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She's baaack!
by Nita
For the Week of October 31, 2011
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As everyone has likely figured out by now, Myrna the maid appears to indeed be Patty Williams.

Heck if even the dead can't be counted on to remain in their graves, someone who has simply been taken off contract can definitely return.

As everyone has likely figured out by now, Myrna the maid appears to indeed be Patty Williams. Nice touch, scribes, having Myrna caught in the blast and suffer burns to the face. Hey, here's an idea. Since apparently Genevieve is nearly as rich as Victor, perhaps she can pick up the tab for plastic surgery to restore Myrna's face. Wouldn't it be a kick if Patty decided to return to her own original face?

When it comes to the Diane Jenkins murder mystery, the week's events moved this storyline forward another few inches. Although we are no closer to a final solution, we finally got to see the procession of possible perpetrators in one clever little video. Unfortunately, despite the way it appears, we can be reasonably certain none of the reluctantly assembled residents actually did the murderous deed.

You know our scribes and their diabolical sense of humor. Just because Patty is hidden in plain sight doesn't mean we're nearing the final chapter of this story. We can be sure there is much more story to be told, with many more twists to come. For instance, we all know Nikki Newman is on her way back, and Internet sources claim there is a meaty story awaiting her. None of us have forgotten Nikki's mysterious absence during the time of the murder, so it seems likely she could turn out to be the next Genoa Citian wrongfully pursued and possibly prosecuted for a crime we already know she didn't commit. After all, Sharon will probably be exonerated of her charges by then, and it seems there can't be a time when some innocent Genoa City lamb isn't being railroaded to the slammer/slaughter. At this rate, it could be 2012 before we finally learn who killed Diane Jenkins.

Thank you, Adam, for confirming what many of us have long suspected -- that Patty has returned. Although his reaction seemed to prove he hadn't known this for sure, which means he couldn't have been the person helping her. But maybe she had no partner in crime. She's certainly shown she can do plenty of damage working all by her lonesome.

Speaking of Adam, I admit it. I'm still madly in like with this guy. I guess I'm as nuts as Patty. Yes, fans, I know. He's mean, spiteful, cruel, vindictive, hateful, and manipulative. If you don't see your derogatory adjective of choice, feel free to fill it in here. But he's also shown he can be kind, loyal, tender, loving, vulnerable, and brave (rushing into a burning house, throwing his body over Faith's). Adam is a complex character, and I find him very enjoyable to watch. He's bad, but clearly not all bad.

Many fans love to hate Adam, mostly for stealing Faith, but how much worse has Adam been than, say, his father, for instance? Talk about the partly rotten fruit not falling far from the disease-infested tree! Victor might not have physically snatched a newborn from its mother and given it to another, but what he's done to Billy and Delia is just as despicable. And he strong-armed Kevin into going along with his plan, just as Adam used threats to keep Dr. Taylor in line.

Last time I checked, for those that believe, God was still on the throne. At least, I haven't seen any Internet rumors saying God quit and appointed Victor wizard of the world. Victor is long overdue for a good, old-fashioned smackdown! And my fingers are crossed that the scribes, through Billy or someone, anyone, else, are busily scribbling him a good one.

I want Adam to have someone to love. After everything that has happened, I don't know that it can be Sharon, although I loved that she brought out his softer, kinder side. But, because of Faith, fans may never accept them. But who else can they partner Sharon with? Linking her with Sam was a huge fail, mostly because Sam is incredibly annoying with his bad timing and that frequent dumb question he's always asking. You know the one that is a variation of "Is this a bad time?" Or, "Am I interrupting?" Well, let me answer that one for you, Sam. Yes, goofy man, you are always interrupting, and yes, it is always at the worst possible time in every instance. Since the scribes seem intent on repeatedly reheating Nick and Phyllis, the man pickings left for Sharon are pretty paltry.

But, I digress. I was talking about Adam, not Sharon. I know Adam's been a very bad boy, but so has nearly every other resident, yet they all get to have somebody to love. I thought for one brief moment that Adam and Avery might have been a good match, at least temporarily. But it seems obvious Avery will be coupled with Nick, in order to fuel Phyllis' jealousy and keep the animosity alive between the sisters. Besides, in Genoa City, men and women seem to like to keep their loving within the family. Since every other woman in town hates Adam, it's not likely he'll have love in his life anytime soon.

Due in large part to Avery and her appeals to him, Adam is finally letting his remorse show for his decision to toss the memory card in the pond. Too bad the soon-to-be-departed Heather had to serve as collateral damage in his efforts to make up for that. I still think the memory card will save the day for Sharon, but at least Adam showed he tried to make amends. Speaking of that memory card, after months of silence, it was mentioned several times during the week, which means it's about to surface. Ronan already ordered the pond evidence be looked at, but how many fans want to place their penny with mine that Phyllis will somehow play a prominent part in the big reveal?

What is up with Ricky Williams? Because you know in Genoa City, few are who they appear to be. I know he probably doesn't have much love for a family member he barely knows, but that was kind of cold, betraying his own sister for a case he's not even being paid for.

Heather hasn't had her sad so long yet, but apparently Colin has. I must say, I didn't care for Colin's character at first, but now I'm sorry to see him go. I know he had to be a sacrificial lamb on the altar of continued storytelling, but I wish there had been some way to redeem him a little so he could stay. He and Jill were good together, and his dry wit and personality had definitely grown on me. His complicated relationship with Genevieve could also have been interesting. They were definitely two vindictive peas in a pod, and it would have been kind of nice to see them kiss, make up, and fly off to Australia together. Without her hatred of Colin to fuel her, once the Myrna/Patty/Jack thing has run its course, I don't see much reason for her to stick around. Unless they decide to pair her with Victor as competition for Nikki, or as part of Victor's vendetta against Jack.

On the plus side of Colin's departure, Cane's convoluted story has finally been told. Though it has gone all the way around the mulberry bush, numerous times, at last all the loose ends have seemingly been tied neatly together. All in all, it wasn't the best of tales, but it was by no means the worst, and Colin was an added and unexpected bonus.

I know many fans have little good to say about the on/off love life of Lily and Cane. But with so little love to be found in Genoa City, I'll take my romance wherever I can get it. May they enjoy their happiness while it lasts, because in this town, love definitely doesn't last forever.

I'm also rooting for Ashley and Tucker. I was glad to see that Abby has finally decided to drop her ridiculous hatred of Tucker. Heck, compared to what other residents have done, Tucker's little bout of lying, one-time cheating, and hard-nosed business tactics concerning his biological, but completely absent, mother can be considered pretty mild.

When it comes to romance, although it was unlikely, the coupling of Phyllis and Ronan was rather interesting. I know many fans are hooked on Nick and Phyllis, but Phyllis' constant insecurity and jealousy about every woman Nick comes into contact with is so tiresome and feels so been-there-done-that. On the other hand, a pairing with Ronan seems fresh and might be a good match for Phyllis. Several times, he left her momentarily wordless as he played the flirting game with her, giving as good as he got. Ronan keeps much hidden about his feelings, as does Phyllis. I hope the scribes play this one out. These two definitely have possibilities.

I wish I could say the same about Sofia and Neil, but that romantic morsel is going to be hard to choke down. First of all, the two have absolutely no chemistry, although that is just my opinion. Maybe others detect heat that I don't. The scribes seem intent on continuing to write Neil as a self-righteous, pompous, and judgmental jerk with little understanding for other's mistakes. He helped himself to the cookies in his brother's cookie jar because his brother turned his back on it for about five minutes, and now has the nerve to point the finger at Malcolm for leaving when he found out the baby was Neil's.

Yes, you could say that karma has finally paid Malcolm a payback visit for his long-ago transgression with Dru, which produced Lily. But, just my opinion, Neil received some recompense for that when he slept with his then-brother's woman, Alex, years later. Neil also behaved less than honorably when he slept with Tyra while romantically involved with Karen. Though Neil wears the honorable placard around his neck, he is not the upstanding specimen he pretends to be.

At the same time, though Neil has to claim some blame for his part in this fractured foursome, I don't have much sympathy for Malcolm either. He has spent nearly the entire nine months of this pregnancy raking Sofia over the coals and pretty much making it pretty plain he probably wasn't going to forgive her or take her back. And Sofia, despite her avowals of affection, never convinced me she was all that much in love with Malcolm.

Which brings me to another unlikely link-up: Chloe and Kevin. Bill, Chloe, really? You couldn't think of a song that didn't bring to mind the man I believe you never actually got over? And Kevin. Does he really think the truth about Billy won't ever come out? In fact, he's been urging Billy to come clean with all. Chloe clearly asked Kevin to marry her out of gratitude, and I'm amazed that Kevin is willing to accept that. Once Chloe knows the truth, she'll probably be singing an entirely different tune. One that likely has lyrics singing about an ending rather than a beginning.

Nice to see Chance, but as always, Nina overdid the doting mother bit. We get it, Nina, you love your son, but all the gushing is a little hard to stomach without massive rolling of the eyes.

Billy and Victor and Victoria: I echo what fan Patricia had to say below, as do scores or other fans.

Until my next time in this place, I hope you enjoy a few opinions from the e-bag. If you'd like to share your thoughts, send me an email -- and your email might appear in a future column.

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  • I wish that Billy and Victoria would reunite quickly. Of all the couples on the show they were the happiest together and I think that Victor's character should be ashamed of himself. - Patricia

  • Just as I'm getting so disgusted with Victor controlling EVERYTHING ... wham! Here comes the chill bumps all over my body. You were right about Patti and I agreed with you from the beginning on this one. This is why Y&R is the best soap ever! Sure, it limps along at times, but then, it just jumps out at you and grabs your arm and you know that you are watching something soooo good. I also want to say how beautiful Victoria's hair was last week. I would give anything to have half that hair. She is gorgeous! Colleen

  • I think Patty Cakes should be mayor of Genoa City. She is by far the most intelligent of any of these people. She fools them all, all the time! She is very good at fooling the folks who check passports, too. This story line is so lame. Oh well, I am the fool who keeps on watching. LOL - Annie

  • I hate seeing Tristan Rogers leave the show. I was really starting to like his character and Jill so needs a man in her life, but it is what it is. At least they brought Chance back and the storyline of it being an International investigation involving FBI, Military Affairs and Aussie FBI did have some reasonableness in it. I only wish they would find some reasonableness in Ronan -- who is supposedly FBI, leading the murder investigation of Diane Jenkins, and holding a murder trial for a murder that occurred in Hawaii, not Wisconsin. Those two story lines absolutely insult all viewers' intelligence. - Michelle

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