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The Brothers Newman
by Nita
For the Week of May 30, 2011
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Adam has his father's ruthless streak and will ride roughshod over anyone to cover his crimes or accomplish his deadly ends.

Yay! Christmas has come early. Because at long last, the scribes have given me a gift I've wanted since the day I learned Adam was on his way to town. Team Nick and Adam.

Like most fans, I did not enjoy watching Adam target and torment selected women of Genoa City. There was nothing to root for as he diabolically toyed with Ashley's fragile mind until she lost both it and the baby she carried. And though I eventually came to sort of accept his pairing with Sharon, it was tainted by the whole baby-snatching scenario. As for Heather, even if a fan didn't like her, the way Adam treated her, and Rafe, was tawdry and despicable. And I haven't forgotten the way he tricked and manipulated mind-muddled Patty Williams either.

I expected Adam to arrive, toting baggage filled with issues concerning his father's absence in his life. I expected his half-siblings to cold-shoulder him, both in business and personally, until he was shivering uncontrollably with discomfort. I expected Nikki to look down at him disdainfully, while still somehow managing to keep her nostrils pointed skyward. And I expected Adam to retaliate however he could against them. What I didn't expect was that he'd join with Jack in that harebrained forged diary scheme, or that one of Harvard's brightest lights would make such dim-bulb business decisions. And I didn't expect Victor to be so unforgiving of this particular son's trespasses, terrible as they admittedly were.

What I always wanted was to understand what made Adam the way he turned out. Although it was once scribe-hyped that ghost Hope was going to appear and provide enlightening insight into what warped her son, she came and went, and I wound up none the wiser. Did I miss something?

But all that was yesteryear. Today, I believe the scribes have another chance to embellish and improve the Adam Newman story. Scribes, you've proven that Adam has his father's ruthless streak and will ride roughshod over anyone to cover his crimes or accomplish his deadly ends. We get it. He's a villain, and we hate that in him.

But, speaking for myself and anyone else who feels the same, I have come to absolutely love this man! I buy that he sincerely regrets taking Faith and putting Sharon through such torment. He's proven to my satisfaction that he loved Sharon with every breath in his body. And even though he thinks Sharon is dead, proving that he's not the average Genoa City Joe, he's refrained from consoling himself within the arms of the first female to come along and is choosing instead to do everything in his power to remove the suicide tarnish marring Sharon's memory.

Which brings me back to the brothers Newman. Thank you, Doris, for your hand in joining these two formidable forces together to clear your daughter's name, though I still hold tight to an ember of my enmity against you for your recent tough love treatment toward her. Anyway, my heart leaped with joy watching the brothers form their unlikely alliance. As for my eyes, well they were happy too, at the eye candy those dark-suited, black-haired, handsome brothers provided. And I can't be the sole fan who practically swooned with sweet satisfaction when Nick stared into the camera and said, "This is my brother."

I can't wait to watch the interplay between these two. Clearly, Nick has numerous and valid reasons to despise his brother. But, Nick has a good heart, and it's his love for his children, and presumably the love he still has for Sharon as their mother, that allows him to put aside his feelings about Adam to help clear her name. Nick has often irked me, but he's still one of my faves, and as such, is easily forgiven for his occasional crimes of passion.

The scribes have opened a window of opportunity between Nick and Adam. I would love to see them have a heart-to-heart, during which Adam reveals some of why he is the way he is and has done the things he's done. I know Adam has apologized repeatedly to Sharon for stealing Faith, but he has a lot to answer for to Nick, as well, and that conversation is long overdue. We got a small glimpse of Adam's vulnerability during his conversation with Diane. Michael Muhney has a very expressive face and often reveals his feelings with a small twitch of his mouth, a flash of regret in his eyes, or a tiny shifting about of his body.

When Diane was expressing her pain about being rejected by the good, but extremely hypocritical citizens of the city, you could practically see the path of the arrow as it winged its way toward Adam and landed right in his heart. Because, as she said, he could undoubtedly indeed feel her pain quite well. Yes, I grant you, much of what he's now suffering he brought on himself, but still, his clear longing to win the love of those who hate him made me fall in love with him on the spot. And for a moment I loved Diane, too, for saying that though he was unquestionably Victor's ruthless son, he also had much of his mother as well. Hopefully, while I don't expect Nick and Adam to become bosom buddies, it would be grand if this were the start of a budding relationship between them.

Speaking of Diane, it's too bad that just as I and other fans are finally finding something in her to like, she's already being pushed toward the revolving door that will propel her out of the city. No word on whether she'll be gone for good or just until another face can be found for her character. For the moment, though, it seems she's been written into a corner. She's burned her bridges with every man whose path she's crossed since returning to town, and the only person willing to be her friend is an outcast himself. All he could offer her was shelter under Sharon's former roof, but Victor quickly ripped that away from them both.

Boy, did I enjoy a big belly laugh at mean old Victor's expense when he learned his sons were going to work together but wanted no help from him. Adam, as usual, had a snarky remark, which Victor, as usual, ignored, but I liked the no-nonsense way Nick unapologetically, but respectfully, refused the offer on the grounds that the unusual alliance needed no additional tension. Like I said, I am loving those Newman boys and plan to enjoy it for the brief time it will likely last.

When it comes to villainous behavior, Adam is a rank amateur when compared to the Australian clan of cattle rustlers, liars, thieves, and murderers. Talk about bad and tainted blood! I know this is terrible to say, but clearly Colin should have been fixed at birth so he could never propagate progeny. What a horrible family, from Daddy Diabolical to perhaps Mommy Maniacal, and through at least some of the bad-seed offspring they produced. With a family like this, it's no wonder Cane tried to pile lie upon lie to hide their existence.

And what about that Caleb? How callously he contemplated wiping out an entire family and any friends who got in the way in order to get his hands on his niece and nephew. As the week wore on, however, I begin to get a distinct feeling there was much more to this story, that things perhaps might not be exactly as they seemed. The scribes have twisted this Australian tale, tied it in knots, ripped parts off and replaced them with others, time and time again. Cane is good, and then he's evil. He lies and comes clean, only to start another tall tale. From the time he arrived, I've frequently lost my way, thought I was coming when I really was going, and soon couldn't tell his lies from his truths. Finally, he lay dead on the church steps, an enormous amount of blood proving it. And while I still had no clue to Cane's true self, I trusted that one day, Lily was going to clean her apartment and find his note explaining all.

Instead, I got Caleb, the supposedly evil twin who wouldn't miss a wink of sleep over driving a poor lass clear out of her mind so he could help steal her babies. But after Lily had that magnificent and monumental meltdown, a falling apart so realistic, I almost had to cover my eyes and ears, I saw something in Caleb that didn't fit. When Lily rushed out of her own home, I expected Caleb to face us with a sweet smirk of satisfaction that he had succeeded. Instead he looked heartbroken, and later as he sat aIone at the table, seemed almost completely undone at the damage he'd caused. Which made me wonder, was this really Cane's twin, or Cane himself? Because we know, these days, in Genoa City, dead almost never means dead.

But, who is the bad guy in this tale? Colin clearly thinks he's in cahoots with his son, Caleb, which seems to prove he's the bad guy, but Caleb has shown us he hates his father and is secretly in cahoots with his mother. Which would seem to point to Caleb's mother as the good girl. So scribes, you've done it. Helplessly hooked me on this twisted tale. I can't wait to see what happens next.

Well, Tucker's not dead yet, but the scribes are pretending that he could have at least one foot inside that empty grave in order for Kay to enjoy a little payback meal. Oh, I know, she's now madly in love with the son she despised only last week, but that's how these Genoa Citians do it: only love you when you're dead or dying. It's not really believable that Tucker would leave a red cent to Katherine, but I'll go with the scribes' flow and tell myself he must have done it when he was feeling kindly toward his old Ma. You have to admit, though, it is a rather ironic twist. Tucker sneaked behind the scenes and took over Chancellor Industries, only to partly dismantle its holdings. Now Kay is repaying Tucker by ruining his vision for McCall. As usual, when it comes to most Genoa Citians, they are quick to point a quivering finger of fault-finding at others for the very deeds they themselves have no problem committing. I guess in those cases, they simply turn to the good old standby: what's good for the goose is just as tasty for the gander.

When will Jack ever learn to keep his big trap fastened shut? As my mother often says, that man can't hold water. Why can he never stop himself from prematurely gloating his guts out to Victor? But having said that, enough with keeping Jabot out of the Abbott hands. Every other family of any worth gets to run their own company. I'm tired of the Abbotts crawling around on their knees, begging for the right to run their father's company from whatever uncaring hands are currently holding the reins. Return Jabot to the ownership of the Abbotts and let them compete with Chancellor, McCall, and Newman. Jack, Ashley, and Billy would make a formidable team.

Speaking of Jabot and slightly off the soap subject, how many fans besides me have signed up on that Jabot Cosmetic mailing list and plan to purchase their very own Jabot cosmetics?

Darn it! I have so enjoyed the new, mature, non-drinking Billy Abbott. But I fear the honeymoon is about to end. I've also always suspected nothing good would come of Billy unknowingly buying Phyllis' grandchild, and she's proven me right. In true Phyllis fashion, it's all about her. She couldn't care less that her son has repeatedly said he isn't ready to be a father. She ignores the fact that he was willing to lose his marriage rather than deal with the child Amber couldn't help longing for.

Yes, I'll grant you that Phyllis might be right; there could clearly come a time when Daniel will be thanking her for knowing him better than he knows himself. But that's beside the point at the moment. Her crystal ball doesn't work any better than mine, so she can't be sure that what she thinks will prove to be the truth. Daniel has already convinced me he loves his child. True love is doing what seems best for the child, and in Daniel's eyes, though he loves Lucy himself, leaving her in the arms of the parents who love her and out of the reach of Sheila's demon seed, Daisy, is what he deemed best.

But, of course, interfering Phyllis has other ideas. Phyllis is like the woman in the Bible who wanted King Solomon to rip the contested baby in two rather than see him resting peacefully in the other mother's arms. I cringed when Daniel unthinkingly told Phyllis there was nothing she could do. Forget waving a red cape at the bull, Daniel's comment was like marching right up and smacking it repeatedly directly on its snot-snorting snout. Now Busybody Red has unleashed who knows what with her taunting Restless Style article, and we know she couldn't care less who gets hurt, Daniel, Billy, Victoria, Lucy, or Lauren, as long as it accomplishes what she wants, which is that baby at the mercy of her fake, too loud, annoying baby talk voice. By the way, you go, Lauren! It appears the timid, scaredy-cat has finally left the building.

Poor Billy, he's smack dab in the middle of that Alfred Hitchcock episode when the walls move imperceptibly ever closer to its victim. The D.A. will want a piece of his hide and could cause the shutdown of Restless Style over Phyllis' self-serving article. Chloe is wielding sole custody of Delia like a club against his head. Victoria will likely leave him because, when she loses Lucy to Phyllis, she will look for someone to blame, and I fear her malevolent gaze will inevitably rest on Billy. And on top of that, Billy will have to listen to Victor taunting him with a long litany of his failures. Move over Nikki, Billy will need the other side of that park bench where you can both try to forget your troubles through draining the bottles in your respective brown paper bags.

So, Tucker has a son, huh? Is it possible Devon might finally discover the identity of the man his mother, Yolanda, addressed that long-ago letter to?

Oh ye gads, enough with Sharon and that squirmy little lamb that seems to want to be anywhere but in her arms in front of hot lights and intrusive cameras. Oh, and I am not seeing one bit of chemistry between Sharon and Sam. He's a nice man and all, but am I the only one who thinks he's kind of annoying? I know it's his ranch and his barn, but doesn't he seem like he's always barging in uninvited? Oh well, I really can't cry too loudly; after all, in a roundabout way, because of Sharon's dead defection, I got my Christmas gift early.

Thank you, Santa Sharon.

Well, fans, I'm out of here. See you when my turn in this space comes 'round again. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy a few opinions of your fellow fans.

* * * * * * *
  • Yes, Kay was not there for Tucker and has done some bad things towards him, but let's not forget what the loving Tucker did to his mom. He came into town with a vendetta against his mother because she didn't want him. He took her company and uses it against her in decisions. He wants everybody's company and does unjust things to get them. He is just as manipulative as Victor. It's his way or else. Tucker is just like his mom in every way, sweet as can be, then stab you in the back. - AJ

  • I cannot believe the depths of my disgust for Phyllis! She is a narcissist, just horrible. I can't wait till she gets her comeuppance. Nina isn't much better. Sure, I'd be upset if my son was leaving for the Mideast, but Chance is a grown man and can make his own decisions. - Colleen

  • The Newman children are all out of control in their me, me, me world. Perhaps if Ashley had put the brakes on her spoiled brat and prevented her from going against her Dad for what's her's when she hasn't worked a day. It might have helped build some character in this kid. Why should Abby grow up when boring Uncle Jack is still a brat? Tucker is actually lucky not to get tied down to this bunch. He'll pull through. Hoping for memory loss to give Katherine and her son a chance to start fresh. - Janice

  • The Cane/Lily/Caleb/Colin s/l has kept me glued to the TV. I know it is really Cane, it was Caleb killed at the church. But Lily thinks she is crazy, but she is not. Falling right into Colin's plan, right? Not so fast. Cane was heard to say...I can't stand that SOB. Then, it shows this mystery woman in the shadows. Who could she be? My guess is mommy dearest. She has shown up to help her boy. He is out to get Colin good. Why else would he ask Lily to move away from GC? And, what will happen to Jill and Colin? Does he really love her, or is he using her? Only time will tell. - LRN

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