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The truth will set you free
by Nita
For the Week of October 17, 2011
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In Genoa City, however, the truth rarely seems to set anyone free.

I can't even count the number of times I've heard someone utter that phrase. As a matter of fact, those very words have rolled off my opinionated tongue when I felt the situation warranted them. In Genoa City, however, the truth rarely seems to set anyone free.

But, be that as it may, Phyllis decided she would be the one to tell the truth so that others could supposedly be set free. It wasn't the first time Phyllis used the pages of the Restless Pile to drag someone else's family skeletons out of the closet and into the unforgiving light of day. And since wimpy Nick won't have the brass bazookas to fire her carcass, it isn't likely to be the last time she pulls off someone's private towel just before pushing then onto the public stage of a packed house.

This time it was her supposed friend, Malcolm, who felt the sharp prick of her betraying blade in his back, as she rushed to her laptop to tell the world his family's secrets. That Devon, Tucker, and the others involved might have liked to deal with this very private matter without the scrutiny of the dirt-devouring media and its readers meant nothing to this red-haired wrecking ball. Because to Phyllis, her dirt is the only dirt that gets to remain buried. Everyone else's trials and tribulations are fair game fodder for fattening the coffers of the Pile.

Of course, as always seems to be the case with Phyllis, the repercussions for her truth telling were so fleeting I hardly had time to savor her brief comeuppance. Malcolm's anger lasted only the time it took to draw a long, deep breath and hear one of Phyllis' standard, insincere apologies before all was sweetness, light, and air kisses between them. Still, even though I knew his disapproval wasn't likely to last long, I lumbered to my feet and cheered when Daniel quietly told his Mom what he thought of her antics, both now and in the past.

Of course, there is an upside to Phyllis' tell-all. It likely shaved days, if not weeks, from impatient waiting by the fans to see what would happen next. And for that, I guess I should be grudgingly grateful.

Devon's reaction to his newfound relatives was immediate and unmistakable. As they used to say on In Living Color, he "hated it." Devon's attitude is actually right in character. I remember how long he kept the Winters family at arms-length before finally accepting and returning their love. So, while he wants nothing to do with Harmony or Tucker at the moment, I expect he will eventually come around.

I thought the backstory to explain Tucker's actions wasn't bad, and I was glad to learn he knew nothing of Harmony's pregnancy, thanks to his road manager. The only fly in the ointment was this recent twist that apparently he only half-heartedly searched for his son. I was under the impression he had just about turned over every rock in the quarry looking for him, but apparently that was just my erroneous take on the tale.

After months of being a big, bullying blowhard, Katherine's stroke came just in time to make her a poor, feeble-voiced, elderly lady unfairly browbeaten by all who came to hover over her hospital bed. Well, call me callous, but I didn't feel much sorrow on her behalf. Which didn't matter one bit, because before the week was out, she was back to her old self, moving people around like chess pawns, and in no need of my insincere sympathy.

When it comes to Harmony Hamilton, so far I'm enjoying her and am looking forward to watching her carve out a place for herself in Genoa City society. The Katherine Chancellor I've always enjoyed came out to play when she crossed paths with Harmony. Okay, so it's probably a given that Kay had an ulterior motive when she offered Devon's mother a place to live. Still, it was a generous and gracious gesture, which was more than Tucker offered with his monetary bribe, or that Neil showed with his unsolicited criticism. And I doubt if Katherine's generosity will be restricted to a warm bed and three squares of Esther's healthy fare. Just a little bit of Kay's immense fortune will likely add quite a bit of polish to Harmony's exterior and could help send her life into an entirely new direction.

There should be no lack of storyline potential for Genoa City's newest resident. For a while I expect Harmony will have her hands full trying to earn back her son's love and respect. Neil will be watching her with his critical hawk's eye, as well, although he may be a bit too involved with his new son, Moses, to subject Harmony to his usual scrutiny. Eventually, though, I imagine Harmony will be looking for love, and if she doesn't look at Neil, she just might cast her eyes once again at Tucker.

Tucker is already taken, some of you might be saying. But this is Genoa City, where things often change in the blink of an eye. How solid will Tucker's marriage to Ashley remain if he reneges on his promise to sell Jabot back to Jack? After Tucker's big speech about letting go of Jabot so it would never be an issue is his marriage, Ashley is not likely to look at him with eyes of love for breaking that promise. Not to mention that it will only add more wood and fuel to Abby's fire of hate against him.

Speaking of Abby, I know I'm not the only fan sick to death of her loud and judgmental attitude toward Tucker. No, he hasn't been a prince among men with his lies, cheating, and vendetta against Kay and his coldness when it comes to business. I haven't forgotten the callous way he kicked Sofia to the unemployment curb when she sided with Cane behind her boss's back. Devon got the same treatment when he failed to produce by Tucker's unreasonable deadline. But Tucker did spring Abby's stupid little behind out of lockup and back into freedom -- although for all the gratitude she's shown, he should have left her there to rot.

Still, Abby's own father has done so much worse to so many more, and that's just the stuff the residents know about. The underhanded actions he's committed against those among Abby's own family members should cause her to give her sperm donor daddy the cold shoulder and a wide berth, but instead she's forever prostrating herself lovingly at his feet.

Which brings me to that black knave, Victor, who like the other dark one, spends his hours stalking to and fro, seeking a victim to devour. What an evil wretch of a man he is. How can he watch his daughter suffer because of her love for Billy and do nothing to alleviate her pain? How sad that he has the power to make her happy but his colossal ego won't let him grant her that gift. In his determination to save Victoria from a fate he has decided she will suffer at Billy's hands, he is willing to cause collateral damage to the lives of so many more. What about Delia, Ashley, Traci, Jack, Jill, and all those others who love Billy? But in Victor's warped mind, only a Newman has worth and is important.

That Victor would go to such lengths to rid the city of Billy makes me even more convinced than ever that Billy is innocent and Victor set him up, probably when Billy was too drunk to know better. My fingers are crossed that Billy wakes up and not only smells the coffee, but grabs the pot and pours the scalding brew in the very spot that will cause Victor the most pain.

The storyline surrounding Colin is heating up, and though I had hoped Jill and Colin could somehow come out of this a couple, the recent wiretap conversation proves there is even less chance of that than that proverbial cold day in the hot place. The upside is that the parries and thrusts between Colin and Genevieve, with Gloria putting in her incriminating tidbits, and Ronan ready to whip out the handcuffs when the time arrives, should be interesting and is already enjoyable to this fan.

Of course, soon all will know that Colin is every bit as dangerous as Cane has been repeatedly telling them he was. Instead of Jack playing the hero as he rushes to Genevieve's defense, in truth he and Jill should be joining hands and running as fast and as far away as they can get from the Ashbys -- because both Colin and Genevieve are lunatics, and should have cautionary signs on their backs warning they are armed with great animosity and should be considered extremely dangerous.

Speaking of Genevieve, I am almost completely convinced that her as-yet-unseen-but-often heard-breaking-things-maid is Patty. It can't be coincidence that things only seem to get broken when Jack is there with Genevieve, or that Myrna has not shown her face.

Well, since we knew Malcolm was on his way out, with no word of a recast, it probably came as no great surprise to any fan that Neil turned out to be Moses' father. While I'm glad Neil has finally been given a biological child of his own, I can't claim to be glued to the screen to see what might happen next between him and Sofia. Maybe it's only the way it appears from my eyes, but I see absolutely no heat between these two. Their couch corner sex seemed so forced and awkward I actually felt bad for them, and hope if it has to be repeated, we only hear about it from their words after the fact.

Then there was that scene with Malcolm and Neil flanking Sofia's hospital bed, each man stroking an outstretched arm like some strange game of seated tug-of-war. I know it wasn't meant to be amusing, yet I found myself laughing like a crazy woman. Okay, maybe I'm seeing and hearing things that aren't actually happening, but I got the distinct impression during the week that this relationship has suddenly evolved into some great love affair where the two had been denying their feelings so as not to hurt Malcolm. Did I miss some crucial clue along the way?

Finally, while I can claim to have no eager anticipation about what is to come between Neil and Sofia, I have thoroughly enjoyed the way Neil has handled Devon's situation. Neil's advice has been thoughtful, caring, supportive, and sensitive. Ahh, what a breath of fresh air!

Until my next time in this place, I hope you enjoy a few opinions from the e-bag. If you'd like to share your thoughts, send me an email -- and your email might appear in a future column.

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  • I think the main problem with Y&R these days is the significant lack of romance. Almost every couple is apart, not together (Lily & Cane, Victoria & Billy, Chloe & Kevin, Victor & Nikki, etc.). Jill & Colin are about to go kablooey, and we never see Michael & Lauren. So who are we supposed to root for? Soaps are supposed to be all about romance. It's not a good idea to have no one in a romance. I know couples have to be kept apart and all that, but at least the writers could stagger them a little, so we're not terminally depressed because no one is falling in love, being in love, making love. That's what we watch soaps for, so how about bringing back some real romance to Y&R! - Eve

  • Was the ghost of John Abbott on drugs or drunk when he visited Jack and told him if he was going to stab Katherine in the back, to not do it 'half-assed'? Or when Billy complained to him about being blackmailed and held hostage in the trailer by Victor, did the ghost of John Abbott really say Billy was doing what he had to do for Delia's sake? The 'real' John Abbott would never tell any of his children to treat people any kind of way to get what they want, no matter how disappointed in anyone he would be. The 'real' John Abbott also would not stand by and tell Billy it's ok to be treated like he's worthless, to be blackmailed and kept prisoner in his own home by a tyrannical bully or to stay away from the people he loves when they need him the most. If this is the way the ghost of John Abbott is going to 'support' his sons from now on, then I'd rather he stay in the afterlife! - Carolyn

  • I have been watching Y&R since the 70's and have never hated the storylines as much as I do now. They have turned every character into a grotesque version of themselves. Even the best of intentions when carried to extreme become hurtful and hideous. AMB needs to write these characters like real people, I mean like us! I can no longer relate to these families and I used to laughingly say they were my "extended family". Does anyone else feel this way? - Annie

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