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In the aftermath of Hurricane Patty
For the Week of February 13, 2012
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Genoa City has been rocked my medical mishaps in the wake of Hurricane Patty. Jack may never walk again, and Adam may never see again. Will Genevieve and Neil make a formidable pair? Get ready to discuss all the latest happenings in this week's Two Scoops commentary.

This past week, you could see the disaster left in the wake of Hurricane Patty. Jack's paralyzed from the waist down and may never walk again -- let alone have sexual intercourse. Adam is blind and likely to remain that way for a long time. Paul is traumatized about his baby sister being let loose to wreak havoc and she will now wallow in a prison mental cell the rest of her life. And despite the fact that Patty also victimized her, Genevieve's been pegged as the scapegoat by most everyone close to Jack.

It's the latter item that really has me wondering what's going on with Y&R. Why are the Abbotts so quick to forgive Patty for her rampage, but Genevieve is vilified as the person who hurt Jack more because she purchased Beauty of Nature presumably out from under Jack? Genevieve should have handled things better. She should have been honest with Jack before the sale was final. Genevieve confessed to Cane that she knew that she was having doubts about getting married, and it was her choice to strike out for independence by swooping in to grab Beauty of Nature.

But Genevieve's betrayal, if you choose to see a business deal in that way, was hardly as cruel as Patty shooting Jack point-blank in the stomach. Jack might feel guilty about Patty's delusions about him, he may have compassion for her psychosis, but come on -- this is out of whack. Ashley and Traci turned on Genevieve viciously, without a shred of empathy. Considering how Ashley has been abused by powerful men, especially Victor, she should understand Genevieve a bit. And Traci has always been big-hearted and understanding. It seemed out of character for the two of them to turn mean like that. They didn't even give Genevieve a chance to explain herself.

As if being dumped on by Jack's sisters wasn't bad enough, Genevieve also had to deal with the mustache. Victor has decided that one of his toys -- Beauty of Nature -- was taken from him, and he wants it back. Never mind that it was Victor's manipulation of Adam that set the stage for Beauty of Nature to be set up as bait, Victor won't accept the fact that he blew it and Beauty of Nature is gone. No, instead, he sent Michael to petition the SEC to overturn the sale. When it turned out that the sale was legit, Michael suggested that Victor do what he usually does -- be a bully until he gets what he wants! Well, not so fast, Herr Newman. Genevieve seems ready to take you on, and her hiring Neil to run the company is a smart business move. It's also a brilliant way to get Neil out of the house!

Genevieve and Neil might make a formidable duo in business, and she's going to need a strong right arm because Jack and Tucker, as well as Victor, will be after Beauty of Nature. Honestly, though, why couldn't Tucker, Jack, and Victor just start a new company to compete with Beauty of Nature? That's what happens in the real world. They're like dogs fighting over the same bone when the butcher shop around the corner is open for business! Seek a new venture and watch what happens!

It was a relief that Walsh finally dropped the charges against Nikki, although I'm not sure Ronan was really right about making that call. He's a cop, but a prosecutor. And at the very least, Nikki should have been charged with something for leaving rehab with the intent of harming Diane. She hadn't meant to kill Diane -- that was self-defense -- but Nikki was looking for trouble. Also, the other nine characters/suspects were guilty of obstruction of justice and lying to the police. They tampered with the crime scene and misled the detectives. They all deserve to be punished. How about community service and a hefty fine? What does it say that they've all gotten off scot-free? I guess if you want to break the law, do it in Genoa City, right?

Speaking of Diane's murder, has anyone called Abby to see how Kyle is handling the news that his father is paralyzed and may never walk again? I expect to see Abby and Kyle back any time now because Kyle should desperately want to be with his father. This storyline has been showing us how well-loved Jack is, so doesn't it make sense that Kyle would want to see his father? If they tell us that Kyle is staying in ice hockey school because Jack wants him to enjoy his life, I'm going to throw the writers into the penalty box for a game misconduct. Kyle is already insecure over losing his mother. He would want to go home and see his Dad.

A word now about our favorite silver chipmunk -- Kevin Fisher… When did Kevin become such a dumbbell? This storyline with Angelina has so many holes in it you could make a ham and Swiss sandwich out of it! For starters, has Maria Arena Bell looked at a map lately? Long Island Sound is in one of the most densely populated metropolitan areas in the world, between New York and Connecticut. Landing on a deserted island like Gilligan and his friends is not very likely. There would be maritime traffic in the waters, like the floating garbage barges from New York City!

But if that's too factual for our soap, let's talk character. Kevin is a clever guy. When Jana took him hostage last year, he signaled Chloe on a security camera using rock/paper/scissors hand gestures, remember that? But on the run with Angelina, Kevin couldn't figure any way to cry out for help? Even if you say that he went along with the wedding to Angelina just to get back home, why didn't he tell the justice of the peace to call the cops and have Dino arrested? At the very least, by the time he reached Gloworm, why wasn't he getting Michael to immediately annul the marriage by squawking about how he'd been used by Angelina? You think Michael is afraid of Angelo? Come on, he's a legal eagle. And he's got Victor's muscle to back him up!

Instead we have this contrived Kevin-Angelina farce of a marriage with Chloe as the injured party. Considering all the crap she's put Kevin through and how well she knows him, she shouldn't be taking any of this seriously. Chloe should be smart enough to realize that Kevin is having his arms twisted. But maybe that's where this is going, because the mob stuff is growing tiresome. It's not so funny anymore.

However, I do see Angelo threatening to rip out Devon's implant if he tries to release Angelina's song the way he remixed it. The moment that Devon said that he owns all the rights to the song and can do what he wants with it, I knew that Angelo would be after him. That little exchange was a setup for Devon and Angelo to become adversaries.

Ricky certainly showed his true colors last week, didn't he? What a low-life! I think I was right about why he's on the show -- to make Phyllis look better. But while it may seem cruel to eviscerate Patty in the press when she's clearly insane, how about going after the people who are responsible for Patty being on the loose? Victor brought her to Genoa City and paid for that plastic surgery to give her a way to infiltrate Jack's life again. And Paul was an absentee caretaker, letting his sister enter and escape various hospitals and never being able to track her down (and he's a detective!).

The real culprit other than Victor, then, is Adam. And here's what I don't get -- Ricky got that huge piece of information from Patty before she was captured! Why didn't Ricky put that in the "true crime" blog he posted, that Adam was Patty's enabler? If he had, the police would have been arresting Adam while he was lying in the hospital. What Adam did by helping Patty escape after her last rampage -- when she wound up in South America with the kitty tattoo on her leg -- was criminal!

If D.A. Walsh really wanted someone to go after, it was Adam (not Nikki). There's no way that Adam should have been allowed to fly/drive to Kansas with Sharon. He should have to answer for his role in Patty's crime spree, even if he was one of her victims. Blind men are thrown in prison if they break the law.

But let's get back to Victor. How ironic is it that Victor was happy to "do time" for Nikki -- taking the punishment for a crime he did not commit -- but he'll fight like mad to avoid being held responsible for unleashing Patty on Genoa City? By bringing Patty back originally, including the plastic surgery, he released a tiger. He screamed "fire" in a crowded movie house. He lit the fuse on a bomb that was certain to go off. However, at no point has Victor ever taken the blame for Patty. When Nikki confronted him last week about that, Victor acted innocent! Come on, isn't it time for Victor to "man up" about what he did with Patty?

Finally, we had the exit of Ronan this past week. While it was nice that he finally acknowledged Nina's love and responded in kind, albeit with a note, we still don't know why Ronan lied to get the liver transplant from Chance. Ronan has never explained his actions and never apologized for being such a bastard. Before he got the liver, he let Nina and Chance get close to him -- he sucked them in. But once Ronan had the surgery, he ran. Considering that he's a man of integrity, none of this adds up. If you can explain it to me, please do. I still think what he did was out of line. It was like in order to get the liver transplant, Ronan was willing to lie to anyone, even his blood relations.

It feels like we've finally turned the page with some storylines -- goodbye Ronan, Patty, and probably Angelo and Angelina soon enough -- and new tales are unfolding. Will Jack be in a wheelchair for months and months? What about Adam's vision? And we know now for sure that Chelsea and Anita are con artists, so is that a good thing or bad insofar as Billy and Victoria getting the baby? Phyllis and Nick seem to be playing nice, but that's not likely to last.

What do you think we'll be yapping about in the next six months? I suspect Genevieve and Jack are not done yet, and Victor's going to be called to task for some of this actions.

So, that's it for this past week. I'm anxious to hear more from you all -- do you like the Two Scoops? What stories would you like to see "fixed," and what characters need a re-write? Write me! Till then, let's take a look at some letters from the mailbox:

  • Genevieve, hang in there and don't give up. Victor is not a kind person and someday someone will get the best of him. (Maybe it will be you) I am ashamed of Ashley. I am not surprise, but Traci; what a disappointment. Traci does not sound nor look like herself. Genevieve, it seems like no one is on your side, but don't give up. I don't know what you have in mind but keep trying. -- Jae

  • Victor is getting off a bit too easy in the Adam scenario. Victor brought Patty to town to begin with as Nikki herself mentioned this week. Adam certainly helped her, but he was also sincerely trying to stop her at the end. In his own crazy way, he cared about her. But my major issue is that Victor is getting off way too easy from the writers, and the same goes with Phyllis as well. Though I completely agree with you, especially about Geneviève. And I will add that Cane's rejection of her was hypocritical, especially since everyone on this show misbehaves including his new mom Jill. This storyline, has made me despise Cane even more than I did before. -- Megan


Allison J. Waldman
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