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You're a blockhead, Billy Abbott!
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It seemed like Billy was a Charlie Brown surrogate, and everyone else was Lucy whipping the football away just as he tried to kick a field goal.

I must have missed the memo because it was definitely "Let's Beat Up Billy Abbott' week on The Young and the Restless. It seemed like Billy was a Charlie Brown surrogate, and everyone else was Lucy whipping the football away just as he tried to kick a field goal. You're a blockhead, Billy Abbott! That was my response as I watched this sweet, screwed-up character literally fall apart on my television screen…with the help of Chloe and Victor and even Victoria.

Is it wrong that I feel bad for this guy? Billy is the author of his own personal self-destruction. He has let the loss of Lucy send him into a downward spiral that he doesn't seem able to pull out of, but was it necessary to dump on him even more with the custody hearing? Perhaps some of you agree with Chloe's stance and believe she's looking out for her daughter's best interests. Chloe's sincerely concerned that Billy's antics will scar Delia for life. Therefore, Chloe's filing for sole custody was an effort to give Delia a stable home life.

However, what little girl is going to be better off without regular input from her father? That was my main trouble with the storyline. And they pointed out that Chloe never had a father as a child, so she should be even more aware of the damage Delia could be facing. It seemed to me that no family judge would have cut off Billy from Delia based on his two months of bad behavior. Just a couple of months ago, it was Billy bailing Chloe out of jail when she was arrested for breaking and entering. That was when he was the one threatening to seek sole custody of Delia because of Chloe's crazy connection to Kevin. In other words, neither Billy nor Chloe are model parents, but they both should have a place in their daughter's life, and sharing custody makes more sense than Chloe being the gatekeeper.

Perhaps the judge would have ruled for joint custody if not for the trumped-up solicitation charge against Billy on the eve of the hearing. That was the coup de grâce, the cherry on the sundae of his disintegration. Poor Billy, he just stepped right into a big pile of you-know-what and stunk up his image in court. There was no way the judge was going to rule in his favor after that bit of news showed up on the judge's desk.

And who do we have to thank for that development? The CEO of stinkers, Victor Newman. Old Vic wasn't content to let Billy and Victoria break up via natural causes. No, he had to twist the knife and make certain that Billy would be eviscerated. He had to make Billy look like a scum bucket in Victoria's eyes.

But I was pretty confused by Victoria's attitude, weren't you? On one hand, she testified for Billy and spoke lovingly about what a good man he was, and an especially wonderful father. Based on those words, Billy went to the Father Knows Best house, expecting to be welcomed home. Um, no. Victoria was still keeping him in the doghouse, also known as Murphy's trailer. But then she changed her mind and went looking for him at the trailer…only to be disappointed because Pop had made sure to set up Billy with a hooker. Once the spit hit the fan and Billy lost it all in court, he again returned to Victoria's doorstep. At that point, I figured she'd give him the heave-ho, but no -- Victoria hugged him!

Okay, folks, I call that a major case of mixed messages. Billy doesn't know if he's coming or going with Victoria…and neither do we! The more I watch, the more I think that Victoria is a fool. She's been completely sucked in by her father again, even though she knows that he's done heinous things to her. Victor was responsible for Victoria losing custody of Reed, remember? And Victor had Victoria arrested her on her wedding day? And do you recall that Victor framed her for the Japanese business deal involving antique pistols? In other words, Victoria is suffering from memory loss if she thinks Daddy Dearest has changed his evil ways.

Could there have been a more uncomfortable birthday party than Lily's? The tension was so thick between Malcolm, Neil, and Sofia that no amount of birthday cake was going to ease it! So what's next for them, since Malcolm seems unwilling to even talk with Sofia? What's going to happen when Malcolm's the daddy, which is how I see this playing out? Then we'll have to deal with the problem of Sofia being in love with Neil, right? However, since Angie Hubbard -- I mean, Debbi Morgan -- is joining the show, don't you kinda, sorta think that she's going to hook up with Neil?

I guess it's time to deal with the Sharon situation. As much as I like the character, Sharon is guilty -- not of killing Skye, but of escaping from the cops and faking her death. She deserves to do jail time. I feel bad for her, but she did it to herself. Okay, she had help. Adam was the instigator and the facilitator of the escape. However, I think we can safely say that Adam is going to punish Sharon. He's going to prove that he's Victor Newman, Jr., by turning on Sharon for her dalliance with Sam. Throwing out the memory card was just the first step in his getting back at her for daring to cheat on him.

Sharon has a good excuse, right? She never imagined that she'd be going back to Adam and Genoa City, so fooling around with Sam didn't seem like a betrayal. Except in Adam's twisted logic, that was exactly what it was. Adam will never let Sharon return to her life with him after she gave herself to Sam. He's going to do something nasty…you can see it coming, can't you?

Between Sam and Adam, I have to vote Adam. Sorry, fans of the vet, but Sam's a dud. The fact that Victor liked him just made me want to root for Adam even more. Sorry, I'm just not that into Sam. He's a simple, sweet guy -- and just dull. Will we discover that he's related to Victor? That's what I suspect. The theories I've been reading online and in letters from viewers include Victor not knowing that Hope had two babies -- Adam and Sam. Perhaps Hope never knew that there was a second baby. She was blind, so could the doctor have lied to her about the babies? It would be a heck of a twist.

Can you see a twist in the Genevieve and Jack romance involving Jabot? I can. All those questions she asked last week about the Jabot launch, her knowledge of the cosmetics industry…hmm, could Genevieve get in on the Jabot ownership somehow? Then her working with Jack would become very, very interesting, wouldn't it? She seems to have money to burn, and who knows what kind of strings she can pull. I'm loving Genie Francis in this role!

There was other stuff last week, too. Like Abby -- who's yet to tell her parents that she's out of rehab -- how realistic is that? Come on, like mom and dad have no idea what she's up to. Then there was Cane sending the perfume to Lily…was she moved by his gesture or was the kiss with Daniel at Jimmy's more meaningful to her? Hard to know, but if Cane is planning to stick around Genoa City, I'd like to see more of him. I'm not at all interested in Eden and Noah and the blonde girl. Oh, right, her name is Hunter. Ho-hum. There's nothing very exciting there. The mystery of what happened between Noah and Eden in Paris just doesn't have me staying up nights. Who cares? It's kind of like Noah's music career. Yawn.

I'm all for Jill and Colin reuniting, but that's not going to be a quick fix. As for Tucker's desire to throw Kay out of McCall's, I say go for it. Kay was a horrible fill-in for Tucker. However, why would Tucker be so intent of getting Jack out of Jabot? It's not like Jack is in a position of security. He has a three-month contract in which he has to prove himself. Wouldn't it be smarter for Tucker to use Jack to get Jabot on the upswing, and then swoop in after the 90 days to take advantage of all his hard work? Of course, maybe if Tucker's brain processed information properly, he'd realize that.

That's it for now. I'm anxious to hear more from you all -- your theories are dynamite. Write me! Till then, let's take a look at some letters from the mailbox:

  • The Young and Restless is my favorite daytime soap. To the producers of the show, I am one of the show's biggest fans. Please allow Melody Scott's role continue. Replacing her role is unimaginable. Nikki's [scenes] with Victor are some of the best moments of the show. - Janet

  • I just watched the episode where Adam finds out about Sam at the police station. If Adam and Sharon split I will be so upset, and may stop watching. There is zero chemistry between Sharon and Sam, and so much between Adam and Sharon. I do not want to see Adam sink back into his old ways, [so] I hope they turn things around. Sam is boring (not the actor, he's a very good actor, very expressive eyes), it's the character. If they continue on with Sharon and Sam, I hope he gets a meatier role and more dimensions at least. - Sharleen

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