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Let the feeding frenzy begin!
by Nita
For the Week of April 4, 2011
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Victor's blood has trickled into the water, and the sharks in Genoa City are circling hungrily.

Victor's blood has trickled into the water, and the sharks in Genoa City are circling hungrily. It seems that as much as certain Genoa Citians claim to hate all that Victor is, does, and stands for, they sure are anxious to get their manicured mitts on a piece of what he has built.

For, Nick, Victoria, Ashley, Tucker, and Jack, Christmas has come in April, but instead of emailing their lists of wants and needs to Santa, they have their brokers on speed dial, ordering them to bring them to the brink of bankruptcy if that's what it will take to buy them a substantial slice of the Newman pie. All buyers seem to have somehow convinced themselves they can buy enough stock to regulate Victor to a minority status in his own company.

I, however, am convinced of no such thing. If ever a purchase should carry the buyers beware caveat, this is probably one of them. After all, this is Victor Newman we're talking about. A man who almost always has a private reason for his every public action, which usually prevents him from ending up with the short, dirty end of the stick.

Victor had to be fully aware that once he placed Newman on the public block, every mover and shaker in town would be racing to the marketplace, fists full of stock-buying dollars. So I can't believe he wouldn't have already figured out a way to keep full control of his company, while still raking in profits at an unprecedented pace.

But, on the other hand, while Victor has become extraordinarily adept over the decades at winding up with the winning hand, he could possibly find himself outplayed in this particular game of chance. Because while singly, none of the combatants may be able to maneuver Victor into an incapacitating position, together, they just might be able to bring the taciturn titan tumbling down.

We saw what happened when Jabot and Chancellor went public. John and Jack lost to Victor, and Katherine was one-upped by her sneaky, revenge-seeking son. So what does Victor know that the others didn't take into consideration? I'm driving myself crazy trying to figure out how he plans to outwit, outplay, and outlast all his very determined opponents.

Katherine, bless her fiercely loyal heart, seems to be Victor's sole supporter, and I thoroughly enjoyed the verbal dressing down she delivered to the Newman progeny, though it was hard to tell whether they were much affected. Nick wore that expression that always makes me wonder whether he understands English. Victoria's face said she was born entitled and would die that way, and in her opinion, all of Kay's accusations were meaningless mumbo-jumbo meant for lesser mortals. Only Abby looked as if, just this once, maybe she wasn't that proud to be a Newman.

Despite the astronomical salaries, free housing, perks, and other freebies that automatically come with the Newman name, not to mention the half-billion-dollar judgment each was awarded in the lawsuit, greedy brats one and two still aren't satisfied. The spoiled fruit didn't roll far from the tainted tree, and Victoria and Nick, like their father, want what they want the very moment they want it.

Not interested in taking their money (when they get it anyway) and imitating Daddy by building something with their own blood, sweat, and tears, the brats prefer to take the already paved road to success, merging the successful Beauty of Nature with equally successful Jabot. I could have leaned in and kissed my screen when Billy sensibly asked them why they didn't leave Beauty of Nature alone and make their own mark in the world. I don't recall their answer, if they even had one, but I can tell him my opinion. Because they haven't shown they have the smarts.

Yes, Nick successfully opened and operated Crimson Lights, but he didn't fare nearly so well with Restless Style. In the end, it took Victor's blank check to snatch that fat both out of the fire and Jack's hands. As for Victoria, she once flounced angrily off to Italy, where it was said she painted pretty pictures and played at cooking in the kitchen, but it was presumably Victor's substantial monthly allowance that enabled her to live that life of relative leisure.

Even though Abby started it all, she was willing long ago to take a lot less money and run off to work to make her own dreams come true, and I can't help but have more respect for her than for Nick and Victoria. Clearly conflicted about her part in the family war, she wisely wants to let the dust settle so each can continue down their particular life's path. I'm proud of her for refusing to side with her siblings in a continuing vendetta against Daddy.

I shall enjoy watching this one play out, even though I have to see a little more before I decide who I'll be pumping my pompoms for.

The feeding frenzy isn't restricted only to the water roiling around Victor. There are a few agitated sharks salivating for a taste of Sharon's soft skin as well. Led by District Attorney Walsh, who, like every one of his predecessors, has the scent of a Newman in his nostrils and has every intention of ripping her to shreds. Also like his predecessors, he's trying to make a three-course career meal out of one innocent Newman who may find herself imprisoned, not because she killed Skye, but because she dared to love a man the rest of the world finds only barely human.

Doris, so long unseen, finally showed her face, but wheeled by simply to express her disapproval and disappointment in her only daughter. Again. I know some fans feel Doris' tough love and withdrawal of support was exactly what Sharon deserved, and likely cheered when Doris said what so many of them have expressed in cutting, uppercase letters on message boards across cyberspace. I, however, don't much care for Doris, who almost never has had an encouraging word for her daughter whatever the circumstances. There she sat in all her judgmental glory, preaching empty words about Sharon abandoning her baby, even as she turned her back and rolled away from her own. I am an imperfect mother with children who don't always make the right choices, but I'd like to think there is nothing they could do that would make me turn my back and walk away from them.

Speaking of the trial being conducted in Genoa City's incompetent kangaroo court, I echo fan Kathy, below, who questions why Sharon is being tried in Genoa City for a Hawaiian crime. It's not looking very good for our girl, Sharon. Adam and Phyllis, for all their hard work, have come up empty. Victor's repeated invocation of his Fifth Amendment right made him look like a liar. Not to mention that the evidence makes Sharon look guilty, and all words spoken supportively on her behalf, including her own, point the same direction. So unless there is a miraculous turn of events written in the coming days' scripts that has not been shared in rumors and spoilers, it might be the big house for Sharon.

In the other big house, the one erected on Newman ranch land, Diane is living the life of luxury she's always wanted. I'm finally warming up to Maura West's Diane and beginning to enjoy her antics. Re-tacking the Newman name on the end of hers has made her lose that slump-shouldered timidity which was never a part of the brash and sassy architect's character. She might be grinning with greed at Victor now, treating him to midday strip teases and such, but you know good and darn well that the picture of Victor and Nikki reaching their happy moment in the hay is indelibly drawn on her eyeballs. She's not thinking about it now, but I know she hasn't forgotten, and I'd be willing to wager my next paycheck that particular betrayal will be repaid in kind at some time in the future.

And who better to help her pay that betrayal forward than Nick? One day, either out of rage or otherwise, Victor is going to let the cat out of the bag about his prior knowledge of Nick and Diane's sexcapades and that, along with his one-hay stand with Nikki, will likely give the lovers more than enough reason to renew their relationship.

I'm thoroughly enjoying Nikki these days, who, by the way, is looking rather fabulous. So impressed was I, in fact, I googled the Sunfare diet she mentioned in an interview. Alas, however, they only deliver in Los Angeles and Arizona, so I guess if I'm to be ready for hot days on the water's edge, it's the treadmill for my sweet-loving self.

But, back to Nikki. I wasn't sorry to see Deacon being shown the door, and I was pleasantly intrigued by the chemistry between Vance and Nikki. Too bad about her continued drinking, though I had a big belly laugh at Nikki's expense every time she whipped out that flask and chugged down a few swallows. What is she thinking? These days, there are cameras everywhere, and I laughed myself off the couch when she pulled it out right outside Victor's office and took a swig. Why didn't she take a drink while she was still in the car, or go to the ladies room if she just couldn't wait? I can't help but wonder who will be the first to catch her at her very public guzzling.

I bet Billy and Victoria are going to wish they had listened to Chloe when she tried to convince them to rid their household of Jana. By now, all who frequent this site know Jana will soon be exiting through those infamous revolving doors. Of course, that doesn't really mean anything in these new and improved Genoa City times. Nowadays, people die and come back as ghosts, or their death rattles are simply rewritten as weary, but very much alive, sighs. Those guilty men and women wanted by the law frequently return, only to be shoved aside in order to take innocent citizens in custody. So, although Jana is leaving soon, there's no guarantee her departure will be permanent.

But that's for later, if ever. For now, Jana is close to guessing Lucy is the missing baby girl of Daisy and Daniel. That explosive secret is going to create a whole lot of ripples in the Genoa City pool. No way will Phyllis be content to let her grandchild be raised by Billy and Victoria. And it's hard to believe Billy would be inclined to keep Phyllis on at Restless Style once she's claimed his baby, broken his wife's heart, and likely put an end to his Father Knows Best life and marriage.

Okay, scribes, this one is for you. Your Canadian viewers are not happy with you. Several fans wrote in to let you know you made a rather large size blooper when you dressed that Mountie in red serge. See for yourself what one of them had to say below.

Well, as usual there is much more that could be commented on. Like about Lily and her visions. Once convinced Colin was holding the gaslight aloft, I'm now not quite as sure. With the news that Cane's mother is going to be showing herself soon, I wonder how many other family members might be left in the woodwork. But speculation about that, and whatever else might be in store for the Winters family, must be left for another time and another column.

Until I return, I hope you enjoy the comments of your fellow fans.

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  • Am I the only one wondering why Sharon is being tried for murder in Wisconsin when the murder occurred in Hawaii? I know soaps are for entertainment and no one lives in a soap world but some realism is necessary, not to mention Phyllis in Thailand finding Adam and Koa. Please stop insulting my intelligence! - Kathy

  • I live in Canada, and after watching Michael and Daniel in Canada, I had to see if the writers were on glue! The RCMP officer was outfitted in the Red Serge. Did Michael and Daniel pull this officer away from a wedding, funeral, or special occasion event that would warrant him wearing his dress uniform? Come on people, do your homework. I was flabbergasted when I saw the RCMP walk into the scene with the serge, really surprised you didn't have him on a horse! Seriously people....get a clue! - Janice

  • Let the gaslighting begin. Didn't I hear somewhere that Daniel Goddard was not really gone from the show? If that's true then have him do something other than be the tool Colin is using to gaslight and drive insane his daughter-in-law just to get those kids. Enough is enough already. And while you're at it writers let's do more fun things for Lily and Daniel. Maybe too soon for romance yet but I think they're both great together. - Pat

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