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Who do you love? Part two
by Nita
For the Week of July 11, 2011
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Sharon, or Sharin', as she's disdainfully dubbed on various message boards, has lost a lot of fan favor in recent years because of the men she's chosen to let into her life.

Continuing my celebration of all things Y&R, I'll begin with Sharon Collins Newman Abbott Newman. I like this character, or at least I continually try to, but she makes such dunderheaded decisions sometimes, it's hard to raise my pom poms more than waist high on her behalf. Sharon, or Sharin', as she's disdainfully dubbed on various message boards, has lost a lot of fan favor in recent years because of the men she's chosen to let into her life. During her long stay in Genoa City, some of her less than illustrious actions involved a dalliance with Diego, an unreciprocated lip press with Victor, a beat down from Cameron, a couple of lusty trysts with Brad, and a who's the daddy drama, containing brothers Billy and Jack, and ex-mate, Nick. Just to name a handful.

Sharon has always had her detractors, but things really got ugly when Nick and Phyllis began their affair. Fervent Phick fans stood toe to toe with equally zealous Shick fans, verbally duking it out over which union brought more sexual sizzle to the small screen. Sharon's too needy and always needs a man to prop her up, foes accused with plenty of exclamation points. Sharon supporters fired right back, their attacks aimed at Phyllis and her laundry list of dirty deeds and manipulative mentality.

Nick was the bouncing ball that kept the fan base bickering, as he rolled into first one woman's yard, then the other. And then, along came Adam, and the Sharon hatred shot to unprecedented levels. Fans were outraged to see this mother fall in love with her baby's kidnapper, and many of her once staunchest supporters abandoned her in droves. They felt Sharon chose Adam over Faith, and clearly Nick agreed, as he legally parted mother from daughter. In the end, Sharon's love for Adam cost her everything that ever meant anything to her. Her family, her friends, and finally, her freedom.

So, needless to say, based on a few snippets of derogatory board comments about what was referred to as the Sharon show of July Fourth, I wasn't sure what to expect when I sat down to view the episode. I absolutely loved it and wound up watching it three times! Kudos to our scribes for a job very well done. They managed to pick most, if not all, of Nick and Sharon's most powerful and poignant moments together. In fact, I bawled like a big baby, just as I did the first time I saw it, when the green lines on Cassie's monitor went flat, and Nick and Sharon heartbreakingly reacted. Whew! Goosebumps material. It was great fun watching Nick and Sharon's journey, and reminded me how long I've been invested in this show, because I remembered each and every one of those scenes. I couldn't help but giggle, though, at the omission of Diego, Brad, and Grace from this meander down memory lane.

When it comes to Sam, however, I'm still straddling the fence on thumbs up or down. Although what you see appears to be exactly what he is -- a decent guy just looking for someone to love -- am I the only fan who thinks he pulls out and plays the pity card a bit too often? Every time Sharon seemed hesitant about something, he always had a card to whip out and gain her sympathy and, usually, her reluctant agreement. Still, although I have nothing derogatory to say about nice, somewhat needy, Sam, I'm not feeling much for these two as a cooing twosome. Their lovemaking was okay, but Sharon seemed to be looking at Sam through eyes filled more with gratitude than love. It wasn't until their dance moments before her arrest that I even felt like she cared about him.

Speaking of Sharon's arrest, I'm glad it happened so we can finally move on. I'm not quite sure exactly what the scribes hoped I'd feel from those months on the farm and in the barn, but I don't think they were shooting for a massive sigh of relief that it's over at last. One thing I am relatively sure of: another one of Sharon's fairy tales is about to turn into a nightmare. Because I'm guessing that when Sharon's family and only friend, Adam, learn she's alive, whatever initial elation they feel will quickly turn to anger and instant alienation.

Not that my opinion counts for one red cent, but had I been the scribe typing up the storyline, I would have shown Sharon pitifully pining away for her loved ones more often. And I definitely would have refrained from tossing her in the sack with Sam. I hope she has more feeling for Sam than she's shown, though, because I suspect he's going to be the sole soul standing beside her when the others desert her like rats fleeing a sinking ship.

Well, it's back to the desktop I see, for Nick and Phyllis. Useless Pile (yes, I loved Adam's name for the Restless rag that has predominately been Phyllis' personal poison pen periodical) has returned to Nick's hands, and the two haters wasted no time digging through their files for an unflattering pic of Adam to feature prominently on the Pile's next cover. For the record, I adore Nick for the most part. After all, it's hard not to enjoy all that male yumminess, but in my worthless opinion, he's not at his best when paired with Phyllis. She's such a strong personality, by contrast he often comes across as weak and ineffectual, and many times is left looking at her with somewhat of a doe in the headlights expression. But, be that as it may, with Diane out of the picture (I guess knowledge of their short sexual sojourn is to remain unrevealed), Nick has to have someone to romp with. It would be nice to see Nick one day use Restless Style for something other than a hammer to beat Adam and Sharon over the head with, but I won't bother to hold my breath for that unlikely day.

I'm actually enjoying Noah these days. I suspect next week will have me changing my mind, but for now, I'm liking a Noah with concerns outside of the antics of his dysfunctional family. I like this new Eden much better than the previous portrayer and am curious about what caused their fairy tale to fracture. I also prefer the amicable interaction between Eden and Abby to their prior sniping, and can see them becoming friends even if Eden and Noah don't reconcile. Abby is certainly going to need a friend after being shot down by Daniel. Didn't you just want to cry for her when he told her he didn't feel her in his heart anymore?

Speaking of Daniel, although he hasn't been a fave of mine for a while, he was quite impressive with the mature and loving way he tried to deal with the situation with his daughter. I had assumed he and Abby would get back together when the dust settled, but now I wonder whether Cupid might have his arrow winging its way to Lily's heart. The only problem is Lily's twins. Daniel went to great lengths to keep his life tot-free, first divorcing Amber, and then giving his own daughter away, so it's hard to imagine a scenario where he is suddenly okay with raising kids. I guess time will tell.

Cane continues to sound like an old LP album with the needle stuck in the same groove. He just keeps talking about protecting Lily and the babies from his dastardly dad and half-maniacal mother. I found myself screeching at the screen like some demented banshee every time he sung that same tired tune. How? How does he plan to protect them? His parents and everyone else they sent on their behalf was easily able to make mincemeat of him. He has been completely ineffective at body-guarding, able only to pile one lie atop another. Which proved to be a rather inadequate barrier of defense. No wonder Devon was yelling at Cane like a crazed man. Cane has made me crazy too.

I do have to say, though, that fan Kim, below, gave me a different perspective on Cane and that blank look he wears when someone is chewing him out. She made some good points. I just hope the scribes can come up with an interesting way to give poor emasculated Cane back his manhood so he can be reunited with Lily and help her raise their twins.

In Part 1 of this column, I asked what fans liked and didn't about the people populating their favorite soap. Here's what some of you said. More will appear in my next column. Until then, keep watching. I certainly plan to. And keep sharing your emails with me.

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  • I have to say that I agree with virtually everything you wrote about Y&R! The only disagreement I have is about Cane's apparent lack of response when people confront him: I feel that he's been preparing for this ever since he was convinced by his mother to go along with her plan. He knew he was hurting people he loved, but felt he was doing a greater good with what he knew at the time. He knows he fully deserves what he's getting and has had months of dreading the day the poo would hit the fan. I think he is so hurt by what they're saying (and ashamed in some ways) that he's put up a guard to deflect their wrath because he knows what they're saying about him is true and they deserve to lay into him with everything they've got, and he's letting them do it; but he still feels he was protecting his adopted family and that it was necessary. It does translate into a blank stare as they get things off their chest, but I think he's anything but blank. I think he's dying just a little inside with every harsh word. - Kim

  • The actors and actresses on this show do a fabulous job. My favorite characters are: Adam and Tucker! I also really like Billy and wanted to smack Victoria when he left! I am beginning to really like Diane, and now she's to be written out. That is sad for me! I liked her conniving ways and she reminds me of a naughty cat with some of her expressions and the way she hunches her shoulders as if she's going to spring on someone. I WANT Adam to win against Victor!… Yes, Phyllis annoys me a lot. She's into entitlement, privilege and snarkiness. I guess she forgot how much work a baby can be! And she did not do this for Daniel - She did it for herself. With what she allowed to happen in the courtroom, she deserves Daniel's leave-taking of her in his life. I would have cut her off as well. She needs to learn restraint! I have always liked Deacon - he has been a reluctant bad guy mostly. I like what he's done lately to rescue those he cares about, like Nikki and Abby. All in all a good show! - Pat

  • I totally agree with you that our Y&R actors & actresses were robbed this year as far as the Emmys were concerned!... Well, my absolute favorite is the 'moustache' himself, Victor Newman. I know I am in the minority, but I like Victor's toughness, hidden sensitivity and fierce protective nature (to a fault sometimes) of his family…. I love Billy Abbott. He's not phony, what you see is what you get. He doesn't always make the right choices, but he has a good heart and he is genuinely a good guy…. I like Tracy Abbott because she is the kind-hearted, sensible Abbott. I think Kay and Murphy are adorable…. Now, on to the characters I dislike the most: Adam Newman Wilson. I know lots of folks are salivating about Adam seeking revenge on Victor, but I for one am sick of Adam. I just can't bring myself to root for a baby killer/kidnapper. The ultimate revenge for Adam towards Daddy Victor was to kill his child. Anything else Adam plots is miniscule compared to that IMO. Jack Abbott - the biggest coward in GC! For all of his ranting and raving about how lousy the moustache' treats his family, Jack is no better. He will use any one in his family to get what he wants and shows no guilt in doing so! Sharon Collins Newman Abbott - any woman who would allow her children to believe she is dead is the biggest loser to me! Also, any woman who 'falls in love' with a monster who not only steals her baby and gives it to another woman, but allows the woman whose baby he stole to think that the baby is dead and watches her grieve day in and day out is insane! - Carolyn

  • I used to ask myself why people were so down on Daytime soaps. Unfortunately, these past couple of years watching the once great Y&R have shown me what others have been trying to preach to me all this time. I can understand the reasons for the ratings decrease. These characters are being butchered left, right and center. No longer do we have romantic build up or sweetness that the great Bill Bell created. Super couples are being annihilated for the shock factor rather than showing them the respect they deserve. This show has become more about what can cause the most sensationalist response in a daytime magazine than what long time, loyal fans actually want. Of course this is just my opinion, but the show definitely lost my respect when they went with Sharon and Adam, made Cane a liar, seem to be throwing Nick back into the boring orbit of Phyllis (who basically just destroyed his sister's happiness) etc. It seems characters don't have the same heart they used to. The stories make no sense. It's no longer about love, business and family. It seems more about sex, lies, backstabbing and couples people don't really want to see. And where is the fun in that? I think the writers need to go back, watch old tapes of Bill Bell's genius and learn how to write a decent soap storyline. Otherwise, I see Y&R going the way of most soaps these days - Cancellation Island. - Chrissy

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