
by Nita
For the Week of July 23, 2012
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The Teflon Queen's surface remains unmarred. Though the final curtain has not yet come down, so far the only things Phyllis' crimes have cost her are a few tears. Will you pass her a few tissues, or hope that someone keeps digging for more dirt? It's your decision in this week's Two Scoops.

But I'm not laughing! Viewers have been waiting a very long time for Phyllis' hit-and-run to be revealed. Her fans wanted this long-ago deed revisited so that it could be laid to rest once and for all. After all, according to Phyllis and her many Genoa City supporters, she has changed. She's not that person anymore. Her foes? Well they wanted her crime outed as well, except, of course, they hoped she might pay a price, even if it was miniscule. Well, both sides got what they so fervently wished for. Proving once again why someone came up with that little saying about being careful what you wish for.

Most of Genoa City now knows that Phyllis once tried her best to eliminate Paul and Chris from the earth. Their reactions? What amounted to little more than shrugs of indifference. Daniel, Avery, Nick, Noah, Michael, Ronan, Summer, even Heather, have circled their wagons around Phyllis and hunkered down to defend her against big, bad, vindictive Christine.

Let it go, Phyllis' loyal subjects impatiently insisted to the victim, Christine. It was a long time ago, the uninjured had the nerve to say. As if they, had they (or one of their beloved family members) been the one left to die on the ground, would have refrained from seeking retribution.

We all know I am not a fan of the Phyllis character. But, it's because I'm not new to her rodeo. I've been in the stands the whole time she's been riding roughshod over all who have gotten in her way over the years. True, I believe Phyllis has changed in the sense that she isn't likely to try to kill someone again, but she is still the same unremorseful, hateful, mean girl, who is never to blame for what she does. Daddy, Mommy, Daniel, Avery, Nick, Sharon, Chris, Dru, Daisy, the list goes on and on, made her do the things she did.

Now, having said all that, do I want Phyllis to go to prison? Nah. We've been there, done that, with the Brad threat thing. That just meant the Phyllis worshippers traipsed to a prison instead of her home. So what did I want? Truthfully, I just wanted her to pay for more than a minute! Was that really so much to ask? Instead, Nick was the only one who took a stand and walked away, but he came back so quickly, she was still wearing the same dress. By the end of the week, the tone was so celebratory; I'm surprised they weren't sipping champagne.

So, count me disappointed, but completely unsurprised. It was a long wait … for nothing much. And yes, before you say it. I know, it's not quite over. Chris isn't going to just sit down and shut up. Billy plans to fire her from Restless Style, but really, does anyone expect that to last? Dr. Timid might return with an incriminating tale, but I expect it will all amount to naught. Even if it's proven Phyllis truly wanted Chris dead, not just scared spitless, as she claimed to Daniel, it isn't going to matter a bit to those who love her. Because, remember, she's not that woman anymore.

Although Phyllis has been in our face daily with her crocodile tears, accompanied by that annoying ping, ping, ping, music, for what seems like months, there are other things going on in this twisted town. So let's move on.

Nikki loves Jack, so much that she's agreed to be his wife. But that doesn't stop her from using one pretext or another to run into Victor. This time it was her alleged concern for Sharon's horse that forced Nikki to seek Victor out. Apparently the poor horse is practically at death's door because Sharon isn't riding him. Come on! Victor routinely gifts those he loves with a horse. That's just one of his trademark grandiose gestures. It isn't like he actually expects them to ride them! Has Abby ridden her million-dollar horse more than twice, and that includes the time she rode it naked into the middle of the Athletic Club? Victor presumably has plenty of stable hands on staff to take care of exercising his horses, so there was no need for Nikki's unwanted interference.

Anyway, contrived or not, Nikki's visit gave the pair one more chance to trade jabs. Victor began the conversation quite calmly; until Nikki admitted she did indeed love Jack. Then, as usual, the bickering began. Nikki shrieked, and Victor bellowed. I couldn't help it. I giggled and rolled my eyes to the ceiling, thinking: really? Again? How many times have we seen this particular scenario play out? Way too many. It's predictable and not the least bit interesting. I agree with fan Sharleen (below). If that's all we're going to get, let Jack and Nikki move on to matrimony, and leave Victor to …

Not Sharon. Who in the world is Sharon these days? Things continue to look bleak for this character. It's as if several scribes are writing for her, and all are aiming in different directions. Pairing her romantically with Victor was ridiculous and a complete fail. Their chemistry as a couple is nonexistent and despite their excellent abilities, both seem uncomfortable and awkward together.

Our scribes have this woman in one scene shoplifting jewelry. A second has her embarrassingly grateful for the chance of a beer with Nick. Yet a third finds her flying off to Kansas to beg Adam for his love. This once good mom no longer even mentions her daughter, let alone gets to spend any screen time with her. In fact, in a town where family stands beside each other, no matter how heinous their actions, Sharon's have all abandoned her, simply because she's made poor choices along her love journey.

I'm not saying I could do any better writing for this character, but I can't help but wonder what the scribes' plan is for Sharon. So Sharon is shoplifting again. Big deal. The whole town has turned against her, so why even venture down that road again? The way things stand now, if she's locked in a psychiatric ward or jail, and the key is thrown away, who would even notice her absence? What a sad state of affairs for a once rather sweet character with a big heart.

I have to admit I'm so not impressed with Genoa City law enforcement these days. Michael is a joke as a District Attorney and deserves to be brought up on charges himself. And this time, I'm not referring to the somewhat unethical way he has keep his bestie, Phyllis, in the know. I'm glad he and Ronan plan to do all they can to prove Paul's innocence, but I'm infuriated that Michael continues to keep mum about Lauren's gun. Am I the only fan who feels this way?

Charging Paul with first-degree murder seems like overkill, especially when he knew the only reason Paul was likely armed was because he still happened to be carrying around Lauren's illegal gun. Michael did the same thing when he found out Gloria had tainted that face cream. He continued to go after Jack with everything he had even though he knew Gloria was the real criminal. And I'm just as disappointed in Lauren for her cowardly stance. Paul is protecting Lauren with his silence, but heaven forbid that either she or Michael should do the same for him.

I'm really not too worried about Paul, however. I'm guessing Eden will eventually remember everything that happened before Ricky slammed her head against that tub. Along with the missing knife that will also likely be discovered, Paul will be exonerated, and life will continue on as before.

As a still-huge Adam fan, I can't wait to see what happens next. I've given up for now on Adam ever being accepted into the Newman family. Actually, Adam is probably better off not being involved with his dysfunctional family. Now that he and Chelsea have said their I dos, they can build their own dynasty. I love that he gets to go into business with someone not a Newman. I know Kevin is not his best friend right now, but of all the Genoa Citians, Kevin is the most forgiving and has one of the biggest hearts, so I choose to believe he will one day come to respect, and even like Adam. Whatever happens, I'm just thrilled to have some face time for one of my faves.

I can't say that I've always been a fan of Christine. Like many others, I didn't always appreciate how the character's real-life family connections sometimes seemed to give her more story time than many felt she deserved. But, I feel a little bit sorry for her now. Of course, she's angry and wants revenge. Who wouldn't be? Yes, it's been a long time ago and she's all right now, but that doesn't change the fact that Phyllis tried to hurt her, accidentally or on purpose. If anyone something like that happened to can say they would be willing to shrug their shoulders and let bygones be bygones, please send me your address so I can overnight your angel's wings and halo.

Chris has every right to legal reparation. Just my worthless opinion, but Ronan, Michael, and Heather are wrong for treating her like garbage because she dares to call the still unrepentant Phyllis out on what she did. Heather has suddenly developed this transparent crush on Daniel, so clearly will jump on any bandwagon that might make something happen between them, but perhaps she should talk to her dad before she eagerly embraces the dark side of that family.

Well, I've shared my opinions, rightly or wrongly, and now it's time for me to go. Until my return, I hope you will enjoy reading some insights from a couple of your fellow fans. Keep them coming, fans. I love reading what you have to say!

* * * * * * *
  • I am so annoyed, words can't even explain! Why is everyone in Genoa City (including one of the victim's daughter, Heather) upset that Cricket is pursuing this attempted murder charge against Phyllis? I could care less how much she has "changed" over the years. She literally tried to kill Cricket and Paul! I remember that episode like it was yesterday and I wondered how they could let her get away with murder like that, so I've been waiting for her to pay the piper! If someone tried to kill me 70 years ago (clearly I'm not that old) I would want them to pay for their crime. So why shouldn't Cricket? Michael and Ronan have been warning Phyllis/preparing her for the worst. Hey, who does that?! This is a criminal investigation and I don't care that she is friends with these two clowns, they aren't supposed to warn her of her impending charges! I am Team Cricket (I refer to her as Cricket because that's what I grew up calling her and refuse to change). I hope Phyllis will get the book thrown at her. Ever since she came to town she's stolen husbands, lied about paternity, attempted murder, etc. without any consequences and now they finally have something on her. Send her up the river! Citizens of Genoa City, stop being so dumb and understand where Cricket is coming from. Phyllis could have literally killed them! Would everyone be saying how wonderful of a person she is if that had happened? I highly doubt it! - Rae

  • I hope I'm not the only person out there who is loving Jack and Nikki together. They both deserve to be happy. Whenever Nikki is with Victor there is such destructive chemistry. There might be passion, but not in a good way. Jack is no angel, but at least he respects Nikki and cares about her mental well-being. I wish they would take Victor in a different direction. Mr. Braeden is a great talent, but seems to be type cast into the brooding spiteful bitter patriarch. This character needs to hit rock bottom and have some sort of redemption. Doug Davidson's acting at the grave of Ricky was absolutely heart-wrenching. Speaking of great acting, Michelle Stafford is up there as well. Phyllis has had it coming for a long, long time, and Stafford really brought out her remorse and indignation at the same time. This show is such a classic, so good to see some of the older characters still going strong. - Sharleen

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