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The way I see it and why I watch
by Nita
For the Week of November 14, 2011
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The message boards are filled with critics. Yet, I continue to find myself immensely entertained by the Genoa City doings. If you're reading this, you must still be hooked as well.

Though scores of fans have been quite vocal about their dislike of many of the storylines playing out on our favorite soap, I still find much to love about this crazy town and its often hypocritical and judgmental residents. And while I won't claim that every single storyline has me perched precariously on the edge of my sofa seat, there are none right now that I absolutely hate.

For instance, Phyllis, Avery, and Nick. One man, two women. This could easily have turned into a recycled, been-there-done-that threesome. But the conflict between the sisters makes this one different and intriguing. I find it hard to believe all the sisterly animosity is because Daddy was a bad boy and all family members, save Phyllis, condoned and supported his actions. Really, Phyllis? After all the dastardly deeds she's done and the many people and families she's destroyed in print and otherwise, we're supposed to believe what Daddy did was so bad, it caused her to pretend her family didn't exist. This makes little sense to me and causes me to wonder whether there is much more to this story.

For a minute I was worried Ricky might accept Phyllis' insincere sorry and let her off the hook the way most other Genoa Citians are quick to do. So I almost jumped to my feet and cheered when Ricky, his face seeming carved from concrete, told Phyllis the charges against her would stand. The only reason I didn't jubilantly scream myself breathless was because I expect that, despite Ricky's determination to avenge his sister, Phyllis will likely once again land safely on all four of her furry little feline feet. If Michael doesn't snatch her carcass from the fire, her latest conquest, Ronan, undoubtedly will.

Okay, so I agree with you, fan Michelle (below), that Heather is responsible for what happened to her. She is a grown gal and should have known better than to associate with Adam in any way. But I do have to cut her some slack. She'd just gone, heart in hand, to Chance, only to smash, face first, into an unyielding wall of rejection. Vulnerable and feeling unwanted, she drank too much and made a stupid mistake. But did it deserve to be displayed in all its gory detail in the Internet version of Restless Style? Just my worthless opinion, but that kiss was hardly breaking news.

The memory card collapsed the evidence against Sharon and an innocent woman, was finally set free. So it was a hateful act of unnecessary cruelty for Phyllis to steal and publish the pics. By contrast, the knowledge that the lead detective on a murder investigation was desk-sexing one of his suspects would undoubtedly leave readers salivating for more. Too bad someone didn't let that alley cat out of the bag.

But all that's beside the point. We know Phyllis will allow none of her dirt to be revealed, although no one -- friend, family or foe -- is safe from her yellow journalism. As long as Phyllis is affiliated with this magazine, there will be nothing restless or stylish about it. It should be renamed to the nickname Adam once gave it to more accurately reflect its contents. The Useless Pile.

On a side note, was I the only fan who wanted to reach through the screen and throttle Phyllis unconscious when she tried to flay Nick alive for sleeping with Avery, when she herself was a mere breast heave away from doing Ronan on his desk? Hypocritical harpy!

But getting back to Avery and Phyllis. I'm looking forward to the next skirmish between these two formidable ladies, although I'm not yet certain Avery will be any match for her competitive, territorial sibling. Despite their current conflict, I expect that eventually these two will be the best of buds, but that, if it happens, is some distance in the future. Especially now that Nick has been added to this already-volatile brew.

Speaking of Nick, I know it's a double standard at its finest but, still, I find it hard to be mad at him for the things he does. He is so darn adorable. If you like that type, and okay, I admit it, I do. That being said, however, I do like Nick and Avery together, though bedding Phyllis' sister probably wasn't the best move he could have made. So interested in a Nick and Avery pairing, I was head over heels with happiness when he finally unhooked his wagon from his out of control filly, Phyllis. Seems like he's finally had enough of her jealousy-fueled rages. I have to say that, though I didn't care for their pairing, their goodbye, temporary or otherwise, was tender. And a little bit touching. If Phyllis wasn't mostly so hateful, I might have shed a tiny tear on their behalf.

As for Phyllis, Nick-Phyllis fans would probably differ with me, but I actually like her with Ronan. Not only did Nick often seem terrified of Phyllis, he also seemed too nice for her. Basically a decent guy most of the time, he doesn't get off on hurting people just for a few minutes of attention from Style readers. Though apparently destroying others gets Phyllis all hot and somewhat bothered, it's clearly not Nick's idea of foreplay before bruising, body-slam sex. Ronan, with his secrets and fierce privacy, seems a much better match for the equally complicated Phyllis.

By the way, I absolutely love the way they are mixing the players these days. Like with Billy and Cane. It's becoming clearer and clearer that whatever happened to Billy in Myanmar was completely orchestrated by Victor. I just hope Cane's attempt to aid Billy doesn't come back to bite him painfully in a very tender area.

Now that Victoria has finally begun to sense something uncharacteristic in Billy's continued absence and has decided to go to Myanmar, it would serve Victor right if once again a trap he set for an enemy inadvertently snared someone he loves instead. By the way, Victoria and Billy continue to be my favorite star-crossed couple. I like that she's really missing him and hasn't even looked in another man's direction. I'm definitely looking forward to Team Vicky and Jill joining forces to find the man they both love.

For a long time now, I've loved practically anything Kevin and think pairing him with Billy was a good move. My pom poms were pumping like crazy when Kevin hacked into the Grinch's computer and skipped away with Chelsea's picture. How delicious that the two scored this admittedly minor victory against the clueless Victor, even if they later have to pay a hefty price for their impetuous impertinence.

I can't say the same about Kevin's brother, Michael, however. Though I used to adore him, my disappointment in him has multiplied due to the ingratiating way he kowtows to Victor. His blind obedience to Victor, even when it's illegal or just plain wrong, is despicable and makes him seem weak and wishy-washy, a man with no morals. Michael, like Billy, is a father. How would he feel if someone arbitrarily decided he was no longer fit to parent Fen and wanted to force him out of the lives of the people he loved?

So far, I find Ricky a nice addition to the Genoa City lineup. Although I so hated Isabella in those long-ago days that I threw a large celebration when she was banished to the asylum for the criminally insane, I still enjoyed the flashbacks to those times. I am intrigued by Ricky's possibilities. Was his childhood awful? Did his grandparents carry the same strain of insanity that clearly existed in their daughter? What happened to Isabella? Does she still reside in a room with heavily padded walls? Or was she found sane and now languishes in some women's prison somewhere? Does Ricky have a hidden agenda, or is he exactly what he appears to be -- a reasonably nice young man?

Even though Devon is still stubbornly resistant to any relationship with Tucker, I'm confident that will eventually change, and I'm looking forward to the slow buildup toward that end. In the meantime, since Devon has frequently insisted he wants nothing to do with his new father or grandmother, does that mean the inexperienced music mogul will be turning down Kay's once-in-a-lifetime offer to run Chancellor's newly created division? Somehow I doubt it. But considering how easily he was intimidated into promoting Angelo's tone-deaf daughter, his so-called career might be over before it really begins.

I am really looking forward to newly re-hired Adam's antics at Newman Enterprises. Perhaps deciding that since he hasn't been able to completely beat Adam at any diabolical games, Victor will take a different tack and pretend to join forces with his son. I have little hope this will somehow knit this fractured family together, but I'd rather watch Adam butt heads with his sister and father than lure Sharon or some other unfortunate lass into his sticky web.

So we finally know why Ronan took off without a word after the liver transplant. Wow, talk about an anticlimactic conclusion! After all the tears and recriminations from his devastated and abandoned family members, the reason Ronan claimed he left was because he owed them his life and didn't know how to handle that? I'm sorry, but just my opinion, how lame was that? I feel cheated.

Anyway, today's stories are different from those of long ago, but I continue to enjoy the offerings, and unless things go seriously and completely downhill, I'll probably still be watching when the credits for the final show roll.

And now the credits for this week's column are about to roll. Now that I've had my say, it's your chance to speak up. Send me your thoughts by clicking on the Feedback option at the top of the page, or just by clicking here. Your comments could appear in a future Two Scoops!

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  • I seem to be alone in my lack of sympathy for Paul and Heather. First, with respect to Paul, he abandoned his infant son to be raised by his evil dead wife's parents. Even when it happened, the writers provided no reasonable excuse for this abandonment. I neither understand nor admire this kind of abdication of his parental responsibility and who knows if his crazy wife was crazy because she had sick parents. Then there is Heather who made out with a witness. Hello, she did something incredibly unethical and she self-righteously blames everyone but herself for getting caught and fired. Yes, what Ricky did was horrible but everybody seems to forget that Heather engaged in unethical and entirely inappropriate behavior. -- Michelle

  • After watching Phyllis with Nick on Monday I wonder if Patty was anything like that with Jack back in the day? She is crazy Jealous of any female. She has always been egocentric and narcissistic but she will be giving Patty a run for her money in the crazy department if she keeps down this road. Another inconsistency is her relationship with Daniel. Was I asleep when Daniel and Michael forgave her? Absolutely horrible writing. After the last few months of this dribble I just don't care enough about any of the characters to watch anymore and neither does anyone else I used to watch this show with. Good bye Genoa City it was fun while it lasted. -- Denise

  • I love Y&R! I have been watching since day 1. Everybody I talk to shares my feelings; the shuttle bus driver, the mail guy, the managers at work that watch the show with their wives, folks at the gym, and even people in the grocery line. I can't believe the Nielsen ratings said watching has gone down. They didn't call anybody I know! I hope Billy shows "The Mustache" that he is an Abbott man, that Victor can't control him like he does everybody else. Wait until Victoria finds out what Victor did to Billy because we all know that he set him up in the Far East. OMGoodness! Adam! Talk about a psycho! And to think he thinks Sharon would want him back after he kept her from her baby twice, had her locked in jail for months is laughable. Ms Bell, please don't make Sharon out to be this weak woman that would entertain Adam's psychotic affection. -- Miss Janice

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