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I feel cheated!
by Nita
For the Week of July 25, 2011
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Surely Adam wouldn't throw his lady love to the wolves simply because she slept with Sam...right?

I am so disappointed in Adam. Despite all the havoc he caused in the lives of those who foolishly loved or trusted him, his seeming love and loyalty for Sharon, even beyond the grave, eventually had me thrusting my pom poms in the air for him. I actually believed there was some light within all that darkness in his scheming soul. He managed to convince me, once a very vocal critic, that love really could make him a better man. Then he took a left turn onto Psycho Lane. Now, I feel like Charlie Brown, writhing on the ground in agony, after Lucy yanked away the football yet again.

When Adam dropped that memory card into the water, I didn't want to believe what my eyes clearly saw. I counted on the scribes to have written a convenient copy into one of the coming days' script. Surely, I told myself, Adam wouldn't throw his lady love to the wolves like that simply because she slept with Sam. Especially since Sharon not only forgave Adam for stealing her baby, an act considerably crueler than giving out a couple of samples from her cookie jar, but lost everything trying to prove he was innocent of one of the few crimes he didn't actually commit.

Well, apparently I have as many rocks rolling 'round my skull as Sharon has been fan-purported to possess. Because I believed every syllable that slipped so sincerely from Adam's untrustworthy tongue. I understand Adam's "feelings" got hurt when he realized Sharon's bed had not been as empty as his. In fact, I felt so sorry for him, I almost cried for his pain. But now the scribes have me scratching my half-empty head in confusion. In many fans eyes, Adam had already done too much to ever earn their forgiveness. This latest turn onto an even darker path is sure to have most of any remaining supporters readying themselves for a leap off his train wreck of a bandwagon. Adam has become so menacing and evil, he's even managing to scare me. How can our scribes possibly write him back to respectability after this?

Anyway, it looks like mean girl, Phyllis, is about to play super sleuth again, riding hard to rescue her damsel in distress, a woman she despises even more than she once detested Christine. What a gal! At this point, however, I don't even care that Phyllis will be the woman to thank for securing Sharon's release. I just want this part of the story to conclude, so Sharon can get her "get out of jail free" card, and we can move on to a more interesting twist to this tale.

Unfortunately, I don't think Phyllis will be performing any such life-saving gesture for Diane. What is that woman thinking taking on both Adam and Victor simultaneously? Who does she think she is? Phyllis? My question is, does Adam's plan for Diane feature a real or simulated death? And, though I know this is off-topic, I can't help but wonder whether this was the same type of plan Adam used to do away with Hightower? Well, I guess we'll know Diane's death was real, if one day Jack receives a frantic call from Kyle from that phone Diane gave him, when she fails to show up to claim him.

Okay, another detour. I had to laugh at the easy way Diane transferred custody of Kyle to Victor like he was some inanimate piece of property instead of a living, breathing, half-grown boy. How silly of me to think Jack or the court system would have some say in this.

Now that he's away from Fanny, Piper, and his New Mexico ranch, Sam is finally beginning to draw my interest. As he learned first- and secondhand how crazily some Genoa Citians behave, Sam must have thought he'd somehow ended up in the Twilight Zone. By the way, I have become convinced, as have a few other fans, that Sam could turn out to be Tucker's lost son. They certainly have a similar look, and that particular twist could be quite interesting to watch. Besides, now that an Adam-Sharon pairing has been destroyed and Nick and Phyllis have reunited for round two, why not see if Sharon and Sam would be more interesting in Genoa City than they were in New Mexico?

Speaking of Tucker, I am enjoying this burp in his brain. First of all, I don't remember any other Genoa Citian suffering this particular fate. Despite his attempt to use Ashley as a beard, it can't be long before people notice the knives in Tucker's cutlery need some serious sharpening. Sofia already picked up on it at the Jabot launch and Tucker's un-businesslike behavior on Billy's birthday definitely has alerted Jack that something is not as it used to be. Jack is not the type to join in to help shield Tucker's derriere, so I'm guessing he will soon be running to Katherine to show her his little bone of suspicion. It looks very much like a showdown for control of McCall Unlimited is in the offing.

Even though I like this twist in Tucker's storyline, I couldn't help but feel slightly contemptuous toward him for refusing to come clean about sleeping with Diane. But, I will give him the benefit of the doubt for the moment, assuming that perhaps whatever injury he suffered to his brain has made him forget that unsavory segment of his recent past along with his knowledge of basic business principles.

Who else was choking on their popcorn, listening to Cane telling Billy to man up and face his problems? The man who lied every time his mouth moved? I guess he was trying to convince Billy to learn from his (Cane's) mistakes. I must admit, though, I'd rather see Cane in the role of bar room adviser than groveling at Lily's feet, begging to be allowed to protect her and the babies. I still don't doubt that he and Lily will eventually reunite, but for now, I think he should give that repetitive chorus a rest. In the meantime, I really don't mind watching a little give and take between Lily and Daniel.

Okay, a couple of the ladies are really treading on my last nerve lately. Like Chloe. I know I couldn't have been the only fan who wished they could climb into their flat screen solely to slap her right upside her stubborn head. I get that she's trying to protect her daughter, but I think she's acting more out of spite that she couldn't capture Billy than any real concern for Delia. While Chloe is great for trotting Delia out on special occasions, all decked out like a miniature fashionista, it's Billy who convinces me he's the better parent. They are so natural together, if it wasn't a soap, one might think they're really Daddy and daughter. Right now, I just can't stand her.

Only a bedhead behind her on my current list of detestable divas, is that darn Daddy's girl, Victoria. Instead of, "for better or wors,e" perhaps the wedding vows should have only included the "better" part. Clearly no stand-by-your-man kind of gal, Victoria quit the marital race as soon as she came to the first hurdle. Okay, I admit buying a black market baby is a rather high hurdle. But maybe if Victoria would have donned her big girl panties when she discovered her womb would be forever empty, instead of turning into Waa Waa Whiney Woman, Billy wouldn't have had to resort to such extremes to make her smile again. Too bad she couldn't be as forgiving toward the man she claimed she would love forever as she's been to dear old Dad, who has treated her so much worse. Will she still be grinning idiotically at Daddy when she discovers the latest pile of his dirt he's swept under his carpet?

Last, but not least, is anyone else just dying to know what went wrong between Noah and Eden? I was never interested in them before, was actually glad to see them move to Paris, taking both her annoying voice and his judgmental attitude with them. But I confess I'm curious as to what happened during their time away. They left Genoa City completely in love. So what happened? When did Eden start to despise food so much she developed an eating disorder? And why has she apparently knocked his hands away from her cookie jar? She seems to still love him, so why is she pushing him away? I can't wait to find out.

That's all I have to say for the moment. Until my next time in this space, I hope you enjoy some opinions from a couple of your fellow fans. Until then, send me an email to share your thoughts with me -- and your email might appear in a future column.

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  • Adam, you were definitely right when you said loving Sharon made you a better man. Without her you're right back to your own lousy self. Sharon, maybe your life would be easier if you would grow a brain and not sleep with every Jack, Nick, Adam or Sam who comes along. Nick, why oh why are you back with the evil Phyllis? Have you no loyalty to your own sister? Phyllis' machinations broke both Victoria's and Billy's hearts. Victor, all I can say about you is that the Adam apple didn't fall far from the evil Victor tree. Why do people continually forget the evil Victor did to them? I lay Victoria's miscarriage right at Victor's feet. Sharon has a 30-year stretch in the slammer thanks to Victor. Billy lost custody of Delia because of Victor and the self-absorbed Chloe who has done enough dirty deeds herself but clearly hasn't the eyes to see who she really is in the mirror. And finally, Katherine, whatever possessed you to run Tucker's company as if it were an extension of the evil Victor's companies? There must be something in the water in GC to make all our YR stars go crazy! - Cathey

  • I am disgusted by how the writers are still destroying the character of Sharon. What was the point of her running and pretending to be dead? Just so everyone could hate her more and Phyllis could again be victorious?! Phyllis is hated for a nano-second for what she did to Billy and Victoria but Sharon just keeps getting the shaft left right and center. I am fed up with the writing on this show catering to certain characters and Phyllis and Victor certainly appear to be their favorites as they win all the time. - JoAnne

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