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There's a reason why Katherine and Victor are the best of friends. They both have the same twisted sense of morality.

As I've said before, there's a reason why Katherine and Victor are the best of friends. They both have the same twisted sense of morality. They can be the kindest and most generous people imaginable, then turn on someone with the venom of a fire-breathing dragon. Victor Victorious and Katherine the Great…only they're really not so pure of heart. Victor doesn't deserve to be a winner in every instance, and Katherine's not so great when you really examine her actions.

Just a week before Tucker was in a coma, Katherine was determined to destroy her son. She conspired with Victor to teach her son a lesson. Of course, Kay had never taught him anything when he was a boy because she wasn't around. You would think that the guilt of that would compel her to reach out to her flesh and blood, to bend over backwards to make it right with him. After all, she owed him years of motherly devotion and attention and gave him zilch.

But, think about it, in all the time that Tucker's been in Genoa City, Kay's treated him shabbily. Even after they got past his acquisition of her company, Kay never really had time or interest in Tucker! As he was planning his wedding to Ashley, Kay was giving him nothing but grief. She rescinded her approval to have the wedding at the Chancellor mansion. She didn't even want to go to the rehearsal dinner. From my perspective, Kay's been a God-awful parent.

So maybe that's why she was praying to God this past week to give her another chance with Tucker. Nice, Kay, turn to the Lord to make up for your mistakes. And isn't that the ultimate in hypocrisy? She turns to her Higher Power to save her butt when she's had more than enough time to do it herself. What made Kay's sudden motherly concern for Tucker even more fake was the way she was pushing around Sofia. As Tucker's right hand, Sofia's been more like family to Tucker than Kay, especially in the boardroom where she's learned all about business at his side.

Sofia knows what Tucker wants to do business-wise, not Kay. That's why I fully expect Kay to ignore Sofia's advice and take advantage of Tucker's coma to seize control of his company and do what she wants. And that will be what Victor wants, because Kay is in lock-step with Herr Newman. If Tucker comes out of the coma with his mind and memory intact, he won't be happy if McCall Unlimited is part of Newman Enterprises!

By the way, what is up with this show's fixation on living wills? Maria Arena Bell has done this story more than once -- remember when Murphy was on life support? Don't misunderstand me; I agree that this is an important issue, but I found it disturbing that we're talking about it again. And considering that Tucker did have a living will and Kay chose to find a way to ignore his wishes, it's just annoying. Kay shouldn't have the right to make life-and-death decisions for Tucker. She hasn't been his next of kin in any way except biologically. Ashley knows Tucker better, and if the accident had happened a day later, she would have been his wife and the person making the decisions, not Kay.

And don't even get me started on the addenda to the living will! Tucker actually left Kay in charge of his companies. Really? When was that document written? After the fight he and Kay had about his going over her head to the Chancellor board of directors, when she accused him of being a scoundrel? I don't think Tucker would ever want Kay making business decisions for McCall Unlimited, especially because of her loyalty to Victor. As for the other addenda that the lawyer mentioned, I'm not really stunned that Tucker has a missing son, but I'm curious about who the son might be. Is there anybody currently on the show that might fit the bill? Kevin? Daniel? Rafe? Are any of them likely candidates? How about Devon? Was his father ever revealed?

It was refreshing to see Victor go after Diane and drop her like a bad habit. I never understood why he was so intent on marrying her, since he knew she'd been with Nick and could never be trusted. Victor surely didn't need Diane if he meant to hurt Nikki. At least now we know why he was acting so generous to her; he had an escape clause in the pre-nup. While I appreciated Victor turning the tables on Diane, it struck me as unbelievable that a woman of the world like Diane would have trusted Michael to be the attorney of record for both Victor and her. There was a conflict of interest because Michael would never work against Victor. If Diane had used her brain, she would have had the pre-nup reviewed by Vance or Leslie or Rafe. By being so trusting, Diane wound up screwing herself. She walked away from her second, failed marriage to Victor with the sexy lingerie and not much more. What an idiot!

It should be fun to see the town's two pariahs, Diane and Adam, living together. Do they have any friends? Adam's motives for taking Diane in are transparent as glass. He wants to tick off his father. Diane is hardly in a position to turn down a roof over her head, especially since she's already alienated Jack and Nick. She can't turn to Tucker because he's indisposed at the moment. So, beggars can't be choosers, and Diane is back to being a beggar. I feel really bad for Kyle, though. What can he possibly think of his mother these days?

Victor's brilliant maneuver -- which was actually Michael's brilliant idea -- really put Adam and Diane in a tough spot. How can they get back to Sharon's house if they can't use Victor's driveway? I fully expect for Adam to be renting a helicopter next week to drop lift supplies to the house, don't you? He'll make Sharon's house a fortress. Or maybe he'll tunnel out to the main road? Hmm…will Michael and Victor's counter move then be to buy the airspace over the Newman ranch and the rights to anything beneath the earth?

Ashley and Abby dominated most of the week with their lies, lies, and more lies. What kind of parent is Ashley? I ask that because while it may seem noble that she's willing to lie to the police to protect Abby, what Abby really needs is a punishment. She deserves to be arrested for attempted murder. And if Tucker dies, the charge could be pre-meditated murder because of the way she manipulated Diane and Tucker to the cabin. Abby would likely not get jail time, but she would have to do community service and get some seriously needed counseling. By taking the rap, Ashley's only delaying the inevitable. Abby's never going to be able to keep quiet about the fact that she was the driver and she was responsible for Tucker's injuries.

Another blabbermouth who'll never be able to keep a secret is Sharon. You just know that it's only a matter of time before she tells Sam who she really is and why she can't leave his barn. Sharon has been bonding with Piper, reliving her years as Cassie's mom, and it's getting to her. Sentimental Sharon will be compelled to go back to Genoa City for Faith. Will Sam go with her? After all, he has fallen in love with her. He doesn't know who she is, but he loves her. Call it the case of the lonely, horny vet and the damsel in the distress.

Finally, Colin showed his hand, and we now know that ghost Cane is a real person. I'm guessing he's either Cane's twin brother or else a guy who's been given plastic surgery to pass as Cane. Whatever the story, why can't Lily tell the difference between this imposter and the man who was her husband? Wouldn't you know if the man kissing you was your husband or not? I would. I'm also not sure how Colin thinks he's going to get Charlie and Matilda away from Neil and the Winters family? Abduction? If so, why go through this elaborate setup to make Lily look like a Looney Tune? Colin and his goons could just kidnap the twins and disappear.

That's it for now. Can't wait to see what happens next week! Let's take a look at some recent notes from the mailbox:

  • What is with Maria Bell? I know it is only a soap opera, but you have to be as realistic as much as possible. In the matter of Ashley and Victor. Yes they are rich, but no one is above the law, I don't care how much money you have. Do you think the average person can tell an officer of the law not to harass them or they don't want to talk to them at that time? I don't think so. Victor and Ashley should be thrown in jail for obstructing an investigation. Get on the ball, Maria. -- Pat

  • It isn't about Abby being angry at Tucker more so than it is Abby wanting her mother to receive the best. Abby maybe be a little reckless at times, but she has a decent head on her shoulders. She does not run about sleeping with everyone day in and day out. She is honest for the most part and expects the same from others as she does herself. Now, this is not a campaign for Abby, but I am trying to state that she has learned a lot from the mistakes of her parents and other family members. Diane is not the brightest light, but I can understand her angst. The problem is that she is reactive. She needs to start being proactive. She may be telling the truth about the accident, but she has no motive to implicate Ashley in a murder charge. However it plays, someone is going down to court for this. Lily? BOO. Adam is coming back in a few weeks. I am ready for that. None of these self-righteous, hypocritical, and double standard nonsense for me. Characters that are flawed and understand that about themselves are fine with me. -- RJ

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