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The Young and the Righteous
by Nita
For the Week of September 5, 2011
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Some of the natives were not only restless, but quite self-righteous as well this past week.

Well, some of the natives were not only restless, but quite self-righteous as well this week. This is a town filled with people who seem to believe it's perfectly okay to do unto others. But heaven forbid that those others should return the favor by doing unto them!

First up on the soapbox of moral indignation is Malcolm. Although I understood his hurt and pain at what he considers his brother's betrayal, I still found it impossible to force out a single sorrowful tear on his behalf. Perhaps it's because, unfortunately, I simply don't care about Malcolm or anything, good or bad, that happens to him. Malcolm has become an always-scowling, usually belligerent, loud, unlikable clod, who frequently looks to be a mere whisper away from committing some act of extreme violence.

Funny, how he so easily dismissed his similar transgression as being of no consequence, apparently simply because it happened long ago. However, in my opinion, what he did was worse. Unlike his situation (the one where he'd already kicked Sofia to the concrete curb for some forgotten offense), Neil and Dru were man and wife and Dru could barely remember her name. So, to my ears, his current self-righteous indignation toward Neil rings just a little hollow.

All that aside, however, I doubt a single fan was surprised to learn that the long-awaited test results did not identify the baby's daddy. No, that would have been a merciful act on the part of the scribes, because it's likely only a handful of fans, if any, even care who fathered the boy. Instead, we will have to wait until the wee one is born before we find out which man will be passing out cigars.

Given the fact that Malcolm fathering Lily robbed Neil of the true Daddy title, although he did get to perform all the fatherly functions that mattered, it would be a bit of poetic justice if Neil was Daddy now. That turn of events would also likely provide plenty of contentious fodder for future storylines as well. On the other hand, the only drama I can see coming from Malcolm being Daddy would be so he could hold what Neil did against him for a while, but that would get old and boring pretty quickly. Neil would forgive and forget, and things would be the same as always, only with a baby. At any rate, no matter how this turns out, I'm sure Malcolm will still find much to scowl about.

Genevieve's righteous indignation while thanking Colin for causing her to lose her last remaining child rang a bit false to this fan. If she truly cared about this son the way she's trying to pretend to Colin that she did, wouldn't she be running to pack her bags in order to return to Australia with him? No, the truth is, neither parent seems to care overmuch for Cane. In fact, if Mommy and Daddy had been forced to choose the one child they would have to live without, Samantha would be by Mommy's side and Caleb would be plotting someone's demise right next to dear old Dad.

Once Genevieve hopped off the soapbox, Chloe clambered aboard, with the help of a stepstool, to voice her righteously indignant views. With Billy's whereabouts unknown, this annoying little mite had to fly around someone's head, and I guess she chose Ronan for attack. I had to laugh at the way she pretended her indignation was all for Nina's sake. When in reality, this was all about Chloe, who clearly has never forgotten that one-time sofa fling with Ronan and longed to repeat the experience.

Like a pendulum that swings first one way and then the other, so do my opinions about Katherine. Katherine is becoming a female Victor Newman, using her money and power to put whomever she deems in their place. I hate her.

On the one hand, she's been a great mother to Brock, and has been touchingly tender and caring with unrelated people like Nina, Kevin, Amber, and Chloe. Her relationship with Tucker, however, has been all over the place, although I admit, a portion of the blame must be placed on Tucker's own doorstep.

Whatever the previous wrongs Tucker dealt his mother, though, I think he proved he both loved and respected her by trusting her with his company and his life. And she repaid him by using his temporary mental incapacity to steal the biggest, brightest jewel from his business crown. But apparently that wasn't enough. Now she's become the judge and jury, passing sentence over his situation with his up-to-now unknown son, Devon.

But then the pendulum swings the other way, and I watch Kay hand her new grandson his version of the world on a 24-carat gold platter. Still smarting from the way Tucker coldly and unemotionally tossed the inexperienced Devon out on his jean-clad rear, Katherine made his boo-boo all better by giving him his own record label. Now I love her.

Finding Tucker's son is apparently only the start of this story, rather than the end. Despite Paul's pleas for Kay to immediately announce the glad tidings to father and son, we already know Kay plans to perch her elderly behind atop the news until she deems them deserving of the knowledge. And when she finally comes clean, some months down the road most likely, it will become yet one more thing her son can hold against her. Whenever and however it comes out, one thing is crystal clear. Neil is going to lose his only remaining child.

Bogged down by the self-serving tirades of the righteous and indignant, Sam was like a breath of fresh, spring air lifting me up. Righteous seems to be a word Sam's never needed to look up in his online dictionary. Although I often have to turn on closed-captioning when I want to know what he's talking about, Sam's niceness has finally started to grow on me. I just wish he'd spit out those marbles in his mouth so I can actually understand him, instead of having to read what he says.

I think Sam will easily find his niche in Genoa City society, even apart from Sharon. His penchant for coming to the aid of damsels in distress could keep him busy 24/7. Because we know that each and every one of the Genoa City damsels will find themselves in distress at some time or another and in dire need of a knight in shining armor. Besides, many of us fans have been clamoring for new male blood before it becomes uncomfortably incestuous. It's possible Sam could turn out to have chemical combustion with any number of the lovelorn ladies of this town. I guess we'll have to watch and see. In the meantime, there is much Sam could teach, by example, some of the good and self-righteous citizens of Genoa City about forgiveness and non-judgment. Despite what that well-known cliché claims, nice guys don't always finish last

Victoria, on the other hand, was irritating to say the least. First of all, I could only mockingly roll my eyes toward the ceiling as she went all helpless. Please, Sam, could you help me open this cardboard box? I'm just so scattered I can't even think to pick up a pair of scissors or a knife to cut the tape off this box. And really, Victoria, the only conversation starter you could come up with was to try to trash Sharon in Sam's eyes? Shame on you, girlfriend. And thank you, Sam, for not being a part of the hypocrisy that permeates this place by remaining in non-judgmental support of your friend, Sharon.

With more than a handful of suspects, the Diane murder mystery remains far from being solved, but it is managing to put some unexpected pairings together. The coupling between Ashley and Nick now could lay the groundwork should the scribes decide to explore a romantic connection between these two in the future. Even if a romance never happens, it's still been fun to see these two play off each other in friendship.

Avery and Sharon is another dynamic that could have great storyline potential. One sister likes Sharon. The other doesn't. Plus, it would be nice for Sharon to have a gal pal to talk to. Always pairing her with men gives her very few options, almost all of them ending up in bed or on the nearest couch. After a while, the numbers add up to too many, and fans will forever brand her a trollop.

I also like the possibilities between Phyllis and Avery. I want to know what secrets their past holds. Why is Phyllis so snarky and jealous of every woman in her immediate vicinity and some who have long since left her sphere of orbit? Why does she seem so angry at her little sister? Did Avery get the love Phyllis couldn't capture from their parents?

Lily, Lily, Lily. It really isn't always all about you. Neil, Sofia, and Malcolm are hip deep in a messy baby daddy drama, and all Lily can tell Neil is to fix it because she can't lose anyone else. I am happy to see the self-absorbed Lily behaving less like a victim these days, though. And it appeared she even seemed to take Sofia's words of advice to heart when it comes to Cane being allowed back into the twins' lives. I get that she wants nothing to do with Cane romantically, but enough with these mothers arbitrarily deciding their children don't need their fathers simply because the dew has evaporated from the rosy petals of their love.

By the way, Cane and Lily and the twins at the airport was an enjoyable and heart-tugging moment (little Charlie is an adorable little scene stealer) even though it isn't likely to last. I tend to agree with Genevieve. Perhaps his departure was all a ploy to gain Lily's sympathy and attention. I guess we'll never know for sure unless he admits it somewhere down the line.

Anyway, despite what Lily says and in spite of her recent romp with Daniel, clearly she isn't completely immune to Cane's charms. She could end up taking him back. Unfortunately, we are talking about Cane. Secrets and lies are something he does well and often. If he does somehow manage to win back Lily's heart, he'll probably only lose it again. I wonder whose lives will be in danger this time.

Sigh! More been there, done that, share the office drama. This time between Jill and Genevieve. I don't expect to be overly entertained by the ladies sniping at each other as they enter into various contests of one-upmanship, but I think I will enjoy any interaction between Jack and Colin. And call me crazy, but I actually like Jill and Colin together. Even though he obviously isn't as over Genevieve as he pretends, I'm rooting for a future between him and Jill. But I wouldn't complain if we could do away with any future office desktop (under or atop) dalliances.

I know she's being a caring Mom, but boy is that Nina an annoying, whiny one! Chance, Ronan, boo and hoo. How tiresome she often is. I will be glad when Chance is located and Ronan finally comes clean about the real reason he walked out of everyone's life. So Nina can put away her hangdog face and go about her life again. By the way, I can't believe all in Genoa City have been so quick to think the worst of Ronan. He's not my son or ex-lover, and even I can see he's not the coldhearted, liver-stealing cad they are all making him out to be. Have some faith, people!

All in all, I'm enjoying the hijinks of Genoa Citians, and when Friday's credits roll, I'm already looking forward to the coming Monday. Until my next time in this place, I hope you enjoy a few opinions from the e-bag. If you'd like to share your thoughts, send me an email -- and your email might appear in a future column.

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  • Y&R is leaving me on the edge of my seat at every turn! The whole Diane "whodunit" story is through the roof and I love every minute of the plot unfolding. I think it's Patty for the sole purpose that we have no idea where she is right now and she hates Diane's guts. I knew from the beginning there was something up with Avery. There had to be a story and what better story than to involve Phyllis and explore her life before Genoa City? - Jimmy

  • Maybe Genevieve's maid/housekeeper is Patty Williams. So far, we have never seen what she looks like. After Genevieve and Jack made love, they came back downstairs and found a broken vase on the floor. If Patty saw Genevieve and Jack going upstairs she might have been angry and smashed the vase. - Colleen

  • People are all over Katherine about the way she is treating Tucker. If Tucker couldn't stand her, why did he put her in charge of his business affairs while he was in the coma? Not to mention that by finding a loophole in the living will she probably saved his life. Now, she has Jabot. So what? Tucker signed those documents without Sofia reading them first, like she offered. All I can say is, "you go, Katherine." - Lisa

    * * * * * * *

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