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Let's check the film: Do Deacon's home movies show whodunit?
For the Week of January 16, 2012
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Deacon showed his true colors, but what exactly do his home movie show? Is the Who Killed Diane saga finally over -- or is still just beginning? It's time to examine the evidence and cue up the film in this week's Two Scoops.

If you're Nikki Newman, you need more than a shower to wash away the stench of having been involved with Deacon Sharpe. Seriously, this past week, the con man/bartender showed his true colors, and it wasn't a pretty sight. All the cologne in the world cannot change the fact that he's a sleaze-bucket. What he did to Nikki, making her believe that she'd killed Diane, was reprehensible. But in typical Deacon fashion, he screwed it up. He chose to use a camera and film that were easily identifiable because it's dated technology -- eight-millimeter. If the jerk had simply picked up a cheap flip-camera in Best Buy, he might have gotten away with filming scenes from the murder -- not to mention the sex tape with Diane -- and the cops would have never been able to connect him to the crime. But, no; this imbecile is the last guy to have heard of digital filmmaking!

By the way, what's the deal with Nikki and her alcoholism? It seems like now that she's focused on catching Deacon, she's got her drinking under control. Is she working the program? Does she have the ability to not drink when she really wants to stop? Does she have a disease or not? I ask these questions not to condemn her, but it seems like she's conveniently able to keep her head on straight when mere weeks ago, she was falling all over herself. And if she is focused on saving Victor and that's why she's not drinking, are we expecting her to fall off the wagon on Monday because Victor and Sharon were married on Friday? There needs to be more consistency in this storyline. I will say this: if Nikki reaches for the vodka again on the next episode, I'm going to be ticked off. I want her to care enough about herself -- not just Victor -- to get a handle on her life.

I have another question about the evidence in the murder case. How is it possible that nobody, including Ronan -- the magnificent, super cop and FBI expert that he's purported to be -- ever investigated the needlepoint pillows? He was staring at them for weeks and weeks, but never thought to search for local shops that frame or stuff finished needlepoint projects for display purposes? There can't be that many places like that in Genoa City. And wouldn't that be right out of Detective School 101 -- check where the pillows were stuffed? When Patty walked into the needlepoint shop and the lady declared that "Myrna" was a her best customer, it was more than obvious that the woman had never been questioned by the police about the plethora of pillows that Ronan collected from Diane's room.

Which brings up another point: I never really understood the reason for Patty putting the pillows in Diane's suite. Why did she do that? What was the point of leaving a message about the other suspects? It still doesn't add up; Patty's not the type to leave a calling card. Another oddity from the murder storyline: if Deacon was the man with the camera and shot all the footage, and then he lured everyone to the warehouse to play the film clips, why did he leave out Adam? We know that Adam was there that night, so then where was the footage of Adam and Diane?

On the subject of Adam, every week there's something new with him. Two weeks ago, I thought for sure that Adam was going to find a way to be with Sharon. Their lovemaking seemed like a turning point. But then she had him arrested for violating the restraining order, and I thought Adam was going to be behind bars for a while. Nick taunted him about it, and yet Adam was quickly out of jail and back behind the big desk at Newman Enterprises. He says he wants to sell Beauty of Nature and arrange for a new job for himself elsewhere.

But I don't buy it. Adam doesn't want to work for other people, and he's not very good at it. He'd be better off taking all his ill-gotten gains and creating his own empire. Adam may not be destined to be happy, but reporting to Jack or Tucker or Victor will never satisfy him. I wonder why Maria Arena Bell has played out that story? The Harvard grad should be the next power player in Genoa City, running his own conglomerate.

As for Victor, I am convinced that everything we've been seeing these past few weeks -- his confession, the prison term, marrying Sharon -- has all been part of a master plan that is still unfolding. Marrying Sharon was integral to the plan, but I sincerely doubt that they will ever consummate the marriage. You watch; there will never be a wedding night. This alliance was never about love except in the most parental way. Victor is committed to caring for and protecting Sharon. However, he is in love with Nikki, and after all the dust settles, Victor will reunite with Nikki. Sharon will be rewarded for her loyalty to Victor by a lifetime of security and comfort. Nick will never be able to threaten her custody of Faith…unless Sharon is unable to stay away from Adam.

Patty will probably be caught soon, especially since we heard this week that Corbin Bernsen is coming back to the show as Father Todd. Sounds to me like he and Paul will be escorting Patty back to the mental asylum or burying her once and for all. Patty is just too dangerous to be on the loose much longer. I liked that Jack finally pointed out to Genevieve that they really don't know much about Myrna's background. Considering how quirky Myrna's acted, it does make you wonder why Genevieve never had her lone servant checked out. And isn't it weird that while she was hospitalized, nobody caught on to the fact that Myrna's ID was a fake. Hospital paperwork should have been a tip-off…but no, it was all glossed over, and Patty continued the charade.

It's funny watching the Billy-Chelsea-Victoria storyline and recognizing all the faces from All My Children! All of them were kids on AMC! And then there's the adults, too: Harmony and Jack. I know, I know; Peter Bergman has been Jack Abbott for years, but part of me still remembers him as Dr. Cliff Warner! But kudos to Y&R for snatching up these excellent actors.

So far, as a character, Chelsea is not too bright. Billy easily got her on tape, confessing that she'd entrapped him in Myanmar. Billy could use that tape to win custody of the baby in the future, especially if it comes down to a battle. While I'm not on Chelsea's side in this case, it's a bit presumptuous of Victoria and Billy to just assume that they can take Chelsea's baby without a fight. There's something very arrogant about the way Billy has conceived of the plan. It's one thing for him to feel that Chelsea manipulated him into impregnating her, but it's another for him to think that after she gives birth, she has no rights to the kid.

Some stories seem to be going very slowly. Have you noticed? How long are Neil and Sofia going to be married before she tells him she wants sex? It's not like they haven't been intimate before, you know? Here's what I would love to hear Sofia say: "Neil, I'm a hot lady, and I need loving. Are you interested, or should I get dressed up and go out on the town? It's up to you, honey?" It's not fair that he married her just to play Daddy. He made vows, and if he really doesn't have that kind of love for Sofia, he owes it to her to say so.

I like that Harmony and Tucker have begun to bond a bit as parents. It's a nice development. And it's good that they're dealing with the issue of Devon being in music, but having a hearing ailment. Even though the cochlear implant has been a success, it's one thing to be able to hear and communicate, and quite another to have the ears to work in the music business. So, way to go Maria Arena Bell, for dealing with this situation honestly. However, I don't really want to see Harmony and Neil as a couple. I think that would be unrealistic considering the fact that Neil has seen Harmony at her worst and is not likely to trust her completely. I'll hold out for Darnell Williams -- another AMC star -- to check in to Genoa City. He'll be there in a couple of months.

I'm very curious to hear your theories about future stories. What do you think is going to happen? Do you think Sharon might have gotten pregnant during her night of passion with Adam? Wouldn't that be something? And if she's still Mrs. Victor Newman when she finds out, would she ask Victor to pretend to be the father so that Sharon could keep Adam from having a claim to the child? It would certainly complicate matters! What are your prognostications?

  • Why can't the Bells find a decent soap writer? It certainly is NOT Marina Arena Bell! I understand that Soap Central is not connected to the soap or the writers. My opinion is about the writers of Y&R; not this site. I think that the writers here are on top of the storylines very well; I just don't like the storylines! -- Anne

  • I love Billy too and I hate Adam. He needs to start getting paid back and Nick and Sharon should be together. I don't understand why the writers are treating Nick so bad. I hope Victor's plan is to help Nick, but it does not look that way. If they let him marry Sharon I am through with this soap. The writers should put Victor and Nikki back to together. They are too old for these parts they are playing. They need to let Victoria be pregnant and let Daniel find someone who loves him and get custody of his daughter and love her. Phyllis does not deserve anyone. -- Ruth


Allison J. Waldman
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