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Don't count your little chicks 'til their tiny beaks poke through their shells
by Nita
For the Week of June 11, 2012
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Unlike the playoffs, Jack and Victor have played much more than seven games. Jack might be ahead in the series, but I don't believe he and Victor have played their final game. Who will win in the end? And will things go overtime? Find out when the whistle blows in this week's Two Scoops.

Jack might do well to remember that well-known adage when it comes to the tug-of-war over Beauty of Nature. Yes, at the moment, it certainly appears that Jack has finally vanquished Victor. He's rolling away with the girl and the company, and has half-convinced both Victor's daughters to side with him against their father by coming to work for him at Beauty of Nature. But does any fan really believe that this is the end of the story? I certainly don't.

It seems that Jack just can't help himself. Apparently, life simply doesn't have that zing unless he can spend part of it poking at Victor with a pointy stick. I could understand Jack's obsession with regaining the family company that Victor wrested away from him. But his obsession with Beauty of Nature is a little less easy to comprehend. Especially since Jack seems determined to use Victoria and Abby as painful knife twists in an already unbearably sore wound.

Jack keeps chiding Nikki for her preoccupation with Victor, but his own obsession with Victor equals or exceeds hers. He now has Victor's ex-wife and his former company, and is well on his way to winning over Victor's daughters. Jack is getting too greedy, and I can't help but wonder whether he's setting himself up for a really hard fall. Like the proverbial elephant in the room, both Jack and Nikki are pretending not to notice that Nikki is still in love with Victor. Which means, a lifetime of wedded bless is probably not in their future.

As for Victor, life is probably not going to be like a box of tasty chocolates for him either, because he knows exactly what he's going to get. He's already alienated his entire family with his May-December romance with Sharon. He's kept Victoria at an uncomfortable arms length with his hatred of her husband. And I'm guessing he won't be too receptive to Abby investing what used to be his money in the company he used to own.

Not that I feel any sympathy for Victor. Like many Genoa Citians, Victor has selective memory when it suits him. For instance, for months he's been ranting about Beauty of Nature, acting as if it was somehow stolen from him when he wasn't looking. Well, my memory isn't nearly so selective, and I distinctly recall him instructing Sharon to change her vote so the sale of the company could commence. Though he was incarcerated at the time, he never stopped pulling the strings at Newman, yet now he's blaming Adam and Davis Holloway for his current predicament.

Another Genoa Citian name not included on my sympathy list is Sharon. I continue to feel completely indifferent to the pairing between Sharon and Victor. Not only is there no chemistry whatsoever between them, they don't seem even remotely interested in each other. Victor seems frustrated that life isn't going his way at the moment, and Sharon seems in it for the shock waves it's sending through the ranks of all who know her. Unfortunately, not only do none of her friends and family seem shocked, they don't even seem to care about anything she does. Considering how loved this character once was, it just makes me feel sad to see her completely destroyed.

By the way, what possessed Sharon to blurt out the tawdry tidbits of her love romp with Billy to Victoria? As if Sharon doesn't get trashed enough by the good and upright citizens of this town, she has to go and trash herself. Sigh. Sometimes I totally understand fans' references to rocks in relationship to Sharon's brain. I could only shake my head in wordless amazement when she rushed back to Victoria to call her out for letting Victor in on the unsavory saga. What else did she expect would happen? I certainly don't blame Victoria for paying back Sharon's vindictiveness with some of her own.

One more, by the way. I could have sworn that the whole town, including Victoria, already knew that Sharon's baby daddy possibilities included Billy. It might not have been plastered across the pages of Restless Style, but I thought that information was thoroughly circulated through the family grapevine.

While I don't hold it against Victoria for spreading Sharon's bad news, I did have to giggle at her insistence that she was simply protecting her family. Exactly what is she protecting them from and just who in the family actually needs protecting? She has Billy. Nikki has moved on with Jack. Nick is committed to Phyllis, and if Noah cares one way or the other, I certainly can't tell. I guess as far as Victoria's concerned, if her father isn't going to reunite with Nikki, she would rather he just remain alone.

Sightings of my personal favorite, Adam, have been few and far between, but I was happy to finally be thrown a tiny bone fragment last week. Though Adam has clearly given up on a future with Sharon, it was nice to see him prove there was still at least one knight left standing in this fickle town. I loved how Adam stood up for Sharon against yet another unscrupulous Newman board member. I love this new and improved Adam!

After clapping my hands in delight at Adam's chivalry, I continued to smack my palms together in support of Sofia. It was pure pleasure watching the excitement drain from Neil's face when Sofia torpedoed his plan to play separate households for Moses' sake. Really, Neil? Sofia has told you repeatedly that she loves you. Did you really think she'd be pleased at the possibility of running into you and Harmony, or whoever, all lovey-dovey and kissy-kissy at the mailbox, in the elevator, or elsewhere? What I don't get, however, is if Neil has no interest in Sofia, how did that awkward sofa encounter happen? To betray his brother so shamefully, I presume he must have once had some pretty strong feelings for Sofia.

Well, another marriage crumbles into the dust for Ashley. How many are we up to now? Seven? I think my beauty needs to give up on matrimony. It's clearly something that just doesn't work for her. Daddy John must have read his princess too many happily-ever-after fables. Real life is no match for the perfection of fictitious fairy tales.

Once Tucker gets over the devastation of the failure of his first marriage, perhaps he can put together something with Genevieve. Now that she's been the good mother and sacrificed herself to save her son, she's going to need someone in her corner. I guess time will tell.

The bulk of the week involved Ricky-related nefarious activities. Ricky's craziness is plain for all to see, and apparently he doesn't care one bit who recognizes his insanity. Daisy is no Sheila Carter, and is hopelessly out-villained by Ricky. Though Ricky's target is Phyllis, it seems obvious that Daisy will probably wind up as dead, collateral damage. Ricky will likely try to make it appear Phyllis is her killer via that recording, and though he probably won't succeed, Daisy will still be just as dead.

As for Phyllis, unless the coming week proves otherwise, all that screaming and writhing upon the floor seems to mean a miscarriage is underway. But don't feel too sad for Phyllis. If she could conceive two miracle babies, a future third baby-to-be is not out of the question.

I'm looking forward to all the storyline possibilities now that Michael has been appointed the Interim District Attorney. With Heather's return, Ronan's imminent arrival, and Paul's investigation of his maniacal son, there promises to be some good watching ahead.

That's about all I'm going to dish about. Until my return to this space, I trust you'll enjoy reading what some of your fellow fans thought about Genoa City things. And don't forget that you can always send your thoughts -- and they might end up appearing in a future column!

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  • Just thinking about the Sharon/Victor situation and to say the least, it is truly disgusting. It is time for the writers to put an end to it, but let it be Sharon's decision as a somewhat reasonable adult and not Victor's decision as a self-righteous bastard! I would love to see a more permanent reunion for Danny and Christine after years of waiting. Also, I absolutely love Paul Williams and would love to see him meet and fall in love with someone who deserves him and will love him back -- I am available for that part, in case you are interested! - Joan

  • I am currently loving all of the stories right now! It is neat seeing all the flashbacks once again. I love how Mr. Baldwin is now DA! With Ricky about to uncover how Phyllis tried to kill Cricket, Michael will have to try and convict his best friend. Not to mention, I think Ricky is going to kill Daisy and try and pin it on Phyllis too (that recorded conversation will come in handy!) Y&R is finally at its best once again! - Dustin

  • As much as I loathe the character of Ricky, I love that he's digging up dirt on Phyllis! As much as I like her (and the wonderful Michelle Stafford), I'm really loving having Danny and Cricket reunite, I'm loving seeing Phyllis' discomfort around Danny, Cricket and Paul, and I'm loving the flashbacks and seeing those scenes again! I love that Phyllis is FINALLY going to be outed for what she did! - Kim

  • It seems that I am in the minority when it comes to Phyllis. I love her! I see her as a female version of Victor or Jack. None of them lets anything stop them from getting what they want including the law. While she deserves to be punished for her crimes, so do most of the characters on the show and we all know that they only get slaps on the wrist. Michelle Stafford is an amazing actress! Dragging her past crimes up again only keeps her front and center, which I thoroughly enjoy. There is never a dull moment with Red on the screen! - Melia

  • I hope the TPTB don't write Adam off -- he and Chelsea are the most interesting couple on the soap. I am sick of BON and who is going to get the company. Bankrupt it or something -- get rid of it completely. Can't the writers come up with anything else? There are so many topics they can use, i.e., abuse, heart transplant, menopause -- anything is better than BON. - Mari

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