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The truth may set you free, but for action and interest, it's the secrets and lies in Genoa City that are keeping the old town hopping.

Secrets and lies abound on The Young and the Restless. The truth may set you free, but for action and interest, it's the secrets and lies in Genoa City that's keeping the old town hopping. It seems that honesty is just not the right policy for these characters, with perhaps good neighbor/vet Sam the lone exception. He doesn't seem capable for telling a lie, let alone keeping a secret. Not like a woman named Phyllis Summers Romalotti Newman. I'm sure I missed some other names she's tacked onto her ID along the way, but should there be a Bailey there, too? Apparently so, because Avery Bailey Clark is none other than Phyllis's little sister. The kid sis she left behind, and judging by the angst between them, it's not a pretty story.

The impression is that Phyllis abandoned her little sister because she had to get away from whatever that family situation was. Chances are it was bad. And it'll probably come around to tie in to her desperate need to make sure that Lucy wound up with her instead of Billy and Victoria. You know that there's some big picture here, and Avery will fit into it in some twisted way. But I'm still thinking that there's something off about Avery. She's super aggressive to free Sharon when she's around her and Sam, but then other times she's completely la-di-dah about the whole thing. Eventually, Victor and Sharon will catch on to goofy Avery, and I bet we're going to find out that Avery's been working with someone else. Who? You tell me. Seriously, write me with your theories.

Okay, so Phyllis and Avery are sisters. Hmm, I'm wondering. How is it possible in the many, many years that Phyllis has been a character front and center on this show, she's never ever mentioned her kinfolk to Daniel or Nick or Michael or any of the other men in her life? Realistic? Hell no! Somewhere along the way, in the post-lovemaking bliss with Nick or some guy, how come Phyllis has never been inclined to share information about her family? That's just not the way things work in the real world. When you're involved and/or married to a man, you talk about your past. That's natural. Unless you're Phyllis.

Another thing about Avery: would Victor really have hired Avery Bailey Clark without knowing all about her background? Isn't Victor the kind of client who would have scoped out Avery's past and known that she was related to Phyllis? If he's surprised when this comes out, then I have to wonder about Herr Newman's attention to detail.

So there wasn't really too much focus on Diane's murder this past week. Ronan was snooping around the Newman ranch, and Victoria made herself look guilty by lying about her father's alibi. Do any of these characters ever think about maybe calling an Internet chat so they can compare notes? Ashley and Nick stupidly lied to Ronan about their communication on the night of Diane's murder, then were even dumber when they let Ronan catch them talking on an audiotape where they admitted that they had lied to the police! Maybe they're auditioning for a remake of Dumb and Dumber?

Meanwhile, you have Deacon using the little bit he knows about Phyllis' part in Diane's murder to get closer to Phyllis? That seems bizarre to me. I could understand if he was blackmailing Phyllis, but he really has only been hitting on her for a date. He hasn't asked her for money or a job at the magazine. Is he really so hard up for dinner and a movie…or maybe he wants to take her bowling?

Oh, one more thing about Nick and Ashley: I don't think Deacon's their blackmailer. Their blackmailer seems to be technically savvy, bouncing cell phone signals from tower to tower and sending photos without a trace of fingerprints or DNA. That makes it look like Adam, but he's too obvious to be the culprit, right?

Speaking of everyone's favorite villain, Adam suddenly remembered that he's going blind this past week. You know, this is the biggest hole in Maria Arena Bell's writing. Adam's retinitis pigmentosa comes and goes like its prickly heat! It's not. It's a degenerative disease in which the person loses their eyesight, starting with the peripheral vision. Adam never acknowledges that he's going blind except when he needs an excuse. Hell, when he was in New Mexico, he drove a car at night, searching for Sharon. By all rights, he shouldn't have been able to see two feet in front of his face and nothing on the right, left, top, or bottom.

So this week when he needed to get out of town on a moment's notice, Adam whips out a medical trial that he's going to try that requires him to fly out of town. How convenient! And Walsh and Heather buy it. Come on; don't they at least have to ask the lead detective -- Ronan -- if Adam should be allowed to leave on a plane? Instead of keeping Adam grounded, soft-hearted Heather gave Adam's exit the okay, and Walsh agreed.

Adam is not the likely killer, but he is probably involved. As many of you have suggested, Patty Williams probably killed Diane -- and who stashed Patty in South America? Adam. Anyway, since we're speculating that Patty might have killed Diane because of her irrational obsession with Jack, Genevieve may be in danger now, as well, because of her new romance with Jack. If Patty was peeking into the windows at the MacMillan estate, she saw Genevieve and Jack climb the stairs for some afternoon delight. That could not have pleased Patty.

Great work again with Genie Francis as Genevieve. I love that they've given her a character with so many facets. Who is Genevieve really? Her admission this week to Jack that she'd only been with one man sexually -- Colin -- was wonderful. Genie's never looked lovelier as she opened up to Jack…and those tears! When Peter Bergman wiped her tear away during their scene, I was mesmerized! It's refreshing that Genevieve doesn't have a bed-hopping past with lovers and illegitimate kids in Australia and America. At least that's how it seems right now. For all we know, Maria Arena Bell might bring on Kin Shriner -- this time not as Jeffrey Bardwell -- to be Genevieve's secret paramour that she never told anyone about. Maybe she was lying to Jack… Who knows? She is such a mysterious woman…I love her.

And as much as I'm enjoying Genie, Tristan Rogers has also been fantastic as Colin. I thought for sure he was going to be lost to us when Colin tried to kidnap the twins, but this new storyline is great. He's really hung up on Jill. Good for Jill! The Jack and Genevieve vs. Jill and Colin dating competition at Gloworm made great use of these wonderful actors! And it was hilarious with the delicious dishes going back and forth. Give us more of that kind of grown-up game-playing, Maria. It was scrumptious.

I can't say the same about Lily and Daniel. Okay, so Lily was able to make love to Daniel. I don't think she's in love with him. In fact, Lily is liable to break Daniel's heart very soon. She's just not over Cane, no matter what she says.

What did you think of the wicked witch of Wisconsin, Katherine Chancellor? I think she's a candidate for Mother of the Year! This past week, she managed to fleece her own son out of Jabot. Taking advantage of Tucker when he was recovering from a brain injury was unforgivable. She's the kind of mother who would eat her young! Some people have defended Kay to me, saying that she's just getting back at Tucker for having bought Chancellor Industries. I disagree.

The difference to me is this: Chancellor was not Kay's lifeblood. She married into that business. Tucker created McCall Unlimited from nothing, and his acquisition of Jabot was all about Ashley. Maybe not at the start, but certainly of late… Tucker wants Ashley back, and Jabot would have helped him in that effort. Frankly, I'm not really getting why Ashley's not going back to Tucker. She still loves him, even if he did lie about the fling with Diane.

As I mentioned the last time I wrote, Sharon looks positively radiant since she's been in State Prison. Isn't that weird? Is prison life agreeing with Sharon? I thought prison was supposed to be hard and scary and debilitating? She looks like she's been at a chic spa where you have to wear denim work shirts! It was nice to see Noah visiting his mom this past week -- and pressuring Nick to bring Faith to see Sharon, too. It's about time Nick remembered that he's a "good guy."

That's it for now. I'm anxious to hear more from you all -- your theories are dynamite. And tell me about which characters you'd like to talk about in the Two Scoops! Write me! If you're not sure how to write to me, click the Feedback option at the top of the page, the Email link at the footer of the column, or just click here. Till then, let's take a look at some letters from the mailbox:

  • Sam really looks too old to be Tucker's... Can't anyone else see that? How about Tucker's kid is really a girl instead of a boy, like that girl Hunter? -- KD

  • Here is what I think is problematic with the current plot: how is signing over custody of Kyle to Victor really much of a motive for murder compared to all of the other things that she did to everyone in Genoa City? It never made sense to me and if Adam is supposed to be so smart is that really the best he could come up with to get back at his father? Diane turned him into the Feds so to me that is a bigger motive for murder right there. Also, if Diane is so smart and Kyle is truly her pride and joy on what planet would she want to risk Kyle ending up with Victor if something happened to her or if her plan to make it difficult to track Kyle down hadn't worked? And then there is Adam showing up at Diane's funeral because he "liked her." Really? He liked this person who repeatedly stabbed him in the back? -- Michelle


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