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Couples click, clash, and combust
For the Week of March 26, 2012
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Good luck figuring out the couples on The Young and the Restless! Nikki loves Victor, but doesn't trust him. Kevin and Chloe are another pair in need of couples therapy; they're madly in love but still apart. What do you think of Nick and Phyllis? Is she driving him away were her craziness? It time for some love repairing in this week's Two Scoops.

It seems as though the romantic, the soon-to-be romantic, and the formerly romantic couples were all on display this past week on The Young and the Restless, leading me to wonder about the rules of engagement. Exactly what are they in Genoa City? Let's begin with Nikki and Victor, shall we? These two have been at odds about honesty and trust and keeping secrets, but completely in agreement about their love for one another. It's a situation where they invariably clash about the former, but click about the latter. Isn't that enough in this day and age? Apparently not, because Nikki appears intent on fighting with Victor at every turn. Don't get me wrong; Victor is no angel. But even Nikki has to know that he's stuck on her and has been for a long, long time.

But what happens when other people are involved with them? Nikki seemed very peeved, if not downright jealous, about Victor's liaison with Genevieve in Tokyo. That cell phone photo from Jill that showed Genevieve touching Victor's cheek sent Nikki into a spin. Right away she decided that Victor had lied to her about his involvement with Genevieve. But while Nikki got all hot and bothered about one little picture, she was spending an inordinate amount of time with Jack, her ex-husband and Victor's chief rival in life, in the flesh. So that means it's perfectly all right for Nikki to care for and be involved with Jack, without raising any suspicion, but Victor cannot do business with Genevieve because Nikki can't trust him? Isn't that what they call a double standard?

Considering the fact that Nikki and Victor have been married about 147 years - on and off -- they should really trust each other by now. When Nikki showed Victor the picture on her cell phone of him and Genevieve together, wouldn't it have been refreshing if he just laughed? Imagine if Victor had started guffawing and then fell on the floor in hysterics, telling Nikki that he was flattered to think he'd flown to Tokyo for a tryst with another woman! He was only drinking sake with Genevieve to steal back Beauty of Nature! Nikki should know Victor well enough to realize he could cheat on her in Genoa City! Victor loves Nikki and wants her. He's made it abundantly clear. For goodness sake, he was willing to spend life in prison for Nikki! And they've also been making love quite regularly, so why would she think he's lusting after Genevieve Atkinson?

On the other hand, Victor has been really, really understanding about Nikki's allegiance to Jack. Sure, Jack is in a wheelchair and Nikki is compelled to help him through this rough time. And perhaps because Jack is handicapped, Victor doesn't see him as competition. But still, old Vic still despises Jack and doesn't trust him. Would it be such a stretch for Victor to worry that Jack was using his condition to drive a wedge between Victor and Nikki? No; I don't think so. And yet Victor has been a sport about letting Nikki be with Jack.

Kevin and Chloe are another couple difficult to figure out. They are completely in love and want to be together, but these obstacles that have been thrown in their path have kept them apart. Do you realize that this nonsensical Kevin/Angelina business has been going on since before New Year's? But the end is finally in sight and this pseudo-comic distraction will be over. Angelina's "goodbye" song for Kevin, her next big hit single, is a sign that she's going to give up Kevin for good.

Two things happened to tip off that Kevin and Chloe are going to be reunited soon. The first was Kevin's 'date' with Delia and Chloe. It was sheer fate that Eden didn't make her lunch date with Kevin and he bumped into Chloe and Delia at the Athletic Club. Spending the afternoon with them, Kevin realized how much he loves and misses them. When Delia innocently lamented that she missed the time she spent in the hospital because Kevin visited her every day, it was heartbreaking. Kevin can't stay away from Chloe and Delia any longer. He loves them too much.

Which brings us to item number two; Kevin finally came clean with Michael. FINALLY!! What's the point of having a legal eagle as your brother if you can't use him to get you out of a ridiculous marriage contract? Kevin's confession to Michael came after Angelina told Kev that she'd explain everything to "Daddy," thus saving Kevin's kneecaps. I anticipate that now that all the characters are moving in the right direction, Kevin and Chloe will be getting back together very soon and Chloe can stop over-indulging in the Ben & Jerry's Chubby Hubby on Mrs. Chancellor's couch!

Although you can't call Genevieve and Cane a couple, they are quite a pair. They're mother and son and clashing on all fronts. I'm not sure if I can completely understand why Cane has no tolerance for Genevieve. She has done terrible things, but so has Cane. They've both been liars and have hurt those closest to them. And yet Cane is forgiven again and again even though he's been an imposter (he pretended to be Philip), a cheat (he created a fake identity to bilk thousands from McCall Unlimited), and -- worst of all -- a fraud (he pretended to be dead on the steps of the church). Despite all his sins, Cane is everybody's favorite. How was he ever punished for his indiscretions?

By comparison, Genevieve has done bad things, but she's also been a victim. She was in an abusive relationship with a gangster husband and suffered a mental breakdown when her daughter was killed in a bizarre family shooting. Colin effectively damaged her twins -- Caleb and Ethan (Cane) -- and Genevieve lost their love forever. In recent months, we've seen Genevieve do a couple of things that were reprehensible -- imprisoning Colin in the wine cellar to steal his millions and lying to Jack in order to bid and win Beauty of Nature -- but they don't seem nearly as bad as Cane's crimes. Why does there seem to be a double standard for these two Atkinsons? Yes, again, another double standard!

Regarding the whole Beauty of Nature business, I still have to wonder how much Jack was in love with Genevieve if he could be so unforgiving about a business decision? Jack would have done the same thing to Genevieve if he had the chance! And think of this, folks; if Jack had found a way to forgive Genevieve and reconciled with her when she reached out to him a week ago (before Tokyo), he could have gotten what he wanted - Beauty of Nature! If Jack and Genevieve were romantically involved again, Jack would be in a position to merge Jabot with Beauty of Nature at some point. It would only make sense. Diplomacy and romance were the way for Jack to get what he wants but he just doesn't see it!

Wasn't it funny how the show depicted the entire Japanese nation? It was one teahouse with just a few Oriental characters mingling around in costumes. I realize that with budgets what they are, soaps rarely go on location anymore, but what about faking it at a Japanese garden in Los Angeles? I looked it up - there's a beautiful one in Van Nuys! You know they could have used the place to double for Tokyo, with the cherry blossom trees and a pagoda, make it seem authentic. Wouldn't that have added a nice touch of verisimilitude? Instead, the claustrophobic set had all the charm of a little theater company doing a production of Teahouse of the August Moon in a basement with paper screens and Pier One Import throw pillows!

There's something amiss about Lauren and Michael. I have no doubt they adore each other, but as a couple, where's the trust? Lauren buying a gun, learning how to use it, and keeping it from her husband is just nuts. Why does she think Michael would not understand and support her decision to feel protected? It's not illegal to own a gun and it's not like Lauren is planning to use it. Of course, Phyllis was implying that Lauren should do exactly that. It would solve Phyllis' problems with Daisy if Lauren just blew the evil redhead's brains out, but that's not going to happen unless Daisy attacks Lauren. Nevertheless, Phyllis has been getting more and more screwy since losing Lucy.

For one thing, Phyllis is doing all she can to push Nick right out the door. Her insecurities are so over the top that I can't believe he's still with her. She's annoying and self-involved and -- I'm sorry -- unsympathetic! Phyllis brought this all on herself. She selfishly took Lucy from Billy and Victoria. Phyllis wasn't thinking of Lucy, she was thinking of herself. Had she cared only about Lucy's welfare, she would have listened to Daniel and allowed the Abbotts to raise Lucy. Phyllis had even negotiated to be part of Lucy's life, but that wasn't enough for her. By using Daisy to get what she wanted, Phyllis let the tiger out of the cage. Now she expects other people -- like Lauren -- to kill the tiger for her. Sorry, but Phyllis needs to take responsibility for her actions. She should not be rewarded with our sympathy and affection. She made this bed and now she's stuck in it!

On the funny side of the street, the wedding of Angelo and Gloria will likely provide a few laughs. If Jeffrey manages to get out of the dumpster, it could be a hoot! It was a relief that Jeffrey finally got his memory back, which means that he's not only going to remember that he loves Gloria, but that Anita is his ex and Chelsea's his kid! Unless Anita never told him…

Finally, the feel-good story of the week was Tucker and Devon bonding in the studio. It was nice to see them working together and grooving to the music, but how can Devon sit there and observe without being able to hear? I would think that's pure torture. How long does he have to wait for the devices to be activated? It's a strange procedure if you ask me. He's allowed to leave the hospital and fly home, but he can't actually have the devices switched on? Why the delay? Maybe it would be a good thing for Maria Arena Bell to explain things.

So, that's it for this past week. I'm anxious to hear more from you all - do you like the Two Scoops? What stories would you like to see "fixed" and what characters need a re-write? Write me! Till then, let's take a look at some letters from the mailbox:

  • I am curious 1) How did Adam get his sight back? I notice that the writers conveniently did not give the viewers that information! 2) Does this mean a return to the old Adam. I liked the new (blind Adam!). Actually he came across as almost human! - Michael

  • Hey Allison! Enjoyed your column. I totally agree about Phyllis. Victor referred to her just the other day as a "petulant child." I've never viewed her like that but I think that's a good description. She does act like a spoiled child whose pouting now because she didn't get her way. I'm referring more to her latest tirade in Restless Style just because she saw "one" hug between Nick and Sharon. One hug and her flaming red hair stands on end. It is getting ridiculous that we are set to go around this merry-go-round yet again. I wonder for how long this time? Then there is the Lucy saga. Here I feel bad for Phyllis at least I did until Daniel told her not to show up at the coffeehouse and she did anyway which ticked Daisy off and she called the social worker. But up until that point Phyllis had my sympathy where losing Lucy is concerned. But my take is that Phyllis NEVER listens. She just charges through because she is always right and others are always wrong. It's like she is the Queen of Genoa City and everyone must bow to her and do her bidding and "handover" their by line. - Pat


Allison J. Waldman
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